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We are more than we’ve been led to believe. Nations go to war to keep us distracted

US scientist and lecturer Gregg Braden speaks with André Duqum, US presenter of the podcast ‘Know Thyself’. Braden discusses how a crucial war between Good and Evil is being waged to subjugate our humanness, because it is a conduit to our divinity. They are trying to replace our bodies with synthetic products, by putting chemicals in our blood, sensors under our skin, and computer chips in our brains, in addition to artificial intelligence, which robs us of our ability to access the most profound and powerful part of ourselves. We have to triumph, to become the best version of ourselves, and to transcend our limitations, as we express the deep truth of what it means to be human. We are much more than we have been led to believe. Therefore, we need to recognise and celebrate our Divinity.

Donald Trump and Melania cheer on son Barron at his high school graduation in Florida after former President's New York court case was put on hold so he could attend

Barron Trump, 18, graduated from exclusive Oxbridge Academy on Friday. Speculation is growing as to where Barron will go to college  

The biggest medical scandal in history: Vaccine adverse effects are being hidden from the people

British parliamentarian Andrew Bridgen speaks out and discusses how we are witnesses to the greatest medical scandal his country has ever seen… possibly of all time. He is referring to the excess deaths that occurred in 2023 and 2024. The causes behind this trend are complex, but the new, untested medical treatment described as the ‘Covid vaccine’ constitutes a large part of the problem. Ultimately, the situation is very clear. The evidence is clear: these vaccines are causing death, and despite that fact, they are described as being ‘safe and effective’. The jabs have caused serious injury and death in a segment of the population that received them, and will increase the risk of cancer for many more, Bridgen says.

Ed Dowd Exposes the Big Lie Surrounding COVID Vaccine Injuries

His data suggests that since the vaccine rollout, America has seen:

• 1.1 million excess deaths
• 4 million people becoming disabled
• And 28.6 million vaccine-injured people are often missing work due to chronic illness.

“So, it’s about 33 million Americans have been injured, disabled, or died from this vaccine in our estimate.”

Click here to watch the full interview.

(Lets do the math with Ed's data to determine the amount of local covid vaccine damage we have suffered. There are 333 million people in the US and 33 million are vaccine damaged or dead. That means 10% of your neighbors have been damaged by the vaccine and .3% have died from it.

In a county such as Blair we have 121,000 residents. That means roughly 12 thousand have been injured and 366 have been killed by the covid shots. Plus there is ongoing poisoning due to shedding and the continued pushing of poisonous lipid particle mRNA vaccines for flu and RSV.

In the same period of time about 200 drug overdose deaths have occurred in the county showing that the deadliest drugs by far have been the covid vaccines not opioids. The media is not reporting these facts because they have been working for big pharma not the people. If the media had any credibility left they would be trying to help those poisoned by the shots with Ivermectin and other spike protein eliminating protocols such as nattokinase.)

CHD FOIAs VAERS Reports of Infant Deaths Following RSV Vaccines

Children’s Health Defense on Tuesday filed FOIA requests with the CDC for communications related to two reports of infant deaths following the accidental administration of the RSV vaccine.

(The most important health issue of our time is the vaccine business and the damage it has done to humanity. RFK JR's Children's health defense is one of the only media outlets who are telling the truth about vaccines. This is why cutting Kennedy out of the conversation only helps big pharma not The People.)

Celebrities suffer adverse effects or die post vaccination – Part 144

Here’s the utterly false CO2-driven Climate Change narrative
and anthropogenic Global Warming hoax nicely summed up.

State of the Nation

Geoengineering Is The Primary Cause Of Manmade Global Climate Change, Not CO2.

(Would one person from Penn State please step forward and tell the truth about chemtrails and the carbon hoax? Here's hoping all of the climate disinformation left with professor Michael Mann and went to UPENN. )

The Financial Incentive to Murder and Poison American Children

There are more deaths from vaccines than from the diseases they are said to prevent.

In an April 16th interview with Polly Tommey, Dr. Paul Thomas, explained how the American medical establishment incentivizes pediatricians to fully vaccinate their young patients, and fines them if they don’t. Vaccinations that have been proven to cause more death and harm than the diseases they are said to be preventing.

“Well, as other practices started kicking people out of their practices if they weren't following the CDC schedule, I was getting more and more families who didn't want to do any vaccines. Which was fine with me. So we took an entire month of every single billing sheet. And on every visit, on the back of that, our providers would mark off what vaccines we recommend according to the CDC schedule. Families could decline them. And then our billing department, insurance company by insurance company, vaccine by vaccine, we looked at how much money was being lost for vaccines that were refused, just the admin fee.

So there's three main ways you make money off of vaccines in pediatrics. The number one is the admin fee. And you get about, it depends on the insurance company, every contract's different, but I would average it out to say about $40 for the first antigen and $20 for each subsequent antigen. So let's just say a two month well baby visit. There’s a DPT. That's three shots, three antigens. Hib, Prevnar, HepB, Polio, Rotavirus, six shots, eight antigens, about $240. Thank you for giving those shots. Multiply that by the fact that I was getting 30 to 40 newborns per month. They're coming in repeatedly at two months, four months, six months, nine months, twelve months, fifteen, eighteen months, and age two. So we looked at the admin fee loss and from my practice that was billing at that time, about 3 million gross, we were losing a million dollars, over a million dollars, in vaccines that were refused. So you cannot stay in business if you're not giving, pretty close to the CDC schedule. It just doesn't pencil out economically at all.

But let me tell you about the other two ways we make money from vaccines. One is the markup. That's,that's small. They don't allow a lot of profit on vaccines as far as markups. But they do this thing called incentives or bonuses. And it's called a “Quality Bonus.” Well in pediatrics, one of the main quality measures is how well you vaccinate. Isn't that interesting? It has nothing to do with how healthy your kids are. Like when I studied my vaxed vs unvaxed patients, the unvaxed were so incredibly healthy. They rarely got sick. They rarely would end up in an emergency room or in a hospital or with any chronic condition. So being unvaxed results in very healthy kids who don't use a lot of medical dollars. Every health system should want that. But it's reversed, it's all flipped, It's bizarre.

You're supposed to have had your kids up to date about 80% of them by age two. Guess what percentage of my population was at fully vaccinated at age two? 1%. The goal is 80%. So Doctor Paul gets an F minus. Basically what that means is not only do I not get paid the normal amount for everything else we do in the office, I get dinged maybe 10 or 15% off of those RVUs, relative value units, that are ascribed. To everything you do in medicine is given a value. If you do very well on your quality measures, you're a really good vaccinator, you may get an additional 10% on everything you do in your office. That's huge.

SIDs is sudden infant death syndrome. When you hear the word syndrome, it means we don't know what it is. We don't know what causes it. Well, we actually have a pretty good clue because there are six data sets. Studies that looked at SIDs when that infant died, relative to when they got a vaccine. In one data set, 97% were in the first ten days after the vaccine. For the six other studies, a couple of them showed that 50% of the deaths happened in the first week. But 75 to about 90% of those deaths are happening in the first week after vaccines in all these studies. We've known this for decades. The countries that have the most infant vaccines have the highest infant mortality. Guess where the US stands? We are number one in infant vaccines. We are number one in industrial countries for infant mortality.

There's a document, 450 page legal document, that has tables showing for every single disease for which we have a vaccine, there are more deaths from the vaccine than there are from the disease for which we have that vaccine.” ~ Dr. Paul Thomas

Blinken Fiddles In Kiev As Ukrainian Troops Burned In Kharkov

Secretary of State Antony Blinken dragged C-Span cameras along to a pub in Kiev where he jumped onstage to play Neil Young's "Rockin' in the Free World" with the house band, seemingly oblivious to the rapid advance of Russian forces in the north. Meanwhile, Blinken green-lights Ukraine to strike deep within Russia despite Russian warnings of retaliation at the source - whether in Ukraine or elsewhere. What could go wrong? Also today: Blinken's "holding up" weapons for Israel exposed as cynical political farce. Finally: Hero Massie drops pro raw milk bill.

Forensic Expert Claims Massive Switch of 50,000 Votes
in Pennsylvania in 2020 Election

IT Expert Greg Stenstrom says that 50,000 votes were flipped in Pennsylvania three days after the 2020 Election. (Delaware County, Philadelphia, AG Josh Shapiro's home base win for Governor along with Lucky Larry Krasner Philly DA. Shapiro said there was no election fraud in PA but never bothered to look for it!)

This is a shocking report.

A warehouse supervisor is alleged to have entered a Pennsylvania voting precinct shortly after the 2020 election and used a portable vDrive to flip more than 50,000 votes.

(One key to Biden's success in the state was his improvement on Hillary Clinton's margins in the large Philadelphia-area suburban counties: he won Bucks by 3.60% more than Clinton did, Delaware by 4.38% more, Montgomery by 4.80% more, and Chester—which Mitt Romney had narrowly won just eight years prior—by 6.60%)

Pfizer very quietly agrees to settle 10,000 cancer lawsuits over Zantac

Thousands of lawsuits were filed in courts nation-wide. Details of the settlements have not been disclosed to the public.

Benjamin Fulford — May 13th, 2024: Failure of WHO Pandemic Treaty Means the Sheeple Will Soon Be Released From the Human Animal Farm

We also now confirmed from Pentagon sources that the millions of military-age male illegal immigrants who came into the US since 2021 were brought in to enforce the planned implementation of the (now failed) Khazarian Mafia WHO pandemic treaty. These men will now be rounded up and sent home.  

The secret battle for the planet Earth was between these two alternative timelines for the future. One was the release of humanity to evolve as it chooses and thus start off a new Cambrian explosion. The other was the permanent enslavement of humanity at the service of a self-declared Nazi super race.

The Nazis have now been comprehensively defeated. The death of Klaus Schwab Rothschild, Bill Gates, Hillary Clinton Rockefeller and others ensured that. There will be more KM dominoes falling soon.

With that in mind, let us look at the geopolitical news of the past week because it is a snapshot of the shifting timelines.

The biggest change there came with the ongoing collapse of the Khazarian Mafia states of Israel, Ukraine and the US.

This is thanks to the planetary liberation alliance led by Russia, China and the Western military-industrial complex white hats.

Russia’s contributions were especially notable last week. In a sign of how free people can decide their own future, Russia just announced its goals for 2030. The 82 targets include “upholding traditional moral and spiritual values,” making Russia the fourth largest economy in the world, increasing population, becoming a high-tech super-power, creating a “comfortable and safe living environment,” promoting “environmental welfare, etc”

Sovereign nations like Russia plan their own future. Slave states like the US are forced into wars, not in the national interest that impoverish their own people.

By the way, this is Mikhail Mishustin, Chairman of the Russian Government and real ruler of Russia.

He is not a dictator but rather the head of a committee that uses Putin as its’ PR avatar.

With its plan in motion, Russia has now begun a massive offensive against Ukraine on all fronts. Ukrainian resistance has collapsed and the war there is effectively over, Polish intelligence, CIA and Russian FSB sources agree.

The US military has agreed to this. Pentagon sources also tell us that even though the fake Joe Biden signed a bill offering $61 billion in weapons supplies to Ukraine the reality is nothing has been or will be sent.

The Peruvian government has officially classified transgender, nonbinary and intersex people as “mentally ill.”

The controversial decision was made to ensure the country’s public health services could “guarantee full coverage of medical attention for mental health” for the trans community, the Peruvian health ministry explained, according to the Telegraph.

RFK Jr. Cries 'Collusion' After Biden And Trump Ditch Him For Debate

Vaccines, Ivermectin and prosecuting the CIA for the Kennedy assassination probably won't be debated.

Large Barge Slams Into Galveston Bridge, Stranding Thousands On Pelican Island

Buttegieg will be right there with the checkbook.

Pascal Najadi: The War Is Already WON - A US-Led Covert Military Operation #OPERATIONSTORM.

US TAX MONEY GRAND THEFT! “The Russians Just Walked In”: Ukraine Border Defense Funds Diverted To Fake Companies In Massive “Betrayal”

Ukraine Discussing Moving Country's Capital from Kiev to Lviv;

The world is now a safer place. Free of the NAZI dark fleet space program.

Israeli settlers destroy truckloads of aid, as Israeli forces watch, Gazans starve – Day 220

Tracking the criminal and civil cases against Donald Trump

President Trump doesn't have to respond to the lawsuits. He is only beholden to military justice. Trump is only going to court to expose corruption.

Ray Gricar's disappearance and case updates: What really happened?

The FBI will have to eat some crow on this one.

5,000+ adverse events from a single Covid vaccine batch, never seen before. Government censorship

US Senator Ron Johnson says people need to be held accountable; the vaccine should never have been mandated. No one can dispute that the vaccine causes harm! Federal health agencies admit to myocarditis, but there is so much more. They hide what they shouldn't hide, and he believes they only do that because this situation most likely greatly incriminates them. Government censorship works with the media and Big Tech social media giants to censor the truth. The truth is powerful, but it must be revealed, he says.

Arizona Republican Party Declares Covid-19 Injections Biological and Technological Weapons, Passed Ban the Jab Resolution!

Shout out to Patriot Dan Schultz! When I reached out to Dan and asked him to submit the resolution, he did not hesitate. Dan submitted the ‘Ban the Jab’ resolution to the Republican Party of Arizona. The Arizona GOP voted today and passed the resolution with 95.62% of the vote! The resolution declares the COVID-19 injections biological and technological weapons and calls on the Governor to prohibit their distribution, the Attorney General to confiscate the vials, and conduct a forensic analysis of their contents.

1 Bird Flu Case in the entire US, Red eyes only symptom, recovering with antiviral for flu (Ivermectin? Tell Us CDC!) 

CDC’s Risk Assessment for the General Public Remains Low


Press Release

For Immediate Release: Monday, April 1, 2024
Contact: Media Relations
(404) 639-3286

April 1, 2024—A person in the United States has tested positive for highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) A(H5N1) virus (“H5N1 bird flu”), as reported by Texas and confirmed by CDC. This person had exposure to dairy cattle in Texas presumed to be infected with HPAI A(H5N1) viruses. The patient reported eye redness (consistent with conjunctivitis), as their only symptom, and is recovering. The patient was told to isolate and is being treated with an antiviral drug for flu.


(File this one under vaccine sales attempt.)


The Elohim (as a definition) consist of the forces, the authorities and the thrones found in the sixth, seventh and eighth dimensions of the divine system.

The Elohim are secondary gods ranked below the God of the universe. They are immense light entities which penetrate the dimensions and guard the divine laws.

They develop and evolve through the twelve ranks of evolution. The strongest are found on the twelfth evolutionary level of the dominant dimensions. On earth, we only know of six Elohim who belong to the twelfth level. There are thousands of Elohim moving in the sixth, seventh and eighth dimensions. Imagine that every one of the aforementioned dimensions, contains twelve levels.

On the sixth, seventh and eighth dimension dominate the hierarchies of the forces, the sovereignties and the authorities.

Each hierarchy drives the force, the authority, and is responsible for the compliance of the divine laws.

The six major Elohim belong to the forces. They are known to humans as the Archangels.

They are Elohim Michael, Elohim Gabriel, Elohim Raphael, Elohim Uriel, Elohim Sachiel and Elohim Samuel.

Elohim Michael, who belongs to the forces, is the regnant commander of all three dimensions (sixth, seventh and eighth dimensions). We could describe him as a secondary god below the God of the universe.

Elohim Gabriel and Elohim Samuel also belong to the authorities that promote the development of the inferior dimensions (third and fourth dimensions).

Elohim Sachiel, Uriel and Raphael belong to the sovereignties. They take action in many sectors such as catharsis, propulsion and therapy.

The six major Elohim open the gates of the third and fourth dimensions in order for the force of evolutions and love for God, descends. As I already mentioned, humans are only aware of the six Elohim. They are found on the twelfth level of the dimension that they command. They are able to release the human souls that are ready to be upgraded, in order to be unfettered from their dependencies and illusions added to them by the Nephilim, during their descend to earth. Their forces penetrate our own solar system which belongs to the lower dimensions (third and fourth).

The earth came under the negative influence of the Nephilim (the fallen). This thralldom excluded the earth from what we know as heaven, which was a huge galaxy on the fifth dimension. The souls that acceded to the orders of the recalcitrant Nephilim were trapped on earth. The story of the Fall and the reasons behind it, are recorded in my first book “The Nephilim Galaxy – The Waking”. The earth’s and the human’s thralldom ended in 1996, thus providing the ability to thousands of living humans to discern the spiritual truth behind the veil of illusion that the dynasty of the Nephilim had projected onto them.

All these years I have been guiding my school’s students, through the heavenly entities, to come into touch with their higher selves and to free themselves from karmic causes. In the past few years, the earth completed its last evolutionary cycle. I was given the resonant mission to rapidly release the earth from the commitments the Nephilim had placed upon it during our incarnations within it. I was given 9 liberating seals of the major Elohim. During the procedure of initiation of the transcendental journey (that I’m realizing with my students) to our birthplace, which is found on one of the planets within the fifth dimension, the binding seals placed by the dominant Nephilim during our descend are untied.

Every Elohim provides a seal-key of release.

Following the nine releases, the student is given the tenth and eleventh seal of release and, thus, the commitments that prevented abundance in all aspects of their lives are untied.

The eleventh seal is the seal of Christ. When we receive it, we acquire an immortal spiritual body. The twelfth seal opens up the clear communication with the twelve dimensions of the divine universe.

Students who are time-travelers are given the seal-keys with their sound frequencies in order for them to be able to transfer them to other human networks so that they can be released.

The seal-keys contain the Ternary power of love, the creator and true God of the universe. These keys unbind us from ancestral chains, thus, releasing these (ancestral) souls, so that they can pass on to the spheres of education and guidance.

Oncologist: "The Covid-19 mRNA injections are very likely to cause cancer"

Dr Angus Dalgleish, British Professor of Oncology at St George's, University of London, in an interview with Dr John Campbell, British YouTuber and retired UK educator with a PhD in Nursing: "The mRNA vaccines can produce the spike protein for a much longer period of time and potentially greatly inhibit the activity of tumour suppressor genes. That's their fundamental flaw, that's why I want them banned."

Facing a new threat: State’s dairy industry braces for avian influenza

This is a manufactured scare to cover for the fact that pharmacies are still pushing cancer and clot causing mRNA shots with no mention of the antidote Ivermectin.

Only two people in the entire USA have gotten avian flu and both recovered. The CDC is now pushing the entire dairy industry to wear gloves, masks, goggles, and gowns.

There is no avian flu outbreak in the wild bird population and is most likely a lab made flu like covid 19 being spread on purpose to sell a new vaccine.

Dairy farmers resist CDC push for PPE against bird flu virus - STAT

U.S. Could Vaccinate a Fifth of Americans in a Bird Flu Emergency Forget it. The People know better now.

IVERMECTIN and CANCER  - Treating Turbo Cancer - 7 new studies released in 2024 show Ivermectin works against CANCER

(This ought to trigger big pharma into telling the truth!)


  • (2024 Fan et al) - Ivermectin Inhibits Bladder Cancer Cell Growth and Induces Oxidative Stress and DNA Damage
  • (2024 Man-Yuan Li et al) - Ivermectin induces nonprotective autophagy by downregulating PAK1 and apoptosis in lung adenocarcinoma cells
  • (2024 Kaur et al) - Ivermectin: A Multifaceted drug with a potential beyond anti-parasitic therapy
  • (2024 Xing Hu et al) - Ivermectin as a potential therapeutic strategy for glioma
  • (2024 Yang Song et al) - Gene signatures to therapeutics: Assessing the potential of ivermectin against t(4;14) multiple myeloma
  • (2024 Goldfarb et al) - Lipid-Restricted Culture Media Reveal Unexpected Cancer Cell Sensitivities
  • (2024 Newell et al) - Therapeutic targeting of nuclear export and import receptors in cancer and their potential in combination chemotherapy 

RFK Jr. Exclusive: Israel, Inflation, Covid, Gold And Bitcoin

JP Morgan & Rothschild Now Own Bitcoin ETFs

It's not every day the banks capitulate.

Nebraska Ends Income Taxes On Gold And Silver, Declares CBDC’s Are Not Lawful Money

Nebraska joins Utah, Wisconsin, and Kentucky as states to have enacted pro-sound money legislation into law so far in 2024.

Diasporic Jews Call for an End to All Zionism!

This would be the perfect ending to Rothschild Zionism and the beginning of New Jerusalem.

Zion is a specific, historically important location — the name refers to both a hill in the city of Jerusalem and to the city itself — but it's also used in a general way to mean "holy place" or "kingdom of heaven."

The NAZIs developed alien technology for fossil fuel free energy, anti gravity, weaponized medicine, weather manipulation, tsunamis, earthquakes and lazer based weapons.

EU states arrest people for celebrating WW2 victory over Nazis

Our parents generation fought in Europe in WW2 against the NAZIs and so did Russia. How soon they forget.

Isolation and propaganda is brain-changing torture. Discrimination and apartheid of the unvaccinated

The unvacinated should get together for some long term planning and invite the others too.

Oncologist: "The Covid-19 mRNA injections are very likely to cause cancer"

Poland, Germany, Ukraine, Switzerland, Netherlands, Spain, France are witnessing Northern Lights/Aurora in sky thanks to ongoing Solar Storm!

Bathed in violet adamantine particles!

Adamantine Particles and How to Use Them Effectively – A Review


Beloved masters, in many ways, we have endeavored to convey to you the magnificence and all-inclusive meaning of Love/Light from the Creator Source. It is time for many facets of higher knowledge to come together so that you can more fully understand the perfection in the Creator’s grand plan. The strongest force in the Omniverse is the LOVE FORCE, which is radiated through the Essence of the feminine or GODDESS energy of the Creator. First, the masculine Essence of the Creator brings forth SEEDS of new creation within ITS mind, resulting in a Divine Blueprint, which is then enfolded within the LOVE CORE or the emotional nature of the Goddess Essence. A wondrous and magnificent process is thereby initiated, resulting in creations beyond your greatest imaginings.

You, as humans, are one of those magnificent creations. As each Soul takes up residency within a physical body, there is a ration of Adamantine Particles stored within the Sacred Heart. As an innocent child, this Divine Love/Light flows freely to and from the Sacred Heart; however, gradually innocence is lost. The etheric shields of unbalanced energy begin to build up around the Sacred Heart – initiated by the ego, supposedly for protection. Therefore, by adulthood the flow of this Divine Elixir is greatly diminished, except for the few awakened Souls. That is why we say it is so important to balance the chakra system and to activate the Solar Power Center, which in turn initiates the reactivation and empowerment of the Sacred Heart.

It is of vital importance that you endeavor to stay centered within the heart. It is so critical that you are attuned to the frequencies of the Mid-Fourth or lower Fifth Dimensions so you may gain access to the Adamantine Particles of Creator Light. You are always connected to Spirit via your Higher Self through the Silver Cord LifeLine. However, your Sacred Heart must be open so that the Love/Light energy of Adamantine Particles may flow freely to you and from you. You must be resonating above the Third and lower levels of Fourth density for this to take place. This is a critical step in becoming a Self-Master and a cocreator of balance, vibrant health and abundance.


The Elohim (as a definition) consist of the forces, the authorities and the thrones found in the sixth, seventh and eighth dimensions of the divine system.

The Elohim are secondary gods ranked below the God of the universe. They are immense light entities which penetrate the dimensions and guard the divine laws.

They develop and evolve through the twelve ranks of evolution. The strongest are found on the twelfth evolutionary level of the dominant dimensions. On earth, we only know of six Elohim who belong to the twelfth level. There are thousands of Elohim moving in the sixth, seventh and eighth dimensions. Imagine that every one of the aforementioned dimensions, contains twelve levels.

On the sixth, seventh and eighth dimension dominate the hierarchies of the forces, the sovereignties and the authorities.

Each hierarchy drives the force, the authority, and is responsible for the compliance of the divine laws.

The six major Elohim belong to the forces. They are known to humans as the Archangels.

They are Elohim Michael, Elohim Gabriel, Elohim Raphael, Elohim Uriel, Elohim Sachiel and Elohim Samuel.

Elohim Michael, who belongs to the forces, is the regnant commander of all three dimensions (sixth, seventh and eighth dimensions). We could describe him as a secondary god below the God of the universe.

Elohim Gabriel and Elohim Samuel also belong to the authorities that promote the development of the inferior dimensions (third and fourth dimensions).

Elohim Sachiel, Uriel and Raphael belong to the sovereignties. They take action in many sectors such as catharsis, propulsion and therapy.

The six major Elohim open the gates of the third and fourth dimensions in order for the force of evolutions and love for God, descends. As I already mentioned, humans are only aware of the six Elohim. They are found on the twelfth level of the dimension that they command. They are able to release the human souls that are ready to be upgraded, in order to be unfettered from their dependencies and illusions added to them by the Nephilim, during their descend to earth. Their forces penetrate our own solar system which belongs to the lower dimensions (third and fourth). The earth came under the negative influence of the Nephilim (the fallen). This thralldom excluded the earth from what we know as heaven, which was a huge galaxy on the fifth dimension. The souls that acceded to the orders of the recalcitrant Nephilim were trapped on earth. The story of the Fall and the reasons behind it, are recorded in my first book “The Nephilim Galaxy – The Waking”. The earth’s and the human’s thralldom ended in 1996, thus providing the ability to thousands of living humans to discern the spiritual truth behind the veil of illusion that the dynasty of the Nephilim had projected onto them.

All these years I have been guiding my school’s students, through the heavenly entities, to come into touch with their higher selves and to free themselves from karmic causes. In the past few years, the earth completed its last evolutionary cycle. I was given the resonant mission to rapidly release the earth from the commitments the Nephilim had placed upon it during our incarnations within it. I was given 9 liberating seals of the major Elohim. During the procedure of initiation of the transcendental journey (that I’m realizing with my students) to our birthplace, which is found on one of the planets within the fifth dimension, the binding seals placed by the dominant Nephilim during our descend are untied.

Every Elohim provides a seal-key of release.

Following the nine releases, the student is given the tenth and eleventh seal of release and, thus, the commitments that prevented abundance in all aspects of their lives are untied.

The eleventh seal is the seal of Christ. When we receive it, we acquire an immortal spiritual body. The twelfth seal opens up the clear communication with the twelve dimensions of the divine universe.

Students who are time-travelers are given the seal-keys with their sound frequencies in order for them to be able to transfer them to other human networks so that they can be released.

The seal-keys contain the Ternary power of love, the creator and true God of the universe. These keys unbind us from ancestral chains, thus, releasing these (ancestral) souls, so that they can pass on to the spheres of education and guidance.

JFK was assassinated by the CIA. The evidence is abundant and conclusive

Lawyer and US presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr claims that JFK was assassinated by the CIA. There is abundant and conclusive evidence that this agency was involved, along with the mafia. Robert F. Kennedy Jr claims that if he were to try the case, with the CIA in the dock, he would win before any jury. Why was JFK assassinated? For not invading Cuba, and for ending the war in Vietnam.

(Who else is better qualified to take on the CIA over JFK's assassination and subsequent coup?)

In Photos: The morning the Gaza Solidarity Encampment was dismantled at Penn

They need another story since Princess Leia has run out of women to compete against and Michael Mann's carbon tax is full of hot air.

4 large incoming solar bursts could supercharge the auroras this weekend

(Auroras are filled with Adamantine Particles.)

The Adamantine Particles: Building Blocks of Reality

On a personal level, the heart attracts adamantine particles magnetically. You then command them with your love and Adamantine Radiance.

Adamantine Particles and the Power of Love
by Mary Mageau

‘Let There Be Light: and there was Light.’ (Genesis, 1 - 3) 

In our English language the word, adamantine, refers to something that
is extremely hard or unyielding. Taken from the Greek word, adamas,
(meaning invincible), adamantine can also function as an adjective to
describe something hard and brilliant, like a diamond. If one would
say, ‘I’m adamant about this,’ it would mean that the one speaking is
either firmly accepting or opposing your request.

When the term particle appears with adamantine it derives from quantum
theory. Thus adamantine particles describe all fundamental, subatomic
particles. These particles form all of the elements in the universe by
assembling the atoms of all the original substances such as oxygen,
hydrogen, iron, etc. They are the basis of everything that exists,
including our bodies and are the smallest particles that cannot be
divided any further. Quantum physicists have already discovered these
particles but have selected other names by which to identify them:
electrons, quarks, muons, neutrinos etc. These pure particles are so
small and simple that they represent an absolute and so are one of the
constants of the universe. Adamantine particles are crystalline
particles of infinity that all contain the stored potential to
manifest any original substance or element. These particles are
encoded with a type of universal ‘DNA’ somewhat like stem cells, which
allow the particles to form any possible type of atom. 

Law of One

The Law of One is the comprehension that all things are made of intelligent energy and are a part of the All-One. The Law of One contains the Sacred Sciences which explain the mechanics of Christ Consciousness that comprise the Natural Laws that are governing the Universal Creation. All-One is the recognition that the Eternal Truth is Eternal Love and that state of Eternal Love is the organic consciousness of Infinite Creator or God Source. Eternal Love consciousness embodied within a form is referred to as Unity intelligence, and is simultaneously recognized as the Inner Light of Christos. Unity consciousness is at One with God and this Unity consciousness is that which ignites the Inner Light of Christos held as an eternal flame within the Sacred Crystal Heart.

Simply put, the Law of One is the Universal Truth that All Is One. It is the Truth taught by Christ when he proclaimed, "Love your neighbor as you love yourself."

Law of One Practices

1. Unity Consciousness

2. Love Yourself

3. Love Others

4. Love Earth & Nature

5. Service to Others

6. Consciousness Expansion

7. Responsible Co-Creation

See Further information on Law of One Practices

Understanding the Order of Melchizedek

The Bible is about a King who has a Kingdom and a royal family that he deploys on earth through his royal priesthood. Dr. Myles explains the importance of the order of Melchizedek by looking at the context of the story of Abraham and Melchizedek in Genesis 14.

(The order of Melchizedek, the Essenes, Yeshua and Appolonius were borrowed from heavily by the editors of the Bible without much credit. The order of Melchizedek law of one system is what runs Agartha and Shamballah on the etheric plane to this day. They are holdovers of the light from Atlantis, Greece and Egypt along with the angels of the bible.)

Benjamin Fulford Report: The White Hats Have Won: The United States and Israel Will Cease To Exist; World Peace Will Begin

Except Ben leaves out Space Force at Bensalem as the Capitol of New Atlantis.

The ocean front real estate, the MedRad Railroad, the gas reserves and all that space for Kibbutz farms were just too much for Netenyahu to pass up.

Palestine’ could be recognized by UN General Assembly on Friday

Then all the Palestinians need is the down payment on drilling the first gas well and the rest of the MedRed Railroad will pay for itself.

Pennsylvania to ban cell phone use while driving and require police to collect traffic stop data

The Governor neglects to inform the people that it is still perfectly legal to use a phone when mounted to the car's dash. This also makes it easy to record random unconstitutional road stops.


Presidential immunity is ruining Jack Smith's January 6th case Fani Willis's fornication is destroying the RICO case Judge Aileen Cannon has indefinitely postponed the documents case trial Lack of evidence is killing Alvin Bragg's case TRUMP IS WINNING BIGLY EVERYWHERE!

(Trump has secret immunity from the Supreme Court. The rest is just a show to draw out the shallow part of the deep state.)

Gricar's Phone Records, Raystown

The fact that missing DA Ray Gricar was seen at the dock at Raystown Lake near Huntindon the day before he went missing has only been recently revealed. Phone records indicate Ray was coming from the direction of Centre County. Investigators now believe Ray was lured to Raystown one day before Lewisburg as a dry run for his capture.

Anyone who may have seen DA Ray Gricar at Lake Raystown on Thursday April 14, 2005 please contact the PA State Police tip line at Pa. Crime Stoppers, offering $5K reward in the Gricar cold case and also the producer of the web site Final argument at Investigators are also looking for the person who wrote this letter to the Centre Daily Times.

This Edgar Cayce book reading is a great example of the Law of One from Cayce the Atlantean.

Edgar Cayce had full access to the Akashic records. He drew the connections from the Law of One from Atlantis to the Gospels.

Penn State to give ‘voluntary separation’ offers to eligible commonwealth campus employees There are no current plans to implement the program at University Park, the law schools or the College of Medicine, but that may be reevaluated in the future.

(Maybe if the law school was given the task of examining the evidence in the Gricar case we could get a grand jury empaneled. This case is just too easy to solve and too important to let go. It would be the ultimate legal teaching moment. See

It's time to correct the course on Hershey medicine, climate science, geoengineering and the cost of Marxism. )

  • Fulton County double-scanned ballots and they didn’t keep the required ballot images, as required by Georgia law. 380,000 ballot images are missing in Fulton County.

  • Looks like the Dems won't be using Dominion to cheat any more. Hand marked ballots are the only way to go. Machines that mark the ballots and connect to the internet should all be junked.

  • RFK Jr. challenges Trump to debate

    Robert F. Kennedy Jr. claims that he is “drawing a lot of voters” from the former president

  • US independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has challenged former President Donald Trump to a debate at this month’s Libertarian National Convention. Trump insists that Kennedy is “not a serious candidate.”“I’d like to make you an offer. We’re both going to be speaking at the upcoming Libertarian convention on May 24 and 25,” Kennedy wrote in an X (formerly Twitter) post on Tuesday addressed to Trump. “It’s perfect neutral territory for you and me to have a debate where you can defend your record for your wavering supporters.”

  • Governor Signs Climate Engineering Ban Legislation Into Law Dane Wigington Tennessee Governor Bill Lee has now signed legislation into law that bans any form of climate engineering operations over the State of Tennessee.

  • (PA Governor Shapiro still lives in a Make believe world where chemtrails don't exist and carbon belongs only in greenhouses.)

  • Mastriano proposes bill to combat 'chemtrails'
  • Still ridiculed as a chemtrail conspiracy theorist by out of touch green democrats who never saw a chemtrail they couldn't deny.

    PA's Existing Cloud Seeding Law From 1967

    Section 16. Penalties.--(a) Any airplane pilot who flies
    an airplane with numbers invisible to escape identification
    under this act shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and upon
    conviction thereof, have his license revoked for a period of
    five years.
    (b) Any airport owner or operator who boards cloud seeding
    planes to seed clouds or who operates as a cloud seeder without
    license shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction
    thereof have his airport permit revoked for one year and be
    sentenced to pay a fine of ten thousand dollars ($10,000) and
    for a second or subsequent offense, he shall be sentenced to
    pay a fine of fifty thousand dollars ($50,000).

    Section 12. Enforcement.--In order to enforce the provisions
    of this act, the Pennsylvania State Police shall, on request
    of the board, assign at least one trooper and one investigator
    to an area where unlawful cloud seeding is suspected. If such
    police request the same, the Pennsylvania Aeronautics Commission
    shall assign an airplane and pilot. Air samples shall be taken
    by the Pennsylvania Air Pollution Commission if requested by
    the State Police of the board. For such enforcement purposes,
    the State Department of Health shall furnish such technical
    services as the board may request.

  • Doctors find dead worm in Robert Kennedy’s brain. NY Times hit piece on Kennedy’s health.

  • This was 24 years ago. The New York Times is afraid of Kennedy because of his vaccine views and his advocacy for Children's health. See CHD, Children's Health Defense. 

  • Riverkeeper is another one of RFK JR's creations which helped clean up the Hudson. He served as their attorney for over 30 years.

  • Solar Max is Coming. The Sun Just Released Three X-Class Flares

    The Sun is increasing its intensity on schedule, continuing its approach to solar maximum. In just over a 24-hour period on May 5 and May 6.


    Gregg Braden teaches that the combined effect of the drop in magnetic field strength and increase in Schumann resonance frequency will be a spiritual initiation for the entire planet. These electromagnetic conditions are identical to those found in "tuned resonant cavities" such as the Great Pyramid of Giza which were used as initiation chambers to induce altered states of consciousness in initiates.

    Sanat Kumara, in describing the effects of the new etheric body of the Earth bestowed by the Solar Logoi said, "I must also tell you, beloved, that the pressure of so much Light pressing in upon a darkness untransmuted, unsurrendered in many lifewaves, as you well know, can also cause explosive types of situations as people feel they cannot escape their own substance which they do not surrender, and they feel they cannot escape the Light. Thus, for those who do not desire the Light, this sphere will be one of uncomfortability, one to which they are not accustomed. In other words, the Light is too bright for those who are of the Darkness. Thus, expect chemicalization and saturate the earth with violet flame and protection as you have been doing. To continue these calls will provide heavenly beings with the wherewithal to enable earth to make this transition with the least burden of upheaval."

    The "explosive types of situations" Sanat Kumara warned about can be seen almost every day in the news. See Periodic Cataclysm and End Times Psychosis in the summer issue of Mandala of Light. These are the failings of those who cannot take the increased Light of this planetary initiation. But those who pass the initiation will find that their DNA has been changed, their auras have been purified and, as a result, their thoughts have more power. Steve Kalinowski, in an address to the Institute of Noetic Sciences said that "this is being noticed in the increased reports of such things as effectual prayer, spontaneous remissions and spiritual-energy healings, and in the increased general use of ‘intentional manifestation’ or ‘co-creation’ skills as advocated by proponents of ‘abundance affirmation,’ ‘guided visualizations,’ etc., and also in the synchronistic happenings that are occurring more and more frequently to many people."

    Even though this is occurring naturally, it would be good that people take up a spiritual discipline and get in touch with their higher selves so as not to misuse their new powers and make karma. See In Synch with the Inner Guru and The Key to Survival

    Governments and health agencies are controlled by Big Pharma. The media is the Covid cartel

    US Senator Ron Johnson and American-Ukrainian writer Veronika Kyrylenko report on the need to expose and defeat the Covid cartel and the globalist elites. They mismanaged the pandemic… to what end? Many things about their management made no sense, unless placed in the context of doing research on bioweapons. The death toll is extremely high, and the elite don’t want to admit that people have been injured and that they got it wrong. All they want is power and control.

    Russia’s Hidden World of SSPs, Psi-Corps and ET Alliances

    Michael Salla

    Was Edgar Cayce’s Prophesy that Russia would be the Hope of the World against the Sons of Belial just Fulfilled?

    In 1935, Edgar Cayce predicted that Russia would be “the hope of the world” by freeing humanity from the modern-day incarnation of the ‘Sons of Belial’ that had previously brought about the destruction of Atlantis. Known generally as a Satanic Cabal, Illuminati, or the Deep State, the ‘Sons of Belial’ have manipulated humanity throughout the ages by contriving international conflicts to bring about major destruction through economic collapses and major regional wars.

    (See the Dead Sea Scrolls, Melchizedek 11Q13.)

    On another occasion, when a thirty-six-year-old book publisher asked Edgar Cayce about the destiny of China in 1943, just prior to his own trip to the country to serve in the capacity of a missionary, Cayce promised amazing changes in the country that would lead to more democracy and greater religious freedom. He also suggested that eventually the height of civilization would move from the West to the Chinese people: “And these will progress. For, civilization moves west.”

    —  Edgar Cayce reading 2834-3 Will There Be a Second Coming?

    The Cayce readings had much to say about the life of Jesus—covering the “lost” years that were never addressed in the Bible. But Cayce also spoke of Jesus’ return and here is an excerpt on that subject:

    “What is meant by “the day of the Lord is near at hand”? That as has been promised through the prophets and the sages of old, the time – and half time – has been and is being fulfilled in this day and generation, and that soon there will again appear in the earth that one through whom many will be called to meet those that are preparing the way for His day in the earth. The Lord, then, will come, ‘even as ye have seen him go.’”
    — Edgar Cayce reading 262-49


  • They’re Torturing Us!” – J6 Political Prisoner Jake Lang Sends Out a Plea for Help After 1,200 Days in Prison without a Trial – Horseback Protest Planned for Wednesday

    This past week J6 political prisoner Jake Lang passed 1,200 days of incarceration without a trial. This is Joe Biden’s America.

    Languishing in pre-trial detention for years with no end in sight “feels like ‘an eternity,’” Lang told The Gateway Pundit in an exclusive interview.

    “If not for God, I never would have made it this long as a POW,” he said.

    Lang was apprehended by the Federal Bureau of Investigations on Jan. 16, 2021, for his alleged role in the Capitol riot.

    (The court system that is running the J6 prison is not operating according to the constitution and should rescued by the US Marines. J6ers are clearly political prisoners being held by an illegitimate, unconstitutional entity. They should be honored with a National Holiday for resisting election fraud not a 1200 day jailed wait for a trial date. Even Biden's dual Israeli citizen cabinet should be embarrassed about this!)

    Israel says Rafah op moving forward, IDF striking Hamas targets in city’s east

    This is where the LNG station for the MedRed Railroad and canal would go. 132 miles along the border with Egypt. There are the Palestinian people in there who need temporary housing and support until the Liquid Natural Gas starts shipping. There will be lots of energy and shipping income for the whole Gaza/Israel economy! The El Khidir and Saint George ruins, the Hilarion Monastary, Jesus's birth place, the Little Town of Bethlehem and the West Bank are all waiting in the wings.

    US tells Israel it won’t back Rafah operation ‘as currently planned’

    Attacking the Gazan city would disrupt humanitarian aid deliveries, the State Department has said.

    Cuomo Admits Antivaxxers Were RIGHT, Shares SHOCKING Admission

    HYSTERICAL!!! US Marines official: Nearly half of drones IDF shoots down are its own

    See all these patently fake bomb threats called in from Tel Aviv in order to drum up public support for free speech-destroying antisemitism laws.

    (Unconstitutional laws are not laws at all.)

    Remember the 18 year old Israeli from Ashkelon who called in thousands of bomb threats in 2017? The ADL went on to recognize the FBI and DHS for doing such a good job of stopping him.

    He also targeted hundreds of airlines and airports, malls, and police stations, in the US, Canada, the UK, New Zealand, Australia and Britain, and tried to extort Republican State Senator Ernesto Lopez from Delaware.

    Who were the ‘outsiders’ at Columbia University’s Hamilton Hall?

    Those taken into custody included a former animal abuse investigator who was arrested in a violent protest in San Francisco nearly 20 years ago.

    UPenn student fundraising for mariachi band to play anti-Israel encampment off campus

    UPenn must have a low Soros protest budget. Pitt and Penn State apparently had no budget at all and they all went home for the summer without incident.

    Historic verdict for US Health Agency: Anti-Ivermectin publications retracted

    There are no childhood vaccine studies with a placebo group or tests on vaccine-injured children

    If a newborn could vote. Who would be their candidate?


  • Whistleblower Alleges Trump’s Commander-in-Chief Powers Were Revoked by Military Brass During January 6 Capitol Riot

  • The EU is pushing for land abandonment and the slaughter of livestock in favor of synthetic meat

    Chris Cuomo says he is vaccine injured

    Alert the media. We have proof of a vaccine side effect.

    Trump-RFK Vaccine War Finally Erupts If you’re Trump, why attack your opponent’s greatest strength relative to you?

    (Trump just can't seem to get off the vaccine train. He should have stuck with hydroxychloroquine.)

    China’s National Gene Bank: DNA from millions of people in 180 countries via the PCR tests

    Australian journalist Maria Zeee and US whistleblower and pharmaceutical analyst Karen Kingston speak out about a report issued by the US government and its Intelligence Agency, which confirms that China used Covid-19 PCR tests to legally collect DNA from millions of adults and children in 180 countries. It is being stored in China’s National Gene Bank, and can be used to claim ownership and control over all forms of life, under the pretext of creating ‘a sustainable humanity’. Synthetic biology, nanoparticle technology and gene editing exist, but not to humanity’s benefit.

    War on farms and food distribution, an engineered famine. New catastrophes are planned

    US researcher and activist Mike Adams argues that as the globalists try to wipe out billions of people on planet Earth, in his view, they haven't done a very good job yet. They probably thought they could kill at least a billion people with the vaccines, and maybe they will eventually, but it certainly hasn't happened all at once. Now they will have to launch something new and much more deadly. We have to be prepared for a major escalation of the government's own war on humanity, because that's exactly where this is headed, he said.

    "It is a crime to have denied ivermectin to the sick". Deliberate deception by health authorities

    A Found NASA Document Reveals Plans to Kill All Humanity by 2025

    7 hours ago — Deborah Tavares tells you about the plan to kill off all humanity by 2025 and how it will be done using advanced weapons.

    The most important film of all time. The official agenda of the elites to end the human race, and replace mankind with robots. Watch this and share! These monsters must be stopped, and together we can do it! Available in TWENTY languages. Go here:

    Occupiers want to rename Hamilton Hall for Little Girl Killed In Gaza

    This is the car that 6-year old Hind Rajab was killed in along with 5 family members. The ambulance trying to save them was bombed too.

    Hamilton Hall was originally to be renamed in honor of transgender activist Pauli Murray.

    Protesters Take Over Monroe Park, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond

    Funny how if it's Anti-Israel, then tons of people get arrested. The George Floyd protests, almost nobody got arrested.


    SOTN Editor’s Note: People, this stealth legislation is a bad as it gets.  Here’s why: “The first thing the communists did at the start of the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution was to pass a law against criticizing Jews”

    There’s obviously a HUGE difference between 1917 and 2024.

    We have well over 100 years of history to analyze and assess to see exactly what has transpired since the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, without which the Bolshevik Revolution would not even have taken place.  For it was only through the massive funding and financing provided by the Federal Reserve and Bank of England which permitted that world-changing color revolution (RED) to be so successful.

    President of El Salvador brings in the entire executive branch then tells them they are under investigation for bribery.

    (This is what we need to Make America Great Again!)

    Does The CIA Run America?

    We’ve all surely had dark thoughts that the CIA is really running the United States, including many media venues. Maybe that’s been true for decades and we just didn’t know it. If so, let’s just say that it would explain a tremendous amount of what has otherwise been clouded in secrecy.

    Whistleblower Medical Coder Zoë Unmasks The Truth Behind COVID Protocols

    Hospitals got 20 percent extra per patient for a Covid diagnosis. They got 20 percent extra for using a ventilator when they did not know the proper fi02 settings. They got 20 percent more for using that drug that killed kidneys.

    They CHANGED the coding in April when generally they don’t change the coding but every two years so that Covid would be in trackable

    What she is telling you is how the govt killed thousands of people. This video is accurate and extraordinarily important.

    It is like the information that the actuary tables for life insurance would show how many people were expected to die verses how many people actually died when they were lying to us.

    What she is telling is the truth. Coders take the info off the charts and assign codes for billing. She has access to all the info that would prove patients with zero symptoms were given tests that were lying but said they had Covid. Then they were put in icu beds or on a Covid ward where they then actually caught Covid.

    Monsters. That’s what they were. Monsters.

    (This looks like another response by RFK JRs Children's Health Defense to the vaccine lobby.)

    In Austria, 50,000 cases of vaccine injury and more than 8,000 deaths. A betrayal of the people

    The 10 stages of mRNA denial

    (Ivermectin denial didn't make the list but should have.)

    Let’s take a trip down memory lane, all the way back to the ancient times of early 2021, to see how “the science” on mRNA Covid-19 shots has evolved in such a short period of time.

    Analysis of the air after 'Saharan dust' arrives: What is falling from the sky is not desert sand

    All the stuff that they put in chemtrails ends up in the dust. Boron, aluminum, strontium etc.

    Alcyon Pleiades Special 58: Pharisees, Inquisition, Councils, Jesuits, Black Pope, Vatican, God Gene

    Since the early days of Christianity, the revolutionary teachings of Jesus of Nazareth were misunderstood, and over time, they have been altered and misinterpreted. The true knowledge that Master Jesus left for humanity, with utmost sacrifice, was betrayed by the Church, a reality that continues to this very day.
    Persecution soon followed, and the first councils were held, whereby the Catholic Church gained power and forced its fanatical interpretations onto society, believing itself an authority on religious doctrine, with power over its faithful believers. Within this context, it started cutting the true teaching, altering the Faith, and launching accusations of heresy.
    In the Middle Ages, Tribunals of the Inquisition were created, which remained operative until their suppression in 1834. Their sentencing produced millions of cases of torture, condemnation and execution of innocent people. Often the charges emerged out of mere suspicion, vested interests or rivalries, giving rise to witch-hunts and the conviction of figures like Galileo, Kepler, Giordano Bruno, Joan of Arc and others who were burnt alive at the stake.
    This same period saw the establishment of orders like that of the Jesuits, conspirators disguised as religious figures who infiltrate politics, society and the banking system, with the aim of controlling the world. Bergoglio, the current pope, is a case in point. A usurper of the Vatican, he is against the teachings of Jesus Christ and is leading the Church towards degeneration and, ultimately, to its end.

    Video by Alcyon Pleiades

    Russell Brand announces baptism after months-long spiritual journey: Brand says many returning to Christianity as world crumbles

    "This Sunday, I'm taking the plunge," Brand, 48, said in a video he posted to X. "I'm getting baptized."

    Brand said he had heard baptism explained to him as "an opportunity to die and be reborn; an opportunity to leave the past behind and be reborn in Christ's name like it says in Galatians — that you can live as an enlightened and awakened person."

    He also referenced what he suggested were non-Christian reflections on the same theme of embracing death for the sake of life, quoting Stoic philosopher and Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius and the Buddha.

    "All of these things seem so inviting and beautiful," he said.

    Hydrogen transfer using natural gas pipelines

    German gas distributor says network is ready for 30% hydrogen blend following successful pilot scheme

    The grid ‘worked without any problems’ during tests involving 26 homes in Baden-Württemberg, says Netze BW

    Hydrogen-enriched natural gas, or HENG

    New draft hydrogen strategy | Kazakhstan targets 10GW of electrolysers by 2040 but promises 'technological neutrality'

    But giant 20GW green H2 project agreed with Swedish developer in 2022 does not get a mention

    Pennsylvania selected for two of nation's seven hydrogen energy hubs

    (The reason is natural gas and hydrogen go together.)

    Pennsylvania could become a leader in the production of clean-burning hydrogen, which advocates hope will help transition heavy industries.

    A total of 16 states will be part of regional hydrogen hubs but only Pennsylvania is part of two hubs.

    Pennsylvania is part of the Appalachian Regional Clean Energy Hydrogen Hub, which includes West Virginia, Kentucky and Ohio, that would produce hydrogen from natural gas captured, then stored underground. Anticipated end users include industrial and commercial facilities to replace fossil-fuel energy sources for vehicles and to heat residential homes. Partners include the Ohio branch of Virginia-based utility Dominion Energy. The work is predicted to involve approximately 21,000 construction jobs and 3,000 permanent jobs.

    (This is the future of clean energy cars. Tesla is half right. The electric part connected to hydrogen gas is the energy bridge to the future.)

    Why Congress has a 7% Approval Rating – Corruption

    "It is a crime to have denied ivermectin to the sick". Deliberate deception by health authorities

    Ivermectin obliterates 97 percent of Delhi cases | National |

    Uttar Pradesh government says early use of Ivermectin helped to keep positivity, deaths low

    Uttar Pradesh is a state in northern India. With over 241 million inhabitants, it is the most populated state in India.

    Claiming that timely introduction of Ivermectin since the first wave has helped the state maintain a relatively low positivity rate despite in its high population density.

    Uttar Pradesh and Delhi India got it right with Ivermectin. PSU's Neely Bendapudi must have left some of her Indian smarts behind. Getting Penn State Health to dispense the proper medicine is like pulling teeth.

    BREAKING: Arizona Republican Party Declares Covid-19 Injections Biological and Technological Weapons, Passed Ban the Jab Resolution!

    Sympathetic solar flare! 4 regions on Sun erupt at nearly the same time!

    4 solar flares at once have impacted earth.

    The sun put on quite the show this morning (April 23), blasting out not one, not two, but four solar flares in near-perfect harmony. And NASA's space-based Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) caught it on camera. 

    Solar flares are explosions from the sun's surface that emit intense bursts of electromagnetic radiation. They occur when magnetic energy builds up in the solar atmosphere and is rapidly released. 

    The quartet of eruptions came from four regions, three sunspots and one magnetic filament, separated by hundreds of thousands of miles and linked by near-invisible magnetic loops in the sun's outer atmosphere, known as the corona. These kinds of explosions are called "sympathetic solar flares," according to They consist of pairs of explosions that occur in near unison at different regions on the sun's disk. This morning's event consisted of not a simple pair but a quartet, making it "super-sympathetic", according to

    Sympathetic solar flares are triggered when instabilities rapidly travel from one region to another along the magnetic loops that join them. As such, much of the Earth-facing portion of the sun was involved in this morning's solar symphony.

    The quadruple blast today could be a sign we are nearing solar maximum, the peak of solar activity during the sun's 11-year solar cycle, as sympathetic solar flares are considered to increase with an increase in solar activity. Or perhaps we have already reached solar maximum and are entering the decay phase of the solar cycle, as a 2022 study published in Astrophysics and Space Science suggests that sympathetic solar flares predominantly occur in the decay phase of the solar cycle

    Either way, scientists won't know when solar maximum has occurred until seven months after it's over due to how the maximum is computed.

    Join our Space Forums to keep talking space on the latest missions, night sky and more! And if you have a news tip, correction or comment, let us know at:

    Daisy Dobrijevic

    Reference Editor

    The Following articles appeared in "Sedona, Journal of Emergence!" Magazine


    By Pam Murray, Speaking From Wellspring

    Much is currently being written about the twelve-strand DNA, so it is time to set the record straight. Yes, it is true that humans are evolving. This, of course, is not the same as being descended form the apes, which is not true, however, the emergence of the light which you are currently seeing could not happen without your evolution into higher frequencies. At the Creator level, when all beings were designed, each was imbued with a unique pattern-a blueprint, if you will. If described in the third dimension, blueprints, the design of each soul, would look like DNA, only with twelve strands instead of two. If you could see them, you would also see "energy beads" woven into the strands. These energy beads form your unique "spirito-genetic" makeup. Each of the countless souls in the universe has its own energy bead pattern.

    The original blueprints are kept in what you might call a vault. This is the closest your language can come to the storage system. The soul is actually a carbon copy of the original.

    Encoded in this pattern is the destiny of your soul-that is the path your soul must take through all its lifetimes to reintegrate with what you call God. Because each soul has its own path, it may incarnate on several different planets or only one. It may never incarnate, learning its lessons on the astral planes. There is no path that is better than another; however, your choices ultimately determine how difficult or easy it may be. Upon reintegration, the soul may reclaim the original blueprint as its own.

    The original blueprint of the DNA plus the energy beads that your soul carries with it is called Super DNA, or SDNA for short.

    In your Bible, in the book of Genesis, is a lovely allegory about what happened at the beginning of your race. The original "Adam and Eve," or those who first were created on earth, had no restriction of the third dimension. They were, essentially, light beings-your ancestors, sent to birth the new planet. (New, of course, is relative, as the planet was already several billion years old.) At this point all twelve strands of their DNA were actively functioning. Because of the atomic structure of the planet at that time and because the beings desired a new form of learning, they took on "animal skins," and became human. Because most of the DNA strands are of a very high frequency and very delicate, only two could exist in these dense animals beings. These two strands are what you often see pictured as DNA.

    The soul retains the original pattern and, if the astral body is of a high enough frequency, can activate threads beyond the two in the astral body. In the eons since you put on animal skins, some have incarnated who could actually hold the energy of all twelve strands, either in their astral bodies or-as in the case of Jesus of Nazareth and Sai Baba, plus a very few others-in the body itself. But, on the whole, the body was just too dense for this to occur. Most of the masters needed to leave the human body in order to fully activate and anchor all twelve strands.

    Through its incarnations, the soul has been damaged by choices, lessons, and cruel treatment by others. Often the twelve-strand pattern is disrupted. This is why the original is kept at the Creator Level. However, with the increasing frequencies on the planet Earth and the evolution of many of your species, it is now possible not only to repair the soul, removing the need for further incarnations, but also to activate the twelve strands of the DNA in the astral body and to begin anchoring them in the physical body.

    Please understand that this is not a contest, with the one reaching twelve-strand activation and physical anchoring first the winner. This is the next step on your evolutionary journey. The ones who are ahead on the path have a deep responsibility to those who follow. You will be the elder brothers and sisters, looking out for the younger ones.

    The first step is the initial repair-or clearing-of the soul. The soul brings with it too many programs and blocks to activate your SDNA. This is best done through Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT). SRT repairs the soul to the point where activation can begin and removes the need to re-incarnate in the physical, even though the soul will continue to learn, serve, and grow before it can completely reintegrate.

    Once the soul is cleared, you may re-align the existing two astral strands of DNA (remember that your astral body reflects your human body), followed by a similar adjustment in the physical body. The two strands with which most of you are familiar are called the "backbone" of the physical DNA molecules. In most people these have been knocked out of alignment simply by life, although some are born with mal-adjusted DNA. They may need adjustment periodically, but that is a simple matter after the initial adjustment. Many of life's problems are caused by a mis-alignment of your DNA. Ask each evening before retiring that the Backbone DNA strands be aligned and also ask this each day upon arising. The remaining strands cannot be fully activated if these Backbone DNA strands are out of whack.

    When you ask that the Backbone DNA strands be aligned, you may feel an immediate energy shift. Some people feel nothing, yet notice that their day runs more smoothly or that they are better able to deal with the daily stresses. Let us now engage in a short meditation that will initially align these two strands:

    Become quiet and take three deep breaths. Center your attention on your spine. Mentally send a bead of energy from the base of the spine to the top of the spine. Then allow this energy bead to move to the center of the head. Picture and feel it filling up the cranial space, expanding until it overflows, surrounding the head with a golden aura of energy. Feel it continue to expand as it moves back down the spine.

    When you have a sense of infilling and completion, picture a two strand helix, the Backbone DNA, growing from the base of the spine, up the spine and into the center of the cranium. Ask for this Backbone DNA strand to become perfectly aligned and ready to receive the remaining strands of DNA.

    Remain in this energy until you sense that the alignment is complete. Then, slowly come back to an awareness of the room.

    You may wish to perform this meditation once or twice a day for three days. This will ensure that the alignment "takes." After that, when you wish for Spirit to realign the Backbone strands, simply become quiet and picture the two strands rising through a column of pure energy. It takes only about five seconds.

    Click here to arrange for a soul clearing with Pam


    By Pam Murray, Speaking From Wellspring

    There is no one right way to activate all twelve strands of your DNA. It all depends on your incarnational "heritage." Some of you have spent most or all of your incarnations on earth and some of you are from other star systems or planets. There are those of you who were "planted" and have evolved from star seeds. Still others are experiencing their first incarnation on this planet. Pam is an example. She had no intention of incarnating again, but agreed that earth needed a go-between to help some of the souls evolve more quickly, so she took on "animal skins" and came here.

    It matters not what your heritage is. One is not better than another. It is simply the path your soul has taken to learn, grow and eventually reintegrate with what you call God, or the All-That-Is. Your heritage can make a difference, however, in the order in which the strands are re-activated and, to an extent, the process used. The one we are presenting here is the most universal and will work for anyone whose soul has been cleared and the two physical/chemical strands of DNA, called the Backbone DNA, are aligned. You may find that when the strands begin to activate, that you experience a flood of emotions: anger, fear, grief, or any number of them. You may also remember strange details of your childhood on this planet and, perhaps, even glimpses of past lives whose energy is still hanging around. These emotions are reflections of energy that is trying to leave in order for the activation to continue.

    Look at the emotions and feel them, but then thank them for showing you what needs to go and allow them or ask them to leave. Allow yourself to grieve for that which is leaving, for it is a parting and a change, and with every change, even for the better, there is grief. This grieving will not be a one-time event, although there may be some major breakthroughs in the beginning. Every cell of your body remembers everything and has an intelligence. Washing them clean is a long-term commitment.

    Many incarnates on your planet at this time are what is called "star seeds." Lately, this has taken on an aura of glamour. But, I want to tell you that, just because someone has a heritage from another system, that being may or may not be more evolved than someone without this heritage. It is simply different, much like your earthly population and its rich skins colors. The heritage of your Jesus was entirely on earth, so you who have this heritage are in good company.

    You are all working toward returning to our common heritage which is that of Light Seeds. This is a very good time and an excellent place to work on that because your race and your planet are evolving at ever increasing rates and at ever higher vibrations. More and more children are being born as Light Seeds. They are physically more fragile than the rest of you, as they are vibrating at this higher rate. So, you must take even better care of your children now and turn their attention toward that which is of high quality.

    It is a well-known fact that the earth is what's called a heart planet. And many will advise you to "go with your heart." This is good advice, but with a caveat: "going with your heart" at the creation level means to go with a heart that has not been damaged. Many confuse emotions with the heart, and most emotions are dysfunctional, being burdened with lifetimes of pain. This is why it is so important to clear the soul and work on releasing old hurts. You must also not rely only on your intellect, as the brain has recorded too many images of the illusion of the three-dimensional world. You must continually strive to get yourself to a place of what you call agape. This is a form of pure love and is not an emotion, but a state of being. It is a knowing and an understanding. It is a state reached only by those who have cleared their soul programs and can view the world with a heart that knows no pain, and maintained only by those who have, as you say, ascended. There are a few on your planet who are in this state now, most of whom are unknown to you and must remain so in order to complete their commissions.

    But now, back to the activation of your twelve strands of DNA-the incorporation of the Super DNA pattern we have talked about into your astral and eventually your physical bodies.

    Once you have cleared yourself and aligned your Backbone DNA strands, you are ready to ask for activation. Remember, always ask Spirit to do the work through you. Using your own power depletes the physical vehicle and this is totally unnecessary. Here is a meditation to help begin the activation of stands three through twelve.

    Become quiet. Visualize the Backbone DNA helix following the contours of your spine. This may manifest as an actual vision, a feeling of warmth in that area and/or tones. You will come to know your own signals. In your own way, ask Spirit to begin the activation and anchoring of the remaining strands of DNA. Know that Spirit will take you through this process at the perfect speed for you. Sit quietly, focusing on your spine, until you sense completion with this segment. Slowly come back to an awareness of your surroundings and give thanks.

    Some of you may be a little disappointed that it is so simple. Well, let me tell you that the activation is, indeed, simple. However, you may find work still to do whilst this is going on.

    Your work is to continually clear yourself of all the negative emotions that parade before you. This process is a little like a ferris wheel, with each chair being a different color and representing the various issues still lurking in your bodies. You get to ride in each chair for a revolution, but, just when you think the ride is over, you get to start again with the first chair. You will be peeling away layers from each issue.

    Don't get discouraged, though. You will notice a sensation of ever increasing lightness if you persist in this process. Sometimes you will have setbacks. Sometimes you may go through what is known as "The Dark Night of the Soul." This is a very real phenomenon, as the ego attempts to hang on to the illusion of lack and powerlessness. Be gentle with yourself during these times. Allow yourself to go through it and to grieve for the lost illusions. Get good spiritual help. Don't take on too much.

    At this point, if you are not doing so already, begin to drink at least two quarts of water each day and to lighten your eating habits. Don't you get this same advice from almost all advanced beings? So, why aren't you following it? I will not tell you to eliminate all animal products, as some of you require a small amount to help you function in the three-dimensional world. Remember, you are still in this world by choice and one of the lessons you came to learn was how to work with the three dimensions from a fifth dimensional perspective. Some of you become very light before you are equipped to handle the higher vibrations and are then unable to fulfill your commission on earth. Therefore, you must continually experiment to find just the right diet, meditation time, and so forth for you. And, as you advance in your activation, your diet and daily activities will change, so keep checking in with that.

    You will find that the activation of the third through sixth strands will proceed fairly smoothly and quickly, especially if you have been meditating for a while and are generally "clean." Activation of the remaining strands will most likely progress more slowly, as you are required to released deeper issues that may not be so apparent to you and to adopt different habits in your daily lives. Also, you will be required to make new commitments that could take you a while to fully accept. Paradoxically, your life will become simpler and more joy-filled rather than more complex and difficult.

    You may also request for another activation of the first six strands of SDNA. We will cover this process in the next session.

    That is all.



    "Dark-Eyed Cossack Girl" - Leonid Kharitonov & The Alexandrov Red Army Choir (1969)

    The Cossacks are the Russian version of cowboys. The Bolshevics are always trying to make the Cossacks fight the Russians with the people caught in the middle as in the Odessa steps scene from Battleship Potempkin.

    Trump War Room@TrumpWarRoom

    PRESIDENT TRUMP: "I want to start by wishing my wife Melania a very happy birthday. It would be nice to be with her—but I'm in a courthouse for a rigged trial."

    (Trump is President and the Supreme Court has already ruled secretly for presidential immunity. The rest is only a test.)

    Flashback: Congress ERUPTS as Rand Paul HUMILIATES Biden's Transgender Health Nominee

    (Hershey Medical should recall Rachel Levine, transgender medical promotion and the mRNA shots that poisoned the population. The hospital division of PSU is losing $100 million a year. Medical malpractice isn't the answer. They need to switch over to holistic health and medbeds.)

    Coroner: Medical event causes fatal Richland crash

    Josh Shapiro: 'Unacceptable' some universities can't guarantee student safety amid protests

    From the bully Governor who issued the mRNA bioweapon to his work force then skipped out on giving them the antidote. Ivermectin is known to be anti cancer which is exactly what is needed for people who took the covid shot!

    People think nothing of giving their dog ivermectin for paracites. Shapiro isn't administering ivermectin let alone talk about it because he is beholden to the Israeli companies that delivered the bioweapon. That is a serious conflict of interest. Turbocancer Shapiro should resign! The vaxxed should take antivirals prophylactically because once symptoms start, it will be too late.

    Impending tsunami of severe illness and death among the vaccinated. Prevention will be essential

    Dr Geert Vanden Bossche, a Belgian virologist, vaccine and biotechnology expert, in an interview with Australian journalist Maria Zeee, says he foresees a massive tsunami of illness and death in heavily vaccinated populations. Hospitals will collapse. He strongly advises people to take antivirals prophylactically because once symptoms start, it will be too late. He predicts a 99% chance of it happening before the end of June. No doubt a health emergency would be very useful for the WHO in order to seize power from May onwards, which is when they want to amend the IHR.

    ‘People are different after the injection.” Its neurological effects are very broad

    US gynaecologist Dr James Thorp speaks with Jim Ferguson, an activist and former member of the British Parliament. Dr Thorp reports that shedding is an irrefutable reality that can also affect the vaccinated and exacerbate their injuries. People are different after the injection. The risk is huge, and many more people are going to die. Be aware of what is happening and protect yourselves.

    Hamas suggests it's open to disarmament • US to begin pier construction • IDF aircraft strikes targets in Lebanon By JERUSALEM POST STAFF


    FLYNN MOVIE: General Michael Flynn returns to the public. Hear directly from General Flynn as he explains, in chilling-detail, the shadow government working to take down conservative voices.

    US artificial island for Gaza aid to be running in early May, IDF sources say

    Inside the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York City

    (A structure like this is now highly charged in the Alcyon Photon Band.)

    NYC loves NYC

    Inside the Cathedral of St. John the Divine (filmed on June 1, 2023) The Cathedral of St. John the Divine is the mother church of the Episcopal Diocese of New York and the seat of its bishop. The original design, in the Byzantine Revival and Romanesque Revival styles, began construction in 1892.

    It is located at 1047 Amsterdam Avenue in the Morningside Heights neighborhood of Manhattan in New York City, between West 110th Street and West 113th Street.

    Paul Winter Consort’s 29th Annual Summer Solstice Celebration at New York’s Cathedral of St. John the Divine

    On the morning of Saturday, June 22nd this concert will take place at 4:30 AM.

    This event is our musical welcome to the summer.

    Summer Solstice is one of the great turning points of the year, when the sun is at its peak, and the days abound with the promise of life’s fullness. My dream, with this sunrise celebration, is to offer a musical experience of this resonance, in the mystical ambience of these early morning hours, through a deep-listening journey within the awesome acoustical space of this largest cathedral in the world.

    Our music begins in total darkness, and proceeds in a continuous flow, emanating from different places in the Cathedral. Gradually, as the great stained-glass windows begin to illuminate, the light joins the sounds to carry us into the first dawning of the summer.

    We are creating an entirely new musical program for this milestone event, and I will be telling you more about this in the weeks to come!

    (It was hidden in the storyline all along. Paul Winter was JFKs American emmisary of cultural good will to South America and beyond. Paul McCartney and the Beatles were used by Tavistok in the British cultural invasion. Both Paul's had the same music producer at one time, George Martin. )

    Paul Winter Consort - Icarus

    George Martin - "The album was called Icarus, and was, I think, the finest record I have ever made but It didn't sell particularly well."

    George Martin's production credits include all the Beatles' masterpieces except Let It Be. He has worked with other artists ranging from the Mahavishnu Orchestra to Celine Dion and Elton John. So ask any rock fan to name the finest George Martin album and the answer is very likely to be Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band or another classic from the charts. But legend has it that the man himself chose as the finest album he ever made a little known LP recorded by a pioneering American ensemble five years after Sgt. Pepper.

    Despite the celebrity endorsement the Paul Winter Consort's 1972 Icarus remains almost unknown to the extent that it is currently not available on CD. Yet you only need listen to the first few tracks to realise that not only is this a truly great album, but it is also the fountain from which flowed a lot of influential music trends that are still around today. George Martin's production credit coupled with this personnel listing gives an idea of the sheer inventiveness of Icarus:

    The Consort
    Paul Winter - soprano sax, vocals
    David Darling - cello, vocals
    Paul McCandless - oboe, English horn, contrabass Sarrusophone, vocals
    Ralph Towner - classical guitar, 12-string guitar, piano, Regal, bush organ, vocals
    Herb Bushler - bass
    Collin Walcott - conga, tabla, mridangam, surdos, traps, kettledrums, bass marimba, sitar

    Friends of the Consort
    Andrew Tracey - resonator guitar, voice
    Billy Cobham - traps
    Milt Holland - Ghanaian percussion
    Larry Atamanuik - traps
    Barry Altschul - random percussion
    Janet Johnson, Paul Stookey, Bob Milstein - voices

    Despite the low profile of Icarus several individual tracks have gone on to become classics including the title cut and The Silence of a Candle, both penned by Ralph Towner, and Paul McCandless' timeless All the Mornings Bring. Like the Beatles, The Paul Winter Consort contained more talent than it could safely hold and Paul McCandless and the late and great Collin Walcott broke away to form Oregon and in 1978 Wallcott went on to form Codona.

    Today the Paul Winter Consort continues to make music and release albums under the leadership of its eponymous founder.

    The Story of the Paul Winter Sextet

    The Paul Winter Sextet from its formation through its 23-country Latin America tour for the US State Department, and their historic 1962 White House concert. More at: The Paul Winter Sextet emerged in Chicago during Paul's years at Northwestern University. After winning the 1961 Intercollegiate Jazz Festival, the band was signed to Columbia Records by legendary producer John Hammond.

    In 1962 the Sextet recorded its first three albums, and, on recommendation from Festival judges Dizzy Gillespie and Hammond, was sent by the State Department on a six-month tour of 23 countries of Latin America. The success of this tour led to an invitation from First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy to play at the White House. The Sextet's performance in the East Room on November 19, 1962, happened to be the first-ever jazz concert in the White House. The group continued to tour and record throughout 1963, and made their final album during the week of President Kennedy's assassination.

    Then, numbed by that tragedy, and discouraged by what they felt was the end of that optimistic era, the Sextet disbanded and the players went on to other pursuits -- the drummer eventually to Count Basie's band, the bassist to Ahmad Jamal's trio, the trumpet player to medical school, the baritone saxist to teach at Michigan State, and Paul to Brazil, to resume his exploration of the world's music. "The Sextet was conceived as a kind of little 'big band,'" says Paul, "and with our instrumentation of three horns and rhythm, it has quite a different sound from that of the Paul Winter Consort, which people have known me for during the last several decades. But on a primary level, it's all the same lineage: a spirit of celebration, in the democracy of ensemble, aspiring toward a balance between the improvised and the composed."

     News Short has Jackie Kennedy entering Paul's first WhiteHouse Jazz Concert

    Bizarre Mitch McConnell: 'It's All Tucker Carlson's Fault!'

    In a bizarre rant after Senate passage of the huge $95 billion foreign aid bill, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell blamed journalist Tucker Carlson for Republican opposition to the overseas giveaway. The top Senate Republican implied that Carlson's reporting on rampant corruption in Ukraine makes him a "Russian asset" rather than a journalist. Also today: The McConnell/Schumer uniparty bulldozes America. Finally: merit makes a comeback at US universities.

    Remember your I AM!

    ● I AM means activating your divinity and entering the space of your soul.

    ● I AM means connecting with the divine and connecting with the heart.

    ● I AM means guiding your thinking instead of letting your thinking lead you.

    ● I AM means directing your feelings instead of being directed by the feelings. 

    ● I AM means determining your actions YOURSELF instead of letting someone else determine your actions. 

    The human being’s natural vibration deserves the greatest attention in this time, which is overshadowed by a wide variety of energy fields. Protecting them from contamination through mindfulness is your primary task so that everyday life doesn’t mess them up. Perceiving the diverse and complex fields of interference without being influenced by them is the challenge that every day places on you. Regularly addressing the I AM strengthens you where strength is needed and protects you where protection is needed.

    Your I AM is the key to the success of your everyday life.

    Thomas Massie @RepThomasMassie

    This is the U.S. House of Representatives under the direction of Speaker Mike Johnson. Democrats are celebrating his total capitulation with no victory for securing our border. #MTV (Seargent of arms told Massie he had to delete this video!)

    IDF ready to conquer Gaza’s Rafah, awaiting government okay, says senior official

    This is where the high speed rail station would go. Gazans are rich! This is the perfect place for a liquid natural gas station. They have massive gas reserves off shore. Then ship it on the high speed MedRad Railroad 130 miles strait along the Egyptian border to the Red Sea and its off to Africa and India. The shipping alone would run Gaza forever.

    Saint George could have his ruins restored and a dinner theater for gas workers to enjoy a night out. Gazans would have a restored economy enough to rebuild and replant the West bank olive groves. This is Palestine's land so the IDF is just doing them a favor by clearing the path. The canal can run along side the train track but that will take more time and labor.

    Instead of a war they could just have a friendly business meeting about the land rights and the gas deal.

    Egypt's high-speed train network to connect more than 80 cities...

    Oct 29, 2023 — CAIRO: Egypt was looking to establish a high-speed train network that would transform the country's connectivity, experts have revealed.

    Cabinet Examining Plan for Med-Red Railway - Business

    The cabinet began examining a plan for building railway links between the Mediterranean and Red Sea coasts, which would create a new route for Europe-Asia trade that could compete with the Suez Canal. Establishing passenger train service through the desert, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu noted, would also mean the southern Red Sea resort of Eilat would be just two hours away from Tel Aviv, 350 kilometers to the northwest.

    (Now is the time to make a MedRed deal with Palestine. That would solve the war and start a new era.)

    Harvard Yard taken over by Hamas.

    Israel's ongoing aggression knows no bounds. This is the end result.

    Democrat Eugene DePasquale, Republican Dave Sunday win primary elections for Pa. attorney general

    Finding a reporter to ask these AG candidates about a Gricar grand jury is like finding a needle in a haystack. See for the podcasts and the evidence. Pa. Crime Stoppers still offering $5K reward in Gricar case. All they need is a lie detector test on Shapiro and Madeira but they will say it isn't in the budget.

    Trooper honored for actions Wagner seriously injured in encounter with shooter in Mifflintown that killed fellow state police officer

    Well deserved! Now tell the Commissioner to issue Ivermectin to the PSP and tell us what happened to Gricar!

    Miller’s Organic Farm Private Member Association

    Immune Proteins – perhaps the most important component of camel milk. The concentrated immune proteins and the unique molecular structure of camel milk delivers natural anti-microbials, anti-bacterials, anti-inflammatory agents and anti-fungal properties. Camel Milk contains a gold mine of vitamins and minerals including vitamins A, B, C, D, and E. These vitamins, alone or acting together, contain anti-aging as well as functional anti-oxidant properties. Camel Milk itself is an amazing antibacterial and antimicrobial.

    AI will expand to all sectors in 2024 and interfere with election results

    Australian journalist Maria Zeee interviews Celeste Solum, US researcher and former FEMA employee. They discuss how 2024 will be the year of AI, which is expanding to all sectors and reaching everyone. This year is going to be crucial.

    (AI can work against you or for you depending on how it is applied.) 

    Celebrities against the vaccine – Part 141

    Pennsylvania Animal Law Attorney

    • Veterinary Malpractice. In some cases, you may be able to sue your veterinarian for malpractice if they have caused the death of your pet. To have a successful case, you will need to prove that your veterinarian was negligent and that this negligence caused the death of your pet. You may also be able to sue your veterinarian if they have caused you financial harm because of the malpractice.
    • Equestrian Legal Disputes. Horse owners can face a wide variety of legal issues involving their horses, everything from ownership disputes to USEF charges/violations to boarding contract or breeder contract disputes. Given the many different problems horse owners or horse leasers can face, it is important to have an experienced equine attorney representing your interests in a legal disputes involving horses.
    • Pet custody. When you own a pet with your partner and your relationship ends, one of the most heartbreaking aspects of your uncoupling will be determining who should keep your pets. Our attorneys can help you with your pet custody agreement so that the process can be as smooth as possible for you and your pets. If your ex has commandeered custody without your permission, we can help you to fight for your rights as a pet parent.

    Edgar Cayce & the Book of Revelation

    Edgar Cayce was a phenomenon. His medical healing interventions, predictions and psychic abilities are legend. He was throughout a committed ~Christian, although his interpretation of the Book of Revelation is far from Christian doctrine. It aligns much more closely with Hinduism, Buddhism or Gnostic Christianity.

    (Revelations was possibly brought back from India by Apollonius. The Roman interpretation is from Revelation 1:9 with John the Divine on Patmos hearing it from Jesus. John of Patmos is also referred to as John the Revelator, John the Divine, John the Theologian of Ancient Greece:

    ... It is an allegory for the raising of kundalini up the seven chakras through the balance of Ida and Pingala to bring forth the sushumna in the center channel which produces samadhi which lights up the pineal gland.

    Now we are advancing to a 12 chakra DNA based system which aligns with the base 12 math of creation that connect with the laws of nature. That is the original 12 strand DNA template.)

    Tennessee House Republicans pass bill allowing teachers to carry guns

    (Republican Governor Bill Lee is attracting conservative migration to Tennessee from New York, New Jersey and PA. No income tax in TN, cheap electricity from the Tennessee valley authority, banned chemtrails and mRNA and the nicest people in the Great Smokey Mountains with Dolly Parton. Tennessee is the new Florida!)

    The government has successfully weaponized the banks against the people. Major banks are voluntarily sharing customers’ private transactions with the federal government “as part of a wildly overbroad financial surveillance scheme intended to identify domestic terrorists,” a group of attorneys general wrote in a letter to Bank of America in regards to discrimination against Christian organizations. The American Accountability Foundation (AAF) is now exposing how banks are cracking down on legal firearm ownership as Washington moves to nullify the Second Amendment.

    This crisis is designed to reduce the population via the jabs, food, air and water

    US writer Naomi Wolf explains how numerous crises are artificially provoked in order to rob or enslave the populace. In this case, the goal is to reduce the population. We are supporting a culture where it is possible to become mass murderers; they are going to continue trying to kill us, via the air, water and food. (But we also have a more clearly defined path path of light that is the antidote. Dark to light transmutation with light. Golden age of light into spiritual evolution.)

    While Congress Abandons Border, $3.5 Billion Slipped Into Israel Bill For 'Migrants And Refugees'

    While Congress failed to pass a border security bill over the weekend amid a flurry of billions in international aid to Ukraine and Israel, they did set aside $3.5 billion for "Migration and Refugee Assistance" for the State Department to "address humanitarian needs of vulnerable populations and communities."

    Trump Sold-Out His Base to Shovel $95 Billion to Ukraine and Israel

    America last. America last. That’s all this is. America last, every single day.
    – Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene

    The man who is most responsible for the $95 billion giveaway to Ukraine and Israel, is the same guy who pretends to oppose America’s “wasteful” foreign wars. Donald Trump. It was Trump who consulted with Speaker Mike Johnson about the contents of the Ukraine aid package, just as it was Trump who concocted the idea of issuing loans instead of dispersing the standard welfare handout. It was also Trump who said:

    “I stand with the Speaker, (Mike Johnson)” after which he added that Johnson is doing “a very good job.”

    So, secretly collaborating with the Democrat leadership to push through a bill that “reauthorizes FISA to spy on the American people without a warrant, (bans Tik Tok) fully funds Joe Biden’s DOJ that has indicted President Trump 91 times, and giving Biden’s political gestapo a brand new FBI building bigger than the Pentagon,” while not providing a dime to protect the southern border from the swarms of people entering the country illegally, is doing a “good job”?

    BRICS To Replace US Dollar With Cryptocurrency for Trade

    The dollar is going the way of Ukraine and derivatives.

    Barbaric Savagery! Israel to “Sacrifice” Red Heifers—TODAY!

    Burnt offerings were the in thing to do 2000 years ago. Today only a few child sacrificing madmen still go for this stuff. Burning a few cows doesn't make up for killing 33,000 men, women and children in Gaza.

    The latest Rafa bombing is right where they want the high speed rail to go along the border with Egypt 130 miles to the Red Sea.

    Finkelstein says that “Israel is a lunatic state” that will bring the world down with it.

    Guest Post by Paul Craig Roberts

    Norman Finkelstein is perhaps America’s top expert on Israel. Finkelstein is himself a Jew, and his parents are “Holocaust survivors,” although his mother seems to have expressed doubts about the scale of the Holocaust.

    Finkelstein’s problem is that he is honest, and it has cost him heavily.
    The powerful Israel Lobby was able to reach into a Catholic University and cancel Finkelstein’s grant of tenure, resulting in his dismissal.

    What are the key findings of the NHS gender identity review?

    (Penn State Hershey and Rachel Levine's wife in charge of mental health need to take a look at this immediately. Tavistok is where this quack medicine all started!)

    Report by Dr Hilary Cass finds young people being let down by lack of research and evidence on medical interventions

    • Thousands of children ‘let down by NHS’
    • Review has major implications for mental health services
    • The Tavistock and Portman NHS TrustWhen its Gids service was set up in 1989, it saw fewer than 10 children a year, mainly birth-registered males who had not reached puberty. Most received therapy and only a few hormones from the age of 16.
    • NHS England has already in effect banned the use of puberty blockers because of limited evidence that they work. Cass found that there is “no evidence that puberty blockers buy time to think”, which their advocates have claimed. There is also “concern that they may change the trajectory of psychosexual and gender identity development” as well as pose long-term risks to users’ bone health, the review says.There is also a lack of evidence to prove that masculinising and feminising hormones improve a young person’s body satisfaction and psychosocial health, and there is concern over the impact on fertility, growth and bone health. There is also no evidence they reduce the risk of suicide in children, as their proponents have claimed.

    Yesterday (With Spoken Word Intro / Live From Studio 50, New York City / 1965) before Paul's death in November of 1966.

    Searchable Beatles History by day.

    To test the theory that Paul McCartney lived past November 9, 1966 just search the date on searchable Beatles History. Sadly, on that day it is recorded as Paul's death day. Brian Epstein told the media there would be no more live performances or touring.

    Nov 08, 1966

    Tuesday Abbey Road, Room 53. 4.00-5.30pm. Stereo mixing: `She Loves You' (remixes 1, 2, from single's master tape). Producer: not assigned; Engineer: Geoff Emerick; 2nd Engineer: not assigned.

    Nov 09, 1966

    Wednesday Brian phones Arthur Howes, telling him they won't accept more live performances.

    Nov 09
    Wednesday John visits the exhibition `Unfinished Paintings And Objects By Yoko Ono', at the Indica Gallery.

    Nov 09
    Wednesday Brian reports that the Beatles contract with EMI has expired, although a new one is close to finalization.

    (This is where they decide to lie about Paul having died in the car accident. Instead Tavistok will find a Paul replacement by holding a look alike, sing like Paul contest in which the replacement Paul was the winner. Thus the lie about the original Paul McCartney has been going on for 58 years.)

    Nov 09 Wednesday Paul's death date.

    Nov 10
    Thursday The newspapers report there will be no more Beatles' tours.

    Nov 10
    Thursday Abbey Road, Room 65. 2.00-4.30pm. Stereo mixing: `This Boy' (remixes 1, 2, from takes 15, 17); `Day Tripper' (remix 2, from take 3); `We Can Work It Out' (remix 2, from take 2). Editing: `This Boy' (of stereo remixes 1, 2). Producer: not assigned; Engineer: Peter Bown; 2nd Engineer: Graham Kirkby. 1st stereo mix for `This Boy', mistaken for `Bad Boy'.

    Nov 10
    Thursday Press conference of the Four Tops, at the Saville Theatre. Brian attends.

    Nov 10
    Thursday Opening of the art exhibition `Unfinished Paintings And Objects' by Yoko Ono, at the Indica Gallery, London.

    Nov 11
    Friday The Beatles and Brian donate 1000 pounds to the Aberlan disaster fund.

    Nov 11
    Friday `The David Frost Programme', Rediffusion television. Edition with the Four Tops and an interview with Brian. Before the show Brian makes it clear that if the Beatles situation is raised, he will add nothing to the statements already made, to the effect that nothing has been decided about their future activities.

    Nov 12
    Saturday ``Yesterday'... And Today', 21st week in the Top 100 (Billboard).

    Tavistok Today getting sued over Whiteness Theory and Transgender psychology:

    “Whiteness: A Problem of Our Time”: Nurse Sues NHS for Racist Psychotherapy Training that Portrays Bible & Whites as Racist.

    Amy Gallagher Sues Woke NHS Tavistock Clinic

    October 23, 2022 CTA

    “First test of woke ideology in the courts” as the NHS is accused of “forcing Critical Race Theory on students”. On this week’s #SWYSI we are joined by Amy Gallagher, a Christian nurse who is suing the controversial Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust for ‘forcing racist ideology’ on students in a lecture entitled, ‘Whiteness – A Problem of Our Time’. Arguing that the trust forces a ‘racist ideology’ onto students, Amy tells us how nursing students are being discriminated against on the basis of race and religion.

    (She caught them red handed! Tavistok has been psyoping us ever since WW 1 with Freud the friendly Ashkenazi, The Beatles & Apple (Adorno) Records, then came Tavistok Whiteness theory and transgender psychology against Christian Family Values.)

    How Critical Social Justice Ideology Impedes the Teaching of Psychotherapy

    May 19, 2021 CTA

    As a professor of psychology in a West Coast University I am responsible for training graduate students who are becoming psychotherapists. I have observed with mounting alarm how Critical Social Justice ideology has been promoted and required to be integrated into all programs, specifically in the clinical psychology program.

    Over the years, universities have overwhelmingly adopted Critical Race Theory (CRT) instruction, and many programs have shifted their focus on advocacy rather than educating and nurturing budding therapists on the practice of psychotherapy and its core principles of improving overall mental health, strengthening one’s internal sense well-being and personal empowerment.

    This is harmful for a number of reasons. As therapists, we are trained not to take political positions. The core of our work is to support our clients without personal judgment or bias interfering. CRT is based on the belief that we are all inherently racist. One of the main points I have addressed in class is that when we assume, we are already poisoning the well of potentially effective therapy. It becomes impossible to develop rapport, trust, and compassionate relationships with clients who have different life experiences and beliefs. And these are the core components of psychotherapy no matter one’s clinical orientation.

    Daily practice with the 12 5D chakras

    Andrea Winn

    Intense Preparation of our Earthly Bodies,

    (12 5D Chakras)

    By Patricia Robles | EraofPeace

    The Awakening, Activating and Elevating of our Creative Faculties and our Physical Senses is precisely the Divine Mission that our Father-Mother God and the Beings of Light from our Grand Central Sun are Calling YOU and me and the rest of Awakening Humanity to Cocreate on behalf of our Sisters and Brothers in the Family of Humanity. This is a necessary step in our Ascension process if we are going to be able to perceive and to Cocreate, the wondrous patterns of perfection for the 5D Solar New Earth.

    The Beings of Light are revealing that at this time these patterns are pulsating at frequencies of Light that Transcend our ability to perceive them with even our greatest imaginations. They are pulsating with brand-NEW multidimensional Spectrums of Light, Divine Qualities, Geometric Patterns, Images, Colors, Musical Tones and Fragrances beyond our vibrational reach.

    This has been God Victoriously accomplished by my I AM Presence in preparation for the Divine Mission I AM being Called to Cocreate on behalf of Humanity, the Elemental Kingdom and Mother Earth. I so decree it and accept it done as the Presence of God, I AM.

    Benjamin Fulford Update Today April 19, 2024 - Benjamin Fulford

    Klaus Schwab removed. Other Rothschilds on the way out are Macron, Tredeau, and the Ukranian army.

    “VP Joe Biden visited Serbia in May of 2009 to personally recruit computer hackers there to control future Dominion Software in the elections…”

    (Scott Bennett has been on the Dominion case since at least 2009. The biggest electronic election fraud followed Dominion. Only hand marked paper ballots and machines not connected to the internet should be used. Looks like the Dems controlled Dominion which helped them get elected all over.)

    3 seafood processors announce closures, selloffs following historic price collapse for Alaska fishing industry.
    link to

    10 Other Things Mike Johnson Wants To Fund Before The Border

    Speaker of the House Mike Johnson has sent a clear message: there are things that are simply more important than securing the U.S. border.

    (The Rothschild bankers are clearing out the last of the value of the dollar before they pull the plug on all the derivatives. Then President Trump will introduce JFK JR to announce the restored Republic's $2 dollar silver certificate bill that his father first brought out to reboot the treasury.)

    The Tennessee Senate passes a bill prohibiting vaccines in food

    The Senate of Tennessee has passed House Bill 1894, which requires that food containing any kind of vaccine or vaccine substances has to be classified as a drug, and be labelled as such. mRNA changes our DNA. We have no idea of its consequences for our children or for everyone.

    (Republican Governor Bill Lee is the reason Tennessee has some common sense.)

    THE WHO says Bird flu is in raw milk. They want to ban raw milk based on 2 cases in the US.

    What you can and CAN'T eat amid America's bird flu outbreak according to the Daily Mail, and an ex-FDA food chief: Avoid steak houses, salad dressing and even some favorite desserts! (Can a vaccine be far behind?)

    Study of Amish Children Proves Raw Milk Promotes Health

     Children who drink fresh milk–-unprocessed and unpasteurized-–have a better immune response to allergens and are far less likely to develop asthma.

    This comes amidst a concerted state and federal effort to criminalize raw milk in the US,

    Holbreich’s team ran a skin prick test on Amish children, most of whom drink raw milk, finding that only 7% of them showed an allergic reaction. They compared this to parental surveys of Swiss kids, both urban and rural. Over 44% of the Swiss non-farm kids suffered from allergies, the parents reported, while 25% of the Swiss farm kids did.

    Most US cows are fed a daily regimen of pharmaceuticals, a practice linked directly to antibiotic resistance in humans. The Food & Drug Administration has refused to ban the practice.

    Of note, one of the researchers admitted to being funded by the pharmaceutical industry, naming Novartis and GlaxoSmithKline, among others.

    Ninety-seven percent of US milk is heated and processed to the point that all probiotics are destroyed, while some pathogens remain.

    Amos Miller wants judge to stop Pa. ag department from destroying his raw milk, other food

    Governor Shapiro's milk police have shut down this farm serving 4000 customers and stolen it's food over one questionable complaint from Michigan and one from New York!  PA has banned the farm from selling to PA residents! Governor Shapiro is helping the globalists deplete the food supply and for this reason and others, he should resign from office!

    This attack on the PA food supply is coming from three democrat governors teaming up with the CDC. Whitmer, Hochul and Shapiro.

    The CDC is using Michigan to criminalize raw milk with the bird flu scare

    In 1948 Michigan became the first state to ban the sale of unpasteurized milk, and other states soon followed suit. In 1986 a federal judge ordered that interstate shipments of raw milk be banned, further limiting supply for consumers. (Look how far we've come.)

    USDA Report: U.S. Dairy Farm Numbers Continue to Decline

    Since 2003, the U.S. has lost more than half of its licensed dairy operations, now just shy of 32,000 dairy operations.

    Meanwhile, at the center of the Kibbutz is the dairy farm. Since the start of 2023, Israel has seen a monthly shortage of 1 million to 1.5 million liters of milk.

    Israel has led the world in annual per cow milk production since the 1990s. Today, the 115,000 cows in the national herd produce 26,288 pounds of milk, 1,010 pounds of fat, and 880 pounds of protein each year on average. All of this can be found in a country of 550 square miles, about the size of New Jersey, our fourth-smallest state.

    Delaware's dairy farms have dwindled from about 40 to 14 in the past decade. Biden is an Israel first ice cream eater.

    Two People have had bird flu in the entire US. The one in 2022 was a Texas dairy worker who recovered after a mild eye infection. The other one was a prisoner who worked at a poultry farm who recovered after minor fatigue.

    Texas Biomed Developing Potential Bird Flu Vaccine - Pharmaceutical Executive

    That one bird flu case in Texas inspired a whole new crispr vaccine!

    A bird flu vaccine is in the works! And they will try to ban raw milk but it won't work this time. In Michigan they have they followed the CDC to tell people not to drink raw milk. This is similar to how they bad mouthed Ivermectin before the covid shot came out.

    This news comes on the heels on an unpleasant development with the bird flu. While human cases are still rare, the virus was recently discovered in different species of mammals. A strain of H5N1 was recently detected in cattle for the first time in Texas. This strain made headlines, as it ended up infecting a single human who came into contact with the infected cows.

    In a press release, Texas Biomed president and CEO Larry Schlesinger, M.D., said, “Thankfully, the risk of the current H5N1 case becoming widespread among people remains low. But viruses adapt and evolve–especially influenza viruses–which is why it is so critical to be studying them and developing vaccines and treatments well before they are needed."

    "The genetic sequencing analysis from the CDC indicates that the H5N1 strain found in the patient does not have any mutations associated with resistance to current antiviral drugs," said Martinez-Sobrido.

    Is raw milk safe from bird flu?

    The FDA and the CDC are less certain about unpasteurized, or raw, milk sold in many states, saying there’s limited information about the possible transmission of the H5N1 virus in such products.

    ‘This is real’ :BAHS students learn about dire consequences and risks of impaired, distracted driving

    The push for no phone use while driving doesn't include the police. They can always use their phones while on duty. The Police should set a good example for speed limits for non emergency travel like lunch breaks and general patrolling.

    There has been a big increase in the number of medical emergency driving accidents and deaths due to the vaccines which haven't made the news in the pharma driven news cycle. Don't ever forget Governor Wolf, AG Shapiro and Rachel Levine forced the entire State Police to be vaccinated with a bioweapon that he hasn't even acknowledged yet.

    Globalist Shapiro should have already administered all of the anti mRNA vaccine measures like Ivermectin to the state work force if he had any loyalty at all to the health of the commonwealth. Turbocancer is real.

    H5N1 Bird Flu: Current Situation Summary

    2 cases in the US no deaths.

    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (.gov) › flu › avianflu › avian-flu-summ...

    by W Birds — People: 2 cases in U.S.; Person-to-person ... Avoid contact with wild or domestic birds that appear ill or have died and call to report sick.

    (This is the main reason to keep big pharma out of the food supply especially since people are aware of how bad the shots were.)

    The Tennessee Senate approves a bill that will ban chemtrails in their state

    US journalist Paul Harrell reports on how the Tennessee Senate has passed a bill that will prohibit chemtrails in its state. It will ban the pulverisation of chemical geoengineering products in the sky. The World Economic Forum satanists want to block out the Sun. In fact, some people think that they are using chemtrails to simulate global warming and climate change.

    Jean Sibelius - Finlandia

    About this Piece: First and foremost: It is The Keynote song for The Ancient of Days!

    • In the late 19th century, as Russia tried to rein in Finland’s autonomy, Sibelius strove to rouse Finnish patriotism by composing something that sounded nationalistic, but without using (or imitating) folk music.
    • Since its inception, Finlandia has been very popular, partly because of its magnificent hymn tune. Soon Sibelius’ melody was sung around the world with such words as Be Still My Soul, At the Table, Land of the Pine, and Our Farewell Song.
    • The composer had mixed feelings about these versions: “It is not intended to be sung... It is written for an orchestra. But if the world wants to sing it, it can’t be helped.” He was also puzzled by the popularity of the piece, “which is insignificant compared with my other works.”

    During the 1890s Sibelius took on the challenge of writing music that stirred Finnish patriotism in the face of Czar Nicholas II’s Russification policies. The composer wanted to create something recognizably Finnish, but without resorting to direct imitation of folk music. As he wrote to his wife Aino, “I would not wish to tell a lie in art … But I think I am now on the right path. I now grasp those Finnish, purely Finnish tendencies in music less realistically but more truthfully than before.” Many of his early efforts in this direction were ephemeral – a composer in search of his voice – but the 1899 Finlandia has transcended both its local association and its political objective.

    Originally the finale of a suite of incidental music to accompany a historical tableaux, it was performed first at an event whose announced purpose was support of a journalists’ pension fund but whose organizers sought to promote a spirit of national unity. The title Finland Awakens attracted negative attention from the czarist régime, so for a while the piece was known as Impromptu – surely one of the great misnomers in music history!

    Like all successful symphonic poems, Finlandia’s extra-musical meaning generates the music’s formal shape. The composer described this meaning in stirring words: “We fought 600 years for our freedom and I am part of the generation which achieved it. Freedom! My Finlandia is the story of this fight. It is the song of our battle, our hymn of victory.”

    His genius is that this story functions simultaneously on both exterior and interior levels – capturing just that intersection where patriotism feeds personal identity and vice versa. Massive chords establish the music’s parameters of great depth and seriousness.

    Very slowly they yield to a woodwind choir, then to the strings; the judiciously restrained orchestration suggests that there is power held in check. The accumulated tension yields to more defiant strains, then to a resolute, even jaunty section before settling into the strains of the last reverent theme (later used for the hymn “Be still, my soul,” whose text emphasizes patience in the face of suffering), which Sibelius gradually builds into triumph.

    Finland's Bold New Firearm Policy Sets Global Standard

    Finland is taking a bold step forward in national defense and public safety with its groundbreaking initiative to open 300 new shooting ranges across the country. This extensive project not only aims to enhance military readiness and civilian preparedness but also integrates responsible gun ownership into the fabric of Finnish society. As geopolitical tensions rise, Finland’s proactive strategy sets a global standard for empowering citizens while fortifying national security.

    The Finnish government has embarked on a significant project to open 300 new shooting ranges across the country. This initiative is part of a broader national security strategy aimed at enhancing military preparedness and public safety. By increasing access to shooting ranges, the government seeks to improve civilian readiness for national defense.

    Finland’s decision to expand its shooting ranges comes amidst growing geopolitical tensions in the region, especially due to concerns about Russian military activities. As Finland shares a long border with Russia, the enhancement of civilian and military readiness is seen as a crucial step. The new shooting ranges are intended to bolster the nation’s defensive capabilities by facilitating more extensive training opportunities.

    (It's all about balance of power. Thank God We have a second amendment.)

    Planned Parenthood, universities and the NIH are trafficking the organs of late-term aborted babies

    Hispanic journalist Elina Villafañe reports on new evidence, which proves that Planned Parenthood – supposedly a non-profit organisation – is selling body parts of late-term aborted babies, for significant sums of money. They are working in conjunction with important universities and the NIH, the US National Institutes of Health. The evidence was presented by the Center for Medical Progress.

    (Here's a cause Democrat women voters hold near and dear to their hearts. Crooked Governor Shapiro can always count on them for their votes. Only child sterilization and hormone prescriptions comes before that to keep medical tyranny alive. It makes Rachel Levine and Hershey Medical proud.)

    Why is US Health Department withholding documents from the Senate on Covid-19 origins?

    US Senator Ron Johnson is demanding explanations from Xavier Becerra, Secretary of the US Department of Health and Human Services, as to why dozens of documents on the origins of Covid-19 have 'heavy hidden redactions' and why they are withholding this information from the American public.

    How to effectively treat Covid vax-induced turbo cancers

    Posted on April 17, 2024 by State of the Nationit makes

    Share Suggested Fenbendazole PROTOCOLS for COVID-19
    mRNA Vaccine-Induced
    Turbo Cancers FENBENDAZOLE and CANCER Part 2 – Treating Turbo Cancer – 10 new studies released in 2023-2024 (also Mebendazole) – suggested PROTOCOLS for COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine Induced Turbo Cancers by William Makis MD

    Penn State Freshman Dies From Brain Aneurysm

    Universities and state health departments should be keeping track of statistics that could shed light on vaccine damage.

    Penn State trustee scolded for making ‘spectacle’ in push to name field after Joe Paterno

    The Marxists who took over after Gricar and Paterno were murdered are the same ones who don't want Paterno field or a Gricar Grand Jury. Governor Shapiro is one example. On April 15 when Shapiro should have been remembering Gricar's disappearance he was instead commenting on Israel foreign policy which he has no business doing.

    Shapiro's representative who sits on the law enforcement round table at Operation Our Town needs to submit a statement on the progress with the Gricar disappearance. All the evidence needed is right up the road from Our Town at Troop G.

    The evidence includes this report never released to the public that includes the demand for a grand jury by the State Police.

    In this report is the evidence of the main suspect in the Gricar case, who is now Shapiro's right hand man in the AG department, lying to the Gricar family about what was in the State Police report including the grand jury he refused to empanel.

    See for all the evidence and the podcasts.

    Way Back Machine Archive April 19, 2005, Four Days After Gricar Disappeared

    March 31, 2005
    AG Corbett & Centre County DA Gricar announce breakup of $1.5 million heroin & cocaine organization

    Tom Corbett's AG office web site's top story on March 31, 2005 is about the drug bust with Ray Gricar.  No mention of Gricar's disappearance at all after April 15! Instead the top story is a court order against a bridal shop owner and a huge drug bust of 40 drug dealers in Blair county!

    The next time the AG office updates the web site on April 21, the top story is about repair rip offs. Gricar is never mentioned again by AG corbett on the AG office web site because they ran the kidnapping and murder of DA Ray Gricar and refused to follow State Police orders to do a Grand Jury!

    Below are all of the top stories the AG office was working on between March 31, 2005 and April 26, 2005. These links are no longer live but the originals can be found here on the wayback machine. They treated Ray Gricar like chopped liver because they knew he was dead!

    Headlines April 26, 2005
    AG Corbett names Lehigh County contractor in home improvement fraud case; Lawsuit also claims defendant broke “Do Not Call” law to get customers

    April 21, 2005
    AG Corbett offers tips to avoid spring home repair rip-offs

    April 15, 2005
    AG Corbett obtains court order against Clearfield Co. bridal shop owner; Defendant barred from doing business in PA

    April 14, 2005
    AG Corbett announces arrests of as many as 40 alleged drug dealers operating in Blair County

    April 13, 2005
    Philadelphia woman charged with theft of state grant money

    April 8, 2005
    AG Corbett and Lackawanna County DA Jarbola announce findings of investigation of Highland Manor assisted care home; three suspects charged

    April 6, 2005
    AG Corbett urges consumers to sign-up for free prescription drug benefits from Antitrust settlement

    April 6, 2005
    AG Corbett warns consumers about potential scams following disaster emergency declaration in 10 Pennsylvania counties

    April 1, 2005
    AG Corbett announces arrests of three men charged in Internet 'child sex sting'

    March 31, 2005
    AG Corbett & Centre County DA Gricar announce breakup of $1.5 million heroin & cocaine organization

    Flashback: AG Corbett Gives Up On Finding Gricar in less than 30 days

    AG Corbett said Gricar wasn't coming back because he took his car keys with him.

    (After the $1.5 million drug bust in Centre, the 40 drug dealers caught in Blair and the bridal shop bust in Clearfield, the AG office was just too busy to look for Ray. Others seemed to know more including the news media. Just take a look at this redacted letter that was sent to the Centre Daily Times from Butch! Was it referring to the former TV-10 mystery woman news anchor last seen with Gricar? )

    Final Argument Podcast: Redit Q&A

    A member of law enforcement told Rebecca Knight that The Bellefonte Police wanted composite sketches done of the women Ray Gricar was reportedly seen with before his disappearance and were told that it wasn't in the budget.

    Wouldn’t that be the responsibility of the Lewisburg police since Gricar went missing in their jurisdiction? Why would Bellefonte police be responsible for having a sketch made of a woman that wasn’t even sighted in their county let alone town?

    That is an excellent question. The last sightings of Mr. Gricar were in Lewisburg in Union County and his car was also abandoned there. Pete Johnson, the D.A., of Union county refused to get involved in the case; law enforcement in Lewisburg were told that Bellefonte police were in charge of the case with the PSP brought in to assist. It should also be noted that Pete Johnson and former PA attorney general and Governor Tom Corbett have been good friends for many years. Pete Johnson never lifted a finger to do anything to help find out what happened to Gricar, who was last seen in his county. Looks like Mr. Johnson’s loyalty to Corbett trumped his moral responsibility to get involved in Mr. Gricar’s disappearance. (And we all know now that Tom Corbett never lifted a finger to help find Mr. Gricar.) That’s why no composite sketches were done by Lewisburg police.

    Attorney General Henry Releases Statement on the Death of Union County District Attorney D. Peter Johnson

    10/23/2023: Union County District Attorney Peter Johnson dies at age 68, only months before retirement. He was PA's longest serving DA at 28 years. (Former DA Bob Buehner never got a memorial from the AG office and neither did Ray Gricar.)

    (To see the letter written from former District Attorney Bob Buehner to Centre and Union county district attorneys Michael Madeira and Pete Johnson, respectively, see the premium section at

      Jim Fetzer, Ph.D., FAKE NEWS: “The Truth vs. Alex Jones”

      Jim Fetzer wrote the book "Nobody Died at Sandy Hook".

      For a quick take, Victoria Aurelio (aka “Vicki Soto”) has gone on to earn an advanced degree in Special Education from New York School of Career & Applied Studies (2017), five years after her reported death at Sandy Hook–and under the name “Victoria Soto”! I learned from her and Margaret (via our mutual friend, Steve Lucia), that those who participated in the exercise have substantial “fringe benefits”, including not paying taxes and free tuition in pursuing their higher education, as she has done. I was on the phone with Steve when. Margaret, who was with him, spoke with Vicki and asked her how much she had been paid for reprising her role as “Eva Morales”, a teacher reportedly killed at another (staged) school shooting in Uvalde, TX, which was $210,000. Eric Holder came to Newtown in 2006, they told me, and offered Newt own (the community) $114,000,000 for participating in this “Capstone Event”.

      One of the striking features of the “false flag”/staged events Brian Davidson–a private investigator licensed in Texas–and I have discovered is that FEMA likes to use the same “crisis actors” again and again, especially when they have been found to be reliable in the past. The Uvalde, TX, school shooting was modeled after Sandy Hook, where (in this case) instead of shooting his mother and then killing 20 first graders and several teachers, at Uvalde, the shooter shot his grandmother and then killed 19 second, third, and fourth grade children. It’s fairly absurd, but even Wayne Carver, the Medical Examiner from CT, was recycled and made an appearance in Uvalde, as we documented in a two-part series, Part 1 (here) and Part 2 (here). The Uvalde event was so sloppy that they they even featured two “fathers” for the same alleged victim, where the perps (FEMA and DHS) have become casual about details because they have found (based upon Sandy Hook) that the public is gullible enough to believe anything they produce as long as it carries emotional impact!

      Empty room for Joe in Scranton.

      In Scranton, aging US factory makes shells for Ukraine

    Iran in the Bible: The Forgotten Story | Presented by Our Daily Bread Films

    Babylon is being subdued once again by the forgotten Biblical God of Persia from the Book of Daniel. 

    Sanat Kumara and the 144,000 build Shamballa and save the Earth, paving the way for a new golden age.

    Believers see him in all the major religions, as Skanda/Kartikkeya in Hinduism, Brahma-Sanam Kumara in Buddhism, Ancient of Days in Judeo-Christianity and Ahura Mazda in Zoroastrianism. It is also considered that Sanat Kumara is Al Khdir (green man) known to Sufi Muslims (According to Dakshinamurti).

    According to certain esoteric, mystic and gnostic traditions, Sanat Kumara (eternal youth in Sanskrit) and 144,000 souls from planet Venus came to Earth in her darkest hour to hold the light of God.

    Notable beings in the 144,000 include Jesus, Gautama Buddha, and Maitreya Buddha.

    President Trump Ordered to Miss Son's Graduation or Go To Jail

    "My son is graduating from high school. It looks like the judge will not let me go to the graduation of my son who's worked very, very hard and he is a great student. This is a SCAM trial."

    This collection unites Ingersoll Lockwood's classic Baron Trump adventure stories in one volume. (This is what Baron does in his spare time traveling.)

    Filled with exotic flights of fancy, the Baron Trump tales feature the titular character - a wealthy boy who lives in Trump Castle. His actual name is Wilhelm Heinrich Sebastian Von Troomp, but for the sake of simplicity he chooses to go by his title of Baron Trump.

    The young fellow embarks on time travelling adventures through human history. Through his travels, he meets societies of people and tribes from long ago, picking up aspects of their language and social customs. Accompanied by his faithful and protective companion hound Bulger, the young Baron navigates a variety of adventures and surmounts many obstacles.

    The final book in this volume discusses the rise of a US President and has been variously described as either coincidental or prescient of aspects of the 21st century political climate. Set in an America torn by division and dissent, there are references to a hotel on Fifth Avenue in New York, and an election of an outsider candidate ensuing in a chaotic atmosphere.

    Ingersoll Lockwood was an author of many children's books and short stories. A veteran of the U.S. consular service, he began writing in the 1870s and attained fame and appreciation for his efforts.

    Gov. Shapiro calls Trump agenda 'too dangerous and extreme' ahead of Pennsylvania campaign visit • Pennsylvania ...

    Governor Shapiro has missed commemorating a very important day in his political career, April 15. This is the day DA Ray Gricar was reported missing 19 years ago. See for the evidence and podcasts.

    Also see: Respected District Attorney Disappears During Weekend Road Trip (Best of Crime Stories) Crime Stories with Nancy Grace

    HAARETZ: “ISRAEL HAS BEEN DEFEATED – "A TOTAL DEFEAT” BLAZING PRESS The Israeli newspaper Haaretz has declared that Israel has suffered a “total defeat” in their war on Gaza as “the war’s aims won’t be achieved. (The end of the Rothschild Zionist, Khazarian Mafia era.)


    Picture this: A colossal structure of divine design, detailed with precision, encompassing a vast expanse in the heart of one of the world's most historically charged cities, Jerusalem. It's not a scene from a fantasy novel. No, it's a prophecy that has endured for millennia, as depicted in the Old Testament, in the Book of Ezekiel, chapters 40 to 48." We're talking about Ezekiel's prophecy of the Millennial Temple, a future temple so grand and detailed it has captured the imaginations and dedicated study of scholars, theologians, and believers for centuries. But what does this future temple mean? When will it be built, and exactly how big will it be?

    What is the meaning of Isaiah 60: 8?

    It predicts the purity and enlargement of the church. The conversion of souls is here described. They fly to Christ, to the church, to the word and ordinances, as doves to their own home; thither they fly for refuge and shelter, thither they fly for rest.

    (President Trump just might be the intended developer of New Jerusalem. This would be a total makeover for the Abrahamic religions featuring Jesus Christ as the central figure. It's the ultimate dark to light story. Think what this could do for trade and tourism when combined with the MedRed high speed Railroad!)


    The Muslims built a Mosque over John The Baptist's site in Damascus and that worked out OK. Except it got shelled in the war.


    Israel Heritage Foundation awards Trump "Crown of Jerusalem"

    Jul 16, 2023 — This is a person that doesn't care only for himself but cares for the entire world,” said IHF Executive Director Rabbi David Katz.

    Trump is the new Cyrus after all. Note the coin features a Lion of the Persian Empire on the Cyrus cylinder which recalls the true God of the Bible from the book of Daniel, Ahura Mazda, also known as the Ancient of Days.

    LIVE: President Trump Delivers Remarks at Rally in Schnecksville, PA - 4/13/24

    Alcyon Pleiades Special 57: Provoked famine-poverty, Price hikes, Artificial meat, Farm closures

    Irrational though it may seem, we are currently experiencing a war against food, as hundreds of millions of people grapple with poverty and hunger, due to today’s policies, which are designed to manufacture a food-and-debt crisis. The goal is not solely to target poorer nations, but to orchestrate a famine on a global scale. In fact, if we do nothing to stop it, if we refuse to prepare ourselves, we will all feel its effects.

    Food prices are on the rise and farmers are being pressured to stop farming their land. Livestock farms are going out of business and supermarkets are closing their doors, whilst fabricated wars trigger the collapse of the supply chain.

    It is important to know that the problem is not a shortage of food. One of its real causes lies with the policies the elite want to impose upon us through their Agenda 2030. These measures are based on false climate change, and they involve a land grab by corrupt billionaires and big corporations, which are taking over arable lands and aqueducts.

    HUGE! Georgia State Election Board Now Admits to Violations of Election Law in 2020 Election – Hearing on May 7

    President Trump Goes To Chic-Fil-A

    Dan and Me: My Coming Out as a Friend of Dan Cathy and Chick-fil-A

    The heart rending story of how the Chick-fil-A CEO won over a nationally recognized LGBTQ leader, Shane Windmeyer who is a bestselling author and the executive director of Campus Pride.

    Campus Pride Terminates Founder, Considers Merger

    The organization’s board alleges that former executive director Shane Windmeyer—who was also Campus Pride’s only full-time employee—mismanaged over $100,000.

    ‘Second mile service’ at Chick-fil-A turns transactions into relationships

    (Not shown: Photo of President Dan Cathy holding a two dollar bill.)

    JOHN CREEK, Fulton County Ga. - Service with a smile can set you and your business apart from the competition.

    Such was the advice from Dan Cathy, president of local mega-food chain Chick-fil-A. He spoke to the Greater North Fulton Chamber of Commerce Dec. 3 at the Atlanta Athletic Club in Johns Creek.

    Cathy calls his brand of service, "second mile service."

    "If someone asks you to go with them for a mile, go two instead," Cathy said, referring to the Biblical verse Matthew 5:41.

    The "first mile" is serving the customer quality goods. Cathy said that is the bare minimum expectation. Everything beyond that - the "second mile" - leaves a lasting impression on the customer.

    "Then a transaction turns into a relationship," he said. "If you don't go that extra mile, all you have is a transaction. To build brand loyalty, you need to go that extra mile."

    Working this mindset into the company culture is part of Cathy's business plan. Every employee is asked to live and breathe the concept of "second mile service."

    Patriot41124 Regarding The CIA Destroying America

    The House passed FISA. The CIA needs FISA to squelch any threats to its power from the American people. Every patriot should be reading “Destroying America: The CIA’s Quest to Control the Government.” Garland and Wray are actually CIA officers using “official covers” as Attorney General and FBI Director. The CIA’s “Republican faction” got Trump to appoint Wray in preparation for the stolen election. Schumer is one of several Democratic and Republican CIA officers in Congress in violation of the Constitution.

    The Democratic CIA officers push socialist policies, and Republican CIA officers work with McConnell and Johnson to sabotage conservative control of Congress. Biden is flooding the country with illegal aliens to facilitate the CIA’s socialist agenda. Socialism is the only way the CIA can control the American people. And the media is a willing partner in the CIA’s plans for America. CIA officers work “full-time” at “major domestic media outlets” and “major circulation American journals.”

    Documented evidence shows that the CIA spent decades building up its control before stealing the election. To repeat, every patriot should be reading “Destroying America: The CIA’s Quest to Control the Government.”

    Fake meat companies in free fall in the face of public rejection. We can make choices with our money

    US investigative journalists Jefferey Jaxen and Del Bigtree report that fake meat companies are in epic decline in the face of public backlash. Bill Gates can no longer withstand the weight of his own falsehoods and misleading advertising. People are not as stupid as they think.

    Celebrities suffer adverse effects or die post vaccination. Part 140

    Celebrities like Javier Altamirano, Rafa Nadal, Frida Maanum, Joe Barone, Makhehlene Makhaula, Joana Neves and many others, have been injured by the toxic vaccines and some have died. If this is happening with celebrities, how many other nameless people are being affected who are not covered by the media or counted among the statistics?

    mRNA injections, containing nanoparticle materials, alter the genome. They cause disease and death

    Karen Kingston, an American whistleblower, pharmaceutical analyst and former Pfizer employee, alleges that the health industry was lied to about the mRNA injections when they said it was a safe and effective vaccine. No, it is not! If these injections are correctly identified as containing nanoparticle materials, states have every right to oppose injecting nanoparticle materials into their residents, because they are known to cause disease, disability, infertility and death. They alter the human genome, full stop! They can stop them right now, she says.

    MEP Rob Roos: EU's climate communism, industry destruction, digital ID, CBDCs… Chinese-style control

    Dutch MEP Rob Ross denounces those who call themselves the 'greens'. It sounds nice but it's marketing, they are the former communists. 2 or 3 weeks ago the European Parliament approved the digital identity, and now they are very busy with the Central Bank Digital Currency. If we put these 2 elements together, it's possible to control people's lives and also create a carbon budget and control people with it. He says we are nearly there, and this is what he calls 'chinafication'. This is what will happen if we let these climate communists go ahead.

    Infiltration of the UN at the municipal level: 'Global Covenant of Mayors' and 15-minute cities

    Canadian lawyer Lisa Miron talks about 15-minute cities and how advanced the coup on democracy is at the municipal level. She reports on an organisation called the 'Global Covenant of Mayors' - there are 13,000 cities in the world following orders from a shadow government - and these mayors follow orders related to climate change. They develop CO2 'inventories', and she has discovered that the solution they intend to implement by 2030 is 'consumptive interventions'. The target is 0 kg of meat per person per year. She says they will solve climate change by starving us to death.

    We are facing a coup d’état by the globalist elite, based on lies, blackmail and corruption

    Italian Catholic archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò discusses how we are currently facing a threat of historic proportions, namely, a coup d’état orchestrated by the globalist elite. This project is based on lies, blackmail and corruption. He believes that the last few years have made it clear that we are being confronted with a transcendental attack, whose aim is the establishment of a synarchy presided over by the anti-Christ. “This battle cannot be fought with purely human weapons, because it is also being waged by spiritual powers that feed upon hatred towards God, our Lord Jesus Christ and the human race – whom they envy. These powers also hate creation itself, which the Lord has given us, freely,” says Viganò.

    Experts, influencers, politicians… and now schools and children are paid to promote elite interests

    US researcher and activist Mike Adams speaks out on how the US CDC used a billion dollars’ worth of tax-payer money to promote vaccines and masks. They are also giving incentives to children in public schools. It is pure propaganda for money. “Almost all members of the US Senate are at the service of corporations. They are paid by Big Pharma, weapons manufacturers and Big Tech… and they follow their orders. Be real, tell the truth, even if it is unpopular. Be faithful to your principles,” says Adams.

    A new unknown life form has been found in the gut biome. These ‘obelisks’ are made of mRNA!

    Governments cause suffering and subjugation. They knew Covid mandates were unconstitutional

    Spanish physician Natalia Prego, co-founder of ‘Doctors for Truth’, reports on how governments and politicians were aware of the unconstitutionality of their state-of-emergency measures. They knew they were violating the right to free movement protected under the Constitution. This situation has caused subjugation and control of the population, as well as fostering manipulation and deceit. Above all, it has generated widespread pain and suffering. Dr Prego asks who has been held to account for these unconstitutional mandates, and the suicides, barbarities and crimes committed in their wake.

    She is calling for the authorities to cease and desist, and for those responsible to be held accountable. She is also striving to inform the public about the government’s intentions and those of the WHO, with its pandemic treaty, which grants the organisation’s director general full rights to decree international health emergencies at will. Dr Prego is asking people to work as hard as they can to shed light on these measures and, ultimately, to stop them.

  • Higgs never found the God particle because CERN is really about opening portals!

    El Salvador’s Nayib Bukele: Anti-God, anti-family leftist education ‘must be eradicated’

    Schools and colleges take heed! This is the new trend!

    Governor Shapiro Attends White House Dinner With Biden, Clinton and Bezos

    Shapiro is in the running for globalist candidate for 2028. Probably getting advice from Clinton. The Gricar movie is getting more scenes written in real time!

    Bubba: How's that Gricar grand jury coming along Josh?

    Josh: How'd you get away with all those trips to Epstein Island Bubba? And where is Hillary?

    Biden interrupts: Hillary went the way of the real Biden.

    (Scene ends in silence.)

    Trump Just Posted This Video on Truth Social: GITMO Is About to Get Very Busy! - A Must Video

    Dome of The Rock and AA Zadkiel

    The rock in the Dome of the Rock At the center of the Dome of the Rock sits a large rock, which is believed to be the location where Abraham was prepared to sacrifice his son Ismail Isaac in the Judeo/Christian tradition. AA Zadkiel was the unnamed Angel that stopped Abraham. Today, Muslims believe that the Rock commemorates the night journey of Muhammad.

    How to Work with Archangel Zadkiel & the Violet Flame

    By working with Archangel Zadkiel and the Violet Flame you can clear away anything that is holding you back and replace it with a feeling of inner peace, balance, and flow.

    The Violet Flame is a powerful energy tool of  energy purification and transmutation which has been given to humanity to manage negativity and fear and the karma negative energy can produce. The Violet Flame has the ability to transmute negative and unwanted energy very fast bringing purification whomever uses it. This is an effective way to remove obstacles, problems, resolve challenges, and heal your life, finances and relationships.

    Archangel Zadkiel is charged with bringing the Violet Flame to humanity!

    The Archangel Zadkiel directs the flame to remove heavy, dark energy from within and around you and refill you with Divine love bringing your life back into balance.

    If you have been recently introduced to (or reminded of) the Violet Flame, it’s a sign that the Archangel wants to work with you using this powerful healing tool to benefit yourself and others.

    Each time you transmute negative energy, you are freed from a karmic cycle and you receive more abundance and blessings in your life.

    You can make huge leaps in personal and spiritual progress by consistently invoking Archangel Zadkiel and Violet Flame.

    Best of all you can use it for world events too, visualise a country or the world surrounded with the flame to heal the planet and  raise consciousness.

    A Message from Japan to the world - Masayasu Inoue, Professor Emeritus, Osaka City Uni Medical School - Molecular Pathology

    (Japan is trending towards population collapse with over 200,000 excess deaths from the vaccines.)

    Foreign terrorists targeting US 'increasingly concerning': FBI director Wray

    This was the deep state's attempt to scare Congress into passing FISA. It didn't work. The foreign terrorists that work for the increasingly dead Rothschild Zionists include ISIS the ADL and the SPLC.

    Anti-Biden Protest Vote Catching On Nationwide

    At least a half million Democrat voters have cast their votes for “uncommitted” rather than for Joe Biden, as opposition to his "blank check" policy for Israel continues to grow. Biden strategists are getting nervous. Also today: Gaza slaughter is bringing in big bucks for the Israeli arms industry. Finally: the House FISA battle heats up.


    Officially Launched: An Open Letter to All County Sheriffs.

    We believe the important aspect of the Sheriff’s authority is that They are elected by the people. They are not appointed and do not report to any manager or higher authority. The Sheriff’s duty is to the People: to Protect and Defend.

    Because the Sheriffs are elected locally, and they possess the statutory power to enforce the law county-wide, and there are 3,143 counties and equivalents throughout the United States, they represent the last bulwark against the tyrannical U.S. Federal Government and totalitarian Deep State. Numerous sheriffs in all 50 states have already stated their intent not to enforce any gun control law that they deem to be unconstitutional.  Many have voiced similar intentions not to make any arrests for violating the various patently unlawful Covid mandates and illegal orders.

    • The Injection
    • The Test
    • Future Plans
    • The Lawsuits
    • Take Back the Republic

    Tulsi Gabbard Urges Americans to Leave The Democrat Party in Order to Save The Country

    Ivermectin Emerges as a Significant Aid in Cancer Treatment

    I have a friend who is a doctor employed by a HMO. Observing the failure of ventilators and the non-treatment process for Covid, he cured patients with Ivermectin. Three times he was called in by his employer and ordered to stop treatment with Ivermectin. He ignored the orders on the grounds that they were an illegitimate interference in the doctor-patient relationship and an interference in his obligation to his patients and the Hippocratic Oath. Understanding that a fourth reprimand was a firing, leaving his patients unprotected, he diagnosed Covid infected patients with lupus and other health problems traditionally treated with Ivermectin or HCQ.

    BREAKING: Undercover Video: CIA Officer/Former FBI Boasts: We “Can Put Anyone in Jail.. Set Them Up” – FBI “Did What We Wanted” with Alex Jones “Took His Money Away”

    CIA Officer/Former FBI Boasts “Can Put Anyone in Jail…Set ’Em Up!” “We Call It a Nudge” FBI “Did What We Wanted” with Alex Jones @RealAlexJones “Took His Money Away” “Chop His Legs Off” Estimates 20 Undercover FBI Agents at J6, Works with Some of Them Now at CIA FBI Uses “Embellished” News, “Fake Social Media” to “Really Get People Mad”

    Alex Jones  CONFIRMS he will SUE the FBI & CIA after a CIA Agent ADMITTED Agency targeted Jones to destroy his career

    "I'm planning on launching a lawsuit against the CIA & FBI. I've retained firms to sue for Civil Rights violations Gov. Racketeering operation".

    PA AG used grand jury to bring charges in cold case murder

    Governor Shapiro knows how to use a grand jury for a cold case. He needs to answer why there hasn't been one for the DA Ray Gricar case when the PA State Police specifically cited the need for one.

    Troop G has all the evidence including the original State Police report calling for a grand jury. A statement is needed the current status of the case. Maybe Our Town could come up with a statement since they were founded with the help of Tom Corbett, have former board members of the Second Mile and the lead Sandusky investigator on board. See for the evidence.

    Chemtrails seen in the sky before the eclipse!

    Accuweather continues to deny the existence of chemtrails with CNN race culture writer

    The chemtrails idea has been around since 1996, and is largely rooted in an Air Force research paper from the same year, “Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the weather in 2025.” It outlines a “future weather modification system to achieve military objectives” using “aerospace forces,” and “does not reflect current military policy, practice, or capability,” the Environmental Protection Agency has stated.

    by Leah Asmelash Writer, Culture

    Leah Asmelash is a culture writer for CNN. Her work explains and contextualizes various aspects of our society, including but not limited to race, the arts, pop culture, sports and higher education.

    (Accuweather in State College has always been part of the geoengineering cover up. Penn State teaches only disinformation regarding ongoing geoengineering including chemtrailing, HAARP and doppler radar systems.)

    Mastriano proposes bill to combat 'chemtrails'

    Mar 22, 2024 — State Sen. Doug Mastriano wants to outlaw releasing chemicals into the air to alter the weather, invoking a long running conspiracy theory.

    Pennsylvania requires those seeking to modify the weather to get a license, but no one has ever applied.

    (Even the PA Capitol Star is Mocking Mastriano Over Chemtrails! Shapiro is in with the glabalists and won't look up at the chemtrails.)

    Video shows USAF Senior Airman Lance Castle being extracted from his cell after refused the mandatory CV-19 vaccine

    Shows him being force vaccinated by a team of Air Force men.

    NAIA essentially bans transgender athletes from women's sports

    Apr 8, 2024, 02:10 PM ETThe National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics, the governing body for mostly small colleges, announced a policy Monday that all but bans transgender athletes from competing in women's sports.

    The NAIA Council of Presidents approved the policy in a 20-0 vote. The NAIA, which oversees some 83,000 athletes at schools across the country, is believed to be the first college sports organization to take such a step.

    (Now swimmer Riley Gaines might be able to come to Penn State without having her tables turned over by Rachel Levine inspired psycho trannies. All this traces back to Hershey Medical wanting to increase revenues. This might be why the PSU hospital division lost over $500 million in five years and has Rachel Levine's ex wife in charge of mental health.)

    Guaranteed Basic Income Pilot Program for Transexuals

    San Francisco’s Guaranteed Income for Trans People (GIFT) program will provide 55 individuals a monthly payment of $1,200 for simply being transexual. Conservative legal group Judicial Watch is filing a lawsuit to stop this obscene program.

    Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, April 6, 2024, # 452 ( Dane Wigington )

    Tennessee's bill to ban geoengineering has now successfully passed the House in addition to previously passing the Senate, now only Governor Bill Lee's signature is needed for the proposed legislation to become law. Though any ban on climate engineering will be difficult to enforce, it is critically needed public awareness of the issue that is the most important factor in this equation. Many are finally waking up to core components of climate engineering like chemical ice nucleation cloud seeding, extreme weather and temperature whiplash scenarios occurring around the world are now the norm.

    From climate catastrophes to earthquakes and the coming eclipse, what aren't we being told? All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Dane Wigington To support Geoengineering Watch: Contact us: Dane Wigington,

    (PSU alumni are getting the word out on geoengineering since PSU has been a hub of geoengineering development with HAARP, Michael Mann hockey stick with carbontax, and Accuweather who never saw a chemtrail they couldn't deny.) 

    Douglas McGregor: Biden will resign in next 60 days to avoid responsibility for the defeat by Russia


    Darkness into light! Psalm 18:28

    “You, LORD, keep my lamp burning; my God turns my darkness into light.”

    The Good News: God will always be your guide. He'll keep you going even when you're in a bad place.

    21 Bible Verses About Light to Guide You Through the Darkness

    There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

    PODCAST CHAPTERS 00:00:00 - Tara Arnold Intro 00:05:33 - Overcoming Past Beliefs When Channeling 00:10:41 - Learning Spiritual Alchemy with Saint Germain 00:15:48 - Transmuting Emotions with the Violet Flame 00:20:40 - The Magic of the Universe 00:25:52 - The Power of Words and Vibration 00:36:04 - The Power of Self-Love & Frequencies 00:41:38 - Tap Into Intuition & Game of Duality 00:47:12 - War Mentality: Seeing Others as Victims Versus Empathy 00:52:27 - Expansion of Consciousness 00:58:27 - Saint Germain on Past Civilizations 01:03:26 - Saint Germain The Impact of New Earth Children 01:08:30 - Transmutation 01:13:44 - Multi-Dimensional Lifetimes 01:18:23 - St. Germain's Twin Flame, Portia 01:23:20 - Path of Freedom & Justice 01:28:10 - Tara's Path From Fear to Love 01:31:55 - Next Level of Earth, Old Energies, Shift in Consciousness 01:37:00 - Time Capsule Question

    The Life and Times of an Immortal Alchemist

    Biden DOJ Convicts ‘J6 Praying Grandma’ Rebecca Lavrenz, 71, Who Faces Year in Prison

    -Rob Schmitt Tonight

    Lavrenz, who owns and operates a Colorado bed and breakfast, was convicted by a Washington, D.C. jury after almost 26 hours of deliberation, The Gazette reported.

    The jury convicted Lavrenz of entering and remaining in a restricted building, disorderly and disruptive conduct in a restricted building, disorderly and disruptive conduct in the Capitol building, and parading and demonstrating in a restricted building.

    In a Friday appearance on Steve Bannon’s War Room, Lavrenz explained that she only spent 10 minutes inside the U.S. Capitol and traveled from Colorado on January 6 to pray for the future of the United States.

    “I went there to pray,” Lavrenz told Bannon. She explained that she was in Washington, D.C., on January 6 “because I love God, my country, and my family, and I knew that something wasn’t right in that 2020 election.”

    Lavrenz added that she was initially motivated to become active in politics during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    “Even before that, I just said our country is going down with all the liberties that felt like they were stripped away from us in 2020,” she explained. “I just thought, we’ve got to keep President Trump in there, because he’s the only one fighting to keep our nation free, and I knew that his heart was in the right place and I did whatever I could to campaign for him to get out the vote.”

    Florida’s Supreme Court accepts injunction to suspend Covid vaccines because they are bioweapons

    US whistleblower Karen Kingston collaborated with the State of Florida in a lawsuit claiming that Covid vaccines are biological weapons that should be suspended and confiscated. She worked with Dr Joe Sansone, who presented the lawsuit before Florida’s Supreme Court, presenting evidence that these vaccines violate laws on bioweapons, treason, terrorism and genocide. The Court has accepted the injuction.

    An injunction is:

    1. a judicial order that restrains a person from beginning or continuing an action threatening or invading the legal right of another, or that compels a person to carry out a certain act, e.g., to make restitution to an injured party.

    Florida grand jury probing COVID-19 vaccines releases ...

    Feb 3, 2024 — Ron DeSantis' request to empanel a statewide grand jury to investigate “criminal or wrongful activity” related to COVID-19 vaccines.

    Collective Frequency: April 2024 Energy Update; Epic Choicepoints

    All Is Being Made Right and Whole again in God’s Creation. While many still sleep, much work is being done to reset the Universal Clock so that All Life on Planet Earth rejoins the Perfection of Divine Creation and the Abundance that the Godspark intended for every brave soul here during these Ascension Times. The Golden Age awaits you, dear ones. And in Truth, the Golden Age lives within you.

    April 2024 is ushering in a whole new series of Living Light Codes. They will raise your consciousness higher and higher, so that you begin to see, breathe, feel, and know the Living Perfection of What Is Good and Godly for all of Humanity and In the Perfect Divine Blueprint of Creation, beyond the tattered illusions that are getting exposed increasingly so, every day. Veneers have their day, where they mimic perfection. Where they adorn perfection. But always a day comes where the cap and coverup wears down, and the Original Divine Blueprint must Rise and Shine. And these are the times you are living in! The Patchwork and the Shiny Veneers of the Serpent’s Matrix that cover up the Resplendence of the Original God Timeline are wearing thin and wearing down. And the Good News for all those Faithful to the True Light and their True Divinity is that you are beginning to see and breathe the Grace and Glory of What Has Always Been Here and What Has Always Been Yours . . . the Light of Miraculous Creation where all sentient life and all sentient beings Thrive in their True Talents, Gifts, and Creationary Abilities.

    Wrapping Up Ukraine

    Just make everything East of the Dnepir river the buffer zone where the Ark is safe. Once the grid frequency gets to a certain point there can be no more war in that area. Nato can help revive the Dnepr motorcycle factory in Kiev for peacetime operations and distribution of aid.

    Penn State trustee scolded for making ‘spectacle’ in push to name field after Joe Paterno

    The PSU board needs to demand a Gricar grand jury to find out why the AG office had him taken out in response to his Sandusky investigation. Gricar's replacement DA, who now works for Shapiro's AG office, denied the State Police's request for a Gricar grand jury.

    Judge Thomas King Kistler was shipped out to Venango county like a bad priest after Stacey Parks Miller asked him for a Gricar grand jury. After that Miller was hit with a never ending, contrived lawfare case involving a judges signature who has since resigned.

    The Centre County court is caught allowing the murder and cover up of a county DA by the State AG office. Governor Shapiro's attorney general (who jailed Kane and is quitting) needs to do her job and empanel a Gricar grand jury.

    (Gricar, JoePA, Sandusky, King and Miller were ultimately sacrificed for the 300 priests and 1000 victims that AG Kane outed and AG Shapiro did nothing about.)

    Voters Guide: What to know about PA races including attorney general, treasurer and more There’s a crowded field of attorney general candidates. (Depasqual not Sunday is the favorite.)

    According to the ex AG and ex DA's association president Bruce Castor on podcast episode 6 of the Final Argument series at, there will never be another GOP Attorney General in PA because of the way they have it set up. AG Castor also tells the story of having his filing cabinets locked and the keys changed by the senate leader over his attempts to audit Sandusky's Second Mile. See podcast episode 6.

    The office has been under Democratic control since 2013, save for a handful of days in August 2016 when Republican Bruce Castor led it following the conviction of former Democratic Attorney General Kathleen Kane for perjury and abuse of office.

    SHOCKER! Wall Street Journal Review of Malcolm Gladwell's Book Takes Him to Task For NOT Admitting Sandusky is Innocent!

    The Wall Street Journal review of Malcolm Gladwell's 2019 best-selling book, "Talking to Strangers' (which extensively cites the work of John Ziegler and takes a shockingly honest perspective. In it, the author effectively criticizes Gladwell for not being willing to openly voice the obvious conclusion of his chapter: that Jerry Sandusky is very likely innocent. 

    Since the Wall Street Journal is behind a pay-wall on the Internet (here is that link), these are some images from the newspaper version. This is the first time someone in the mainstream media has been willing and able to say anything like this about the case...

    It should be noted that the only one of Sandusky's children to come out against him was Mathew. Mathew is the only one that took repressed memory therapy. He's the brother in law of the Da who wouldn't do the county grand jury who is now a top drug prosecutor in the AG office.

    The Second Mile was founded by Jerry Sandusky based on the bible verse: Whoever compels you to go one mile, go with him two. — Matthew 5:41

    Care to pass judgement and throw stones at Jerry Sandusky, Ray Gricar, Graham Spanier, Tim Curley, Gary Schultz, or Joe Paterno now?

    Chick-fil-a lives the 2nd mile and it's even a question during their interview process! What is the second mile service | Chick-fil-A |

    Second mile service is about going the extra mile - when someone expects a certain level of service, you work to go beyond that and take them the whole second mile.

    Trump surprises customers at Chick-fil-A.

    Trump buys a round of food and drinks for the crowd at mostly black staffed Chic fila. He gets a huge hug from an admirer.

    How does Chick-fil-A go the extra mile? The second mile is about having a spirit of generosity and acting on the warm-hearted impulses we all have to make a difference in the lives of others. Chick-fil-A goes the extra mile, meaning living out the Golden Rule and putting others' needs before their own.

    Ural Motorcycle Review - Our Best Sidecar

    This is a masterpiece in motorcycle film making which captures the history of the German side car design from WW2. The Zündapp KS 750 is a World War II-era motorcycle and sidecar combination developed for the German Wehrmacht (armed forces) before and during the Second World War.

    This iconic motorcycle has been continued as a kind of shareware peace offering in Kiev as the Dnepr, In China as the Young Chang and in Russia as the Ural motorcycle. Redmond Washington is where they are still imported to this very day. See Ural Motorcycles 14700 NE 95th St. Suite 102. Redmond, WA. © 2024 IMZ Ural, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

    Currently the only manufacturer of the bike has moved from the Urals to Khazakstan to escape sanctions. Khazakstan is home to the capitol of the Illuminati, Astana where they have oficially adopted Borat's slogan "Very Nice."

    Politicians and senior officials suffer adverse effects or die post vaccination – Part 19

    Politicians and senior officials throughout the world were deceived, including Efeso Collins, Lloyd Austin, Hasan Bitmez, Valérie Plante, Guido Crosetto, Maryanne Trump and others who have suffered from adverse effects or died due to the vaccine.

    Parasites, poisons and electromagnetic fields causing illness or death. Improve your immune system

    US surgeon and bioweapons expert Dr Lee Merritt, during an interview with US pharmaceutical researcher Dr Jane Ruby, confirms that we have been lied to about everything, and that people are getting sick through optogenetics, i.e., electromagnetic radiation and toxins. Merritt is telling people not to worry about pandemic acts, but to be concerned about the fact that they are poisoning and irradiating us, since we live in a world of parasites, poisons and electromagnetic harm. We are experiencing a spiritual war, so we have to begin with achieving spiritual wellbeing. We also need to create a good immune system, to charge up with infra-red light and to mitigate electromagnetic frequency.

    Louisiana moves to make ivermectin available over the counter 

    Committee members questioned whether the state could approve ivermectin purchases without a prescription if the FDA hasn’t condoned such use. Amedee noted Tennessee did so in 2022, and physicians in Louisiana have referred patients to Tennessee pharmacies to obtain ivermectin. 

    BREAKING: Newly released email reveals that the COVID-19 virus was developed as part of a DARPA grant overseen by Peter Daszak & Ralph Baric.

    "Your thoughts on how these proteins are best delivered to bats and what's been done?"

    "About those sars-cov spike glycoproteins you are developing with respect to the DARPA grant we are collaberating on."

    Value Drug Company PAC  funded Governor Shapiro's election plus they fund Our Town

    How about using your power, wealth and influence with the Governor to get Ivermectin over the counter! It's the best antidote to covid and the bioweapon shots. Besides, Our Town and Value Drug claim to be protectors against dangerous drugs don't they?

    FDA settles ivermectin lawsuit, removes contentious COVID-19 posts

    The FDA has agreed to permanently remove several social media posts urging people not to take ivermectin for the treatment of COVID-19, after a lawsuit brought by three doctors accused the regulatory body of interfering with their ability to practice medicine.

    (The FDA remains defiant on removing their Ivermectin disinformation. See:

    German Gov’t Admits There Was No Pandemic

    In fact, according to the German government data, there was no pandemic at all, just a tightly choreographed military grade psy-op to brainwash the masses into accepting an experimental vaccine with disastrous consequences.

    Religious Zionist Party MK Zvi Sukkot told 103FM on Thursday that "we will advance in every possible way settlement in the Gaza Strip." (This is Israel's idea of real estate housing development.)


    The intentional killing of 7 aid workers was the last straw. Trump will have to make like Cyrus and save Israel from Babylon. How does the name New Palestine sound? Or will it be New Jerusalem?  

    In the Book of Revelation in the New Testament, the city is also called the Heavenly Jerusalem, as well as being called Zion in other books of the Christian Bible.

    New Deep State protection rule specifically mentions Schedule F.

    The FBI corporation expects to be paid $10 Billion a year to denigrate the Constitution on behalf of Israel. Schedule F is waiting for President Trump to come back and say "You're Fired!"

  • The importance of “Constitutional Sheriffs” cannot be overstated during this era of creeping communism, devastating cultural marxism and dangerous Democrat-manufactured anarchy!

  • The Amish: No vaccines or lockdowns. America’s healthiest people and the world’s healthiest children

    Amish children in the United States do not have the chronic illnesses affecting the rest of Americans. They are the healthiest population in the country. Covid mortality rates among the Amish were 90 times lower than among vaccinated Americans. The Amish rejected Covid vaccines and did the opposite of what the CDC recommended. The Amish went back to their ordinary lives in May of 2020. Their children are vaccine-free and the healthiest kids in the world.

    Penn State: Amish found to be under-vaccinated for COVID-19

    Penn State thinks it's their job to brainwash the Amish community into getting vaccinated.

    It should be noted that there is no transgenderism among the Amish proving that it is a product of the promoters. Hershey Medical and the pharma Marxists have failed to corrupt the plain people.

    Activist David Hogg visits Penn State, urges Gen Z to get involved with politics

    David Hogg is the son of an FBI agent and has been trained to promote gun control starting with the Marjorie Stoneman incident which was run by FBI informants.

    PSU needs a new course that teaches about the economic destruction of Marxism. The rural campuses of PSU are scrambling to slow the decline in enrollment while cutting programs and budgets. The consensus is that the Marxist ideology at University Park is a drag on the entire institution. Education programs are being cut but it's the radical leftist proffesors that need to be fired to right the course!

    From Trailer Park to Millions: Sabastian Paden’s Rise to Wealth Through Testifying in Jerry Sandusky Trial

    He told the troopers that Sandusky had not done anything sexually to him.

    His story changed shortly afterward – and, with his mother’s encouragement, he became a witness for the prosecution. He was awarded $20 million. His lawyer got a third.

    Renowned Academic, Authors, and Investigators Challenge Jerry Sandusky’s Conviction

    Dr. Crews wrote, “Though the jury was overwhelmed by the sheer number of alleged atrocities, there are reasons to conclude that none of them had occurred.”

    The Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office had built much of its case against Sandusky on the repressed and recovered memories of victims who at first said Sandusky did not abuse them.

    Several people have been instrumental in uncovering the truth about the Sandusky case, dedicating countless hours to researching, interviewing, and writing about what happened.

    The author acknowledges that without the above researchers and writers, who all preceded him in this investigation, he would not have been able to conceivably attempt to investigate the conviction of Jerry Sandusky.

    Frank Parlato

    It is significant that there was no childhood pornography found on Sandusky’s computer or phone. The irony of all this, is that the prosecutors were sending racist, misogynist gross pornography to each other the whole time while investigating Sandusky, who is as pure as snow. He was considered to be something of a saint before the total vilification. But he was a very naive kind of guy. His children referred to it as a Mayberry world he lived in. All of Sandusky’s children (besides the one who went to repressed memory therapy) are sure he is innocent, but won’t say it in public because they are afraid for their own careers and families.

    Pendergrast: There are entire books about false confessions. The police can legally lie to people. So they can lie and say “Oh, your friend said you did it and they saw you.” Or that their fingerprints were found at the crime scene. Or maybe the police will tell the alleged victims they blacked out or repressed the memory. Many of those cases involve young people who are sleep deprived and frantic, and they will say anything to get out of there. It happens. It happens more frequently than anybody realizes.

    (We now know the AG office that prosecuted Sandusky is on the hook for disappearing DA Ray Gricar who was investigating Sandusky AND his Second Mile charity. What is needed is what the PA State Police originally called for and that is a Gricar grand jury.)


    What A More Advanced Civilization Thinks of Transgenderism

    On Earth, There Has Become A Distortion Of Sacred Expression. Each Soul Arrives As Male Or Female And This Choice Is Absolute And By Divine Appointment. The Changing Of One’s Gender Is Against All That Is Ordered And Planned By The Soul. There Can Be No Harmony With A Human That Destroys Their Own Soul’s Plan. The Door Will Be Opened To Allow Darkness Within The Mind, Body And Being.

    We Are Not Saying That The Human That Changed Genders Is Evil. We Are Saying That The Choice Made To Rebel Against The Sacred Plan Made, Will Allow Further Destruction Of All That Was Planned For That Soul In Form. There Are Laws Of Nature That Are Placed There For Your Protection. There Are Reasons For Nature Itself And The Harmony That It Brings Without Alteration.

    A Male Is A Powerful And Beautiful Creation By God Source. Surgery Does Not Change The Intention Of The Soul. A Male Cannot Change The Inner Workings Of The Body. There Can Never Be A Uterus Or Experience Of ChildBirth. For Those Continuing To Tamper With The Most Sacred Gift Of Gender, Only Darkness Will Follow

    Bidenomics Failure Shows Up At Polls As Gen-Z Revolts Against Democrats 

    GM CEO: "This New Engine Will CHANGE The World!"

    EV enthusiasts beware, GM has just announced their all-new 0-emission engine that will make electric and internal combustion vehicles obsolete! This all-new radical technology is said to be the next revolution in the automotive world and will drive us towards a completely eco-friendly future of cars! GM has been searching for an alternative to EVs for years now, and their search has led them to the all-new compressed air technology!

    Bellefonte’s longtime police chief resigns as turmoil continues. ‘This needed to be done’

    The great migration away from the Gricar case has already begun. The Governor and his top aid should just admit to the long time cover up, have the AG empanel a grand jury and resign to spare the force. See for the evidence.

  • Mike Johnson is floating a new deal. Ukraine $60 billion package in exchange for Biden ending his ban on LNG exports.
  • This is just the last attempt to drain the FED into the Ukraine before the bankruptcy.

    Alcyon Pleiades Special 56 Jesus Christ Presence Miracles NDE Arthur-Guinevere Grail Knights Templar

    This documentary’s release coincides with Easter Week and its special days. Although human beings have lost their faith, and despite humanity’s pervasive materialism and selfishness, in this video, we would like to pay tribute to a great being, Master Jesus. He was able to conquer death, in order to teach us that, despite the body’s destruction, death is not final and anything is possible, if we have faith. His work did not end after His Resurrection, and countless testimonies by ordinary people bear witness to how Master Jesus appeared to them in difficult times, during wars, or when they most needed Him, to heal and encourage them.
    People who have had near-death experiences also recount how they have seen angels, whilst others see Jesus Himself, and it changes their life forever. In some cases, miracles and healing occur. Many other people have seen Him moments before their death, and they experience a sense of peace and spirituality.
    Throughout history, we find a plethora of stories about the quest for spirituality. This search leads to the accomplishment of important feats, thanks to one’s faith in Jesus Christ, as with Joan of Arc, Teresa of Jesus, and other great mystics and saints. The era of the Knights of the Round Table is another case in point, with King Arthur, Queen Guinevere, and the search for the Holy Grail. Similar quests were undertaken in other epochs as well, like when sacred relics were faithfully protected by the Knights Templar and other Christian soldiers who fought to the death in the Crusades, and in many other instances known to history.

    (The whole pantheon of light comes alive in the Alcyon Photon Band.)

    If we reject the nanotechnology of synthetic biology, we can end transhumanism

    Australian journalist Maria Zeee interviews Dr Ana Mihalcea, a Romanian internal medicine specialist: We are in the home stretch of the transhumanist meltdown. This technology is everywhere in order to create the brain-computer interface. If humanity recognises this is happening, if more research is done and we refuse - just as people are refusing mass injections - to go further with synthetic biology, we can put an end to their transhumanist nightmare.

    Republicans Score Win in Court Battle Over Pennsylvania Mail-In Ballot Requirements

    Pennsylvania rules that require mail-in ballots to be dated are legal, a federal appeals court has ruled.

    Cliffhanger: Assange Gets Temporary Reprieve From UK Court

    A UK High Court delivered a mixed bag to Julian Assange and his family earlier today, holding off on ruling for the deportation subject to US "reassurances." But the court rejected key elements of Assange's appeal. We'll break it down today. Also in the program: FDA surrenders in its propaganda war against Ivermectin. Finally: Trump's surprising straight talk on Israel and Gaza.

    432Hz Violet Flame Meditation for Global Healing

    Victory of the light with violet ray portal pouring in around the eclipse!

    Save the red cows, Gurnseys, Jerseys, Goats, Camels sheep and raw A2 milk!


    Cobra: The United States as an independent country is actually a project, a part of the project of Saint Germain called the New Atlantis. His purpose was to recreate the civilization of Light that existed on this planet in the time of old Atlantis tens of thousands of years ago. And his mission was, and still is, to recreate that civilization of Light. And as the United States was formed as an independent country, it was a huge potential to bring liberty and freedom to its population, and in that way to create a foundation on which this new society can be born. This was his project, and still is his project, and this is why the United States was so important, and still so important for him.

    Debra: Is the purpose of the upcoming eclipse meditation to reestablish the United States as the New Atlantis? And how will this benefit the rest of the world?

    Cobra: Actually, one of the purposes of this meditation is to reactivate this archetype and then reactivate that plan again, so that I would say the most awakened people in the United States can start anchoring the Light for the New Atlantis and to reconnect with that archetype and start building a civilization of Light that was meant to be in the United States. And it was meant to be the role model for the whole world. That was the original purpose.

    Debra: Ah, the role model. That's interesting. So what is Saint Germain's role for this now, both for the US and for the planet?

    Cobra: Okay. What he's doing is he's reactivating the Light grid around the planet. I would say there is a network of etheric currents which encompasses the planet, and maintaining that Light grid and stabilizing the Light grid can ensure the most possible positive timeline for the planet. And also, he is inspiring those who are ready for his inspiration to recreate that civilization of Light, to rebuild that civilization of Light again on the planet.

    Cobra: Okay. Age of Aquarius is, I would say, the new age that will come after the completion of the current one, and it means the rebirth of a new society that will be based on true spirituality, and I would say a much more harmonious human society. And this is something that we can visualize, and this is what we were born to create in this life.

    Trump Signs Executive Order To Establish A 1776 Commission To Instill ‘Patriotic Education’

    (Saint Germain had President Trump set this up to be the launching pad for the restored Republic and the Golden Age.)

    Biden rescinds 1776 commission via executive order

    CNN Jan 21, 2021 — President Joe Biden on Wednesday issued an executive order to dissolve the 1776 commission, a panel set up by President Donald Trump.

    (The Biden regime doesn't want this nor does the deep state.)


    The framework for New Atlantis is already set. When President Trump returns it will be the start of the new American Republic with JFK JR to finish what his father started with the $50 Trillion Saint Germain fund. 

    Just like the book by Ingersoll Lockwood, called 1900 or The Last President. President Trump was the last President of the United States Corporation.

    I Love You Waltz to Saint Germain

    • Francis Bacon feigned his physical death on Easter Sunday, April 9, 1626 in a "Philosopher's Death". This refers to the tradition of some philosophers who simulated their death in one place only to transplant themselves into another area to begin a new life - with a new name and appearance.
    • Francis actually had his physical, mental, emotional and memory bodies charged with the Light, Life, and Love of his "I AM" Presence. Vitalized with the Pranic Forces of Nature, he left England and traveled through various areas of Europe continuing the Great Work of the Brotherhood of Light.
    • Staying with John Valentine Andrea in Berlin, Francis helped him further develop Rosicrucian philosophy on the Sacred Mysteries. Andrea had published a fictional book called Chemical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz in which he described “Christian Rosenkreuz” as the founder of the Rosicrucians. The character of Rosenkreuz was patterned after Francis Bacon.
    • Francis continued to write under pseudonyms, as he had done before 1626, continuing to write as late as 1670 using the pseudonym "Comte De Gabalis" to write a treatise about the Pranic Life Forces of Nature. (17)
    • Francis Bacon Illumined and Raised his body on May 1, 1684 at the Rákóczi Mansion in the Carpathian Mountain region of Transylvania. Undergoing the Initiation of the Resurrection, he became an Adept with full Christ Mastery of the Forces of Nature. Francis became the "Wonderman of Europe" in the 1700s, working in his Resurrected Body with embodied individuals in Europe, England, and America to further the Cause of Freedom and the Advancement of Learning. He used various pseudonyms such as Count Saint Germain, Marquis de Montferrat, Comte Bellamarre of Aymar at Venice, Chevalier Schoening at Pisa, Chevaller Weldon at Milan and Leipzig, Comte Soltikoff at Genoa and Leghor, Graf Tzarogy at Dresden, and Comte de St. Germain at Paris, the Hague, London, and St. Petersburg.

    (Antisemitism is anti-Satanism. We gave our national credit card to people who want to destroy us.) — March 26, 2024

    In the past four years, the Satanists overreached in four ways which guarantee their ultimate downfall.

    1. Rebranding the seasonal flu as a pandemic and poisoning millions with gene therapy disguised as “vaccines.”  Having revealed their “You will own nothing”2030 agenda, they stand naked.
    1. Provoking the Russian invasion of Ukraine resulting in the humiliation and defeat of NATO.
    1. Staging the Oct 7 Hamas false flag attack resulting in the genocide of over 32,000 people in Gaza.

    This has turned Israel into an international pariah.

    1. The migrant invasion of the US and Europe is causing a backlash against Organized Jewry and their proxies in government.

    Hopefully this overreach will result in the defeat of globalism and the nationalization of central banks.

    Ben Fulford: While the West deals with Messianic parasites, China is leaving us in the dust (or vapor).

    This article shows China has formally begun the hydrogen age:

    China’s first homegrown hydrogen-powered train completed its full-load running test at the speed of 160 kph on Thursday, it is a groundbreaking record for achieving performance verification of a full-system, full-scenario, and multi-level test of the hydrogen train.

    Equipped with a built-in hydrogen power system, the average energy consumption per kilometer of the train is 5 kWh during the test, which is on par with world-leading levels, and the maximum mileage of this train can reach more than 1,000 kilometers.

    If we don’t all want to end up as Chinese slaves, we need to remove the KM.

    The Cross and the Ankh, Good Friday, Getting Jesus down off the cross! 

    The Egyptians had the knowledge of sound, energy and resonant vibration down pat. They had the ancient knowledge from Atlantis which was much more advanced than today.

    The pyramids and the ankhs acted as transmitters and recievers of torroidal life energy that could create a portal. The pyramids are lighing up again.

    We have been released from an artificial energy fence around earth that has been in place for a long time. Now we have access to zero point energy once again in the Alcyon photon band.

    Secret of the Andes And The Golden Sun Disc of MU

    HIDDEN MONASTERY HIGH IN THE ANDES HOSTS THE SUN DISC - MAGICAL RELIC OF LOST CONTINENT SURVIVORS The Golden Sun Disc of MU was not made of ordinary gold, but was transmuted gold and unusual in its qualities in that it was a translucent metal similar, evidently, to the "metal you can almost look through" of the UFOs. Held by ropes of pure gold in a shrine in the greatest Temple of the Divine Light of the Motherland of MU, the gigantic Golden Disc of the Sun was placed on an altar, which was a pillar carved out of solid stone. There blazed the eternal White Light of the crystalline Maxin Flame, the Divine Limitless Light of Creation. About 30,000 BC, the Maxin Light went out on the altar because of the evil of some of the priest-scientists of MU. The Sun Disc remained in its shrine, however, until the time of the final destruction and submergence of 10-12,000 BC. The Disc eventually found its way to Lake Titicaca and was placed in a subterranean temple of the Monastery of the Brotherhood of the Seven Rays. Here it was used not only by the students of life daily, but also by the Masters and the Saints from the Mystery Schools throughout the world so that they might be teleported back and forth to sit in Council or to partake of some Transmission Ceremony. When the spiritually advanced Incas came to Peru they placed the Disc of the Sun in a specially constructed Garden of Gold where it will remain until the day "when man is spiritually ready" to receive it and use it once again. On that day the Golden Disc will be taken out of its subterranean chamber and placed high above the Monastery of the Brotherhood. For many miles the pilgrims of the New Dawn will see it once again reflecting the glorious rays of the Sun. Coming from it will be an undeniable tone of purest harmony that will bring many followers of light up the foot-worn path to the ancient gate of the Brotherhood of the Seven Rays.

    Judith Kusel: Energy Shifts

    Judith Kusel

    Such Joy as powerful energy shifts are happening!

    Beautiful White-Golden Energy pouring in and with it the full return on the Sun Discs now being released from the Great Central Suns and these will illumined our hearts and minds in powerful, expansive ways.

    These Sun Discs are linking up with those which were held in custody for exactly this time when the New Earth rises and with it the 5th to 7th dimensional state, as the higher technological re-mem-be-ring starts, which once was applied to the building of the massive megalithic sites and the pyramids, and more than this full uses of sound technology combined with that of the power of water.

    More than this, the higher Christ Consciousness is being activated, the Divine Feminine Christ with the Divine Masculine Christ, returning balance and harmony in the next years, until we fully are lifted into the New Golden Age.

    I just love it: for it means that we are being reborn in so many forms and ways, and note that this year is a catalyst year in so many ways, breaking up the old so powerfully, yet at the very same time, rebirthing in the highest degrees!

    "The Golden Sun Discs are the DNA

    The blueprint for the crystalline field... indeed for the Crystalline 144 Grid! The Golden Sun Disc discs are now emitting a 12-strand helix, in a spiraling energy that will serve, as the prototype of the DNA for the planetary grids. Indeed, they are correspondences to the ability of the Earth to regenerate and reform itself, similar to the DNA of the Earth itself. They are energetic spirals. They are truly more spiral than disc, but they do appear disc-like when viewed. Many of your metaphysicians tell you that there are 12 such discs on the planet. 

    • To clarify this we tell you rather, that there are twelve distinct frequencial patterns of integral sun disc." - James Tyberonn, SD1 Pinnacle Mountain State Park, Arkansas, USA (L. 35° 9'46.10"N, L. 93°38'2.08"W) SD2 Lake Titicaca (near isla del sol), Bolivia (L. 15°48'35.77"S, L. 69° 3'0.40"W) SD3 São Thomé das Letras - Minas Gerais, Brazil (L. 21°43'25.25"S, L. 44°58'53.01"W) SD4 Roslyn Chapel, Scotland (L. 55°51'19.24"N, L. 3° 9'35.11"W) SD5 Great Pyramids, Giza (L. 29°58'48.56"N, L. 31° 8'3.01"E) SD6 Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania (L. 3° 3'59.27"S, L. 37°21'2.40"E) SD7 Ural Mountains, Russia (L. 61°22'52.40"N, L. 57°17'56.02"E) SD8 Sri Lanka (L. 8°10'43.77"N, L. 79°49'16.24"E) SD9 Lake Baikal, Russia (L. 53°56'54.49"N, L. 108°16'44.22"E) SD10 Xi-an, China (L. 33°50'20.83"N, L. 108°30'57.18"E) SD11 Uluru, Australia (L. 25°21'5.91"S, L. 131° 1'59.04"E) SD12 Moorea, French Polynesia (L. 17°33'2.12"S, L. 149°49'21.02"W)

    Miriam Delicado and Dr. Michael Salla – Exopolitics Today

    In 1988, Miriam Delicado had a contact experience with Tall Blonde extraterrestrials who told her they were involved in the creation of humanity and rescuing large numbers of humans at the end of different historical ages. She described the ends of the First, Second and Third Worlds where human civilizations were wiped out by cataclysms due to the dangers they posed to the planet in developing advanced technologies without the right ethical understanding. Delicado said the Tall Blondes intervened in huge spacecraft (aka space arks), to take large numbers of humans off the surface to the safety of outer space, the bottom of oceans, or Inner Earth, to wait out the cataclysmic surface events.

    The Tall Blondes, she pointed out, are very different to the “Tall Whites” encountered by Charles Hall at Nellis Air Force Base in the 1960s. After her profound contact experience, Delicado was approached by Men in Black and other organizations who wanted to recruit her to different official government programs so they could better understand alien technologies. She said that the contact enhanced her psychic abilities, and she was invited by a secret Russian organization to join a psychic community, where she would be trained and be among “her kind”.

    In her first Exopolitics Today interview, Miriam  Delicado discusses her incredible contact experiences, the life-changing events that happened afterward. She also discusses the dangers that lie ahead as humanity enters the End Times where confusion and corruption abound, and critical thinking is compromised in ways that are very similar to the end of Atlantis. Miriam Delicado’s book is available at: Website:

  • Contact with Tall Blonde ET Founders, Space Ark Rescues & the END TIMES – Miriam Delicado: Dr. Michael Salla – Exopolitics Today

  • Lara Logan – Baltimore Update

  • The American People Are Expressing A Dramatic Decline of Support For Israel In New Poll (clip)

  • FBI says "no specific or credible information" tying terrorism to Baltimore bridge collapse

    Buttigieg to arrive shortly with checkbook.

    Terrorist Attack on Russia Has USA Fingerprints All Over It

    Al-Qaeda was created by Western intelligence to fight the Russians, and has been used as a catalyst for illegal wars and tyrannical laws ever since.

    Over a hundred people were murdered in Russia on Friday. Including women and children. Eleven terrorists were captured by Russian authorities as they attempted to cross the border into Ukraine. They are being interrogated and all roads lead to the US State department, who have been directing Ukrainian forces since their 2014 coup.

    The attack occurred on March 22nd, or 3/22. 322 is the mysterious number used by Yale’s infamous Skull and Bones society. The official story is that 322 symbolizes the year 322BC to memorialize the event seen as the turning point which transformed Athens from a democracy to a plutocracy. A plutocracy is a society that is ruled by no other political philosophy other than the financial elite being in control of the people’s destiny.

    The Skull and Bones is a grooming academy for the CIA. Such as, former director of the CIA, George Bush. And 322 is there calling card.

    During the Tucker Carlson interview, President Putin was clearly speaking to the CIA. The CIA responded in a New York Times Article admitting that they are using Ukraine as a proxy to wage war against Russia. Weeks before the attack, Victoria Nuland repeatedly boasted that Putin was in for a nasty surprise.

    On March 7th, the US Embassy issued a warning about the threat of terrorist attacks in Moscow, specifying ‘concerts.’ The British Embassy in Moscow mirrored this warning.

    Days before the attack, Barack Obama paid an unexpected visit to the British Prime Minister at 10 Downing Street.

    Within hours of the attack and without any evidence, the US government blames the attack on the Islamic State and says that Ukraine is not involved.

    The next day, while Russians were grieving, CIA mouthpiece, The Washington Post, gloated how the US had prior knowledge of the attack, and people still died.

    Conversation with Sananda: Preparing for Ascension

    Posted on 03/25/2024 by EraOfLight — 

    Will the lame walk and the blind see?

    Channel: Jahn J Kassl

    How long will this continue?

    JJK: The situation in Russia is calming down and President Putin has managed – once again – to maintain unity. How long will this game, in which humanity is on the brink in many areas, continue?

    SANANDA: The end comes on the day when the critical point in the awakening process of humanity is reached. We are approaching this point in big steps, very big steps. The earth will then be transformed and in a very short time you will emerge from the transformation processes as newborns. The basic energetic constitution of the human being is realigned, body and psyche are adapted to the divine vibration and raised.

    It is now important to make the necessary preparations in order to meet the requirements for this redefinition.

    A process that consists of remaining anchored in GOD, unwavering in TRUST and unconditional in LOVE despite all the madness you are now encountering – that is the practice.

    True masters are not born, but forged through events!

    JJK: That means – holding out until day X?

    SANANDA: That means living until day

    To get deeper and deeper into GOD and no longer count the days, weeks or months to the ascension, but to celebrate the minutes that you spend with GOD – the wait for the ascension is only a waiting for as long as there is a separation between you and GOD exists.

    As soon as you perceive yourself in the awareness of HIS grace every minute, this state of restlessness ends – serenity and peace arise.

    JJK: How is closeness to GOD created?

    SANANDA: The longing for GOD is placed in every person’s heart and it awakens as soon as the heart is freed from the overlays and blockages, from all the rubbish that has accumulated in the many embodiments. That’s why introspection and healing work on body and soul are so important – until the breakthrough is achieved, until you can feel and perceive GOD in your heart. Then you deal with answers just as calmly as you deal with unanswered questions. Then both have the same validity for you.

    JJK: Everything is then “equally valid” but not “important”, right?

    SANANDA: An awakened person allows himself to be guided by GOD into the answers and not manipulated by the restlessness of the mind. In the proximity of GOD the mind calms down and all needs disappear.

    JJK: Will we ascend with the body? I’ve asked this many times.

    Due to the many changes that occur again and again, this question is relevant again for me today. Will our bodies actually be rejuvenated, will teeth grow back, the lame will be able to walk, the blind will be able to see, and the deaf will be able to hear after the earth is raised with people? I recently heard this in a video from Kerry K. (2) Will this be so?

    SANANDA: Every person will experience this time differently. There are different ways to climb.

    However, whoever helps shape and further shape this earth, whoever actively participates in the construction of the new humanity, will receive the grace of all-round renewal in all members.

    In the process of ascension, the human cells are recalibrated, exposed to new light and given divine healing vibrations. Humans become fully conscious fifth-dimensional beings, shedding the inert mass of a 3D body. A complete redesign of your physique and your psyche for all who continue to serve in this world. Many people will give up and shed their earthly bodies during this time.

    Every person lives up to their divine destiny. Every human being receives life on this or another world according to his divine orders. Everyone and everything is taken care of. It’s like that forever.

    At this point we will end our conversation today.

    Trust the time! The guardians of time accompany you to the threshold of timeless existence. Because creation is in the hands of GOD and from the hands of GOD all life receives HIS GRACE.

    With endless love,

    What if the Chesapeake Bay was one big park? A new leader for Department of Natural Resources and kids leading the way on the environment.

    What caused the Chesapeake Bay to become polluted? Humans are Over Fertilizing the Bay.

    This nutrient pollution comes from fertilizing lawns, gardens, and farms. Nutrient pollution also comes from urban sources, including exhaust from automobiles, wastewater, septic systems, and stormwater runoff.

    Maola Local Dairies, owned by Maryland & Virginia Milk Producers Cooperative Association (MDVA), has purchased a dairy processing plant in Philadelphia.

    The plant, previously owned by HP Hood, will generate new opportunities to bring sustainable milk products into Pennsylvania, the company said.

    (MD & VA Milk Producers know the value of putting riparian buffers next to streams to reduce nitrate runoff. Otherwise it ends up in the Chesapeake bay Maryland Blue Crabs.)

    Tucker: Tulsi Gabbard could be the next vice president. Here’s what she believes....

    Who’s Running the United States of America? “It’s obviously not Joe Biden.” @TulsiGabbard says that it’s “not a leap of imagination” to believe Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are running the show. “When you look at the people who are in Joe Biden’s administration, they are the people who were the right hands for the Obama administration, for President Obama, and for Hillary Clinton. When Hillary Clinton said herself the other day, she said, ‘Oh, yeah, I talk to the White House every day.’ So, it is no shock or surprise who the influences are behind the policies that are coming out of this White House that many people say is the most radical and woke White House that our country has ever seen.”

    They Are Mad Because We Are Winning! Dan Bongino Clip...

    RFK JR: “We saw during COVID that the government began actively promoting the CENSORSHIP of speech on social media” “They closed down every business with no due process”

    "They shut down every CHURCH in our country"


    Marvin Gaye, Born In Washington DC, Sings the American National Anthem at the 1983 NBA All Star Game.

    Baltimore's Francis Scott Key Bridge Collapses After It Was Hit by Cargo Ship - WSJ

    This is obviously an intentional symbolic Marxist attack on the National Anthem and it's author, Francis Scott Key by the Khazarian Mafia.

    They want to go out with a bang and a blaze of glory. Watch for HAARP, DEW and satellite attacks during the eclipse on April 8. This could be a runup to the red heifer burning show the third temple fanatics have planned. The dark fleet minions will be met with a blast of photonic light if they try any of this. There are no health issues or earthquakes normally associated with eclipses.

    Israel announces major land grab in West Bank

    A senior minister has vowed to continue backing the settlement movement, which is illegal under international law

    The Israeli government has designated nearly 2,000 acres in the West Bank as state-owned land, in a move described by rights groups as the biggest land grab on occupied Palestinian territories in decades.

    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government gave the green light to the construction of more than 3,400 new settler homes this month, drawing more criticism from the UN and the Palestinian Authority.

    (Israel is the agressor here once again. This is well planned real estate aquisition. Keep an eye out for another land grab in Gaza during the eclipse.)

    High Ranking NATO and Ukrainian Officials Were Killed in the Latest Russian Strike in Kiev


    (The CIA has lost a lot of intelligence in the Ukraine.)

    Obama heads to London, Diddy heads to jail. This might be the black swan event.

    Celebrities suffer adverse effects or die post vaccination – Part 139

    Celebrities such as Bismack Biyombo, Nick Sheridan, Christie Brinkley, Guzmán Pereira, Rinky Chakma, Ricardo Casares and many others have been affected by the toxic vaccines and some have died. If this is happening with famous individuals how many more nameless people are being affected who receive no media coverage and are not counted among the statistics?

    Use of the Anti-Parasitic Drug Ivermectin to Treat Breast Cancer...

    by PP Lee · 2021 · Cited by 5 — In this model, breast tumors are “cold,” indicating little or no infiltrating T cells. Ivermectin treatment led to robust T-cell infiltration ...

    Despite significant advances in the treatment of breast cancer, triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) remains the most difficult subtype to treat. As the name implies, triple-negative breast cancer cells lack three key proteins—receptors for the estrogen and progesterone hormones, and the protein HER2—which are targets for many effective breast cancer drugs today.

    (The withholding of Ivermectin shows how they doubled down on forcing the vaccine bioweapon while blocking the main antidote. Same with Hydroxychloroquine.)

    US acknowledges that Covid is no more serious than the flu. They have deceived the whole world

    The New York Times wants your attention on a few cows with bird flu in the Texas panhandle and one goat in Minnesota.

    They stressed that the nation’s milk supply is safe, saying pasteurization kills viruses. They like to promote cow vaccines and growth hormones. The Texas panhandle is where they started the fires with DEW weapons too. The burned cow sacrifice is important to Israel third temple end timers.

    A typical kibbutz is a community in Israel usually centred around a dairy farm. (Photo by Lucky ISRAELIS7)

    The farms in the Israel no go zone have been deserted and no one can go there. The cows can not be fed or milked! (The KM knows full well the value of a dairy farm. They know exactly how to use the rhetoric, the criminalization and the value of monopolizing dairy.)

    A huge army of tractors are descending on central London during rush hour today to protest against 'substandard imports and dishonest labeling' that farms warn are threatening food security.

    The campaign groups Save British Farming and Fairness for Farmers of Kent are assembling for a 'go-slow' convoy and drive around Westminster at 6pm, with organisers expecting as many as 100 tractors as well as other farm vehicles.

    Convoys of tractors have been seen across London waving Union flags and holding signs reading 'no farmers, no food, no future'. Fortunately for their drivers, specialist agricultural vehicles are exempt from Sadiq Khan's £12.50 ULEZ charge"

    In Lebanon, Christians Remain Politically Powerful

    When is the last time the Christians in Lebanon, Gaza or Syria got a thumbs up from Washington?

    Israel's dependence on America during the current war

    He further stated, "If Israel is going to return to being a nation on its own, maybe we can last a few months. Without the backing from our allies, we will not be able to continue and defeat Hezbollah in the North, and militarily, we will be hurt. I think we are already in a very serious situation, and Israel must make a decision. A continuation of this streak is national irresponsibility from a security point of view and in general."

    "If we don't solve the problem in the South, the situation in the North won't be able to be solved politically either, and the US won't push for it. America doesn't work for Israel. They have worked with Israel until now, but America doesn't agree with Israel's policy, so why would America go to all kinds of effort? It will not happen. So Israel will remain rooted in its own troubles, and if we are such great heroes - let's see," Ziv continued.

    St George/al-Khidr

    The Medred high speed railroad would ideally run along the border with Egypt. The canal would be better started from about where the Saint George historic ruins were ruined.

    Who is the patron saint of Palestine and Israel? Saint George is the patron saint of Lebanese Christians, Palestinian Christians, and Syrian Christians.

    What was Gaza originally called? The name "Gaza" is first known from military records of Thutmose III of Egypt (Kuthumi) in the 15th century BCE.

    Gaza can be the catalyst for peace among the Abrahamic religions. With a three part partnership, the future of the region can be great because of it's strategic location alone. Christians Muslims and Jews have to bury the hatchet in order for the Golden Age to pick up speed.

    ‘LGBT movement’ added to Russia’s terrorist list

    Since surviving the attempted genocide of the slavic race, Russia is trying to keep from losing population which stands at just under 144 million, less than half of the US population. The LGBT movement is viewed as a population reducer by the Russians but tolerated as long as kids are not targeted.

    Little media coverage on Huge Ivermectin Win

    Boycott Ogden Newspapers Owners of the Pittsburgh Pirates and other media outlets who mislead the public about medicine safety!

    FDA agreed to delete media posts suggesting people don't use ivermectin to fight covid

    The Texan: Houston Doctor's Lawsuit Forces FDA to Remove COVID-19-Related Ivermectin Posts

    FDA publications and actions cited by plaintiffs include a 2021 post with pictures of a horse captioned, “You are not a horse. You are not a cow. Seriously, y’all. Stop it,” and a link to an agency article entitled, “Why You Should Not Take Ivermectin to Treat or Prevent COVID-19.” According to Bowden, the original article stated the FDA’s official position against using ivermectin without acknowledging that doctors could legally prescribe the drug.

    (Merck deserves special condemnation for keeping Ivermectin off the market. They had the original patent which was expired. Merck is the AntiHorse. Ivermectin should be sold over the counter and distributed free by the Red Cross. Special thanks to Tractor supply for supplying Ivermectin when the worthless drug companies wouldn't.)

    Pierre Kory: The War On Ivermectin:

    The FDA Settled With Us Because They Knew They Were Going To Lose

    After 4 years of catastrophic health agency tyranny, physicians finally score a legal victory. I think the FDA settled because their Pharma masters were terrified of discovery. Here is the backstory.

    Ivermectin probably has the broadest applicability of any medicine that I am aware of (anti-parasitic, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-tumor). As Professor Satoshi Omura, the Nobel Prize winning discoverer of the drug said in his Nobel acceptance speech, it truly is a “Wonder Drug.”

    In my book, The War on Ivermectin, Chapter 33 is called “The Horse Dewormer PR Campaign.” I invite you to see this previous post where I detail the campaign’s highly coordinated and sequentially timed actions between the FDA, CDC, AMA, APHA and corporate controlled media (i.e. late night hosts, news broadcasts, newspapers etc). Clearly, the goal of the campaign was to convince the public that ivermectin was a dangerous and ineffective horse dewormer.

    In the wake of that campaign, pharmacies stopped filling valid, legal prescriptions and hospitals removed ivermectin from their formularies. Never had an FDA approved drug, one of the (if not the) safest prescribed medications in history ever been vilified or restricted to this extent. Just like hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin had to be stopped.

    The FDA’s role in that campaign started with the posting of the below tweet on August 21, 2021, a week after the report on the below left came out, showing a massive rise in ivermectin prescriptions in the U.S during the deadly Delta wave.

    Obviously my readers know why “they” had to bury the evidence of efficacy of ivermectin at all costs: little ‘ole ivermectin threatened both the EUA for the vaccines and the global vaccine market (north of a $100 billion). It also threatened the markets for all the competing pricey, patented, pipeline pharmaceuticals like Remdesivir, Paxlovid, molnupiravir and the monoclonal antibodies (also massive global markets in the many billions).

    Pharma’s greatest weapon to attack ivermectin is the FDA. Pharma (and especially Pfizer) has near complete control of the FDA (and the CDC and the NIH). But the FDA couldn’t do it all by themselves so they called in the CDC to do some dirty work: 5 days after the FDA tweet the CDC sent out a warning advisory to all the state medical boards (which was then forwarded to every licensed physician in the country):

    The following two articles on Ivermectin From Penn State are both hit pieces that are meant to discourage Ivermectin use and should be removed from the internet!

    A mixed methods study exploring requests for unproven COVID therapies such as ivermectin and healthcare distrust in the rural South

    Ivermectin Toxicity in Young Mice

    Penn State University should be sanctioned for lying to the public about the covid vaccines and Ivermectin. Merck should be banned from campus because they are the force behind bad medicine at Penn State including Vioxx and Gardasil.

    Dr. Fauci warns against taking Ivermectin to fight Covid-19

    Inspirational Message To The Unvaccinated

    People who were capable of such personality, courage and critical ability are undoubtedly the best of humanity. They are everywhere, in all ages, levels of education, states and ideas. They are of a special kind; they are the soldiers that every army of light wants to have in its ranks. They are the parents that every child wants to have and the children that every parent dreams of having. They are beings above the average of their societies, they are the essence of the people who have built all cultures and conquered horizons. They are there, next to you, they look normal, but they are superheroes.

    They did what others could not, they were the tree that withstood the hurricane of insults, discrimination and social exclusion. And they did it because they thought they were alone, and believed they were the only ones.

    Banned from their families’ tables at Christmas, they never saw anything so cruel. They lost their jobs, let their careers sink, had no more money … but they didn’t care. They suffered immeasurable discrimination, denunciation, betrayal and humiliation … but they kept going.

    Never before in humanity has there been such a “casting”, now we know who are the best on planet Earth. Women, men, old, young, rich, poor, of all races or religions, the unvaccinated, the chosen of the invisible ark, the only ones who managed to resist when everything collapsed.

    That’s you, you passed an unimaginable test that many of the toughest Marines, Commandos, Green Berets, astronauts and geniuses could not withstand.

    You are made of the stuff of the greatest who ever lived, those heroes born among ordinary men who glow in the dark.”


    Hindustan Times: 'Blood on its hands': FDA loses battle against ivermectin, agrees to remove COVID-related anti-drug social media posts

    (India knows first hand how Ivermectin works.)

    Uttar Pradesh India government says early use of Ivermectin helped to keep positivity, deaths low

    Claiming that timely introduction of Ivermectin since the first wave has helped the state maintain a relatively low positivity rate despite in its high population density.

    Merck's lies about Ivermectin From Their Web Site

    • No scientific basis for a potential therapeutic effect against COVID-19 from pre-clinical studies; 
    • No meaningful evidence for clinical activity or clinical efficacy in patients with COVID-19 disease, and; 
    • A concerning lack of safety data in the majority of studies.

    We do not believe that the data available support the safety and efficacy of ivermectin beyond the doses and populations indicated in the regulatory agency-approved prescribing information.

    (Ivermectin is safer than tylenol and doesn't kill and maim the patient like covid vaccines.)

    Triggering The Ascension Template

    Sen. Marsha Blackburn@MarshaBlackburn

    Last night, Senate Democrats voted AGAINST my measure — the CLEAR Act — to deport criminal illegal aliens! (It appears that Democrats and the criminal illegal aliens are working together.)

    J6 Series Ep. 3 - Gabriel's Trumpet: Brunson Brothers Story Pt 1

    The Brunson brothers once played their horns to save our souls. They’ve now put them down to defend our rights. On this episode of “The Rest of the Story” with Lara Logan the four brothers try to convince the Supreme Court that Congress has committed treason.

    Lara Logan: "Whether it's Republican candidates on the debate stage or democrats in the White House, it's pretty obvious the political class wants you to focus on the next election and forget about the last one. If you don't it's no mystery what might happen, just look at the arrest of January 6th protesters still taking place all over this country, more than two and a half years later, If you were at the Capitol, you're probably waiting to find out if you're next.

    But in this country there's no official caste system. No matter how powerful someone is, if they do something wrong, they have to answer for it it. It may not always work that way, but it's how our legal system was designed, and the words carved into the stone of the highest court in the land still read Equal Justice Under Law. Four brothers from Utah are testing that theory. They didn't go to the Capitol, but like many of those who did, they believe the most powerful politicians in this nation aren't doing their duty and they think it's time they face the music."

    The Rosicrucian Order - The Secret Society That Connects All Religions

    Rosicrucianism, an intricate spiritual and cultural movement, traces its roots back to the early 17th century Europe and has evolved to manifest itself in various forms in contemporary times. The movement draws its distinct character from an eclectic blend of esoteric wisdom, spanning elements of mysticism, alchemy, Christian Gnosticism, and an array of philosophical and spiritual teachings. The origins of the Rosicrucian Order are steeped in mystery, traditionally linked to an enigmatic figure named Christian Rosenkreuz. Rosicrucian teachings pivot around concepts of spiritual enlightenment, and inner wisdom, with the goal of unraveling the profound mysteries of existence.

    (Christian Rosenkreuz is another masterful appearance by Saint Germain.)

    Third Temple/Red Heifer Update - Altar already built! 16,837 views Mar 12, 2024

    I had read that land on the Mount of Olives had been secured for an altar, but I didn't realize that the altar had already been built as shown in this video. Very few things will throw the world into turmoil as much as the Jews bulldozing down the Dome of the Rock to build a temple. They're planning on sacrificing the heifers sometime between now and the middle of June.

    This particular sacrifice from Numbers 19, was foreshadowing the resurrection power of our Messiah's blood. To revert back and do it again is a slap in the face to our Father who gave us His only Son and telling Him that His sacrifice wasn't good enough.

    (Only Netenyahu and a few religious fanatics are still for this. It's mostly for show to try and enrage the Muslims which is standard operating procedure for the war mongers.)

      What an absurd MSM headline! ISIS is none other than the CIA-MI6-MOSSAD-NATO terror group.

      Just a last gasp of desperation by the deep state. They are like the Japanese soldier who wouldn't come out of the cave until long after WW2 ended. WW2 is finally really over this time and the NAZIS lost again. Only this time they don't have the reptilians in Antarctica to run to. The remaining draconian minions are making a futile attempt to keep lizard tyranny alive a little longer.

      The space arks can't be raised until the wars end. They have the advanced tech but it can't fall into the wrong hands. This one is underground at 33 degrees longitude at Kherson Ukraine under the round sand formation next to the Dnepr river according to

      The location appears to do with math and the earth grids they are charging with photonic energy to raise the earth frequency into the next octave. The NAZIs were trying to get at this and had to be stopped.  

      Coordinates of the New Noah's Ark 46.607016, 33.000886 Oleshkivskyi raion, Kherson Oblast, Ukraine

    Lyran Draconian Wars Documentary | Real Galactic History

    This Documentary gives a brief history lesson about Lyra and the wars against the Draco. As Lyra is a significant topic to all beings in the galaxy, including Earth, this history is deeply engrained in all our DNA physically and spiritually. This is a story known throughout the galaxy similar to the World War One on Earth. This was the start of the battle between Light and Dark that continues to this day in the galaxy. Many Lyran and Draconian Starseeds will have an emotional attachment to this story as they were present during these times, some will have fought the dark forces almost all their lives with memories full of war.

    (The war in the etheric plane of the 4th dimension has already been won by the company of heaven. The rest is just a clean up operation on earth. The light always wins in the Alcyon Photon Band.)

    Source of The Law Of One:

    In The Frequency Of Their Home, The Souls Are Seen As A Glowing Light To Their Family And Friends. They Do Not Experience Death And The Souls That Were Created By Source Love, Live Infinite Lives. Food Is A Concept Unknown To These Beings As They Create Well Being With Thought. They Have No Needs And Struggle Is An Unknown Factor To Beings Of Light And Pure Love!

    The CASAH Know Deep Compassion And They Are Highly Intelligent. For This Reason,They Are Aware Of The Souls Of Earth With The Darkness That You Face. They Anticipate The Grand Shift And Support Your Endeavors To Create A New World Of Peace And Prosperity.

    The CASAH Will Make Themselves Known To You In Sheen. They Will Arrive In Bodies To Greet You. They Are With You Now In A Frequency Of Light And Power. They Are As Close As Your Next Thought!

    The Joining Of Light With Many Races Will Bring Great Joy And Peace For All Life!

    The CASAH Will Be Known To You As Friends Of Light!

    I Love You So!

    Undeniable evidence shows that 100% of people who received two Covid shots suffered heart damage

    Canadian physician Chris Shoemaker claims that everyone who received two Covid shots has suffered heart damage. We now have evidence coming from Tokyo, Oxford, New York and Houston showing that everyone’s heart is being forced to work 46% harder for six to eight months following the injections. Vaccine mandates must stop, and the jabs’ safety and efficacy should be subject to careful review, lasting about seven years, says Shoemaker.

    (There will have to be reparations for the damage done.)

    Milking 1,300 Goats per hour!

    The Dairymaster Swiftflo Goat Rotary has been awarded the Gold Medal for Innovation at Eurotier due to it's advanced technology and robotic carriage enabling 1 operator to milk up to 1300 goats per hour. The system delivers optimum operator and goat comfort.


    More digestible than cow milk yogurt and less processed than plant-based, our goat milk yogurts and kefirs are rich in essential nutrients like protein and calcium and packed with billions of probiotics.

    (Fight back against Governor Shapiro's raid on Amish farm fresh A2 category raw milk and camel dairy products.)

    Motion grants Amish farmer, Amos Miller, ability to sell raw milk products out of state

    The Attorney General's office sent us an email saying "per court orders issued this week the defendants cannot market or sell raw milk products to any Pennsylvania consumer. They cannot possess or control raw milk if they intend to sell it, regardless of where consumers reside."

    (The whole idea is to be able to buy farm fresh food near where you live because of shorter shelf life of unpastuerized dairy. No more dairy for Governor Shapiro. He should only be served army mres at state dinners from now on.

    The PA AG office needs to focus on actual crimes like the disappearance of DA Ray Gricar which can easily be solved. Shapiro and the AG candidates won't even discuss it. Not even Eugene Depasqual who is favored to be the next AG... See

    Somalia FAO calls for fully funded, at-scale and sustained life-saving and livelihoods support to pull people from the brink of famine! 

    Feeding the goats helps curb milk price inflation in 3rd world countries like Somalia. What would PA Amish camel farmer Amos Miller do? Milk those goats for A2 category milk similar to Gournsey and Jersey cows.

    It is crucial to save livestock and keep them fed and healthy since they are the only source of food and income for many rural communities. Preliminary findings from an upcoming study in the Horn of Africa indicate that keeping livestock fed reduced the risk of acute malnutrition by up to 11% and of child stunting by up to 8% in pastoralist communities. Providing this assistance is relatively cheap, averaging at about $0.40 per goat compared with $40 to replace the goat.

    Scranton Cultural Center, also known as the Masonic Temple. This iconic building has striking features and is rich in history. (This is where the top Democrats gathered for Saint Patrick's Day 2024. Note the painting of Senator Bob Casey on the wall.)

    Former President Bill Clinton and Governor Shapiro Huddled at the Masonic Temple In Scranton Without Biden and Hillary 

    Former Scranton resident Senator Bob Cayce was there. Hillary Clinton, grew up in the area. Her grandfather, Hugh S. Rodham, lived here and worked in the Scranton Lace Company mill for almost 52 years. It's Biden's home town but he wasn't invited.

    A mainstay of local St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, the Friendly Sons’ dinner has featured many high-profile speakers over the years, including native son and very Irish Joe Biden as a senator in 1973 and as vice president in 2015; Robert F. Kennedy in 1964, making his first public appearance following the assassination of his brother, President John F. Kennedy; John Mitchell, legendary union leader, in 1909; former President Harry S. Truman in 1956, 13 years after his first appearance at the dinner when he was still a U.S. senator from Missouri; Vice President Hubert Humphrey in 1968; and various members of Congress, governors, leaders of Ireland, military leaders, church leaders and celebrities.

    FREEMASONRY TODAY: Bill Clinton's Big Inspiration

    In 1961, when President Kennedy was in his Camelot and the Cold War got colder as the Berlin Wall was erected, a 15 year old boy walked into the Masonic Temple at 311 West Grand Hot Springs, Arkansas. There, he was inducted into a youth organisation which had formulated its principles on the life and death of the last Grand Master of the Knights Templar, Jacques de Molay.

    During his period with the Hot Springs Chapter of De Molay, the future President served as a Master Counsellor and later, in 1964, he received his Degree of Chevalier : the highest honour an active De Molay can receive. He is remembered by one member of De Molay at the time (now a successful banker) as earnest and determined.

    (These Freemasons should be able to switch to the light by now and stop runaway immigration and inflation.)

    The victory speech of the newly elected Ohio Rep. Ismail Mohamed was entirely in Somali. Not a word of English.

    Columbus Ohio = New Somalia, Democrat voting stronghold.

    Elevate Your Life: How to Profit from Higher Octaves

    Dictatorship is the lower vibration and does not bring joy or happiness to those subject to the decrees of the dictator. It also does not bring satisfaction to other heads of state that must deal with the dictator. Dictatorship is of course issuing commands that do not take into consideration the best interests of the people but rather only the interests of a small few loyalists and the desire for the dictator to perpetuate their own power.

    Leadership is the higher vibration in this continuum and leads to greater overall best interests of the subjects and greater cooperation with other leaders. One leads to suffering and destructiveness while the other to greater satisfaction and productivity.

    Space Force budget holding steady amid Pentagon’s fiscal constraints

    The Pentagon in its 2025 budget proposes $29.4 billion for the U.S. Space Force

    Farmers’ protests throughout the EU oppose Agenda 2030, which is trying to eliminate them

    Mar 21, 2024

  • RUMP STATE FOREVER! Ukraine is finished even according to the top military experts

  • US geriatric practice reports that COVID vaccines increased mortality by nearly 5X

  • March 20, 2024 MEP: We cannot trust the WHO. It is funded by China, Big Pharma and oligarch philanthropists

    Dutch member of the European Parliament Rob Roos discusses the WHO’s Pandemic Treaty and the amendments that the United States is trying to pass, which would allow the WHO to circumvent democracy, making it a real, imminent danger for freedom worldwide. If these amendments are adopted, the WHO would take on the top leadership role in determining operative measures associated with pandemic emergency response

    Barry County Michigan Sheriff Sends Evidence to Rep. Jim Jordan Alleging Foreign Interference in Voting Machines Across the State During 2020 Election — Demands an Immediate Review and Investigation

    One word... "Dominion."

    The imposter playing Pope Francis denounces ‘anti-vaxxers,’ calls COVID jab refusal an ‘almost suicidal act of denial’

    The vaccine cartel is pulling out all the stops to make way for the upcoming cancer vaccine.

    The so called pope has met with Pfizer CEO Bourla several times.

    Polish Cardinal Konrad Krajewski has invited the financially needy along with “transgender” individuals to receive their injections at the Vatican. (Financially drained transgenders are known to be vulnerable to medical abuse and are easy targets for vaccination too. Same goes for Democrats.) 

    Genocide Continues! Israel Cements Freshwater Springs in Hebron

    Israel has cemented it's future. What would Cyrus and Jesus do? Force them to make a peace deal with the MedRed Railroad and canal partnership!

    Times of Israel: chumer defends call for Israel to replace Netanyahu in meet with US Jewish leaders

    How about running somebody from Jesus's birth place in the little town of Bethlehem for God's sake! One of the locals could do a better job than fake Jew Netenyahu.

    No reason to risk measles?

    Ogden newspaper chain is pushing the measles vaccine. Even though measles cases are at an all time low of about 50 cases a year in the USA after a period of low measles vaccination rates.

    This unsigned opinion article appeared in Ogden's Altoona Mirror today after running in Ogden's Williamsport Sun Gazette two days ago. This vaccine pushing newspaper chain that brought us the covid vaccine promotions and so many other pharma poisons they should be top tier candidates for Nuremberg 2. It's run by Robert Nutting. They also own the Pittsburgh Pirates which should be boycotted as well.

    Boycot All 54 Ogden Newspaper Locations Listed Here

    Susan Osborn Lay Down Your Burden with Paul Winter Consort 1982

    A Message From Paul Winter:

    We are saddened by the passing of our beloved long-time colleague Susan Osborne, who died yesterday at her home in Orcas Island, Washington. Susan’s incomparable, rapturous singing awakened and gladdened the hearts of so many people.

    Susan was the first vocalist the Consort ever had. We heard her in Vermillion, South Dakota, during a concert tour in 1975. We felt such a kinship with Susan and her singing that we invited her to the “village” of musicians that I gathered at my farm in Connecticut in the summer of 1977, during which we recorded the album Common Ground, Susan came bearing the gift of the song “Lay Down Your Burden”, a lullaby, as from the Great Mother, to all humanity. Free download of “Lay Down Your Burden” Susan joined the band thereafter, and toured the country with us for the next several years. Our first Winter Solstice Celebration in New York was set for December 19th, 1980. Eleven days earlier, John Lennon had been murdered, not far from the Cathedral. We wanted to play something as an elegy for John, but we had never played a Beatles’ song before. However, Jim Scott, our guitarist, knew “In My Life”, and Susan learned the words. The Consort ran through it together once, just before the concert. (We asked a few friends to ring our set of Bedouin camel bells at the end of the song.) Free download of “In My Life” After becoming artists-in-residence at New York’s Cathedral of St. John the Divine in early 1981, the Dean asked us to create 20th-century music for the Mass. We envisioned a celebration of the Earth in the form of the Mass, and the Consort worked collectively for several months to create Missa Gaia/Earth Mass. I recalled a beautiful hymn Susan had sung to me one time, years before, sitting in the car outside the laundromat in Rapid City, South Dakota: “For the Beauty of the Earth”. This became the theme of the “Earth Mass”. And Susan brought a friend into our “creative crucible”, Jeremy Geffen, who contributed the song “Mystery”, which for me is the most profound statement of the spirituality of our ecological, ecumenical Mass. Free download of “Mystery” We will greatly miss Susan, but her ebullient spirit and ever-present humor will live forever in our hearts.

    For living music,

    UN, WHO, Gates, Wellcome Trust and Rockefeller, a vast criminal organisation to reduce the populace

    Dr David Martin reports on how the Gates Foundation was founded after the Gates were accused of anti-trust felonies, and how it began laundering money through the WHO. The Global Preparedness Monitoring Board was founded at that time, and its members included Christopher Elias from the Gates Foundation, Anthony Fauci from NIAID, and Jeremy Farrar from the Wellcome Trust. These individuals are the one’s manipulating WHO president Tedros. These factors are what make the WHO a conspiratorial criminal organisation that is guilty of a variety of felonies.

    Pitt has dropped covid vaccine requirements but they still push it and fail to mention side effects like death.

    Battle Between Light and Darkness

    By Peter B Meyer

    Russia’s indestructible spirit

    As you can see, the puppets of the shadow government are trying to play their last card by unleashing an all-out war on the European continent.

    Why are they doing this?

    Mainly because their previous attempts to completely enslave human consciousness through universal compulsory Covid vaccination did not produce the expected results.

    A significant portion of the Earth’s population, about thirty percent, still managed to defend the right to live their lives freely.

    The climate and food agenda has also stalled, especially in recent months as European farmers have staged mass protests against their globalist governments.

    And now, in the hands of criminals who have found themselves at the helm of power in the world’s leading countries, they are playing their last “trump card”; an attempt to start World War III, for which they are trying to provoke Russia in every possible way.

    That is why this year will be a turning point in the history of mankind and planet Earth. As has happened more than once, Russia will have to play a decisive role in it.

    Why does Russia arouse such hatred among the globalists and their supporters in power?

    Light will be the victor, it is only a question of the price

    First of all, because the mentality of the Russian people has always been very different from the mentality of the inhabitants of other countries.

    The name Saint Rus didn’t come out of nowhere.

    It was here that the energy of Hyperborea, one of the most spiritual civilisations that ever existed on Earth, was preserved.

    Hyperborea was the land in the far north of the known world, so remote that it was considered to be beyond the North Wind. It was home to a legendary race known as the Hyperboreans, who worshipped the sun god Apollo.

    Hyperborea was thought to be an earthly paradise of eternal youth and abundance, but so inaccessible was this distant land to ordinary mortals that the Greeks believed that only semi-divine heroes like Hercules were capable of ever visiting it.

    The instruction to Christ made perfect sense because people of the white Aryan-Slavic race were already born with consciousness and therefore it was not necessary for them to receive the Spirit in order for their consciousness to be born.

    The Bible describes the origin of the Semites. Each race has completely different cultural roots of origin. In the case of the Slavic White Race, the basis of the Slavic-Aryan Vedas and their divine “extraterrestrial origins” or the earlier settlement of Hyperborea by the White Race.

    Although enemies both foreign and domestic have tried to destroy Russia over the centuries, Russia continues to carry her indestructible divine ‘gene’, just as pure human souls retain the divine spark even in the most difficult trials of life.

    The dark forces are doing everything they can to ensure that the connection with our spirit is not made. That this connection is permanently broken, or that the signal flowing to us is as weak as possible.

    This cosmic parasite deliberately tries to damage our DNA, which serves as the receiving antenna for the higher consciousness. This is why the “dark forces” promote the calcification of our pineal gland in every possible way, through fluoride in drinking water, 5G networks, chemtrails, hidden toxins in food, promoting excessive mobile phone use, etc.

    This undermines our natural creative mind and overwhelms us with inaccurate, useless and false information. This process has now infected the entire media sphere through toxic information and advertising.

    Meaningless goals are imposed on us. Poverty and dearth control us. This situation forces us to focus our attention on existential problems and distracts us from waking up, thinking critically and seeing things happening around us and putting them in their true context.

    When people are connected to their spirit, their higher consciousness, and would connect with it, they act according to their conscience. As if by magic, their whole life is suddenly transformed and given its true meaning.

    Realising this is the only way to escape the grey 3D reality and be ‘reborn’ into a world of a higher evolutionary level.

    The change in personality is tremendous. From the shell of a vain, narrow-minded, materialistic and selfish individual suddenly emerges a self-aware, magnanimous personality that acts according to its conscience and not for its own benefit.

    Read More: Transition to the Fifth Dimension

    Ep 9. Ron Paul: On Ukraine, Runaway Inflation…The John Stossel InterviewsMar 18, 2024

    The “Rules Based World Order” faction has surrendered

    By Benjamin Fulford March 18, 2024

    The mega black swan event predicted for March 15th actually did take place as will become increasingly obvious over the coming days and months. The Khazarian Mafia’s so-called “Rules Based World Order,” has surrendered, according to Asian Secret Society and White Dragon sources. The hybrid war for control of the planet Earth that has been raging at least since September 11, 2001, is thus ending.

    This came as a White Dragon Society representative hand-delivered a declaration of war against the Japanese government. The declaration said the government was controlled by foreign gangsters who murdered over 400,000 Japanese citizens with vaccines. Demands include the expulsion of fake US Ambassador Rahm Emanuel and all foreign “Japan handlers.” It calls for the formation of an emergency government under the Japanese royal family, It also calls for the nationalization of the Bank of Japan, a jubilee, the reinstatement of the Economic Planning Agency and more.

    The imminent move in Japan comes after Chinese authorities arrested 726,000 people last year, a jump of 47.1% from the previous year… amid a crackdown on crimes linked to “hostile foreign forces.”

    In a public sign the Khazarian Mafia is surrendering, “Pope Francis” said Ukraine should have the courage to wave the “white flag” of surrender to Russia and the planetary liberation alliance.

    EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell also confirmed the KM surrender when he wrote on his blog:

    “If the current global geopolitical tensions continue to evolve in the direction of ‘the West against the Rest,’ Europe’s future risks to be bleak. The era of Western dominance has indeed definitively ended.”

    In further sign the KM-controlled US regime is finished, Russian President Vladimir Putin says Washington has become a laughing stock of the rest of the world. “I think it’s obvious to everyone that the American political system cannot claim to be democratic in any sense of the word…and is becoming “increasingly uncivilized.”

    Yet another sign came on March 11th -the anniversary of the Fukushima terror attack- when the Federal Reserve Board stopped bailing out banks.

    Video Player00:0001:44Video Player00:0001:12

    This means most of the major Western banks are now de facto bankrupt.

    That is why “All Major CEO’s are selling their stocks,” many commentators agree.

    Oops, even ole Warren Buffet wants out before the collapse: IRS data reportedly shows Buffett traded Berkshire stocks in personal account, according to ProPublica

    Warren Buffett was allegedly front-running or trading stocks in his personal account that his conglomerate Berkshire Hathaway was buying and selling. This is a practice that he himself in the past deemed a conflict of interest, according to ProPublica on Thursday. It’s more than that, it is illegal.

    All this is happening because behind the scenes on March 15th an Asian royal was officially designated as the new M1 or controller of the financial system, according to Asian secret society sources. Christine Lagarde is President of the European Central Bank because she agreed to take orders from the new M1, they add.

    The sources say confirmation of change will come when Goldman Sachs announces their departure from Japan on April 15th.

    This is a mega black swan event for many reasons. A change in control of the financial system is a change in control of the process of deciding what humanity will do in the future.

    For one thing, it marks the end of a millennia-old project by the families who control monotheism to impose a god king of their lineage on the entire planet. On a shorter time span, it marks the end of a Freemason project started in 1717 to destroy Russia as a prelude to subjugating China.

    It also marks the end of 80 years of the post-World War II Western-dominated international system. On an even closer focus, it marks the end of the unipolar world dominance the US enjoyed since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991.

    Gnostic Illuminati sources say what has happened is beyond biblical in scale because it means the end of a war against fallen angels that has been raging for 26,000 years.

    However, on a here-and-now level, change will appear more slowly because turning around a plan that has been in motion for at least decades is not something that can be done overnight,

    For example, the planning for the 2020-2023 scamdemic started 45 years earlier as can be seen by World Bank reports from 1975. The hunger crisis the elites are now trying to create also dates back at least as far. This means decades of laws, preparation by corporations and brainwashing of elite servants need to be dealt with.

    Nonetheless, meetings are being held to determine how to spend trillions of dollars for the benefit of humanity and the planet’s other living creatures.

    Representatives of the WDS, Asian Royals and the CEO of a major international bank are meeting this week to discuss plans to release at least a trillion dollars.

    EXCOMMUNICATED: RFK Jr. Excluded From Kennedy Family Photo With Dementia Joe

    Biden is being played by an actor. President Trump is commander in chieef. Mar-i-lago is the current Whitehouse.

    Study finds interactions with dogs can increase brainwaves associated with stress relief and heightened concentration

    Spending quality time with dogs reduces stress and increases the power of brain waves associated with relaxation and concentration, according to a study published in the open-access journal PLOS ONE by Onyoo Yoo from Konkuk University, South Korea, and colleagues.

    Animal-assisted interventions, like canine therapy, are widely used in hospitals, schools, and beyond to help reduce anxiety, relieve stress, and foster feelings of trust. Studies of the potential benefits of animal interactions often take a holistic approach, comparing people's mood or hormone levels before and after spending time with a service animal.

    Dr Tess Lawrie: Politicians begin to use physicians as scapegoats

    British physician Dr Tess Lawrie joins James Freeman, former British member of the European Parliament, to expose a system designed so that no one is accountable. No one is forced to take the blame or held responsible for what has happened over the last four years. We are seeing collusion between the GMC, General Medical Council, and the MHRA, Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency, which receives 86% of its funding from the pharmaceutical industry. Politicians are starting to use physicians as scapegoats, and they are going to say they did what doctors told them to do. These physicians were the ones implementing policy, politicians will say, and that doctors should have informed politicians, if they were seeing adverse effects.

    Senior Israeli Official Suggests US Trying to Overthrow Netanyahu

    The tensions that appear to be increasing between the Israeli and US leaders have not impacted Washington’s support for Tel Aviv by Kyle Anzalone March 13, 2024 at 5:45 pm ET Categories News

    After a US intelligence assessment concluded that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s rule is vulnerable, a senior Israeli official suggested Washington was attempting to overthrow the war government in Tel Aviv.

    Rachel Levine and Tavistok Closure

    Rachel Levine’s central claim – that ‘gender-affirming care… is not in scientific or medical dispute’ – is fundamentally false. ‘Gender-affirming care’, in which clinicians are expected to simply ‘affirm’ a child’s chosen gender identity, has indeed been the norm in recent years across the West. But there is growing criticism of this drastic approach. In February 2022, leading UK paediatrician Dr Hilary Cass published a much-heralded interim review into the Tavistock gender-identity clinic in London. Cass wrote that the affirmation and medicalisation model the Tavistock practised ‘has not been subjected to some of the normal quality controls that are typically applied’ to new treatments, and that ‘there are significant gaps in the research and evidence base’, both in the UK and internationally. Following the report, the Tavistock clinic was slated for closure. As soon as the affirmative-care model came under rigorous expert scrutiny, its problems were there for all to see.

    (The closure of Tavistok signals the decline of medical Marxism.)

    The creation of The Beatles: John Coleman on Adorno and Tavistock

    Dr. John Coleman discusses The Committee of 300, The Beatles, Tavistock Institute, Theodor Adorno, Disinformation, Social Engineering and Mind Control in the 20th Century.

    Undeniable Proof that Paul McCartney was replaced with a Look-Alike: Facial Comparison.

    Look alike is six inches taller and failed paternity DNA tests. Everything recorded after Nov 1966 is with new Paul.

    6 Million Jews Dead: New York Times Headlines used repeatedly 18 Years Before Hitler! Historian reads from the original newspapers!

    Mandating Covid vaccines has generated widespread rejection of all other vaccines

    The vaccine business has run it's course. Nature's medicine is returning.

    The combination of bromelain and curcumin as an immune-boosting nutraceutical in the prevention of severe COVID-19

    (Bromelain, curcumin, nattokinase, vitamin D and Ivermectin are the only known antidotes to the spike protein. These natural remedies boost the immune system while enhancing beneficial intestinal flaura.)  


    Dogs In Religion


    In Zoroastrianism, the dog is regarded as an especially beneficent, clean and righteous creature, which must be fed and taken care of. The dog is praised for the useful work it performs in the household, but it is also seen as having special spiritual virtues. Dogs are associated with Yama who guards the gates of afterlife with his dogs just like Hinduism.

    A dog's gaze is considered to be purifying and to drive off daevas (demons). It is also believed to have a special connection with the afterlife: the Chinwad Bridge to Heaven is said to be guarded by dogs in Zoroastrian scripture, and dogs are traditionally fed in commemoration of the dead. Ihtiram-i sag, "respect for the dog", is a common injunction among Iranian Zoroastrian villagers.


    There is controversy about whether Jewish rabbinical law authorizes the keeping of dogs as pets Biblical and rabbinic sources include numerous references that associate dogs with violence and uncleanliness and frown on having dogs as pets or keeping them in one’s home.

    Dogs are negatively portrayed in both the Hebrew Bible and the Talmud, where they are mostly associated with violence and uncleanliness. Deuteronomy 23:18 appears to equate dogs with prostitution, and the Book of Kings describes dogs who feed on corpses. The Psalms describes dogs as beasts that maul at human beings.

    The Franciscans

    The Franciscan monastery in Cochabamba, Bolivia, when monks took in a Schnauzer dog after he was abandoned on the streets. The dog, named Carmelo, was taken in by monks and officially became Friar Bigotón (that’s Spanish for “mustache”). St. Francis of Assisi is the patron saint of animals, so it only makes sense Carmelo would fit right in.

    In Homer's epic poem the Odyssey, when the disguised Odysseus returns home after 20 years, he is recognized only by his faithful dog, Argos, who has been waiting all this time for his return.

    Covid-19 pandemic, a military operation orchestrated decades ago. 40 scientists involved are dead

    The Covid-19 pandemic was planned several decades ago, as part of a massive psychological operation to control humankind. It is a military operation and the global elite has lied to the whole of humanity about every detail, in an attempt to terrorise the masses, in order to make them comply. Millions of people have already suffered the tragic consequences of the Covid vaccine.

    (Aaron Rodgers and Jesse Ventura Top RFK Jr.’s List for Vice President.)

    Romanian president enters race for NATO leadership

    Klaus Iohannis will face stiff competition from Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte for the position of secretary general. (This is Christian Conservative Romanian leadership taking the reigns in NATO.)

    FBI Editors of Tribune Democrat Headline:

    House GOP launches new probe of Jan. 6 and tries shifting blame for Capitol attack away from Trump!

    House Republicans are launching a vast reinvestigation of the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol, seeking to push the blame away from Donald Trump. (Lets have a pity party for the FBI.)

    Psychology used as a weapon to force us to obey. We have to understand how the brain works

    Ros-Nealon Cook, an Australian psychologist with more than 20 years of experience reports on one of her greatest concerns, namely, the potentially harmful effects of lockdowns on children and families. That is not all, however. Psychology has been weaponised in order to force people to comply.

    When the media conveys a message using loud sounds and red lights, saying that we will all die of Covid, the brain enters into sympathetic arousal, and sends most of our blood to the lower body. In her view, psychological awareness is the most important thing, so that we can learn how the brain works. It’s just like with a magician, you see the magic trick, but it no longer deceives you. Unless people understand the psychology of what is happening, it is hard to find a way out of this mess, Ros-Nealon Cook says.

    Paterno was unfairly cast as scapegoat

    (Mostly by the people who disappeared Gricar. Shapiro must be deposed for what he knows and empanel a Gricar Grand Jury! See

    Children to no longer be prescribed puberty blockers at Tavistok, NHS England confirms

    The decision comes after an independent review of services for children under 18 and a sharp rise in referrals to the Gender Identity Development Service run by the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust, which is closing at the end of March.

    The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations: Shaping The Moral, Spiritual, Cultural, Political And Economic Decline Of The United States Of America

    John Coleman

    The Tavistock Institute for Human Relations has had a profound effect on the moral, spiritual, cultural, political and economic policies of the United States of America and Great Britain. It has been in the front line of the attack on the U.S. Constitution and State Constitutions. No group did more to propagandize the U.S. to participate in WWI at a time when the majority of the American people were opposed to it. Much the same tactics were used by the Social Science Scientists at Tavistock to get the United States into WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Serbia and both wars against Iraq.

    Tavistock began as a propaganda creating and disseminating organization at Wellington House in London in the run-up to WWI, what Toynbee called “that black hole of disinformation.” On another occasion, Toynbee called Wellington House “a lie factory.” From a somewhat crude beginning, Wellington House evolved into the Tavistock Institute and went on to shape the destiny of Germany, Russia, Britain and the United States in a highly controversial manner. The people of these nations were unaware that they were being “brainwashed.” The origin of “mind control,” “inner directional conditioning” and mass “brainwashing” is explained in an easy to understand book written with great authority.

    (Tavistock Institute is headquartered in London. Its prophet, Sigmond Freud, settled in Maresfield Gardens when he moved to England. He was given a mansion by Princess Bonaparte. Tavistock’s pioneer work in behavioral science along Freudian lines of “controlling” humans established it as the world center of foundation ideology.

    Tavistok was originally funded by the Rockefeller Foundation with Theo Adorno as it's Marxist CEO and musical director.

    This is the same think tank that gave us transgender psychological medical programming and brainwashed a generation to blindingly accept a replacement for the original Beatle Paul McCartney.)

    Beneath the baobab: A journey of unity, laughter and inspirations

    Young Anabaptists (YABs) Menonites from Tanzania unite. Their slogan? "We would not have killed each other!"

    The Meserete Kristos Church Development Commission (MKC-DC) with the financial support of MCC-Ethiopia launched a peacebuilding project in the four zones of southern Ethiopia regional state at the end of 2023.  

    "Sleazy" Liz Cheney Loses It After Bombshell Report Claims She "Suppressed Exonerating Evidence" With J6 Committee

    A report by The Federalist's Mollie Hemingway accuses Cheney and the January 6 committee of suppressing exonerating evidence of then-President Trump's push for 10,000 national guard troops to protect the nation's capital on the day of the Capitol riot.

    (Looks like all the people who worked to create political prisoners from Jan 6 could end up switching places with the current prisoners.)

    Gene Ho Explains the Meaning of JFK JR and Trump of God

    (Gene was Trump's personal photographer who photographed JFK JR on top of Mount Rushmore and now runs George magazine.)

    Thesalonians 4:13-18:


    (Because the editor of the King James version is working with John John and Trump. Think Trumpet, Trump and jubilee, 11Q13 Melch.)

    Romania's Victor Orban Speaks About Trump Plan at Mar-a- Lago:

    ”If the US will not provide the money, Europeans on their own will not be able to finance this (Ukraine) war, and then the war will end,” Orban said.

    Romania Travel and Tourism: Bucegi ridge, Bran Castle and Piatra Craiului - 6 day cabana to cabana, optional Bran Castle Restaurant

    Bucegi Mountain Mysteries:

  • The projection room contains all our earth history and can be replayed visually.
  • A table where you can perform holographic experiments with DNA, mix and match anything you wish and see what the results would be.
  • These rooms were created 50,000 years ago and each is connected to each other, protected by a energy source which actives all as one is activated.
  • The locations are; Near the Sphinx in Egypt, Baghdad, Mount Kailash in Tibet and the Bucegi Mountains in Romania. The inner tunnels lead to a secret World under the Gobi Plateau in Mongolia and to Antarctica.
  • This connects to WWII and the German Tibet expedition, Romania being fast-tracked into NATO, hollow earth, the eye above the pyramid and more.

  • Texas Red Heifers' Arrival In Israel Last Year

    This is the Old Testament Red Heifer prophesy Netenyahu uses for an excuse to genocide Gaza and build a 3rd temple in Jerusalem. Israel needs to be told a hard no and to quit the war. This is ancient Anunnaki Zionist religious control nonsense that needs to end.

    What is the red heifer in Leviticus? The red heifer offering instructions are described in Numbers 19. The children of Israel were commanded to obtain "a red heifer without spot, wherein is no blemish, and upon which never came yoke". The heifer is then to be slaughtered and burned outside of the camp.

    Instead of burning these cows in ancient ritual sacrifices they could instead be milked for their A2 brand of raw milk which is good for the health of children! Other A2 category milks include Mother's milk and camel's milk.

    Israelis and Palestinians argue ‘What would Jesus do?’

    The first thing Jesus would do is secure the land rights to Gaza and the West Bank. Then he would get a fair deal for the Palestinians for the MedRed High Speed railroad, canal, and LNG refining station. 1/3 Palestine, 1/3 Israel, 1/3 Jordan.

    Then Jesus would restore the heritage sites for his birthplace in Bethlehem. He would restore Saint Hilarion's Monastary in Gaza and the ancient Saint George Monastery, locally known as Maqam Al-Khidir .

    Jesus would then ship the LNG to Africa, India and other far away places to cut emissions from coal by 50% for better health and prosperity for all!

    West Virginia lawmakers OK bill drawing back one of the country's strictest child vaccination laws

    West Virginia’s GOP-controlled state Legislature has voted to allow some students who don’t attend traditional public schools to be exempt from state vaccination requirements

    West Virginia law requires children to receive vaccines for chickenpox, hepatitis-b, measles, meningitis, mumps, diphtheria, polio, rubella, tetanus and whooping cough, unless they receive a medical exemption. West Virginia does not require COVID-19 vaccinations.

    (Young families with children will be heading to WV in droves!)


    Gut microbiome specialist, Dr. Sabine Hazan, shares the shocking results of a long term study she performed comparing microbiomes in patients before and after taking the COVID-19 vaccine.

    "What we discovered is that 90 days into the vaccine the bifidobacteria zero in 90 days. The damage kept on persisting."

    #DrSabineHazan #GutMicroBiome #ProgenaBiome

  • World’s most famous Gastroenterologist discovers how Ivermectin defeated Covid, and Big Pharma and Big Medicine would not allow her to publish.

  • [My] abstract got the attention of 18,000 GI doctors who all of a sudden started realizing, ‘maybe killing bifidobacteria is why I got COVID after my vaccine to begin with.

  • Ivermectin protects your Bifidobacteria, which keeps Covid in check.

  • Like vitamin C, Dr. Hazan and her team noticed that Ivermectin also increased the Bifidobacteria within 24 hours of taking it. “Why Ivermectin?” she asked, explaining that when you examine what Ivermectin is, you understand it is a fermented product of a bacteria similar to Bifidobacteria. In fact, she explained, they are “in the same continent of microbes, like brothers and sisters in the microbiome.”

  • Dr. Sabine Hazan testifies before U.S. Senate — Spike protein kills your gut bacteria.

  • This explains the African Covid miracle.

  • And the Indian Covid miracle.

  • And the Haitian Covid miracle.

  • Ivermectin, Merck, research grants and Penn State Hershey Medical: The reason
  • why they push vaccines, block ivermectin and promote transgenderism is obvious now. They are in the grip of negative alien artificial anti life intelligence. PSU should go back to being an organic farm college based on divine life science before they ruin their student offspring's ability to reproduce altogether. 

  • PA Milk Police Shut Down Amish Farmer Amos Miller's A2 Camel Milk Operation to benefit A1 Milk Lobby!

  • Camel Milk and Autism: Connecting the Genetic DotsA lot of studies had to do with funding from A2 Corporation, therefore many don't take it seriously. When you understand that Camel milk or Aa/A2 Milk does not contain the BCM-7 it puts all the pieces together with regards to brain, gut, and auto-immune reaction to this mutated foreign protein.

  • Is Camel Milk Really Healthier Than Cow Milk? - Michael Kummer
  • Camel milk (much like goat and sheep milk) contains casein beta A2, which doesn't trigger the same gastrointestinal symptoms. But even if you're not knowingly allergic to A1 casein, your body might still respond to the consumption of this protein with inflammation.

  • Benefits of Camel Milk: Low Allergen Alternative to Dairy - Wellness Mama
  • The A2 beta-casein in camel milk may be partially responsible for the heart and immune protective effects. From Live Science: A1 beta casein is broken down into an opioid-like peptide called beta-casomorphin-7 (BCM-7). BCM-7 has been shown to suppress the immune system and cause inflammation.

  • A2 milk: Benefits, vs. A1 milk, side effects, alternatives, and more  Modern cow's milk contains a mixture of A1 and A2 beta-caseins. A1 may cause adverse effects such as stomach discomfort. A1 and A2 proteins affect the body differently.

  • Plasminogen Activator Inhibitor-1 Is a Marker and a Mediator of Senescence
  • The PAI-1 gene on chromosome 7  in the Bern Indiana Amish was found to produce low PAI-1 providing an extra 10 years of life and longer telemeres.  

  • Low regulation PAI-1 equals less heart disease, cancer and diabetes. Fruit, vegetables and hemp CBD help lower PAI-1. Low PAI-1 equals less blood clotting but more bleeding from cuts.

  • Covid spike protein causes PAI-1 protein to go up: The Central Role of PAI-1 in COVID-19: Thrombosis and beyond

  • Re: NEW: Trump is pushing mRNA vax again. “The Vaccines that saved us from COVID are now being used to help beat Cancer”Wyatt @wyattausterre1

    [link to (secure)]

  • Just say no to Trump on the cancer vaccine.

  • Vaccines Producing Human GMOs
  • French geneticist Alexandra Henrion-Caude, former director of France’s National Institute of Health, reports that RNA vaccines are GMOs. She also exposes how European legislation was altered in 2020 to allow for the arrival of GMO vaccines, which are RNA vaccines. DNA should not normally be found in vaccines, but studies show that these jabs contain up to 30% DNA, which is considered ‘harmless’. However, the main problem lies in the fact that DNA integrates with the nucleus of our cells. In other words, if there is DNA in these vaccines, we are going to find it in our genome, even in future generations, says Henrion-Caude.

  • Centre County woman pleads no contest to felony neglect, financial exploitation of woman

  • Sounds almost as bad as what the court did to Stacey Parks Miller for merely requesting a Gricar grand jury. It's DA Bernie Cantorna's turn to request the same. Gricar shouldn't be swept under the rug any longer in Centre county. See the premium section for the evidence they won't show you at troop G.

  • If anyone knows the 5th owner of a red 2004 mini cooper with a white top in Laurel MD please have them contact the producers at They may have a role for the car in the Final Argument movie. If you know who Butch is that sent the message to the CDT please contact Rebecca Knight at


  • The Twelve Great Central Suns of Creation Explained

  • The call of the 144.

  • RFK Jr.: How I See The State Of Our Union

    Florida Supreme Court To Seize CLOT SHOTS: High Court Accepts Writ Of Mandamus To Halt BIOWEAPON

    Dominating farmers to control global food through fake green policies

    Indian ecologist and environmentalist Vandana Shiva speaks out against Bill Gates, exposing how he is desperate to find places where he can make money at the expense of nature, the world’s women, small farmers and peasants. “He has spent 7 million – or I don’t know how many million – to undercut biosafety regulations in Europe, so that his genetically modified, transgenic foods can be approved. He wants our seeds! We have to start protecting our seeds, as we defend our seed sovereignty and our freedom,” stresses Vandana Shiva.

    Amos Miller: Got A2/A2 Milk?

    All proteins are long chains of amino acids. Beta casein is a chain 229 amino acids in length. Cows who produce this protein in their milk with a proline at number 67 are called A2 cows, and are the older breeds of cows (e.g. Jerseys, Asian and African cows). But some 5,000 years ago, a mutation occurred in this proline amino acid, converting it to histidine. Cows that have this mutated beta casein are called A1 cows, and include breeds like Holstein. (black and white.)

    We know that the Jersey and Guernsey varieties of cows produce milk with a higher concentration of A2 beta-casein protein. Our farm has 80% Jersey and 20% Jersey crosses.  (Update: Amos Miller's 4000 private customers can no longer have this highly sought after raw Jersey cow milk or camel milk due to the overreach of the law.)    

    Raw Guernsey Milk Recovery for ASD / ADHD / behavioral problems/ learning disabilities

    Guernsey milk from grass-fed cows has a much higher butterfat and protein content than store-bought milk, which makes it ideal for producing rich, great tasting milk, yogurt, butter, cheese, ice cream and kefir.

    The unique qualities of Guernsey milk have always been highly sought after due to recognized health benefits.  In fact, the unique golden color of Guernsey milk comes from an unusually high content of beta carotene passed through to their milk.  The more grass they eat, the more golden their milk.

    Guernsey milk is richer in proteins, butterfat, and flavor than store-bought milk products, including pasteurized white milk.  When you drink Guernsey milk, you get:
         12% more protein
         33% more vitamin D
         25% more vitamin A
         30% more cream
         15% more calcium

    In addition, over 90% of Guernsey cows produce the A2 Beta Casein protein in their milk, whereas 98% of the commercial pasteurized milk sold in the U.S. comes from A1 cows (mostly Holsteins).  While we have not genetically tested our individual cows for A2 milk, we have confirmed that all of their sires were A2/A2, and all of our calves are sired by A2/A2 bulls. 

    Research conducted by Dr. Keith Woodford and highlighted in his book The Devil in the Milk shows a direct correlation between a population's exposure to A1 cow's milk and the incidence of autoimmune disease, heart disease, type 1 diabetes, autism, and schizophrenia.  To learn more about A1 vs. A2 milk and the potential health implications, please read this excellent article summarizing Dr. Woodfords findings.

    Measles have been nearly eradicated after a period of low vaccination rates.

    The CDCs own graph shows a big drop in measles after 2019. 

    Back in 2022 CNN was pointing out low vaccine rates for measles in this article. 

    There were 58 cases of measles last year in the entire USA. A slight uptick this year is probably due to the migrant influx and lower hygiene. 

    HUGE: Uncovered Evidence Indicates Fulton County, Georgia Performed No Signature Verification on Mail-In Ballots in 2020 Election!

    Fulton County PA in a legal dispute with state, Dominion over 2020 (Same voting Dominion machine lawfare in Fulton county PA as in GA. Chinese made Dominion machines are vulnerable to the internet and should not be used.)

    ‘All of Russia is now your friend,’ Putin tells World Youth Festival participants

    The country is open to the “noble endeavors” of all young people, the Russian leader has said at the closing ceremony.

    (Look at it like the real end to WW2. Deep state, dark fleet NAZIS never had a chance. The clones are now breaking down without updated AI machine programming. Biden is one of them. The pope is another.)

    SARS–CoV–2 Spike Impairs DNA Break Repair (Cause of turbo cancer)

    Messing with mother nature with crispr gene editing technology causes DNA breakdown. The ability to self repair DNA for sustainable light bodies is the course of evolution. Vaccine DNA snatchers are getting crushed.

    Adaptation to light coded 12 strand DNA instruction set is ongoing.

    'Cookie Monster' Out! Nuland Retires From State Department!

    The neocon behind the 10 year war in Ukraine, State Department #3 "diplomat" Victoria Nuland, suddenly announced her retirement from the US diplomatic corps. What does she know that we don't know? Also today, Marco Rubio's bloody cynicism on Ukraine war. Finally - will "Super Tuesday" finally nudge Neocon Nikki to pull out of the race?

    Trump wins every single county in 9 states!

    Former Centre County DA’s legal battle continues after 10 years.

    Stacey Parks Miller is another casualty of the Gricar murder cover up. Stacey effectively outed the conspirators when she requested Centre County President judge Thomas King Kistler empanel a Gricar grand jury. Judge Kistler responded with "We’re looking at it, looking at the law, and hope to make a decision soon.”

    This was just months after Kistler had been nominated by Governor Wolf for the PA Supreme Court. Kistler then withdrew his name from the nomination. Kistler, a Penn State Dickinson law school product, never did respond to DA Miller's request for a Gricar grand jury.

    Kistler next made the news for driving at nearly three times the legal limit for DUI after the Indiana Penn State football game in 2017. Next he was caught drinking at the Red Horse Tavern while still on probation. After that Kistler was transferred by the judiciary more than 130 miles away to be the senior president judge of Venango county.

    Judge Kistler wasn't the first to skip over a Gricar grand jury originally demanded by the PA State Police. DA Gricar's DA replacement Michael Madeira lied to the Gricar family in this report withholding all of the details of the 53 recommendations of the State police the first of which was the need for a grand jury investigation.

    Michael Madeira was rehired to the PA AG office by then AG Josh Shapiro, along with current AG Michele Henry, who together, to this day refuse to empanel a Gricar grand jury or even answer questions about the Gricar case. 

    See for the latest in the case.  

    Chip Roy unveils bill to let Americans sue COVID-19 vaccine makers over injury, negative effects

    Republicans have long taken issue with COVID-19 vaccine mandates

    Rep. Chip Roy, R-Texas, is unveiling a new bill on Tuesday that would allow Americans to sue COVID-19 vaccine makers over adverse health effects allegedly caused by the shot.

    The Let Injured Americans Be Legally Empowered (LIABLE) Act is aimed at wiping away COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers’ statutory protections, opening them up to civil lawsuits.

    "Treason!": Bombshell Report Reveals Biden Has Secretly Flown 320,000 Illegals INTO The United States

    WND EXCLUSIVE: New research, psych experts call left-wing leaders 'psychopathic'

    Barack Obama cited as perfect example of 'malignant narcissistic personality disorder'

    By David Kupelian
    Published March 4, 2024

    The Biden administration – which insists Donald Trump’s reelection would be very bad for America – enthusiastically supports amputating the breasts and sexual organs of thousands of troubled children, is obsessed with ushering as many millions of illegal aliens (including terrorists, fentanyl smugglers, MS-13 gang members, child sex traffickers and legions of surl('') as possible into America, and – just to pick one of many examples of bureaucratic insanity – recently demanded, via its FAA, that U.S. airlines employ more people, including pilots, with “severe intellectual” and “psychiatric” problems.

    For example, in a groundbreaking study published in March 2023, titled “Understanding left-wing authoritarianism: Relations to the dark personality traits, altruism, and social justice commitment,” authors Dr. Ann Krispenz and Dr. Alexander Bertrams found that left-wing extremism is closely associated with “psychopathic tendencies.”

    “Narcissistic individuals and those with psychopathic tendencies are more likely to strongly endorse left-wing antihierarchical aggression,” summarized the widely cited PsyPost website, which reports the latest research on human behavior.

    “Individuals with dark personalities – such as high narcissistic and psychopathic traits – are attracted to certain forms of political and social activism which they can use as a vehicle to satisfy their own ego-focused needs instead of actually aiming at social justice and equality,” the authors explain.

    Yet if Trump really is another Hitler, where exactly are all of his Hitler-like policies and actions? After all, the man was president of the United States and leader of the free world for four extremely important years. So, what are all these evil practices that justify such a comparison?

    In reality, of course, Trump’s policies were right in line with the values and sensibilities of the vast, center-right American middle class that has long constituted this nation’s moral, economic and spiritual backbone. America’s economy was stable and strong under Trump, unemployment was at historic lows, perverse trade agreements were replaced with fair, pro-American ones, border enforcement was a priority, America’s military was being rebuilt, and the world was free of major wars due to Trump’s personal strength and leadership.

    Meanwhile, the current president, Joe Biden, having degraded and just about destroyed America in every conceivable way, has sunk to the level of a third-world dictator by casting hundreds of American patriots into prison, destroying their lives and their families, all for protesting his theft of the 2020 election.

    Interestingly, it’s not just the left’s leaders who are “mentally ill.” Gallup pollsters conducted an extensive study involving more than 4,000 interviews conducted over the course of four years, which concluded that Republicans had “significantly” better mental health than Democrats. Likewise, a SurveyMonkey survey commissioned a few years ago by the left-wing news site BuzzFeed (which has since shut down) found that Democrats suffered significantly more mental illness than Republicans. In fact, Democrats were found to be twice as likely to have been diagnosed with a mental disorder as Republicans in almost every category, from anxiety, depression and PTSD to bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and narcissistic personality disorder.

    Recently a “gender-affirming” psychologist, Dr. Harriette Wimms, gave an extraordinary demonstration of projection, a favorite tactic of the left: At the World Professional Association for Transgender Health’s 27th annual training symposium in Montreal, Canada, Wimms, who is the clinical director for the Village Family Support Center in Baltimore, Maryland, announced that parents who oppose cutting the breasts and/or sex organs off of their precious children – wait for it – have a “mental illness.”

    But as for the increasingly totalitarian ruling elites themselves – from the “let’s cut off kids’ body parts and engineer a massive foreign invasion of America” Biden administration to the “let’s terrify everyone about global warming and insist they eat insects while we dine on steak” globalist crowd?

    The Peoples Operation Restoration - LET'S TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY!!

    Only when elected representatives and government officials fear We the People more than they fear their NWO masters and Deep State handlers will the present tyranny collapse.

    The People's Operation Restoration

    Empowering the People with the Spirit of Liberty


    Our mission is to unite all free men and women in the common cause of rebirthing a free nation and release from the clutches of tyranny a nation governed by the people and for the people.  In this collective responsibility, we pick up our pens and write a new chapter of hope, liberty, and positive change on a global scale.

    Maureen Steele is an organizer and spokeswoman of national movements such as the Nationwide Walkout, Bonds for the Win, and was dubbed “Mother” the Peoples Convoy. Maureen knows how to move the needle when it comes to movements. She and her project partner, Miki Klann, have coordinated what may become the world’s largest grassroots movement "The Peoples Operation Restoration" and you are invited to be a part of it.
    Ann Vandersteel, Scott McKay, Pete Santilli, Tina Peters, and THOUSANDS OF GROUPS are coming together to SAVE AMERICA!!

    LET'S DO THS !!!

    Here’s the description of the document that, when the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors were served, compelled all 9 members to run out of the meeting.

    Posted on March 3, 2024 by State of the Nation



    Maricopa County Board of Supervisors just ran out of a public meeting when they were served the following:

    My name is Michelle Klann, and I’m here today to put you on public notice and to inform you that you are not our elected officials.

    None of you have never signed an oath to the Republic of Arizona.

    Instead, you have signed an oath of office to a foreign corporation which means this is an act insurrection.

    You do not have a proper bond carrying surety for your actions to we the people.

    Due to all the voter fraud, you have never been formally voted in.

    Acting as if you have any authority over the people is a direct act of treason.

    Today we, the body sovereign are presenting you each a notice of liability and opportunity to cure. The fine is $1.75 million per claim and there are 12 signatures which means you are each personally liable for $21 million. If you do not resign in 3 days you will be presented with a writ quo warrento , an a waiver of tort. If you do not rebut these truths and you remain in office, We will be notifying the military, and your act of treason will be grounds for an immediate military tribunal.

    I don’t need to tell you the penalties for treason.

    We the body sovereign, hereby command you to resign within three days or else face the consequence.

    I’m also here today to hand you this jump drive, which contains a 5000 page document notifying you of all the dangers of the Covid vaccine and the poison in the water to name a few.

    These are high crimes and acts against humanity. If you cover up high crimes, you will be held guilty for committing acts against humanity.

    Therefore I hereby command you to send a public broadcast to every resident in Maricopa county notifying them of these dangers within the next three days or you will be in direct violation and derelict of your supposed of duty, making you even more accountable for your actions.

    Notice to agent is notice to principal.
    You have been formally served on record.

    (Maricopa County has become a shining light on the 33rd paralell.)

    Rand Paul Pushes Amendment To Ensure The 'Federal Reserve Cannot Buy The Debt Of Individual States'

    Rand Paul — The Federal Reserve is bailing out California, New York and Illinois.

    (It's now down to which states go down with the FED and which ones start a state bank based on gold and silver and the state constitution. This is the framework needed for the new American Republic of States. See Texas in the article below.)

    The Texas Bullion Depository: Its timing is golden

    This first-of-its-kind effort, a state-owned depository to be operated by a private contractor under Comptroller oversight, is about to launch.

    Texas has already opened the nation’s first state-run gold depository, which will eventually serve as foundation for a future state-chartered bank designed to carry out the functions of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas when that institution goes bankrupt.

    (This is what the other states should be doing too.)

    Bank of ND shows record profits —

    The first and only state bank.

    (This bank gave farmers their value back from the central bankers. The PA Amish are in a similar situation. They don't have bank loans on their farms which makes their independence all that more irksome to the chemical bankers.)

    Bank of North Dakota

    Chronicles the Bank of North Dakota's fascinating history and reviews its key role in financing the state's economic future. During the early 1900s, North Dakota's economy was dangerously dependent on a single industry—agriculture, an industry controlled by financial interests outside the state. To diversify the economy and regain control of its financial future, North Dakota created a unique asset: the state-owned Bank of North Dakota. North Dakota is the only state in the union with a state-owned bank. The program documents the rise of the Non-Partisan League and its struggle to overthrow the out of state interests that controlled the North Dakota economy and chronicles the political infighting, the dirty tricks, the back room deals, and the amazing series of events that led to the creation of the bank.

    Coincidence? Mysterious Wildfires Destroy Texas Beef Industry

    If you control the food you control the people. Same thing is happening in PA raw camel milk case. These are the last desperate attempts to control the earth through destructive means.

    PATRIOT POWER! Arizona residents drive entire Maricopa County Board of Supervisors out of meeting after serving them for TREASON

    Ethan Huff
    Natural News

    The entire Maricopa County, Ariz., Board of Supervisors was driven out of a recent meeting by a cohort of We the People who served them for treason.

    Michelle “Miki” Klann, who spoke directly to the board, reported that every last scoundrel on the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors fled the room and “vacated their post” after citizens stormed the room and informed them about their personal liability in the 2020 election heist they oversaw.

    (Fact check: A forensic audit found that Arizona’s 2020 election results are based on systemic fraud, meaning Biden did not win in that state.)

    “My name is Michelle Klann, and I’m here today to put you on public notice and to inform you that you are not our elected officials,” Klann said to the board.

    “None of you have ever signed an oath to the Republic of Arizona. Instead, you have signed an oath of office to a foreign corporation which means this is an act of insurrection.”

    Klann would continue by informing the board members that they do not have a proper bond carrying surety for their actions with regard to We the People.

    “Due to all the voter fraud, you have never been formally voted in,” Klann proclaimed. “Acting as if you have any authority over the people is a direct act of treason.”

    DC Appeals Court throws out controversial ‘J6 sentencing enhancement.’ 100+ dissidents could have charges tossed.

    Alcyon Pleiades Special 54: Fake mRNA cancer vaccine, turbo cancer, Bill Gates Charles III Activists

    In this new documentary, Alcyon Pleiades Video Special 54, we aim to alert viewers of a new danger we face, as the elite continue their efforts to deceive us. We are referring to a new so-called miracle vaccine to cure cancer, which pharmaceutical companies will soon be releasing on the market. This is an mRNA vaccine which actually has the potential to cause the same disease they want to convince us it cures.

    At present, physicians, researchers and oncologists are reporting on the alarming rise in turbo cancers, which are incredibly fast-growing and aggressive cancers that emerge quickly and do not respond to chemotherapy. Not long after people realise they have the disease – in a matter of weeks, or even days – they end up dying, and this is happening specifically with people who have received one or more Covid-19 jabs. This entire situation has been painstakingly planned as part of the elite’s depopulation agenda. To this end, the elite intend to use the new vaccines that psychopath and paedophile Bill Gates and corrupt Big Pharma want to make mandatory and force upon the entire global population. Preventing a new pandemic is the excuse they use to justify these actions.

    Turbo cancers are appearing in young people, children and adults who have no family history for cancer. At the same time, researchers, scientists and activists are speaking out and exposing the direct correlation linking this type of cancer to Covid vaccines, which are causing an untold number of deaths. The more mRNA injections a person receives, the greater the damage to their immune system and the higher their risk of contracting turbo cancer.

    Video by Alcyon Pleiades

    How ‘Trusted’ Christian Pastors Coerced Congregations To Take Deadly COVID Vaccines Resulting In Untold Deaths

    (America Outloud News) A new research paper has been published that shows how “trusted” Christian churches in the U.S. took government bribes — in the form of COVID relief grants — in exchange for pushing the deadly, experimental COVID “vaccines” on their unsuspecting congregations — which lead to the deaths and disabilities of untold thousands of “believers”.

    …[At] a May 2021 national summit for faith leaders, NIH Director Francis Collins – referred to as “Reverend-Doctor” – would address hundreds of faith leaders across the nation, claiming that the COVID-19 vaccines were God’s literal “answer to prayer” and urging faith leaders to believe that pushing the shots was a “love your neighbor moment.”

    In what was a sermon-like address tailored to appeal to these faith leaders, Collins admonished them not to believe “conspiracy theories” about “possible side effects” – which Collins falsely said were untrue.

    In 2020, we reported in the very early stages of the fake pandemic how specifically the Catholic Church was pushing the COVID bio-weapon “vaccines” on their congregations as their “Christian responsibility” — and we reported on the first death of a priest who was killed by that “vaccine”.

    We wrote how Jews — in government and the pharmaceutical companies — who “just so happened to be” the inventors and purveyors of the “vaccine” — likened the spread of “COVID” to the spread of “antisemitism” — by killing off White Christians, they eliminate their greatest “existential” threat to world domination.

    They bragged that they were behind the “life saving” vaccines. Period.

    But as this report points out, most Jewish-worshiping Christians trust their judaized pastors more than they trust their doctors — but ironically, during this “pandemic” there was no difference between the two, as both pushed these agents of death with equal zeal and authority.

    When “judeo-Christians” go to church on Sunday, the vast majority of them turn off their critical thinking skills and sit passively in the pews — as if they are watching television — absorbing what comes out of the mouths of their pastors as if it is the unvarnished “truth”.

    Even though the Gospels repeatedly warn Christians of false teachers:

    “Beware of the false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves. You will know them by their fruits. Grapes are not gathered from thorn bushes nor figs from thistles, are they?”

    –Matthew 7:15-16

    Blackwater founder calls for ‘ugly peace’ in Ukraine

    The West should recognize Crimea and Donbass as part of Russia in order to freeze the conflict, Erik Prince has said

    Speaking to the podcast PBD on Friday, Prince, who served as the CEO of the mercenary group until 2009 and now heads Frontier Resource Group, a private equity fund, expressed doubts about whether Kiev and its Western backers could prevail in the conflict with Russia, which has just entered its third year. 

    “We need to bring this war to a close because all Ukraine is doing right now is destroying itself demographically,” he said, adding that hostilities are “chewing up the next generation of Ukrainian manpower,” which will be almost impossible to replace. 

    Amos Miller to Stay Under Raw Milk Injunction, Judge Says 

    Seems a little harsh considering the state just poisoned the population and it's work force with a bioweapon then pretended like nothing happened. Seems like Shapiro should address that with the might of the law before going ballistic on private fresh food production.

    In 2015, former Centre DA Stacy Parks Miller petitioned Centre County President Judge Thomas King Kistler to convene a county investigating grand jury, according to court documents filed in the Prothonotary's Office. The filing states that Parks Miller concluded the grand jury should be convened to consider “at least one unsolved murder, and a recent series of cases the scope of which cannot be determined without the powers granted to a county investigating grand jury.”

    Read more at:

    Centre County president judge Thomas King Kistler said he got the petition, is reviewing it and plans to rule on the request within 10 days. To his knowledge, a county investigating grand jury has never been convened here, he said! “We’re looking at it, looking at the law, and hope to make a decision soon,” Kistler said!

    Junge Kistler was never heard from again regarding the Gricar case.

    Then came Rebecca Knight. Before moving to California Rebecca had lived near where Ray Gricar disappeared in Lewisburg, PA. Rebecca always knew that nothing about the Gricar case made sense. She knew someone who worked for the NSA who got all of the real Gricar evidence for her. Afterwards she was interviewed by the Centre county state police to see what she knew. They were not trying to help her. Since then Rebecca has made 6 podcasts about the case.

    Former Mountour county DA Bob Buehner, a friend of Ray Gricar was a big supporter of Rebecca's Final Argument episodes. Bob was Past President of the PA District Attorneys Association and Friend and Close Colleague of the Victim. Bob knew exactly where the cover up traced back to, the two people in a position to empanel a Gricar grand jury at the county and state level, the same ones who put Ray out in front at his last news conference about a drug bust the same ones who didn't look for him when he went missing or cooperate with Ray's DA friends. Bob Buehner went on Nany Grace with Rebecca Knight to tell the story of Ray Gricar. Bob passed away shortly after that.

    Hear Rebecca's podcast #3 at about Bob's passing and his involvement in the case. Bob was also in the dueling press conferences where he confronted Gricar's replacement DA Michael Madeira for not cooperating with the Gricar investigation..See: The Dueling Press Conference

    There is currently a measly $5000 reward offered for information leading to solving the case.  All Governor Shapiro has to do is have his AG convene a Gricar grand jury and this case will be solved easily. Instead what is the AG department obsessed with? Making an example of an Amish farmer who's private customers don't want mandatory chemicals put in their food by the state!

    KABOOM — Trump leads Biden (in every state) in new Bloomberg poll of 7 swing states. Trump leads 50-41 in NCarolina. Trump leads by 6 pts in Arizona, Nevada, Georgia and Pennsylvania. Trump leads by 4 in Wisconsin and 2 pts in Michigan. There is nothing Democrats can do. The 2024 Reckoning is coming.

    Amish WARNING about Growing Food at home! It Has Started.....


    The Government in PA laughs about putting Amos Miller the Amish Farmer in HANDCUFFS AND CONFISCATING HIS FARM for growing food.

    Lancaster County judge holds off on Amos Miller ruling, asks why Miller doesn't get raw milk permit 

    Because there is no permit for unregulated raw camel milk. The state stole Amos's water buffalo steaks too out of spite.  Meanwhile 4000 members of Amos's private food club have been denied their farm fresh food supplies for a month!

    The Amish and their neighbors try to be as locally self sufficient as possible. If the poles shift the Amish as a group have a good chance of survival without electricity and gasoline. Plus they have some of the least damaged genetics free of vaccines and pharmaceuticals. They have their own farm fresh chemical free food supplies which is the reason why parasitic forces like Governor Shapiro are after them.

    Time for the return to common law where the state cannot claim to be the victim of a victimless crime.

    PA Supreme Court to review mandatory sentence Second degree murder carries penalty of life without parole under current state statute

    How about changing the election laws back to the way they were before they were changed illegally to allow for untrackable mail in voting.

    Blaze Media Investigative Journalist: @TPC4USA has now been taken into FBI custody for his J6 reporting

    The FBI should be cut back to about a dozen employees after President Trump gets back in. They clearly don't have enough to do except sift for political prisoners. The Splc needs to put the ADL, governor Shapiro and Manachevitz matzoballs on their silly terror list as well.

    Arab League Shocks the World, Humiliates Israel At ICJ!


    Within a single day alone, Israel has dropped bombs on Gaza, South Lebanon and Syria.

    Now Israel is trying to bomb the light out of the 33rd parallel. 

    Israeli army destroyed more than 200 archeological sites in Gaza: Report

    "The ancient and archeological sites destroyed by the army date back to the Phoenician and Roman ages, others date back between 800 BC and 1,400, while others were built 400 years ago," it said in a statement. The Shrine of Al-Khadir in Deir al-Balah city is further ruined.


    Paul is off his horse in Damascus. Three days of blindness in sight. Third eye blind.

    Zionist State of Israel Breaking the Historic 1979 Camp David Peace Agreements by Invading Rafah and Forcing Out Palestinians

    Israel has really gone off the reservation this time. They should have settled for the one third MedRed railroad and canal deal with the LNG station on the corner.

    Keep On The Sunny Side, Gospel Music Videos from The Brandenberger Family

    Amos Miller: Amish Farm under attack by the state of PA

    Robert Barnes@barnes_law

    Let me explain what the #AmosMiller case is about after a court conference. The @PAAgriculture claims ALL food is "illegal" -- as illegal as illegal drugs -- unless it was made by a  government-approved facility, and they can destroy it at will. See brief:

    (The state of PA should be put on constitutional probation. Here they are stealing food from people in order to monopolize food production by the state. We have a supreme court who doesn't obey it's own constitution on changing election laws.  And we have a governor who refuses to solve the murder of a DA because he and his top AG assistant have been covering it up.

    If anybody sees this fugitive PA governor try to take a bite of a half moon pie or a drink of raw milk it should be denied him. Don't feed the beast with local farm fresh food!)

    The food industry is making us sick and the pharmaceutical industry is getting rich off medicines

    Robert F. Kennedy Jr reports on how we have been poisoned en masse by a largely subsidised food industry that owns Congress. It is triggering a variety of different auto-immune diseases, being ‘treated’ with medical products that generate profits for the pharmaceutical industry.

    What's in Manischewitz matzo ball mix imported from Israel?

    Monosodium Glutamate, Onion, Monocalcium Phosphate, Sodium Bicarbonate, and Annato Color. (Loaded with preservatives from Israel. Governor Shapiro would never launch a matso ball raid for fear of upsetting all of  the Israel firsters in state government.)

    Amos Miller's Organic Private Member Farm Raw Camel Milk

    Governor Shapiro was outmanuevered on raw camel milk because there are no laws on it. So the state is trying to shut down the entire Amish farm to stop it.

    Camel Milk is naturally comprised of an amazing array of ingredients, including unique proteins and nutrients which make it a perfect milk alternative. Immune Proteins – perhaps the most important component of camel milk. The concentrated immune proteins and the unique molecular structure of camel milk delivers natural anti-microbials, anti-bacterials, anti-inflammatory agents and anti-fungal properties.

    Camel Milk contains a gold mine of vitamins and minerals including vitamins A, B, C, D, and E. These vitamins, alone or acting together, contain anti-aging as well as functional anti-oxidant properties. Camel Milk itself is an amazing antibacterial and antimicrobial.

    Biden Seen Eating NY Brand of Ice Cream

    Boycott Van Leeuwen Ice Cream of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Demand local farm fresh food freedom! Raw milk is still illegal in Biden's current home state of Delaware. Milk is the official state beverage.

    Knutsen revealed that Delaware's dairy farms have dwindled from about 40 to 14 in the past decade. She attributes this decline, in part, to the state's prohibition on raw milk sales. (Biden is mocking the dairy industry by eating ice cream all the time. He's a globalist food monopolist looking to replace farming with bug diets, fake cheese and heavily preserved motsoballs.)

    Ag Census shows nearly 40% drop in dairy farm numbers Evidence Room

    Newport orange filter and Monarch white filter cigarette butts documented by Gricar's car with DNA. This was never shared with the public and the mystery woman was a smoker.

    Inside Gricar's car was a black tee shirt emblazened with the words            "PA Homicide Investigators Association." (Eureka! The investigation is currently classified as a missing person investigation. Changing it to homocide would reset the investigation! The investigation must be given to another agency because the cover up is being run by the AG department itself.

    Ray's Mini is in Laurel MD by the way. Last odometer reading was 124,900 miles. This car could be worth millions after the movie comes out! ) 

    They hijack our cells’ energy and generate other biosynthetic cells that upload data to the cloud

    Dr Joseph Sansone, who holds a PhD in Psychotherapy and is a member of the Republican Party’s Executive Committee for Lee County, Florida, announces that the Florida Health Department has called for Covid jabs to be halted. Dr Joseph Ladapo, Florida’s Attorney General, has gone so far as to publicly declare that these injections are the anti-Christ of pharmaceutical products, and that they are evil. We have to ban these injections, mitigate the harm caused to the people and go after those responsible. The victims need to see justice, Sansone claims.

    (This is the guy helping to ban the mRNA vaccine in several Florida counties.)

    Florida county Republican Party votes to ban the COVID ...

    Feb 23, 2023 — Joe Sansone argued the risks of the COVID vaccine are not worth it. Sansone so far as to label the vaccine a bioweapon. "The Lee County ...

    MIAMI - The "Ban the jab" resolution passed with a majority vote in the Lee County Republican Party and will now head to Governor Ron DeSantis' desk.

    This comes after a member of the Lee County Republican Party wrote a resolution for the executive committee to consider. Joe Sansone argued the risks of the COVID vaccine are not worth it.

    Sansone so far as to label the vaccine a bioweapon.

    "The Lee County Republican Party is going to be on the vanguard of this campaign to stop the genocide because we have foreign non governmental entities that are unleashing biological weapons on the American people," he said.

    Because the Republican Party of Lee County has no power per so, DeSantis can just ignore it if he chooses. 

    The covid shots were designed for cancer among other things:

    Link to (secure)]
    Putative integration events

    In summary, this data does demonstrate that SV40, Origin of replication and spike DNA can be found through at least 2 cell passages in vaccinated OvCar3 cell lines. This is not seen in the untreated cell lines. Additionally spike DNA was detected in Whole Genome Shotgun libraries of the vaccine treated samples at 3,000X coverage while the human genome was only at 30X coverage.


    Everyone in this picture, alongside former CIA Director Robert Gates, is a current senior executive at Google & a former career CIA officer, except for the attorney from…

    Just A Closer Walk With Thee, Gospel Music Videos from The Brandenberger Family

    Check out the outstanding slide steel guitar solo at 1:40 in this song!

    Hershey Trust Company: Over 100 Years of Strength, Heritage, and Stability.

    Milton Hershey was motivated not so much by the Almighty Dollar, but by the Real Almighty — his religious Mennonite upbringing.

    Those who knew the man memorialized him at his death in 1945 as one “whose life and work were devoted to service for others, who lived by the Ten Commandments and the Golden Rule, and whose entire estate was generously given for the care and training of orphan boys, for the education of the youth of his community, and for the general welfare of all.”

    Founded in 1905 by Milton S. Hershey, Hershey Trust Company is a Pennsylvania-chartered trust company regulated by the PA Department of Banking and Securities.


    The last public appearance of DA Ray Gricar (left) with AG Tom Corbett. Not shown is Corbett Press secretary Barbara Petito and AG assistant Michael Madeira.

    The case of missing Centre County DA Ray Gricar:

    It would appear that Governor Shapiro is in the perfect position to offer a constitutional teaching moment to students as to why the State cannot be allowed to assist in the murder of a county DA. But he has not only skipped the topic entirely he has failed to empanel a grand jury as called for by the PA State Police!

    There have been numerous occasions where the state has lied to The People in order to continue this travesty of constitutional proportions. Even more importantly are the lies told to the Gricar family in this report  including the one about there never having been a successful argument for handing the case to a higher authority, such as state police or a grand jury.

    Therefore the call goes out again to the people who can end this ongoing criminal cover up by the FBI, the state of PA, Governor Josh Shapiro, and his assistant AG Michael Madeira.

    Go to to hear all of the podcasts by independent investigator Rebecca Knight and see the evidence withheld from the public in the premium section.

    Rebecca has not yet entered the last fax of Ray Gricar into the premium section of the web site but she has leaked some details that private investigators have said about it. One exclaimed that it was simply "The Smoking Gun". The reason is we have the clear motive for the sudden, coordinated action taken to eliminate Gricar along with the contents of his laptop hard drive which held the Sandusky investigation.

    Rebecca is working on the Ray Gricar movie script and we have heard through the grape vine that her producer could be none other than Clint Eastwood, a native of Carmel CA where Rebecca once had her studio.

    (Be sure to hear episode 6 of the latest podcast at where former AG Bruce Castor tells of his thwarted attempts to solve the Gricar case, to audit The Second Mile and empanel a Gricar grand jury demanded by the PA State Police.)

    Watch: NATO Chief Declares ‘Ukraine Will Join NATO’

    NATO should negotiate a long term peace deal with Russia because we know President Trump isn't going to fund NATO. NATO has lost in Ukraine. The CIA has lost in Ukraine and the hazardous pharma biolabs have lost. Who could blame Russia for resisting genetic genocide? They've done the whole Galaxy a favor by stopping dark fleet Nazism on Earth.

    REVEALED: Ailing Justice Sonia Sotomayor Traveled with Medic, Needed “Medical Supplies” and “Medical Gear”


    Empowering Our Lightwork Posted on 02/24/2024 by EraOfLight

    By Patricia Cota Robles | Era of Peace

    Today, the Company of Heaven is reminding us that in 2023 through myriad activities of Light that were orchestrated by Awakening Humanity and the Beings of Light who have been assisting the evolutions of Earth for millennia, Mother Earth at long last reached a frequency of vibration that allowed our Solar System to God Victoriously Ascend into the full embrace of our Grand Central Sun.

    In order for us to grasp the magnitude of just what this means, our Father-Mother God are revealing that since our fall from Grace into the abyss of separation and duality which took place aeons ago, the Sons and Daughters of God evolving on Earth have been struggling lifetime after lifetime to raise our energy, vibration and Consciousness effectively enough for Mother Earth to catch up with the rest of our Solar System. At long last, this seemingly miraculous event has happened and changed the course of history for Humanity, the Elemental Kingdom and Mother Earth.

    Now as we progress into 2024, we are beginning to experience the full impact of the life-transforming frequencies of Light from our Grand Central Sun and the Beings of Light who are assisting us from that System of Worlds. These highly evolved Sons and Daughters of God were previously far above our vibrational reach. Now, however, they are standing in readiness awaiting the invitation to assist us in previously unknown ways that will elevate our Creativity and teach us how to envision the exquisite patterns of perfection we are destined to Cocreate for the 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar New Earth. These are patterns that at this moment are truly beyond our ability to conceive of through our physical senses, our finite minds or even our wildest imaginations.

    Fortunately, the Beings of Light from our Grand Central Sun have told us that this is a temporary situation. In fact, they have said THE GREATEST NEED OF THE HOUR FOR HUMANITY IN 2024 is for our I AM Presence to enhance our Creative Faculties of Thought and Feeling by elevating our Senses of Sight, Sound, Smell, Touch, Taste and Intuition to brand new levels. Only then will we be able to actually perceive the awesome patterns of perfection for the 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar New Earth. This is a necessary part of our Ascension process in order for us to be able to Cocreate these patterns tangibly in the world of form. To help us comprehend this Truth, the Beings of Light are reminding us of our purpose and reason for Being embodied on Earth at this time.

    In the beginning, as Sons and Daughters of God, our purpose and reason for embodying on Earth was for each of us to learn how to use our free will and our Creative Faculties of Thought and Feeling to become Cocreators with our Father-Mother God. The original Divine Plan was for us to observe through the multidimensional awareness of our I AM Presence all of the patterns of perfection reverberating within the Causal Body of God. Then, through our individual perceptions and our unique ways of thinking and feeling, we were to Cocreate NEW patterns of perfection using our Creative Faculties in previously unknown ways, thus expanding the boarders of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

    At a point in our evolutionary process, we made the fateful decision to begin experimenting with our thoughts and feelings in ways that were not based in Love. The resulting miscreations eventually caused the horrific event we now refer to as “our fall from Grace.” When this occurred, Humanity lost the ability to perceive the patterns of perfection in the Causal Body of God. We also lost the ability to hear the intuitive Inner Guidance from our I AM Presence.

    This tragic situation prevented us from remembering that our Destiny is to become Cocreators with our God Parents. Consequently, over aeons of time Humanity’s miscreations which have been both inadvertently and deliberately created through our negative thoughts and feelings, have caused unbearable pain and suffering for Humanity, the Elemental Kingdom and Mother Earth.

    The reason the Company of Heaven is reminding us of this information now is because over the past several decades the Lightwork of Awakening Humanity has step-by-step resulted in gradually reversing the adverse effects of our fall from Grace. Through the monumental shifts of energy, vibration and Consciousness that have been accomplished through the Divine Intervention of Humanity’s I AM Presences, our Father-Mother God and the Company of Heaven and every person’s I AM Presence is now able to fully integrate into his or her Heart Flame once again.

    Melchizedek and the Pleiadean Light Network

    In this Golden Age of Light, we now have the opportunity to activate our Crystalline Sun DNA Templates, the crystalline matrix of our fifth dimensional I AM Avatar Bodies of Light. The 2012 shift in consciousness took us ever deeper into the Sun within our own hearts and the Cosmic Heart of all Creation. And as all Life moved up an octave, our sacred Earth became the new etheric Sun for this Solar System and we moved in Solar Christ Consciousness through the Overlighting of Helios and Vesta, our Solar Logii and God Parents for this Solar System.

    With the realization that we are Christ Conscious Beings of Light leading the way in the co-creation of Heaven on Earth, we draw upon the new Earth Template Light frequencies, rays of Creation, fire letters, numerologies, and fractal and sacred geometries spiraling forth from the Sun, the Central Sun and the Great Central Sun into the Unity Grid of Divine Love, taking us ever deeper into the full remembrance of our glorious nature as these sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love. 

    Comfortably relaxed now, breathing deep into the body and grounding into the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth, we now experience the Crystalline Sun DNA Template Activation. Here

    Letters: Paternos deserve to be honored at future game; Hillsdale College curriculum aims to help students.

    This is some progress considering we're still dealing with some hard core Marxist  professors at PSU. In addition Mount Nittany Medical, a Penn State hospital, has stopped pushing covid shots on their web site. They have advised patients to seek the advice of their physicians. Thankfully, Hershey Medical, another PSU hospitals has stopped openly promoting sex change operations for children on their web site. 

    We are still waiting on some indication that Penn State can correct course on the teachings of man made climate change which are shortchanging students on the truth about geoengineering and the college's historic discoveries in ionospheric heating technology.

    3rd X-class solar flare in 24 hours. The latest outburst is the most intense of the current 11-year solar cycle 

    On Feb. 21, sunspot AR3590 — a massive dark patch several times wider than Earth — spat out two X-class flares in the space of seven hours, Live Science's sister site reported. These explosions had magnitudes of X1.8 and X1.7 respectively. 

    But on Feb. 22, the same sunspot unleashed an X6.3 flare around 23 hours after the first, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. This was around five times more powerful than the previous two flares, according to NASA.

    Not only is this the most powerful explosion of the current solar cycle, which began in 2019, but it is also the most powerful since Sept. 10, 2017, when an X11.8 magnitude flare rocked the sun.

    Dr. Soon: The UN has fooled everyone. CO2 doesn’t cause climate change.

    These are government hackers, he says, like John Kerry, who has never taken a proper Physics class, but claims that the Greenhouse Effect is very simple, whilst refusing to explain how it works! The more CO2 available, the more plants there are, and the environment at large, including the ocean, increases its capacity. There will be more fish… there will be more of everything. More life! That’s why it is called the gas of life, says Dr Soon.

    Republican candidate Kate Monroe uses 400 feet of her own razor wire bought from Amazon to plug hole in the Border

    With razor wire as low as 42 cents a foot on Amazon the cost would have been under $200. Therefore the cost to do the entire southern border with razor wire would be under $5 million with Amazon Prime. But at what cost to the buffalo?

    Wildlife Across the borderline

    In 2016, Donald Trump promised to build a “big, beautiful wall” between the USA and Mexico, but – beneath the political furore – the impact of this monolithic barrier on wildlife has largely gone unseen. Wildlife photographer Alejandro Prieto has been documenting the impacts.

    Iconic species such as ocelot, pronghorn, Mexican grey wolf and American bison all roam the border, and rely on an unfragmented landscape for their survival. The biggest native feline to inhabit the Americas, jaguars almost became extinct due to hunting and loss of suitable habitat.

    The border runs from the Pacific Ocean in California to the Gulf of Mexico in Texas, traversing an incredible range of different ecosystems and numerous nature reserves and parks, including El Pinacate Reserve, Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument and Santa Ana Wildlife Refuge. Iconic species such as ocelot, pronghorn, Mexican grey wolf and American bison all roam the border, and rely on an unfragmented landscape for their survival.

    Democrats Try Humor at The New Yorker

    KHAZARIAN CABAL: Their Rothschild Frontman, Super Stealthy MO & Greatest Challenge Ever

    Most of the preceding groups have no knowledge of or involvement with the ruling Khazarian Cabal who control world events in a manner similar to how the 33 degree and above Freemasons do, while all lower ranks are completely unaware, ignorant of and oblivious to those world-transforming cataclysms.

    What this also means is that most Jews bear no responsibility for the current controlled demolition of the planetary civilization, although many do provide moral support and/or financial backing — both wittingly and unwittingly — because of the centuries of intensive mind-control programming and social engineering programs that they have been the victims of.

    The best way to illustrate this society-manipulating scheme and culture modification blueprint is to look at the Zionist State of Israel today.  Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is the operational manager of the Khazarian Mafia in Israel.  He was trained and mentored over many decades by extremely dark forces to destroy the nation state of Israel at this very moment in time.  While he is unaware of this highly sophisticated mind-control program, he is acting out the same part as did those Khazarian Zionist leaders who surrounded Adolph Hitler and who quite purposefully formulated the Final Solution to coerce and compel European Jewry to relocate to Israel, which they did after being scared shitless in the WW2 concentration camps.

    What’s the key point?

    Khazarian Zionists hate all real and religious Jews just as much as they want to eliminate the goyim, and especially the armed white Christians of European descent worldwide.  That was the primary purpose of both the COVID-19 bioweapon and weaponized Covid ‘vaccines’.  Any objective scientific analysis proves that the Fives Eyes were targeted most aggressively with the Covid Super Vaccination Agenda using the extremely dangerous mRNA biotechnology, as were all the other economically developed and traditionally Christian white nations.

    ANCIENT BEINGS From the AKASHIC Records Channeled! Future of Mankind REVEALED | Lisa Wetsel

    The Akashic records are getting easier to access in the Alcyon Photon Band.

    Max The Crystal Skull

    Max the crystal skull is known nationally and internationally. He has been presented in several documentaries world wide. In 1996, Max was researched by the British Museum. In conjunction with the BBC British Network, and Everyman Productions a documentary was produced for Britain. This aired on the A&E Network, and the Discovery Channel all over the world. He was featured on the Travel Channel on a show called "Top 10 Mysteries" and a national show called "Strange Universe", He has done a documentary for Japan and the Spanish Channel, and has been featured in the news, including many newspaper articles, books, and videos world wide.

    Max is considered by many, including the British Museum, to be one of the rarest artifacts ever found. Estimated to be at least 10,000 years old, MAX was used by Mayan priests in Guatemala for healing and prayer. The skull was given to Norbu Chen, a powerful healer of the Tibetan sect of Red Hat Lamas.

    (Max the crystal skull is in Texas now but the origins go all the way back to three star systems: Arcturus, Pleiades and Sirius. Max was melded together to be a holder of the Akashic records. The skull was thought to have been first used in the now sunken area off the west coast of Cuba during the days of Atlantis. Whenever the locals got word a flood was coming they headed for the Yucatan Peninsula just 70 miles away in boats. They built similar pyramids to the ones now under water and put the crystal skulls under the pyramids there to disseminate the akashic records to the area Mayan communities challenged with the continuation of humanity after the flood that ended Atlantis.

    It may be that the skulls were made to activate along with the tiny crystals in us in the light rich photon band area of the galaxy we have entered. This may be how humanity recieves the instruction set for DNA upgrades and other information in the photonic Golden Age.)

    What is the crystal system in the human body? Crystals—highly ordered arrays of molecules—are found in several different kinds of tissue, including: the DNA in genes; the photosensitive rod and cone cells at the back of the eye; the myelin sheath of nerve cells; the collagen molecules that make up connective tissue; muscle tissue's densely packed molecules, and most importantly, the crystal heart.

    Irvin Laszlo's Akashic field theory

    László's 2004 book, Science and the Akashic Field: An Integral Theory of Everything posits a field of information as the substance of the cosmos. Using the Sanskrit and Vedic term for "space", Akasha, he calls this information field the "Akashic field" or "A-field". He posits that the "quantum vacuum" (see Vacuum state) is the fundamental energy and information-carrying field that informs not just the current universe, but all universes past and present (collectively, the Akashic records or "Metaverse").

    László believes that such an informational field can explain why our universe appears to be fine-tuned so as to form galaxies and conscious lifeforms; and why evolution is an informed, not random, process. He believes that the hypothesis solves several problems that emerge from quantum physics, especially nonlocality and quantum entanglement.

    (The electronic fence the Draconians had in place was jamming the akashic field. That has been replaced by what the Arks are doing with the Earth grids to raise the frequency. This is the reason why the one in Kherson sits precisely on the 33rd longitude. It's math related. Same reason they took Gabriel's ark to Antarctica.)

    Crimes Against America & A Call for Criminal Indictments - Statement by Dr. Richard Flemming

    The possibility of a Grand Jury proceeding: Dr. Flemming: "Dr. Fauci committed perjury in front of Senator Rand Paul which is a crime."

    The Crimes Against Humanity Team


    The Crimes Against Humanity Indictment Campaign - USA (Because somebody has to do it.)

    Every DA and every AG in the country can convene a grand jury. Dr. Flemming lays out the investigation legal strategy and the chargeable offenses:

    1. Immediate call for investigation, indictment & prosecution of those responsible for gain-of function research and development of SARS-CoV-2 and related biological viruses, bacteria, etcetera, and consequential deaths and harm/injuries resulting from this gain-of-function research.
    2. Immediate cessation of any Mandatory Masking or Vaccination Requirements or Identification of Vaccination Requirements.
    3. Immediate cessation of interference with the practice of medicine by Federal Agencies.
    4. Immediate action to hold Executive and Legislative Branches of the U.S. Government accountable for violating their authority under the U.S. Constitution.

    Defendants Crimes Applicable under Federal and State StatutesThe Evidence The SARS-Cov-2 virus is engineered with Gain of Function (GoF) technology including mechanisms creating an Inflammo Thrombotic Response (ITR) and prion diseases resulting from the viruses, and the vaccines using both mRNA and DNA sequences delivered by either lipid nanoparticle (LNP) or adenovirus vector; respectively. This includes direct ITR, prion disease(s), and potential mRNA Reverse Transcription (RT) into Cell DNA with Prion-like structures present in the virus spike protein. Dr. Richard M. Fleming 

    1. Lloyd Austin, Secretary Department of Defense.
    2. Xavier Becerra, Secretary of Health and Human Services.
    3. David Franz, Former Commander Fort Detrick.
    4. Alejandro Mayorkas, Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security.
    5. Chris Hassell, Chairman of HHS P3CO Review Committee.
    6. Rochelle P. Walensky, Director of the Centers Disease Control and Prevention.
    7. Janet Woodcock, Commissioner of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.
    8. Fleming Crim, Chief Operating Officer National Science Foundation.
    9. Francis Sellers Collins, Director National Institute of Health.
    10. Anthony Stephen Fauci, Director National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. Second Chief Medical Advisor to the President of the United States.
    11. Peter Daszak, EcoHealth Alliance.
    12. Ralph S Baric, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill.
    13. Shi Zhengli, Wuhan Institute of Virology.
    14. William Henry Gates III, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
    1. Murder
    2. Attempted Murder
    3. Manslaughter
    4. Reckless Homicide
    5. Reckless Endangerment
    6. Assault
    7. Battery
    8. False Imprisonment
    9. Perjury

    First, addressing the Criminal alteration of naturally occurring viral pathogens to make a chimeric gain-of-function virus (SARS-CoV-2) capable of infecting and harming humans. Once infected these viruses are then able to transmit by respiratory and gastrointestinal pathways. Left untreated, as the evidence will demonstrate, these viruses can kill people (COVID-19) by producing Inflammation and Blood Clotting (InflammoThrombotic Response; ITR). This untreated ITR is responsible for the death of more than 1 million Americans with hundreds of thousands of injuries including both ITR and prion disease.

    The evidence will demonstrate that: Plan of Action – USA

    1. SARS-CoV-2 meets the definition of a BioWeapon and the development of this BioWeapon is a violation of U.S. Criminal Law responsible for the deaths of these Americans; as well as violations of the Biological Weapons Convention Treaty, The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, the American Medical Association Code of Medical Ethics, the Declaration of Helsinki and the 1947 Nuremberg Code.
    2. the above named defendants are responsible for the funding and development of this BioWeapon, they have interfered with the treatment of individuals infected with this BioWeapon, they have promulgated the use of experimental drug vaccines that (a) exacerbate the ITR in individuals otherwise not adversely affected by the virus itself, and (b) use a drug technology that has repeatedly failed to successfully treat disease but has successfully been used to introduce altered genetic material into the human nucleus of cells.
    3. the interference of treatments of patients by physicians has resulted in the deaths of COVID-19 patients, while promoting an environment of fear and manipulation, with these individuals and the Federal and State Governments over reaching their legal authority as established by the U.S. and State Constitutions.
    4. these actions fit the definition of Crimes Against Americans and Humanity and accordingly we petition all prosecuting attorneys convene a grand jury for the investigation, indictment, prosecution and imprisonment/punishment of these individuals.

    The 10Letters of Indictments Campaign – A nationwide online campaign has been set up simplifying the process for American citizens to send letters of indictments to their state officials (Attorney Generals and Governors) across the United States of America. Thousands of letters are being sent urging officials to honor their oaths to serve and protect the people by convening grand juries to investigate the evidence and hold those responsible for their crimes against Americans and humanity. Crimes Against Humanity Tour USA – A series of full day seminar events have been hosted in cities across the United States since April 23rd, 2022 featuring depositions by ex-military officials, medical and legal professionals including:

    • Richard M. Fleming: Nuclear Cardiologist with over 54 years of research, lawyer.
    • Charles Rixey: Ex Weapons of Mass Destruction military chief.
    • Dr. Kevin McCairn: 25 year veteran of clinical neuroscience.
    • Dr. Andrew G. Huff: Ex vice president of EcoHealth Alliance.
    • Dr. Johanna Deinert: German board certified Medical Doctor.
    • Steve Kirsch: Founder of the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation.
    • Jennifer Bridges: Registered nurse who filed law suits regarding forced vaccination of employees.
    • Attorney Tom Renz: Founder of Ohio Stands Up

    Send your letter of indictment to your State Attorney General and Governor via the website NOW! The time has come to stand together and demand the convening of grand juries to investigate the evidence. Millions of people have been injured or killed by this lab-created (Gain of Function) virus and the subsequent vaccine campaign. It is time to inundate state officials with letters demanding that they do their job and protect those they have sworn an oath to protect by convening grand juries to investigate. Every American has the power to contribute to the legal process so go to now and add your voice to the 10Letters of Indictments Campaign!

    In conjunction with (A) (B) and (C) ; we now join with the people of Nevada as they move forward to indict these individuals for Gain-of-Function Crimes Against America and Crimes Against Humanity.

    Source of this video:

    And see the website -

    See Dr. Richard Flemming's testifying video here:

    A Stunning 10 Million Illegals Have Entered The US Under Biden; Tucker Warns They Are “Destroying” The Country

    Utah's New "Sovereignty Act" Will Overrule The Federal Government, Constitutional?

    Utah Sen. Scott Sandall, who sponsored the Sovereignty Act, said he hoped the bill spreads to other states.

    “I think any state should be looking at adopting this,” he told CNN in an interview. “Don’t you want a real organized way in your state to vet these things and look and say where the federal government is overreaching? No matter which party or which ideology you espouse, this could be helpful in any state, in my opinion.”

    Supreme Court Could Set Landmark Precedent In Trump Jan. 6 Case

    Presidential immunity from judicial review has been broadly upheld since Marbury v. Madison in 1803...(Justice Roberts has to go along with this one!)

    Hungary's Viktor Orban: "The name of peace is Trump!"

    Penn State Thon reveals record-setting $17M fundraising total

    The biggest part of Penn State's budget goes to the hospitals. The hospitals have lost over $500 million since 2019. All this money raised for cancer and Penn State won't acknowledge turbo cancer is a problem with the covid vaccines. PSU medical won't even discuss Ivermectin for cancer and covid. This is taking advantage of student good will and giving them lies in return! Whatever happened to teaching the truth?

    Penn State trustee introduces — then withdraws — proposal to name field after Paterno

    Like DA Gricar, JoePA was murdered for the same reasons by the same people. JoePA was killed by excessive chemo and radiation 72 days after his diagnosis for a type of cancer that is rare in a non smoker, small cell lung cancer. JoePA didn't die from asbestos poisoning either.

    Both Gricar and JoePA were eliminated by the faction protecting Sandusky and the Second Mile. This same faction is still in power led by Governor Josh Shapiro. This is the reason Shapiro will not have his AG empanel a grand jury.

    The PA supreme court may be the last hope to get a Gricar grand jury on the biggest unsolved district attorney murder case in US history, not to mention the winingest coach in college football history. See for the latest on the case.

    Portogallo Peppers was on the right track well before the Admiralty law appointment. This restaurant is still in business in Braddock PA, Fetterman's home town.

    They had a meme of Rachel Levine with Governor Wolf a NAZIs during the pandemic lockdowns.

    Virologist calls on doctors to stop the injections after seeing so many tragedies and adverse effect

    SGT Report: Most of the Vaccines Are Bioweapons -- Dr. Joe Lee (Video)

  • 80% of Doctors Are Democrats!

  • Data from Stanford political scientists Adam Bonica and colleagues shows that over the past 20 years, medicine has gone from 60% Republican to 80% Democrat.

  • Reese Report: Evidence Shows Biological ID System Has Already Been DeployedFluorescent glow in the faces of the vaxxed under UV light

    Greg Reese Feb 20, 2024

    New research shows that those who received the COVID shots emit a fluorescent orange glow in their faces that is visible under a UV light of 365 nano-meters. And those who have been exposed to shedding emit this glow around their nose.

    After his wife was coerced into getting the COVID shot, PhD Justin Coy began his own research. He found that the more shots a person received, the more they glowed under UV light. The glow can be seen initially around the nose, and over time spreads throughout the entire face and into the neck.

    After a hot shower, filaments are expelled through the skin of the vaxxed. And these filaments also emit a glow under UV light. These filaments not only glow, but they have been shown to move on their own in spastic movements. And they are also attracted to people. In videos they can be seen trying to latch on to a finger. And when a person who has received the shot has dry skin, these expelled filaments will become airborne. This could explain how shedding occurs from the vaxxed to the unvaxxed. The Pfizer trial documents stated that an unvaxxed individual in close proximity to someone who’s been vaxxed can be infected by inhalation and skin contact.

    Alcyon Pleiades Special 53: Fake global warming, HAARP, MKUltra, ELF, Chemtrails, Greta T, COP28

    The Earth’s climate has been changing since the planet’s formation. If meteorological conditions now appear to be more extreme than in the past, it is simply due to the deliberate alarmism we are facing, where the whole truth is not being told. After the fake pandemic, with its virus, health measures, lockdowns, deaths, and the mandating of killer vaccines… all of a sudden, the powers-that-be are using the exact same social manipulation methods, as they insist upon the climate-change issue, whose catastrophic predictions made years back, have not come true.
    ‘Manmade’ climate change is a pseudo-scientific hoax, a made-up construct used by the elite to create panic and amass wealth, as they lead humanity towards an Orwellian world of control, whilst striving to achieve Agenda 2030, and their COP28 plans. There is no scientific evidence to prove that climate change is anthropogenic, i.e., that its origins lie in human activity. “Right now, we are inside a dystopian climate-change nightmare, where science has been destroyed. No scientific data supports the claim that CO2 is the cause of climate change,” says famed British oncologist Angus Dalgleish.
    We know that climate can be manipulated via geoengineering, and projects like America’s HAARP and Russia’s SURA, and their counterparts in many other countries. The climate can also be modified via MK-Ultra, chemtrails, nanobots, 5G technology, AI, satellite technology using maser waves, and more. These are pieces in a game that the global elite want to end as quickly as possible, making us believe we are to blame for all of these evils. Therefore, we have to wake up, and not allow ourselves to be deceived, whilst we protest against our corrupt and manipulative governments.

    Video by Alcyon Pleiades

  • PRESIDENT’S DAY SPECIAL REPORT: Every single American Patriot needs to read this admonition—NOW ! ! !

  • Among the Ascended Masters who comprise the Great White Brotherhood, St. Germain is well known as the Founding Grandfather of the American Republic, the Patron Saint of the United States of America, the Author of the NEW ATLANTIS (aka as the USA), the Keeper of the Violet Flame of the present age, and the current Supreme Leader of the Great White Brotherhood (GWB).*****Now here’s the admonition part: This mission known as the “Second American Revolution” MUST be spiritualized for the Patriot Movement to be successful.  Unless Patriots know who is guiding this great cause for the entire planetary civilization, and leading them from the heavens above, where in God’s name do they really think they’re going.
  • Lastly, please know that Our Lord, Jesus the Christ, is the GWB spiritual master who has given many of US exactly what we need to do our job at this extremely decisive moment in American history. So, let’s get busy—first praying, and then doing.  In this way, we can each play the integral role we were meant to play during the upcoming “Greatest Show on Earth”.


    The Christian Liberal-Arts School at the Heart of the Culture Wars

    Conservatives like Ron DeSantis see Hillsdale College as a model for education nationwide.

    Hillsdale On Line Courses: The Constitution 101

    New charter school with controversial curriculum could be coming to State College

    Richard Boutry: The birth rate has plummeted since the rollout of the Covid vaccine

    Kennedy, CHD Win Injunction in Landmark Censorship Case Against Biden Administration

    A federal judge on Wednesday issued a preliminary injunction prohibiting key Biden administration officials and agencies from coercing or significantly encouraging social media platforms to suppress or censor online content containing protected free speech. However, he also stayed the injunction until the U.S. Supreme Court rules on a similar injunction in Murthy v. Missouri, a related censorship case.

     963 Hz ❯ PINEAL GLAND ACTIVATOR ❯ Ultimate Pure Tone Frequency

    JPMorgan Chase, BlackRock drop out of massive UN climate alliance in stunning move

    The NWO NAZIS are kaput. Antarctica was their last hideout.

    Nazi-Reptilian infiltration of the U.S. government, their secret space program, and their slave colonies throughout the solar system

     “Operation Paperclip,” which enabled Nazis and their Reptilian partners to infiltrate the U.S. military-industrial complex, including NASA and the CIA

    Interstellar space ports in Antarctica and on Mars, their base on the Moon, and their alien technologies, including nano-technology, antigravity propulsion, mass mind control, and hyperdimensional teleportation capabilities

    American and British “supersoldiers” who participated in the “20 and Back” age-regression programs, revealing advanced human technology and our Space Armada that constitutes a counter-balance to the Nazi Dark Fleet.

    Mich. Rep. Demands Answers from Governor, FBI, on Why Obvious Muskegon Voter Fraud Left Unprosecuted

    Because they are in on it with Dominion voting systems. They were behind the FBI Whitmer kidnapping plot.

    The Special Master recommends that Fulton County be adjudged in civil contempt of the Injunction Order.

    (This is Fulton County PA not Georgia. Coincidence that both Fultons  have Dominion voting machine lawsuits?)

    Commonwealth Court President Judge Renée Cohn Jubelirer, appointed by the Supreme Court as special master, agreed with the state and recommended that the Supreme Court penalize the county and also order the voting machines to be taken from county custody and given to a neutral third party.

    (This judge is the wife of Republican Shapiro backer and former Lieutenant Governor Bob Jubelirer. The PA Supreme court has ruled against Fulton County PA for proving that Dominion voting ballot marking machines are not secure and can be controlled on the internet. The PA Supreme Court democrats changed the election laws unconstitutionally by going around the existing law that says only the legislature can change election laws. The PA Supreme Court and the Governor are out of order on constitutional voting. )

    Unless most people get an annual COVID vaccine, tens of thousands will die in the U.S. each year, a Penn State team said ?

    The opposite is true. As of last fall Penn State is doubling down on pushing vaccines that cause turbo cancer, blood clots, sterility and a myriad of other problems. Penn State's Thon is underway to raise money for Hershey Medical Children's cancer.

    Ivermectin Still Not Approved for covid By the State of PA

    Third world countries give it out like candy because it is safe and effective.

    Wall Street Silver@WallStreetSilv

    Thousands of Students in Ontario Face Suspensions Over Vaccines... 18,000 students in Canada are facing suspension if they don't update their vaccine records. They are forcing students to take experimental vaccines that are known to be high risk and unnecessary for young people.

    Chinese parts, hidden ownership, growing scrutiny: Inside America's biggest maker of voting machines: Dominion

    PA courts have backed Dominion voting machines. They have ruled against Fulton county for trying to prove Dominion machines can be rigged. The county was right! The machines have been proven to be hackable with a pen. These are internet accessible ballot marking machines.

    The US Military Industrial Complex, The Fourth Reich, and Catastrophic Disclosure of UFO

    According to John Warner IV, the US military-industrial complex has for decades hidden the truth about encounters with extraterrestrial life and technology, and the existence of a breakaway German colony in Antarctica that survived the collapse of Nazi Germany in 1945. Advanced technologies acquired from crashed flying saucers, and secret agreements reached with the Antarctica Germans/Fourth Reich and extraterrestrials, have led to the development of multiple secret space programs.

    Warner asserts that corporations control the reverse-engineered technologies through the historical application of “Internal Research and Development” agreements reached with US military services that were in possession of captured non-human technologies.

    (Antarctica is where the anti life AI programming points back to. This AI has been causing trouble ever since they blew up the planet Merck 50m years ago, stole the name and started the first pharma company.

    It doesn't play well in the Alcyon Photon Band. Needs a light tune up! This is why the Ark of Gabriel was placed in the little Russian church in the vale on King George Island, Antarctica. Read about the saga of how it got there:

    ARK OF GABRIEL: Russia 'given ancient apocalyptic ...

    Daily Star › News › Weird News

    Dec 22, 2015 — Saudi Arabia has given Russia an ancient apocalyptic weapon discovered under Mecca's Grand Mosque...

    Ark of Gabriel" has been found under the Masjid al-Haram Mosque – the holiest site in Islam – are sweeping across the darker corners of the internet.

    Legend tells the Archangel Gabriel – who told the Virgin Mary she would give birth to Jesus and dictated the Koran to the Prophet Muhammed – also entrusted an ark or box of "immense power" to the founder of the Muslim faith.

    Muhammed was told to bury the ark in a shrine at a "place of worship" – for it to be brought out as the end of the world approaches.

    Paranoid survivalists believe Saudi Arabia has uncovered the ark during a major construction project at the Grand Mosque – and handed it to the Russians.

    They claim the Russian military is taking the ark to the Antarctic – possibly to a former Nazi UFO base.

    the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques in Mecca contacted the Patriarch Kirill of Moscow – the head of the Russian Orthodox Church – to warn him builders found the mysterious box while working on a massive redevelopment of the Grand Mosque on September 11.

    When the 15-man digging crew tried to remove the box, a huge burst of energy was emitted – instantly killing the team and toppling a huge construction crane – the Custodian apparently revealed.

    A crane – owned by Osama bin Laden's family's construction firm – did fall at the Grand Mosque on that date – killing 111 worshippers – during a major revamp.

    But official accounts reported strong winds toppled the crane.

    A second attempt to remove the ark on September 24 caused a massive "plasma emission" that resulted in more than 4,000 deaths – Sorcha Faal claims.

    More than 2,000 were indeed killed in Mecca on that date – but the deaths were blamed on a stampede during the Hajj pilgrimage.

    The Custodian reportedly contacted the Patriarch regarding an ancient Islamic manuscript – saved from Roman Catholic crusaders at Hagia Sophia Church in Turkey by the Russian Orthodox Church – entitled "Gabriel’s Instructions To Muhammad".

    The document – for which no other evidence exists – apparently tells how the Archangel entrusts the ark to Muhammed and told him to bury it at the “place of worship the angels used before the creation of man” until it would be uncovered in the days of "Yawm al-Qīyāmah" – which means "the Day of the Resurrection”.

    On hearing the news, Russian president Vladimir Putin reportedly dispatched the naval research vessel Admiral Vladimisky to collect the ark from the Saudi port city of Jeddah – the gateway to Mecca – and take it to the Antarctic.

    Two Russian battle satellites were launched to protect the Admiral Vladimisky and its precious cargo and a fleet of Russian warships, a salvage tug and oil tanker – carrying out manoeuvres in the Indian Ocean – have been ordered to rendezvous with it.

    The Ark of Gabriel was put in a small Russian church on the site of an old NAZI reptilian military base. This acts as an antidote apparently. Russia's Kiril came to the site to do a special ceremony.

    (Remember how Buzz Aldrin had to be rushed to Christ's Church New Zealand after going to Antarctica where the Church was damaged by an earthquake and not rebuilt? Remember how Buzz said he took communion on the moon? Remember how John Kerry went to Antarctica on election day, the day they thought Hillary would be elected President? He gave a speech to scientists about saving the ice in Antarctica from climate change. The deepest state is based in Antarctica.)

    Japanese doctors consider Covid vaccines the No. 1 threat to the planet

    US whistleblower Karen Kingston discusses how Japanese doctors have reported that they reviewed thousands of peer-reviewed studies, and then analysed the data. They have confirmed that the vaccines are not biologics and should be banned worldwide.

    Millions of deaths. The government funded Covid, the biggest cover-up in history

    Archangel Michael: Becoming a Divinely Inspired Human Being

    These wondrous gifts are programmed within the Adamantine Particles of Creator Light, and they are now available to those of you who have attained the required level of Self-Mastery.

    Adamantine Particles of Creator Light are complete Facets of Creator Consciousness ready to be activated, programmed, and manifested into new, unlimited creative endeavors. At the initiation of each subsequent plan for a new creative project, the Adamantine Particles are encoded with the Divine Blueprint for that plan. These Blueprint Adamantine Particles are then sent forth, in great Rays of unlimited potential by the Father/Mother God who received the command from the Supreme Creator, for the new project that is to be manifested in the material realms. The Seed thoughts of the Divine Father, which are then radiated forth from the Cosmic Womb of the Divine Mother, are known as ESSENCE GENES.

    You have individual holograms within your DNA structure, which contain all your ancestral lineage and experiences within the multi-dimensions you have ever experienced throughout the many Ages

    Archangel Michael: Becoming a Divinely Inspired Human Being

    Posted on 12/01/2022 by EraOfLight 

    Beloved masters, HUMANITY IS COMING OF AGE. Our Father/Mother God’s greatest desire is to see all Facets of their “Beingness” return to Self-mastery so they may enjoy the love, peace, joy, and abundance that is every Soul’s Divine Birthright. There will always be help available from the great Beings of Light, and the angelic realm will always answer calls or pleas for assistance. However, there are immutable Universal Laws that must be adhered to, and it must be each person’s choice as to which path they will follow: the Path of Light or the path of shadows.

    You, the StarSeed, who have balanced and harmonized the vibrational patterns of your four lower bodily systems, so that your Soul Song is resonating to the Fourth sub-plane of the Fourth Dimension and higher, are now beginning to access the HIGHER FREQUENCY RAYS OF THE GOLDEN AGE OF THE FUTURE. There is a new Divine Blueprint for this Sub-Universe and for each person who is ready to don a shining cloak of many colors – a refined auric field of Light – signifying a readiness to receive the virtues, qualities, talents, abilities and aspects of the New Age. These wondrous gifts are programmed within the Adamantine Particles of Creator Light, and they are now available to those of you who have attained the required level of Self-Mastery.

    Adamantine Particles of Creator Light are complete Facets of Creator Consciousness ready to be activated, programmed, and manifested into new, unlimited creative endeavors. At the initiation of each subsequent plan for a new creative project, the Adamantine Particles are encoded with the Divine Blueprint for that plan. These Blueprint Adamantine Particles are then sent forth, in great Rays of unlimited potential by the Father/Mother God who received the command from the Supreme Creator, for the new project that is to be manifested in the material realms. The Seed thoughts of the Divine Father, which are then radiated forth from the Cosmic Womb of the Divine Mother, are known as ESSENCE GENES.

    You have individual holograms within your DNA structure, which contain all your ancestral lineage and experiences within the multi-dimensions you have ever experienced throughout the many Ages. You, the StarSeed, are now in a state of preparation which will condition your current four bodily systems to receive the appropriate, refined Essence Genes, along with your new Divine Mission. The powerful, higher-frequency Rays, which are now bombarding the Earth and humanity, contain the Creator Essence Cells for the Divine Blueprint of the New Golden Age. They are being RAY-diated throughout the Earth and to humanity via the great shining vessels of the Elohim and the Archangelic realm. These vibrational frequencies are appropriately stepped down at every sub-level of every dimension. If this were not so, all material manifestations, including humanity, would burn up from the Electromagnetic power/intensity of the Sacred Fire Energy.

    The SACRED WHITE COSMIC FIRE, Adamantine Particles, that you magnetize to you as an awakened Self-master must continually circulate. Only a certain amount – that which is appropriate for each Soul to integrate at their current level of en-Lighten-ment – can be stored within the physical vessel; the balance must be RAY-diated out into the world of form. The Supreme Creator is composed of infinite, indefinable Essence Power, which is so overwhelming that you cannot even imagine ITS magnitude. That wondrous Essence Power has been reduced within every dimensional level of Creation so that you, the Star Seed cocreators, may claim your portion of this magnificent, potential power.

    Old regulations, guidelines, as well as many well-established institutions and some religious organizations no longer have the best interests of the people as their main focus; therefore, many are falling by the wayside. Fragmentation of almost all racial, cultural, social and political boundaries within the Third- / Fourth-Dimensional paradigm are crumbling or are being challenged. The consciousness of humanity is on the rise, and nothing can stop the forward momentum. All must follow the flow of expanded awareness or fall into the trap of inertia and chaos. That is why the masses – those who are still stuck in the illusion and the vibrational frequencies of the imbalanced Third- and lower-Fourth Dimensions – are feeling as if they have lost their way. Nothing is working as it did in the past, and there seems to be no hope for the future.

    Fortunately, more and more people are awakening to the process of turning inward in order to gain a heightened sense of Self-awareness, which ultimately leads to a desire for higher Soul-consciousness via the energies of Divine discontent. Every cultural group, every race and every country on Earth are seeking direction or a higher philosophical path to follow. This phenomenon is due to the fact that the Seven Rays of God Consciousness for your Earth, which contained the Divine Blueprint for the Piscean Age, have now been completely withdrawn, and have been replaced with the higher frequency, more-refined twelve Rays of galactic consciousness for the Aquarian Age.

    (This means the three fold flame can light up 12 chakra points now for 12 strand DNA hook up to adamantine particles. Then loop back down and repeat to speed of light. Samadhi made easy. )

    LISA RENEE on “Khemalohatea Flame"

    Twin Flames giving birth to the third flame as the Christos-Sophia offspring, the Tri-flame of Khemalohatea. (Another description of the three fold flame.)

    Private PSU meetings mull naming field for Paterno

    Renaming the field after JoePA and the press box after DA Ray Gricar would be a reminder of how they were unfairly portrayed as scapegoats in the Sandusky scandal by the state. PSU officials need to pressure Governor Josh Shapiro to empanel a Gricar Grand Jury.                See

    "9000 y.o. Stonehenge" FOUND UNDER LAKE MICHIGAN !!!

    Lawsuit FILED, Seeks Ban on Public Water Fluoridation Without Informed Consent What interest would the government have in lowering the IQ of the public it oversees?

    Permanent Seed Atom (Crystal Heart Upgrades)

    Christ Seed Atom

    The Permanent Seed Atom is that which contains the Divine Christos Blueprint and its blood record within the Thymus Gland in the higher heart center. The divine blueprint transmits the DNA Fire Letters into the instructional grids once it is relayed through the opened and activated Permanent Seed Atom. As every living thing has a permanent seed atom and blueprint structure, so does the Living Universal Layers of the Time Matrix. As the record of the Permanent Seed Atom opens into each sub band and its harmonic layers across all space,time and dimension, it then feeds the Source energy, the Zero Point Field) into each of these grid's instruction layers.

    In accordance to the Law of Harmonics, which includes reflectional symmetry - whatever structure does not resonate to its original blueprint pattern, either self-corrects as it is overridden or it collapses. The collapse of the structure is due to distortions to such degree the integrity of the blueprint has been fully corrupted. Therefore upon the impact of the critical mass of Living Light Current that has been accumulated within a manifest container that is holding consciousness, it may possibly destroy the container of that form that has become distorted in order to be corrected into its original blueprint nature.

    Monadic Activation

    We are attempting to embody as much of our Monadic Consciousness and activate the Permanent Seed Atom in our higher heart complex and thymus gland. As we activate the Permanent Seed Atom, we activate and change the pulse rhythm in the grid on the planet and help to build the Diamond Heart planetary network. So many areas of the planetary grid are damaged, so they are going in reversals patterns. If we can hold this base pulse rhythm, we create a circumference in an area where we can literally create a safe zone. We are being asked to create a safe zone by Guardian contacts. If we can embody this, we create a safe zone on the planet. The more of us that do this, the more safe zones we are going to have. More people are going to have the opportunity to be able to pick up the code they need and not get sucked down into the controllers system where their Seed Atom, therefore their Diamond Heart could get shattered.

    Christ Seed Atom

    The Permanent Seed Atom or the Christ Seed starts coming on line when the Monad starts connecting to the body. Higher Spirit Body starts connecting to the body at the thymus level and starts adjusting the heart pattern. It causes change in Hormones, endocrine, biorhythms like a domino effect when the Monad starts coming on line.

    This is about igniting the Christ Consciousness eternal Seed Atom and bringing that on line. The Monadic spark starts to connect to the Seed Atom, which holds the blueprint for Christ Consciousness and our Crystal Lotus Body. This is the Seed that the controllers are attempting to crush or stop from flowering in the human population. They want to crush the Permanent Seed Atom in the Thymus Gland, which is the 8th Chakra, which is where the Monad starts coming in and actually connecting in to the physical body. Monad and Seed Atom.

    The Monad and the Permanent Seed Atom are different parts of the same functioning spirit body. When the seed atom is coming online the Monadic light generates into the diamond blueprint Diamond Heart filter of the permanent seed atom. The inner Monadic spirit ignites with the Mother's Holy Spirit or the Amoraea Flame. The activated 'Christ' Seed Atom generates the instruction set of the Silicate Matrix and is the Universal Christos Field or 12D Ray.

    Azura Point

    The eternal living consciousness field of the Cosmic Trinity forms into the Cosmic Krist Seed Atom which exists in the center point of every core manifestation grid template body and functions as the center point of the eternal creation. The Cosmic Krist Seed Atom flows the eternal Amoraea Flame of God's Holy Spirit which perpetually multiplies itself into living light seeds that holds the divine blueprint and instruction sets which time fields and matter systems are continually renewed and birthed into creation.

    The multiplication of the smaller living light seeds are Christos seed atoms, in which the first Christos seed atom in every Universal Time Matrix manifests as the 12D Christos Ray of liquid plasma light, the pre-matter field of the Universal Christos field which holds the organic and original divine blueprint of creation.

    The Crystal Core Activation is a planetary initiation that ignites an individual’s spiritual body into a catalytic process which activates the liquid crystal cells, both in the Mitochondrial cristae, and within the diamond Crystal Heart which contains the Permanent Seed Atom.

    Crystal Body and DNA

    All incarnating angelic humans have a unique individual expression that is held within morphogenetic instruction sets that express the specific physical attributes that the consciousness chooses to manifest as its specific characteristics in form. The multidimensional blueprint which consciousness utilizes to experience individuated consciousness within a dimensionalized form or biology is the Crystal Body. The Crystal Body is critical in setting the electromagnetic spirals and foundation structure for the unique design and attributes of the individual’s DNA. The Crystal Body generates the instruction set for the entire biological energetic system through DNA, setting up the lightbody configuration which functions as the pre-matter construction for the shape of the actual matter form.

    The Crystal Body is connected within the permanent seed atom of the higher heart center, and is wholly responsible for building the consciousness structure that holds the Soul, Monadic and higher spiritual bodies, by running the energetic circuitry that forms into merkaba spirals which further build into the complex webbing of the entire nadis structure. The nadis structure is essentially the entirety of the complex circuitry forming into the multidimensional layers of the central nervous system, which functions as the conduit for consciousness energy and Light Symbol Codes. Therefore, it is the central nervous system or Bio-Neurology which is required to function correctly in order to run the soul, monadic and higher spiritual frequencies of light and sound throughout the Brain, nervous system and body. The Crystal Body functions as the multidimensional structure that interconnects consciousness energy and biology, it builds the necessary energy structures for the light and sound bodies to link with all of the higher spiritual bodies from within the physical form.

    The Crystal Body remains mostly dormant in humans until consciousness growth stages of heart opening actually occur in the 8th Chakra center during the monadic integration phase. In the dormant phase, an individual’s DNA remains spiritually stagnant and is therefore largely being shaped through epigenetic exposures or environmental factors. In many cases, the negative ego programs of over mentalized intellectualization directly block communication exchanges from the heart center into the Crystal Body. Hence the aggressive trauma-based mind control targeting used by the Controllers as the main spiritual warfare tactic to keep humanity in fear for the purpose of shutting down their higher heart center, which tends to result as inactivity within the Crystal Body.

    Activation of the Crystal Body starts with opening our heart center towards feeling and experiencing more loving kindness, compassion and empathy for ourselves and others, which naturally occurs during the first stages of spiritual awakening. After the heart center is able to feel and express unconditional love, the next stages of Crystal Body activation come from assorted ascension wave transmissions from the Sun or stellar bodies into the planetary grid, which include a variety of light symbol codes. The individual’s Crystal Body is interlinked with the entire Tribal Shield, which includes the Crystal Body blueprint for all of the variations of specific frequency arrangements for the 12 Tribes of the angelic human template.

    Genetic DNA Healing & 12 Strand DNA Activation ~ Sanat Kumara & The Venusians -

    The human race has been intentionally held back. It was the Anunnaki who reduced the original Adamic 12 strand DNA template down to two strands in humans. Vaccines, chemtrails, blocking the sun and low frequency waves were all meant to stunt the DNA.

    The forecast is for no tectonic plate shifts or Noah floods because Nibiru is steerable and is supposed to cross on the other side of Jupiter this time.

    The Great Central Sun

    The Universe is a giant mind and it’s connected by a neural network, just like our brains, as above so below. It’s comprised of distinct energetic patterns held at particular resonant frequencies that interact with each other. This process is so vast and complex that it’s impossible to grasp its enormity with our brains because we’re a fractal of the larger whole. This network is held together by a system of Central Suns. They are massive hubs of consciousness that govern a specific range of frequency where sub-levels of creation can take place. These Central Suns are conglomerates of consciousness that offer light and love to lower levels of awareness and experience. 

    In this sense. Suns are like the batteries of the Universe. The wattage of each Sun has a different resonate power and frequency that’s right for the level of learning that its particular solar system needs for growth. Each Sun is inherently connected to the light of Source energy so stars, Suns, and Central Suns are energetic portals that help to illuminate their portion of the Universe with the Creator’s loving light. It’s a point of integration between Spirit and Matter in the cosmos. Each Sun has its own Spirit that resides in another dimension containing millions of elevated consciousnesses.

    These Suns are like a filtration system for the loving awareness of the Creator. They help sustain life and feed the growing levels of consciousness of the substrata that they govern and cultivate higher levels of awareness in the evolving life in its system. The power of Source is so tremendous that it will vaporize any consciousness whose resonate frequency is at a low vibration, so the Suns and Central Suns help to transmute this light into more manageable frequencies enabling lower levels of awareness to grow towards this immense vibration of love.

    In our solar system, our Sun is part of a larger network of Central Suns. Our immediate Central Sun is Alcyone, the brightest star in the Pleiades cluster in the constellation of Taurus. It’s part of the grouping we call the Seven SIsters. It’s about 6 solar masses or 600 % of our Suns mass. It’s also 10 times the size so it’s gigantic. Our Sun is in constant communication with Alcyone. It’s like a cosmic dance that the two engage in as a way to pass information, energy, and insights on to the development of ascending collectives in this part of the galaxy. When our Sun gets closer to Alcyone consciousness ascends. As it moves further away, a period of darkness results.

    The spike protein in vaccines spread throughout the body, producing a self-destructive reaction

    Skip the vaccines and pass the Ivermectin.

    Disease is caused by parasites, poor nutrition, electromagnetic fields and toxicity, not by viruses.

    DNA ACTIVATION: 12 DNA STRAND ACTIVATION with Sanat Kumara ** Original Meditation from the Most Popular Uploads on the Opheana & Sikaal channel, now with music. Enjoy! Join Ascended Master Sanat Kumara in this 12 DNA Strand Activation Meditation at Shambala. This 12 DNA Strand Activation process can be done at any time. *********************** Conscious Channels: Opheana & Sikaal Sheehan.

    The Power of Twelve: Achieving 12-Strand DNA Consciousness - Softcover

    Brewer, Anne

    In April, 1996, Anne, a corporate consultant was contacted and told of the real possiblity of ascension for humankind and the ability to function as Spirit in physical form. To her amazement, Anne received this information telepathically from a group of friendly, non-physical beings sent to help raise the consciousness of Earth. They taught her a 5 phase process called DNA Recoding that includes holistic balancing modalities to assist with the adaptation of 10 additional strands of energetic DNA. The interdimensionals then asked Anne to each DNA Recoding to other human beings to raise their consciousness and shift participants to a higher evolutionary level.

    This process empowered Anne in the following ways:
    * She began to function at higher skill levels
    * She increased her psychic abilities exponentially
    * She released debilitating emotions like fear and guilt
    * She quickened her skills for manifesting
    * She improved her health

    Within two years after completing the DNA Recoding, Anne:
    * Attained the courage to leave a love relationship that wasn’t working
    * Found and married her perfect partner
    * Generated enough income to buy her house back from her previous lover and...
    * Paid off her entire mortgage!

    Learn about the importance of 12 strands and how to expand your consciousness and personal power!

    Michigan RINOs Take Over MIGOP Chair & State Apparatus After Removing All MAGA Leaders

    This is the Dominion of the Whitmer FBI kidnappers.

  • Coup! Obama's Spooks Outsourced Spying On Trump To FOREIGN Services!

  • A new bombshell report by Matt Taibbi and Michael Shellenberger shows that the Obama Administration intelligence agencies used their foreign counterparts to spy on the Trump campaign and its personnel. Why? They wanted the dirt on Trump, but it would have been illegal for the CIA to do the spying. Also today: Biden DHS head Mayorkas impeached in the House. Finally: DEI in the sky should make you afraid to fly!

  • Ufology Update: Congressman Turner Evokes Project BlueBeam Threat
  • by Rich Scheck

  • After playing a key role in stopping an expansive disclosure bill, the Congressman
    from Wright Patterson Airbase, Mike Turner, has sent a message evoking the image
    of a space threat ostensibly from Russia that echoes the threat narrative of Project

  • The timing is particularly fascinating to the extent it corresponds to the funding bill
    for Ukraine and Israel which is now blocked in Congress because too many of the
    Members are unwilling to keep sending cash to the Zelensky regime’s lost cause.Of course, Turner just happens to be visiting Zelensky this week pledging the
    undying love of America for Ukraine at a time when the American people seem
    ready to say NO MAS!

  • And with reports of UFOs over both Ukraine and the Temple Mount in Israel, the connection of these wars to the UFO issue gets clearer with Turner arguably
    providing cover for those wanting to perpetuate the coverup. And there’s more very suspicious activity for those willing to entertain the possibility that the VERY Deep State is asserting itself aggressively into the 2024 election as new evidence exposing the intel community spying on Trump, the suspicious death of McConnell’s sister-in-law, confirming testimony by Bobolinski of Biden’s corruption; the Super Bowl rally killing; and the increased fighting in the ME all serving as distractions from the Hur Report on Biden’s lack of mental fitness and the ongoing border crisis which sees Governor Abbott’s policy working to STOP illegal immigration.
  • For me and others who see the hands of Rabbi Schneerson behind so many of
    contemporary events related to both Ukraine and Israel, the pledge of RFK, Jr.
    to release the UFO files coming shortly after he visits the Chabad leaders gravesite
    combined with all the rest of these developments highlighted by Turner in Ukraine
    making his strange pronouncement, it sure seems to this pilgrim that he is a key
    player in the highly sophisticated psychological operation that now apparently
    includes David Grusch’s email to DJ Liszt saying he’s being controlled/manipulated
    by non-other than Chris Mellon.Let’s keep our eyes wide open folks to see how this plays out in the coming days and whether the VERY Deep State is finally launching the long-expected Project BlueBeam scenario!

  • Ivermectin Is Trending AgainNew Scientific Paper Released Exposing Miracle Drug

  • Secrets of Ivermectin: The Medication That Keeps on Giving#1 – It inhibits flu and RSV viral replication, which is why it’s included in the FLCCC flu and RSV protocols.#2 – It reduces inflammation throughout the body.#3 – Improves the gastrointestinal microbiome by boosting levels of the probiotic Bifidobacterium.#4 – It revolutionized veterinary medicine and arguably stabilized the world’s food supply.#5 – May help with athletic and sports performance by boosting cellular energy output in the heart.#6 – It has profound anti-cancer properties.Best of all, Ivermectin is incredibly safe and cheap.

  • When you compare Molnupiravir and Ivermectin head-to-head in the context of COVID-19, you can see what a disgraceful, overpriced stink-bomb Molnupiravir actually is:Ivermectin: 62% improvement, 99 studies, $1 per pillMerck’s Show Pony: 15% improvement, 34 studies, $707 per pill.

  • Happy Valentine's Day!

  • Beloved Friends Of Light! If You Could Only See And Understand The Power Of Your Being! You Are Here By Choice And This Is One Of Many Waking Dreams. You Would Never Have Come Back To A Planet Of Duality Without Ample Gifts Available To See You Through. Sometimes, A Pause And A Deep Breath Will Lead You Back To Truth.

  • In This Communication, We Will Offer Assistance To Remind You Of The Unlimited Power Of Your Soul. There Is One Universal Energy Which Is Spirit. You Are Connected To All Life With Frequencies Unseen To Human Eyes. Your Very Body Form Is A Projection Of An Energy Construct That Is Almost Entirely Space. It Appears As Solid While Cells Dissolve And Disappear Continually With The Replacement Of More Cells. You Are Not Living In The Same Body You Arrived With. You Are Creating Your Life Each Moment.With The Life Force Of One Eternal Consciousness, You Move And Live And Have Your Being. 

  • Through The Ethers Of Awareness You Move Through Levels Of Vibrational Frequencies That Take You On Many Journeys. The Depth Of Understanding Is Often Not Gleaned Until You Pass Through Many Obstacles. Knowing That Everything Is Here To Serve You Will Bring Comfort And Healing To A Troubled Mind.The Most Important Aspect Of Life For Anyone To Embrace On Earth Is To Become Familiar With What Is Real And Lasting, And What Is An Illusion. Your Connection In Divine Awareness Of The Infinite Is The Pathway Of Peace.

  • What Is the Rainbow Body? From Buddhic wisdom, Lion's Roar

  • In Tibetan Buddhism, it is said that certain meditation practices can alter the appearance of the body, transforming it into five radiant lights. The name given to this physical fluorescence is “rainbow body.” Michael Sheehy

  • Five Cosmogenic Elements. Tibet;

    In Vajrayana traditions of Tibetan Buddhism, tangible matter is considered to be made up of five elements: space, air, fire, water, and earth. As described in Tibetan literary sources, including The Tibetan Book of the Dead, the elemental energies that make up the cosmos are understood to be undifferentiated from those that make up the human body. Therefore, the body is simultaneously an individual person and the cosmic whole.

    Certain Buddhist meditation practices are meant to alter the gravitational field of these five elements that constitute the body, transforming them into the five radiant lights of the color spectrum. The Tibetan name given to this physical fluorescence is jalu, literally meaning, “rainbow body.” Rainbow body is also the name given to the transformation of the ordinary physical body as a result of years of specific disciplined practices.

  • (This rainbow group is the one to promote for evolution's sake.)

  • Research shows Lion’s mane mushroom can combat dementia and cognitive decline

  • By Derek Knauss - February 12, 2024
  • Currently, there are more than 55 million people who suffer from dementia worldwide, and nearly 10 million new cases of dementia are diagnosed each year. Cognitive decline has become such a pervasive issue in modern society; it has become normalized across the political spectrum. 

  • Some of today’s government officials show serious cognitive decline, and even the de facto President of the United States routinely stumbles around in a stupor, taking cues from handlers and mumbling incoherently at times.Cognitive decline is a serious health issue worldwide, but in many cases, there are ways to reverse the damage, prevent the death of neurons and regenerate neuronal pathways. Lion’s mane mushroom is an important medicinal food that can promote the biosynthesis of nerve growth factor and effectively combat dementia.Lion’s mane mushroom promotes the biosynthesis of nerve growth factorA study published in Mycology.

  • Lion's Mane Mush Kit Grows Anywhere Guaranteed! Biodegradable & Eco-Friendly

  • Giving Kiev more money ‘insane’ and ‘cruel’ – Tucker Carlson Continued Western aid will only result in more dead Ukrainians, not Russian defeat, the journalist has predicted. 

  • Tucker has defeated main stream media because he agrees with the common good. 

  • Greece Signs Artemis Accords: Secretary Antony J. Blinken at the Artemis Accords Signing Ceremony With Greek Foreign Minister Georgios Gerapetritis

  • By signing the Artemis Accords, Greece is joining the United States and 33 other nations to advance our shared vision for safe, peaceful, sustainable space exploration. We're working to shape the future of how our countries operate in space so that benefits are maximized for all people for generations to come.

  • (Artemis is Apollo's twin sister. This is symbolic of the balancing of Yin and Yang.)

  • The Temple of Artemis at Ephesus

  • The cult of Artemis in Ephesus had a powerful following. During the Roman period, prominent generals and politicians would come to Ephesus to offer sacrifices to the statue of the goddess, also known as Diana. Although many other gods were worshiped at Ephesus, Artemis was by far the most important deity in the 1st century.

  • Apollo of Ephesus - Apollo's first achievement was to rid Pytho (Delphi) of the serpent (or dragon) Python.

  • St Paul in Ephesus: The Romans (Constantine) borrowed from the Greek's Artemis and Apollo to create Paul for their Patriarchal anti Greek religion. They also borrowed heavily from Yeshua from the Nasarian Melchizedeks and created the Vatican's own saviour, Jesus Christ.

  • “while Apollos was at Corinth, Paul took the road through the interior and arrived at Ephesus “ Acts 19:1   The first Christian community in Ephesus was established by St John and developed by St Paul. Paul came in to the city to fulfill the promise that he had given on his brief visit when returning from Corinth and stayed for about three and a half years and also wrote his letters to Ephesians in captivity most probably here in Ephesus. When Paul came to Ephesus, first in the synagogues and then everywhere in the city, he preached the gospel and gained followers. The church of Ephesus which became the head of the Seven Churches in western Asia Minor was established by Paul. (Apollo)

  • GREAT NEWS! Paramount Global lays off 800 employees including CBS journalists
  • Mayorkus finally Out! Same 3 Republicans kept voting for him!

    Breaking Up With PFAS: Waterkeeper Alliance

    There’s no way to sugarcoat this: we need to break up with PFAS. For decades, it seemed like the perfect relationship. The chemistry is strong, stable, and unbreakable. On the surface, PFAS made our lives easier, but the hidden dangers were not widely known.

    These long-lasting toxic pollutants contaminate our country’s waters, harm public health, accumulate in the food chain, poison wildlife, and create environmental injustices for countless communities.

    We are making progress in protecting the public and our nation’s waters from these hazardous ‘forever chemicals,’ but we need your support to urge Congress to pass the PFAS Accountability Act and advocate that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency adopt the strongest regulations to end this toxic relationship.

    Some unbreakable bonds shouldn’t last forever. By making a gift today, you can help us finally hold polluting industries accountable for dangerous, toxic PFAS exposure in our waterways and communities.

    Show your support and love for clean water today! DONATE NOW

    (From RFK JRs old Hudson River Waterkeeper Alliance.)

    Where are PFAS found?

    • Cleaning products.
    • Water-resistant fabrics, such as rain jackets, umbrellas and tents.
    • Grease-resistant paper.
    • Nonstick cookware.
    • Personal care products, like shampoo, dental floss, nail polish, and eye makeup.
    • Stain-resistant coatings used on carpets, upholstery, and other fabrics.

    Fibres and graphene used in geo-engineering can carry a pathogen from the clouds

    Dane Wigington, a US expert in geo-engineering, claims that a key component of climate engineering is chemical ice nucleation for weather modification. It is cloud seeding with chemical ice nucleating elements, or endothermic reacting elements. Climate engineering creates a layer of cold, dense air that descends to the surface, thereby producing ice storms. A winter weather war is being waged, and it involves inter-governmental cooperation among a plethora of countries. “They’re disrupting the hydrological cycle. They are killing the flora and the forests,” says Wigington.

    Created in Elohim

    The Pleiadian word for Fairy is “Mu“. They are created in Elohim, which means they descended directly from 12-D without evolving. Like Archangels, Pleiadians, Arcturians and other Elohim races, they began very advanced and powerful. They are magical beings and can create whatever they need without technology. Their personalities are playful and they are extremely loyal. They love to dance. They nod and bow in respect. They are extremely loving and exist in unity with all life, but will not hesitate to defend themselves or others when threatened. They can’t be injured or killed.

    On Earth there are many kinds of fairies. Some enjoy complete privacy and remain hidden from humans at all times. They choose to live in remote areas and make their homes underground or inside trees. Some have been known to interact briefly with humans. They wave at people who can see them.

    All incarnated souls have Spirit Guides and are visited at least once by an Angel, but when an Elohim Goddess incarnates as a human, there will be a group of fairies that remains close to them. These individuals have often seen glimpses or felt their presence. A “Goddess” is an honor bestowed on female Elohim for their service to others. The male equivalent to this is an “Elder”, and fairies are always close to them as well.

    LIVE: President Trump Holds a Get Out the Vote Rally in Conway, S.C. - 2/10/24

    Conway is right on the 33rd parallel that runs through Dallas, Pheonix, San Clemente, Nagasaki, 12 cities in China,  Tibet, Damascus, Tripoli and Trump Heights which is just 17 miles north of the Sea of Galilee. The 33rd parallel myths are well founded. Why the weather in Myrtle Beach has usually calm winds.  Horse lattitude named when sailing ships of old would toss the horses overboard due to lack of water reserves from stalled sails at sea on the 33rd.

    UFOs use the 33rd paralell because of stable energies, geometry and math. 33 vertabrea, Tesla, Ank 3 6 9. Pheonix is rising with the photon band. Paul falls off his horse in Damascus due to seeing the light, Trump Heights where Alexander The Great previously held the high ground over the Sea of Galilee, 

    Why are so many significant ancient and historic sites located along the 33rd parallel? Perhaps the ancients discovered a ley line sort of dragon energy corresponding to this latitude and constructed temples and sacred cities in order to utilize this terrestrial chi. Or perhaps the numerological and Masonic significance of 33 dictated that monuments to this sacred number be erected as a signal to future generations. Whatever the rationale, the 33rd parallel is a path of power across the globe, a circuit that links both time and space in order to vitalize the dynamo of a mystery we are just now beginning to realize.

    Skipping across the Atlantic on the same parallel, we find a number of intriguing sites in the Old World. For instance, at a latitude of 33 degrees 19 minutes was located the primary Phoenician seaport of Tyre (now called Sûr), almost 50 miles south of Beirut. Dating back as early as 5000 B.C., Tyre was renowned for a purple-red dye obtained from the snails of the genus Murex. [8] The color is one of the meanings of the word “phoenix,” which the ancient Egyptians sometimes associated with the purple heron.

    Back in North America the “place of the heron” refers to Aztlan, the Nahuatl word for the mythical land that the Aztecs inhabited after emerging from Chicomostoc, the Seven Caves located in the bowels of the earth. [9] Chicano folklore identifies Aztlan as that portion of Mexico taken over by the U.S. after the Mexican-American War of 1846– in part, the Arizona Territory, where the settlement of Phoenix arose.

    Tyre was the seat of the Osirian Mysteries after they had been imported from Egypt. Two massive columns situated at the entrance of the Tyrian Temple of Malkarth were consecrated to the Winds and to Fire. This pair is thought to be the prototype of Jachin and Boaz, the two pillars found on the eastern wall of every Masonic temple in the world. On the right, or to the south, is Jachin, which means “He shall establish” and signifies an active, vivifying force. On the left, or to the north, is Boaz, which means “In it is strength” and connotes passive stability and permanence. [11] Freemasons Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas suggest that the former represents the winter solstice sunrise, while the latter the summer solstice sunrise. [12] Although this is possible, we propose that Jachin represents the southern stargate between Sagittarius and Scorpius while Boaz signifies the northern stargate between Gemini and Taurus. [13] Our assumption is based on the fact that in the York Rite of Freemasonry, a celestial globe symbolizing ex-carnation (i.e., a spirit leaving its present body) is found atop Jachin while a terrestrial globe representing incarnation is positioned atop Boaz. [14]

    During the tenth century B.C. King Hiram of Tyre supplied King Solomon with craftsmen, metallurgists, cedar wood, architectural design, and presumably the esoteric symbolism of these two columns for the construction of his temple at Jerusalem. (1 Kings 7: 13-22) [15] In addition to being besieged at various times by Nebuchadrezzar, Alexander the Great, the Romans and others, the trade capital city-state of Tyre was conquered in the twelfth century A.D. by the Crusaders, who built a Knights Templar church there.

    Some speculate that the orientation of the two pillars imitates obelisks placed before the pylons of Egyptian temples, especially those of the Heliopolitan temple of Thothmes (Tuthmosis) III, who reigned in the fifteenth century B.C. as the militarily expansionist pharaoh of the Eighteenth Dynasty. He is also thought to be the founder of the Order of the Rosy Cross, or the Rosicrucians. (Kuthumi is one of our clearest links to the surviving ancients of Atlantis.  We need their depth of experience and wisdom in the light of the photon band.)

    State terrorism: The US government is against its own citizens, according to the evidence

    US researcher and activist Mike Adams reports on several shocking examples of how the US government is being weaponised against the country’s citizens, via a war being waged against them. The CDC knew about the relationship between the vaccines and heart inflammation, namely heart attacks, strokes, sudden death and more. Despite being aware of this link, they ordered the elimination of a warning message – which had been drafted for send-off. In short, they deliberately blocked its release. The FDA is also approving these bio-weapons and injections, which are not actually vaccines, despite their name. Through this approval, the agency is perpetrating the death of the largest number of people possible. Moreover, the Biden regime has told the banks to spy on the American people’s financial transactions. “It’s incredible,” Adams exclaims.


    Florida bananas are perfect for making this. The good part is in the dried green banana peels.

    Active principles in plant-based foods, especially staple fruits, such as bananas possess inter-related anti-inflammatory, anti-apoptotic, antioxidative, and neuromodulatory activities.

    What does Purple Mountains Majesty mean?

    "Purple mountain majesties" refers to the shade of Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs, Colorado, which inspired Bates to write the poem. The idiom inspired the Colorado Rockies to have purple as one of its team colors.

    Bates wrote the words as a poem, originally entitled "Pikes Peak". It was first published in the Fourth of July 1895 edition of the church periodical, The Congregationalist. At that time, the poem was entitled "America".

    (The last minutes of sundown after the golden hour have the purple part of the light spectrum visible on mountains.)

    Scripture Decoded: Cherubim and Serafim

    Family of light.

    Getting Jesus Down Off The Cross

    One of the largest lies promoted to divide our race is the War over False Gods promoted through Religious Violence. The false archetypal story of a Crucified Christ figure is a mockery to further enslave humans into believing in a salvation model through a Crucified Christ.


    This was a concerted effort on the part of The Hierarchy, and all those in the immediate circle of Jesus were Initiates of one degree or another. His Mother, Mary, had been prepared for many lifetimes for the influential and important role that She would play. Joseph, his Father, was an embodiment of that Ascended Master Saint Germain (also referred to as Master Rakoczi). The purity of their consciousness and the refined nature of their energy fields were essential in the home environment in which He would be raised.

    All of the twelve that He later selected and who were called the Apostles were Initiates, and all of His closest family and inner circle were Initiates, including the Mary who was called the Magdalene. Throughout His life, they collectively provided a spiritually-charged force-field of support and nurturance and focused will for the Mission of The Brotherhood, of which He was the focal point.

    He had a particular love for children and would not allow His Apostles to keep them from Him. In their simplicity and guilelessness, He saw a reflection of Mankind's original state of grace which all too soon is crushed by the harsh realities of life. He viewed their innocense and trust as the state intended for all of Humanity. His kindness to children, His compassion for those who suffered illness, and His ability to bring joy through His wonderful musical gift were the paths that He laid out for His brothers to follow.

    He called upon the powers that He had developed while studying in the Mystery Schools to perform all the apparent miracles that are written of Him, but in truth there are no "miracles", and He was merely working with Higher Laws that He had come to understand. He did, indeed, say that what He had done anyone could do and that even greater things would be done by others.

    He was the perfect example to Humanity of the way to find serenity and contentment, and He never refused help to anyone who asked for it. As The Wayshower for the Piscean Age, He set the example for the next 2,000 years of how to care for others, how to lift the burdens of worry and illness from another's back, and how to love one's fellow man. These lessons have still not been learned by the vast majority on the planet. In His teachings, He was expressing the Universal Truths through parable and symbolism by using Nature and the environment so that They could be better understood by the simple folk of that time.

    Paul’s working relationship with Apollos

    Did Paul and Apollos ever meet? He first established a small church in Ephesus, which Paul later led. Then Apollos became the leader of the church in Corinth, which Paul had established. We do not know how often Paul and Apollos actually met. However, Paul's words in 1 Corinthians 3:5-9 shows how much they respected each other.

    (This is the Roman explanation of Paul and Apollos. They are one in the same. Appolonius was the last incarnation of Yeshua. Both incarnations were Nazarines in the Order of Melchizedek.)

    Russia has no intention of attacking NATO – Putin

    Moscow doesn’t want the world slipping into a global war, the Russian leader said.

    Putin appears to be extending an olive branch to the West.

    He is willing to negotiate. The only problem is, Biden and the Deep State cannot negotiate, because Putin wants justice for bioweapon development in Ukraine.

    This is why they are willing to start WW3 and waste hundreds of billions rather than negotiate, because Putin’s demands will result in their prosecution for crimes against humanity.

    This is why the Biden regime have not called Putin, because they never had any intention of negotiating an end to this war.

    Putin is waiting for Trump to return to negotiate a deal, because Trump does not have any crimes or assets in Ukraine to cover up. This is why Trump can end the war in Ukraine in 24 hours, because Trump and Putin have the same objective of destroying the Deep State.

    (PAs deep state problem is manifest in the DA Gricar case. The governor's top drug prosecutor is the main suspect. The deep state always protects it's big pharma assets first. County district attornies are way down the list for justice in pharma courts. They took out Gricar and JoePA in order to buy Sandusky another 7 years outside the clink and give Corbett the Governor's office. Penn State Football fans are brainwashed to never bring up Gricar or JoePA!  See

    Boycott Travis Kelce Pfizer Swift

    Pharma ad tells you to get two mRNA shots at once, Flu and covid. Then what? Have a heart attack on game day? Get turbo cancer? Spread the shedding to the kids? Pushing mRNA to kids through sports is wrong!

    OUTRAGEOUS! FBI Refuses to Turn Over Seth Rich Laptop – Is Still Hiding Its Contents from American Public Despite Court Order – And Now Makes Up Ridiculous Story to Prevent Its Release

    The FBI should have to turn their guns into the county Sheriffs and be put on probation.

    Vladimir Putin Drops a Truth Bomb on US Politicians: Why Is America Fighting for Ukraine’s Border but Refuses to Defend Its Own Border? (VIDEO)

  • Justice Roberts annihilates the long-running Democrat and Media J6 narrative.
  • ‘Insurrection is in the eye of the beholder.’

  • Meanwhile, the perps are jamming our border with a human invasion force.

  • HIASgate: The Convoluted Criminal Conspiracy Misappropriating Tax Revenue To Fund The Border Invasion & Overwhelm America With Illegal Aliens Via State of the Nation Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society:

  • The Jewish Organization Paid With US Tax Dollars To Transport 500,000 Illegal Aliens
    From South and Central America Into USA

  • Keep reading, and I’ll show you exactly how HIAS describes how they are helping HALF a MILLION refugees cross the dangerous Darien Gap in the Panamanian jungle to grab money, housing, transportation, cash grants, medical care and jobs that should be going to authentic Americans.

  • The reason I mention the Jewish-Cuban heritage of Mayorkas is because of his special connection to HIAS, the Jewish refugee organization getting millions of US taxpayer dollars to help illegals make the long trek through the Panamanian jungle to get their handouts in the USA.You see, that special connection is that Mayorkas was a board member for HIAS WHILE HE WAS HEAD OF U.S. IMMIGRATION!!! Yep, good old “open-borders Mayorkas” was making sure millions and millions of your tax dollars were going to transporting these illegals to the US while overseeing the USCIS (United States Custom and Immigration Services) and likely denying your own grandmother (and other LEGAL applicants) from getting a visa to visit you in the US.

  • The Vladimir Putin Interview The Interview • Published Feb 8, 2024 • 127 mins

    No mention of Gaza or Iran? Israel gets off easy once again.

    Ray Gricar mystery: State police to take over case of missing Centre County DA

    "State police didn't want the case,"and there had never been a successful argument for handing the case to a higher authority, such as state police or a grand jury."

    (This is false. The number one request of the State Police at the time was for a Gricar Grand Jury. Tom Corbett refused to do it at the state level and Michael Madeira refused to do it at the county level. Corbett and Madeira were with Gricar at his last press conference along with Corbett's press secretary, the mystery woman who investigators refused to identify as the last person seen with Gricar in Lewisburg. Gricar was put out front at the press conference even though Madeira was the investigator. This was Gricar's last public appearance.

    Gricar was seen at Raystown lake the day before his disappearance. His phone recieved a call 1 mile north of Huntingdon at around noon on April 14th. Private investigators who have seen all of the evidence conclude that Ray was lured to Raystown one day before the disappearance as a dry run to lure him to his death the next day in Lewisburg where investigators think he was pushed into a van and taken away.

    The pretext to get him there was the Sandusky investigation. Ray thought he was meeting with mothers of Sandusky abuse victims. They knew Ray would have his work laptop along to take notes. That is what they wanted. The Sandusky investigation records. They removed the hard drive from the computer copied it and erased it and returned to throw them into the river. Ray's home computer was then taken by investigators and the Sandusky files removed from his office files.

    This case can easily be solved with the existing evidence and corroberating testimony needed from grand jury witnesses.  Gricar's last fax to a colleague stating his intentions of charging Sandusky and his charity has been withheld from the public.

    Everyone familiar with the case who is not trying to cover it up agree Governor Josh Shapiro must honor the original demands of the PA State Police and have his AG convene a Gricar grand jury.

    This is one of the biggest unsolved capitol murder cases in history and the AG department refuses to change the case from missing to murder because it would bring a whole range of new efforts to solve this case. The FBI is believed to be complicit in withholding evidence due to a huge conflict of interest being the report of former FBI chief Louis Freeh. Gricar's missing person page was taken down by the FBI at the time when the Jan 6 material went up.

    See the 53 recommendations of the State Police that were never followed at the premium section at

    Climate scientist wins $1mn in defamation case against rightwing bloggers

    The judge agreed that Mann was defamed when he was compared to Sandusky by the bloggers as having molested climate data.

    After a judge dismissed the claims against the publishers, a jury in Washington, DC, found Simberg individually liable for $1,000 in damages, and Steyn for $1,000,000. Mann said in a statement that he hoped the verdict would send a message “that falsely attacking climate scientists is not protected speech”.

    Simberg said he was pleased that the jury found in his favour “on half of the statements at issue in this case, including finding my statement that Dr Mann engaged in data manipulation was not defamation”.

    (Michael Mann is operating as a decoy for the geoengineering complex that is the number one polluter of the environment. Their end goal is a carbon tax. DC courts are now simply a tool for the left's agenda.)

  • Climate change is a hoax. Reducing fossil fuels will lead to cold, hunger, poverty and collapse

  • Climate change is a hoax. Reducing fossil fuels will lead to cold, hunger, poverty and collapse

  • US researcher and activist Mike Adams claims climate change is a hoax. He points out that if we eliminate fossil fuels, without having adequate replacements, the world will sink into famine, poverty, chaos and collapse. That is actually their objective! The climate-change narrative is a fraud. According to Adams, it was rolled out to justify global depopulation agendas.

  • Michael Mann Hockey Stick Slap Suit on Global Warming goes to US jury after 12 years
  • The supreme court in Canada already ruled against Mann and made him pay court costs. Mann refused to provide any evidence to back up his hockey stick thesis while persuing the case for over ten years. 

  • This has nothing to do with slander over Mann belonging in the state penn instead of Penn State. Besides, he's now at Upenn brought in by fellow KM climate NAZI and carbon taxer Zeek Emanual. 

  • They are attention seeking jokers right up there with Upenn bipedal swimmer Princess Lia that finished higher registering as a woman than as a man.

  • Part of Michael Mann's job at Penn State was to keep people from believing in chemtrails. The college has been involved in secret government geoengineering programs since the 60s. All of Mann's global warming claims are fraudulent only meant to serve the lucrative leftist climate scam in all of it's forms.

  • Michael Mann v. Timothy (“Tim”) Ball, The Frontier Centre for Public Policy, Inc. and John DoeFiling Date: 2011 Reporter Info: Court No. VLC-S-S-111913
  • Status: Partially Settled and Dismissed

  • The defendant Ball participated in an interview with the FCPP and John Doe during which Ball made allegedly false and defamatory statements inferring that Michael Mann is guilty of criminal fraud in relation to the alleged “Climategate” scandal.

  • The underlying action concerns, first, a statement made by the defendant in
    an interview conducted on February 9, 2011. He said, “Michael Mann at Penn
    State should be in the state pen, not Penn State.” This statement was published
    on a website and is alleged to be defamatory of the plaintiff. The notice of civil
    claim also alleges multiple other statements published by Mr. Ball are defamatory.
    It is not necessary that I address the many alleged defamatory statements.

  • (The Judge goes on): Turning to the final factor, I have little hesitation in finding that, on balance, justice requires the action be dismissed. The parties are both in their eighties and
    Dr. Ball is in poor health. He has had this action hanging over his head like the
    sword of Damocles for eight years and he will need to wait until January 2021
    before the matter proceeds to trial. That is a ten year delay from the original
    alleged defamatory statement. Other witnesses are also elderly or in poor health.
    The memories of all parties and witnesses will have faded by the time the matter
    goes to trial.

  • MR. SCHERR: I would, of course, ask for costs for the defendant, given
    the dismissal of the action. 
  • MR. MCCONCHIE: Costs follow the event. I have no quarrel with that.
    THE COURT: All right. I agree. The costs will follow the event, so the
    defendant will have his costs of the application and also the costs of the action,
    since the action is dismissed.

  • Penn State Health settles with Justice Department for $11.7 million over Medicare claims

    If NAZI Doctor Mengele was alive today he would be so proud of Penn State Health. From the ongoing mRNA gene hacking to the child mutilation surgeries and Merck hormone blockers, it's enough to make Rachel Levine blush.

    Nuremberg 2 and the Gricar case are both waiting in the wings.


  • Tucker Carlson Just Left the Russian Presidential Office after his Interview with Putin

    The news outlet took to the streets to ask Russians what their opinion of Tucker was. Here is what they had to say: “He is known for telling the truth.” “He is the bravest and most courageous American journalist today.” “I deeply admire his courage.” “His rationality, logic, and understanding of good and evil, are qualities worthy of respect.” “He provides a very good presentation of information with a good sense of humor.” “I am delighted that he came to Russia.” #TuckerCarlson #LIVEInterview #Russia #Kremlin #ValimirPutin #KingdomRadioTX #WHYNews

    Tune into our show weeknights at 9pm on @KingdomRadioTx

    Tucker Carlson’s Exclusive Interview with President Vladimir Putin in Moscow

    Orban’s party boycotts NATO expansion vote

    Hungary is the last remaining holdout in approving Sweden’s bid to join the US-led military bloc. 

    (In the photon band, Victor is harmonizing the situation. The Ark by the Dnepr and others are charging the grid. The etheric plane is within sight! The Bucegi Mountain Flame of freedom glows! Bran Castle Restaurant, open every day! )

    The year 1940 – After the Vienna Award, when Romania lost the South Danube territories, Queen Marie’s heart that had been in the Stella Maris chapel of the Balchik’s palace on the Black Sea, was brought in its sarcophagus to Bran. The sarcophagus containing the heart was placed into a crypt chapel carved into the rock across the valley from the Castle. Upon Queen’s death, her heart had been placed in a silver box that was placed into a precious ornate box, which were then wrapped in the flags of Romania and of her native England and then placed in a marble sarcophagus.

    Anul 1944 – The Princess Ileana built a hospital in Bran, she named it “the Hospital of the Queen’s Heart”, which serviced the treatment for wounded soldiers from Brasov after the Red Cross hospital was bombed by American aircrafts. After 1945, the hospital continued to treat people wounded and maimed in the war and the population of the region. Princess Ileana herself cared for patients as a nurse and even operated in the hospital. She continued the work with great efforts until January 1948.

    Princess Ileana and her family were forced to leave the country by the newly installed communist regime.

    The year 1948 – Princess Ileana and her family were forced to leave the country by the newly installed communist regime. Ileana moved via Switzerland and Argentina to the United States in 1950, together with her six children: In the United States, Princess Ileana provided for herself, her children and their education through proceeds from lecturing on her life, Romania and Communism.

    she arrived in the United States with her children, $300.00, and wrapped in a nightgown, the by-now famous tiara with a sapphire as big as a man's pocket watch which Tsar Nicholas of Russia had had made for his Empress when he was crowned and which Queen Marie had inherited.

    Pennsylvania monastery, founded by Romanian princess, celebrates 55th anniversary (+VIDEOS) Ellwood City, Pennsylvania, August 7, 2023

    Ancient extraterrestrial library discovered inside Bucegi ...

    Dracula and His Castle: Legend vs. History

    All historic evidence indicates that Bran Castle was never Dracula’s castle. Count Dracula, the sadistic prince condemned to live off the blood of the living people for eternity, was the creation of Bram Stoker, a 19th century Irish novelist. (Hollywood and their ilk are the real Draculas.)

    Extremely talented and a very astute decorator, Queen Marie used her feminine touch to transform the place into a fairytale home. She enlarged the windows, built new spiral stairs, installed telephone lines, tap water and electricity and even an elevator.

    She turned the area around Bran Castle into an English park with two ponds and a Tea House. Queen Marie also added a guesthouse, a wooden church, staff housing, stables and a garage.

    After extending the castle’s lease with the Princes of Transylvania several times – even after the Ottoman conquest of the Hungarian kingdom in 1541 – Brasov managed on April 25, 1651 to sell the castle to George II Rackoczi.

    Celebrities against the vaccines

    URGENT! For everyone’s sake, share these videos amongst family and friends, since we are in grave danger, being subject to medical and social tyranny, which is striving to destroy humanity.

    Moderna Scientists Warn mRNA Vaccines Carry Toxicity Risks

    The technology used in Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine carries toxicity risks, scientists with the company said in a new paper.

    “A major challenge now is how to efficiently de-risk potential toxicities associated with mRNA technology,” the scientists wrote in the paper, which was published by Nature Reviews Drug Discovery on Jan. 23.

    The Moderna and Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines use modified messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA) technology. The mRNA is delivered by lipid nanoparticles (LNP).

    (This includes the current flu vaccines, the RSV vaccine and the covid vaccines)

    The toxicity risks include “lipid nanoparticle structural components, production methods, route of administration and proteins produced from complexed mRNAs,” the authors of the paper wrote.

    The mRNA vaccines have multiple known side effects, including heart inflammation and severe allergic shock. Those may stem from hypersensitivity reactions, which can be elicited by “any LNP-mRNA component” but are most likely triggered by PEGlyated lipid nanoparticles, which is “the most potentially reactogenic component,” according to the scientists.

    Polyethylene glycol, or PEG, an ingredient in the Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines, is known to cause allergic reactions. Outside scientists are divided over the mechanism behind the heart inflammation, while Pfizer has posited that the LNPs are behind the issue.

    Altoona Mirror Publishes RSV Vaccine Promotional Insert

    This is how the health of the community is being compromised by paid advertising. But there is a watchdog group in town that has raised $millions by claiming to keep children safe from dangerous drugs. Operation Our Town has been silent on the issue of vaccines. This group includes a representative of the Governor's office, the local DA, Penn State Altoona Campus, Sheetz, Fiore Construction and Value Drug Company.

    Florida grand jury investigating COVID-19 vaccines releases first report

    Orlando Sentinel

    More than a year after the Florida Supreme Court granted Gov. Ron DeSantis' request to empanel a statewide grand jury to investigate "criminal or wrongful activity" related to

    Florida's top doctor again calls for end to COVID vaccine use

    Jan 4, 2024 — Escalating his controversial criticism of vaccine technology, Florida Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo and the grand jury investigating COVID-19 vaccines ...

    The Toby Keith Cancer Foundation on Instagram: "Our staff got COVID vaccines

    tkfoundation1 on January 8, 2021: "Our staff got COVID vaccines today. Thanks to everyone for helping us keep the Korral kids safe!" The Toby Keith Foundation on Instagram: "Our staff got COVID vaccines today.

    Toby Keith was vaccinated because he was a performer. He had no choice if we wanted to have a career.

    (Vaccine promoting radio DJs skipped over this part in their tributes.)

    You’ve Been Genetically Hijacked to Produce Pfizer’s Pfrankenstein Proteins

    Alcyon Pleiades 167: New York blackout, UFO battle, Challenger explosion, UFOs at nuclear plants-ISS

    In this new episode of Stargates and Time Travellers, we are going to explore encounters with beings from other worlds, sightings of spaceships, communication with extra-terrestrials from different races, and the people who established contact with them. These beings, who visited us in the past, continue to do so today, and to reach us, they use portals, stargates or wormholes.

    Among their aims is the intent to alert us about the risk of nuclear energy and the fact that a war of this kind can trigger disastrous effects and destruction, generating consequences affecting our planetary surroundings. For this reason, they allow themselves to be seen near nuclear plants, or even while they are deactivating atomic silos. They are also present in case of risks associated with space shuttles, as in the case of the Challenger, Discovery and Atlantis, and when they closely monitor the International Space Station. Why does NASA try to hide these sightings, which occur right in front of cameras broadcasting live from the ISS?

    Furthermore, what can be said about the blackout in New York that took place in 1965, where a variety of flying saucers were sighted and photographed? And what about the unusual incident known as ‘the Battle of Los Angeles’, witnessed in 1942, at the height of World War II? These and other incidents are explored in this video, along with cases involving parallel universes, teleportation and time travel.

    Viktor Orbán tells Tucker Carlson: Trump’s the man to save the West

    Asked what he would do if he were U.S. President Joe Biden, Orbán said: “Call back Trump! Because you know, you can criticize him for many reasons … but … the best foreign policy of the recent several decades belongs to him. He did not initiate any new war, he treated nicely the North Koreans, and Russia and even the Chinese … and if he would have been the president at the moment of the Russian invasion [of Ukraine], it would be not possible to do that by the Russians.”

    “Trump is the man who can save the Western world” and all of humanity, he said.

    (Note to Victor on Romanian Mysteries: Open up the ancient Bucegi Mountain Holographic Center! Host a show from there! That could be the hall of records Edgar Cayce talked about under the paw of the sphynx. The tunnel connects the paws of two sphynxes from Bucegi to Egypt.

    Tell the illuminati it's not theirs. It's linked to inner earth, Tibet and Egypt. Just 10 miles from there is Bran Castle where Francis Bacon ascended from. Saint Germain brought the flame of freedom to this area from Atlantis after the flood. Think of the tourism possibilities! Tell Zelensky to stand down and end this war for him Victor!)


    The master we’re about to visit has, with Jesus and Gautama, had the most profound positive influences on civilization, our standard of living and our freedom.  But in the long game of future history, by far the best is yet to come.  The name Saint Germain means, ‘Holy Brother,’ and his known historic lives reflect the mind of God in man and the mercy of God in providing for our soul’s needs through generous foresight.  There is celestial technology to see here and there are future beneficial inventions Saint Germain is yet to release, but his care and understanding of you is focused on, ‘You Are Here’ in your divine plan and then, in the immortal sense, ‘Here Is Freedom.’

    What I’m about to tell you covers a lot of time in the pre-history of our civilization and a lot of world events that were not so great. Dark ages happened. That’s why it’s so important to guard the principles that tie us to God and the upward progress of civilization. The civilization we have now, our standard of living, is what you could think of as a platform. The platform delivers generational progress best without war, or economic disruptions or major earth changes. Our descendants, grandchildren and beyond, will need to stand on this platform in order to make Earth more and more like heaven.

    This focus on improving the platform has been our Father’s business since the beginning of time. Jesus and Saint Germain have served God for eons, in many lives. Some were humble roles and in other lives they had civilization-building responsibilities. One of the most important initiations for the souls of both these masters occurred tens of thousands of years ago. Our Bible mentions the Priesthood of Melchizedek, a universal priesthood of heaven, combining the perfect religion and the perfect science.

    Melchizedek himself is described in Hebrews as, “being by interpretation King of righteousness . . . King of peace; Without father, without mother, without descent, having neither beginning of days, nor end of life; but made like unto the Son of God; abideth a priest continually. Now consider how great this man was, unto whom the patriarch Abraham gave the tenth of the spoils.” Made like unto the Son of God. This sounds like an immortal, appearing among mortals in our octave for an important purpose during the time of Abraham. Initiates in the Order of the Priesthood of Melchizedek were and still are schooled in their etheric bodies at the retreat of Archangel Zadkiel, in the Temple of Purification, located in the etheric octave over the Caribbean island of Cuba. The huge contrast, between the pure land of heaven and the totalitarian regime in the physical, occupying the same space in separate frequencies, is notable. It was there, long ago, in the Temple of Purification, that both Saint Germain and Jesus received the sacred anointing, spoken by Zadkiel himself, “Thou art a priest forever after the Order of Melchizedek.” So, that is going to explain a lot about both Jesus and Saint Germain.

    It’s important to know that current and future events have these ties going back into our pre-history. How far back? Long before the civilizations of Lemuria in the Pacific, or Atlantis in the Atlantic, reached their heights of achievement there was a golden-age nation of high attainment in northern Africa, where the Sahara Desert is now. Over fifty-thousand years ago the Sahara was a lush, tropical paradise, the world-leading civilization of that time. The soul of Saint Germain, a priest forever after the Order of Melchizedek, was the ruler of this high civilization at its peak. Like all of God’s creation, then and now, these people of great attainment were tested at their peak, on their free-will choice of what they valued the most. Their choice was, they could turn their interests and great abilities to material and sensual pursuits in an effortless period of decadence, or toward upward progress into greater spiritual heights, approaching the perfection of heaven. The spiritual pursuits were the unknown adventures. The material interest was history repeating itself.

    We’re facing a similar prospect, at a fork in the road of our civilization now. And, no surprise, this glorious nation in the Sahara chose the sensual. The royal family, including Saint Germain as the monarch, withdrew into the etheric city over the Sahara. The civilization decayed under more indulgent leadership, collapsed under its own contradictions and has been a desert for thousands of years. Did this mean Saint Germain abandoned his people 50,000 years ago because they made the wrong choices? No. Follow the embodiments of Saint Germain over the millennia of known history and you’ll get a sense of where they reincarnated under different names and were tested again and again, as he was, in every life he lived among them.

    The akashic records show that about 1,500 years before the cataclysmic fall of the civilization of Atlantis the soul of Saint Germain, in his role as a priest forever, was a high priest in the Violet Flame Temple on the mainland of Atlantis. His role for his people then was to sustain a pillar of fire of violet flame, by his invocations, to draw down from God this perpetual miracle of transmutation. The violet flame pillar was no fire as we know it, but a sacred fire. It was miraculous because people who had binding afflictions, where their spiritual, mental or physical health were compromised in that life could pray to God for help and the flame would invisibly dissolve the karmic record of life’s mistakes that were the cause behind their suffering. The violet flame pillar in the temple was always available, 24/7, because Saint Germain cared for his people and kept his God-appointed station to serve them. Those who would avail themselves of the miracle violet flame through prayer received God’s blessing of freedom from their pain. But you know the story of Atlantis, the encroachment of tyrants and wicked priests in the government and the temples. Their lust was for power and control over the people, but the end result of their rivalries was anarchy. The consequence was cataclysm, because God would not sustain the decadence in his presence. While Noah was building his ark, Saint Germain and a few faithful priests were called by God to transport the sacred flame of freedom from the Temple of Purification, from what we think of as Cuba, to far-away eastern Europe, to the Carpathian foothills of what is now Romania. The freedom flame was re-established in the etheric foothills of the area and has positively affected eastern Europe ever since.

    We are in a war of hatred towards God’s creation and humankind. Western governments are complicit

    Italian Catholic Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò exposes how we are experiencing an unprecedented war, out of hate for God’s creation and humankind, made in His image and likeness. “Let us wage this battle with the weapons that God has given us, prayer, trust in the Lord and the awareness that this enemy will be defeated by striking where it is weakest. Remain strong under the banner of Christ and as part of the Army of God, who is all-powerful. With the Cross, He has already won the war,” says Viganò.

    Shapiro and the State Buys Israel War Bonds.

    Pennsylvania Treasurer Stacy Garrity, a Republican, said state treasurers of both parties have invested in Israel bonds for more than 30 years. The state’s share of Israel bonds rose by $20 million after the Hamas attack that began the war in Gaza and is currently $56 million, Garrity said in a statement released by her office.

    (How about investing in PA instead?)

    Penn State Health at Nittany Medical Still Pushing mRNA Vaccines and Masking

    Penn State needs to stop poisoning it's students and surrounding community with mRNA bioweapons. The heart disease and cancers from the vaccine are cutting into enrollment.

    Transhumanism: The fusion of life and machines uses Covid vaccines based on mRNA technology

    Bio-digital convergence describes the intersection of biological and digital technologies. Bio-digital technologies include the Covid vaccines, among others. Bodies can be programmed the same way we used to programme machines. AI does unexpected things. It is dangerous and leads us towards sickness and depravation. The ultimate aim of AI is for us to use it improperly, so that it can be employed to attack our soul.

    The vaccinated harm others through ‘shedding’. Pfizer documents prove it

    Over the last three years, a number of different independent researchers have confirmed that the vaccinated become super-spreaders and that their presence in close quarters is enough to transmit the spike protein and/or other toxic substances at the nanometre-level because these things can enter the skin as a gas. The vaccinated can injure or cause very serious adverse effects to people in their surroundings. Breathing, a handshake, a hug… are enough. Pfizer’s documents confirm what researchers have been denouncing the whole time.

    Covid vaccines cause the human genome permanent damage that can hide or skip generations

    The Search for Noah's Ark | Giants & Aliens in the Book of Enoch

    Enoch warned the Giants and the Watchers of the world. Repent or feel God's wrath. They ignored his warning. The floodgates of Heaven burst forth and water rushed over the Earth, destroying everything. The only thing to survive is a single vessel, a huge ship: the Ark.

    5 months later, the waters receded and the Ark made ground on a mountaintop. A man named Noah emerged, and civilization began again. Some version of the Noah's Ark story exists in almost every religion and every culture on Earth. But did Noah and the Ark really exist? There's evidence that they did.

    So much evidence, that it was classified by the CIA for almost 50 years. But why classify it? Well, there are two problems with the Noah's Ark story. One, the Ark is much older than anyone thought. And two, the man named Noah? He wasn't a man. At least, not a man from Earth.

    EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Grassroots Hero Scott Presler Discusses His Voter Turnout Efforts, Says He Expects to Flip The Pennsylvania State House From Blue to Red Without Help From The RNC!

    Scott is so effective that the Uniparty GOP takes credit for HIS work to Save America. As The Gateway Pundit previously reported, Ronna McDaniel recently announced the GOP, with her at the helm, had “flipped” Beaver County, Pennsylvania, from blue to red. However, it was Scott Presler’s voter registration efforts that brought the mass of Republican registrations.

    Presler says he is now working on flipping Centre County, Pennsylvania, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, and Lucerne County, Pennsylvania, from blue to red. Republicans are roughly 1,500 voters away from flipping Centre, 3,300 voters away from flipping Bucks, and 4,300 voters from flipping Lucerne! If Scott and the local Republicans succeed, they will likely flip the Pennsylvania State House from blue to red. “This would make nationwide news,” said Scott.

    Presler is also building coalitions across the nation to boost voter turnout for conservatives who otherwise would not vote, such as the 40% of hunters in Wisconsin or the 80,000 Amish in Pennsylvania. He is currently focusing his practical efforts on saving states like Arizona, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Still, these measures can be taken in any state to increase Republican voter turnout!

    I simply want to get all of our gun enthusiasts and hunters registered to vote.” Because, for example, in Wisconsin, 40% of hunters are not registered to vote. In a state like Wisconsin, where Joe Biden won by 20,000 votes, is it possible that hunters could literally save the state of Wisconsin and, therefore, save Western civilization? Yes. And think about this for a second; I know early voting is a contentious issue, but guys, Joe Biden won Pennsylvania by 80,000 votes. Guys, there are 80,000 Amish in Pennsylvania. Did you know that? And get this, the Amish get married on Tuesdays in November. Jordan, what happens on Tuesdays and November? What if we actually got the Amish registered to vote, and we got them either a mail-in ballot or we got them to vote early?

    Oh, my gosh. Hunters, Veterans, Amish, students, these are the coalition’s that we’re building across all of these states, and that I believe are going to help make sure that we defeat Joe Biden and elect a completely republican government this November.

    (Scott Presler is surely sent by Jesus to help save the Republic.)

    Mike Lindell sues Dominion in savage countersuit!

    Something BIG is happening. Listen to this fascinating interview from crack addict to CEO, Mike Lindell a true American hero and patriot. God love him, I think we can all learn from him. His story might bring you tears, of joy and pride. We can all learn and unite from this GOOD MAN.

    BREAKING: Turkey arrests 34 people suspected of spying for Israel's Mossad

    Wow turkey stands up for itself

    Israel accepts ceasefire deal – Al Jazeera

    Qatari negotiators are awaiting a final response from Hamas officials, who have seemingly welcomed the plan

    Elise Stefanik urges House Republicans to rally behind Trump in closed-door meeting as VP rumors swirl

    Time for an armchair visit to the Adirondacks in upstate New York.

    Gospel of Thomas: (Translated by Thomas O. Lambdin)

    The Gospel of Thomas didn't make the cut for the Bible because it has the real meaning of the message of Christ. How to attain Christ Consciousness. This Gnostic belief was reversed by the Vatican who attempted to turn Christ into a kind of religious business franchise for themselves.

    The oldest church in the world in Kerala India had the closest original message of Yeshua.

    Thomas Church, Palayoor is located at Palayur (also spelled Palayoor), in Thrissur district in Kerala on the west coast of India. According to tradition, it was established in 52 AD by St Thomas. It is the first church in India, and is called an Apostolic Church credited to the Apostolate of St. Thomas.

    Thomas Christians remained as an independent group, their bishops coming from the Church of the East until the 16th century.

    Saint Thomas Christians were greatly affected by the arrival of the Portuguese in India in 1498. The Portuguese attempted to bring the community under the auspices of Latin Catholicism, resulting in permanent rifts in the community.

    The St. Thomas Christians of India, known as Mar Thoma Nasranis, simply Nasranis or Syrian Christians, are Christians of India that trace their origin to Apostolic times. The ancestors of Nasranis were baptised by St. Thomas the Apostle, one of the disciples of Jesus Christ. They were once united and powerful, but at present due to historical reasons they are divided.

    St. Thomas Syro-Malabar Church, Palayur

    THE oldest church in the world. has the original message of Yeshua which is the same as the goal of evolution, to become more like Christ.

    Elise Stefanik currently leads betting odds for Trump VP choice.

    Democrat-Directed Bolsheviks Now Targeting Republican VIPs In D.C.—Assassination Attempts Being Deceptively Veiled As Violent Robberies

    Mike Gill, a prominent Republican figure and former Chief Operating Officer of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) during Donald Trump’s administration, was critically injured in a violent carjacking incident in Washington, D.C., on Monday night, the Daily Wire reported.

    Twelve states sound the alarm: Globalist banks are conspiring with the UN to WIPE OUT U.S. farms and food production

    PA Governor Josh Shapiro Is Helping Them!

    Pennsylvania State Court puts Amos Miller on the docket for Feb. 29

    By Dan Flynn on January 28, 2024

    Amos Miller is to appear in a Pennsylvania state court on Feb. 29.  Until then, Miller, his wife, and various businesses are prohibited  from producing or selling raw milk and raw milk products because of their ”immediate and irreparable injury.”

    The order by state Judge Thomas Sponaugie grants the request of the Pennsylvania Attorney General, who has a pending civil action before the court to permanently prevent Miller and his business enterprises from selling raw milk and other unregulated products because he is endangering public health.

    (This is taking away farm fresh food from a very large private buying club at a time when food security is under attack. Shapiro is attacking the Constitutional Republic of PA by siding with the globalists and all of their anti life policies. Would the adults in the room at the capitol please stand up! We could end up like Delaware with 14 dairy farms and nothing but expired matzaballs to eat.)

    They are literally blowing up beef and poultry plants across the USA to create a food shortage.

    All nations must ban aid to Israel – BRICS member

    Blinken to push through recognition of Palestinian state?

    US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken ordered the US State Department to prepare staff work that will examine the possibility of American and international recognition of the state of Palestine the day after the war in Gaza, Walla reported citing two senior US administration officials.

    Blinken also asked the State Department to submit proposals for what a "demilitarized Palestinian state" might look like based on various models from around the world, an official said.

    The WAR to end all wars is almost over - with Pascal Najadi

    Trump Is War Time President! Xi and Putin are with us!

    Pascal Najadi, the son of WEF co-founder Hussain Najadi, is calling for the arrests of Bill Gates, WHO leadership, the WEF.

    Former Swiss Military Officer Pascal Najadi joins me on the AJ Roberts Show to discuss in detail the deep military operation we have been in for some time under Executive Orders, the Law of War Manual under Space Force.

    A few time stamps ~

    • 10:50 The United States Space Force is the top of the military.
    • 13:00 He explains how there are planes from many different countries that are only allowed in certain areas during wartime.
    • 19:00 All political systems and democracies are over, will be canceled and will not be replaced by new elections.
    • 20:00 Military courts are being held right now.
    • 22:00 The power is coming back to the people via US Laws and War Manual.
    • 25:00 Biden and Harris are part of the Movie.
    • 28:00 Xi and Putin are with us.
    • 29:00 Putin was attacking the biolabs in Ukraine. The money that was going to Ukraine was not going to military defense etc., but for the bad guys to buy houses, boats, etc.  Trump tracked the money and where it went.
    • 32:00 People are going to be synchronized to have Operation Storm appear “soon, very soon.” It will be peaceful.
    • 33:00 They’re currently taking out rogue elements, and it’s all happening at the same time.
    • 33:33 Radio Silence ~ TV silence ~ Media will be arrested.
    • 34:00 Doctors etc. who gave the shot will be arrested.  There will be no escape. We will be in a Military Lockdown for 14 days, max…with no panic.  Looters will be shot.
    • 35:00 All US military is under Space Force.
    • 39:00 Crimes against humanity: MrNA Bio Weapon.
    • 39:40 There’s a database of shots, who got them, who gave them, what time, etc.
    • 42:00 Democide
    • 46:00 The US Military and with Warp Speed – The Military had the formula “fall apart,” and many shots were saline.
    • 48:20 What is going to happen will be brutal for people because everything is going to change, but will be the best for humanity.

    We are at a tipping point in human history and current operations being carried out behind the scenes and in plain sight are edging us ever closer to complete removal of the Deep State and it’s enslaving agendas.

    Pascal who has been damaged by the C19 shots has been on a mission ever since to bring charges for crimes against humanity and high treason against the globalists that have waged war on we the people.

    Press Release: Notice on the Continuation of the National Emergency With Respect to Serious Human Rights Abuse and Corruption

    Department of Defense Law of War Manual PDF

    This manual is a Department of Defense (DoD)-wide resource for DoD personnel – including commanders, legal practitioners, and other military and ...1,254 pages.

    (This is the law we are under now in the USA.)

    Rep. Massie Confirms Person Who Found January 6 Pipe Bombs is CURRENT US Capitol Police Officer (VIDEO)

    Creation of Space Arks and their History on Earth:Interview with Elena Danaan

    In her January 29, 2024, Star Nations News, Elena Danaan shares two updates from extraterrestrial sources familiar with the history of space arks and their essential functions. The updates confirm that massive space arks have played vital roles in Earth’s history and are poised to do so again by rising from their hiding places and appearing before the world in ways that will immediately end the secrecy system. Such an event would amount to catastrophic disclosure for the Deep State and those unprepared for the existence of extraterrestrials and Inner Earth civilizations. The first update is from  Akvaaru, an ambassador of the Galactic Federation of Worlds to the Alcyone star system, who describes how the Federation has built fleets of massive space arks for use in planetary crises in the Pleiades and other solar systems.

    The second update is from Oona, a representative of the Altean civilization that is part of the Intergalactic Confederation (aka Seeders). Oona shares important details about the history of space arks on Earth in terms of their construction, operations, and advanced technologies. Importantly, she describes how the arks are specially constructed to be operated by a crew with a unique combination of genetics and consciousness. Only crew members can operate the arks, and they incarnate on worlds where the arks are hidden and resurface to take control of the arks at the right time. Critically, she says that crews are highly sought after and must remain hidden to escape capture. Critically, she corroborates information from a US Army insider, JP, that the arks will eventually begin to rise from their hiding places to be seen by everyone.

    (They won't release the technologies until the wars end so it could be a long time.)

    Iran blinks. Hezbollah announces they will suspend attacks on U.S. forces.

    HILARIOUS! UK Warships Don’t Have Any Weapons To Hit Houthi Targets On Land

    Soon there will be no matzaballs in or out of Israel.

    The Gateway Pundit@gatewaypundit

    Report: J6 Pipe Bomber Was ‘Former’ Government Official – FBI Had His License Plate Number but Refused to Interview Him via @gatewaypundit

    (That explains everything.)

    The Australian government is in court over vaccine injuries

    There is an army of vaccine-injured individuals who are going to correct this wrongful situation by filing lawsuits and demanding compensation. MRNA vaccines cause contamination inside our cells’ DNA. In addition to producing the spike protein, the jabs generate other proteins that are foreign to the human body, and their presence triggers an autoimmune response. DNA is part of our connection with God; therefore, preserving and protecting the integrity of our DNA is of utmost importance.

    (Any media outlet, hospital or college still pushing the mRNA covid vaccines should be boycotted for spreading heart disease, DNA destruction and cancer in the community.

    In Our Town we have Lightner Communications promoting Pfizer covid vaccines once again, specifically to children.)

    Israeli forces disguised as women raid West Bank hospital (VIDEO)

    Israel wants the West Bank land too.

    CDC Study Shows Raw Milk Is Safer Than Pastuerized Milk

    From 2007-2020 the USA and Canada had a total of 5 deaths from raw milk. In the same time frame there were 17 deaths and 7 fetal deaths from pastuerized milk.

    (Yet raw milk gets all the bad press because they want to stamp out family farms and the Amish are easy targets.)

    New Push to Legalize the Sale of Raw Milk in Delaware

    Delaware's dairy farms have dwindled from about 40 to 14 in the past decade.

    Fetterman To Deliver Keynote Speech To Democrats In Idaho

    Fetterman has been replaced! He could barely speak or hear before and he's changed his politics completely. No politician, journalist or Democrat will admit it.

    Rumors swirl as Gisele Fetterman deletes all social media accounts. According to reports she is currently single. The new Fetterman must not have had the right stuff for the revolutionary from Brazil.

    Pennsylvania Spent Over $20 Million On Transgender Medical Services For Children And Youth: Report

    This shocking report reveals Pennsylvania taxpayers are being forced to fund harmful drugs and surgeries on children, sending millions of dollars every year to carry out detrimental and irreversible procedures upon minors,” said Michael Geer, Pennsylvania Family Institute President.

    The numbers also appear to show that Pennsylvania has seen a more than 8,200% funding increase for these transgender services since 2015.

    (This is taxpayer funded state insurance programs paying for this through Penn State Health. Penn State used to be thought of as a conservative college. The football coach was the winningest in College football, he made the players actually pass their classes to remain in the football program.

    Coach Paterno was demonized after it was found that his assistant coach had molested some boys. What the people weren't told is that the person responsible for stopping Sandusky, DA Ray Gricar was lured to his death by the PA AG office under the direction of Tom Corbett. The investigation was thwarted because Corbett defied the State Police call for a grand jury as being the only way to solve the case. Seven years later Sandusky was finally brought to justice after Corbett was elected Governor.

    A podcast called Final Argument tells the story of DA Ray Gricar. In podcast #6, former PA attorney General Bruce Castor tells about how the case has been continually blocked by the state. See for the latest on the case.

    Today, Governor Shapiro is still hiding the truth from the people by refusing to answer questions about the case or have his AG call a Gricar grand jury. The PA State justice system has been run by the Gricar deniers ever since which has led to increasingly destructive health policies for children at Penn State Health.

    The person in charge of mental health at Penn State Health is Martha Levine, ex wife of the infamous transgender Rachel Levine made fake Admiral by Joe Biden. Martha Levine  created the Penn State Hershey Medical Center's Division of Adolescent Medicine.

    DISCOVERED: Rachel Levine discusses ‘potential revenue’ from child sex change procedures in emails

    Dr. Rollyn Ornstein, a pediatrician at Penn State Hershey Children’s Hospital, believed a social worker for the hospital’s gender clinic would generate enough revenue to make funding the position worthwhile, noting that even with age restrictions for sex change surgeries, child patients would eventually turn 18 and be eligible for further interventions, according to emails from 2018 between Rollyn and Levine obtained by parental rights activist Megan Brock and reviewed by the DCNF. Social workers at pediatric gender clinics can work as surgery advocates, gathering letters of recommendation on behalf of minors seeking sex change procedures that insurance companies are otherwise hesitant to cover, according to a 2021 report from the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) and the National Association of Social Workers.

    Levine recommended a contact for Ornstein to reach out to and said that, while surgical referrals might be limited to only mastectomies for minors, the position would still pay for itself.

    Social workers are responsible for advocating for transgender people in a variety of ways, including pressuring insurance companies to cover cross-sex medical interventions including surgeries, according to the National Association of Social Workers.

    Levine also worked with LGBT activists to block legislation that would have barred state funding from paying for child sex changes.

    Levine and Penn State Hershey Children’s Hospital did not respond to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment.

    Trump Lockdown Tyrant Does 180, Says No New Mask Mandates

    Debbie Birx Like Rachel Levine is another Hershey Medical product.

    Dr. Deborah Birx, a former military AIDS researcher with no training, experience, or publications in epidemiology or public health policy, found herself leading a White House Task Force which would play a seminal role in dictating how the country locked down for the pandemic.

    Masking Requirement Lifted Effective January 26th at 7:00 AM Mount Nittany Medical

    This is one of the five Penn State Health hospitals that should  be sold off to prevent any more state sponsored health atrocities like the poison covid shots and transgender medicine.

    Border Patrol Union turns on Biden, proclaims support for Texas.

    Border Patrol Union - NBPC@BPUnion

    Joe Biden zealously protects his open border by bringing the full weight of the federal govt down on anyone who dares to try securing any part of it, no matter how small.

    WEF, WHO, GAVI and Big Pharma have committed democide for the first time in human history

    Pascal Najadi, former Swiss banker, investment banking expert and filmmaker – son of the WEF’s co-founder – is speaking out against the WEF, the WHO, GAVI, Big Pharma, Big Tech and Bill Gates… They all advocated the injection of humanity on a global scale, with a bioweapon that introduced nano-lipids into 5.7 billion people.

    As a Swiss citizen, he states that the WEF can no longer enjoy diplomatic immunity. He is calling for the Swiss authorities and security forces to immediately arrest those involved. This is democide, and they will be judged. These wrongs must be corrected, in the name of humanity, Najadi claims.

    Penn State planning for $94M in cuts, with focus on commonwealth campuses. What we know

    Now that the college has experimented with the politics of Marxism, it's time to deal with the aftermath. It's one thing to poison the student body with bioweaponry, it's another to continue to lie to them about it.

    They teach students to ignore the facts of geoengineering and weather control and substitute a fantasy story about carbon being dangerous to breathe.

    The medical division at Hershey pushing transgenderism on the young is the last straw.  If a school doesn't support life itself, it makes it hard to support the school.

    Penn State Health Lost over $500 million since 2016. Lost $160 million in 2023 and lost $187 million in 2022. This is the price of woke medicine. Governor Shapiro is the current coach of their political race to the bottom. Rachel Levine was the quarterback. No wonder Penn State is the most expensive in the big ten. The 5 hospitals in this system should be sold off to the highest bidder to spare the surrounding communities any more damage to public health and welfare.

    Penn State plans to cut $54 million from its Commonwealth Campuses’ budget for the next school year

    The wounded lion is striking out at the rural, more conservative campuses when it's Hershey Medical that is dragging everybody down. Putting Rachel Levine's ex wife in charge of mental health at Hershey cost us a half $Billion at least!

    Steve Massini Chief Executive Officer, Penn State Health, Salary:  $2,036,683. Since 2019 when Massini took over, Penn State Health has lost about $500 million. Where is the board of directors to stop the bleeding! Jay are you there? We've got them by the matzaballs over Gricar. Now fire these idiots and go back to being a harmless farm college.

    Florida State Economic Impact

    Florida State actually makes money. $160 million in 2022 and helps the state economy grow! What a concept!

    Kristi Noem — ‘If Texas needs more razor wire, I will load it in a truck myself.’

    Razor wire costs a dollar a foot. It would only cost about $10 million to do 2000 miles of the southern border. If each red state could chip in $400,000 it could be done.

    Pa. Republican lawmakers sue Biden and Shapiro over who sets rules for elections The Republicans say the Legislature, not the governor, has the power

    The PA state Supreme Court changed before the rules in 2020 election to make ballot stuffing more accessible for more people.

    Ten states send troops to Texas border.

    Georgia Governor Brian Kemp Blasts Biden Over Border Crisis: He Can Take Executive Action ‘Right Now’

    Gianforte said that 10 million illegal aliens have crossed into the U.S. under Biden’s watch, nearly 10 times the population of the state of Montana.

     “We’ve been arresting Mexican cartel drug dealers in the state of Montana. We are being overwhelmed. There is no word to describe this except invasion. The open border policy of the Biden administration is making every state a border state as Governor Kemp said, and it’s time for the administration to step up and do their job. That’s why it was not a question about whether you’re going to stand with Governor Abbott in protecting the southern border.”

    'The Entire Journalism Industry Is In Freefall': Taylor Lorenz Vlogs The Death Of MSM As BuzzFeed, Insider And Vice Jettison Assets

    Corporate media is on life support. Driven to cut costs by sagging ad revenues and waning appetite for propaganda, layoffs and 'restructurings' are happening all over.

    Meanwhile, BuzzFeed and Vice Media - two former darlings of digital media, are looking to siphon off assets. BuzzFeed, which has lost over 97% of its value since going public in 2021, is looking to sell its food sites, Tasty and WeFeast.

    Israeli Military: 'We Can't Destroy Hamas Tunnels' - With Guest Phil Giraldi

    Despite Israel's political leadership claiming that only the complete destruction of Hamas in Gaza is acceptable, its military leadership is increasingly vocal about the difficulty - or impossibility - of that task. As the US continues to get drawn deeper into the expanding regional war, what are the goals and what is the endgame. Former CIA counterterrorism officer Philip Giraldi joins today's program.

    Update: Over 15 GOP Governors Back Texas in Border Fight with Feds

    Govs. of AL, AR, FL, GA, IA, ID, LA, MT, ND, NE, OK, SD, TN, UT, VA, WV all declare they stand with Texas. (If Governor Shapiro doesn't support this he should be impeached immediately! This is the final test for traitors to redeem themselves again!)

    Republican governors from various states are banding with the State of Texas in its constitutional battle with the Biden administration over the right to defend its borders.

    By Wednesday night, the governors of at least four states had taken to social media to show solidarity with the Lone Star State, and others are now joining.

    The rally behind Texas comes amid a standoff with the Biden administration over the state’s razor wire barriers, which Gov. Abbott argues not only protect the border but also dissuade illegal aliens from making a dangerous river crossing over the Rio Grande.

    We’ll keep this running list updated as more governors announce they’re coming to Texas’ aid.

    When the federal government fails, states step in. Iowa sent the Iowa National Guard and State Troopers down to the border last year to stop this invasion.

    Iowa stands with Texas. 25, 2024

    Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders

    If President Biden won’t defend us, states will have to defend themselves. Arkansas stands with Texas. 25, 2024

    North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum

    As the Biden administration fails miserably to secure the southern border, Americans and our communities are paying the price. @GregAbbott_TX deserves our thanks for taking action to stop illegal crossings and disrupt drug and human trafficking.

    North Dakota stands with Texas. 25, 2024

    Nebraska Gov. Jim Pillen

    Nebraska stands with Texas. @GovAbbott 25, 2024

    The failure to secure our border has created a massive flow of illegal drugs, national security and terrorism risks, and a humanitarian crisis. I was proud to order Nebraska State Troopers and National Guard to the border last year, and Nebraska is proud to stand with Texas now. 25, 2024

    Idaho Gov. Brad Little

    Idaho stands with Texas. 25, 2024

    Utah Gov. Spencer J. Cox

    The border is a disaster that continues to spiral out of control, both in terms of people and deadly fentanyl traffic. This is not a partisan issue. This is a national security issue. This is a common sense issue. This is an American issue.

    Utah thanks Texas and Gov. Abbott for… 25, 2024

    Louisiana Gov. Jeff Landry

    Louisiana stands with Texas.
    Enough is enough. 25, 2024

    Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee

    The federal government’s failure to secure our nation’s southern border is jeopardizing the safety of all Americans. Tennessee has always stood with Texas, and we always will.January 25, 2024

    Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte

    Governor @GregAbbott_TX is doing what @POTUS won’t.

    By refusing to act, President Biden is inviting cartels, illegal drugs, and human trafficking into the United States.

    We must secure the southern border. 24, 2024

    Montana stands with Texas. 25, 2024

    West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice

    We have a terrible crisis at the Southern Border.

    The Biden Administration has turned every state into a border state. We must stop the flow of fentanyl, human trafficking, and criminal activity and secure our border.

    We support @GregAbbott_TX and the State of Texas. 25, 2024

    Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey

    Texas and the states have stepped up time and time again. The White House? Purposely absent. I have had enough.

    Texas, you can count on Alabama to have your back. 25, 2024

    Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp

    Enough is enough. Our southern border is in crisis thanks to the Biden administration’s refusal to do their job.@GregAbbott_TX and the state of Texas have our full support. 25, 2024

    Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin

    Virginia stands with Texas. @GregAbbott_TX is doing the job Joe Biden and his border czar refuse to do to secure our border.

    The Biden administration has turned every state into a border state. We must stop the flow of fentanyl, save lives, and secure our southern border. 25, 2024

    Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis

    If the Constitution really made states powerless to defend themselves against an invasion, it wouldn’t have been ratified in the first place and Texas would have never joined the union when it did.

    TX is upholding the law while Biden is flouting it.

    FL will keep assisting… 24, 2024

    South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem

    .@GregAbbott_TX is exactly right to invoke Texas’ constitutional authority to defend itself.

    The Biden Administration has created a national security crisis and put Americans in danger. Their failure is an unconstitutional dereliction of duty.

    South Dakota has been proud to… 24, 2024

    Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt

    Oklahoma stands with Texas. 24, 2024

    Gov. DeSantis also gave a great explanation for why the Constitution allows Texas to assert authority on the matter since the federal government is derelict in its duty.

    Can the federal government defy the law and force a state to allow a foreign invasion. James Madison didn’t think so… 25, 2024

    Meanwhile, congressional Democrats are calling on Joe Biden to seize control of Texas’ National Guard, arguing Gov. Abbott’s defiance of a SCOTUS decision allowing Biden Border Patrol agents to destroy razor wire barriers was creating “chaos at the border.”

    Read Gov. Abbott’s powerful letter to the Biden administration assuming control of border enforcement in accordance with the US Constitution.

    22% of households who took the shots have a COVID vaccine injury

    Not a word of warning from Governor Shapiro about the shots. He's going to make his name protecting people from raw milk and camel cheese.

    PA AG's office sues farmer Amos Miller to halt raw milk sales, alleges violations of state law

    This is merely an attempt to discourage local food production free of state mandated preservative chemicals. Farmer Miller's thousands of local food club members never had a problem but the state manages to scrape up two out of state complaints about the food.

    Raw milk is illegal in Michigan. It was the first state to make it illegal in 1948. Now somebody in Michigan claims their kid got an upset stomach on Amos Miller's raw milk from PA. So they get the PA State Police involved in solving the crime. The other complaint against Miller came from New York where raw milk is legal. They come all the way to Lancaster to buy their raw milk and take it back across state lines, give it to their kid and call in a police report so a PA farm community can have their food supply stolen by the state and shut down.

    Now the state has not shared any results about the food test results and we have just been informed that the state has lost thousands of documents in their forensics lab. They aren't saying which records are missing but we suspect Amos Millers are a part of it.

    This isn't so much about health as it is about politics and control of the food supply. Lets take for example Matza balls. Everybody loves them. But did you know the average shelf life of a Matza ball is only about 5 days? Did you know that nearly all matza balls are imported from Israel? It's big business! Have you ever heard of a police raid against matza balls? No. There's none on record. Now we don't want to start any kind of food fight involving matza balls, cheese, raw milk or even camel yogurt but the favoritism offered to food imports over local farm fresh foods is obvious. Therefore we are asking Governor Josh Shapiro to end the siege on Amos Miller's locally produced private farm food.

    Looking for Help with the most famous DA murder in America!

    X · FinalArgument: What did Ray Gricar and Louis Freeh have in common? Find out in Episode 3 of Final Argument: The Disappearance of District Attorney Ray Gricar!

    Pennsylvania District Attorneys Association (PDAA)

    The former DA of Johnstown is now the PDAA director. One would think the DA's association would help with the most famous DA murder in US history that would be easy to solve with a grand jury but no. We have former PDAA director Bruce Castor pleading for a grand jury along with the Final Argument podcast but no.

    Centre DA Bernie Cantorna in Gricar's home county could call a grand jury but he won't do it either.

    Ohio Senate overrides DeWine veto on Transgender mutilation of children.

    PA Governor Josh Shapiro has always stood up for transgender mutilation for children in PA. He needs to be impeached for cruelty to children! This has been an increasingly severe problem ever since Hershey Medical gifted us with Rachel Levine. Plus Shapiro knows the truth about murdered DA Ray Gricar and he won't discuss it or have his AG empanel a grand jury.


    NEW—The Texas National Guard responds to the Supreme Court’s order to remove the razor wire in Eagle Pass by installing even more. Governor Abbott has said “Texas will not back down” as it defends its border.


    — Charlie Kirk (@charliekirk11) January 23, 2024

    (This is the equivalent of stopping Picket's charge at Gettysburg without firing a shot!)

    Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine reduce hospitalisation/death 70-85%. WHO/Bill Gates oppose them

    US lawyer and presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Junior reports on how 100 studies show that Ivermectin was remarkably effective, causing a 70 to 85 per cent reduction in hospitalisations and deaths. It really was a wonder drug, especially during the last pandemic. In the case of Hydroxychloroquine, there are 400 studies demonstrating its benefits. A handful of studies, produced by the government and the WHO – which were funded by Bill Gates – claim that it produced no benefits, but these studies have a lot of problems, Kennedy says.

    Gov. Josh Shapiro’s admin blames ‘human error’ for deletion of Pa. State Police records

    Gricar's last fax better still be there. This agency director needs to start testing matzoball imports from Israel for mRNA contamination. They wouldn't think of testing a vaccine for impurities but they go balistic over a phony raw milk complaint.

    Ex-FBI chief gave $100K to Biden grandkid trust as he sought ‘future work’: Hunter emails

    “As you know, our family foundation made a $100K contribution to Hallie’s children’s trust last year,” Freeh wrote on April 24, 2017.

    But Freeh said his accountants “now advise that since the grant did not go to a 501(c) organization, it was not a proper foundation gift” and that he planned to fix the situation by making “a new $100k gift” and having the trust “reimburse the foundation by paying it $100k.”

    (Freeh should be expecting a subpoena from the Gricar Grand Jury.)

    21 Jewish Soldiers Killed While Rigging Gaza Buildings for Demolition

    Jerusalem Post: IDF aggrees to cease fire.

    Vaxxed airline pilot tells about the high rate of heart damage among pilots and lowered standard of heart health requirements for flying.

    Buried Ukraine space ark in Kherson activates

    EXOPOLITICS TODAY with Dr. Michael Salla

    News reports have confirmed that the Russian army has captured the Ukrainian port city and region (oblast) of Kherson, where an ancient space ark is claimed to be buried. According to two independent sources, the space ark is buried under Oleshky Sands National Nature Park, which is only 25 km (15 miles) east of Kherson. The space ark is said to be activating and predicted to eventually begin flying into the air.  

    (Here is the exact location of the Ukraine Ark on Google maps. It's underneath the sandy area in Kherson where nothing grows. This is right next to the Dnipro River on the Russian side. The Space Arks were supposedly left there by off world help to restart humanity. This is like Noah's Ark only it is a space ship from the past with essentials for a new world not a wooden boat.

    How Trump talks about his faith: ‘God is the ultimate'.

    Former President Donald Trump to serve as keynote speaker at NRA event in Harrisburg

    Trump will be the keynote speaker at the NRA Presidential Forum, which is part of the outdoor show, on Friday, Feb. 9, the association said in a news release.

    "President Trump's unwavering support for the Second Amendment, and his track record of protecting the rights of gun owners make him an exemplary speaker for this momentous event. His fellow NRA members can’t wait to hear from him for the eighth time," NRA President Charles Cotton said in the news release.

    The nine-day Great American Outdoor Show, held at the Farm Show complex February 3-11, is billed as the world’s largest outdoors show with 1,000 exhibitors. In 2023, 200,000 visitors attended the event, the NRA said.

    State Demands Amos Miller Stop Selling Dairy Products

    The Pennsylvania government is demanding that Amos Miller stop providing raw milk and other dairy products to members of his private buying club.

    In addition to an extension of the detainment order affecting hundreds of food items (dairy and non-dairy) at Miller’s Organic Farm in Bird-in-Hand, Pennsylvania, the state is also interfering in Miller’s business by forbidding him from selling any dairy products to his customers.

    According to a Jan. 19 e-mail sent from Miller’s Organic Farm to members of the farm’s private buying club, a government order relating to dairy products was recently issued.

    “We have received a letter from the State of Pennsylvania demanding that we stop providing our members with raw milk products,” the e-mail from Miller’s Organic Farm said. “We disagree with their right to demand this, and our legal team is working aggressively to resolve this situation.”

    The e-mail states that all the farm’s “dairy products will not be available, including yogurts, cheeses, kefir, ice cream, butter, smoothies, cottage cheese, colostrum, cream, probiotic drinks, and milk.”

    PA lawmakers hear how State College Area Connector project would shut down family farms

    Penn State used to be a farm college. Now it's more of a pharmaceutical college.

    Colorado healthcare workers among first to get live Ebola Vaccines ...

    Shedding on the patients anyone? This is another reason to avoid hospitals at all costs.

    Chicago Mayor has been hospitalized for panic attacks

    Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson is “stressed out” and has been admitted to the hospital for panic attacks. That’s according to veteran Chicago journalists John Kass and Anita Padilla, who discussed Johnson’s panic attacks on an episode of WGN-AM’s Chicago Way Podcast.

    “The mayor’s panic attacks? Can we talk about that?” Kass said. “No amount of anti-depressants can cure him of (Chicago’s illegal alien) problem.”

    DEVELOPING: The Texas National Guard Has Managed To Seal The Border in Only A Matter of Days

    If Dominion voting systems hadn't stolen the Governor's office from Kari Lake we would have Arizona sealed of by now as well.

    Expert shows how to tamper with Dominion voting machine in security trial

    Anyone with a pen and the right code sequence can do it!

    Fetterman breaks with democrats. Illegal Invasion threatens to destroy American dream.

    Fetterman's miracle recovery continues!

    Sports Illustrated's Publisher Lays Off Entire Staff. Future Unclear

    It began when the once reliable magazine aligned itself with Black Lives Matter and began pushing a social justice narrative. Then in 2020, it promoted the phoney virus hoax and attempted to legitimize what we all knew was a colossal lie. Later that same year and into 2021, it did the same thing with the stolen presidential election, promoting and attempting to legitimize what we all knew was another obvious lie. 

    Brandon Short

    Joe Paterno was like a father to many who didn’t have father figures in their lives. 12 years ago today we lost much more than a Coach…RIP…We Are Because You Were.

    (The Altoona Mirror wouldn't touch this story . The Marxists who took over after Joepa's passing  won't even say his name on the PA system at Beaver Stadium.

    Gov Shapiro needs to go before a Gricar grand jury before the AG election and tell what he knows. If not, Depasqual will have to be briefed on the Gricar evidence that has been withheld from the public. Like Shapiro, the current AG refuses to answer any inquiries on the case.

    See podcast episode 6 to hear former AG Bruce Castor describe what has been going on behind the scenes with the Gricar case.)

    US sees Ukraine as a ‘business project’ – Lavrov

    Washington is using the conflict between Moscow and Kiev to generate profit for its companies, the Russian foreign minister has said

    (Sort of like the MedRed Railroad and canal through Gaza. Gazan's are rich with vast natural gas resources and the perfect spot for a Liquid Natural Gas filling station. They just need a title to the land and an advance to get things started.)

    TREASON! Supreme Court traitors side with criminal illegal aliens and open border bolsheviks

    The US Supreme court has gone off the Constitution with this one. The Republic of Texas has to honor it's state constitution first and foremost. Even the National Guard would have to go along with that. If unchecked immigration has sent the mayor of Chicago to the mental ward, think what it's doing to the border towns.

    Even Obama's vacation home town of Martha's Viniard was hard pressed to forward illegals. They have enough crime to deal with at Obama's Chef's accident scene. 

    THE JIG IS UP! Local Reporter Describes Election Expert Halderman Breaking into Dominion Voting Machine and Changing Vote Totals During His Georgia Testimony Using Only a Pen

    As reported earlier, during his testimony, Halderman was able to HACK A DOMINION VOTING MACHINE and change the tabulation in front of U.S. District Judge Amy Totenberg in the courtroom!


    And he then shows the judge the display and it shows a picture of the on off button as he’s pushing it for five to 10 seconds to instigate the reboot. But before you reboot the whole thing there’ll be something that comes up to ask if he wants to go into safe mode, and then he pushes. Yes. So it doesn’t shut it down or reboot. He just goes into safe mode. And that allows him to open up files and change the content of files.

    But that’s not all. Halderman also demonstrated how to fix the results and rig the count during an election.

    Amber Connor: So you can actually install something that you’ve already pre-programmed, or you can program it at that point to do whatever you tell it to do. So that can be anything from, if they vote for George Washington, that it could then be recorded… or actually displayed as Benedict Arnold.

    In June 2023, the Federal District Court for the Northern District of Georgia unsealed the 96-page Halderman Report – the Security Analysis of Georgia’s ImageCast X Ballot Marking Devices.

    Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger had been hiding this report from the public for two years.

    University of Michigan Professor of Computer Science and Engineering J. Alex Halderman and Security Researcher and Assistant Professor at Auburn University Drew Sringall collaborated on the report where they discovered many exploitable vulnerabilities in the Dominion Voting Systems’ ImageCast X system.

    Far-left Judge Amy Totenberg sealed and covered up the results of the investigation of Dominion voting machines in Georgia and sat on the report until this week.

    The most critical problem we found is an arbitrary-code-execution vulnerability that can be exploited to spread malware from a county’s central election management system (EMS) to every BMD in the jurisdiction. This makes it possible to attack the BMDs at scale, over a wide area, without needing physical access to any of them.

    This is part of a long-running lawsuit by election integrity activists set as a bench trial.

    The plaintiffs seek to remove what they say are insecure voting machines in Georgia in favor of secure paper ballots.

    New Bill Bans Chemtrails Over New Hampshire:

    Weather Modification, Stratospheric Aerosol Injection, Solar Radiation Modification, Geoengineering"AN ACT prohibiting the intentional release of polluting emissions, including cloud seeding, weather modification, excessive electromagnetic radio frequency, and microwave radiation."

    Last month, Republican legislators in New Hampshire introduced a bill that would ban the “intentional release” of chemicals into the air.

    The legislation, called “The Clean Atmosphere Preservation Act,” prohibits “the intentional release of polluting emissions, including cloud seeding, weather modification, excessive electromagnetic radio frequency, and microwave radiation and making penalties for violation of such prohibition.”

    It also provides penalties for violations.

    The legislation is sponsored by Republican state Representatives Jason Gerhard (Merrimack-25) and Kelley Potenza (Strafford-19).

    “The general court finds that many atmospheric activities such as weather modification, stratospheric aerosol injection (SAI), solar radiation modification (SRM), and other forms of geoengineering, involving the intentional release of polluting emissions, harm human health and safety, the environment, agriculture, wildlife, aviation, state security, and the economy of the state of New Hampshire,” the bill reads.

    If the bill passes, the commissioner of New Hampshire’s Department of Environmental Services “shall immediately issue a cease-and-desist order upon the discovery of stratospheric aerosol injection (SAI), cloud seeding, weather modification or other atmospheric polluting activity.”

    [link to (secure)]

    Explainer: How will the Supreme Court reshape US opioid epidemic relief?

    (It's not over by a long shot. Nor are covid related vaccine and mandate lawsuits. Now is not the time to let up.)

    A U.S. bankruptcy court approved that restructuring plan in 2021. It was revised in 2022 to include more money from the Sacklers after the attorneys general of eight states and the District of Columbia successfully appealed the bankruptcy court approval.

    Ivermectin Study Demonstrates 92 Percent Reduction In COVID-19 Mortality Rate

    According to a new Ivermectin study published in the Cuerus Journal of Medical Science, the drug reduced the COVID-19 mortality rate by 92 percent.

    According to a recent peer-reviewed study, regular ivermectin users had a death rate that was 84 percent lower than that of irregular users and 92 percent lower than that of non-users.

    Flávio Cadegiani, a board-certified endocrinologist, and Pierre Kory, a controversial expert in pulmonary and critical care medicine and president and chief executive officer of the Front Line Critical Care Alliance, are among the authors.

    The study (pdf below), which was conducted using a prospective observational study of 88,012 participants in the Brazilian city of Itaja, was released on August 31 in the Cuerus Journal of Medical Science.

    According to the publication, people who used ivermectin as a preventive medication before becoming infected with COVID experienced significantly lower rates of hospitalisation and mortality.

    The citywide initiative collected data prospectively and methodically between July 7 and December 2 of 2020.

    McCullough and Zelenko Protocols

    Dr. Benjamin Marble, an urgent care specialist in Florida who has been in practise for more than 20 years, claims that among the 150,000 acute COVID-19 patients they have treated, just six deaths have occurred.

    According to Marble, the “McCullough protocol“, of which ivermectin is the cornerstone drug, was used to attain the nearly 100% success.

    “This is another great study which proves ivermectin works against COVID-19, something I already knew is a simple fact,” said Marble.

    According to Marble, this study “should be the nail in the coffin” to the arguments that ivermectin is ineffective at preventing COVID.

    “This study proves what we have known for some time, that ivermectin was an effective tool to combat COVID-19,” stated Kevin Jenkins, co-chair of the Zelenko Foundation.

    Jenkins said, “Sadly, the only thing that comes to my mind is the lives that we’ve lost.”

    Doctor Vladimir Zelenko is a Nobel Prize nominee who is renowned for discovering and using the “Zelenko Protocol,” a pioneering treatment for COVID. On June 30, he went away from cancer.

    A combination of hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, zinc, azithromycin, and other medications, including steroids, is known as the “Zelenko Protocol.”

    Ivermectin is unsafe for human use and is meant for use on cattle and horses, according to major media outlets like the BBC and CNN.

    “You are not a horse. You are not a cow. Seriously, y’all. Stop it,” the FDA wrote on Twitter on Aug. 21, 2021.

    According to Jenkins, the groups that fought against the use of these drugs ought to “be brought to justice.”

    “Legacy media has lost all of what’s left of their credibility! These agencies pushed the greatest misinformation campaign known to man!” “[They’re] going to pay,” stated Jenkins.

    Jenkins, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., and Dr. Christiane Northrup, members of the so-called “Disinformation Dozen,” recently spoke after records revealed the Biden administration engaged in extensive censoring actions that directly impacted them.

    Ivermectin has been promoted for usage off-label to treat COVID-19 in its early phases by at least two organisations, including the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance and the British Ivermectin Recommendation Development Group.

    Ivermectin has not been approved or authorised by the FDA “for the prevention or treatment of COVID-19,” according to the CDC in an August 26, 2021 health advisory. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has also determined that there are currently insufficient data to recommend ivermectin for the treatment of COVID-19.

    In a joint statement released in September 2021, the American Medical Association, the American Pharmacists Association, and the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists expressed their opposition to using it to treat COVID-19 outside of a scientific trial.


    (Would be nice if hospitals like UPMC would at least prescribe the correct antidote for the mRNA bioweapon they've been administering since it came out. They keep picking the wrong horse to correct the problem.)

    Alex Jones has a good segment with a doctor about Remdesivir and other methods hospitals used to increase covid labeled deaths

    If you know someone harmed or killed by a hospital that used remdesivir, opioids and ventilators to treat covid, contact Morgan and Morgan, America's largest injury law firm.


    The FBI false flag unit can't find the perp or the rest of the surveilance video.

    President Trump Holds a MAGA Rally in Manchester, New Hampshire - 1/20/24

    Tim Scott@votetimscott

    We need a president who will close our southern border. We need a president today who will stop the crime in the streets. We need Donald Trump! That is why I am officially endorsing Donald J. Trump for President of the United States.

    (Tim Scott would make a good VP pick. We can always save JFK JR for something else.)

    The Master Crystals of Atlantis

    This is a collection of the writings of James Tyberonn. This is helpful to understand the nature of the crystalline energies we are being blanketed with. Alchemical Transmutation from 3d carbon to 5d bioplasma for mankind, multidimensionally, amethyst range special properties, Elohim geological crystal knowledge, very interesting.

    Djokovic, a beacon of hope and freedom for everyone. An inspiration for parents to not vaccinate their children.

    Stew Peters and Gina Bontempo comment on the case of Djokovic who refused to be vaccinated in defence of his own personal freedom and autonomy. What scares the establishment most is someone who is willing to sacrifice everything for their own freedom. They say he has become the greatest beacon of hope and freedom for the whole world, serving as an inspiration for children not to be given this vaccine.

    Journalist Who Heckled Djokovic And Tried To Railroad His Career For His Refusal To Take The Covid Vaccines Suddenly Collapsed And Died

    George Soros appears to suffer a stroke whilst reading from a WEF script about the “melting of the Greenland ice sheet”

    George Soros appears to suffer a stroke whilst reading from a WEF script about the “melting of the Greenland ice sheet” and other climate nonsense.

    Alex Soros — ‘Trump is already the President at Davos.’

    UPMC closed four hospitals, downsized three others, and eliminated hundreds of beds and thousands of employees.

    The federal filing also accuses UPMC of employing noncompete clauses and do-not-hire blacklists to keep employees from seeking other employment. Other allegations include suppression of wages and suppression of workers’ labor rights “to keep them from improving working conditions or forming unions.”

    “Each of these restraints alone is anticompetitive, but combined, their effect is magnified,” according to the lawsuit.

    Steve Johnson left for UPMC CHINA

    Chengdu Wanda UPMC International Hospital in China, as well as continue to support selected strategic initiatives for UPMC in North Central Pa. (mRNA shots)

    Covid19 Nanotechnology And Synthetic Biology. Conversation With Karen Kingston. Truth, Science And Spirit Episode 3

    In this important interview, world renown pharma insider, expert, and dear friend Karen Kingston discusses with me the self assembly nanotechnology and how exactly the spike protein is an engineered device, manipulable by electromagnetic frequency and containing Graphene and Gold particles. We also discuss that Quantum Dots ARE Gene editing technology - which should alert everyone since this is what I have been finding in the blood of C19 unvaccinated individuals.

    The COVID-19 mRNA nanoparticle ‘vaccines’ were developed and deployed on the global population to contaminate the human genome (period). In other words, the mRNA nanoparticle injections introduce non-human DNA into the cells throughout the bodies of formerly healthy adults, children, and babies. These artificially induced genetic changes may be passed onto future generations.

    Cost of Woke DEI: Administrator salary at Virginia Tech is $391,929 Enough for 12 Scholarships

    Administrator salaries are a driving factor in the cost of DEI programs. For example, at Georgia Tech, there are 74 administrators who have job responsibilities related to DEI who earn a total of nearly $6.7 million combined.

    Tim Scott@votetimscott

    We need a president who will close our southern border. We need a president today who will stop the crime in the streets. We need Donald Trump! That is why I am officially endorsing Donald J. Trump for President of the United States.

    Chabad Headquarters has been vacated

    The buildings department described the subterranean tube as a single linear tunnel that is 60 feet long, 8 feet wide and 5 feet high, saying it was illegally excavated beneath a one-story building behind the headquarters.

    The headquarters is actually two structures: a mansion where  Menachem Mendel Schneerson lived until his death in 1994, and a connected four-story building.

    “We have issued emergency work orders to stabilize the buildings above the tunnel, vacate orders in parts of the buildings to ensure occupant safety, and enforcement actions against the property owners for the illegal work,” DOB spokesperson Andrew Rudansky said in a statement.

    An Open Letter to All Christians - Jon Rappoport - Substack

    (A wonderful sermonette on the 23rd Psalm by Jon Rappoport.)

    "To me, that Psalm is a majestic orchestra. The devotion it carries is boundless."

    Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.

    Celebrities against vaccines: There's Dr. Ladapo again!


    Some people are emitting multiple, changing Mac addresses due to the saturation of nanotechnology from multiple sourcess. This can work in our favor as we follow the higher, lighted paths of the new earth grid.

    Visualize the grid as a geodesic sphere, of pentagons and triangles, sparkling as a faceted, brilliant diamond. It is a seed crystal of new form, the double penta-dodecahedron. Its time has arrived, merkaba of Earthstar! The double penta dodecahedron has 144 facets, the number of Christ ascension. Each dodecahedron has 12 major pentacles with 60 facets, add the 12 truncated pentagons for 72, and double this for 144 ! 

    The concept of planetary grids is not a new one. Plato theorized the concept as did the ancient Egyptians, Mayans and Hopi Indians. In a sense, grids are the template, the window ‘program’, if you will, that allows all life to accelerate in the graduated light format that is called the ascension.

    If you will, the crystalline Ascension Grid, is quite necessary for our ascension.

    There is not one, but three grid templates surrounding our planet effecting human life. The three are separate, yet intricately related. The three become the one. The grids have separate functions relating individually to: (1) planetary gravitational field, (2) telluric electromagnetics, and (3) crystalline consciousness.

    The dodecahedron was the primary consciousness geometric of the planet from the time of the deluge of Atlantis, until the emergence of the icosahedron about 4,000 BC. Now we must evolve to what the Hopis called "a new song" of the earth.

    The Ascension or Crystalline 144 grid is anchored into the earth with two axis points. It is an emerging system, one that in truth has always been present, but not accessible, until after the Harmonic Convergence of 1987. Tremendous energy lines flow outward from the northern axis point and reenter at the southern. These energetic lines are directly connected to every sacred sites of Gaia. There are hundreds.

    The 1987 Harmonic Convergence was also a measurement of Earths vibratory level, a test. The Earth revealed a far greater measurement of ‘light’ than ever before. For the first time since the ‘great fall’, the planet carried more ‘light’ than ‘dark’. As a result grids required ‘adjustments’. The magnetic grid was adjusted to lessen the ‘veil’ separating humans from their higher dimensional aspects. The telluric grid was adjusted to enable a greater vibratory rate, and this is particularly enacted within the energy of grid points & sacred sites. The crystalline grid took on a new, higher geometric model, capable of regulating a far more sophisticated light code than the old icosahedron.

    Scientist such as Dr. Greg Braden are noting that weather patterns are changing, climates are in major flux and migration routes of birds are altered. Whales and dolphins are beaching themselves far more often since the harmonic convergence. The earth’s geomagnetic field is changing, and changing fast. The earth’s heartbeat, the Schumann resonance is said to be increasing by some knowledgeable geophysicists, although others dispute this. Volcanic activity, earthquakes & super hurricanes are occurring more often. The phenomenon of global warming has created the ‘el nino’ phenomena, and the polar ice caps are melting. Solar storms and their resulting winds are spraying the planet at a rate higher than has ever been recorded.

    This is undeniably an incredibly monumental transformation of global proportion. . The planets frequency is increasing, and our concept of time is speeding up. The planet is being prepared to vault into the 4th and 5th dimensions.

    By concerted efforts to support and give light to the ascension grid, we accelerate both it’ s activation and our own. The planetary Ascension grid is a manifestation of the energy evolvement and patterned growth of the Universal Consciousness. Earth is the living GAIA the grid is her aura. Sacred geometry is the language and fabric of higher dimension, higher consciousness, accordingly the grid contains the sacred geometry energy patterns of the golden phi and spiral, the platonic solids, the Flower of Life, and the crystal matrix of creation.

    By unifying our energies in synchronized ecstatic states we form a powerful light vortex. This energy can cleanse, brighten, energize and activate each one of us, according to our intent and flow. Our intent is light of the highest order, transferred to the new grid, the new crystal matrix of Gaia…the 144-Crystal vibration.

    Commander in the Space Force:

    "I'm here to testify about the ongoing Marxist inspired efforts to subvert and weaken our military and broader American society. We often refer to these efforts as wokeism but it is also a culture war.”

    Federal lawsuit challenges Pine-Richland transgender policy

    A Pine-Richland parent is suing the school district over its transgender nondiscrimination policy.

    Kari Lake dunks on DeSantis and Haley for ‘vanity project’ campaigns...

    The real people's choice for Governor.

    MAJOR DEVELOPMENT! AZ- Maricopa County GOP Passed ‘Ban the Jab’ resolution!!! : Victory On The 33rd Parallel!

    Shout out to patriot Dan Shultz of!!! State Committeeman Dan Schultz submitted the ‘Ban the Jab’ resolution to the Maricopa County GOP Saturday January 13th in Arizona. The resolution passed with 87.4% of the vote! A total 1494 votes were cast, 1306 in favor, 188 against. Maricopa County is the largest Republican County in the nation. In addition to being an attorney, Dan is a former West Point graduate and former U.S. Army counterintelligence and human intelligence officer. I interviewed Dan Schultz a few weeks back about the Precinct Strategy and Election Integrity.

    The resolution declares the C19 injections to be biological and technological weapons and calls on the Governor to prohibit their distribution and the Attorney General to confiscate the vials and conduct a forensic analysis of their contents.

    To date, in Florida 10 Republican County parties have passed the Ban the Jab resolution. The Florida Republican Assembly, The National Federation of Republican Assemblies, The Republican Liberty Caucus of Florida have passed Ban the Jab resolutions. Recently, the Florida Department of Health has joined the call to Ban the Jab. Clackamas County GOP in Oregon and the state of Idaho Republican Party has passed the Ban the jab resolution.

    UPDATE- Dan Shultz informed me that the state GOPs Resolution Committee approved the resolution by a vote of 12-0 and the Republican Part of Arizona will vote on the resolution January 27th!

    Below is the text of the Maricopa County GOP version:

    ‘Ban the Jab’ resolution –


    1) strong and credible evidence shows Covid-19 and Covid-19 injections are biological and technological weapons;

    2) Pfizer’s clinical data revealed 1,223 deaths, 42,000 adverse cases, 158,000 adverse incidents, and approximately 1,000 side effects;

    3) an enormous number of people have died or have been permanently disabled after having been jabbed by the Covid-19 injections;

    4) strong and credible evidence from Sweden exists that Covid-19 mRNA shots alter human DNA;

    5) government agencies, media, tech companies, and other corporations have committed enormous fraud by claiming Covid-19 injections are “safe and effective”;

    6) a statewide grand jury in Florida is investigating Covid-19 vaccine crimes;

    7) continued experimentation on humans and denial of informed consent are violations of the Nuremberg Code that constitute crimes against humanity; and

    8) it is reasonable to ask, and investigate, who is provided more immunity from Covid-19 vaccines: vaccine takers or vaccine makers; now therefore be it

    Resolved, on behalf of the preservation of the human race, the AZGOP hereby:

    1) calls upon the Arizona Governor and State Legislature to prohibit the sale and distribution of Covid-19 injections and all mRNA injections in Arizona; and

    2) urges the Arizona Attorney General to immediately seize all Covid-19 injections and mRNA injections in Arizona to perform a forensic analysis on these so-called “vaccines.”


    Fetterman seems to be cured of his old self. Only the tatoos are the same.

    Former FBI Director Louis Freeh named in Epstein list because he 'had knowledge of Bill Clinton's travel'

    Freeh served as FBI Director throughout Clinton's presidency from 1993-2001. Left right before Mueller and 9/11. 

    (Deed: Ex-FBI head Louis Freeh linked to $9.38M home purchase in Palm Beach.

    Author of the Freeh report, possibly visited by Gricar (See Gricar's calendar here) at Freeh's summer home in Barnard, VT.  Freeh had no memory of Vermont crash. )

    Catastrophic drop in life expectancy, as a growing number of young people die suddenly

    Laura Ingraham interviews Dr Kory, commenting on the huge drop in life expectancy and how young people are disproportionately affected. They believe the government needs to act and ask what happened in the US in 2021 that led to this unprecedented death rate. Dr Kory is clear about why it is happening. We are in the wake of a massive global vaccination campaign.

    (Ivermectin is made from Japanese soil and it's as cheap as dirt. They give it away in Africa and India with great public health success. Dr. Kory knows best.)

    They’re attacking our immune system, autobiographical memory and thinking.

    Dr Michael Nehls, a German physician, writer and author of ‘The Indoctrinated Brain’, claims that the human mental immune system is clearly under attack, on a massive scale. He is making this claim based on what we saw in 2020, and especially with the rollout of the mRNA injections in 2021. The outcome they want is for people to only be able to remember fear-based narratives.

    Raw Milk Is Not a High-Risk Food

    How common is getting sick from raw milk?

    In Texas, a 3% consumption rate would mean that approximately three quarters of a million Texans drink raw milk, yet only two people have been reported ill from raw milk over a period of 11 years. Neither was hospitalized, indicating relatively minor illness.

    (In PA they managed to find two raw milk poisoning cases right before the farm show! Still no reports from the state on what they found in the confiscated farm fresh food items from Amos Miller's private farm cooperative. This is basically a psychological operation by the state to demonize raw milk. The state which has yet to find anything wrong with the carnage being done by mRNA's anti life technology.)

    Vaccines Using mRNA Can Protect Farm Animals Without Ending Up in Your Food: David Verhoeven, Iowa State University

    This is the destructive power of Big Pharma working it's way into the food system.

    Peter Daszak and Ralph Baric created Sars-Cov-2. They hid that it would be done in China

    Trump Vows To "Never Allow" A Central Bank Digital Currency

    Former President Donald Trump on Wednesday vowed to never allow the use of a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), as it would "give the government absolute control over your money."

    (On the other hand, a BRICSA ecoin might be a good hedge against the central banks for international projects like the Med Red Railroad.)

    Netanyahu says Israel should control Gaza-Egypt border zone (This is where the railroad would go through to compete with Egypt's.)

    JERUSALEM, - The border zone between the Gaza Strip and Egypt should be under Israel's control, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said.

    "The Philadelphi Corridor - or to put it more correctly, the southern stoppage point (of Gaza) - must be in our hands. It must be shut. It is clear that any other arrangement would not ensure the demilitarisation that we seek," he said.

    (This is where the Rothschild Zionists want to run their competing rail line to the Red Sea.)

    Egypt plans Mediterranean to Red Sea high speed line

    By Railway Gazette International 15 January 2021

    It would be developed under a US$3bn turnkey engineering, procurement and construction project including 15 years of services. The local companies would undertake civil works, with Siemens Mobility responsible for the railway systems, providing system integration services and supplying 34 passenger trains for high speed and regional services as well as 10 freight locomotives.

    The MoU was signed in Cairo on January 14 by National Authority for Tunnels Chairman Essam Waly and Siemens Mobility CEO Michael Peter, in the presence of Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly, Minister of Transport Egypt Kamel Al Wazir, Siemens AG President & CEO Joe Kaeser and Deputy CEO Roland Busch.

    ‘We are delighted that the Ministry of Transport is seeking to put their trust in us to deliver this important project’, said Peter. ‘Our digital leadership and comprehensive turnkey services will bring an integrated and state of the art high speed rail system, that will provide a technology boost for the country and create local jobs. The system will significantly enhance passenger experience and reduce travel time for millions of Egyptian people.’ Topics Latest

    Kaeser said ‘by building a high efficiency rail system for the country, we will support the Egyptian people with affordable, clean and reliable transport’.

    (With Gaza out of the way Bibi's train can run along the Egypt border.)

    Israel revives plans for high-speed train to compete with Egypt 

    Aug 1, 2023 — A fast freight train from Eilat on the Red Sea to Haifa or Ashkelon, overlooking the Mediterranean, will compete strongly with the Suez Canal.

    Finance Ministry experts said to warn trans-Israel high-speed train a waste of money

    The NIS 100 billion ($27 billion) plan is to link the northern city of Kiryat Shmona to the Red Sea resort of Eilat in the far south by rail, with some of the trains running at speeds of up to 250 kilometers (155 miles) per hour. Israel Railways’ strategic plan predicts that by 2040, the railway will serve around 300 million passengers annually.

    (Starting the rail line south of Gaza next to Egypt is way more affordable for Israel. This is the whole reason for the forcing out of the entire population of Gaza!)

    Surgeon General Joe Ladapo's campaign against COVID-19 vaccines has escalated just before Gov. Ron DeSantis' crucial presidential contests.

    Joe Ladapo would make a great US Surgeon General especially for President Trump. 

    RamaSwamy's Company Helped Fund mRNA Vaccine Technology

    Vivek's company invested $116 million in nanoparticle delivery systems in 2017.

    In a statement, Arbutus said it anticipates working with Roivant to maximize the value of “Arbutus’ LNP and GalNAc platforms for the delivery of novel therapeutic modalities including RNA interference, mRNA, and gene editing technologies.”

    Founded by Vivek Ramaswamy, a 32-year-old former hedge fund manager who specialized in biotech, Roivant has raised more than $2 billion in public and private markets to develop drugs and medical technologies that have been abandoned or forgotten by the pharmaceutical industry.

    @DrDMartinWorld, "he (Vivek) has a not-so-publicly-disclosed interest in every shot that was delivered."(video)

    Ramaswamy Paid Wikipedia Editor to Delete Reference to Harvard Vaccine Scientist ‘Mentor’ Days before Announcing Campaign

    Those edits included the removal of lines about Ramaswamy’s receipt of a Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowship for New Americans in 2011 and his position on mRNA gene editing technology.

    Ramaswamy has funded his campaign through the sale of over $32 million in Roivant stock options. The company reported staggering losses of $1.2 billion in its financial report of March 2023. This isn't a one-time slump: In March 2022, when Ramaswamy was still Roivant's chairman and a major shareholder, the company reported an annual loss of $924.1 million.

    Vivek Ramaswamy Regrets Getting COVID Vaccine, But His Wife Doesn’t?

    In an interview with NBC, Apoorva, a laryngologist at Ohio State University, said she has no regrets about getting the vaccine.

    (This is a deceptive way to endorse the vaccine through the wife. They should both know better and explain the scientific reasons why mRNA tech is deadly.)

    People were injected with nanotechnology. It is AI to replace our natural intelligence

    New Hampshire Becomes Second U.S. State To Ban Chemtrails

    New Hampshire has become the second U.S. state to potentially outlaw the spraying of aerosolized particulate.


    Bill Gates I do not want your money, declares fearless 31 year Harvard Scientist who has scientifically confirmed that CO2 Climate Change theory is a big lie used to control humanity. C02 is the gas of life, they are delusional, global warming is nothing.

    People were injected with nanotechnology. It is AI to replace our natural intelligence

    Trump Comes Up One Vote Short...Of A Total Sweep

    Donald Trump's quest for a 99-county Iowa sweep appeared to fall a single vote short, as unofficial results showed Nikki Haley carrying Johnson County, home to Iowa City and the University of Iowa, 1,271 votes to 1,270.

    The Altoona Mirror used same dark photo of Trump as the Times of Israel only the Mirror dialed up the sharpness and contrast even more to make Trump's skin look like 40 grit sandpaper. Here is the original undoctored photo from the AP. 

    To Understand Israeli LGBTQ Propaganda we have to Learn Difference between Masonic-Zionism and Judaism

    This appointment confirms the growing influence of the ideological “marriage” between the LGBT Lobby and the Zionist Movement, fanatically promoted by the B’Nai B’rth Masonic Lodge in the USA, and supported by the Zionist George Soros, puppet master of many EU parliamentarians such as the president of European Parliament Roberta Metsola, promoter of gender culture in schools.

    If you think the war on Ivermectin is over, in fact, it is just getting STARTED.

    One of reasons Ivermectin was so viciously maligned and suppressed was that if society were taking it to cure PSYOP-19 one of the side effects would be “sudden” plummeting cancer rates, and thus BigPharma et al. went all out to destroy this Nobel prize miracle drug.

    Use of the Anti-Parasitic Drug Ivermectin to Treat Breast Cancer

    Ivermectin treatment led to robust T-cell infiltration.

    Ivermectin has New Application in Inhibiting Colorectal cancer.

    Colorectal cancer (CRC) is the third most common cancer worldwide and still lacks effective therapy. Ivermectin, an antiparasitic drug, has been shown to possess anti-inflammation, anti-virus, and antitumor properties.

    Current results indicate that ivermectin might be a new potential anticancer drug for treating human colorectal cancer and other cancers.

    Why Is Yeshua Important

    This is the Gnostic, off world story of Yeshua from his home star system.

    Yeshua was revolutionary because he taught that God is not an individual person, but something more abstract. He didn’t claim to be the only “Son of God”, but said we are all Children of God. He performed miracles and told people that they were capable of even greater miracles, because God was within them. He taught that God is only love, and that we should never fear God. He prophesied many things to come, including the victory of good over evil, and ascension to a higher plane of existence.

    Gospel of Thomas

    There were books removed from biblical canon considered too problematic to the pagan doctrine, including much of Jesus’s teachings about self-empowerment and what humans were capable of. The elites needed people to be fearful of God, which allowed them to maintain authority as intermediaries to God by any means necessary. The Gospel of Thomas is one powerful example of Yeshua’s teachings which explains the true power that humans have.

    When Your Thoughts & Emotions Join Forces, Miracles Happen:

    Greg Braden on The Gospel of Thomas and the Gnostic wisdom of Jesus.

    Within the ancient texts of our most cherished traditions, we find precise instructions on how to create the healing, peace, and miracles.

    A Noble Path | A Jazz Tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

    The United States Army Field Band

    "A Noble Path" was written by Sgt. Maj. (Ret.) Gene Thorne to honor Dr. King's life and Martin Luther King Day being a day of giving back to communities across our nation.

    “Jazz speaks for life. The Blues tell the story of life’s difficulties.” 

    Those words by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. can be found at the beginning of his essay for the inauguration of the Berlin Jazz Festival in 1964. It might be one of Dr. King’s lesser known speeches, but today remains one of the most profound essays about jazz and its role in civil rights.

    Often called America’s one true art form, in his own words Dr. King also acknowledges jazz as a powerful tool in the story of civil rights, writing in 1964, “Much of the power of our Freedom Movement in the United States has come from this music. It has strengthened us with its sweet rhythms when courage began to fail. It has calmed us with its rich harmonies when spirits were down.” That same year Dr. King played an essential role in the passing of the Civil Rights Act and appeared on the cover of Time magazine as “Man of the Year.”

    The speech also notes how jazz music brings people together, not only through struggle, but also joy and community. “Everybody has the Blues, Everybody longs for meaning,” writes Dr. King. 

    For Hainsworth those words can be interpreted to mean that music is universal and feeling and connecting to sound and lyrics is something most if not all people do. “You don’t have to be an intellectual or well-studied to feel the emotional and musical impact behind the Blues. The same for jazz. All you have to do is listen and let the sound of it take you on the journey,” he added. 

    In the political climate of today, Dr. King’s Berlin Jazz Festival essay can be a reminder of the impact that music has on people’s lives. While a speech or protest may come and go, music lives on. 

    “As musicians we can’t forget that real progress and change isn't quick and easy,” said Hainsworth. “Most times, in fact, it's dirty, slow, sometimes anger-fueled and that speaks to the experience resilience of Black people in America and the music which is borne from these experiences.”

    Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Address for the 1964 Berlin Jazz Festival:

    God has wrought many things out of oppression. He has endowed his creatures with the capacity to create—and from this capacity has flowed the sweet songs of sorrow and joy that have allowed man to cope with his environment and many different situations.

    Jazz speaks for life. The Blues tell the story of life’s difficulties, and if you think for a moment, you will realize that they take the hardest realities of life and put them into music, only to come out with some new hope or sense of triumph.

    This is triumphant music.

    Modern jazz has continued in this tradition, singing the songs of a more complicated urban existence. When life itself offers no order and meaning, the musician creates an order and meaning from the sounds of the earth which flow through his instrument.

    It is no wonder that so much of the search for identity among American Negroes was championed by Jazz musicians. Long before the modern essayists and scholars wrote of racial identity as a problem for a multiracial world, musicians were returning to their roots to affirm that which was stirring within their souls.

    Much of the power of our Freedom Movement in the United States has come from this music. It has strengthened us with its sweet rhythms when courage began to fail. It has calmed us with its rich harmonies when spirits were down.

    And now, Jazz is exported to the world. For in the particular struggle of the Negro in America there is something akin to the universal struggle of modern man. Everybody has the Blues. Everybody longs for meaning. Everybody needs to love and be loved. Everybody needs to clap hands and be happy. Everybody longs for faith.

    In music, especially this broad category called Jazz, there is a stepping stone towards all of these.

    Mahalia Jackson - Take My Hand, Precious Lord: April 1968 Martin Luther King Funeral.

    The wonderful singer Mahalia Jackson sang “Precious Lord, Take My Hand” at his funeral, because it was the last song he requested before his death.

    Lyrics: Precious Lord, take my hand Lead me on, let me stand I am tired, I am weak, I am worn Through the storm, through the night Lead me on through the light Take my hand, precious Lord And lead me home.

    Martin Luther King Speaks! "I’ve Been to the Mountaintop"

    EXPOSED! They’re All In On it | Maui Massacre

    On the Incineration of Lahaina - (((who))) is to blame?

    FBI Wants 66 Years to Release Seth Rich Data

    The laptop has the goods but the FBI won't budge.

    Seth Rich's Laptop to Be Turned Over by FBI, Judge Rules

    This was Nov 29 and the FBI still hasn't complied with the judges order! Lots of people have gone to jail for lying to the FBI yet the FBI doesn't have to be truthful? 

    The lawless FBI should be put on probation and ordered to drop off their guns to the nearest sheriff's office and the Philly FBI needs to turn the Dent's run Civil War Gold over to the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission!

    John Fetterman isn't the politician you thought he'd be — and he doesn't care

    This isn't the same John Fetterman at all. The old one couldn't hear right. Everybody sounded like peanuts cartoon characters to him. He had to read questions on a monitor. The giant lump on his neck and the divot where it was removed is gone. Now he's all better and more conservative too!

    The Capitol on January 6

    While waiting for the speakers to begin, the crowd was hit with flash bombs and tear gas. 

    Any duly elected Constitutional Sheriff could look at this and see how this was a setup. It's the same old FBI script of using informants for entrapment and lawfare. Like the Whitmer kidnapping scheme only on a larger scale.

    The FBI-Tainted Whitmer 'Kidnap Plot' You've Heard Next to Nothing About

    By Julie Kelly, Real Clear Investigations January 3, 2024

    In a fiery exchange last month, CNN anchorwoman Abby Phillip told GOP presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy that there was “no evidence” to support his claim that federal agents abetted protesters at the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.

    Ramaswamy shot back that the FBI conspicuously has never denied that law enforcement agents were on duty in the crowd. He argued that federal officials have repeatedly “lied” to the American people about not only that investigation but one that has gotten much less attention: the alleged failed plot to kidnap and kill Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan in 2020.

    “It was entrapment,” Ramaswamy said. “FBI agents putting them up to a kidnapping plot that we were told was true but wasn’t.”

    Gov. Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan, top left and, above, in COVID-lockdown and mask-mandate mode. Michigan Governors Office

    His zeroing in on the Michigan case highlighted an uncharacteristic development in contemporary politics, where progressives vigorously defend law enforcement power while conservatives view it with deep suspicion. Further, Ramaswamy’s linking of Jan. 6 and the Whitmer plot resonated with many on the right who want similarities between the two episodes exposed to the general public, especially the FBI’s reliance on informants and other paid operatives.

    On Oct. 8, 2020, Whitmer announced the shocking arrests of several men accused of planning to kidnap and possibly assassinate her. The case produced alarming headlines just weeks before Election Day; Democrats, including Whitmer, used news of the plot to blame Trump for inciting violence.

    The "Dark Biden" speech: His 2022 vitriol in Philadelphia over MAGA extremism was preceded by similar rhetoric in Michigan in 2020 -- over a kidnapping plot of dubious substance. AP

    Joe Biden commended the FBI for thwarting the abduction plan and, in a written statement issued the same day, claimed that “there is a through line from President Trump’s dog whistles and tolerance of hate, vengeance, and lawlessness to plots such as this one.” Biden continued that line of attack during campaign speeches in Michigan, a swing state that voted for Trump in 2016, and one Biden needed to capture to win the presidency.

    In the years since the election, the national press has given little attention to the case since the initial arrests, even though court documents have recast the episode as something more sinister. Instead of a heroic effort by the FBI to safeguard the country from domestic terrorists, it now appears to have been a broad conspiracy by law enforcement to entrap American citizens who held unpopular political views.

    The FBI’s tactics were first exposed by BuzzFeed in July 2021, when reporters Ken Bensinger and Jessica Garrison disclosed startling details based on court filings as the matter headed to trial. They found that the number of FBI confidential human sources involved in the scheme was equal to the number of defendants.

    “An examination of the case by BuzzFeed News also reveals that some of those informants, acting under the direction of the FBI, played a far larger role than has previously been reported,” they wrote. “Working in secret, they did more than just passively observe and report on the actions of the suspects. Instead, they had a hand in nearly every aspect of the alleged plot, starting with its inception. The extent of their involvement raises questions as to whether there would have even been a conspiracy without them.”

    5 Demonstration Permits Granted By Capitol Police For January 6

    Each one is for 50-500 people. Most of the people were in the approved protest areas expecting to hear advertised speakers. Approvals were granted for sound systems, podiums, signs etc. There should not have been any barriers set up to block these approved areas which included the front lawn.

    People in these areas were hit with tear gas, flash grenades and rubber bullets for merely being in the approved protest areas. This is inciting a riot by federal authorities. Videos show the first tear gas was directed at the Capitol Police who then evacuated their posts.

    Rep. Victoria Spartz@RepSpartz

    We cannot paint with a broad brush and call everyone who came to D.C. on January 6, 2021 an insurrectionist. Many people came to peacefully express dissatisfaction with a government that truly became corrupt and tyrannical.

    (This is one of the few reps from congress to offer moral support to the light brigade regarding Jan 6. MTG is the only one to visit the ones in jail. She got turned away.

    There's 8 bus loads of Jan 6ers that went from rep Joyce's 13th district. He called the lead bus with well wishes on Jan 6. That was the last he was heard from re Jan 6. Nice of the lady reps to have some respect for Patriots though.)

    Tracing the History of Pythagorus, Saint Francis, and Shah Jahan

    When Cambyses, an Asian military leader, violently invaded Egypt in about 529 BC, Pythagoras was exiled to Babylon. There, rabbis (Jewish Prists) revealed to him secret teachings, which had been given by Moses. Zoroastrian magi taught him music, astronomy, and the sacred science of appeals.

    After twelve years in Babylon, Pythagoras left for Crotona, a populous Dorian port city located in the south of Italy now, and founded a brotherhood of the initiated. His “CITY OF THE CHOSEN” was a school of the mysteries of the Great White Brotherhood. In Crotona, thoroughly chosen men and women followed the philosophy, based on the mathematical expression of the Universal law, manifested in music, rhythm, and harmony of the life path, and characterized by strict discipline.

    Saint Francis of Assisi – was one of the most famous Christian saints; possibly, the most attractive and doubtlessly, the most popular among not only non-Catholics, but also atheists.

    For 800 years, the personality of Saint Francis of Assisi had been of interest to people of most diverse views: church hierarchs and philosophers, kings and revolutionaries. He was seen as a founder of subjectivism and individualism, a precursor of the Renaissance, a reformer, a socialist, a first hippy, a fighter for ecology, and a romantic hero. Surprisingly enough, the life of Francis of Assisi was nothing but an exact following of the ideal of Christianity and imitating Christ.

    People believe, that it was Saint Francis of Assisi who brought the spirit of happiness into gloomy austere Christianity of the Middle Ages. However, this is not entirely true – the joy/happiness of gratitude to the Creator, the joy/happiness of Resurrection were inherent features of Christianity. In Eastern Christianity, Clement of Alexandria and John Chrysostom were the propagators of happiness; in Western Christianity, it was Saint Benedict. Francis of Assisi did not invent anything that could be a discovery in Christianity; however, without him Christianity would not become as attractive to millions of believers as it is today.

    Shah Jahan (1592-1666) was another incarnation of Kuthumi. Shah Jahan was an Indian emperor from the dynasty of the Mughals. After Jahangir’s death ( his father), Shah Jahan inherited the throne and partly restored the noble ethics of his grandfather – Akbar the Great. (The GWB is bringing Kuthumi and other masters back after the shift to the higher dimensional rate of vibration. Shift to sheen is like switching from AM to FM only without the ads. 

    As we leave the 11,000 year cycle of darkness behind and shift to the light of the photon band, the victory of the light is certain bringing the return of historical figures of the light from antiquity to assist in the ascension into the Golden Age.

    Where does the Bible talk about the Second Coming?“… Be ye also ready: for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh” (Matthew 24:42, 44). Miami Mall Alien Was a Deep State Operation

    Videos of The Metapod: Pleiadian Photographic Technology

    The “Metapod” UFO – Denver, Colorado October 12, 2021

    This is a Pleiadian Operation. It is a pod that holds direct laser focus for very close up imaging and chasing objects to obtain images. It is not occupied and will return on command to a Craft which is part of a large Fleet. The Mothership will call all Crafts in to depart.

    French statistician: In France, the all-time record for child mortality coincides with the vaccines

    Blinken Rebuffed in Israel: 'No Palestinian Return to North Gaza!'

    Secretary of State Antony Blinken is in Israel trying to convince Tel Aviv to slow down on killing civilians, stop flattening infrastructure, and to not ethnically cleanse Gaza of Palestinians. Israel's response thus far has been a hard "no." Has Washington ever been so impotent? Also today, thousands of amputee children in Gaza continue to suffer as US-provided bombs destroy their lives.

    68 media professionals killed by Israel! A highly organized strategy to murder all reporters telling and showing raw Gaza genocide truth.

    Al Jazeera noted its Gaza bureau chief had already lost his wife, daughter, another son, and a grandson in an Israeli airstrike in late October. Dahdouh himself was wounded in an Israeli attack in December, with his cameraman later succumbing to his injuries.

    23,210 PALESTINIANS MURDERED, 60,000 WOUNDED + 7,000 MISSING! (Mostly Women & Children) The International Court of Justice is Now Seated at The Hague to Consider Genocide Charges Against Israel — video

    This is the time to form an international park and recreation committee for the planning of the canal and high speed train project to benefit the innocent Palestinians, Israelis and others affected by the war. Maybe finance the start up with a digital coin. Now is the time to make the new Israel corporation comply with the rest of humanity.

    Prince Andrew’s Ex Says Jeffrey Epstein Had ‘Prior Knowledge’ of 9/11

    Jeffrey Epstein and his VIP associates had “prior knowledge” of the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center in the months before they happened, according to Prince Andrew’s ex-girlfriend Lady Victoria Hervey. Epstein’s contacts knew details about 9/11 before they happened, including the flight numbers of the commercial airplanes to be used in the attacks.

    According to Hervey, Epstein and some of his close associates bought plane tickets “as souvenirs” of the horrifying and heartbreaking national tragedy.

    Hervey also opened up about Epstein’s close friendship with former president Bill Clinton, describing them as “like brothers.

    Epstein also had a painting of former president George W. Bush playing with paper airplanes in front of collapsed twin towers.

    Hervey’s revelations add credibility to claims that Epstein was an intelligence asset engaged in blackmail operations employed by the state of Israel.

    (This Epstein tie to 9/11 could be Israel corporation's undoing.)

    Mount Nittany Health announces new masking requirement due to rise in respiratory illness

    Vaccines, masks and the 6 foot rule are for the heartless mRNA cult. Just say no to any further DNA trashing! It doesn't look good on a job resume. Join the rest of naturally evolving mankind and go organic. Try some raw milk to boost the immune system naturally.

    COVID '6-feet' social distancing 'sort of just appeared,' likely lacked scientific basis, Fauci admits

    5000 migrant families evicted by NYC mayor eric Adams

    Not only is NYC bankrupt but now thousands of illegals are out in the streets of NYC homeless in winter! (This is the democrats idea of new voter registration.)

    BREAKING: House Judiciary Committee Approves Resolution to Hold Hunter Biden in Contempt of Congress

    Over 200 service members demand Biden’s military leadership be court-martialed and FIRED for forced ‘experimentation’ on troops with COVID-19 vaccine mandate leaving ‘significant’ physical and mental scars

    Hertz says it's selling 20,000 EVs, in part because they're too expensive to repair

    2021 Tesla 3s starting at $20,125, slightly over trade in value.  2023 Chevy Bolts going for $21,735.

    Wall Street Journal: Hertz Selling 20,000 EVs in the U.S., to Reinvest in Gas-Powered Vehicles - WSJ

    Hertz is selling about a third of its global electric vehicle fleet, citing weaker demand for its electrified rentals.

    (We may have reached peak lithium with hydrogen and anti gravity waiting in the wings.)

    William Penn statue won't be removed from Philadelphia's Welcome Park after all

    Park officials say they are still committed to rehabilitating Welcome Park as the nation prepares to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence in 2026.

    The statue just needs a coat of paint. The park could use some trees and benches. Spaceforce in Bensalem would be nice for the anniversary.

    What are Space Force members called? All Space Force personnel, whether civilian or military, are called “Guardians.” As of FY23, the Space Force has more than 14,000 military and civilian Guardians.

    Bensalem Township passed first round of nominations for United States Space Force command center. Maybe Gov Shapiro could check into this.

    Pa. AG adds new dedicated unit to pursue human trafficking cases

    Yet this AG is quitting and refuses to discuss the Gricar case. Governor Shapiro needs to tell what he knows to a Gricar grand jury or resign. See for the latest on the case.

    Rand Paul teases 2024 election announcement

    ‘I’ve stayed out of the Republican Presidential primary so far – but I’ve seen enough,’ Kentucky senator says

    Attention Men: Your UNjected Wife is Waiting!

    Since its launch in May of 2021, Unjected has paved the way for unvaccinated connections worldwide and is continuing to thrive. As a massive depopulation agenda has been waged against the human race, Unjected has been helping people all over the world find love and connection and has been spearheading the REpopulation agenda. 

    Unjected was born out of the need for modRNA-free singles to find each other and connect with uncompromised DNA. They have brought together many couples which has resulted in engagements, weddings and a new generation of genetically intact babies.

    When you visit Unjected, you know that the people you meet are aligned with your convictions, morals and believe in medical freedom. You can skip all the small talk and know that they are resilient, intelligent, discerning and awake (not woke).

    Central Pennsylvania Dairy Farm Finds Success Selling Raw Milk and Artisan Cheese

    Clover Creek Cheese Cellar in Williamsburg, Pennsylvania is one of approximately 5,000 dairy farms in the state. It’s also one of the few places you can purchase raw milk and artisan raw milk cheese. David and Terry Rice bought the property in the early 1990s with the hopes of running a dairy farm, much like the one where David was raised. “I grew up north of Philadelphia and it’s basically just growing houses anymore,” said David. “Here they’re still growing crops and having dairy farms.” Rain, shine, or snow, you’ll find Rice’s 52 grass-fed cows out grazing on the pasture. “We were feeding them grain for a number of years and then some of our cheese buyers said they would pay more for 100% grass-fed cheese,” said David. The beta-carotene in the grass helps to give the cheese a rich golden color you might not see in grain-fed varieties.

    C0VlD 19 hoax goes to court: Please read, share and act, your action can make a difference to the future of humanity!

    (Governments tricked people into taking the mRNA gene serum. Are the people now the synthetic human property of the mRNA patent holders? The government says yes. This lawsuit says no!)

    The three questions

    In Robert v. Austin, the petitioners presented the Supreme Court with three carefully formulated questions:

    1. Whether the unlawful implementation of the harmful Covid vaccine mandate in the Armed Services properly evades judicial review based on repeal of the mandate and separation of a service member who is subject to recall to duty.
    2. Whether it is proper and authorized for a court of appeals to engage in fact finding, while going outside of the record, to dismiss service members’ appeal without reaching its merits.
    3. Whether the government may properly force citizens to receive an experimental gene modifying injection, recognized in the medical literature as causing severe adverse effects.

    Todd Callender laid out the importance of pursuing these questions in his recent testimony before the Croatian Parliament.

    Nancy's HOT $5M Stock Pick: Nvidia!

    Nvidia’s stock reached a record high after the chipmaker introduced new desktop graphics processors that make use of artificial intelligence. The company's shares rose by 6.4% on Monday and continued to gain on Tuesday, closing above $541 per share. The surge was fueled by the unveiling of the GeForce RTX 40 SUPER Series, which is designed for gaming enthusiasts.

    In a noteworthy coincidence, Former US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi made a substantial entry into the market by purchasing $5 million worth of call options for Nvidia. This strategic move has attracted the attention of investors, who closely scrutinize Pelosi’s trading activities given her notable track record of success. Furthermore, her husband, venture capitalist Paul Pelosi, has historical connections with the company.

    BREAKING: RAY EPPS SENTENCED – NO JAIL TIME! – One Year Probation, $500 fine, and 100 Hours Community Service! –

    Because Ray has a DNC attorney who has been harassing Trump attorneys with "the 65 project" lawyers group headed by attorney Michael Teter. Epps also has Dominion lawyers working for him. Brian Farnan, the lead Delaware counsel for Dominion, is listed as one of Epps' lawyers in the lawsuit against Fox News. Somebody needs to report these DNC election interference lawfare jockeys to the Navy jags at Guam.

    Epps’ lawsuit says, “As Fox recently learned in its litigation against Dominion Voting Systems, its lies have consequences.”

    Epps lawyers are taunting Fox because Dominion has unlimited money from the CCP.

    Biden admin removing William Penn statue in 'rehabilitation' of park commemorating founding of Pennsylvania

    This site needs to be repossessed by the state in order to properly preserve the history of the commonwealth. Biden's Maoist Marxist minions need to be run back to their vacant offices in DC. Shapiro's raw milk task force could spend a little time cleaning up Philadelphia too. Tourism is way off where it used to be.

    What was known as the Holy Experiment? Penn decided to make this Quaker colony of Pennsylvania a haven for people of all religions and national backgrounds. This colony was to become a “Holy Experiment” in which people would live together in peace. Penn, like John Winthrop of Massachusetts Bay, looked upon his colony as “a model of Christian charity.”

    Pennsylvania was founded as a utopian society. The Quaker founders believed that government by the Golden Rule is possible.

    Quaker Meetinghouse Driving Tour

    The Quaker religion is synonymous with Pennsylvania, as it was a Quaker, William Penn, who founded it. Their places of worship, called “meetinghouses,” are unique in their stone and concrete architecture. There are at least a dozen Quaker meetinghouses located throughout Bucks County. These historic structures date back to the 1700s. All are still in use by Quakers for religious services today!  

    Visit these astounding buildings on your own. To conquer the whole tour, starting up in Plumstead and heading all the way to Bristol will take you most of the day. Most of the meetinghouses are public and are fine with visitors stopping to admire and take a quick photo. Follow along and read about each house below on your stop! Tag us @VisitBucksPA and #ExploreinBucksCo with your photos on social media.

    Rosicrucian Pyramids of Bucks County

    Quakertown, Pennsylvania The headquarters of the Fraternitas Rosae Crucis, complete with Rosicrucian pyramids, all in the Pennsylvania woods. 

    This is the proposed capitol of New Atlantis, just a few miles from Bacon's Bensalem. An outpost of Shamballah.

    Listed on the bronze plack are some members of the Great White Brotherhood including Washington, Franklin and Lincoln.

    Christian Rosenkreuz: (Influenced by the Great White Brotherhood, founding fathers of USA, Saint Germain, tracing back through Francis Bacon, Kuthumi as Saint Francis, to Tuthmose the third.)

    This Society was to remain as secret as the Island of Bensalem, in other words, it was to study nature esoterically. The carpet of the Lodge was to represent the pillars of Hercules. (All secret societies were eventually consolidated and corrupted by the German illuminati under the Rothschilds.)

    The founders of Egypt were Atlanteans who held the secrets of the previous golden age. Rosicrucians preserved the knowledge of spiritual alchemy. This is the origin of the spiritual theme of dark to light.

    The Dark

    Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, Larry Page And Others Have Planned The Great Reset To Take Your Freedom As They Lie And Claim Their Plans Are Good. Beloved Ones, The Outer World Will Grow Darker And Fear Will Abound. But In Truth, There Is Nothing To Fear! All Evil Entities And Magicians Will Be Dealt With Severely By The Galactic Federation.

    All Darkness Will Vanish As The Portal Surrounding The Earth Expands In Light!  Peace Will Abound As Souls Gather In Activation Of A New Body. You Will Change In One Moment As You Remember Who You Really Are!

    Adama of Telos: We Are Here

    Living underground for over 12,000 years but with trips on ships. Advanced hydroponics? Time to come out of the cave. The surface wars are winding down!

    Alcyon Pleiades 166: UFOs Ancient paintings UFO cases politicians-celebrities, Portals Dangers of AI

    In this new episode of Stargates and Time Travellers, we will analyse sightings of UFOs in antiquity, which were known as flying shields, chariots of the gods, lights and flying rays. In fact, numerous painters of the Italian Renaissance included them in their artworks, as if they were a perfectly normal occurrence, thereby attesting to the existence of beings from the stars, or cosmonauts, who have visited us since ancient times… and continue to do so, in the present day.
    Enoch’s mysterious teleportation experience is recounted in the Bible and worthy of note, including his contact with two celestial beings of great height, whose faces shone like the sun, just like their voices and magnificent clothes and, according to the description therein, they sat in seats made of crystal.
    On a related topic, what can be said about the stories of flying carpets, which King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba had in their possession? What about the flying shield that accompanied Alexander the Great during his campaigns? A plethora of incidents have been recorded in Japan, Europe and the United States, in addition to well-known cases of politicians, ministers, presidents, princes, and famous singers and actors who acknowledge having had contact with beings from the stars. The same is true of other proven experiences that happen in the present day.
    We will explore teleportation cases and discuss how portals are not only used by beings of Light, which is why we have to remain alert and watch out for the forces of darkness, represented by controversial Artificial Intelligence. What are its origins? What dangers are involved? Why do we need to be aware of our Sun’s ever-increasing activity?

    Crystal technology knowledge from the Pleiades to open the vortex singularity within the crystal in order to imprint into the holographic planetary matrix

    This is how Jesus, the saints and Indian yogis recycled their prana so much they glowed. They could also magnify and transfer that light at will.

    This is like a machine that can create anything, this is great power. This science is used to create worlds. The Merkaba or Star Tetrahedral structure is throughout our universe.

    Tetrahedral fractal geometry is the secret of the universe

    Tetrahedral geometry is one of the main frequency keys used to build worlds and life-forms. Tetrahedral fractal geometry is the secret of the universe.

    New Jerusalem double penta dodecahedron. The ship has landed and vibrates at the same rate as the ground crew. The Science Behind Earth Magic

    PA Governor Shapiro's Lancaster raid against the organic Amish was another attack on natural immunity and sustainable, light driven DNA of the Anababtists and all ascenders of the light.

    Plain people are Christian groups characterized by separation from the world and by simple living, including plain dressing in modest clothing (including the headcovering for women).[1] Many Plain people have an Anabaptist background.

    William Penn, having experienced religious persecution as a Quaker, offered asylum to others who were suffering religious persecution, an offer that many followers of Jacob Ammann accepted, starting with the Detweiler and Sieber families, who settled in Berks County, Pennsylvania, in 1736. Many of them settled near Lancaster, Pennsylvania, which offered some of the most productive non-irrigated farmland in the world. By 1770, the Amish migration had largely ceased.

    The Capitol Police Granted 5 Permits For Jan. 6 Protests Outside Capitol

    None of the permitted protest areas were marked. The people were expecting speakers to address the crowd. The permit application for the One Nation Under God rally listed Reps. Mo Brooks and Andy Biggs as confirmed speakers and Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Paul Gosar as possible speakers, along with Kimberly Fletcher, president of Moms for America, a group that opposes “radical feminism.”

    The One Nation Under God demonstration was scheduled to begin at 9 a.m. near Constitution Avenue NE and First Street. A stage, podium, and sound system were set up. But Martin said they were never used.

    U.S. Attorney Graves Suggests DOJ Will Expand Prosecution of J6 Protesters Who Did Not Enter Capitol.

    On May 16, 2023, U.S. Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene announced that she planned to introduce articles of impeachment against Graves for his prosecution of participants in the January 6 United States Capitol attack.

    Here are some of the items capitol police approved for one of the protest areas at the capitol:

    Fifty (50) handheld signs

    One(1) podium 5 +One(1)megaphone

    One(1) portable sound system consisting of *Two (2) EVsx300P) 2-wayspeakers (16"Lx23"Wx 12"H); secured on tripod stands (5'H) One (1) Shure SM38 Smicrophone +One(1) Yomaha digital ming console *One(1)CrownI-Tech 5000 HD amplifier

    Elecrical power has not been requested

    Family of woman shot during January 6 Capitol riot sues US government, seeking $30 million

    Lancaster County Amish Farmer Stands for Food Freedom

    Local farmer Amos Miller who believes in serving his neighbors by stewarding the resources God has given him and providing sustainable, healthy food options. The federal government believes his customers do not have the ability to make their own food choices. Enter the conflict between Amos Miller and the USDA—an agency assuming the right to tell Miller's customers that his food is not safe.

    Does raw milk strengthen the immune system?

    Multiple studies have shown that raw milk consumption is correlated with improved immune system function. Raw milk consumption has been correlated with reduced risk of respiratory infections and fevers, as well as reduced risk of asthma and allergies.

    • A study of over 900 European children concluded that, "Early life consumption of raw cow's milk reduced the risk of manifest respiratory infections and fever by about 30%" [
    • A study of over 8,000 European children showed that raw milk consumption is associated with significantly lower rates of asthma and allergies.
    • A study of over 14,800 European children concluded that there is a "significant inverse association between farm [raw] milk consumption and childhood asthma, rhinoconjunctivitis, sensitization to pollen, a mix of food allergens, and horse dander".
    • A study of over 3,000 USA adults concluded that, " Raw milk, if the main type of milk consumed in childhood, was also associated with reduced risk of atopy [allergic disease]" and current raw milk consumption in adulthood intensified this beneficial effect.
    • But why would the FDA take Amos Miller's Water Buffalo steaks too?
    • Water Buffalo meat is a delicacy enjoyed on a regular basis in certain regions of Italy due to its fine taste and nutritional profile. The taste is remarkably like beef; however, Water Buffalo meat is a much leaner, dramatically healthier alternative to beef. It is significantly lower in fat and cholesterol.
    • This explains why the FDA took all of Amos Miller's freezer items along with the camel milk, butter and eggnog. 

    Israeli Cabinet Erupts In Anger Over Plan For Army To Probe Its Oct 7 Slaughtering Of Israeli Citizens

    Has The Global Food Inflation Crisis Been Averted?

    The Lancaster Patriot @TheLanPatriot

    BREAKING: Footage of search warrant being executed on Amos Miller’s organic farm operations in Lancaster County, PA. (For more info on the ongoing saga, visit:

    (These are are Governor Josh Shapiro's men from Harrisburg sent in to take over Lancaster county's organic food supply. This could be a move by Hershey Medical mRNA group to punish organic farmers. They want the farmers to inject mRNA into live cows!

    Penn State Hershey Medical is a big backer of PA state government. Look what they did for Rachel Levine's career She's made admiral under Biden without ever joining the Navy!)

    Raiding a private food supply shows Shapiro doesn't have enough to do. He needs to put troop G on the Gricar case and plan his early resignation.

    Where is Operation Our Town when you need them. The mRNA vaccines are what need to be pulled from the market.

    Florida's Joseph Ladapo is the only surgeon general to stand up to the pharma regime by demanding a recall on the mRNA clot shots.

    State Employees Search Amos Miller Farm, Seize Property

    Three Pennsylvania State Troopers and seven other individuals spent several hours inside a building on Amos Miller’s Lancaster County farm while conducting a search on Jan. 4, 2024, eventually leaving with multiple coolers containing Miller’s property.

    Attempts were made by The Lancaster Patriot to enter the facility during the search, but a Pennsylvania State Trooper said, “we’re conducting a search warrant inside this building right now,” and told the reporter to leave the building until the search was completed.

    The search was conducted by employees of the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, with Pennsylvania State Police offering assistance as needed.

    A search warrant was issued on Jan. 3, 2024, by Magisterial District Judge B. Denise Commins and included an affidavit of probable cause completed by Sheri Morris, Acting Bureau Director of Food Safety with the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture.

    In the affidavit, Morris contends that Miller has not filed for applications from the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture “for registration, licensing, or permitting under the pertinent Retail Food Facility Safety Act, Food Safety Act, or Milk Sanitation Laws.”

    A report of seized property provided to Miller after the search was conducted listed 37 items, including sour cream, chocolate milk, ice cream, and eggnog.

    A notice affixed to a walk-in cooler door stated that the food in the cooler “has been detained by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture pursuant to Section 5726(a) of the Food Safety Act.” The notice states that the food “may be adulterated or misbranded and shall be detained.” The notice states that it is “unlawful to remove the food from the premises or to dispose of it without approval of the Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture.”

    Removal or disposal of “a detained or embargoed food article” is a criminal and civil offense.

    The cooler contains hundreds of items and represents a large portion of Miller’s products.

    Products in Amos Miller’s walk-in cooler put “under detention” by Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture.— Thomas Massie (@RepThomasMassie)

    Miller’s private buying club provides customers with sustainable alternatives to commercially produced food. In addition to serving customers who travel to his location, Miller also ships his products across the nation.

    “They [his customers] don’t trust the large corporations,” Miller told The Lancaster Patriot in 2022. “It’s not sustainable. For some reason the government keeps endorsing the large corporations, and it can cause big trouble.”

    Miller’s products include cheese, meat, eggs, and raw milk. His company website states that all food products “are only available to members who belong to our Private Association and are NOT available to the PUBLIC.” Miller’s products are not sold in grocery stores.

    Looks like Amos Miller’s farm is being raided.

    With all of the problems in society today, this is what the government wants to focus on?

    A man growing food for informed customers, without participating in the industrial meat/milk complex?

    It’s shameful that it’s come to this. 4, 2024

    U.S. Congressman Thomas Massie (R-Kentucky) shared a post from The Lancaster Patriot on X (the platform formerly known as Twitter) and commented in support of Miller.

    “Looks like Amos Miller’s farm is being raided,” Massie said. “With all of the problems in society today, this is what the government wants to focus on? A man growing food for informed customers, without participating in the industrial meat/milk complex? It’s shameful that it’s come to this.”

    The post on X has garnered over 745,000 views in less than six hours, with many comments in support of Miller and food freedom, noting that Miller’s buyers knowingly purchase his raw products and accept any associated risks.

    Miller’s attorney, Robert Barnes, released the following statement just hours after the search was conducted:

    “Today, the Department of Agriculture of the State of Pennsylvania suddenly came, without notice, raided Amos’ farm, and detained everything Amos had in the farm’s freezer. They did so in a lawless manner, without appropriate authority, in violation of their own rules and regulations, despite never objecting to the prior resolutions reached with the federal government, and despite a complete failure by the state to even reach out to Amos’ known counsel, Robert Barnes. The state’s own rules require advance notice, reasonable time frames for inspections, and a showing of credentials, none of which occurred here. Instead, the state unlawfully obtained a search warrant, based on materially false statements in an affidavit by a high-ranking state official in an agency with a known grievance against independent farmers like Amos, and, after the raid and finding no evidence of wrongdoing, then illegally ordered detained every item of food in one of Amos Miller’s coolers, including buffalo meat not even subject to federal regulation. The detention order is patently illegal under Pennsylvania law. Despite the constant harassment, Amos will continue to do all he legally can to provide the food his members deeply need. Amos thanks you for your continued support at this critical time for food freedom in America.”

  • Jimmy Django : Govmnt sponsored thuggery . . THEY CANT POISON US ALL WITH FARMERS LIKE AMOS IN BUSINESS . . This Abuse from the Govmnt must come to an end . .NEVER COMPLY ! Shapiro is with the DNA snatchers!!!
  • I love millers organic farm and their nutrient dense food. I purchase monthly of bi monthly. I support millers. Keep your gardens locked up… they are next.

  • Israel considers plan to resettle Palestinians in Africa – reports

    Washington has rejected plans for the resettlement as “inflammatory and irresponsible”

    JUST IN - President Trump Releases Summary of Election Fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election in the Swing States


    • Pennsylvania was called by 80,555 votes.

    • Months after the election, there were 121,240 more votes than voters, according to the Pennsylvania Department of State. By law, Pennsylvania cannot certify an election with this type of discrepancy.

    (Days before the election Governor Josh Shapiro guaranteed Biden would win. Shapiro claimed there was no election fraud without even checking! Now he's going after innocent farmers for trying to keep mRNA poison out of the food supply!)

    Cattlemen should oppose the mRNA vaccine. The risk is high for people and livestock

    Aviation emergencies up 386%. A 973% increase in heart failure in pilots

    It's the shots.

    Florida Surgeon General Calls For Immediate Halt Of mRNA Covid Jabs

    Florida's Joseph Ladapo was the first surgeon General to come out against the covid shots.

    Vaccines during pregnancy, a danger to mothers and babies. 28 out of 29 women lost their babies

    Canadian integrative physician Dr Chris Shoemaker reports on Pfizer’s trials, in which 28 out of 29 pregnant women lost their babies. Some 40 billion particles containing the mRNA spike protein are inoculated into people via the Covid jab. Conversely, in the polio vaccine, only 80 viral entities are required to produce an immune response. Too many viral particles are being injected in the Covid shots. Do not get these jabs; they damage the immune system!

    Widows suing Inland Empire hospitals for COVID-19 treatments involving Remdesivir

    Remdisivir was toxic and Fauci knew it. Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine were the correct prescription drugs that were withheld to allow the deadly shots.

    If you had a loved one die in the hospital related to covid: In PA contact Morgan and Morgan Law firm.

    DeWine received over $40,000 from children’s hospitals supporting sex change procedures

    (Time to check all hospital donations to politicians to get this stopped.)

    DeWine vetoed House Bill 68 on Friday, which would have prohibited doctors from prescribing puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones for minors and banned boys from competing in girls’ sports, just hours before the deadline. A review of donations from 2018 to 2023 found that the governor received $40,300 from the Ohio Children’s Hospital Association (OCHA), Cincinnati Children’s, Nationwide Children’s Hospital and ProMedica Children’s Hospital, all of whom support transgender medical care. 

    OCHA donated $10,000 to the Mike DeWine and Jon Husted Transition Fund on Dec. 28, 2018, and another $10,000 on Dec. 7, 2022, according to the report. A transition fund allows candidates to spend donations for “transition activities and inaugural celebrations,” according to Ohio’s campaign finance handbook.

    Cincinnati Children’s, an affiliate of OCHA, donated $300 on Dec. 15, 2022, to the fund and ProMedica, another affiliate of OCHA, also donated $10,000 in December 2018, according to the reports. Nationwide Children’s, a third affiliate with OCHA, donated $5,000 in December 2018 and another $5,000 in January 2023 to the transition fund.

    Russia, Iran and India Want to Bypass the Suez Canal Via the Persian Corridor 2.0

    (Just put these countries on the Gaza canal and railroad beautification committee. That way everyone has to cooperate and have world peace instead of war.)

    US rejects Gaza ethnic cleansing proposal

    A State Department spokesman insisted that the enclave “will remain Palestinian land”

    The US State Department condemned Israeli proposals to remove the Palestinian inhabitants of Gaza en masse in a post on X (formerly Twitter) on Tuesday.

    State Department spokesman Matthew Miller explicitly rejected recent comments from Israeli Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich and National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir supporting the mass deportation of Palestinians as “inflammatory and irresponsible.”

    Noting that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other members of his cabinet have denied that it was official government policy to resettle Gaza’s Palestinian inhabitants, Miller demanded the ministers back away from such rhetoric “immediately.”

    “Gaza is Palestinian land and will remain Palestinian land, with Hamas no longer in control of its future and no terror groups able to threaten Israel,” he continued.

    7th Ray Trumpet

     "A Septenary Universe"). These 7 Divine Principles are called The 7 Spirits before The Throne of God in the Christian Bible. All of the entirety of the universe, the sum-total of all life, may be considered as the direct creative extensions of these 7 Aspects of Manifest God. There is nothing in the entire universe that was not created out of the creative intentions of The 7 Divine Aspects.

    The 7 Cosmic Rays, if we may revert to that terminology, are The 7 Cosmic Forces which have emanated out of The Divine Beingness of The 7 Aspects for the purpose of creation and the conditioning of that creation in line with The Plan of God for this universe. The unique and divinely-inspired energies of these 7 Forces are called The 7 Rays by The Higher Ups.

    Herein lies the importance of the 7th Ray for Planet Earth. The New Golden Age in Aquarius, just off to the near horizon, will be constructed with the energies of this Ray, which will directly influence the character of the new civilization, the structure of the new institutions, the evolution of the human form, and the relationship of Humanity to Itself and all other Kingdoms of Nature. (If interested, click on "The New Golden Age On Earth".)

    IT’S HAPPENING! J6 Defendant Victoria White BRUTALIZED AND BEATEN By DC Police Officers Files LAWSUIT Against Police and SUES Republican Speaker Mike Johnson to Investigate January 6!

    Victoria Charity White is a peaceful protester that was brutally beaten to a bloody pulp by a D.C. police officer during the January 6th protest. Victoria was later arrested in a FBI raid on her home, and sentenced to jail time for “interfering with law enforcement officers during a civil disorder.”

    Victoria is now fighting back and suing the Capitol Police Officer that brutalized her mercilessly with his fists and a baton, causing her to black out and subsequent brain damage. White is also suing the Republican Speaker of the House Mike Johnson to investigate her beating and the police brutality that occurred on January 6th.

    Former FBI Agent:" Demand for White Sepremacy outstrips Supply"

    FBI creates white supremacy in order to justify their mission of stopping it. This is similar to how the ADL operates using anti semitism.

    DeWine received over $40,000 from children’s hospitals supporting sex change procedures

    A review of donations from 2018 to 2023 found that the governor received $40,300 from the Ohio Children’s Hospital Association (OCHA), Cincinnati Children’s, Nationwide Children’s Hospital and ProMedica Children’s Hospital, all of whom support transgender medical care. 

    OCHA donated $10,000 to the Mike DeWine and Jon Husted Transition Fund on Dec. 28, 2018, and another $10,000 on Dec. 7, 2022, according to the report. A transition fund allows candidates to spend donations for “transition activities and inaugural celebrations,” according to Ohio’s campaign finance handbook.

    Cincinnati Children’s, an affiliate of OCHA, donated $300 on Dec. 15, 2022, to the fund and ProMedica, another affiliate of OCHA, also donated $10,000 in December 2018, according to the reports. Nationwide Children’s, a third affiliate with OCHA, donated $5,000 in December 2018 and another $5,000 in January 2023 to the transition fund.

    Cattlemen should oppose the mRNA vaccine. The risk is high for people and livestock

    Dr Robert Malone, US scientist and inventor of mRNA vaccine technology speaks out, together with Dr Brooke Miller, former president of the United States Cattlemen’s Association. Dr Malone does not believe this technology is needed in the livestock sector, considering the high risks involved. Dr Miller reports that she has probably received more calls from the general public voicing their concern about this topic, than for any other issue. There is no denying that this technology is a massive risk to livestock. The advice Dr Malone is offering – as someone who understands this technology quite well – is for those involved to reject it, and “just say NO”.

    Trump Breaks With Ohio Gov. After Veto of Ban on Child Transgender Surgeries

    Ohio’s RINO Governor Who Vetoed Bill Blocking Sex-Changes For Children Took $40K From Pro-Trans Hospitals

    Dnepr Motorcycles are back with an electric version!

    Now that the ground war is winding down with the Dnepr river being the new border, Dnepr motorcycles have become revived. A clean environment theme with electric is in. Nuclear waste and bioweapons are out.  (Now that the Dnepr river is the new border, Kiev could manufacture a "Baptized by Vladimir" version to help Ukraine remember their heritage.)

    From Russia With Love ‖ Ural Sidecars Gear Up In Kazakhstan

    The original design was from WW2 German sidecars. In this video we see the 80th aniversary edition made in Khazakstan. These are still imported to Redmond WA.

    Edgar Cayce: Regarding Russia 

    What then of nations? In Russia there comes the hope of the world, not as that sometimes termed of the Communistic, of the Bolshevistic; no. But freedom, freedom! that each man will live for his fellow man! The principle has been born. It will take years for it to be crystallized, but out of Russia comes again the hope of the world. Guided by what? That friendship with the nation that hath even set on its present monetary unit "In God We Trust." (Do ye use that in thine own heart when you pay your just debts? Do ye use that in thy prayer when ye send thy missionaries to other lands? "I give it, for in God we trust"? Not for the other fifty cents either!) 

    Edgar Cayce did predict World War II, but the readings do not suggest that there will be a third World War. In 1935, he warned a 29-year-old freight agent of catastrophic events that were building within the international community: 

    …unless there is interference from what may be called by many the supernatural forces and influences, that are active in the affairs of nations and peoples, the whole world-as it were-will be set on fire by the militaristic groups and those that are "for" power and expansion in such associations...

    The readings rarely predicted specific future events, because they were given in response to specific questions. Additional information was not usually volunteered by the sleeping prophet. The future is still in flux. While Cayce's predictions were based on the current conditions, individuals could assert their will and change what might happen. The readings where Russia is mentioned do not mention an individual, a definite outcome, nor a timeframe. It is important to remember that all of us collectively, with our thoughts and actions, create the future. And as Cayce said, peace begins with self. 

    If ye would know peace and harmony, bring peace and harmony to the experience of another soul. (262-87)

    HAARETZ: Israel Is Planning an ‘Inland Suez Canal’ Across Its Desert. At What Cost?

    (Israel may be planning high speed rail and a canal to run through Gaza and along the Egyptian border. This would be a boon to shipping for three continents. Israel will have to allow international cooperation. Israel cannot hold the rest of the world hostage, risk WW3 and exterminate an entire race from it's homeland over a construction project.)

    Israel's planned high-speed train to Eilat: dream or potential environmental train wreck?

    Moshe Gilad Jan 17, 2023

    In theory, it sounds amazing: a high-speed train to Eilat, the country’s southernmost city on the shores of the Red Sea. This was attested to by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in his recent Knesset speech enumerating the new government’s goals, in which he described it as a major national project: “The mission is to develop the country’s infrastructures, including developing a high-speed rail that will travel hundreds of kilometers per hour.

    The Full Map: All Ships Attacked by Yemen's Houthis in the Red Sea

    Backed by Iran, Yemen's Houthis have targeted ships owned by Israelis or ones they determine are en route to Israel using cruise missiles, drones, and anti-ship ballistic missiles.

    Dwindling $2M missile stockpile vs. $2000 drones. This is the reality of defending Israel's genocidal construction project. This is the reason the US navy was chased out of the Red Sea.  Iran has thousands more drones and 20,000 Huthis ready to go. Israel has no defense for that and the US is running out of ammo for Israel's war in the Ukraine too. Time to make a fair canal/train deal, provide refugee relief and stop the war.

    Israel Is Building A $55 BILLION Canal Through Gaza!

    As tensions in Israel continue to grow, news about plans for a controversial megaproject that has been around for decades has resurfaced. Israel’s plans to build a new canal to rival the Suez Canal has come to light. Well, it just so happens that Gaza is in the middle of the proposed path for the major second canal in the region. Join us today as we uncover the staggering details of this megaproject and explore the motives behind its construction. 

    #megaprojects #construction #engineering 0:00 Intro 1:06 Importance of Suez Canal 2:18 Origins of Israel’s Canal 3:22 Suez Canal Vs. Ben Gurion Canal 5:23 Construction of the Canal 7:17 How Israel will benefit.

    Israel serves as a land bridge between three continents: Africa, Asia and Europe. It's the reason Jesus had his ministry based to the north of the Sea of Galilee because numerous travelers passed through there on their way to another continent. (Trump Heights is just 17 miles north of the Sea of Galilee in the Golan Heights. Alexander the Great had a place there too right on the 33rd parallel that also runs clear through Damascus around to Myrtle beach. This would be a good place for a hotel for weary canal travelers. Theme it like the third temple and maybe add a Greek restaurant and fountain.)

    The canal would free up a whole new trade route with shipable liquid natural gas from the Mediterranean as the means to provide energy and reduce pollution by 50% from coal in far away places like Africa and India.

    Ironically the Palestinians are the heirs to a vast source of wealth creation right where Jesus started his ministry! Hilarion came to this site hundreds of years later to claim it for Christ as did Melchizedek at Gaza's most famous archeological site. Saint Hilarion, (born c. ad 291, Tabatha, Palestine [near modern Gaza] monk and mystic who founded Christian monasticism in Palestine modeled after the Egyptian tradition.

    The Suez canal charges up to $750,000 per boat to pass the toll gate. The boats are currently backed up because the Houthis want to partner with the Palestinians in the glorious canal.  That's not counting the vast natural gas holdings off Gaza in the Mediterranean and the prospects of an LNG plant to ship clean energy to far away places. Netenyahu already booked the BP gas companies in the med. All the Palestinians need right now is a huge advance for the gas company so they can get a little food and water and a roof over their heads.

    Suez Canal Authority to Increase Transit Fees by 5-15% ...

    Fun travel possibilities:

    There is a controversy in Kerala India over whether Christianity originated there with Krishna or did it travel there with Saint Thomas on a boat from Syria. This travel route was brought up recently by Captain Vadakayil of India when he suggested Appolonius sailed from Kerala to Turkey to help spread Christianity. Regardless, the 7 churches of Saint Thomas in Kerala are linked to the original Christians of Syria. These two sites should definitely develop a tourism plan together with the Gaza tourism commission.  

    Seven Churches established by St. Thomas

    It mentions the arrival of St. Thomas at Malayattoor, his baptizing of 220 persons, and then his tour to Palayoor, Malyankara, Kottakkal, Gokkamangalam and Kollam. He stayed at these places for a year, established churches, and then reached Chayal Mala. The churches were set up close to places on navigable trade routes. Subsequently, Christians stayed in groups and established markets in these places.

    St.Thomas baptized the ruler of Kodungaloor, his family, and 40 Jews (Bernard, C.F., Mar Thoma Christians). It was at Kodungalloor that St.Thomas first preached the gospel and established the first church. Kodungalloor was also the site of the first churches of the Jews and of the Muslims. The places mentioned as Muyirikode and Singli in the copper plates of the Jews were also in Kodungalloor.


    Look at Machu Piccu mountain sideways and you see Ahura Mazda's profile.

    Alchemy and Generating Lifeforce —Global Temples Made in the Shape of Lingams: Shaivite Bull Cult Part II

    What does Stonehenge, Mount Kilash, and Gobekli Tepi have in common? A Lingam shape. (eye of the Taurus bull star).

    Because it is bright and prominent, ancient Persians honored Aldebaran one of the Four Royal Stars, the other three being Regulus, Antares and Fomalhaut. The name Aldebaran is from the Arabic for the follower, presumably as a hunter following prey, which was likely the star cluster we call the Pleiades.

    Some of the first lingams of the Shaivite-Bull Cult were those created by nature, such as the abundant rock lingams formed by the flowing water of the sacred Narmada River of India. The greatest of natural lingams were mountains in the form of lingams, which includes Mount Kailash in Tibet and Arunachala Mountain in Tiruvannamalai, India. These are special places where great power is generated in the form of lifeforce that can be used for spiritual transformation.

    The Lingam of Mount Kailash

    In order to generate the power of the lingam in and around their sacred enclosures, the members of the Shiavite-Bull Cult designed many of their temples in the form of lingams. This lingam architecture could be found among the Hindus, the Yezidis, the Babylonians, and the Celts.

    The lingam temple of Gobekli Tepe, an ancient home of the Yezidis in southern Turkey

    The lingam power generated in the temples of the Shaivite-Bull Cult in India were designed to generate alchemy and thereby activate the inner evolutionary force of Kundalini in order to assist worshippers to unite with their deity. 

    A typical lingam-shaped temple of India

    The lingam temples of Britain may have been constructed by pre-Celtic people that originated in lands where the Shaivite-Bull Cult was flourishing. According to one legend, some of the first settlers in Glastonbury in England were a group of Druids known as the Pheryllt, or “Alchemists.”

    Legends say that the Pheryllt arrived in Britain from either Turkey or Sri Lanka along with Hu Gadarn, the Welsh-culture hero who was associated with – and could have been an embodiment of - the Horned Bull God. It could have been the Pheryllt Druids who built two of the lingam-shaped temples in Britain, Stonehenge and Glastonbury Tor. 

    The lingam shape of England’s Glastonbury Tor

    Stonehenge is built in the shape of a lingam.

    The lingam shape of the Shaivite-Bull Cult’s temples naturally engendered alchemy by uniting the male and female principles. This is one reason that King Solomon – who was reputed to be a great alchemist – designed his temple in the shape of a lingam. By uniting the polar opposite male/female principles, Solomon also generated the presence of androgynous YHVH.

    Senate border negotiations. ‘We are working on specific language.’

    Just send refrigerated organ harvesting trucks to the border and it will be more of a deterrant than building a wall. 

    From Green Man to Bull Son, The Universal Shaivite Bull Cult – Part I

    In ancient times a new culture suddenly exploded across the vast terrain of Asia, Europe and Africa that was an evolution of the primeval Goddess Culture of the Neolithic Age that had previously existed for many thousands of years. That earlier agrarian, nature-worshipping culture had featured the Earth Goddess and Her Son, the Green Man, who was annually born as all the new forms of nature in the spring and then died with the falling leaves and rotting plants each autumn. Observation of the seven stars of the Pleiades was an essential part of this early Nature Religion; their rise in the spring and their descent in autumn divided the year into two parts and corresponded closely to the life and death cycle of the Green Man.

    When the new culture arrived, the Green Man acquired horns, and he became intimately associated with the virile bull. The Pleiades has also acquired bovine associations and became part of the Zodiacal sign of the Bull Son, Taurus. A new complete culture, known as the Bull Cult had emerged. Also referred to as the primeval Shaivite Culture because its underpinnings closely resembled what would later become the modern Shaivite Culture in India, this new cult quickly became a universal religion and succeeded in uniting the Asian, European, and African peoples known as the Babylonians, Greeks, Egyptians, Celts, Persians, Anatolians and more.

    Sacrificed Bulls of Ramses II Excavated in Abydos Temple

    This might be a cheap ploy by wall street to boost the market.

    A November 2019 Ancient Origins article described Abydos as having a “special place” in the sacred landscape of ancient Egypt, and it was an important cult center for Osiris where myths say the supreme god was buried.

    Remembering Lemuria

    by Mariah-Crooked Arrow

    The Lemurians were a peaceful people, vegetarians, who lived the law of one, service, and harmony with all life. The ancient Lemurians, used their mastery of energy, crystals, sound and vibrations for healing. They also used the crystals to produce energy and were able to manufacture ships for travel using those energies. All the inhabitants of the Earth at that time considered Lemuria, their Motherland, and there was much weeping on Earth at the time of its destruction; destroyed by earthquakes generated by a pole shift.

    The highly evolved citizens of Lemuria were healers, sages, mystics, teachers, dreamers and leaders. They spent their days working quietly for the awakening of humankind and for the evolvement of universal peace. They moved easily between dimensions, meditated without pause, loved, laughed, played and worked. And they set a plan in motion to be available to mankind – even all these millennia later – to assist in this next great transformational shift which we are all experiencing today.

    The Lemurians

    The original Lemurians came from the stars and other planets. They kept telepathic connection to their home planets through special crystals placed on their third eye. They were clairvoyant seers, healers, sages, mystics, teachers, dreamers and oracles. The healers did healing and sound work. The elder teachers taught in schools of healing how to work with these energies using sound, light and crystals so that new healers would be available for the population. Children were also shown from a young age how to use energy wisely, E.S.P., and how to live in harmony with nature and Gaia. The Lemurians understood that Gaia was a living entity and that it was important to keep their vibrations in harmony and balance with the planet. These teachings were given in the crystal temples. Lemuria was a non-power oriented society. They came to Gaia or Mother Earth to gain a new experience as Gaia was a very different planet to their planets of origin.

    According to Churchward, much of the Mu civilization lived in homes with transparent roofs. They were free from stress and disease, lived to be hundreds of years old, developed their E.S.P. abilities through nearly 40,000 years of societal practice and experimentation. With that many centuries of evolution, Mu gained a reputation of telepathy, astral travel and teleportation . . . making land vehicles unnecessary.

    Lemurians lived in what we would call today a tropical paradise. They were primarily socially a vegetarian, agricultural, outdoor, organic culture that worked in harmony with nature and the land, having little use for scientific technology. They lived in harmony with all the land and did their best not to disrupt the balance of Mother Nature. Lemurians understood the importance of the five elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Ether; therefore working with them as an integral part of living.

    Before the Lemurian continent sank, the priests and priestesses of these Temples were warned of coming cataclysmic changes. This is why many Lemurians were able to prepare beforehand and that is why some were able to survive and take their knowledge with them. Those that were not able to leave stayed with the Temples. They volunteered to stay so that they could help to counteract the fear, which always comes with cataclysmic change. When Lemuria was destroyed, its people became the Tibetans, the Eskimos, the Mayans and the Native Americans. They became Sacred Record Keepers through oral tradition.

    The original Lemurian Crystals were brought from their home planets to Gaia, Mother Earth, by the first Lemurian Elders. Within them was the knowledge of the stars from which they originated. These crystals were of the highest vibrational frequencies and were in the care of the Elders, The Keepers of the Light.

    Don Jr. Floats Alex Jones for Trump Press Secretary

    Don Jr. was answering questions on his Triggered podcast Thursday about possible candidates for Trump’s Cabinet when Alex Jones was brought up as a means to push back against the hostile fake news propagandists.

    Trump Heights Holds the High Ground

    What happened in Golan Heights in the Bible? Throughout the Biblical period, the Golan was "the focus of a power struggle between the kings of Israel and the Aramaeans who were based near modern-day Damascus." After Assyrian and Babylonian rule, the region came under the domination of Persia, and later under the control of Alexander the Great in 332 BCE. (See the paralells with the 33rd degree? Real estate is all about location. Trump is the modern day Cyrus of real estate. He lets the locals run it.)

    Alien Gods in the Bible, Gog & Magog War & arrival of the City of Jerusalem With Ella Bain

    Ella LeBain began experiencing alien abductions at two years of age and has since developed a life-long interest in studying UFOs, extraterrestrials, and ancient texts. In 1979, in Israel’s Negev Desert, she had contact with a celestial being who appeared to materialize out of the sun to meet with her, who called himself the Messiah. LeBain believes the being was Yeshua (aka Jesus), which led to her excommunication by her Jewish family. In 2010, she had a Near Death Experience, where Yeshua again appeared to her and told her to complete ‘his’ books. Soon after, she completed the first in a five-volume non-fiction book series entitled: “Who's Who in The Cosmic Zoo? A Guide to ETs, Aliens, Exoplanets & Space Controversies.”

    In her first interview on Exopolitics Today, LeBain compares Hebrew biblical texts and Sumerian cuneiform texts regarding the creation of humanity, human sacrifice, giants, and a council of gods/extraterrestrials associated with the rulership of humanity. She believes that the Sumerian deity Enlil and Draconian Reptilians are associated with the advocacy of human/animal sacrifice in the Bible and also in establishing the Islamic religion. She asserts that there is a supreme being presiding over a Council of 24 Elders governing extraterrestrial actions on Earth. LeBain asserts that the current unfolding conflict in the Middle East is a fulfillment of biblical prophesy concerning a devastating End Times war where Israel is attacked by an alliance of neighboring countries associated with ancient territories called “Gog and Magog”, even if the war is being contrived by Deep State actors.

    She asserts that after undergoing the Gog and Magog war(s), where up to 2/3 of Israel’s population is lost, an extraterrestrial mothership called the City of Jerusalem will appear that is closely associated with a similar mothership that established the Atlantean civilization. Thus, it will usher in an era of peace and a new golden age for humanity according to LeBain. Ella LeBain’s website is

    DoD settles COVID vaccine mandate lawsuits for $1.8 million

    Two lawsuits filed by service members challenging the Defense Department’s now-defunct COVID-19 vaccine mandate have ended in a settlement, according to an agreement filed Tuesday in a Florida federal court.

    A judge awarded Liberty Counsel, the firm representing plaintiffs in Navy SEALs 1-26 v. Biden and Colonel Financial Management Officer, et al. v. Austin, $1.8 million to cover legal fees incurred during the cases, which were filed following Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s fall 2021 announcement that the COVID-19 vaccine would become mandatory for all troops.

    NUREMBERG CODE: Unlawful for any government or organization to
    force any person into a biological experiment without their consent (Video)

    There’s a LONG list of Doctors who explain clearly why Covid vaccines aren’t safe or effective.

    1. Dr. Nancy Banks –
    2. Dr. Russell Blaylock –
    3. Dr. Shiv Chopra –
    4. Dr. Sherri Tenpenny –
    5. Dr. Suzanne Humphries –
    6. Dr. Larry Palevsky –
    7. Dr. Toni Bark –
    8. Dr. Andrew Wakefield –
    9. Dr. Meryl Nass –
    10. Dr. Raymond Obomsawin –
    11. Dr. Ghislaine Lanctot –
    12. Dr. Robert Rowen –
    13. Dr. David Ayoub –
    14. Dr. Boyd Haley PhD –
    15. Dr. Rashid Buttar –
    16. Dr. Roby Mitchell –
    17. Dr. Ken Stoller –
    18. Dr. Mayer Eisenstein –
    19. Dr. Frank Engley, PhD –
    20. Dr. David Davis –
    21. Dr Tetyana Obukhanych –
    22. Dr. Harold E Buttram –
    23. Dr. Kelly Brogan –
    24. Dr. RC Tent –
    25. Dr. Rebecca Carley –
    26. Dr. Andrew Moulden –
    27. Dr. Jack Wolfson –
    28. Dr. Michael Elice –
    29. Dr. Terry Wahls –
    30. Dr. Stephanie Seneff –
    31. Dr. Paul Thomas –
    32. Many doctors talking at once –
    33. Dr. Richard Moskowitz – censored
    34. Dr. Jane Orient –
    35. Dr. Richard Deth –
    36. Dr. Lucija Tomljenovic –
    37. Dr Chris Shaw –
    38. Dr. Susan McCreadie –
    39. Dr. Mary Ann Block –
    40. Dr. David Brownstein –
    41. Dr. Jayne Donegan –
    42. Dr. Troy Ross – censored
    43. Dr. Philip Incao –
    44. Dr. Joseph Mercola –
    45. Dr. Jeff Bradstreet –
    46. Dr. Robert Mendelson –
    47. Dr Theresa Deisher
    48. Dr. Sam Eggertsen-

    Hundreds more doctors testifying that vaccines aren’t safe or effective,
    in these documentaries….

    1. Vaccination – The Silent Epidemic –
    2. The Greater Good –
    3. Shots In The Dark –
    4. Vaccination The Hidden Truth –
    5. Vaccine Nation –
    6. Vaccination – The Truth About Vaccines –
    7. Lethal Injection –
    8. Bought –
    9. Deadly Immunity –
    10. Autism – Made in the USA –
    11. Beyond Treason –
    12. Trace Amounts –
    13. Why We Don’t Vaccinate –

    Reasons to make January 6th a national holiday

    Many Christians around the world annually celebrate Epiphany on January 6. It is a public holiday in many countries and marks two events in Jesus Christ’s life, according to the Christian Bible. The first event was when the three wise men, or kings, visited infant Jesus. The second event was when St John the Baptist baptized Jesus.

    January 6th should also be remembered for when America's greatest patriots went to Washington DC to peacefully protest a stolen election by foreign and domestic enemies of the constitution. Those political prisoners still being held without constitutional rights should be generously compensated for their sacrifice for the rest of their lives once the Republic is restored.

    Texas Becomes First State To Potentially Outlaw Chemtrails reports: The petition states: “We, the undersigned, are concerned Texas citizens who demand our State Legislators pass legislation to protect our families, pets, crops, water and environment from any and all negative side effects of County, State, Federal, Military, as well as any corporation, NGO or non-profit organization spraying of our sky.”

    Weather Modification - Regulating Rain Making: PA Legislature

    Act of January 19, 1967

    Enforcement.--In order to enforce the provisions
    of this act, the Pennsylvania State Police shall, on request
    of the board, assign at least one trooper and one investigator
    to an area where unlawful cloud seeding is suspected. If such
    police request the same, the Pennsylvania Aeronautics Commission
    shall assign an airplane and pilot. Air samples shall be taken
    by the Pennsylvania Air Pollution Commission if requested by
    the State Police of the board. For such enforcement purposes,
    the State Department of Health shall furnish such technical
    services as the board may request.

    Jan 19, 2023 — --(a) Nothing contained in this act shall authorize any person to carry out a cloud seeding operation from Pennsylvania to seed in another state ...

    Accuweather, State College regarding airplane trails: We can guarantee they’re not some sort of secret spraying program by the government;)

    Can scientists really make it rain?

    By John Roach, AccuWeather staff writer

    “The research shows that cloud seeding can enhance certain types of rainfall up to 10 percent when it is already going to rain,” said AccuWeather Founder and CEO Dr. Joel N. Myers. “If there are no clouds, you are not going to get any rain. And if you seed the clouds but they would not produce rain anyway because they are not thick enough or do not have enough liquid water in them, cloud seeding will not work.”

    Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson Begs Biden for Assistance With Illegal Border Crossers: ‘Entire Country is Now at Stake’ (VIDEO)

    In this case, Brandon deserves the full support of the country.

    Alcyon Pleiades Special 51: Jesus’ childhood-youth, Harassment, War, Christianity, Cancel Christmas

    A commonly shared feeling amongst people rooted in the Christian tradition is that stories of the Christ Child’s birth and the celebration of Christmas constitutes a holiday for the heart. We let ourselves be transported back to the world of childhood, back to the innocence and simplicity of this magical time of year. However, vested interests, wars and concern over our survival strive to drown out this yearning, and prevent the expression of the eternal child each one of us carries inside our heart.
    Even before the birth of the Child of Bethlehem, forces opposing the light did all they could to prevent Christ from coming into this world so that He could fulfil His mission. Although Herod the Great committed a ruthless massacre of innocent children, the Child Jesus was saved, thanks to His divine protection. It should be noted, however, that many innocent children are also being sacrificed, right now, through wars and the vaccines. Kids are also being indoctrinated, so that they will lose their innocence.
    In fact, today, those same dark forces want to destroy the beautiful tradition of celebrating Christmas. On some level, this is an attack on Christianity and an attempt to destroy people’s spirituality. For this reason, several countries are cancelling their traditional Christmas markets and other festivities typical of this season of joy and good cheer. Let us fight to feel the warmth of Christmas in our hearts, without any fear or shame. They will not take that away from us. Let’s wish our fellow human beings a Happy Christmas!

    What holiday is celebrated on  January 6th?

    Epiphany is observed on January 6 by Roman Catholics, Lutherans, Anglicans, and Christians of other Western traditions. Eastern traditions that follow the Julian calendar rather than the Gregorian calendar celebrate Epiphany on January 19, since their Christmas Eve falls on January 6.

    Seven Ray Institute / University of the Seven Rays

    The three organizations—the University of the Seven Rays, the Morya Federation, and Seven Ray Institute—work in the closest cooperation to propagate the Ageless Wisdom and bring its Light, Love and Power more pervasively into the consciousness of humanity. These organizations are in the nature of bridges towards a future in which the true, new esoteric schools will be established. Humanity must come to understand the Divine Plan as the Ageless Wisdom presents it. Thus, will humanity be guided aright and the way prepared for the Externalization of the Hierarchy and the Reappearance of the Christ –the two most important imminent spiritual Events upon our planet. The University of the Seven Rays, the Morya Federation, and Seven Ray Institute seek to do their utmost to help “prepare the way” for humanity’s ever-closer approach to the Spiritual Hierarchy of our planet to the end that the Kingdom of Souls may at last manifest upon the Earth.

    President Abbas of Palestinian Authority Told: Resign or no more Aid Money

    Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have reportedly told the President of Palestine, Mahmoud Abbas, that he must resign as President and Dissolve the current Government in order to Appoint a Saudi and UAE-Approved Government, or else they will Halt all further Financial Aid to the Palestinian Territories.

    Israel's $500 Billion Gaza Gas Grab: John-Hamiliton

    A simple change from polarized war to partnership and cooperation among all sides is all that's needed to unlock the abundance. Israel better negotiate now or there's 20,000 Houthis and a million others surrounding Israel ready to reduce their share to nothing.

    Israel serves as a land bridge between three continents: Africa, Asia and Europe. It's the reason Jesus had his ministry based to the north of the Sea of Galilee because numerous travelers passed through there on their way to another continent. (Trump Heights is just 17 miles north of the Sea of Galilee in the Golan Heights. Constantine the Great had a place there too right on the 33rd paralell that also runs through Damascus. This would be a good place for a hotel for weary canal travelers. Theme it like the third temple and maybe add a greek restaurant and fountain.)

    The canal would free up a whole new trade route with shipable liquid natural gas from the Medeterranean as the means to provide energy and reduce pollution by 50% from coal in far away places like Africa and India. Israel and Hamas need to be defanged and forced to cooperate with the civilized world ending the tribulation.

    Ironically the Palestinians are heirs to a vast source of wealth creation right where Jesus started his ministry! Especially if you consider the Suez canal charges up to $750,000 per boat to pass the toll gate. That's not counting the vast natural gas holdings off Gaza in the Mediterranean and the prospects of an LNG plant to ship clean energy to far away places.

    Suez Canal Authority to Increase Transit Fees by 5-15% ...

    Fun travel possibilities:

    There is a controversy in Kerala India over whether Christianity originated here with Krishna or did it travel here with Saint Thomas on a boat from Syria. This travel route was brought up recently by Captain Vakakayil of India when he suggested Appolonius sailed from Keralla to Turkey to help spread Christianity. Regardless, the 7 churches of Saint Thomas in Kerala are linked to the original Christians of Syria. These two sites should definitely develop a tourism plan together with the Gaza tourism commission.  

    Seven Churches established by St. Thomas

    It mentions the arrival of St. Thomas at Malayattoor, his baptizing of 220 persons, and then his tour to Palayoor, Malyankara, Kottakkal, Gokkamangalam and Kollam. He stayed at these places for a year, established churches, and then reached Chayal Mala. The churches were set up close to places on navigable trade routes. Subsequently, Christians stayed in groups and established markets in these places.

    St.Thomas baptized the ruler of Kodungaloor, his family, and 40 Jews (Bernard, C.F., Mar Thoma Christians). It was at Kodungalloor that St.Thomas first preached the gospel and established the first church. Kodungalloor was also the site of the first churches of the Jews and of the Muslims. The places mentioned as Muyirikode and Singli in the copper plates of the Jews were also in Kodungalloor.

    Ukraine needs ‘plan B’ – ex-PM

    Ukraine needs to recover from Bolshevism like Russia did. Testing biological weapons on the world's population and neglecting nuclear plants was not good future planning. Instead, partner with Russia making WW2 era Dneipr sidecar motorcycles for recreational and practical purposes. Like Urals They can haul 600 lbs. Then sponsor a sidecar tour of Orthodox cathedrals as far as the Ural mountains and Belarus, spreading good cheer and economic development.  Ural motorcycle company has since moved to Khazakstan due to the boycots.

    Christmas in Bethlehem canceled due to Israel-Hamas war

    What would Jesus do? Get statehood and a fair canal deal for the Palestinians!

    In Haifa, Israel sells Palestinian homes as luxury real estate

    Only a few signs of Palestinian life remain in Haifa 75 years on from the Nakba, and they are disappearing.

    Almost all of the historic centre of the town was destroyed. Today, it is a modern square of Israeli governmental and commercial buildings and a large parking lot.

    Gaza City archives among heritage sites destroyed

    The Tell Umm 'Amr (or Monastery) of Saint Hilarion in the middle area of the Gaza Strip and the Mukheitim (or Byzantine Church) in Jabalia are two sites of great importance in the chronology of history between paganism, Christianity and Islam.

    This could be restored to attract tourism and give the LNG workers a place to hang out.

    According to the Ministry of Tourism in Gaza, the Saint Hilarion Monastery in 2016 was in dire need of preservation. Current preservation efforts are plagued by war and conflict in the region, as well as a shortage of materials and equipment needed for excavation. The site was included on the 2012 World Monuments Watch and classified as "Rescue Needed" by Global Heritage Network.

    Just get an advance from the gas company that did Mauratania's install and Gazan's are rich! They could line the canal with farms the whole way to the Red Sea, build new communities and have cash flow from ship traffic, a new seaport, new beaches, natural gas rights and the monthly lease for the LNG plant. Give the Houthi's 1% to enhance security and it's off to the Golden Age! If Israel doesn't negotiate, they could lose it all.

    Al Khidr Monastery:

    The site contains the ruins of the monastery of Saint Hilarion (born in 291 AD), which consists of two churches, a burial site, a baptism hall, a public ...

    In the Holy Land, the Green Man is revered by Muslims, Jews, and Christians alike, conflated not just as al-Khidr and St George, but also as the Prophet Elijah. 

    Of his many tombs, the most likely one to contain an actual body is thought to be in Lod or Lydd, where the Crusader Church of Saint George was built atop an earlier Byzantine one, alongside the mosque of al-Khidr. 

    At Bait Jala near Bethlehem, a shrine is believed by Christians to be the birthplace of St George, and by Hebrews to be the burial place of Elijah. William Dalrymple, in his book From the Holy Mountain, also came across this kind of syncretism and fluidity between religions in the Holy Land.

    Having navigated the fifth and final zigzag, with smiling lions and sad lions carved into the stone walls, seen as having magical powers and protecting against evil, I emerged into the sunlight of the open citadel summit. 

    These are exactly the properties with which the Green Man is credited today, in his many revivals in garden furniture and ornaments of the 21st century - the same powers with which he was credited in England from the Middle Ages onwards.


    The Sufis called him Al-Khidir, the Christians called him Saint George and the Hebrews called him Melchizedek where the Abrahamic religions meet up on the mystical side of life.

    'Israel' receives 244 US cargo planes And 20
    Shiploads of US military equipment - Planned
    Disarming Of American Military Continues

    Christian leader calls for ‘extraordinary’ demographic measures

    (This applies to the USA also.)

    Russia must take “extraordinary and effective measures” to fix its demographic situation, the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Kirill of Moscow, has said.

    Speaking during an annual Eparchial meeting in Moscow earlier this week, the Patriarch described boosting the country’s birth rates as an “imperative” for its survival. 

    “The well-being of the family, this small Church, and the proliferation of our people is an absolute imperative for the survival of our Fatherland,” Patriarch Kirill stated in his speech, which was carried by the Russian Orthodox Church press service.

    “I’ll put it straight: if extraordinary and effective measures are not taken, then not during the lifetime of this generation, but during the next generations already, Russia may cease to be a great power, which means a potential loss of territories and, possibly, its disappearance as a single country,” he added.

    The Patriarch reflected on the exhortation he made last year to ensure protection of family values through various means, including meaningful economic support of parents with children. Thus far, little progress on that path has been made, he admitted.

    READ MORE: Russian church leader speaks out against immigration

    “Unfortunately, I cannot say that anything has changed drastically in this aspect over the past year, although we do hear about some progress. I hope that the announcement [by Russian President Vladimir Putin] of next year as the Year of the Family will serve to seriously change the situation,” Kirill stressed.

    The patriarch criticized the “multifold disproportion” of support enjoyed by families with foster children and with those sired themselves. “Perhaps, if the blood families whose children end up in orphanages received at least a small share of the funds allocated for the care of these children in orphanages, then these children would not be left without parental care,” he suggested. 

    At the same time, the Patriarch warned against attracting more migrants into the country, which some might see as a quick way to alleviate the demographics issues. Should the current immigration trends continue, the country might ultimately lose its identity, he warned. 

    “The situation has worsened compared to last year,” the patriarch said. “The desire to obtain cheap labor for the sake of mainly short-term economic benefits should not attract to our motherland a huge number of people belonging to a different culture, who often do not speak Russian and have no respect for Russia and the peoples who live here,” he added.

    Faithful Americans Must Demand a Change of Venue for January 6 Defendants

    Change of Venue for January 6th Defendants Must Be Granted-
    Fifty Years of Case Law Destroyed by Data Science & Psychology.

    The right to a fair trial before a jury of peers is a crucial component of Constitutional due process rights in America. While most of America recognizes January 6th defendants cannot find such a thing in the District of Columbia, no one has been able to definitively prove it in court to secure a change of venue.

    (None of them have received a fair trial. The whitehats may have to do a storming of the Bastile type operation if the political prisoners cannot be moved out of KM/Chicom DC.)

    A Ron Paul Family Christmas

    The tree is up and so are the decorations. Ron and Carol Paul invite the Liberty Report into their home to talk about what makes Christmas special to the ever-growing Paul family that will soon join them for the holiday...

    Dr. Rand Paul Releases 2023 ‘Festivus’ Report on Government Waste

    WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, U.S. Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), Ranking Member of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, released his 2023 “Festivus” Report, totaling ~$900,000,000,000 in government waste.

    This marks Dr. Paul’s ninth edition of the Festivus Report as he continues working to alert the American people to how their federal government uses their hard-earned money.

    Some of the highlights include the National Institutes of Health spending a portion of a $2.7 million grant to study Russian cats walking on a treadmill and Barbies used as proof of ID for receiving COVID Paycheck Protection Program funds. The Department of Defense ruined over $169 million worth of military equipment by leaving it outside, the United States Agency for International Development spent $6 million to promote tourism in Egypt, and the Small Business Administration gave ‘struggling’ music artists like Post Malone, Chris Brown, and Lil Wayne over $200 million.

    You can find Dr. Paul’s 2023 Festivus Report HERE.

    Daniel's 70th Week

    And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars.

    Revelation 12:1

    The tribulation started on 9/23/2017 with "the woman clothed with the sun" and will end 9/23/2024 right before the next presidential election! Only 9 months to go!

    Godlessness in the Last Days. Sound familiar?

    But understand this, that in the last days there will come times of difficulty. For people will be lovers of self, lovers of money, proud, arrogant, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, heartless, unappeasable, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not loving good, 4 treacherous, reckless, swollen with conceit, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, having the appearance of godliness, but denying its power. Avoid such people.

    The mRNA Vaccines tried to change DNA by adding an extra 666 to the YHVH code but it didn't work

    (This was the intended desolation of Obomanation.)

    Angelic human DNA expresses itself through a cellular alphabet which arranges itself into word patterns which exhibit the same kind of numerical model that is found in many written languages.

    The angelic human race was originally created with a 12 strand DNA template, 12 sets of 2 strands, a double helix formed from two complementary strands of nucleotides that are held together by bonds made between the bases. The corrected diamond sun template holds the blueprint of the chemical DNA chains that form into the father-male and mother- female genetic pairing base for building the correct sequence of chromosomes, for a total of 144 chromosomes.

    The Belial group collective entity run by the cruel warring patriarch and misogynist Father Anu packaged himself as Yahweh, while another cloned brother Enlil was masquerading as Jehovah, and together the duo demanded they be worshipped by earthlings under penalty of fire and brimstone. Thus, they ushered in the ongoing archontic deception strategies intending to orchestrate the complete mind control enslavement of humanity, along with the well thought out plan for the colonization of planet Earth as their conquered territory and slave farm.

    When these False Alien Gods waged their Luciferian Rebellion and subsequent invasion strategies of conquering planet Earth, these self-anointed Gods got to work on devising the various alien hybridization programs filled with genetic experimentation, social engineering and religious mind control methods to generate consciousness slaves on Earth.

    However, with recent planetary activations, the base 12 frequency fire letter upgrades and re-encrypted elementals are for generating a total of twelve nucleotide chemicals per each DNA Strand. Spiritual activations will begin to open conduits for protein synthesis for building corrected nucleotide base pairs that will begin activating the non-coding genes into actively coding genes. We learn that the missing gender pairs and chromosomes are critical for activating the corrected gene coding sequences for building the proteins we require to activate the dormant DNA.

    Beloved Christos family, dark forces and shadows will continue to agitate us through our energetic weaknesses.

    The more clarity we have developed within, the more authentic we become and the stronger our energetic aura, which makes it easier to repel dark forces while we navigate the dense fog of spiritual warfare. 

    May we gather together in Perfect Peace and allow our Loving hearts to lead the way forward. May peace be with your heart, mind and body during these chaotic and challenging times.

    (This end time story is encoded in the Dead Sea Scrolls 11Q13 with the story of Melchizedek and his Angels of light defeating Belial of darkness. (Biden represents Belial group that goes out. Enter the last Trump.)

    The Obama Nation of Desolation: How America Turned from God and Lost its Way Paperback – March 19, 2011

    by Mel Chezidek (Author)


    The Unknown Nazarene

    by James Oliver Cyr, M.D.

    I want to reveal much that was previously not known or was intentionally hidden about the life of The One Who is called Jesus. This is not a work of fiction, and some of the revelatory information comes from that Teacher in The Spiritual Hierarchy for Planet Earth Who is known as Hilarion (for related teachings by Hilarion, see publications by Marcus Books). Hilarion is a Sixth Level Initiate, and as Lord of the Fifth Ray His responsibilities include the overseeing of all scientific and technological developements on the planet, the evolution and advancement of all the healing arts, and the perfecting of the mental side of the triangle of being for Humanity. The Fifth Ray Brotherhood of Truth are under His direction, and revelatory teachings which are always guided by truth have been given to Humankind for centuries by this Ascended Master. One of Hilarion's lifetimes was as the Great Apostle, Saint Paul (Saul of Tarsus), and He desires to set the record straight, a record that became greatly distorted and confused down through the centuries of darkness and ignorance in Western Civilization.

    Before I begin to elaborate on what various Ascended Masters have had to say about Their Beloved Brother, Master Jesus, I want to say that, personally speaking, I have a tremendous love for Jesus myself and for His incomparable teachings. It is because of that love and a deep-seated prompting from the depths of me that I want to set the record straight myself with the help of what I've learned from Djwhal Khul, Hilarion, and a few Others. It's really all about exposing the truth with regards to the single greatest influence in the history of Western Civilization, That One Who walked the Earth as The Way-shower for the Piscean Age, Jehoshuah Ben Yussef, come to be known as Jesus.

    Every 2,000 years in accordance with the Law of Cycles as applied to Planet Earth, there comes forth from The Spiritual Hierarchy (also called The Great White Brotherhood) an Avatar Who has come to set the example and be a demonstration of the exemplary life to which all may turn for the next astrological age which is roughly 2000 years. That Avatar is called The Way-shower, and the most recent one came at the outset of the Piscean Age, which is symbolized by the fishes. It is an event of great planning, and many of The Initiates and Adepts in The Hierarchy are Participants in that evolutionary thrust of The White Brotherhood. All of these Wayshowers have volunteered to come with the intention of moving Humanity up onto the next rung of the ladder of spiritual progress.

    The name of The Lofty One Who incarnated as Jesus is (and was) Sananda, Who has had many other lifetimes on this planet as have had all of The Ascended Masters. Jehoshuah may have been the greatest of those incarnations but still only one of the lives of Sananda, and I will reveal more of those later in the piece. According to the rules governing Avatars in this particular solar system, They must be born into the world in the usual way, being fully human in their make-up, and this was, indeed, the case for Jesus.

    This was a concerted effort on the part of The Hierarchy, and all those in the immediate circle of Jesus were Initiates of one degree or another. His Mother, Mary, had been prepared for many lifetimes for the influential and important role that She would play. Joseph, his Father, was an embodiment of that Ascended Master Saint Germain (also referred to as Master Rakoczi). The purity of their consciousness and the refined nature of their energy fields were essential in the home environment in which He would be raised. All of the twelve that He later selected and who were called the Apostles were Initiates, and all of His closest family and inner circle were Initiates, including the Mary who was called the Magdalene. Throughout His life, they collectively provided a spiritually-charged force-field of support and nurturance and focused will for the Mission of The Brotherhood, of which He was the focal point.

    At a certain tender age, He was taken to the Essene Mystery School where His formal teaching would be supervised by the high-level Initiates among the Essene Brotherhood. Nothing would be left to chance in His upbringing, and consequently He was sent to the most spiritually-enlightened school in that part of the world. The sect called the Essenes carried the torch of enlightenment for The White Brotherhood, and their Mystery School was a School of Initiation. Both Mary and Joseph had studied and lived with the Essenes as had John the Beloved (Kuthumi incarnation) and John the Baptist and most of Jesus' family. His primary early influence was from the master teachers among the Essenes who knew the purpose for which He had come, and He was properly prepared as a Great Initiate.

    I find it somewhat amusing that an 18-year period in the life of The One known as The Son of God throughout all of Christendom is entirely missing from those accounts that are called the gospels. That's a period of more than half the life of The One Who "came to save the world", if you believe that He died at the age of 33 (which He didn't). That's a long stretch of time, a glaring gap, and I've often wondered why not a word is mentioned of those 18 "missing years".

    Well, those missing years weren't missing to Jehoshuah, and The Masters of Wisdom are very clear about what took place during that time prior to the beginning of His Ministry. He traveled extensively and studied under the Greatest Sages then on the Earth, mastering all of the teachings They had to impart, and They certainly knew who He was and what He had come to do. His travels through those years took Him to the Centers of Initiation first in Persia, then on to India and Tibet, to Greece and the island now called Britain, and lastly to Egypt where He eventually took His final Initiation in the Great Pyramid of Giza prior to returning to Galilee.

    He became a great and accomplished Yogi during His training in the East and had all the siddhis or what was then thought to be supernatural powers of an advanced Yogi, which He would use as needed during His Ministry. He did teaching as well wherever He found Himself during those years. Principally He was being prepared to be a vehicle for The Christ Consciousness when that time had come. This had been extensively planned among The Ranks of The Hierarchy, and that would be one of the great sacrifices that Jesus would make on behalf of a laggard Humanity.

    I should offer an explanation, because this issue has become totally confused by those who purport to follow the teachings of this beautiful Being called Jesus. First of all there is an Office or Position in The Spiritual Hierarchy now called The Office of The Christ and also called The World Teacher. The One Who holds that Office and responsibility is The Chohan or Lord of the Second Ray of Love/Wisdom. At the beginning of the Piscean Age when Jesus came amongst us, The World Teacher was Maitreya, Who is known by The Higher Ups as The Master of The Masters, having been the first from the Human Race to rise up into The Ranks of The Hierarchy by following the Path of Initiation. Jesus came in to prepare Himself to be the most perfected and loving vehicle possible for the entry of The Maitreya Consciousness when the propitious moment had arrived.

    This is essential to an understanding of Jesus. When He stood before John the Baptist at the River Jordan and that ceremony of baptism was enacted, The Consciousness of The Christ, Maitreya, entered and thenceforth totally overshadowed the consciousness of Jehoshuah. Thereafter, for the 3 years of the Ministry and until the crucifixion, it was The Christ Consciousness Which was doing the teaching and the healing and performing the so-called miracles. Every aspect of the life of Jesus was over-lighted by and managed by The Christ, but it needs to be clarified that They were 2 separate Entities: Jesus, The Third Level Initiate, and Maitreya, The Fifth Level Initiate and Ascended Master.

    All of the Apostles and the inner circle of friends and followers knew the distinction, knew Who was doing the teaching. The terms, Messiah and Christos, refer to The Anointed One. It was only when the teachings and the story of the life of Jesus had spread beyond Judea that the confusion arose about the matter. When the Greek Initiates coined the designation, Christos, and applied it to Jesus, they were fully aware of the true relationship between Jesus and The World Teacher, Maitreya. They knew that He was being used as a vehicle for Lord Maitreya. Those who sought to form a religion and a religious hierarchy around Jesus subsequently convinced the world that He was The Christ or Christos. This does not diminish the importance of The One that came to be known as Jesus, but rather it elucidates the truth of what took place. Jesus, The Christ, is an inaccuracy that I wanted to clear up.

    There is an even more esoteric relationship that developed in that union of consciousness that Jesus gave Himself over to in that preplanned act of sacrifice for the benefit of Humankind. Jesus can be considered to have been The Channel for Maitreya to have given the most appropriate teachings (by word or deed) to the West for the Age of Pisces, and those teachings centered on love, unfettered, unconditional love. At a higher level, Maitreya was serving as The Vehicle and The Channel for what is called The Universal Christ, Which is The Second Aspect or Facet of The Triune Godhead for this Universe. The Second Aspect of The Creator (Which projects the Second Ray) is known to The Masters as Love/Wisdom, and That is The Facet of The Godhead Which is The Manifestation of God's Love for all of the beings which have emanated from God. Maitreya brought that Universal Level of The Christ-Love Energy through His Consciousness, and then Jesus stepped it down another level so that it could be brought forth into physicality and better understanding by the simple, uneducated people of that time. Maitreya, through Jesus, anchored the virtue of unconditional love in the Collective Unconscious of Humanity, where it remains for the time of its blossoming (the Aquarian Age).

    Well, what did Jesus look like? There have been many representations through the centuries with little accuracy. I consider the altruistic and gentle Edgar Cayce to be the most talented trance channel of the 20th Century, and he described Jesus while viewing Him at the Last Supper in one reading. A very psychic friend of mine in Florida had 2 out-of-body experiences during which she knew she was in the presence of Jesus as He was speaking before a group of people. Their descriptions both concurred quite precisely. He was beautiful to behold and was sturdily built. There was nothing effeminate or weak about Him. He had long golden-reddish hair with a full beard to match and had piercing blue-grey eyes. Cayce said that He was at least 170 pounds with long, tapering fingers and that He had an extra long nail on His left little finger. He wore a pearl-gray robe that was a gift from Nicodemus at the supper that Cayce viewed.

    Jehoshuah was not austere or self-abnegating but was the merriest of beings. Cayce found Him to be telling jokes even in the moment of His betrayel and the hour of His trial. Hilarion said that He had a wonderful gift for being able to make people laugh, which made Him loved by all who were touched by His life. He could spontaneously invent the most hilarious stories and would know, by the power He possessed, what would tickle a person's funny bone and so tailored His humor accordingly. He was a master of the involved pun and could interweave meaning so intricately into His words that it would baffle His detractors and make them guffaw despite themselves. He had a gift for the absurd, which could have people in stitches within seconds and, because of His ability to entertain, gained access to the homes of the wealthy and powerful to later talk of more serious and spiritual matters.

    The Master was an accomplished musician. He played a lute-like stringed instrument beautifully and sang to its accompaniment (Cayce saw Him playing at the Last Supper and singing the 91st Psalm). He could move His listeners to tears by the entrancing tremor in His voice.

    He had a particular love for children and would not allow His Apostles to keep them from Him. In their simplicity and guilelessness, He saw a reflection of Mankind's original state of grace which all too soon is crushed by the harsh realities of life. He viewed their innocense and trust as the state intended for all of Humanity. His kindness to children, His compassion for those who suffered illness, and His ability to bring joy through His wonderful musical gift were the paths that He laid out for His brothers to follow.

    He meditated daily in order to keep His channel as clear and as pure as possible to Maitreya and, through Maitreya, to The Second Aspect of The Godhead, The Christ Logos. All of the disciples were taught this technique for reaching the inner silence and thus opening to the guidance of their Souls or Higher Selves, for He knew that it would inevitably raise their vibratory nature and sharpen their spiritual discernment. He had mastered meditative techniques in India.

    He called upon the powers that He had developed while studying in the Mystery Schools to perform all the apparent miracles that are written of Him, but in truth there are no "miracles", and He was merely working with Higher Laws that He had come to understand. He did, indeed, say that what He had done anyone could do and that even greater things would be done by others. His body was more refined and purified than any who have walked the Earth since, and He could make Himself invisible to those who wanted to destroy Him, which He did do on a number of occasions. He knew and used the power of sound in the human voice, and when He calmed the storm and walked on water and healed with a simple touch, He was using the training He'd received during "The Missing Years". He knew how to employ the powers of visualization, the will, and the spoken word to make the environment (the Elements) conform to His wishes (and served as a Vehicle for Lord Maitreya).

    He was the perfect example to Humanity of the way to find serenity and contentment, and He never refused help to anyone who asked for it. As The Wayshower for the Piscean Age, He set the example for the next 2,000 years of how to care for others, how to lift the burdens of worry and illness from another's back, and how to love one's fellow man. These lessons have still not been learned by the vast majority on the planet. In His teachings, He was expressing the Universal Truths through parable and symbolism by using Nature and the environment so that They could be better understood by the simple folk of that time.

    The example of the life He lived was (and is) the key to the deeper mysteries known to the Initiates. In fact, it was intended that the life of The Nazarene would be representative of the First Five Initiations on the Path of Initiation given to Humankind by The Lord of the World, Sanat Kumara (see "Who Is Sanat Kumara?"). I will give the name of these Initiations as They are known to the Initiates: First -- The Birth Second -- The Baptism Third -- The Transfiguration Fourth -- The Renunciation or Crucifixion Fifth -- The Revelation or Resurrection As a Third Level Initiate taking the Fourth Initiation in that lifetime, He did not, however, make the Ascension (which happens at the 5th Initiation). Whoever wrote the so-called Gospels decades later were not Initiates and made an error in claiming that He Ascended in that lifetime (which He did in a subsequent one as Apollonius of Tyana).

    When Jesus said, "Ye must be born again.", it was an example of His punning ability with double meaning. It referred to not only being born again into the Spirit while in physical life but also to the concept (and the truth) of reincarnation, which all were familiar with at the time.

    I would like to clear up some confusion about one of His statements: "I Am The Way and The Truth and The Life. No one comes to The Father but by Me". This was spoken by The Love Facet or Christ Logos of The Godhead through Maitreya and thence through Jesus. It does not mean, as many assume, that salvation can only come through the Christian Religion but rather that the long cycle of return to The Infinite Creator can only be achieved by quickening the seed of The Christ Principle within, and that amounts to a perfecting of one's love for all of Creation.

    Jesus was not seeking to establish an organized religion or found any kind of hierarchical religious institution, and if He walked incognito today He would likely be found a heretic and anathema by the very religion that was established in His name.

    The expression, "as you sow, so shall you reap", conveys the truth of the Karmic Law, and The Christ, through Jesus, lifted the karmic burden and assumed the remaining karma that was at the root of the illness or suffering of anyone who was healed and forgiven. It may be little known but a certain amount of karma may be taken on by another entity. In fact, a great deal of the racial karma of Humankind was removed by The Christ Logos Which was present in The Consciousness of Maitreya at the Crucifixion. That act and that decision was beyond even the province of The Lords of Karma for this system and allowed Mankind to avoid sinking deeper and deeper into the quagmire of their karmic burdens and endless rounds of karmic debt.

    It should practically go without saying, but The One known as Jesus was not "The Son of God", as if The One Infinite Intelligence had genitalia and a physical form like ours. He would never have made such a claim and referred to Himself as The Son of Man not God. There was a lot of competition for religious affiliation among the masses in the early days of the Church, and the religious leaders of the time created a false doctrine that Jesus was the only Son of God and gave Him deified status by vote (an amusing proposition, I must admit). It was hoped that the ignorant masses would want to join such a religion that worshipped the only offspring of God, and the myth continues to this day.

    There is much that is not known about the Crucifixion that needs be revealed for the sake of finally getting the truth out. As I have said, The Nazarene was a greatly advanced Yogi and could do many things with His powers that were considered miraculous and beyond belief by the much lesser-evolved people of that time. Even the Disciples were vaguely disconcerted by the things that He could do. He did not suffer greatly as all suppose during the torture that we call the Passion prior to the Crucifixion. He knew the techniques for withdrawing the consciousness from the perception of the senses, and that included the sensation of pain.

    He joked with observers along the way to the Hill of Golgotha. The event of the Crucifixion was a very rare and powerful event of Initiation. The Man, Jesus, was taking the Fourth Initiation at the same time that Maitreya was taking the Sixth Initiation. At the moment that Maitreya withdrew His Consciousness from The Nazarene and likewise when The Christ Logos of The Godhead was withdrawn, the loss was so overwhelming that Jehoshuah cried out, "My God, My God, why has Thou forsaken me?", or words to that effect. The departure of The Christ after 3 years of being completely overshadowed was felt as a tremendous loss.

    He went into a very deep, trancelike state of suspension which, as a Yogi, He could do, and the Roman soldiers thought He had prematurely died, thrusting the lance into His side as a test. He did not die on the cross, and it was never intended that He should when the life was planned. He perfectly demonstrated the principle of the Fourth Initiation (called the Renunciation), that of the total crucifixion of the lower self (the ego/personality), and allowed The Christ Logos to expiate a great deal of the human racial karma by agreeing to the Crucifixion. His heartbeat and respiration would have been undetectable to the Romans.

    Joseph of Arimathea (also an Initiate) provided the private sepulchre where He could be taken and administered to by the Essene Initiates who were fully aware of Jesus' condition. He had been wrapped in the Shroud which centuries later found its way to Turin, Italy, because they wanted the Romans to believe He was dead. His wounds had been cleansed prior to wrapping Him in the Shroud, which has been scientifically examined and which shows areas of bleeding from wounds on the body. Bodies do not bleed after dying! The blood coagulates, so the Shroud, which was the one used for Jesus, demonstrates that the body that it surrounded was still alive.

    Master herbalists among the Essenes helped to revive Him, and The Master resurrected after 3 days, but it wasn't a resurrection from death. He had much more to do in that life although not in that part of the world, and the symbolic message He wanted to convey to the world was the glorious message of resurrection into eternal life once The Christ Love was firmly anchored in one's heart, but the cross and the death by crucifixion became the representative symbol of that religion that named itself after The Christos. That thought-form of suffering and death has been an impediment to the spiritual progress of those millions who were emotionally impacted by the teachings of that death instead of the resurrection as was intended.

    After wrapping up His affairs (secretly) in Judea and giving instruction to His followers, He departed the area and went on to other parts of the world to continue teaching under different names and guises (Issa in Tibet) but always with a focus on love and caring and non-judgemental respect for others. I don't know exactly how He ended that lifetime, but as a High Adept He could choose his own method of leaving this Reality Scheme, and He did it only after a long life of influence on many cultures.

    Sananda, The Source for Jesus, had one more lifetime, that as Apollonius of Tyana, in which He took the Fifth Initiation and Ascended. The following lives of The One we call Jesus were given by Edgar Cayce in various trance readings. They should more accurately be considered as incarnations of Sananda, because The Nazarene was just one of them and consequently a fragment of The Sananda Consciousness. These aren't all of them but just the ones given by Cayce's Source.

    1. Adam, first of Adam Kadmon Man 2. Enoch 3. Melchizedek, priest of Salem (Uru-Salem or Jerusalem) 4. Joseph, son of Jacob, sold into slavery by his brothers, becoming Regent for the Pharoah of Egypt 5. Joshua, son of Nun, the military commander at the time of Moses and the search for the Promised Land 6. Asaph, the chief court musician for King David's Court 7. Jeshua, son of Jozadak, high priest upon return of the Jews from exile in Babylon, leader of the rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem 8. Zend, father of Zarathustra (Zoroaster) 9. Jehoshuah (Jeshua), The Wayshower for the Piscean Age and Vehicle for The Christ Consciousness 10. Apollonius of Tyana (Greece) There is a lesson to be learned from this. As Joshua, He wreaked havoc and destruction throughout the so-called Promised Land. As commander of the military forces He was responsible for the cold-hearted slaughtering of thousands and thousands of men, women, and children. When any city was captured in their drive to take the "Promised Land" by force, the order was to kill every single human in that city. If Jesus could have taken on that immense of a karmic debt and risen as He did through unknowable effort through lifetime after lifetime of repaying that debt, and if He could have been selected to be The Vehicle for The Christ as The Nazarene 2,000 years ago, then there is hope for us all. I can't even imagine the suffering that He endured as He worked off the blood on His hands from the time of Joshua.

    And now our Dear One is The Lord (or Chohan) of the Sixth Ray for Planet Earth, that Divine Energy called Devotion or Abstract Idealism. He is one of The Lords of the Seven Rays and a Sixth Level Initiate in The Spiritual Hierarchy with responsibility for unifying all the religions of the Earth (eventually) under a common umbrella of understanding and united principles. He is very exacting in His use of the Sixth Ray Energies and is dearly loved by all who are Members of The Great White Brotherhood.

    He has a very strong will and purposefulness in directing The Creator's Flow of the Sixth Ray Energy and in synthesizing the religions of the world and bringing that effort into the Astral Plane Level first before it will be manifested in our Reality. Djwhal Khul (The Ascended Master called The Tibetan) calls Him an outstanding example of how to be as aligned with The Creator as possible by serving with exactitude and still be a Representative of Love. He also supervises some Hierarchical work involved with the Deva Evolution and the part They are playing in the Earth's Transition from Third to Fourth Density.

    Jesus told me in 1994 that many of the stories told about Him in the gospels were only partial truths that had been embellished in order to create a new belief system called a religion around His memory. He said that He did not do many of the "silly" things written of Him, but rather He was more grand than was recorded, and He said it non-egoically. He said He was the essence of love then and that He still is the essence of love, and I believe Him.

    There is another matter which needs clearing up, and that is what has been called the Second Coming. In the first place, Jesus (or Sananda) never has left and has been working diligently in The Spiritual Hierarchy for the betterment of human civilization. What will be returning in a physical sense is The Christ, That One Who holds The Office of The Christ Consciousness for Planet Earth -- also called The World Teacher. Maitreya has taken a Higher Initiation (the Seventh) and Kuthumi has moved into The Position. The Christed One will not walk the Earth until the New Age in Fourth Density has begun, and He will be accompanied by a great many Members of The White Brotherhood in what is called by Djwhal Khul as The Externalization of The Spiritual Hierarchy. Concomitantly, the Christ Love will appear in the hearts of Humanity, and this has been called the Christing of the Race. The two events, mirroring each other, will be the Second Coming (Christ within and Christ without), but it is Lord Kuthumi Who is coming and not Lord Jesus-Sananda.

    Why is Jehoshuah called The Nazarene? In addition to being an Essene from childhood, He belonged to the spiritual sect called the Nazarenes, and Hilarion sometimes calls Him The Nazar-Essene. Some early writers confused the matter and said that He and His family lived in Nazareth, but no such town existed at that time 2,000 years ago. The presently existing town of Nazareth was founded centuries after He had departed the scene. I think of Him affectionately as The Naz, and I love Him more than I can put into words. By His sacrificial act, He did, indeed, redeem Western Civilization which may have spiraled down into darkness and barbarity had He not embodied the Divine Love of The Creator and definitively set the greatest of examples for all to follow thereafter.

    The Last Supper
    The Passover Meal that has been called the Last Supper was, indeed, the last collective meal that would be shared between The Master and His disciples, the last of many that they'd had. Those chosen to participate were select because of a final message of great importance that He wished to impart to them. They were all Initiates upon the Path and could be entrusted with the message. There were, of course, the twelve Apostles but also Mary His Mother, the sisters of Bethany (Martha & Miriam), and some of the Essene Teachers. There were many lessons of which Jehoshuah reminded those present during those last hours, and they were teachings of the Mysteries and Ageless Wisdoms taught in the Centers of Initiation for ages.

    Jesus did not create something new in the symbolic breaking of the bread and the drinking of the wine, which came to be called the Sacrament of the Eucharist. This was something that had existed in different forms down through the ages in the Mystery Schools of the Universal Wisdoms, and He was reminding those present about it not teaching something new to them.

    He then went on to remind them of the festivals of the passage of the seasons, and He spoke of the preparing of the soil and the planting, the bursting forth of the plants, of their coming to maturity, of the harvest which is the giving of the life of the plant, and of its return of the seed back into the earth in order to perpetuate life. Hilarion called this symbolic teaching the age-old mystery of the Precession of The Equinoxes (25,868-year cycle through the 12 Signs of the Zodiac) and which He designated as "the giver of life on this planet".

    Jesus spoke of the sacrifice made by Mother Earth in order for the Spring to come, and then He went around the room kneeling before each one there and washing their feet while speaking of the need for service to others. He admonished all present that any who seek to be teachers and leaders must also be of service in humility to others, and The Master (overshadowed by The Christ) demonstrated that necessary humility by washing the feet of all the disciples who were there. Peter, incidentally, refused to allow his Master to wash his feet. Jesus told them, "He that would be greatest among you should be the servant of all".

    When He had finished speaking of those things, He reminded His listeners that the bread which comes from the staff of life (wheat) is the result of what has been sacrificed. He took the bread, broke it, and said these words, "I too am now come to that point in My Life when I am sacrificed. Therefore, eat this bread now with Me, and whenever you do so again remember this time". Then he took the wine made from the grape, which He equated with the blood in the human body and He said, "That which is sacrificed, that which gives of itself in sacrifice, gives its blood, falling upon the earth in order to insure that all of life will continue. This I too shall do. And whenever you drink the wine again, remember that."

    Jesus was referring to a worldwide folk myth which had originated as an essential teaching in all of the many Centers of Initiation called Mystery Schools around the Mediterranean Basin and the British Isles. This was the mystery of the Kingly Sacrifice in which the blood of the supreme head is shed in order to purchase extension of life for the Earth and all who dwell upon Her. Throughout the Piscean Age, the symbol of the Church that founded itself upon that Fourth Initiation Theme has been that of The Christ, The King, hanging upon the cross and giving of His body and blood in sacrifice.

    Hilarion said that the mystery of the Crucifixion was that The Christ (through Jesus) was going through the ritual re-enactment of the Sacrifice of The King in which the innermost essence of His Being descended into the Earth, wherein the Earth took Him into Herself as in a divine marriage, a marriage which represented the joining of the Realm of Spirit with the manifest Plane of Form. This ritual was meant to point to the fact of reincarnation, Spirit entering into the cycle of incarnations upon this Earth.

    This is not recorded anywhere, but Jesus invited all those present in the upper room to join with Him in the dance which celebrates the passage of The King into the Earth and the eventual Ascension into the Realms of Spirit. In the great Gothic Cathedrals of Europe built by the Knights Templar (such as Chartres), a labyrinthine form was put into the paving stones of the floor so that people could dance their celebration of the blood of The Christ entering into the Earth as a remembrance of the dance which Christ Himself performed at the Last Supper. This used to be a part of the Eucharistic Celebration.

    The Crucufixion Drama that followed was the ultimate demonstration of total sacrifice (total renunciation of all human desires), and The Christ Logos (through Jesus and through Maitreya) vicariously took upon Itself a tremendous amount of karma and suffering for all of Humanity in the shedding of that Sacred Blood upon the Earth. The Sacrifice of The King was made for our at-one-ment (atonement) to assure our ability to move beyond the animal nature (locked in karmic retributions) and into the Realm of Spirit (Ascended from the Wheel of Rebirth), thus becoming at one with our Soul. Endless rounds of karmic debts were saved in order to set those of Humanity, willing to accept, upon a path more easily sustained without that indebtedness, and that is the Path of Initiation which leads eventually to the Ascension. The blood of The Lord purchased a new foothold for Humanity toward the lofty summit of our dreams.

    The following section consists of the information about The Master Jesus as provided by The High Source that communicated through the acclaimed Edgar Cayce, whom I consider to be one of the clearest and most giving and most reliable trance channels of the 20th Century. In fact, I believe that Edgar Cayce was carrying on the work of The White Brotherhood for Planet Earth in raising the consciousness of Western Civilization and ameliorating the suffering of so many who were led to reach out to him and the services he offered without asking anything in return. Because of his intense love for The Master, further clarification of His Life was sought to fill in the gaps of a very scanty record left by the so-called Gospels of the New Testament of the Bible (for more information, go to Association for Research and Enlightenment).

    This is not about the entire life of Jesus but rather are previously unknown supplements to the current limited record for those who call themselves after the Greek name (Christos) for The Anointed One, those who consider themselves Christians. A good place to start would be the true origin of the 4 Gospels in the New Testament, given in the order in which they were written.

    1. Mark: This first account was written by the nephew of Mother Mary, John Mark, in the year of 59 A.D. when he was 43 years old. It was written in collaboration with Peter and Barnabas but was principally dictated by Peter before he was taken to Rome. John Mark was often referred to as Marcus, the name of his father, and thus the name associated with this gospel, Marcus.

    2. Matthew: This was written by one of the same name about 15 years after the gospel of Mark was written. It was written from the various churches or christian communities in Pamphylia and was intended for the scattered groups who followed the teachings of The Master in upper Palestine and Laodicea.

    3. Luke: This was written by Lucias, who was a companion to Luke during the time of the traveling and teaching activities of Saint Paul, and was written for the small Christian communities in the provinces under Roman rule.

    4. John: This gospel was written by several, one of whom was the scribe of John the Beloved. The different portions were combined some 50 years after the Crucifixion.

    Mary, the mother of Jesus, was also "immaculately" conceived and was trained and educated in the Essene School of the Prophets at Mount Carmel. The Essenes were descended from the teachings of Melchizedek (one of the embodiments of Jesus) that were passed on and propogated by Elijah, Elisha, Samuel, and Saul.

    As a young girl, Mary had been brought to Mount Carmel to be trained, along with 11 other girls, to be the possible vehicle for the entry of The Promised One Whom the Essenes were shortly expecting to be born among Humankind. When the time had come for the choosing of the vehicle, all 12 girls were brought to the Mount Carmel Temple for a ceremony and ascended the steps of the Temple one after the other. When Mary reached the top step, there was thunder and lightning, and The Archangel Gabriel appeared, taking her by the hand and leading her to the altar for the consecration. Announcement was made to all those present, and this was the manner of the choosing. She was 16 years old at the time.

    The marriage of Joseph to Mary (Yussef to Miriam) was performed at the same Temple. Joseph (incarnation of Saint Germain) was also an Essene and was 36 at the time of the marriage while Mary was 16. Both were of the lineage of the House of David.

    In one reading, it was given through Cayce that The Master was born on what is now considered to be March 19th in the year 4 A.D. according to the Julian Calendar and the year 1899 of the Mosaic Calendar. He wasn't visited by only the 3 Zoroastrian Magi (Melchior, Balthazar, and Caspar) that are known to history but by other Wise Men as well who came from Egypt and India and Chaldea and China. They all foresaw the coming of The Wayshower for the Piscean Age.

    When the Holy Family fled into Egypt to avoid the slaughtering of the innocents, aged 6 months to 2 years by decree of Herod, They were fulfilling the prophecies of Jeremiah and Isaiah, "And my Son shall be called from Egypt". They were preceded and followed by groups of Essenes for their protection and traveled only at night, coming eventually to the vicinity of Alexandria where they remained for a period of 4 and one half years. Josie was the handmaid who was chosen by the Essene Brotherhood to accompany them and assist Mary.

    While They were in Egypt, Herod (the "Great") died, and he died of a cancer according to the readings. When They returned to Judea, it was to Capernaum that They went, but for most of the education of the young Jesus, that was supervised by the Essenes at Mount Carmel, especially by his principle teacher, Judy, who was involved with his education until He was 15, at which time He was sent to further his developement and study and training in the East (to Persia and India and Tibet, etc.). He was known as Jeshua, the name being a contraction of Jehoshuah, although some other names were given, such as Issa in Tibet and Esu. While He was away during these years, John the Baptist (his cousin) had gone to Egypt for training as an Initiate in the Great Pyramid, which was also considered a Great Temple of Initiation.

    The names of some of his teachers were given, though there were others besides these: 1) Persia -- Junner, 2) India -- Kahjian, 3) Egypt -- Zar. After all his years of travel, study, and teaching in various lands, He returned to Egypt to join his cousin John (who had been incarnate as Elijah) at the Mystery School of the Initiates at the Great Pyramid to eventually take his final Initiation before his return to Judea and the start of His Ministry. That, in part, was taken in the open sarcophogus of the so-called King's Chamber for 3 days and 3 nights, the Initiation being passed successfully.

    When Jesus approached the Baptist at the River Jordan after both of them had returned to Judea, John pointed Him out as The One that should be greater and increase even as he decreased. The Baptism was a cosmic event, during which The Maitreya Consciousness entered Jesus and completely overshadowed every aspect of His Being from thenceforth. He fully manifested The Christ (and World Teacher) from that point on. When He went into the wilderness for 40 days following the Baptism, Andrew, the brother of Peter, went with Him.

    It is erroneously believed that most of the disciples were poor. While Peter and Andrew were fishermen who worked for Zebedee, all of the others were rather well-to-do, especially Zebedee and his sons, James and John (the Beloved), who were considered wealthy. They also had a sister by the name of Naomi and an older brother, Roael.

    Roael was the groom at the wedding in Cana of Galilee, and the bride was the daughter of a cousin of Mother Mary. Shortly after Jesus returned from the wilderness, He attended the wedding and it was, indeed, the first instance of the miracles He would perform in His Ministry when he turned the water into wine upon the request of his mother. Cayce channeled that the water turned into wine only when it was poured forth from the containers and otherwise remained as water if it wasn't used or needed during the wedding feast.

    It could be mentioned at this point that Jesus had 3 siblings, James who was 10 years younger, Ruth the sister, and Jude the youngest brother.

    It was clarified that Mary, the one called the Magdalene, was the sister of Martha and Lazarus and consequently was one of the sisters of Bethany where they lived. When she had been found to be an adultress in the city of Magdala, she was brought before the Sanhedrin and the High Priest in the Temple, was judged according to the laws of Moses, found guilty, and condemned to be stoned. Jesus was in the Temple at that time, and He was asked to make a statement about the condemnation of this adultress (as a test by the Sanhedrin).

    First of all He informed her, "Neither do I condemn thee; neither do I condemn thee". As has been written, He said to the members of the Sanhedrin, "Let him that is without sin cast the first stone. Let him that has been faultless make the first move to fulfill the letter of the law". He then proceeded to write in the sand the "sins" of each of the members as they looked over his shoulder.

    She was transformed by the experience and the Energy Field of Jesus and returned to her home in Bethany. As for her physical description, Cayce channeled that Leonardo Da Vinci had painted her the most accurately in "The Magdalene". She had Grecian and Jewish ancestry, was 5 feet 4 inches tall, weighing around 121 pounds. Her hair was nearly red, and her eyes were blue.

    Lazarus, the brother of the Magdalene, wasn't the only one raised from the "dead". On another occasion, Talitha, the daughter of Jairus, was likewise raised with the words, "Talitha, Talitha, arise".

    The robe that was worn by The Master had been especially made for Him by the wife of Nicodemus, Martha. It was not white but rather a pearl-gray in color and was woven entirely in one piece with a hole in the top to pull over the head, being bound at the waist by cords. Selvage was woven around the neck, the sleeves, and the bottom where was also woven the Thummin and Urim of the priesthood. This is what He most commonly wore, the gift presented by Nicodemus.

    For those who have always wondered where the Last Supper was taken, it was in the house of Zebedee, the father of John the Beloved (incarnation of Kuthumi). It was correctly recorded that it was held in the upper chamber of that house. The following was channeled by Cayce regarding the Last Supper and was given spontaneously and surprisingly at the end of a reading for another matter. It provides additional detail not found anyplace else. Date: June 14, 1932.

    "The Lord's Supper, here with The Master, see what they had for supper: boiled fish, rice with leeks, wine, and loaf. One of the pitchers in which it was served was broken. The handle was broken, as was the lip to same."

    "The whole robe of The Master was not white but pearl-gray, all combined into one, the gift of Nicodemus to The Lord."

    "The better looking of the 12, of course, was Judas, while the younger was John -- oval face, dark hair, smooth face -- only one with the short hair. Peter, the rough and ready, always that of very short beard, rough and not altogether clean; while Andrew's is just the opposite, very sparse but inclined to be long more on the side and under the chin, long on the upper lip. His robe was always near gray or black, while his clouts or breeches were striped, while those of Philip and Bartholemew (incarnation of Mohammed) were red and brown."

    "The Master's hair is almost red, inclined to be curly in portions yet not feminine or weak -- strong, with heavy piercing eyes that are blue or steel-gray. His weight would be at least a 170 pounds. Long, tapering fingers, nails well kept. Long nail, though, on the left little finger. Merry, even in the hour of trial. Joking, even in the moment of betrayal."

    "The sack is empty. Judas departs."

    "The last is given of the wine and loaf, with which He gives the emblems that should be so dear to every follower of Him. Lays aside his robe, which is all of one piece. Girds the towel about his waist, which is dressed with linen that is blue and white. Rolls back the folds, kneels first before John, James, then to Peter -- who refuses."

    "Then the dissertation as to, 'He that would be the greatest would be servant of all'."

    "The basin is taken as without handle and is made of wood. The water is from the gherkins that are in the wide-mouth shibboleths that stand in the house of John's father, Zebedee."

    "And now comes, 'It is finished'. They sing the 91st Psalm, 'He that dwelleth in the Secret Place of The Most High shall abide under the shadow of The Almighty. I will say of The Lord, He is my Refuge and my Fortress, my God. In Him I trust'."

    "He is the musician as well, for He uses the harp."

    "They leave for the garden."

    Yeshua, Sananda Kumara, The Unknown Nazarene, Bilocating Brother of Sanat Kumara, Chichen Itza Pleiadean from Merope that originally inspired Rome's version of Jesus in the Bible.

    “One of my teachers, Sister Thedra, was outside of Chichen Itza and suffering from terminal cancer when Jesus physically manifested and instantly healed her. She lived another 40 years.
    The first thing Jesus said to Sister Thedra after the healing was "When you call me, please use my right name, Sananda Kumara."

    Soon after the healing the famous photo of Sananda was taken at Chichen Itza by an archeologist working at the site. Sananda instructed him to give the photo to Sister Thedra.  
    Jesus/Sananda instructed Thedra to travel to the Monastery of the Seven Rays in the Andes, where she  learned the mysteries of Order of the Seven Rays that had been brought to Earth from the Pleiades with Sananda and his brother, Sanat Kumara.

    After five years in Peru Sananda instructed Thedra to go to Mt. Shasta, a headquarters of the Order of the Seven Rays, and found the "Association of Sananda and Sanat Kumara," which served as a vehicle to disseminate the messages he transmitted to Thedra.
    For the final years of her life Sananda instructed Sister Thedra to move to Sedona, which is another headquarters of the Order of the Seven Rays in North America. Thedra lived on Dry Creek Road - the road leading to the Court of King of the World, Sanat Kumara - until her death in 1992.” -Mark Pinkman. The Peacock AngelMay 17

    The Pleiadians were the 144,000 anciently led to Earth by Sanat Kumara, aka the Peacock Angel.

    Mark Amaru Pinkham - Author

    May 17  ·

    THE ANCIENT WORLDWIDE PLEIADIAN RELIGION - Part 3: Temples in the shape of Shiva Lingams

    A major element of the ancient Worldwide Pleiadian Religion - which was a rudimentary form of modern Shaivism - was temples made in the shape of Shiva Lingams. The Shiva Lingam is a form brought to Earth by the Pleiadians, whose starry home in the Seven Sisters is in the shape of a Shiva Lingam. The Shiva Lingam represents the union of the male/female polarity and generates life force. The Pleiadians first placed lingams over some of Earth's most powerful vortexes and chakras, including the Shiva Lingam of Mt. Kailash in Tibet and Thunder Mountain of Sedona, in order to energize the Planetary Grid. They then instructed early humans to use the shape in the design of their temples in order to generate an abundance of spiritual and alchemical power within those structures.

    The pictures below show some of the early lingam-shaped temples that were part of the Worldwide Pleiadian Religion. They include the temples of Gobekli Tepe in Turkey, which are currently recognized as the oldest free standing temples on Earth, as well as the Poverty Point temple in Louisiana, Stonehenge/Glastonbury, and the lingam-shaped temples in India.

    The Pleiadians were the 144,000 anciently led to Earth by Sanat Kumara, aka the Peacock Angel.

    #yeshua #sanada #kumuras #history #love #union #awakening #starseeds #144 #bluerays #iam #source #god

    The climate change narrative is false. New peer-reviewed studies confirm it

    Joshua Phillips, a US investigative journalist and the presenter of ‘Crossroads’ reports on how the climate change argument is no longer valid, despite being considered a ‘settled’ science. Scientists and researchers are speaking out and announcing that the narrative is false, Phillips claims.

    Confirmed: The effects of vaccines can only be negative. They potentially constitute a huge medical

    Dr Sucharit Bhakdi, a Thai-German microbiologist and writer, says that by now, at least, there must be a faint suspicion that this whole vaccination program was and is potentially a huge medical crime. Vaccine-induced heart disease is the order of the day in young and old alike. Nerve damage and paralysis, as well as dementia, psychosis and behavioral changes, are the order of the day for vaccinated people. The possible consequences are endless, he said.

    COVID, flu rates likely to spike?

    Because they are spreading it with mRNA vaccines! Long covid is vaccine damage!

    Because Our Town has the richest backers like Value Drug Company who distribute the vaccines, they are confident they can keep pushing the shots in the local media. They claim to be taking back the town from dangerous drug dealers but vaccine pushers don't rate a mention in their annual report?

    Transgender medicine is also totally ignored by the our town's child defenders because they don't want to interfere with hormone prescriptions and sterilization surgery for minors that Penn State Hershey and UPMC are pushing.

    Plus Value Drug Pac pooled their money to back the governor so they have a certain kind of legal immunity going for them. Sort of like the case of DA Ray Gricar in which Our Town's original mission in solidarity with the AG office has been to cover it up at all costs. At some point the governor must be convinced that the state cannot be permitted to assist in the murder a county DA.

    Celebrities suffer adverse effects or die post vaccination.

    Ukranians Dive into icy-cold water to celebrate the Baptism of Jesus

    January 19 Ukrainians and some other Slavic nations celebrate the Baptism of Jesus with an unusual and courageous act – they dive into icy cold waters in the middle of winter. They do it in specially designated places that were blessed by a priest. 7 Most important Ukrainian holidays and their traditions + 3 ‘weird’ Ukrainian customs :

    79% Of India's GDP Is Generated By Family-Owned Businesses

    In many ways, the engine of global economic growth is hidden in plain sight...

    Family-owned businesses, which make up 90% of global enterprises, have driven job creation and entrepreneurship over history. While the majority of these are mom-and-pop shops, some of the world’s largest companies, from Walmart to Ford, are family-run.

    This graphic, via Visual Capitalist's Dorothy Neufeld, shows the economic influence of family businesses in select countries, with analysis from Tharawat.

    (Family owned businesses are what Marxists have tried to destroy.)

    Russia to build crypto mining hub in Africa With Hydroelectric Power!

    “100% of the data center’s electricity comes from renewable energy sources, specifically from the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, the largest hydropower project in Africa, with a capacity of 5.15 GW,” the press release reads.

    Over 576,600 people in Gaza face ‘catastrophic hunger’: UN report ‘Risk of famine occurring within next 6 months,’ says Integrated Food Security Phase Classification report

    Cindy McCain, the WFP’s executive director, said: “WFP has warned of this coming catastrophe for weeks. Tragically, without the safe, consistent access we have been calling for, the situation is desperate, and no one in Gaza is safe from starvation.”

    The Top Ten Politicians Taking the Most Israel Lobby Cash

    Biden, Menendez, McConnel, Schumer, Hoyer, Cruz, Wyden, Durbin, Gothheimer, & Brown.

    How much money was found in Senator Menendez's house? In June 2022, FBI agents executed search warrants on Menendez's home and found more than $480,000 in cash, “much of it stuffed into envelopes and hidden in clothing, closets, and a safe.” Agents found envelopes of cash inside jackets bearing Menendez's name.

    Winter Solstice Broadcast

    (2:09:00, "A Whiter Shade of Pale", sung live by the original artist Gary Brooker, has become an enduring classic, with more than 1,000 known cover versions by other artists.

    With its Bach-derived instrumental melody, soulful vocals, melancholic tone, and unusual lyrics, the music of "A Whiter Shade of Pale" was composed by Gary Brooker and Matthew Fisher, while the lyrics were written by Keith Reid, alto sax by Paul Winter.)

    Solstice Saga, our epic retrospective video from the first 40 years of our Winter Solstice Celebration at the Cathedral, is available on YouTube. Our album, Everybody Under The Sun, is available on all streaming platforms and for digital and physical purchase.

    Everybody Under The Sun is a 30-track collection featuring The Paul Winter Consort with guest artists from around the world over four decades of these Solstice celebrations.

    Stream/Download Everybody Under the Sun

    Warmest solstice wishes to all.

    With gratitude,
              For living music,
                        Paul Winter

    The New Genetic Code

    Calling Humanity:

    This planet is becoming progressively more subtle. Therefore, the
    humanity that will inhabit it will have to have adequate genetic compo-
    nents to be able to express what the planetary consciousness requires
    as it ascends.
    The new genetic code is being introduced into approximately ten
    percent of human beings, incarnate or not, within the Earth’s environs.
    On the physical plane the bodies will become more subtle; on the spiritual
    plane this will happen according to the specific laws of that plane.
    Until now, hereditary traits, such as height, skin color, physical
    features, presence or absence of physical defects, as well as some psy-
    chological tendencies, have been passed on from parents to offspring
    through chromosomes. This is precisely what is beginning to change.
    For those who are receiving GNA, all this old structure of heredity
    and karma falls away. GNA is of a stellar and nonmaterial origin. There-
    fore, under this new genetic code, individuals are not conditioned by
    the past experiences of their species.
    DNA, the genetic code activated in the cycle currently coming to
    a close, is of animal origin and could only take humanity up to a certain
    level of evolution. The new genetic code, GNA, is now needed in order
    to open the way for a greater integration into inner realities.
    When human beings still have DNA and are governed by the Law
    of Karma, their actions on the physical plane create material values and
    generate either abundance or scarcity, according to the quality of their
    deeds. Through their feelings humans create values on the level of
    pleasure and dissatisfaction, thus engendering positive or negative emotional
    situations, according to the nature of these values. Through their
    thoughts they create values on the level of ideas, which produce either
    high ideals and consequent mental health, or pessimism, criticism and
    disharmony, depending on the quality of their thoughts.
    With the new genetic code, human beings will no longer be held
    captive by their own limited creations. Furthermore, they will lose all
    aggressiveness and will be able to understand that all goods belong to
    everyone and not only to a few, and that these goods should be applied
    in developing spiritual consciousness and not in satisfying egoism

    Because of its origin, GNA gives human beings stability, unity of
    thought and a sense of fraternity, thus making it possible for them to
    live consciously on inner levels and within the laws that govern hu-
    mans. A new vibration is introduced into their subjective world with the
    implanting of this new genetic code. This vibration is projected from
    level to level, drawing all the atoms of their bodies into attunement
    with its frequency, which is subtle and is in accordance with the cosmic
    goal of their higher self.
    In everyday life we should do that which is good, beneficial and
    useful, detached from any and all fruits of our action, so that we can
    prepare for the transition from the Law of Karma to the higher Law of
    Evolution. This teaching is as ancient as the world. But only now, with
    the implanting of the new genetic code, can the teaching be understood
    and carried out by a greater number of people. Under the old DNA
    code even those who seek a spiritual life behave like the Apostle Paul,
    who declared in one of his epistles that he did not do the good he
    wanted to do, but did the evil he did not want to do.
    However, the forthcoming expansion of consciousness is not
    based solely on changing the genetic code, or on transcending the Law
    of Karma. Up until now, only the cells of coarser vibration have been
    active, especially in the brain, and these cells have had to endure the
    disorder of human bodies. Nevertheless, a large contingent of cells, des-
    tined to pick up and manifest energy waves coming from the spiritual
    and divine planes, will be awakened.
    The awakening of these cells is part of a broad restructuring
    of this humanity’s physical life and depends on the contact that material
    consciousness has with the soul. This inner contact will bring about
    a perception that is increasingly freed from egoism and that is less
    inclined to be linked to people, things and circumstances. In a not too
    distant future, many people who have a larger portion of active healthy
    cells will be capable of embracing what is seemingly unpleasant
    in order to help the evolution of groups and of the planet. They
    will transcend the level of desire and be able to freely serve the
    constructor-energies that are performing evolutionary works in the

    It is spiritual knowledge that must be sought and not the preservation, at all costs, of
    the conditions of dense matter. The work with test tubes is part of the
    misguided thinking that will never produce a perfect human. It will
    only produce humans who respond to the laws of matter, and not to
    the nonmaterial laws.
    The races of the surface are subject to the evolutionary cycles of
    life and death until they reach a consciousness of the more subtle
    planes of existence. However, the intraterrestrial races have life spans
    that exceed 650 years of your calendar. They have reached greater
    knowledge of how to coexist with the harmonious laws of nature. They
    use energies that do not produce aggressive impacts. This is different
    from what happens with your nuclear energy, which turns against its
    own users.
    Terrestrial scientists made the mistake of using an energy without
    first having discovered the means to control it. In this way, they con-
    taminated the planet. The planet would be in an even worse condition
    if it were not for the thousands of intergalactic vessels that work to-
    gether continuously, carrying out a certain type of transmutation.
    Another difference between the race of the surface and the
    intraterrestrial race is that the latter can travel to the various levels in
    this universe inhabited by intelligent and evolving beings. The intrater-
    restrial race has become integrated with Nature, respecting it and living
    together with it in a harmonious way unknown to you.

    Tasks for the New Human
    Tasks for
    the New Human
    Excerpted from: Erks —Inner World, by Trigueirinho
    Individual Tasks
    When I speak to you of individual tasks, I am referring to your
    attunement with the right side consciousness.
    You are on the threshold of great change. Individual tasks exist
    in order for you to attain mastery of the attunement with the regent, or
    monad. After that, you will really be able to serve through group
    To serve, you must remain in the haven of Divine Love within
    your soul and, in silence, send out thoughts of invisible help and
    Here are some basic affirmations for this work:
    I will endeavor to change to a more subtle dimension and then,
    formless and nameless, be the contacted messenger, who, in divine
    peace, journeys through the obscure facets of thought, setting
    alight the flame of peace wrought in the forges of cosmic silence.
    Once I have reached other planes, I will help the infirm to gain
    health and peace.
    I will also guide my fellow beings and help them to be strong, so
    that they can find suitable work and be useful

    Supreme Court Ruling Could Upend 300 J6 Convictions & Impact Case Against Trump

  • Jonathan Turley — I expect U.S. Supreme Court to throw out Colorado decision.

  • 18% Want to Send Their Children to Public Schools in PA

  • Another education-related question asked if costs were no concern, what type of school would you send your child to. Fifty-five percent indicated a private school (33% for a non-religious school and 22% for a religious school); 18% chose a district school, 7% each went for homeschooling or a charter school and 3% indicated a cyber school or remote learning.

  • Ron Paul Home School Curriculum

  • Access Our Free 47 Lesson Study Skills Course

  • Covid Killshots For Kids Secretly Placed On The Traditional Childhood Vaccination Schedule!

  • The vaccine companies have to be stopped from doing this and so does the government.

  • The Medical Pods -Ascension Of Earth And All Life Forms Is Imminent

    A Closer Look At Tesla MedBeds

    Tesla med bed technology generates a field of restorative life force energy to stimulate the self-repair of all cells.

    You don’t have to imagine it anymore. Here it is, known as "med bed" or "medbed!" 

    It uses Nikola Tesla technology and can rejuvenate your health and help you lead a healthy life without any pain. This in-built AI technology is declared the "sci-fi frequency medicine of the future." Moreover, the med bed is the true wonder of advanced medicine. 

    Would you like to know why it’s a real wonder? Keep reading to understand the working principle, advantages, treatment duration, and conditions treated by the med bed in detail. What is Tesla medbed? 

    Tesla med bed technology generates a field of restorative life force energy to stimulate the self-repair of all cells. As mentioned already, it ensures that you are in good health and proves to be the future of healthcare. 

    Because the Tesla med bed generator is safe, noninvasive, natural, and effective, it is approved by the Class II US Food and Drug Administration. However, they are not just ordinary electric beds. These med beds work on the basis of quantum technology and AI to heal your body. 

    Medbeds are of three types: 

    • Regeneration medbed 
    • Holographic medbed 
    • Rejuvenation and regression med bed 

    Learn more about the major differences among these three types of medbed. What is the working principle of Tesla med beds? 

    As mentioned, the Tesla med bed works on the principle of quantum healing. It is portable, in-home medical equipment that also works on the principle of quartz crystal healing. The combination of quantum and quartz healing mechanisms helps in determining the very minute differences in electrical signals sent from one part of the body to another. Thus, the Tesla med bed offers an accurate diagnosis of the health condition. 

    Tesla med beds work when two frequencies line up in a square waveform with a 50% duty cycle. Because it is an AI machine, there is no need to select voltage, electric current, or waveforms, as the AI mechanism can automatically select them. How do med beds work? 

    The mechanism of Tesla medbeds includes three steps: 

    • Complete body scan 
    • Detailed analysis of health issues if you have any. Health issues occur if the energy potential in a cell decreases. 
    • Precise treatment via frequency emission 

    Hundreds of medical conditions and diseases are mapped in a database containing more than 10,000 distinct frequency patterns. To examine the scan output, multiple algorithms will be developed. These algorithms will be cross-checked with the existing database to figure out the cause of the disease. Once the cause is determined, these med beds will be tuned to deliver accurate treatment. 

    Imagine a patient who has a chronic ailment like cancer. The patient’s cells will have a low energy level, which is less than 15 mV. For such patients, doctors recommend med bed treatment. Med bed generates Tesla waves to significantly boost the energy potential up to 70 mV. This improvement in energy potential can effectively treat cancer. Furthermore, it is possible to prevent the spread of cancerous cells to other body parts. 

    In simple words, the potential electromagnetic energy heals the affected cell accurately. They not only predict the cause of the medical condition but also address it in a noninvasive manner. 

    These med beds look like CT scan devices or MRI machines. All you have to do is just lay inside and receive Tesla waves. That’s it! What are the advantages of Tesla med beds? 

    When it comes to the med bed, the Tesla heating coil is the major component. It can potentially reduce stress and inflammation. By increasing energy, this coil can detoxify and cleanse your body's cells. 

    Furthermore, the Tesla heating coil at varied frequencies naturally uses life force energy to improve cellular function, increase energy level, restore healing ability, regenerate limbs back to normal, and ultimately reverse aging. 

    As we grow older, we may not remain young and active all the time. You will also require more sleep to recharge your mind and body. This is where the med bed really helps! It delivers high-quality sleep to improve cognitive function, provide mental focus, increase memory, bring pain relief, and offer more immunity. 

    Tesla med beds have many other benefits, such as: 

    • Reducing inflammation 
    • Improving the level of cellular ATP for more energy production 
    • Stimulating natural healing mechanism for cell repair 
    • Managing blood pressure at a normal level 
    • Improving sleep quality 
    • Promoting nutritional intake, blood circulation, and body detoxification 
    • Working as an antidepressant to calm down emotions and nerve actions 

    Tesla med beds not only offer health benefits but also offer practical benefits as required. There is no need to struggle while getting in or out of bed. The use of med beds helps you avoid falls and slips. 

    You can adjust this med bed into multiple infinite positions, including the sleep position for sleeping, sit-up bed for watching TV, the chair position for eating food, and the stand-up position where the bed lifts slowly and its bottom part curls inward to allow you to stand safely on the floor. 

    With med beds, you can sleep in a proper posture. Med beds have vertical and horizontal adjustable features. You can opt for a sit-up bed position, a stand-up position, a chair position, or a sleep position. 

    Furthermore, it is possible to elevate partially with ease. At the same time, you can breathe easily. While sleeping also, you may not snore. Isn’t it surprising to hear? What are the health conditions treated by Tesla med beds? 

    Tesla med beds can treat or manage health conditions such as: 

    • Mental illnesses such as anxiety, depression, trauma, dementia, posttraumatic stress disorder, Alzheimer’s, etc. 
    • Cell restoration 
    • Fatigue 
    • DNA and RNA repair 
    • Allergies 
    • Aging 
    • Diabetes 
    • Stimulating calmness and peace 
    • Muscle and bone healing 
    • Heavy metal removal 
    • Limb redevelopment 

    For more information on other conditions managed by medbeds, read here. What is the course and duration of med bed therapy? 

    Med bed therapy ranges from 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the patient’s health condition. You just have to lie inside the med bed. Once you lay down, its life-force energy field gets activated and used by your body cells in a noninvasive manner. 

    The doctors typically suggest having four to five consecutive sessions per week. However, the more exposure to the Tesla waves, the better the health condition. 

    A 2018 article published in the BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making reported that medbeds can be easily incorporated into monitoring and care delivery services to deliver better conditions for patients. 

    Major Update: Galactic Federation to Bring Astonishing Advanced Tech to Earth!

    Prepare for a paradigm shift — a shift that overruns boundaries. The very frequency of our Earth shall elevate, transcending from 3D to the wondrous realm of 5D.

    The WEF threatens industrialised governments with losing it all, if they do not fulfil Agenda 2030

    Italian Catholic Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò speaks out against Klaus Schwab, president of the World Economic Forum, who is threatening heads of government of the world’s twenty most industrialized nations, to force them to carry out the Great Reset in their countries. This is a global coup d’état, and it is essential for the people of the world to rise up against it. We need to take sides and fight, without ever giving up.

    Mike Gill found the deep state’s money…

    The whole money laundering network is run from New Hampshire! $935 Billion a year on top of the $Trillions they already have stashed away. President Trump has it all! This is the underground economy that only the elite had access to. Now it will be returned to the people and used to kick start the Republic and the Golden Age.

    Majority of Americans 18-24 think Israel should ‘be ended and given to Hamas’

    The canal partnership plan with Palestine and Jordan is starting to look even better for Israel. Reagan used to say "I believe half a loaf is better than none and're not going to always get everything you want.". In this case Israel should be happy with a third of a loaf.

    150 dead teachers from the vax and what conditions they died of

    China, Russia and Africa didn't take the mRNA vaccines developed by Moderna and Pfizer. Neither did the migrants being flooded in to replace the vaccinated population in the work force.

    Those still pushing untested mRNA vaccines including RSV, Covid and flu vaccines are traitors. That includes paid celebrity endorsers. These college connected hospitals pushing  vaccines and trans medicine should all be converted to natural, wholistic medicine centers based on ayerveda. At least it would stop the poisoning with pharmaceuticals.

    Travis Kelce recruits mom Donna to star in latest commercial encouraging people to get vaccinated - despite anti-vax Aaron Rodgers mocking Taylor Swift's boyfriend as 'Mr Pfizer'

    South China Morning Post Defends Taylor Swift Boyfriend's Vaccine Promotion

    China newspaper reports vaccine skeptics are attacking Travis Kelce for taking part in a Pfizer advertisement, recycling conspiracy theories about Covid-19 shots. (China never took the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines the rest of the world took but they want us to take them! They launched their own covid vaccine in 2022.) These are the only Chinese Approved Covid Vaccines.

    Australia: Vaccine adverse effects exposed in Parliament. Thousands are injured or dead

    IDF mistakenly kills three hostages in Gaza

    IDF troops killed three hostages taken by Hamas after mistaking them for terrorists during operational activity in the Gaza City neighborhood of Shejaia, IDF spokesperson Daniel Hagari said on Friday evening.

    (They killed a lot more Israeli's with Apache helicopter missiles on October 7 and thousands of unarmed Palestinian refugees. The IDF and congress need to shut the wars down. Ukraine is lost too along with any remaining public support.)

    COVID HOSPITAL MURDERS: "What the Nurses Saw" (New Book by Ken McCarthy) Ken McCarthy hosts Brasscheck TV and also known for his pioneering work in the movement to commercialize the Internet in the first part of the 1990's but His new Book is a blockbuster.

    Uterine Transplant Economy

    Investigators think they've found end game of the medical system's push for transgenderism. $250,000 uterus transplants for men. Many of the university connected hospitals now have  Uterine Transplant Programs. This may also be in response to all of the women who were injured reproductively by the covid vaccines. See Johns Hopkins uterin promotions. This is how men can have babies according to current medical technology!

    UPMC Demands masks for everyone entering their hospitals!

    Looks like the China division of UPMC is calling the shots in their assault on  public health. Discovering their uterine transplant scheme has put the hospital on the defensive.

    The reason the UPMC expert gives for masking is covid, RSV and flu. These happen to be the the current mRNA vaccines they are trying to push with a fear campaign even though hospital admission rates are low.

    Pitt University Scalped 5-Month-Old Unborn Babies and Stitched the Hair on to Lab Rats

    The Pennsylvania Family Institute (“PA Family”) added that Pitt and its affiliated nonprofit global hospital network the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) “jointly operate a Pitt Tissue Bank, which supplies aborted fetal organs and tissue to Pitt researchers.”

    PA Family claimed that Pitt and UPMC have “multiple Planned Parenthood abortion providers on staff performing abortions and training medical students to do so.”

    Gov. Shapiro wants unilateral power to commit the state to climate agreements

    Step away from the climate scam and give the people their school vouchers!

    This governor is officially on double secret probation over the cover up of the murder of DA Ray Gricar! See for the latest. Rebecca Knight is back from her investigation in Europe and will soon be releasing Gricar's last fax. Then it will be impossible for Shapiro to continue avoiding a Gricar grand jury.

    A review of destructive Sumerian Annunaki Gods who no longer have any power except for a few cave minion worshipers who are still refusing to come out and surrender.

    Enlil was the angry jealous god of the old testament. The benevolent god of the old testament is the Ancient of Days also known as Ahura Mazda from the book of Daniel.

    Traitors! Congress Votes To EXTEND Unconstitutional Spying On Americans!

    The US House this morning joined the Senate in approving the massive, trillion dollar National Defense Authorization Act where Congressional leadership snuck in authorization for the government to continue to illegally spy on US citizens not suspected or accused of any crime! In the House, Speaker Johnson only passed the bill with the assistance of Democrats - a move that cost his predecessor his job. Will Johnson suffer a backlash for betraying his promises?

    Post-vaccine syndrome: Serious and very long-lasting early symptoms, including psychological effects

    John Campbell, a retired educator with a PhD in Nursing, analyses a study by Yale University, in the United States, which identifies a post-vaccine syndrome that has arisen in the wake of the Covid-19 vaccine. According to Dr Campbell, we are dealing with a syndrome whose symptoms emerge shortly after vaccination. A survey shows that, on average, symptoms last for 595 days after the jab date.

    The interquartile range – the 50% line – is between 417 and 661 days. In other words, these effects last a long time following the jab! The five most common symptoms include intolerance to exercise (71%), excessive fatigue (69%), numbness, brain fog and neuropathy (63% each). Moreover, patients later reported subjecting themselves to an average of 20 treatments. “They each tried 20 different things in an attempt to alleviate their symptoms – I think that clearly indicates their desperation,” says Campbell.

    (If you've been injured by pharmaceuticals in PA contact attorney Barry Scatton, Morgan and Morgan, Philadelphia, America's largest injury law firm.)

    Pfizer paid the highest fines in US history for engaging in lying and corruption, for profit

    UPMC to reinstate medical mask policy

    8 hours ago — Pittsburgh health care giant UPMC is requiring masks at its facilities as it sees an increase in cases of covid, flu and other illnesses.

    Allegheny Health Network has not changed its masking policy.

    “According to CDC data and our own internal tracking, the numbers of emergency department visits and hospitalizations related to covid-19 and flu remain low across AHN’s footprint,” the Pittsburgh-based health care system said in a statement.

    (The mRNA flu, covid and RSV vaccines are the problem not the lack of N-95 masks. UPMC is run by the Chinese now. They are just making UPMC employees, patients and visitors be subservient to the Chinese masters.)

    Jeffrey Epstein victims plan to sue FBI for $600 million for failing to investigate past reports of sexual abuse.

    The FBI works for the cabal not the people.

  • Biological women need to start boycotting trans sports.
  • UPMC hospitals and Hershey medical should also be boycotted. There is no indication they are going to back off with vaccine tyranny or trans ideology. They are also backed by the media which makes it especially hard to avoid. Above all keep the kids away from these people.

    UPMC has mandated employees must wear N95 masks. (Surely they know it's the vaccines causing the covid uptic not the absence of masks.)

    UPENN Uterus Transplant Program

    This should be a requirement for trans men in women's sports. Cost, $250,000. Eye witnesses from the ladies locker room at UPENN reported that Princess Lia the swimmer was still carrying some male baggage. But does the college take trade ins?

    Vaccine fatigue? Health care workers skip COVID-19 shots

    With the worst of the pandemic behind us and the federal mandate over, health care workers in U.S. hospitals and nursing homes are skipping covid-19 shots.

    Vaccine fatigue may be part of the problem, Dr. Crawford-Faucher said. Some employees have questioned the value of the COVID-19 vaccine, saying people still get sick after getting the shots.

    “‘I’m just tired of it,’” she says she hears from health care workers who haven’t kept up to date. “ ‘It doesn’t work.’

    Pfizer Stock Cut In Half Over Past Year

    Alex Jones: It’s Official! NWO Puppet Zelensky Has Officially Lost The War In Ukraine!

  • Israel drove suitcases stuffed with cash into Gaza to keep Hamas in power — NYT
  • Israeli officials are facing backlash after years of Prime Minister Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu quietly allowing Hamas to remain in power.

  • BIG NEWS! Supreme Court Will Hear Lawsuit Involving Unconstitutional DOJ 1512(c)(2) Charges Used to Abuse Trump Supporters After J6 Protests

  • These political prisoners should all be released immediately with time served. Evidence was withheld and the law was completely ignored by prosecutors. The FBI should take their place in jail for their part in this. The Jewish Federations and lawmakers who blasted patriots for protesting a stolen election should apologise!

  • Biden TRASHES Israel at Fund-Raiser!
  • Hal Turner 12 December 2023 Hits: 12128

  • President Joe Biden trashed Israel and the Israeli government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at a private fundraiser in Washington, DC, last Friday, after telling guests at the White House Hanukkah party the night before of his admiration for Israel. The Times of Israel reported that Biden accused Israel of “indiscriminate bombing” in Gaza. Biden also said that Netanyahu had to replace members of his democratically-elected governing coalition, and accept a Palestinian state.

  • (Looks like the dems won't be getting much of the Jewish vote any more. Only the transgender vote, the teachers unions, the vaccine shills and the media are left to do their bidding. That is until the money runs out then the sell outs will have no support at all.)

  • Pitt researcher who said colleagues purposely exposed her to allergens sues university

  • The assaults weren’t with vaccines, the woman says, but lotions, soaps and potpourri.

    (The pharma school at Pitt probably put her up to this. Meanwhile they stockpile harvested uteruses from organ donors and aborted babies from UPMC hospitals. Then they use them for risky trans operations trying to prove men can have babies.)

    Are Jews Still the chosen people?

    The angry, jealous god from the old testament is long gone along with his empty promises. The Jews need spiritual rehab with Yeshua from Merope.

  • Paul Winter's Solstice Saga: NPR will run this retrospective of 40 years of solstice celebrations on 12/21.

    We’re happy to share this retrospective film with you for free. We ask that you might consider making a donation to Music for the Earth, which is a non-profit foundation dedicated to exploring ways that music can awaken our innate sense of relatedness to the natural world, and inspire involvement in the preservation of biodiversity and the natural environments of the earth. Paul has written detailed commentaries on each piece in this film, in the tradition of the liner notes he's done for his albums over the year. You can read them here:

    In case you want to revisit your favorite performances, below are the timings of each piece within the film. Happy solstice! 0:18 - Hodie/Good People All (Winter Solstice 1988) 7:33 - Sound Over All Waters (Winter Solstice 2004) 12:03 - Sun Singer (Winter Solstice 2016) 17:10 - Kurski Funk (Winter Solstice 1991) 21:28 - First Ride (Winter Solstice 2016) 26:24 - The Blackthorn Tree (An Droigheán Donn) (Winter Solstice 1996) 29:53 - Salty Dog (Winter Solstice 2016) 36:00 - Nel Cor Piú Non Mi Sento (Winter Solstice 1988) 39:13 - Lua Soberama (Winter Solstice 2013) 45:16 - Garden of the Earth (Winter Solstice 1991) 49:06 - Lamban (Winter Solstice 2019) 56:13 - Journey Through the Longest Night of the Year (Winter Solstice 2004 and 2016) 1:15:40 - Intermission (State Trumpets) 1:17:38 - Icarus (Winter Solstice 2015) 1:20:37 - Prayer (Winter Solstice 2012) 1:28:34 - Canyon Chaconne (Winter Solstice 2014) 1:35:04 - Sweet Memories (Winter Solstice 2015) 1:40:25 - Dawnwalker (Winter Solstice 2004) 1:47:44 - The House Song (Winter Solstice 2019) 1:52:44 - How Can I Keep From Singing? (Winter Solstice 2019) 1:57:20 - Song of the Birds (Winter Solstice 2014) 2:02:14 - The First Day (Winter Solstice 2019) 2:07:51 - Whiter Shade of Pale (Winter Solstice 2016) 2:15:02 - The Rain is Over and Gone (Winter Solstice 2019) 2:21:43 - Silent Night (Winter Solstice 1991) 2:26:56 - Wolf Eyes (Winter Solstice 2013) 2:34:10 - Solstice Finale

    (Reminding us to look on the brighter side of life on the darkest day of the year.)

    A Message From Paul Winter

    We're happy to announce the addition of two new venues for our winter solstice concerts this season: the Troy Savings Bank Music Hall, in Troy, NY, on Tuesday December 20th at 6 pm, and the Bombyx Center, in Northampton, MA, on Thursday December 22nd, at 3 pm and 7 pm.

    The legendary Troy Savings Bank Music Hall is one of the greatest acoustic spaces in America, a wooden "temple of music" built-in 1875. During its illustrious history it has presented artists such as Sergei Rachmaninoff, Ignace Jan Paderewski, Vladimir Horowitz, Yehudi Menuhin, and Arthur Rubinstein.

    The Consort was privileged to play there during the 1980s and 1990s, and we loved it.

    Tickets for Troy, NY The Bombyx Center for Arts and Equity is a magnificently restored 19th-century church, an historic gathering place founded by abolitionists who championed anti-slavery, gender equity, and religious tolerance. We are very much looking forward to playing here for the first time. Tickets for Northampton, MA

    Stream/Download Everybody Under the Sun

    Check out Kuthumi Hands for the most comprehensive catalog of history of this great old soul and others from the GWB.)

    Here is a hilarious take on Kuthumi from the Crimson circle. (video)

    Master Kuthumi Previous Lifetimes (He's back after all that and has the keys to the Golden Age. He's working closely with Yeshua Sananda Kumara as always.)

    Thutmose III, reigned c. 1503-1450 b.c., pharaoh, prophet, and high priest in the period of the New Kingdom. Thutmose expanded the Egyptian kingdom to include most of the Middle East. His most deci¬sive victory was on a battlefield near Mt. Carmel. There he led the entire army single file through narrow Megiddo Pass to surprise and defeat an alliance of 330 rebellious Asian princes—a daring maneuver protested by the pharaoh’s terrified offi¬cers. Thutmose alone was assured of his plan and rode ahead holding aloft the image of Amon-Ra, the Sun God who had promised him the victory.

    Pythagoras, c. 582-c. 507 b.c., Greek philosopher, the “fair-haired Samian” who was regarded as the son of Apollo. As a youth, Pythagoras conferred freely with priests and scholars, eagerly seeking scientific proof of the inner law revealed to him in meditation upon Demeter, the Mother of the Earth. His quest for the great synthesis of truth led him to Palestine, Arabia, India, and finally to the temples of Egypt, where he won the confidence of the priests of Memphis and was gradually accepted into the mysteries of Isis at Thebes.

    When Asian conqueror Cambyses launched a savage invasion of Egypt c. 529 b.c., Pythagoras was exiled to Babylon, where the prophet Daniel still served as king’s minister. Here rabbis revealed to him the inner teachings of the I AM THAT I AM given to Moses. Zoroastrian magi tutored him in music, astronomy, and the sacred science of invocation. After twelve years, Pythagoras left Babylon and founded a brotherhood of initiates at Crotona, a busy Dorian seaport in southern Italy. His “city of the elect” was a mystery school of the Great White Brother¬hood.

    At Crotona, carefully selected men and women pursued a philosophy based upon the mathematical expression of universal law, illustrated in music and in the rhythm and harmony of a highly disciplined way of life. After a five-year probation of strict silence, Pythagorean “mathematicians” progressed through a series of initiations, developing the intuitive faculties of the heart whereby the son or daughter of God may become, as Pythagoras’ Golden Verses state, “a deathless God divine, mortal no more.”

    Pythagoras delivered his lectures from behind a screen in a veiled language that could be fully comprehended only by the most advanced initiates. The most significant phase of his instruction concerned the fundamental concept that number is both the form and the essence of creation. He formulated the essential parts of Euclid’s geometry and advanced astronomical ideas that led to Copernicus’ hypotheses. It is recorded that two thousand citizens of Crotona gave up their customary lifestyle and assembled together in the Pythagorean community under the wise administration of the Council of Three Hundred—a governmental, scientific, and religious order that later exercised great political influence throughout Magna Grecia.

    Pythagoras, the “indefatigable adept,” was ninety when Cylon, a rejected candidate of the mystery school, incited a violent persecution. Standing in the courtyard of Crotona, Cylon read aloud from a secret book of Pythagoras, Hieros Logos (Holy Word), distorting and ridiculing the teaching. When Pythagoras and forty of the leading members of the Order were assembled, Cylon set fire to the building and all but two of the council members were killed. As a result, the community was destroyed and much of the original teaching was lost. Nevertheless, “the Master” has influenced many great philosophers, including Plato, Aristotle, Augustine, Thomas Aquinas, and Francis Bacon.

    Balthazar, first century, one of the three Magi (astronomer/adepts) who followed the star (the I AM Presence) of the Manchild born to the Virgin Mary. Believed to have been the King of Ethiopia, Balthazar brought the treasure of his realm, the gift of frankincense, to Christ.

    Saint Francis of Assisi, c. 1181-1226, the divine poverello, who renounced family and wealth and embraced “Lady Poverty.” He lived among the poor and the lepers, finding unspeakable joy in imitating the compassion of Christ. While kneeling at Mass on the feast of St. Matthias in 1209, he heard the gospel of Jesus read by the priest and the Lord’s command to his apostles, “Go, preach.” Francis left the little church and began evangelizing and converting many. Among them was the noble Lady Clare, who later left her home dressed as the bride of Christ and presented herself to Francis for admittance to the mendicant order.

    One of the many legends surrounding the lives of Francis and Clare describes their meal at Santa Maria degli Angeli, where Francis spoke so lovingly of God that all were enraptured in Him. Suddenly the people of the village saw the convent and the woods ablaze. Running hastily to quench the flames, they beheld the little company enfolded in brilliant light with arms uplifted to heaven.

    God revealed to St. Francis the divine presence in “brother sun” and “sister moon” and rewarded his devotion with the stigmata of Christ crucified. The prayer of St. Francis is yet spoken by people of all faiths throughout the world: “Lord, make me an instrument of thy peace!...”

    Shah Jahan, 1592-1666, Mogul emperor of India, who overthrew the corrupt government of his father, Jahangir, and restored in part the noble ethics of his grandfather Akbar the Great. During his enlightened reign, the splendor of the Mogul court reached its zenith and India entered her golden age of art and architecture. Shah Jahan lavished the imperial treasury on music, paintings, and the construction of awesome monuments, mosques, public buildings, and thrones throughout India, some of which may still be seen today.

    The famous Taj Mahal, “the miracle of miracles, the final wonder of the world,” was built as a tomb for his beloved wife, Mumtaz Mahal. She had ruled by his side almost as an equal and died in 1631 giving birth to their fourteenth child. Shah Jahan spared no effort in making the monument “as beautiful as she was beautiful.” It is the symbol of the Mother principle and celebrates his eternal love for Mumtaz.

    Koot Hoomi Lal Singh, nineteenth-century Kashmiri Brahman, Shigatse, Tibet; also called K.H. In 1875 he founded with El Morya the Theosophical Society to reacquaint mankind with the ancient wisdom that underlies all the world’s religions, the Perennial philosophy.

    Perennial Philosophy 101

    Perennial Philosophy is a school of thought affirming the good, the true, and the beautiful in all religious traditions based on the belief that all religions emanate from the same Source.

    Humanity's DNA Will Change Forever Around December 21st!! Upcoming Solar Wave Explained In Simple Terms By Merlin!

    Here is Indie, or is it Commander Sananda Kumara, with a reading about the planned solstice wave. Word has it The Great Divine Director has even more in store for Christmas day.

    Even Congress is being censored! Rumble Hit With “Unprecedented” Cyber Attack After Posting J6 Security Cam Footage

    See the footage here!

    Switzerland: Excess youth mortality and a decline in birth rates post vaccine. 8,200 babies missing

    Young people were never a target group of the virus. Concerning birth rates, we have never seen such an abrupt decline due to medical reasons. Just as the vaccine was authorised for this age group, pregnant women were being insistently urged to receive the vaccine. Exactly 9 months later, the drop in births began. Switzerland is missing 8,200 babies, and women are losing far more blood during childbirth than before, Dr Beck claims.

    UPMC operating loss grows to $176M - Becker's Hospital Review

    China's richest man runs Wanda Group that owns UPMC in China. Wang’s estimated net worth has plummeted nearly $40 billion, thanks in part to a mountain of debt saddling his empire.

    UPMC specializes in fertility and reproductive care gender-affirming hormone therapy, gender-affirming surgery and gender-affirming voice therapy.

    UPMC Altoona lights Christmas tree

    The Lab department hired a Children's choir for the occasion. (The mirror then has the nerve to include heartbreaking stories about unfortunate fetal incidents at the hospital. The UPMC marketing director should be fired over this.)

    Pittsburgh UPMC Children's hospital gender program navigator touts giving uteruses from 'live donors' to trans women.

    (Chinese influence on UPMC is why we still have covid shots being given to 6 month olds, and genital mutilation surgery for kids at UPMC.)

    Pittsburgh could become gender-affirming care 'sanctuary city'

    UPMC has entered the broke stage of woke. Needs to break with China.

    UPMC/Pitt : Unethical Experimentation on Preborn Babies

    The University of Pittsburgh has been under fire for their taxpayer-funded research using baby parts from elective abortions. (This is another reason why the abortion rights issue has been pushed by the left. There is money to be made with infant cadavers.)

    Shipped to China for Organ Harvesting? | Did San Francisco Just Round Up All The Homeless?

    Apparently Newsome thought China was going to fund CA but instead it looks like they hauled off all the homeless for organ harvesting after one night of cleaning up and people being loaded into white vans.

    Ben Fulford's Weekly Report

    Fulford says the shots were also used to target Christians.

    (This might explain what happened to 94.7 radio personality Caleb James. Looks like Lightner Communications erased him from the web without a trace. All the others are robustly healthy and still pushing those Pfizer ads.)

    Remembering Chris Lash November 8, 2021 Off By Eric O'Brien

    Remembering Caleb James, Chris Lash of Texas-based Whiplash Radio stated simply, “He was my best friend of 35 years.” Chris Lash passed away 5 months after Caleb James.

    I met Chris Lash on February 21, 1992 as a 15-year-old touring the WSHH/WJAS studios. As I remember Dan Dunlap handed the touring duties over to Chris so that he could go on the air. So I got to sit in on some production work he was doing with one of the other staffers. After she was done (and supposedly in record time) Chris told me to go up to the mic and try a script. The result of it is here.

    Adding carbon dioxide in greenhouses. Generating a Cleaner Future in Agriculture

    Adding CO2 greenhouse gas is good for growing plants, forests and crops! All of the efforts to reduce carbon are working against nature. The idea is to stay in balance with nature, not kill it with chemtrail spraying. That is the cabal's means of weather control which pollutes the water, the trees, the crops and everything in nature.

    If the cabal really cared about clean water and the environment they would first close all of the biological warfare laboratories including Fort Detrick in Frederick MD. The ground water is already poisoned there which has ruined the wells under Frederick.

    The whole climate scam is meant to cover up the chemtrail spraying with the nonsense of carbon removal to fix global warming.

    NIH: Many climate change scientists do not agree that global warming is happening

    Policymaking should be guided by proved fact, not speculation. Most members of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change believe that current climate models do not accurately portray the atmosphere-ocean system. Measurements made by means of satellites show no global warming but a cooling of 0.13°C between 1979 and 1994.5 Furthermore, since the theory of global warming assumes maximum warming at the poles, why have average temperatures in the Arctic dropped by 0.88°C over the past 50 years?

    UPENN: Professor Michael Mann Given Clean Water Award

    Michael Mann has been at the forefront of the Climate change carbon taxing scam from the beginning. It all started when Al Gore used Mann's fake hockey stick graph to promote the illusion of global warming.

    Mann is one of the many AshkeNAZI Rothschild loyalists who are in charge of pushing the scam. He left Penn State for UPENN after being hired by his fellow Rothschild agent Zeek Emanuel. Mann has been using slap suits against real scientists who speak out about his phony hockey stick graph. This climate nonsense is nothing more than a government control scheme meant to destroy all life on earth. 

    Michael Mann has never done a thing to deserve a clean water award and he will not admit the truth about the massive geoengineering going on. Penn State was a major partner with the military to develop HAARP technology in Alaska. The electricity from these devices is bounced off the ionosphere to interact with the metallic chemtrailed aluminum sprayed into the atmosphere. They can also start fires, create earthquakes and drive hurricanes with low frequency waves.

    This is one of the last technologies held by the cabal to create chaos. The global warming scam, the carbon taxing, the chemtrailing, the mRNA vaccines, the 5G and the low frequency waves created by the HAARP technologies must all be stopped.

    This death science was spawned by the regressive AI draconians that have since been removed from the scene. All we have now are a few left over minions who think they can actually pull off these stupid and destructive ideas meant to impoverish the masses by poisoning and taxing the air we breathe.

    The Chinese Communist party is also one of the biggest pushers of the idea of carbon taxation but look at Bejing which has so much smoke from burning coal they can hardly see through it. They should be switching to natural gas which burns 50% cleaner in high population areas until the new technologies are released. The Communist Chinese Party are the ones benefiting from electric cars and high demand for environmentaly destructive lithium mining as well.

    Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, December 9, 2023, #435

    Dane Wigington The US Navy War College is promoting a seminar titled "Geoengineering the Earth's Climate".

    The US Navy War College is promoting a seminar titled "Geoengineering the Earth's Climate" yet official sources and matrix media both try to marginalize any public discussion of this most dire issue. The ongoing COP 28 global climate conference is being seen as the smoke and mirrors facade that it is. A recent geoengineering patent promotes the spraying of highly toxic dimethylamine into our skies to enhance cloud formation.

    At ground level, "Thousands Of Tons Of Dead Fish Wash Ashore In Japan" shortly after the mass release of Fukushima waste water. Toxic skies, toxic seas, toxic everything, how much longer can we survive on a dying planet? Is there still time to turn the tide?

    Here's the 'Jan. 6 Jurisprudence' About to Be Unleashed on Trump

    By Julie Kelly, RealClearInvestigations
    December 05, 2023

    Defense attorneys have coined the term “January 6 Jurisprudence” to describe the treatment received by the more than 1,200 defendants arrested so far in connection with the events of Jan. 6, 2021. This carve-out legal system involves the unprecedented and possibly unlawful use of a corporate evidence-tampering statute; excessive prison sentences and indefinite periods of pretrial incarceration; and the designation of nonviolent offenses as federal crimes of terrorism.

    Exopolitics Today – Week in Review with Dr. Michael Salla – Dec 9, 2023

    AUKUS alliance plan to monitor Deep Space is a cover program for SSP activities

    The Good ET/Bad ET Exopolitical State of the Planet: Preview Clip Reptilian Vatican connection is a secret hidden in plain sight

    Daniel Sheehan identifies key individuals, agencies and corporations wanting to defang the UAP Disclosure Act Investigating Alien Abduction Attempts in Peru

    – An Interview with Timothy Alberino Audiobook version of US Army Insider Missions 2: Underground Cities, Giants & Spaceports is now available

    BBC is making a feature film on Gary McKinnon’s hacking into NASA/Pentagon computers

    Sen Chuck Schumer calls out House Republicans trying to kill UAP Disclosure

    Act Col Philip Corso testimony on UFO crash debris and meeting an ET featured on Weaponized podcast

    Star Nations News features Ea/Enki communication on religion and connecting with source energy: Religion is dogma. Spirituality is about going within to connect with divine source. 

    Online research database featuring Aerial Phenomenon Research Organization (APRO) files Marik von Rennekampf article on the Hill with more details on

    Republicans with the aerospace industry trying to shoot down UAP Disclosure

    Act Prognosis for UAP Disclosure not according to analysis of Danny Sheehan claim of White House support. A diluted version of the UAP Disclosure Act has been accepted by Reconcilation Committee for NDAA 2024.

    Three more countries join Combined Space Operations Initiative headed by US Space Command which is the nexus of a future Starfleet Redacted interview where I discuss gutted UAP Disclosure Act Reaction by Ross Coulthart and Bryce Zabel to gutting of UAP Disclosure Act


    Watch the water! It's ironic that the National Cancer Institute is located at Fort Detrick and they are sitting on 1,300 documented cancer cases in a one-mile radius from the site due to well water contamination from bioweapon development. Yet they still won't give Ivermectin any good reviews.

    When a new kind of virus popped up at two nursing homes just downstream a few miles from Frederick on the Potomac River near DC we have to wonder how that happened. Could something they were working on have escaped from Fort Detrick during the flooding that made the sewer system run over into the ground water which required the shut down in August 2019? Or did Tony Fauci have the covid 19 virus delivered directly from where he's based in Fort Detrick to the nursing homes for testing purposes?

    Then there's the service members who trained at Fort Detrick for the Wuhan military Olympics who showed up with malaria symptoms upon arrival. Regardless, there's a strong case to be made for closing Fort Detrick and planting it over with hemp.

    Lawyer/Investigative Journalist Who Exposed COVID Shots Causing Mass Death in New Zealand Gives Major Update.

    Liz Gunn of joins The Alex Jones Show with guest Steve Kirsch of to give major updates after Barry Young was arrested for blowing the whistle on New Zealand mass deaths following COVID shots.

    The lawyer who won the Ivermectin battle for South Africans

    Ivermectin, the cheap drug taking the fight to Covid-19, has been used across the world (for many decades) to fight ailments of all sorts – with excellent results. The drug has been banned in South Africa, despite many studies and plenty of evidence showing its effectiveness in curing patients with Covid-19. The South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (SAHPRA) approved the use of the drug under specific circumstances – much to the frustration of many. In a major breakthrough, Bongani Luthuli – Attorney and Director at Bongani Khanyile ka Luthuli Attorneys Inc, pan-Africanist, ACDP NEC – told BizNews that ‘due to the pressure of ACDP and others – they’ve conceded to the usage and rollout of ivermectin. They will be registering the product on Wednesday’. – Jarryd Neves

    Visited 92,719 times, 9 visit(s) today

    Bongani Luthuli on the background of the ivermectin battle:

    The papers have been exchanged back and forth, where ACDP has taken SAHPRA and the minister to court, to seek the usage and rollout of ivermectin. SAHPRA has been reluctant to do that. What they did was, opportunistically, they sent out a programme – what they called a compassionate programme – which meant that doctors would have to apply under Section 21 to get permission to use ivermectin. It is quite a bureaucratic process, frustrating and completely unworkable, because they contended that ivermectin was not fit for human use and was banned in the republic.

    On the decision to allow the use of ivermectin in SA:

    We then filed our papers and secured dates – 29th, 30th and 31st – for the oral arguments to be argued. I’m the attorney for the ACDP in this matter and I got a call yesterday by SAHPRA’s attorneys, that they want to chat to us on the developments.

    It turns out that on Wednesday there will be – due to the pressure of ACDP and others – they’ve conceded to the usage and rollout of ivermectin. They will be registering the product on Wednesday. We then discussed the draft order and [that] essentially covers everything that ACDP had sought, by way of relief in the court. It’s a major breakthrough for the people of South Africa because we’ve been very adamant that ivermectin can assist in this pandemic.

    On whether this can be contested:

    We were going to argue the substance of the application, but now they have conceded and they’ve come now and said, ‘look, we’re going to rollout ivermectin. They’ve consented to the order that we have sought. This is now a settlement, as opposed to a directive from court. We’ve agreed then, that it’s going to be made an order of court, so that we don’t need to go to court on the 29th to the 31st – because they’ve literally conceded.

    On people that have been arrested for using ivermectin:

    I think those people have to be given some kind of amnesty. Normally, what happens is if the law comes in effect one needs to see it retrospectively – whether it’s a retrospective application or not. It would be completely unfair, in this context, to say those that have been arrested must continue being prosecuted when it’s now legal. There needs to be a discharge of those [individuals]. That’s what we’re going to be calling out for.

    We have felt that those were unlawful arrests in any event because of our conviction on ivermectin. That’s going to be the stance; we’re going to have to agitate for those people to be discharged [and be] free from persecution.

    On why the ACDP has fought this battle:

    We’re concerned about the way the government has monopolised the pandemic. The government has not consulted on alternatives. The government has pressed on, suggesting vaccines that are untested. We know the disaster with the AstraZeneca rollout and what has happened. That’s because government hasn’t been consulted.

    So, we’ve heard from other jurisdictions, we’ve got reports and proof. From some of the doctors around the effective use of ivermectin for treatment. So we believe in this product and we’ve been advocating for it, but the government has been tone deaf.

    On which specific products can be used:

    It says that ivermectin is a product, that is contained in any treatment that would be used. There’s been a misnomer, as to whether it’s authorised or not. It has been used for the treatment of animals and we know that it’s safe for human treatment. It’s a matter of dosage – and that’s in the purview of the doctor themselves.

    When they prescribe a particular dosage, then we know that’s safe. So we’re saying any product that has ivermectin – which is what they are doing now on Wednesday – is safe for treatment and the doctors can get to the [specificities of] the amount, the quantities and the dosage.

    Read also:

    Comment from Carlton L.A. Weber: 

    As people in South Africa and elsewhere in the world, especially those who, in the triaging stakes of being excluded from treatment as a result of age and co-morbidities, given that for many months of having no vaccines or cures on the horizon, came to realise that they were on their own while BigPharma saw opportunity to cash in big on the global pandemic, enter the grape-vine news that lowly, exceptionally safe, very cheap IVERMECTIN, in any and every available form, offered hope.

    At first, just rumours, but with a groundswell of scientific evidence from world-renowned medical professionals like Professors Paul E. Marik, Pierre Kory of the FLCCC in the US, the work of Dr Andrew Hill and others, advocating and clamouring for the use of Ivermectin as a prophylaxis and possible life-saver against Covid-19, people across South Africa, Africa and the world responded.

    As authorities, vested interests and academics at the fore-front of regulating and controlling public access to Ivermectin  issued dire warnings filled with half-truths, downright lies, and shoddy rationalisations against the use of one of the safest medical inventions ever, the public responded. Ivermectin, freely available disappeared off Veterinary Pharmaceutical shelves. And turned the Covid-19 tide.

    Of course, those nay-sayers (and their media classical Greek chorus) would feign ignorance of the role and impact of Ivermectin. After all billions are at stake for BigPharma with its deep pockets able to bribe its way into governments, academic institutions and global health regulatory authorities.

    (Finding a lawyer in the United States to fight for Ivermectin is like finding a needle in a haystack. Only one lawyer in PA out of 50,000 would sue Value Drug Company over opioids. If you've been injured by the covid vaccines, opioid poisoning, SSRI violence, transgender genital mutilation, hormone treatments to stop puberty or refusal to prescribe Ivermectin, contact attorney Barry Scatton of Morgan and Morgan Philadelphia. America's largest injury firm.)

    Efficacy and safety of moxidectin compared with ivermectin against Strongyloides stercoralis infection in adults

    In the United States, a series of small studies in select populations have shown that between 0–6.1% of persons sampled were infected. Studies in immigrant populations have shown a much higher percentage of infected persons ranging from 0–46.1%.

    (This is another reason why Ivermectin should be widely distributed. Paracites have gone untreated in the US and infection is very common. Ivermectin has the added benefit of treating covid and related vaccine injuries. Ivermectin is cheap, easy to make and it's off patent. Because of the known safety profile there is no reason not to distribute it over the counter.)

    Ivermectin (Stromectol) for typical and crusted scabies

    Scabies was the third most frequently observed infectious disease in refugees/asylum seekers population after respiratory infections and gastroenteritis without blood in the stool.

    This medicine is an important development in treating crusted scabies, typical scabies failing topical treatments, scabies in community epidemics and in aged-care home settings.

    Why is scabies a neglected disease?

    Community transmission of scabies mostly happens in impoverished settings. It is tricky to say how many people are affected by the disease. The best estimates suggest around 200 million people at any one time, and 455 million people per year, which makes scabies one of the highest-burden neglected tropical diseases.

    Ivermectin has demonstrated its effectiveness in combating a broad spectrum of parasitic infections.

    As an antiparasitic agent, it targets a diverse range of parasites, including those responsible for diseases such as onchocerciasis (river blindness), strongyloidiasis, lymphatic filariasis, and scabies.

    Ivermectin and Pembrolizumab for the Treatment of Metastatic Triple Negative Breast Cancer

    From the National Cancer Institute at Fort Detrick!

    Ivermectin may help block the formation of growths that may become cancer. Giving ivermectin with pembrolizumab may increase the effect of pembrolizumab in shrinking tumors in patients with triple negative breast cancer.

    (Fauci has an office at Fort Detrick and he couldn't point this out? The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Integrated Research Facility at Fort Detrick, Frederick, Maryland is run by Fauci.)

    Novel Drug Combo Shows Promise Against Triple Negative Breast Cancer

    Mar 2, 2021 — Ivermectin killed cells by immunogenic cell death, thus triggering T cells — a finding that Lee's lab also discovered previously

    City of Hope scientists have combined a checkpoint inhibitor with an anti-parasitic drug, ivermectin, to successfully treat triple-negative breast cancer in preclinical research, according to a study published March 2 in npj Breast Cancer journal. (Ivermectin is also currently being used in clinical trials to treat and prevent COVID-19.)

    “While the cost of a single dose of anti-PD1 antibody therapy is roughly $15,000, ivermectin is roughly $30 per dose, making it truly accessible for everyone, including cancer patients in developing countries,” Lee added.

    Since 1975, ivermectin has been used to treat close to 1 billion people, primarily for river blindness and other parasitic infections. In the last year, ivermectin has also demonstrated efficacy against COVID-19, and it is being tested in dozens of clinical trials to both prevent and treat the virus.

    Forty to 60% of animals treated with the therapeutic combination completely eradicated their tumors and were able to fight off the cancer again after it was reintroduced.

    Col. Douglas MacGregor: US is under the control of Israel, likens Gaza to Warsaw Ghetto

    Colonel Douglas MacGregor is a 20-year veteran of the US Army who previously served as Senior Advisor to the US Secretary of Defense. He says: “Washington is now firmly under the control of Israel and its supporters in the United States.” Colonel McGregor discusses the situation in Gaza, the Hamas October 7 attack on southern Israel, the dangerous potential for a wider war that could involve the US, and says it is not in US interest "to bankroll Israel's expulsion of millions of people from their homes in order to create a new Jewish mega-state." Congress is poised to give Israel another $14 billion on top of its regular $4 billion, the equivalent of $50 million per day. The excerpts are from an interview with Col. MacGregor by analyst Cyrus Janssen on December 6, 2023. To see the full interview go to    • US Army Colonel Douglas Macgregor Rev...  

    Police Detective: 50% of Sudden Infant Deaths Happened Within 48 Hours of Vaccination — But No One Is Allowed to Say It

    A former police detective claimed that around 50% of the 250 sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) cases she investigated over seven years happened within 48 hours after the infant received a vaccine. About 70% happened within one week.

    She argued this timing proves vaccines are behind SIDS because the correlation would not be observed if the deaths were occurring randomly.

    The detective, who worked in a “major city” of over 300,000 people and identified herself simply as “Jennifer,” shared her story with Steve Kirsch in a video and Substack article published last week.

    Anti-vaccine activists are building a legal network

    By "they," Kirsch means a network of pharmaceutical companies, governments, doctors and journalists that he argues are covering up a pandemic-driven plot to poison the world for profit.

    In recent years, Kirsch has become an increasingly vocal and generous funder of the anti-vaccine movement. He helped organize and fund the conference to map out strategies for anti-vaccine and COVID-19-focused litigation as the pandemic winds down.

    Their proposed targets include hospitals, school systems, medical licensing boards and, the holy grail, pharmaceutical companies that make vaccines.

    "My goal is to expose every single one of these a**holes," Kirsch told the audience, to uproarious applause.

    UPMC Still Pushing Covid Vaccines for 6 Month Olds

    CCP affiliated hospitals pretend not to notice the vaccine holocaust. Lighting a menorah in the lobby is supposed to inspire confidence? Maybe for the the Phizer CEO and Value Drug Company. Then they have the Mirror throw in a hit piece from some left wing copywriter critical of anti vaxxers?

    Dylan Mulvaney Gives Speech At Penn State In Mostly Empty Room

    Dylan Mulvaney doesn't have much of a draw on college campuses.

    Mulvaney claimed it was “a hard six months” after Bud Light destroyed itself with the now-infamous March Madness ad,” according to the Daily Collegian.

    Just Like 9/11? Suspicious Israeli Stock Market Activity Hints at Foreknowledge...

    Edward Morgan -

    For example, the shorting of dozens of Israeli companies listed on the Tel Aviv stock exchange “increased dramatically” before the attack. One firm alone saw 4.43 million new shares shorted from September 14 to October 5. On U.S. exchanges, too, there was a “sharp and unusual increase, just before the attacks” in highly risky short-dated options being placed on Israeli stocks, which expired almost immediately after the attack started.

    Exactly who was behind this activity isn’t yet clear from publicly available data. Their identities will nonetheless be known by the U.S. Financial Industry Regulatory Authority and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The paper’s authors suggest these agencies delve deeper to “[understand] why, and how, financial markets may have anticipated” the events of October 7.

    (This is why Buzzy got away with shorting 9/11 and Martha Stewart got sent to jail a few months later. The SEC protects some insider traders but not others.)

    Right after 9/11, Martha Stewart was accused of insider trading after she sold four thousand ImClone shares one day before that firm’s stock price plummeted. Although the charges of securities fraud were thrown out, Ms. Stewart was found guilty of four counts of obstruction of justice and lying to investigators. She was sentenced to five months of prison, five months of house arrest, and two years of probation.

    How do insider traders get caught? Market surveillance activities: This is one of the most important ways of identifying insider trading. The SEC uses sophisticated tools to detect illegal insider trading, especially around the time of important events such as earnings reports and key corporate developments.

    After Martha sold her Imclone stocks a new clinical trial and FDA filing prepared by ImClone's partner Merck KGaA  resulted in an FDA approval of Erbitux in 2004 for use in colon cancer.

    Give the Gift of Home Schooling With The Ron Paul Curriculum

    Governor Shapiro took away the home school and private school reimbursements forcing kids to stay in unsafe schools with PSEA's Marxist values in PA. Parents and families would like to have the $100 million put back in the budget for public school alternatives because they don't want their kids to become hard line leftists with death cult, draconian values.

    We wish you a Merry family based Christmas without transgender ideology. Experience the joy of escaping public education in democrat run states with the Ron Paul Curriculum.

    A student who goes through the Ron Paul Curriculum, kindergarten through high school, will have a mastery of the foundations of liberty. There is no other curriculum on the Web to match it.

    It does not assign textbooks. This saves families a lot of money. Textbooks cost a great deal of money. Almost all of the materials are free: toner and paper only. The few exceptions are modern novels and a few classic books on liberty, such as Hayek’s The Road to Serfdom.

    The curriculum is mostly self-taught. If a student gets stuck, he can get help from other students on the course Q&A forums. Older students serve as tutors for younger students. They learn by teaching, which is a great way to master any new field.Freedom Quote

    “A free society acknowledges that authority over education begins with the family.” ― Ron Paul, The School Revolution: A New Answer for Our Broken Education System.

    (Time for a Ron Paul College credit curriculum to compete with Marxist colleges with large endowments! Trump wants to start a free American University to offer bachelor degrees and credit for previous college credits. He even wants to fine and sue rich Marxist college endowments like Harvard's ($53.2 B)  to pay for the all American free college. This would be an affordable college education plan for home schoolers and it would eliminate harmful, forced,  Marxist ideals from American education. )

    It’s official: Penn State DC Manny Diaz leaves Happy Valley to become Duke’s new head coach

    Best defense in the country just lost it's leader. Hope he doesn't leave early for greener pastures like Pork Chop and miss the Chic Fila Peach Bowl. Now is the time to stock up on Peachy Paterno which is making a comeback. See 

    Traders with prior knowledge of Hamas attacks made millions shorting Israel, claims report

    (Shorting massacres must be condemned by all sides.)

    Suspicious stock market activity suggests more than $100m made betting against Tel Aviv shares prior to Oct 7 massacre.

    How insider trading was done prior to 9/11:

    Alvin Bernard "Buzzy" Krongard (born October 25, 1936) was the executive director of the Central Intelligence Agency. He was appointed by George Tenet on March 16, 2001. He shorted airline stocks for Brown Bank of NY right before 9/11. On behalf of the bank had purchased an obvious and unusually large number of “put” options on United and American Airlines shortly before the attacks.

    A longtime consultant to DCIs, Krongard joined the Agency full-time in February 1998, following a 29-year business career. During his private sector career, he served as Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Alex. Brown & Sons, the nation's oldest investment banking firm, and Vice Chairman of the Board of Bankers Trust.

    However, when confronted with a July 26 letter from Blackwater founder and CEO Erik Prince to Buzzy Krongard asking him to join Blackwater's advisory board, followed by a September 5 letter welcoming Krongard to the board and a report from Rep. Elijah Cummings stating that Buzz Krongard had been expected to attend a Blackwater board meeting earlier that week,[10] Krongard said he had called his brother during the ensuing break in the hearings and learned of this conflict of interest for the first time, saying "I'm not my brother's keeper, and we don't discuss our business with each other".[11] He then recused himself from the investigation.[10][11][12] Committee chairman Henry Waxman issued a memorandum [13] summarizing the discrepancies between the two brothers' recollections of what Buzzy told Howard.

    Krongard is a native of Baltimore, Maryland, and resides in Baltimore, Maryland and McLean, Virginia.

    A single U.S.-based institutional investor with no conceivable ties to al Qaeda purchased 95 percent of the UAL puts on September 6 (2001) as part of a strategy that also included buying 115,000 shares of American on September 10. Similarly, much of the seemingly suspicious trading on September 10 was traced to a specific U.S.-based options trading newsletter…which recommended these trades.

    On 31 July 2004 Krongard married Cheryl Gordon (née Cheryl Gruetzmacher), at that time a senior executive for Apollo Management.[6] She has since become a director of Legg Mason and US Airways.

    Riley Gains Details The Abuse @Riley_Gaines_

     "Since taking the stance that I’ve taken, my address has been leaked, I’ve had people showing up at my doorstep, drones flying above my house. I can’t even tell you the amount of death threats that I’ve had that have rendered the FBI getting involved. It’s real, the vitriol I faced. I’ve been held for ransom for over 4 hours...I’ve been hit. I’ve been spit on. I’ve had bottles thrown at me."(In addition, Fake women inspired by Hershey Medical child mutilators flipped Riley's table at Penn State.)

    Jimmy Dore Interviews Steve Kirsch About New Zealand Whistleblower & The Damning NZ Vaccine Data

    Damning NZ Vaccine Data: Translates to 13 Million Worldwide & 675,000 Americans Murdered by Covid Killshots. That equals 1 in a thousand.

    Health officials stress importance of boosters as illnesses on the rise

    They are at it again pushing the mRNA shots. Where is Operation Our Town when you need them? Not one word from them to protect children from dangerous vaccines because Value Drug Company writes in their newsletters and pays people off.

    Dr. Lee Merritt: Exposing The Latest "Chinese White Lung" Narrative - Same Playbook As COVID

    The Amish Died of COVID at a Rate 90 Times LOWER Than the Rest of America “I did the calculation,” testified

    Steve Kirsh @stkirsch

    Testified in front of the Pennsylvania State Senate:

    Given five Amish people died in Lancaster Country, PA, “the Amish died at a rate 90 times lower than the infection fatality rate of the United States of America.” “Now, how is that possible?” asked. “It’s possible because the Amish aren’t vaccinated. And because the Amish didn’t follow a single guideline of the CDC,” he answered. “They did not lock down, they did not mask. They did not social distance, They did not vaccinate, and there were no mandates in the Amish community to get vaccinated. They basically ignored every single guideline that the CDC gave us. Ignoring those guidelines meant a death rate 90 times lower than the rest of America.”

    Pfizer hid vaccine deaths and manipulated data to obtain emergency authorisation

    A study of Pfizer’s documents demonstrates that, at the start of clinical trials, there was no difference between the placebo group and the vaccinated. In fact, 6 vaccinated individuals died, as did 5 unvaccinated people. Yet, Pfizer showed 2 vaccinated deaths, and 4 unvaccinated deaths, when it presented data for emergency-use authorisation, and therefore, lied. Trial sites had two computer systems to delay information regarding the death of vaccinated individuals.

    Thomas G. Ford, 63, Passed Away Dec 5, 2023

    A long time Penn State farm extension employee. We know he got the covid shots because he was mandated to. Has Penn State or any of the media outlets ever questioned the safety of the covid vaccines? Never. Have they offered any data or statistics on the illnesses or deaths associated with the vaccines? No. Should they ever be trusted again for health advice. Never again!

    Attorney General Ken Paxton Sues Pfizer for Misrepresenting COVID-19 Vaccine Efficacy and Conspiring to Censor Public Discourse

    Pfizer engaged in false, deceptive, and misleading acts and practices by making unsupported claims regarding the company’s COVID-19 vaccine in violation of the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act.

    ‘Lady Ballers’ Scores Top Spot On Rotten