The Ron Paul Curriculum: Overview With Tom Woods

Give the Gift of Home Schooling With The Ron Paul Curriculum

Governor Shapiro took away the home school and private school reimbursements forcing kids to stay in unsafe schools with PSEA's Marxist values in PA. Parents and families would like to have the $100 million put back in the budget for public school alternatives because they don't want their kids to become hard line leftists with death cult, draconian values.

We wish you a Merry family based Christmas without transgender ideology. Experience the joy of escaping public education in democrat run states with the Ron Paul Curriculum.

A student who goes through the Ron Paul Curriculum, kindergarten through high school, will have a mastery of the foundations of liberty. There is no other curriculum on the Web to match it.

It does not assign textbooks. This saves families a lot of money. Textbooks cost a great deal of money. Almost all of the materials are free: toner and paper only. The few exceptions are modern novels and a few classic books on liberty, such as Hayek’s The Road to Serfdom.

The curriculum is mostly self-taught. If a student gets stuck, he can get help from other students on the course Q&A forums. Older students serve as tutors for younger students. They learn by teaching, which is a great way to master any new field.Freedom Quote

“A free society acknowledges that authority over education begins with the family.” ― Ron Paul, The School Revolution: A New Answer for Our Broken Education System.

(Time for a Ron Paul College credit curriculum to compete with Marxist colleges with large endowments! Trump wants to start a free American University to offer bachelor degrees and credit for previous college credits. He even wants to fine and sue rich Marxist college endowments like Harvard's ($53.2 B)  to pay for the all American free college. This would be an affordable college education plan for home schoolers and it would eliminate harmful, forced,  Marxist ideals from American education. )

It’s official: Penn State DC Manny Diaz leaves Happy Valley to become Duke’s new head coach

Best defense in the country just lost it's leader. Hope he doesn't leave early for greener pastures like Pork Chop and miss the Chic Fila Peach Bowl. Now is the time to stock up on Peachy Paterno which is making a comeback. See 

Traders with prior knowledge of Hamas attacks made millions shorting Israel, claims report

(Shorting massacres must be condemned by all sides.)

Suspicious stock market activity suggests more than $100m made betting against Tel Aviv shares prior to Oct 7 massacre.

How insider trading was done prior to 9/11:

Alvin Bernard "Buzzy" Krongard (born October 25, 1936) was the executive director of the Central Intelligence Agency. He was appointed by George Tenet on March 16, 2001. He shorted airline stocks for Brown Bank of NY right before 9/11. On behalf of the bank had purchased an obvious and unusually large number of “put” options on United and American Airlines shortly before the attacks.

A longtime consultant to DCIs, Krongard joined the Agency full-time in February 1998, following a 29-year business career. During his private sector career, he served as Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Alex. Brown & Sons, the nation's oldest investment banking firm, and Vice Chairman of the Board of Bankers Trust.

However, when confronted with a July 26 letter from Blackwater founder and CEO Erik Prince to Buzzy Krongard asking him to join Blackwater's advisory board, followed by a September 5 letter welcoming Krongard to the board and a report from Rep. Elijah Cummings stating that Buzz Krongard had been expected to attend a Blackwater board meeting earlier that week,[10] Krongard said he had called his brother during the ensuing break in the hearings and learned of this conflict of interest for the first time, saying "I'm not my brother's keeper, and we don't discuss our business with each other".[11] He then recused himself from the investigation.[10][11][12] Committee chairman Henry Waxman issued a memorandum [13] summarizing the discrepancies between the two brothers' recollections of what Buzzy told Howard.

Krongard is a native of Baltimore, Maryland, and resides in Baltimore, Maryland and McLean, Virginia.

A single U.S.-based institutional investor with no conceivable ties to al Qaeda purchased 95 percent of the UAL puts on September 6 (2001) as part of a strategy that also included buying 115,000 shares of American on September 10. Similarly, much of the seemingly suspicious trading on September 10 was traced to a specific U.S.-based options trading newsletter…which recommended these trades.

On 31 July 2004 Krongard married Cheryl Gordon (née Cheryl Gruetzmacher), at that time a senior executive for Apollo Management.[6] She has since become a director of Legg Mason and US Airways.

Riley Gains Details The Abuse @Riley_Gaines_

 "Since taking the stance that I’ve taken, my address has been leaked, I’ve had people showing up at my doorstep, drones flying above my house. I can’t even tell you the amount of death threats that I’ve had that have rendered the FBI getting involved. It’s real, the vitriol I faced. I’ve been held for ransom for over 4 hours...I’ve been hit. I’ve been spit on. I’ve had bottles thrown at me."(In addition, Fake women inspired by Hershey Medical child mutilators flipped Riley's table at Penn State.)

Jimmy Dore Interviews Steve Kirsch About New Zealand Whistleblower & The Damning NZ Vaccine Data

Damning NZ Vaccine Data: Translates to 13 Million Worldwide & 675,000 Americans Murdered by Covid Killshots. That equals 1 in a thousand.

Health officials stress importance of boosters as illnesses on the rise

They are at it again pushing the mRNA shots. Where is Operation Our Town when you need them? Not one word from them to protect children from dangerous vaccines because Value Drug Company writes in their newsletters and pays people off.

Dr. Lee Merritt: Exposing The Latest "Chinese White Lung" Narrative - Same Playbook As COVID

The Amish Died of COVID at a Rate 90 Times LOWER Than the Rest of America “I did the calculation,” testified

Steve Kirsh @stkirsch

Testified in front of the Pennsylvania State Senate:

Given five Amish people died in Lancaster Country, PA, “the Amish died at a rate 90 times lower than the infection fatality rate of the United States of America.” “Now, how is that possible?” asked. “It’s possible because the Amish aren’t vaccinated. And because the Amish didn’t follow a single guideline of the CDC,” he answered. “They did not lock down, they did not mask. They did not social distance, They did not vaccinate, and there were no mandates in the Amish community to get vaccinated. They basically ignored every single guideline that the CDC gave us. Ignoring those guidelines meant a death rate 90 times lower than the rest of America.”

Pfizer hid vaccine deaths and manipulated data to obtain emergency authorisation

A study of Pfizer’s documents demonstrates that, at the start of clinical trials, there was no difference between the placebo group and the vaccinated. In fact, 6 vaccinated individuals died, as did 5 unvaccinated people. Yet, Pfizer showed 2 vaccinated deaths, and 4 unvaccinated deaths, when it presented data for emergency-use authorisation, and therefore, lied. Trial sites had two computer systems to delay information regarding the death of vaccinated individuals.

Thomas G. Ford, 63, Passed Away Dec 5, 2023

A long time Penn State farm extension employee. We know he got the covid shots because he was mandated to. Has Penn State or any of the media outlets ever questioned the safety of the covid vaccines? Never. Have they offered any data or statistics on the illnesses or deaths associated with the vaccines? No. Should they ever be trusted again for health advice. Never again!

White House: 'We're Out Of Money For Ukraine '

Attorney General Ken Paxton Sues Pfizer for Misrepresenting COVID-19 Vaccine Efficacy and Conspiring to Censor Public Discourse

Pfizer engaged in false, deceptive, and misleading acts and practices by making unsupported claims regarding the company’s COVID-19 vaccine in violation of the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act.

‘Lady Ballers’ Scores Top Spot On Rotten Tomatoes

Earned a 96% audience score on the movie-rating site as well.

Sparks Fly Between Riley Gaines And Dem Rep During Hearing On Biden Proposal To Rewrite Title IX

The proposed changes would rewrite Title IX in such a way that policies banning biological males who identify as trans from competing with or against females would now be in violation of law. Issuing such sex distinctions to protect girls sports, therefore, could strip a school of its funding. The rule would be applied to public K-12 schools, colleges, universities, and other institutions that receive federal funding.

The hearing opened with a rather fiery interaction between former NCAA swimmer-turned-advocate Riley Gaines and Democratic Rep. Summer Lee (PA), who preemptively suggested Gaines and other witnesses’ testimonies would be “transphobic” and filled with “hateful misinformation.”

(Penn State Hershey Medical should be sold off for having launched this state sponsored trans trend with Rachel Levine.

Like Biden, Governor Shapiro's woke politics have endorsed everything transgender at the expense of real women. If Penn State can't shake off the regressive politics of the left the alumni are going to start renouncing their degrees.)

Trump's Vision for The American Academy, A Free On Line University

Devoid of a political agenda, the academy would "gather an entire universe of the highest quality educational content covering the full spectrum of human knowledge and skills" and deliver a "truly top-tier education option for the people" — all at no cost.

 "We spend more money on higher education than any other country, and yet they're turning our students into communists and terrorists and sympathizers of many, many different dimensions," Trump said. "We can't let this happen."

To fund the academy, the government will use the "billions and billions of dollars" it will collect by "taxing, fining, and suing excessively large private university endowments."

The academy would be especially beneficial to adults with some college but no degree, offering credits for prior coursework toward the "full and complete equivalent of a bachelor's degree."

Hundreds of $Billions In College Endowments Are Now Captured By Woke Politics  Penn State - $4 Billion in woke capitol must be rescued from trans human ideology, DNA altering vaccine science, climate nonsense, and Governor Shapiro's recalcitrant, soul destroying brand of Marxism. 

Producers of "Final Argument" the movie are looking at Benedict Cumberbatch to play Shapiro in the movie. Possible Leslie Nielson hologram for Corbett role.

The 20 richest colleges in the United States in fiscal year 2022, by endowment fund market value

Hundreds of $Billions of Woke must be tapped to pay off all college loans before they can use it for political purposes. Don't give them another dime!

Triggered FBI Arrests ‘Lady Ballers’ Actor Following Daily Wire Movie Premiere 

“Upon their arrival, Siaka was separated from his wife and abruptly arrested by the FBI,” according to the fundraising page. “At the time, Charlotte was told the charges had to do with January 6th; however, she was not presented with any arrest warrant.”

“He was at the threshold of the Capitol door for maybe a minute, & even helping the police direct the flow of foot traffic out the door. Crime?”

Penn State's Most Valuable Player To Skip the  Peach Bowl to Focus On the NFL Draft

Remeniscent of Governor Shapiro wanting to be president after only 7 months as governor.

Weather weapons and the destruction of Acapulco. Cheap clean energy already exists: Cold fusion

Activist Mike Adams and US ecologist James Martinez expose how the world’s globalists are going to commit any number of crimes against humanity, as they strive to keep the human race continually subjugated. The recent hurricane in Acapulco, provoked by weather weapons, is one such case. The globalists want to repress everyone and deny humankind access to technology, specifically cold fusion technology. Although fed with mass – heavy water – cold fusion is a very cheap and clean energy source. You turn sea water into electricity, without combustion and without releasing carbon, nuclear materials, radiation or anything else, James Martinez claims.

As We Told You, US-Israel Are Going To Drive ALL
Palestinians To Either Egypt Or Into Mediterranean
Jewish Army Is Now Flattening South Gaza And Is
Handing Out Weapons ‘Like Candy’ To West Bank
‘Jewish Settlers’ To Use On Palestinian Civilians

Congress Planning To Blackmail Arab Nations To
Force Them To Take In All Palestinians In US-Israel
Ethnic Cleansing Of Gaza AND The West Bank

The US, Not Israel, Is the Main Combatant
in the War Against Gaza

Israel cuts off means of communication In Gaza
Launches US Bombs And Death Across Gaza

Israel suffers heavy losses as resistance targets
it in Gaza

Ex-chief of Israel security service Shin Bet
urges Netanyahu to quit immediately

Israel army blows up main courthouse in Gaza

'Israel' gives WHO 24 hours to remove medical
supplies from south Gaza - This Is Inhuman

African country reveals LNG export plan

Mauritania will commence shipments next year, the nation’s energy minister says.

(Who needs another canal anyway!)

Vaccines: Origins and the current situation. Big Pharma controls politicians and regulatory agencies

Robert F. Kennedy Jr speaks out against the fact that vaccines are not subjected to placebo safety trials, which is why they are not called a ‘medicine’. Indeed, the authorities decided to call the jab a ‘biologic’ and exempt it from safety trials. In 1986, the US Congress granted vaccine manufacturers total immunity. Big Pharma controls politicians and drug regulators, because they provide funding to cover 50% of each agencies’ total budget, as far as the EMA, the CDC and the WHO are concerned. Furthermore, these regulators own vaccine patents, which denotes a conflict of interest. They know in advance that thousands of people are going to die, but their profits exceed their costs, even when they lose a plethora of lawsuits.

Please visit our channel Alcyon Pleiades, at the following address: to watch our videos on these subjects.

Leaked Israeli Govt Plan: Expel All Palestinians From Gaza And Send Them to Europe and Canada and also forward 16,000 Africans from Israel. 

Israel has started mowing the lawn in southern Gaza where the people have escaped to so it looks like they are taking the whole Gaza strip instead of entertaining any canal partnerships with Palestine. Now they risk losing everything including the illegal west bank settlements for continuing the same pattern of theft. The further south they start the Canal in Gaza the less it will cost on the way to the Red Sea.

3 more Philadelphia area Rite Aid locations among 31 more stores to close amid bankruptcy

Rite Aid will have about 2,000 stores remaining when both rounds of closures are complete.

Rite Aid, the third-biggest standalone pharmacy chain in the U.S., is headquartered at the Navy Yard in Philadelphia. It has tried to sell or close down more than 150 stores since filing for bankruptcy last month.

Compounding its problems were legal troubles stemming from accusations of filing unlawful opioid prescriptions for customers.

Rite Aid is in much worse financial shape than its competitors. Over the past six years, Rite Aid has tallied nearly $3 billion in losses and its stock is down more than 90% for the year.

Pennsylvania Society Gathers In New York City for Annual $600 A Plate Dinner

Wealth on display! The 125th Pennsylvania Society dinner was commemorated by a video of former governors and past society members to recall the progress the society has made over the last 125 years. Former Gov. Ed Rendell said in the video that he tried to bring the annual weekend back to Pennsylvania when he was in office, but realized that leaving the state had its advantage.

Speaking to a sold-out crowd at the Hilton Midtown, Shapiro managed to avoid talking about the NYC Trump lawfare trial over how much Trump's businesses are worth.

He also forgot to mention the pharma corporations that helped him get into office are going out of business due to the poisoning and mutilation of his constituents and their children.

He listed his proudest accomplishments so far, such as reopening a collapsed section of I-95 in Philadelphia in just 12 days. (He sub contracted the job out to a private construction company.)

Liz Gunn issues plea for help: New Zealand police are raiding home of whistleblower who leaked COVID-19 vaccine mortality data!

(The payment systems have been tied to the number of jabs delivered and continued support for vaccination despite the mortality data. Looks like we have probable cause.)

Steve Kirsch @stkirsch writes (12/02/23):

"BREAKING: Emergency video from Liz Gunn about the situation in New Zealand. They are arresting the person who wants data transparency. They should be arresting the corrupt members of the New Zealand Ministry of Health who are refusing to look at the data and prove it is safe."

Video source:

Steve Kirsch @stkirsch writes (12/02/23):

"BREAKING NEWS: I've just been informed that Liz Gunn has had to flee for safety. Barry Young's house is currently surrounded by police who plan to arrest him. The data is legit; that's why they are arresting Barry. He's a hero for exposing the truth. More in thread..."


Thread: Mother Of All Revelations NZ Excess Death Data

What is better nattokinase or lumbrokinase? Serrapeptase, Nattokinase, and Lumbrokinase are all effective in dissolving blood clots and reducing inflammation in the arterial system. Lumbrokinase is 300 times more powerful than Serrapeptase and 30 times more powerful than Nattokinase, making it a potential game-changer for cardiovascular health.  (Ivermectin is also good for this.)

Olympic medalist sentenced for breaching US Capitol

Klete Keller will spend six months under house arrest for his role in the 2021 riot

Give this guy a job on the President’s Council on Sports, Fitness & Nutrition!

Biden's Israel Policy Becomes Albatross Around Democrat Party Necks

With a majority of Americans opposing further US involvement in the Israel/Gaza conflict, President Biden is finding that within his own Democratic Party support for his approach is even softer. Younger voters are solidly opposed to further US support for Israel's continued assault on Gaza. That is why while Biden's initial reaction tracked more closely with his neocon views, he is furiously backpedaling under pressure from his own party. Also today: Rep. Massie is the lone "no" vote on another anti-free speech House Resolution.

Derek Chauvin prison stabbing: Ex-FBI informant inmate charged

The FBI wants Chauvin dead because the FBI helped push the George Floyd murder narrative. Chauvin is innocent according to the Floyd autopsy. Floyd died of a fentanyl/meth overdose not from physical injury or choking. The FBI was also involved in Sandy Hook.

Covid Litigation Conference Recap - Vaccine Safety Research Foundation VSRF April 13, 2023

Covid Litigation Conference II March 7-8, 2024, Horseshoe Hotel, Las Vegas

The second Covid Litigation Conference in Las Vegas is a continuation of the successful first Covid Litigation Conference held in Atlanta in March of 2023. The CLC has become the premier legal event where experienced lawyers in the Covid space come together to share, educate, and connect with attorneys new to this field. Through keynotes, panels, and networking events, CLC is building a legion of attorneys who are ready and able to step into a field of litigation that Rolling Stone magazine acknowledges will be “bigger than Asbestos and Big Tobacco combined.”

‘Shot Dead’ movie by parents about Covid shots killing their children

This is the movie we wish we didn’t have to make. But this is a movie everyone needs to see. For the first time ever, hear the stories of covid shot deaths as told by the parents who lost their children. Shot Dead premiered on November 9, 2023 – the one-year anniversary of 18 year-old Trista Martin’s death from the shot, in her hometown of Tulsa (Trista is featured prominently in the film).

A third Rite Aid location in Centre County is set to close, leaving one left.

In the fourth wave of bankruptcy filings Tuesday, the Bellefonte location at 821 E. Bishop St. was listed among 31 additional closings across the country.

  • Rep. Clay Higgins Drops a Bomb on Newsmax: “Over 200” FBI Agents Embedded Within Crowd on J6 – FBI Agents Behind Talk of Violence in Chat Groups! (VIDEO)

  • The DA Ray Gricar case is alive at

    Is Ray Gricar Alive and Well in Slovenia?

    Among the listing of 50,000 people licensed to practice law in the state was one “Hon. Joseph F. O’Kicki,” who, it turned out, had hung up a shingle in Ljubljana, the Slovenian capital, and was soliciting business from there.

    • Gricar had known relatives in Slovenia, and kept a photo of his cousins in his office, which was present the day he disappeared. He proudly pointed this photo out to friends and colleagues in his office, and was known to speak frequently and fondly of his relatives another world away, in Slovenia.


    • Gricar minored in Russian while in college, and was known to speak Russian semi-fluently, and Slovak fluently. He was said to love the language.


    • Gricar spent some time in Slovenia meeting up with family sometime during college and shortly after college. The FBI report even notes this, and speculates it as a potential destination.

    Lady Ballers | Official Trailer

    In a world where women’s sports is being trans-formed, The Daily Wire calls foul with the most triggering comedy of the year. A once-great coach is on a hilarious journey back to victory by reuniting his former high school championship basketball team, but this time, he’s challenging them to play like girls. Premieres 12/1 at 8PM ET. Exclusively on DailyWire.

    Riley Gaines’ Speech Draws Dozens Of Supporters & Protestors To PSU's HUB Lawn

    Masked tranny protesters at Penn State flipped swimmer Riley Gains table at an outdoor women's event called “Real Women’s Day” hosted by Turning Point USA and Young Americans for Freedom.

    “No event featuring Riley Gaines has ever been canceled at Penn State,” the university said.

    Ms. Gaines disputed the Penn State explanation, saying school officials waited until after the deadline to contact organizers. She also said that the Leadership Institute, which hosts the Riley Gaines Center, also applied for a room, but that their request was rejected over “staffing issues and risk management.”

    She said she then reserved a conference room at a local hotel, but that it was canceled after the hotel learned that she was the speaker.

    Riley Gaines Barker, is an American former competitive swimmer from Gallatin, Tennessee, who competed for the University of Kentucky NCAA swim team. She was the 2022 Southeastern Conference Women's Swimming and Diving Scholar-Athlete of the Year.

    Remember Her she Canada Chocolate Bars? Hershey Medical didn't think people would  make the connection with Rachel Levine's ex wife being in charge of the College of Medicine Office for Professional Mental Health at Penn State. This is exactly why Hershey Medical and PSU are pushing the transgender movement to increase sales of hormone replacement therapy and gender change sterilization therapy for young people. Levine and Peasly, former man and wife, have emails between them on how to increase sales for Hershey Medical.   Trans surgery runs $25,000 but maintenance and follow up treatments can run over $100,000 for a lifetime most of which is not covered by insurance. The PSU hospital division is losing up to $400 million a year so Peasley should be given early retirement incentives for Christmas.

    More than 40% of transgender adults in the US have attempted suicide

    A study from the Williams Institute at UCLA School of Law finds that 81% of transgender adults in the U.S. have thought about suicide, 42% of transgender adults have attempted it, and 56% have engaged in non-suicidal self-injury over their lifetimes.

    This is why Penn State should not have a transgender medicine promoter in charge of mental health at Penn State Hershey. Transgender ideology is bad for mental health and worse for the reproduction rights of the individual with family values. 

    (If you've been harmed by transgender medicine in PA contact attorney Barry Scatton at Morgan and Morgan, America's largest injury law firm.)

    How to do the Heimlich maneuver

    US lawmaker Rand Paul saves colleague from choking

    Senator Rand Paul used the Heimlich maneuver on fellow Republican Joni Ernst at a senate luncheon. 

    Senator Mike Lee, a Utah Republican, called Paul a hero.

    “Not all heroes wear capes,” Lee said on X (formerly Twitter). “Not all senators can quote Mises and Hayek while saving lives,” he added, referencing two Austrian economists popular among libertarians. 

    “Can’t help but choke on the woke policies Dems are forcing down our throats. Thanks Dr. Rand Paul!” she wrote on X.

    The Iowa Day luncheon was sponsored at least partly by the Iowa Cattlemen’s Association. A photo posted by Grassley showed him and Ernst holding plates of food, a pork chop for him and a steak sandwich for his colleague.

    Israel and the United States plan to turn Gaza into the "Ben Gurion Canal", a rival to Egypt's Suez Canal. This is about controlling the world's most geostrategic shipping lane.

    1 Trillion in trade runs through the Suez Canal right next door. The only way to resolve this is to give Palestine 33.3%, Israel 33.3% and Jordan 33.3% for an equal partnership in the new LNG canal.

    'Israel Lacks Credit ': Blinken's Chat With Netanyahu's War Cabinet Leaked

    Kari Lake: We Can't Vote Our Way Out of This Mess Until the Rigged Elections Are Fixed

    BREAKING: 267,000 more Republicans than Democrats voted in the 2022 Arizona general election that Kari Lake “lost.”


    Dominion Voting Systems imagecast-evolution  The market's only all-in-one precinct-based optical scan tabulator featuring a fully integrated ballot-marking device.

    (The reason why these machines can cheat is because the machine marks the ballots not the voter. The only truly secure machines are the ones that read hand marked ballots. All automatic ballot marking voting machines like Dominion's should be banned!)

    This is the reason why they couldn't provide the ballots! They didn't have enough ballots to match the amount of digital votes.

    60 precincts out of 200 had Dominion voting machines that supposedly "jammed" on election day. These were just cover stories for outright cheating using remote control Dominion voting machines.

    The only reason why Kari Lake couldn't win any of her lawsuits is the CCP paid people off! This is similar to what happened in Georgia. The only state with Dominion voting machines in every county. Now all the Dominion machines in Arizona and Georgia are being returned to the manufacturer.

    Maricopa County is the second largest voting jurisdiction in the United States and represents more than 60 percent of Arizona’s 2.6 million registered voters. All Dominion needed to win the state was to win Maricopa County.

    Hobbs – 1,287,890 Lake – 1,270,774

    Even if every “unaffiliated” voter voted for Hobbs –it would still require an additional
    70K republicans to flip, for Hobbs to beat Lake.

    The total number of voters including election day had 267K MORE REPUBLICANS THAN DEMOCRATS voted (11.5%). With 267K more Republicans voting than Democrats, The Certified Results of the 2022 General Election – Hobbs “won” by 17K.

    Arizona’s Maricopa County to replace all voting machines after GOP audit

    In Canada, Dominion's systems are deployed nationwide. Currently, Dominion provides optical scan paper ballot tabulation systems for provincial elections, including Ontario and New Brunswick. Dominion also provides ballot tabulation and voting systems for Canada's major party leadership elections, including those of the Liberal Party of Canada, the Conservative Party of Canada, and the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario.

    Alberta is shaking free of Ottawa's greenhouse gas carbon scam and securing their own natural gas energy supply.

    No One Buying US Treasuries

    Nobody wants U.S. Treasury bonds. Bond Sales are in the worst stretch since the Civil War.  The federal government has run up so much debt that few if any around the world, want to lend them money anymore. Already 2.5% of the U.S.’s economic output is going to service its existing debts, a number that some analysts expect to hit 4% by 2030. Already running huge deficits, the only way for Treasury to pay the interest is to keep borrowing. (May have to start wheelbarrowing out some derivative contracts for sale too.)

    GEOENGINEERING BOMBSHELL: U.S. Air Force General Acknowledges Chemtrail Operations Are Now Routine (Video)

    Geoengineering: An Interview With A US Air Force General ( Richard H. Roellig / Dane Wigington)

    (Maybe the carbon taxer climate experts at Penn State/Accuweather will finally see the light. Removing carbon from the air reduces plant life. Increasing carbon makes forests and crops grow faster. Chemical spraying is a left over draconian idea to make the Earth more like Mars.

    Right now the birth rate in the USA is 1.6. To sustain a population takes 2.1 births per woman so there is no need to exterminate the plants, animals and people with chemtrails. There is lots of unused land for self sufficient people out there who want to live in harmony with nature if nature is allowed to flourish.)

    Benjamin Fulford W/ LATEST GEO-POLITICAL UPDATE 11/26/23..

    Ben says England may get a king Harold for the first time since 1066. The last King Harold was Harold Godwinson, also called Harold II, was the last crowned Anglo-Saxon English king. Harold reigned from 6 January 1066, until his death at the Battle of Hastings, fighting the Norman invaders.

    (This is an indication that Jan 6ers are very special people. They will be considered like royalty when Trump is reelected. Each Jan 6er in prison has up to 9 guardian angels with them now. This means those angels are stuck in there with the prisoners. Word has it the higher ups are not happy with the situation.)

    Elon Musk Vows to Donate Ad-revenue From Gaza Tweets

    Elon Musk Vows to Donate Ad-revenue From Gaza-related Tweets to Israeli and Palestinian Hospitals.

    (Looks like Elon Musk has been sent in to take over the LNG canal project from Netenyahu. The Palestinians should get a third of canal toll revenue to the Red Sea and a good portion of the LNG plant revenue from their sea based holdings. They should get weekly payments on the project into a community fund as long as there is no further violence. Same for Israel and Jordan. Considering Gaza LNG could be delivered by canal to Mumbai or Quatar too. )

    GOVT BY TREASON! Video Shows Random Bus Station Sitting in Arizona Desert to Pick Up Border Invaders, NGOs Also Provide Water Stations for Illegal Aliens

    Belial Group Biden is at it again. A Governor Kari Lake would not have allowed this to happen. This is an example of why the CCP cannot be allowed to steal elections with their Dominion voting machines.

    Fentanyl: Chemical Warfare on a Scale No One Wants to Admit

    Another reason to close the border ASAP to undocumented aliens. The CCP would not be above using opium war tactics.

    Fentanyl is a highly concentrated form of opioids invented by big pharma. Cannabis based pain relief like CBD, CBG, CBN etc are far safer than opioids and actually aid in healing. 

    CBD reduces the protein PAI-1. Low PAI-1 is directly related to longer telemeres, slower aging, less blood clotting, less cancer and diabetes.

    Netanyahu was protecting Hamas – WaPo

    Benjamin Netanyahu has had an “odd symbiosis” with the Palestinian militant group Hamas that has ruled Gaza for the decades.

    The Khazarian Mafia wants to surrender, asks for amnesty

    The Khazarian mafia is trying to negotiate a surrender, according to high-level intelligence agency sources. David de Rothschild, chairman of the board of directors of the World Jewish Congress, the first thing you need to know is that he was indicted in Spain in 2015 for defrauding pensioners, as well as the head of the British and French branches of the Rothschild family, is offering to hand over control of the Western financial system to the Planetary Liberation Alliance. They are asking for amnesty in return. This offer came via the new head of the committee of 300 (who replaced Queen Elizabeth and is not Charles). The Illuminati council has granted this individual the power to negotiate with the alliance.

    The alliance has responded with the following demands:

    1. A jubilee, as in a one-off cancellation of all debts, public and private, must be carried out.
    2. The wealth of the world -stolen by creating money out of nothing and charging “interest” on it- must be returned to the people.
    3. The post-war Western-led institutions like the BIS, the IMF, the World Bank, the UN, etc. must be replaced by something that actually serves the people of the planet.
    4. All the technologies, such as hydrogen and anti-gravity, that have been suppressed by the KM must be released to the public
    5. A massive campaign to end poverty and stop environmental destruction must be started.
    6. Democracy, freedom of the press and the rule of law must be restored in the Western countries hijacked by the KM.
    7. The true hidden history of the planet must be disclosed to the people on all the major media.

    As far as the amnesty is concerned, the alliance itself will not take any aggressive actions against the KM. However, the various legal actions against them for massive crimes against humanity, such as mass murder by vaccine, will proceed in accordance with the law.

    Alcyon Pleiades Special 49: False flags, War in Palestine, Magnicides, Gandhi, Sissi, Kennedy, Lady Di

    We are experiencing difficult times characterised by lies and deception, which are being perpetrated against a defenceless population. Governments make a plethora of lofty promises, yet they often betray citizens, since they are interested in nothing but power. Governments have no misgivings about resorting to false flags, which they execute in order to instigate wars and conflicts, whilst using fear and terror, as a way of keeping the people under their domination and control.
    They have no qualms about looking for an excuse to wage war against another nation – usually a weaker adversary – and to this end, they orchestrate a self-inflicted attack, and then blame this ‘inside-job’ on the other nation, in order to justify a subsequent attack against it.
    Throughout history, many false-flag incidents of this kind have changed the course of events, as in the case of the USS Maine in Cuba, whose sinking triggered the Spanish-American War. Other instances involve the sinking of the Titanic and the Lusitania, the attack on Pearl Harbor, and the destruction of the Twin Towers, in the United States. There are many more examples to consider, such as the terror attacks staged at the Boston Marathon and Charlie Hebdo’s headquarters, the attack in Nice, the Ukraine Wars and the current war in Palestine. All of these events have been orchestrated with a specific objective in mind, beyond the death and terror they leave in their wake.
    Furthermore, what can be said of the magnicides that have taken place throughout history? What is the purpose of assassinating great figures who have shown true concern for their people? We are referring to activists, politicians and royalty, including the likes of Abraham Lincoln, Roosevelt, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Eva Perón, and Empress Elisabeth of Austria or Sissi, Pancho Villa, Salvador Allende, Grace Kelly, Lady Di, the Kennedys, Frei Montalva, Shinzo Abe, Ayrton Senna and many more. Is it possible the globalist elite perceived these individuals as a threat to their domination and control? Is that why the elite did not hesitate to have these figures assassinated, in an effort to protect their own vested interests?

    Video by Alcyon Pleiades

    Scientific studies show that mRNA in the vaccines is converted into DNA

    Dr Eric Payne reports that Dr Aldén and colleagues added the Pfizer vaccine to a culture broth - a liver cell model of cancer - and found that it colocalised, meaning it moved into the nucleus. Moreover, it contained a protein called 'LINE-1', a reverse transcriptase that was greatly increased. That's how they realised the protein that would convert messenger RNA into DNA had been included, he said.

    (This issue obviously concerns the entire human genome. We can't let big pharma wreck millions of years of natural evolutionary progress that began with the creator. The DNA enhancing sunlight we are getting now can't be stopped. )    

    Wendy Bell Radio Thanksgiving Show with special guest Ricky Lee

    Wendy's independent, conservative views have helped put her fast growing show in the top 5 on Rumble.

    Enjoyed this channel? Join her Locals community for exclusive content at!

    Qatar announces 13 more hostages to be released Sunday After a nail-biting night, 17 hostages returned to Israel on Saturday • Women and children reunited with their families

    All treated very well and served with really good food! (Much better treatment than Israelis got from their own IDF at the concert and the Kibutz!

    Looks like Qatar could be a possible financier of the Gaza LNG Canal. Maybe a short term loan for the Gazan refugees until the first ship sails through?)

    Saint Mary’s College has approved a policy to consider male applicants who “identify as women,” which would effectively strip the school of its ability to accurately call itself a women’s college.

    This is rediculous! The policies of the fake Pope in a mask are not much different than those of the fake Biden in a mask. They both need to be unmasked so the people can see they've been lied to.

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi takes a sortie on Tejas aircraft in Bengaluru, Karnataka

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi took a sortie on Tejas aircraft in Bengaluru, Karnataka during his visit to Defence PSU Hindustan Aeronautics Limited to review the ongoing work at its manufacturing facilities.

    (Modi is showing how a good defense is all a Republic needs for it's military. Likewise, military defense is all that is allowed for in the US Constitution.)

    Breaking. U.S. and Germany to push Ukraine to enter peace negotiations with Putin.

    Biden says "the reason Hamas struck when they did" was because Biden wanted to "build a railroad from Riyadh all the way through the Middle East, into Saudi Arabia, Israel, etc., and all the way up to Europe"

    This is funny because the mocking bird media has to report this masked actor's silly remarks as legitimate statements.

    The Ron Paul Liberty Report -- Thanksgiving Special

    Why is being thankful so important? Why is it important to remain optimistic despite the dark clouds of tyranny? Why is it counterproductive to think that "everything is going according to plan" for the authoritarians, when it obviously isn't? We hope you enjoy this special Thanksgiving Edition of The Ron Paul Liberty Report!

    Kamala Harris Sparks Backlash with Thanksgiving Gas Stove Photo

    50% cleaner than coal but they still are trying to ban gas to consolidate their energy monopoly. A million Gazan's have been displaced in what looks like preperation for a gas shipping canal route through Israel. Time to stop the gaslighting hypocracy by Burisma gas bag oligarchs like Zelensky and Romney.

    Unchecked Bureau of Prison Is TORTURING J6 ‘Terrorists’ And Illegally Barring Them From Speaking Out: ‘People Keep Committing Suicide Here’ – PLEASE SEND JOE BIGGS BOOKS AND LETTERS OF SUPPORT

    Even after the Jan 6 footage release showing a completely different narrative there has been no legislative support of these political prisoners. Several counties in central PA sent four bus loads each to DC on Jan 6. The local congressman called the one bus sending well wishes on the way down. Since then the support for Jan 6ers has dried up from lawmakers who are supposed to defend the constitution.

    The Jewish Federation and state rep Lurch who were the first to blast the hapless Jan 6ers have yet to offer any support.  In what has turned out to be the worst bus tour ever to DC only one porta potty between the white House and the capitol was a cruel joke just like the fake bomb scare awaiting the bus riders who retreated from the Capitol at the first sign of trouble. The unfortunate people who went into the capitol were flashbombed, tear gassed, cajoled and incited to do that which was the plan of the federal authorities all along.

    NAACP questions Our Town fund

    The main issue is the legal system being funded and controlled by the same drug companies that have been over prescribing Our Town with opioids, vaccines and child sex change and sterilization promotions.

    Value drug also funds the governor's campaign with their pac which can lead to calling in favors like vaccine mandates. Value Drug company should be sued for damages by the county instead of letting them sprinkling money around the legal system through secret accounts.

    The current method of drug interdiction that involves sending an opioid dependent informant in to buy opioids with money provided by the opioid distributor is counter productive. Then  they get sentenced to opioid maintenance by the biggest opioid clinic franchise in the state based right up the road from Value Drug. What needs to be audited is the drug money being laundered from Value Drug to Our Town. Value Drug has distributed the vast majority of opioids into the surrounding population with over $1 Billion in annual sales. Companies like this should not be funding secret accounts in the court house to help "fight drugs".

    Value Drug has already achieved complete media silence about the biggest opioid bust in PA history from both the press and the state. (Same for the Gricar cover up based in Our Town.)

    Keep an eye on AG Paxton in Texas to see how the state can sue the drug companies for some of the damage they've done.

    Attorney General Ken Paxton Sues Pfizer and Tris Pharma ...

    Unhinged Former CIA Director Michael Hayden Compares Patriotic Americans to Terrorists

    Enough of Government deep staters trying to criminalize the people while ignoring the Constitution.

    With the arrest of the globalist elite, we will enter another stage: Space travel... amazing things

    Researcher and writer David Wilcock believes that what we are seeing with this global crisis is a kind of a set-up, where we have to turn to God to find the answer. There will be a dimensional shift which will allow us to enter another level of health and technology, and for this we have to get rid of the Deep State people -arrest them and imprison them.

    UBS Bank: Denial of Withdrawals Due To “Liquidity Challenges”

    As most readers already know from prior stories this week, UBS is the largest bank in Switzerland, and the largest PRIVATE BANK in the world.

    For them to have “unforeseen liquidity challenges” is a staggering admission!

    Worse, I am told, but have yet to confirm, that another Bank Customer of UBS was told today that he, too, could not get his money, and that he should “try in 3 weeks.”

    UBS has banking branches in many, MANY, countries around the world.  

    A Bottle in the Gaza Sea - A film by Thierry Binisti - Official Trailer

    Jerusalem and Gaza - less than a hundred kilometers separate the two cities; home to Tal, a 17 year old recent French immigrant to Jerusalem, and Naïm, a 20 year old Palestinian confined to Gaza. After witnessing a bombing at her local café, Tal refuses to accept that only hatred can exist between these two peoples. She slips a message into a bottle, thrown into the Gaza Sea, that will be discovered by Naïm. From there begins an email correspondence and the emergence of a slim hope that their burgeoning friendship may give them the strength to face the world and to change it in their own small way. With Agathe Bonitzer, Mahmoud Shalaby and Hiam Abbass.

    Ceasefire officially begins in Gaza. 13 hostages to be released today.

    Israel-Hamas ceasefire in effect, Gaza hostages release at 4 p.m. Hamas to release 13 hostages, Israel to release 39 female and teen prisoners in first round of deal • Ceasefire in Gaza in effect.

    U.S. to Push Israel on Allowing Gaza Offshore Gas Reserves to Revitalize Palestinian Economy

    Israel gave preliminary approval for the development of a gas field off Gaza's coast in June. 'We shouldn’t exaggerate its potential, but it can absolutely be a revenue stream for a Palestinian government,' says Amos Hochstein, President Biden's energy security advisor, who is currently visiting Israel.

    (Especially if they put in a liquid natural gas station at the entrance to the new Desert Oasis Canal to the Red Sea. Then LNG ships can easily make the trip to places like Kerala India and other stops. Gazans will be rich! All they need is a fair deal. Alert the media!)

    Here come the shell corporations behind the shell corporations coming for Palestine Natural Gas.

    Israel awards gas exploration licences to Eni, BP and four others

    By Ari Rabinovitch and Steven Scheer October 30, 20236:08 AM EDT Updated 25 days ago.

    JERUSALEM, Oct 30 (Reuters) - Israel's Energy Ministry said on Sunday it had awarded 12 licences to six companies to explore for natural gas off the country's Mediterranean coast, aiming to create more competition and diversify suppliers.

    The licence awards, which came as the Israel-Hamas conflict entered its fourth week, included one group led by Italy's Eni (ENI.MI) along with Dana Petroleum and Israel's Ratio Energies (RATIp.TA) which will explore in an area west of the massive Leviathan field, which supplies Israel with gas and is also used for export.

    The new energy geopolitics of “East Med” – Aspenia Online

    Noble Energy to sell Leviathan gas to Jordan power producer - Gas To Power Journal

    All this started with Noble Energy (headquartered in Texas) announcing the discovery of the Tamar field off Israel’s coast in 2009, with an estimated capacity of 280 billion cubic meters (bcm). Within two years, Noble Energy announced two additional discoveries: the Leviathan field (620 bcm), also off Israel’s shore, in 2010 and the Aphrodite field (140 bcm), within Cyprus’ waters, in 2011.

    For example, as part of a historical agreement to deliver 85 bcm from the Leviathan and Tamar fields over 15 years for a total estimated value of $19 billion, Israel commenced to export its gas to Egypt in January 2020. Currently, this gas is feeding Egypt’s domestic market, but it could be exported via Egypt’s LNG terminals in the years to come. (Or through a competing canal through Gaza?)

    Wendy Bell Radio LIVE on Thanksgiving!

    "News" doesn't stop on holidays, and neither does our commitment to bring all of it to you! CONTROL is a major theme today - as democrat and bureaucrat overreach slithers into our schools, our cars, even our access to movies! PLUS -
    when left-wing propaganda and indoctrination turn VIOLENT. Don't stuff your turkey without taking us with you! Live - 9AM - 12PM EST.

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    (The segment with Ricky Lee is at 2:07:30.)

    From Ezra Cohen-Watnick (One of Trump's Intelligence experts.)

    I’m going to spell it out one time only for those who are lost and not registering the 100’s of clues I’ve been dropping you. Here we go 1 time.

    Pay close attention. You are watching a movie.

    A lot of what you are seeing is completely bullsh@t and fake. It’s so outrageous on purpose to get your attention at [this] point. It will continue until it has accomplished that goal fully. There is no Biden presidency.

    The real Biden was executed for his crimes long ago along with Clinton. No, that woman in purple the other day wasn’t Hillary Clinton. (1) You are seeing actors. Some have masks. That’s why Biden keeps referring to himself as the mask president. This means they are the good guys in this movie on the team of freedom.

    This whole election was fake along with a fake inauguration. Fake executive orders. Fake oval office. It’s all bullsh@t. Wake up.

    The military is right now controlling our country until the new elections in a couple of months. Insurrection Act has been signed. EO from 2018 is in full effect. Things will soon be revealed publicly.

    Hopefully you can wake up before then so you don’t have a heart attack in the process.

    They really tried stealing our election. That part is real. Trump knew this and allowed it to expose them and arrest those involved and will be implementing a blockchain fraud proof election system which was already patented back in August 2020.

    He skipped the 9th circuit corrupt courts because they too were compromised and went 100% FISA. This is a total military operation. The goal was to arrest and remove these crooks first before [us] ever winning an election.

    Furthermore, the Vatican owned the corrupt DC corporation and that is no longer. [The U.S.] will soon be a republic for which it stands under the constitution as originally intended. You will get a history lesson in the process along with a solid grasp of the constitution.

    Many corrupt DC rats and Hollywood pedophiles have gone to jail and/or been executed for crimes of  [treason, sedition, crimes against humanity, etc]. Many more are in the process of meeting justice via military tribunals. (2) Things will be made public in time very soon; no more secrets, no more games.

    There are many actors in the movie, not just [the] Biden double comedian guy. Who’s who at this point is somewhat of a mystery. We don’t know exactly who is who 100%. Some are playing a part from the very beginning. Others flipped for a deal and are now playing a part in this movie.

    The best thing you can do right now is just wake up to the truth that is being shown to you; take heart that communists have no real power over our country; and look forward to the things Trump has already pre-planned long ago for you. I’ll warn you now, things will get stranger from here.

    If you pay attention and listen to what I’ve told you here, you’ll laugh. If you are watching the mockingbird media CNN or FAUX NEWS, you’ll cry. Whatever you do, please don’t call Joe Biden president. He’s really long gone and his double has no power. Enjoy the show.

    Ricky Lee - Looking For America

    Wendy Bell Radio

    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States, Host of “Common Sense” on Newsmax TV. Mother of 5 sons, 21-time Emmy Award winner, loud and proud advocate of American patriotism and conservative values.

    AMERICA ON OFFENSE  Wendy Bell Radio

    Elon Musk drops a thermonuclear lawsuit against the media, Donald Trump announces his own massive defamation suit against 20 companies he says have endlessly smeared him, and two Attorneys General join in. What's going ON?? PUSHBACK. Listen as we detail America on Offense, and give courage to even small voices who are tired of being bullied by liberal lunacy.

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    EVENING Insight live Ep. 4 Featuring Interview with Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

    Dear Defenders, Today, we are honored to present an interview with the presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
    Wednesday, November 22nd, at 7:30 PM EDT, we bring you a remarkable interview on "Evening Insight," hosted on our Rumble account. 
    Our aim is to reach as many people as possible to ensure robust viewership. With your continued support, we aspire to persuade President Trump to accept our interview invitation soon.

    Spread the word. We kindly ask for your help in spreading the word about this interview by sharing the following link with your friends and family Twitter/X OCOCReport  Please post the Twitter/X link and preview link from Rumble on your social media accounts. Thank you so much for your support! Thank you for being an integral part of our mission.
    Warm regards, Colonel Douglas Macgregor and Our Country Our Choice Team.

    Remembering President John F Kennedy's visit to Salt Lake City, September 26, 1963 on the 60th anniversary of his death.

    President Kennedy had similar conservative ideals as President Trump. Just the opposite of the Democratic party of today. That is because of the rogue government that took over after they killed Kennedy that we still have today.

    Once the FBI and their minions are held accountable the JFK murder will be solved and so will the murder of DA Ray Gricar. See Gricar's missing person page was taken down by the FBI right after January 6.

    Voyage Home: Original compositions by sax and pipe organ, based on melodies by the humpback whales themselves. Leonard Nimoy narrates from "Moby Dick" and the poetry of D.H. Lawrence, Gary Snyder and Roger Payne, giving voice with the same deep feeling for whales that inspired his story for the film "Star Trek IV".

    A message From Paul Winter

    Dear Friends,

    I'm thrilled to be able to announce that the Consort will, after all, be presenting a concert in celebration of the winter solstice this December. However, this will be a uniquely intimate solstice celebration, in a truly magical forum in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, in contrast to the usual large-scale productions we have done for many years in our home forum, the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine in New York.

    The date is Saturday, December 23rd, and there will be two performances: a matinee at 3 pm, and an evening concert at 7 pm.

    The venue is Saint James Place, a gorgeous stone church, built in 1857, and recently transformed into a magnificent state-of-the-art performing space.

    While we will not have all the dancers and theatrical effects that were possible in the world's largest Cathedral, we will have all the essence of our solstice music, featuring, as always, the beloved voice of Theresa Thomason, who has been the "star" of our solstice celebrations for over 25 years.

    The impetus for this "Solstice in the Berkshires" event was my recent visit to Saint James Place, on the invitation of my friend Susan Witt, Executive Director of the Schumacher Center. I was captivated. The acoustics are heavenly, and the architecture is stunning. With seating for 300, it is possibly the most exquisite small concert hall I've ever seen.

    Saint James Place opened in 2017 as a state-of-the-art cultural center and event space where Berkshire County residents and visitors enjoy year-round music, theater, dance, and other performances along with lectures, classes, and meetings. Saint James Place is committed to enriching the non-profit landscape in the Berkshires.

    We are blessed to have the enthusiastic sponsorship of the Schumacher Center for a New Economics (of which Susan Witt is the Executive Director). Founded in 1980, the Schumacher Center recognizes that the environmental and equity crises we now face have their roots in the current economic system. They model community-driven economic programs that foster just and regenerative local economies.  Among these are the Farmsteads for Farmers program of Berkshire Community Land Trust and BerkShares Local Currency, both additional sponsors of the two concerts. 

    (Word has it that there is another photon blast planned by the DNA upgrade team on the solstice that should provide a welcome lift for the Christmas season.)

    Final Judgment:The Missing Link in the JFK Assassination Conspiracy Michael Collins Piper • 2005 • 310,000 Words

    Appendix One • Where Was George? George Bush, The CIA, and the Kennedy Assassination. Did GHWB Have a Hand in the Murder of JFK?

    Stop Secretly Putting Deadly CV19 mRNA in Everything – Karen Kingston

    Numerous concerts cancelled due to vaccine side effects

    Ed Sheeran's Pittsburgh concert, 17 medical emergencies, 2 post vaccine cardiac arrests, Lil Wayne quits concert, Skid Row cancels Japanese tour, US singer Ethel Kane Collapses on stage in Sydney, mass casualties at concerts, simultaneous heart attacks, Travis Scott concert 11 cardiac arrests 10 deaths, Miley Cyrus quits - singing isn't my thing, Sam Smith quits after 4 songs.

    Jan 6 With Lara Logan

    Ray Eps had an outstanding arrest warrant in PA. Logan has video of the first flash bomb shot into the peaceful crowd and video of various fed informants in the crowd.

    Jan. 6 Tapes Released -- Sorry, No Insurrection

    It's not called the "Empire of Lies" for nothing. Deception is the oxygen of empire. 44,000+ hours of January 6th footage has been released, and it's quite obvious as to why they weren't released in the first place.

    Attorney General Ken Paxton Sues Pfizer and Tris Pharma for Defrauding Texas Medicaid and Providing Adulterated Pharmaceutical Drugs to Children

    Obama appointed federal judge JUST RULED AGAINST voting machines in Georgia

     ‘The machines' cybersecurity flaws VIOLATE the constitutional rights of voters.’

    AP News reported in 2021 that Dominion voting machines were vulnerable to hacking during the 2020 election:

    [link to (secure)]

    June 1, 2022

    ATLANTA (AP) — Electronic voting machines from leading vendor Dominion, used in at least 16 states, have software vulnerabilities that leave them susceptible to hacking if unaddressed, the nation’s leading cybersecurity agency says in an advisory sent to state election officials.

    University of Michigan computer scientist J. Alex Halderman has long argued that using digital technology to record votes is dangerous because computers are inherently vulnerable to hacking and thus require multiple safeguards that aren’t uniformly followed. He and many other election security experts have insisted that using hand-marked paper ballots is the most secure method of voting and the only option that allows for meaningful post-election audits.

    Atlantis: Saharan City of the Sun

    Got pushed inland during the last pole shift. The Sahara once had a waterway the whole way across.

  • Where the leader of the purple photon band played 70,000 years ago at the height of the Golden Age. Working with the Trumps and others. New Atlantis, New Lemuria, New Golden Age, 600 plane loads from under the Vatican, and the new American Republic. Only one octave higher.

  • Attorney General Ken Paxton Sues Pfizer and Tris Pharma for Defrauding Texas Medicaid and Providing Adulterated Pharmaceutical Drugs to Children


  • Here comes the Judge's conflicts of interest with host Kash Patel

    This judge was Hunter Biden's fellow lawyer at law firm Boyd Schiller that represented Barisma Ukraine and Fusion GPS that concocted Russiagate.  (This is just another weak lawfare case from the Biden legal hit team. Trump is just showing them the door.)

    Did You Know? The Vaccine Study That Should Have Brought Down The Empire.

    By Patricia Harrity on November 18, 2023

    Big Pharma tried to bury a shocking study that found dangerous heavy metals in all vaccines tested. According to Jon Rappaport this 2017 by Dr. Gaiti opens up a whole new field: the investigation of nanoparticles in vaccines where none were expected. “Such particles are not medicine in any sense of the word,” says Jon Rappaport who adds that it was a “bolt from the blue, a complete shocker” and he asks. “How many cases of childhood brain damage and autism can be laid at the door of nanoparticle contamination?”


    Now when people bring up the holocaust they will have to explain which one. But the tunnels are being cleared and the time is now to patch things up. An equal three way partnership for a canal to the Red Sea would force Palestine, Israel and Jordan to work together constructively instead of letting Israel confiscate even more Palestinian land. It could be a new shared economic zone which would smooth out future relations between all parties. Meanwhile investors in the project would provide aid to the people that need it now. 

    Suez Toll Calculator: $700,000 for some boats 

    Plan your voyage with our Canal Transit calculator, or contact a specialist for a quote on all your ports. Our entire network, in one click. Provides

    Modi to skip BRICS-Plus summit on Gaza?

    The Bricks could sponsor their first big swords to plowshares project with a farming sponsorship along the banks of the "Desert Oasis Canal". Think of the tourism draw! A win for Beduoins and camels too. Plus sailing from Gaza on the Mediterranean to Kerala India via the new canal would be a big hit with the Seven Saint Thomas churches of Keralla tourism board.

    Seven and half Churches (Ezhara Pallikal)

    St. Thomas Church History, Kodungalloor India

    According to tradition, St.Thomas baptized the ruler of Kodungaloor, his family, and 40 Jews (Bernard, C.F., Mar Thoma Christians). It was at Kodungalloor that St.Thomas first preached the gospel and established the first church. Kodungalloor was also the site of the first churches of the Jews and of the Muslims. The places mentioned as Muyirikode and Singli in the copper plates of the Jews were also in Kodungalloor.

    Return of Ancient Aliens, Giants & UFO Disclosure is Underway Claim Veteran Researchers

    Drs. JJ Hurtak and Desiree Hurtak have for five decades studied UFO reports and confirmed the existence of extraterrestrials and higher dimensional beings (aka celestials) interacting with humanity. They describe how ancient aliens (aka creator gods) played a role in genetically engineering modern humans and giants, and how pyramids played a critical role in the ancient world.

    JJ Hurtak’s 1973 book, The Keys of Enoch, describes 64 keys that are required for humanity to be prepared for integration into a galactic society. Understanding ancient technologies and pyramids, and learning about extraterrestrials living among us are all important steps in our individual and collective awakening to the greater cosmic reality around us. The Hurtaks’ also describe their private meetings with William Tompkins in the late 1970s, who revealed the existence of a US Navy-run secret space program that extraterrestrials had helped design. They finally describe the existence of a Galactic Federation that is assisting our planet to prepare for extraterrestrial disclosure.

    What is Israel's Ben Gurion canal plan and why Gaza matters

    Make it a partnership between Palestine, Israel and Jordan and problems solved.


    BREAKING: Audit the Vote PA has released a video showing 350,000 in-person votes being removed from the Republican Supreme Court candidate in Pennsylvania with no explanation, leading to the candidate losing by 200k votes. (The paper back up ballots should then be hand counted.)

    Watch: New Footage Absolutely Destroys Democrat Jan. 6 ‘Insurrection’ Narrative

    by Adan Salazar

    VIDEO: ADL Head Now Claims He Is Against War on Whites That He Started

    Owen Shroyer’s Lawyer Sounds Alarm as InfoWars Host Disappears into ‘Black Hole’

    By the looks of the Capitol raw footage the FBI may have to trade places with the Jan 6ers.

    The people who showed up on Jan 6 are the ones you want guarding the Republic with President Trump.



    The Golden Sun Disk was used to control 41 ceke lines (energy lines) which emanated from the Temple across the entire Inca territory which were believed to control the spiritual climate of the Inca people, who made ritual offerings at alters and shrines located upon these ceke lines. Inca priests regarded the Temple of the Sun as the center of the known universe, and the Golden Sun disc was located at the ‘center of the center. But it was thought of as more than an artefact with divine powers, it was seen as actual divinity on Earth, the God Button if you like. This second article recounts my search for the Golden Sun Disk in the mountains of Peru.

    (If found please return to the Machu Picchu lost and found department.)

    New witnesses share what they saw in the woods during a secretive FBI hunt for Civil War gold

    FED Insurrection--

    During a House Homeland Security Committee Hearing, Congressman Clay Higgin (R-LA) questioned FBI Director Christopher Wray about two busses full of FBI Agents disguised as Trump Supporters in the U.S. Capitol on January 6.

    (Maybe the FBI can't be fired but they can be defunded. They don't really need a new building either with 80% vacancy in corporate DC office buildings.)

    Children’s risk of death increases by 5,000% when they comply with the current vaccination schedule

    Senator Rand Paul calls for a full audit of the Federal Reserve

    Covid vaccines, abortion, euthanasia even for children: The depopulation agenda to ‘save the planet’

    Leftover draconian tendencies are hard to let go of for some. Try using the reptilian brain less and the pre frontal cortex more. It's time for evolution to move forward again.

    Dr Peter McCullough and Dr Tess Lawrie: “All countries must withdraw from the WHO”

    $453 Billion in Oil and Gas Found In Gaza By The Sea

    Enough to build the Ben Gurion Toll Canal from Gaza to the Gulf of Aqaba/Red Sea and have $400 billion left over! Gazan's are rich! Could this be "New Palestine"?

    The Ben Gurion Canal Project – Declassified Documents Reveal Truth Posted Nov 10, 2023 by Martin Armstrong |

    The US and Israel have been discussing plans to build a canal to rival the Suez Canal for over 50 years. We must look at recent history to see the motives for the war occurring today. Around 20% of all world trade moves through the Suez Canal, which is controlled by Egypt. The Suez Canal was initially jointly controlled by French investors and Egypt. Isma’il Pasha was forced to sell Egypt’s shares to Britain amid a liquidity crisis in Egypt. Former Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser reclaimed the lucrative trade route in 1956, sparking the second Arab-Israeli war also known as the Suez Crisis.

    The West does not want to rely on Egypt, a close ally of Russia, for world trade. The Ben Gurion Canal Project, or Israeli Canal, has been the proposed solution since the 60s. Where would this canal be located? Part of it would flow precisely through the Gaza Strip. The passage would start by the port city of Eilat in Israel through the Gulf of Aqaba, crossing the Jordanian border and flowing through the Arabah Valley before entering the Dead Sea before heading north around the Gaza Strip.

    Declassified documents reveal that the US Department of Energy was planning to take extreme measures to make this canal possible. On July 1, 1963, a plan was outlined to create the Israeli Canal by detonating 520 underground nuclear explosions throughout the Negev Desert. “Such a canal would be a strategically valuable alternate to the present Suez Canal and would probably contribute greatly to the economic development of the surrounding area,” the declassified document stated.

    The document notes that 130 of the 160 miles dedicated to the canal are “virtually unpopulated desert wasteland,” but the primary issue would be relocating those from the Gaza Strip.

    Strange Image US Debt Clock 11.15.23 The us debt clock is telling us to short squeeze silver The movie Wizard of OZ was about follow the money. Dorthys slippers were silver in the book.

    From the US federal silver price containment division?

    The Portal of Aramu Muru: What It Is, Scientific Theories Behind It and How to See It by Yourself

    The legend talks about a priest of the Coricancha temple in Cusco, named Aramu Muru. He was fleeing from the Spanish invasion in 1533, trying to save the biggest treasure of the Inca – the Golden Disk.

    The Golden Sun Disc of Mu

    Held by ropes of pure gold in a shrine in the greatest Temple of Divine Light of the Motherland of Mu was the gigantic Golden Disc of the Sun. Before it, on an altar, which was a pillar carved out of solid stone, there blazed the eternal white Light of the crystalline Maxin Flame, the Divine Limitless Light of Creation. About 30,000 B.C. the Maxin Light went out on the Altar because of the evil of some of the priest-scientists of Great Mu. The Sun Disc remained in its shrine, however, until the time of the final destruction and submergence of 10-12,000 B.C.

    As we said before, this Disc was not merely used as an object of adoration, nor was it the symbolic representation of our Solar Sun. It was also a scientific instrument, and the secret of its power came originally out of the dim past in the time of the Elder Race. In part, it was an object of adoration because it served in ritualistic temple services as a focus or point of concentration for those meditating. It also served as a symbolic representation of the Great Central, or Cosmic Sun, which, in turn, symbolizes the Creator. As a scientific instrument it was used in connection with a complex system of mirrors of pure gold, reflectors and lenses to produce healing in the bodies of those who were inside the Temple of Light. Indeed, that is why it was called Temple of Divine Light.


    by Ashley Cowie


    The Golden Sun Disk was used to control 41 ceke lines (energy lines) which emanated from the Temple across the entire Inca territory which were believed to control the spiritual climate of the Inca people, who made ritual offerings at alters and shrines located upon these ceke lines. Inca priests regarded the Temple of the Sun as the center of the known universe, and the Golden Sun disc was located at the ‘center of the center. But it was thought of as more than an artefact with divine powers, it was seen as actual divinity on Earth, the God Button if you like. This second article recounts my search for the Golden Sun Disk in the mountains of Peru.

    Chronicles of Lemuria by James Churchward

    The Garden of Eden was not in Asia but on a now sunken continent in the Pacific Ocean. The Biblical story of Creation came first not from the peoples of the Nile or the Euphrates Valley but from this now-submerged continent, Mu – the Motherland of Man.

    Volume #2 – The Children of Mu-The strange, true story of the pioneers of Mu. “Sixty-three million people lived on the now lost continent of Mu over 200,000 years ago. The children of Mu became the most influential people on Earth. America was one of the first colonies of Mu…Mu had an incredibly sophisticated government, flowering of culture and scientific technology.” Much of the Lemurian civilization lived in homes with transparent roofs. Free from stress and disease, they lived to be hundreds of years old, developing E.S.P. through nearly 40,000 years of societal practice and experimentation. The Lemurians gained a reputation of telepathy, astral travel and teleportation. Primarily a vegetarian, agricultural, outdoor, organic culture they worked in harmony with nature and the land, having little use for scientific technology. They built their own shelter, made their own clothing, gathered their own food, made their own tools, and provided for each other without getting into any argument or projecting any negativity toward each other.

    Volume #3 – The Sacred Symbols of Mu, “the strange, true story of the occult origins of ancient and modern religions” says that “all religions have a common origin in the Sacred Inspired Writings of Mu. Evidence of this original religion dates back 170,000 years ago. Osiris (who lived 20,000 BC) and Jesus taught identically the same religion. Both learned from this ancient book. Moses condensed the forty-two questions of the Osirian religion into the Ten Commandments. The Lord’s Prayer is found in The Sacred Inspired Writings of Mu. Jesus may have condensed the text to suit the languages of his day. The Last Words of Jesus on the cross were in the language of Mu – unknown in Palestine!”

    (Telos under Shasta is our closest tie to the Republic of New Lemuria. We have to go through a portal to get to the higher dimensions. The portal can be within through aiming towards higher vibrational ideals.)

    Nikola Tesla: Harnessing Free Cosmic Energy

    Zero point Energy Patent. Free energy was not profitable. Now that energy is becoming unaffordable the time for free energy is right.  

    MAJOR BREAKING! Ghost busses and vans used in the fed-surection and more, Data scientist spills the beans

    Hershey Medical Center earns top recognition for LGBTQ+ ...

    They will fix your kids for $25,000 now and $100,000 for lifetime maintenance. And they think tuition is bad at Penn State. Rep Massie's bill blocking gain of function research leaves transgernderism as the last hope for making serious money with healthcare.

  • RINO ALERT! GOP-Controlled House REJECTS Amendment to Slash Radical Transgender Biden HHS Official Rachel Levine’s Salary to $1 – 46 Republicans Joined Democrats to Reject the Amendment

  • And now a moment of silence for women's sports, Coach Paterno and the Gricar investigation.

  • Laura Aboli “Transhumanism: The End Game”

    A powerful speech by entrepreneur and artist Laura Aboli is going viral on social media breaking down the true nefarious purpose of the transgender movement.

    Aboli explained at the Better Way Conference in June how the transgender movement, contrary to claims that it’s a grassroots movement based on self-expression, is actually a top-down globalist initiative to break apart the nuclear family and “eradicate humanity as we know it.”

    Penn State community comes together for Transgender Day of Remembrance vigil. ‘There is hope’

    If you've been harmed by transgender ideology, medicine or surgery, contact attorney Barry Scatton, Morgan and Morgan, Philadelphia, America's largest injury law firm.

    Penn State also needs to correct the course on vaccines, medicine, weather science, geoengineering, HAARP history and get out of politics entirely.

    Pennsylvania’s Senate approves millions for universities and schools, but rejects House priorities

    So this is why they suddenly trot out the tranny ceremonies.

    Gaza is a Distraction from 20 Million Humans That Have Died Worldwide from COVID Shot

    Thanks to a bombshell new report, we now know why Soros’ biggest DA hit the “eject button” and resigned…

    St. Louis

    Kim Gardner, the Soros-backed DA, was at the heart of the controversial story involving the McCloskeys, who stood their ground against a mob of violent and threatening BLM rioters at their home. Instead of addressing the mob, which threatened harm to them and their pets, Gardner targeted the McCloskeys for brandishing firearms in self-defense. This action is indicative of her approach as a Marxist Soros-backed DA, prioritizing political targets over actual criminals.

    Gardner’s erratic and unjust actions created a stir and captured public attention. Consequently, a special counsel was appointed in May to investigate the chaotic disaster Gardner created and perpetuated within the DA’s office.

    Ultimately, these actions triggered a movement to oust Gardner from office. However, before this could fully unfold, Gardner hit the ‘eject button’ and resigned. Now, a revealing new report sheds light on exactly why Gardner fled as the situation tightened around her.

    Kim Gardner, the Soros-backed DA, was at the heart of the controversial story involving the McCloskeys, who stood their ground against a mob of violent and threatening BLM rioters at their home. Instead of addressing the mob, which threatened harm to them and their pets, Gardner targeted the McCloskeys for brandishing firearms in self-defense. This action is indicative of her approach as a Marxist Soros-backed DA, prioritizing political targets over actual criminals.

    Gardner’s erratic and unjust actions created a stir and captured public attention. Consequently, a special counsel was appointed in May to investigate the chaotic disaster Gardner created and perpetuated within the DA’s office.

    Ultimately, these actions triggered a movement to oust Gardner from office. However, before this could fully unfold, Gardner hit the ‘eject button’ and resigned. Now, a revealing new report sheds light on exactly why Gardner fled as the situation tightened around her.

    Attorney General Andrew Bailey, who spearheaded the effort against Ms. Gardner, is also credited with unveiling this bombshell report.

    Here’s a glimpse into the unjust chaos that Kim Gardner instigated within the St. Louis DA’s office.

    25,000 cases dismissed.

    2,735 cases dismissed by judges for failure to prosecute.

    $351,500 in taxpayer money paid to an unlicensed attorney providing legal advice.

    Countless violations of the Crime Victims’ Rights Act.

    A resignation just hours before a judge was to order potentially damaging records be turned over and a deposition be schedule.

    Pfizer knew about the serious harms of Covid-19 vaccines in pregnant women

    Dr Naomi Wolf says that one of the most terrible things for her at this point in time is that Pfizer knows things that we don't. There is a section in the Pfizer documents where they talk about a miscarriage rate of 80% in women they monitored to term. Plus, they happened to lose 236 of the 270 records they had. But of the ones they kept, 80% lost their babies, she said.

    California’s Shasta County Considered Hand Counting Ballots After Tossing Dominion Voting Systems

    Newsom signed law to limit counting ballots spurred by Shasta County

    Newsome cleaned up SF for XI. Dominion is another clean up for the CCP voting machines that tend to vote Democrat.

    Apollonius of Tyana

    • Apollonius of Tyana  Born February 16, 2 AD in Tyana, Cappadoccia, Greece..
    • Original founder of true Essene Christianity, whose precepts originate in Buddhist India and China(Himalayas).

    • Replaced by Yeshai Beth Halachmee (pseudo-crucified Essene of 4 BC), Jehoshua Ben Pandira (the Jesus of 100 BC) and

    Christna (the Avatar of 3000 BC ) by the priests of Constantine at the Council of Nicaea in 325 AD.

    Republic of New Lemuria

    The Republic of New Lemuria [le-myoor-ee-uh] is a recognized constitutional sovereignty.  As a rapidly expanding, post-modern state, the Republic's activities are governmental, spiritual, political, educational and humanitarian. The Republic of New Lemuria was founded in part on the principles of freedom of speech and religion, which prohibits the Republic from interfering in any peaceful expression of religious belief.  In fact, the Republic and its citizenry invite diversity of opinion and encourage free debate to help bring about enlightenment designed to help mankind's appreciation for all religious perspectives.
      One of the greatest and least acknowledged civilizations ever to exist upon planet earth, disappeared approximately 50,000 years ago when the island of Mu (Motherland) was destroyed by a polar shift and following ice age. Never before or since has a group of humans accomplished the level of spiritual or metaphysical evolution or an understanding and implementation of the principles of peace, brotherhood and prosperity as did these legendary people.

    Often referred to as the original Garden of Eden, Lemuria was created and maintained by this other worldly tribe of healers, alchemists and scientists who had a true understanding of universal law and who used these laws to rise to the highest level of consciousness ever achieved by human kind.

    Today, there exists a growing nation of responsible, self governing and uniquely independent seekers of truth and freedom, devoted to spiritual, self mastery and humanitarian objectives and whose purpose is to reinstate and develop a culture representing the continuation of the beliefs, philosophies and achievements of the great culture of peoples known simply as "The Lemurians."

    What did Aristotle mean by telos? Aristotle was a teleologist because he believed that every object has what he referred to as a final cause. The Greek term telos refers to what we might call a purpose, goal, end or true final function of an object.

      Welcome to the Republic of New Lemuria Judicial Branch of Government! The Republic of New Lemuria Judicial System consists of three separate divisions. The Judicial power of the Republic is vested in its Supreme Court, and in such inferior courts as the House may from time to time ordain and establish. The Republic of New Lemuria Supreme Court is under the administration of its Chief Justice, who is Constitutionally responsible for all cases, in law and equity, arising under the Constitution, the laws of the Republic, and treaties made, or which shall be made, under their authority; to all cases affecting ambassadors, other public ministers and consuls; to all cases of admiralty and maritime jurisdiction; to controversies to which the Republic shall be a party.

    Republic of New Lemuria Supreme Court   The Permanent Court of Arbitration is an administrative function of the Republic of New Lemuria Judiciary. The Court of Arbitration offers arbitration and mediation services for the resolution of all forms of disputes between private parties, communities, organizations {whether NGO's or IGO's], and nations. The Court of Arbitration is under the administration of a Chief Judge, who also serves as the Governor of the Republic of New Lemuria Bar Association.

    Republic of New Lemuria Permanent Court of Arbitration   The term “bar association” originated in the 18th century, recognizing the railing or “bar” in a courtroom, separating spectators from lawyers and the judge, who occupies the “bench.”  Many members of the Republic of New Lemuria Bar Association actively practice law under Republic of New Lemuria law throughout the world, while the rest retain their licenses as inactive members.

    To practice law in Republic of New Lemuria, applicants must pass the Republic of New Lemuria Bar Examination and pay their annual membership fees to the Republic of New Lemuria Bar Association. Created by an act of legislature in 1997, the Republic of New Lemuria Bar is an autonomous department within the judicial branch of government, serving as an arm of the Republic of New Lemuria Supreme Court. All Republic of New Lemuria Bar members are officers of the court. Over the years, the Republic of New Lemuria Bar has continually responded to the demands of a changing society, educating and informing both its members and the public.

    Religious Liberty Firm Goes Global with 1,500 International Cases

    The Christian legal advocates with Alliance Defending Freedom are now working in over a hundred countries.

    Fiat Dollar Milestone: U.S. Government Interest Payments Hit $1 Trillion!

    Debt literally takes down empires. The U.S. government was never meant to be a militarized empire, since freedom and empire are mutually exclusive. But alas, the decisions to become an empire were made before any of us were born. In typical fashion, the U.S. government has overextended itself militarily around the world, engaging in endless wars. Those wars come at a severe cost, as our standard of living at home deteriorates. Debts cannot be endless. Ultimately, the interest payments will overwhelm. The U.S. government is now paying $1 Trillion in interest payments alone.

    Revealed: Unreported DNA Found in Pfizer Vaccine Raises Global Concern

    Medical professionals increasingly recognize a grave medical crime has been committed.

    Most Americans Poorer Under Biden, More Than 50% Tighten Belt On Food - Poll

    Bobby Kennedy has 22 percent in Quinnipiac national poll.

    Meanwhile, two-time Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein campaign manager of Cornel West, has replaced West as presidential nominee as West refiles as an independent candidate.

    Maryanne Williamson is running on starting a new government department of peace.

    FBI director blasts selection of Greenbelt for new headquarters

    They wanted another Pentagon for themselves. Instead they are getting shoehorned into the old Metro park and ride parking lot because it saves money.

    Federal Judge agrees to hold trial on Dominion Voting Machines.

    (Check for hidden internet connectivity, software upgrades and Chinese made solid state parts.)

    Dominion parent firm got $400M from CCP-linked bank ...

    Dec 6, 2020 — 3 election, the firm which bought Dominion Voting Systems received $400 million from a Swiss bank with close ties to the Chinese Communist Party...


    (Has to stop for the sake of the elect!)

    The Italian connection: Election stealing by satellite. (Video)

    Between The Egyptian Ankh and The ‘Christian’ Cross

    By Reno Omokri

    (Egyptians, Melchizedek, the ankh and the Copts were severely edited from Christianity by Constantine.)

    Pope Francis fires Texan bishop after criticism of reforms

    Because the conservative Bishop wouldn't go along with the Marxist Pope.

    Inca Stone Fitting Technique Finally Figured Out

    The tight fitting irregular size stones were molded in place. Only the front is finished on most.

    11:11 Alignment of Planetary Axis

    Join this global movement any time and every day but let us gather on 11:11 and create a forcefield of love for humanity and all life. Only together we can liberate the world and return to love, peace and joy:

    I AM my I AM Presence and I AM One with the I AM Presence of every man, woman and child on Earth. I AM One with my Father-Mother God. I AM One with the Solar Logos from Suns beyond Suns. I AM One with the Legions of Light throughout Infinity. I AM One with the Mighty Elohim, the Directors of the Elements and all of the Beings associated with the Elemental Kingdom including my Silent Watcher and my Body Elemental.

    During this Cosmic Moment on Earth, I ACCEPT and KNOW that the Light of God is exponentially expanding within the Hearts and Minds of ALL Humanity with every Balanced and Elevated Holy Breath we take. Today, Mother Earth and ALL Life evolving upon her are being prepared at both inner and outer levels to Ascend through the 11:11 Portal on November 11th.

    The activity of Light being initiated by our Father-Mother God today is preparing ALL Life on this sweet Earth to be able to withstand the greatly intensified frequencies of God’s Light we will be blessed with during the Opening of the 11:11 Portal. This preparation will allow us to safely align with the 5th-Dimensional NEW EARTH’S SOLAR AXIS and also the Axis of the Suns beyond Suns in Earth’s lineage and the Cosmic Axis of our specific Galaxy. This alignment will occur on November 11th, 11:11, through the unified efforts of Awakening Humanity and the entire Company of Heaven.

    Mother Earth’s recently adjusted position in the Universe is allowing Humanity, the Elemental Kingdom and Mother Earth to receive higher Solar Light Codes through the Portals of the Suns in Earth’s lineage than we have previously been able to assimilate. This includes the Solar Light Codes flowing through the Portals of our Physical Sun – Helios and Vesta, our Central Sun – Alpha and Omega, our Great Central Sun – Elohae and Eloha and our Great, Great Central Sun – El and Ela.

    Through every person’s I AM Presence these higher Solar Light Codes are recalibrating our spiritual brain centers which include our pineal, pituitary and hypothalamus glands and the ganglionic center at the base of our brains. This recalibration is Creating the sacred space for our I AM Presence to Heal any fragmented circuitry within our brains that is still preventing us from communicating intuitively with our I AM Presence, the Company of Heaven or our Father Mother God.

    As this occurs, our mental body, our superconscious mind, our conscious mind, our subconscious mind and our physical brain structures are being empowered to receive a brand new level of Divine Consciousness which is the very essence of our Father-Mother God.

    Now as we inhale and exhale our Balanced and Elevated Holy Breath deeply, we begin receiving higher and higher frequencies of our Life Force and Prana. Our Holy Breath is cleansing and purifying our Physical, Etheric, Mental and Emotional Bodies. As this purification occurs within our Earthly Bodies, it is simultaneously occurring within the Earthly Bodies of the Elemental Kingdom and Mother Earth.

    The Holy Breath of God is now lifting each of us up in energy, vibration and Consciousness. Instantly, we become aware that we are Ascending into the Realms of Eternal Light and Illumined Truth. We pass through a multidimensional doorway into higher frequencies of God’s Infinite Light than we have ever experienced.

    Here we are enveloped in cascading brilliant Light which is reflecting the pristine beauty and the exquisite colors, musical tones, fragrances and Divine Qualities associated with the Twelve 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Aspects of Deity. This resplendent Light is reverberating with the Music of the Spheres.

    Every person’s I AM Presence now confirms that there is a Great Shaft of Light radiating through each of us. This is our 5th-Dimensional Solar Spine and our Twelve 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Chakras. In this higher frequency of God’s Infinite Light, our I AM Presence helps us to perceive that our 5th-Dimensional Solar Spine is the Finger of God Almighty pointing to Planet Earth from out of the Realms of Eternal Light saying, “Here I AM.”

    This revelation confirms that our 5th-Dimensional Solar Spine is actually our personal AXIS which aligns with the Axis of Mother Earth, the Axis of the Suns beyond Suns in Earth’s lineage and the Axis of our Galaxy.

    Along this Shaft of Solar Light, we see and feel our Twelve Solar Chakras now reflecting a higher frequency of Unity Consciousness than we have ever experienced. As we assimilate this Divine Light we begin to clearly comprehend that we are both a Planetary and a Solar Light Being. We are both Spirit and Matter unified on Earth in perfect Harmony. We serve on Earth through our Earthly Bodies, however through our I AM Presence we also live, move, Breathe and have our Being within the Unity Consciousness of our Father-Mother God, the Cosmic I AM, All That Is.

    Now with every Balanced and Elevated Holy Breath we take, our I AM Presence is preparing us to receive the most powerful activation within our 5th-Dimensional Solar Spine Axis that Cosmic Law will allow. This activation involves the sacred geometric codes of 11 and 11:11 and 11:11:11. The Master Number Eleven reflects the TRANSFIGURATION FROM THE PHYSICAL INTO THE DIVINE. These codes have been pulsating at a dormant level within every person’s Twelve 5th-Dimensional Solar Strands of DNA.

    With the opening of the 11:11 Portal of Light on November 11th, every person’s I AM Presence in unison with our Father-Mother God, will activate these geometric codes to their full Divine Potential. This activation will empower Humanity to collectively take a quantum leap up the Spiral of Evolution into higher frequencies of the 5th-Dimensional Solar New Earth. This activation will create the sacred space that will allow every person to amplify our alignment with the Axis of our Sisters and Brothers in the Family of Humanity, the Axis of Mother Earth, the Axis of the Suns beyond Suns in Earth’s lineage and the corresponding Cosmic Axis of our Galaxy.

    Now, our I AM Presence is taking full dominion of our Creative Faculties of Thought and Feeling. With every Breath we take we now experience an upward shift in our Hearts and Conscious Minds. We are becoming radiant Suns of God’s multidimensional and multifaceted Solar Light.

    This Light is accelerating the Divine Alchemy within Humanity’s Crystalline Solar Light Bodies. This Divine Alchemy involves the Transfiguration from our carbon-based Planetary Bodies into our 5th-Dimensional Crystalline-based Solar Light Bodies. This activation is igniting the Immaculate Concept of our Earthly Bodies which is the Divine Blueprint pulsating within every cell of our Physical, Etheric, Mental and Emotional Bodies. This is lifting Humanity, the Elemental Kingdom and Mother Earth into higher frequencies of God’s Infinite Perfection than we have ever known.

    Now, like the Sea reflecting the Sun, we will keep our Conscious Minds open to the opportunity being provided to Mother Earth and ALL Life evolving upon her during the 11:11 Activation. Now, seeing and knowing that plan we Consecrate our Life Force to manifesting it.

    As we assimilate this Sacred Knowledge and begin to fully comprehend with wonder and awe what this 11:11 Activation will accomplish, we feel great Ecstasy in our Hearts and deep Serenity our Minds.

    We now permanently seal this Activity of Light in the full embrace of our Father-Mother God’s Comprehensive Divine Love. As we do, we Consecrate our Balanced and Elevated Holy Breath and our Life Force to be the Open Door for this unfathomable Divine Intervention on behalf of every particle and wave of Life evolving on this sweet Earth. And so it is. Beloved I AM That I AM.

    God Bless You,
    Patricia Cota-Robles

    On November 11, 2023, the multidimensional Cosmic 11:11 Portal of Light will be opened to full breadth. During that Cosmic Moment, Lightworkers around the World will have the opportunity to utilize that influx of Light to assist Planetary Ascension.

    We are being called to dissolve the veil of Maya by aligning the Planetary Magnetic Axis. This is an essential facet of Mother Earth’s and Humanity’s Ascension.

    In order to take full advantage of the Opening of the 11:11 Portal of Light on November 11th, we are Cocreating in unison with the Company of Heaven a FREE virtual online Activity of Light, led by me and sponsored by Adi and the team of Green Tara Guru.

    The Divine Intent of this Holy Endeavour is to Align the Personal Axis of every person’s 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Spine with the Planetary Axis of Mother Earth and the Axis of the Suns beyond Suns in Earth’s lineage. We will then align with the Cosmic Axis of our Galaxy. This powerful event will catapult Mother Earth and all Life evolving upon her a Quantum Leap up the Spiral of Evolution into brand NEW frequencies of the 5th-Dimensional Crystalline SOLAR New Earth.

    The alignment of the Planetary Axis is an Activity of Light we initiated during the 37th Annual World Congress on Illumination last August in Tucson by hundreds of present Lightworkers. The Activity of Light was presented by a longstanding contributor to the mission of Era of Peace, Dominique Claire Germain.

    Please join me and thousands of Lightworkers around the World as we God Victoriously accomplish this essential facet of the Divine Plan of restoring the Divine Magnetism of Mother Earth & her Rainbow Body of Light.

    God Bless you, Dear One. I look forward to being with you on 11:11.


    45 Best Veterans Day Quotes to Thank Them for Their Sacrifice

    Abraham Lincoln: “Honor to the soldier and sailor everywhere who bravely bears his country’s cause.”

    Order of the White Lion: Elemental Kingdoms

    To some they are extremely visible, and ancient Celtic folk law tells many stories of the Gnomes, Fairies, and Elves, or the ‘Little people’ as the Irish often call them. These are all part of the element Earth.

    Less commonly known are the Sylphs, Salamanders, and Undines, which are part of the elements Air, Fire, and Water respectively.

    Each Elemental Kingdom resides under the direction of an Elemental King, who himself serves one of the 4 Great Archangels.

    Together they control the weather patterns of the world.

    (They also work to break up chemtrails.)

    DS200 Digital Scanner Voting Machine

    City of Va Beach

    This is the DS 200 electronic voting system. It records each vote from a paper ballot to memory stick and saves the ballots in a locked bin below. It prints out the totals on site in triplicate and everything has to match. Very hard to cheat unlike digital only voting systems with no paper trail.

    Expert report fuels election doubts as Georgia waits to update voting software

    An unsealed expert report argues that Georgia's Dominion Voting Systems machines are vulnerable to vote switching and hacking,

    Georgia won’t update vulnerable Dominion software until after 2024 election

    (Georgia is the only state with CCP controlled Dominion voting machines in every county. Thus we have the election lawfair brought by the ones with the chincy voting equipment.)

    Maricopa County Board, Dominion defy subpoenas in Arizona election audit

    Because they had CCP money and Dominion voting machines to run the tables against Kari Lake. Other Arizona counties didn't use Dominion. The CCP only needed Greater Pheonix to win the state. Check the $Billions they give to the Chinese solar panel grants out there.

    Along the 33rd paralel - The Global Mystery Circle

    Maricopa County at the 33rd parallel, Damascus, Myrtle Beach, Bagdad, Dallas, Casablanca Trump Heights etc. 

    The Galactic Codex by Smaly 7

    The Galactic Codex forms an essential part of the New Earth Judicial structure that defends the basic rights and liberty of all sentient beings in this universe. 

    Tracing back the Law of One.

    The Three Universal Founder Rays are the Universal Trinity and are comprised of the Blue Ray Mother Arc, Violet-Magenta Ray Father Arc, and the Golden Ray Sun of Christos.

    Together they make the trinity that make up the Threefold Founder Flame of our entire Universal Time Matrix. Fifth Harmonic Universe

    For human beings, these consciousness bodies exist throughout the densities and are aspects of the higher self and Lightbody.

    Israel demands action after journalists reportedly joined Hamas massacre

    The media watchdog HonestReporting published an investigative report late on Wednesday showing that journalists from leading news outlets, including The New York Times, AP, Reuters and CNN, joined Hamas terrorists from the Gaza Strip on October 7 to document the horrific events with their cameras. 

    "Enough Is Enough": Widower Sues Hospital for Withholding Ivermectin, Claims Wrongful Death

    Scott Mantel, whose wife Deborah Bucko died at Mount Sinai Hospital on May 16, 2021 from complications related to Covid-19, filed the lawsuit in September. He contends that the hospital refused to administer ivermectin, which was prescribed by her doctor.

    Infant Mortality up 57% in Delaware. Worse than some non developed countries. Qatar and Singapore, countries with the most covid shots, excess mortality Up 37%.

    Shapiro to name Doyle’s replacement: President judge’s loss of retention bid confirmed

    The president judge automatically gets a seat on the Our Town board so that means  qualifications need not include:

    Knowledge of the Gricar cover up. (see Know that Our Town was started by Tom Corbett, two of the richest corporate board members of The Second Mile and three AG office employees.

    Protection for the #1 highest grossing business in the county, Value Drug Company that backed Shapiro with their drug money pac. That means protection for hormone drugs for trannies, all vaccines including mRNA, opioids for tooth removal and the biggest opioid recovery firm in PA, Pyramid Health. 

    Lets hope governor Shapiro picks a judge that will help move past these outdated trends with common law, natural law, constitutional law and the Galactic Codex.

    Galactic Codex

    The Galactic Codex represents the legal basis for all actions of the Galactic Confederation in this sector of the Universe. 

    It represents a systemized code of inner ethics of all souls of Solar Light - Christed Light, which reflects their inner truth.

    The Galactic Codex forms an essential part of the New Earth Judicial structure that defends the basic rights and liberty of all sentient beings in this universe. 

    It aims at developing a harmonious and peaceful Cosmic Galactic society based on Truth, Solidarity, Integrity, Unity and Freedom. 

     I AM Sovereign ☆ I AM Free 🙏 

    Please study the Codex and the 13 Principles of Natural Laws available at:

    Here's the Ashtar Command with the Cosmic Christos Founder Races resurrecting the original Constitution of 1776 and the true history of USA 🇺🇸  the Republic under the Law of One with the Rose 🌹 Grailline lineages - the Essene Christos Templars - Defenders of Truth and Divine Justice

    One in Christ

    PA Governor Shapiro Talking about the chaos of Trump trials

    He's one to talk. It should be noted that Governor Shapiro is demonstrating a total disregard for the law regarding a real crime in the capitol murder case of DA Ray Gricar. Knowing about a felony and not reporting it is called misprision of a felony which carries a prison sentence of 3 years. Shapiro and his AG (who is quitting) have knowingly defied the demands of the PA State Police to empanel a Gricar grand jury and have instructed the State Police not to discuss the case. No lie detector is needed to know that they know the truth.

    For the Governor to continue to avoid justice means that he believes the state can eliminate a county DA and not have to answer for it. This would be a good time for Operation Our Town to sponsor an essay writing contest on why the state cannot be allowed to continue the cover up their own capitol offense. Shapiro's constituents of the state should be assured that a crime of this magnitude will be properly investigated.

    See for more on the case of missing centre County DA Ray Gricar.

    Congress Investigating Mistreatment of Journalist Owen Shroyer In Federal Prison

    Time to pardon all of the Jan 6 political prisoners with time served. The withholding of the video evidence from the defense attorneys is enough reason to throw out the charges.

    Meanwhile the ones that were paid to record the event get away scot free. The real instigators are the election scammers, Dominian voting systems and the FBI.

    The Vaccine destroyed his brain. He is now the test case for suing Big Pharma.

    In PA call attorney Barry Scatton, Morgan and Morgan, Philadelphia.

    The Covid vaccine is the most toxic and harmful pharmaceutical product ever… and the most profitable

    Canadian cancer researcher Dr William Makis denounces how the powers-that-be want to keep us in the current pandemic era. He reports on how the vaccine is the most toxic and harmful pharmaceutical product that has ever come to market, but it is also the most profitable. Dr Makis reveals alarming data regarding injuries, disabilities and deaths associated with the Covid vaccine.

    Jonathan Karl — ‘Trump’s lead over Biden is frightening.’

    177 Illinois state employees referred for ‘criminal prosecution.’

    Josh Shapiro is the least productive Pennsylvania governor of the last 50 years

    Also looking at misprision of a felony in the murder case of DA Ray Gricar for failing to empanel a grand jury. See

    Stockman: Uncle Sam Doesn't Have One Thin Dime For Biden's $106 Billion War Package: If Israel wants to operate a modern-day Sparta, it needs to tap its own taxpayers first.

    China Gold Buying Continued Unabated In September

    China continued to be the biggest gold purchaser, adding another 26 tons of gold to its hoard in September. It was the 11th straight month of increasing Chinese gold reserves. USA Corp not so much. The FED is wearing no gold.

    Jean Sibelius - Finlandia

    Finlandia, Op. 26 is a symphonic poem by the Finnish composer Jean Sibelius. The first version was written in 1899, and it was revised in 1900. The piece was composed for the Press Celebrations of 1899, a covert protest against increasing censorship from the Russian Empire, as the last of seven pieces, each performed as an accompaniment to a tableau depicting episodes from Finnish history.

    The premiere was on 2 July 1900 in Helsinki with the Helsinki Philharmonic Society conducted by Robert Kajanus. A typical performance takes anywhere from 7½ to 9 minutes. A recurrent joke within Finland at this time was the renaming of Finlandia at various musical concerts so as to avoid Russian censorship. Titles under which the piece masqueraded were numerous, a famously flippant example being Happy Feelings at the awakening of Finnish Spring.

    The strains of Sanat Kumara’s keynote were captured by Jan Sibelius in Finlandia. So powerful is the release of the flame of freedom through this music, that during the Nazi occupation, its playing was forbidden lest it arouse the fervor of the people for freedom.

    (There is a nice section with Auroras, another name for adamantine particles. Auroras are peaking now from the sun and can be seen in the south for the first time ever,)


    Apart from being the whole basis of ‘Creation’ from which EVERYTHING is built, ADAMANTINE PARTICLES are God’s gift to mankind, in so far that they can enhance your ‘Spiritual Development’ AND, CAN ALSO PERFORM MIRACLES. They can be very readily controlled by a Mental Command  but ONLY when projected to them IN LOVE.

    MaGNETIC STORM WATCH (G2): NASA and NOAA now agree: A full halo CME is expected to hit Earth's magnetic field this weekend. Its arrival probably during the late hours of Nov. 5th could spark a G2-class geomagnetic storm with auroras in northern Europe, Canada and US states from New York to Oregon. Aurora alerts: SMS Text

    (More adamantine particles on the way!)

    The CME was hurled in our direction on Nov. 3rd by a complex eruption of solar magnetic filaments. SOHO corographraphs recorded this movie of the cloud leaving the sun:

    The director of the UN’s Human Rights Office in New York, Craig Mokhiber, has resigned, saying that the UN has surrendered to Israel and the US

    It's Last Trumpet time in The Dead Sea Scrolls. There has to be a jubilee because the Rothschild KM system is bankrupt.

    Adamantine Particles: Building Blocks of Reality

    This is a master teaching about the adamantine particles, the smallest irreducible particles of matter, which quantum physics calls the Higgs boson and popular culture has dubbed "the God particle."It is a cornerstone of cosmology and will form the basis of much of my map-making work.

    I ran across the idea of adamantine particles, the smallest irreducible particles of matter from which everything in the universe is made, in Glenda Green’s account of her extended conversation with Jesus, Love Without End: Jesus Speaks. During that experience, he taught her many things, but the teaching about the adamantine particles was particularly interesting. It’s become a foundation for much of my innovative (out there?) thinking. I don’t see it out there online very much, so I thought I’d try to introduce it in this post. I’m also going to do my best to bring in a bit of quantum physics.

    The adamantine particles actually form part of the fundamental trinity of the universe as Jesus describes it to Glenda Green. In this trinity, Love stands atop the pyramid or triangle, and at the base corners rest Spirit and the Adamantine Particles. Because the whole trinity is such a cool teaching, this is it in a nutshell: Read More

    Adamantine particles “have memory and retain experience. Therefore love, in directing the flow of life, tends to allow tendencies and preferences to beget further experiences along the same lines. This is further reinforced by the fact that adamantine particles which have already been committed to form, are still locked up in the more complex particles of neutrons and electrons, not to mention the atomic arrangement of such elements as hydrogen or oxygen, which still persist even though the tree is now flower bed mulch. When the tree dies, the adamantine particles that comprised its life force, usually go on to be another tree. Actually, this is what life is–a free and unstructured supply of adamantine particles operating under the influence of love. Life is just love in action.” [9]Commanded by Love.

    And indeed, fundamentally, adamantine particles are commanded by love. If you accept a broader view of love that holds life as love in action, you might begin to grasp this mechanism more directly. On a personal level, the heart attracts adamantine particles magnetically. You then command them with your love. Adamantine Radiance

    They make up both the limited world of matter and the timeless infinities that illuminate all dimensions, the light of consciousness and other more ineffable realities. Apparently, we used to be able to perceive them with the naked eye! He says, “Some people can perceive adamantine radiance with the naked eye. It’s an ancient perception that most people have allowed to become dormant. That is what people mean when they see auras, or glowing radiance around things. But like smell, the ability to see adamantine particles was once strong in everyone. Thousands of years ago it was a survival sense pertaining to the selection of food and medicine, as well as friend and foe. Animals still use it today. It is by this sense that a bird knows a poison seed from an herb which can rid him of lice. Upon approaching a benevolent seed which the bird needs, the adamantine particles will glow. In the presence of a harmful situation they will dim.” [10] This does raise questions, like the about the situation with animals eating plastic trash! Hmm. We’ll bookmark that and dig into it. We’ll get to the bottom of it.Exchanging Particles

    The notion of exchanging adamantine particles, including as a medium for exchanging information or healing, is a common theme in Jesus’ teachings. He talks about the importance of getting out of stale routines and changing up your environment, going on a vacation or taking up a new hobby. “It is healing just to interact freely with life, and to receive a fresh new supply of adamantine particles. Inhale them, enjoy the abundance around you.” [11] Moral dimensions are revealed as well by their flow. “When your life has been lived with a very clear purpose and when your love has been directed to principles and thoughts that carry it to higher planes of consciousness, then the treasures of your life will be stored more safely. On the other hand, when a person’s love and life have been unclear and confused, peppered with insincerity and betrayal, his life particles can become lost in the lives of those he has hurt. This is not good for anyone concerned. All too often these lost particles are held hostage until debts are paid, which can cause great pain and confusion to all parties. It would be so much easier and healthier to forgive and to release.”

    [12]Ownership and Possession

    Another area he explores quite a lot is the notion of ownership and possessions as these apply to the adamantine particles as well as more generally. Here are just a few ideas: “Whatever you have purchased with money, service, duty, or obligation–but have no love for–will actually own you until eventually one or more forces of the universe will rip it from your hands, and mercifully set you free.” [13] Whereas, “Wealth is the harvest of love. […] All that you have ever loved is what draws to you…the affairs of your life, the friends of your life, the family that expands your life, and the dreams that extend your life.” [14] The Best for Last: What Happens to Adamantine Particles When You Die

    Finally, this is the piece that has stayed with me for decades. There are just so many implications, both scientific, psychological, genetic, and esoteric! This is what happens to the adamantine particles when you die:

    “Uncountable legions of adamantine particles simply belong to the universe, bequeathed by the Creator for common use through the forming of such elements as oxygen, nitrogen, carbon, and so forth. Such particles would return to their common matrix. Trillions to the cube root belong to the human race and would recirculate into newborn children according to ways in which their love resembles the pathway of love you left behind. Billions of adamantine particles have come to you through your family line and will return there to support future generations of children, according to similarities of love that you would have shared with them. In the days following your departure, the particles which you have exchanged with others, for the mutual sharing of life, will return to their rightful donors. However, at the moment of your passing, all the particles, which you have personally magnetized by your heart and used in the creation of your life, will leave with you. They will either attach to your soul, or else travel to a place that you have marked with love, and will wait until your heart calls them forth again. Either way, they are yours forever. Often such points of love are designated collectively by friends and family who wish to continue together in eternity or to return to some plane of existence and work together again.” [15]

    I hope you have enjoyed these teachings and that they provide much food for thought. I will be building on them in my construction of better maps in the months to come.

    For more on Glenda Green and how she came to have a long conversation with Jesus , read about The Lamb and the Lion on her website.

    The Illusion of Separation

    Posted on 11/04/2023 by EraOfLight

    Greetings! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am Kejraj.

    The cosmic energies are starting to pull apart all the stagnant aspects of life on Earth, for energy is meant to flow. Nothing will remain hidden as the light seeks to reveal everything. All physicality is to be upgraded and take new forms of expression.

    The illusion of separation is to dissolve, as unity consciousness brings everyone together and in balance. The illusion of lack dissipates, for abundance will flow to all freely. What has been held captive, infringed, enslaved, is to be set free.

    Higher divine truths which seemed nonexistent, are to be heard by all. What you have suppressed must resurface, be felt, and released. Your emotions of anger, sorrow, desperation, are to be uplifted into the frequencies of joy.

    Your presence of light and love is to always be seen and recognized. The highest energies of your heart are to become manifest in this new reality. Your are loved beyond your wildest dreams. Welcome to the New Earth. Welcome, to the Fifth Dimension.

    Soul joy is everlasting. Ego joy is temporary. Which one are you seeking? For we tell you the 3D system and all its structures which have brought humanity ego joy and a false sense of security are to dissolve completely. The dark is going to destroy the slave and fear based systems it has invented many years ago. From the economy, to financial, educational, and its belief systems, it is all going to collapse, as they prepare to launch an entirely new system, which will be managed by A.I. This is the future of the Third Dimensional realm. While something magical will take place for those who choose to shift into the Fifth Dimension. ~Kejraj

    Archangel Michael: The Path of Initiation

    Who Is Jesus, Who Is Sananda, Apollonius of Tyana, Christ and Sanat Kumara? A Gnostic Disquisition

    by Georgi Stankov

    (Agreed. The history of the Cosmic Christ was rewritten by the arsonists of the Library of Alexandria. They copied from the Vedas, edited the Kumara Brothers down minimal Ancient of Days appearances, cut the Order of Melchizedek to just a few lines and eliminated the Essenes and Nazarines from the story altogether. Then they took Yeshua and mashed him up with Appolonius of Tyanna and gave us Jesus and Paul. This is why the new testament is not backed up by any historical accounts and Jesus wasn't in the Dead Sea Scrolls, Melchizedek was instead! The true history is actually far more interesting when traced all the way back through Egypt and Atlantis to Lemuria. Rome cut out most of BC from the history books.

    Constantine OK'd wine, and meat in the bible, started the Pope system and had the first churches built in Jerusalem, Constantinople and Rome.

    The panegyricist recounts that the god Apollo appeared to Constantine in company with Victoria and together presented him with three wreaths representing thirty years of power.[17] This vision was perhaps in a dream experienced by the emperor while practising incubation at the shrine of Apollo Grannus in Grand, Vosges. Eusebius was aware of this vision, or reports of it, and refers in his own Panegyric of Constantine of 336 to "tricennial crowns"[18] bestowed by the hand of God in Christianity on Constantine, "augmenting the sway of his kingdom by long years". (In other words, this homage to Apollo is likely to make up for Constantine's writers having borrowed the story of Appolonius and eliminating the evidence.)

    Release all Jan 6 video evidence needed by the defendants!

    Charlie Kirk @charliekirk11

    NEW—President Trump is vowing to REVOLUTIONIZE higher education. His new plan would: - Create a free, federally funded online university called "American Academy" - Ban wokeness and jihadism - Allow credentials to be used to apply for government and federal contractor jobs - Grant credit to students for past coursework - Tax large private university endowments like Harvard's to pay for the free school - Sue and fine institutions that fail to uphold free speech laws or encourage anti-Semitism “We spend more money on higher education than any other country and yet, they’re turning our students into communists and terrorists and sympathizers of many, many different dimensions. We can’t let this happen.”

    (Looks like President Trump just eliminated the need for a high cost Marxist college education. These colleges have turned out to be democrat voting factories. They teach fake climate science and never the history of geoengineering, vaccines not natural immunity, and Rachel Levine as men's role model. Just have a look at the testimony about the transgender  professor that demanded some students of color should be given good grades regardless of performance in the case of De Piero v. Penn State.

    Trump's on line college is going to be free and it will honor past college credits and degrees. So much for Marxist college degrees that cost as much as a mortgage.)

    De Piero v. PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY (2:23-cv-02281)

    Out of the twenty undergraduate Penn State locations across Pennsylvania, Penn
    State Abington describes itself on its website as “the most diverse campus within the University
    and the only majority minority campus.”
    35. At all relevant times, Defendant Naydan was directly responsible for supervising
    De Piero as Chair of the English Department and Writing Program.
    36. The English Department and Writing Program of Penn State Abington were
    housed under the Division of Arts and Humanities, whose division supervisor was Defendant
    37. Almost immediately upon beginning his employment at Penn State, Defendants
    pressured De Piero to conform to their political viewpoints.
    38. In or around September 2018, at the end of a monthly professional development
    session and approximately one month into De Piero’s appointment at Penn State, Defendant
    Naydan displayed an app on her cell phone to the participants of the meeting. The app revealed
    all of her phone contacts’ registered political affiliation. Naydan then loudly expressed concern
    and disbelief that Plaintiff was not a registered Democrat. (In fact, he was a registered
    Case 2:23-cv-02281-WB Document 4 Filed 07/18/23 Page 6 of 37
    independent.) Exposing De Piero’s political affiliation (or lack thereof) in the presence of
    several other faculty members made De Piero feel extremely uncomfortable
    39. The Individual Defendants quickly began to peddle and enforce a race-based
    ideology in addition to imposing other forms of political orthodoxy and race-based dogma.
    40. One of the chief race-based principles that Defendants sought to enforce concern
    student performance. Defendants instructed De Piero that it is outcomes alone — regardless of
    the legitimacy of methods of evaluation, mastery of subject matter, or intentions — that
    demonstrate whether a faculty member’s actions are racist or not. Defendants call this “social
    justice” and “antiracism.” At the core of their ideology, Defendants discriminate twofold on the
    basis of race. First, Defendants’ bigotry manifests itself in low expectations. They do not expect
    black or Hispanic students to achieve the same mastery of academic subject matters as other
    students and therefore insist that deficient performance must be excused. Accurate assessment of
    abilities, if it happens to show disparate performance among different racial groups, is therefore
    condemned as “racist.” Second, Defendants’ bigotry manifests itself in overt discrimination
    against students and faculty who do apply consistent standards, especially white faculty.
    41. Defendant Naydan expressed this corrosive race-based ideology on March 29,
    2019, when she emailed Plaintiff and two other white faculty members that “racist structures are
    quite real in assessment and elsewhere regardless of the good intentions that teachers and
    scholars bring to the set-up of those structures. For me, the racism is in the results if the results
    draw a color line.”
    42. In other words, if consistent standards yielded disparate outcomes on the basis of
    race, no matter how objective the standards, Defendant Naydan and all Defendants counted this
    Case 2:23-cv-02281-WB Document 4 Filed 07/18/23 Page 7 of 37
    as evidence of “racism,” which Defendant Naydan attributed to De Piero as the embodiment of
    “white supremacy.”
    43. Given Naydan’s supervisory relationship to Plaintiff and the fact that Penn State
    Abington is a “majority minority” campus, this philosophy put immense strain on De Piero.
    Penn State pressured De Piero to ensure consistent grades for students across “color line[s],”
    otherwise his actions would demonstrate racism and he would be condemned as a racist.
    44. On the basis of these race-based principles, the logic of Defendants’ demands
    required that De Piero also penalize students academically on the basis of race. If, for example,
    students from East Asia or the Indian subcontinent excelled over other minority groups (who
    often had the same, if not lighter skin color), De Piero was asked to penalize them in order to
    equalize outcomes on the basis of race.
    45. De Piero rejects this race-based and racist approach to teaching and evaluation.
    De Piero had developed an assessment methodology designed to foreground the writing process
    so that all students, regardless of race, can achieve success if they put in timely work. In De
    Piero’s mind, such an approach evens the playing field for all students, so that everybody can be
    successful in the writing classroom, irrespective of their educational background or racial
    46. Following the tragic murder of George Floyd in May 2020, the Defendants’
    “antiracist” activism reached a new fever pitch. Then-chancellor of Penn State Abington
    Damian Fernandez called all faculty and staff to attend a “Conversation on Racial Climate”
    about “the current racial justice movement, the tragic death of George Floyd and others.”
    Case 2:23-cv-02281-WB Document 4 Filed 07/18/23 Page 8 of 37
    47. The conference took place on June 5, 2020 over Zoom. This presentation was led
    by the Assistant Vice Provost for Educational Equity, Defendant Alina Wong, whom Fernandez
    praised as “caring advocate for social justice.”
    48. Defendant Wong instructed the faculty as a captive audience on the subject of
    “systemic racism,” which at Penn State means a straightforward, facile association of police
    brutality with white supremacy and white privilege.
    49. Wong expressed her intention to cause Penn State’s white faculty to “feel the
    pain” that George Floyd endured. Apparently, at Penn State, the only acceptable method to right
    historical wrongs is to visit additional “pain” on other racial groups.
    50. Wong declared that “black men and women” as well as “the black trans and queer
    folks [are] killed by police supremacy, by white supremacy.” Wong identified white faculty as
    somehow privileged because they could “breathe” while George Floyd could not. At Penn State,
    “breathing while white” is “white supremacy.”
    51. Wong identified “those of us with privileged racial identities” who “need to sit in
    it longer,” and she led the faculty in a breathing exercise in which she instructed the “White and
    non-Black people of color to hold it just a little longer — to feel the pain.” De Piero and other
    faculty were thus singled out, caused to experience discomfort, and feel “the pain” on the basis
    of their skin color.
    52. As an officer of Penn State, Defendant Wong encouraged illegal activity such as
    looting, stating, “There’s been a disruption, I think, in all of our lives. And what I’m interested
    in doing is staying in the disruption—and actually, disrupting more—because I think that’s what
    we haven’t seen and that’s what we haven’t done […] What we call looting, I think of as just
    getting what you’re due.”
    Case 2:23-cv-02281-WB Document 4 Filed 07/18/23 Page 9 of 37
    53. The following morning, on June 16, 2020, Assistant Teaching Professor of
    English, Charles Archer, hectored De Piero about “history and white male privilege.” Archer
    asserted that resistance to wearing masks “is also more likely to be led by white males and in
    classrooms taught by women and people of color.”
    54. Later that week, an example of Penn State's race-based harassment was evident in
    an email from Defendant Aneesah Smith. Defendant Smith is the Director of Diversity, Equity,
    and Inclusion at Penn State Abington, and she holds herself out as “Queer, Christian, Cisgender,
    woman of color who is OUT and proud in all aspects of her life” with “over 12 years in Social
    Justice Advocacy & Activism.”1
    55. On June 19, 2020, Defendant Smith sent an email to all Penn State Abington
    faculty, staff, and administrators, instructing all Penn State employees that “Black and Brown
    people are calling on white people” to “stop being afraid of your own internalized white
    supremacy.” Smith instructed white employees to “Stop talking” while simultaneously directing
    members of the white Penn State community to “hold other white people accountable.” Smith
    promoted a hostile environment on the basis of race by instructing Penn State’s white employees
    to “feel terrible.”
    56. In an August 3, 2020 email to all writing faculty, Defendant Naydan promoted
    race-based "Black Linguistic Justice," issuing directives to “assure that black students can find
    success in our classrooms” and to "assure that all students see that white supremacy manifests
    itself in language and in writing pedagogy."
    57. Naydan is and was the administrative supervisor of Penn State Abington’s
    Writing Program. Naydan instructed her writing faculty to teach that white supremacy exists in
    1 See
    Case 2:23-cv-02281-WB Document 4 Filed 07/18/23 Page 10 of 37
    language itself, and therefore, that the English language itself is “racist” and, furthermore, that
    white supremacy exists in the teaching of writing of English, and therefore writing teachers are
    themselves racist white supremacists.
    58. In an email dated August 12, 2020, Defendant Naydan endorsed a Penn State
    colleague’s view that “reverse racism isn’t racism.” In doing so, Naydan holds a view that racism
    practiced against white faculty and students is always legitimate.
    59. This racially hostile environment intensified over the course of 2020.
    60. On or around October 2020, Defendant Naydan and Assistant Teaching Professor
    of Applied Linguistics Grace Lee-Amuzie led a professional development meeting on
    61. Penn State held monthly professional development meetings for the Writing
    Program, which all full-time writing faculty are expected to attend. Similarly, Penn State holds
    monthly professional development meetings for the English Department, all full-time English
    faculty are expected to attend.
    62. Defendant Naydan and Lee-Amuzie presented supposed examples of “racist”
    comments faculty supposedly make to students. All of the offending instructors in their
    examples were white. Supposedly racist comments made by white professors included asking
    students where they are from or inquiring about their native languages. Naydan’s and Lee-
    Amuzie’s examples present white instructors as ignorant of and insensitive to students’
    multicultural backgrounds merely by virtue of expressing interest in their backgrounds.
    63. Empirical data actually demonstrates that over 80% of Latinos and a nearly equal
    percentage of African Americans respond, “That is not offensive” when presented with the
    Case 2:23-cv-02281-WB Document 4 Filed 07/18/23 Page 11 of 37
    questions, “Where are you from.”2 But at Penn State, “anti-racism” means punishing white
    people for asking questions that most Americans consider part of everyday human decency in

    (Overseeing the case is Judge Wendy Beetlestone, a native of Nigeria,  a graduate of UPENN law school and was appointed by President Obama.)

    Alcyon Pleiades Recommended

    They want to eliminate the idea of freedom acquired from Christian thought and replace it with AI

    Italian psychiatrist Alessandro Meluzzi suggests that we have to achieve freedom and self-determination, because they want us to obey a chain of command that lives off fear. The elite’s starting point is an artificial computer devoid of conscious awareness, which aims to make us believe that we will be happy following their lead. Meluzzi points out that the awakened minority can be suppressed by the conformity of the masses, which plays out according to the planned agenda.

    Dutch MP: In the Netherlands, more than 1 million affected by side effects and excess mortality

    Thierry Baudet, member of the Netherlands’ Parliament, exposes the upsurge in excess mortality that his country has seen since the vaccine’s rollout. LAREB, the Dutch Registry Office for Adverse Effects, has already recorded around one million adverse effects. According to available data, 1 in every 500 vaccinated individuals are experiencing serious injury. “One in 500!” Baudet exclaims, “These people are facing permanent, life-long adverse effects.”

    Gene-based vaccines install a strange genetic code that cannot be de-activated

    Dr Peter McCullough exposes the fact that chronic disease and mortality have increased with the vaccine rollout, since the jab installs the genetic code of the lethal Wuhan spike protein, by injecting it into the human body. Worse still, there is no way to shut it off. They are forcing the human body to accept a genetic code that is not its own, and it is being required to produce a foreign protein.

    Rasmussen poll: A stunning 42% of Americans would likely join a class action lawsuit against COVID vax makers

    In PA contact Morgan and Morgan, America's largest injury law firm.

    Celebrities sell their soul: They push the LGBTQ agenda, mock Christianity and promote the vaccine

    The latest celebrity suitor of singer, actress and entrepreneur Taylor Swift is professional American football player Travis Kelce. Taylor Swift is no stranger to promoting the LGBTQ agenda and to mocking Christianity. Undoubtedly, the couple’s relationship is not genuine and natural, but merely a farce. If she goes out with a high-profile football player who is promoting the vaccine, this increases the probability that her fans will get vaccinated. They are responsible for murder.

    Christ Consciousness and the Path of Initiation

    Christ consciousness is the goal of evolution but it isn't taught in churches. 

    Due to the planetary quickening from the closing of cycles, collective humanity has been
    granted Divine Dispensation for the fastest development ever undertaken by a race of beings.

    Christ Consciousness is a Group Harmonic. Resurrection is the emphasized goal for Humanity. This is the rising out of matter and into a spiritualized fifth dimensional consciousness.

    Carbon to Crystaline. Dark to Light. The Photonic Golden Age of Possibilities Awaits

    Darpa is using graphene in the shots to interface with 5G in the attempt to use carbon to hold people back spiritually. Therefore a little more push is needed into the light.

    White Professor Resigns, Alleges Reverse Discrimination

    A now-former Pennsylvania State University system professor says a series of trainings and the campus’s approach to grading discriminated based on race.

    Rand Paul Puts Forward Amendment To Audit The Federal Reserve

    The FED can't withstand an audit and the interest is like a runaway train. The Son of Dr. NO is our last hope to stop the FED!

    Ghost towns: Federal office buildings are 80% vacant, government audit finds

    De Piero v. PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY (2:23-cv-02281) District Court, E.D. Pennsylvania

    Lawsuit over rampant racism at Penn State. Grades have to be fair based on race not performance. Non Democrat faculty member shamed publicly for being registered independent. No hiding it because admin has an ap that shows political affiliation on their contact list.

    Judge Beetlestone who is from Nigeria will be hearing the case. She is a native of  Lagos which emerged as a home to the Awori subgroup of the Yoruba of West Africa islands, which are contained in the present day Local Government Areas of Lagos Island, Eti-Osa, Amuwo-Odofin and Apapa.

    PSU point-counter: Best and worst part of this season

    The same people that blasted coach Paterno with no evidence now refuse to cover the true DA Ray Gricar murder story withheld from the public. This is the biggest untold sports story in Penn State history and the media knows it. See

    Benjamin Fulford Report: Fake President Biden Declares World War III But He Has No Army

    Posted on 11/01/2023 by EraOfLight

    This last desperate attempt to start World War III comes as white hats score major victories on multiple fronts.

    The biggest is probably the announced resignation of Swiss President Alain Berset, one of the leaders of the Octagon group. according to Mossad and other sources. His removal means the World Economic Forum, the WHO and Gavi are all about to lose the diplomatic immunity given to them by the Swiss government. This will open the way for war crimes tribunals for mass murder via vaccination.  

    The other thing that is going on is that white hat special forces are fighting a fierce war in the network of tunnels underneath Israel and the Gaza Strip. It is only a matter of time before they get to the person many say is the head of the snake: Benyamin Netanyahu. The photographs below show, that most of his public appearances are by an avatar, However, the real Netanyahu is still around and hiding deep underground. He is being hunted down by anti-Satanic Israeli and US special forces, Mossad and Pentagon sources claim. 

    The rabbit hole in Israel apparently runs very deep. “Clear records of tunneling operations extend back more than 4,000 years – Assyrian carvings show engineering units belonging to Sargon of Akkad (who reigned between 2,334 and 2,279 BCE) undermining the walls of enemy cities,” Prof. Joel Roskin, a geomorphologist and geologist at Bar-Ilan University told the Jerusalem Post.

    That is very interesting because Sargon credited the Anunnaki for his success in building the world’s first Empire, centered around where the fighting is now taking place.

    Professor Roskin says the area is home to “complex, multi-story underground caverns and tunnels with rooms, halls and warehouses.” MI6 reports fierce fighting now going on in these complexes. We will let readers know if we get any credible reports of the capture of “Anunnaki” controlling the Netanyahu, Biden, Putin, etc. avatars.

    There are certainly many credible reports of underground bases being taken out around the world. The sign of this is earthquakes with depths of 8 and 10 km, bearing the hallmarks of having been caused by explosives. These indicate a Deep Underground Military Base (DUMB) has been taken out. Many such quakes have been reported in Iran, Australia and elsewhere in recent days. There was also one with an epicenter under San Francisco’s international airport on October 27th, the United States Geological Survey said. The quake struck about eight miles beneath the airport at 6:38 p.m. local time, it said.

    Now Mosab Hassan Yousef, the son of the founding member of Hamas, says that Hamas is not Muslim, but a psychological operation by globalists to terrorize the world into accepting wars in the Middle East forever.

    Humanitarian affairs official Martin Griffiths has warned of a global crisis unless Israel and Hamas end hostilities

    United Nations under-secretary-general for Humanitarian Affairs and emergency relief coordinator Martin Griffiths © Getty Images / Michael M. Santiago

    Humanitarian affairs official Martin Griffiths has warned of a global crisis unless Israel and Hamas end hostilities

    United Nations under-secretary-general for Humanitarian Affairs and emergency relief coordinator Martin Griffiths © Getty Images / Michael M. Santiago

    Israel’s bombing of the Jabalia refugee camp in Gaza is just “the latest atrocity” to befall the Palestinian people living in the enclave, UN Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs Martin Griffiths has said.

    Hamas reported on Tuesday that as many as 400 Palestinians had been killed or injured by an Israeli attack on the densely populated Jabalia camp. An Israel Defense Forces (IDF) spokesperson later confirmed the attack, stating the airstrikes had targeted a “very important” Hamas commander and his unit.

    “Rigging dogs” Trump claims that massive information & 100% evidence will be made available at his criminal trials

    Hope this includes information on the CIA's last stand at the Dominian server farm in Frankfurt.

    This might be the part where the democrat members of the PA Supreme Court who unconstitutionally voted to change the voter laws have to resign.

    Shapiro is being saved for last to answer for the ongoing Gricar murder cover up.

    Leaked CIA Documents Show Frankfurt as a Regional Hub For Cyberespionage

    The U.S. Consulate in Frankfurt was the hub for U.S. cyberespionage in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, according to some of the thousands of purported Central Intelligence Agency documents released by WikiLeaks. (Frankfurt is where the CIA sent us some Muslim 911 characters courtesy of Saudi intel as well.)

    End of Israel and USA Corporations could be imminent.

    Balfour Declaration 1917 to 10/31/2023 this declaration will expire. This is the end of Israel corporation and the USA could be next! Israel's Parliment is disolved, bankrupt, booked for child trafficking.

    Israel registered themselves as a corporate entity in 1947. It is finished! Israel Corp is bankrupt! When you are in that status you have zero contract rights.

    The underground tunnels and bunkers are being cleared. That's why bunker busting bombs were being used. That is why the people had to leave. There is a counter operation to what Netenyahu and Hamass are doing. Israel and USA corps are going down over child trafficking. Next the Republics can reform with their new financial systems without the Rothchild banks.

  • Gaza now a ‘graveyard’ for children – UN agency
  • What was underground was worse and it had to be stopped all across the world.

  • Check out all these earthquakes under 10 miles in the US that are not near fault lines. These are possibly deep underground military bases being taken out.

    Photos from Acapulco in the Aftermath of Hurricane Otis

  • Acapulco was Lahainia'd but kept out of the news.

  • October 7 testimonies reveal Israel’s military ‘shelling’ Israeli citizens with tanks, missiles

    Israel’s military received orders to shell Israeli homes and even their own bases as they were overwhelmed by Hamas militants on October 7. How many Israeli citizens said to have been “burned alive” were actually killed by friendly fire?

    Several new testimonies by Israeli witnesses to the October 7 Hamas surprise attack on southern Israel adds to growing evidence that the Israeli military killed its own citizens as they fought to neutralize Palestinian gunmen.

    Tuval Escapa, a member of the security team for Kibbutz Be’eri, set up a hotline to coordinate between kibbutz residents and the Israeli army. He told the Israeli newspaper Haaretz that as desperation began to set in, “the commanders in the field made difficult decisions – including shelling houses on their occupants in order to eliminate the terrorists along with the hostages.”

    A separate report published in Haaretz noted that the Israeli military was “compelled to request an aerial strike” against its own facility inside the Erez Crossing to Gaza “in order to repulse the terrorists” who had seized control. That base was filled with Israeli Civil Administration officers and soldiers at the time.

    These reports indicate that orders came down from the military’s high command to attack homes and and other areas inside Israel, even at the cost of many Israeli lives.

    An Israeli woman named Yasmin Porat confirmed in an interview with Israel Radio that the military “undoubtedly” killed numerous Israeli noncombatants during gun battles with Hamas militants on October 7. “They eliminated everyone, including the hostages,” she stated, referring to Israeli special forces.

    As David Sheen and Ali Abunimah reported in Electronic Intifada, Porat described “very, very heavy crossfire” and Israeli tank shelling, which led to many casualties among Israelis.

    While being held by the Hamas gunmen, Porat recalled, “They did not abuse us. We were treated very humanely… No one treated us violently.”

    She added, “The objective was to kidnap us to Gaza, not to murder us.”

    According to Haaretz, the army was only able to restore control over Be’eri after admittedly “shelling” the homes of Israelis who had been taken captive. “The price was terrible: at least 112 Be’eri residents were killed,” the paper chronicled. “Others were kidnapped. Yesterday, 11 days after the massacre, the bodies of a mother and her son were discovered in one of the destroyed houses. It is believed that more bodies are still lying in the rubble.”

    Much of the shelling in Be’eri was carried out by Israeli tank crews. As a reporter for the Israeli Foreign Ministry-sponsored outlet i24 noted during a visit to Be’eri, “small and quaint homes [were] bombarded or destroyed,” and “well-maintained lawns [were] ripped up by the tracks of an armored vehicle, perhaps a tank.”

    Apache attack helicopters also figured heavily in the Israeli military’s response on October 7. Pilots have told Israeli media they scrambled to the battlefield without any intelligence, unable to differentiate between Hamas fighters and Israeli noncombatants, and yet determined to “empty the belly” of their war machines. “I find myself in a dilemma as to what to shoot at, because there are so many of them,” one Apache pilot commented.

    Video filmed by uniformed Hamas gunmen makes it clear they intentionally shot many Israelis with Kalashnikov rifles on October 7. However, the Israeli government has not been content to rely on verified video evidence. Instead, it continues to push discredited claims of “beheaded babies” while distributing photographs of “bodies burned beyond recognition” to insist that militants sadistically immolated their captives, and even raped some before torching them alive.

    The objective behind Tel Aviv’s atrocity exhibition is clear: to paint Hamas as “worse than ISIS” while cultivating support for the Israeli army’s ongoing bombardment of the Gaza Strip, which has left over 7000 dead, including at least 2500 children at the time of publication. While hundreds of wounded children in Gaza have been treated for what a surgeon described as “fourth degree burns” caused by novel weapons, the Western media’s focus remains trained on Israeli citizens supposedly “burned alive” on October 7.

    Yet the mounting evidence of friendly fire orders handed down by Israeli army commanders strongly suggests that at least some of the most jarring images of charred Israeli corpses, Israeli homes reduced to rubble and burned out hulks of vehicles presented to Western media were, in fact, the handiwork of tank crews and helicopter pilots blanketing Israeli territory with shells, cannon fire and Hellfire missiles.

    Indeed, it appears that on October 7, Israel’s military resorted to the same tactics it has employed against civilians in Gaza, driving up the death toll of its own citizens with the indiscriminate use of heavy weapons. Israel bombs its own base, nerve center of the Gaza siege.

    Merkaba - A Sacred Geometry Symbol - What is Merkaba?

    What is a Merkaba Light Chariot used for? (Israel names their tanks Merkava but that's not it.)

    As a powerful protection tool, the Merkaba can be used in light-seeking and deep healing. From helping with the activation of your third eye chakra to encouraging you to access higher dimensions and embrace unconditional love, there's a lot in store for those who welcome the Merkaba star into their life.

    What is a Merkaba? Mer means Light, Ka means Spirit (Energy), Ba means Body. The Merkaba is the vehicle which consciousness uses to explore itself in the universe. It spins counter to each other to create rotating fields of light. Once the Merkaba field around your body is initiated, it will create a disk that extends 55ft out of the base of your spine, which actually looks just like a flying saucer. This disc shaped light field can transport one’s consciousness to any dimension.

    You can travel interdimensionally in this vehicle. This vehicle can also shape shift to any form, shape or color. In order to use the Mer Ka Ba one must understand that the soul is a fractal of God. Your consciousness is a fractal of the Universe.It is also referred to as a Star Tetrahedron, the Mer Ka Ba can be visualized as a 3D Star of David. The Star of David represents the union of male and female.

    As such one must be in harmony of the male and female polarity of the soul. When you are in the Merkaba, your thoughts and feelings become thousands of times more powerful. You will also be able to create a magnetic field that will keep your memories intact. Your merkaba stores all information which you have learned during all lifetimes.

    Proverbs 4:7, “Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.”

    Proverebs 3:8, "Wisdom is a tree of life to those who embrace her; happy are those who hold her tightly.

    Wisdom of Solomon 7:25, "For she is the breath of the power of God, and a pure influence flowing from the glory of the Almighty: therefore can no defiled thing fall into her.

    You Are Your Chariot/Merkaba

    “Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion.” – Rumi

    When healthy with body coherence your ascension vehicle is your light body, Merkaba, *chariot. The Star of David is a one-dimensional Merkaba. It is not New Age.


    "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot"

    The Paul Winter Consort, with Theresa Thomason,
    and Brazilian Samba

    A One-of-a-Kind Concert honoring the 60th anniversary of WPKN,
    at the stunningly beautiful Community Theatre in Fairfield, CT. Dear Brent,

    We will be celebrating two treasures of Connecticut, in our concert this Saturday night at the Community Theatre in Fairfield.

    One is Connecticut's precious, rare-bird radio station, WPKN, on the occasion of their 60th anniversary.

    The other is the incomparable voice of Theresa Thomason, who will be our guide in this musical journey, singing iconic songs from each of these six decades, interspersed with instrumental features by the Consort.

    Here are links to download two songs from our recent album, Concert in the Barn: "How Can I Keep From Singing" "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot" The Consort will include cellist Eugene Friesen, pianist Henrique Eisenmann, bassist Peter Slavov, drummer Rogerio Boccato, and myself on soprano sax.

    The icing on the cake will be an 11-member Brazilian samba band, who are guaranteed to stir things up.

    And there will also be some surprise guests.

    We are having a great time cooking up this feast of songs and rhythm.

    WPKN has always, of course, had a special place in my heart, over all these years, because it has been dedicated to such a wide spectrum of music. But it has also been a stalwart champion of American democracy, offering a forum for a great diversity of civic voices keeping us in touch with the causes and issues that are vital to our Connecticut community.

    WPKN is a non-commercial radio station, staffed by volunteer programmers presenting a wide variety of music and public affairs programming. WPKN only takes funds from private donors with no stipulations for their expenditures attached. This allows the music and news programmers complete freedom to produce their own shows with no outside pressure.

    In a 2021 article for The New Yorker, David Owen labeled WPKN “the greatest radio station in the world!”, praising its human-made playlists in comparison to “corporate algorithms” on other radio stations. Click Here for Tickets

    We did not need these vaccines. We had treatments that worked. Protect your citizens

    Dr Lindsay Janci testifies before the South Carolina Senate, saying that these vaccines can cause cancer due to their content. She believes these ingredients were included consciously and deliberately, not accidentally. Until now, experimental products have never been given to pregnant women and babies. She is asking senators to protect their citizens; we need one state to stand up, Janci says.

    (Natural immunity has already proven to be vastly superior to chemical intervention. Vaccine pushers are the last hold outs still trying to micromanage the immune system from the wrong end.)

    Tucker — Trump is one of the few who has been right about Ukraine.

    Leaked Document Shows Israeli Govt 'Option' To Ethnically Cleanse Gaza

    The current death march to Egypt is reminiscent of the Nakba that started it all. Similar numbers too.

    Second Nakba: 800,000 Palestinians Flee South

    More than half the territory's 2.3 million Palestinians have fled their homes, with hundreds of thousands sheltering in packed U.N.-run schools-turned-shelters or in hospitals alongside thousands of wounded patients. Israeli strikes have hit closer to several northern hospitals in recent days, alarming medics.

    The U.N. agency for Palestinian refugees, known as UNRWA, says nearly 672,000 Palestinians are sheltering in its schools and other facilities — four times their capacity. Thousands of people broke into its aid warehouses over the weekend to take food, as supplies of basic goods have dwindled.

    There has been no central electricity in Gaza for weeks, and Israel has barred the entry of fuel needed to power emergency generators for hospitals and homes.

    Netanyahu ignored warnings from security services 

    Of course he did. The whole thing was carefully planned. Right down to payment from US taxpayers for the whole operation end to end. Funding for Israel needs to end and boycotts put in their place.

    US To Borrow $1.5 Trillion In Debt This & Next Quarter, After Borrowing A Massive $1 Trillion Last Quarter

    Drained by the swamp.

    Israel faces major economic crisis – JPMorgan

    The economy may shrink more than 10% amid the conflict with Hamas

    What Books of the Bible Did Solomon Write?

    During the reign of Solomon, the people of Israel flourished – after defeating their enemies under King David, they dwelt in security and prosperity under Solomon’s wise rule. Today, we can still learn from Solomon’s wisdom by reading the books of the Bible he wrote, which offer spiritual guidance and encouragement. Learn more about King Solomon in our latest Biblical Figures post.Son of David

    The second child of King David and Bathsheba, Solomon was loved by God from the time of his infancy. Although David’s son Adonijah tried to declare himself king when David grew old, David instead appointed Solomon as the rightful heir to the throne.

    What We Can Learn from Solomon’s Writings

    Known for his contributions to the Bible, Solomon is credited with writing Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Songs. Song of Songs is renowned for its beautiful depiction of devoted love and is traditionally believed to be written by Solomon in his youth; Proverbs is full of guidance for living, encouraging the pursuit of wisdom; and Ecclesiastes provides insight into the meaning of life when much of what we do seems futile, directing the reader to trust in God rather than temporal knowledge.

    U.S. military bulk buys Japanese seafood to counter China ban

    U.S. Ambassador to Japan, dual citizen Rahm Emanuel, said the purchases could help offset the import ban by China.

    The reason China wouldn't take the fish is because of the nuclear waste being dumped off the shores of the Fukushima meltdown which is ongoing. The steak and lobster part of the war is clearly over.

    Walgreens suffers Pharmageddon as workers walk out over poison shots

    @visegrad24 BREAKING: A large group of Black Hebrew Israelites have attacked a group of Palestinians and far-left anti-Israel protesters in Chicago. The Black Hebrew Israelites are a Black Supremacy group which believes that Afro-Americans are the "real Israelites"

    (This is the end result of the KM pushing Marxist critical race theory in colleges and elsewhere. These guys are just frustrated Melchizedeks. They know there were blacks on the walls of the Abydos Egyptian temple where Melchizedek has the mystery school teachings and that Mossad was warned by Egypt about the 10/7/2023 raid.

    When in doubt call the Copts. The Coptic Ethiopian Christians originally from Egypt that is. Call them up and see if they still have the ark of the covenant stored in The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church in Axum.)

    Time Travel Stargate Found in Egypt - Kathy J. Forti, PhD

    The Egyptian Temple at Abydos has always been cloaked in mystery. It was rumored to have a natural Stargate, an opening to the next world that the U.S. military allegedly used to send an ET home. New evidence now reveals the location of the Stargate Abydos portal.

    The Seti 1 Temple in Abydos, Egypt has always been cloaked in mystery. It has been rumored to have an Ancient Stargate, an opening to the next world. To add to the mystery, the temple contains strange carvings on several walls which Egyptologists have been at a loss to explain. Such carvings have not been seen in other temples.

    New evidence now suggests that information on the Abydos Stargate may have been hidden in plain sight for centuries, waiting to be deciphered. But before I get into the specifics, a little history is in order.

    The Temple at Abydos is the oldest necropolis in this ancient land and was believed to be the very heart center of Egypt. The temple we see today was built by Seti 1 over an older more sacred temple, which may contain even deeper secrets. It is well-known that the Egyptian Pharaohs would arrange for a “symbolic” burial tomb to be built in their honor at Abydos, even if their “physical” tomb was erected elsewhere. The Ancients believed Abydos Temple was the closest entry point to the next world and the much desired afterlife. One has to wonder why?

    Abydos Temple was home to the Order of Melchizedek, the Brotherhood of the Law of One, known throughout millennium as the cosmic priests to the priests. The origin of this priesthood is said to go back further than Atlantean times, and quite possibly to the very beginnings of man on earth.

    The Melchizedek priests were known as true visionaries, dedicated to the service of others. Their mission was to save man from his illusions, to free souls from earthly enslavement. The Melchizedeks were the founders of the Ancient Mystery Schools of Egypt. They were known to possess the knowledge of the cosmos and the keys to mankind’s ascension. They were also the gatekeepers to the Stargate at Abydos Temple.

    Years ago I learned from a secret space program insider that Abydos contained a natural Stargate which allowed a covert military experiment to actually send an ET home. How? They forced the Stargate to open using advanced technology.

    His face lit up with excitement as I related the details the military insider shared regarding seeing a series of “four field posts” positioned around “gates” as well as some sort of “projection device,” a “barrel” and a set of “containment rings”. Using a directed electromagnetic energy force, they were able to open and access this natural Stargate and effect time and space distortion.

    The entire wall carving shows a Pharaoh dragging a sled-like vehicle with wings (not an afterlife boat which is a common symbol seen in many temples). Oddly enough, this sled reminds one of the time travel vehicle used in the H.G. Wells movie, The Time Machine.

    Centuries ago, the Melchizedek priests may have stumbled onto such a Looking Glass device, or been given one by the “Gods” or “Star Beings” as they called them. It’s no coincidence that the three Pyramids at Giza are also aligned to the Orion’s Belt Constellation.

    Such an advanced technology would have allowed them to see over the curvature of time and space to view such future events. Perhaps this is why there are also carvings in the temple depicting futuristic technology, such as spacecraft, a submarine, and a helicopter—all hidden on a high beam near the ceiling where it would generally go unnoticed.

    (The spinal column consisting of 33 bones can operate like an egyptian ank, like a Tesla tower, when energised with light, it becomes a time travel device, a ticket to paradise. Don't believe it? Just take a trip to a place along the 33rd paralell like Myrtle beach or Damascus, or Pheonix. That's half way between the equator and the north pole. It's where Paul was temporarily blinded by the light of Christ.)

    Did Nikola Tesla know the secrets of ancient Egyptian energy production?

    Explore the evidence of ancient technologies in the free Unified Science Course at

    The Ankh is All Right (The Romans nixed it from their version of Christianity and replaced it with bloody Jesus nailed to a cross.)

    During the Hellenistic period, it became associated with the cult of Isis as a fertility symbol. As Isis became identified with one who would give her followers an escape from death, it also became associated with eternal life. This allowed the religious symbol to be easily incorporated into Christianity as a symbol of the everlasting life promised in the Gospels.

    The ankh symbol has for centuries been a symbol of eternal life, the universe, the divine, and other religious and metaphysical ideas. It was originally used as a symbol in ancient Egypt to represent fertility and life after death. Later, it was adopted by the Coptic Orthodox Christian Church as a symbol of eternal life gained through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Because of its connections to the occult and to ancient Egypt, it is also associated with Hermeticism. A continuing mystery is the origin of the ankh symbol. Many theories have been proposed, but one recent hypothesis which is compelling is that it was meant to represent the thoracic vertebrae of a bull which the ancient Egyptians associated with the Bull’s ability to reproduce and thus to produce new life.

    Back to the New Jerusalem

    ‘I saw no temple in the city, for its temple is the Lord God the Almighty and the Lamb.’ Once again we have the confirmation that the New Jerusalem is a temple, and this means that each human being is a temple. As St Paul says, ‘You are the temple of the living God.’

    The New Jerusalem is the new human being in whom all is gold, pearls and precious stones. And the light shines within. Each one of you must become the New Jerusalem. For two thousand years there has been a succession of occult groups that claimed to be the New Jerusalem—and there are still some today.

    But how can anyone delude themselves that they are the New Jerusalem when these things are still so far beyond their comprehension; when they are still prisoners of the old forms; still looking for the keys to the book of life? Only those who have these keys, the seven seals—those who have a profound understanding of the Scriptures—can be the New Jerusalem.

    To be the New Jerusalem it is not enough to be able to trot out a few scraps of initiatic science while continuing to be as fearful, weak, irresolute, and vicious as ever. No, we can all become the New Jerusalem, but only with the help of this new light which opens all doors, and which must produce visible results. If you possess knowledge, there must be results to show for it. If there are no results, it means that your knowledge does not amount to much.

    Religion is compensating for the lack of love

    In the Book of Revelations we read; ‘And the city has no need of sun or moon to shine on it…’ The sun symbolizes the intellect and the moon the heart. Those in whom divine light and divine love dwell will need neither the sun nor the moon; that is, they will need neither philosophy nor religion.

    ‘Its gates will never be shut by day—and there will be no night there.’ When someone is illuminated there is no night in them. The light is always shining in those who are illuminated; even when they are asleep, there is no night for them. Whereas, others fluctuate constantly between night and day: at one moment they are in the light and at the next they are in darkness. But when illumination comes, the Holy Spirit is their light and they are no longer in darkness.

    What did St John mean when he spoke of 'the new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God?' It is true that it will come down from heaven, but great upheavals and transfor-mations must take place before this can come about. You yourselves will witness all this, for it will happen in our times. St John speaks of a 'New Jerusalem' because there was another Jerusalem, which was destroyed.

    Why was the first Jerusalem given a name similar to Salem, the city of which Melchizedek was king? Because those who named it knew about Melchizedek. They had been initiated by Moses, who had himself received initiation from Jethro, his father-in-law. When Moses fled from Egypt he took refuge in the land of Midian, where he married Zipporah, the daughter of the high priest of the land. For years, Moses studied under the guidance of Jethro, his father-in-law. It was he who put him in touch with Melchizedek, and it was Melchizedek who gave Moses the mission to take to the world

    Netanyahu apologizes after calling out intelligence chiefs over Hamas attack

    Looks like they let the attack happen to make Bibi look bad. Now they need to call the whole thing off before a single shot gets fired in the valley of Armageddon or anywhere else.

    VAX SUPER SCAM! $60 billion a year selling vaccines; making $500 billion a year selling remedies for injuries caused by vaccines

    So much for Netenyahu enabling the Pfizer CEO to distribute the adulterated gene serum. 

    Mathew Perry had prescriptions for COPD, anxiety, and depression

    Can patients with COPD take Xanax? Consistent with these concerns, benzodiazepine use in COPD is associated with a 45% increased risk of exacerbations, greater risk of respiratory failure, accidental overdose, and increased mortality.

    Matthew was found unresponsive in his jacuzzi Saturday afternoon, after playing 2 hours of pickleball.

    First responders were called to the scene for a cardiac arrest.

    @MatthewPerry  Could I BE Any More Vaccinated? Get your shot and then get your shirt. Shop the entire collection at Only available for a limited time.

    (The call came in for cardiac arrest not drowning. He was on three prescriptions and the covid vaccine, all of which could cause cardiac arrest. Heartless pharma shills are lying about the most likely cause of death.

    Never take Xanax and COPD drugs together and never get another vaccine of any kind, especially mRNA gene serum shots. Natural immunity is the way forward. At least they had the decency to take Perry's vaccine t shirts off the market.)

    Israel scaled back Gaza ground campaign after US intervention – NYT

    The IDF offensive appears to be smaller and more narrowly focused than initially pitched to Washington, the report says. (Probably use the same war story producers as Zelensky. Even John McCain used a studio for cinematic beheading videos they blamed on Isis. Palestinians can thank US forces for slowing the slaughter apparently.)

    Heroic: Man raised from birth as a female is calling out the evil of ‘transing’ kids

    So now we find out that THERE ARE differences between men and women that can not be overcome just as the CREATOR designed it. This is a vital lesson in ignoring the many hare brains through out the medical profession.

    (LifeSiteNews) — Earlier this week, The Daily Wire published a gut-wrenching editorial penned by Sophie Ottaway titled “Doctors Performed A Sex Change Operation On Me At Two-Days-Old. I Found Out Decades Later.” It is yet another cautionary tale detailing the folly of gender ideology and the suffering borne by its victims.

    When Sophie was 22, Ottaway discovered something stunning during a “routine trip to the doctor’s office” – that Ottaway was born male. Two days after birth, doctors had decided to remove “my split penis and testes” and “directed my parents to raise me as a female,” ordering them to keep this fact from Sophie “under the guise of psychological protection.” Ottaway is now 37 and decided to pen the editorial to lay out “the journey I undertook to make peace with myself and my body.” 

    Pence quotes Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 in Vegas as he quits saying "there's a time for every purpose under heaven."

    Former Vice President Mike Pence's surprising withdrawal from the Republican presidential nomination race sends shockwaves through American politics. His departure, influenced by fundraising challenges and Trump's dominance, marks a turning point in the GOP's evolving identity.

    Turn! Turn! Turn! — The Byrds’ 1965 hit used lyrics that dated back more than 2,000 year from Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 and Pete Seeger in 1959.

    The song had Biblical origins but became synonymous with an era of protest

    The Byrds C.1965, with Roger McGuinn second from left Nick Keppler October 29 2018

    The Byrds’ “Turn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything There Is a Season)” has been used in films and TV shows to evoke collective memories of the 1960s — starting in 1970, when Homer, one of the first coming-of-age films about a Vietnam war soldier, featured the song on its soundtrack. Since then, the unmistakable chord progression and chorus have ceaselessly popped up in 1960s period pieces: More American Graffiti, Heart Like a Wheel, Forrest Gump, TV’s The Wonder Years (in three episodes) and Ken Burns’s documentary series The Vietnam War.

    The song reached number one in the US in December 1965. That year, American ground troops arrived in Vietnam, men on campuses burned their draft cards, black civil rights activists withstood fire hoses and police dogs, and President Lyndon Johnson promoted his “great society” reforms. A chorus of shaggy-haired young men pressed the nation to “turn, turn, turn” and accept that change is inevitable, history is a cycle, strife is temporary, and to everything there is a season.

    The song also carries the sonic imprints of the era: Byrds frontman Roger McGuinn once called the chord structure “Beatley” and said they borrowed the drum beat from Phil Spector. But the song itself was concocted by the leader of American folk music’s old guard using lyrics that dated back more than 2,000 years.

    Pete Seeger composed “Turn! Turn! Turn!” in 1959 in response to a letter from his publisher. “Pete,” it read, “can’t you write another song like ‘Goodnight, Irene'? I can’t sell or promote these protest songs.” ("Goodnight, Irene” was actually written/adapted by Lead Belly, but Seeger had popularised it with The Weavers.) The response from the rabble-rousing troubadour was predictably defiant. “You better find another songwriter,” Seeger wrote. “This is the only kind of song I know how to write.”

    He turned to his pocket notebook, where he jotted down pieces of text for recycling. He found parts of the Bible he had copied, “verses by a bearded fellow with sandals, a tough-minded fellow called Ecclesiastes”, Seeger recalled.

    Specifically, it was Ecclesiastes 3:1-8, from one of the “wisdom books” of the Old Testament, collections of truths and sayings. The words attributed “a season” to a series of opposing actions: “A time to be born, a time to die; a time to plant, a time to reap; a time to kill, a time to heal,” etc. Seeger took the text almost verbatim. He added the “turn, turn, turn” to build a chorus and tacked on his own hopeful concluding line for cold war audiences: “A time of peace; I swear it’s not too late.”

    Alcyon Pleiades Special 48: Harm of Pornography Internet addiction Video games Social media TikTok

    In this documentary special, we will discuss an issue that is not easy to face and less still to assimilate, namely, the Internet and the harmful effects of pornography, because no one has received clear and correct guidance on this topic. Since pornography is something that stays within the private sphere, it is often kept hidden, or seen as taboo, and, ultimately, no one wants to recognise that it is a problem, or own up to how serious it actually is.

    In reality, however, pornography and its derivatives produce serious consequences, since it all starts with curiosity and then becomes a habit and an addiction that is hard to stop. It causes physical injury and mental, social and psychological damage, as well as undermining one’s family life.

    Earlier and earlier access to mobile phone use, non-existent sex education, and a lack of firewalls or censors have made pornography increasingly common among children and young people. Almost seven out of ten adolescents between the ages of 13 and 17 consume pornography on a regular basis. Pornography has become an addiction that is more dangerous than any drug. Many celebrities are publicly acknowledging how they fell prey to this addiction, in order to provide a glimpse of the reality behind it. Furthermore, what can be said of the addiction to Internet and the dangers of social media, which engages in deception and extortion, whilst targeting young people? On a similar note, what can be said of video games and apps like TikTok with all of its dangerous and lethal challenges?

    Video by Alcyon Pleiades

    US Government is running the largest child trafficking ring legally

    The US Government is LEGALLY Running the Largest Child Trafficking Organization in History of the World!

    The states are taking children & giving them to somebody else, for money they get from the federal government.

    All 50 states are involved in government subsidized child trafficking. It’s the largest and most pervasive child trafficking ring in the history of the world.

    Children are seized from their families, due to the federal aid of the Adoptions and Safe Families Act.

    The law Bill Clinton put in place to steal money from the Social Security Fund & Gave to the states to incentivize them to kidnap children.
    [link to (secure)]

    To receive the adoption incentives, or bonuses, local CPS must have more children. They must have more merchandise to sell.

    Every child is worth approximately $1 Million Dollars to the State. This is a $60-$80 Billion dollar a year industry.

    Parents are victimized by the system makes a profit for holding children longer & bonuses for not returning children to their parents.

    Child Protective Services own statistics state that 83% of children taken by (CPS) are for unsubstantiated allegations, meaning, never should have happened in the first place.

    This Video
    [link to (secure)]

    Patriots Have It All, Election Fraud Declas, Trial Of The Century, Shot Heard Around The World

    Trump has filed a court document that shows he will be introducing classified information on election fraud.

    Former vice president at Pfizer, Dr. Mike Yeadon: "You have to be brave now".

    "We're in the middle of the biggest crime in history. It's global. It has the intent of control, removing everybody's freedom, and will involve killing further millions, if not billions of people. 

    Elon Musk has promised to help humanitarian organizations to stay connected amid an information blackout in Gaza

    Israel threatens to destroy Musk’s Starlink

    (Just when it's harvest time in the valley of Armageddon. Just 30 minutes from the beautiful port of Haifa where Chinese ships are docked. Lets hope Israel doesn't sell out to the Chinese like Newsome is trying to do with California. China is not in the Artemis Accords that were signed at the Jupiter base where off worlders are going to do trade and travel with most countries on Earth.)

    The Temple of Artemis at Ephesus

    (Spoiler alert, Artemis is making a comeback.)

    During the Roman period, prominent generals and politicians would come to Ephesus to offer sacrifices to the statue of the goddess, also known as Diana. Although many other gods were worshiped at Ephesus, Artemis was by far the most important deity in the 1st century.

    India has signed the Artemis Accords. What is at stake? The Accords are non-binding guidelines that underpin the Artemis programme, an ambitious project to return humans to the Moon.

    The Apollo moon landing was fake but the moon was real so the twin sister steps in to right the course. Godess Diana anyone? She's alive you know!

    Apollonius of Ephesus (Greek: Ἀπολλώνιος; fl. 180–210) was an anti-Montanist Greek ecclesiastical writer, probably from Asia Minor. Site of the Temple of Artemis in Ephesus.

    He was thoroughly acquainted with the Christian history of Ephesus and the doings of the Phrygian Montanists. The unknown author of Praedestinatus says he was a Bishop of Ephesus.[1] However, the lack of support from other Christian writers makes this testimony doubtful. He undertook the defense of the Church against Montanus, and followed in the footsteps of Zoticus of Comanus, Julian of Apamaea, Sotas of Anchialus, and Apollinaris of Hierapolis.

    He was Bishop of Hierapolis in Phrygia and became famous for his polemical treatises against the heretics of his day, whose errors he showed to be entirely borrowed from the pagans. In 177 he published an "Apologia" for the Christians, addressed to Marcus Aurelius, and appealing to the Emperor's own experience with the "Thundering Legion", whose prayers won him the victory over the Quadi. The exact date of his death is not known, but it was probably while Marcus Aurelius was still Emperor.

    Nothing survives of his writings except for a few extracts, the longest of which relates to the date of Passover. Eusebius makes mention of his work. His feast day is commemorated on January 8.

    We are all Palestinians now

    Remnants of a voyage through 11,000 years of darkness. Now entering the light ring around Alcyon for 2000 years, the dark to light transition can be rough. Once all the countries quit fighting and sign the Artemis accords evolution can rapidly proceed with trade and travel with off worlders at the Jupiter base.

    In Turkiye', President Erdogan attends MASSIVE rally in support of Palestinians:

    (Turkey is officially the Republic of Türkiye)

    DA Ray Gricar: The Investigation Part 11: The PSP-CIA Review

    The PSP-CIA review was completed, in private; the location was not even disclosed prior to the meeting. It was conducted prior to 11/21/06. Afterward, publicly, this is what Chief Weaver reported, "There's no gaping holes in the investigation. The investigation was complete and thorough." Mr. Madeira indicated that he would not take any questions, except previously submitted written questions.  There was no release of information directly to what had even been checked and ruled out.

    There was a conference call between those close to Mr. Gricar and Mr. Madeira about two weeks later. A disappointed Tony Gricar said, "We didn't get any specific details on it other than they assessed it." It was clear that the person who requested this investigation was not releasing what was found, even to Mr. Gricar’s family. When the press contacted a State Police Trooper involved in the review, Cpl. Tony Manetta, the source of the secrecy became more apparent. He said, "I just can't talk about it. We have a professional courtesy to provide them with professional opinions on what they may do to further their investigation. But I cannot share that with you because it is their investigation."

    This leaves several questions. First, what else did the PSP-CIA review find or conclude? Why was there this very strange limitation on questions? Second, why did Mr. Madeira feel a need to hide this from the public for so long? Why did he release it, not on the second or third anniversary, but on the fourth anniversary? These are questions Mr. Madeira is not answering.

    (The answers to all of these questions are very simple: Madeira was AG Corbett's right hand man who was there at Gricar's last press conference with Corbett and his press secretary, the mystery woman. Madeira then ran for election and took over where Gricar left off as Centre County DA.

    The reason why Madeira was so secretive about the State Police review of the case was because the very first recommendation from the police was to convene an investigating grand jury. The one person in the position to convene a grand jury at the county level was DA Michael Madeira and the person in the position to convene a state wide grand jury was AG Tom Corbett. Neither of them wanted a grand jury because the cover up would have been immediately exposed.

    Josh Shapiro rehired Michael Madeira in the AG department and is not answering any questions about the Gricar case nor is the current AG. The State Police at Troop G assigned to the Gricar case have also stated that they will not comment on the case.

    See the entire list of recommendations from the Gricar investigation that were never followed in the premium section at )

    Avoid new Covid vaccines, they’re anti-human and not recommended for any living being on the planet

    Dr Joseph Ladapo, Florida’s Surgeon General, reports on a number of studies showing evidence of the vaccine’s negative effectiveness. Indeed, infection rates are higher post vaccination. We are dealing with an anti-human policy. These vaccines increase the risk of heart injury, which goes way beyond the myocarditis we are hearing about. We also have to consider subclinical myocarditis. According to Ladapo, he would not recommend these vaccines to any living being on the planet.

    Gaetz Says Johnson Speakership Proves 'MAGA Is Ascendant' In GOP, 'Swamp Is On The Run'

    Johnson knows PA and other states that illegally changed their voting rules are operating unconstitutionally. He was Trump's lawyer. He knows about the Dominion problem too. He's going to work with President Trump to right the course.

    The PA Supreme Court changed voting rules during the 2020 pandemic election to favor mail in balloting. Only the legislature can change voting rules. This means PA has gone off the reservation on voting and should be considered a rogue state until they restore the laws that were unlawfully changed. PA has the oldest Constitution in the Republic and the State Supreme Court needs to respect that.

    New Zealand is a small country yet it often serves as a useful microcosm of events in other parts of the world.

    At present men and women are being slaughtered.

    Within the last few days Liz Gunn, head of NZ Loyal, one of the few political parties willing to speak out revealed leaked documents indicating that tens of thousands of the population have died from the experimental gene therapy.

    (Israel has kept the millions dead from the shots off the pharma news and replaced it with war news.) 

    32 Religious Sites in Palestinian Territories

    Sites for Christians, Muslims and Jews. Instead of a war all they need is a good tour package and one more site:

    Gaza by the Sea?

    Haaretz: A Brief History of the Netanyahu-Hamas Alliance

    For 14 years, Netanyahu's policy was to keep Hamas in power.

    (Has anybody checked on the areas in Israel where Jesus had his ministry? This will be an important Christian pilgrimage when the New Jerusalem takes hold.)

    Yoga Training Teacher

    Balancing Ida and Pingala is getting to be easier than ever with the rising frequencies. This allows the center sushumna channel to open up for the proverbial "If thine eye be single, thy body will be full of light" like Jesus talked about in

    Luke Verse 34: “Your eye is the lamp of your body.”

    When you see through the spiritual eye (pineal gland) you will enter the Spirit beyond creation.

    If one’s eye is single, then there would be no dualities. There would simply be The I AM. The presence of God or what is known as the Spirit of God.

    The idea is to have the breath evenly balanced into both nostriles. Just lie on the left side for a few minutes if the righ side nostril is blocked or lie on the right side if the left nostril is blocked until balanced. Then sit up and meditate as the kundalini rises with the rising sun.

    We are going from duality consciousness to oneness consciousness at an increasing rate.

    Also known as “The Frequency of God”, the Solfeggio frequency of 963Hz is one of the most powerful and uplifting tones. This frequency is not only associated with the activation of the pineal gland, it also is a frequency our crown chakra can resonate with.

    Listening to the healing Solfeggio frequency of 963Hz can also strengthen the sense of community and belonging, or restore it if necessary. Solfeggio frequencies form part of an ancient scale that was rediscovered in the early 70’s. They are a tone sequence of 9 tonal frequencies. Originally used in Gregorian chants for centuries, they recently were brought to everybody’s attention for their healing powers.

    “My Rainbow Race” - Pete Seeger

    Pete Seeger described his family upbringing as "enormously Christian, in the Puritan, Calvinist New England tradition", traced its genealogy back over 200 years. A paternal ancestor, Karl Ludwig Seeger, a physician from Württemberg, Germany, had emigrated to America during the American Revolution and married into the old New England family of Parsons in the 1780s.

    (Funny how the icons of the left from yesteryear like Seeger sound more like Christian conservatives of today! He was not a Marxist at all. He believed in God, family and patriotism.)

    “My Rainbow Race” was written by Pete in a Hollywood motel, on his return from a tour in Japan. He was leafing through a magazine, and came across a song contest advertisement. He wrote this song on the form and mailed it in, but never heard back about it. Seeger said of this experience “Never heard back from them. But I won a prize -a song I’ve sung ever since.”

    Written by Pete Seeger (Sanga Music, Inc.) Pete Seeger | voice and 12-string guitar Paul Prestopino | 6-string guitar David Flink | bass Gaudeamus | chorus Grammy-winning PETE is an album by American legend Pete Seeger, accompanied by a host of friends, and produced by Paul Winter.

    Originally released in 1997, the album was re-mastered and re-released in 2014. Playing masterful banjo and 12-string guitar, Pete sings with gusto and soul. True to the spirit of his life-long dedication to community participation, Pete Seeger says of his album PETE: “What I want to do with this album is give people something that encourages the creative process and gets people out of the boxes they’ve been put in.” ℗ 1996 Earth Music Productions.

    Pete Seeger Bio: Reads like the history of American Folk Music.

    IDF General Reveals Hideous Truth: "We have lost the ability to field an effective army.

    A retired General from the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) says "“We have lost the ability to field an effective army and have become a one-dimensional aerial power that cannot win a war on its own.”

    General Yitzhak Brick went even farther.  He says "The current situation of the land forces is tragic, they are not ready for war. Emergency supplies are not available, exercises have stopped and the battalions have not trained in years. There is also no weapons training and education, and the army is not capable of carrying out an attack."

    Brick added that Israel’s ground forces and reserve system have been constantly ignored: “We have lost the ability to field an effective army and have become a one-dimensional aerial power that cannot win a war on its own.”

    In his view, Israel’s ground forces are not ready for war. The warning follows a series of polls showing that a large portion of Israeli citizens have lost faith in their country’s future. This was particularly evident over the last year, when the people were divided over political and judicial issues.

    (Israel might want to rethink mowing the lawn in Gaza. If Israel is ground invaded from all sides, Israeli settlers could end up trading places with Gazans who have nowhere else to go.

    Louis Farrakhan Sues the ADL

    Farrakhan, 90, has filed a $4.8 billion Manhattan Federal Court lawsuit against the civil rights group, accusing it of interfering with his First Amendment rights by wrongly labeling him an antisemite.

    “This lawsuit is to ensure that the abuse, misuse, and false use of the terms ‘anti-Semite,’ ‘anti-Semitic,’ and ‘antisemitism,’ as falsely charged by the [ADL] is permanently barred from being a tool to defame [Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam] and stifle the exercise of constitutional rights,”‘ he contends in court papers.

    Farrakhan contended he “has never harmed a hair on the head of any Jewish person or even advocated for such,” and boasted he “honors, respects, and even admires many members of the Jewish community, including his boyhood idol and one of the greatest violinists, Jascha Heifetz, who was a Russian Jew, and his own Jewish violin teachers.”

    USS Gerald R. Ford Moving Closer to Israel

    USS Gerald Ford sailors being served Lobster and Steak: Either this means they are deploying or it is a holiday. Today's holidays are:

    • International Caps Lock Day.
    • National Color Day.
    • National Mother-in-Law Day.
    • National Nut Day.
    • Smart is Cool Day.

    Simple solution is to create a new three way partnership of the Abrahamic religions converging in Israel. Fine the Rothschilds a few billion rubles and rebuild the place with a new temple and an open tourism trade to the entire Holy Land where people can safely travel.

    Orthodox Jews Rally Saying "Israel is not a Jewish state, it is a Zionist state"

    If they can do this to Palestine, they can do the exact same thing in the USA. Time to say no more.

    Israel is losing support from Jews around the world. The Rothschilds need to pay up and help rebuild Gaza instead of knocking it down. 

    Torah Judaism@TorahJudaism

    "If you're Jewish or non-Jewish, please, let the world know: Jews all over the world are not responsible for the actions of the Zionist State of Israel! Israel doesn't represent the Jewish people!" Israel is not a Jewish State, it's a Zionist State! The State of Israel is as "Jewish" as China is. Their policies are not 'Jewish' Policies. Their leaders are not 'Jewish' leaders and Israel does not represent the Jewish people!

    The State of Israel…


    Israeli government “found” lost Pfizer agreements!

    Four agreements between Israel and Pfizer have been released via FOI lawsuit, still in a heavily redacted form. They prove that the Israeli government conducted forced experiments on people.

    (It's official: The Israeli government is antisemitic.)

    Was this orchestrated attack precipitated by the truth about global covid atrocity coming out and people realizing what has been done to them and why – the ultimate goals of the cabal? Is the globalist cabal behind the puppets in the Israeli government (and all other major governments) unhappy with the population reduction numbers achieved so far, e.g. far short of the Deagel predictions (population reduction targets were US -70%, Israel -63%) and now needs to push for the next phase of destruction – the kinetic global war?

  • The Simian SV40 Virus is (secretly) in the Pfizer Vaccine.
  • ‘This is an admission of epic proportions.’

  • Icarus - Paul Winter Consort: The live version recorded in Paul's Horse Barn studio in CT.

    George Martin - the finest album I've ever made: Icarus

    George Martin's production credits include all the Beatles' masterpieces except Let It Be. He has worked with other artists ranging from the Mahavishnu Orchestra to Celine Dion and Elton John. So ask any rock fan to name the finest George Martin album and the answer is very likely to be Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band or another classic from the charts. But legend has it that the man himself chose as the finest album he ever made a little known LP recorded by a pioneering American ensemble five years after Sgt. Pepper.

    Despite the celebrity endorsement the Paul Winter Consort's 1972 Icarus remains almost unknown to the extent that it is currently not available on CD. Yet you only need listen to the first few tracks to realize that not only is this a truly great album, but it is also the fountain from which flowed a lot of influential music trends that are still around today. George Martin's production credit coupled with this personnel listing gives an idea of the sheer inventiveness of Icarus.

    Liberty Scorecard of Congress Shows how conservative each one votes. Wendy Bell pointed out how helpful this site is for voters.

    Governor Shapiro's office settles for $295,000 in Damages

    Documents show the office of Pennsylvania Gov. Josh Shapiro has settled a former employee’s claim she was sexually harassed by a senior aide earlier this year by agreeing to pay her and her lawyers $295,000. (We can only wonder what the damages would run for DA Gricar since Shapiro has failed to form a grand jury called for by the State Police. Penn State fans should look into getting an attorney. See

    Troops Suing Defense Department over Vaccine Mandate Reach $1.8 Million Settlement

    The Defense Department has been ordered to pay $1.8 million in legal fees as settlement for two lawsuits that challenged its requirement...

    (Pitt and others might want to rethink it's vaccine requirements now.)

    Anyone who was mandated to get the covid vaccine can and should sue: In PA contact attorney Barry Scatton, Morgan and Morgan, Philadelphia, America's largest injury firm.

    Steve Kirsch@stkirsch

    Breaking: You can now sue the mRNA COVID vaccine manufacturers for damages and the FDA is required to take the COVID vaccines off the market. Why? Adulteration. The plasmid bioactive contaminant sequences were NOT pointed out to the regulatory authorities. It's considered adulteration. I just got off the phone with Professor Byram Bridle and Dr. Robert Malone on this.

    Matt Wallace@MattWallace888

    Should Derek Chauvin be released from prison IMMEDIATELY now that medical documents have been released PROVING he did not kill George Floyd?

    The Michelle Moore Show: Doc Betsy & Preachin Cowboy 'Getting Physically, Mentally, and Spiritually Prepared For Medbeds' Oct 13, 2023

    Those who are consciously working towards ascension get the fast track med bed program. The higher the vibration the sooner the beds become available to them. Sounds fair doesn't it?

    Trump posted an illustration of Jesus sitting next to him in court

    Enki, the Ancient of Days from the Book of Daniel has brought the original Adamic DNA template back as a gift to humanity. This is the Anunnaki story of mankind's journey from dark to light, from Alalu, Enki and Enlil, Guest Deities of the Abrahamic religions,  on the way to the Golden Age.

    Trump's grandmother's middle name was Christ for God's sake! Trump was chosen to play his part. The handwriting is on the wall. He's Enki's front man to symbolically help free the people from Babylon just like Cyrus did in 539 BC. Just hold tight and keep the faith. We have another year of rough waters to go.

    Kennedy: The WHO is conducting a power grab. It should go back to being a health organization

    Robert Kennedy Jr exposes the WHO’s power grab. The organization wants the power to declare pandemics, so that it can impose ‘health policies’ among its member states. The WHO is a tool, used by China, the Davos clique, Big Pharma and Big Agriculture. RFK’s intention is to defund it, if it does not change and go back to being a health organization.

  • Biden causes ‘international incident’ when he tells Israel to delay Gaza invasion.

  • White House scrambles. ‘He misheard the question.’

  • What Did Biden Promise Netanyahu?

    President Biden has completed his meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, with media reporting that he gave a "green light" for Israel to begin a ground operation in Gaza. Many questions remain unanswered, including the role of US military assets in the area and what mission, if any, US troops might have in support of Israeli military action. Also today: Jewish peace groups arrested in US Capitol office buildings and rockets begin flying into US bases in Iraq and Syria.

    Cyrus The Great Day, 29th October (539 BC)

    On this day (29th October) 539 BCE the Persian king Cyrus II walked triumphantly into Babylon, the ancient Mesopotamian capital and seat of a huge empire that straddled the middle east. Iranian communities around the world mark this day as “Cyrus the Great Day” or “Cyrus Day”.

    After taking Babylon, Cyrus proclaimed himself "King of Babylon... king of the four corners of the world" in the famous Cyrus Cylinder. The text of the cylinder portrays the victorious Cyrus addressing the Babylonian god Marduk, and how Cyrus had improved the lives of Babylonians, repatriated displaced peoples, and restored cult sanctuaries and temples. Some assert that the cylinder represents a form of human rights charter.

    The tomb of Cyrus the Great, founder of the Achaemenid Empire, at Pasargadae; and detail of bas relief at the Archaemenid city of Persepolis. Both located in Fars Province, central Iran, and both UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

    The Ruins of Persepolis – Fars Province, Iran

    By 650 BCE, the Zoroastrian faith, a monotheistic religion founded on the ideas of the philosopher Zoroaster, had become the official religion of ancient Persia. Later Judaism and then Christianity came to Persia via Mesopotamia, with both developing vibrant faith communities in Persian lands.

    Isaiah 45:1, Cyrus, God’s Instrument 

    Thus says the Lord to his anointed, to Cyrus, whose right hand I have grasped, to subdue nations before him and to loose the belts of kings, to open doors before him that gates may not be closed.

    (The 45th US President is the new Cyrus.)

    (The current Khazar regime in the USA and Israel want to nuke Iran (Persia) and others like Syria. They are apposed to the Orthodox Jews which they have deemed as anti semitic. The Khazars are Godless murderers opposed to the Ancient of Days ( Book of Daniel, Ahura Mazda, God of Persian Zoroastrianism of the Bible who sent the original Cyrus. Trump has to be the new Cyrus to correct the course.)

    South Texas: New Atlantis

    “Altea-America will be the new spiritual region for the gathering of spiritual mankind, the reprogramming area for "spiritual freedom" on the planet, and the establishment of the Spiritual Administration of the Ancient of Days. (See Daniel, chap. 7)—

    Dr. Hurtak believes that the model of Noah and his sons becoming the new Adams and Eves, on a cleansed, upgraded planet is being repeated. Dr. Hurtak goes on to say that:

    “Technologies of Light are coming from the Galactic Command in Orion with instructions to help the Adamic race bring peace to the Earth.”

    Why are new Atlantean centers being activated by Orion? Egyptian mythology actually suggests that the gods descended from the belt stars of Orion and Sirius  in the form of humans, they called them Osiris and Isis, and they created the human race. Maybe the ET's that built the Great Pyramid in Giza are back to participate in an Upgrade.

    Did Atlantis have a large complex that covered the entire Coastline of South Texas and Mexico? Research indicates that there was more than one Atlantis... Mexico and Texas were included in this Atlantis territory. To validate this theory ...recent remains of an ancient civilization have been found off the coast of Florida and Texas indicating a major Atlantis presence in the Gulf of Mexico.

    Brace yourselves as the awe-inspiring Galactic Federation, composed of super-advanced civilizations, has set its complete focus on none other than Earth itself!

    Just imagine the magnitude of this extraordinary development. We, the inhabitants of our humble planet, have captured the attention of these incredible beings from across the cosmos. It's as if the universe has chosen us for something truly remarkable.

    With their unfathomable knowledge and advanced technology, the Galactic Federation is now entirely focusing their efforts on our little blue planet. It's like having cosmic VIP guests dropping by for a visit!

    What could be their purpose, you ask? Well, the possibilities are endless and boundlessly exciting. They are here to share their wisdom and push the boundaries of our understanding. And they aim to accelerate our evolution and propel us into a future we never dared to dream of.

    The very thought of such advanced civilizations taking an interest in us - earthlings is enough to make your imagination run wild. Will they bring incredible advancements in science, art, and spirituality? Will they guide us to unlock the hidden potential within ourselves and our world? The incredible experience we will have will provide answers to all of your questions.

    One thing's for sure: this news is like a spark igniting a firework of hope and wonder in our hearts. The Galactic Federation's attention fills us with a sense of awe and anticipation. It's as if we're about to embark on a cosmic journey, venturing into the unknown and discovering new horizons of existence.

    So, my fellow Starseeds and Lightworkers, let's embrace this amazing news with open minds and open hearts. The Galactic Federation has set their gaze upon us, and who knows what incredible adventures lie ahead? It's a time for excitement, curiosity, and the unshakeable belief that our world is on the cusp of an extraordinary transformation!

    They have a noble goal in mind—to uplift our planet and accelerate its evolution.

    From their incredible spacecraft stationed near our solar system's edges, the Galactic Federation releases a mesmerizing cascade of radiant energies. These energies, originating from distant parts of the cosmos, possess incredible properties capable of reshaping reality itself!

    First, a wave called Luminal Infusion blankets the Earth's atmosphere. It fills every living being with heightened awareness and expanded consciousness. Suddenly, people's minds awaken to new ideas, sparking a global surge in creativity, innovation, and interconnectedness. Humanity's collective intellect becomes a powerful force, surpassing all previous limits and giving rise to a golden era of scientific and artistic achievements!

    As the energies continue to flow, another surge known as Terra Vitalis engulfs the planet's ecosystems. Nature responds with a burst of vibrant life. Plants and animals flourish abundantly, with endangered species making remarkable comebacks. Long-forgotten ancient forests and underwater kingdoms like Atlantis emerge and teem with life unseen by human eyes!

    At the same time, a profound energy called Harmonic Harmonization resonates deep within the Earth's core. This cosmic symphony aligns the planet's vibrations, healing divisions, and discord among societies. Conflict gives way to a deep understanding and empathy that bridges long-standing divides. Nations unite, embracing a shared purpose of coexistence and sustainable progress.

    But the Galactic Federation's energies don't stop there. An ethereal energy called Ethereal Illumination weaves through the metaphysical fabric, awakening dormant spiritual potentials within individuals. Ancient wisdom and mystical knowledge are revealed, empowering humanity to explore the depths of their consciousness and unlock extraordinary abilities. Telepathy, energy healing, and journeys into unexplored realms of the mind become attainable as humanity ventures into uncharted territories.

    Guided by the Galactic Federation, Earth transcends its previous limitations, becoming a shining example of cosmic evolution. It joins the interstellar community, offering its newfound wisdom and unified spirit to the greater cosmic tapestry. The energies unleashed by the Federation's grand endeavor become a catalyst for a new era of enlightenment and profound transformation, forever changing the destiny of Earth and its inhabitants.

    In this thrilling saga, the Galactic Federation's guidance takes Earth on an awe-inspiring journey beyond anything we could have imagined. Breaking free from its old boundaries, our planet emerges as a beacon of cosmic evolution, radiating its newfound brilliance to the entire interstellar community.

    United in purpose and armed with the wisdom bestowed upon us, humanity steps forward as an ambassador of profound transformation. With hearts aflame and minds expanded, we contribute our unique insights to the vast cosmic tapestry, forever altering the course of our shared destiny.

    The energies unleashed by the Federation's grand endeavor work as a potent catalyst, igniting an era of enlightenment that echoes through the ages. It is a time of unparalleled growth, where barriers crumble, and our potential knows no bounds.

    As we traverse this uncharted path, we leave behind the shackles of the past and embrace a future filled with endless possibilities. With newfound unity and an unwavering spirit, Earth and its inhabitants stand as a living testament to the indomitable power of evolution.

    So, let us venture forth into the cosmos, hand in hand with the Galactic Federation, ready to explore, learn, and inspire.

    Together, we shape a legacy that will be remembered throughout the cosmos, forever changing the course of our journey among the stars!

    We love you dearly,

    We are here with you,

    We are your family of light,

    We are the Galactic Federation.


    Aurora Ray

    Ambassador of the Galactic Federation

    Copyright 2023 Aurora Ray. All rights reserved.

     Paul Winter Consort: The Story of the Paul Winter Sextet

    See the historic footage from 1962 of Jackie Kennedy entering the room filled with the children of the embassies in Washington DC for Paul Winter's historic, first jazz concert ever in the WhiteHouse at 8:14.

    A personal note from Paul Winter: 10/18/2023

    Dear Friends,

    I want to let you know that we will not be presenting our annual Winter Solstice Celebration this December at New York's Cathedral of St. John the Divine. There have been a number of factors involved in this decision. However, the door is open to our re-launching this event in the future.

    NPR will however be broadcasting a retrospective program from our past celebrations during solstice week in December. Please consult your local NPR station for their schedule.

    We are now planning other events at the Cathedral for 2024, including our annual Summer Solstice Celebration, and we will let you know when we have the details.

    With warmest wishes to you, in advance, for this coming solstice season,
              For living music,

    (Paul Winter History: You have to see this to believe it!)

    Some Jazz History

    The Paul Winter Sextet from its formation through its 23-country Latin America tour for the US State Department, and their historic 1962 White House concert. More at: The Paul Winter Sextet emerged in Chicago during Paul's years at Northwestern University. After winning the 1961 Intercollegiate Jazz Festival, the band was signed to Columbia Records by legendary producer John Hammond. In 1962 the Sextet recorded its first three albums, and, on recommendation from Festival judges Dizzy Gillespie and Hammond, was sent by the State Department on a six-month tour of 23 countries of Latin America. The success of this tour led to an invitation from First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy to play at the White House. The Sextet's performance in the East Room on November 19, 1962, happened to be the first-ever jazz concert in the White House. The group continued to tour and record throughout 1963, and made their final album during the week of President Kennedy's assassination.

    Then, numbed by that tragedy, and discouraged by what they felt was the end of that optimistic era, the Sextet disbanded and the players went on to other pursuits -- the drummer eventually to Count Basie's band, the bassist to Ahmad Jamal's trio, the trumpet player to medical school, the baritone saxist to teach at Michigan State, and Paul to Brazil, to resume his exploration of the world's music. "The Sextet was conceived as a kind of little 'big band,'" says Paul, "and with our instrumentation of three horns and rhythm, it has quite a different sound from that of the Paul Winter Consort, which people have known me for during the last several decades. But on a primary level, it's all the same lineage: a spirit of celebration, in the democracy of ensemble, aspiring toward a balance between the improvised and the composed."

    Paul Winter Sextet, Jazz Casual, Original air date: March 1, 1963.

    Jazz Casual: Paul Winter/Bola Sete and Vince Guaraldi is a live performance album featuring performances by saxophonist Paul Winter, guitarist Bola Sete and pianist Vince Guaraldi, released in 2001 by Koch Jazz. The release contains two separate episodes of the National Educational Television Jazz Casual.

    In November of 1962, The New York Herald Tribune ran this headline: "Man, It's Jazz at the White House." And it was. First lady, Jacqueline Kennedy, had invited the The Paul Winter Sextet to perform the first ever jazz concert at the White House.

    The racially integrated band was led by Paul Winter — a 23 year old white saxophone player, who had embraced the sounds of Chicago's south side jazz scene. Today, Paul Winter is best known for the Paul Winter Consort which blends new age and world music.

    But 50 years ago, he was a pure jazz man. And not long after that historic performance in the East Room of the White House, his sextet was recording its final album when news came of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

    Bobby Kennedy Was Seen Holding Hands With Jackie on Vacation After JFK’s Death & His Wife Allegedly Had This To Say About It

    Jackie: Public, Private, Secret by J. Randy Taraborrelli details a vacation Bobby and Jackie took alongside her sister, Lee, and Lee’s husband Stas Radzwill to a friend’s home in Antigua. One of JFK’s college friends, Charles Spaulding, was also present. He tells Taraborrelli that the trip was far from a happy, beachside getaway. He says: “We all felt like survivors of a disaster — namely Jack’s murder.”

    “No one was in his right mind. Jackie and Bobby were remarkably close, reading Greek literature and taking long walks, holding hands, on the beach,” Spaulding says. According to the book, Bobby’s political ambitions were ramping up and he discussed plans to run for senate in New York. Jackie reportedly approved but begged him to never run for president.

    Taraborrelli talked to Jackie’s younger brother, Jamie Auchincloss, who claimed Ethel was direct with Jackie about the rumors. “She said, ‘Look people are whispering about you and Bobby,'” Auchincloss, now 76, is quoted as saying. “Jackie was mortified and said she would never do something like that, and that was the end of it. Ethel believed her.”

    What was Camelot known for?

    Camelot was a mythical castled city, said to be located in Great Britain, where King Arthur held court. It was the center of the Kingdom of Logres and in Arthurian legend would become the location of the round table that held 150 knights.

    Camelot: The Legendary Seat of King Arthur

    Most authors believe that Camelot is a fictional kingdom with no specified location, making it an ideal setting for medieval romance writers. However, there have been debates about the location of the “real” Camelot since the 15th century, and this belief has continued in modern works.

    Camelot is widely known as a mythical castle located in Great Britain, where King Arthur held court. It was the center of the Kingdom of Logres and, in Arthurian romances, was the location of the Round Table and accommodated approximately 150 knights.

    While Camelot’s existence as a physical place remains uncertain, its legacy lives on as a symbol of the ideals of chivalry, bravery, and nobility that continue to inspire and captivate people around the world.

    Camelot first began to be mentioned more frequently in the 13th century in a group of King Arthur tales called Lancelot-Grail. In the chapter “The Story of the Holy Grail,” Josephus, the son of Joseph of Arimathea, visited Camelot, converted the local population to Christianity, and Saint Stephen built a church. After that, Camelot became the main city of King Arthur’s kingdom in the “Vulture Book Cycles” series, located along the river below the fictional city of Astolat.

    According to legend, Winchester was chosen as the location of Camelot because of the Round Table at Winchester Castle. This round table was built around 1290 by King Edward I of England, based on the story of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.

    According to the Lancelot-Grail Cycle, Camelot during King Arthur’s reign was a kingdom or city surrounded by forests and savannas, with ample open space to host tournaments for knights. One of the many tournaments held there included Sir Gawain’s battles against the Saxons and many other adventures. Its primary church, St. Stephen’s, held the remains of Arthur’s greatest warriors.

    Texts mentions that the city of Camelot was wealthy and well-provided, but small enough that during lavish courts, many barons, nobles, and knights could not be fully accommodated.

    Arthur often held court in the castle, which was furnished with a main courtyard, bedrooms, spaces for celebrations, and the Round Table.

    The LionHeart Program

    The Lionheart dining table is designed to be reminiscent of King Arthur‘s table. We are not just housing young men. We are raising modern day Knights. Men who will know what is required in life of good men and to walk humbly with our God”. Donate today at

    Seven Churches established by St. Thomas in Kerala India

    Christianity reached the shores of India when St. Thomas, the apostle of Jesus Christ set foot on the shores of Muziris (Cragannore) in Kerala India in 52 AD. He preached the gospel and the good news of Jesus Christ and he established seven and a half churched at Kodungalloor, Paravur (Kottakayal), Palayoor, Kokkamangalam, Nilackal, Kollam, Niranam and a half church at Thiruvithancode. He baptized several people who are today known as Saint Thomas Christians or Nasranis. (For any doubters still out there.)

    India’s Supreme Court blocks gay marriage

    READ HERE: India’s Supreme Court on Tuesday declined to legally recognize same-sex marriages, leaving the decision to Parliament and state legislatures to validate such unions legal, Indian media are reporting.A bench of India’s highest court, delivering its eagerly-awaited verdict on a batch of pleas seeking legal backing for same-sex marriages in the country, held that it is beyond the remit of courts to issue a positive direction to the legislature regarding the issue.

    Kristen Mag @kristenmag

    Pfizer issued a press release Friday afternoon stating definitively that mRNA covid vaccines “show increased risks” of myocarditis + pericarditis. Highest risk = adolescent males. It’s INEXCUSABLE that 1000s of college kids are STILL forced to get a shot w/these known risks.

    (Spare some media coverage? Where are the sports news people looking out for student athletes? A PSA from Our Town maybe?)

    Shapiro panned at anti-abortion rally for pulling funds from crisis pregnancy centers

    Anti-abortion advocates rallying on Monday outside the state Capitol during the third annual Pennsylvania March for Life jeered each speaker’s mention of Gov. Josh Shapiro as they pushed against his administration’s decision to pull funding for crisis pregnancy centers.

    Balanced Yin & Yang: Feng Shui Basics for Harmonious Spaces

    What does it mean if my yin and yang are balanced? Although these two are opposing energies, they are deeply rooted within one another. Balancing Yin and Yang creates environments in which harmony, success and happiness occur.

    Legend of Quan Yin, the goddess of mercy

    Changed from man to woman over 400 years through soul transmigration during the Tang Dynasty, China's previous Golden Age.

    Worshiped especially by women, this goddess comforts the troubled, the sick, the lost, the senile and the unfortunate. Her popularity has grown such through the centuries that she is now also regarded as the protector of seafarers, farmers and travelers. She cares for souls in the underworld, and is invoked during post-burial rituals to free the soul of the deceased from the torments of purgatory. There are temples all over China dedicated to this goddess, and she is worshiped by women in South China more than in the North, on the 19th day of the 2nd, 6th and 9th moons.

    Unlocking the Cosmic Code: The Rebirth of Humanity's DNA Potential!

    (This looks like the Holy Grail of 12 strand DNA we've been searching for. It's in the air from the sun and all around us on a base 12 math, light powered, nature driven, photon band of the Crystalline 144 Grid! 

    A blast from the past has given us a glimpse of the central sun with the sun discs.)

    Galactic Light Codes

    What are the Golden Sun Discs?  Long ago, the Lemurians  constructed twelve major Sun Discs with one primary Disc activating all of the others.The Primary Disc hung in a great temple in Lemuria, which served as a symbolic representation of our place of origin – the Grand Central Sun. Whenever it was struck by a high priest, this Sun Disc would set certain vibratory conditions that could bring about great earthquakes and even a change in the rotation of the Earth itself. This disc was made entirely of transmuted gold and was held by ropes that were also made of gold. The disc reflected the rays of the Sun into the temple. The Golden Sun Discs  were not an object of art or worship, but  rather a complex scientific 'computeresque' tool. They glowed in a golden spiraling energy, maintaining, interfacing and regulating the dimensional synergy of the natural telluric forces of Earth with that of mankind and celestial realms. When the continent of Lemuria broke apart during the destruction of Atlantis. The Sun Disc was given to the Incas.  The Incas placed the Golden Sun Disc inside their Temple of the Sun, in the Peruvian city of Cusco. They used it to receive information directly from the Sun god, Tiki Viracocha, the Universal Mind at the center of the galaxy. This enormous disc stood in the Temple of the Sun until the 1500s when the Spanish conquistadors landed in Peru and destroyed the temple. At that time, it was moved to Lake Titicaca where it remained hidden beneath the waters, in a subterranean temple . The Primary Sun Disc is in alignment with 11 other  locations across the planet. It is a perfect battery for both receiving and transmitting the higher dimensional energies that is required for Earth’s Ascension. This Primary Disc is now located in Arkansas because of its unique combinations of magnetic minerals, radium charged aquifers and a diamond deposit, which work synergistically with their the large quartz crystal deposits .  What is the Purpose of the Sun Discs?   The 12 Golden Sun Discs are energy vortices that take in energy from the Grid and the Bermuda Triangle and then weaves it into a new energy. These Discs form a communication channel between mankind and the celestial realms. They are a perfect battery for both receiving and transmitting the higher dimensional energies that are required for Earth’s ascension. According to geologist and grid expert, James Tyberonn,

    "These discs are being activated into twelve helix spirals. They are emitting a divine energy of zero field ~ of pure love, unconditional love ~ a light code that can only exist in the 5th dimension and above. The Golden Sun Discs are the DNA, the blueprint for the crystalline field, indeed for the Crystalline 144 Grid! Indeed, they are correspondences to the ability of the Earth to regenerate and reform itself, similar to the DNA of the Earth itself." Energy from the Bermuda Triangle is playing an important role in this regeneration process. The Book of Knowledge, Keys of Enoch” by Dr. James Joseph Hurtak published by the Academy of Future Science  states:

    “ a Higher Intelligence is coming into the ocean through the pyramid-five energy configuration of the Bermuda Triangle and is making use of the ocean shelf which is there from the previous Atlantean Age, preparing America to become the New Atlantis “ The Sun Discs are dimensional program stabilizers for  the New Atlantis Energy. Click here to learn more about New Atlantis.

    Each of the 12 Disc carries a specific vibration that relates to its purpose and geographic location.  The Golden Sun Discs are for the planet Earth, what the Crystal Skulls were/are for mankind: a composite library of the Perfection Blueprint. Each Disc contains a DNA code for the planet, and there are 12 composite frequencies that in 2012 formed the one. Locations of 12 Major Sun Discs 
    The Sun Disc are located in various areas around the planet. Arkansas - Pinnacle Mountain (Primary)
    Brazil - Saint Tomas des Letres- Minas Gerais
    Bolivia - Lake Titicaca ( Near Island of the Sun)
    Scotland - Roslyn Chapel
    Russia -Ural Mtns
    Russia - Siberia-Lake Baikal
    Egypt - Giza
    Africa - Kilimanjaro
    China - Xi-an Pyramids
    French Polynesia - Moorea
    Australia- Uluru
    Sri Lanka The Primary Disc in Arkansas is located in a new energy wave field called the Return of the Dove . The Return of the Dove is the force field in which the planet is re-seeded with the Christ Race in a higher spectrum of spiritual-physical life.  The model of Noah and his sons becoming the new Adams and Eves, on a cleansed, upgraded planet is being repeated in the new cycle and meridian of time. In the book there is an overlay of a Dove over North America. The HEART of the Dove is over the exact area of the Arkansas Sun Disc. The center of this area in Arkansas contains almost an endless amount of quartz crystals that will generate the vibration seed pattern that brings about a time of peace, renewal, and the authority and power of the Cosmic Christ and the Infinite Spirit.  Sun Disc Satellites
    Each of the major 12 Sun Discs support 12 Sun Disc satellites. Each of the Sun Disc satellites are strategically placed. The placement of the Sun Disc and Sun Disc satellites are carefully chosen. These locations were chosen due to their telluric mineralogy, stellar alignments, and grid alignment. (Note: South Texas matched all of the requirements, a Sun Disc satellite is located in the Gulf of Mexico outside of Galveston.) 

    Lightworker or Transmitter at a Stargate?

    Before any Lightworker or Stargate Transmitter can be fully  "Functional at a Stargate'  they must first work together as a group to balance some of the intense negative energies that permeate their local geographic area surrounding a Stargate .  This group work is done with the assistance of Jesus Christ and Spiritual Hierarchy including the Angelic Host, Ascended Masters, Elohim, Deva and Christ Centered ET’s. This work is NOT done on a 3rd Dimensional level or physical level. It can only be accomplished on the astral plane during meditation or the dream state, when your brain wave activity has been lowered and your vibrations raised.

    When a Lightworker or Transmitter is fully functional everything just clicks into place…effortlessly. Synchronistic events happen every day. When you're working for the higher good and living your calling; there is no doubt or fear of the future. You trust in the Divine Guidance. All of the guesswork is removed from your life. You are at the right place, doing the right thing, at the right time. You feel in tune with the Universe and the Law of Attraction is bringing you all good things into your life. The books you need to read appear…the people you're supposed to be working with bump into you. It is a magical life. You’re living your dream because you're committed to doing the work that your soul calls you to do.

    This process directly contributes to the evolution of the Human race. In fact, based on the "100th Monkey Theory" each time a Lightworker reprograms a section of his or her consciousness, it benefits all humanity.   At least 144,000 people must become enlighten and awaken to God Consciousness to result in the "Second Coming of Christ en Mass'. When this number is attained an energy wave will move through the entire planet transmuting or dissolving negative energy and the influence of the Dark Brotherhood who practice black magic. The veil between heaven and earth will dissolve and everyone that is with the Light will merge with their I Am Presence or Christ Self.  In other words the impact of a group of awakened Lightworkers will create a domino effect and take the rest of the population into the "awakened state'. Metaphysically, by birthing the Christ child within us means that the "second" coming is the awakening of the awareness of the unified consciousness within the individual and NOT the return of a specific individual that is identified as a savior figure.

    Alcyon Pleiades 163: Temporal disappearances Ley lines Teleportation Philadelphia Experiment Déjà vu

    In this second episode of ‘Stargates and Time Travellers’, we will continue to explore access to cosmic tunnels or dimensional portals that lead us to experience other dimensions or worlds.

    Through the study of real, enigmatic cases involving mysterious disappearances and re-appearances of people and groups, we will enter a realm beyond the known dimensions, which lies beyond the laws of time and space. These dimensions comprise our reality and form part of the multiverse in which we live. Indeed, quantum physics opens up vast possibilities, enabling us to understand the world around us, on a visible and invisible level. Moreover, we will discuss mirrors, which have been used as dimensional portals since antiquity. This documentary will also focus on the presence of invisible ley lines, which are mysterious energy-based alignments associated with magnetic vortexes and portals.

    Furthermore, what can be said about the mysterious ‘déjà-vu’ experiences that many people have? What can be said about time travellers or ‘chrononauts’ and the reality of parallel universes, where various versions of ourselves exist? We will also reveal secret programmes whose objective is to experiment with teleportation, like the Philadelphia Experiment, and discuss programmes aimed at viewing past and future events, such as Project Looking Glass or the Yellow Cube. These projects are a reality, and the same is true of others we will explore in this episode.

    Video by Alcyon Pleiades

    Spend a Day with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Learn the Art of Falconry

    For only a $10 donation supporting Children’s Health Defense, you can win a trip to New York State to learn the art of Falconry with Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

    Cradle of Christianity in Kerala India

    Christianity is the third-largest practiced religion in Kerala, accounting for 18% of the population according to the Indian census. Although a minority, the Christian population of Kerala is proportionally much larger than that of India as a whole. A significant portion of the Indian Christian population resides in the state.

    Mar Thoma Sleeha Pilgrim Church, Kodungalloor where the relics of the right hand of the apostle is kept and venerated. This new church is built where it is believed that the first of the seven churches was built by St. Thomas in AD 52.

    The tradition of origin among Saint Thomas Christians relates to the arrival of Saint Thomas, one of the 12 disciples of Jesus, at the ancient seaport Muziris on the Kerala coast in AD 52.

    Thomas the church of the St. Thomas Christians in India had its origin In Kerala

    (Galilee residents could take a sailing trip to Kerala in the 1st century.)

    The tradition of St.Thomas is strong, definite and still living. This church has also
    preserved the faith handed down from the days of the Apostle St.Thomas without being
    defiled by the heresies that plagued the churches elsewhere. This apostolic tradition had given
    them a feeling of self existence and pride.

    St.Thomas Christians in India trace their origin to St.Thomas, the Apostle of Christ.
    Perhaps this church in India was the only church established by an Apostle outside the
    Roman Empire. One of the important aspects of the identity of the St.Thomas Christians was
    their consciousness of their apostolic origin. The judicial and hierarchical independence and
    purity of faith lasted until this church came into contact with the Portuguese missionaries.
    The history of the Kerala church from the early centuries right up to the 16 th century reveals
    that the church in Persia played a vital role in nurturing its growth. The St.Thomas Christians
    were greatly indebted to her. There was no doubt that at the time of the advent of the
    Portuguese in India, the church in Malabar looked for aid and advice from the church of

    Before the 16 th century, the St.Thomas Christians had a religious autonomy and its
    own traditions by the influence of St.Thomas tradition. These traditions of the St.Thomas
    Christians were presented by the process through which their church of India came to be
    ruled over by East Syrian Bishops. The testimonies of the Christians of Kerala and foreign
    notices clearly suggested that pre-Portuguese Christians established their religious relations
    with Persia and were hierarchically affiliated to the Syrian church from the 4 th century.
    St.Thomas Christians had enjoyed social, political and religious superiority. In the
    earlier period also, Christians enjoyed a high position in the society. The historical evidences
    and ancient writings including copper plates viz Canai Thomman Copper plate, Tarisapally
    Copper plates and Grant to Iravikorthan plate etc., are the best sources for students about it.
    These copper plates really showed the conditions of the Christians at the time of the issue of
    the plates. The St.Thomas Christians had assimilated many of the social customs and
    practices of the land and were indistinguishable in the society. This try to reveals the
    historicity of ancient evidences and relevance of St.Thomas tradition and the influence if this
    tradition in the life of St.Thomas Christians in Kerala.

    In short, the Thomas Christians of India, in the first sixteen centuries of their
    existence developed an identity of their own with a relative autonomy and self- rule in the
    universal Church. It was mainly by their apostolic origin and tradition. Jawaharlal Nehru,
    Prime Minister of India (1947 – 1964) in the book “Glimpses of World History” (1934)
    clearly ascertain that “Remember, Saint Thomas came to India when many of the countries of
    Europe had not yet become Christian, and so those Indians, who trace their Christianity to
    him have a longer history and a higher ancestry than that of Christians of many of the
    European countries. And it is really a matter of pride to us that it so happened.” The Thomas
    Christians carved out a distinct niche in the socio-cultural ambience of Kerala, thereby
    making the history of Kerala, rich and vibrant.

    In this project, by the reference of the Malabar tradition, western tradition, references
    in the Fathers, travellers and Persian relations of ancient Kerala Christians and different
    aspects of the Indian tradition give the impression that the central content stands out in clear
    relief that St. Thomas the Apostle preached, died and was buried in South India. None of the
    arguments so far advanced seem to be strong enough to erode the validity of this central
    content. Nor do we foresee the possibility as things stand, of some positive evidence being
    suddenly unearthed which would impair its value. Therefore the argument of convergence
    mentioned above appears to be reasonable enough to be accepted. From historical evidences,
    we can rightly conclude that the origin of Malabar Christianity is not from Thomas, the
    Manichaen, Thomas of Canai or Nestorian missionaries, but from Apostle Thomas, in the
    first century itself. The age-old consciousness of the community of St. Thomas Christians,
    that their origin of Christians is from the mission of St. Thomas the Apostle in India stands
    sufficiently justified.

    (No doubt)

    Gov. Josh Shapiro’s office quietly settled sexual harassment allegation against top aide

    This isn't the big one though. We are still waiting for a Ray Gricar grand jury and Shapiro and his AG are still dodging it. It's PA's version of the JFK murder and many know the truth and want to testify.

    Penn State started downhill after the AG office disappeared Gricar which gave Sandusky another 7 years before jail. After that the Marxists took over and now we have black male trannies terrorizing conservative women who just want to be heard about reclaiming women's athletics. 

    Once we find a few real Penn State men to do their job we are going to have a Gricar grand jury and reclaim some dignity for the winningest coach in college history. Now you can't even say his name over the PA system in Beaver stadium around these liberals who took over.\

    Author Rebecca Knight, producer of the Final Argument Podcast and web site is working to complete the final episodes at

    Israel, Gaza, And WWIII Vibes, With Guest Anya Parampil


    Four days after the dramatic assault by Hamas forces on Israel, it appears Tel Aviv is about to send ground forces into an urban warfare situation. Neocons at home are urging a US attack on Iran. One and maybe two US carrier groups are in or approaching the region. War propaganda is blasting full force. Investigative journalist Anya Parampil joins today's Liberty Report to try and make sense of this week's staggering events.


  • (When Khazars mow the lawn.)

  • Orwell was forced to be very cryptic [he was known as an anti-semitic] and it took me 5 reads before I saw his [in your face] declaration that Big Brother was Goldstein, in the books appendix Orwell compares the Inner Party to a Hebrew collective–and that 1984 was actually 1948–as he watched the Ashkenazim kabal prepare to reshape the world [].

    The Nakba, which means “catastrophe” in Arabic, refers to the mass displacement and dispossession of Palestinians during the 1948 Arab-Israeli war. Before the Nakba, Palestine was a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural society.

  • Jewish writer says Israel engaged in slow-motion genocide

  • Former Kentucky Swimmer & 'Real Women's Day' Creator Riley Gaines Condemns Penn State, Neeli Bendapudi

    Former Kentucky swimmer Riley Gaines, who is a known proponent against transgender individuals participating in female athletics,...

    Pro-trans activists are arrested after screaming obscenities at PA state senator and others during Pennsylvania State University protest against ex-swimmer Riley Gaines

    Morgan and Morgan Scores $26 million verdict for PA Truck Accident

    Pennsylvania [September 5, 2023] Patrick Clemmons was awarded a $26M verdict for injuries he suffered in a 2019 truck crash. Morgan & Morgan attorneys Clancy Boylan and Hannah Molitoris fought for the eight figure verdict despite the highest settlement offer of only $1.46 million. (In PA if you've been harmed by vaccines, transgender medicine or pharmaceutical drugs, contact Attorney Barry Scatton, Morgan and Morgan, Philadelphia.)

    ‘Unconscionable’: Republicans slam effort to couple aid to Israel with aid to Ukraine

    Republicans nominate Steve Scalise (R-LA) for House Speaker

    The first thing he did was pledge to fund Ukraine. 

    Jerusalem feels like ghost town amid Gaza war Jerusalem's normally-bustling streets grow dim as shops close and residents amid Israel's war against Hamas.

    This is where they were going to rule the world from but that was a pipe dream.

    Nikki Haley Urges Genocide after pushing utterly fake baby beheading story.

    Evidence Mounts That Israeli Intelligence Allowed Hamas Attack to Occur

    Bernie Sanders calls Israel’s siege on Gaza ‘a serious violation of international law’

    “The targeting of civilians is a war crime, no matter who does it,” the Vermont independent said.

    Benjamin Fulford Report: Cult of Ba’al Stages Mass Sacrifice of Jews and Palestinians in Doomed Attempt to Get Money

    The massive so-called attack by Hamas against Israel last week proves the Khazarian Mafia just don’t get it. Like the boy who cried wolf, they have lost the ability to fool and manipulate the world with staged incidents.

    The mass sacrifice to Satan last week of Jews and Palestinians by would-be God King Benyamin Netanyahu is a glaring example. Despite posting horrific and heart-wrenching images of suffering Israelis in their corporate propaganda press, nobody was fooled (except for a small remaining pocket of cool aid drinkers).

    Here is the real story of what happened behind the scenes according to Mossad, MI6 and Russian FSB sources.

    The head of MI6, who happens to be Jewish, said “The KM have always used the Jewish people and Judaism as a human shield for their satanic and nefarious purposes. They are a deeply rotten, well-known and well hated bunch of creeps. We went on false flag footing nearly instantly after hearing about it.”

    Mossad sources agreed noting the Gaza Strip and West Bank were so thoroughly monitored by the Israelis that not even a grain of rice can enter there without them knowing about it. In other words, the massive attack on Israel by Hamas had to have been orchestrated by Netanyahu and his minions.


    There's a reason Pleiadians call Enki the greatest deceiver Earth has ever known. All the conflict and suffering of Abrahamic religions (and much pagan worship that preceeded it) can be traced to Enki's (Oppisheklio) betrayal of Galactic Federation and the worship of his family as "God" on Earth. Ancient humans were easily tricked by false light. Good intentions were used against them. (Beings from the sky must be "God" right? Religions about Jesus must support his teaching, right?) The hardest truth for some to accept is that all Gods who walked the Earth and interacted with humans were ETs. Religions based on fear and blood rituals are false light. Abrahamic religions worship the same false gods under different names. Enki and Enlil worked together to divide humanity to create suffering and war, and this plan is still happening today.


    Syria Launches Missiles On Golan Heights As US To Begin 'Surging' Defense Aid To Israel

    Update(1612ET): The Syrian Army has fired missiles toward the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights Tuesday evening (local), breaking reports indicate. The Israeli Defense Force have confirmed the attack:

    A number of launches from Syria aimed for Israel were identified a short while ago. Part of the launches crossed into Israeli territory and presumably fell in open areas.

    — Israel Defense Forces (@IDF) October 10, 2023


    (Even Indians like truther Captain Vadakayil want to claim Apollonius as their own.)

    capt ajit vadakayil › 2022/02/20 › true-founde...

    Feb 20, 2022 — Greek Apollonius of Tyana (APALUNYAN ) was a dark skinned Indian seer from Kerala. Hundred of marble statues of Apollonius of Tyna were destroyed by the Pope.

     White skinned  Jesus followed dark skinned Apollonuius , like Mary and the little lamb, strangely got all the fame . . .

    Greeks  Plato, Pythagoras were students earlier in Kodungallur University .



    Today , nobody knows that there were 18  temples were erected in honor of APOLLONIUS OF TYANA, but none for Jesus Christ.   The first temple after Antioch came in Kodungallur when St Thomas came to Kerala.. This temple was made for Applolonius and NOT Jesus Christ. 

    Thousands of followers of Apollonius of Tyna were put to death –and lot of the survivors came running to Calicut – they were NOT Jews—they were Hindus , a sect named MANICHAEANS.. 

    Even today Christian In Kerala call each other CHAENS .  ( chayyan )

    Jesus Christ was unknown till the convention at Nicea in 325AD. Emperor Constantine exhumed the memory of Jesus Christ ( Damisa ) and deleted Apollonius of Tyana.

    Constantine the Great WAS THE 57TH Emperor of the Roman Empire. The medieval church upheld him as a paragon of virtue and boosted Jesus Christ as the messiah. 

    The Church of the Holy Sepulchre, was built on Constantine’s  orders at the site of Jesus’ tomb in Jerusalem (sic ) and this became the holiest place in Christendom. He is the man who created the Pope system. 

    It was the Pope who DELETED Apollonius of Tyana from all records .

    Christianity which sprouted from Antioch was NOT of Jesus , but of Apollonius of Tyana. His name is attached to the city’s temple, Apollo Daphne.

    Emperor Nero of Rome had put him in prison.



    Apollonius was for some time at the isle of Patmos where he wrote the first book of Revelation.

    Why was the library of Alexandria burnt ?

    To SINK the legacy of Apollonius- the Indian seer and his religion of  Essene Paganism.

    The ORIGINAL spiritual Bible contained Hinduism fundamentals of Karma, re-birth, cremation, kundalini rise, astrology, and vegetarianism.  Krist was Krishna .

    It was replaced by material opposites – Hell, burial of dead body,  pearly gates, middle man broker  between man and God,  a mortal soul, a hellfire for diviners, and permission for meat-eating and wine drinking.

    It is known today that Roman churchmen destroyed every vestige of the legacy of Appollonius and killed millions of his Essenian early Pagan followers.

    Below:   Tyna is in Turkey -NOT Greece !

    Paganism was made illegal by an edict of the Emperor Theodosius I in AD 391.    All PAGAN Hindus came running to Kerala for survival. They were NOT Jews as written by Rothschild’s historians.

    After 1900 years the truth is now out !

    Egyptians in Alexandria know the truth.   They know of a forbidden book which was saved and hidden from the EVIL Pope–“THE LIFE OF APOLLONIUS OF TYANA”, by his biographer, Philostratus

    The date is 27th Oct , time is 1145 IST—SATYA VACHAN.




    Kerala Syrian Christians –you are NOT Jews –be loyal to your mother land.   
    True Christianity was founded in Kerala, India.

    See: Apollonius was in Palestine in his early 30s !!

    Proof Romans Invented Jesus Christ - The Flavian Signature

    Joseph Atwill's book, "Caesar's Messiah: The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus", gives us a revolutionary new understanding of the origin of Christianity, who was the real Jesus (Son of Man), what is the New Testament, and how Christ's second coming already happened. In this short explanatory video, Atwill presents concepts from The Flavian Signature chapter in the latest edition of his book. The Flavian Signature refers to the parallels Atwill discovered which link the Jesus story in the Gospels to the military campaign of the Roman Caesar Titus Flavius in the histories of Josephus. Atwill shows how these parallels prove that the story of Jesus is not historical, and that it was the Flavian court who authored the Gospels - thus leaving their "signature", the "Flavian Signature", in the Gospels for posterity to discover and recognize.

    (This actually makes the study of Christianity and religion far more interesting knowing that Rome used typography to rewrite the old testament into the new by borrowing from history.

    Typography of the old testament and the story of much older Flavious Josephus was mashed up with the writings of Appylonius to form emperor Constantine's new testament. The goal was to create a passive population to counter Jewish activism and strengthen Rome.)

    A glimpse of the Sea of Galilee & Tiberias

    Global Conspiracy is Undermining Orthodox Christianity, Says Head of Russian Church

    "The stakes are very high, and the incentive to destroy the unity of the Church has a global dimension. It’s not a fight over jurisdiction. It’s a fight against the only powerful Orthodox force in the world."

    Sermon on Law and Grace by St. Hilarion, Metropolitan of Kiev [+1055AD]

    This text is from Sermons and Rhetoric of Kievan Rus', translated by
    Simon Franklin and published in 1991 by the Ukrainian Research
    Institute of Harvard University as volume 5 of the Harvard Library of
    Early Ukrainian Literature.

    In category ::: 11th-13th century

    A place of honour among the genres of Byzantine literature was held by the writings of the Church Fathers, theologians and preachers. These sermons and homilies by Byzantine authors were widely known in Old Russia, and original works by Russian writers had appeared by the eleventh century: The Sermon on Law and Grace of Metropolitan Hilarion and the sermons of Bishop Luke Zhidyata of Novgorod and Abbot Theodosius of the Kiev Crypt Monastery.

    The Sermon on Law and Grace, written by the Kievan priest Hilarion (later Metropolitan of Kiev) was, Nikolai Rozov assumes, first delivered by him in 1049 in honour of the completion of the fortress wall around Kiev. 70

    However, the importance of the Sermon extends far beyond the framework of the genre of the ceremonial festive sermons delivered to the faithful in church. Hilarion’s Sermon is a kind of ecclesiastical-political treatise extolling the Russian land and its princes.

    The Sermon begins with a lengthy theological discourse. Hilarion contrasts the Old and New Testaments, pursuing the idea that the Old Testament is law established for the Jewish people alone, whereas the New Testament is grace that extends to all peoples without exception who have adopted Christianity. Hilarion returns several times to this idea which is of great importance to him; in order to substantiate it he analyses the symbolism of Biblical imagery, quotes sayings of the Church Fathers, and uses all sorts of arguments to support his thesis of the superiority of Christianity to Judaism which was intended for one people alone, and the high calling of the Christian peoples.

    The first, dogmatic part of the Sermon leads up to the central idea of the work: Prince Vladimir of his own accord (not on the advice or insistence of the Greek clergy) performed a “great and wondrous” act—the baptising of Russia. Vladimir is the “teacher and mentor” of the Russian land, thanks to whom the “grace- giving faith” has “reached our Russian people”. The role of Vladimir as the baptiser of Russia grows to universal proportions: Vladimir is as “wise” and as “pious” as Constantine the Great himself, the emperor of the “two Romes”, the East and the West, who, according to ecclesiastical tradition proclaimed Christianity the official religion in Byzantium and was greatly revered in the empire. Similar deeds and merits confer the right to similar respect. Thus Hilarion introduces his audience to the idea of the need to recognise Vladimir as a saint. He puts him on a level with the Apostles John, Thomas and Mark, who performed the service of converting different countries and lands to Christianity.

    Hilarion seeks to extol the power of the Russian land and stress its authority. The phraseology of the church sermon is sometimes replaced by that of the chronicle eulogy: Vladimir’s forefathers, Igor and Svyatoslav, were renowned throughout the world for their courage and bravery, their “victories and valour”, and they ruled not in an “unknown land”, but in Russia, which “is known and heard by the four corners of the earth”. Vladimir himself is not only a faithful Christian, but a mighty “autocrat of his land” who has subjugated neighbouring countries, “some by peace, but the unruly by the sword”.

    The third and final part of the Sermon is dedicated to Yaroslav the Wise. Hilarion depicts him not only as the continuer of the spiritual behests of Vladimir, not only as the zealous builder of new churches, but as a worthy “deputy … of the dominion” of his father. Even in prayer Hilarion does not forget about Russia’s wordly, political needs: he prays God to “drive away” enemies, establish peace, “subdue” neighbouring countries, make the boyars see reason, fortify towns… This civic element in a church sermon is easily explained by the situation in the 1030s and 1040s, when Yaroslav was doing his utmost to gain the independence of the Russian Church and Russian state policy and when the idea of the equality (and not subordination) of Russia in its relations with Byzantium was assuming most acute forms, influencing even church building. For example, churches in Old Russia were given the names of the famous cathedrals in Constantinople: the cathedrals of St Sophia in Kiev and Novgorod, the churches of St Irene and St George in Kiev, the Golden Gate in Kiev, and so on. Politicians and architects saw Kiev as a kind of rival to Constantinople.

    There is a well-founded theory that Hilarion was also the author of the first work on Russian history, the cycle of tales on the conversion of Russia to Christianity, which may have marked the beginning of Russian chronicle-writing. This theory is, supported by numerous textual parallels in the two works.

    RFK JR to announce leaving the Democratic party in Philadelphia!

    Mr. Kennedy will lay out a path to the White House that involves a major shift in American politics. We invite you to witness history in the making, at the very spot where our founding fathers launched this nation in 1776 with the Declaration of Independence.

    Patrick Kennedy: No to RFK JR. Wants to take back 4:20 and promote vaccines. Patrick got $1 million from opioid recovery clinics.  

    Patrick Kennedy sits on the boards of eight corporations deeply invested in Washington’s response to the opioid crisis, from which he said he collects director fees and holds an equity stake in the firms. (Remember: All it takes for Big Pharma to buy a Kennedy is $1 million. Thank goodness RFK JR is not for sale. Plus clean water is one thing we can't do without and he has the best record on that.)

    Drugmaker Pfizer gave $1 million to help finance the Trump inauguration Kennedy has been on the right side of history with vaccines. Trump has not. Remember that the next time a young, otherwise healthy person presents with heart damage. 

    Embalmers: White fibrous clots in more than 50% of corpses

    A survey given to embalmers in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand examines the presence of fibrous clots in corpses. Of the 179 embalmers who responded to the survey, 119 of them – almost two-thirds exactly – said, yes, they are seeing these fibrous white clots. “If these embalmers are finding fibrous white clots in up to 50% or more of their corpses, we are dealing with a very serious issue.”

    Kash Patel Calls Out Tony Blinken for Openly Lying to the American Public About the $6 Billion Biden Sent to Iran (VIDEO)

    The $6 billion was unfrozen from Korean accounts and went to Middle East bank accounts. And that money has since been transferred to Iranian proxy forces and militia groups.  And the government of Iran and the President of Iran himself said the day after the $6 billion transfer, not only are we removing UN inspectors from the nuclear program, we will spend this money however we want.

    Our Secretary of State, as K.T. pointed out, is lawyering up and covering up, and now they’re going to start blaming each other because the DoD cares more about the setting sun than they do about our men and women. And they can’t even tell us how many civilians Americans are over there. This is the same regime that left 1000 American citizens in Afghanistan, not to mention our 13 dead.

    ADL's Greenblat goes off on MSNBC for bringing up the past

    MSNBC’s Ali Velshi blamed Israelis on Saturday for the terrorist attacks, arguing alongside a Palestinian analyst that Americans want to ignore the alleged mistreatment of Palestinians and this is what happens as a consequence.

    (Netenyahu helped with 9/11 and said it was good for Israel. It's the same situation in Gaza. Plus Netenyahu was instrumental in pushing the covid vaccines along with the Israeli vaccine CEOs. The Rothschilds and Netenyahu desperately need another war to stay in power.)

    Dr Naomi Wolf@naomirwolf

    There is going to be a sea change in attitudes among American Jews, I predict. The liberal US Jews who supported the Biden regime are being confronted with what happens to the world —including the Jewish state - when a treasonous regime is in power in America - one that grovels to tyrants and is forced by its handlers to show global weakness.

    Gov. Josh Shapiro joins more than 1000 at rally outside Philadelphia in support of Israel

    Shapiro thinks he can be president after less than 9 months as Governor. Except he's going to have to answer for the murder of DA Gricar before a grand jury.

    Blinken deletes social media post calling for Israel-Hamas 'cease-fire'

    Because the goal is to steal the Gaza strip like all the other land systematically taken from the original owners in Israel.

    American Jewish Comittee Presents the non anti semitic way to refer to "The Khazars"

    WHEN IT’S ANTISEMITIC: In the 6th century CE, the Khazars—an obscure warlike tribe in Turkistan [present day Kazakhstan]—fought for land that was ultimately overtaken by Southern Russia and Ukraine. Despite the decline in population and territorial defeat, the Khazars continued to be mentioned throughout history— especially as one of the first groups to adopt Judaism.

    By the 8th or 9th century, antisemitic conspiracy theories began forming around the Khazars’ reported conversion to Judaism. This spurred antisemitic beliefs that they were building a secret empire which sought widespread control through financial gains.

    Given that the Khazars moved into and settled in Eastern Europe, antisemites push the conspiracy that Ashkenazi Jews—Jews descending from Eastern Europe—are not “real Jews” and are working to infiltrate other nations on their quest for world domination (see “not the real Jews”). The Khazar trope is also used to undermine the Jewish connection to Israel, and therefore Israel’s right to exist, because it says Jews originated from the northern Caucasus region and were part of the Turkic empire—and not the Land of Israel.

    Children's Health Defense 2nd Annual Conference Features Cutting-Edge Topics Presented by World-Renowned Speakers

    The 2023 Children's Health Defense Conference offers the opportunity for health freedom advocates to gain knowledge and empowerment while joining forces with like-minded individuals from around the world.

    In addition to taking advantage of the packed line-up of powerful presentations, attendees can also take some time to relax and unwind or explore Savannah’s myriad attractions, including its famed riverfront, expansive bridges, unique historical sites, eateries, and art galleries.

    Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is founder, chairman and chief litigation counsel on leave for Children’s Health Defense. He is the founder of Waterkeeper Alliance — the world’s largest clean water advocacy group — and served as its longtime chairman and attorney.

    Moms Shine Spotlight On Harms Caused By Youth Transgender Movement

    Authored by Emel Akan via The Epoch Times

    The transgender movement has recently gained significant national attention for a number of reasons, including the controversy surrounding big corporations like Budweiser and Target's support for the movement as well as widespread public opposition to transgender athletes competing in women’s sports.

    Phillip Buckhaults: The Pfizer vaccine is contaminated with DNA that alters the genome forever

    Dr Philip Buckhaults claims that the Pfizer vaccine contains plasma DNA, not just mRNA, which could be the cause underlying adverse effects. If DNA enters the cells, it stays there forever and is transmitted to one’s children, whereas RNA is temporary. The likelihood of this DNA integrating into the genome is unrelated to its size; rather, it is a function of how many fragments are present. There are billions in the vaccine.

    Saints In Heaven Shocked To Learn Catholics Have Been Trying To Talk To Them This Whole Time

    Theology · Oct 5, 2023 ·

    PEARLY GATES — All was not trumpets and harps at the Pearly Gates following a surprising revelation that has really ruffled some holy vestments. Saints in Heaven were shocked to learn Catholics have been trying to talk to them this whole time.

    "Wait a minute," said St. Gabriel, Archangel and Catholic patron saint of communications and voicemails. "You people have been trying to contact us for HOW long? When was someone going to tell me about this?"

    "You've been what?" a befuddled Saint Peter asked incoming Catholic Tony Fenucci. "Praying to...ME? What the heck?!"

    News that Catholics have been sending their prayers to saints rather than God spread across the heavens, leading to a day of conversation, confusion, and some hard finger-pointing at Biblical passages that the saints thought had been quite clear to understand.

    "Forgive my frustration, but I just learned millions of Catholics have been asking me to gather up their prayers and carry them to God like some kind of messenger boy," said a palpably frustrated Saint Paul. "I'm trying to enjoy my massive mansion up here, folks!"

    At publishing time, the saints had elected to save further headaches by setting their voicemail to automatically forward to Jesus.

    (The leader of the photon band is that Ancient of Days from the book of Daniel, otherwise known as Ahura Mazda. This was the true God of light in the Old Testament. Not that Nimrod known as Enlil. 

    The Father Who art In Heaven from the Lord's Prayer, the one Jesus prayed to was the same Venusian ancient known as Sanat Kumara. He sent Cyrus to free the Jews from Babylon in 538 B.C. and mentored Melchizedek and the other Holy Kumara Brothers including Sananda for different Epochs.

    Timing is everything but it looks like Trump is the new Cyrus going into next year. The coins are already minted and the third temple blueprints in place. This was all scripted long ago.

    See The Dead Sea Scrolls 11Q13 for the lead up.

    The American Cyrus: How an Ancient King Became a Political Tool for Voter Mobilization


    During the 2016 presidential election, Evangelical supporters of Donald Trump presented him as a modern version of the ancient King Cyrus of Persia. To many conservative Christians, the comparison offered a justification of voting for a candidate whose character supposedly was at odds with their Christian virtues. Subsequent to his inauguration, the idea of Trump being an American Cyrus continued to develop and circulate. It is the aim of this article to deepen the understanding of Cyrus as a political tool in the West and explain how he ended up as a means to mobilize American voters.

    With an emphasis on the last 250 years, the article looks at how various personalities have been compared to Cyrus or presented as modern Cyruses. Based on these examples, it develops a typology, arguing that the modern Cyrus can be best understood as different types and subtypes, of which several have been applied to Trump. The article demonstrates how the various subtypes have separate evolutionary lines, which in turn can be attributed to different goals and functions.

    Celebrities suffer adverse effects or die post vaccination – Part 119

    Celebrities including Kourtney Kardashian, Bray Wyatt, Maddy Cusack, Ezequiel Sosa, Nathan Van Hooydonck, Zé Vaqueiro and many more have been injured by the toxic vaccines and some have died. If this is happening with famous individu-als, how many more nameless people are being affected who are not covered by the media or counted among the statistics?

    Please visit our channel Alcyon Pleiades, at the following address: to watch our videos on these subjects.

    Attorneys For Sidney Powell File Motion To Dismiss Case In Georgia Court

    Government caught withholding evidence again. This is like a government slap suit against Sydney Powell and the government is losing. Georgia is the only state with Chinese made Dominion voting machines in every county. That is where this is coming from.

    Ron DeSantis: Florida’s governor advises against the use of mRNA vaccines

    Florida governor Ron DeSantis brings together several experts to evaluate the use of Covid-19 mRNA vaccines that the FDA has just approved. Members of this round table discussion are advising against the use of these vaccines for anyone under the age of 65. They also conclude that the elderly should not be misled into believing that there are clinical trials indicating these boosters are beneficial, which is untrue.

    More deaths and injuries among pilots due to Covid jab: Increasing risks for flight safety

    Pilot deaths and incapacitations continue, as a result of the Covid-19 mRNA vac-cine rollout. According to estimates, some 600 pilots working for US airlines are no longer fit to fly.

    Embalmers: White fibrous clots in more than 50% of corpses

    A survey given to embalmers in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand examines the presence of fibrous clots in corpses. Of the 179 embalmers who responded to the survey, 119 of them – almost two-thirds exactly – said, yes, they are seeing these fibrous white clots. “If these embalmers are finding fibrous white clots in up to 50% or more of their corpses, we are dealing with a very serious issue,” says retired Air

    FBI Agent Accused Of Lying About Censoring Hunter Biden Laptop Dodges Testimony Before Jim Jordan, Source Confirms.

    "Everything is on the table for Mr. Chan, including contempt,” Russell Dye, a spokesperson for the House Judiciary Committee told the Caller.

    Just the thought of Trump as speaker was enough to make the three letter agencies fear for their future. Charged FBI agents are on the run, DHS is begging for the wall and Biden's dog commander was again sent to the dog pound after the 11th bite on a secret service agent.

    JFK Jr. is one of the secret service agents. He was Trump's personal body guard on some assignments. That is why the Biden doubles are always telling Commander to sickem. The main Biden body double swims nude in front of the lady secret service agents. That should be grounds for the dog pound too.

    Biden’s DHS let 200,000 illegal immigrants fly directly into 43 cities

    That is a population the size of Rochester, New York, or Des Moines, Iowa.

    Greg Abbott@GregAbbott_TX:  Covid Vaccine Mandates, School Choice

    Special Session #3 of the Texas Legislature will begin Monday, October 9th at 1:00 PM.  Now is the time for Texas to deliver school choice for every family, protect Texans and Americans against Biden’s border crisis, and ban all COVID vaccine mandates.

    7th November 1917: Bolshevik Red Guards take control of the Winter Palace in St Petersburg

    Looks like the Bolshevics used their crowning achievement in Russia as a template for criminalizing the Jan 6 "insurrection."

    All January 6 prisoners should be released on the grounds that they were incited to riot by government forces who planned to criminalize as many people as possible, even those in pre approved, permitted unmarked areas designated for protesters.

    Enrique Tarrio received a 22-year prison term for orchestrating the entire “seditious conspiracy.” We now know that the FBI was the driving force behind the plot.

    Finally, because thousands of hours of evidence was withheld by the government, defendants were denied evidence that would reveal many government operatives involved in the operation.

    How The FBI Planned the January 6 Operation

    The strategy outlined in the memo called for eight significant buildings in the District of Columbia to be occupied on January 6, 2021. This includes the Supreme Court as well as the offices of the House and Senate. The plan called for the widespread mobilization of supporters while evoking the feeling and spirit of both the Russian Revolution of 1917 and the Bolsheviks’ attack on the Winter Palace.

    (This explains why the local Jewish Federation immediately blasted all Jan 6 attendees in the newspaper. Time for the editors to resign.)

    “It appears that the government itself is the author of the most incriminating and damning document in this case, which was mysteriously sent at government request to Proud Boy leader Enrique Tarrio immediately prior to January 6 in order to frame or implicate Tarrio in a government- created scheme to storm buildings around the Capitol. As such, Exhibit 528-1 and the government’s efforts to frame or smear defendants with it, constitutes outrageous government conduct. This is either entrapment or outrageous government conduct, or both.

    "Too Freaking Late" - Mayorkas Finally Admits "Acute & Immediate Need" To Build Border Wall In Texas

    (Finally some common sense from DHS with the prospect of Trump as speaker.)

    In a stunning reversal of everything that was said over the last 7 years by the left, and just months after the Biden administration was caught selling portions of Trump's border wall on a government surplus website, DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is citing an "acute and immediate need" to waive dozens of federal laws in order to build a border wall in south Texas as the illegal immigration crisis grows utterly out of control.

    DC Draino said: If Trump was Speaker, he’d be able to subpoena the DOJ crooks persecuting him. He’d cut off funding for the FBI that raided his house. He’d impeach Joe Biden. He’d cut off Ukraine funding. He’d impeach Mayorkas, Garland & Wray. He’d be the most powerful man in America.

    Trump says he will do it for only three months!

    MTG is on board

    Will President Trump Be Nominated As Next Speaker Of The House?

    The speaker is third in line to be president. All they have to do is prove it's not the real Biden, the real Biden is dead, Kamala is ineligible, and Trump could end up as president.

    Ron Paul: U.S. Government Adds $1 Trillion In Debt In 3 Months!

    It took the U.S. federal government almost 200 years to rack up $1 Trillion in debt! Gates was right to stop the spending floodgates.

    Elise Stefanik for Speaker: A Strong Trump Supporter Could Run On Releasing the Jan 6 tapes like McCarthy promised to do and didn't.

    Suddenly, Pelosi had to vacate her privledged hideaway office after McCarthy was ousted.

    How The FBI Planned the January 6 Operation

    Anti-Defamation League Sued for $25M by Patriot Group in Landmark Filing

    Disabled Navy veteran John Sabal, founder and President of The Patriot Voice, has filed a $25M lawsuit against the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) alleging defamation and injurious falsehood.

    The Plot to Enflame Racial Division

    A Racial Program for the 20th Century" (1912) exposed how Organized Jewry waged  war against white nations by promoting racial division. This documentary by Larry Elder describes how Communists replaced Blacks' Christianity-based independence with a sense of entitlement and grievance.

    Critical Race Theory, gender dysphoria, BLM and the migrant invasion ("Diversity") can all be traced to a long-term Communist (Masonic) Jewish program to destroy Western civilization financed by Organized Jewry (Rothschilds, Freemasonry, George Soros, and the Democrats.)  

    Males took over a women in tech career conference by registering as non-binary.

    Keep voting Democrat and this is what happens to the real women.

    ‘Please don’t hesitate to call’ State College Police Chief says about antisemitic messages

    What about anti Christ messaging like have  your kids get the covid shots and mutilate their private parts?

    Final Argument:

    Over 100,000 Penn State fans pack the football stadium and only a handfull of those are willing to honor the winingest coach in college football history, Joe Paterno. Because the AG office slandered the coach to death in 2012 for "letting Sandusky go". But it was the AG office that had DA Gricar eliminated in 2005 after he faxed a trusted colleague that he was going to charge Sandusky.

    Governor Josh Shapiro and his attorney general (the AG Kane jailer who is quitting) should be immediately charged with obstruction of justice for failing to empanel a Gricar grand jury as called for by the State Police to expose the biggest, easy to solve capitol murder case in US history. At the very least Shapiro should be impeached on behalf of all Penn State employees, students and Alumni that were demeaned by the unlawful activities of the AG office against a county prosecutor, the victims and their families.

    The least Penn State can do to make up for the indignities continued by the Governor is to name the football field after Joe Paterno and the Press Box after Ray Gricar.

    Exclusive: Donald Trump Followers Targeted by FBI as 2024 Election Nears

    Heres hoping that Trump puts Kennedy in charge of firing these Marxist traitors, otherwise known as the FBI/CIA deep state and their news writers. The Nuremberg trials skipped the media before but not this time!

    Exopolitics Today Week in Review with Dr Michael Salla – Sept 23, 2023

    Germany signs the Artemis Accords! The Artemis Accords principles establish a common political understanding regarding mutually beneficial practices in the exploration and use of outer space, including activities conducted in support of NASA's Artemis program.

    The Dark Fleet of Antarctica of German origin is expected to follow the Artemis Accords according to Dr. Michael Salla.

    Michael Salla Flashback @MichaelSalla

    DCI Gina Haspel is directly linked to misuse of dominion software for 2020 election. Trump lawyer Sidney Powell claims much evidence is forthcoming. When was last time a CIA director was involved in taking down a US President: JFK?

    Dark Fleet: The Secret Nazi Space Program and the Battle for the Solar System (It's over)

    Reveals their interstellar space ports in Antarctica and on Mars, their base on the Moon, and their alien technologies, including nano-technology, antigravity propulsion, mass mind control, and hyperdimensional teleportation capabilities

    • Shares testimonies from American and British “supersoldiers” who participated in the “20 and Back” age-regression programs, revealing advanced human technology and our Space Armada that constitutes a counter-balance to the Nazi Dark Fleet

    The Nazis did not really lose World War II. They made it appear that way in order to divert attention from the alliance between the Fourth Reich and the race of aliens known as the Reptilians--an ancient galactic civilization obsessed with conquest and domination. After the German surrender in 1945, the Nazi-Reptilian alliance infiltrated the U.S. military-industrial complex. Through “Operation Paperclip,” the Nazis and Reptilians removed their political opponents, such as the Kennedys, and moved into policy-making positions in post-war America, infiltrating aerospace companies, banking, media, and the U.S. government, including NASA and the CIA. But their real target was not the United States--it was the solar system.

    As Len Kasten reveals in startling detail--including revelations of antigravity propulsion technology, alien techniques of mass mind control, and hyperdimensional teleportation capabilities--the Nazi-Reptilian alliance used their newfound power, wealth, and influence to launch a Secret Space Program with interstellar spaceports in Antarctica and on Mars as well as an eleven-story base of operations on the Moon. They commenced mining and manufacturing operations on Mars and Ceres, forming colonies there and elsewhere in the solar system. And, most shocking, they have used thousands of human slaves, easily transported in their spaceships, for both work and sexual exploitation.

    Sharing testimonies from American and British “supersoldiers” who participated in the “20 and Back” age-regression programs, Kasten reveals the various forces inside and outside government that are resisting the Nazis and thwarting Reptilian attempts to achieve total dominance of the planet and the solar system. The U.S.-led Secret Space Program has its own fleet of spaceships, the Solar Warden Space Armada, which patrols the edges of the solar system and poses a growing threat to the Nazi Dark Fleet.

    Alcyon Pleiades 162: Stellar portals-stargates, cosmonauts, cases of time travellers-parallel worlds

    With this newly released video documentary, we are launching a new series on the intriguing topic ‘Stargates and Time Travellers’, featuring a variety of different episodes, in which we strive to explore and explain elements associated with inter-dimensional portals, space-time gaps and parallel universes. In a way that is entertaining as well as scientific and objective, we look at real cases that have been documented over time and focus on myriad incidents, many of which continue to be unexplained to this very day.
    In this first episode, we explore a number of mysterious cases, like the teleportation of a soldier from the Philippines who appeared in Mexico, and the time-portal incident of Versailles, near Paris. We discuss the mysteries surrounding these and other incidents, which have yet to be resolved, including the mysterious disappearance of Jarrold L. and Carrie Potter, or the story of Owen Parfitt. On a related note, this video spotlights events occurring beyond the confines of time, including visions of the future, as seen through a gap in space-time on a train in Florida, or in the case of Yussupov’s train – a real incident that took place in the Silver Forest.
    Additionally, this episode explores other cases that have been recorded in literature worldwide, through the ages. By going beyond the laws of time and space – which form part of the multiverse in which we find ourselves – we shall reach beyond the material realm, to where quantum physics opens up enormous possibilities for us, so that we can understand the world that surrounds us, from both a ‘visible’ and ‘invisible’ perspective.

    Video by Alcyon Pleiades

    Dr. McCullough's Speech at the European Parliament

    Dr. McCullough delivered a speech to the European Union Parliament on September 13, 2023, in a session dedicated to the World Health Organization and Pandemic response.

    Paco de Lucía & Al Di Meola - Mediterranean Sundance

    US guitarist Al Di Meola suffers heart attack on stage in Romania's Capitol but is now stable after four stents put in.

    Di Meola’s decades-long career has earned him widespread critical acclaim and awards including a Grammy. One of Di Meola's most popular tracks is “Mediterranean Sundance,” which was part of his 1977 album “Elegant Gypsy.” According to his official website, he has sold more than 6 million records worldwide.

    Romania Insider Reports

    Famous jazz guitarist Al Di Meola suffered a heart attack during his concert on Wednesday night, September 27, at Arenele Romane in Bucharest, Digi24 reported..

    The guitarist, 69, was urgently taken to Bagdasr Arseni Hospital around midnight. Four stents were placed in his heart, and his condition is now stable. 

    Born in New Jersey in 1954, Meola enrolled at Berklee College of Music in Boston in 1971, and three years later, he joined pianist Chick Corea's band, Return to Forever, with whom he performed until 1976, according to Adevarul.

    A prolific composer, Meola has released over 20 albums as a leader and collaborated on several dozen more with fusion supergroups like Return to Forever, the Acoustic Guitar Trio, and the Rite of Strings trio. 

    The depth of Di Meola's writing, along with his prowess with the guitar, has garnered him a worldwide fan base, according to the biography published on the artist's official website.

    House Passes More Ukraine Aid with Help from These Republicans.. They should resign immediately along with all of the Democrats who voted for it!

    BREAKING: RFK Jr plans to announce independent run for president: report

    Kennedy plans to make the announcement on October 9 in Philadelphia.

    'Ukraine First!' Foreign War Funding Is A Main Culprit In Government Shutdown

    While each side is jockeying for position in political points, the fact remains that one of the main factors precipitating the coming government shutdown is the insistence by both parties to continue sending money we do not have to a losing war in Ukraine. Also today: McConnell claims sending more money to Ukraine is the "number one priority right now for the United States." Really?

    Senate Passes SHORTS Act To Stop Fetterman From Dressing Down

    As the shutdown looms.

    Where can you get your COVID-19 booster injuries in Centre County? 

    Big Pharma's last hurrah before pharmacy chain closures of CVS, Walgrens and Rite Aid.

    Mr. T Models Getting mRNA Flu Shot and mRNA Booster

    Pity the Fool!

    Centre County woman not heard from in nearly a decade declared legally dead

    DA Gricar has been declared dead since 2011 but his investigation is still active for being missing but not for homicide. Just wait till Gricar's last fax is released at!

    Dr A. Stuckelberger: The WHO is creating a new pandemic. We must not fall into the trap again

    Stew Peters interviews Dr Stuckelberger, and they speak out against the return of Covid. Certainly, the disgraced WHO is informed about the new pandemic threat. For a year now, they have adopted a new worldwide anti-pandemic protocol called PRET (Preparation and Resilience for Emerging Threats). We are already familiar with their game, and we are not going to fall into their trap a second time, says Dr Stuckelberger.


    And, the best way to do that quickly is for the House to completely defund every single department that has been weaponized against the US citizenry.

    Which means that, at the very minimum, the DHS, IRS, DoJ, FBI, HHS, CDC, FDA, NIH, DoEd, DoEn, DoT, etc. all need to be closed down post-haste.  

    12 Major Restaurant Chains Are In Big Trouble as Inflation Hits Consumers.

    A Huge Backlash Against Globalism, Climate Change Alarmism And Immigration Madness Has Started

    The Gothamist notes “More than 110,000 migrants have come to New York city over the last year, and around 60,000 are currently living in the city’s shelter system at a cost of billions of dollars annually, according to city officials.”

    Adams has demanded more help from the state and federal governments, and has especially pressured the White House to expedite work permits for migrants so that they may eventually be able to leave the shelter system.

    The Children Win In North Carolina

    North Carolina on Friday became the tenth state to approve universal school choice. Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper says he won’t veto the bill passed by the Legislature, no doubt because Republicans have enough votes to override.

    Ron Paul Liberty Report: Slippery Speaker: McCarthy Sneaks Ukraine Money Into 'Must Pass' Military Bill. According to Politico, Speaker Kevin McCarthy has backtracked on his promise to Marjorie Taylor-Greene and other conservatives to keep the Ukraine money out of the "must-pass" defense bill. Will he even be able to bring a "stop-gap" spending bill to the Floor after infuriating the rebels? Also today...Nazis in Canada? Say it ain't so! And finally: Trump +10 nationally?

    1/3 of Democrats Would Vote for Robert F. Kennedy Jr. as a Libertarian Candidate!

    This would really take the wind out of Biden.

    A poll released last week found that one-third of Democrats would vote for Kennedy if he were to run as an independent, a boost from the 25 percent who said they would vote for him in the primaries.

    "The last thing Biden needs is Robert Kennedy Jr. running on the Libertarian line," political consultant Jay Townsend told Newsweek on Monday. "Nothing good will come of that for Biden."

    TRUMP: "The fundamental question of our time is whether the West has the will to survive." (WOW!!!)

    If there is still any question in your mind why Trump was elected and whether he "gets it". Oh, he gets it. He gets it on a grand scale and obviously recognizes the big picture...the salvation of western civilization itself. These are powerful words.

    In Warsaw this morning, President Trump delivered what the White House sees as one of the most important speeches of his presidency. He didn't identify himself with the nationalist populist ruling party in Poland, but has something grander in mind. The president presented himself as the leader of the West during an address to thousands of Poles in a public square. Trump's team, led by senior policy adviser Stephen Miller, saw an opportunity to use the story of the Polish resistance as the setting for a new rallying cry to Western civilization.
    [link to (secure)]

    "The fundamental question of our time is whether the West has the will to survive. ... Our own fight for the West does not begin on the battlefield — it begins with our minds, our wills, and our souls... Americans, Poles, and the nations of Europe value individual freedom and sovereignty. We must work together to counter forces, whether they come from inside or out, from the South or the East, that threaten over time to undermine these values and to erase the bonds of culture, faith and tradition that make us who we are. I am here today not just to visit an old ally, but to hold it up as an example for others who seek freedom and who wish to summon the courage and the will to defend our civilization."

    Ukraine to have world’s lowest fertility rate – WSJ

    (Between conventional war and biological warfare, Kiev's Neo Nazi regime has been especially hard on the health of the population.)

    The WSJ noted that the number of births in the first half of 2023 was 28% lower than during the same period before the conflict. “Ukrainian demographers are now forecasting [that the fertility rate] will become the lowest in the world,” the report says. 

    Ukraine’s fertility rate was already the lowest in Europe before 2022, with just 1.2 children born per woman. It needs to be around 2.1 for the country to maintain its population size.

    The current demographic crisis has been exacerbated by the mass exodus of Ukrainian refugees, mostly women and children, to neighboring countries, with nearly 10 million people fleeing to the EU alone, according to EU Commissioner Thierry Breton. 

    (The Khazars of greater Israel are now buying up Ukraine war spoils for pennies on the dollar.)

    Study: 34% of children put on transgender puberty blockers end up becoming mental cases

    To all those LGBT advocates out there who claim that turning children transgender does them no harm, how about the more than one-third of children who suffer serious mental health problems after taking hormone-altering drugs like puberty blockers?

    A fresh analysis of a 2011 study conducted by the University College London Hospitals (UCLH) and the now-shuttering Tavistock Centre Gender Identity Development service and clinic revealed that at least 34 percent of children placed on puberty-blocking pharmaceutical drugs "reliably deteriorated" thereafter.

    Dr. Cass produced a full report of her findings, which is now being paired with this new analysis of the 2011 study to warn the world that underage children should never, ever be allowed to get chemically and physically mutilated, especially based on false promises that it is completely "safe" to do such things to one's body.

    Parents: protect your children from the cult of LGBT at all costs, even if it means making some sacrifices to pull them out of public school and homeschool them instead. Learn more at

    REVEALED: Popular COVID Drug Manufactured by Merck is Causing “Unintended” Virus Mutations, Potentially Fueling COVID’s Spread

    “Molnupiravir-induced mutation could also potentially allow infections to persist for longer by creating a more varied target for the immune system.”

    When reached for comment, Merck questioned the strength of the evidence presented by the researchers.

    (Remember: Merck killed and injured over 70,000 with the clot inducing drug Vioxx. They knew it was dangerous but marketed it for another 5 years before they were stopped. Merck cannot even be trusted to recommend the good drugs like Ivermectin if they no longer hold the patent.)

    Zoleka Mandela: Nelson Mandela's granddaughter dies aged 43

    ‘Zoleka Mandela, the granddaughter of the first post-apartheid president of South Africa Nelson Mandela, has died aged 43, the family has said.

    A message on her Instagram page said Ms Mandela went into hospital on 18 September for treatment for metastatic cancer, which was on her hip, liver, lung, pelvis, brain and spinal cord.’

    [link to (secure)]

    On an unrelated note, here she is getting vaxxed …


    During a consultation with my addiction counsellor, I informed her of my reluctance, based solely on my fear of the contents of the vaccine. She promptly asked whether I had been equally fearful about the contents of all the illegal drugs & alcohol I consumed for decades. Touché!

    Celebrities Against Vaccines – Part 117

    Many famous people are against killer vaccines and are taking a public stand against them, including Jonathan Isaac, Novak Djokovic, Megyn Kelly, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Johnny Rotten, among others.

    Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Flirts With the Libertarian Party

    In July, Mr. Kennedy met privately with Angela McArdle, the chair of the Libertarian Party, at a conference they were both attending in Memphis — a meeting that has not previously been reported.

    “He emphasized that he was committed to running as a Democrat but said that he considered himself very libertarian,” Ms. McArdle said in an interview, adding that they agreed on several positions, including the threat of the “deep state” and the need for populist messaging. “We’re aligned on a lot of issues.”

    “My perspective is that we are going to stay in touch in case he does decide to run,” Ms. McArdle said. “And he can contact me at any time if that’s the case.”

    Mayo Clinic Website Now Says Hydroxychloroquine CAN Be Used to Treat COVID-19 Patients, Previously Claimed It Was Not Effective

    Looks like there is no excuse for the poisonous covid vaccines since there are effective medicines available that don't harm the patient.

    House Committee Passes Bill to Ban FED from Creating a digital currency.

    15 hours ago — The House Financial Services Committee approved a bill to prevent the FED from creating US central bank digital currency. (Check another one off the patriot bucket list.)

    Johnstown Rite Aid To Close

    The Tribune Democrat newspaper has removed the latest mRNA promotional story. Looks like the covid vaccine ruse is finally over for these pharma slaves. The former Rite Aid exec that runs Value Drug pac that backed Shapiro in "Our Town" is losing his poisoned political power and so is the governor. 

    One of the reasons Johnstown is the poorest city in PA is because of unchecked opioid distribution which culminated in the cover up of the biggest drug bust in PA history: See Value Drug $4 Million DEA fine. This is why Johnstown had the highest prescription opioid saturation in the state. Value Drug was dumping massive amounts of opioids into these pharmacies. Over 800,000 illegal doses into one Hagerstown store as well.  Not surprisingly, the Johnstown FBI office was nowhere to be found in PA's biggest opioid distribution bust.

    These are some of the same powers keeping the murder of DA Ray Gricar under wraps but not for much longer. See

    Clapton Stands Behind Kennedy

    Slow hands isn't taking vaccine damage lying down.

    John Fetterman Tears Up In Emotional Speech About Bullying He’s Faced Due To Disability

    This isn't the old Fetterman. This is an actor playing Fetterman. Just like the situation with Biden.

    he Last Trumpet of Yom Kippur: September 25, 2023 Jubilee/Rapture/light chariots/day of at one ment? Start of the Tribulation or End of it?

    A similar message can be found in the Dead Sea Scrolls in 11Q13!


    The Coming of Melchizedek


    (...) And concerning what Scripture says, "In this year of Jubilee you shall return, everyone  you, to your property" (Lev. 25;13) And what is also written; "And this is the manner of the remission; every creditor shall remit the claim that is held against a neighbor, not exacting it of a neighbor who is a member of the community, because God's remission has been proclaimed" (Deut.15;2) the interpretation is that it applies to the Last Days and concerns the captives, just as Isaiah said: "To proclaim the Jubilee to the captives" (Isa. 61;1) (...) just as,  and from the inheritance of Melchizedek, for (... Melchizedek) , who will return them to what is rightfully theirs. He will proclaim to them  the Jubilee, thereby releasing them from the debt of all their sins. He shall proclaim this decree in the first week of the jubilee period that follows nine jubilee periods.

    Then the "Day of Atonement" shall  follow after the tenth jubilee period, when he shall atone for all the Sons of Light, and the people who are predestined to Melchizedek. (...) upon them (...) For this is the time decreed for the   "Year of Melchizedek`s favor", and by his might he will judge God's holy ones and so establish a righteous kingdom, as it is written about him in the Songs of David ; "A godlike being has taken his place in  the council of God; in the midst of divine beings he holds judgement"

    (Ps. 82;1). Scripture also says about him ; "Over it take your seat in the highest heaven; A divine being will judge the peoples" (Ps. 7;7-8) Concerning what scripture says; "How long will you judge unjustly, and show partiality with the wicked? Selah" (Ps. 82;2) ,the interpretation applies to Belial and the spirits predestined  to him, because all of them have rebelled, turning from God's precepts and so becoming utterly wicked. Therefore Melchizedek will thoroughly prosecute the vengeance required by God's statutes. Also, he will deliver all the captives from the power of Belial, and from the  power of all   the spirits destined to him. Allied with him will be all the "righteous divine beings"(Isa. 61;3).

    (The ...) is that whi(ch ...all) the divine beings. The visitation is the Day of Salvation that He has decreed through Isaiah the prophet concerning all the captives, inasmuch as Scripture says, "How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of the messenger who announces peace, who brings good news, who announces salvation, who says to Zion "Your divine being reigns"." (Isa. 52;7) This scriptures interpretation : "the mountains" are the prophets, they who were sent to proclaim God's truth and to prophesy to all Israel. "The messengers" is the Anointed of the spirit, of whom Daniel spoke; "After the sixty-two weeks, an Anointed shall be cut off" (Dan. 9;26) The "messenger who brings good news, who announces Salvation" is the one of whom it is written; "to proclaim the year of the LORD`s favor, the day of the vengeance of our God; to comfort all who mourn" (Isa. 61;2)

    This scripture's interpretation: he is to instruct them about all the periods of history for eternity (... and in the statutes) of the truth. (...) (.... dominion) that passes from Belial and returns to the Sons of Light (....) (...) by the judgment of God, just as it is written concerning him; "who says to Zion "Your divine being reigns" (Isa. 52;7) "Zion" is the congregation of all the sons of righteousness, who uphold the covenant and turn from walking in the way of the people. "Your divine being"  is Melchizedek, who will deliver them from the  power of Belial. Concerning what scripture says, "Then you shall have the trumpet sounded loud; in the seventh month . . . " (Lev. 25;9) 


    Hydrogel technology uses our cells’ energy and kills them. It’s also happening in the unvaccinated.

    Dr Ana Mihalcea speaks out about quantum-dot technology, which uses our cells as a source of energy. In fact, it kills them in order to develop the substrates it builds. In non-vaccinated blood, electrical conductivity has been reduced by up to 47 %. People are not aware of this situation. We have to alert the public about it, and do something... otherwise, bad things are going to happen, even to the unvaccinated. This is a spiritual war.

    Might Be A good Reason Not To Put Hydrogels From mRNA vaccines in your body

    Wound healing hydrogels offer the potential for mimicking blood clots, bridging the gap between synthetic and natural materials. Polymeric hydrogels are water-swollen networks with similar physicochemical properties to the native blood clot matrix.

    (Hydrogels are the main interface between man and machine. They are also used in wound healing to create a skin like substance. This is what is clogging the arteries of young athletes and others who got a dose of hydrogels in their blood stream from the mRNA vaccines.)

    Hydrogels as Lipid Nanoparticle Scaffolds

    Hydrogels are commonly defined as 3D networks of chemically or physically cross-linked polymers that swell in water while retaining their physical structural integrity. They are hydrophilic, biocompatible and simple to process by different methods to achieve a large variety of 2D (coatings, films) and 3D (bulk gels, aerogels) and scaffolds.

    PROOF POSITIVE: COVID-19 Vaccines Formulated as an Extremely Injurious and Lethal Bioweapon

    Posted on September 20, 2023 by State of the Nation

    Share South Carolina Professor finds 200 billion pieces of DNA contaminating a single dose of Pfizer’s covid injection

    CDC offers fall vaccine guidance for influenza, COVID-19, RSV

    Zombie Tribune Democrat newspaper is pushing three mRNA vaccines to the unsuspecting public. No mRNA vaccine should be taken by anybody due to the known complications with these bioweapon, lab based creations.

    This is the PSEA teachers union stronghold area where gov Shapiro first tried to launch his campaign but covid stopped him. Now all he's worried about is getting reelected with the help of motor voter changes. The Supreme Court already has changed the voting system bypassing the legislature making PA a rogue voting state. 

    What the legislature needs to do is push for a DA Ray Gricar grand jury which will show Shapiro's involvement with his top aid in the cover up of PA's most famous capitol murder of a sitting district attorney. Then he can be impeached. See for the latest podcasts and evidence.

    Attorney General Ken Paxton Releases Statement Following His Acquittal of Sham Impeachment – Issues Stern Warning to the Biden Regime

    In a landmark decision, Texas Senators acquitted Attorney General Ken Paxton on all 16 articles of impeachment brought against him. The acquittal comes after a contentious period of political infighting within the Republican Party, involving a “sham impeachment” orchestrated by a faction of Texas RINOs, including allies of the Bush and Rove families.

    The sham impeachment coordinated by the Biden Administration with liberal House Speaker Dade Phelan and his kangaroo court has cost taxpayers millions of dollars, disrupted the work of the Office of Attorney General and left a dark and permanent stain on the Texas House.

    The weaponization of the impeachment process to settle political differences is not only wrong, it is immoral and corrupt.

    You Can’t Make This Up: Doctors Are Now Struggling to Differentiate Between Covid, Allergies, and Common Cold – ‘We Only Knew It Was Covid Because We Tested’

    Stand for Health Freedom Presents:


    An Interactive Town Hall Event

    Stand with us for an unprecedented digital town hall event where we’ll dive deep into the core issues America faces today, and allow you to give direct feedback via dynamic polling. Hosted by Stand for Health Freedom’s Executive Director, Leah Wilson, Esq., this is your chance to engage directly with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

    Alcyon Pleiades Special 47: Next pandemic-bioweapon, lethal vaccine, dissociation Fight! Wake up!

    We are experiencing our worst moments ever, because, as a society and human race, we are living through a silent Third World War, in which millions of people are dying, due to a biological weapon linked to bioterrorism. We are referring to the so-called Covid-19 vaccine, which is actually an experimental gene therapy that modifies our DNA, turning human beings into ‘factories’ that produce the harmful spike protein. That is not all, however. People have also injected themselves with the toxic substances, nanobots and nanotechnology found inside these ‘vaccines’, and this fact has already been proven.

    Worse still, and in addition to these issues, most people do not notice anything and are acting as if it is normal for people to drop dead suddenly, or for them to suffer serious, unanticipated illnesses. No one is wondering about this situation or asking themselves questions about it. Indeed, the sleeping masses live immersed in ignorance and cowardice, because they do not want to know what is happening. They are dissociated and there is a lack of connection between what they think and reality. They would like a return to normality, but that reality no longer exists – all there is now is the suffering and pain of millions of people.
    For this reason, the perverse elite have planned the next pandemic, as part of their dark agenda, which will involve ‘Disease X’ or Covid 2.0. Consequently, they will want to impose new draconian measures upon us and lock us down again, in order to continue vaccinating the entire population so that people will become even sicker and, ultimately die, to conclude their final genocide.

    Therefore, we have to wake up, do our own research, and emerge from this state of ignorance and cowardice. Now is the time to wake up and fight. Otherwise, we will all die, because time is running out. Our humanity is far more numerous than this group of inhumane elites; we are 99% of the population, they are the 1%. Indeed, if we wake up, see reality and face up to what they are trying to do to us, there is still time for us to win this final battle.

    Video by Alcyon Pleiades

    Our Spiritual DNA: Twelve Ascended Masters and the Evidence for Our Divine Ancestry Paperback – August 31, 2021

    by Carmel Niland

    Guided by renowned mystics, Carmel Niland suggests that, just as we carry physical DNA that shapes us across generations, we also carry an energetic code or spiritual DNA that links us back to the very source of our origins -- God -- a divine ancestry that throughout the centuries conveys itself in patterns of behavior, character traits, and life purpose, connecting each individual to a specific Ascended Master.

    The God essence expresses itself through archetypal energies in us, represented by 12 Ascended Masters who hold the 12 strands of our spiritual DNA. Thus, every person on this earth, no matter how ordinary or extraordinary, is an aspect of one of these Masters. Focusing on Mother Mary and St. Germain, Our Spiritual DNA explores the role, energies, and essence of these 12 Masters by examining some of history’s most important figures who have been instrumental in shaping our world. Hitherto unknown details about the lives of personalities like Queen Nefertiti, Julius Caesar, Cleopatra, Merlin, Isabelle of Castile, and Dante emerge in channeled conversations with the author’s spiritual guide, The Gatekeeper.

    Watch MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell's comical handling of a SLAP suit deposition. This is another example of lawfare being used to silence those who question election transparency.

    What does a SLAPP suit do? Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation (SLAPP suit) refers to lawsuits intended to censor, intimidate, and silence critics by burdening them with the cost of a legal defense until they abandon their criticism or opposition.

    Lefty Media Ignore Conservative Group’s Massive Victory Against SPLC, Despite NYT Reporter Calling It ‘Front-Page News’

    The Southern Poverty Law Center routinely brands mainstream conservative and Christian organizations “hate groups,” placing them on a map with chapters of the Ku Klux Klan,

    (Despite incorporating poverty into it's name, the SPLC has an endowement of $731.9 million they use to promote their intolerance of Christian groups and others accused of "hate.")

    “Not A Good Decision For Young People” – Florida Surgeon-General Snubs FDA ‘COVID Boosters-For-All’ Guidance

    Joseph Lapado states the obvious setting an example for other state surgeon generals.

    CDC Admits 120,000 American Children 'DIED SUDDENLY' after COVID-19 ‘Vaccine’ Roll-Out - Murder Is Murder

    Global covid vaccine deaths are around 19.5 million SO FAR and global injuries are around 2.2 billion.

    Mount Nittany Health announces new masking requirement for employees due to COVID increase

    They didn't get the memo that masks don't work to prevent spike protein disease. The mRNA  shots they push only increase the spike protein load that causes so many cardiovascular and other health problems.

    Layoffs at Planned Parenthood shake staff in post-Roe world

    Lack of demand hits the abortion business. Infanticide is suddenly going out of fashion!

    @CDCgov’s OWN data: 1 million mRNA Covid shots for teens will prevent 0-1 Covid deaths and CAUSE 100,000-200,000 severe side effects.

    Kevin Bass PhD MS @kevinnbass

    Just a year and a half ago, 30% of Democrats believed that children should be taken away from unvaccinated parents. Nearly 50% of Democrats believed that the unvaccinated should be sent to camps. This is what a totalitarian ideology looks like.

    Meteorologists, Scientists Explain Why There Is 'No Climate Emergency'

    Flawed modeling and overblown rhetoric drowning out scientific reality for the sake of money and power, climate experts say.

    AOC, other Dems drowned out by screaming protesters at NYC migrant crisis news conference

    Providence Hospital System Imposes Covid Vaccine Mandate for the largest Catholic healthcare system in the country!

    with over 50 hospitals, 1,000 clinics, and 120,000 employees.

    The announcement outlined several key requirements for employees:

    • All caregivers must receive the newest vaccine and provide proof of vaccination by November 30.
    • Employees who opt not to get vaccinated may submit a declination form. Those who already have an approved exemption do not need to submit a new declination.
    • Employees who fail to comply by the November 30 deadline may be removed from the schedule, placed on unpaid leave, and could face termination for continued non-compliance.
    • Caregivers who are fully remote and never report to an office are encouraged to be vaccinated but are not required to participate.

    Employees who choose not to get vaccinated for whatever reason—be it medical, religious, or personal—could find themselves out of a job.

    The Providence family of organizations is a network of not-for-profit healthcare organizations in the United States. It is the largest Catholic health care system in the country, with over 50 hospitals, 1,000 clinics, and 120,000 employees. The Providence family of organizations operates in seven states: Alaska, California, Montana, Oregon, Texas, Washington, and Wyoming. Providence rated worst nonprofit hospital in country regarding consumer practices. Providence, a nonprofit hospital located in Renton, has reportedly saved more than $700 million that was intended for the community.

    How much does the CEO of Providence Healthcare make?

    When Providence Health and Services took over St. Joseph Health in 2016, the big winners were Providence's top executives who snared big raises while laying off caregivers and slashing services. CEO Rod Hochman's total compensation soared from $4.1 million in 2016 to $10.5 million in 2017.

    Giving teenagers a million additional mRNA doses will cause anywhere from 100,000 to 200,000 cases of severe short-term side effects, such as fevers and nausea.

    They will also cause anywhere from 50 to 300 cases of myocarditis severe enough to cause hospitalization (depending on which estimates and what mix of Pfizer and Moderna shots are used).

    That math has led most of the world, including Japan, Germany, Britain, and Australia, to stop recommending Covid boosters for children and teenagers. In fact, the latter three countries no longer recommend Covid shots for the vast majority of people under 65.

    But the United States will not back down.

    Moms for Liberty named 'extremist' by Southern Poverty Law Center

    The SPLC is back making trouble at Penn State again over 'extremist' speakers that might come and talk about family values and patriotism. Leftist Khazarian lawyers from Alabama can go back to Birmingam and take the critical race theory professors with you!

    Woke = Broke and Penn State is already in steep decline especially the hospital division which lost nearly a half $billion over the last two years pushing child genital mutilation at Hershey medical. And they are still administering mNRA bioweapon spike protein disease to the youth population who have no recourse. This is way more than extremism, it's Nuremberg like abuse of the population and and the SPLC apparently has no problem with that.

    Libertarian National Committee Moves to File for Conservatorships for Biden and McConnell, Citing “Clear Incapacitation, and Mental Lapses.

    The Libertarian National Committee has filed for conservatorships for both White House resident Joe Biden and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. Citing “clear incapacitation, mental lapses, and deficiencies in decision making” evident in recent well-publicized instances, the committee argues that neither man is fit to serve the American people.

    The Libertarian Party argues that both Biden (80) and McConnell (81) have shown serious impairments in their ability to “receive and evaluate information effectively,
    make decisions, and communicate,” suggesting that they lack the capacity to represent either themselves or the American public.

    With both the Democratic and Republican parties unwilling to take action against either leader, the Libertarian Party has taken it upon themselves to address the issue.

    Ancient Indian Vimana Technology explained


    The dark fleet deep state is still driving around using age old mercury belching vimana technology in their TR3Bs. That is what needs to be disclosed first. And they think fossil fuels are bad!

    The Vedas are viewed as one of the most established reports in mankind, which showed different Vimanas vehicles and drives, as old as 7000 years.

    The dangers of Mercury Vortex Propulsion are when the liquid metal Mercury is heated; it gives forth a hot vapor. This vapor is deadly poisonous, because if the liquid metal mercury is made radioactive and heated sufficiently to emit radiation. Any leaks in the mercury would, therefore, be a double danger to the crew and maintenance personnel of any vehicle powered by a mercury vapor turbine. (And they think fossil fuels are bad!)

    Spinning mercury in opposite directions at 60,000 rpm creates an antigravity time bubble which reduces gravity by over 80% and slows down time in comparison to outside observers. This is why UFOs can appear to go at impossible speeds,  change directions at 90 degree angles and can completely disappear from view.

    (On the other hand, the light forces only use technology that is in harmony with the natural order.)

    UFOs that ‘drip’ molten materials

    Over the years there has been a large number of cases and video footage of what appears to be UFOs of varying description from metallic craft to glowing orbs of light that look like they are dripping a material downwards toward the ground below, some either making it to the ground to be collected or evaporating into nothing.

    There’s the Maury Island incident in 1947 in which a fisherman, his son and the pet dog were onboard a patrol boat when they noticed 6 large donut shaped objects above.

    One of the objects were said to have “began spewing forth what seemed like thousands of newspapers from somewhere on the inside of its center. These newspapers, which turned out to be a white type of very light weight metal, fluttered to earth”.

    Dahl reported that a substance resembling lava rocks fell onto their boat, breaking a worker’s arm and killing a dog.

    COVID booster warning from Florida surgeon general, who advises people not to get new vaccine

    It's fitting that Joseph Lapado is setting the standard for Surgeon Generals regarding vaccines because Blacks have long been a targeted group in the vaccine scams. The MMR vaccine from Merck is a prime example which has caused increased autism rates especially in black males. The Japanese ran tests and quit using the MMR and instead administer Measles-Mumps-Rubella vaccines separately which eliminates many of the side effects associated with the MMR vaccine in children.

    Adverse events associated with MMR vaccines in Japan

    The largest nationwide active surveillance of four Measles-Mumps-Rubella (MMR) vaccines was conducted in Japan. A total of 1255 pediatricians actively participated in the study, which comprised 8.6% of all members of the Japanese Pediatric Society.

    The incidence of convulsions between 15 and 35 days was the highest with the standard MMR vaccine and the incidence of fever associated with vomiting occurring between 15 and 35 days (symptoms relevant to aseptic meningitis) were also the highest with the standard MMR vaccine.

    Nine Eleven | Hidden Truths and Covered Realities

    "In the aftermath of the tragic events of September 11, 2001, a shroud of secrecy and unanswered questions enveloped the nation. This documentary delves deep into the untold stories and concealed truths, shedding light on a narrative that was often veiled in shadow."

    (This premiered on 9/11/2023 and has a lot of updated information. Features FBI director Robert Mueller when he got the job right before 9/11. )

     On September 11, 2001, Melanie Hankinson was at the church next to her home in New Baltimore, PA, 8 miles from Shanksville, transfixed before a television that showed the World Trade Center ablaze, when the man who sprays her lawn stopped by to tell her he was finding odd things in the weeds.

    "He said there was a loud bang and smoke and then these papers started blowing through your yard," she said. "I said, 'Oh.' Then I went back to the TV." Then the parish priest, the Rev. Allen Zeth, told her an airplane had crashed in Shanksville.

    For the next few hours, Hankinson gathered charred pages of in-flight magazines, papers from a pilot's manual -- she remembers a map showing the Guadalajara, Mexico, airport -- and copies of stock portfolio monthly earnings reports.

    "And there was some black webbing -- a lot of people found that," she said. The webbing, flexible where it hadn't burned, crisp where it had, was from insulation lining the belly of the jetliner."

    A Simple Proof that the Official Story of the Flight 93 Crash is Wrong

    Officially flight 93 was crashed intentionally by the hijackers into the ground. According to Jere Longman, who wrote the definitive account of flight 93 in his book "Among the Heroes", when the plane crashed going 600 mph, it burrowed head-first into the ground. Officially, most of the plane's fuselage was found buried 25-40 feet underground. Even the two black boxes were found at 15 feet and 25 feet below the ground surface. However, the plane also exploded, showering large pieces of debris for hundreds of yards and very light debris, for miles. The explosion produced a huge noise that nearby residents heard and also produced a large mushroom cloud. The crash also produced a seismic vibration, though the 9/11 commission doesn't believe this evidence as the time of the signal was 10:06am and not 10:03am when the commission says flight 93 crashed.

    Here is what the crater of the flight 93 crash looked like.

    Here is the problem: the flight data recorders and the cockpit voice recorders (the black boxes) are located in the tail of the plane.

    If the plane went into the ground head first, and the black boxes went into the ground, this means the tail went into the ground as well.

    This PROVES that flight 93 either:

    1) went in the hole head-first and DID NOT explode (since the explosion would have shot out the rear of the plane, blowing off the tail)


    2) didn't go into the hole and the crater is a hoax.

    I submit that it is impossible that the plane's fuselage including the tail section could have burrowed deeply into the ground but at the same time exploded so violently as to shower human remains and aircraft debris all over above ground.

    Conclusive Proof That UA93 Didn't Crash in Shanksville...

    This is the real flight path of flight 93 on 911. The plane did not disappear underground in Shanksville like the FBI said. The plane's one engine was shot off by a missile over Shanksville and landed in a pond 300 feet from the hole in the ground where the FBI said the plane entered the earth.

    The State Police detail was dismissed by the FBI when it became clear that the debris field went beyond the officially designated crash site because this would not fit the official narrative. The plane flew beyond Shanksville raining mail and debris over New Baltimore where the FBI later set up a collection site and trailer.

    (Note to Somerset county or the PA Game Commission. The real crash site is just inside the county line on state game lands 104. This could be developed into a second 911 flight 93 historical site. Get a team up there to this exact location where the transponder quit by the patch of downed trees with a metal detector and get started!)

    United 93 Still Airborne After Alleged Crash - According To ATC/Radar

    This is the original Pilots for 911 truth article that pinpoints the last flight radar signal near Hyndman PA. This article is only available from the wayback machine because the original site has been scrubbed.

    A Review of the FBI's Handling of Intelligence Information Prior to the September 11 Attacks

    Special Report
    November 2004 (Released Publicly June 2005)
    Office of the Inspector General


    In sum, we found individual and systemic failings in the FBI’s handling of information regarding the Hazmi and Mihdhar matter. The FBI had at least five opportunities to learn about their presence in the United States and to seek to find them before September 11, 2001. Much of the cause for these lost opportunities involved systemic problems. We found information sharing problems between the CIA and the FBI and systemic problems within the FBI related to counterterrorism investigations. The systemic problems included inadequate oversight and guidance provided to FBI detailees at the CIA, the FBI employees’ lack of understanding of CIA procedures, the inconsistent documentation of intelligence information received informally by the FBI, the lack of priority given to counterterrorism investigations by the FBI before September 11, and the effect of the wall on FBI criminal investigations.

    Our review also found that the CIA did not provide information to the FBI about Hazmi and Mihdhar when it should have and we believe the CIA shares significant responsibility for the breakdown in the Hazmi and Mihdhar case. However, the FBI also failed to fully exploit the information that was made available to them. In addition, the FBI did not assign sufficient priority to the investigation when it learned in August 2001 that Hazmi and Mihdhar were in the in the United States. While we do not know what would have happened had the FBI learned sooner or pursued its investigation more aggressively, the FBI lost several important opportunities to find Hazmi and Mihdhar before the September 11 attacks.

    SHEMITAH JUBILEE 2023: If the Khazarian banksters trigger the controlled demolition of the Global Economic and Financial System, it will commence from September 15th through October 6th of 2023 ~

    Organized Jewry has been waging a covert war on God
    and man for hundreds of years. Our feckless ancestors
    gave these miscreants our national credit cards.

    Why is YOM KIPPUR — the DAY OF ATONEMENT — on September 24th thru 25th, 2023 such a critical date for humanity?The MOEDIM The SEVENTH SEAL The GREAT TRIBULATION

    Via State of the Nation

    Original Research on Our Genetic ‘God Code’

    DNA and the Divine Names

    (Our original YHVH DNA code was designed to light up in the golden age with additional strands. That is the meaning of the second coming of Christ)

    Dr. Betsy Eads with news on Ivermectin, covid vaccine side effects and Nuremberg code violations.

    Good news on treatment and detox protocols. This is an excellent, well informed presentation!

    Nuremberg Code Revisited:

    The ten points of the Nuremberg code were given in the section of the judges' verdict entitled "Permissible Medical Experiments":

    1. The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential. This means that the person involved should have legal capacity to give consent; should be so situated as to be able to exercise free power of choice, without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, overreaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion; and should have sufficient knowledge and comprehension of the elements of the subject matter involved as to enable him to make an understanding and enlightened decision. This latter element requires that before the acceptance of an affirmative decision by the experimental subject there should be made known to him the nature, duration, and purpose of the experiment; the method and means by which it is to be conducted; all inconveniences and hazards reasonably to be expected; and the effects upon his health or person which may possibly come from his participation in the experiment. The duty and responsibility for ascertaining the quality of the consent rests upon each individual who initiates, directs, or engages in the experiment. It is a personal duty and responsibility which may not be delegated to another with impunity.
    2. The experiment should be such as to yield fruitful results for the good of society, unprocurable by other methods or means of study, and not random and unnecessary in nature.
    3. The experiment should be so designed and based on the results of animal experimentation and a knowledge of the natural history of the disease or other problem under study that the anticipated results will justify the performance of the experiment.
    4. The experiment should be so conducted as to avoid all unnecessary physical and mental suffering and injury.
    5. No experiment should be conducted where there is an a priori reason to believe that death or disabling injury will occur; except, perhaps, in those experiments where the experimental physicians also serve as subjects.
    6. The degree of risk to be taken should never exceed that determined by the humanitarian importance of the problem to be solved by the experiment.
    7. Proper preparations should be made and adequate facilities provided to protect the experimental subject against even remote possibilities of injury, disability, or death.
    8. The experiment should be conducted only by scientifically qualified persons. The highest degree of skill and care should be required through all stages of the experiment of those who conduct or engage in the experiment.
    9. During the course of the experiment the human subject should be at liberty to bring the experiment to an end if he has reached the physical or mental state where continuation of the experiment seems to him to be impossible.
    10. During the course of the experiment the scientist in charge must be prepared to terminate the experiment at any stage, if he has probable cause to believe, in the exercise of the good faith, superior skill and careful judgment required of him that a continuation of the experiment is likely to result in injury, disability, or death to the experimental subject.

    Alcyon Pleiades 161: Photonic bubble, Planetary brightness, Solar stargate Huge ships, 12-strand DNA

    In this third and final video documentary forming part of our trilogy on the Sun and its effects on Earth, we analyse phenomena that are taking place in our heliosphere and in planets belonging to the Solar System. These cosmic events include climate change in all of the Solar System’s planets, as a consequence of the interstellar energy cloud that we have been travelling through for the past several years.
    The consequence of this reality and the fact that we are currently experiencing Solar Cycle 25 – which is reaching the peak of its activity – is that we are seeing an upsurge in powerful solar storms, which could cause the end of our civilisation, as was the case in Atlantis, Lemuria and Hyperborea.

    Recent studies demonstrate that there are links between the Earth and the Sun, via ‘stargates’ that activate and deactivate in cycles. Furthermore, we will discuss biophotons and the influence of the Sun, including how it affects life on our planet, our DNA, and spirituality. Therein lies the globalist elite’s interest in eliminating the so-called ‘God gene’ from inside human beings. These issues also explain the prophecies made by Greek-Egyptian sage Hermes Trismegistus about the era we are currently experiencing. They are exciting topics awaiting discovery via this important documentary that concludes the trilogy on our nearest star, giver of life.

    Video by Alcyon Pleiades

    .@KariLake Attorney Kurt Olsen: "We found evidence of malware put on the printers used at 223 vote centers & those printers are what caused the Election Day chaos... There were over 7,000 ballot rejections every 30 minutes, beginning at 6:30 AM all the way through 8:00 PM when the polls, even after the polls closed... That's over 200,000 ballot rejections on a day when there were only 248,000 votes cast."

    Jewish Lawyer — The ADL is owned by the Democrat Party…

    More and more citizens are asking for an open debate on all vaccines

    Some US States, like Massachusetts, are trying to eliminate the religious exemption option regarding vaccination. At the same time however, Federal Courts in other States have ruled that this measure is a violation of the freedom to exercise one’s religion, enshrined in the First Amendment of the US Constitution.

    The Medical Board wants to suspend Dr Tenpenny’s medical license. She has identified 40 mechanisms of injury induced by Covid vaccines and divided them into four categories. 1. Anaphylactic shock, pulmonary embolism and sudden death; 2. Spike protein disease; 3. Autoimmune diseases; 4. All other injuries.

    Please visit our channel Alcyon Pleiades, at the following address: to watch our videos on these subjects.

    The Fall-Out from COVID-19 Continues: Rackovan v Penn State

    The only way to make sense of the firing of Zack Rackovan from his job at Penn State in March 2022 is to understand that the entire system has gone completely off the rails. Penn State fired him after it rejected his religious exemption for the experimental COVID-19 jab. It was an exemption he feels he shouldn’t have had to submit in the first place.

    PAHRC Rules in Favor of Rackovan on All Counts Rackovan Restitution Advertisement NEWS August 7, 2023 August 1, 2023 July 31, 2023 July 11, 2023 June 21, 2023

    Zackovan believes no one should be mandated to inject an unknown, experimental substance into one’s body, regardless of religious beliefs. Here’s the catch, though. Rackovan had worked in a “fully remote” graphic design job at the “Justice and Safety Institute” at Penn State since 2014. He never came into physical contact with any of his co-workers. Let’s repeat: he never went to the campus. And, by the way, Rackovan says his employment record was “stellar.”

    Rackovan contacted UncoverDC to get the word out. There is an “agenda within our higher education system.” That system, says Rackovan, is the “same one that preaches diversity and inclusion but seems to show no tolerance for Christianity and seeks to remove our American liberties and God-given rights.” Rackovan believes the university “pressured and coerced [him] to compromise on [his] Christian beliefs. Penn State,” he says, “Fired him  for standing firm against requests that violated [his] religious beliefs as well as [his] Constitutional rights.” 

    Ironically, Rackovan shared that union educators were given exemptions on campus, and many of those union workers worked on-site. The other irony is that Penn State “rescinded the protocols they used to fire [Rackovan] three days after he was terminated.”

    It seems Penn State went well out of its way to make things difficult for Rackovan. The hoops he had to jump over can’t all be written off as typical bureaucratic nonsense. It didn’t seem to matter how valid his requests were or how much of the required documentation he submitted; Rackovan was met with a brick wall everywhere he turned. He has documented the entire history of his dispute with Penn State, as provided to UncoverDC here. After speaking with him, it is hard to imagine that the only agenda here was the safety of others. Get ready; the brick walls are many. Rackovan explains:

    “Because of my Christian convictions and general belief in personal bodily autonomy, I refused to submit to the experimental COVID jab and other illogical and illegal requests that my employer implemented as a requirement of employment in the fall of 2021, including masking and weekly testing.

    Specifically, for one example, I was required to take a test that stated directly on the label: for research only, not to be used for diagnosis. In order to take the test, I had to first sign an affidavit releasing all of my personal information (name, address, bank account information) to whomever the research facility wanted to sell it to, as well as relinquish my right to sue anyone for anything associated with the tests (which are proven to cause many various medical issues).

    Finally, I had to sign off on a statement saying I was not being coerced in any way. I couldn’t, in good faith, sign away my rights and certainly couldn’t validate a bald-faced lie purporting there was no coercion involved in the process; coercion was their entire strategy!”

    (This should be a slam dunk case.)

    Covid uptick At UPMC Hospitals!

    Because UPMC is still pushing the mRNA shots and so is UPJ college which requires all freshmen get the covid shot! Theres still plenty of hospitals and colleges for dummies who are spreading disease through shedding of the freshly vaccinated.

    FDA approves RSV vaccine for moms-to-be

    This is another untested mRNA vaccine that should never be given during pregnancy or any other time. We learned this from the covid vaccine.  The same goes for the new mRNA flu vaccines being given now.

    45% Drop in Home Purchases – Bigger Than '08!

    Home sales are now down 31% in 2023. Without transactions, many jobs that are commission oriented are seeing huge declines in incomes. Real estate agents, mortgage brokers, title insurance, home inspectors. All of the various categories are entering a depressions from lack of transactions.

    Proof of a mRNA Disaster! A Buried England mRNA Data Avalanche has been Exposed. We can now Compare the % of All Cause Death (by Vaccination Status) with the % of Vaccine Uptake.

    Any Religious Body, Health Authority , Health Worker, Politician, Pharmacy Executive, Statistician, Judge or any Adult for that matter now has a Duty to Protect their communities from mRNA. (And demand Ivermectin now!)

    At a stroke, Slovakia could soon become Russia’s newest ally John Kampfner

    Slovakia's Robert Fico is a fan of Victor Orban who is a fan of Donald Trump. Europe is moving to the right of NATO.

    Grand Master Melchizedek

    (The Romans changed up most of Melchizedek's original story in 325AD at the council of Nicea. Constantine had his editors cut the stories from Hyperboria, Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt, Zoroaster, the Essenes, the Dead Sea Scrolls, and the Nazarines, and created the mashup of Yeshua and Appolonius of Tyanna (Paul to the Romans) in the New Testament. The current order of Melchizedek is still based in Shamballah, Agartha, inner earth and on the etheric plane.)

    Beloved Lord Melchizedek is a former Father’s Presence of our Universe and Twin Flame to the Queen of Light. He governs Shamballa, the Great Light Realm over the Sahara Desert and from there He oversees the affairs of Earth. He also oversees all Sacred Geometries, and their return into the consciousness of the people of Earth, sometimes with the use of crop circles. He gifted the most Sacred of all Geometries, the fine Gold Cross, to begin forming above the Lantern that Beloved Jesus the Christ anchored over our Heart Flames.

    The Grand Master Melchizedek gifts us His Star of Melchizedek, which enables us to contemplate the Oneness of Life. His Heart Flame is the All Christ Flame of Eternal Power and Cosmic Purity, which He imparts within us and everywhere we abide, so nothing of negativity, discord or destruction can contact us, in all our days of Resurrection.

    It is Beloved Lord Melchizedek who birthed the idea of the House of David, not the personality of King David but the lineage of Consciousness, like a bloodline, to pass on as a Divine Inheritance to those who followed. He is now working with King David providing the Great Handover of this Consciousness. The Grand Master serves as the Ascended Master Chohan of the Second Tier of the Indigo Ray. He over lights many of our Conclaves. We celebrate His Ascension Anniversary on November 11th.

    Ascended Master Melchizedek is best known as the High Priest of the Melchizedek priesthood. Melchizedek is a First Ray Ascended Master. The First Ray is the blue, red and silver ray of Gods Will and Power (though the Melchizedek priesthood is a 7th ray order). Master Melchizedek has taken it upon himself to be a teacher for all who were previously initiated into the Melchizedek order. His service to the order keeps him close to this dimension. As Mother Mary embodies the Mother energy, Melchizedek embodies the complementary Father energy. He helps to smooth off the harsh edges that comes with those still in body and he focuses them away from the lower-self/ego/freewill towards the higher aspirations of God's will and the Higher Self. When I first started to paint with Master Melchizedek to create his portal painting (see above left), he came to me as a young man with long, white hair. As the creation of the portal painting progressed, he aged until he was a decrepit old man at the end. Each layer of the painting is a representation of the Being he is. If he were to appear before you in meditation, he often appears as an old man with flowing, thin, white hair and a beard. He wears white or dark blue.  Heis very serious. His symbol is the Maltese cross. The cross represents the four planes of matter and the mastery over all of them. Like all Ascended Masters, he has mastered the planes of matter and now teaches this mastery to his chelas. We need to master these planes in the higher initiations. Ascended Master Melchizedek is working at this time with Arcturus, Elohim of the 7th ray.

    Connecting With The Blue Lodge Masters

    by Steve Ahnael Nobel

    Many Starseeds on Earth have a strong karmic connection to this race of star beings who are connected to the Blue Lodge on Sirius A. They have acted as guardians and benefactors of this planet for long thousands of years before Atlantis. The Lion People are, amongst other things, geneticists and have helped develop life forms of various kinds for planets and stars in the universe. They are also great explorers. They have interceded in crucial times in our long history in times of crisis and have contributed to the general genetic experiment that is humanity in a very beneficial way.


    There is on earth a lodge of learned men who meet once a year to discuss various scientific questions. These initiates know about the earth - its past and its present - much more than contemporary scientists, who represent the official sciences. But concerning the future of the earth even these men of the lodge know nothing positive and they make assumptions about it.

    Besides this lodge of initiates on earth, there is on the sun another lodge of great Initiates who know positively not only the past and present of our planet but also its future.

    Both lodges are only organs of that great universal organism of perfected, highly advanced beings who form the Great Universal Brotherhood.

    These perfected beings are much more advanced than even the greatest men of genius on earth, because they emerged much earlier from the Primal Source. They all have followed a particular path of development, under the guidance of the Divine Spirit, to that degree of advancement which they have attained at present.

    When we speak of the Great Universal Brotherhood, we mean that hierarchy of intelligent beings who have completed their evolution millions and billions of years ago and who now direct the entire cosmos. They direct it because they themselves have participated in its creation under the guidance of the Divine Spirit.

    When we consider how wisely the entire universe is constructed, with all its galaxies, and with all its innumerable suns and planets, or if we look only at the mechanical and technical perfection with which the earth is constructed, we might comprehend the power of mind and spirit those creative geniuses had who realized the Divine plan of the universe.

    These beings range in a hierarchical order according to the extent of their knowledge and development and according to the service they perform. They are known by the following names: seraphim - brothers of love; cherubim - brothers of harmony; thrones - brothers of will; dominions - brothers of wisdom and joy; mights - brothers of movement and growth; powers - brothers of external form and art; principalities - brothers of time, condition and measure; archangels - brothers of fire and warmth; angels - bearers of life and vegetation. The last, the tenth rank, will be occupied by the advanced human souls.

    All of these together represent the great Cosmic Man.

    The activity of all those beings is so harmoniously distributed that each one knows when, how and what to do. They direct the functions of the great universal organism which includes within itself all solar systems.

    Our understanding is that there are three types of solar systems. The first - the organs of the starry universes - forms the material, the physical world, made from the densest matter, though it has various degrees of density. The second is made from finer substance, the substance of the spiritual world, and is part of the angelic world.The third type of solar systems, in its totality, forms the divine world and is made out of the finest and most superior substance.

    Heaven, spoken of in the Sacred Scriptures, is not that blue vault over our headsbehind which universal space disappears and in which, during the night, stars shine brightly.

    Heaven is organized by higher beings, by great souls, and therefore it is great in its activity. The angels who inhabit heaven are great souls who constantly send their light to the whole world. The energy of their mighty thought is distributed throughout the entire cosmos and as a collective power moves everything in the world.

    Do not think that the angels are immaterial beings, something like spectral phantoms. They are beings whose bodies are highly organized, formed from pure radiant substance. An angel can control his body in such a way that it can become visible and invisible. He can freely travel through boundless space with a speed greater than that of light; he can roam through solar systems and starry universes.

    The angels also are at different stages of development but generally they are divided into two great Kingdoms. Those of the higher kingdom rarely descend to the earth, but those of the lower one come often to help in the spiritual upliftment of mankind. These great brothers of man came forth from the human race, but followed their path of evolution billions of years before man, under more favourable conditions which they used wisely.

    And if the life of humanity advances according to plan, if cultures flourish on earth with their sciences, religions, and arts, if men have an eternal aspiration toward development and perfection, it is because these intelligent beings, who are closely connected with mankind, constantly work and care for them. Love, joy and life flow from the angels' hearts. And thanks to their inspiration, men live and strive. The angels wish for humanity to attain the light which they have, the freedom which they enjoy. They desireto teach men to live according to the great laws by which they live. They apply the most intelligent laws in the world. They live the purest and the most sublime life, a life of absolute unselfishness.

    In their great self-abnegation, these loving servants of God come down to earth in human form to help people. In one form or another they constantly send their ambassadors to the earth. All men of genius, all great people, saints, adepts, all men of science, writers, statesmen who promote the advancement of humanity in one or another direction - all of these are servants of the Great Universal Brotherhood. It chooses the most advanced souls from among humanity and prepares them for spiritual work among their brothers. Among contemporary humanity there are persons who have finer spiritual powers, who have finer constitution. They are distinguished by their highly organized and pliant bodies because they live an absolutely pure and saintly life. It is their extraordinary development which makes them suitable to be spiritual helpers of humanity. The most highly advanced among them completed their evolution on the earth and possess immense knowledge. They have extensive knowledge of the positive, absolute, Divine science which has existed since the creation of the universe. Many of them live on earth for thousands of years. Having passed through the process of resurrection, neither death nor rebirth exists for them. These men, called "Sons of God", within whose spirits and souls God lives, and who are connected with the entire rational world, with all advanced beings in all solar systems, are those great souls, Masters of humanity, who have attained the highest manifestation of thought and deed, in every field. They are those mighty spirits who, openly or secretly, inspire humanity to advance. You will discover these brothers behind every spiritual activity on earth, behind every spiritual manifestation; they are behind every great man, every great poet, musician or painter.

    In order that a man of genius may appear on the earth, it is necessary that thousands of souls of genius be united to express themselves through him.

    In order that a Master may appear, it is necessary that all intelligent souls be united in him.
    What is Christ? Christ is a collective spirit. He is the totality of all Sons of God from whose souls and hearts flow love and life. All Sons of God united into one, all intelligent souls who live in divine oneness - that is Christ. In this sense He is the head of the Great Universal Brotherhood.
    And the star, mentioned in the Gospel and which appeared at Christ's birth, was something living: it was a unity of living beings descending from the heights to proclaim the coming of Christ. But only the three wise men from the East, great initiates, saw and knew the star. And these three wise men were also servants of the Great Universal Brotherhood.

    Therefore, remember: the only great Community which exists at present in the world, is the Great Universal Brotherhood.

    Those members of the Great Universal Brotherhood, who guide the development of humanity and lead it toward a bright future, do not form any society or organization visible to men. They constitute a living unity, a rational community, which exists beyond the corrupted conditions among which men live.And therefore it is ridiculous to say that the headquarters of that brotherhood is here or there, in this or that country.

    All those great Brothers who work in the spiritual spheres of earth belong to seven hierarchies, seven categories. Some of them belong to Love and are called the "Brothers of Love". Others belong to Wisdom and are called "Brothers of Wisdom". They inspire the sciences and arts and bring knowledge to humanity. Others are called "Brothers of Truth". They bring freedom to men's minds and hearts. They introduce that freedom which makes the human spirit, the human soul, the human mind and heart, free - free in the full sense of the word. Still others are called "Brothers of Justice" and they bring righteousness to humanity and have at their disposal those invisible blessings which contemporary men need. Some are called "Brothers of Virtue", and others, "Brothers of Beauty", and at last come those who have the name of "Jehovists".

    However, those are not the real names of these brothers. I dare not pronounce the real ones for they are sacred.

    These Brothers are not ordinary, as people might assume. Every one of them can take the earth in his hand and throw it like a ball in space! And they can do this because behind them is something that is still mightier, more sublime, which they serve.

    And if some men think that they can defy these Brothers, this reveals that they do not understand the profound meaning which inheres in the expression, "White Brother". If it is a question of force, these Brothers have at their disposal the mightiest force. They know the functions of the human brain so well that in one day they could cause all of humanity to fall asleep. What are the most powerful contemporary weapons before the power of these great Brothers? But they do not want to use force - they allow men to experience things for themselves, even at the price of thousands of sufferings because only suffering can ennoble and correct humanity. And one day men will come to know that in the world there is a great, just government, the citizens of which - the sons of God - are the wisest beings, who live according to God's laws and do His will. Not a nation will remain which has not experienced the power and the might of this just government.

    But if today men do not follow the right path, the reason is that, counterbalancing the Great White Brotherhood, another lodge of intelligent beings works, beings who do not understand the deep meaning of life and have a diametrically opposite comprehension of it. They constitute the so-called Black Brotherhood. The Black Brotherhood is a hierarchy of beings who have various ranks according to the degree of their intelligence. In order to give you a clearer concept of their functioning, I shall say that while the White Brotherhood works in the branches and the blossoms of life, with methods pertaining to them, the Black Brotherhood works in the roots of life. While the White Brotherhood works in the head and breast of the cosmic man, the Black Brotherhood works in the stomach, the liver and the intestines. Therefore, the White Brotherhood is connected with the positive forces, with the good, and the Black Brotherhood with the negative forces, with evil in the broadest sense of the word. But at present both forces are necessary for the manifestation of life. Their services are strictly defined.

    Besides these two schools, there is a third one - the school of the Great Masters who are from a higher hierarchy and direct the activities of the first two. They use the methods of both for their great aims but belong neither to the one nor to the other of the schools. They are those Great Masters of the Universal Brotherhood who guide the entire cosmos and who, after the completion of each evolution, create new waves of evolution according to another plan and another rhythm.

    Under the guidance of their mighty spirit, those advanced spirits who created the solar systems, including our own, at one time descended from the highest peaks of creation They also created and organized the primal "cosmic" earth - what was once "paradise". On that "cosmic earth" still live those perfected forefathers of men who completed their evolution. They are the great ancestors of humanity.

    Those creators of the past, those great ancestors still descend to our earth. And they will transform it into a paradise. Together with them will come those 144,000 souls spoken of in Revelation and among them there will be representatives of all past and present nations. All saints, adepts and Masters from time immemorial will come. Their mighty spirit will direct all awakened souls throughout the earth and all of these together will establish perfect order and harmony in the world. After they finish their task, they will withdraw and will leave humanity to live and work under the new conditions. Thus, the communication between the visible and the invisible worlds will be restored.
    This is the way in which the Great Universal Brotherhood has worked, works now, and will work in the world.

    And it will work until the one Love, the one Wisdom and the one Truth envelop all of creation.

    Then every living thing will praise God in sacred peace and harmony.

    Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno)

    Elon just revealed that the ADL, whose goal is to “fight anti-semitism” pushed to shut down Libs of TikTok which has nothing to do with anti-semitism and is run by an orthodox Jewish woman.

    Pfizer Asks Court To Revoke Moderna's COVID-19 Vaccine Patents

    Monday, Sep 04, 2023 - 04:30 AM

    Authored by Zachary Stieber via The Epoch Times

    Pfizer and its partner BioNTech have asked a U.S. court to revoke Moderna's patents for COVID-19 vaccine technology.

    Pfizer and BioNTech said in new filings to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office's Patent Trial and Appeal Board that Moderna's patents are so broad that they essentially "coopt the entire field" of messenger RNA technology, which is used in some COVID-19 vaccines.

    Medly Health, owner of pharmacy startup, has filed for bankruptcy with plans to sell 22 stores

    Medly Health, parent company of a New York City-based digital pharmacy startup that took off during the COVID-19 pandemic, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection Friday.

    Pfizer Left India Over An Investigation Into The "Vaccine"

    Indian authorities to Pfizer… “You can either lose 1.38 billion customers or allow an *independent investigation* to determine whether your product is safe and effective”…

    Pfizer suspends sale of three antibiotics in India over technical issues

    Pfizer tried bullying India; Congress lobbied for foreign Covid vaccines, alleges Minister Chandrasekhar

    “Pfizer tried to bully Govt of India into accepting conditions of indemnity”  (protection against loss or other financial burden.)

    Alcyon Pleiades Special 45: Murder of Dr R Buttar, Zelenko, Gariaev, Kagansky, Montagnier and others

    With this video, we would like to pay tribute to the courageous physicians, scientists, geneticists, biologists, virologists and chemists who gave their life for the truth. They have been unjustly assassinated, when all they were trying to do is help humanity wake up by alerting us of the grave dangers associated with lethal vaccines, warning us of the genocidal agenda’s manipulation, as they fought for the sake of human health and freedom.

    Physicians and scientists like Rashid Buttar, Vladimir Zelenko, Peter Gariaev, Alexander “Sasha” Kagansky, Kary Mullis, Luc Montagnier, Franco Trinca and Domenico Biscardi, in addition to presidents like Jovenel Moise of Haiti, John Magufuli of Tanzania, Kenneth Kaunda of Zambia and Pierre Nkurunziza of Burundi have died or ‘committed suicide’ in the last three years, since the beginning of the fake pandemic. Furthermore, others have suffered accidents or received threats, including doctors Carrie Madej, Joseph Mercola, Peter McCullough, Sucharit Bhakdi or US lawyer Robert Kennedy Jr.

    The global elite do not allow for opposition against the establishment of their Agenda 2030, and they aim to destroy humanity. However, thanks to people like those mentioned here – who are an example of courage and integrity – a large segment of the population is gradually waking up. All the darkness is being exposed, in this silent global spiritual war, until, ultimately, the Light triumphs.

    Video by Alcyon Pleiades

    FDA ruled against by a federal court over anti-ivermectin messaging

    A federal court ruled on Friday that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) likely abused its authority when it used anti-ivermectin messaging to get Americans to not use it to treat COVID-19.

    "FDA can inform, but it has identified no authority allowing it to recommend consumers 'stop' taking medicine," U.S. Circuit Judge Don Willett wrote in the ruling, according to The Epoch Times.

    The ruling was sent back to the lower court where it will be reconsidered.

    “FDA is not a physician. It has authority to inform, announce, and apprise—but not to endorse, denounce, or advise,” the ruling reads.

    Three doctors sued the agency over its statements on ivermectin, arguing the agency can't intervene on what doctors prescribe their patients.

    CDC Cancels V-SAFE to Hide Covid Vax Deaths and Injuries

    According to an analysis by ICAN, as of September 2022, the 10.1 million V-SAFE users had completed over 151 million monthly health surveys using the platform (that’s about 15 each). Of the 10.1 million users, over one-third, 3.53 million people, reported being “adversely impacted” by their Covid vaccination.

    Of those adversely impacted, 1.2 million folks reported being “unable to conduct normal activities”, which sounds bad, and 1.3 million said they had to miss school or work. About 800,000 actually needed medical treatment for their “adverse impact.”The Covid Super Vaccination Agenda will go down in history as the most dangerous and deadly fake ‘vaccine’ program ever conducted.

    Two major pharmacy chains set to shut down for good as over 1,000 locations close due to ‘retail apocalypse’

    CVS to close 300 stores, Rite Aid is expected to file for Chapter 11, Walgreens has had to shut down 450 stores this year as sales dropped 32 percent.

    Walgreens CEO steps down

    (Had no healthcare experience which isn't surprising. )

    Walgreens profit tumbles, slashes guidance amid significant drop in Covid vaccine demand.

    Walgreens bought 1,932 stores and three distribution centers from Rite Aid for nearly $4.4 billion in cash in 2018

    Pitt-UPMC Scientists Are Inventing mRNA Vaccine to Cure Liver Failure

    Of course the mRNA vaccines cause stroke, heart attack, blood clots, cancer and general immune disfunction. The Chinese Communist Party would be proud of them for assisting in US health outcomes.

    West Virginia VS Penn State (7) Football Opener

    Penn State has a few Trojan Horses to watch out for. Allowing Merck Money to pay for pharmaceutical research has ruined the credibility of the hospital division for one thing. Merck is the main influence behind preventing Ivermectin from being widely distributed which would be the best thing to guard against newly vaccinated freshmen who took the mRNA vaccines still being advertised at West Virginia University. Meanwhile Penn State has removed it's covid vaccine guidelines altogether and left them blank so they've decided to run and hide from any truthful information on the subject.

    Trojan Horse 2: Penn State has yet to announce a policy on transgender football players but we know that PSU Alumni Rachel Levine and General Milley played football together in high school so anything could happen.

    Trojan Horse #3: The Raging Marxists that took over Penn State after DA Ray Gricar was murdered. Marxists are good at long term planning but now we have the incriminating evidence we need from the police files. Rebecca Knight, producer of the Final Argument podcast about Ray Gricar will be releasing the last fax of Ray Gricar which independent investigators say is "the smoking gun." See and watch for the 7th episode for the next shoe to drop.

    Governor Shapiro could end this abuse of Penn State fans by empaneling a Gricar grand jury. By not doing so he is merely acting as the chief coward in a long line of in PA state government obstructors of justice.

    Remember Tom Corbett's most famous declaration about law and order:

    “Every attack on an officer of the law is an attack on our state, our country and civilized society.”

    – Tom Corbett

    Attorney General of Pennsylvania, 1995-1997, 2005-2011;
    46th Governor of Pennsylvania, 2011-2015.

    More Banks to Fail? Not in North Dakota!

    Because farmers and bankers are working together in perfect harmony.

    Bank of North Dakota - North Dakota State Government

    Bank of North Dakota (BND) is an agile partner that creates financial solutions for current and emerging economic needs. Learn More!

    College Funding · ‎History of BND

    (Every state should have a state bank and every town a public bank. The FED needs some healthy competition. The State Bank of ND started in 1919 with $2 Million. )

    It’s Official! White House Announces Rollout of Vaccines, At-Home Tests, Masks, & More: This is another test to see who is going along with trying to destroy humanity.

    PA-based Rite Aid headed for bankruptcy amid opioid lawsuits

    Shares of the pharmacy retail chain operator closed down 51% at 71 cents. The Chapter 11 filing would cover Rite Aid's more than $3.3 billion debt load and pending legal allegations that it oversupplied prescription painkillers.

    (Value Drug Company, the Altoona Mirror's main benefactor, is run by a former Rite Aid exec and has had similar charges from the DOJ that have been kept out of the newspapers.) (See Value Drug's $4 million fine.) The Value Drug PAC and member pharmacies were instrumental in backing Josh Shapiro for Governor.

    If you've been injured by pharmaceuticals in PA contact attorney Barry Scatton of Morgan and Morgan, Philadelphia,  America's largest injury law firm.

    Another Rite Aid Pharmacy to close in Seattle

    It’s the latest of half a dozen closures since the family-owned Bartell Drug pharmacy chain was purchased by Rite Aid in 2020

    Penn State starting Outside Linebacker announces sudden retirement due to injury.

    The injury is a secret but mRNA injury is a taboo subject at linebacker U. At least PSU quit the mRNA student mandates unlike Pitt and UPJ.


    Ivermectin Worked: New Peer-Reviewed Study Proves It

    74% reduction in excess deaths in 10 Peru states. (Cheap, safe, effective and off patent. The reason why the original marketer Merck has tried to keep it off the market.)

    Over 1,600 Scientists Sign 'No Climate Emergency' Declaration: by Naveen Athrappully via The Epoch Times

    International scientists have jointly signed a declaration dismissing the existence of a climate crisis and insisting that carbon dioxide is beneficial to Earth, contrary to the popular alarmist narrative.

    HUGE! CAUGHT ON VIDEO. .. Brian Kemp Tells GA Voters: “If You Give Anybody a Voting Machine They Can Hack It” (VIDEO)

    Georgia is the only state with dominion voting machines in every county. Eliminating mail in voting and using paper ballots is the only path to fair voting.

    (The fact that the PA supreme court violated the constitution by illegally changing the voting rules that helped get Governor Shapiro elected is a deal breaker. Shapiro was backed by the State Police association and the pharma lobby in the election which means we now have an illegitimate police state that is unable to police itself. The fix for this is to put the whole state under constitutional aestetic arrest and reset the original PA Constitution along with the Galactic Codex.)

    The Galactic Codex

    Planet Earth is the last planet in this universe under the occupation of Dark Forces, the last relic of galactic wars that raged throughout the galaxy for millions of years. As the Galaxy was being liberated from the grip of Dark Forces, the Forces of Light have been evolving from a military force created in the urgent need to defend basic liberties of sentient beings towards a harmonious galactic and cosmic society. As beings within the Galactic Confederation have evolved spiritually and made their alignment and union with the Ascended Masters, they have discovered an inner codex that regulates all inter-relationships between beings of Light and their relation towards the Dark Forces and occupied planets.

    We will now state the Galactic Codex in a form that is understandable to an average awakened being in a human society.


    Each sentient being has an inalienable and unconditional right to positive life experience. To explain “section 1” we need to understand that suffering and pain have no value in the enlightened Galactic society liberated from the influence of Dark Forces and other aspects of cosmic anomaly. To value pain, suffering and sacrifice as a part of the growth experience was a part of the programming from the Dark Forces in order to enslave the population of the occupied planets more easily. 

    Unconditional positive life experience of every sentient being in the liberated universe is guaranteed from the inner connection of every living being with the Source; and strengthened by the power of the Ascended Masters over matter which allows them to assist all living beings in their aspirations towards the Source and provide them with necessities of life. Life was never meant to be hard work and struggle but rather a journey of joy and creativity.  

    Different subsections of ‘Section 1’ regulate all life in a liberated universe and all relationships between beings of Light so that conflicts never need to occur. Let us explain the subsections: 

    Section 1: subsection 1 – Each sentient being has an inalienable and unconditional right to physical and spiritual abundance. This subsection guarantees a positive life experience for every being in the liberated universe. The Ascended Masters provide for all necessities of living and for physical and spiritual richness and beauty using the power they have over the redeemed matter of a liberated universe.  

    Section I: 2 – Each sentient being has an inalienable and unconditional right to Ascension. This subsection explains how the Ascended Masters use their advanced understanding of spiritual technology of Ascension, and by utilizing the Electric Fire of redemption assist all beings that free-willingly choose Ascension. 

    Section I: 3 – Each sentient being has an inalienable and unconditional right to merge with other beings in proportion with his/her position in the Soul Family mandela. This subsection is an instrument of regulation of all relationships inside a Soul Family. It guarantees the merging of beings of opposite polarity (twin souls, soulmates) and alignment of all other beings regardless of their state of development and outer conditions. 

    Section I: 4 – Each sentient being has an inalienable and unconditional right to all information. This subsection is a guarantee that all beings receive all pieces of information they need to understand their role in the universe, greater perspective of evolution and all other pieces they need for their decisions, growth and wellbeing. All this data is provided by Ascended Masters or other beings that supervise the evolutions of various races and civilizations.  

    Section I: 5 – Each sentient being has an inalienable and unconditional right to freedom. This subsection provides that every being has an unlimited potential of growth and life experiences. Since all beings in the liberated universe create only positivism, their freedom never opposes the freedom of other beings.  


    Each sentient being has an inalienable and unconditional right to be divided and protected from the negative actions of other sentient beings. This section regulates the conditions in those sections of the universe that have just been liberated from the influence of the Dark Forces but that have not yet been accepted in the Confederation. It requires that the Forces of Light always divide the parties in conflict to protect them from producing mutual harm to each other. Then the Light Forces mediate the conflict until it is resolved. This section is often used to end wars and other armed conflicts.  


    Each sentient being that has chosen to live and act against the principles of the Galactic Codex and refuses to, or is not able to accept them now and balance the consequences of the past actions will be taken to the Central Sun, restructured into the basic elemental essence and begin a new cycle of evolution afresh. This section regulates the relations between the Forces of Light and the Forces of Darkness. When defeated, beings that belong to the Forces of Darkness are given the opportunity to accept the Galactic Codex, do the best they can to correct the mistakes they made and to live positively afterwards. If they accept, they are forgiven and join the Confederation. If they are unable or unwilling to accept, they are taken to the Central Sun, their personalities and soul essences are restructured with the Electric Fire and their divine spark begins a new cycle of evolution.  


    The Galactic Confederation has an inalienable and unconditional right to intervention in all situations where the Galactic Codex is violated, regardless of the local laws. This section describes the policy of the Light Forces regarding occupied planets. The Confederation reserves the right to intervene in all areas, civilizations, planets or solar systems where the Galactic Codex is violated. It has the right to do so regardless of the position of the local civilizations about this intervention. It always has the right to use all peaceful means to education and regulation. If the critical mass of the Galactic Codex principles is violated, it has the right to use military force.  

    Special cases are planets under direct occupation of the Dark Forces. The Dark Forces usually take the local population hostage to hinder the progress of the Forces of Light. On Earth they have threatened with nuclear war [**] if the Light Forces would intervene. This is the main reason why the Light Forces have not yet liberated this planet (and not the so called “we-will-not-intervene-because-we-respect-free-will… we-will-just-watch-as-the-suffering-goes-on” nonsense). As in any hostage situation, this requires a lot of skillful negotiation and tactical approach. This situation is now being resolved, and planet Earth will be liberated soon. 

    Section 4: 1 – Each sentient being has an inalienable and unconditional right of calling upon the Galactic Confederation in need and the Galactic Confederation has the right to assist, regardless of local laws. This subsection gives a legal basis for intervention and assistance to all hostages of Dark Forces. The Forces of Light always do the best they can to assist and improve the living conditions of all sentient beings, even on Earth. The situation on planet Earth just indicates how much more power darkness has had over Light on this planet. Fortunately, this is changing now. 

    Section 4: 2 – The Galactic Confederation has an inalienable and unconditional right to the implementation of the Galactic Codex and of conquering the areas of Galactic Codex violation with military force if necessary. This subsection gives a legal basis for the liberation of occupied planets with military force. The military forces of the Confederation remove or give assistance in removal of the representatives of the Dark Forces and set the hostages free. Then other Confederation forces guide the process of acceptance of the planet into the Confederation by instructing the local population.  

    Perhaps some humans feel that the Confederation has no right to intervene and that humanity has the right to solve its problems by itself. This is simply not true. Many wars all over the planet and constant abuse of basic human rights have proven that humanity is not capable of handling its own situation. So, it is much better that it receives wise guardians to guide it. The Confederation will give assistance in replacing current masters of the puppets (Dark Forces) that humanity has invited long ago in Atlantis. Then the Galactic Codex will finally become the universal code of ethics throughout the universe and darkness will be no more.

    PA State troopers no longer need college credits, Shapiro administration

    Another blow to State college campuses who's enrollment is already down 30% since 2010.  Shapiro already removed college requirements for most state jobs.

    Shapiro continues to water down the state police by not letting them do their job in the biggest capitol murder case of a sitting DA in US history. The state police's number one directive in the case calls for a Gricar grand jury. By refusing to follow state police orders, Shapiro and the AG office are clearly obstructing justice by continuing the longstanding cover up and we all know it.

    The DA Gricar murder case assisted by the AG office under Tom Corbett effectively delayed the Sandusky investigation for 6 years after it was taken over by the state police. This enabled the Second Mile board to finance the Corbett for Governor campaign. $600,000 went to Corbett's campaign and Corbett promised $3 million to the Second Mile from the state which was later stopped.

    Pennsylvania Gov. Josh Shapiro to headline New Hampshire Democrats’ convention

    Now Shapiro wants to be president but he still won't discuss the capitol murder cover up of DA Ray Gricar. The AG office has cleverly put a gag order in place preventing discussion of the Gricar case by the State Police.

    Final Argument podcast producer Rebecca Knight has the last Fax sent by Gricar just before his untimely death to a colleague regarding his plan to bring charges against Sandusky and his charity. After letting Sandusky go for another 6 years, Governor Tom Corbett's administration blamed coach Paterno and Penn State for letting Sandusky go unchecked.

    See the premium section of for all of the evidence that points to the AG office cover up of the disappearance which has been withheld from the public:

    Email to Mark S. Smith, Esquire, First Assistant District Attorney

    Reply from Mark S. Smith, Esquire, First Assistant District Attorney

    G Fisher and J Ford Statements

    Jennifer Snyder Statement

    PSP Forensics Services

    PSP Lab Report

    Ray Gricar Bio

    Ray Gricar Cellphone Record

    River Depth on 4-15-05

    Exhibit A: This is the record of phone calls made to and from Ray Gricar’s county-issued cell phone and the calls from the home phone he shared with Patty Fornicola. The 2007 number was Ray Gricar’s cell phone. (I have redacted parts of phone calls to protect the privacy of individuals.)

    Exhibit B: This is the letter from former District Attorney Bob Buehner to Centre and Union county district attorneys Michael Mediera and Pete Johnson, respectively.

    Exhibit C: These are the 53 recommendations that the Pennsylvania State Police made in the Gricar case. Please note that the #1 recommendation was to form a grand jury. This was never done.

    Exhibit D: Full statement by Patty Fornicola given to law enforcement after Gricar disappeared.

    Exhibit E: This is the timeline of the investigation done by the Bellefonte Police Department.

    Exhibit F: This is a list of Ray Gricar's documented time off work based on emails that he sent.

    Anonymous Psychic Letter

    Psychic Tip

    Email from Joe Cigich

    Email from Butch

    Here is the detailed police report of the forensics on Ray Gricar’s car.

    Here is the tow truck bill and letter asking for payment.

    This is the note that Patty left for Ray before she went to work on the morning of his disappearance, April 15, 2005. My sources informed me that Mr. Gricar was not the one who tore up this note.

    Ray Gricar's Calendar (Shows plans for a week long visit to Louis Free's summer home location that he never got to go to.)


    Republicans In Nine Florida Counties Adopt Resolution Calling For Ban Of COVID Vaccines

    Authored by T.J. Muscaro via The Epoch Times

    A movement is gaining momentum to pressure Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, county sheriffs, and the Florida Legislature to ban COVID-19 vaccines and all other mRNA vaccines in the state.

    “On behalf of the preservation of the human race, the Lee County Republican Party calls upon Gov. DeSantis and the state legislature to prohibit the sale and distribution of Covid injections and all mRNA injections in the state of Florida, and for the state Attorney General to immediately seize all Covid injections and mRNA injections in the state of Florida and have a forensic analysis conducted,” the committee said in voting to adopt the resolution.

    The resolution includes more than 140 exhibits of evidence that the authors say point to the independent findings of biomedical professionals and others concerned about vaccines.

  • "Rich Men North of Richmond" Exposes The Empire of Lies

    For many decades, the American people have been bombarded with propaganda. Yet, out of nowhere, with a guitar and microphone, Oliver Anthony exposed the Empire of Lies. Millions of Americans found out that they are not alone in their economic struggles. But even more importantly, "Rich Men North of Richmond" correctly identified the culprits. Our economic problems don't come foreign sources; but from those at home, who seek "total control."

    Russia Releases 2,000 Page Report Proving Deep State & Big Pharma Manufactured Covid Pandemic

    Russia has publicly accused Big Pharma and US Deep State actors of manufacturing the Covid-19 pandemic to take over the world, listing Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and George Soros as co-conspirators in the plot against humanity.

    They’re trying to eliminate ‘the God gene’ VMAT2, through a virus introduced via a vaccine

    Scientists have verified that there is a gene associated with spirituality. At present, the elite are trying to find a way to change the human genome and strip us of our sentiments and emotions, as well as depriving us of our soul and spirituality. Their goal is to make us robotic, so that they will be able to more effectively enslave and control us.

    BOOM: Florida To Officially Classify mRNA COVID Shots As Illegal ‘Bio-Weapons’

    (Every State Should Follow Suit. Don't forget mRNA is also used in the flu vaccines, RSV Vaccines and others.)

    Lawmakers in Florida have announced plans to officially designate mRNA Covid vaccines as “bio-weapons” that are hazardous to human health. The proposed law seeks to BAN the administration of mRNA shots to anybody in the state. The Brevard Republican Executive Committee has urged Gov. Ron DeSantis to sign the legislation, which will outlaw Covid-19 vaccines, as soon as possible. The non-binding resolution was passed by a supermajority vote of committee membership Thursday. It now goes to DeSantis to sign. reports: A draft version of the resolution reviewed by reporters closely mirrors one passed by the Lee County Republican Party in February, drawing national headlines. “Strong and credible evidence has recently been revealed that Covid-19 and Covid-19 injections are biological and technological weapons,” the Brevard draft resolution says, citing claims that have been disproven and disputed by respected medical groups. “An enormous number of humans have died or been permanently disabled” by the vaccine, it says. “Government agencies, media and tech companies, and other corporations, have committed enormous fraud by claiming Covid-19 injections are safe and effective.”

    It calls on DeSantis to ban sale and distribution of the vaccine “and all related vaccines,” and for Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody to seize all remaining doses in the state for safety testing, “on behalf of the preservation of the human race,” it says. It also calls for mandatory disclosures on any product in the state “using mRNA or gene altering or therapeutic technology.”

    Penn State College of Medicine celebrates 60 years since founding gift

    A '$50 million phone call' set the wheels in motion for a medical school, teaching hospital and research center in honor of Milton S. Hershey.

    (Rachel and Martha Levine's trans business model and the covid shots were a total bust. Milton Hershey would be aghast! Hope Hershey Medical doesn't get sued out of business. They need to drop the mRNA bioweapons and the trans children's programming now!)

    Tucker Carlson Talks To Colonel Douglas Macgregor About The Ukraine War

    Col Douglas Macgregor Gives The Most Brilliant ‘State Of The Nation’ Presentation We May Have Ever Heard - The Most Powerful, Correct Analysis
    About Ukraine, Russia, The Fading US Military That Barely Stands A Chance And The US Political ’System’

    “Pretty much everything NBC News and the NY Times tell you about the war in Ukraine is a lie. The Russian army is incompetent; they claim Ukraine is a democracy, Vladimir Putin is Hitler, and he’s trying to take over the world. Thankfully, the Ukrainians are winning.

    “None of that is true. Every claim is false. The last one especially. The Ukrainian army is not winning. In fact, it’s losing badly. Ukraine is being destroyed. Its population is being slaughtered in lopsided battles with the technologically superior enemy or scattered by the millions to the rest of the globe.

    “Ukraine is running out of soldiers; as that happens, the question will inevitably arise who’s going to replace them if the Ukrainians can’t beat Putin. Who will? The answer, of course, will be us. American troops will fight the Russian army in Eastern Europe, that’s most likely, and the assumption is we’ll win, but will we win?

    “No, probably not, says former army Colonel Douglas McGregor, a decorated combat veteran who advised the Secretary of Defense in the last administration. The US says McGregor is on the brink of a catastrophic war that could very easily destroy us. Few Americans seem to understand that, but they should. Doug Macgregor is now the CEO of Our Country, Our Choice, and we sat down with him.”

    Tucker asked him to describe the state of the war in Ukraine right now.

    “That’s an important question, and not enough people have good answers. At this point, I think all of the lies that have been told for more than a year and a half about the Ukrainians winning, the Ukrainian cause is just, the Russians are evil, the Russians are incompetent, and all of that is collapsing. It’s collapsing because what’s happening on the battlefield is horrific.

    “Ukrainians, now we think, have lost 400,000 men killed in battle. We were talking about three hundred, 350,000, a few months ago … in the last months of this supposed counter-offensive, which was to sweep the battlefield. They lost at least 400,000 killed. We don’t even know how many people have been wounded, but we know that probably upwards of 40 to 50,000 soldiers are amputees.

    “We know the hospitals are full and we know that Ukrainian units at the platoon and company level, that’s with anywhere from 50 to 150 to 200 men, are in piecemeal fashion surrendering to the Russians, not because they don’t want to fight. It’s because they can’t fight anymore.

    “They had so many wounded, they can’t evacuate them, and commanders are saying, ‘well, if I can’t evacuate my wounded, I’m going to surrender because otherwise, the wounded will die,’ and so they call the Russians, and they all speak Russian and tell them on the radio, ‘look I’ve got 50-60 wounded here. I’m going to surrender because I don’t want them to be killed.’ And the Russians, from the very beginning, have always treated the Ukrainian soldiers very fairly and very gently, so they know they’re not going to be abused or mistreated.

    “They know they can actually be exchanged for Russian prisoners in the future, so they’ve surrendered. And I think we’re going to see this army that we’ve been spending so heavily on increasingly melt away.

    “And at the same time, as we’re talking, if you look at this long banana-shaped strip of territory in southern Ukraine that the Russians control, if you go to the northeastern corner of that, south of the city called Kharkiv, there are major offensive operations taking place there right now. And Ukrainian forces are being swept away in front of the Russians.

    “…again all of this, all of this happens in a way that is just not reported in the West, and in the meantime, rather than admit that this is a terrible tragedy that should be ended on humanitarian grounds if no other, that the killing should stop as President Trump said, ‘Stop the killing’, we’re going to continue, which puts the Russians in the unhappy position of marching further West because, from the very beginning, Putin and his advisers were never interested in a war with NATO or the United States.

    “That’s why you’ve had such incrementalism – a slow grind of movement forward defensive operations for a long period to build up the force and then continued offensive operations. They have over 300,000 combat troops and reserves in Russia, and I think they’re sitting there and not being released to fight because President Putin anticipates the possibility that we will intervene in western Ukraine. And if we intervene in western Ukraine, the Russians will be ready for that, and the consequences for us and for NATO will be devastating because we are not ready.”

    At about five minutes, he explains why we’re not ready to fight Russia, and it’s deeply concerning.  There has “been a steady decline in discipline.”

    He went into depth on the U.S. basing things on race and pushing incompetents up the ranks. There’s “no easy fix,” and “they’ll become giant fissures if we go to war,” The Colonel said. We’re back “in the late 70s” and don’t know what “right looks like.” Since 2001, the actual fighting has been on a minor scale. They didn’t fight anyone who fought back. Americans – 87% – died in Afghanistan from explosives.

    We also don’t have state-of-the-art equipment, and we aren’t replacing equipment with state-of-the-art equipment. He went into detail to explain. He gave one example – we still use a turbine engine in M1 tanks instead of diesel-electric.

    The Russian war goals have changed dramatically since Minsk 2 was revealed to be a hoax. To end the war, Russia will minimally require most of Rump Ukraine to remain neutral.

    He said Ukraine is more corrupt than Mexico. Fourteen million Ukrainians have left and will never go back. The agriculture corporations will want to get control, but the war will end with the complete destruction of Ukraine.

    Col Macgregor described the people in charge and he didn’t have kind words for George W., who called President Zelensky ‘George Washington’. He didn’t have kind words for any of those in charge. The Colonel explained how much stronger Russia had become during this war and added again that about 400,000 Ukrainians died and 40,000 to 50,000 Russians died.

    Ukrainians can’t defeat what Russians have built – intelligence, missiles [strike weapons], and so much more.

    Russia has about 750,000 troops in or around Ukraine. Another one million-plus are on call because Putin and the Russians are convinced they will have to fight the US and its allies.

    Macgregor described “the well-organized [Russian] machine “grinding everything up in front of it.”

    Tucker asked Colonel Macgregor about our alleged space-age military technology. It’s apparently not all that.

    The Colonel said that a lot of the equipment we sent is obsolete. It’s very old. We sent a few new items, but not much. He said, for instance, we sent 33 Patriot missiles. For every target, we need to shoot two missiles, which means that in a few days, 33 missiles will be gone.

    He explained that Russia is preparing for a full-scale war with the West.

    “I would expect up to 1.2 million [soldiers] and people are being called out of universities. People … now working the universities to become engineers, architects, mathematicians, whatever, they’re being pulled out, putting on uniforms, and ready, because again our intransigence, our demonstrated hatred and hostility for Moscow and for Russia has convinced the Russian people, as well as the leadership in Moscow that they are going to have to fight us and anyone who is allied with us. So they’re preparing for that eventuality.

    “That’s why it’s so important that we have to wake up and understand what we’ve done has backfired. Whatever we set out to achieve has failed… what we need to do now is stop this and come to a settlement that we may not like, but it needs to happen, and soon, before this thing is out of control.

    “Eventually, keep this up, and within the next 6-8 months, you’ll see hundreds of thousands of Russian troops on the Polish border. That is not what we set out to achieve.”

    As Col. Macgregor said, Mitch McConnell is up on the Hill lying about the state of the war and the US capabilities. All of the precision we once had over Russia and China is lost. Anything we can do, they can do. The money given to the military is wasted. We send money to the industry, and they send it to PACS, and that money goes to DC.

    We left $80 billion in equipment in Afghanistan, and now it’s showing up in Mexico and all over the globe.

    He also explained how top-heavy our military is. It’s stunning and starts at about 30 minutes. The weakness of our military took up several minutes. It’s very troubling.

    They discussed Chris Christie pushing for more war and more money for Ukraine, and showed a clip of his ridiculous statements.

    They also talked about the Uniparty and the worthlessness of the swamp. He sees nothing good coming from any candidates.

    Tucker played the clip of a lunatic at 47 minutes pushing for the full liberation of Ukraine. The person is an American leftist male dressed as a woman, serving as a spokesperson for Ukraine. Tucker said it’s a convergence of every ugly anti-human trend in modern…

    Macgregor said about 60,000 Ukrainian children have vanished and told us to think of all the women sold into prostitution. You might want to watch the last few minutes.


    Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, August 19, 2023,

    To read or post comments on this video, please go directly to the article: Our hope and goal is for this video to be forwarded far and wide. DO NOT re-upload any part of this copyrighted video. Authorities are still sifting through the ashes of the completely incinerated tropical island town of Lahaina while Hurricane Hilary heads for Death Valley, what's wrong with this picture?

    Why are "weather forecaster script readers" predicting three times more rain in the deserts than in the coastal regions where Hurricane Hilary is scheduled to make landfall? Why is the US matrix media completely ignoring the over 1000 wildfires still burning in Canada? California is again on fire, matrix media is now warning Texas will be next.

    We are constantly warned of smoke inhalation dangers, but is it just smoke we are breathing? Is the extreme and worsening climate chaos just nature? Or is there much more to the story that we are not being told? What comes next? How bad will it get in the coming weeks and months? All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Dane Wigington

    How can cow burps affect climate change? Penn State researcher seeks to lower emissions!!!

    Penn State students are back on campus so these ridiculous climate change articles will start up again. There needs to be a separate State college just to correct what Penn State teaches about climate.

    First and foremost, a check on air quality in central PA shows it's excellent today with low ozone like most of the country. Particulates are bad in Washington state where the wild fires are now burning.

    Ozone is the scary result of cow burps as promoted by Penn State. The real reason for the burp terror scare campaign is the new bovine pharmaceutical product for use in cow feed known as bovear for reducing cow burps. This product is made by a company now owned by Eli Lilly of Indiana. (Eli Lilly Seals $885 Million Deal for Animal Vaccine Biz.)

    Penn State students who want to learn the real history of weather control should go to The Journal of Atmospheric and Terrestrial Physics. This is where they can find Professor A.J. Ferarro's  39 documents on ionospheric heating technology for weather control available for purchase (PDFs).

    Professor Ferraro had a long and distinguished career in academia and made numerous significant contributions to the research areas of antennas and electromagnetic wave interactions with the ionosphere. He was a pioneer and world authority on methods for generating ELF radio signals by modulating the ionosphere current systems from ground based high frequency transmitting facilities. In 2001, he retired from Penn State as Distinguished Professor Emeritus. (All of professor Ferraro's research on climate engineering is now restricted by Penn State and has been replaced by climate change propaganda.)

    COVID-19 Mandates are Back: Atlanta-Based Morris Brown College Reinstates Masks Mandates, Social Distancing, Quarantine, Contact Tracing Effective Immediately Despite No Reported COVID-19 Cases on Campus

    (Note to Penn State Students. This is what to protest! Don't go along with this nonsense again!

    Pitt is another mRNA vaccine mandator. Be glad you didn't enroll there! They should be excluded from college sports because they now have a bunch of freshmen shedding deadly mRNA spike protein onto everyone around them.)

    Alcyon Pleiades 160: Falling satellites Starlink Musk Mind control 5G Micronovae Sun-Heart God gene

    In Part Two of our trilogy about the Sun and its effects on Earth, we are analysing how increasingly intense solar storms and flares are affecting the International Space Station. We also focus on the fact that satellites are beginning to break down, and many are falling to Earth, out of control.

    Such is the case of Starlink satellites, owned by Elon Musk, who has been toying with humanity; taking advantage of the fake pandemic and lockdowns, he placed thousands of satellites in orbit. He is striving to use them, along with brain implants produced by his company Neuralink, to gain complete control over people’s minds, so that the powers-that-be will be able to induce any thought or desire, via direct digital commands launched from these satellites.

    Although official agencies claim that satellites have scientific functions, the reality is that many of them have covert military objectives, as they are used to orchestrate dark projects against humanity, including mind control, espionage, criminal activities and the creation of pandemics.

    However, numerous phenomena are taking place, due to our king star’s activities, such as solar tsunamis and micronovae, among others, that could wipe this civilisation from the face of the Earth as we know it.

    Video by Alcyon Pleiades

    FDA 'Clarifies' That Ivermectin Remains Unapproved For COVID-19 But Docs Can Prescribe

    Swiss Hospital Reports 1 in 35 staff remain injured from the mRNA booster

    Unreported Truths reports: The researchers conducted the tests on 777 employees at University Hospital Basel, one of Switzerland’s top medical centers, from December 2021 through February 2022.

    The employees had already been scheduled to receive mRNA boosters and were asked if they would undergo a blood test for troponin levels three days later.

    In other words, the researchers conducted “active surveillance” on them to trace potential side effects, as opposed to “passive surveillance” vaccine safety systems like the federal government’s VAERS, which depend on patients or doctors to report problems.

    The Moderna vaccinees were a healthy group, with an average age of 37 and few preexisting heart problems. About 70 percent were women.

    But post-jab blood tests found that 40 of the jab recipients had highly elevated troponin levels, above the 99th percentile for average women or men. About five times as many people had extremely high troponin as should have in a random sample.

    After the scientists removed anyone with a plausible non-jab explanation, 22 people – or 1 in 35 of those they tested – remained injured by the Moderna jab.

    With all of the noise about new CoVID variants on the near horizon, as @RenzTom states; “This is one of the greatest FRAUDS & attacks on humanity in the history of the world. This is a bunch of people that think they are God trying to alter genetics without #Informed Consent.”   Keep fighting the legal battles for us my friend. This is one of the ways the globalists want to control our lives.   General Michael Flynn

    Lahaina Targeted with Highly Advanced Full Spectrum Warfare

    There are several major reasons the police CLOSED OFF THE MEDIA — Police are CONTROLLED by the GOVERNMENT who are CONTROLLED by the ELITES INSIDE the democrat-run state who are running with CIA OPERATIONS and UN/DAVOS/ DEEP STATE OPERATIONS.  Part of the Media Bloickous had to do with HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE WHO DIED INSIDE SMART CARS that EXPLODED LIKE BOMBS.  The multiple attacks of Lahaina came from:

    4. TRANSFORMERS that exploded like BOMBS
    5. CHEMTRAILS — the day the attacks happened, Lahaina was sprayed with a low layering of chemtrails — ALUMINUM, BARIUM, NANO PARTICLES that can exploded along with 5G DIRECTED RADIATION MICROWAVES or DIRECT ENERGY WEAPONS or TRANSFORMER = EXPLOSIONS THAT ACT AS ELECTRICAL BOMBS.
    6. The DEEP STATE ordered POLICE to close down roads and barricades and block the people trying to escape.
    8. WARNING SIRENS to be turned off through the city and island.
    9. The elites OFF the island were WARNED IN ADVANCE and left the city.

    Florida governor is asked to ban all mRNA vaccines for being illegal bioweapons

    Stew Peters applauds the fact that the Republican Party of Brevard County, Florida, is also calling for accountability for Covid-19 bioweapon injections by sending a petition to Governor Ron DeSantis, calling for his administration to ban all mRNA vaccines on the grounds that they are illegal bioweapons, and this petition is receiving much publicity in the media. He claims that the power of the movement to overthrow the Deep State is coming to life.

    Meet the Green Energy Group Behind the Study That's Driving Calls To Ban Gas Stoves

    Rocky Mountain Institute partnered with China to implement 'economy-wide transformation' away from oil and gas.

    The Rocky Mountain Institute is far from the first green energy group to advocate for the banning of gas stoves, which nearly 40 percent of U.S. homes use. But the nonprofit's newfound influence reflects the Biden administration's alignment with the left's loudest climate activists.

    BAM! 'Vaccine' Crime Evidence Provided to Idaho Prosecutors and Law Enforcement Calls for C19 Shots to be “Banned Immediately and Criminal Investigations to Begin”

    Dr. Joseph Sansone Aug 18, 2023

    Document calls for shots to be:

    “Banned Immediately and Criminal Investigations Should Begin”

    As a board member of the National American Renaissance Movement, I am pleased to announce that we just submitted an 83 page white paper/grand jury petition containing evidence of C19 ‘vaccine’ crimes to the Idaho Attorney General, along with County Prosecutors and Sheriffs across the state.

    Previously we submitted evidence to the Florida Prosecutors and Sheriffs. I discussed this in this Stew Peters interview. Evidence was also submitted to New Jersey Prosecutors and Law Enforcement.

    This document was prepared by National American Renaissance Movement President, and NJ criminal defense and trial attorney, David Meiswinkle. This 83 page document lists 149 exhibits and asserts evidence that state and federal crimes have been committed. This document demands an immediate ban of C19 ‘vaccines’ and calls for criminal investigations. The document also lists persons of interest.

    We intend to submit evidence of vaccine crimes to local prosecutors and law enforcement in all 50 states. Maybe somebody will do their job…i.e. call a grand jury and start seeking indictments….


    @TuckerCarlson: Ep. 17 Vivek Ramaswamy is the youngest Republican presidential candidate ever. He's worth listening to.


    As many people know, the number 7 is the most important number in this particular universe. Well, what is the reason for that? The Undifferentiated Source for this universe at the outset of Creation came into manifestation as a Unity, The Godhead, The Divine Creator of this particular universe. For reasons that will never be known at any Level until merging back into that Source, The Creator chose to first express as a Triplicity, The Triune Godhead, also called The Trinity. Those 3 Aspects of The Creator are known in Hinduism as Shiva, Vishnu, and Brahma. In Christianity, They are called God The Father, God The Son, and God The Holy Spirit. In the occult teachings of Ascended Master Djwhal Khul, They are called The 3 Major Aspects of Divine Will (1st), Love/Wisdom (2nd), and Active Intelligence (3rd).

    The Creator then chose to express as a Septenary and create a 7-fold universe by dividing its Manifest Self into what are called The 3 Major Aspects and 4 Minor Attributes of The Godhead. The One became The Three, and The Three became The Seven, The Great Heptomad of all life. In Hinduism, They are known as The 7 Prajapati. Each of The 7 Primary Differentiations of The Godhead emanates a unique Divine Creative Force that permeates the entirety of the universe at all Levels of Existence, and collectively these 7 Forces are referred to as The 7 Rays. By their interplay and interaction, They may be considered to be The Intelligent Creative Forces which brought the universe and all life within the universe into being (refer to "The Seven Rays Explained"). This number 7, which comprises our Creator, is then reflected down through all the Planes of Existence in this universe.

    Benjamin Fulford Report: The White Dragon Society plan for the planet. – August 14, 2023

    Sounds very reasonable.

    Mark Meadows seeks to move Georgia prosecution to federal court

    Trump himself is expected to follow suit with a motion to transfer the case out of Georgia state court. (Remember, Georgia is the only state with dominion voting machines in every county so the Chinese pretty much own the Georgia voting system.)

    Chinese Technology in Voting Machines Seen as emerging threat ...

    Jan 9, 2020 — The infiltration by foreign countries like China into election voting equipment is emerging as a growing concern among vendors.

    A Look Back at the War on “Miracle Drug” Ivermectin

    Undoubtedly, the inexpensive drug directly threatened the emergency use authorization (EUA) used to push the DARPA-funded gene-damaging COVID jabs, and its existence jeopardized a $200 billion vaccine enterprise. As highlighted by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the EUA statute states that an emergency use authorization cannot be issued for a vaccine if an existing medication has been approved for any purpose and has shown to be effective against the target illness.

    No Insurance money for Maui, city out of code, Biden to send $700 for each resident

    This is how the KM/Dem/CCP party ends up with the property.

    mRNA vaccines produce widespread brain injury, the first loss is love

    Dr Bhakdi, Dr Fuellmich, Dr Breggin and Dr Wolf warn that the WHO intends to introduce mRNA technology for all vaccines, which will be life-threatening. They produce widespread brain injury, a reduced ability to regulate emotions and a more primal kind of reaction to provocation. The first loss is love.

    Maui's latest human sacrifice to the Climate Hoax God

  • Trump announces ‘major event’ next Monday to respond to Georgia charges.
  • A Large, Complex, Detailed but Irrefutable REPORT on the Presidential Election Fraud which took place in Georgia is almost complete & will be presented by me at a major News Conference at 11:00 A.M. on Monday of next week in Bedminster, New Jersey. Based on the results of this CONCLUSIVE Report, all charges should be dropped against me & others - There will be a complete EXONERATION! They never went after those that Rigged the Election. They only went after those that fought to find the RIGGERS!

    Soros To End 'Most EU Operations' In 'Radical Shift'

    George Sorors' Open Society Foundations, which are now controlled by his son Alexander, will cease most of its operations in the European Union.

    The move, which comes after foundation-funded NGOs ferried migrants to Europe for over a decade (mission accomplished?), comes after the $25 billion family foundation announced a headcount reduction of at least 40% following Alexander's ascent.

    (A $25 billion fine for election interference with the CCP sounds about right.)

    Pennsylvania Gov. Josh Shapiro: State department will work to ensure fair, secure 2024 election

    Is Anyone Surprised? Left-Wing Media Doesn't Like 'Rich Men North Of Richmond'

    Leftists across America have been triggered. 

    That's probably not going to come as a shock to anyone, but the establishment media and woke social media response to Oliver Anthony's gritty coal country ballad 'Rich Men North Of Richmond' is less than enthusiastic.  Much like their reaction to Jason Aldean's 'Try That In A Small Town' which blew up the charts in the face of heavy media backlash, 'Rich Men North Of Richmond' is being derided as a "right wing anthem" laced with "conspiracy theories."

    'Try That In A Small Town' goes straight for the throat in pointing out the level of anger among rural Americans and conservatives when it comes to the chaos wrought by leftist ideology.  The message is bold - "Try that in our neck of the woods, and we'll rain hell down on you."  Democrats attacked the song as "thinly veiled racism" hearkening back to the days of southern lynch mobs - But of course, the race baiting tactic is long worn out and no one seems to care about the accusations anymore. And, rather hypocritically, leftists once again reveal their underlying racism by suggesting that a song about rising crime can only be about black people.    

    Oliver Anthony's song is much more reserved and seems to take inspiration from protest songs of the 1960s and 1970s.  The sound is also rooted in the classic country tones of performers like Hank William's Jr, escaping the boring overproduced robot music of the modern era.  Rich Men North Of Richmond is simple, but Anthony's talent is undeniable. The song is also honest in its observations, so it's not surprising that the media is unsettled by it.

    As of Monday morning, Anthony's songs are the most popular on iTunes, according to data from Kworb

    Biden world moves to stave off Cornel West 

    Democrats fear repeating history from third-party challengers threatening Biden’s 2024 bid.

    For those who want the president to be reelected, Cornel West, a prominent academic and civil rights leader, is perhaps the most concerning of the third-party candidates and potential contenders.

    Inside the party, there is bubbling concern of a repeat from what happened seven years ago, when Green Party candidate Jill Stein drew more votes in three critical battleground states than the amount by which Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton in those places.

    Dems, NIH wanted another grant for EcoHealth Alliance - Partners In Wuhan Covid 19 Bioweapon Release

    Oversight Subcommittee Chair Griffith: “It’s absolutely reckless that the NIH has renewed a grant for EcoHealth Alliance given their negligence and the breach of their contract with the NIH on the coronavirus research done at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. It is now believed likely that COVID-19 was the result of a lab incident at the Wuhan Institute. 

    NIH gave EcoHealth Alliance money for risky coronavirus research without proper oversight, watchdog finds

    A watchdog found that the National Institutes of Health made errors in its oversight of research grants to EcoHealth Alliance to study bat...

    (Looks like the KM sold the Dems to the CCP.)

    Nuremberg-Tier Criminality? Monkey Virus Fragments in COVID Shots

    What other conclusion can we come to other than these corporations and government actors are responsible for the greatest mass murder scheme in world history, dwarfing anything history's most bloodthirsty dictators could have imagined?

    Kind of Blue: How Miles Davis made the greatest jazz album in history

    Kind of Blue is frequently cited as the greatest jazz album of all time. Stuart Nicholson tells the full story of how Miles Davis, Cannonball Adderley, John Coltrane, Bill Evans, Wynton Kelly, Paul Chambers and Jimmy Cobb made it.

    Bill Evans was no stranger to modes. He can be heard on George Russell’s Smalltet on Jazz Workshop (Bluebird) from 1956, essentially using the Lydian scale as a way of negotiating harmonies. Why does Lydian sound so good? ... Lydian sounds good because of a simple concept: the circle of fifths.

    The Lydian Mode: A Secret Scale For More Colorful Music

    The Rise (And Fall) Of Hip-Hop's Fortunes

    Getting rich has been almost as central to hip-hop's message as keeping it real...

    The Evidence That Convicts The CIA Of The JFK Assassination

    But what about the CIA? Is there evidence that convicts the CIA beyond a reasonable doubt of criminal complicity in the JFK assassination? Yes, there is. That evidence consists of the altered, fraudulent copy of the famous Zapruder film that the CIA secretly produced at its top-secret Hawkeyeworks photographic operation in Rochester, New York, on the weekend of the assassination.

    Just as there is no innocent explanation for a fraudulent autopsy, there is also no innocent explanation for an altered, fraudulent copy of the film of the assassination.

    Dave Hodges: U.S. Space Force Is Based in Maui - Essential Military Infrastructure Located on Maui - How China Greatly Benefited From the Disaster on Maui.

    The Michelle Moore Show: Special Presentation: Tucker Carlson interviews Former Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund

    COVID Victims' Families Sue EcoHealth Alliance For 'Funding, Releasing' Virus

    The families of four people who died from COVID-19 are suing EcoHealth alliance, the New York-based nonprofit that was conducting gain-of-function research on bat coronaviruses in Wuhan, China, before COVID-19 broke out across town.

    The Department of Health bribed health agencies with 13 billion dollars to force mass vaccination

    Dr James A. Thorp denounces how he has been fired for not accepting bribes and for speaking out against Covid vaccines in pregnant women. He claims that the health care system has a conflict of interest, they receive huge amounts of money for accepting that all pregnant women receive the Covid vaccine, which is an abomination.

    Descent of the New Jerusalem

    "And I John saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband... Having the glory of God: and her light was like unto a stone most precious, even like a jasper stone, clear as crystal." Rev. 21: 2,11

    Richard Leviton in "Ley Lines and the meaning of Adam," wrote that "the Earth the Round Table as a planetary hologram of the energy/consciousness body of the Solar Logos. It is the receiving/transmitting device expressed at the borderline between third and fourth dimensions."

    Theosophist Brett J Mitchell, in "The Sun is Alive," wrote that "the Solar Logos is the source of our existence, both physically and spiritually. Its radiance vitalizes our physical bodies and vitalizes our spiritual growth."

    On March 10th, 1985 Archangel Michael announced, " the descent of the etheric matrix of the New Jerusalem at this point [Los Angeles] and in various points on the planet. We have spoken before of the descent of this blueprint and this manifestation, but the descent must come through the Electronic Presence of the embodied chelas, through the magnet of their hearts, of their own I AM Presence, through their espousal of the will of God and that perfect faith that has trust that God will perform all miracles and save to the uttermost this community of Light to perform its perfect work.

    Understand that we may announce many times the descending of the Holy City and you must understand what it is: It is the etheric counterpart of that which is the divine plan for each and every city and center of Light on earth. And ultimately, superimposed upon that which is the divine plan, specific and unique for the city, there is that of the New Jerusalem itself, which is the city of Christ and his saints and which contains the divine and true etheric matrix to which the lost tribes and the Christed ones shall return.

    Figure 3 - The New Jerusalem

    Jochmann quotes from John to support his hypothesis of a double penta dodecahedron. He writes, "John ... described the coming New Jerusalem as... being ‘as long as it is wide as it is high,’ or geometric in shape. He described it as having "crowns’ or node points, and indicated that its structure would be based on ‘a golden measure’ or the golden mean proportion of 1 to 1.617. Significantly, the only geometric figure that is composed entirely of golden mean proportions is a five-pointed star or pentacle... The ‘twelve gemstones’ and ‘twelve gates’ of the New Jerusalem would be the twelve double pentacles faces of the Penta Dodeca crystal form." In Scallion’s vision they are the twelve decagons!

    Both Scallion and Jochmann state that the new Earth grid will cause a change in the consciousness of mankind. Jochmann writes, "Because the bioelectric field of the human brain is intricately related to the geomagnetic field of the Earth, any energy shifts in the planet could cause corresponding transformations in the consciousness of humanity as a whole. Is the present spiritual awakening occurring among humankind around the world tied into the transition from one planetary crystal energy form to another? Are prophesied "earth changes" not something to be feared, but are simply signposts for both personal and planetary changes now happening, linked with the Earth’s crystalline metamorphosis? Will the apostle John’s vision of a coming world of universal peace and tranquility be our eventual Gift once the earth’s crystal transformations are complete? These are questions only the future will answer."

    Scallion is more certain in his conviction of a transformation of consciousness. He writes, "This grid pattern... is what creates the blueprint, I believe, for DNA... Therefore, we will have new species of animals emerging, and a new species of people. This new human being will attain - if we were to judge him or her from the point of view of intelligence, telepathic abilities, healing abilities, and spiritual knowing - a kind of quantum jump in evolution from where we are now.... People today who are in harmony - well-balanced in most repects - are already tapped-in to the new grid structure."

    12-Strand DNA 🧬….Whereas the current understanding of DNA is based upon a stacking array of Dodecahedrons, when we include the Icosahedron in the combined format of the ‘Icosiedodecahedron’ and stack them, 12-Strands emerge from the combined solid’s inherent stellations/protrusions.

    As the Icosahedron is the Dual of the Dodecahedron, one could say that these inherent correspondences of higher order DNA 🧬 have always been there, but perhaps until we are consciously aware of them, they remain dormant.

    Therefore, the Light Activation is based upon a stacking array of Icosidodecahedrons ALL NESTED WITHIN MERKABAS….(Metatron’s Cubes).

    Decagon -

    In geometry, a decagon is a ten-sided polygon or 10-gon.

    Number of vertices: 10

    Number of edges: 10

    Internal angle: 144°

    My chances are close to 100% – Trump

    The former US president is likely to face Joe Biden in next year’s election, recent polling data indicates.

    Mike Stone (henrymakow): See map of 2020 election results that were broadcast on German TV shortly before a Space Force raid took place. At that time, the election was already over.

    Back in December 2020, I described how Space Force, a branch of the U.S. Military, had raided a data center location in Frankfurt, Germany that the CIA was using to hack and rig the results of the Presidential election.

    Here's what I wrote at the time:

    "The U.S. Army did raid a server farm in Germany and they did secure a Dominion voting machine and software. There were casualties on both sides."

    Above you can see a map of the election results that were broadcast on German television shortly before the raid took place. At that time, the election was already over. Trump had won in a massive landslide. (WikiLeaks confirmed CIA's use of a data center in Frankfurt, Germany to rig elections as reported)

    I wasn't the only one to report on this story. Jim Stone, through his own independent research, reached the same conclusion. At first, he doubted the story, but eventually, he came around and discovered that it was indeed true.

    FDA Drops Ivermectin Bombshell

    Authored by Zachary Stieber via The Epoch Times,

    Doctors are free to prescribe ivermectin to treat COVID-19, a lawyer representing the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said this week.

    “FDA explicitly recognizes that doctors do have the authority to prescribe ivermectin to treat COVID,” Ashley Cheung Honold, a Department of Justice lawyer representing the FDA, said during oral arguments on Aug. 8 in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit.

    Karen Kingston published a very detailed letter, in collaboration with local law enforcement in the United States, with the aim of getting them to open a criminal investigation. It is not true that Pfizer has no liability. There is proof that the jab is a biological weapon against humanity. (This is the same Karen Kingston that has been poisoned. )

    Government Vaccine Whistleblower Karen Kingston Poisoned

    Karen Kingston has fled to Mexico but believes she is being hunted by the CIA.

    She advocates the prosecution of  Pfizer which has lost its immunity because it has engaged in criminal medical experimentation. She says, Sheriffs have the legal right to seize the vaccines.

    Once you edit the genome of a species you are exterminating the species. She says the "vaccine" contains an operating system designed to cull and track the population.  mNRA vaccine is being put in our food.

    She pleads with law enforcement and the military. "Do you want to live in this kind of world? They are coming for you next." 

    "I chose to sacrifice for the greater good instead of suffering."  

    (One of the most egregious offenses against life itself would be to defile the DNA of the entire human/animal genome. Most people would not go along with this. The deep state may have to be dealt with by the DOD if they won't cooperate with ending the attacks against humanity.)

    Attorney Lin Wood Is Back! 

    Lin Wood@LLinWood

    Same legal principle applies to GA election. Every lie will be revealed. “Americans” who participated in fraudulent scheme to overthrow our duly elected President are TRAITORS. China orchestrated it. America is a nation under a just God. Be prepared to #FightBack.

    (He is giving crumbs about President Trumps 2018 EO on election fraud. He is setting it up to come out!)

    Ready to go back to school? These vaccines are required for all Pennsylvania students

    Smart parents would claim religious exemptions to avoid the packed vaccine schedule for their children. There is no reason to trust any vaccine at this time.

    Pfizer and Moderna are now pushing the mRNA poison through the RSV, HIV and Flu vaccines. The ingredients are not disclosed in the press which makes them complicit with the poisonings.

    Long covid is vaccine damage but the vaccine companies will not voluntarily admit liability. Vaccine corporations will have to be tried for genocide and forced out of business for there to be a future for humanity.

    FBI Murders ‘Frail, Elderly’ ‘MAGA Trumper’ Veteran Who Facebooked About Shooting Biden.

    Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agents have shot dead a “frail”, 75-year-old man who identified as a “MAGA Trumper” and who couldn’t walk without “the aid of a hand-carved stick.” The incident occurred while the highly politicized agency executed a warrant related to Facebook posts about shooting Joe Biden and other Democrats. Robertson, a Vietnam veteran, had even used his Facebook posts to heckle the FBI itself.

    Obviously the FBI has decided to skip the legal process in this case.

    Remember Madonna at Women's March: "I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House" 

    Hunter Biden-linked foreign haul at $20M with ... - NY Post

    WASHINGTON — President Biden's family and their allies brought in at least $20 million from foreign sources, including first son Hunter Biden's business associates in Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine — some of whom dined with the current commander-in-chief, the House Oversight Committee revealed Wednesday. 

    Did you happen to listen to the part about Israel?    "The nanotech in the Covid injections is somehow communicating with their cell phone and sending that information to ISRAEL in real time".  (Israel info begins at about the 24:50 mark)

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu admits they are the testing lab for Pfizer and are creating a genetic database from people's medical records.

    "So Israel became, if you will, the lab for Pfizer" - Benjamin Netanyahu

    CRISPR technology causes congenital diseases and cancer. Is anyone checking what it does?

    Del Bigtree and Jeffery Jaxen discuss the fact that CRISPR technology generates structural defects in the nucleus, micronuclei and chromosomal bridges; it initiates a mutational process called Chromothripsis, which can cause congenital diseases and cancer. They are wondering if someone is monitoring what it is doing and suggest that if we continue allowing products to be made in this way, there will be no way for us to survive it!

    Please visit our channel Alcyon Pleiades, at the following address: to watch our videos on these subjects.

    URGENT! For everyone’s sake, share these videos amongst family and friends, since we are in grave danger, being subject to medical and social tyranny, which is striving to destroy humanity.

     mRNA vaccines transform people into GMOs. An increase in disease over the next 15 years

    Pharmacist and biologist Hélène Banoun discloses how these mRNA vaccines are gene therapy products and, therefore, meet that definition. They transform people into GMOs, or genetically modified organisms.

    Nearly 100 colleges still mandate COVID vaccine, eliciting criticism
    Harvard, Johns Hopkins and Rutgers universities are among the 100 colleges that require COVID vaccine shots for their students.

    These colleges will never live this down. All of those new students coming into campus, getting their covid bioweapon shots and spreading it around to everyone else. They are in effect spreading turbo cancers, heart disease, and stroke.

    Graphene Rain, Scientist Sounds Alarm

    Graphene rain, are climate engineering operations the source? What aren't we being told? A highly credentialed scientist provides extensive analysis, this is a must watch report.

    Newsom Funded Chinese COVID Lab Known to Biden’s FDA

    'Allowing a Chinese company to practice gain-of-function research on our shores is like inviting biological warfare into our backyard... '

    The company’s CCP links extend to Barry Zhang, who is listed as Prestige BioTech’s registered agent by the Nevada secretary of state. Zhang reportedly was a leader of the Chinese-American Society of CPAs and its work with China’s United Front espionage and propaganda network.

    This company, NOT licensed to conduct business in California, received a $360,000 tax credit,…

    (Certain Democats appear to have joined forces with the Chinese Communist Party. Institutions that are still poisoning their people with mRNA vaccines like UPMC and Pitt should be put on the CCP watch list and banned from sports.)

    Global Watch | UFWD: ‘Magic weapon’ in China’s espionage arsenal

    China’s United Front espionage and propaganda network. UFWD's work is inspired by the Leninist theory of uniting with lesser enemies to defeat greater ones. This appears to be the case with the Democrats and the Chinese Communist Party.

    Shapiro administration cutting ties with anti-abortion Real Alternatives, crisis pregnancy center after 30 years

    Shapiro appears to be on board with all of the depopulation efforts against Americans including abortion, mRNA vaccinations, transgender sterilization and LGBT propaganda. 

    Shapiro is also at the heart of a cover up of the murder of a district attorney in which conclusive evidence is being withheld from the public and the State Police have been ordered not to discuss it.

    Police files obtained in the case show a State Police task force called for a grand jury to solve the case which Shapiro has refused to discuss as AG and as Governor.


    Video of Rand Paul’s staffer being stabbed in Washington DC has been released to the public.

    Rand Paul and his staffers have been shot at, tackled, assaulted, knifed and the Khazarian media ignores it.

    UPS driver pay and benefits deal in US to be worth $170,000 a year, firm says

    The UPS motto: Customer First, People Led, Innovation Driven. (Sure beats tending bar as a Marxist college graduate.)

    Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Makes Case For Finishing Border Wall

    "No, I will not be Donald Trump’s vice president..." (Bobby did touch his nose affirming that his cousin JFK JR is alive though.)

    Quest for the original 12 strand DNA design: Did the antediluvians save a copy?

    Today's random gene altering medicine is the antithesis of good DNA care and nurturing . They are Still trying to bust us down to one strand zombies like their flunky god enlil tried to do.

    The Galactic Federation's Mission: Piecing Together the Original DNA

    Long ago, a biogenetic manipulation was carried out, resulting in significant destruction.

    The planet became home to experimental versions of different species, and the original DNA database was scattered, albeit not completely destroyed.

    Prior to this event, our DNA was similar to that of a magnificent library, where information was cataloged and referenced, allowing us to easily find anything we sought!

    However, the biogenetic alteration led to the unplugging of the data, making it seem like someone had hidden the reference system, removed all the books from their shelves, and tossed them into a pile on the floor, resulting in an unordered mess!

    Through it all, our planet is once again being reinvigorated. It is being cleansed of its corruption, and the DNA databases are being restored. There will be much work to do in this process, as the DNA must be relearned in each human body.

    In case anyone missed it: A Sirius Look At “Lion’s Gate,” The Egyptians, and Why New-Agers Always Seem To Miss The Point

    The entire Sirius season is so important….

    …that the Declaration of Independence was signed on July 4th to coincide with the beginning of it. The Masons, who were instrumental in designing the US before that society was corrupted, were Sirius lovers. Even if one is not a Mason, one can appreciate the spiritual impact of this, as it is now known scientifically that the natural pulse given out by the human brain literally syncs with the pulse coming from the human heart, which syncs with the pulse coming from the Earth, which syncs with the pulse coming from the Sun, which syncs with the pulse coming from Sirius. What happens beyond that, we don’t know yet.

    Horus, Isis and Osiris myth = DNA restoration of the galaxy?

    It all started when the Draconians blew up three out of 14 planets in the Lyran star system, Bila, Teka, and Merck and raided the rest. The Dracos stole the names and started destroying the DNA of all of God's creatures, chasing down their DNA with anti life chemicals and vibrations.

    Putting the original, Divine, light charged DNA pattern back together again restores life in the Garden of Eden.

    CBD Awareness Day: USDA Shares Hemp Farm Success Story, Touting Agency’s Resources To Aid CBD Producers

    By Kyle Jaeger

    The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is sharing the success story of an Indiana-based hemp farm, touting how the agency offered financial and technical assistance to help the business to maximize its output of high-quality CBD oil.

    While hemp was treated the same as marijuana under federal law for decades, the crop was federally legalized under the 2018 Farm Bill, inspiring farmers across the country to begin cultivating it amid growing demand for derivatives like CBD.

    USDA has worked to support the industry, promoting various resources that are available to hemp farmers as they navigate rapidly developing rules and policies.

    In a post that’s part of its “Fridays on the Farm” series, USDA highlighted Papa G’s Organic Hemp Farm, a father-son business that started when Jeffrey Garland proposed growing the crop at his father’s farm in Indiana—which he had been thinking of selling until the two agreed to give hemp a shot by applying for a license under the state’s recently enacted regulations.

    “Outwardly, the cannabis plants used to produce hemp oil are nearly identical to those used to produce marijuana, what differs is the internal chemistry,” USDA’s Brandon O’Connor wrote. “While marijuana plants are bred to produce the maximum amount of the psychoactive compound THC, hemp plants can be bred to maximize the non-psychoactive compound CBD, which is known for its medicinal uses, and can also be bred for fiber and grain products.”


    Trump now has subpoena power. Biden is only president of the United States Corporation under the treaty of 1871 which is being replaced by the restored American Republic.

    Trump, DOD and Space Force have the real results of the 2020 election and they are vastly different from what has been reported.

    The PA State Supreme court acted illegally to change state election rules making them unconstitutional. Only state legislators can change the rules!

    China's Infiltration of American Education: $17 Million in CCP Funds Sent to K-12 Schools -

    Lawmakers are urging the Department of Education to act after 143 public schools received more than $17 million in funds from the CCP.

    Pennsylvania Gov. Josh Shapiro Kills Program to Help Pregnant Women, Save Babies From Abortions

    (This Governor must be under the control of some kind of anti life AI.)

    Shapiro was elected to office last year with support from Planned Parenthood, the transgender lobby, various pharma PACs and the Pennsylvania State Education Association.

    This abortion aggression follows the total betrayal of parents who need school vouchers to get their kids out of PSEA's trans culture schools. When parents try to express their concerns about public schools the FBI is called in to investigate mothers. The People are tired of harsh depopulation politics aimed at families and children.

    Shapiro is also on the hook for obstruction of justice for ignoring a PA State Police order to empanel a grand jury in the murder case of DA Ray Gricar. See

    Cornel West: America Is A Failed Social Experiment, Neoliberal Wing Of Democratic Party Must Be Fought

    West, a professor, denounced the neoliberal wing of the Democratic party that is all about "black faces in high places" but not actual change. The professor remarked even those black faces often lose legitimacy because they ingriatiate themselves into the establishment neo-liberal Democratic party.

    "I think we are witnessing America as a failed social experiment," West said.

    The Florida Way: Diversity Without Affirmative Action

    By Samuel J. Abrams | Ray Rodrigues


    August 07, 2023

    Federalism is one of our nation’s greatest virtues; states’ discretion to pursue their own policies is a hallmark of the American republic. And state schools offer potent examples of how states can dramatically differ in their quality of governance. Consider higher education. Florida’s remarkable success with its top-ranked public colleges and universities stands as a testament to how higher education can thrive and achieve real diversity without affirmative action. For nearly a quarter of a century, Florida has maintained color-blind admissions to its post-secondary schools while still yielding a diverse student body.

  • Huge showing for Kirk Cameron Moms for Liberty event.

  • Democrats tried to cancel, censor the joy…

  • More Banks Downgraded

    US banks including Capital One, PNC Financial Services Group and Fifth Third Bancorp, Huntington Bancshares, Citizens Financial Group, Regions Financial, Ally Financial, and The Bank OZK, had their debt-rating outlooks cut by Moody’s Investors Service, which said the US banking sector is facing “several sources of strain.”

    The sources of strain include funding pressures, regulatory capital weaknesses, and rising risks associated with commercial real estate exposures, according to the ratings provider.

    Moody's has also placed a review for downgrade on The Bank of New York Mellon, US Bancorp, State Street, and Truist.

    Pitt Proof of Vaccination and Booster

    Pitt should have to forfeit all their sports games for being among the last ones to stop mandating the covid shots! They are dupes and simpletons for spreading the bioweapon for China.

    Pitt Vaccination rules follow those of their UPMC Chinese Hospital Overlords

    Continued Collaboration with Xiangya Hospital:

    In 2014, UPMC and Xiangya Hospital of Central South University elevated their decade-long research and clinical collaboration by partnering to develop the Xiangya International Medical Center located in Changsha.

    Under the agreement, UPMC provides Xiangya Hospital with technical, clinical, administrative, and management services, including:

    • Medical and administrative training based in Pittsburgh and China
    • Quality assurance and safety practices
    • Technology recommendations
    • Equipment and staffing plans
    • Telemedicine links to UPMC’s clinical programs in Pittsburgh and Italy

    Executive Order 13848—Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Elections

    (This Means Game Over for Election Interference.)

    DOJ Slapped By Judge In Trump Documents Case

    The judge overseeing former President Trump's classified documents case, Florida District Judge Aileen Cannon, rebuked federal prosecutors on Monday while striking down two of their filings.

    DOJ special counsel Jack Smith has been directed by the court to unseal two filings and to provide a comprehensive legal rationale for a Washington, D.C. grand jury's involvement in the investigation. Specifically, Cannon, a Trump appointee, has ordered Smith to explain "the legal propriety" of using a DC Grand Jury in a Florida matter.

    CV19 Vax Humanitarian Catastrophe being Turbocharged without Treatment – Dr. Pierre Kory

    By Greg Hunter On August 5, 2023

    World renowned CV19 critical care and pulmonary expert Dr. Pierre Kory has run a full-time CV19 vaccine injury practice for two years.  What Dr. Kory is seeing first hand in terms of injuries is frightening.  Dr. Kory explains, “It’s been insane for two years plus.  The world has gone mad. . . . There is a simple reason the world has gone mad.  It’s from unrelenting censorship and propaganda. . . . Ed Dowd has brought forth the most compelling information on the CV19 vax out of anyone because it comes out of actuarial data, it comes out of labor statistics, and it comes out of the CDC.  He is using their own data to show that we have a humanitarian catastrophe that occurred in the wake of this CV19 global vaccine campaign.  We have countless record setting numbers of young people dying, employed white collar young people dying in droves.  Yet, nobody wants to talk about it.”

    With at least 676 million CV19 injections in the USA alone, there are too few people being treated for CV 19 vax injuries.  Dr. Kory says, “Millions of people need treatment for injuries caused by the CV19 vax. . . . I don’t talk that much in the book “The War on Ivermectin” about ‘Long Covid’ and CV19 vaccine injuries, but now that my career is treating those two illnesses,  I am an expert in treating ‘Long Covid’ and CV19 vaccine injury.  Our most effective medicine in treating those two conditions is Ivermectin.  Now, you have hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people, who would benefit from chronic Ivermectin treatment for these long-haul syndromes and CV19 vaccine injuries.  They have shut down the retail pharmacies.  The American Board of Pharmacists bought all the propaganda or they were paid to push out propaganda.  They shut down pharmacies and scared all the pharmacies from filling prescriptions for Ivermectin.  So, you can’t go to a retail pharmacy for Ivermectin. . . . You can go to a compounding pharmacy in your area and get it.”

    (Ivermectin should be sold over the counter like they do in Mexican airports. Ivermectin helped millions in India and Africa safely for pennies a dose. USA is in worse shape than third world countries for getting Ivermectin.)

    This is the kind of life affirming medicine the drug lobby tries to keep away from the public. Corporate Pharmaceutical Political PACs like Value Drug PAC use their money to get people elected like Governor Shapiro and for lobbying lawmakers to keep Ivermectin away from vaccine damaged victims. This allows the vaccine biological weapons to stay on the market. will soon be updated:

    Ms Knight is getting ready to release the rest of the police files. Once she posts Ray's last fax, the motive for his murder becomes crystal clear as well as the cover up. The fax sent to an associate lays out his intent to charge a high profile sports figure and his charity for child trafficking. Ray was lured to Raystown to meet with a woman one day before his disappearance as a likely dry run for his murder. Independent investigators now believe Ray was lured into a van in Lewisburg under the premise of meeting with the mother of a Sandusky victim. 

    Cornel West Owes the IRS More than $500,000 in Taxes a new report found that the Green Party candidate has IRS liens filed against him for the years 2005, 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017 on his homes in NJ and CA.

    (West is within his Constitional rights for not paying the IRS. Federal income taxes are illegal under the constitution. The IRS corporation of Puerto Rico has no legal standing to collect taxes. The IRS will end with the FED.

    West should hang on until Trump reinstates the Constitutional Republic and dissolves those pesky three letter federal agencies.)

    Alcyon Pleiades 159: Active Sun, Myths, Health, Cold Sun, Van Allen, Anomaly, Carrington mega storm

    The Sun has always been of paramount importance in different cultures throughout history, as the giver of life and energy, and this fact helps us understand the direct relationship it has with life on our planet.

    Solar activity is an issue that scientists find deeply concerning, since we are on an upward journey towards the highest peak of solar cycle 25, in which we currently find ourselves. We are seeing an exaggerated increase in activity, as the solar flares reaching Earth become more intense and continuous... The electromagnetic fields generated by the Sun can cause the breakdown of technology as we know it, as was the case with the Carrington Event; if a similar event were to happen today, humankind would be transported back to the Stone Age.

    However, the Sun’s radiation, in the form of solar rays, is charged with light photons that are highly beneficial. They can foster human beings’ development, whilst carrying out the purification of the human race. If our lives are rooted in base emotions, negative thinking and misguided actions, then there is no doubt that this intense solar energy will be very harmful to us, generating disastrous effects for the body and the psyche, as was the case with Atlantis, which was faced with a mass coronal ejection of destructive proportions.

    On the other hand, we can strive to achieve a light frequency and base our lives upon humility and the heart’s simplicity, seeking harmony, honesty and ethical, moral and spiritual principles. If we do these things, in addition to practicing meditation and engaging in prayer, then we will be given protective energy-based support, and the Sun’s powerful energy will become a blessing, and be hugely advantageous for the advancement and development of our consciousness.

    Video by Alcyon Pleiades

    How to Balance and Expand Your Threefold Flame

    It is a requirement for the Ascension

    The Golden Age of Spiritual Enlightenment

    Our immersion within Photon Belt will play a profound role in the transformation of humanity.  The illumination of our consciousness will become the priority in our lives here on Earth. This is a period of awakening is primarily due to the ascension cycle and planetary alignment. The phenomenon of both the Photon Belt and celestial activity will reduce the density of the veil that prevents us from seeing who we really  are. This thinning of the veil will lessen the barriers around our molecular DNA making them more reactive or responsive to new energies. The DNA will attempt to respond to the changing frequencies which will increase its capacity. This presents many opportunities for change on our planet by the addition of higher vibrational energy.  It increases the flow of energy in the magnetic grids of Earth and attracts new ideas and energies People will feel the need to transform but those who consider this physical reality their only expression will dwindle into greater fixations, blocks and negativity. Angelic humans and the higher vibrational being on Earth are the first group of people who are presently receiving this energy and the transformation that comes with it.  The Earth becoming a Sun is a gradual process and will come to fruition within the next thousand years in our linear time. This is a dimensional shift moving us towards the Golden Age.

    From The Alpha to The Omega: ‘Lion Of Judah’  8/8

    It is the Stargate through which the Sirian ‘Lion Of Judah’ returns with the energy of Sirius, to guide Humanity through its Ascension into the ‘Age of Aquarius’. It is the 2nd coming of Christ, not as the man Jesus, but as ‘Christed Consciousness’ in people.

    There are some who carry this high level of consciousness after streaming it down the dimensions and birthing it into our 5th, 4th and 3rd dimensions of existence, because they received the key to this gateway (which is the symbol you see in the picture above). You will know these people by their thoughts, words & deeds in service to All, if your inner eye is open.

    These beings are connected to the Blue Lodge on Sirius A which has acted as guardians and benefactors of this planet for long thousands of years before Atlantis. They have contributed to the genetic experiment that is humanity in a positive way.

    With every passing day, as more cosmic light comes to Earth, it upgrades the lightbodies & DNA of all who are on the path of spiritual and life mastery. So you too have been downloading and assimilating the Christed energies, and the proof lies in your changing energy, your new ideas, your new feelings, your new talk and your new choices and work, that are distant from what you used to be and do, not so long ago.

    If you have been able to let go of many things that are not you, and you are free from the past, as well as your many worldly attachments and you find yourself perpetually in the here and now, busy with service to all, where you incidentally find some of your truly close friends too, then you are in the vibration of ‘Christed Consciousness’ and through the Lion’s Gate.

    .@JoeRogan: "No one is going to run against Trump on the Republican side and win because you are not going to get the Trump supporters... The fact that he was the President for four years, and the country was in a great economic situation, and it looked like his policies were actually effective. Unemployment was down. Business was booming. Regulations were being relaxed. More things were getting done. When you look at it from a policy perspective, what he did on paper was effective... Everybody thinks there needs to be a wall. Even the Mayor of New York City is now calling to stop immigration into his city... When you look at the Russia collusion. When you look at the Steele dossier. When you look at all the bullshit, they tried to throw at him that we now know is bullshit. Not just bullshit, but coordinated bullshit. When you look at the fact that they suppressed this Hunter Biden laptop story. And 51 intelligence agency representatives signed off on that to say that this is Russian disinformation, which we know they know is not true. That's scary. Because now you have the intelligence agencies colluding to keep a guy from being president, who was president during a time when the country was thriving economically."

    "Your Injections Are Killing Our Young People" - Pfizer, Moderna Reps Slammed During Heated Aussie Senate Hearing

    "This injection campaign is going to go down as the greatest scandal in medical history and none of you said a single thing..."

    The media is beginning to talk about the vaccine as a ‘biological weapon

    Karen Kingston published a very detailed letter, in collaboration with local law enforcement in the United States, with the aim of getting them to open a criminal investigation. It is not true that Pfizer has no liability. There is proof that the jab is a biological weapon against humanity.

    Clinical trials conducted by Pfizer and Moderna are a fraud

    French biostatistician Christine Cotton works in the pharmaceutical industry; she claims that we will have no effective and proven statistics about the jab’s serious adverse effects, or anything about people over 75 or those with immune deficiency and comorbidities. Pregnant women are excluded, and long-term tolerance is unknown. Data on people with adverse effects are also missing.

    Aluminium and polysorbate 80 in vaccines cause autism and other illnesses in children

    Dr Lawrence Palevsky explains that, as an adjuvant, aluminium has a kind of structure that binds tightly to bacteria and viruses. Then, polysorbate 80, the emulsifier, binds tightly to the aluminium and to the bacteria and viruses, and can enter the brain.


    The Mysterious Connection Between Sirius and Human History

    Since ancient times and across multiple civilizations, Sirius, the dog star, has been surrounded with a mysterious lore.

    Biden Dog Sent To The Dog House!

    Joe Biden’s dog, Commander, a 22-month-old German Shepherd, was sent to a dog house after he bit several Secret Service agents at the White House. According to records, Commander bit Secret Service officers around ten times between October 2022 and January 2023. One agent had to be taken to the hospital to get treated after getting bitten by the dog.

    (A light sentence considering the dog had been facing execution under the law in 36 states. Commander was 9 bites over the maximum allowed by law. In the dog's defense it may be argued that the attacks may have been due to a PTSD disorder known as hypervigilance.

    Hypervigilance — the elevated state of constantly assessing potential threats around you — is often the result of a trauma. People who have been in combat, have survived abuse, or have posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can exhibit hypervigilance.

    In lieu of capitol punishment, this White House Dog is a good candidate for therapy dog retraining, a round of Ivermectin and the addition of CBD to the diet.)

    What is a Therapy Dog?

    A Therapy Dog is a dog with an outstanding temperament

    A Therapy Dog tolerates other animals

    Trump Calls On Supremes To Intervene

    Time to call off the dogs of election interference.

    A Banana Republic Indictment A former federal prosecutor weighs in.

    Pollak: Trump Cannot Be Tried for January 6 Under Double Jeopardy Clause

    Special Counsel Jack Smith accused former President Donald Trump of causing the January 6, 2021, Capitol riot through his “lies” about the 2020 presidential election. To that end, he indicted Trump on Tuesday on four federal counts — one of which carries a potential death penalty. But the indictment itself offers nothing new; it reads like the report of the January 6 Committee, or the second impeachment resolution against Trump. It is barred, therefore, by the Constitution’s Double Jeopardy Clause.

    (All of this legal wrangling is just so there is a historical record of how the Cabal went down. The really big battles in space and underground are already won by the higher ups and the US ground forces. The rest is a clean up operation that happens at the end of every dark cycle upon entry to the Alcyon Photon Band to begin 2 thousand years of light.)

    Liz Harrington@realLizUSA

    Hey deep state, be careful what you wish for! “We now have the ability in this case to issue our own subpoenas. And we will relitigate every single issue in the 2020 Election. It gives President Trump an opportunity that he has never had before, which is to have subpoena power.”

    Professor Cornel West Spoke of The Republic In Feb 2001

    West was ahead of his time. So interesting, informative and inspiring compared to the Marxist democrats of today. West does not view Marxism and Christianity as reconcilable. He was so right about Obama too. President Trump should put him in his cabinet along with RFK JR and Tulsi Gabbard. Vivek Ramaswami was correct to deflect talk of appointments before the election but he would be a good cabinet apointee as well.

    West teaches on the works of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, as well as courses in Philosophy of Religion, African American Critical Thought, and a wide range of subjects — including but by no means limited to, the classics, philosophy, politics, cultural theory, literature, and music.

    Every store is CLOSED on market St As SF is
    Now a completely failed communist dem Third World

    Jeff & Erica - Special Guest Nurse Anne - Hospital Horrors
    Get Worse As The Cascade Of Dying ‘Vaxed' Intensifies
    Important Program - Listen And Share This Information

    Wagner 'poses a threat to all of us’ Says Panicked
    US - 'Any Wagner Attack On NATO Will Be Seen As
    A Russian Attack’ - Poland-Belarus Border Tense

    (Germany already said they can't defend themselves in a war so who would stop Wagner from taking a trip to Gay Pari? The Eiffel tower could end up being renamed the Wagner Tower if NATO doesn't get out of Ukraine before anybody else gets hurt!)

    Wagner tested Poland's NATO air defense -
    Mi-24 and Mi-8 helicopters penetrated 3 km
    deep into the Polish EEZ

    Lukashenko wants to incorporate Wagner
    fighters into new contracted army

    China Infects (Attacks) US Infrastructure with
    Malware to Disrupt US Military - Get It Yet?

    Bolshevik Biden admin defunding schools with
    hunting And archery programs!

    House GOP Launch Probe Into Hunter
    Biden's Absurd Plea Deal

    Deception By Redaction - More FBI FISA Abuses
    This Time Using Fake News In Washington Post

    Animus-Anima in Jungian psychology

    (This is what Hershey medical psychiatrists should be teaching the gender confused not selling Rachel Levine's hormone pills and surgery program after a quick consultation by the aid.)

    Animus/Anima archetypes in Jungian psychology, excerpt from "A World of Dreams" , a three-part series of films produced by PBS, on the life and works of the great thinker and psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung.

    Yin-yang Dynamics: Explaining Jung’s Anima Animus by Gary Z McGee

    “The Hindus say that without Shakti, the personified feminine life force, Shiva, who encompasses the masculine ability to act, becomes a corpse. She is the life energy that animates the male principle, and the male principle in turn animates action in the world.” ~ Clarissa Pinkola Este.

    According to Carl Jung the psyche was composed of three components: the ego, the personal unconscious and the collective unconscious. The ego, in its multiplicity, represents our consciousness. The shadow, in its multiplicity, represents our personal unconscious. And the archetypes represent our collective unconscious.

    The archetypes animus and anima emerged as Jung observed the mingling of his male and female clients, in the hopes of understanding the human condition in a deeper more self-actualized way.

    The best way to imagine the anima animus is to picture a yin-yang in your mind. The anima is the black dot on the white side, and the animus is the white dot on the black side. Men are like walking white-sides with black dots. Women are walking black-sides with white dots.

    Yin Yang Animus/Anima archetypes in Jungian psychology

    An individuated man will have a more prominent and magnanimous black dot, just as an individuated woman will have a more prominent and magnanimous white dot. In less psychologically healthy people their dots are mere pinpricks.

    Basically, the anima is the unformed feminine that’s forming within a man. The animus is the unformed masculine that’s forming within a woman.

    The psychological unity which enables us to think of ourselves as individuals is in some ways vulnerable (Feminine/Shakti) and in other ways robust (Masculine/Shiva), but never either/or (or neither/nor).

    The Eternal Feminine is all that is vulnerable and pregnable within us, all that is wild and fertile: our inner-garden. The Eternal Masculine is all that is invulnerable and impregnable within us, all that is structured and firm: our inner-strength. Our full potential as individuals, whether male or female, is an amalgam of these forces, and a balancing of these sacred energies.

    Jung’s goal with developing the archetypes anima and animus was the unburying of the wild and innate aspects of the self. It gave us something to leverage soul against ego, an existential tactic that cracks open the ego so that soul can emerge in an authentic way. It gives us a door to open into the deeper self.

    This deeper self is the health of all humans, the balance between nature & the human soul, yin & yang, man & anima, woman & animus. When Man does not meet anima and Woman does not meet animus, only one-dimensionality reigns. But when anima meets Man and animus meets Woman, the tacit, prescient, visceral self becomes multidimensional, and a kind of existential double-jointedness occurs.

    Senator Rand Paul discussed his criminal referral of Anthony Fauci to the Department of Justice in an interview Tuesday, declaring that “we have him dead to rights.”

    As we highlighted yesterday, Paul forwarded copies of 2020 email exchanges that show Fauci confirming that he knew “scientists in Wuhan University are known to have been working on gain-of-function experiments.”

    How Long Can the COVID-19 Spike Protein Stay in Your Body?

    As we grapple with the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, much remains to be discovered about the virus, the mRNA vaccines and their long-term effects on our bodies.

    Recent Study Detects Spike 12 Months Post-Infection   

    The causes of long-COVID aren’t perfectly understood, but a recent study suggests that it is likely associated with elements of the SARS-CoV-2 virus lingering in the body. The study in question measured SARS-CoV-2 antigen and cytokine levels in plasma samples collected from people who developed PASC.  

    What Can You Do to Protect Against Spike Protein

    Despite censorship by the mainstream medical community, solutions to spike protein exist. Dr. Peter McCullough, one of the world’s leading cardiologists and COVID freedom fighters, notes the following potential remedies:

    1.      Prescription Ivermectin

    2.      Prescription Low-Dose Naltrexone

    3.      Over-the-counter Nattokinase

    In particular, nattokinase shows great promise. From Dr. McCullough: 

    Parents fed up as hundreds of colleges still mandate COVID vaccines: 'Laboratory of guinea pigs' More than 800 colleges still have a vaccine mandate, No College Mandates claims.

    Elevated turbo cancers, heart attack, stroke, low natural immunity, sterilization of the young, long covid. The people still pushing mRNA vaccines should think about the implications of their lucrative business practices.

    University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown Requires All New Students to get the latest covid vaccines!

    This means a new round of the spike protein will be shed in to the surrounding community endangering everyone in the vicinity of the university just like Pitt and a few other outliers that continue to poison the population.

    If they are to administer any drug in regard to the bioweapon vaccines it should be Ivermectin which has been withheld in order to make way for the harmful vaccines.

    Johnstown is at high risk of dangerous drug propaganda from neighboring Value Drug distributors who made Johnstown the number one opioid prescription dumping area in the state through East Hills Pharmacy and Johnstown Pharmacy.

    Value Drug funds the neighboring county's DA office through Operation Our Town which makes sure Value Drug never faces any drug investigations. Private investigators note that the highest volumes of opioid distribution are prescribed to Value Drug majority owners of Thompsons Pharmacy's nursing home division at 150 pills per person per year.

    Then theres the PSEA strong hold there that pushes the mRNA vaccines on school children and an FBI office which is fully on board with dangerous Democrat drug policies in Johnstown.

    This is why Value Drug pack that backed Governor Shapiro launched his campaign in Johnstown and runs over there whenever he needs sympathy for lying about school vouchers.

    To reduce debilitating drug crime, boycott the media outlets that are still promoting dangerous mRNA spike protein drugs and spread the word to avoid all vaccines and most pharmaceutical drugs.

    If you've been harmed by any pharmaceutical drug or transgender medical procedure contact Attorney Barry Scatton of Morgan and Morgan Philadelphia, America's largest injury law firm. Demand A DA Ray Gricar Grand Jury

    The state cannot be pardoned for removing a sitting DA, for refusing to follow State Police orders for a grand jury and then covering it up. This compromises the entire state justice system in order to protect a couple of bad actors. This is possibly the biggest easy to solve disappearance of a sitting DA in US history.

    How we got here: A timeline of Penn State’s misconduct reporting history

    What to do when the Governor and the AG won't adress the problem with the murder of the local DA who was about to charge Sandusky and his charity? People in state government who know what went down want to be subpeonaed to testify because it makes telling the truth mandatory. The current policy is to discredit and threaten the messengers and try to run them off the road.

    JoePA was a patsie just like Gricar. They murdered him too and tried to erase his wins.

    Is the Biden Dog Facing Eviction From the White House, Impeachment, or the Death Penalty?

    Q: How Many Times Can A Dog Bite Before Being Put Down?

    A: In order to be euthanized, the dog must have bitten people on two separate occasions or caused substantial physical injury after being trained to fight, attack or kill.

    Does the First Dog have more rights than The People?

    Famed dog trainer Cesar Millan insists he can stop Biden's dog Commander from biting staffers in two hours

    A dog's behavour is often related to the owner's.

    Table of Dog Bite Strict Liability Statutes

    • Author: Rebecca F. Wisch and Diamond Conley
    • Publish Year:  2023
    • Place of Publication:  Michigan State University College of Law
    • Primary Citation:  Animal Legal & Historical Center

    Summary: Approximately 36 states have strict liability laws for dog bites. This table illustrates the primary components of each state's strict liability law such as animal covered, type of injury, place injury occurs, and exceptions under the law.

    The Federal Reserve has $910 billion in losses BY Sovereign Man

    The Federal Reserve– the most critically important central bank in the world– is completely, hopelessly insolvent.

    And the facts in this case are crystal clear: the Fed’s own financial statements show that their unrealized losses amount to over $910 billion. Given that the Fed only has $42 billion in capital, this means that America’s central bank has a net financial position of MINUS $868 billion on a mark-to-market basis.

    Derek Johnson - Trump & The Military Put Together A 7 Year Plan, The Plan Is Operational

    "Derek Johnson is a United States Army Veteran, Retired, DV. 1776 nation which is, where breaks down the covert operation that is going on right now. Derek is also a 2 time Billboard Hit Artist and Songwriter, Derek is best known for his two Billboard Hits "Real Cool Kinda Hot" and "Right Beer Right.

    Derek begins the conversation explaining what COG is and he shows proof that it is in place. Trump and the military are in control of the country, Biden is the front man waking up the entire world and showing the people how corrupt the system really is. Derek explains that they put together a 7 year plan to counter the 16 year plan that the [DS] put into place. The conclusion of the plan comes into play in 2024 and this is why this the final battle."

    Devon Archer has an 'opportunity to be a hero,' says House Oversight Chairman Comer Hunter Biden associate to testify before House committee on Monday

    Devon Archer could be in that category of Americans that just come and tell the truth. That's all we want. We know that Devon Archer was on the board of Burisma with Hunter Biden.

    Barack Obama Emerges With Black Eye, Bandaged Hand ...

     The photos clearly show a bruise or 'black eye' under Barack's left eye as well as bandaged hand After the Death of his Personal Chef

    Ralph Nader and Cornel West were right. The Corvair could spin out and cause a crash.

    NPR Retrospective 2011: Cornel West, A Fighter, Angers Obama Supporters

    Princeton University professor Cornel West has spent much of the past year battling with incensed Obama supporters. "He's ended up being the black mascot of the Wall Street oligarchs and corporate plutocrats!" West has insisted in several national forums.

    While he was at Harvard University, West got into a verbal fight with a guest speaker from the Nation of Islam. The argument got so bad his fellow students escorted him back to his dorm, afraid for his physical safety. (He graduated, intact, magna cum laude.)

    L.A. community activist Najee Ali was so angry, he organized a protest where demonstrators marched outside Smiley's studios, chanting that he and West should "stop the hate."

    "We're very disappointed with Dr. West," Ali said, holding up an Obama 2012 placard as passing motorists blew their horns in support. "This teaming up with Ralph Nader could take on a life of its own — doesn't he remember where that got the country when Nader ran against Gore?"

    And showing solidarity with what they say are the 99 percent of the nation whose financial welfare is controlled by a powerful 1 percent.

    Even as he was being led away in handcuffs by D.C. police, West told the crowd, "We have no quarrel with the police. They are working people, part of the 99 percent, too."

    Ralph Nader and Cornel West

    Space Pirate@SpacePirate144

    Megyn Kelly with Robert F Kennedy Jr discussing how Anthony Fauci blocked the use of Ivermectin, despite it’s effectiveness in treating Covid 19, to gain emergency authorisation approval for the experimental Covid 19 vaccines via the FDA.

    ‘Not that hard’ to seal the border, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. says ...

    Brunson Brothers History

    Petition The Supreme Court…Rigged-election suits fail; Utah brothers undeterred, will appeal.

    As of May 1, 2023 The Brunson Brothers have sent over 10,000 of your letters...

    Please join us in showing the supreme court, “We The People”, are behind and in support of this case, to save our Constitution and to insure the “Oath” is binding, as required by article 6 of our Constitution.

    Putin outlines Russia-Africa summit achievements

    Moscow and the continent of Africa have embraced an ambitious cooperation plan.

    (This is a welcome break from Bolshevism, Marxism, Nazism, the Noodleman wars, and the Biden administration.)

    Even missed this story as perhaps the biggest thing to happen to Africa in decades. This might actually be the way the Golden Age kicks off!

    Robert F. Kennedy Jr @RobertKennedyJr

    Since the assassination of my father in 1968, candidates for president are provided Secret Service protection.  But not me.

    (Like all Americans, RFK JR deserves to have the full protection of the NSA from the CIA and the FBI.)

    Bidens' dog, Commander, attacked Secret Service personnel multiple times, documents show

    President Biden's dog has on numerous occasions attacked, and at times injured, Secret Service personnel, according to federal documents released this week by the Department of Homeland Security.

    Ten alleged attacks by Mr. Biden's German Shepherd, named Commander, were detailed in 194 redacted pages of Secret Service emails, text messages and workers' compensation filings obtained by the conservative group Judicial Watch through a request under the Freedom of Information Act.

    (To protect the Secret Service, legal experts should check to see if the Biden dog could be impeached or impounded. )

    Cornel West on capitalism, Ukraine, and his presidential run | The Chris Hedges Report

    Dr. Cornel West is running for president. In a wide-ranging conversation on The Chris Hedges Report, West lays out a political vision centering "the least of these." Rejecting the corporate duopoly and its two wings—a neofascist Republican party, and the neoliberal Democrats—West calls for a multiracial alliance of poor and working people against militarism, corporatism, racism, and all other forms of bigotry and oppression.

    (Cornel West would be considered a moderate compared to the Marxist, deep state Biden regime. That is why the DNC doesn't like him. Cornel can't even catch a break on!)

    Biden Admin Report Accidentally Reveals Climate Change Has Little Impact On Economy

    Despite endless fearmongering in numerous places, a study by the White House Council of Economic Advisors shows climate change will have little impact on GDP...

    COVID Vaccines Show 24 Times More Adverse Reactions Than Others

    The rate of adverse events varied among different types of COVID-19 vaccines...

    Morgan and Morgan, America"s Largest Injury Law Firm

    Recent reports have linked weight loss semaglutide medications such as Ozempic, Mounjaro, Wegovy and others to cases of severe gastrointestinal problems, such as stomach paralysis.

    If you or a loved one have experienced symptoms after using one of these drugs, our attorneys are here to help.

    (833) 573-0545  |  |

    It's Murder': Remdesivir Victims Decry FDA's Shocking New Move

    By Stella Paul

    Remdesivir may be the most despised drug in American history, earning the nickname Run Death Is Near for its lethal record during COVID.  Experts claimed that it would stop COVID; instead, it stopped kidney function, then blasted the liver and other organs.  Now this reviled destroyer of kidneys has been approved by the FDA for COVID treatment of kidney patients.  Does anybody else feel as if the FDA is shoving its power in our faces and laughing at us?

    I've been joining online support groups for people who lost loved ones to the Remdesivir Protocol — a nightmarish sequence in which a patient is isolated in the hospital, bullied into taking Remdesivir, ventilated, and then sedated to death.  Thousands of Americans were killed this way, possibly hundreds of thousands.

    These support groups are a deeply somber business.  Grieving faces fill the screen of people who lost a parent, spouse, sibling, or child.  Some speak with icy anger; some choke back sobs as they tell of the deadly abuse inflicted on their loved ones, shattering their families forever.

    I asked them what they thought of the FDA's decision to approve Remdesivir for people with severe renal impairment, including dialysis.  "Morally, how can you do that?" Joyce Wilson said.  "It's a death sentence.  They didn't care if people had kidney issues or not.  My husband went into the hospital in kidney distress.  They exacerbated it with Remdesivir.  Then they ventilated him, and he died."

    "This is absurd," Tracy Bird told me.  "The FDA can no longer be trusted with any drug under any circumstances.  It's all conflicts of interest.  My husband Jeff had strong kidney function when he went in the hospital.  They gave him Remdesivir, and three days later, he was in kidney failure."

    "My daughter's story is no different than anyone else's," Denise Fritter said.  "Jamie was 36 and looking forward to getting married.  The hospital refused to consider any other modalities of treatment for her.  They insisted on Remdesivir.  Then they put her on a vent and murdered her.  I think the FDA is using Remdesivir to fulfill their own agenda."

    Cheri Martin, who lost her husband Steven to the protocol, chimed in with thoughts on the agenda: "They're going to use this decision as a way to clean house of renal patients and people on dialysis.  It's saving a ton of money for Medicare over the next twenty years."

    UPMC medical records doctor who vaccinated his own son for the front page of the local pharma rag newspaper is still giving medical advice with no warnings about the covid vax or it's side effects!

    UPMC advises The People to worry more about heat stroke. Meanwhile, UPMC owned Pitt is still requiring students to be covid vaxxed by the CCP division in China!

    This will likely cause a new round of covid in students who get the vax plus there is the shedding into the surrounding community. It's time to stop these institutions from required poisoning of students and faculty. This is an ongoing assault on the population that the perpetrators continue to promote. At some point they have to be told to stop it.

    We got the mandatory covid vax for students stopped at Penn State but there is still the problem of transgender medical promotion originating from Rachel Levine's old stomping grounds for children at Hershey Medical center.

    If people can't see that the FDA is trying to kill us at the hospitals with Remdesivir then they are blind to the truth. All those people done in by remdisivir, ventilators and opioids didn't have to die.

    We still can't get Ivermectin from these bullies who run the medical establishment and it's time to tell them to give it up. The medical profession needs to break with the pharma companies and the FDA or our children and adults will continue to be injured and killed by these pharmaceutical zealots.

    Investigative journalist: Large increase in child deaths due to covid vaccines

    Lawyer denounces R. Walensky, waiting for her to testify on the murder of thousands of Americans

    One million fewer babies in Europe and stillbirths like never before, post vaccination

    Africa becoming ‘a new center of power’ – Putin

    Europe could have had a trading partner in Russia but the EU and the KM chose war instead. Maybe it had to be this way for third world leveling up and balance of power going forward into the Golden Age. It's only fair since Africa has been so far behind economically for so long.

    RFK, Jr. CRUSHES Every Candidate On Favorability. Why?​​

    A new Harvard/Harris poll out this week confirms last month's result from Economist/YouGov: RFK, Jr. continues to absolutely crush every opponent from either party when it comes to net favorability. After censorship and slurs, RFK manages to out-perform the MSM favorites. How does he do it and can he keep it up? Also today: Nurses dance to stop climate change and Germany blames Ukraine's losses on...Ukraine.

    FBI gives documents to Congress relating to memo targeting Catholics

    The FBI handed over to Congress on Tuesday internal documents relating to the bureau’s now-withdrawn leaked memo that recommended investigating devotees of the Traditional Latin Mass.

    The leaked memo, dated Jan. 23, which originated from the bureau’s Richmond office, claims that racially or ethnically motivated violent extremists will likely become more interested in “radical-traditionalist Catholic ideology” within the next 12 to 24 months “in the run-up to the next general election cycle.”

    The new documents were only made available to the House Judiciary Committee. The FBI has requested that the committee not disseminate the documents without consulting it first.

    The document release comes after Ohio Republican Rep. Jim Jordan, the chairman of the committee, threatened to hold FBI director Christopher Wray in contempt over the bureau’s delay in responding to two subpoenas investigating alleged First Amendment violations from the bureau.

    Those alleged violations relate to both the FBI’s investigation of parents who voiced dissent at public school board meetings and the Richmond office’s internal memo targeting “radical traditionalist” Catholics and their possible ties to “the far-right white nationalist movement.”

    When the memo describing the targeting of Catholics was leaked in Februarythe U.S. bishops and many members of the Catholic community responded with outrage. In February, 20 state attorneys general signed a letter to U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland condemning the FBI memo.

    JP Morgan Chase Bank Shuts Down Dr. Mercola’s Company Account and His Employees’ Accounts

    "Dr. Mercola has a top natural health website and he is a critic of COVID-19 vaccines and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). He reported on Twitter that “Chase bank has shut down our business bank accounts along with the accounts of my CEO and CFO, as well as their family members (including spouse and child). They’ve refused to provide any reason for doing so, the oldest account has been active for 18 years.”

    Dr. Mercola owns Mercola Market that sells specialty beverages, food, supplements and other health items. The store is located in Cape Coral, Florida. One of his employees said, “It’s just hard to believe that your family, your wife, your kids can’t have a bank account because of the opinions of your employer and they’ve never done anything wrong,” Rye said. “We all have completely clear records.”

    Governor Ron DeSantis signed legislation in May to prohibit financial institutions from denying or canceling services based on political or religious beliefs...."

    Ivan Timofeev: Here’s what Russia can offer Africa

    This is the answer in a word: Russia can offer Africa sovereignty. I am talking about independent capabilities in the field of information security, artificial intelligence, military-technical cooperation and in the field of green technologies. 

    (This is going to upset the Marxists who just want to have racial conflict and reparations.)

    $195,000 a Black Hornet Drones Sent To Ukraine, Flies 13 MPH for 25 minutes

    What are Black Hornet Drones Used For?

    Black Hornet Nanos are a micro UAV weighing in at just 17-18 grams. They can be carried around by troops and deployed to provide hi-res images and video of the surrounding environment using three separate onboard cameras. (Which look very low resolution on the video.)

    Almost Identical Drone on Ebay costs $131: Made In China!

    U.S.’ New Drone Dare To Putin; Sends Black Hornets To Ukraine Amid 'Failing' Counteroffensive

    The Hindustan Times also reported on the new bird size drone from the US military.

    Tulsi Gabbard CALLS OUT DEMS For Vilifying Cornel West, RFK JR Amid 2024 Race

    (The DNC and the deep state don't seem to like authentic candidates!)

    “You can't lead the people if you don't love the people. You can't save the people if you don't serve the people.”
    ― Cornel West 

    Vivek Ramaswami's Sound Reasons for Ending the FBI

    Mr. Ramaswamy argued that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is structurally anomalous, which enables it to “[escape] cabinet-level accountability.”

    He pointed out that there’s no FBI-like independent investigative body between local prosecutors and local police, as there is between the Department of Justice and the U.S. Marshals.

    “That is a formula for corruption,” the 2024 hopeful stated, arguing that the agency is vexed by waste, redundancy, and mission creep. Its mission creep only worsened after 9/11, he said.

    Ed Dowd Drops Bombshell Data: Hematological (Blood-Related) Claims Up 522% Above Trend in 2022

    Might be a good time to do some long range planning based on current trends.

    McCarthy screens Sound of Freedom for members of Congress McCarthy told reporters he was inviting lawmakers on both sides of the aisle

    Putin makes Africa sovereignty pledge

    The Russian president has addressed the continent’s leaders on the eve of a major summit in St. Petersburg

    The African continent is becoming one of the pillars of a new multipolar world, and Russia will do everything in its power to help it prosper, President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday.

    Russia hits out at west for pressing African leaders to miss St Petersburg summit

    Limited representation from continent is a blow to Vladimir Putin.

    (Who would want to miss a trip to Saint Petersburg! They can get a selfie with the Egyptian sphinxes and ask Putin what he's going to do with them now that ancient artifacts are finding their way back home. Plus the event is being held at the Hermitage, one of Saint Petersburg's most famous museums.

    This music video shot around Saint Petersburg has scenes of the Hermitage.

    The State Hermitage Museum is a museum of art and culture in Saint Petersburg, Russia. It is the second largest art museum in the world by gallery space. Collection size: 3 million. It was founded in 1764 when Empress Catherine the Great acquired a collection of paintings from the Berlin merchant Johann Ernst Gotzkowsky.)

    Tehuti — African Master of All Masters

    by Paulette Brown-Hinds September 16, 2014

    The Black Egyptian Tehuti was the spiritual and intellectual master whom Sages of all cultures and all ages declared to be the greatest master of them all. Ancient African Sages said The Metu Neter (Mdw-Ntr, “The Words of God”) was brought to them by Tehuti, the one so ancient that he became a myth. Regarding his birth period, Saleem (The Egyptian Book of Life p10) says this carrier of divine intelligence lived c50,509 BC. However, my guesstimate is 12,000 BC. Nevertheless, he was eventually elevated to a god-man–and then to god of Wisdom (the highest of the deity concepts of the mind) + god of Medicine, Healing, and protector of priest-physicians + “god of the Scribes” (recorder of the “Weighing of the Heart” ceremony taking place after a human’s death) + god of writing, communications, language, architecture, mathematics, accounting, physics, astronomy, science, and magic.

    Tehuti was particularly skilled at the art of sealing airtight containers–hence the term “Hermetically sealed.” For the people, each of these concepts was symbolized by African Groits (storytellers) and African artists in the form of Affect Symbolic Imagery (ASI). Examples: Tehuti was depicted as a baboon because the baboon’s grave facial expression suggested thoughtfulness. Most commonly, he is displayed as an ibis-headed god to symbolize a bird form of the transcendent principle–i.e. coming to the reality of the instability of all external things.

    Only what comes from ones Soul is stable and that is the source for living a steady unchanging life inside a changeless reality. In this way one can reconcile the conflicting elements of ones personality–striking a balance that makes one truly human and truly master of oneself, master of what one does, and master of the situation one is in. The ibis–a wading bird related to the stork and the heron–has a long beak suggestive of a writing instrument in keeping with some believing Tehuti was the inventor of Hieroglyphics. Wading, a metaphor for the spiritual learning required, means walking in or through a substance such as water, that offers resistance, as well as impedes or makes movement difficult. For this to represent Intellect implies the mind must have the capacity to cut (wade) through the myriad of thoughts and concepts (water-ocean of consciousness) in order to get to the truth.

    In 2017 PA's Yuengling CEO: Your Trump endorsement ‘boycott’ did not hurt my sales

    “They really eviscerated us in Philly.” (But now are number one craft brand in the country!)

    A Swat team walks Mohammed bin Salman, next Saudi Prime Minister out of the Tropicana after the plot to assassinate him was uncovered on the night of the Las Vegas Massacre.

    The Saudi Royal Connection and the Las Vegas Concert Massacre

    (Jason Aldean and his fans were caught up in a Saudi civil war and the FBI was not helping.)

    The top 5 floors of the Mandalay Bay Hotel (35-39) is the Four Seasons Hotel.

    Million-dollar views of the Las Vegas strip combine with a serene atmosphere at the Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas, which boasts a relaxing spa and outdoor pool, an extensive fitness center and two top-notch restaurants.

    Occupying five floors of the 44-story Mandalay Bay, the Four Seasons Las Vegas is a peaceful sanctuary.

    Each of the hotel’s 424 rooms and suites features floor-to-ceiling windows with dazzling vistas of the city lights. The truly decadent amenities include marble bathrooms with soaking tubs and beds made up in down pillows and duvets. Living areas accommodate overstuffed chairs, 42-inch flat-panel TVs, CD and DVD players and docks for electronic devices. All of them have coffee and tea service and refrigerated private bars, and non-smoking rooms are available.

    Since 2007, Bill Gates, who donated 1 million to ‘gun control’ and Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal, a member of the Saudi Royal family, have been majority owners of the Mandalay Bay Hotel’s Four Seasons.

    The Saudi royal family members often reserve whole floors for their private use.

    Talal hates Donald Trump and way back on December 11, 2015, Talal sent a twitter message to presidential candidate Trump that read:

    “You are a disgrace not only to the GOP but to all America. Withdraw from the U.S. presidential race as you will never win.” 

    Talal is the second largest shareholder in Twitter, which is ironic when you consider the fact that he was arrested on Saturday by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who is friendly with FaceBook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg.

    Talal is the second largest shareholder of Rupert Murdoch’s ‘News Corp’ e.g., FOX News and the largest Holy Bible Manufacturer.

    In my book, pgs. 237-248, I explain how Talal has been behind the purge of key passages from The Holy Bible and the insertion of references to a New World Order and turning Jesus Christ into Lucifer.

    The connection between the recently arrested Saudi Royal family and Mandalay Bay Hotel in Vegas is interesting because it explains why there is no evidence of Stephen Paddock carrying all of his weapons to his room(s) on the 32nd floor, because the guns weren’t carried up 32 floors, they were carried down 3 floors from the 35th floor of Al-Waleed bin Talal’s Four Seasons Hotel.

    Mohammad bin Salman (Henceforth Crown Prince Mohammad): Son of King Salman. Currently next in line to be king after King Salman.

    Do you remember how President Trump visited Saudi Arabia back in May of 2017?

    Do you remember how warmly he was greeted by King Salman? I do. It was a spectacle.

    Why was he greeted so welcomingly? After all, President Obama’s reception was… shall we say, less than grand. Do you remember how after Trump’s visit, Saudi Arabia started becoming more open in their policies?

    Women can drive there now.

    Did you notice how the Syrian rebellion became quiet?

    Did you notice how quickly ISIS was crushed after the visit?

    Why did Saudi Arabia suddenly want to get their oil companies listed on the NYSE?

    What could have caused this?

    To answer these questions , we have to look a little further back. Back to around 2010. 

    It all goes back to fracking. You see, the Kindom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) has always relied heavily on its vast petrol reserves for wealth and prosperity.

    And they were ruthless. OPEC. The cartel of gasoline.

    You can’t count the number of times throughout history that OPEC used its power to crush governments, manipulate prices, control supplies, and fund activities. If there ever was a international group of bullies, OPEC was it.

    And at the head of this organization was the mighty KSA.

    Then came the fracking boom. Suddenly, the world was no longer at the mercy of OPEC.

    BEN FULFORD: Ukraine peace deal reached between NATO and Russia, July 24, 2023  (Still working out the details apparently.)

    The Sphinxes in St. Petersburg, Russia

    Have to wonder if the Egyptians might want these sphinxes back. Of course it was France who got them from Egypt in the first place. Amenhotep III had these made and he was the richest Pharaoh ever so they are priceless.

    The two magnificent sphinxes on Unversitetskaya Naberezhnaya (University Embankment), in front of the Academy of Fine Arts, are roughly 3,500 years old and are considered among the finest examples of Ancient Egyptian colossal sculpture kept outside Egypt. They once stood on the Alley of Sphinxes in front of the tomb of Pharaoh Amenhotep III.

    India’s quest to bring antiquities back home

    The Modi administration has embarked on a diplomatic mission to retrieve the nation’s treasures that were plundered by colonizers.

    Weeks after Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Washington, the US handed over 105 antiquities to the Indian Consulate in New York. This is seen as New Delhi’s latest achievement in its hunt for national treasures that were looted by colonizers, and more recently – stolen from India and sold in the West. 

    ‘History belongs to its geography’

    The ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is working overtime to reverse the cultural conquest of colonial British and other Western powers, who plundered India’s treasures for centuries with impunity. The Modi government has made it a diplomatic priority to bring these antiquities back home as it pursues its nationalist agenda – “history belongs to its geography.” This is also a topic for global debate between the colonial and colonized nations, as described in ‘Loot: Britain and the Benin Bronzes’ by British journalist Barnaby Phillips.

    Robert F. Kennedy Jr says media criticising him more than it did Trump

    Kennedy's own family has distanced themselves from him and his beliefs about COVID-19 and vaccines. (Because some work for Biden and got paid big bucks.)

    Jesus and the Dead Sea Scrolls

    So there was a lot of variety among the Jews of our Lord’s day and a lot of our Lord’s teaching and a lot of the practices of the early church actually are much more similar to this wing of Judaism that was called Essenism. And it was destroyed in the year 70 and did not continue.

    The only group that survived the destruction of Jerusalem were the Pharisees. And so their tradition developed into what we call modern or rabbinic Judaism and left us the Talmud and those great works. But you know, what was lost to everyone’s memory was these other forms of Judaism like the Essenes, whose practices are so intriguing because they did as it were anticipate the sacraments. They had sacred washings, a sacred meal, a hierarchical structure that looks like Bishop, Priest and Deacon. Just fascinating stuff.

    (Jesus isn't the Messiah in the Dead Sea Scrolls, Melchizedek is. Romans killed off nearly all of the Essenes in 70AD. But the Essenes hid their scrolls by the Dead Sea so the Romans wouldn't get them. When the Dead Sea Scrolls were found in 1946 they were kept from the public for many years after.

    In 325AD at the council of Nicea, after burning the library of Alexandria, the Romans took the story of Melchizedek, Yeshua, Appolonius and the Essenes and turned it into AA Michael, Jesus and Paul for the new religion Called Christianity.

    The order of Melchizedek still rules the higher planes of the inner earth. Time for the outer Earth to come home to the truth.)

    The Essene Code

    Alcyon Pleiades 158: Hyperborea-Hollow Earth, Poles, Giants, Thule, Iceland, Caucasus, Melchizedek

    Ancient traditions recount that a wonderful island exists beyond the North Wind, past where the god Boreas originated. This island is surrounded by very tall mountains of ice. They say that the inhabitants of Hyperborea were giant beings, with almost translucent ivory complexions. They surpassed humankind in beauty and genius, and were also endowed with the gift of clairvoyance.
    In truth, they were a highly advanced civilisation, and, for a long time, they left faraway traces, in Iceland, Greenland, and Scandinavia, and they even spread to the British Isles, Russia, Siberia and what is now, Northern Asia. Their origins stem from the first race that inhabited this planet, the Polar Race, and although some researchers suggest that their origins come from outer space, they are also connected to the interior of the planet due to the subtlety of its inhabitants.
    In the polar regions, some tens of thousands of years ago, there was a semi-tropical climate, and this situation is due to a change that took place, with the shifting of the Earth’s axis.
    The history of humanity began much earlier than is written in mainstream history books. In fact, Hyperborea, Lemuria, Atlantis and other ancient continents have existed for tens of millions of years. Ancient texts, myths, legends, archaeological evidence, and mysterious prophecies record humanity’s collective memory over the course of millennia. This is why mankind has always sought these paradisiacal lands, the Island of Thule, Asgard, the Supreme central Earth, the Arctic Paradise, or the Island of Glass.

    Video created by Alcyon Pleiades

    Kennedy Inspiring A Different Kind Of Crossover Voting Movement, Voters Say


    WOW!!! The MSM hardly reports that Sen. Rand Paul’s office was just firebombed.

    Fauci Referred For Prosecution Over Lab Leak Disinformation

    Rand Paul referred Anthony Fauci for prosecution over his disinformation on lab leak discussion early on in the pandemic.

    How Do Vaccines Cause Autism?

    Via Steve Kirsch

    Past discoveries that can help us understand the current wave of neurological spike protein injuries.

    I recently did a survey on “overnight autism” cases and found that 33% happened 1 day after a vax shot and 50% happened within the first 3 days after a vax shot. So there is absolutely no doubt vaccines cause autism in my mind. This post, written by my friend “A Midwestern Doctor,” goes into detail as to possible mechanisms for how this happens. – Steve Kirsch

    One of the most challenging things for me throughout my time in the medical field has been watching children become neurologically damaged by vaccines, and the widespread blindness of the medical profession to this issue.  Unfortunately, because so much money has been spent to engineer the societal belief that vaccines do not cause autism, anyone that asserts otherwise is immediately subject to widespread ridicule, to the point it’s mostly a lost cause to convince medical professionals vaccines aren’t always safe. In many cases, the only thing that can open their eyes is their own child being severely injured.

    The business of using propaganda (public relations or PR) has gradually evolved into a more and more streamlined formula that reuses the PR techniques found to be the most effective for manipulating the public.  Because of this, once the COVID-19 vaccine push started, those who already had firsthand experience with the PR techniques used to prop up the previous vaccinations immediately recognized that something bad was in the works.  More importantly, since the exact same vaccine PR scripts were reused to gaslight those with COVID-19 vaccine injuries, it led many to begin questioning the earlier scripts, like those used to debunk any link between vaccines and autism.

    FBI illegally seized $86M from owners of safe deposit boxes, court documents say

    A class-action lawsuit has been filed against the U.S. government that accuses the FBI of illegally seizing the contents of 400 safe deposit boxes in Beverly Hills, California, as part of a money laundering drug operation.

    Shapiro & Pennsylvania School Choice: Regret Likely

    The state's education-reform battle goes into extra innings as the flip-flopping governor takes a beating.

    Economic collapse or notwithstanding, the KM, still does not plan to go quietly into the night. They are pushing to remain in control with digital censorship, central bank digital currencies and totalitarianism justified by “climate change.”

    Jim Caviezel Declares Trump 'The New Moses': He Will Save More Children Than Any Ever

    "President Trump is going to save Children the likes of which you have never seen! You might even say he is the new Moses telling Pharaoh (World Cabal) to let the children Go Free," Caviezel wrote.

    "Mr. President …. You are The "New" Moses!… "but I’m still Jesus" he added.

    “I will use Title 42 to end the child trafficking crisis by returning all trafficked children to their families in their home countries immediately,” Trump said.

    "I will sign a Day One Executive Order ending Automatic Citizenship for the children of illegal aliens,” Trump added.

    Aluminium and glyphosate in vaccines are responsible for autism and neurological damage

    Dr Stephanie Seneff denounces that many vaccines contain aluminium, which coincides with an increase in autism. Glyphosate enables aluminium to reach the bloodstream and the brain, causing injuries. It is triggering numerous neurological disorders in people, including autism, Alzheimer’s, dementia, depression, Parkinson’s and multiple sclerosis.

    The Saudi Royal Connection and the Las Vegas Concert Massacre

    Jason Aldean lost 60 fans at his Vegas concert. The back story needs to be understood as to why BLM is not a fan of his. It all traces back to the struggle for control of Saudi Arabia and Democrat political money. The CIA and FBI never told us the truth and should be dismantled for helping foreign forces to get away with murdering innocent civilians.

    Altoona attorney reprimanded, placed on probation

    The Disciplinary Board of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania has circled the wagons and tossed a couple of attorneys out into the street hoping The People will overlook the capitol murder of a sitting DA.

    Democrats Pull Out Every Fake Anti-Semite Card In Their Deck Against RFK, Jr.

    Once You Start Censoring, You’re on Your Way to Dystopia and Totalitarianism,’ RFK Jr. Tells House Committee

    Dr Ryan Cole: Before the vaccines, turbo cancers did not exist. Suddenly, they are everywhere

    Dr Cole reports on the upsurge in rare cancers, lymphomas and common cancers. The CDC is manipulating data, but we saw an increase in aggressive cancers in the 0-54 age-range, following the rollout of Covid vaccines. Turbo cancers are on the rise, yet, at one time, there was no such thing; now, they are everywhere.

    Climate manipulation trials using geoengineering are linked to the transhumanist agenda

    Activists Nikki Florio and Reinette Senun are speaking out about the fact that we are experiencing fifth-generation warfare, since we are being attacked from all sides. Our objective is to create a united team of people throughout the planet. History has shown us that we only need the active participation of 3.5% of the collective to change history forever.

    Artificial intelligence is not intelligence, it is software for increased control

    This Group of Amish Live Longer. Here's Why. Northwestern University

    More than two decades ago, a young Amish woman presented with an unusual bleeding problem. Indianapolis hematologist Dr. Amy Shapiro and colleagues discovered that she was born with two copies of a genetic mutation in a key component of the internal clot-dissolving system. More recently, scientists from Northwestern Medicine hypothesized that partial deficiency in the gene might protect from aging. A Northwestern team working together with Shapiro and her colleagues discovered that carriers of the mutation show evidence of delayed biological aging and protection from aging-related disease. Importantly, these carriers of a single mutation do not have the bleeding problem that originally alerted Shapiro.

    Amish Rejected Big Pharma, Now They Are Officially 'Healthiest People in the World' (Or how the Amish inherit the earth.)

    A major new study has found that Amish children across America are miraculously free from the chronic conditions that are affecting the rest of America.

    Known for simple living, plain dress, traditional food, and Christian pacifism, the Amish are a group of traditionalist Christians who reject most modern technology and pharmaceuticals and maintain self-sufficiency in their local communities.

    The Amish cherish rural life, manual labor, humility, and “Gelassenheit,” which means submission to God’s will. They prioritize preserving family time and having face-to-face conversations whenever possible.

    Yet, despite rejecting the modern medicine and pharmaceutical drugs that the rest America has access to, the Amish are officially the healthiest people in the nation. What is going on here and what can we learn from this?

    (Berne Switzerland Amish descendants have low expression of the protein PAI-1 in their blood. CBD helps lower PAI-1 naturally.) The Central Role of PAI-1 in COVID-19: Thrombosis and beyond ...

    Yoder Naturals CBD from Natural Genetic Strains of Hemp

    The hemp plants used in our products produce a high amount of CBD – naturally. Each plant on average produces 18% CBD, 1-2% Cannabigerol, 1-2% Cannabinol (CBN), 1-2% Cannabichromene (CBC), and less than .3% THCA. This means that all of the synergistic compounds found in our plants have evolved naturally to support a high amount of phytocannabinoids.

    Star Science, The Great Central Sun

    The Universe is a giant mind and it’s connected by a neural network, just like our brains, as above so below. It’s comprised of distinct energetic patterns held at particular resonant frequencies that interact with each other. This process is so vast and complex that it’s impossible to grasp its enormity with our brains because we’re a fractal of the larger whole. This network is held together by a system of Central Suns. They are massive hubs of consciousness that govern a specific range of frequency where sub-levels of creation can take place. These Central Suns are conglomerates of consciousness that offer light and love to lower levels of awareness and experience. 

    In this sense. Suns are like the batteries of the Universe. The wattage of each Sun has a different resonate power and frequency that’s right for the level of learning that its particular solar system needs for growth. Each Sun is inherently connected to the light of Source energy so stars, Suns, and Central Suns are energetic portals that help to illuminate their portion of the Universe with the Creator’s loving light. It’s a point of integration between Spirit and Matter in the cosmos. Each Sun has its own Spirit that resides in another dimension containing millions of elevated consciousnesses.

    These Suns are like a filtration system for the loving awareness of the Creator. They help sustain life and feed the growing levels of consciousness of the substrata that they govern and cultivate higher levels of awareness in the evolving life in its system. The power of Source is so tremendous that it will vaporize any consciousness whose resonate frequency is at a low vibration, so the Suns and Central Suns help to transmute this light into more manageable frequencies enabling lower levels of awareness to grow towards this immense vibration of love.

    In our solar system, our Sun is part of a larger network of Central Suns. Our immediate Central Sun is Alcyone, the brightest star in the Pleiades cluster in the constellation of Taurus. It’s part of the grouping we call the Seven SIsters. It’s about 6 solar masses or 600 % of our Suns mass. It’s also 10 times the size so it’s gigantic. Our Sun is in constant communication with Alcyone. It’s like a cosmic dance that the two engage in as a way to pass information, energy, and insights on to the development of ascending collectives in this part of the galaxy. When our Sun gets closer to Alcyone consciousness ascends. As it moves further away, a period of darkness results.

    The Grand Central Sun is the connection to source energy for all conscious existence within our universe. It’s like a giant battery that filters energy from Source and parses it out to other Central Suns so conscious awareness can grow in lower levels of experience all the way down to dense matter. So we are all connected to Source. Everything in the Universe is connected to this great Mind, all layers of consciousnesses up the ladder to our universal consciousness. The Universe is like a machine that absorbs conscious experience had by its lower-frequency components (all galaxies, systems, planetary realms, and incarnate beings) and shares that wealth of experience back to Source.

    Everything is light. The entire Universe is comprised of the light of the Creator but at present our senses and instruments of measurement cannot detect the frequencies of light that fill the void. One of the purposes of this matrix dreamland is to shed the distortions and projections and open up to the light within us. It’s like a maze where at the center is you and you are made up of loving awareness. But we must use the illusion of the matrix to awaken. This is what Jesus meant when he said “The Kingdom of Heaven is within.” It’s not in this external material sphere we call reality.

    The nature of the Sun is giving. It radiates light, heat, and energy and asks nothing in return. This is what we are all striving towards. To become beings that radiate life force energy with great power and wisdom. As we move towards the Central Sun it sends messages and vibrations that upgrade consciousness. If it feels our love it feeds it. If it feels our fear it sends us experiences that open us up to love and sometimes these can be difficult and full of upheaval. In the light, we can see the mirror’s reflection. We should all be striving to shed ourselves of ignorance and move towards the realization that underlying literally everything is an immense vibration of loving awareness. Coming into alignment with the Central Sun means opening the doorway of the heart and transmuting fear into love. We can move into a higher dimension where fear does not exist, our hearts burning with the fire of the Sun. So ultimately there’s nothing really to worry about. Even though ignorance and darkness seem real on this plane of existence, it’s all trending towards the light. We’ll all make it there one way or another, it’s just that the ride may be bumpier for some.


    Last Email from former DA Bob Buehner Regarding the Disappearance of His Friend DA Ray Gricar (Bob was murdered just last year by the covid shot)

    On Sun, Mar 21, 2021 at 5:38 PM <montourda@ wrote:

    I will tell you this: Tom Corbett is certainly the bad guy in this as it relates to not investigating the disappearance....He tried to recruit lawyers in Montour County to run against me in 2008 thinking that would shut me up....he was rather unsuccessful even after promising money and an endorsement.....He did everything he could to prevent a referral from the local lapdog, I mean, District Attorney Mike Madeira pursuant to the Commonwealth's Attorneys Act....he had his P.R. flack Kevin Hurley attack me in the local papers....of course, I told the press in response: "You will not find the book "Profiles in Courage" on Tom Corbett's bookshelf." etc...

    I do believe that Ray was the victim of foul play and was immediately murdered.

    I am certain that Ray is not in the Witness Protection program or hiding out somewhere sipping cocktails. I know this because he would have contacted Patty Fornicola and his daughter in Seattle to let them know he was OK. he has never done so. I also know that Ray would have sent Ted McKnight or me a message telling us to stop stirring it up---if he were alive, he would not have wanted the investigation to be kept wide open...he never did contact us directly or indirectly....Ray would not want his good friends hung out to dry by other DA's etc....

    I believe he was lured to Lewisburg on April 15th.....and the question of why a DA would take his laptop on an antique store visit is DA would ever let his/her laptop in an insecure place. So, there was an compelling and overwhelming reason for him to do so!! What is that reason??? (The consensus among those who have looked at the evidence is that Ray was lured to Lewisburg with his laptop under the pretense of meeting mothers of Sandusky victims. Once he was inside the van he was executed.)

    One of the important suspects in my mind is a member of the Hell's Angels Motorcycle gang who was in the Witness Protection program after serving time in federal prison who was then charged with attempted murder in Centre County...Ray refused to cut him any breaks despite serious requests from the Feds and that man was then convicted after a trial in Centre may wish to seriously check that aspect out......

    Those are some of my thoughts. I have been open to one and all since the beginning. All I have ever wanted to do is find out what happened to my friend and colleague Ray.

    Best wishes and good luck........every little bit helps keep this matter before the public...

    Bob Buehner

    On Sun, Mar 28, 2021 at 2:34 PM <montourda@ wrote:

     I would love to put Corbett and Madeira under oath before a grand jury as long as I get to examine them!!!!

    I was the one who suggested that all Lewisburg area and a 20 mile radius be checked. I did this in my June, 2008 letter to Madeira and Johnson. There is an obscure PA law that requires hotels/motels/inns and b&b's to keep records of guests for three years. I told those two to concentrate on female guests as Ray Gricar would most certainly register in his own name...and check those female names with Driver license  photos--looking for a match with the "mystery woman."....that was never done. As a DA, I would never have checked into a hotel in my name if I was engaged and meeting a female "friend".

    I have some very exciting investigative writer/researcher is about to start a series of podcasts on Ray's disappearance. this person grew up near Lewisburg, but lives on the west coast. She has had access to certain files....she also has a website   She will be starting her podcasts in early April....

    She has shared with me a few snippets about the police investigation--some are rather startling!!!! I know that you will find them fascinating....and, there is a villain in her podcasts!! Your group of PSU friends will be most interested in these podcasts.....It might change your opinion on the Gricar trip to Lewisburg!! Stay tuned....and it might just explain why Ray brought his laptop along!!!
    Let your friends know!!!

    Best wishes....Bob

    (Before anyone gets any ideas about going after the producers of, Rebecca Knight knows people in the NSA and they have all the emails, texts and phone calls from everyone on file! Watch for podcast episode#7 to come out with Ray Gricar's last fax, who it was sent to and what it said about charging Sandusky and his charity!)

    Bob Buehner's Last Interview with Nancy Grace and Rebecca Knight before he was murdered by the covid shot

    Joining Nancy Grace Today:

    • Bob Buehner - Former Montour County District Attorney, Past President of the PA District Attorneys Association, Friend and Close Colleague of Victim
    • Dr. Shari Schwartz - Forensic Psychologist,, Twitter:, Author: "Criminal Behavior" and "Where Law and Psychology Intersect: Issues in Legal Psychology"
    • Lisa M. Dadio - Former Police Lieutenant, New Haven Police Department, Senior Lecturer, Director of the Center for Advanced Policing University of New Haven's Forensic Science Department
    • Rebecca Knight - Writer/Reporter, Podcast: "Final Argument: The Disappearance of District Attorney Ray Gricar",,, Instagram: @FinalArgumentPodcast, Twitter: @ finalargument


    FBI whistleblower testifies under oath that FBI won’t allow 11,000+ hours of J6 footage to be released because it would expose undercover agents committing crimes inside Capitol.

    NWO Geoengineers & Pyroterrorists starting wildfires to push the absurdly fake CO2-driven Climate Change narrative.

    Carville: Cornel West a ‘Threat to the Continued Constitutional Order’ — He Will Get Trump Elected

    Sound of Freedom Becomes $100 Million BLOCKBUSTER!!! Dr. Steve Turley

    Barry Diller — ‘Hollywood and film industry could absolutely collapse in perfect storm’…IAC chairman and senior executive Barry Diller said Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation” that the entertainment industry could “collapse” if the writers’ and actors’ strikes are not resolved soon.

    TV industry in turmoil, ad revenue is dying…Streaming has taken revenue from TV and movies. Disney is looking to sell ABC and ESPN.

    Final Argument: The Ray Gricar Story May One Day Become A Movie

    The web site is back up after disappearing for several weeks. The producers will soon be releasing the last message Ray sent in podcast #7 before he disappeared and a lot more from the police files.

    It appears that Gricar may have been eliminated just when he was getting ready to charge Sandusky and his charity!

    Many people familiar with the case are willing and eager to testify in front of a Gricar grand jury. The problem is getting a state wide grand jury empaneled when the Attorney General's office has refused to follow State Police recommendations to do it.

    The state Supreme Court may have to step in and empanel a Gricar grand jury since this is becoming a matter of obstruction of justice which threatens the state/county partnership of Constitutional Government.

    How we got here: A timeline of Penn State’s misconduct reporting history

    Joe Paterno acted appropriately the one and only time Jerry Sandusky's inappropriate behavior was reported to him.  

    To make it perfectly clear, Paterno reported Jerry Sandusky in accordance with PSU's policies and Pennsylvania's laws in 2001. 

    He did not turn a blind eye to abuse as has been falsely claimed by the media and others.

    Louis Freeh falsely claimed Paterno had followed the 1998 investigation of Sandusky closely -- even though that claim was refuted by the evidence, or lack thereof, in his report.

    1998 Sandusky Police Report: Cleared Sandusky with the help of state child protective services. This left DA Gricar with no possibility of charging Sandusky at that time.

    In 2005 DA Gricar was taken out and his replacement, Michael Madeira claimed after three years in office that he was unable to investigate Sandusky because his brother in law was Sandusky's adopted son Matt. Both Madeira and his former boss Tom Corbett were the ones who refused to empanel a Gricar grand jury requested by the PA State Police at both the county and state level. is back up after being shut down for almost 2 weeks! Rebecca Knight, the writer and producer of the podcast, “Final Argument: The Disappearance of District Attorney Ray Gricar,” said that the website went down, ‘mysteriously,” In other words, she did not intentionally take the site down.

    Rebecca said that Ray Gricar’s home and office computers were seized by the Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) and taken to their headquarters in Harrisburg, PA. They took them from the Bellefonte Police Department, and she said, “the PSP showed up unannounced,” the day they took them. That day, she said was a long time after Gricar’s disappearance.

     She said they confiscated the computers and it was 18 months before the PSP made their findings available, through the  Centre County District Attorney’s office. A  statement was released about the PSP’s findings; they said searches were found on the computers for, “How to wreck a hard drive…water damage to a hard drive…Mapquest searches on how to get to Lewisburg, PA, Lewisburg being the last place Ray Gricar was seen. Rebecca spoke to me about these, “supposed searches that the PSP found on his computers.” She firmly believes that Ray Gricar did not make the searches that were found on his computer. She said, “There is no way he made these searches.” She is convinced that in the 18 months those computers were at the PSP headquarters that those searches were, “manufactured and planted to keep the public in a state of mind that Gricar either committed suicide or walked away from his life.” 

    (The sole purpose of the web side and podcast is to amplify the call for a Ray Gricar statewide investigative grand jury as originally called for by the PA State Police. Episode 7 will have even more information on the case that has been withheld from the public until now.)

    370 Wildfires Burning in British Columbia

    See the satellite video from July 17. These fires are being started intentionally.

    Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, July 15, 2023, # 414 ( Dane Wigington )

    Are covert climate engineering operations connected to the exponentially increasing wildfires all over the world? Unprecedented northern latitude wildfires are currently consuming millions of acres of forest, yet US mainstream media is almost silent about the unfolding cataclysm.

    Dane Wigington

    Massive fire and smoke from Mark Twain National Forest on live satellite

    Crews start controlled burn at Mark Twain National Forest in Pulaski County, Mo.

    “It’s going to prevent future wildfires from becoming catastrophic by reducing that fuel load,” said Cody Norris, a public affairs officer for Mark Twain National Forest.

    This article is from March but they may be at it again. Play the live satellite images from yesterday and today and see the smoke plumes rise up from several ares in the US. These are intentional forest fires meant to block the sun and bolster the funding for climate change and carbon taxing.

    RFK Jr. says COVID may have been 'ethnically targeted' to spare Jews

    (Reverse anti semitism? Dr. Lee Merrit was among the first to discover this. Some races fared worse than Ashkenazis. The Russians also found evidence of ethnic bio targeting of the Slavic race from the captured Ukranian biolabs.)

    Alcyon Pleiades 157: Greece, Inner Earth, Olympus, Hybrids-robots, Medicine, Music, Hermes, Athena

    Ancient Greece, as part of Atlantis, achieved a plethora of advances on a human, technological and spiritual level that we find inconceivable today. The vast and wonderful history of the ancient Greek culture is not founded upon mere mythology or fairy-tales, rather, it is rooted in the life and feats of gods, demigods and heroes, whose origins are extremely ancient. These deities came into contact with human beings in order to teach them and to help foster their development, since the earliest of ages.

    Many renowned historians, thinkers and philosophers – such as Homer, Hesiod, Plato, Aristotle and Socrates – have discussed the grandeur of this civilisation, and the events they describe are real. Therein lie the foundations of our Western culture, a great legacy that continues to form part of our present-day reality.

    Within this context, a variety of myths and ancient stories refer to various realms and mysterious places that interconnect with the Hollow Earth. Olympus, the Garden of the Hesperides and the World of Hades are among these magical locations that continue to exist to this very day, in the vast subterranean kingdom of Agharti and elsewhere.
    The teachings left to us by gods like Hermes are associated with the Inner Earth and, in turn, related to symbols like his caduceus and the field of Medicine itself. Also worthy of note are lessons imparted by the Goddess of Wisdom Athena, who always strived to help women.
    Greek temples, theatre and medicine are part of our inheritance, and the same is true of the Elysian festivals – which celebrated mysteries linked to the Inner Earth. Sporting competitions and processions, like the Panathenaea, are significant, as is the legacy of Hermes Trismegistus and countless myths that teach us about the struggle between good and evil, and how the gods have always supported humankind; now, it is time for us to take part in the fight.

    Video by Alcyon Pleiades


    Steve Kirsch in the Pennsylvania Senate: Unvaccinated children healthier than vaccinated children

    Entrepreneur Steve Kirsch, appearing in the Pennsylvania Senate, claims that all vaccines harm children and that unvaccinated children are healthier than vaccinated children. He states that there is no study comparing vaccinated versus unvaccinated children. He is speaking about all vaccines, not just Covid vaccines.

    Tucker Carlson asks Pence why he is more concerned with supplying Ukraine with tanks than the wellbeing of American cities…

    Pence’s response? “American cities aren’t my concern.”

    FBI Whistleblower Talks About FBI Ordering Him to Retrieve Information About Parents Attending School Board Meetings

    — Breitbart News (@BreitbartNews) May 18, 2023

    In reference to the false assertions about investigating parents at school board meetings, #FBI Director Wray told the House Judiciary Committee that the Bureau is not in the business of policing speech. Read more here:

    CHD:Why Is This California University Still Mandating COVID Shots?

    While most colleges have now rescinded their mandates, some colleges refuse to let go, and Santa Clara University in California is one of the most oppressive.

    Then by mid-summer, SCU announced that students would be required to receive the vaccine even if it remained authorized only for emergency (EUA) and despite the fact that the California Health and Safety Code codifies the Nuremberg Code.

    Section 24171 states:

    “There is, and will continue to be, a growing need for protection for citizens of the state from unauthorized, needless, hazardous, or negligently performed medical experiments on human beings.

    “It is, therefore, the intent of the Legislature, in the enacting of this chapter, to provide minimum statutory protection for the citizens of this state with regard to human experimentation and to provide penalties for those who violate such provisions.”

    SCU (and many other California colleges and universities) are in direct violation of this Code for removing informed consent by mandating EUA medical treatments.

    Alaska attorney general offers to buy employees tickets to faith-based child trafficking film 'Sound of Freedom'

    Alaska's attorney general told employees he would personally pay for them to see “Sound of Freedom,” a film about child trafficking.

    (PA's governor Shapiro and his AG will never promote Sound of Freedom. They have their own case to cover up with the DA Gricar disappearance.)

    Opinion | Josh Shapiro Throws Children Under the Bus

    (Vaccines, abortion, genital mutilation, trafficking, critical race theory, school vouchers, the whole 9 yards. Plus he's got 177,000 votes in the Pennsylvania State Education Association that blindly follows his nonsense.)

    NATO Throws A Furious Zelensky Under The Bus

    NATO's message to Ukrainian president Zelensky at its Vilnius summit was essentially, "you keep fighting and we'll keep sending weapons. But no NATO Membership." Zelensky was furious when this became clear and he lashed out. Slowly it is becoming obvious that NATO and the US means to fight Russia down to the last Ukrainian without getting their hands dirty. Next move?

    Vivek Ramaswamy vows to gut several agencies including FBI, IRS, CDC: Shutting down 'the administrative state'

    Ray Epps To Be Criminally Charged For Role In January 6th, Blames Tucker

    FAKE FAUCI: Top NIH directors were never officially appointed and are merely ACTORS who are IMPERSONATING federal officials (Video)

    The Pittsburgh synagogue gunman should be eligible for Death ...

    No big surprise the patsy is going down! This case was good for a $6.6 million payout for the Synagogue. This should trigger for even more DHS terror funding next year.

    90% of Anti-Terror Grants Go to Jewish Groups

    Some 90 percent of the $10 million in funding announced by the Department of Homeland Security to help nonprofit organizations protect themselves from terrorism went to Jewish institutions.

    The Jewish Federations of North America and the Orthodox Union were instrumental in making sure the Homeland Security’s Nonprofit Security Grant program was continued.

    ADL Hired Former DHS Director George Selim as Senior VP of programs.

    He most recently served as the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Director of the Office for Community Partnerships reporting to the DHS Secretary, a position he held from September 2015 to August 2017.

    (Revolving door between ADL and DHS helps secure terror funding.)

    This year (2023) DHS terror funding is over $300 million.

    Nonprofit Security Grant Program: provides $305 million to support target hardening and other physical security enhancements for nonprofit organizations that are at high risk of a terrorist attack

    Missing Civil War Gold in Dents Run, Elk County, Pennsylvania Part 02

    The FBI has a ten million dollar budget but all they will provide for evidence in the Dents Run Gold Heist are a bunch of low resolution black and white photos.

    FBI feared Pennsylvania would seize fabled gold, court docs show

    An FBI agent applied for a federal warrant in 2018 to seize a cache of U.S. gold he said was “stolen during the Civil War”

    “I have probable cause to believe that a significant cache of gold is secreted in the underground cave,” Jacob Archer, a member of the FBI art crime team in Philadelphia, wrote in the affidavit.

    Bombshell! FBI Colluded With Ukraine Intelligence To Silence Americans!

    In a shocking new report released by the US House Judiciary Committee, it is alleged that the FBI passed Ukrainian intelligence requests to US social media that certain accounts be silenced for "Russian disinformation." Many of the accounts were Americans exercising their First Amendment right to disagree with US government policy. Also today: Biden rejects Congressional calls for oversight on massive US wealth transfer to Ukraine.

    The Cover Up Is Falling Apart, Blackmail, Trafficking, Treason Exposed, The Man In The Arena

    The Deep State cover up is falling apart. The people can now see favoritism, two-tiered justice system, they see the blackmail, child trafficking and treason, it is all being exposed, and the people are now seeing the truth. Trump is the bait, and they are going to deploy all assets, they will do everything to stop him, he is the man in the arena. He is drawing them all out so the patriots can strike. 

    President Trump to Air “Sound of Freedom” at New Jersey Complex

    The movie taking the nation by storm will get support from the 45th President

    Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News

    Dane Wigington  Why does wildfire smoke smell like burnt plastic? Why are atmospheric aerosol spraying operations routinely conducted directly over wildfire smoke canopies?

    Geoengineers Create 1000 Year Flood On the Hudson

    Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Hero Of The Hudson spent 30 years cleaning it up. The geoengineers wrecked it with flooding from plastic chemtrails, toxic smoke and HAARP.

    Michael Mann, University of Pennsylvania: Climate change is leading to anomalous warmth

    The reason Mann went to greener pastures at UPENN with his hockey stick graph is because his book sales fell off and Rham Emanuel was the only one to offer him a job. Should have been fired after he lost 9 years of slap suits over his global warming claims.

    Nine Years After Filing a Lawsuit, Climate Scientist Michael Mann Wants a Court to Affirm the Truth of His Science The case raises difficult issues about free speech in an era of online misinformation and disinformation.

    Sticking It to the Mann

    Recently, hockey stick creator Dr. Michael Mann went on CBC to try linking wildfires and climate change, and the result was laughable. We'll give Mann the attention he craves with a thorough look into the decades of misdirection, ad-hominem attacks, and gaslighting few can reasonably call a scientific career. Tune in to the show for a look into the infamous "hockey stick" chart, the media's portrayal of Mann at the time, videos of congressional hearings, charts Mann has defended, and more on Climate Change Roundtable.

    (The jig is up now that people understand that Global waming is a cover story for geoengineering and the carbon tax.)

    Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. press dinner devolves into 'screaming and polemic farting': NY Post

    A Post reporter who attended the event witnessed a "gaseous exchange" between two old men after Kennedy, who founded the conservationist group Waterkeeper Alliance, was asked a question about the environment.

    Dechert then proceeded to "let rip a loud, prolonged fart" while yelling, "I'm farting!"

    According to Page Six, the question posed to Kennedy set off Doug Dechert, a former Post gossip columnist and current PR flack who hosted the dinner for Kennedy. 

    Dechert, who was reportedly drinking, began screaming, "The climate hoax!" His outburst abruptly awoke elderly art critic Anthony Haden-Guest, who Page Six reported was contentedly napping for most of the dinner.

    Penn State president discusses university budget, law school future and more

    The Katz law building on campus may close and the law program returned to Dickinson in Carlisle. Founding father John Dickinson would be proud. Now maybe the real history of the original 13th amendment can be enforced. Buchanan, Taney and Greer, all Dickinson alums made sure lawyers could be elected to public office and not worry about titles of nobility and other gifts from England. They papered over that one with the Corwin Amendment then the new 13th amendment we have today.

    As most of you also know, Dickinson College was the alma mater of Chief Justice Roger
    Taney and Justice Robert Grier of the United States Supreme Court, and also of President
    James Buchanan. Together these men were destined to grapple with the vexatious political and constitutional issues of slavery in the infamous case of Dred Scott v. Sandford (1857).

    WSJ: Josh Shapiro's School Choice Sellout - WSJ

    So much for Pennsylvania Gov. Josh Shapiro's gutsy support for school choice. The Pennsylvania Governor sides with unions over poor children in failing schools.

    (This governor should be impeached for lying to the people about vouchers and tried for obstruction of justice in the disappearance of DA Ray Gricar.)

    Centre County DA’s office recognizes police officers for their ‘significant impact’

    For their efforts in helping to solve a homicide cold case.

    (They wouldn't touch the DA Ray Gricar case with a ten foot pole. They are trying to put on a show because the withheld evidence in the Gricar case has been put up on the State police Facebook page. The AG office and the PSP are under some kind of internal gag order to avoid any public discussion the Gricar case. Hear the Final Argument Ray Gricar podcast at

    The original web site has been taken down that had all of the police evidence including the request for an investigative grand jury.)

    New York Gov. Kathy Hochul said at a news conference Monday that Sunday's rain storm sent “cars swirling in our streets” and dumped a “historic” amount of rain. “Nine inches of rain in this community,” Hochul said during a briefing on a muddy street in Highland Falls. “They’re calling this a ‘1,000 year event.’”

    Scorn of Liberal Movie Critics Fails To Deter Audiences From Turning 'Sound of Freedom' Into Summer's Surprise Hit

    MSM Attacks ‘Sound of Freedom’ Film as ‘Q-Anon Conspiracy Theory’. CIA/FBI controlled news editors are ignoring the movie because they don't want to offend the deep state and their constituents.

    Sound of Freedom | Official Trailer | Angel Studios

    How the faith-based thriller 'Sound of Freedom' knocked out Indiana Jones at the box office

    Originally filmed in 2018, Sound of Freedom is inspired by the life of Tim Ballard — a former special agent with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. In 2013, he founded Operation Underground Railroad, an organization that works to prevent the sex trafficking of children. "I was working on a couple of cases that fell outside the jurisdiction of the United States, and I had to quit my job to finish the cases," Ballard said during a recent appearance on Fox News. "One of the first operations was this enormous hit in Colombia. It made national news and then the producers came to us and said, 'This sounds like a movie.'"

    Carlson – Capitol Police Chief Admitted ‘January 6th Crowd Was Filled With Feds’


  • CAPITAL COVID CRIME SPREE PROVEN! Evidence Submitted to the Florida Covid Vaccine Grand Jury Investigation 

  • Medicines which could have been used in a repurposed manner as they had already saved
    millions of lives world-wide, and cured millions of people of deadly pathogens. These
    amazing inexpensive medicines were listed on the United Nation’s catalogue of Miracle
    drugs, and one of them even received a Nobel prize in 2015. Because these drugs were safe
    and effective in treating the new disease, they posed a threat to the criminal enterprise.
    Those who advocated for them, doctors who prescribed them and pharmacies that filled
    the prescription were viciously attacked by the co-conspirators in the organized crime
    scheme and the medicines were publicly trashed by the media.
    These harassing and deceptive practices allowed captured pharmaceutical ringers in the
    Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clear conscience to open the gates and grant a
    Pandora’s box of Emergency Use Authorization, (EUA) to untested, experimental drugs
    which were then pushed on the people of the United States and world-wide with the
    blessings of co-conspirators as the new saviors.

    Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Hails ‘Rising Populist Movement,’ Left and Right


    The rising populist movement among Democrats and Republicans is creating a space where everyone can come together. The next president should represent all of America, and help us unite on common ground. 


    LAWFARE AT ITS WORST! DC Bar Committee Recommends Giuliani’s Disbarment Over His Effort to Challenge 2020 Election

    Dr. Reiner Feullmich Exposes How Maori Sovereignty Will Free The World From Satanic Globalism! (Video)

    Watch as Dr Reiner Feulllmich is heading the Nuremberg Tribunals that he now knows cannot be held anywhere else but in a FREE Nation who’s laws allow the proper indigenous natural lore and laws of jurisdiction both indigenous and international. 

    One of the Most Mysterious Solfeggio Frequencies 528Hz 528Hz frequency is believed to have profound effects on the body and mind.

    It is one of the most mysterious solfeggio frequencies which research has found to reduce stress and promote relaxation. Lets deep dive into it.

    Since the early 1990s, a curious thing has been happening in the world of alternative health and healing. A new “frequency” has been gaining popularity as a potential cure-all for a wide range of conditions and ailments. This frequency is known as the “528Hz frequency”, and it is said to be part of a larger set of frequencies known as “Solfeggio frequencies”.

    These frequencies are said to have special healing properties, and the 528Hz frequency is said to be particularly effective for improving sleep quality and reducing stress.

    The 528Hz frequency is one of the “Solfeggio frequencies”. These frequencies are a series of tones that were supposedly used in ancient Gregorian chants. These tones were said to have special healing properties, and the 528Hz frequency is said to be particularly effective and has been gaining popularity in recent years as a potential alternative therapy for a wide range of conditions.

    You can not play 528Hz frequency in the standard or concert tuning where A is tuned to 440Hz. To play 528Hz, you will first need to tune your instrument to A = 444Hz. Many DAWs and tuners give you ability to tune to a different reference frequency. Once you have tuned your instrument to 444Hz, playing note C will give you 528Hz frequency. If you are looking to compose music with this frequency, make C as the root note of your melody. Here are some of the popular music composed in 528Hz.

    1. John Lennon : Imagine
    2. Dreamscape for Positive Transformation

    BOOM! Evidence of Covid ‘Vaccine’ Crimes Submitted to Florida Grand Jury Investigation

    Demands Immediate Ban of Covid ‘Vaccines’ and Criminal Investigations

    Dr. Joseph Sansone

    As a Florida resident and a board member of the National American Renaissance Movement, on behalf of the National American Renaissance Movement, I just submitted this white paper containing Grand Jury Evidence. This evidence will also be distributed to State Attorneys across Florida and County Sheriffs. This document was prepared by National American Renaissance Movement President, and NJ criminal defense trial attorney, David Meiswinkle. This document lists 149 exhibits and asserts evidence that state and federal crimes have been committed. This document demands an immediate ban of Covid 19 ‘vaccines’ and criminal investigations.

    This document states, Covid ‘vaccines’ be “Banned Immediately and Criminal Investigations Should Begin”.

    The most damaging paper of the pandemic has just been published in The Lancet
    I was right. The COVID vaccines have killed massive numbers of people and the government covered it up. The paper, published as a pre-print, shows 74% of deaths post-vax due to the vax.

    JUL 5

    Head on over to Peter McCullough’s Substack for the details and please consider subscribing to his Substack. He’s terrific, a great friend, a great scientist, and a man of great courage.

    This is a pre-print so not yet peer-reviewed.

    I’m sure they will try to get this paper killed. It is amazing that The Lancet is a teller of truth in this case.

    The paper shows 74% of deaths post-vax could be attributed to the vaccine being a cause of death.

    More at this link:

    On Ukraine, RFK Offers The JFK Solution

    Ron Paul Liberty Report

    Democratic Presidential Candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is the first candidate to offer a concrete solution to our fast-approaching nuclear conflict with Russia. It's an old solution...but it worked pretty well the first time. Also today: Tucker Carlson wonders why we are at war with Russia. Meanwhile, Biden has announced another $500 million to Ukraine. Will anyone in DC say "NO"?

    PSEA president: Pa. budget passed by House includes much-needed investments for public schools and no legal authorization for tuition vouchers

    Governor Shapiro to veto his own agreement regarding vouchers because the PSEA and public schools would lose a lot of families that are desperate to get their kids out of public schools. It's an attempt to stop woke backlash of public education.

    Attorney who challenged Trump's 2020 loss gives up law license as states weigh disciplining him

    Attorney Lin Wood, who filed legal challenges seeking to overturn Donald Trump’s 2020 election loss, is relinquishing his law license, electing to retire from practicing rather than face possible disbarment.

    Officials in Georgia had been weighing whether to disbar Wood over his efforts, holding a disciplinary trial earlier this year. Wood sued the state bar in 2022, claiming the bar's request that he undergo a mental health evaluation as part of its probe violated his constitutional rights, but a federal appeals court tossed that ruling, saying Wood failed to show there was “bad faith” behind the request.

    (This is an example of using lawfare to limit transparency of the voting system.)

    An Afternoon With Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and the Texas Anti-Vaccine Movement

    Kennedy’s presentation to vaccine activists at the Capitol

    By Christopher Hooks May 4, 2019

    “They’re trying to get at your baby,” Kennedy declared, mildly. “And force him to take their vaccines. And give him a lifetime dependency” that Big Pharma would then treat. “The last thing left is the mom. And that’s what these laws are about, getting rid of the mom. To get right to the baby,” he says. “I will be with you to the end of time. We are going to beat these guys, and we are going to win.” He receives a lengthy standing ovation.

    (A lot of people wish they would have learned from RFK JR about vaccines before the pandemic. This article makes fun of Kennedy just months before covid 19 was released.)

    Alcyon Pleiades 156: Greece Hollow Earth Myths, Gods Olympus, Heroes Ulysses Jason Theseus, Oracles

    Greece is the Western culture that inherited characteristics closest to those of Atlantis, and the entire stage of ancient Greece was established in antediluvian times. In these eras of magic, beauty and splendour, humans were in contact with the Inner Earth, which was home to the gods of Olympus – a divine family headed by Zeus and Hera. Its members included Poseidon, Athena, Hermes, Ares and all twelve of mythology’s sovereign gods and goddesses. The gods lived alongside human beings, in those early epochs, and during the Golden Age of Atlantis, they helped found cities, whilst imparting teachings and providing guidance that would support mankind’s evolution and development.

    Heroes also came to the fore in those days, as valiant men fulfilled the various tasks commissioned to them by the gods, who provided them with help and guidance, as they carried out their feats. Some striking examples include Ulysses and the nymph Calypso, and Jason and the Argonauts. On their quest for the Golden Fleece, the Argonauts travelled to Colchis, a place that makes reference to the depths of the Inner Earth.

    The same is true of other myths, like those of Orpheus and Eurydice, or Demeter and Persephone, which include teachings linked to mythical places, which are actually real. It should also be noted that the protagonists of Homer’s Odyssey and Iliad are the eternal gods, such as Hermes, Athena, Ares, Poseidon… There are heroes, nymphs, muses, oracles… Hercules and his twelve labours, winged sphinxes, giants and Cyclopes. They all form part of a different world, which is not bound by material laws. In fact, they belong to a far more subtle world, found in the Earth’s interior.

    Video by Alcyon Pleiades

    Have You Wondered What Happened to the 56 men Who Signed the Declaration of Independence?

    Five signers were captured by the British as traitors, and tortured before they died. Twelve had their homes ransacked and burned. Two lost their sons in the revolutionary army, another had two sons captured. Nine of the 56 fought and died from wounds or hardships of the revolutionary war.
    They signed and they pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor. What kind of men were they? Twenty-four were lawyers and jurists. Eleven were merchants, nine were farmers and large plantation owners, men of means, well educated. But they signed the Declaration of Independence knowing full well that the penalty would be death if they were captured. Carter Braxton of Virginia, a wealthy planter and trader, saw his ships swept from the seas by the British Navy. He sold his home and properties to pay his debts, and died in rags.
    Thomas McKeam was so hounded by the British that he was forced to move his family almost constantly. He served in the Congress without pay, and his family was kept in hiding. His possessions were taken from him, and poverty was his reward. Vandals or soldiers or both, looted the properties of Ellery, Clymer, Hall, Walton, Gwinnett, Heyward, Ruttledge, and Middleton.
    At the battle of Yorktown, Thomas Nelson Jr., noted that the British General Cornwallis had taken over the Nelson home for his headquarters. The owner quietly urged General George Washington to open fire. The home was destroyed, and Nelson died bankrupt.
    Francis Lewis had his home and properties destroyed. The enemy jailed his wife, and she died within a few months. John Hart was driven from his wife’s bedside as she was dying. Their 13 children fled for their lives. His fields and his gristmill were laid to waste. For more than a year he lived in forests and caves, returning home to find his wife dead and his children vanished. A few weeks later he died from exhaustion and a broken heart. Norris and Livingston suffered similar fates.
    Such were the stories and sacrifices of the American Revolution. These were not wild eyed, rabble-rousing ruffians. They were soft-spoken men of means and education. They had security, but they valued liberty more. Standing tall, straight, and unwavering, they pledged: ‘For the support of this declaration, with firm reliance on the protection of the divine providence, we mutually pledge to each other, our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor.’”

    The one man Biden wants out of the way – and it’s not Trump

    Because Justice Thomas voted to restore the meritorious USA society that doesn't discriminate against excellence.

    Child Protector's Movie Outshines Child Groomers' (Disney)

    Jim Caviezel explained why the mainstream media is complicit in covering up what he calls the “adrenochrome empire” by convincing the gullible masses it is nothing more than a conspiracy theory.

    — illuminatibot (@iluminatibot) Baxter Dmitry is a writer at The People's Voice. He covers politics, business and entertainment. Speaking truth to power since he learned to talk, Baxter has travelled in over 80 countries and won arguments in every single one. Live without fear.

    According to Caviezel, the three letter agencies have no interest in stopping the depraved trade in children – because they are using it to control the world and reap enormous profits.

    Caviezel also sent a message to the mainstream media and the morally corrupt fact checkers who have dedicated their lives to covering up the crimes of the globalist elite in return for a pay packet.

    The mainstream media is the enemy of the people. Hollywood is the enemy of the people. They are all about control and psychological warfare, not news and entertainment. And studios like Disney have been rubbing our faces in it for decades.

    Disney is pure evil 29, 2023

    It’s time to take the next step in the war against these people who have used their power and status to attack humanity in ways most people don’t even think about.

    According to Caviezel, the global trade in children is the greatest evil of mankind and Congress and the three letter agencies are allowing it to continue.

    Here at the People’s Voice we are determined to continue exposing the crimes of the elite and waking up as many people as possible. There are many of us and few of them.

    As Caviezel says, it is only when enough people wake up that we, the people, will overthrow these tyrants and monsters who are enslaving the human race and preying on our children.

    Please subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already, join the People’s Voice Locals community to support the channel and gain access to exclusive and uncensored content, and spread this video far and wide to help wake up as many people as possible.

    The mainstream media is the enemy of the people. Hollywood is the enemy of the people. They are all about control and psychological warfare, not news and entertainment. And studios like Disney have been rubbing our faces in it for decades.

    Michigan Hate Speech Bill Would Make Using Wrong Pronouns A Felony With $10K Fine, Prison Time

    Governor Whitmer: The FBI's choice for president.


    The FBI's Silly Whitmer kidnapping plot

    FBI used no less than a dozen confidential informants and two undercover agents to gather intel on the group. "Working in secret, they did more than just passively observe and report on the actions of the suspects," the story noted. "Instead, they had a hand in nearly every aspect of the alleged plot, starting with its inception."

    When the group took a nighttime road trip to surveil Whitmer's summer house, there were two informants and two undercover agents in the cars with them and multiple agents surveilling them, including an agent on Whitmer's boat dock.

    This is how an undercover FBI agent ended up sitting in the back seat of a car with a group of deranged and dopey militia members as they searched for Whitmer's vacation home. And it's why the case against the militia members fell apart, leading to questions over its viability as a prosecution strategy.

    Trump’s Rally in Pickens: How Tens of Thousands Turned a Small City into Trump’s Political Epicenter!

    An extraordinary spectacle unfolded this weekend as Pickens, South Carolina—a town with a population barely cresting 3,371—swelled to a throbbing epicenter of political fervor. The magnetic attraction was none other than the political titan and ex-POTUS, Donald Trump.

    According to Pickens County Police Chief Randall Beach, the hordes of ardent Trump supporters numbering over 50,000—nay, some insist 75,000—eclipsed the town’s residents by more than a tenfold margin. Yet, the mainstream media conveniently turned a blind eye.

    Governor Kristi Noem says Biden admin. blocked July 4 Mt. Rushmore fireworks for third straight year

    In 2021 the cancellation of fireworks was blamed on the coronovirus, environmental concerns and safety.

    July 4, 2023 Priemere: Jim Caviezel Anti-Child-Trafficking Thriller ‘Sound Of Freedom’ Giving Indie Box Office A Pulse With $7M+ In Presales

    From out of nowhere, Angel StudiosSound of Freedom movie about Tim Ballard, a former Homeland Security agent who left the department after he was frustrated with the U.S. rescue efforts with trafficked children in third world countries, is racking up $7.2M in ticket presales before its July 4th opening at 2,626 theaters.

    Kash Patel brings the receipts.

    Where I believe they should be investigating Hunter Biden for crimes that were committed within their jurisdiction: Arkansas (AG Tim Griffin), Missouri (AG Andrew Bailey), and South Carolina (AG Alan Wilson). Re: The Biden crime family syndicate; 2 years ago, the Senate put out a report that Hunter paid dozens of women internationally and throughout America in a possible human sex trafficking operation..." @realamericasvoice @Charliekirk

    John F Kennedy Jr. at Mt Rushmore. Photographed by Brian Smale. 1999

    ”He was a very nice guy, pleasant, unassuming. He arrived that morning, got out of his car, and said, 'Hi, I'm John.' And we conversed like I would with any other person.”

    Kennedy went to Mount Rushmore to pose for a 4:30 a.m. photo shoot for a USA Weekend magazine cover story on ”Making America Better.”

    ”I spent five or six hours with him that day,” said Pflaum. ”You don't get to know anyone extremely well in that time, but you do have a snapshot in time.”

    One poignant moment came inside the monument restaurant, where several granite columns along the walls bear the photos and biographies of the nation's presidents.

    ”He walked up to the column with his father's picture and spent several minutes looking at the photo and reading a brief biography,” Pflaum said.

    Bruce VanVort, general manager of concessions and restaurant at Mount Rushmore, also witnessed the moment.

    ”He just stared at it,” says VanVort. ”I had a camera and I debated whether to take a picture, and I said, 'no.' This was a private moment, an unbelievable moment that I will never forget it.”

    Originally, photo editors wanted Kennedy to repel off the top of the monument and hover in front of the faces, said Pflaum.

    ”We, being the National Park Service, did not allow that, but we did get some up close to the monument,” he said.

    However, the son of the late President Kennedy did get to the top of the four heads.

    ”I think he was impressed. He admired the view and on a clear day you can see a long distance,” Pflaum said.

    During the tour, they covered a broad range of topics but they didn't talk about anything person, he said.

    ”He had questions about Mount Rushmore,” Pflaum said. ”He talked a little geography in the west and he wanted to know about Native Americans, what was their population and where did they live.”

    ”I asked questions about his living in New York, nothing personal, nor did he speak of anything personal,” Pflaum said.

    VanVort said he and Kennedy discussed their mutual affection for New York City.

    ”I am from New York and I didn't know that he had grown up there, so we talked about life there. I told him how much I missed the culture, the ethnic foods,” he said.

    QAnon Followers Think JFK Jr. Is Coming Back on the 4th of July

    He's an avid Trump supporter and has been hiding in Pennsylvania for two decades, according to some people on Twitter.

    The theory that Kennedy was alive and running Q arose in June 2018, after the anonymous poster behind Q briefly went dark. Another anonymous poster, “R,” showed up on the QAnon forums on the website 8chan and started dropping hints that JFK Jr. had faked his death to avoid being targeted by members of the deep-state conspiracy and was actually Q.

    Adding fuel to the fire, a quote attributed to JFK Jr. in praise of Trump was widely shared by QAnon supporters on social media. “If my dear friend Donald Trump ever decided to sacrifice his fabulous billionaire lifestyle to become president he would be an unstoppable force for ultimate justice that Democrats and Republicans alike would celebrate,” the quote, which was reportedly published in George Magazine in June 1999, read. (Kennedy’s reportedly fatal plane crash was on July 16, 1999.)

    RFK Jr. says ‘I want my party back,’ defends vaccine claims

    The deep state's biggest nightmare would be to have sons of murdered Kennedy's on both sides of the 2024 Presidential campaign.

    RFK planned to remove the CIA's clandestine services

    A week before RFK was killed, he declared that he would remove the clandestine services from the CIA. Not only that, but RFK's first assumption was that the CIA had killed his brother and he posed that very question publicly.

    Due to his popularity, RFK was about to be put in a position to become President and therefore actually make reforms to the CIA or even dismantle it just as JFK before him had sought to do.

    According to RFK JR, Cesar was a CIA asset. If this was truly the case, and Sirhan was simply a MK Ultra patsy, then now you know why they would have a motive to implement this plan.

    RFK and JFK were both existential threats to the military industrial complex and the above the law operations of the CIA.

    New York quietly shuts down its $250 million Covid vaccine passport mobile app
    Following the reduced demand for access to digital COVID-19 test and vaccine records through the portal and the official end of the COVID-19 public health emergency on May 11, 2023, the NYS Wallet that hosts the Excelsior Pass Plus COVID vaccine credential, will be discontinued. [link to

    Tulsi Gabbard @TulsiGabbard

    Affirmative Action ruling is a welcome blow to society's increasing racialization, esp anti-White racism. Supreme Court: “Eliminating racial discrimination means eliminating all of it.” Racism is an evil all of us should fight against, regardless of our skin color or political party.

    White professor files lawsuit against Penn State for ‘racially hostile environment’

    “Not only was Penn State deliberately indifferent to the racially hostile environment for De Piero, Penn State actively treated De Piero as the problem, suggesting mental health treatment and disciplining him for bullying when he dared to complain,” the lawsuit read. “As a result, De Piero’s only option to escape the hostile environment was to leave Penn State.”

    George Soros’ Nonprofit Is Cutting Its Staff

    Open Society Foundations will chop 40 percent of 800 workers, weeks after Soros’ son was announced as his successor.

    Col. Douglas Macgregor on Trump & RFK Jr.

    ‘Ideally, I would like to see those two gentlemen get together and form a 3rd party.’

    Republic vs Democracy What Is The Real Form of the U S Government

    Is Anarchy the Ideal? No! Ever since Plato, the Republic has been the most sustainable form of government. Democracy always leads to oligarchy which is where we are at now.

    Tucker On Admiral Rachel Levine -Video

    “Few Americans in our history have come as far as Rick Levine. Here’s a fat guy in a Halloween costume who somehow became the federal health minister.

    ...What we have here is living proof that in this country, you really can be whatever you want to be,” Carlson said.

    “If Rick Levine can become 'Admiral Rachel', why can't you be Napoleon? Or Lord Mountbatten, the last viceroy of India? Ever see that guy’s uniform?”

    Carlson questions the societal shift towards individual self-identification and challenges the idea that individuals can redefine themselves without consequences, contrasting it with historical beliefs in natural law and consequences for disobedience.

    Levine’s “personal journey” is not to empower people, but rather to become more powerful, explains Carlson.

    “Shut up and be proud of Admiral Rachel,” he continued.

    “She’s the one who has smashed glass ceilings, and you’ve just got some kind of weird fetish. So actually, now that we’re saying this out loud, it’s pretty clear that Rick Levine has no interest in liberating you from anything. This is not about liberation, it’s just the opposite. It’s just another religious war, same as all the others. The people who think they’re God versus everybody else.”

    Penn State Gender confirmation surgery available on employee health plans

    This has been the policy since 2015. Considering the hospital division lost over $400 million last year and there is a world wide backlash taking place, now might be a good time for Penn State to return to the farm family values the college was founded on.

    Penn State has co opted the college with it's medical standards with the Thon event and taking the entire football team to Hershey to tour the hospital.

    Free Penn State Transgender Student Services

    Your provider will discuss the informed consent process, your gender identity development history, review effects, and possible risk factors for hormone therapy prior to writing a prescription.  This process normally requires a second visit. If a student begins taking gender-affirming hormones, medical visits are generally every few months to review changes, side effects, and monitor hormones levels and other labs.  Once hormone levels are stable, bloodwork and medical visits are less frequent.

    We do not require a letter from a therapist before starting gender-affirming hormones, however, a student must be able to demonstrate an understanding of both the risks and benefits of hormone therapy and receive a recommendation from someone on our team. 

    If and when we decide to move forward is dependent upon a student-specific situation and needs.

    There are no extra fees for the team-based, coordinated care provided by the Gender Diverse Care team. The individual care you receive from your treatment team members may have associated fees:

    Pennsylvania officials offer $5K reward in DA Ray Gricar case

    A missing DA ought to be worth more than a $5000 reward. We've not only left tips for them we've been telling them exactly what to do to solve the case. Just follow the original State Police order for an investigative grand jury!  Hear the Final Argument podcasts: The Disappearance of Ray Gricar

    Steve Kirsch: "We Can’t Find An Autistic Kid Who Was Unvaccinated!"

    With Robert Kennedy Jr. using his Children’s Health Defense non-profit organization to conclusively prove in US Federal Court that Health and Human Services is in violation of the Mandate for Safer Childhood Vaccines as stipulated in the Vaccine Injury Compensation Act, this report notes, immediately prior to announcing his presidential candidacy, Kennedy filed a massive lawsuit against Supreme Socialist Leader Joe Biden for what the suit calls: “The largest federally sanctioned censorship operation ever seen”.

    Causing “the largest federally sanctioned censorship operation ever seen”, this report concludes, Robert Kennedy Jr. first revealed in his 2005 investigative article “Deadly Immunity”, wherein he factually documented: “In April, reporter Dan Olmsted of UPI undertook one of the more interesting studies himself. Searching for children who had not been exposed to mercury in vaccines -- the kind of population that scientists typically use as a "control" in experiments -- Olmsted scoured the Amish of Lancaster County, Penn., who refuse to immunize their infants...Given the national rate of autism, Olmsted calculated that there should be 130 autistics among the Amish...He found only four...One had been exposed to high levels of mercury from a power plant...The other three -- including one child adopted from outside the Amish community -- had received their vaccines”—is an “Amish Truth” when known by the greater masses of the American people, as Kennedy intends to do, will see them rising in full rebellion against a Washington that has willfully killed and maimed their innocent children with mandated vaccines that have never been tested—and on 9 June, it saw Silicon Valley philanthropist and technology entrepreneur Steve Kirsch factually telling the Pennsylvania State Senate during an under oath hearing:

    The Amish are a perfect example of a large group of people who are are largely unvaccinated, and we can’t find an autistic kid who was unvaccinated.

    It’s very, very rare in the Amish community, very, very rare. You won’t find kids with ADD, autoimmune disease, PANS, and epilepsy. You just don’t find any of these chronic diseases in the Amish.

    And, you know, the US. the government has been studying the Amish for decades, but there’s never been a report out to the public.

    The reason, of course, is it would show that, oh, if you don’t follow our guidelines, you’re going to end up healthier.

    The report would be devastating to the narrative.

    Bioweapon Battle of the Spike Proteins: ZMPSTE24 Regulates SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein-enhanced Expression of Endothelial PAI-1

    Berne Amish that live 10 years longer have low PAI-1, low cancer, low blood clotting and low diabetes. The bioweapon spike protein raises PAI-1. CBD and the endocannabinoid system help regulate and lower PAI-1.

    Combinations of ivermectin with proteasome inhibitors induce synergistic lethality in multiple myeloma.

    Translation: Ivermectin combined with natural protease inhibitors like green tea and other polyphenols are especially good for cancer prevention. We can still get green tea but Merck keeps Ivermectin off the shelves. Mexican airports can get ivermectin but the corner drug store won't carry it due to the spike protein loyalty program that is a cardiovascular disaster.

    Father of former Penn State student files wrongful death lawsuit against Mount Nittany Health

    Young thrombosis patient dies presumably from the bioweapon spike protein. Still Mount Nittany Medical and the drug companies continue to spread the spike protein through the mRNA shots.

    USA, Land of the Free, Protecting Children, Hollywood-Sportsmen antivax

    Is the United States still the land of the free and the home of the brave? Or is it too late to restore and salvage America, the land of opportunity? We have to go back to America’s origins to reclaim the country’s values from the depths of its history. These values are at risk of disappearing due to the elite’s agenda, as the powers-that-be have taken it upon themselves to annihilate humankind and obliterate our rights, in this silent spiritual war we are currently experiencing.
    As a nation, America has always been the land of opportunity, where numerous immigrants have come to fulfill their dreams of prosperity. From different parts of the world, they brought cultural wealth and diversity, in addition to values like solidarity, respect and freedom. It is the country that has upheld its constitution for longer than any other, and the rights detailed therein had never before been suspended, until the advent of Covid policies. The Bill of Rights enshrined in the Constitution was suppressed for the first time, depriving the people of fundamental human rights – including freedom of assembly and freedom of speech – and now, they don’t want to give them back.
    The greatest injury of all is the violation of childhood being perpetrated through the sexualisation of children, via the LGTBQIA+ and transgender agenda, in addition to the presence of toxins in our food and water, combined with the killer vaccines that seriously compromise our brain and overall health. It should be noted, however, that brave activists like Del Bigtree, Lee Merritt, Dr Pierre Kory, Dr Robert Malone, Catherine Austin Fitts, Dr Naomi Wolf and many others are fighting to defend rights and freedoms that are rightfully ours. The same can be said of famous Hollywood actors who are taking a stand against the official narrative, as they defend the truth of what is happening. Similarly, well-known athletes are speaking out against these dictatorial measures and vaccine mandates which have triggered countless deaths and widespread injuries.

    Video by Alcyon Pleiades

    Hajj: The Greatest Spiritual Journey of Lifetime

    Today, the 28th of June, Muslims all across the world celebrate Eid Al-Adha and the annual pilgrimage to the Holy City of Mecca.

    This year, 1.8 million people from 150 countries traveled to the Holy City of Mecca to perform the Hajj

    (The Abrahamic religions have to reconcile before the Golden Age kicks off so this is as good a time as any. AA Gabriel is the only Angel common to Islam, Christianity and Judaism. Gabriel is an archangel with power to announce God's will to men. He is mentioned in the Hebrew Bible, the New Testament, and the Quran.)

    The Western Press missed a huge story about the Ark of Gabriel that was accidently unearthed at the Hajj in Mecca in 2015. A construction crew was injured and people killed when a plasma lightening arc shot out of the Ark when hit by a backhoe when doing new construction.

    Turns out nobody knew the Ark was buried there. It is believed that the Ark was taken to Antarctica to act as a kind of antidote to the Draconians based there with the NAZI dark fleet at the time.

    The Ark of Gabriel: Unearthing an Ancient Secret Weapon

    Pope Francis’s meeting with the Patriarch Kirill? Russian ships found docking at Arabic ports? What could possibly be so important that would bring religious entities who haven’t met in 1,000 years, together? Some believe they know the answer: to move the Ark of Gabriel from the Grand Mosque in Mecca, to a secret base in Antarctica where it could be safely kept.

    Immediately after the second catastrophe, His Holiness, Patriarch Kiril of Moscow, was contacted by the Saudis. Why? Because the Russian Orthodox Church holds an old Islamic manuscript, which was rescued by the Roman Catholic crusaders in 1204 when they robbed the Hagia Sophia Cathedral in Constantinople (today Istanbul, Turkey). This manuscript, titled “Gabriel’s Instructions to Muhammad”, presents the history of the instructions given to Mohammed by the angel Gabriel in a cave called Hira, located on Mount Jabal un-Nour, near Mecca. The angel entrusted to Muhammad a “box/ark” with “tremendous power,” belonging to God and only to God. This “box” should not be used at all, but buried in an altar, “in the place of worship of angels before the creation of man,” until Qiyamah, that is, until “the Resurrection Day.”

    Upon being briefed of the cataclysmic potential of the Ark of Gabriel, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin ordered his naval ships to transport the Ark (using the Kirill’s precautions) to Antarctica, where the Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Church stands as the only religious structure on the continent. 

    First Major World Politician Apologizes To the Unvaccinated: ‘You Were Right

    Danielle Smith, the premier of Alberta, Canada, is the first major elected politician in the world to issue a heartfelt apology to the unvaccinated for crimes perpetrated against their human rights by the government during Covid lockdowns.

    PA Republicans Block Penn State Hospital Funding Over Puberty Blockers

    Pennsylvania's Freedom Caucus has temporarily blocked taxpayer funding to Penn State hospital over the hospital's gender ideology.

    Republicans in Pennsylvania’s Freedom Caucus have at least temporarily blocked a bill funneling taxpayer dollars to Penn State University following news that the university hospital is prescribing puberty blockers to children.

    House Bill 1456 failed to reach the needed two-thirds majority threshold Thursday that it required to pass the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.

    “The Pennsylvania Freedom caucus made it clear at the beginning of the budget process that we would lead the opposition to taxpayer funding of Penn State if any policy that endangers the health and welfare of our children remained in place,” Republican state Rep. David Rowe said in a statement.

    “The Democrats’ failure to reach the two-thirds majority required for final passage shows that we have broad support for our effort to protect Pennsylvania’s children, and we look forward to continuing the dialogue with Penn State to see these harmful policies abolished,” he added.

    Trans, DeTrans, Lawsuits Determining the Standard of Care

    “The lawsuit alleges that the doctors presented Layla’s parents with the false dilemma: would they rather have a live son, or a dead daughter? These are decisions I will have to live with for the rest of my life,” [Layla said] I’m ready to join the growing group of detransitioners so that no other child has to go through the torment I went through at the hands of doctors I should have been able to trust.”

    Tavistok Transgender Lawsuit from the UK 

    Four years ago, a similar case was brought by Keira Bell in the United Kingdom against the National Health Service and her healthcare provider, the Tavistock gender clinic. At 15, Ms. Bell decided to transition from female to male. She started puberty blockers at age 16; at 17 began hormone therapy and had a double mastectomy at age 20. Now in her early 20s, Ms. Bell regrets transitioning, which has left her with no breasts, a deep voice, body hair, a beard, and affected her sexual functioning. Moreover, she may be infertile as a side effect of the drugs.

    “In December 2020, the … Court ruled [in favor of Ms. Bell] that under-16s were “unlikely to be able to give informed consent to what it described as "experimental" treatment, which is sometimes used to pause puberty in children experiencing gender dysphoria.”

    Citing experts, the court decided the issue was legal rather than medical. One expert also opined that teenagers often engage in risky behavior, a trademark of this age group, and hence should be precluded from consenting.

    Rachel Levine calls transgender treatment 'suicide prevention care'

    Rachel and her ex hubby in charge at Hershey Medical have really left their mark on the Penn State brand. Now might be the perfect time for Penn State to sell off the hospital division before the lawsuits pile up.

    If you've been hurt by transgender medical procedures contact Attorney Barry Scatton, Morgan and Morgan Law Firm, Philadelphia.

    Merck Knew Its Popular Asthma Drug Could Lead Kids to Commit Suicide, Lawsuits Allege

    by Michael Nevradakis, Ph.D. For Children's Health Defense

    According to a Reuters investigation, parents trying to sue Merck were “stymied by one of Corporate America’s most effective liability shields: the doctrine of federal preemption” which says federal law and federal regulations supersede state laws, but some are now moving forward.

    Dozens of patients, including many children, died by suicide or suffered from neuropsychiatric problems after taking Singulair, Merck’s allergy and asthma medication, according to lawsuits that are finally proceeding, after decades of delays and legal challenges, Reuters reported.

    Clock ticking for West Virginia to select leadership for opioid money distribution

    West Virginia is finalizing the leadership for a newly created foundation tasked with distributing the lion’s share of the more than $1 billion in opioid lawsuit-settlement money.

    Kash Patel Ultimatum

    Are there any State AGs or DAs that are willing to prosecute Hunter Biden/family for the crimes they have committed in their red state? They do it to @realDonaldTrump, why are yall so afraid to act? You got 24 hours to get moving, then im naming names right here on @truthsocial … MAN UP

    America First 2 0? A Discussion With Vivek Ramaswamy

    Tech entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy has thrown his hat in the ring for the 2024 Republican Presidential nomination. His youth, energy, and tech-savviness has given him a surprise boost early in the race. Today's Liberty Report will sit down with Ramaswamy to see what makes him tick. What's his vision for an American renewal?

    Abortions Are Down 3% One Year After End Of Roe v Wade

    Illinois and Florida emerged as the biggest 'safe haven' states as of March. Around 1,400 more monthly abortions per state were performed on average between June and March compared to April 2022, before Roe was overturned...

    Sweden Dumps Climate Agenda, Scraps Green Energy Targets

    Healthy Adults are Not the Only Ones Who Have Been Killed by Vaccines

    By A MidWestern Doctor

    This is an issue that is near and dear to my heart because the primary vaccine that is responsible for SIDS – diphtheria, pertussis, and tetanus (“DTP”) – caused severe brain injuries in two members of my extended family, one whom we were eventually able to treat and one who remains a developmentally disabled adult, and a moderate brain injury within my immediate family. This is relevant to SIDS because the best explanation I have found for the condition is that it results from one specific type of brain injury that happens to be fatal because the injury impairs the brain’s ability to breathe automatically.

    I feel the subject of SIDS is particularly important to speak out about because while babies are conscious and often make it abundantly clear they do not want to be vaccinated again if they previously had an adverse reaction to vaccination, very few people register the infants are trying to communicate this. I hence have some sympathy for the signs not being recognised in nonverbal infants (as that’s harder to spot), but it has always deeply bothered me when they are also ignored in young children who are forcefully restrained as they plead not to be vaccinated.

    A key difference between adult and childhood vaccine injuries is that while sudden cardiac deaths in athletes are impossible to ignore, and the covid vaccine-injured adults have been quite vocal in expressing what happened to them, very few people besides the parents can recognise anything ever happened to a child. When you then consider how hard it has been for the covid vaccine-injured (or killed) adults to have their stories listened to, you begin to see how much of an uphill battle is faced by the vaccine-injured children who lack a voice entirely. In many cases, once the individual grows up, they don’t even realise they experienced trauma as a child that still impacts them to this day until they start looking into why they’ve always had certain issues they can’t get rid of (e.g., a visceral phobia to needle injections).

    Titanic - My Heart Will Go On (Music Video)

    The Titanic is a metaphor for the FED which began with the Titanic's sinking and is now imploding as the investigation goes on.

    We have made it through 11,000 years of darkness with frequent sightings of the Golden Age just ahead!

    PennDOT Hires Contractor Buckley and Company for Replacement of Destroyed I-95 Bridge, Finishes Temporary Bridge in 12 Days

    The material in the special fill is known as Ultra-Lightweight Foamed Glass Aggregate and is made from recycled glass baked at high heat with a special foam, creating a material similar to rock. 

    Aero Aggregates anticipated shipping nearly 20,000 cubic yards of the material to the collapse site, which was then be layered between metal caging on the roughly 100-foot-long accident site before being paved over to create six lanes for drivers. 

    Governor Josh Shapiro @GovernorShapiro: Experts told us it would take months to reopen I-95. We reopened I-95 in 12 days. All thanks to the hard work of our extraordinary tradesmen and women and our all hands on deck approach.

    FBI Make-Work Entrapment Schemes: Creating Criminals in Order to Arrest Them

    We The People are the unfortunate victims of the diabolical machinations of a make-works program carried out on an epic scale whose only purpose is to keep the powers-that-be permanently (and profitably) employed. January 6 was their crowning achievement.

    Never again will they be allowed inside the Capitol. That belongs to The People.

    (The military movements are to ensure peace and stability when the FED and most of the three letter agencies learn they are going to be out of work when the Republic reboots.)

    Ron Paul: Will Hunter's plea deal save Joe? Watch Here

    Chanel L. Porchia-Albert: Birth equity consultant poses with Chelsea Clinton and the re appearing ankle boot.

    Rosh Hashanah and the Last Trump

    We are living in amazing times, prophetic times. Right now, there are many signs that the coming of the Lord is nearby. Biblical birth pangs that the return of the Messiah is coming soon are happening virtually every day. Like the shofar, they serve as a wake-up call to be prepared.

    The Rapture can be seen as the 1st of the two stages of the 2nd coming of the Lord. It’s when all believers from Adam until now are ‘caught up’ and carried away with the Lord into heaven. This is when, as we’re told in 2 Corinthians 5:10, we go through the judgment seat of Christ. We will receive our crowns, rewards, and future assignments for the good we’ve accomplished. Then we’ll go into the army of God and eventually establish God’s biblical form of government throughout the world.

    Those who are left behind (those who miss the rapture) go through a 7-year tribulation. This is the period when God’s judgment is poured out on rebellious nations and those who have defied the Lord. As we know, this is a time of terrible chaos and destruction led by the Anti-Christ and his attempts to set up a counterfeit one world government, one world religion, and one world economy. (See How to Profit From the Coming Rapture: Getting Ahead When You're Left Behind.)

    There is definitely a new world coming. One for saints and one for sinners. The closer we get to the coming of Jesus, the easier it will be to know which side you’re on. God is going to make it as plain and simple as could be for all people to decide if they are serving the devil or if they’re serving the Lord. So there will be no excuse.

    Jesus said to the church in Philadelphia: Because you did obey my message about persevering, I will keep you from the time of trial coming upon the whole world to put the people living on earth to the test. –Revelation 3:10 CJB

    Gnosis Org: Dead Sea Scrolls Melchizedek 11Q13

    Important because we have an information source from antiquity that escaped editing by the Roman Empire. The story was adapted to the Bible only the names were changed.

    Melchizedek would later become known as Michael after the burning of the historical Library of Alexandria. Yeshua and Appolonius would be rewritten as Jesus and Paul and the Essenes would be erased from history as the Romans captured the storyline.

    The final passage of 11Q13 reads: Your divine being"  is Melchizedek, who will deliver them from the  power of Belial. Concerning what scripture says, "Then you shall have the trumpet sounded loud; in the seventh month . . . " (Lev. 25;9) 

    (In the Hebrew calendar the 7th month is September with Rosh Hashanna beginning on the 15th.)

    Florida horse rescued from above-ground pool

    Mo's owner Cindy Buckel said the horse tried to jump over the pool, but instead jumped in it!

    It took a harness and a tractor to get him out.

    Biden embraces Modi, Opens Trade In Chickpeas, Lentils

    A flurry of lucrative deals has intensified Indo-US ties amid New Delhi’s discernible paradigm shift from recent diplomatic tightrope.

    Citizen Free Press @CitizenFreePres

    Robert Kennedy Jr calls for a new peace movement: "We have been immersed in a foreign policy discourse that is all about adversaries and threats and domination. Is this really who we are? Is that what America's founders envisioned?"

    Tucker Carlson@TuckerCarlson· 6: Bobby Kennedy is winning

    Robert F. Kennedy Jr "Peace & Diplomacy Speech" 6-20-23

    Saint Anslem College Dana Center-Koonz Theatre 100 Saint Anselm Drive
    Manchester, NH 03102

    Marking the anniversary of President John F Kennedy's peace speech at American University, Mr. Kennedy will announce a fundamentally new direction for American foreign policy. With his election in 2024, our country’s decades-long journey into military imperialism will be over. We will instead become again the exemplar of peace, freedom, and democracy that once inspired the world.

    Beijing Plans a New Training Facility in Cuba, Raising Prospect of Chinese Troops on America’s Doorstep

    Blinken and Biden might have topped the Cuban missile crisis with this one. What would Kennedy do? (RFK JR that is.)

    Blinken offers control of US political theater to China

    By Benjamin Fulford June 19

    US fake Secretary of State Anthony Blinken – in a desperate bid to keep his Rockefeller masters in business- offered China control of the political theater that has replaced US democracy, Asian secret society sources say. In particular, Blinken offered control of the Creative Artists Agency, the sources say. The Chinese turned it down because they already control most of it.

    In case you didn’t know, CAA controls political actors like “President” Joe Biden. “Biden” has been represented by several different CAA artists.

    “Biden” is just one of many such actors playing the role of politicians. “Congresswoman” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Cortez, for example, was a waitress before she won a CAA audition to become a Congress actor.

    In any case, the Chinese already bought control of the US political theater from the Rockefellers when they agreed to keep funding the fake US Biden regime earlier this month. That is why Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin said the United States needs to give up the illusion of dealing with China “from a position of strength.”

    As soon as they got the Chinese money, “Biden” sent vast amounts of money to Ukraine to be laundered back to the US as bribes to the various political actors there. To help launder the money, they dropped charges against Sam Bankman-Fried of the FTX crypto-scam fame, Mossad sources say.

    The other reason the Chinese turned to the most recent Blinken offer is that they know he does not represent the United States and that his Rockefeller masters are coming down hard.

    “This regime is buttressed by the destruction of U.S. election integrity and the transformation of the U.S. Justice Department into a Leninist instrument of social hygiene, aimed at suppressing or eliminating legitimate American political opposition,” says Colonel Douglas MacGregor.

    That is why the military is taking action. We have received multiple reports of military movements all over the US this past weekend. This appears to confirm what a Japanese military general told us about a big US move to take down the Biden show on June 18th.

    Military movements have been detected in New York, Pennsylvania, Idaho, California, Kentucky, South Carolina, Michigan, Iowa, Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma, Washington, Virginia, Colorado, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ontario and Quebec.

    We contacted the Japanese general as this report was about to go live and he said – in an uncharacteristically excited voice- the whole thing would be over by the first 10 days of July both in Japan and the US. The same source says Donald Trump will be president and John F. Kennedy Jr. will be vice president.

    Star witness exposes FBI tactics in Whitmer kidnapping case

    Defense attorneys slammed the FBI for paying undercover FBI informant Dan Chappel around $54,000 in cash, including $6,000 for expenses over the seven months he infiltrated the Wolverine Watchmen before six members were arrested in October 2020.

    Chappel and other FBI informants and agents coordinated the surveillance missions, offered rides and guided them to the alleged plot, according to defense attorneys

    Federal prosecutors are trying for a second time to convict Fox and Croft Jr. with conspiring to kidnap Whitmer over the safety orders she issued when the COVID-19 pandemic began in 2020.

    Vanity Fair Article claims the kidnapping plot is among the outlandish things men have done to Witmer so she should be elected president.

    Author Jennifer Palmieri was the Communications Director for the Clinton 2016 Presidential Campaign and White House Communications Director for President Obama.

    Audit: Whitmer admin undercounted COVID nursing home deaths by 42%

    “All of these facilities were subject to that executive order by Gov. Whitmer to place COVID positive patients into nursing homes,” Johnson told The Center Square in a phone interview.

    If You Work for the FBI, Quit Your Job

    For those working for the FBI, particularly in the Hoover building or the Washington Field Office, allow me to offer a little career advice: Quit. 

    Anyone who cares about law enforcement, the rule of law, and the Constitution, should not associate with the criminal gang that the bureau is quickly becoming. If you want to terrify innocent Americans, scoff at Congress, and lie to courts, then the FBI is the right place for you. Those who care about their reputations for integrity should flee the FBI as quickly as possible.

    Legitimacy in a republic originates with the consent of the governed. A president wields legitimate constitutional authority because he stands for an election. The FBI has no independent authority under the Constitution. Yet instead of deferring to its constitutional masters, the FBI now brazenly interferes in these elections. 

    In May, the Harvard Caps Harris Poll revealed that a whopping 70 percent of registered voters, “are very concerned about future interference by the FBI and intelligence agencies in elections.” The poll also indicated that 69 percent of respondents were not surprised the FBI violated its own policy to start the Russian collusion probe.

    Pfizer has focused on damaging female reproduction. 1 million less babies in Europe

    Dr Naomi Wolf reports on a section of the Pfizer documents in which they discuss the adverse effects of vaccines, and conclude that women suffer 72% of injuries, and in Pfizer’s own words, 16% are reproductive disorders, compared to 0.45% experienced by men. Dr Wolf believes they are chiefly trying to alter reproduction in women.

    YouTube Deletes ANOTHER Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Interview, This Time With Dr. Jordan Peterson

    Insider Reveals Unfolding Disaster Behind the Scenes at Fox News

    *NINE* former Tucker Carlson Tonight staffers have left Fox News to join Tucker on his next venture. There are others who are waiting to leave as soon as a role opens up for them with Tucker.

    The FBI Groomed a 16-Year-Old With “Brain Development Issues” to Become a Terrorist

    An undercover FBI agent befriended the teenager online. When he turned 18, he was arrested for supporting ISIS.

    Schumann Resonance anomaly ends on the 17th hour, exactly 3 days after it began

    Rasmussen Poll: Even After Indictment, Trump Leads Biden

    HeartMath Schumann Resonance site USA Stopped giving us a readout on Saturday June 17, 2023 when the complex changeover began.

    The above link at HeartMath should be giving us live Shumann data.

    On the 17th day of February, March and April of 2019, we saw Schumann Resonance (SR) whiteouts.

    If this is a pattern for changes in Schumann resonance to happen on the 17th of the month, the question remains. Who is doing it and why. The article below may give us a few clues.

    What is the Schumann Resonance?

    The Schumann Resonance is nicknamed the “heartbeat of mother earth” and can occur in bands which match up to the ranges seen in our brainwaves. 

    There is an atmospheric cavity between the earth and the ionosphere. Every second about 1000 lighting flashes around the globe harmonize these pulses which travel around this pocket sending electromagnetic energy signals to all microorganisms. 

    Heavy Armor In Philadelphia, Strikers Cruising Downtown

    27 states now active with military units for July 1st? This might be the part where the military has to step in and rescue the Constitution from foreign interests. Or maybe it's just annual training exercises with tiltrotor squadrons, tank columns and Army planes flying at 500 feet.

    Bobby Kennedy blows the whistle on Chemicals that change chromosomes!

    What is the gain of chromosome 7?

    Hypermethylation is associated with a gain of chromosome 7, a hallmark of glioblastoma, and may compensate for tumor-driven enhanced gene dosage as a rescue mechanism by preventing undue gene expression.

    (This might explain why natural cannabinoids can help with glioblastoma and other PAI-1 related issues. Chromosome 7 may have been the bioweapon's main target to shorten telemeres and life.)

    Sen. John Fetterman speaks with Biden in Philadelphia

    There is good reason to suspect there are actors playing the part of these baffoons. Only DA Krazner and Governor Shapiro could be encouraged by their remarks. Right now all that matters to them is getting that infrastructure check from Buttegieg for the I 95 bridge.

    Biden takes helicopter tour of I-95; Shapiro says it will re-open within two weeks

    Next it's off to Connecticut for Biden and his latest fopaw "God Save The Queen".

    Joe Rogan@joerogan

    Peter, if you claim what RFKjr is saying is “misinformation” I am offering you $100,000.00 to the charity of your choice if you’re willing to debate him on my show with no time limit.

    Prof Peter Hotez MD PhD@PeterHotez

    Spotify Has Stopped Even Sort of Trying to Stem Joe Rogan’s Vaccine Misinformation.

    (RFK JR is doing the final takedown of big pharma to wrap things up. Now JFK JR can come out for the military victory parades and the rededication of the American Republic along with all other Republics in the free world!)


     A device monitors the horse’s movements 2,400 times per second throughout the race, sending 2,400 pulses of radio frequency (RF) radiation every second through the body of the horse. It also contains a GPS component that communicates with global positioning satellites. It also communicates with the RFID chip implanted in the left side of every horse’s neck, ensuring that the chip also emits radiation throughout the race. And because every racehorse wears horseshoes made of aluminum, which is one of the best conductors, the frequencies that are conducted from both the STRIDESafe device and the RFID chip throughout the horse’s body are absorbed and reradiated by its four shoes. Each horse, then, carries not one but six continuously radiating antennas throughout each race at Churchill Downs. So with 14 horses normally competing in each race, there are 84 antennas among animals in close proximity to one another running around the track.

    (It's a good bet that with all of this remote monitoring in real time it might it be possible to affect the outcomes of races. Especially if the favorite horse to win dies. )

    Ricky Lee

    The big celebration! Saturday, July 1, Plymouth will be celebrating all veterans and our Gold Star Families with a FREE, open to the public, Patriotic Concert in Memorial Hall. This concert will feature emcee, comedian and great veterans’ advocate, Wayne Soares, and the headliner will be Nashville recording artist, Ricky Lee!

    Ricky is well known in the industry for his support of veterans and his talent for writing and performing songs of pride and love for our flag and our great country and the men and women who defend her.

    The Silence of a Candle - Paul Winter Consort

    Consort guitarist Ralph Towner wrote this song for our 1971 album Icarus. Now, with Theresa, 50 years later, we've recorded it for the second time. Theresa Thomason | voice Henrique Eisenmann | piano Eugene Friesen | cello Concert in the Barn was inspired by the long tradition of solstice celebrations by Paul Winter and his colleagues at New York's Cathedral of St. John the Divine. With the Cathedral closed for performances during the pandemic, the cathedralesque loft of Paul Winter's barn served as a grass-roots alternative to playing in the world's largest cathedral, and it is in this barn they held their annual Summer Solstice Celebration.

    Listen to the 2023 solstice concert here: Paul Winter Consort

    The Story of the Paul Winter Sextet

    The Paul Winter Sextet from its formation through its 23-country Latin America tour for the US State Department, and their historic 1962 White House concert.

    More at:  The Paul Winter Sextet emerged in Chicago during Paul's years at Northwestern University. After winning the 1961 Intercollegiate Jazz Festival, the band was signed to Columbia Records by legendary producer John Hammond. In 1962 the Sextet recorded its first three albums, and, on recommendation from Festival judges Dizzy Gillespie and Hammond, was sent by the State Department on a six-month tour of 23 countries of Latin America.

    The success of this tour led to an invitation from First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy to play at the White House. The Sextet's performance in the East Room on November 19, 1962, happened to be the first-ever jazz concert in the White House.

    The group continued to tour and record throughout 1963, and made their final album during the week of President Kennedy's assassination. Then, numbed by that tragedy, and discouraged by what they felt was the end of that optimistic era, the Sextet disbanded and the players went on to other pursuits -- the drummer eventually to Count Basie's band, the bassist to Ahmad Jamal's trio, the trumpet player to medical school, the baritone saxist to teach at Michigan State, and Paul to Brazil, to resume his exploration of the world's music. "The Sextet was conceived as a kind of little 'big band,'" says Paul, "and with our instrumentation of three horns and rhythm, it has quite a different sound from that of the Paul Winter Consort, which people have known me for during the last several decades. But on a primary level, it's all the same lineage: a spirit of celebration, in the democracy of ensemble, aspiring toward a balance between the improvised and the composed."

    REPORT: Biden Could Lose First Two Primary States To RFK Jr. As DNC Drama Unfolds

    Paul Winter would make a good warm up act for RFK JR. Paul Winter is an undisputed leader of world ecology and so is RFK JR. Plus Paul's band played the first jazz concert in White House history for Jackie and JFK. (Hear some numbers from the performance here.)

    A new report from Axios described President Biden’s chances of winning the first two presidential primaries in Iowa and New Hampshire as “increasingly slim” given the White House’s current campaign strategy. The Biden campaign has reportedly stated that the president won’t be on the ballot in those two states if they vote before South Carolina, where Biden prefers to begin his campaign.

    Zelensky ‘a disgrace to the Jewish people’ – Putin 

    “They say that Zelensky is not a Jew, he is a disgrace to the Jewish people. I’m not joking, this is not irony,” Putin said. He pointed to the fact that the current Ukrainian authorities openly celebrate Nazi figures, most notably Stepan Bandera, a Ukrainian nationalist who collaborated with the Third Reich during World War II.

    The Russian leader recalled that out of six million Jews killed during the Holocaust, 1.5 million were from Ukraine, with Ukrainian nationalists heavily involved in mass executions.

    (1.5 million Ukranians dead in the holocaust yet they rarely get a mention from those squawking about the holocaust.)

    FBI arrests Michigan man for allegedly planning mass attack on synagogue

    Seann Pielia, 19, now faces charges of transmitting a communication containing a threat to injure another individual.

    The FBI probably put him up to it like they have been known to do. Such a young age to get entrapped by the FBI! Then they call CNN with the story timed to come out right after the Tree of Life verdict.

    CNN first broke the story at 1:11 AM Saturday, MSNBC quickly followed then the Jerusalem Post had it two hours later!

    At least the guy wasn't helping to push the bioweapon vaccine that has killed untold millions around the world. The FBI would never investigate a crime of that magnitude. This is another reason why the $10 billion FBI budget needs to be cut.

    Remember the FBI entrapment plot to kidnap Governor Whitmer? 

    Wolverine Watchmen were hapless victims of FBI entrapment who had been induced by paid informants to commit crimes they would not otherwise have considered.

    ‘She’s One Of Us’: Vanity Fair’s Lavishly Fawning Gretchen Whitmer Sales Pitch Is a Triumph of Cringe

    But the Vanity Fair piece, written with the energy of late-night QVC and a hint of multi-level marketing desperation, climbs higher still in trying to Make Gretch Happen. (Whitmer is obviously the FBI's 1st choice for President to replace that masked man.)

    Feinstein at Northwestern Discovered the Amish Fountain of Youth

    Amish individuals with the mutation have very low levels of PAI-1 (plasminogen activator inhibitor), a protein that is part of a “molecular fingerprint” related to the aging of cells. Vaughan, a cardiologist, has been studying PAI-1 for almost 30 years.

    (They were getting a pill made in Japan that lowers PAI-1 but then we discovered CBD does the same thing. PAI-1 is the main protein affected by the covid bioweapon meant to shorten telemeres and life in general by raising PAI-1. Low PAI-1 yields less blood clots, stroke, heart attack, cancer, diabetes and increased immune function. That's why the Amish have the low PAI-1 gene on chromosome #7 from the Swiss Amish factions of Berne Switzerland and Amish immigrants in Berne Indiana. Their ancestors grew hemp as their main crop, wore it as clothing and consumed it in tea for medicinal purposes.)

    Amish Mutation Protects Against Diabetes and May Extend Life

    The mutation was first identified in 1991 in a secluded Amish farming community in Berne, Ind. An estimated 5 percent of the community carries the mutation, which causes them to produce unusually low levels of PAI-1. Scientists have long suspected that PAI-1 has other functions outside of clotting that relate to aging.

    The Central Role of PAI-1 in COVID-19: Thrombosis and beyond...

    NIH: Decrease of plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 may contribute to the anti-invasive action of cannabidiol on human lung cancer cells

    What is the gain of chromosome 7?

    Hypermethylation is associated with a gain of chromosome 7, a hallmark of glioblastoma, and may compensate for tumor-driven enhanced gene dosage as a rescue mechanism by preventing undue gene expression.

    Vivek Ramaswamy Vows to Pardon Julian Assange.

    I will end the weaponization of police power in America. Time to stop complaining and actually *fix* the problem without apology: - Shut down the FBI - Shut down the IRS - Pardon all federal defendants prosecuted based on political motives. This includes nonviolent Jan 6 defendants denied due process!

    Jury begins deliberations in synagogue massacre trial

    Zionist tabloid newspapers routinely hype up the most lurid aspects of a crime especially if it helps their cause. Yellow journalism is a style of newspaper reporting that emphasizes sensationalism over facts. For example, crimes where there are no crime scene photos allowed, the building where it took place will be demolished, gun control is called for and there is a $7 million "terrorism" payout waiting at the end of the trial from DHS.

    They skip right over the really big crimes like the capitol murder case of DA Ray Gricar if it doesn't serve their cause. Hear the Ray Gricar podcasts here and demand a grand jury.

    Israel can't stop Arab sector murders without gov't accountability The whole political system is geared to not be held accountable.

    Now is the time to foster ties with Russia – prominent Indian entrepreneur

    The patriots are going to ramp up unrestricted world trade once Trump gets back in which will help jump start the Golden Age.

    Tucker Carlson's Tucker on Twitter stormed out of the gate Thursday with Episode 4: Wannabe Dictator. This episode highlighted the appearance of a Fox News chyron characterizing President Joe Biden as a "wannabe dictator" in a two-screen shot showing him speaking at the White House opposite 45th President Donald J. Trump.

    The coverage followed Biden speaking after Trump was arraigned in a Miami court on 37 charges related to the alleged mishandling of documents. During his approximately thirteen-minute monologue, Carlson gave a devastating analysis of Biden in the context of what he called the "totalitarian impulse."

    In his comments, Tucker sarcastically agrees that "Joe Biden's not a wannabe dictator just because he's trying to put the other candidate in prison for the rest of his life, for a crime he himself committed doesn't mean he has a totalitarian impulse. Come on. That's absurd."

    He added, "It takes a lot more than jailing your political rivals to earn the title. wannabe dictator. That's the consensus in Washington tonight," the former Fox host then went on to describe in excruciatingly sardonic tones all of the ways that Biden "of course"... couldn't be a wannabe dictator. 

    Ep. 4 Wannabe Dictator

    — Tucker Carlson (@TuckerCarlson) June 15, 2023

    A Life Sentence For Donald Trump?

    As former President Donald faces arraignment today, the charges against him keep piling up. If convicted of all charges, he faces 400 years in prison. But what may be even more concerning to Trump and his supporters is the fact - pointed out by Constitutional Law Professor Jonathan Turley - that even one single conviction for Trump means effectively a life sentence in prison.

    "The Seal Is Broken" (Meaning a precedent has been set for prosecuting Presidents.)


    Trump election victory ‘can bring peace’ – Hungary

    Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto believes that only Donald Trump can end the conflict in Ukraine

    The return of Donald Trump to the White House would herald a “peaceful future,” Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto has said. Szijjarto and Prime Minister Viktor Orban both believe that Trump's victory in the 2024 US presidential elections would be key to resolving the conflict in Ukraine.

    “If President Trump had won the last presidential election here in the US, this war would not have broken out,” Szijjarto told Newsmax, an American conservative broadcaster, on Tuesday.

    “During the term of President Trump, there were no Russian attacks against anyone,” Szijjarto explained, adding that Hungary looks “at his possible return to the White House as a hope for a peaceful future.”

    CT Governor Lamont dined at White House, lobbied Buttigieg on Infrastructure..

    Dec 2, 2022 — Gov. Ned Lamont attended a state dinner, then pitched new infrastructure grants for Connecticut to transportation secretary, Pete Buttigieg. He took his wife, Annie, to the White House dinner honoring the French president, Emmanuel Macron, and his top transportation officials, Joseph J. Giulietti and Garrett Eucalitto. Buttigieg attended with his husband, Chasten.

    (Now we have two Democrat State governors that had fuel trucks turn over in similar fashion to ruin bridges which are getting grants from Buttegieg's infrastructure grants.)

    Lamont was one of five governors at the state dinner. The others were John Carney of Biden’s home state of Delaware, plus John Bel Edwards of Louisiana, Philip Murphy of New Jersey and Jay Pritzker of Illinois.

    Lamont said he also met with Steve Ricchetti, the White House counselor and long-time Biden confidant who negotiated the $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure deal that will provide $550 billion into transportation, broadband and utilities.

    The first governor to endorse Biden’s campaign for president, Lamont became acquainted with Ricchetti during the campaign and spoke with him the night Biden won the Democratic nomination.

    Lawmakers investigate Buttigieg for ‘apathy’ in the face of East Palestine train disaster

    Red State, Conservative East Palestine Got Nothing From Buttegieg

    Under the Presidential Records Act, Trump has the legal right to keep all of the documents found in Mar-a-Lago.

    The boxes in question include thousands of pictures, newspaper clippings, clothing and memorabilia from his presidency according to President Trump.

    (Trump is merely demonstrating to what extent some people will go to in order to disrupt the political process.)

    Trump’s Boxes and Clinton’s Sock Drawer A president chooses what records to return or keep and the National Archives can’t do anything about it.

    Ex-Russian president outlines potential ‘buffer zone’ in Ukraine

    A few war mongering oligarchs and the Rothschild Khazarian press won't like a deal like this but it's for the best. Otherwise, instead of the Golden Age, the tribulation could get rebooted on September 23, 2023 for 7 more years.

    The President John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection

    RFK Jr referred to the 5000 documents pertaining to John F. Kennedy’s murder which remain illegally classified and many more have been so redacted that they are all but useless for anyone seeking the truth of the murder and coverup of the martyred president.

    (These are the documents that need to be released. The deep state franchise is nothing without the FBI's closely guarded secrets. We have a similar situation up here in PA with the assasination of a sitting DA. Final Argument podcast # 7 was due out at but the web site has been shot down and the producers threatened.)

    President John F. Kennedy's "Peace Speech"

    (JFK would be considered a conservative by today's standards compared to the Democratic party of today.)

    President John F. Kennedy was one of the world’s great peacemakers. He led a peaceful solution to the Cuban Missile Crisis and then successfully negotiated the Partial Nuclear Test Ban Treaty with the Soviet Union at the very height of the Cold War. At the time of his assassination, he was taking steps to end US involvement in Vietnam.

    In his dazzling and unsurpassed Peace Speech, delivered exactly sixty years ago on June 10, 1963, Kennedy laid out his formula for peace with the Soviet Union. Kennedy’s Peace Speech highlights how Joe Biden’s approach to Russia and the Ukraine War needs a dramatic reorientation. Until now, Biden has not followed the precepts that Kennedy recommended to find peace. By heeding Kennedy’s advice, Biden too could become a peacemaker.

    A mathematician would call JFK’s speech a “constructive proof” of how to make peace, since the speech itself contributed directly to the Partial Nuclear Test Ban Treaty signed by the US and Soviet Union in July 1963. Upon receipt of the speech, Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev told Kennedy’s envoy to Russia, Averell Harriman, that the speech was the greatest by an American president since Franklin D. Roosevelt, and that he wanted to pursue peace with Kennedy.

    In the speech, Kennedy describes peace “as the necessary rational end [goal] of rational men.” Yet he acknowledges that peacemaking is not easy: “I realize that the pursuit of peace is not as dramatic as the pursuit of war—and frequently the words of the pursuer fall on deaf ears. But we have no more urgent task.”

    Hollywood Actress Alicia Silverstone Reveals She 'Terminated' Her 'Democratic Party Affiliation' - Endorses Surprise Candidate

    Slowly but surely, the establishment Democratic party is losing its grip on Hollywood. Look no further than the interesting case of actress Alicia Silverstone who on Wednesday cited her disappointment with the Democratic Party and endorsed President Joe Biden's top-polling 2024 primary opponent: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. 

    The US Corporation did go bankrupt, what we are watching now is corporate BS

    ByBenjamin Fulford June 12, 2023 75 Comments

    The US Corporation really did go bankrupt earlier this month and what we have been watching on our so-called news is corporate theatrical performances. The evidence for this is clear.

    The first thing to notice is that Washington DC remains a ghost town. As this news item confirms, US Government workers “are choosing to stay home, perhaps for good, leaving vast federal offices empty and the city struggling.”

    The corporate excuse is that they are “teleworking.” 

    The next bit of evidence is a photograph sent to us by P3 Freemasons showing the Rockefeller-owned UN Headquarters building in New York apparently shuttered. We are asking readers in New York to personally confirm if this is true.

    Lisa Brown : NEW Earth Multi-Dimensional Light Body

    6D Level of Consciousness = Entire Reality is aligned on a Soul Level with Service Role Fulfillment for HUmanity moving to the forefront in a completely different/new way where all emanates from the Purest Form of LOVE that exists and each is treated this way. The 6th Dimensional LightBody is the one where the Merkaba is organically able to complete itself. Full ego surrender is required for this.

    The Marvelous Properties of Gamma Brain Waves

    The fastest brain waves are now measurable with digital EEG devices.

    NASA Had A UFO/Project Blue Beam Conference

    A major UFO psychological operation is occurring.Project Bluebeam about to be unleashed according to former FBI Special Agent.

    Buttigieg Tweets On Philly I-95 Bridge Collapse

    Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg tweeted Sunday morning that he has been in contact with the Federal Highway Administration and Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro. Buttigieg offered assistance with recovery and reconstruction.

    Last Month A Deadly tanker fire along Connecticut bridge closed I-95

    In January, U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg visited New London to announce that $158 million from a new federal infrastructure law was being awarded to accelerate repairs on the northbound span. (Caused by a car tire blowout? Made the truck tip over?)

    Pete Buttigieg has a bridge to sell you.

    Democrats’ success in November — and his own political ambitions — could be boosted by the $550 billion infrastructure law.

    Pete Buttigieg in Lake Charles: “Talk doesn't build bridges' $150 million grant

    Pete Buttigieg announces $25M in funding to build Rio Salado Bike and Pedestrian Bridge.

    January: Sec. Buttigieg in Philadelphia to help launch White House's bridge improvement plan: $1.6 billion to Pennsylvania alone.

    Repairs for I-95 collapse in Philly expected to take months; Shapiro to issue disaster declaration

    Standing within view of the collapsed and charred section of roadway Sunday night, Gov. Josh Shapiro said he would issue a disaster declaration Monday morning, a step that will allow Pennsylvania to receive federal aid.

    “Remarkable devastation,” Shapiro said, describing his view of the scene from a helicopter. “I found myself thanking the Lord that no motorists who were on I-95 were injured or died.”

    “With regards to the complete rebuild of the I-95 roadway, we expect that to take some number of months,” Shapiro said Sunday. The exact timeline, he added, would be determined after the completion of a Department of Transportation investigation.

    Shapiro said he would issue the disaster declaration on Monday morning. Doing so will allow the state to more quickly access federal funds to reconstruct the roadway. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg “made it clear” necessary resources will be provided, and delays in obtaining funding were not expected, Shapiro added.

    Secretary Buttigieg on I-95 collapse: Expect 'substantial economic costs'

    I-95 Collapse: Prices Likely To Rise Along East Coast, Buttigieg Says. (Because it will take months to fix and Buttigieg has over $550 Billion freshly printed dollars burning a hole in his pocket from the infrastructure law. He could leave a tip for Soros, Krazner, and Shapiro for more than some countries make in a year!)

    Governor Ron DeSantis Announced Emergency Repairs to Sanibel Causeway Completed More Than a Week Ahead of Schedule

    Only took Desantis 15 days to completely fix their damaged bridge. Temporary repairs were  done on Pine Island bridge in just 3 days.

    'Waging Peace': How a tour of Russia showed me that propaganda perverts reality in the minds of Americans

    My month-long tour of the country was an eye-opening experience, and so was the hostility that met me back home

    Scott Ritter is a former US Marine Corps intelligence officer and author of 'Disarmament in the Time of Perestroika: Arms Control and the End of the Soviet Union.' He served in the Soviet Union as an inspector implementing the INF Treaty, in General Schwarzkopf’s staff during the Gulf War, and from 1991-1998 as a UN weapons inspector. 

    Judicial Watch: Clinton Sock Drawer Audio Tape Case Exonerates Pres. Trump

    “Amy Berman Jackson, the judge presiding on that case, said a couple of very important things,” said Farrell. “That the president had an absolute, unreviewable right to take any records or documents that he wants when he leaves office. “ 

    “No one can come back and second guess or double think or ask questions about what the president elects to take with him,” Farrell continued. 

    In her ruling, Jackson wrote that “the President enjoys unconstrained authority to make decisions regarding the disposal of documents: ‘although the President must notify the Archivist before disposing of records . . . neither the Archivist nor Congress has the authority to veto the President’s disposal decision.’” 

    Farrell points out that this ruling has existed without challenge or question for ten years. 

    What Is Malicious Prosecution? Legal Definition & Examples

    Malicious prosecution occurs when someone sues you or brings criminal charges against you without probable cause and with harmful intent. Examples could include someone providing false evidence to the police that you committed a crime or someone suing you for hurting them even if you never caused them harm.

    Christian Patriarch speaks of ‘unique phenomenon’ in Russia

    Russia is seeing a “spiritual revival” as West faces a spiritual crisis, the head of Russian Orthodox Church Patriarch Kirill said. The patriarch was speaking at a newly-built church in Russia’s Siberian city of Tobolsk.

    (Sign them up for the cathedral tourism package. If Belarus isn't too far then neither is Siberia. The Order of Melchizedek knows no bounds!)

    The ancient story from the Ancient of Days and the Order of Melchizedek

    It was the souls of the hundred and forty and four thousand approaching our palace of light.

    They spiraled nearer and nearer as twelve companies singing the song of freedom, of love, and of victory.

    Their mighty chorusing echoed throughout elemental life, and angelic choirs hovered nigh.

    As we watched from the balcony, Venus and I, we saw the thirteenth company robed in white.

    It was the royal priesthood of the Order of the Melchizedek, the anointed ones who kept the flame and the law in the center of this hierarchical unit.

    We wept in joy, Venus and I and all of the hundred and forty and four thousand.

    And the tears that flowed on that memorable evening burned as the living sacred fire flowing as the water of life from the great white throne and the Cosmic Council, our sponsors.

    I shall come again to continue with the history that unfolds from the folds of the garment of memory of the Ancient of Days.

    O my children, I AM still your Sanat Kumara.

    People ask,

    Who does the Bible refer to as ancient of days?In Eastern Orthodox Christian hymns and icons, the Ancient of Days is sometimes identified with God the Father or occasionally the Holy Spirit; but most properly, in accordance with Orthodox theology he is identified with God the Son, Jesus Christ.

    The Ancient of Days is one of the seven Holy Kumaras who is common to nearly all religions dating back through Hinduism, through Atlantis, Lemuria, and to Venus.

    Sananda Kumara, the higher self of Yeshua is also one of the seven holy Kumaras.

    Sanat Kumara and the seven holy Kumaras spoke in 1992 in Atlanta, Georgia, of the great love and concern of the evolutions of Venus for mankind:

    Blessed hearts, I want you to know that the evolutions of my home star, Venus (who inhabit a plane that is not physical according to the physical nature of earth), are one and all in rapt attention as I address you with the seven holy Kumaras. And there are giant screens throughout that planet upon which all can see the messenger and see your faces and see your auras.

    And they send love, waves of billowing love in support of your sacred hearts, in support of the increase of holy love in your hearts, beloved—an entire planet of lifewaves watching now what shall become of earth and what shall become of their brothers and sisters and twin flames and souls so close to their hearts, those gathered here and those gathered in the cities and those not yet in this community of the Holy Spirit but moving toward the heart of the Buddha and the Christ and of Sanat Kumara.

    Yes, beloved, feel this love, for this love is something truly beyond this world, which all who are one with you in this cause and purpose are determined to manifest here by sending their love and also by journeying in the etheric octave to take their stand at your side.

    Blessed hearts, there is a response to your striving and to your giving of yourselves. There is a response from other systems. There is a response from the Violet Planet. There is a response from planets beyond this solar system, and then those that are light-years beyond even this galaxy.

    There is a hush in the entire Matter cosmos as the decisions of individuals are making the difference as to whether or not the entire tide of darkness will be turned around in planet Earth. For this cause have we come.... Therefore, together in the living flame, we multiply all that you are by the power of the love of Lady Master Venus.

    Blessing of Holy Communion by Sanat Kumara

    This day I, Sanat Kumara, with the Holy Kumaras, do bless this bread and this wine as the ancient ritual of the priesthood of Melchizedek. It is a ritual that goes back to our planetary home (Venus). So I bless the bread and the wine from my heart to the heart of Gautama Buddha, Lord Maitreya, Christ Jesus, Padma Sambhava and your own Holy Christ Self.

    Thus in all levels and octaves of being, receive the Body of God, receive the Blood of God and know that this is the sacrament whereby the Great Tao is balanced within you. And so the pattern of the yin and the yang is set and there is that transfer to you of sacred essence, of eternal being.

    Because your Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, the Son of God, did come to Earth, did demonstrate the magnificence of the mission of Christ from ancient times unto the present hour (although these events are no longer recorded in the sands or in the history books but in the akashic records), so know that the Son of God in him is that Son of God who is in you. And that Son has said:

    “This is my Body of universal Light, which is broken for you. Take, eat, this is my Body. And this wine is the Blood of the new and everlasting testament of Christ incarnate in the sons and daughters of God. Drink ye all of it.”

    “Dark Day In America” Hides Biden Mass Murder Of Ukrainians

    US Presidential Candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Dane Wigington: Is Climate Engineering Real?

    Global climate engineering operations are the most massive untold story of all. How are such obvious and extensive operations kept from public awareness? How toxic are the climate engineering elements that are being dispersed into our skies? How can the illegal climate intervention operations be fully exposed and halted? All of these issues and more are discussed in this exchange between US presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Dane Wigington from

    All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Awareness raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer. Dane Wigington To support Geoengineering Watch:

    Ukraine to celebrate Cossack ‘Judas’ with UNESCO scheduled a memorial service for Ivan Mazepa at the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra

    Since around 800 AD after the Khazarians were forced into becoming Jews, they have been trying to make the Cossacks look bad. Hollywood's most copied movie scene stolen from the Battleship Potempkin puts rifle equiped Cossacks at the top of the Odessa steps shooting down towards the Russian battleship with the Ukranians caught in the middle. The Bolshevics are using the same script today over and over again.

    What the Cossacks need to do is first reinstate President Donald Trump as an honorary Cossack. He was stripped of this title after his son in law convinced him to shell the Syrian airport. The son in law is gone now so lets try and get over that. After all Melania is a Slav like the Cossacks, she is beautiful and she's coming back with the Don.

    The Cossacks live on both sides of the Deneipr River so they have a lot at stake in the ongoing security operation of Cossack culture. The way to neutralize Zelinsky and the Bolshevic oligharchs is to organize an Orthodox Cathedral tour between Ukraine, Russia and Crimea. Belarus has 11 cathedrals but it's a little far. Let them decide.

    Partner with the over 100 health spas in Crimea and make sure you get local vendors to coordinate with the Cathedrals. Bring in the Crimean pyramid scientist for tour suggestions. Get Kerch to put in some bed and breakfasts by Mount Mithridat and offer diving in the Azov for ancient Atlantean artifacts.

    The Church will be revived with an updated mission of regional peacekeeping and the Golden Age can advance forward so the Red Army doesn't have to.

    Unesco report reveals extent of Russian threat to Crimean heritage

    Since the annexation in 2014, Russia has been persecuting the Tatar population and appropriating monuments.

    A Unesco report released on 10 September on cultural heritage and human rights violations in Crimea asserts that Russia has appropriated thousands of monuments, unlawfully exported and exhibited museum artifacts, conducted unauthorized archeological digs, and subjugated its Muslim population in a campaign to dominate the Black Sea peninsula that it annexed in 2014.

    “The Russian occupation of Crimea has changed the perception of Ukraine’s historical and cultural heritage, both by the state and society,” says the report in a section based on information provided by the National Commission of Ukraine for Unesco and the Permanent Delegation of Ukraine on the request of the director-general of Unesco. “Russia has appropriated Ukrainian cultural property on the peninsula, including 4,095 national and local monuments under state protection. Appropriation of monuments is in itself a violation of international law. However, it is equally important that Russia uses such appropriation to implement its comprehensive long-term strategy to strengthen its historical, cultural and religious dominance over the past, present and future of Crimea.”

    THE REGIME STRIKES BACK: On Same Day Document Is Released that Shows Joe Biden Taking $5 Million Bribe from Ukraine Biden DOJ Announces Trumps Federal Indictment on Junk Charges

    Earlier today the House Oversight were finally allowed by the corrupt Biden FBI to view an “unclassified” document proving Joe Biden was taking bribes from Ukraine for political favors.

    This is the most egregious criminal accusation against any sitting president.

    GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene on Thursday emerged from the SCIF and revealed explosive information about the Biden bribery document.

    The Ukraine-Biden-bribery evidence was first presented to the FBI by a trusted, highly credible, well paid informant back in 2017. Meanwhile Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden enjoyed a highly lucrative position as a board member of Burisma Holdings, a Ukrainian natural gas company. According to MTG, the bribery allegations appear to involve Mykola Zlochevsky, the Ukrainian oligarch who hired Hunter Biden to serve on the board of Burisma Holdings.

    Bannon — ‘They are rolling against Trump because they can’t beat him’…

    Tucker insinuates that Obama is gay and Michelle is a man.

    Propaganda Roundup: Pfizer Knew mRNA Shots Sicken Infants in April 2021

    Southern Poverty Law Center should include itself on its ‘hate’ list

    Because they listed Florida-based Moms for Liberty as a hate group.

    The ADL and the Khazarian mafia should be on the list but are not because of a conflict of interest.

    Merrick Garland, Coconspirator In Coverup Of Oklahoma City Federal Bldg Bombing

    McVeigh had been an employee of the CIA, a sharpshooting assassin, much decorated for his talent. He had also been assigned to covert government drug cartel operations. 

    McVeigh's mission was an excuse for the government crackdown on rightwing militia groups.

    Merrick Garland was the Justice Department prosecutor of McVeigh who denied McVeigh access to the media, who successfully petitioned for the sealing of over 100 records, who denied OKC bombing witnesses their right to testify to the grand jury, and who arranged one of the hastiest executions in the 21st Century, a mere 5 years after the bombing. Thus  achieved a permanent silencing of McVeigh. 

    At 9am, theMurrah building ATF office was empty, which was unprecedented.

    General Benton K. Partin, USAF (Ret.) stated in his OKC Bombing report to US Congress that bombs inside the building and not a truck bomb were the major factor in the destruction.

    An unexploded bomb was found attached to a gas line inside the building, and a FEMA memo reports at least two additional bombs were found in the Murrah Building. Joe Harp, based on his military explosives experience, identified the additional bombs he saw removed from the building as being military in nature.

    Oklahoma Congressman Ernest Istook told a victim in a taped conversation in 1995 that the OKC bombing was a failed national security operation that used an FBI provocateur associated with a militia.

    The Great COVID Death Coverup

    Within weeks of the pandemic outbreak, it had become apparent that the standard practice of putting COVID-19 patients on mechanical ventilation was a death sentence; 76.4% of COVID-19 patients (aged 18 to 65) in New York City who were placed on ventilators died. Among patients over age 65 who were vented, the mortality rate was 97.2%

    The recommendation to place COVID patients on mechanical ventilation as a first-line response came from the World Health Organization, which allegedly based its guidance on experiences and recommendations from doctors in China. But venting COVID patients wasn’t recommended because it increased survival. It was to protect health care workers by isolating the virus inside the vent machine.

    Examples of merkaba light ships.

    This footage, from Bristol, England in 2010, shows Pleiadian Light Ships as they create crop circles. Crop circles are encoded messages intended for represented galactic races living on Earth. They also serve to further make the ET presence known.

    Whistleblower: UFOs triggered ‘multidecade Cold War’

    One of the major lessons learned from the demise of Atlantis is that internal merkabas are in and external merkabas are out.

    Internal merkabas are our own internal space and time travel forces. You become a source of light connected to the main power source of life. External merkabas try to mimic that source outside of the natural order using artificial means.

    The NAZI dark fleet got their technology from fallen draconian ETs that use external merkaba technology of high speed counter rotating liquid mercury to create reverse external merkaba fields. This artificial approach technology sucks the life out of everything around it. It is the ultimate dead end of transhumanism. It destroys the natural evolution of the inner development of the light body. For example: See the NAZI bells.

    The bad ETs, formerly headquatered in Antarctica, are always trying to limit, control and manipulate the natural order. The good ETs are trying to set us free within the natural order of life. The positive ETs only use light based Christic light ships that they interface with naturally through their own light bodies.

    The Christiac Merkaba is The personal Merkaba Field 

    The organic personal Merkabic Circulatory System through which consciousness manifests into space-time-matter and by which embodied consciousness receives a continual supply of Life Force energy, Stream of Multidimensional Consciousness” and open personal relationship to God-Source while ensconced within manifestation.

    How the Law of One and Mystical Christianity Are the Same

    When one opens their heart enough to become activated, it comes “online” and can house Intelligent Energy in a new way. This indwelling Spirit is called by Christians, the “Holy Spirit,” and by many today, “Christ Consciousness.”  Christians call this “being born again,” or “being saved.” A Law of One student could refer to this as “Logoic Consciousness” and it is the beginning of adepthood.

    Historic Disclosure Conference and DC Screening of “The Lost Century”

    June 10 - 11, 2023 JW MARRIOTT 1331 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20004  

    Located Between The White House and the Capitol.

    German Leader Scholz Brutally Booed For Ukraine War Support.

    German Chancellor Olaf Scholz was heckled and booed after delivering comments in support of the war in Ukraine. His verbal assailants appeared to be members of his own Social Democrat Party, who chanted “Kriegstreiber,” or “warmonger,” at the 64-year-old European leader.

    Israeli MKs publicly accuse Russia of blowing up Kokhovka dam

    MKs Yuli Edelstein and Ze'ev Elkin wrote a letter to Ukraine's Zelensky, condemning the attack on the dam which they blames Russia for.

    (More likely it was Kiev that did it in the role of sore losers. They were never shy about poisoning their own people with bioweapons or shelling their own cities. This is the end for the world wide Khazarian mafia that was based in Kiev. Human traficking, drug traficking, body part distribution and bioweapon manufacturing crime doesn't pay.)

    12 Oregon counties have voted to secede from liberal western Oregon and instead become a part of Idaho.

    All the way to Klamath Lake! Oregon will lose perhaps the greatest source of blue green algae on earth!

    Does a place exist where a powerful, balanced, vital food which is pristine, wild and naturally pure still grows? Indeed there is such a place. Klamath Lake in the Northwestern United States.

    The pristine river valley is home to Klamath Lake – a large slow moving river transporting water from Crater Lake. The lake never stops moving, allowing the water to constantly replenish itself with life giving oxygen.

    The source of the water is one of the clearest and purest bodies of water from crystal clear mineral springs fed underground from Crater lake and snow melt from the snowcapped volcanic mountains via the “Rivers of Light”.

    Only the perfect natural ecosystem of Klamath Lake offers a unique algal species, Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (Klamath Blue Green Algae) the habitat it needs to flourish. The extremely volcanic rich geographic region, the intensive solar energy of the high elevation and the constantly moving, oxygen rich crystal waters, make AFA klamath blue green algae one of the most nutrient-rich abundant whole green foods known to humankind.
    AFA algae has a formulation that is almost perfect for humans. It offers an abundance and complexity of bio-nutrients & important micro-nutrients that could not be duplicated.

    WATCH: Trump’s Plans to Hit Big Pharma & Investigate Rise of Autism, Obesity, & Infertility.

    Former President Donald Trump has announced his plan to “address the sharp rise in chronic illnesses and health problems” across the United States, including the establishment of a Presidential Commission of independent minds to investigate what is causing America’s “decades-long increase in chronic illnesses.” (Investigating Vaccines would be a good start.)

    Smoke from Canadian wildfires sets off health alerts in New York, Ottawa

    Dew fires set by the deep state for the gender ideology protest in Ottowa. ABC News Blames Global Warming

    Professor Michael Mann: We have a very extreme, slow, wavy jet stream pattern right now over North America, leading to an extended period of unusually dry weather over parts of Ontario and Quebec, which has favored the development of these wildfires.

    Heat and drought from human-caused warming. Put that all together, and it’s a toxic climate change brew. Eastern North America is one of the locations where we climate scientists expect the greatest increase in fire-friendly dry, hot summer weather in the future, and so this is a sign of far worse things to come if we don’t rein in fossil fuel burning and carbon emissions and continue to warm the planet.

    (These carbon tax promoters never miss a chance to blame man made forest fires on global warming. Mann has left a legacy at Penn State and UPENN of anti weather science that is a cover story for weather manipulation done by our own government.)

    Accuweather State College: Tis the season for wild fires Seasoned geoengineering deniers at it again.

    CBS: Canada Fires caused by Lightening!

    Stew Peters @realstewpeters

    Watch ALL of SE Quebec catch on fire at the EXACT SAME TIME. Statistically impossible to happen by accident. Clearly our governments are targeting us with Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs).

    (Time for space force to shoot down the DEW equipped satellites or drones being used to start numerous forest fires simultaneously in Canada.)

    Billboard Chris @BillboardChris

    I’m flying across Canada right now en route to Ottawa, where the biggest gender ideology protest and counter-protest in Canadian history is taking place this Friday.

    World's First: Chemtrails - The Smoking Gun!!! Geoengineering Contracts Exposed! (Video)

    Smoke from Canadian wildfires brings ‘unhealthy’ air quality to State College area

    Penn State doesn't recognize directed energy weapons (DEWS) HAARP, Chemtrails or geoengineering so nothing to see here. Just write it off to carbon overload and try to tax it away.

    (Michael Mann at UPENN still clutching his hockey stick global warming theory in denial about geoengineering.)

    Kiev orders monks to vacate iconic monastery

    The Ukrainian Ministry of Culture has given the inhabitants of the Pechersk Lavra three days to leave.

    Inside Kyiv's Sacred Cave Monastery As 'Eviction' Deadline Looms

    The country’s most important Orthodox monastery,

    What Happens Next In The Ukraine War  The man who predicted the war predicts what happens next.

    (Should have opted for the Ukranian/Russian/Crimean Cathedral Tourism Package instead of the war. Plus there is the healing water springs of Crimea and the baptism place of Vladimir for God's sake.)

    Crimea the great healer

    Crimea has long been famous for the healing properties of its nature. As early as in the 5th century BC Greek historian Herodotus wrote about the use of mud for medical treatment in Taurica (Crimea's ancient name). Later it was muds that made Crimea a famous destination at the time when seaside holidays did not exist. Russia's first mud spa opened in Saki in 1828.

    Crimea's health and recreation complex gives the peninsula an indisputable advantage over many other tourist destinations. Today Crimea offers the curative properties of nature combined with a strong research and medical component.

    Today, Crimea has about 120 health resorts and a vast number of different baths and medicinal water pavilions, as well as rehabilitation and wellness centres.

    (Then theres the 7 sunken pyramids along Crimea's southern coast from the days of Atlantis with Russian Orthodox Cathedrals built over them at either end.)

    Oldest pyramid ever found located in Crimea

    There are said to exist 37 pyramids on the Crimean peninsula down southeast along the coast line. 7 underground pyramids – as claimed – were found by Dr.Gokh near Sebastopol (lat.44°36’14” N/33°33′ E).

    Goh tried to explain issues energy exchange between the Earth and the Space by means of underground pyramids as which he considers as unique generators of energy. According to V. Goh, limestone blocks covered from above and on each side with clay perform diode function which transmit high-frequency radiation from the Earth into the Space. According to the same scheme all other pyramids on the Earth are arranged as well. But some pyramids represent peculiar transmitters, and others receivers…

    All this testifies that ancient builders belonged to a highly developed civilization, claims Vitaly Goh, the head of Sevastopol research group.

    Atlantis Motherland
    Thirty-nine thousand years ago a primitive tribe of wild robust Neanderthals celebrated the beginning of a new species. Visitors from a distant planet united with their tribe. Together they began building the great Empire of Atlantis, the Motherland of all modern Humans.

    Myths and history are intertwined into a genetic umbilical cord which connects us to our ancient ancestors. All myths contain history and all history contains myths. A thin thread of reality is woven into this interlacing, as this cord winds its pathway through the ages of time. Following this path back to its point of origin, reveals the possibility of our dual heritage, both terrestrial and extraterrestrial.

    The Atlantis Motherland book joyfully announces a new location for the lost Empire of Atlantis. The City of Atlantis was centered upon the famous Mithridat Hill, in ancient Panticapaeum, capital of the Kingdom of Bosporus, north of the Pontus (Black Sea). The lost ancient advanced civilization, we now call Atlantis, is the common Motherland of all Humans.

    The Atlantis Motherland book explains that Plato's Atlantis Dialogues reveal the fascinating story of an advanced being that visited Earth, and made contact with a primitive tribe of Earth beings. This extraterrestrial visitor became revered as a god, which the Greeks called Poseidon. This god had friendly intentions and a benevolent spirit, and used advanced technologies to build the original city of Atlantis.

    Some people reject the idea of alien intervention in our human past, but legends and myths of extraterrestrial visitors have been recorded in religions, artwork, literature, and philosophies since the early beginnings of history. The Judo-Christian History refers to these visitors from another world as Nephilim, Cherubim, Seraphim, and angels. The Sumerians called them Igigi. The ancient Mali called them Nommo. The Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, Asians and other cultures referred to them as gods and goddesses.

    The Taurobolium of Mithras represents the astrological constellations of Taurus, Scorpius, Orion and Canines Major, where our Sirius-home-stars are located. The secret ancient teachings of Mithras contained the knowledge of our Xylanthian heritage.

    Mithradates VI, king of Pontus, established the capital of his kingdom, in Kerch, Ukraine, which was called Panticapaeum, of the Bosporus (Bos means bull) kingdom. He had been given the secret knowledge that Kerch was the location of the lost city of Atlantis. He built magnificent temples and gardens on the hill by the sea, where the temples of the city of Atlantis once stood.

    Canal irrigating Crimea getting 'drastically less' water after Ukraine dam blast, says Kremlin

    Watch those Azov Nazis don't try to mess with the water. This is happening near the ancient city of Atlantis so there may be some higher dimensional angst getting worked out in spots.  

  • Journalists Are Asking Ukrainian Soldiers To Hide Their Nazi Patches, NYT Admits

  • The woke Khazarian press supports CIA backed NAZIS who are now blowing up Ukraine infrastructure on their way out because they lost. But they are still accepting donations.

  • Now the deep state will go after Trump as a last resort as Hunter Biden goes to trial. The good news is the entire NAZI support structure from the CIA on down has been fully documented for use in the military tribunals.

  • Shapiro Calls On State Senate To Take Up Gun Bills
  • Even the Jews know better than to give up up their guns to NAZIs. No more vaccine mandates, free range trans medicine, unlimited abortion or eugenics either.

  • Shapiro and the Corbett transition lawyers need to provide a statement on the Gricar case. AG candidate Depasqual will be briefed on the situation so he can campaign accordingly.

  • WAR DISASTER: City Flooded after Dam destruction in Kherson “by Ukrainian Strike” (video)

    Peskov: “Ukrainian sabotage for the failed counter-offensive in Donbass”

    Depriving Crimea of water would be “one of the objectives” of Ukraine’s act of “sabotage” at the Novaya Kakhovka dam, according to Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov.

    “The water level in the reservoir is falling and, consequently, the water supply to the canal is greatly reduced,” he stressed, referring to the canal that carries water from the dam to the peninsula annexed by the Russian Federation in 2014.

    Kiev's Long-Term "Last Resort" Plan To Blow-Up The Kakhova Dam Exposed

    Raul Ilargi Meijer writes, twice last year (here and here), Ukrainian officials discussed Kiev's plans to blow up the dam.

    The New York Times: Robert Kennedy Jr., With Musk, Pushes Right-Wing Ideas

    RFK JR is catching up to Biden and deep state supporters can't stand it.

    Boycotts Reveal 'Racketeering Scam' Behind Corporations That Go Woke:

    Conservative legal group America First Legal is preparing to sue Anheuser-Busch, as well as several other big-name brands, for allegedly tanking their shareholder value through their Pride Month promotions that triggered outrage and boycotts.

    On Tuesday, America First Legal called on anyone whose shares in LGBT product-promoting companies lost value to reach out to them to join a class action lawsuit they are working to file against those companies.

    “ATTENTION: Are you a shareholder of [Target], [Kohls], [Anheuser-Busch], or other companies that are promoting transgender, LGBTQ and PRIDE products and diminishing shareholder value?” the organization wrote on Twitter with a link to its email address. “We want to hear from you.”

    The Capitol Police Granted 6 Permits For Jan. 6 Protests ...

    But there was a catch! Each permit was only good for 50 people. More Entrapment evidence not provided to defense counsel!

    Facebook Prevents RFK Jr. from Launching Instagram Campaign Account

    They do not want anyone running against Biden.

    “To silence a major political candidate is profoundly undemocratic. Social media is the modern equivalent of the town square. How can democracy function if only some candidates have access to it?”

     Biden State Dept. to Spend $12 Million Teaching Climate Change, Gender Studies in Iraq

    Last month, the department released a grant proposal of up to $4 million each to three Iraqi universities.

    Alcyon Pleiades 154: Olaf Jansen, Hollow Earth, Giants, Choirs, Sun-Infinite Light, Cities, Paradise

    One of the greatest cover-ups in our history is the attempt to hide the fact that an entire civilisation of beings are living inside the Inner Earth.

    Zelensky fearful of Trump victory…

    The Ukrainian head-of-state also praised the response of the Biden administration, which has regularly handed over billions of dollars worth of weapons aid to the Eastern European nation since Moscow’s invasion began last year.

    Asked how he felt about Donald Trump, Zelensky admitted that he was more comfortable with dealing with Biden and that the return of a Republican-led government could end up being difficult for his war effort.


    Kennedy, an outspoken COVID-19 vaccine critic and environmental lawyer, traveled from his home state of California to Boston, once the helm of his family's political dynasty, to announce his 2024 presidential bid in April. 

    "This is what happens when you censor somebody for 18 years," Kennedy said in April. "I got a lot to talk about. They shouldn’t have shut me up for that long because now I’m really going to let loose on them for the next 18 months. They’re going to hear a lot from me."

    The Capitol Police Granted 6 Permits For Jan. 6 Protests ...

    But there was a catch! Each permit was only good for 50 people.


    Video showing the tens of thousands of Patriots gathered in front of the Washington Monument on January 6th.

    Donald Trump calls for a celebration of 250 years of American Independence

    US Celebration

    “Three years from now, the United States will celebrate the biggest and most important milestone in our country’s history—250 years of American independence,” Trump wrote on Truth Social. “That’s why as a nation we should be preparing for the most spectacular birthday party. We want to make it the best of all time.”

    And Trump’s campaign said in a news release that the former commander-in-chief will hold a  White House task force known as the “Salute to America 250” to hold anniversary celebrations across the United States between Memorial Day 2025 and July 4, 2026.

    “I will work with all 50 governors, Republican and Democrat alike, to create the Great American State Fair, a unique one-year exhibition featuring pavilions from all 50 states,” he said in a video, proposing a “legendary,” special “one-time festival” in Iowa.

    “And finally, and most importantly, I will ask America’s great religious communities to pray for our nation and our people as we prepare for this momentous occasion,” Trump also remarked. “America has been a country sustained and strengthened by prayer and by our communities of faith as we chart a course toward the next 250 years. Let us come together and rededicate ourselves as one nation under God.”

    “As we completely overhaul the federal Department of Justice and FBI, we will also launch sweeping civil rights investigations into Marxist local district attorneys,” Trump said  in a video posted to his YouTube page, which was restored earlier this year after a two-year suspension. “And that’s what we have—they are Marxist in many cases.”

    AUDIT: New York Voter Data “Completely Untrustworthy” – State is no longer a legitimate state because it has almost NO legitimately elected government at any level

    Auditors have been told by cyber-intelligence experts they indicate a ‘Total Loss of Control’ data breach, the most severe kind of data breach recognized by our federal government. The law says it renders the affected NYSVoter database completely untrustworthy."

    Cheyenne Mountain Colorado: The Capitol of the American Republic, Home of Space Force and President Trump's Command and Control Center

    BEHIND the SCENES: #TRUMP is preparing to make the #UNITEDSTATES A WORLD SUPER POWER in the honor of goodness and greatness of the #American People...

    No matter what happens in the next months inside the NEAR DEATH CIVILIZATION EVENT ..... PLANS are already under way for TRUMP to RETURN PUBLICLY AS COMMANDER AND CHIEF ( in real time TRUMP is the commander and Chief, and Cheyenne mountain recognizes him as the true leader and authority over the Highest #military commands)....

    The PLANS for TRUMP to build the United States into a global economic Power within one year and half is connected to highest volumes of Natural resources and gas. 

    #CHINA. #RUSSIA. #southAmerican BRICS nations all know the U.S. is going to produce over 25_30 million barrels of oil a day and take over the world ENERGY structure TRUMP is already in talks with South America and China as the U.S. WILL out produce Russian ENERGY.

    Within a short 1 year and half after the Great COLLAPSE and near death civilization events The GOLDEN AGE BEGINS and the PLANS are already being played out.

    With the dismantling of the CIA & FBI BRICS NATIONS ARE GOING TO COME BEGGING TO BE A PART OF THE ONCE AGAIN UNITED STATES SUPER POWER, a clean power away from CIA and #Globalists.


    But everything comes in STAGES... Including bringing down the World DEEP STATE Satanic CABAL connected to EPSTEIN and world leaders. Banks. Corporations. BLACKMAIL system. Human trafficking rings. World War mongering. Everything you are watching is staged. This includes the deep state pushing their agenda, it WILL all back fire.

    Durham didn't fail, his report was already in the hands of the military 2 years ago. Everything happening now is for Congressional records that will show the failure of the captured U.S. government and courts.

    You are just in the beginning of the GREAT AWAKENING WORLD PROJECT that leads to a Golden Era ...... But for now we are inside the COLLAPSE of the deep state Power structures. Don't worry about Klaus.wef.who..... Their fates are sealed and they know-



    Robert F. Kennedy, Jr: $10 Million Out of Anderson Cooper's $12 Million Salary Is Paid by PFIZER!

    Exclusive: Federal Government Funds $4.7 Million Grant — Led by Merck Consultant — to Increase HPV Vaccine Uptake by Improving How Providers ‘Announce’ the Vaccine

    CHD identified more than 50 grants worth $40 million awarded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services for the purpose of increasing HPV vaccine uptake.

    (Merck has a history of putting out damaging products like Vioxx and just paying the fines and settling lawsuits because they still are making money in the long run and nobody goes to jail.)

    DePasquale to run for Pennsylvania attorney general in 2024

    HARRISBURG — Eugene DePasquale, Pennsylvania's former two-term auditor general, said Thursday that he will run for state attorney general.

    (Maybe we can get Depasquale interested in the easy to solve, most sensational capitol murder case in PA history. See

    FBI Dents Run Gold Heist

    The FBI office in Philadelphia who took the gold need to take polygraphs and cough it up. They are petty gold thieves in addition to being habitual liars.

    GOP chairman moves to hold FBI director Wray in contempt over Biden doc

    $10 Billion a year budget used to lie to and manipulate the American people. Won't even help solve the Gricar case even though the people have it figured out.

    The only remedy for them right now is complete Constitutional Aestetic Arrest!

    Federal Reserve announces July launch of central bank digital currency infrastructure

    The real problem is the FED is bankrupt and nobody wants to put their money in a Rothschild usury bank or buy their ecoins. The dollar has hit a wall with the gold backed BRICKS.

    Just hold tight until Trump's gold backed treasury is enabled which will help kick off the Golden Age.

    Shapiro won’t share daily calendar, a departure from previous Pa. governor’s transparency

    Because he fears he will be asked a question about the case of missing DA Ray Gricar. If he doesn't cooperate he's looking at obstruction of justice and two years in the State Penn.

    Tree of Life Synagogue Anxiously Awaits Money from False Flag Event

    The same script has been used over and over by DHS and ADL from Sandy Hook to Parkland to Squirell Hill. Start with a patsie who can pass as white supremacist, do a safety visit weeks prior by DHS to make sure things are all lined up, make sure nobody can see the crime scene, call for gun control, collect terror money from DHS and build a new building.

    Parkland even had a kid lined up to talk gun control on TV, Hogg who's dad, a former FBI agent was tied in to the special forces company suspected of doing the actual shooting. Two weeks later DHS visited Tree of Life to set up the next false flag. ADL and DHS are working together to get terror money from these false flags. Crisis actors are openly hired before these events to help set the stage. The police don't act right at these events because they've been told to stand down by the feds running the show. The jig is up. The People know.

    BREAKING: The US COVID mitigation measures resulted in 23X higher COVID deaths

    From now on, any time somebody brings up the holocaust you have to ask them if its the old one or the new one. If they hemhaw around they are most likely either Khazarian Mafia agents or they are working for big pharma or both.

  • Steve Kirsch tweeted: Anywhere the vaccines are pulled health outcomes improve. I don't know of a single counter example. Do you??

    • Video Examines Methods of Agitators, Provocateurs Who Attacked Police on Jan. 6

      It's right in the videos how the crowd was instigated with flash bombs, people with megaphones telling the crowd to move up and key people at the front goading people into breaking police lines.

      McCarthy should be releasing the footage to the defendants lawyers who are lawfully entitled to it, not just to one news outlet.

      Lawmakers demand FBI explain slow pace of investigation of pipe bombs at RNC, DNC in 2021

      The FBI knows who it is. That is why they are stalling. They know the license plate and the car the person got into. It's probably an FBI "informant."

      According to an FBI whistle blower the main reason the FBI won't turn over the Jan 6 capitol videos to the lawyers of defendants who need them is because the FBI had a lot of personnel there and Chris Wray lied under oath about it. This means that all of the Jan 6 cases should be thrown out because the FBI and the FISA court withheld thousands of hours of crucial evidence.

      We know the way the FBI operates. They try to get people to commit crimes by acting as perpetrators themselves. Then they turn around and prosecute anybody who went along with what they were doing. Ray Eps is a perfect example. It's called entrapment.

      If Prosecutors Unlawfully Withold Evidence From You In Your Case You May Have Grounds For A New Trial Or Even A Dismissal

      US Government Shamelessly Steals Donations from the “Broke, Busted and Disgusted” J6 Defendants

      I'ts about time to send in a seal team and free the Jan 6 political prisoners. A FISA judge is supposed to preside over foreign cases. FISA stands for Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court. Instead FISA is being misused by a political hit squad made up of Obama appointed judges. The Jan 6 prosecutions are all unconstitutional with no regard for the law or civil procedure. They've all been denied access to thousands of hours of video needed to point out that the FBI ran the show. Critical evidence withheld by the FISA judges. These FISA judges should have their pay withheld or better yet resign for allowing the Russia hoax to be foisted on President Trump.

    Alcyon Pleiades Special 45: Murder of Dr R Buttar, Zelenko, Gariaev, Kagansky, Montagnier and others.

    With this video, we would like to pay tribute to the courageous physicians, scientists, geneticists, biologists, virologists and chemists who gave their life for the truth. They have been unjustly assassinated, when all they were trying to do is help humanity wake up by alerting us of the grave dangers associated with lethal vaccines, warning us of the genocidal agenda’s manipulation, as they fought for the sake of human health and freedom.

    Physicians and scientists like Rashid Buttar, Vladimir Zelenko, Peter Gariaev, Alexander “Sasha” Kagansky, Kary Mullis, Luc Montagnier, Franco Trinca and Domenico Biscardi, in addition to presidents like Jovenel Moise of Haiti, John Magufuli of Tanzania, Kenneth Kaunda of Zambia and Pierre Nkurunziza of Burundi have died or ‘committed suicide’ in the last three years, since the beginning of the fake pandemic. Furthermore, others have suffered accidents or received threats, including doctors Carrie Madej, Joseph Mercola, Peter McCullough, Sucharit Bhakdi or US lawyer Robert Kennedy Jr.

    The global elite do not allow for opposition against the establishment of their Agenda 2030, and they aim to destroy humanity. However, thanks to people like those mentioned here – who are an example of courage and integrity – a large segment of the population is gradually waking up. All the darkness is being exposed, in this silent global spiritual war, until, ultimately, the Light triumphs.

    Video by Alcyon Pleiades

    New VAERS Bombshell: 750 reports just deleted 5/26/2023

    Brazen is the CDC to delete more DEATH reports than publish “new” death reports. 130 C19 death reports deleted in a new one week record, but deleting 750 total records in one week is not. The drop on May 20th, 2022 holds that record.

    Entire VAERS 1990- current Chart Shows Worst Vaccine Offenders

    750 deleted reports is the fact that 125 of the 130 C19 deaths deleted were Janssen aka J&J!


    Lawyer duped by ChatGPT facing legal sanctions

    A New York attorney admitted to using the AI model for research, insisting he didn’t realize it could lie.

    Schwartz told the court in an affidavit on Thursday that he was using ChatGPT for legal research for the first time when he put it to work drafting the ten-page brief he hoped would convince Manhattan Federal Judge P. Kevin Castel not to dismiss a case he was advocating. He explained that he “therefore was unaware of the possibility that its content could be false.”  

    Climate Change Web Site: Yes, plants need carbon dioxide. No, that doesn’t mean it’s harmless.

    Carbon is harmless for people and beneficial for plants up to 1500 Parts per million. So what is the problem with 400 parts per million of carbon currently outside? Nothing at all!

    The above mentioned climate change website also claims Alaska's HAARP is harmless and only generates a little heat for testing in the ionosphere. That is not true! The website also goes on to say that chemtrails are really contrails. This sums up the false claims used to justify carbon sequestration and carbon taxation of the air. Also known as the global warming scam, a cover story for geoengineering the atymosphere.

    What is way more important than carbon is clean water. Check out the non profit org Riverkeeper started by RFK JR.

    In 1984, RFK JR became chief prosecuting attorney for the Hudson River Fishermen’s Association. Two years later, he helped merge HRFA and Riverkeeper into a single organization dedicated to protecting and restoring the Hudson and its tributaries from the damage done by generation after generation of industrial degradation and civic neglect.

    Zero Young Healthy Individuals Died Of COVID-19, Israeli Data Show

    “Zero deceased of 18–49 years of age with no underlying morbidities,” the Israel Ministry of Health (MOH) said in response to a formal request from an attorney.

    Dr Roger Hodkinson, “as a direct result of the #Covid #Vaccine about 20 million people are dead worldwide and 2 BILLION are injured”

  • Truth-telling Russian President Putin gives his most scathing speech yet against the meteoric downfall of the hopelessly corrupt and depraved Western powers. (Video)

  • Trump: ‘By Memorial Day 2025 Our Country Will Be Roaring Back!!!’

    “This Memorial Day gas prices are up 48 percent since Joe took office. Food prices 18 percent. Airline prices are up 41 percent. Taxes are higher than ever. Interest rates for mortgages and car loans have put the American dream out of reach for countless millions of families,” the former president stated.

    “But help is on the way,” President Trump noted, adding if he’s re-elected he would immediately reverse Biden’s destructive economic policies.

    “By Memorial Day 2025 our country will be roaring back. We will be well on our way to greatness like our country has never seen before. We were doing it and then it got stopped by some horrible policies.”

    “Not only will we be energy independent, but we will soon be energy dominant. We will be making so much money, so much that we will be reducing debt and lowering your taxes.”

    “Our country will be great again. I promise,” Trump concluded.

    US Credit Rating Cut by Fitch Possible Even With a Debt Deal

    The first CBDC instituted by the U.S. ROCKEFELLERS CIA  regimen WILL FAIL and the second REAL coming of a 100% GOLD BACK SYSTEM is coming in end of 2025.

    TRUMP WILL UNIFY THE WORLD, and the current ROCKERFELLERS/ ROTHSCHILDS/ CIA DARPA control WILL fall , Switzerland in panic hiding money in the mountains, VATICAN broke and the world oil giants have stopped dealing in the U S. Dollar…


    The new uncorruptible Quantum financial system will make banks obsolete.

    Recently TRUMP gave you military COMMS of Biden admin. / CIA / intelligence agencies all CAUGHT in TREASON ( the ex CIA director confirming intelligence agencies were forced to lie by Blinken and Biden regimen to help them win the 2020 elections and the signed papers of over 50 intelligence agents was a TREASONOUS ACT.

    The deep state cartels controlled by the Democratic party are in PANIC as the END OF HUMAN TRAFFICKING, WEAPONS SMUGGLING, ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS OPERATIONS BY THE DAVOS DNC CIA OPEN BORDERS WILL COME TO AN END. After that a Golden age awaits.

    The fix for illegal immigration will be the new world wide Quantum financial system that will pay a handsome amount to natives in their own country. Therefore a mass exodus to get back over the border ASAP will surely occur!

    TARGET loses $9 billion in market cap.

    Budweiser loses $16 billion in value…

    Why there is no Autism in the Amish.

    Benjamin Fulford — May 22nd 2023: G7 nations trying to surrender despite bluster

    Oath Keepers Leader Stewart Rhodes Sentenced To 18 Years Over Jan. 6

    Obama appointed FISA judge mows down another defender of the Constitution on behalf of the FBI who set up the riot in the first place.  These judges don't appear to be operating under the constitution.

    The FISA court's claim to authority is made under Article III, The Judicial Branch The Judges, both of the supreme and inferior Courts, shall hold their Offices during good Behaviour, and shall, at stated Times, receive for their Services, a Compensation, which shall not be diminished during their Continuance in Office.

    (Bad behaviour like this under the Constitution would appear to nullify their salary. Somebody alert Senator Jordan to put their pay on hold.)

    UPMC Lititz doctors take a knee against racism, honor anniversary of George Floyd's death

    UPMC CCP slave doctors everywhere kneeled for 9 minutes to honor a man who put a gun to a pregnant woman's head, died after robbing a store after overdosing on opioids and resisting arrest.

    Meanwhile the hospital continues to poison people with mRNA vaccines while denying them Ivermectin for the bioweapon spike protein disease that is in the shot.

    UPMC Harrisburg staff takes knee to honor George Floyd

    Kneeled with their masks on! How about a moment of silence for all of the people maimed and killed by the plandemic! UPMC has a hospital partnership with the communist Chinese party. Where the bioweapon was released from a lab is now a moot point. UPMC is still pushing the same spike protein disease with mRNA vaccines.

    UPMC China Names First American President of New Hospital

    Wanda Group, one of China’s leading conglomerates, is the owner of the 500-bed Chengdu Wanda UPMC International Hospital, which will be the first hospital in China to be modeled after and managed by a leading American academic medical center.

    This is why Pitt has ongoing mRNA requirements too. Communist Chinese influence has taken over these institutions.

    George Floyd autopsy confirms there were no ‘life threatening injuries.’

    The Khazarian press is coordinating racial strife stories to bury the bioweapon holocaust.

    Microbiologist — Pfizer and Moderna Vaccines contain Simian Virus 40…

    This is known to cause cancer!
    The Pharmaceutical Drug Racket Part 1

    "...Not only do health officials grossly underestimate the extent of drug reactions, they also try to convince the unwary public that drug-related illnesses are largely due to inappropriate drug usage. Officials try to place the onus on consumers and prescribing doctors, and reassure the public that problems rarely occur if drugs are used as prescribed. To protect the drug industry from blame, officials purposely ignore the fact that most drugs are harmful; even if used “appropriately”..."
    The Pharmaceutical Drug Racket – Part Two

    "...International bribery and corruption, fraud in the testing of drugs, criminal negligence in the unsafe manufacture of drugs – the pharmaceutical industry has a worse record of law-breaking than any other industry...."

    Robert F. Kennedy Jr. decries ‘weaponization’ of FBI

    The US presidential candidate has claimed the agency tried to destroy Donald Trump, undermining democracy. 

    Kennedy likened the media’s handling of Russiagate to its support for false allegations by former President George W. Bush’s administration that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction. He called the two narratives “mendacious mythologies,” saying they were “lies, lies and more lies.”

    eBook Sign-Up — ‘A Letter to Liberals’ By Robert F Kenndy JR

    Free eBook

    ‘A Letter to Liberals — Censorship and COVID: An Attack on Science and American Ideals’

    A new short and powerful, data-filled, intellectual book written by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. challenges “lockdown liberalism’s” embrace of policies that are an affront to their once-cherished precepts.

    What Can The US Senate Teach Us about the Dangers of the COVID-19 Vaccines?  by Dr. Robert Malone, mRNA Inventor

    A review of the common forms of spike protein injuries and the profound consequences of denying them.

    With the COVID-19 vaccines, I have observed that their injuries fall into a few common patterns, and the myriad of symptoms you observe can normally be traced back to one or more of these creating the specific symptom:

    1. Severe inflammation and autoimmunity throughout the body.

    2. Circulatory obstruction throughout the body.

    3. Immune suppression.

    Breaking news! 30 NY counties call a state of emergency has NYC mayor Adams begins to dump illegals all over suburban NY!!

    link to

    State Of Emergency Declared In Nearly 30 New York State Counties

    New York Governor Kathy Hochul says the immigrant crisis is a "desperate" situation in New York.

    Over the weekend, Hochul confirmed state officials are looking into housing migrants at SUNY and CUNY college campuses this summer.

    She added that over 71,000 asylum seekers have already arrived in New York State and "more are arriving."

    mRNA injections alter human DNA, which gets passed on to future generations

    Dr Jane Ruby and Dr Daniel Nagase explain how humankind has never before, in all of history, injected a genetic toxic, into the entire genome, that is capable of hiding and skipping generations. This is what they have done to us, via the jab. Inverse transcriptase is an enzyme inside the cell, which can convert mRNA into DNA and deposit it inside a cell’s nucleus, thereby altering that cell’s DNA.

    (Dumbed down DNA is on the way out with Enlil the 2 strand Annunaki exiled for holding up our evolution by thousands of years.

    The original Adamic 12 strand DNA is being reintroduced through the raised frequencies of the solar rays and through natural access to the Akashic records.)

    Dr. Steve Turley: Dominion Voting Systems Just Got Some BAD NEWS!!!

    The good news is the Dominion CEO said they are going out of business! Counties are dumping their machines that cost $5000 each and going back to paper ballots. Commissioners in Ohio rejected the purchase of more than 1,400 new Dominion voting machines

    Trump's 2025 vision, revealed: Feds You're Fired!

    AZ State Senator Borrelli Throws Down The Gauntlet, ORDERS County Supervisors to Comply With SCR1037 Which Bans Foreign Voting Machines in Arizona

    Dominion may be in more trouble than just financial.

    Larry Ellison plans to donate $60 million to Tim Scott… Not because he's black, because he's the best candidate.

    U-Haul crashes into security barrier near White House…NAZI flag found inside U-haul

    Probably upset about how the war in Ukraine is going.

    Nobodys buying the latest U-Haul/Nazi stunt at the White House: This has FBI written all over it

    We deserve better false flags. It’s as if the FBI isn’t even trying anymore. That’s the consensus from most conservatives, who are calling “BS” on the latest “Nazi” stunt that unfolded in D.C., and are calling it just another poorly-orchestrated FBI psyop.

    Minnesota Democrats eliminate protection for babies who survive Abortion…

    Between abortion, vaccines and trans promotion, democrats have become the number one danger to children's health.

    Report Confirms Dozens of Senators Are Being Issued Taxpayer-Funded Satellite Phones in Preparation for a Disruptive Event

    A report confirms that United States Senators have been issued emergency satellite phones.

    CBS News reported these devices are part of a series of new security measures being offered to senators by Karen Gibson, Senate Sergeant at Arms.

    The official line of reasoning behind offering the satellite phones was “to ensure a redundant and secure means of communication during a disruptive event.”

    JUST-IN: Judge Tosses Kari Lake’s Lawsuit After Trial on Fraudulent Signature Verification Shows AT LEAST 274,000 Ballots Were Verified in Less Than 3 Seconds – ORDER INCLUDED

    Jim Jordan Vows Scrutiny of Durham Report Findings Threatens to Cut FBI Funding and Reopen Hillary Clinton Investigation (VIDEO)

    House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) announced on Sunday that the committee would closely examine individuals mentioned in the recently released Durham report.

    Jordan emphasized that “nothing is off the table” when it comes to potential investigations, even going as far as threatening to cut FBI funding and reopen investigations related to Hillary Clinton and others.

    “The Durham Report comes out and tells us that the FBI had no probable cause, no predicate, no evidence whatsoever, and yet they launch into an investigation of President Trump and his campaign,” Jordan told Fox News host Maria Bartiromo.

    “I think the Durham Report’s best line was, “failed in their fundamental mission of fidelity to the law.” They didn’t follow the law.”

    “What we’re going to have to do is say, hey, FBI, you can’t use federal tax dollars. You can’t use the American tax dollars for this kind of activity. We got to limit how they spend the money, maybe even limit them,” said Jordan when asked how to fix the FBI’s abuse of authority.

    Former Deputy Nat'l Security Adviser: FBI, CIA & DOJ Will Rig 2024 Election

    "There is now hard evidence that there was election interference by the U.S. intelligence agencies and the Department of Justice..."

    (Tribunals, Tribunals, Tribunals!)

    Robert F Kennedy Jr & Dave Smith Discuss the Bombshell Findings From the Durham Report

    RFK: "That report is appalling...You have...fifty top level CIA agents who agree to collaborate in a project to fix an election." Dave Smith: "It's pretty clear that this was a frame job. And what you have here is the intelligence agencies framing the sitting President of the United States for treason."

    Looks like the plan is to have RFK JR do the final take down of the CIA. They should put him in charge of it.

    The Worldwide Holocaust of Billions Caused by Graphene Oxide & 5G Poisoning!

    This is way worse than the old holocaust but the perps won't report on it.

    Get to know Pennsylvania governor—and Commencement speaker—Josh Shapiro

    Obstruction of justice in the Gricar case would carry with it a two year sentence and a $5000 fine. PA's most famous capitol murder case deserves a grand jury like the State Police have called for.

    RFK JR — ‘A Letter to Liberals’

    Free eBook

    ‘A Letter to Liberals — Censorship and COVID: An Attack on Science and American Ideals’

    A new short and powerful, data-filled, intellectual book written by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. challenges “lockdown liberalism’s” embrace of policies that are an affront to their once-cherished precepts.

    Alcyon Pleiades 153: Explorers, Arctic-Antarctica, Polar openings, Fridtjof Nansen, Inner-earth life

    In this new video documentary, we will embark on an in-depth journey to discover the great explorers who set out on a quest to conquer the poles – in the world’s northernmost region and Antarctica alike. These great adventurers stood out for their courage and followed their restless aspirations to discover the unexplored regions of our planet. They led major expeditions to these faraway, inhospitable lands and accomplished notable feats during their stay there. Some of them managed to go even further and were able to find and access the wonderful inner-Earth, located in the very depths of our planet.

    Many legends mention ice-free seas and large green expanses, where the climate is mild and the vegetation lush. Birds are plentiful in these lands and other beings live there as well. Famous writers, over the course of several different eras, have alluded to these Paradise-like lands, and the explorers who stayed in the vicinity, returned with evidence of the Hollow Earth, the greatest geographical discovery in history.

    Furthermore, what can be said of the origins of the Eskimo, who claim they came from the Northern lands, and what mystery surrounds the stories of beings who visited the Earth’s surface, from these interior worlds?

    Video by Alcyon Pleiades


     In the documentaries we have been watching on the Hollow Earth, we have seen that a world of humanity and spirituality exists, which we have already lost, in our own times. Yet topics like angels and beings from the fourth and fifth dimensions lead us into a world that is subtler but real.

    We know about the figure of Master Jesus through Biblical texts and from the different churches that have emerged with the passing of time, but the Bible, is not a complete book: the manipulation, censorship and cutting that the religious clergy have done, according to their vested interests, leaves us with no knowledge of what happened during the so-called ‘lost years of Jesus’.

    How is it possible that despite his being our civilisation’s most important figure, and having come from the age of scribes and notaries, we do not know what happened to him between the ages of 13 and 30? Why has there been such intense interest in hijacking or undermining the life and teachings of this great Being?

    His teachings were written for the times in which we live, and we are currently gathering information that has reached us through authors like Russian journalist Nicolas Notovitch, Hindu writer and philosopher Swami Abhedananda, professor Roerich, and many other researchers who have shown us where the Rabbi of Galilee was, during these years, in addition to the mark he made during his passage through Egypt, India, Kashmir, Tibet, Nepal and Europe, until his return to Galilee at the age of 30.

    That is not all, however. We are also looking at the journeys he took over the course of 11 years, following his resurrection, the vestiges of his travels, the places he visited, and his mission while there, in addition to discussing the numerous apparitions and visions that continue to occur, to this very day.

    Numerous accounts showing up online that Dr Buttar believed he was poisoned after a CNN interview.

    Numerous accounts showing up online that Dr Buttar believed he was poisoned after a CNN interview. He had symptoms of myocarditis and pericarditis.

    THE HUMAN SPECIES AND EARTH ARE UNIQUE: Earth is unique and apparently the only fallen world in need of a special program of redemption and restoration to the Divine Plan (for Earth housed the fallen and laggard of the destroyed planet, Maldek.) This program was instituted through the Office of the Christ in sending Jesus, a Divine Incarnation, as the Vessel of Remission and Salvation for Human Souls and Earth.

    The Merkabah is a Spiritually birthed and quickened, glorified body of fiery Light. This Merkabah vehicle is an extension and radiation of our consciousness. It is generated out of our intensity of love for God, coupled with our desire to give of ourselves in selfless service.
    You could say that it is the shape that our Spiritual intensity of Divine love and aspiration takes in time and space....met by descending Grace. This intensity of intent is what produces this multi dimensional and transdimensional auric,energy field called Merkabah or the fiery chariot. Remember in the Holy Bible how the prophet Elijah ascended into heaven in a flaming chariot ? Perhaps this will have a deeper meaning for you now ? Elijah was simply demonstrating what you beloved ones are all called to aspire to eventually accomplish yourselves. Such ones who come and go via Merkabah are termed Ophanim, such as Elijah and Enoch. The Merkabah coordinates our function intention, purpose, time phase etc. as sons of super luminal Light, in fulfilling our missions for God.

    RFK JR Podcast: Reminisces about growing up in nature.

    World Bee Day 2023

    Bees are the world's largest pollinators, pollinating 80% of crops making them extremely important for food security.

    Bentley Celebrates World Bee Day by Installing Seven Beehives, Aims for a Record Harvest

    Today is World Bee Day! To celebrate this occasion, Bentley, of all companies, made an exciting announcement: it's expanding its Excellence Center for Honey Production, growing its colony size of the "Bently Bees" from 600,000 to over one million by installing seven new beehives.

    Yes, you read that right; Bentley has an Excellence Center for bees – who would've thought? Apparently, there's a trend among automakers to care for bees. For instance, Porsche houses bees at its off-road site in Leipzig, Rolls-Royce also makes honey, and many other brands carry out bee-related activities with a common purpose: preserve the environment.

    (Why are there so many bee stories with the number 7? Because earth was seeded with help by beings from the Pleiades, a star system with 7 major stars that measures 700 million light years across with the main star Alcyon being 7 million miles in diamater and the central pivot of the Seven Solar Systems (the cosmic Septenary) of which ours is part.

    World bee day on May 20th always falls during our sun's yearly conjunction with our central sun Alcyon. The 21st is the direct conjunction.)

    Seven simple things you can do to save the bees

    Seven new bee species discovered in Iowa for the first time

    7 Amazing Bee Facts - YouTube


    7 Bee Species Have Been Added to The US Endangered Species List ...

    Bees In The Bible: Significance of Bees in over 60 References In The Bible

    (Puts them on par with camels!)

    References to bees are plentiful in the Old and New Testaments. Bees embody desirable human characteristics, symbolize Christ for Christians, and provide honey, a common food in ancient civilizations that represents pleasure, sweetness, truth, and knowledge. Bees are referenced in Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and many other religions.

    The Healing Portal: The Pleiades!

    The Healing Portal: The Pleiades! By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

    Each year from approximately May 16th to May 24th with a peak on the 20th (and these are indeed the exact dates for this year), the star system known as the “Pleiades” comes into exact alignment with the Sun of our galaxy.

    This star system is also called “The Seven Sisters”.

    It derived this name from Greek mythology whereby Pleione and Atlas had seven daughters: Alcyone, Maia, Asterope, Taygeta, Calaeno, Electra, and Merope.

    The Healing Portal: The Pleiades!

    The Seven Sisters

    Alcyone is the brightest of these stars. In ancient Sanskrit the system is known as “Krittikas”; in Japanes it is known as “Subaru”; and to the Aboriginal people of Australia, it is called “Makara”.

    In ancient Kemet (Egypt), the system was birthed by the Divine Mother, “Het-Heru” (“Hathor” in Greek), who was depicted as a cow who held the seeds of life.

    The “Pleiades” rises during the day in the Northern Hemisphere, and as the Sun comes closer in alignment (in an intertwining manner like a figure 8 and thus performing a lovely dance) by the Summer Solstice, it rises just before dawn.

    Ancient “RIshis” (“Sages”) taught that the “Krittika” (“Pleiades”) sent forth healing frequencies to the Earth such that consciousness could more easily elevate, the cellular records of the human physical vessel could be re-programmed, and transformation of all aspects of creation could occur.

    As the world experiences a forced retreat, this year’s “Pleiades Portal” is a blessing by creating higher energetics of consciousness so that we “flip the script” on the reasons why the pandemic has happened, and instead, focus on elevating to higher dimensions of knowledge and the wisdom to use the knowledge wisely as various cosmic forces soar throughout the multiverse (solar flares, solar winds, comets, asteroids, planetary alignments, plasma waves, etc.) assisting in the “Transformation of the Ages” –the “Shift”, the “Re-birth” of “Sattva Yuga” (“Age of Peace”) which is also known as “Krita Yuga” (“Age of Purity”).

    The “New Golden Age”.

    We must realize that everything is truly in Divine Order, which was depicted in ancient Kemet as the force of “MAAT” –a woman kneeling on one knee with outstretched wings.

    When individual and collective consciousness vibrates at low frequencies, then, of course, there will be the perception of disharmony in many aspects of earthly life.

    However, when we focus upon “The Sacred”, we are guided in thought, feelings, words, and actions –all having vibrational frequencies– such that we can send our purified energy currents into the ethereal realms where they will be received by spiritual energy currents that will collectively materialize as health, peace, joy, love, abundance, and more of the music of the “Divine Symphony” of which each of us is given an opportunity to join.

    Thus, a “tune-up” of consciousness is necessary.

    Alignment Earth-Sun-Alcyone

    On May 21 of each year, the Earth receives the energy of Alcyone through the splendor of the Sun/Vulcan, along the ecliptic meridian: similarly, the Personality (Earth) receives, through the mediation of the Soul (Sun), the very high and profound energies of the Spirit (Cosmos). It is a propitious day for the invocation and evocation of the cosmic Energy of the other “central Sun” Alcyone of the Pleiades – for the Ancient Wisdom the Origin and central pivot of the Seven Solar Systems (the cosmic Septenary) of which ours is part.

    The Vibration that runs through the Alcyone-Sun-Earth alignment directs a seed of substantial Light or intelligent cosmic Creativity on the Ecliptic (the ideal matrix of all events, concrete and otherwise, of the solar, planetary or human system).

    Tomorrow, therefore, the generative power of the cosmic 3rd Ray pervades the worlds, Its sparks illuminate and push the Plan of common advance infallibly to the Goal, to the rise of the Age of Light; the Servers of the Good, the Beautiful and the True respond in harmony to the impulse of the heavenly Fire and proceed with a united breath and a unified rhythm.

    From the point of Light within the Mind of God
    Let light stream forth into the minds of men.
    Let Light descend on Earth

    In response to this fiery impulse, let us impress together in Space the word of power of the third aspect of the Divine:


    the rhythmic motion of Fire.

    – Each force has its own tensions, which call forth creative strivings from the source of cosmic fires that gathers Light and spreads Fire around itself. Verily, thus is the Cosmic Focus affirmed, and life must be built around a focus. Creativeness is limitless!

    – When the arcs of consciousnesses are blended, Light reigns, and the highest ordainment is affirmed. Only thus is the highest Law attained. Thus We create!

    (Agni Yoga Collection)

    Dr Tess Lawrie: The WHO wants to introduce 500 new vaccines by 2030

    Dr Tess Lawrie denounces that the WHO is seeking a one-health monopoly. The organisation has increased surveillance, and the International Health Regulations are essential to their aims. They need these rules to subjugate us via complete surveillance, in order to achieve their ultimate goal, transhumanism.

    Dr. Naomi Wolf: THEY KNEW! They've LIED to STERILIZE the Five Eyes Nations to a high percentage

    Two studies show at least since 2017 the people formulating the shots knew lipid nanoparticles degrade reproduction in males and females, they knew it changes sexual behaviors, alters hormones and affects normal adolescent growth. They didn't tell us.

    Lipid Nanoparticles are in all mRNA vaccines

    Anybody still pushing mRNA vaccines are trying to poison the population.

    The new RSV vaccine for pregnant mothers is an mRNA vaccine. Do not fall for the poisoning again being pushed by newspapers like the Altoona Mirror!

    Penn State mRNA Vaccine Promotion Failure

    Penn State still pushing sterilizing mRNA vaccines should have their health division shut down. Should go back to being a farm college.

    Police Say Claims that Gricar was killed by Hell's Angels are bunk

    We know the Altoona Mirror story concocted with the FBI is bunk. This disinformation story made it all the way to the Daily Mail in England. The people are sick of being lied to by the FBI and others in the Gricar case and want a special prosecutor for an investigative Gricar grand jury. Eugene DePasquale maybe? Shapiro and his AG won't touch this story because they know the truth and so do many others in our town.


    The Khazarian Mafia version of Russian Roulette!

    Heartbreaking Social Media Post...
    Don’t Give BioWeapons To Babies

  • Official Report: Ventilators Killed Nearly ALL COVID Patients

  • Israel uses its civilians as human shields during its attack on Gaza

    The FBI is acting like the new KGB under Marxist control

    Stolen elections, an FBI under Marxist control doing all it can to imitate the KGB….   where do we go from here when FBI implores others at the FBI to NOT come forward because ‘ they will crush you and your family’ like they did to him and others who testified today.  What country are we living in? As Bannon says ‘Stolen elections have consequences’.

  • Bipartisan Lawmakers Express Outrage Over FBI Misuse of Surveillance Tool to Spy on Americans

  • FBI Concerned Jan. 6 Footage Would Expose Undercover Agents, Informants: Whistleblower
  • The FBI is at war with the Constitution and The People and should have their local offices auctioned off by County Sheriffs.

  • WHO Warns Of 'Unusual' Surge in Severe Myocarditis in Babies

    "But then the vaccine comes along and from 2021 the incidence rate of myocarditis went sky high...

    Kari Lake trial update day three… All about the fake signatures…

    Justice Neil Gorsuch Finally Speaks Out Against Lockdowns and Mandates

    (We The People could use some more support from our judges against being genocided.)

    As the scale of criminality imposed on humanity becomes known, people are rushing to get on the right side of this issue.

    Gorsuch- "Since March 2020, we may have experienced the greatest intrusions on civil liberties in the peacetime history of this country. Executive officials across the country issued emergency decrees on a breathtaking scale. Governors and local leaders imposed lockdown orders forcing people to remain in their homes.

    Revisiting 9/11 - Proof the Israeli Government Knew

    Multiple Mossad agents photographed the WTC and scoped out their 9/11 viewing location at least one day prior, they celebrated the attack immediately after the first plane’s impact (despite no public knowledge that it was a terrorist attack yet), and they were set to fly back to Israel on the following day.

    New York Town Declares State Of Emergency Banning Hotels, Facilities From Housing Invaders

    The Khazarian Mafia has officially ruined New York.

    The Durham Report And The FBI Coup Against America

    The FBI, together with the CIA and the Hillary Clinton campaign, colluded to undermine US elections and destroy the Trump presidency. What will be the next step?

    FBI Whistleblowers Share Grievous Governmental Misconduct

    Three brave FBI whistleblowers, former Special Agents Garret O’Boyle and Steve Friend and Staff Operations Specialist Marcus Allen, all chose to speak in Thursday’s hearing led by the Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government, knowing they might suffer additional retaliatory action from the government. The three courageous men were suspended from the FBI and have been subjected to grievous retaliatory measures because they dared to tell the truth. According to the Committee’s Executive Summary, one other whistleblower, Supervisory Intelligence Analyst George Hill, has testified behind closed doors. Attorney Tristan Leavitt, President of Empower Oversight, also testified in the hearing. The entire hearing can be viewed here.

    Will AI and Transhumanism be the Second “FALL” of Mankind?

    by Shari Abbott, Reasons for Hope* Jesus

    Please help us share God's truths and hope in Christ.

    FDA backs new RSV vaccine

    Any doctor that would administer this to a pregnant woman would have to be a fool. This new mRNA vaccine developed in a matter of weeks by some CRISPR computer jockey and completely untested is a joke. What we learned from the covid vaccine is to never give an untested vaccine to pregnant women.  The Altoona Mirror and their main sponsor, Value Drug Company should be run out of Our Town for repeatedly promoting poisonous pharmaceuticals.

    Sun conjunct Alcyone {Pleiades} – 22 May 2023

    - Simone M. Matthews -

    Sun conjunct Alcyone {Pleiades} – 22 May 2023

    Each year in the month of May our Sun [our LIGHT] transits over the Pleiades [Divine Feminine] — opening our consciousness to the mystery of the natural world,  a grander possibility for our lives— a greater LOVE.   Whilst the transit over the Pleiades will be felt for around 9 days, the energy climaxes when our Sun exactly conjuncts Alcyone (brightest Star in the Pleiades) partway through the transit.

    You may recall a couple of years ago in April 2020, Venus transited directly across Alcyone, the brightest star in the Pleiades.  Here is a link to read about this transit, and feel into the energy of Alcyone & the Pleiades.

    Sun transit Pleiades & Conjunct Alcyone Energy of Alcyone, Pleiades & our May 2023 Transit How to work with the Energy And a little Bee Wisdom

    The Pleiades star cluster is positioned between Taurus & Gemini on the Zodiac, and spans a width of over 7 Light Years in diameter (1 Light Year = 9.5 trillion km).   Every year our Sun passes over the Pleiades, taking around 9 days to do a full transit.   This year the transit takes place from the 18th to 26th May 2021.   This transit opens a portal of conscious access to Pleiadian wisdom, which ‘themes’ our year ahead.

    On May 22, our Sun conjuncts with the star Alcyone within the Pleiades at 0.190 Gemini.  A conjunction means that the Sun & Alcyone are at the same degree, and the energies of this annual transit are the most pronounced & potent.

    To understand more about the greater potential of this years transit, let me start by reflecting on the energy of Alcyone, as her energy really drives the potency of this transit.

    Alcyone is the brightest star in the Pleiades constellation.  As shared in Crystal Light Healing® and Essence of Angels®, the Pleiades represents the Feminine, Silver, Creative Lunar Ray of Creation.   Alcyone is the 6th Dimensional Stellar Gateway Portal that we birth through when we come to Earth, where we make a choice of the evolutionary journey we are to take, our Soul’s Cosmic Blueprint.   It is also the portal that we move into when we die where we undertake a Soul Review within the Akashics.   Alcyone is also the ‘seeding portal’ of Ancient Lemuria.

    Something quite spectacular happens when our Sun conjuncts Alcyone, we meld with divine in all things & experience the greater potential of who we are.  Through the Sun, our LIGHT, our I AM Presence, our Consciousness awakens to the inherent Wisdom of the Feminine.   Awakening our imaginations, sparking the embers of our dreams & igniting our Hearts to a grander, more beautiful possibility for our lives.

    You are here to rebirth into the collective consciousness the timeless presence of The Divine Feminine.  You are here to ‘dream the dream of the Goddess’, the mystical and magickal aspects of both men and  women that open the doors of self-discovery, transformation and inner peace.  You are here to reweave The Divine Feminine into the psyche of humanity, so that people may receive her nourishment through joy, laughter, playfulness, dance, song and eternal grace.  Shealla-Dreaming

    During this transit and conjunction, you may find yourself experiencing life, the beauty of this planet, the intelligence of nature in new found ways.   Your dreams may become more intense— insightful dreams about your creative presence in the world. You may also find yourself more emotional, feeling more deeply that usual.  A deep connection & empathy with fellow humans, but also the plant, mineral & crystal realms.   You may ‘see’ the world differently, experiencing it as alive, electric, intelligence and bursting with love.

    Where you may have been feeling stuck, stifled, frustrated, there maybe a HUGE shift in how you see yourself in the world.    You may experience clear & insightful visions of solutions to your current predicament and feel empowered, passionate & enlivened to forge ahead new paths through a Greater Love.

    As we transit over the Pleiades, the most reverent & sacred practice to embody during this time is a deeply enriching connection with nature.

    Rather than get trapped in the ‘mind game’ of needing to ‘know stuff’, instead surrender yourself to the inherent intelligence of nature and the wisdom of your Heart.   Collectively we have the power to move beyond this old system that is fast crumbling around us, and dream into being a future that reveres nature & the miracle of the human body to heal.   And from that grander dream, be guided to walk the steps of grace-filled action that rebuilds a New Earth from the ground up.

    Here are 5 suggestions to help you navigate this time with fierce Grace, and embody waves of blessed ease.

    1. Wake up each day in GRATITUDE for the gift of this life.  YOU are a miracle.  YOU a Soul that chose to be here during this time to be part of this reLOVEutionary ascension of humanity.

    2. Spend time EVERY day with your bare feet on the Earth.  Or is that is not possible then hug a tree, or at the very least lovingly stroke a pot plant or pot of herbs.   This will help keep you centered in the Divinity of the natural world and the grander story that is unfolding… rather than getting swept away in the mental fear & anguish that is being spun by those seeking to control.

    3. Let yourself feel.  FEEL everything.  And let the feelings move through you.  This is not a time to hide from your feelings, but also not a time to be controlled by your feelings.   If you are feeling overwhelmed, angry, scared, uncertain, anxious etc… then do something LOVING to help let the molecules of these emotions move through you, rather than attach to you.    Sit in a quiet space with your favourite cup of tea.  Have a salt bath with your favourite essential oils & let the water wash away your tears.  Spend time in nourishing conversation with a loved one… hugs heal!   Feelings speak the language of the field, so give yourself permission to feel, and also permission to transmute lower vibratory e-motions with LOVE.

    4. Dream.  Align your mind, thoughts, words, actions, prayers, meditations… basically every moment of your day… in the direction of what is it you wish to birth with this world.  Feeling these dreams in the affirmative (ie don’t focus on what you don’t want), and attune your body, mind & soul with the source of all that you know is possible to truly be.

    Two days prior to Alcyone conjuncting the Pleiades, we have World Bee Day on May 20.  I LOVE how this annual day falls within Suns transit over the Pleiades.   Bee Wisdom is one of the most sacred pathways of directly experiencing Pleiadian vibrations.    Last year I wrote an indepth article of my experience with Bee’s, their intelligence, and what they weave within our consciousness.  

    Bee’s awaken glimmers of Pleiadian LIGHT within our Souls.  ” We come to the hive, and we are the hive.  We sing our unity and then each take our song out into the world. We touch each flower & deliver the signature of creation. After our touch, each plant has a rising helix, a chromatic cord, that joins earth, matter, and ether. The fecundity of the atmosphere is thus enhanced and enlivened… Each bee aligns itself with cosmic forces that direct its role in the colony. The hive’s daily functioning is precise and rhythmic, with each bee’s task divinely orchestrated to fulfill the role of the hive.”


    Posted on March 21, 2012 by Gabriela

    I wish to say only that to enter into any level of samadhi is infinitely easier than to transform the human consciousness into the divine consciousness. That I have been trying to do, you have been trying to do, the Supreme has been trying to do. All of us here are trying for only one thing, and that is the transformation of human nature—physical, vital, mental and psychic. When that is done, perfect Perfection will dawn both here on earth and there in Heaven.

    The Durham Report Leaves No Doubt: The FBI Is A Mortal Threat To Democracy

    What the report reveals above all is that the deep state is real, it’s corrupt, and it’s at war with the American people.

    Epic Collapse Of Egg Prices Shown In One Chart

    Since the end of December, prices have crashed, providing much-needed relief to cash-strapped consumers battered by two years of negative real wage growth. 

    Hungary to block all EU aid to Ukraine…

     The Hungarian government will veto any further European Union aid to Ukraine or sanctions on Russia, according to the country’s foreign minister, citing Ukrainian “belligerence” towards Budapest.

    The Anti-Defamation League should just be called the Defamation League, according to Twitter CEO Elon Musk.

      “ADL should just drop the ‘A,’” Musk said Tuesday on Twitter after being smeared by the pro-Israel lobbying group all day for criticizing Jewish billionaire George Soros. 


    New Florida law bans sexual mutilation of children… AP can’t stop crying…

    Disney store at Hershey Tanger Outlets closes; only one Pennsylvania store remains

    City’s annual crime report is troubling

    Because they don't count massive opioid distribution in their drug reports. For example: Some pharmacies have two pharmacies registered under one roof. Thompson pharmacy distributed two million opioids over 7 years. Thompson's pharmacy with an s on the end distributed almost 5 million opioids to it's 4000 bed nursing home business in the same time frame. The only reason these statistics were made public was because of the opioid lawsuits. And they wonder where the 1000 pounds of pharmaceutical drugs comes from when they do drug take back days.

    See the opioid distribution map in your town.

    Value Drug Opioid Bust: The Altoona Mirror failed to report the largest opioid bust in PA history and didn't inform the public. Because they get paid to promote pharmaceuticals including the bioweapon shots. Still not a single report of a vaccine side effect from these pharma shills either.  

    Rand Paul: Elon Musk Will Go Down As A Historic Champion For Free Speech

    Media thinks truth is bad for business.

    44 states introduced bills, took steps to restrict teaching CRT or how teachers discuss racism, sexism

    Critical Race Theory is repurposed Marxism.

    Dred Scott: The First Time The Supreme Court Leaked

    In 1857. Dred Scott was a Missouri slave who filed suit for his freedom under the theory that his master had taken him into free states and he was no longer a slave under the law.

    The Worst Dickinsonians?

    President James Buchanan, Chief Justice Roger Taney and Justice Robert Grier brought us the Dred Scott decision and the remaking of the original 13th amendment.

    John Dickinson, Founding Father

    John Dickinson is known as “The Penman of the Revolution” because he was able to put on paper the thoughts and ideals which formed the foundation for our brand new country.

    John Dickinson was a Founding Father, known as the "Penman of the Revolution" for his Letters from a Farmer in Pennsylvania. Although he refused to sign the Declaration of Independence, his name was signed to the United States Constitution.

    (Dickinson Law School is now part of Penn State University. Remaining Constitutionalists in PA are going to call on the wise professors of law at Penn State to help settle a constitutional crisis where the AG office summarily removed a sitting DA from office and lied to the public about the disappearance.)

    The case of the missing 13th amendment to the Constitution

    The Iowa Republicans didn’t want the current 13th Amendment banned; they just wanted the “original” one reintroduced for approval. That "missing" proposal was called the “Titles of Nobility Amendment” (or TONA). It sought to ban any American citizen from receiving any foreign title of nobility or receiving foreign favors, such as a pension, without congressional approval. The penalty was loss of citizenship.

    It was an extension of Article I, Section 9, of the Constitution, which doesn’t allow a public office holder to receive a foreign title or similar honors without the consent of Congress.

     Congress must 'leverage' the FBI's budget to force reform after Durham report, Jordan says

    Funny how newspapers with FBI offices nearby fail to correct the record by failing to cover the latest FBI fraud. Looks like they won't be much help with the obstruction of justice case surrounding the DA Ray Gricar capitol murder case. We will need the FBI's Gricar case files. The People will start the obstruction case with the Governor then work our way down.

    Founding Father John Dickinson's Letters From a Farmer in Pennsylvania



    The start of John Dickinson’s career as the “Penman of the Revolution” began with a political pamphlet titled “The Late Regulations” which expressed Dickinson’s thoughts on the Revenue Act (Sugar Acts) of 1764 which raised taxes on sugar. Many Americans, including John, felt Parliament was threatening the rights of the colonies and the “Acts,” if carried out, would disturb the American economy.

    Soon after, during the Stamp Act Crisis in 1765, Dickinson was a leading voice against the Parliamentary acts that imposed a tax on items by requiring the purchase of a stamp. During a gathering of the so-called Stamp Act Congress in New York City in October 1766, Dickinson was asked to write fifteen proposals. These proposals, now known as the “Declaration of Rights and Resolves,” condemned the legislation as unconstitutional. This document, which was sent to the King of England, was the first official document drawn up and agreed upon by a combination of American colonies. Shortly thereafter, the Stamp Act was repealed after only four months of unsuccessful operation.

    Victory over the repeal of the Stamp act was short lived. With yet more burdensome acts, Parliament continued to make life difficult for the colonies. The Declaratory Act stated that Parliament could pass laws on the American colonies because its authority was the same in America as in Britain. This was followed by a new Revenue Act in 1767 which taxed other goods besides sugar. The most danger, however, was presented by the Townshend Acts which, in addition to taxing yet more goods such as tea, threatened the integrity of the New York legislature. The Letters

    Dickinson’s most famous contribution as the “Penman” and for the colonial cause was the publication of a series of letters signed “A FARMER.” The letters were published over a period of ten weeks in late 1767 and early 1768 with the first letter appearing in the Pennsylvania Chronicle on December 2, 1767.

    In the letters, Dickinson argued, amongst other things, that the Townshend Acts were illegal because they were intended to raise revenue, a power held only by the colonial assemblies. His arguments were a collection of ideas that were written in a clear and concise manner which the general population could understand. Collectively, the letters were called “Letters from a Farmer in Pennsylvania to the Inhabitants of the British Colonies.”

    The letters were shortly thereafter published in pamphlet form and reprinted in almost all of the colonial newspapers. They were read widely across the colonies and in Britain and France. This quickly made John Dickinson famous. After reading the “Letters”, Voltaire, the French philosopher, compared Dickinson to Cicero, an honored Roman statesman, orator, and philosopher. At the Boston town meeting in March of 1768 Samuel Adams and others spoke of the author by saying “that the thanks of the town be given to the ingenious author of a course of letters… signed ‘A FARMER,’ wherein the rights of the American subjects are clearly stated and fully vindicated: …members of a committee [are] to prepare and publish a letter of thanks.”

    As a direct result of the popularity of Dickinson’s letters, there were calls and petitions for the boycotting of imported goods throughout the colonies. The eventual result of the unity amongst the colonies against a common enemy was the First Continental Congress. When the Congress was called, however, Dickinson quickly realized that much progress needed to be made towards the solutions that he wrote about in his letters.

    War Between The White House and CIA?

    John F, Kennedy issued National Security Action Memorandum 57, which took away the CIA's power. Though the order was signed, it was never enacted. After Kennedy's assassination, it's just been sitting on the books for sixty years. Now President Trump has pulled the trigger, and the Deep State is scrambling. Has war broken out between the CIA and America's Constitutional government?

    (Ezra Cohen Watnik seen in this video is JFKs grandson, the son of JFK JR. The entire mystery around Q, the 17th letter is about the war with the CIA in response to the Kennedy assasination coup by the CIA.

    President Trump is working with the entire JFK family to right the wrongs of the CIA. This includes RFK JR and Kaylee Mcananey who is really JFK Jr's daughter. All of the resistance to President Trump is really resistance originating from the CIA.

    The Kennedy's, Trump and the entire Q team are working to reestablish the Constitutional Republic. This includes Trump's Space Force which is working directly with the US Navy's space division known as Solar Warden which in turn is working with the off world team known as the Galactic Federation to thwart the Dark Fleet CIA which was the formerly the space wing of the NAZIs. That battle is already won and the rest is a clean up operation for the benefit of the earth and all of it's inhabitants.)

    Intel's Real Target: America

    For decades our Deep State political leaders have been appointing chiefs to our intelligence agencies who have been supporting the globalist agenda to end America. ...

    William F. Jasper

    Article audio provided by the John Birch Society

    This latest political prosecution of President Trump by radical-left Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, a George Soros-funded candidate who bragged when running for his current office that he had “sued Trump more than a hundred times,” points to an alarming escalation of the de facto civil war that is being waged by the insiders of Permanent Washington — the Deep State — against the citizens of Real America. This transparently politicized/weaponized prosecution of a former president — unprecedented in American history — is but another vicious attack in the unceasing persecution of Donald Trump, which began before he was even inaugurated as 45th president of the United States, and has continued with a vengeance since he left the White House.

    Get Trump, Protect Biden

    Please note that Donald Trump is not the ultimate target. As Trump himself has said, the real target is us, the American people. The anti-American, anti-family, anti-Christian Deep State operatives who are running the mumbling, bumbling, dementia-challenged Biden are sending an unmistakable message: If we can take down Donald Trump with all his wealth, power, fame, and popular support, the rest of you peasants don’t stand a chance. “Resistance is futile,” they are telling us, “so don’t resist!”

    Every sentient being knows that there is some shadowy force operating in the corridors of power that is pushing for the “transformation” of our country into something alien, something incompatible with our Republic of constitutionally limited government, incompatible with our Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights, and incompatible with, and overtly hostile to, Christian morality. How is it possible that virtually all of the Democratic Party leadership, virtually all of the “mainstream” media, virtually all of academia, virtually all of the leaders of Big Tech and social media, virtually all of Hollywood and the entertainment/music industry, virtually all of the big think tanks and tax-exempt foundations, and, most surprising (to many observers), virtually all of the CEOs of the big Wall Street firms and Fortune 500 corporations are going along with or actually leading this revolution? 

    The primary focus of this article and its companion articles, "In-Q-Tel: Big Tech & the Surveillance State" and "Deep State's Embedded Reds," is what has come to be called the “intelligence community” (IC). This collection of 18 federal agencies has been an indispensable arm of the Deep State coterie that is dismantling our Republic and the moral-social fabric of our society to shape us into a New World Order that would resemble the dystopia of Communist China. 

    The key chiefs of the intelligence community were tasked with targeting and undermining Donald Trump even before he ascended to the Oval Office. They were assigned with much of the heavy lifting of what became a series of coup attempts against Donald J. Trump, the duly elected president of the United States. There have, in fact, been so many IC/Big Media operations orchestrated against Trump that we can, in the space here available, barely skim a few of them. Read more.

    CNN's Regressive Take On Mother's Day: Why Mother’s Day is the most hated day in the restaurant industry

    What’s so bad about it? From big groups that show up in waves (“most of us are here!”), to food-fussy kids to splitting the check dramas and coffee-cup lingerers, restaurants hate this holiday. This year is expected to be particularly challenging as high inflation and rising menu prices give some restaurant-goers an extra sense of entitlement.

    Alcyon Pleiades Special 27: Dr Death Fauci’s resignation, Vaccine lies, Genocide, Courts of Justice.

    'There was No Virus' Says The Former Vice President of Pfizer

    First Solar of Ohio: Shares Jump Following U.S. Treasury Guidance on Domestic Content Requirements

    The Inflation Reduction Act Makes Solar Easier for Nonprofits

    Non profits can now claim the 30% rebate on solar even if they don't pay income taxes.

    RFK Jr. says he will ‘make the border impervious’ if elected

    RFK JR. is helping to close the left flank against the crazy border policies of the woke wing of the democratic party.

    Black Chicago Residents PROTEST Against Hundreds Of Incoming Illegals

    13 hours ago — A now-viral video shows dozens of black Chicago residents protesting against hundreds of incoming illegal aliens.

  • New Study — Patients were killed by Ventilators, not Covid…

  • ‘DHS documents are absolutely nuts’…

  • See the sketch of a man in the Gricar case files. No mystery woman sketch because Gricar's replacement said it was cost prohibitive! Final Argument Podcast episode 7 is where we find out if it was murder. Serial obstruction of justice? Governor Shapiro needs to tell what he knows. Same goes for the FBI.

    Shapiro and his AG have a gag order on the Gricar case. They are dragging the current State Police into the cover up by not letting them answer inquiries about the Gricar case, especially the missing Gricar Grand Jury.

    All PA judicial candidates need to be questioned about the Gricar case to test their knowledge about the state's refusal to call a Gricar Grand Jury, especially Judge Fred Miller who claims to have the backing of 9,000 PA State Troopers just like Shapiro did.

    The Gricar case is shaping up to be one of the biggest unsolved capitol murder cases in US history.

    Gricar Flashback: Buehner is 'delusional,' Corbett official says.

    This is how they tried to discredit Gricar's DA friends who all knew the case wasn't being properly investigated. This was even before it was known that Corbett refused to obey the PA State Police's call for a Gricar grand jury. See the 53 recommendations by State Police here. (Be sure to scroll down the page.)

    FBI Whistleblower Says RNC and DNC Pipe Bombs on Jan. 6, 2021 Were Inoperable – Something the FBI Never Admitted to the Public

    A whistleblower stepped forward in 2022 and disclosed that the FBI was withholding information on the investigation.

    Israel's Operation Shield and Arrow: Is blowing stuff up a strategy?

    Mother's Day 2023 - Date, Founding & Traditions

    The official Mother's Day holiday arose in the 1900s as a result of the efforts of Anna Jarvis, daughter of Ann Reeves Jarvis. Following her mother's 1905 death, Anna Jarvis conceived of Mother's Day as a way of honoring the sacrifices mothers made for their children.

    Trump Hits 2024 Republicans With Brutal Reality Check

    60% of Republican primary voters stated that they would support former President Donald Trump in his reelection campaign, while only 19 percent stated that they would support Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. Trump’s lead in the 2024 GOP primary has reached the higher levels it has had since December.

    “Mercy Rule”: CNN Abruptly Cut Trump Town Hall Short by Twenty Minutes

  • CNN cut short the network’s town hall with President Trump Wednesday night by twenty minutes after Trump, backed by a wildly supportive audience (hand picked by CNN), took control of the forum from anchor Kaitlan Collins right from the start and never let up. The live event at St. Anselm College in New Hampshire was scheduled to run from 8 p.m. EDT until 9:30 p.m., however right before 9:10 p.m. Collins abruptly ended the town hall.

  • BREAKING: FBI Hiding Key Document Detailing Bribery Scheme Involving Joe Biden and Foreign National

  • The Gateway Pundit Interviews Presidential Candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. – Who TELLS ALL on CIA, His Father’s Assassination, and JFK’s Assassination in Historic Interview (VIDEO)

  • Dr. Lee Merritt ft. Ana Maria Mihalcea M.D., PH.D

    Dr. Ana Maria Mihalcea: I had the honor to speak with Dr. Lee Merritt about what is in the shots, the nanotechnological and synthetic artificial intelligent biology threatening the survival of humanity, the multilevel weapons system deployed and how they function, how to protect oneself and detoxify from the shots, what is shedding and more.

    Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD, PhD 

    Dr. Ana's thoughts about health and the plandemic Award Winning Author "Light Medicine - A New Paradigm - The Science of Light, Spirit and Longevity.

    Do you know that your spirit and physical body are light?Is it possible to rejuvenate YOU? Do you think YOU can reverse diseases that are causing your aging?In a Light Medicine understanding, we can say: “Yes! You can.”

    Since our atomic structures are made of light, we can utilize light in conjunction with combination therapies to facilitate greater levels of health and wellbeing. In fact, our cells can use electricity, light, and sound as energy sources. By working with molecules that give off electricity to the body, using light, for example, of the Blu Room and sounds of healing frequencies, we can enhance the energy in the cells needed for repair and restoration.

    We can look at this question of rejuvenation from the perspective of one cell. This cell is like an aging house that needs repair. The more energy, electricity, or light we have to perform the repairs, the faster and more efficient the renovation process can happen. Vitamins and nutrients are the building blocks that allow that reconstruction to take place by affecting DNA to transcribe healthier information.

    Making sure hormones are functioning properly is allowing the communication between neighborhoods of cells to occur. The detoxification of heavy metals that interferes with the proper functioning of our DNA and vital enzymes is an important step in helping cells become more youthful. Information carriers, such as peptides, can also provide messages to reverse illness. Imagine a future direction of our understanding of health that cannot just help reverse aging and diseases but, in a lifestyle approach, prevent premature aging from occurring at an accelerated rate.

    We can imagine that when we understand how our spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical experiences affect our health that we can change what is affecting the body adversely and therefore are able to facilitate healing and restoration.

    Science already knows how our moods and attitudes affect our biophysical structure and how stress and negative emotions shorten our life span and health as documented in telomere research. The exciting news is that lowering stress and enhancing mood can reverse those markers of aging.

    Everything alive is dynamic. It can be changed as the governing information changes. Literally by changing our mind, we can improve our health for the better. By using the light of molecules and natural substances, we can grow younger and healthier.

    Light Medicine is a new paradigm describing the science of light, spirit, and longevity.

    Robert Kennedy Jr. blames CIA for JFK assassination

    If babies could vote, Children's Health Defense founder RFK JR would surely outpoll Biden the impaler.

    A list of the total Commercial Real Estate exposure of 53 banks with greater than $10 billion in assets where their exposure exceeds 300% of total equity capital.

    ‘I’ve Been Blessed’: Winning Kentucky Derby Jockey Praises God Following Thrilling Finish

    “And truly, to give me the opportunity, the horse, the way he did it today,” Castellano said. “The little Mage, he did really well today. He’s got a lot of heart. It’s a little horse but big heart.”

    Horse racing is one of the few sports where someone who stands 4 feet, 11 inches tall can get away with calling a horse “little.” But, reports are Mage didn’t take it too personally.

    Two Phil’s and Angel of Empire appeared headed for a photo finish before Castellano took Mage wide, and the horse found an extra gear.

    Castellano wasn’t the only member of his family to praise God at the end of the race. The jockey’s brother, Abel, took to Twitter to celebrate God.

    “My brother Won’t the Kentucky Derby wow!!,’ he wrote in obvious excitement. God is great. [Praise] lord Jesus.’

    PA's Angel of Empire comes in third.

    THEY ARE SPRAYING US LIKE BUGS (and how to stop it)

    Reinette Senum (independent) ran for election for Governor of California. She lost in the primary on June 7, 2022.

    Reinette talks with Dane Wigington about Solar Dimming, aka stratospheric aerosol injection, which has been covertly underway for decades

    Each chemtrail plane can carry 100 tons of nano aluminum, barium and strontium into the air. This is the single most destructive human activity.

    Softball Sized Hail Slams Texas

    Dane Wigington

    "Softball sized hail slams Texas", this NBC news headline from this week is a glaring red flag warning of climate engineering operations and chemical ice nucleation cloud seeding. The weather makers are increasingly desperate to create short term surface cool-downs no matter how much damage they inflict in the process. What is fueling so much climate engineering desperation? Consider the following USA Today breaking headline as a primary factor: "Spring ocean temperatures are shockingly hot around the globe, scientists aren't sure what comes next." Superheating seas will soon translate to superheating land masses.

    The paradox is that every single climate engineering chemical cloud seeding cool-down comes at the cost of an even worse overall warming of the planet. How much longer till total climate system collapse? How quickly after will global civilization succumb to the same fate?

    Pakistan chemtrail study confirms others: Spraying aluminum, strontium and barium on all of creation is counter productive.

    Restrictions On Ivermectin Dropped In Australia

    Drug Banned Because It Was a Threat to Vaccination Uptake

    Australia banned general practitioners from prescribing ivermectin in Sep. 2021.

    “The concern was the likelihood that persons prescribed the drug for COVID-19 would believe themselves protected and would not get vaccinated, and would not seek the appropriate medical care if symptoms developed,” the notice of the final decision by TGA said.

    Study Finds Ivermectin Kills COVID-19

    However, in a peer-reviewed study by Monash University in Australia, published in April 2020, it was demonstrated that ivermectin could eliminate SARS-Covid-19-2 in cells in 48 hours.

    The team, who have been researching ivermectin for over ten years with different viruses, discovered that a dose of ivermectin could stop the SARS-CoV-2 virus from growing in cells.

    “We found that even a single dose could essentially remove all viral RNA by 48 hours and that even at 24 hours, there was a really significant reduction in it,” senior research fellow and lead study author Kylie Wagstaff said.

    “Ivermectin is very widely used and seen as a safe drug,” Wagstaff said.

    Meanwhile, pharmaceutical authorities around the world are under growing scrutiny over the funding many receive from the industry itself, with an investigation revealing that half of their funding comes from the pharmaceutical industry—the industry they are supposed to be regulating.

    In a report, published in the British Journal of Medicine, it was discovered that the U.S. FDA receives 65 percent of its funding from the pharmaceutical industry, the MHRA (UK) receives 86 percent, and the Australian TGA receives 96 percent of its funding from the pharmaceutical industry.

    (Big Pharma funding of the media is what got Tucker Carlson fired over threatening the network's main income source.)

    State College Newspaper Still Pushing Covid Boosters

    A Mclatchey writer in Lexington KY tells Penn State/State College to go get their covid boosters even at this late date. But no recent push for boosters in their Lexington paper! This out of town pharma newspaper is doing a disservice to PA residents.

    This shows how bad things are at Penn State main. They just can't give up poisoning their own and are now sending students home with this terrible health advice every sensible person knows is wrong. Just check the recent vaccine numbers which have fallen off the cliff.

    Penn State has become an over priced school for the gullible who will take their all the shots and transgender programming that comes from Merck and Hershey medical. What responsible parent would send their kids there. Even the alumni are disgusted with them.

    They had the winningest coach in all of college football but won't give two cents to his legacy they were so quick to erase. The alumni have the DA Gricar case all but solved but we have a Governor who's AG won't cooperate with solving the most important capitol murder case in PA history. See

  • Rochelle Walensky resigns from CDC…

  • W.H.O. declares pandemic is over…


    This is the torroidal energy field that is shared by every living thing. 

    Our upcoming Full Moon Mass Meditation will be held on Friday, May 5th at 2:45 PM UTC.

    Cryptocurrency: the Battle Rages in the War on Consciousness

    Whether we realise it or not, humanity is being engaged in a war on consciousness. It goes back aeons, at least to the time of hybridisation during the epoch known as Atlantis. Now, the current iteration is a full-on attempt to frog-march souls into the Metaverse. The bogus measures of the pandemic began the new war. Then it moved into the global resource and energy chains. Now, it has shifted to the financial sector. Let’s explore how the valiant crusader of cryptocurrency is fighting for the freedom of humanity.

    Let’s be clear, humanity is being engaged in a War on Consciousness by a surreptitious and unseen enemy. It can be put simply down to the need for power and control – not accepting and thereby resisting the natural toroidal flower of life. This time, control has manifested as the old Annunaki from Sirius, and the synthetic beings they created, including the Greys and especially the Tall Whites.

    Fortunately, some are getting very aware of this intervention and pushing back in courageous ways – turning willingly away from the social media dopamine spoon-feeding. We’re working constantly to open channels of light through the shadow to provide essential breathing and resonance space for the soul.

    (A lot of the alien A.I. anomalies trace back to Sirius which has since been liberated. The rest is a clean up operation to get back to harmony with nature.)

    Orban endorses Trump for White House return

    If the former president were back in office, there would be “no war afflicting Europe,” the Hungarian leader told a conservative rally.

    (Orban and Hungary, home of the Bucegi Mountains, are part of the primary earth alliance that includes Russia, China and India. The USA is not in the alliance yet because of the Biden administration devolutionaries who are holding everyone else back.)

    5.3.23: u.s. Military Arrests CDC Director Dr. Howard Zucker

    Ran the pandemic response for Cuomo in NY then was promoted to CDC's Deputy Director for Global Health. He was caught on a zoom call advocating for another lockdown over the fictitious Arcturus XBB1.16 strain. 

    Speaker McCarthy Flip Flops On 'No Blank Check For Ukraine'

    Washington's old guard can't help itself: when it comes to throwing endless streams of our money down a foreign boondoggle they just never refuse. Even if they promise to do so. Speaker Kevin McCarthy is backing off his "no blank check" promise when it comes to Ukraine - even after $100 billion has already been authorized! Also today: House to move to make Iran sanctions permanent and...the Navy's secret recruitment weapon!

    (Needs to put the January 6 videos into the public domain.)

    Ex-FBI agent who feds say urged Jan. 6 rioters to kill police worked terrorism task force

    Jared Wise was part of the FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force and was supervisory special agent in charge of the Homegrown Violent Extremism unit.

    Charles Schwab and Other Big Banks May Be Secretly Insolvent

    Joe Biden 'Engaged In A Bribery Scheme With A Foreign National': FBI Internal Document Alleges

    An 'exchange of money for policy decisions...'

    WSJ: Former Israeli PM and Head of Israeli Military Intelligence Ehud Barak Visited Jeffrey Epstein's Apartment Monthly

    The state of Arkansas is refusing to pay a Jewish doctor for a talk he delivered at a public university because he declined to promise not to boycott Israel.

    Dr. Steve Feldman, a dermatologist, delivered a Zoom lecture to University of Arkansas at Little Rock medical students in February, for which he was entitled to a $500 honorarium from the state. But Feldman said that the state is withholding payment because he refused to sign a pledge, required for public contractors under Arkansas law since 2017, to commit to not boycotting Israel.

    (All of these anti BDS laws against Israel boycotts are unconstitutional. Three Federal judges have already ruled against these laws.)

    Covid Vaccine Demand is Gone

    Taking Zuckerbucks is now a felony in Georgia…

    For those who think the next presidential election will be like the last.

    Who knew Vivek was a piano virtuoso?  The Democrats have no equal.


    PacWest Bancorp $PACW stock trading halted, citing volatility, after sinking 30%.

    Western Alliance Bank, $WAL, now down 25%, stock halted.

    Metropolitan Bank, $MCB, now down 24%, stock halted.

    Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen on Monday issued a stark warning that the US government could run out of money to pay its obligations as soon as June 1.

    Khazarian mafia age of anti-humanitarianism coming to an end with global banking collapse

    Gold, silver and oil are the main goals of these Illuminati, in addition to absolute control over natural resources, water and fertile land, which are preferably the resources they need to further their agenda. The attitude is that no country should own its resource wealth.

    More than a century ago, inventors like Nicolai Tesla discovered free-energy and devolved equipment to harness the freely available magnetic energy of the earth and harness it. Patenting these inventions was the biggest mistake, because it transferred the legality of the patent to the government.

    The US military leadership knows that Bibi Netanyahu ordered his Mossad and nationals to attack America with nuclear weapons on 9-11-01 on behalf of the Rothschilds.

    Several covert operations are now being conducted worldwide to expose and strip the Rothschild mafia of their endless, elastic money supply.

    New York Slated To Become First State To Ban Natural Gas Stoves

    Gas lighting natural gas is part of the carbon tax energy control scheme.

    Escape from Communist Romania, Portals to Inner Earth, Bucegi Hall of Records & ET Contact

    The Bucegi hall of records hold the true history of earth and the original 12 strand Adamic DNA that was reseeded by Atlantean survivors after the great flood. This is the real holy grail that needs to be released to the general public that will accelerate the evolution of mankind.

    The Galactic Codex Subsection 1.4.

    Each sentient being has an unalienable and unconditional right to all Information.

    This subsection is a guarantee that all beings receive all pieces of information they need to understand their role in the universe, in greater perspective, in evolution and all other pieces they need for their decisions, growth and well-being.

    Adamantine Particles: Building Blocks of Reality by Katy Morikawa

    The adamantine particles actually form part of the fundamental trinity of the universe as Jesus describes it to Glenda Green. In this trinity, Love stands atop the pyramid or triangle, and at the base corners rest Spirit and the Adamantine Particles.

    Jesus explains why he calls them both “adamantine particles” and “particles of infinity”: “‘Adamantine’ comes from the root word ‘adamant,’ which means unsubmitting, impenetrable, unyielding. This particle is so small that it is irreducible, non-negotiable, fundamental and utterly elemental. the term ‘particle of infinity’ refers to its function, for it is basic to all physical existence without dimensional limitation.”

    Commanded by Love

    And indeed, fundamentally, adamantine particles are commanded by love. If you accept a broader view of love that holds life as love in action, you might begin to grasp this mechanism more directly. On a personal level, the heart attracts adamantine particles magnetically. You then command them with your love. Adamantine Radiance!

    They make up both the limited world of matter and the timeless infinities that illuminate all dimensions, the light of consciousness and other more ineffable realities. Apparently, we used to be able to perceive them with the naked eye! He says, “Some people can perceive adamantine radiance with the naked eye. It’s an ancient perception that most people have allowed to become dormant. That is what people mean when they see auras, or glowing radiance around things. But like smell, the ability to see adamantine particles was once strong in everyone. Thousands of years ago it was a survival sense pertaining to the selection of food and medicine, as well as friend and foe. Animals still use it today. It is by this sense that a bird knows a poison seed from an herb which can rid him of lice. Upon approaching a benevolent seed which the bird needs, the adamantine particles will glow.

    “It is healing just to interact freely with life, and to receive a fresh new supply of adamantine particles. Inhale them, enjoy the abundance around you.” Moral dimensions are revealed as well by their flow. “When your life has been lived with a very clear purpose and when your love has been directed to principles and thoughts that carry it to higher planes of consciousness, then the treasures of your life will be stored more safely.

    Adamantine Particles and How to Use Them Effectively – A Review

    Love from within the Sacred Heart, or what is termed unconditional or Sacred Love, is the alchemical action that initiates the free flow of Adamantine Particles so that the sender is also receiving this magic elixir of life.

    Adamantine Particles, or LOVE/LIGHT in spiritual terms, can be defined as electromagnetic radiation, a Divine emanation from the Core Heart / Mind of the Supreme Creator. It is the Essence of Life, and within it are all of the qualities, virtues, aspects and attributes, which are refracted into twelve great Rays of Creator consciousness through our Father/Mother God, the Elohim and Archangels of this Universe. There is some level of Creator Light in everything in existence. Nothing could exist without it. That is why it is often called “Living Light.” No matter how small or dim, it must be present in order for anything to exist.

    You, as a Spark of Divinity, came forth with a specific amount of Creator Light (Adamantine Particles) stored within your Diamond Core God Cell. There was also a Memory Seed Atom reserve stored within your Root Chakra to assist you in the awakening process of Ascension. However, the greater portion of your Divine Light remained stored within your God Self in the lofty realms of higher consciousness. The Ascension process entails drawing forth the maximum amount of Creator Light that can be contained within your physical vessel. As you return to harmony in your world within and without, your physical, mental, emotional and etheric bodies are made ready to receive SPIRITUAL ILLUMINATION – Living Light /Adamantine Particles from your Divine Self.

    Download the entire article to read offline by clicking the link below:


    (This is just a warm up for the rays of the beautiful sun coming May 1st.)

    • "According to many ancient Mayan esoteric beliefs, Alcyone is the central star of the Pleiadian star system, and our sun is the outermost star of this system. The Mayan Great Cycle is a calendar that delineates the [26,000]-year-long orbit of our sun and solar system around Alcyone.
    • According to the latest discoveries in astronomy, our sun is moving into a "photon belt," or belt of light particles. As we move deeper and deeper into this photon belt, it would seem that we are moving into the Age of Light described in many ancient prophecies as well as by the Mayans. My latest theory about the photon belt, which combines science, astrology, esoteric sources, and secret information given to me by indigenous people, is that we cyclically travel through this belt of light for [2000] years and then travel outside of it for about [11,000] years." -Foreword, p. XV

        "Because Alcyone is in the center of the Pleidaian system, this star basks in this light field eternally. When our solar system moves thrugh this belt, there is always a full communion with Alcyone and the entire Pleidian system. When this occurs, there is a great quickening in our solar system and on Earth. Though we do not yet understand how this increase in photons is influencing us, it is becoming obvious that quickening and accelerating our consciousness could turn out to be a survival need. This new form of increasing light seems to be mutating our bodies, emotions, minds, and souls.

    Foster Perry's book contains major keys for intentionally mutating ourselves as we move deeper and deeper into this photon belt." -Foreword, p. XV     "I intuit that when we are in the photon belt, we are in communion with Alcyone, which then puts us into conne