Trump-Men: MAGA in a bottle

There is no freedom under communism. America will never be a socialist country.

(Gifted young artists like this understand the tyranny of the Chinese Communist Party control evident in the Biden regime.)

US Supreme Court No. 22-380. Title: Raland J. Brunson, Petitioner v. Alma S. Adams, et al. Docketed: October 24, 2022.

Oct 2, 2022 — This case uncovers a serious national security breach. This case uncovers a serious national security breach that is unique and is of first impression, and due to the serious nature of this case it involves the possible removal of a sitting President and Vice President of the United States along with members of the United States Congress, while
deeming them unfit from ever holding office under Federal, State, County or local Governments found within the United States of America, and at the same time the trial
court also has the authority, to be validated by this Court, to authorize the swearing in of the legal and rightful heirs for President and Vice President of the United States.

This action is against 388 federal officers in their official
capacities which include President Joseph Robinette Biden
Jr, Vice President Kamala Harris, Speaker of the House
Nancy Pelosi and former Vice President Michael Richard
Pence (“Respondents”). All the Respondents have taken the
required Oath to support and defend the Constitution of the
United States of America against all enemies, foreign and
domestic, and as such they are liable for consequences
when they violate the Oath of Office.
Respondents were properly warned and were requested to
make an investigation into a highly covert swift and
powerful enemy, as stated below, seeking to destroy the
Constitution and the United States,
purposely thwarted all efforts to investigate this,
whereupon this enemy was not checked or investigated,
therefore the Respondents adhered to this enemy. Because
of Respondents intentional refusal to investigate this
enemy, Petitioner Raland J Brunson (“ Brunson ”) brought
this action against Respondents because he was seriously
personally damaged and violated by this action of
Respondents, and consequently this action unilaterally
violated the rights of every citizen of the U.S.A. and
perhaps the rights of every person living, and all courts of
On January 6, 2021, the 117 th Congress held a proceeding
and debate in Washington DC (“Proceeding”).
Proceeding was for the purpose of counting votes under the
2020 Presidential election for the President and Vice
President of the United States under Amendment XII.
During this Proceeding over 100 members of U.S. Congress
claimed factual evidence that the said election was rigged.
The refusal of the Respondents to investigate this
congressional claim (the enemy) is an act of treason and
fraud by Respondents. A successfully rigged election has
the same end result as an act of war; to place into power
whom the victor wants, which in this case is Biden, who, if
not stopped immediately, will continue to destroy the
fundamental freedoms of Brunson and all U.S. Citizens and
courts of law.
Due to the fact that this case represents a national security
breach on a unprecedented level like never before seen
seriously damaging and violating Brunson and coincidently
effects every citizen of the U.S.A. and courts of law.
Therefore, Brunson moves this court to grant this petition,
or in the alternative without continuing further, order the
trial court to grant Brunson ’ s complaint in its fullest.
Brunson ’s complaint is the mechanism that can
immediately remove the Respondents from office without
leaving this country vulnerable without a President and
Vice President.

(This is the Supreme Court's last chance to do their job and defend the constitution. The military is the last resort after that. That is why the military has been in contact with the supreme court. This is the final Constitutional solution to the Cabal.)

Khazarian Controllers of Celebrity Society Outed—BIG TIME! (Video)

Ye has actually done a valuable service to mankind by exposing the Khazarian mafia who have helped carry out the genociding of children and adults on a world wide scale in an organized fashion and who control the banking system, Hollywood, much of congress and the media. The trick they always use is the claim of antisemitism by people that are not even real Hebrews. People are sick of hearing the over use of the term from the ADL that has become synonymous with ethnic fraud and treachery.

Meanwhile the Khazarian mafia controlled Biden cabinet continues to send arms to the Ashke NAZIs in Ukraine which is their real ancestral homeland not Israel. They should have never provoked Russia and threatened the rest of the world with biological extermination.


Antisemitic? This war criminal is still on twitter spreading Khazarian Mafia propaganda that is destroying Ukraine while draining the World economy and energy resources. The Case of the Missing DA

This is the case that is going to separate the wheat from the chaff in the PA justice system. So far the Attorney General's office under Josh Shapiro has chaffed at the idea. All he has to do is obey the number one demand by the PA State Police that has gone unheeded for the last 17 years. That is to call a Gricar Grand Jury. Not one word from any of Shapiro's backers either including the Pharma lobby in Our Town who's drug money from opioids and vaccines helped elect Shapiro governor.

BREAKING: Elon Musks #twitterfiles drop proves that Big Tech colluded WITH THE BIDEN CAMPAIGN to censor information around the 2020 Election. This is election interference.

Suppressed Images From 1912 Of Ancient Ruins In Antarctica (Video)

The images in this video are reportedly from the Scott expedition to Antarctica in 1912 showing ruins of ancient buildings, pyramids, columns and sculptures from ancient Atlantis.

THE JIG IS UP! The Secret Sauce Behind How They Steal Elections Has FINALLY Been Revealed

Just mail the ballots with the wrong zip code. When they are returned they are done over for their candidate.

Here’s the fraud equation taking place across the country:

  • Count the in-person votes on election day.

  • Count the early, in-person votes.

  • Shut down the system (Atlanta water leak, Maricopa County, everything).

  • Bring in undeliverable ballots gathered when you changed voters’ names, addresses, or zip codes then changed them back.

  • Determine the votes you need to win.  Press the “WIN” button.

  • Wait for the Republicans to file a lawsuit months later.

Floating ballots are the lifeblood Democrats need to win — and win they do.

LaFayette man convicted of voter fraud, sentenced to 25 years

3 days ago — A Walker County man convicted of trying to cast someone else's absentee ballot was sentenced to 25 years — with a minimum of 15 behind bars.

(There might not be enough prison vaccancies for each fake ballot cast. Fema camps or mass amnesty negotiation? Might the GOP be able to work out a prisoner trade to free The People from Marxist tyranny?)

Trump Claimed Pennsylvania Sent Out 250,000 Unverified Ballots

Nov 1, 2022 — Former President Donald Trump amplified a debunked claim Tuesday that 250,000 “unverified” ballots were mailed out to Pennsylvania voters.

Printing errors mar mailed ballots in Oregon, Pennsylvania

The glitch will force election workers to hand-mark fresh ballots, a process expected to take several days. Officials in the county, the state’s sixth-most populous, pledged that all the ballots will be counted eventually.

Nearly 29K Allegheny County voters receive wrong mail-in ballots in 2020

Incorrect ballots that have been returned will be put aside and neither opened nor counted, he said. (No they will be filled out for the dems and counted.)

Zelensky has launched a series of raids at Russian Orthodox Church sites


By 1917, Russia was the largest Orthodox country in the world. Over the next 40 years, the Bolsheviks blew up and destroyed more than 40,000 churches out of 80,972. The rest were turned into barns and warehouses. Lenin called religion "Opium for the people."

Hitler finds out Kanye West is running for president (Humor that Mel Brooks would appreciate.)

KanYe West said he loves Hitler and NAZIs although he didn't mention Zelensky by name.

Was Hitler Jewish?

One of the most frequently asked questions about the Holocaust and the Nazi party is whether Adolf Hitler was Jewish or had Jewish ancestors. The question received new media attention in May 2022 when Russia’s foreign minister claimed Hitler had Jewish blood. Alois Hitler

Though the idea may seem preposterous to some, the question seems to stem from the remote possibility that Hitler's grandfather was Jewish.

In his 1953 memoir In the Face of the Gallows (published after his execution in 1946), Hitler’s lawyer Hans Frank claimed that Hitler had told him to investigate rumors of him having Jewish ancestry. Frank said Hitler showed him a letter from a nephew who threatened to reveal he had Jewish blood. Frank wrote that he found evidence that Hitler’s grandfather was Jewish and that Alois’ mother, Maria Schicklgruber, worked as a cook in the home of a wealthy Jewish family named Frankenreiter in Graz. Austria, was impregnated by a member of the family – possibly their 19-year-old son – when she was 42.

In 2010, the British paper The Daily Telegraph reported that a study had been conducted in which saliva samples were collected from 39 of Hitler’s known relatives to test their DNA origins and found, though inconclusively, that Hitler may have Jewish origins. The paper reported: A chromosome called Haplogroup E1b1b1 which showed up in [the Hitler] samples is rare in Western Europe and is most commonly found in the Berbers of Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia, as well as among Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jews ... Haplogroup E1b1b1, which accounts for approximately 18 to 20 percent of Ashkenazi and 8.6 per cent to 30 per cent of Sephardic Y-chromosomes, appears to be one of the major founding lineages of the Jewish population. This study, though scientific by nature, is inconclusive.


This one goes out to the dark fleet that is resigning from the Draconians and joining Solar Warden and the Space Force. May the Force be with you.

Remembering the Nurember Doctors Trial 76th Anniversary, Dec 9, 1946.

The IG Farben company was the father of Merck Pharmaceuticals. It's almost time for Nuremberg 2!

IG Farben (German for 'IG Dyestuffs'), was a German chemical and pharmaceutical conglomerate. Formed in 1925 from a merger of six chemical companies—BASF, Bayer, Hoechst, Agfa, Chemische Fabrik Griesheim-Elektron, and Chemische Fabrik vorm. Weiler Ter Meer[1]—it was seized by the Allies after World War II and divided back into its constituent companies.

In its heyday, IG Farben was the largest company in Europe and the largest chemical and pharmaceutical company in the world.

Judgement at Nuremberg (1961)

The film centers on a military tribunal led by Chief Trial Judge Dan Haywood (Tracy), before which four German judges and prosecutors (as compared to 16 defendants in the actual Judges' Trial) stand accused of crimes against humanity for their involvement in atrocities committed under the Nazi regime.

An earlier version of the story was broadcast as an episode of the same name of the television series Playhouse 90 in 1959. Schell and Klemperer played the same roles in both productions.

Werner Klemperer forever lived under the shadow of his ''genius'' father The Hogan's Heroes star tried throughout his life to impress his famous dad, but avoided following the same career path.

When Werner Klemperer was entertaining millions as Colonel Klink, he tried to explain Hogan's Heroes to his dad, Otto. 

"'Hogan's Heroes?' My father didn't know what the series was. That took hours to explain," Klemperer recalled in a 1980 interview with The Los Angeles Times. The actor dutifully spelled out the concept of the sitcom and his role in it — a role which earned him two Emmy Awards.

His father listened patiently and then asked, "And who is the author?"

"The way he said author…," Klemperer remembered painfully. "I mean, how could I explain to him that these guys, a bunch of them, sit around a table and write a television script? To him, the question was, is it Shakespeare?"

Hogan's Heroes was not Shakespeare, but it was a Top 40 television series that, in its first season, drew one-quarter of all television viewers in its time slot. But Otto Klemperer was unlikely to have been impressed by Nielsen ratings. Otto was a cultured master of the arts. Otto was one of the leading conductors of the early 20th century, a man intimately familiar with Beethoven's 3rd Symphony, not sitcoms.

With his father a titan of classical music, Werner grew up with a musical education. "I studied piano and violin, but I made noises a dog shouldn't hear," Klemperer humbly explained to The Orlando Sentinel in 1985. Still, he was talented enough to fiddle with a violin on Hogan's Heroes.

Hoopes And Stenstrom On Ballot Harvesting Crisis In Pennsylvania

Dems change thousands of zip codes, ballots are sent to all, then when undeliverable b/c of zip code, they are returned, collected, ballot harvested, filled out and signed and reserved to post as mail-in or ballot box votes when more dem votes are needed. (Why trucks are spotted pulling in to vote counting locations w/o explaination), At that point all those “voters” zip codes are changed back to their original zip codes and no one is any the wiser.

Ivermectin: enigmatic multifaceted ‘wonder’ drug continues to surprise and exceed expectations

(Ivermectin is needed now more than ever! Anti Covid-19, antiviral, anti cancer, anti HIV. The main reason we don't have it is because Merck, the original developer of the drug denounced it as dangerous and not effective then the DFA followed suit. This was done to make way for the vaccines which make covid worse.

Penn State is the main disinfo agent for Merck in PA. Merck should be thrown out of PSU Hershey medical for misleading the university and the greater community about Ivermectin. Merck is also the reason why Hershey Medical promoted Rachel Levine selling transgender surgery and hormone prescriptions.

Merck is the oldest and most corrupt pharma company on earth and they should be boycotted and discredited for selling deadly medicine like Vioxx, the HPV vaccine and the new covid 19 pills that make covid worse.)

Ivermectin not only has strong effects on parasites but also has potential antiviral effects. IVM can inhibit the replication of flavivirus by targeting the NS3 helicase; it also blocks the nuclear transport of viral proteins by acting on α/β-mediated nuclear transport and exerts antiviral activity against the HIV-1 and dengue viruses. Recent studies have also pointed out that it has a promising inhibitory effect on the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which has caused a global outbreak in 2020. In addition, IVM shows potential for clinical application in asthma and neurological diseases. Recently scientists have discovered that IVM has a strong anticancer effect.

Since the first report that IVM could reverse tumor multidrug resistance (MDR) in 1996, a few relevant studies have emphasized the potential use of IVM as a new cancer treatment.

...If anyone is still looking for Ivermectin you can get the Austro brand Ivermectin 6 mg tablets at reliablerxpharmacy.  link to

This drug should be standard issue to all just like they do in the poor countries like India and Africa that eliminated covid-19 with it and avoided the deadly covid-19 DNA altering shot.

And most Of Us Have Intestinal Parasites that should be treated at least once a year. There are some 3200 species of parasites, which can be found everywhere in our environment, in the air we breathe, in the water we drink and in the food we eat.

The major neglected parasitic infections in the US include Chagas disease, cysticercosis, toxocariasis, toxoplasmosis, and trichomoniasis. These five parasitic infections are considered “neglected” based on their high prevalence, chronic and disabling features, and their strong links with poverty.

In contrast, the major intestinal parasitic infections found in the US—cryptosporidiosis, cyclosporiasis, and giardiasis—are mostly acute diarrheal illnesses without significant links to poverty or neglected populations. This review highlights new information (mostly from the last five years) on the major neglected parasitic infections affecting impoverished Americans, with respect to their distribution and unique clinical presentations as well as their surprising links to cardiovascular, respiratory, and neuropsychiatric conditions ordinarily thought of as noncommunicable diseases. Key diagnostic and therapeutic challenges and urgent needs for active surveillance and prevention are also presented.

...If anyone is still looking for Ivermectin you can get the Austro brand Ivermectin 6 mg tablets at reliablerxpharmacy.  link to

The lawyer who won the Ivermectin battle for South Africans

The Supreme Court Case That Could Drain The Swamp?

Ukraine In NATO? Foreign Ministers Flex Jaw Muscles in Bucharest

At the NATO foreign ministers summit in Bucharest this week, Member states talked tough about endless support for Ukraine "whatever it takes." They also reiterated a 2008 pledge to eventually welcome Ukraine as a Member. Are they serious? Also today: Biden's neocons are reportedly considering sending Patriot missiles to Ukraine despite Russian warnings that it would be a major escalation. How far will they go?

Pennsylvania Senate to put Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner
on trial
: This soros backed DA has been a disaster for Philadelphia. 

The Pennsylvania state House of Representative has impeached woke Philly DA Larry Krasner. Krasner still faces a trial in the Senate, but the impeachment itself is an important blow struck for public safety.

It’s also one more sign of rising anger across the nation over prosecutors who don’t even pretend to want to fight crime. 

Philly is in the midst of a crime crisis. It had 499 murders in 2020, 562 homicides in 2021 — a grim record — and 2022 is on pace to be even worse. The ugly numbers represent a staggering 57% increase over the same period pre-pandemic.  

Krasner’s soft-on-crime policies are the driving force. Murders have gone up every year Krasner has been in office. Other offenses — like shootings and carjackings — are also skyrocketing. He’s gone so far as to create a special unit to make sure that 18- to 25-year-old offenders (i.e. one of the main age groups committing crimes) will get lenient treatment, not prison or other criminal punishments. 

Krasner’s responded to the impeachment effort with the standard lefty retort: The move “shows how far toward fascism the Republican Party is creeping.” 

see also Philly DA Larry Krasner impeached by Pa. House over ‘catastrophic’ progressive policies

Wrong. The House is well within its rights to fight back against a DA who refuses to do his job. (And it’s rich for a Soros-backed radical like Krasner to appeal to the sanctity of democracy: A billionaire greased his way into office.) 

He’s clearly scared. And he should be. Across the country, the popular tide is turning against DAs who side with crooks against law-abiding citizens. From the successful recall effort that booted San Francisco’s Chesa Boudin to the sadly defeated one mounted against LA’s George Gascón, the public is getting sick and tired of when prosecutors act to destroy public safety in the name of “equity.” 

And no shock: One analysis puts more than 40% of all murders nationwide in places overseen by Soros-backed DAs. Albany’s own DA David Soares — who first won office long ago office with Soros backing — has had enough of the slaughter and joined with the fiercest critics of New York’s disastrous criminal-justice reforms.  

Doctor detects MAC addresses in covid vaccinated persons with bluetooth applications: Keeps their individual MAC address on file.

Dr. Luis Miguel De Benito, a digestive physician with a PhD in molecular biology, has recorded an excerpt of an experiment he conducted which has found what would appear to be mysterious MAC addresses detected in vaccinated persons with Bluetooth applications.

Of the 137 patients questioned, 112 said they had been vaccinated, and 25 said they hadn’t been vaccinated.

None of the patients who said they hadn’t been vaccinated registered on my cell phone any device available for Bluetooth connection, having ensured the disconnection of their cell phone, if they had one.

In 96 patients of the 112 who said they had been vaccinated, 96 of the 112 having switched off their electronic devices if they were carrying them, a MAC code remained on the screen of my cell phone, which I had already noted in my notes next to the patient’s medical history. I interpreted that it was a code that the patient himself was carrying and that, in fact, when he left the office, leaving the building, it disappeared from my cell phone.

With this simple observation throughout July and August, I’ve been able to verify that 100% of the patients who say they aren’t vaccinated don’t raise any contact device with my cell phone via Bluetooth. But 86% of those who said they were vaccinated generated a MAC Address on my cell phone.

Gov. Kristi Noem @govkristinoem Nov 30, 2022, 11:43 AM

Biden's military vaccine mandate creates a national security risk that severely impacts our defense capabilities abroad and our state readiness here at home.

Proud to stand with GOP Governors across America in firmly opposing this.

As Biden said himself, "the pandemic is over."

  • ‘Negative Efficacy’ Should Have Stopped COVID Vaccine Recommendations In Their Tracks
  • When a vaccine’s efficacy drops into the negatives, it means that vaccination actually elevates the risks of hospitalization and severe diseases rather than reducing the risks. In simple terms, it does more harm than good when the efficacy is negative.

  • Long Covid could be ‘the next public health disaster’ — with a $3.7 trillion economic impact

  • This is spike protein damage that is contained in the original bioweapon design which is also the main component of the covid vaccines. Just because they continue to lie about it doesn't mean they won't be held accountable.

  • Those long stringy blood clots being found in the victims are the result of the spike protein trying to make news veins and arteries inside the old ones. The people still pushing the vaccines should be shut down before they can spread the disease further.


  • Finally! MSM Outlets Call For Charges Against Assange To Be Dropped

    Five major mainstream media outlets, including the New York Times, have issued a letter calling the US Administration to drop the charges against Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. Assange has been a political prisoner in the UK since 2019. Also today: Twitter announced an end to its Covid "misinformation" policy...and the White House freaks out. Also: More demands from global welfare queens in Ukraine.

    Trump VP poll:

    • MTG 9.3%
    • Kari Lake 71.3%
    • Kristi Noem 15.1%
    • Tudor Dixon 4.3%

    BREAKING: Tainted DC Jury Reaches Decision – Finds Stewart Rhodes GUILTY of Garbage “Seditious Conspiracy” Charges – Government Refused to Expose Their Operatives Who Were the Only Ones Who Called for Violence

    This was textbook FBI entrapment that they always use. It was the FBI that helped throw the 2020 election. That is why they are acting this way.

    DNA is the Constitution of Life and They are Destroying it with Gene-Based Injections

    There is a grand conclusion here – life already has a constitution, a sort of Cosmic Constitution – our DNA. DNA contains the miracle set of intelligent instructions which ensure that the second law of thermodynamics – the law of universal decay – is not just circumvented, but actually reversed to become a law of evolution. The myriad of living things on earth are guided, protected, and promoted by DNA (I have recently written about evolution, genetics, and the pandemic at length and you can download the paper HERE).


    James Buchanan not a tough act to follow for Biden as 2nd president from Pennsylvania

    Penn State president recommends university’s 2 independent law schools ‘reunite’ as 1  Some would prefer to keep Dickinson Law school at arms length due to the legacy of their most infamous alums Buchanan, Taney and Grier who conspired to author the worst supreme court decision in history, the Dred Scott decision. By combining the two schools together PSU alumni will have fully inherited the legacy of these three Democrat slave makers.

    Buchanan was an active Freemason serving as Master of his Masonic Lodge in Lancaster and District Deputy Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania.

    It should be noted that the namesake of PSU's law college John Dickinson was one of the signers of the Constitution and his name should be preserved with dignity.

    State Senator John Gordner stepping down

    After 30 years, State Senator John Gordner announced Monday he is resigning effective Wednesday. Gordner's teritory includes Luzerne county. This is the county next to Biden's home town of Scranton that didn't have enough paper ballots in stock to allow for a fair election.

    Luzerne County election board does not certify results of Nov. 8

    WILKES-BARRE — The Luzerne County Board of Elections failed to certify the
    results of the county's Nov. 8 general election on Monday.

    Penn State Cover Up Ends With Leak Of Louis Freeh's Top-Secret Report Card; He Flunked And Penn State Wants Their $8.3 Million Back

    It was a real "cozy relationship" between Freeh's investigators and the state attorney general's office, the trustees charge, a relationship that tainted both probes since Freeh and his team were not authorized to be privy to any grand jury secrets.

    Ken Frazier, the CEO of Merck and chairman of the Penn State board of trustees, also sent Freeh an ESPN story which claimed that Sandusky wasn't stopped earlier "because no one dared challenge the power of Penn State and Paterno, no one dared challenge the legacy of the football powerhouse and the great man himself."

    (The attorney general's office knew the real reason Sandusky was left go was that DA Gricar had been removed along with all of the Sandusky files. This is the reason AG Josh Shapiro to this day will not form a Gricar grand jury as called for by the PA State Police.

    The former president of the PA district attorney's association Bruce Castor and many other DAs are demanding that Shapiro do his job and call a Gricar Grand Jury!

    See for all of the evidence in the case, the podcasts and the State Police report calling for a Gricar grand jury.)

    Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, November 26, 2022, # 381 ( Dane Wigington )

    Transition of Planet Earth has Begun

    Planet Earth is making its transition from 3D to 5D, many of the contemporary souls incarnated on Earth are now also making their Ascension. It is the most important moment in the entire planetary or even in the history of the Universe, but above all, this is the greatest moment on Earth with the awakening of Humanity.


    Anglo German and Russian forces preparing to move on Switzerland

    By Benjamin Fulford 

    A decision has been reached by the military and intelligence agencies of the West to militarily occupy Switzerland in order to arrest the top leadership of the Khazarian mafia, multiple sources agree. The Swiss armed forces are asked to stand by and not resist since this operation is not targeted at the Swiss people or nation. The target of the attack will be the BIS, the Various UN agencies with extra-territorial powers (i.e. their headquarters are not Swiss territory), the Rothschild complex in Zug and the huge underground base complex along the Swiss Austrian border, they say.

    Enki and the Awakening Anunnaki God-King Scientists

    The Great Awakening is upon us; however, it’s not just humans waking up because of the most recent political machinations done by Deep State elites. Ancient giants are also waking up after millennia of hibernation, according to multiple sources. The subject of giants is shrouded in mystery and controversy today thanks to the Smithsonian Institute. In the 1800s, there were over one hundred news reports about the discovery of giant skeletons, but the Smithsonian Institute arranged for the skeletons to disappear and for researchers to be silenced. The little we do know about giants comes from historical texts such as the Hebrew Bible, Sumerian cuneiform tablets, and Egyptian glyphs.

    'Died Suddenly' blows the lid off of the genocidal depopulation agenda at the heart of the COVID jab scheme

    5 million viewers watched the Stew Peters Network’s new Died Suddenly film within the first 24 hours following its release.

    The Genetic Mechanism by which the COVID mRNA Jabs cause the Intravascular Growths seen in the ‘Died Suddenly’ Documentary

    The Legend of the Ancient of Days

    144,000 ~ References from different wisdom traditions

    The number 144,000 is deeply embedded in the Akashic Records of earth.

    This note points to some references found on the web from different wisdom traditions.

    Book of Revelation
    And I looked, and, lo, a Lamb stood on the mount Sion, and with him an hundred forty and four thousand, having his Father’s name written in their foreheads. And I heard a voice from heaven, as the voice of many waters, and as the voice of a great thunder: and I heard the voice of harpers harping with their harps: And they sung as it were a new song before the throne, and before the four beasts, and the elders: and no man could learn that song but the hundred and forty and four thousand, which were redeemed from the earth.

    Out of Russia Will Come Hope | Edgar Cayce's A.R.E.

    Cayce was right.


    “Leftist pedagogical efforts to introduce gender ideology into the classroom have by and large escaped the attention of parents, who are only now becoming aware of its impact on children. Some call it 'ideological capture', others call it 'grooming'» wrote columnist Ian Miles Cheong on the conservative network Russia Today.

    We wrote about this in the previous investigation into Disney's LGBT propaganda which, following the oppressive instructions of the New World Order, was also one of the first multinationals to offer access to its amusement parks with a 20% discount to the anti-Covid vaccinated.

    In this lethal combination for the soul but also for the body , given that children have become human guinea pigs of messenger RNA gene serums that they have no need of since the Covid-19 vaccines are more dangerous for their immune system itself, as attested by numbers and studies in Italy and in the world , the transhumanist imprint is clear that the aim is to replace the dogmas of a Revealed Religion: Christianity:

    The “ORDER OF THE STARS” aka the 144,000 VOLUNTEERS

    The BHM, Black Hebrews Movement may have pushed us over the top in achieving group Christ Consciousness.

    Our Cosmic History

    This is a story of Victory—-the Victory of the Great White Brotherhood and its messengers, chelas, lightbearers world wide, and children of God on planet Earth.

    Let us go on a journey across the mille

    World Cup Ghana vs South Korea Live at 8:00AM eastern 11/28/2022.

    Ghana wins 3-2.

    Special Thanks To Afra

    The first ascended master to rise from the black race was the Ascended Master Afra. Afra is a soul of great light who evolved on the continent of Africa. The Ascended Master Kuthumi told us about this brother in a conference that Mark and I held in Ghana, West Africa, in 1972.

    Kuthumi explained that this one was such a humble servant of God and so one with the flame of love that he asked to be called simply “a brother”—or frater in Latin. And so “a frater” became the word Afra. And from his name, the name of the continent was taken.

    This great soul of light stands as the sponsor of the people of Africa today in their movement toward freedom and soul liberation.

    Has beloved Afra ever given a dictation?

    Yes. He has given several dictations. In September 1976, I held a conference at the University of Ghana in Accra. It was a conference on Ghana's destiny in the Holy Spirit, and at that conference beloved Afra gave a dictation. It was such a wonderful experience for me to see so many of our brothers and sisters who are part of these teachings in Ghana receive that message. Afra said:

    I am your brother—not your Lord, not your master, but I am your brother on the Path. I have shared your passion for freedom. I have shared with you the hours of crisis when you beheld injustice, when you sought the LORD and prayed to him for justice and the LORD gave to you the divine plan for this nation and for this continent.

    I have lived in your hearts these hundreds and hundreds of years as you have toiled under the burden of oppression from within and without. And although many have considered the outer oppression the greater, we who are among those who have graduated from this continent consider that the only true slavery is the slavery from within—the slavery of the carnal mind and its selfishness, its failure to sacrifice upon the altar as Abraham and Isaac sacrificed.

    So, the failure to sacrifice the beasts of the carnal mind: this is slavery.

    Now then, it is because some have been willing to make the sacrifice of selfishness that the outer slavery has also been broken, and it is the evolution of the people themselves toward the light of God that has given this new opportunity in this age to this continent.

    I've always felt as though I had a second home in Ghana, so wonderful is the warmth of the people and the fervor of their hearts for freedom. They understand the Science of the Spoken Word because it is a part of their race consciousness, which goes way back to the golden-age civilization that they knew at the time of Lemuria.

    In the truest sense of the word, there is no such thing as the black race or the white race. Really no one is black or white, but all of the races that we find on earth have come forth from the heart of God under the seven rays—and these seven rays, as we know, are paths of initiation.

    Those who are of the so-called white race came forth for the mastery of the yellow, the pink and the white flames—hence, the various mixtures and tone qualities of their skin. These evolutions were intended to place upon the altar of God the gift of their self-mastery in the way of wisdom, love and purity.

    The members of what is called the black race have come forth on the blue ray and the violet ray. In the ancient civilization on the continent of Africa, their skin actually had a blue or a violet hue. These colors are related to Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending.

    And it is easy to see that those of the yellow race and the tradition of the wisdom of China—the people of the land of Chin—are on the yellow ray of wisdom. Individual nations also have their calling, or dharma.

    We find, however, that down through the centuries, man has wandered from his high estate since his departure from Eden, and the pure colors of the rainbow of God are no longer reflected either in the skin tone or in the aura. Division has set in—and the divide-and-conquer tactics of the fallen ones. Instead of the races embracing one another as brother and sister, there is division: one race enslaves another race and the great unity of all children of God and their oneness in the flame is destroyed.

    Beloved Kuthumi, who was embodied as Saint Francis, wrote a decree for brotherhood. I would like to offer it now as our gift of love for the healing of the scars and the wounds that have been caused by racial strife in this nation and every nation.

    Decree For Brotherhood

    In the name of the beloved mighty victorious Presence of God, I AM in me, Holy Christ Selves of all earth's evolutions, beloved Jesus the Christ and Kuthumi, beloved Lanello, the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood and the World Mother, elemental life—fire, air, water and earth! I decree:

    Out of the One,
    Thou, God, hast spun
    All of the races of men.

    By thy great Law
    Do thou now draw
    All to their God Source again.

    Take away hate;
    By love abate
    All mankind's vicious intent.

    Show thy great pow'r
    Every hour
    Of love and compassion God sent.

    I AM, I AM, I AM
    Divine love sending forth
    The wonderful feeling of true divine healing,
    Unguents of light now sealing
    All of the schisms of men.

    Stop all division!
    By God-precision
    Love is the hallowed law-key.

    Ultimate peace,
    Make all war cease,
    Let the children of men now go free!

    Stop mankind's friction,
    All their predictions
    Tearing bless'd heart from heart.

    By God-direction
    Produce now perfection
    In thy great family—one heart.

    Ivermectin, ‘Wonder drug’ from Japan: the human use perspective

    There are few drugs that can seriously lay claim to the title of ‘Wonder drug’, penicillin and aspirin being two that have perhaps had greatest beneficial impact on the health and wellbeing of Mankind. But ivermectin can also be considered alongside those worthy contenders, based on its versatility, safety and the beneficial impact that it has had, and continues to have, worldwide—especially on hundreds of millions of the world’s poorest people. 

    When it first appeared in the late-1970s, ivermectin, a derivative of avermectin  was a truly revolutionary drug, unprecedented in many ways. It was the world’s first endectocide, forerunner of a completely new class of antiparasitic agents, potently active against a wide range of internal and external nematodes and arthropods.

    It achieved annual sales in excess of over US$1 billion, maintained that status for over 20 years. It is so useful and adaptable that it is also being used off-label, sometimes, illegally, for example to treat fish lice in the aquaculture industry, where it can have a negative impact on non-target organisms. It also has extensive uses in agriculture.

    Ivermectin proved to be even more of a ‘Wonder drug’ in human health, improving the nutrition, general health and wellbeing of billions of people worldwide ever since it was first used to treat Onchocerciasis in humans in 1988. It proved ideal in many ways, being highly effective and broad-spectrum, safe, well tolerated and could be easily administered (a single, annual oral dose). It is used to treat a variety of internal nematode infections, including Onchocerciasis, Strongyloidiasis, Ascariasis, cutaneous larva migrans, filariases, Gnathostomiasis and Trichuriasis, as well as for oral treatment of ectoparasitic infections, such as Pediculosis (lice infestation) and scabies (mite infestation). Ivermectin is the essential mainstay of two global disease elimination campaigns that should soon rid the world of two of its most disfiguring and devastating diseases, Onchocerciasis and Lymphatic filariasis, which blight the lives of billions of the poor and disadvantaged throughout the tropics.

    Ivermectin has continually proved to be astonishingly safe for human use. Indeed, it is such a safe drug, with minimal side effects, that it can be administered by non-medical staff and even illiterate individuals in remote rural communities, provided that they have had some very basic, appropriate training. This fact has helped contribute to the unsurpassed beneficial impact that the drug has had on human health and welfare around the globe.

    (Ivermectin should be provided free en mass due to the damage the government inflicted on the people with the covid vaccines. This would stop the stop covid if they stop the vaccines too.)

    PRESS RELEASE: Fetzer v. Pozner in the United States Supreme Court: Petition for Rehearing Filed (1 November 2022)

    If you believe that the right to trial by jury should be protected in every state court dealing with common law matters over 20 dollars, then you need to be interested in Fetzer v. Pozner Writ of Certiorari before the U.S. Supreme Court. But if you believe individuals and companies should be found guilty without juries and then destroyed by absurd damage awards found by juries that have no evidence of a crime or tort, then you should go back to sleep.

    President James Buchanan: The first Democrat President that tried to legalize slavery

    President James Buchanan had help from two of his Dickinson Law College alumni on his supreme court, Chief Justice Roger Taney and Justice Robert Grier. They all met with the US Supreme Court at the Bedford Springs Hotel in PA and came up with the Dred Scott decision. It was the first and only supreme court decision made outside of Washington DC. Bedford Springs Hotel was President Buchanan's summer White House

    Roger Taney graduated from Dickinson Law School as valedictorian of the twenty-four students in the class of 1795. Robert Grier was class of 1812, James Buchanan Class of 1809.

    These three Dickinson alumni would then become the center of the storm concerning the lost 13th amendment.

    The 1st 13th amendment was meant to to prohibit foreign titles of nobility such as Esquire, the title of nobility bestowed upon lawyers by the Crown of England. Fellow Dickinson Law graduates Buchanan, Taney and Grier weren't about to let this one go through. Eventually the 13th amendment freed the slaves!

    But there are still those titles of nobility that lawyers have and we don't which gives them a legal advantage being officers of the court and at times finding themselves in two branches of government at the same time with lawyers in congress.

    The Missing 13th Amendment to the Constitution for the united States of America

    Dickinson Law- Penn State Where one graduate would become president of the United States and two others would be on the supreme court all at the same time! President James Buchanan, Chief Justice Roger Taney and Justice Robert Grier. All Democrats.

    Then came Lincoln right after Buchanan.

    How to become a school director

    Have you thought about running for your local school board? It can be one of the most rewarding experiences in your life. Watch this brief video on what is required before you throw your hat into the ring. More details on the process can be found online at

    Newly Elected Conservative School Board Fires Superintendent, Bans Critical Race Theory

    His firing came at the hand of a newly-elected school board, which appears to have declared a judgment day for woke practices in its district.

    In its first meeting after the Nov. 8 election, the board fired superintendent Jackson and school counsel Tiffany Richardson. Then it hired Anthony Dixon as superintendent and retained Brandon Gaskins as counsel. And before the day was over, the board banned teaching critical race theory and created a board to review library books for pornographic content.

    Moms for Liberty, an activist group that supports parental rights in education, endorsed six of the board’s nine members. Many Moms for Liberty candidates won school board elections this November, as reported previously. The group’s leaders say more aggressive school management decisions may soon be in order.

    In Berkeley, the candidates’ aggressive approach was a response to student discipline policies and slow learning post-COVID-19, said Christi Dixon, the Moms for Liberty chapter chair for Berkeley.

    “Parents were seeing that their children weren’t achieving at the levels that they had been previously. And there were a lot of changes,” Dixon said.

    Teachers have lost trust in the PSEA

    Why are teachers in the state not making as much as PSEA Officers, regional field directors, staff attorneys, general counsel, UniServ representatives, and even administrative assistants?

    Executive Director James Vaughan makes $246,000. PSEA President Rich Askey makes $241,141. PSEA Staff Lawyers/General Counsel make $170,00. My Region Field Director makes $176,00. My Uniserv Representative makes over $150,000.

    Parents are banning together to get elected to school boards to fire the Marxist leaning school superintendents that were hired by the Democrats. Teacher unions that use their dues for political purposes and school boards that called in the FBI are losing support.

    Boards should ban CNN from the classrooms and only hire conservative, family oriented teachers and administration from now on.

    Teachers are encouraged to visit the conservative teachers of

    Blair County Taxpayers' Alliance Helping to pay for school board candidates. Taxpayers find that conservative school boards are a good investment and are good for family values.

    Zelensky’s wife claims Ukrainians ready to suffer

    Freezing cold and electricity shortages “are not the worst thing,” she told the BBC.

    Did Marie-Antoinette Really Say “Let Them Eat Cake”?

    “Let them eat cake” is the most famous quote attributed to Marie-Antoinette, the queen of France during the French Revolution. As the story goes, it was the queen’s response upon being told that her starving peasant subjects had no bread. Because cake is more expensive than bread, the anecdote has been cited as an example of Marie-Antoinette’s obliviousness to the conditions and daily lives of ordinary people. But did she ever actually utter those words? Probably not.

    What was the fate of Marie-Antoinette? Nine months after the execution of her husband, the former King Louis XVI of France, Marie Antoinette follows him to the guillotine on October 16, 1793. She is buried at the Basilica Cathedral of Saint Denis, France.

    In many ways Marie Antoinette was a victim of the world into which she was thrown. To begin with, she came from Austria and after an initially warm welcome in France she was increasingly viewed with suspicion from the French people. She was born an archduchess and came to France at a very young age (a mere 14 years old) to marry Louis XVI. It is worth considering that these two were put in charge of the nation of France as teenagers, Louis being only 19 to her 18 when he was crowned. This was a financially unstable time in France and neither of them seemed able to fully comprehend the Revolution that was brewing.

    Henry Makow:  Brazil's Bolsonaro fined for challenging election results
    A top judge said the president's "bizarre" election claims were based on a "fraudulent narrative" about faulty voting machines

    Brazil Was Stolen: Communist Judge Refuses to Examine Fraud, Wants to Fine Bolsonaro's Party and Freeze Funds
    Truckers have completely shutdown the roadways and have suspended the export of all agricultural products, both foreign and domestic.

    The Party Of Brazil’s Bolsonaro Moves To Annul Election Over Inability To Audit Machines

    Bannon is helping Balsonaro. The voting machines in Brazil are rigged just like ours.

    Brazil has huge crowds protesting but the media is censoring it all.

    Shapiro’s campaign promises offer blueprint for bipartisanship

    Then form a Gricar grand jury so the people know the AG office doesn't approve of the kidnapping and murder of a district attorney.

    Go to to hear the podcasts and see the 53 PA State Police directives that were not followed by Shapiro's AG office.

    Shapiro's right hand man even got a mention in the State Police report for only attending the Gricar case meeting for one day. Then he wouldn't cooperate with the investigation or with Gricar's DA friends. Same thing with his former boss Tom Corbett. No grand jury when it was his job to do it.  Click here and scroll down for the 53 recommendations by the PSP in the still active case.

    Israel's Teva, AbbVie's Allergan lock in $6.6B deal to settle thousands of US opioid lawsuits

    The smaller ones are next. County commissioners, cities and municipalities in PA can contact attorney Barry Scatton, Morgan and Morgan law firm, Philadelphia.

    AG Shapiro should be advising counties on the settlement situation and advising them of their rights in the matter but he was put in office by big pharma money.

    Ukrainian Lawmakers want to Ban Russian Orthodox Church

    Saint Sophia Cathedral in Kiev, Ukraine, is an architectural monument of Kievan Rus. The former cathedral is one of the city's best known landmarks and the first heritage site in Ukraine to be inscribed on the World Heritage List.

    Designed to rival Hagia Sophia in Constantinople, Kiev's Saint-Sophia Cathedral symbolizes the 'new Constantinople', capital of the Christian principality of Kiev, which was created in the 11th century in a region evangelized after the baptism of St Vladimir in 988.

    Odessa Statue of Catherine The Great May Fall To DeRussification

    Ukraine’s Ministry of Culture supported the idea of taking down the monument to Catherine the Great, but according to the ministry’s head, Aleksandr Tkachenko, the decision was to be made by local deputies.

    Authorities in Odessa supported a decision to remove a statue dedicated to Catherine the Great, the city's founder.

    Zelensky's Bolshevics are trying to erase history and debase the culture again. Pity the kids who have few positive role models in a ruined country occupied by the .2%.

    Sequence Analysis: The Odessa Steps In The Battleship Potemkin

    Eisenstein's belief that films should be constructed through a series of shocks or conflicts, he claimed, was inspired by Hegel's concept of dialectics, on which Marx's theories of revolution were based.

    The Bolshevik revolution itself was seen as a clash of dialectical opposites. The Bolshevics who made Russia's most famous movie put the Cossacks at the top of the Odessa steps shooting down at the Battleship with the people caught in the middle. The Battleship Potempkin then shells the opera house to the delight of the NAZIs watching the film.

    After that the Bolshevics created Hollywood where they remain today.

    Google Search Trends:

    Searches for Republicans were double that of Democrats during election week.

    Kanye gets four times as many searches as Biden.

    Trump gets more searches than Taylor Swift, Kanye and Desantis.

    Fetterman 4, Oz 68

    Pfizer gets half as many searches as CBD

    Google searches for Merck 6,  CBD 82

    If You Got the Covid Shot And Aren’t Injured, This May Be Why - Dr. Ryan Cole, MD

    Regarding Ukraine: Douglas Abbott Macgregor (born January 4, 1953) is a retired U.S. Army Colonel and government official, and an author, consultant, and television commentator.

    Ukraine celebrates paratroopers with photo of soldier with Israeli rifle

    The Biden cabinet is buying Ukranian NAZIs thousands of these Tavor 7 rifles used by Israel's IDF. The rifle uses a 308 winchester size bullet which is commonly used for bear hunting. A lot of these rifles then end up on the black market.

    These are the same people that want to limit us to using muzzle loaders for hunting. This is Biden's idea of gun control. These war profiteers need to be stopped now.

    The Taver family of rifles is manufactured by Israel Weapon Industries (IWI).

    Sandy Hook Families Settle With Remington for $73 Million ...

    Meanwhile they've drained American gunmakers with lawfare generating Fema drills.

    Original John F Kennedy Speech About The Mormons

    JFK’s Mormon Connections: A Tabernacle Speech and a Missionary Greeting

    n 1963, John F. Kennedy toured Germany. Knowing he was coming, six Mormon missionaries serving there prepared a surprise for him. They worked to create a 40-foot banner that read, “Welcome President Kennedy—the 1,100 Mormon Missionaries in Germany.” It was sewn by a woman in the Cologne branch of the Church from materials various members had donated. One company painted it. Another hung it for the missionaries. It was strung between a chicken restaurant and a pole the city erected just for that purpose. When Kennedy passed by, he was standing in the moving car and a camera captured him turning his head to read the banner. (See the Banner Here)

    Just three months later, and two months before he was assassinated, President John F. Kennedy gave a speech at the Tabernacle on Temple Square in Salt Lake City, Utah. The Tabernacle is owned by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and is the home of the famed Mormon Tabernacle Choir. JFK considered it to be one of the very best speeches he’d given as president and he gave a copy to his parents.

    Kennedy complimented the Mormons in his speech:

    Of all the stories of American pioneers and settlers, none is more inspiring than the Mormon trail. The qualities of the founders of this community are the qualities that we seek in America, the qualities which we like to feel this country has, courage, patience, faith, self-reliance, perseverance, and, above all, an unflagging determination to see the right prevail.

    He also noted that Utah had a higher per capita rate of high school graduation followed by college attendance than any other state. Kennedy expressed his dismay that nationwide, eight or nine million children would not finish high school, with many achieving no more than a sixth grade education in a time when machines were creating a need for a more educated populace. He called on Utahns to join the fight for water conservation, a focus of his speaking tour.

    Judges in Pa. can now dismiss charges against people ‘incompetent’ to stand trial

    This is the only explanation for AG Shapiro's failure to form a Gricar grand jury.

    DOJ Files Prove President Kennedy & Robert Kennedy fighting Zionists When Murdered

    Congressman Donald Rumsfeld sent a letter to Robert F. Kennedy on behalf of the Zionists and status of AZC FARA registration on 07/15/1963.

    It was the opinion of most of the persons affiliated with the Council that such registration would be so publicized by the American Council on Judaism that it would eventually destroy the Zionist movement

    In the early 1960’s Israel funneled $5 million (more than $35 million in today’s dollars) into US propaganda and lobbying operations.  The funds were channeled via the quasi governmental Jewish Agency‘s New York office into an Israel lobby umbrella group, the American Zionist Council. 

    Senate Foreign Relations Committee investigations and hearings documented funding flows, propaganda, and public relations efforts and put them into the record.  But the true fate of the American Zionist Council was never known, except that its major functions were visibly shut down and shifted over to a former AZC unit known as the “Kenen Committee,” called the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (or AIPAC) in the late 1960’s. 

    JFK Jr's Telegram He's all in for VP in 2024. This will be the perfect ending to the deep state and beginning of the New Republic which his father would be very proud of.

    From Carolyn Bessett Kennedy's news Telegram @CBKNEWS:

    JUST IN 🇧🇷 Bolsonaro removes his concession and asks Brazil’s Superior Electoral Court (TSE) to declare him the winner.

    In representation to the TSE the Liberal Party (PL) states Bolsonaro had 51% of the votes in the 2nd election round. Additionally, overwhelming evidence from the audit supports that there was malfunctioning in the voting machines.

    TSE Minister Alexandre de Moraes gave PL 24 hours to present complete analysis of the electronic ballot boxes, including data from the 1st round.

    Illinois Has Created No Net New Jobs In 20 Years

    Florida and Texas created the most jobs.

    KanYe For President: Calling All Copts!

    The topic of Black Christian Heritage in Egypt is causing a firestorm of renewed interest in the origins of Christianity. Kanye is leading his people back to the promise land. He's like a black Moses. That is why the Jewish handlers are upset with him going off the reservation.

    I Am Black and Beautiful: An Examination of the Black Coptic Church as the Manifestation of Liberation Theology

    This is the real story of Black liberation not the critical race theory courses being promoted by Merric Garland's son in law.

    Dead Sea Scrolls 11Q13

    The Dead Sea Scrolls by the Essenes are were we find the original story of Melchizedek and the Angels battling Belial. The reason why this is important is because Rome didn't get to burn this one in the Library of Alexandria.

    The Copts pick up the Melchizedek story in Egypt which is etched in stone by the survivors of Atlantis. This also escaped Rome's editing of Constantine's censored Christian Bible.

    The Mystery Schools of the Order of Melchizedek - Kathy J. Forti, PhD

    On a two hour drive outside Luxor, through the high desert of Egypt, is the small temple of Abydos---home to the ancient Melchizedek mystery schools. (Remember, Jesus is a pre and post lifetime member of the Order of Melchizedek.)

    Temple of Melchizedek Mystery School

    Sacred Gnostic light body formation from the little town of Bethlehem, PA.

    The Battle Over Rami Malek’s Copt Heritage

    The evening of February 24th was undoubtedly a big night for American Coptic Egyptians. Rami Malek, a Coptic Egyptian from the San Fernando Valley, won the Oscar for “Best Actor” for his portrayal of Freddie Mercury in “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

    Update… 62 percent of Maricopa precincts had malfunctioning machines…

    Dominion voting systems with Chinese technology are out. Paper ballots are the only way forward.

    Hershey Medical Center earns top recognition for LGBTQ+ inclusion and affirmation

    This hospital and Penn State have been taken over and ruined by the People who created Rachel Levine. Child sex change surgery and medications are child abuse. The whole operation should be stripped of taxpayer support until they correct their course.

    Kanye West's antisemitic tweet nearly doubled follower growth

    Nice Tribute to Saint Michael, Children and Christ the Redeemer at 1:59:00.

    FDA LIES IN COURT — We never told anyone not to take Ivermectin…

    From the FDA's Web Site: Why You Should Not Use Ivermectin to Treat or Prevent Covid-19

    One of the FDA’s jobs is to carefully evaluate the scientific data on a drug to be sure that it is both safe and effective for a particular use.

    (And lets be sure to give Hydroxychloroquine an honorable mention as a safe covid drug that the FDA also slandered to justify the vaccines.)

    Don Surber: He will win and he will win big because Americans are fed up with both parties now.

    62 million voted for him in 2016.

    75 million voted for him in 2020.

    90 million will vote for him in 2024. And this time, Trump supporters will vote early and harvest ballots like a John Deere.

    Paul Ryan — ‘If we stick with Trump, we will keep losing’… Fox is guarding the hen house again.

    Doctor explains Graphine Oxide and People With Their Own MAC Addresses
    That was developed by a certain Hugh at the request of Bill Gates. He studied how that code could be introduced, at the time, with an indelible ink into the DNA in the human body. Of course, the material has to be metallic. I tell you again, it has to be an emitter and receiver of microwaves. So there it is. Any of you can verify it.

    (Lets hope there is a bluetooth ap for 12 strand DNA Christ Consciousness for the vaccinated.)

    Faraday Clothing To Block WiFi and 5G

    If the heat gets to be too much.

    To turn off 5G on an Iphone 12 or newer: Press Settings, cellular, cellular data options, Voice and Data, Select LTE not 5G.

    Heavy Shelling At Ukraine's Largest Nuclear Plant:

    Zelensky shelled  his own ally Poland attempting to start ww3 and is now threatening the whole world by shelling the largest nuclear plant in Ukraine. The biolabs had to go and so does Zelensky and the oligarchs.

    U.S. Medical System Collapsing After Mass Exodus Of Doctors And Nurses

    I’m a practicing ER nurse of 25 years.

    The amount of blood clots, strokes, cardiac events like myocarditis/pericarditis, Bell’s Palsy, shingles, etc. that I’ve seen since the vaccine rollout is more than I’ve ever seen in the previous 23.5 years combined.

    When I try to discuss this with my coworkers, they turn their heads and look downcast, but will rarely speak.

    I think it’s because like me, they feel betrayed for following the narrative, but unlike me they won’t open their eyes and speak out (they’re afraid for their careers and also are scared to death that their bodies are ticking time bombs).

    It’s easier to ignore than to acknowledge. – Susan Pace, Medscape

    (Meanwhile we still have Penn State pushing the vaccines on 6 month old children.)

    Judge urges penalty to county

    This is just a side show by Shapiro's KM network to carry water for Dominion voting systems. The judge's husband endorsed Shapiro and this newspaper's editor is Jubelirer's fraternity buddy. They all work together across party lines. The only cure for the hackable Dominion voting machines is to go back to paper ballots.

    The Altoona Mirror has delivered nothing but lies about the vaccine epidemic too. The whole editorial staff needs to be reeducated on the topic of journalistic integrity. Thanks to big pharma sell outs Journalism Tops List Of 'Most Regretted' College Majors.

    Here's a good topic for a Mirror article that we won't see any time soon.

    The case of missing DA Ray Gricar has practically solved itself with the release of the police file evidence at The State Police called for a grand jury because it was obvious that the AG office was behind the disappearance and the beneficiary was Sandusky's Second Mile who went on to fund Corbett's campaign for Governor. All we need is for AG Shapiro to do his job and form a State wide investigative grand jury but he won't budge. Everyone knows his right hand man was also Corbett's right hand man in the AG office and he fought the Gricar investigation when he took Gricar's place as Centre DA.  See The Dueling Press Conferences and Unsung Heroes Part 2: Ted McKnight and Bob Buehner at The Centre Daily Times.

    Kanye West Roars Back With A One Word tweet on Twitter  Shalom!

    He must be in the market for another Jewish promoter!

    We want Kanye, Kyrie and the Copts to remake Go Down Moses, Let My People Go!

    Louis Armstrong - Go Down Moses

    Ye just announced his 2024 Presidential run with Milo Yiannopoulos an ex-gay Christian as a campaign worker. Milo is currently working as an unpaid intern for MTG in Georgia

    Milo brings with him a grassroots movement made up of over 175,000 individuals seeking to bring a Christian influence to American politics. They've got overseas contacts too with the Australian Christian Lobby also known as the ACL.

    The Constitution: Why A Republic?

    Winning the War of Independence brought a new challenge to the American people: what sort of government should they choose for their new nation? Robert George, Professor of Jurisprudence at Princeton University, explores the problems the founders faced at this pivotal moment in history.

    There’s a HUGE difference in the United States of America and her Constitution and the Federal Corporation of the United States of the District of Columbia and its Constitution that Career Politicians have been using on you the people to fit their narratives and agendas for the Senior Executives, aka the Cabal.

    Biden's climate agenda benefits communist China, not the Americans he supposedly represents

    The implementation of so-called “green” energy policies is not about cleaning up the environment and creating a better world. It is about shifting power into the hands of communist China, which is exactly what the Biden regime is trying to do.

    (When they cut down a square mile of untouched old growth forest and put in Chinese solar panels that will be put in landfills in less than 20 years. That is not helping the environment. Solar panels are not recyclable and are considered hazardous waste in California. The carbon issue is merely a diversion from their real agenda. )

    PA House GOP impeaches Soros backed Philly DA Krasner

    Shapiro's AG office Still Refuses To Call A Gricar Grand Jury

    The entire Police report is now published on line at The #1 recommendation of PA State Police is a grand jury.  The PA District Attorney's association is now looking into it. Former PA DA Association president Bruce Castor explains the responsibility AG Shapiro  to call a Gricar grand jury in episode 6 of the podcast at

    A Message from the Podcast producer Rebecca Knight:

    Bruce Castor contacted me after he listened to the 6th episode of my podcast and he was kind enough to clarify something for me. Mr. Castor wrote in an email: “The governor does not have the power to convene a statewide grand jury. Only the attorney general has that power. Of course, if AG Shapiro is elected governor, he appoints the person who would succeed him as attorney general, subject to the approval of the GOP-controlled state senate where Corman is still president pro tem. Also, Mr. Shapiro could convene a grand jury now, or after the election before taking office, or when he returns to being the full-time AG if he were to lose the governor's election. But the governor has no power on his own to call a grand jury.”

    Thanks for taking the time to respond to me Bruce! I am glad you could set me straight!

    Since releasing the first 4 episodes of my podcast in April, I have had a few incidents where someone or persons have been sending nasty messages to me to stop putting out the information that I have. That was not unexpected and so I keep my head down and keep going. But 2 days ago I received a clear death threat and I reported it to local authorities and to the FBI. I want to say thank you to the FBI here where I live in California and also the agents in Pennsylvania, where, until now, there has been NO justice for Ray Gricar. I think the tide is turning.


    (The time for beating around the bush in the Gricar Case is over. All of the many irregularities in the invstigation point to only one conclusion. Ray was lured to Lewisburg by the attorney General's press secretary that would later be known as the mystery woman. Ray's disappearance allowed the removal of the Sandusky files located on Ray's laptop which was later pulled from the river along with the hard drive after it had been erased. The Sandusky files also went missing from Ray's office as well. The Gricar investigation was over at this point. We don't know what happened to Ray after the Lewisburg sightings and the mystery woman was never followed up on.

    AG Josh Shapiro is the only one who can form a state wide Ray Gricar grand jury at this time and he will not even discuss it! In episode 6 of the podcast we learned from former interim AG Bruce Castor that Senate Pro Tempore Jake Corman, a former board member of Sandusky's Second Mile, stopped Castor's investigation into the Second Mile and the locks were changed on Castor's filing cabinets. He was then removed from the AG position by the PA senate and was eventually replaced by Shapiro. Castor also said the Centre County assistant DA refused any help from other counties with the original Gricar investigation.) 

    Corman's last days in office.

    Rand Paul tears into corrupt FBI director with question he CAN'T answer.

    The FBI is acting like a wing of the Chinese Communist Party similar to the democrats. The FBI better start putting America First or they are going to get a pink slip from President Trump. The Constitution doesn't call for a national police force and the FBI is the perfect example of why. A few traitors at the top can terrorize the whole country with partisan police action like home raids against political opponents.

    Tucker Carlson: Imposition of gender ideology, government seeks to break up families

    Democrat Lawmaker from Virginia Elizabeth Guzman is presenting a bill that accuses parents of a serious crime… that will have them ousted from their jobs and put in prison, if they refuse to support the sex change of their underage children, unconditionally. The most recognisable feature of any totalitarian movement is the drive to break up the family and replace parents with politicians.

    #DiedSuddenly @RandPaul I say sir, it seems we have a heart attack epidemic. #Fauci @NewsBowne History is repeating itself.

    5 teenagers #diedsuddenly and unexpectedly in the last 24 hours in Israel, a very unusual high number. Heart problems at a young age used to be rare. No mention in mainstream media. No questions asked by the public. May their memory be a blessing.

    Quote TweetJan Jekielek@JanJekielek·Nov 15 "The Ministry of Health in Israel is actively hiding critical information about side effects from the Israeli public…Why is that important?…[In] all the approval stages of the FDA…Pfizer is quoting & relying on data from Israel." —MIT professor Retsef Levi

    SABOTAGE? – Dr. Birx Admits to Revising and HIDING Info From Trump’s COVID Team, While Altering CDC Guidelines Without Approval.

    Birx was thwarting the will of President Trump and his team, in order to prioritize the demands of pharmaceutical lobbyists and Chinese Communist Party sympathisers like Anthony Fauci. She further revealed:

    Five COVID Investigations the GOP House Needs to Launch on Day One

    The GOP promised COVID investigations. Now it's time to deliver.

    G20 Pushes Vaccine Passports For All Future International Travel

    This is basically what the democrats have voted for in supporting the Cabal. Their kids have been poisoned with vaccines, locked down, lied to, and aborted and still they vote for the tyranny of the globalists.

    Kari Lake posts new video, then flies to Mar-A-Lago

    Lake received a standing ovation when she entered the Trump Club for a luncheon hosted by Stephen Miller and the America First Policy Institute.

    Democrats win control of Pennsylvania state House

    The party picked up 12 seats during the 2022 midterm election. This despite a net gain of about 100,000 GOP voter registrations over democrats before this years election.

    Pennsylvania AG Josh Shapiro Charges His Own Former Campaign Consultant with ‘Wide Scale’ Voter Fraud

    Pennsylvania's governor-elect rose to prominence by downplaying Republican fears of voter fraud.

    "By soliciting and organizing the wide scale forgery of signatures, the defendant undermined the democratic process and Philadelphians’ right to a free and fair election," Shapiro said in a statement announcing the charges.

    (Shapiro has had this case on the back burner since 2019. They haven't looked at any new ones since then. Not even in DA Krasner's philadelphia.)

    Penn State president addresses Center for Racial Justice, priorities ahead of town hall

    Meanwhile PSU is still pushing the sterilizing, blood clot producing cancer initiating covid vaccines on 6 month olds. The fact is Penn State has fallen further under the influence of the anti human, artificial intelligence unit of the oldest, most corrupt pharmaceutical company on earth, Merck. It appears that PSU is no longer able to support education that sustains the most basic God given rights of a healthy human being and should be put on intellectual quaranteen until the university can right itself.  

    Binance exec says ‘it was like a bomb went off’ at FTX, compares Bankman-Fried to Madoff and Elizabeth Holmes

    (All of the elections paid for with this money have been financed by securities fraud, wire fraud, mail fraud, and money laundering. It's organized crime campaign financing.)

    Ukrainian Cossack dancers performing at Penn State Scranton

    Biden's home town needs to know that supporting Ukraine means supporting the vast majority of it's citizens who are 70% Christian Orthodox, not the .2% of Jewish controllers who were poisoning the region with biolab warfare. It's the same Khazarian Mafia problem we're having with the Biden cabinet.

    "Dark-Eyed Cossack Girl" - Leonid Kharitonov & The Alexandrov Red Army Choir (1969)

    Why the next US president is popular with Cossacks (video)

    Cossack: Because he is the first president that wants to improve relations with Russia. Because he doesn't want to give so much money to Nato and because his wife is Slavic and she's beautiful.

    The Cossacks are predominantly of East Slavic Orthodox Christian ethno-religious culture.

    About 70% of Russians and Ukranians are Orthodox Christians. Only .2% are Jewish like Zelensky and his oligarchs.

    EXCLUSIVE – Melania: Donald Trump Will Lead America to ‘Peace, Love and Security’ in Second Term

    “I support my husband’s decision to run for president of this wonderful Nation,” said Melania Trump “His achievements during his administration had a great effect on all of us, and he can lead us toward success and prosperity again.”

    “I await the day when my husband returns to lead an America that is characterized by peace, love, and security.”

    This Is the Moment JFK Junior Has Been Waiting For

    Trump's secret weapon is the Son of The Storm and will be the 19th Vice President of the American Republic!

    The last legitimate president was Ulysses S. Grant and now Donald Trump will become the 19th president of the restored Constitutional Republic.

    JFK Jr. Has Been Getting the Message Out On Telegram


    History of the Extraterrestrial Agenda & the Coming Global Revolution

    Unlock Your DNA by Barbara Marciniak

    DNA carries the coding, for this genetic material and its helixes are made up of light-encoded filaments-tiny gossamer threads that carry information the way fiber optics systems do. The pillar of light that you use to activate yourself and to bring information into your body is also composed of light-encoded filaments. These light-encoded filaments carry a vast amount of data and information, and your body is filled with them. When bundled together and placed in a certain alignment, the light encoded filaments work together and release information that makes sense of the history they carry.

    Earth is now entering a conjunction or lineup with purpose through which the Original Planners are returning to reactivate the twelve-helix system in the occupying species-the human to date-and put Earth back on its track. When the biological library was conceived of eons and eons ago, it was decided that the stewards of the planet would hold the key to unlocking the data that was stored in this Living Library.

    How does this tie in with the twelve information centers? When human chakra systems are connected, open, and activated, information starts to seek its own expression and become available. There are certain things that will code or trigger this information, bringing it to the forefront of existence to get it to begin to express itself. When you are hooked into the information centers, seven in your body and five outside your body, you are ready to receive energy through another set of twelve information centers. When you activate your own twelve chakras, you hook into energy stored in parallel sets of twelve centers that will further activate your process. This will eventually bring the brain into its complete, full, computer like function.

    The activation of the twelve strands of DNA coincides with the activation, spinning, movement, and opening of the twelve centers of information-the twelve chakras or etheric energy discs. This is the beginning of the connection of the spinning of the twelve. When this alignment of energy takes place, it brings and pulls energy into the twelve heavenly bodies in your solar system. These bodies then begin to feed energy back to Earth. They activate themselves by releasing what they hold so that Earth can biogenetically come alive. There are more and more of these groups of twelve-the twelve universes spinning, for example. Through the spinning of the twelve centers, there will be a chaos of new consciousness, because when these twelve energy centers-particularly the outer five-begin to hook themselves back up with the planet, there will be an incredible flood of new energy.


    7 Sleeping Anunnaki Scientists are Awakening

    They were twelve, sleeping Anunnaki that had been left behind when he left Earth after the Great Flood (ca 9700 BC). Four bodies have been destroyed, and one is in the custody of the enemy. Seven remain untouched; four are in the process of activation. Kukulkan is one of the four.

    Arunna is a scientist engineer specializing in spacecraft.

    [Enki] The master ship-maker. The technology he is guarding has great power. With the ships are also the core engines and a far greater technology: power energy sources. The containers are still there, but no one on planet Earth knows how to activate them.

    Draco Vril Infection: Pass The Ivermectin and don't feed the beast!

    AnnaStolarska9 Inside is a Vril Lizard. In contrast to the four-dimensional existence of the Draconian Reptilian, the Vril Lizards are three-dimensional beings, and parasitizing humans and taking over the brain and body is a physical transformation as a living thing.

    Biden supporters should know this is what is behind Biden's inflamed eyeball. Same for the queen, Richard Branson, John Kerry, and the entire Hollywood black eye club. They are soulless drones who sold their soul for a few measly bucks.

    Droning occurs when a Vril lizard parasite creature detach its quill(proboscis) contains its brain and spine from its body and inject it into one of human eyes where the lizard parasite takes over the human host brain. It is terribly painful for the human being until the human consciousness dies and the vril parasite consciousness is in full control. All (or most) memory and ability of former human is retained & the Vril consciousness now mimicks the former human's behaviors.

    The former human is now a drone (host), technically, the victim become the host of the Vril is dead. These are many 'people' that are used by Vril to infiltrate governments, Hollywood, big media&press, legal & financial systems, major religious organizations and big corporations. Vrils have been working with a handful evil elite families for many centuries on the earth. The handful elites families and their pawns called illuminati uses Vrils against people who opposed their crimes and tyranny. The illuminati elites and their members use the evil parasitic creatures to keep or further expand their power and wealth and defeat and control their oppositions.

    The deepstate and shadow government, the illuminati in your governments have been using vrils against many good humans to keep their power and push their evil agenda against humanity and other good alien races among us. Intelligence of Vril hosts seems a little decreased-with a minimal capacity-if any, to understand sarcasm and/or dry humor. Drones' offspring have increased risk of various birth defects. Vril drones (hosts) often seem incapable of empathy and sympathy and can quite often display psychotic behaviors. Vril hosts, aka Drones enjoy evil behaviors, perversion, sexual deviance and self gratification. The drone will seem to be an ill human until fully recovered from the parasitical infection which takes varying degrees of time, but is usually impossible.

    So that only way to save the world is to remove Vrils and Vril hosts. The evil establishment has used Vril parasite lizard creatures to control people who oppose their tyranny and evil crimes. The eye that was droned with the proboscis will be affected and sometimes never fully recovers, leaving the affected eye to seem slightly different from the other after the black eye healed. Most drones appear completely normal and walk among us undetected.

    These people need to be treated with the anti paracite medicine Ivermectin.

    See the latest members of the black eye club here.

    SCOTUS Case Surfacing: The Possible Removal of a Sitting President and Vice President of The United States Along With Members of The United States Congress (Video)

    Freedom Force Battalion brought up Supreme Court case 22-380 up on their November 16 program. The complaint involves a national security breach which, as indicated, could lead to the possible removal of the president, vice president, and members of Congress. 388 members of Congress are listed as defendants including Charlie Crist, Al Green, Mitch McConnell, Mitt Romney, Lisa Murkowski, just to name a few. Tacked on at the end are Joseph Biden in his capacity as president, Kamala Harris in her capacity as vice president, and Michael Pence in his former capacity as vice president. Not only that but if the motion is granted, the trial court will also have the authority to swear in the rightful heirs, ie the actual winners. Impeachment by the Supreme Court? Very interesting, very interesting indeed. The way I understand it is, basically, interference in a US election by foreign powers constitutes an act of war and when the vast majority of Congress along with the president and vice president elect sought to profit from that action on January 6, 2021, as opposed to defending the country and the constitution, it marks them as traitors to the nation. Their treason in turn harms the people of the country and the plaintiff seeks redress from that injury.

    FBI Admits They Found Nothing In Raid Of Trump’s Mar-A-Lago Home The FBI has suddenly and quietly admitted that they found nothing in the raid of Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home. I wonder if the fact that the midterm elections are over has anything to do with this. Leading up to 2022, there was nothing but leaks and speculation that Trump was trying to sell U.S. nuclear secrets and now that democrats have stolen the election, it was all a big nothing burger.

    In August, an FBI team headed by a Russian collusion hoax specialist raided Donald Trump’s Florida home, claiming the former President had stolen classified material. The liberal media, citing unnamed sources, claimed this material was the most sensitive information our country has and said that Trump was trying to sell it to Saudi Arabia, Russia, and China.

    But that was before the midterms, when it could hurt Republicans. Now that everything is safe and secure for the democrats, The Washington Post dumped this interesting tidbit of information:

    That review has not found any apparent business advantage to the types of classified information in Trump’s possession, these people said. FBI interviews with witnesses so far, they said, also do not point to any nefarious effort by Trump to leverage, sell or use the government secrets. Instead, the former president seemed motivated by a more basic desire not to give up what he believed was his property, these people said.

    Court Papers: Proud Boys Had as Many as 8 Informants and Oath Keepers’ Vice Prez Was an FBI Informant

    These FBI insurgency coordinators are all guilty of misprision of a felony.  They knew there was going to be a riot that was to enter the Capitol building and they did nothing to stop it!

    The FBI should be working on getting the January 6 political prisoners out of jail quickly or the FBI could end up joining them there.

    FBI director Wray refused to answer under oath if the FBI provided the MAGA outfits the informants wore to the riot!

    Here's the paid FBI Oath Keeper informant that was on Coast To Coast With George Noory He's a former Sheriff's deputy and the founder of Western Montana Tactical Training Center. He supposedly had a heart attack right before he was supposed to testify for Jan 6 defendant Joe Biggs. His testimony would have been disasterous for the FBI.

    Here's the FBI informant's side business: Western Montana Tactical Training Center where you can get FIREARM TRAINING PROVIDED BY EXPERTS. Realistic, and evidence based training taught by military and law enforcement veteran instructors.

    Sasquatch music festival 2009: A quick Study of Crowd Behavior

    This video has been extensively studied by crowd control experts to understand the dynamics of crowd behavior. Sometimes all it takes is one person to set off a crowd dynamic. Think Ray Eps and the FBI informants at the capitol on January 6. Now add social media build up, megaphones, MAGA costumes, communications equipment, flash bombs, tear gas and a specific plan from the organizers at the top and you have the formula for January 6.

    NBC acknowledges myocarditis link to COVID-19 vaccines after sudden deaths of young adults

    NBC admits what used to be banned as 'misinformation.'

    Poland, NATO Agree Deadly Polish Border 'Russian Attack' Was Errant Ukrainian Missile

    A Doctor Is Executed Under the Nuremburg Code – For Administering a Covid Vax

    by Alexandra Bruce

    Anti-Death Shot activist and physician, Dr Elizabeth “Betsy” Eads says that a physician has been executed for injecting a patient with the COVID-19 bioweapon, which resulted in his patient’s death.

    Dr Eads urges all medical professionals listening to stop injecting this bioweapon at once, if they want any hope of not meeting the same fate.

    She says, “You know people are dying from the bioweapon vaxxines. You need to stop what you’re doing. If you have to quit that job and walk away, walk away. These are crimes against humanity. You cannot run, you cannot hide. You will not be able to walk down the street.

    “Nuremberg-like tribunals have started. Whether you’re a doctor, a nurse, a pharmacist, a CNA, a lab tech – anyone participating in giving these bioweapon jabs are killing a patient.

    “That includes school headmasters. That includes principals, that includes anywhere where somebody was forced to take an experimental medication without informed consent or a CDC cocktail, including ventilation or CDC without consent. Appropriate consent. Not talking about written consent. I’m talking about appropriate medical consent, including what ingredients are being given, what the side effects of the product are and what studies have been done to prove the efficacy of the product.

    “Because we know the vaxxines are bioweapons. They are lipid nano; nanotubes or nano Qdot  spot, graphene oxide, which are killing patients.

    “We know remdesevir killed 53% of the patients in the ebola study. All of this is readily available to nurses, doctors, pharmacists and healthcare workers all over the world.

    “There is no excuse for continuing to push the bioweapon shots, remdesivir and ventilation on people. There’s no reason to push a fraudulent PCR antigen test, which is doing nothing but collecting genetic material to be passed on for cloning.

    “Please, I implore you to cease and desist what you’re doing, nurses, pharmacists. Walk away if you have to walk away. Repent. Ask for forgiveness.

    “Because if you don’t, God will find you and you will suffer the same death that this Malaysian doctor suffered and you will deserve it.

    Study: 100% Of mRNA Jab Recipients Have Heart Implications

    Aside from the reproductive organs, your heart is a primary target, and recent Swiss research22 found the rate of subclinical myocarditis is hundreds of times more common than clinical myocarditis. Interestingly, while other studies have found higher post-jab myocarditis rates in men, here, it was far higher in women.

    COVID Jab Deaths Are Being Buried

    All in all, evidence shows the COVID jabs are an absolute health disaster, yet our health agencies are doing nothing to prevent it. On the contrary, they’ve doubled and tripled down on their COVID shot recommendations while simultaneously burying incriminating evidence.

    In “How FDA and CDC Are Hiding COVID Jab Dangers” I detail how the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are refusing to release relevant data, have lied about trial findings, and even more egregiously, are now manipulating databases to artificially eliminate safety signals and hide excess jab-related deaths.

    DeSantis 2024 banner flies above Palm Beach ahead of Trump announcement

    "Ron came to me in desperate shape in 2017—he was politically dead, losing in a landslide to a very good Agriculture Commissioner, Adam Putnam, who was loaded up with cash and great poll numbers. Ron had low approval, bad polls, and no money, but he said that if I would Endorse him, he could win," Trump said in his statement.  

    President Trump To Make Special Announcement 11/15/2022 Right Side Broadcasting

     House Freedom Caucus MEMO Details Plan to Elect Donald Trump Speaker of the House”

    • The “Speaker Trump” HFC memo is a bold expression of NO-CONFIDENCE in Kevin McCarthy just days after his disastrous performance at the midterm elections.
    • The Trump memorandum sets forth a plan to elect President Donald J. Trump as Speaker of the House of Representatives. 
    • Importantly, the document clearly articulates the legal and constitutional authority that the House MAY CHOOSE a non-member as House Speaker.
    • The memo derides McCarthy for his refusal to move forward with impeachment of Joe Biden.
    • The HFC memo sets forth a plan to return the House of Representatives to “regular order.” 
    • The memo pushes for a commitment from GOP leaders to include the “Motion to Vacate the Chair” in the next rules package. 

    The memorandum also addresses the failure of GOP leadership to deliver on five key issues important to the American public during the current congressional session:

    1. Chinese infiltration into U.S. government, commerce, industry and defense. 
    2. The utter lack of serious investigations into the Nov. 3, 2020 election operation. 
    3. The pervasive infringement of our First Amendment rights to free speech. 
    4. The hesitance to launch a Nuremburg 2.0 style military tribunal to hold those accountable for the millions of deaths during Covid-19 and in the aftermath, with the Pfizer fallout and Moderna Mutilation. 
    5. Congress’s refusal to investigate the truth behind Jan 6 deaths, and the treatment of J-6 political prisoners.

    Addressed to the House GOP Conference, the memo blasts McCarthy for openly stating that he does not plan to impeach Joe Biden during the next congressional session.

    Another main sticking point the memo highlights is the inclusion of the “motion to vacate the chair,” which was recently removed by Nancy Pelosi, after being in place for decades.

    The “motion to vacate” rule formerly served as a check on the Speaker by his conference, in that it required the Speaker to enjoy serving at the pleasure of his conference, given that the motion to remove the Speaker could be brought to the floor by a single member of Congress.

    McCarthy is also being called to the carpet over his apparent unwillingness to commit to returning the House to what is known as “regular order,” which refers to a more ground-up, inclusive legislative process, characterized by a more grassroots approach typical of the “people’s house.”

    In recent years, Republican and Democrat legislative leaders have held the legislative process tightly, refusing to include members who are not in leadership.

    Arizona Governor's Election Stolen From Kari Lake

    It took an entire week to steal the election in slow motion.

    Coincidence? Zelensky Calls for Peace Just Days After FTX Is Caught Funneling Millions of Ukrainian Aide Dollars to US Democrats

    Because the money laundering ran out. That is why. Russia says the demands are unreasonable and send 80 missiles in overnight.

    Woke Penn State Professors Whine About Race

    People are sick of ADL, SPLC and DHS pitting black against white and living off of the spoils. 

    They totally overplayed their hand with the push for Merric Garland's son in law's Critical Race Theory Study Materials.

    Neelie Bendapudi didn't erase Papa John's name from Cardinal Stadium in Saint Louis because the CEO during a phone call said Colonel Sanders used the N word . No, it's because Neelie was on the board of a stuffed bagel company. Lancaster Colony and pizza is a direct competitor. She's not as woke as they thought. Now PSU professors have buyers remorse.

    Stuffed Bagel Company Lancaster Colony Corp Stock Explodes after Bendapudi Takes Over as PSU CEO

    Neeli should fire every one of those CRT brainwashed professors and trim the budget.

    Mr. Mister - Kyrie

    What does Kyrie mean in the Bible? Lord, have mercy. In the New Testament, Kyrie is the title given to Christ, as in Philippians 2:11. As part of the Greek formula Kyrie eleison (“Lord, have mercy”), the word is used as a preliminary petition before a formal prayer and as a congregational response in the liturgies of many Christian churches.

    The phrase Kýrie, eléison (Greek: Κύριε, ἐλέησον), whether in Greek or in other languages, is one of the most oft-repeated phrases in Eastern Christianity, including the Eastern Orthodox, Oriental Orthodox, and Eastern Catholic Churches. The Greek phrase, Kýrie, eléison, is for instance extensively used in the Coptic (Egyptian) Christian liturgy, which uses both the Coptic and the Greek languages.

    "Kanye was Right" - Black CoinDesk Journalist Fired for Noticing That Everyone at FTX was  Jewish, by Andrew Anglin - The Unz Review

    Ye and Kyrie need to call the Copts. The Copts are the ones who use the lost book of Enoch in Etheopia. Here's an album idea for Kanye. Do a hip hop version of "Go Down Moses, Let My People Go" with Kyrie and the Copts singing back up.

    Coincidence? Zelensky Calls for Peace Just Days After FTX Is Caught Funneling Millions of Ukrainian Aide Dollars to US Democrats

    Draco Vril Infection: Pass The Ivermectin and don't feed the beast!

    AnnaStolarska9 Inside is a Vril Lizard. In contrast to the four-dimensional existence of the Draconian Reptilian, the Vril Lizards are three-dimensional beings, and parasitizing humans and taking over the brain and body is a physical transformation as a living thing.

    1991 Robert Maxwell dies under bizarre circumstances, looted fortune goes missing & Epstein signs bizarre POA over to the Ohio Billionaires estate in 1991; the fortune surfaces in his hands. 2019 Epstein ‘dies’ in bizarre circumstances just as fortune reappears within SBF’s FTX.

    Princess Cruise ship with 800 positive COVID cases docks in Australia

    This is the result of 5G not a contagious virus!

    Is 5G behind the coronavirus? Yes!   3/2020

    5G was rolled out first in Wuhan, on Princess cruise ships and in Italy. These locations happen to be the epicenter of COVID-19. The wavelength used for 5G is 60 GHz.

    Here is the theory: Oxygen is maximally excited at 60 Ghz, as a matter of science, in the same manner that water in a microwave is excitable at 2.4 GHz, creating heat. The question before us is, does 5G affect the body’s ability to absorb oxygen? Could 5G make it more difficult to absorb oxygen, therefore exasperating any flue or coronavirus and causing additional physical distress?

    We know that sterility has risen dramatically since men began keeping phones in their pockets, and breast cancer where women keep phones in their bras. Why on earth would government be eager to grant permits for millions of micro cell towers involved in 5G when we know cancer rates increase near them?

    Thousands of scientists warn about its potential harm of 5G to life on earth ( This makes Keene doubly wise, because liability next falls on city officials. Already lawsuits are popping up against local governmental officials around the country and the world.

    COVID Cruise Ships Return Down Under With Hundreds of Infected Guests 10/2022

    Four cruise ships (two operated by Princess Cruises and two by Royal Caribbean) are rife with COVID-19. Three of the ships have one hundred or more COVID-19 infected guests on each ship. Royal Caribbean has one ship heading to Australia with reports of around 400 infected passengers.

    (For some people, being on a cruise ship is their first exposure to 5G.)

    Alcyon Pleiades Special 33: Lula da Silva-Bolsonaro, Electoral Fraud, Corruption, Demonstrations

    Luiz Inácio Lula de Silva was elected on October 30, 2022, becoming Brazil’s president-elect. His term in office will begin on January 1, 2023. He will replace President Jair Bolsonaro, who will be leaving the post, after achieving the most successful economic and safety ratings in the nation’s history, thanks to his efforts to alleviate poverty, and his support of the populace in difficult times, by alerting them to the harmful effects of vaccines and advising the use of medicines with proven effectiveness, like Chloroquine and Ivermectin.

    It should be noted, however, that Lula is set to begin his term, without a governmental programme; indeed, his sole objective is to repeal every one of incumbent president Bolsonaro’s positive reforms. Lula has been put to trail and sentenced in numerous corruption cases, although some were struck down because of superficial due process flaws, which are unrelated to the core reality, i.e., bribes and wrongdoing of all kinds.

    In short, Lula is a convicted criminal who wants to hand the sovereignty of the Amazon rainforest over to the UN, and he offers no guarantees for a world-power country, like Brazil, which wants to continue upholding its rights and maintaining its sovereignty.

    Ben Fulford: Has Video from Lavrov's G20 Arrival in Bali

    (Lavrov Greeted by Sacred Balinese Wali Dancers is an important indicator.)

    At this point, the KM control grid has been reduced to Canada, the US, Ukraine and Switzerland.

    Even this won’t last long because the KM-occupied US collapsing both politically and economically. The fact they say they cannot figure out who won the November 8th mid-term elections until December or beyond illustrates the political paralysis. That is why “Arizona election officials are prepared to work through Thanksgiving and possibly Christmas as well”.  

    More importantly, according to MI6 the death of Evelyn de Rothschild was probably linked to stress from that family having lost control of the financial printing presses that kept the entire US/Ukraine horror show going.

    It is no coincidence that his death was followed by the collapse of Sam Bankman-Frieds’ FTX and his hedge fund, Alameda Research. This was a giant money laundering operation that took the over $100 billion pledged for Ukraine and sent it to finance election theft in the US, Mossad sources say.

    “This FTX situation may be the straw that breaks the financial system and the Fake Biden circus show,” the sources note. 

    In the end, this implosion will probably destroy the entire Davos World Economic tragi/comedy as this tweet notes:

    “Dear Davos elite and @wef: it appears you accidentally deleted your FTX Partner website. Lucky for you we found it in the internet archive”

    Now check out the photos of Sam with his buddies Bill Clinton and Tony Blair.”

    Mastriano concedes, calls for election reform…

    At least we know exactly who chose to align themselves with the Soros NAZIs in electing Shapiro. Goebels would be proud of the job the media did during the campaign. Helping those trying to exterminate 90% of the population is not recommended.

    Journalism Tops List Of 'Most Regretted' College Majors

    The aspiring corporate media propagandists were followed by Sociology and Liberal Arts majors at 72% each, and communications majors at 64%.

    Media propaganda and participation in the covid/vaccine attack has ruined whatever credibility the media has left. The Ogden Newspaper chain is a prime example. Their flagship newspaper's home page in Wheeling is was off line this morning. Probably took FTX funding. We will find out.

    Poster Boy for Vaccination Campaign Dies Suddenly at Just 4 Years Old

    If you add up all of the deaths and disabilities from the covid vaccines the media was paid to ignore the numbers would be staggering.

    FTX Paid for unfavorable studies on Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine

    This crypto fund turned out to be the funding source for much of the criminal activites and election fraud of the Democrats. Little did we know they were directly employed to lie about the covid cures too. Another huge story the media will try to avoid.

    Penn State sits just outside top 10 in AP college football rankings after Maryland win

    This is some good news except that Shapiro, Soros, Merck and Marxism have attached themselves to PSU like a bad disease. is where every district attorney should go to see how the PA AG office under Josh Shapiro is covering up the biggest disappearance case in PA history that can be easily solved with a grand jury.

    There is no statute of limitation on removing DAs from office then sending everybody on a wild goose chase of false leads to cover their crime. The PA DAs association is going to help The People obtain justice in this case. The 2023 Mid Winter Meeting of the DA's association on February 14, 2023 at the Omni William Penn Hotel in Pittsburgh will be alerted about the latest developments.

    US pharmacy chains settle opioid lawsuits for $13B

    This is only the top three chains CVS, Walgreens, and Walmart . All the rest can and should be sued for their ongoing  participation in the medical genocide of children and adults.

    During years of litigation these groups claimed that pharmacists had dispensed opioid drugs without regard to warning signs, such as the huge quantities of the drugs they were dispensing and the possibility that the drugs could be diverted to the black market.

    (This is exactly what companies like  Value Drug Company have done with their member pharmacies. County commissioners in every state should now be suing the mid level distributors of opioids and their member pharmacies. The precedents are set and the damaages are owed to the plaintiffs. These awards will help offset some of the damage done by the pharma companies with more on the way from the coming vaccine lawsuits.

    These Nuremberg 2 type lawsuits need to be held in every one of the 3,243 counties in the United States. The case against Value Drug Company is going to be a template for other counties to follow. County commissioners in PA should contact attorney Barry Scatton of Morgan and Morgan law firm, Philadelphia, to join the lawsuit. )


    Here We Go Again: Democrats Renew Push To Force COVID Mask-Wearing As Winter Nears

    They never seem to grow tired of trying to genocide your children.

    The Extraterrestrial Factor in the Second Coming

    This is the official trailer/short film for "The Prophesied ‘Second Coming’ - ET Motherships, Webb Telescope & Congressional Legislation" webinar to be held on September 24, 2022. Trailer covers how the Second Coming is described as the return of a revered Messiah, Prophet, Avatar, Son of God, or of multiple Shining Ones, Creator Gods, Elohim, in many religious traditions, and how extraterrestrial visitors to ancient Earth civilizations are a key factor in the genesis of these prophetic beliefs. Trailer also exposes how the Deep State/Illuminati plans to exploit expectations of a Second Coming to maintain their global power. Now available on Vimeo:

    The Time Reactor Patent for Time Travel

    The Time Reactor (CLICK HERE FOR PATENT ) has a fascinating history that goes back several years.  Although most of the information and research concerning it remains under wraps, the general theory has been made available due to the sporadic and intriguing but always enigmatic collaboration between Dr. David Anderson and Peter Moon. To learn more about the Time Reactor and its implications, become a member of the Time Travel Education Center where you can learn the following:

    • Watch the FULL video series Time Travel Theory Explained which includes two videos on the Time Reactor, including a graphic model of how the theoretical applications are applied to created a stable time-warp field that is accessible.
    • An additional video series on the Psychology of Space-Time which addresses the gaps in Mankind's thought processes which have made such technology challenging to understand. You can watch videos on this subject at the following link: The Psychology of Space-Time

    Gregg Phillips Explains Why He and Catherine Engelbrecht Were Sent to Prison: “we have irrefutable evidence that the entire PA voter registration file is living on a server in China—serial numbers, ballot bundle numbers”

    This explains how they can control election outcomes from China. 

    Why is Veterans Day on the 11th?

    This particular date recognizes the Armistice of 11 November 1918, the formal agreement that marked the official end of World War I. On the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918, allied forces and Germany came together to sign the peace treaty.

    DeSantis signed 6 bills designed to give veterans more opportunities

    The six bills include a measure that allows disabled veterans to get education costs fully paid for and another allows state agencies to substitute military service for years of work experience, something that will allow veterans to use their skills after their military career ends.

    Other measures would allow military service to count as education towards a teaching certificate, as well as fast-track business applications of veterans and their spouses. 

    “Florida is the most military friendly state in the nation, and I am proud to continue that commitment to our military members and their families by signing these pieces of legislation,” DeSantis said. “Providing military families with the resources they need to receive a high-quality education and find good jobs is the best way that we, as a state, can show our appreciation for the sacrifices that they make.”

    Former members of the armed services voiced their support of the measures as well.

    ‎“We’re very appreciative of Gov. DeSantis’ unwavering support of ‎Florida’s 1.5 million veterans, their families and survivors," said retired Marine ‎Corps Maj. Gen. James S. “Hammer” Hartsell, executive director of ‎the ‎Florida Department of Veterans’ Affairs. "As a Navy combat-deployed veteran‎, he ‎appreciates the importance of expanding earned benefit eligibility to our ‎active-duty members, our veterans and their family members.

    ‎“Working together to offer ‎enhanced educational and workforce opportunities for our nation’s heroes, ‎we’ll ensure ‎Florida continues ‎to be the most sought-after state by veterans ‎in the nation.”‎

    “I Want It Stopped Now!”: OB/GYN Dr. James A. Thorp Presents Alarming Stillbirth Data

    “We’ve basically shown using government data that there is undeniable, irrefutable evidence that the vaccine is killing my patients, my women of reproductive age, my pregnant women, my pre-born babies, and my newborn babies. And I want it stopped and I want it stopped now!”

    20 Articles At NIH On How Ivermectin Cures Cancer

    Cheap and effective against cancer and covid but kept away from the public by worthless Pharmaceutical companies and the media that lies for them.

    Bedford County Pa Election Results:

    Oz 80%, Fetterman 17%.
    Mastriano 77%, Shapiro 21%

    They don't bother trying to steal all of the smaller counties.

    Still Nothing From Shapiro's AG office About The Gricar Grand Jury Demanded By The PA State Police.

    The Troopers association backed Shapiro so we need an explanation as to why a Gricar Grand Jury has not been called in the most famous disappearance case in PA history involving a long serving District Attorney. See for the podcast and all of the evidence withheld from the public.

    Now we know why Corbett and Madeira never followed the State Police directives and why the Mystery Woman, Corbett's press secretary, was never questioned or revealed to the public until 13 months after Gricar disappeared and she left for other work.

    See the Pulitzer prize winning article by Sarah Ganim that was on the right track all along.  All that's needed are three polygraph tests like they did to Gricar's daughter who they knew had nothing to do with it. We just want to know the truth.

    The PA DA's asociation is watching the case led by former association president and former acting PA AG Bruce Castor with renewed interest now that the longstanding resistance to the Gricar Grand Jury by the PA Attorney General's office has been revealed after all these years. See the 53 State Police recommendations here and scroll down.

    Watch Live | Biden speaks at Marxist UN Climate Summit in Egypt…

    The chemtrail deniers at Accuweather need to disavow these carbon taxers. Penn State Professor Michael Mann ran off to UPenn to pedal his carbon doom and nobody is buying it any more. It's the biggest polluters of them all that need to be stopped and they are the climate geoengineers.

    7 Crimean Pyramids as big as Egypt's buried under mud from the flood of Noah.

    These pyramids were built during the days of the City of Atlantis located at Mithra hill near Kerch. The 7 pyramids near Sebastopol are in a row located on a major ley line. These pyramids supercharge the ground water and minerals making it a natural healing spot.

    Crimea the great healer

    Today, Crimea has about 120 health resorts and a vast number of different baths and medicinal water pavilions, as well as rehabilitation and wellness centres.

    (What Crimea should do is put together a Christian tourism package that includes the City of Atlantis and the place where Prince Vladimir was baptized and a Cathedral tour of the Orthodox churches in Crimea, Ukraine and Russia. Here is an armchair tour:

    Top 100 cathedrals of Ukraine. 

    80 cathedrals of Russia.

    Cathedrals of Crimea:

    St. Vladimir Cathedral:  Sevastopol Orthodox church with 7 towers. Built over the first of 7 sunken pyramids along the main ley line of Crimea at the southern border. The Baptism of Vladimir took place here which was the start of Christian Rus.

    Foros Church of the Resurrection of Christ: Built over the 7th Atlantean sunken pyramid. 

    Cathedral of Prophet St. John the Baptist: Kerch on Mithridat Hill on the former site of the city of Atlantis.

    Atlantis, Mithridat Hill, Kerch, Ukraine

    An obelisk erected to honor the heroes of WWII stands in the exact center of the site of the long-lost city of Atlantis. This prominent monolith stands atop Mount Mithridat, which is located in the center of Kerch, Crimea, Ukraine. The tall thin white military monument, pointing to the sky, is a fitting marker for the citadel of the mighty Empire of Atlantis.

    The Atlantis Motherland book describes astonishing and overwhelming evidence that Atlantis actually existed, and that the capital city of Atlantis was centered atop Mithridat hill in Kerch, Ukraine. From this historic hilltop, the kings of Atlantis launched their armada of 1200 ships, and sent their million man army, on wide-ranging campaigns to subjugate all of Europe and Asia, simultaneously.

    The revolutionary evidence that Atlantis was located in Eastern Europe was published in the ATLANTIS MOTHERLAND book, in 2003. The book reveals that Atlantis disappeared beneath the Sea of Azov in a sudden tragic catastrophe, just as recorded in Plato's Atlantis dialogues.


    In 9,600 BC, the burgeoning military-minded, male-dominated aristocracy of the Empire of Atlantis sought to subjugate the freedom-loving, ecologically-friendly and equality-minded Athenians. This began a great war between the two empires. Battles raged throughout the provinces, and then as the Athenians were marching against the mighty City of Atlantis, Mother-Nature wrought a dramatic end to the hostilities, the combatants and their empires. Suddenly the magnificent City of Atlantis was destroyed by an earthquake and the Island of Atlantis sank into the sea, and the modest homes and fertile farmlands of the Hellenes were washed into the sea by an “extraordinary inundation,” which left only a remnant of Attica.

    'We’re Not Permitted To Make The Connection': Social Worker Shares Aftermath Of COVID Vaccine Injury

    Authored by Carly Mayberry via The Epoch Times

    As a social worker known for her expertise when handling high-stress conflict management cases, Angela Loerzel Swafford figured she’d navigate her own concerns when it came to addressing her employers’ vaccination mandate last fall.

    Like many hospitals and health systems across the nation during that time, the hospital where the 46-year-old was and is still employed required their health workers to get the jab. But Swafford suffers from a venous malformation, a condition where veins in the body develop in an unusual way. Because the abnormality can increase the risk of developing blood clots and deep vein thrombosis, she was hesitant about getting the COVID jab. 

    Still, worried about the possibility of losing the job she loved, the licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) practicing in both Oregon and Washington, was willing to do what was needed to protect her patients from COVID-19.

    “I love that job,” said Swafford who had always gotten the flu vaccine every year to protect the vulnerable patients she visits in hospice care. “I have this concern about my own safety but I also understand what I need to do to protect the community.”

     “It stops with you,” she added, or so she had always been told.

    No Space for Questions Seizure-like Symptoms, Blurred Vision Doctors: Neurological Side Effects Have Been More Unusual Prescribing a Vaccine Injury Regimen‘I’m Really Out’

    Swafford reached out to a few of her health providers, asking which vaccine would be best for her situation. However, she claimed that she didn’t feel supported during her inquiry and decision-making process. 

    “I think there should be space that we can be curious and pause and ask questions,” she said, noting she did express her health concerns but that her employer and health providers didn’t really allow any questions. “I feel that the physicians had a script and I was not heard and was kind of pushed through.”

    After being one of the last of her cohort of colleagues to receive the first Pfizer shot, what transpired next for Swafford was nothing short of horrifying. 

    Four hours later she started noticing pain in her upper body and difficulty charting her patients. Driving home that night, she lost orientation as to where she was.

    “Taking the exit to my house, I remember it felt like my face was exploding in pinpricks–like I had all of these sharp needle feelings all over my face,” she recalled. “My tongue, lips, and face felt swollen, my vision was blurred and I wasn’t processing information.”

    Once home, the strange sensations were followed by a repeated jerking of her whole body, what she said resembled Tonic-Clonic seizures. She also experienced blurred vision and terrible headaches.

    “The biggest thing was my vision, confusion in my thinking, trying to walk with coordination and dizziness,” she went on. “I couldn’t figure things out.”

    During some neurology psychiatry testing, Swafford said she fell under the two percentile of the people in her peer group when it came to her “processing speed” and “impaired ability to learn new information.”

    “They found I’m not encoding new information–that my processing is really slow,” she explained.

    Ultimately, Swafford was diagnosed with a severe adverse reaction to the mRNA vaccine.

    Now, more than a year later after undergoing numerous lab tests, MRIs, CT scans, and a plethora of visits to healthcare professionals (including neurologists, an epidemiologist, an occupational medicine specialist, a speech therapist, and others), Swafford continues to suffer cognitively, from an abrupt change in her vision and sleep abnormalities. She doesn’t drive because of double vision and a loss of peripheral vision and hasn’t returned to work.

    Meanwhile, despite cases of myocarditis having made the headlines in terms of adverse reactions to the vaccines, neurological side effects like the ones experienced by Swafford, haven’t gotten the same attention. 

    That, along with what she described as her health providers’ lack of acknowledgment, has been frustrating for both her and her husband.

     “We kept running into providers in every system saying, ‘We’re not permitted to make the connection’ or ‘It doesn’t mean anything until studies support it’ or ‘It doesn’t exist until the scientific community writes about it,” recounted Swafford.

    “One of the saddest things I see is the diagnosis of functional neurologic disorder (FND) lumped together for these patients,” said Dr. Diane Counce, medical director of neurology and neurodiagnostics in Alabama, noting that such a diagnosis makes patients feel like “it’s all in their head.”

    Counce describes Swafford’s symptoms as neurological. 

    Data from the Center for Disease Control’s Vaccine Adverse Reporting System (VAERS) calculated through Oct. 28, 2022, has shown a total of over 37,000 reported neurological symptoms. 

    In terms of neurological symptoms similar to Swafford’s, there have been 4,659 cases of balance disorder, 10,190 cases of migraines, 5,192 seizures, and 573 seizure-like phenomena on VAERS. Also documented among many other neurological incidents were 4,737 cases of visual impairment.

    “When you have a patient like Swafford who within four hours is having symptoms that she’s never experienced before, clearly this is not just a migraine,” added Counce, noting the number of physicians that aren’t willing to take on patients like her or don’t know how to treat such patients. “She’s one of the more severe cases I’ve heard of experiencing multiple things including confusion, headaches, visual, hearing, mood, and behavioral changes.”

    After reviewing Swafford’s case, epidemiologist, professor, and author Daniel Halperin also concluded that as a young, healthy person who experienced these symptoms soon after receiving the shot, the most likely explanation for the health ailments must be vaccine-related. 

    Like many experts, Halperin, who has written myriad peer review education articles and the book, “Facing COVID Without Panic: 12 Common Myths and 12 Lesser Known Facts about the Pandemic: Clearly Explained by an Epidemiologist,” acknowledges that no vaccine is 100 percent safe.

    “Early on, we thought vaccination was important not only to help people be protected from death or severe illness, but also because it could greatly cut down on the transmission of COVID,” Halperin said, noting the common sense approach and the belief that health professionals should get the vaccine not just for themselves but for their patients and others they might be exposed to.

    “Now that we know they don’t actually do very much to prevent transmission, I’m not sure how convincing that argument is anymore,” he added. 

    For her part, Counce is working with Swafford and has prescribed a regimen for her that includes intermittent fasting—known to have a strong effect on promoting immune system homeostasis, taking probiotics and certain supplements including vitamin D, resveratrol, melatonin, and omega-3 fatty acids.

    “It’s frustrating we don’t have specific labs to check these things,” Counce added, noting that when she started seeing patients developing negative symptoms from the vaccinations, injuries seemed to be all over the place.

    But, she said when she sees a vaccine-injured patient, she has ruled it down to about five different things that could be going on with their body. These include decreased immunity, autoimmune response, inflammatory/histamine response (similar to Mast Cell Syndrome), fibrin activation causing micro clotting, and amyloidosis (a disease that occurs when a protein called amyloid builds up in organs).

    Counce said it’s been shown by an electron microscope that damage has been done to the cells’ mitochondria, which likely contributes to brain fog and fatigue that patients experience.

    As a neurologist, she reported seeing an increasing number of vaccine-injured patients with personality changes, sleep issues, and nerve and muscle issues, among others.

    “It’s hard to say,” said Counce, who has been treating Swafford for the last month, as to what her prognosis is and if she will ultimately improve or not.

    “All vaccine injuries respond so differently,” said Counce. “This is a brave new world for us.”

    Meanwhile, Angela Loerzel Swafford and her family wish she could get a “do-over” when it comes to getting that jab.

    “I did the shot to keep everything and more so to protect the community I work in because that’s what they were telling me, but in the end, I lost everything,” she said. “I am not the same.”

    “Angela would like people to understand that there are folks out there that have actually suffered a vaccine injury and it’s totally okay to say ‘Yep, that happened,’” said her husband. “Too many doctors are willing to say ‘There are no studies to support that,’ instead of gathering the evidence.”

    “I think it was either you’re vaccinated and you’re with us or you’re not,” recalled Swafford, regarding the mood at the time. Now, she said, most of her friends don’t know how to be with her because she’s so different from who she once was.

     “It became you’re in or you’re out and I’m really out,” she said.

    The Chairman of Maricopa County's Board of Supervisors just said that there are around 400,000 ballots left to be counted and that they won't be done until "early next week."

    Florida has more votes to count and they finish in 5 hours.

    Ben Fulford:

    “The rope is tightening around their neck and they will see justice,” an MI6 source promises. “If Barclays and Glencore have to go, they have to go, even if that drags down world markets. The Rothschild Dynastic stranglehold has ended. High Treason is High Treason and will be met square on with legal lethal use of Military force,” the source adds.

    (Bloomberg) — Glencore Plc officials delivered cash in private jets to officials across Africa, UK prosecutors said as they laid out a web of bribery and corruption …

    If you read the article it says they will pay a fine of about $1.5 billion after pleading guilty. This is an insult to the people of Africa who have been looted to the tune of over $100 billion a year for decades as their commodities are sold for a pittance to Rothschild/Rockefeller-controlled corporations in exchange for a few bribes to top officials. Needless to say, the bribe money is typically deposited in one of the KMs’ Swiss banks. This has been happening all over the world, of course, and not just in Africa.

    This is the same Glencore that bribed Iranian and Israeli officials to manipulate the oil market over 30 years with their “Iran is about to get nukes” scheme.

    The Resplendent Quetzal is a renowned beauty of southern Mexico and Central America. Watch as a male leaves the nest and a female arrives!

    These animals live in tropical forests, particularly montane cloud forests and they are part of the family Trogonidae. Like other quetzals, the resplendent is omnivorous; its diet mainly consists of fruits of plants in the laurel family, Lauraceae, but it occasionally also preys on insects, lizards, frogs and snails.

    Quetzalcoatl is also a mythical culture hero from whom almost all mesoamerican peoples claim descent.

    (The creator may be trying to tell us that we have to live in harmony with the laws of nature. One immutable law being how male and female pairs are present throughout nature.)

    NIH: Cannabidiol Inhibits SARS-CoV-2 Replication and Promotes the Host Innate Immune Response

    (This is one of the natural immune system's best friends because natural immunity is regulated by the the endocannabinoid system.

    Whereas Big Pharma's vaccine attack on humanity is focused on ownership and AI control of the human immune system)

    Given that CBD preparations containing substantial amounts of CBD are taken by a large number of individuals, we examined whether CBD exposure might correlate to a decreased risk of SARS-CoV-2 infection. Analysis of over 93,000 patients tested for SARS-CoV-2 at the University of Chicago Medical Center showed that 10.0% tested positive overall, but only 5.7% of the ~400 who had any cannabinoid in their medical record tested positive.

    Vaccine Propaganda Alert: Women, newborns have greater antibody support with vaccines vs. natural COVID-19 infection; area cases up

    Emboldened by the Shapiro, Fetterman election wins, the vaccine pushers roar back with a study that the covid vaccines were good for pregnant women. They attack natural immunity because that is the enemy of the vaccine promoters.

    Johnstown is big pharma's prized home turf in PA. Complete with an FBI office, the pharmacies fed by Value Drug Company made Johnstown number one in opioid prescription distribution in the state. Value Drug's record $4 million fine by the DEA wasn't even reported by the Tribune Democrat even though it involved two local pharmacies and nearby distributor Value Drug. Now Value Drug PAC has influenced the governor election with their PAC money and helped elect Value Drug's pick for Governor not Cambria Country's.

    Josh Shapiro tried to launch his campaign here but had to cancel due to covid. The Tribune Democrat newspaper creates the illusion that Fetterman and Shapiro had support here but the truth is they were soundly rejected by wide margins.

    Cambria County Election results:

    Oz 63% Fetterman 33%

    Mastriano 57% Shapiro 40%

    This is the true sentiment of The People who have suffered the most under the tyranny of the Value Drug PAC pharma lobby.

    Neighboring Blair County's election results were even more at odds with the overall results with Oz at 68% and Fetterman at 29%, Mastriano 63% to Shapiro's 35%. These were the true sentiments of the people that suffer under these tyrants.

    Cambria County needs to get on board with Bedford county's opioid lawsuit against Value Drug company and have the commissioners call attorney Barry Scatton.

    Shapiro, the PA State Police and the Gricar Grand Jury

    The people want to know why Shapiro's AG office doesn't follow the law in the most famous disappearance case ever in PA involving a missing District Attorney. Having the evidence of the cover up makes all the difference. Now that we all know, where is the grand jury investigation?

    See the 53 PA State Police recommendations not followed in the Gricar case at (Scroll to the bottom in exclusive content.)

    New Pfizer Vaccine Ph111 For Pregnant Women Will “immunize” A Baby While Still In The Uterus?

    “Pfizer have declared they will be giving out a new vaccine called the PH111 to be given specifically to pregnant women, which will be immunizing a newborn baby while still in the uterus”.

    (They show no sign of stopping either the propaganda or the vaccines. We see only a constant doubling down. For example: Penn State is still pushing the vaccine on 6 month olds. Now the push is on for vaccines for the unborn.)

    Dead candidate Wins In Pa

    (Emboldened by the Fetterman win, PA democrats might try running a ham sandwich in the next election just to test the limits of the voting machines.)

    VAX ATTACKS?! Dead candidates win US elections

    Pennsylvania state Representative Tony DeLuca won his race for the state Congress in a landslide victory on Tuesday. The only problem – he died last month, leaving officials in an odd position as they prepare another election to fill the vacant seat. DeLuca is just one of multiple deceased politicians to score wins this week.

    DeSantis wins in 20 pt Florida landslide…

    Charley Crist is from Altoona PA. He used to be a Republican like his parents before him but then he somehow he morphed into a southern democrat.

    Soros Bucks, Private Jets Found in Pennsylvania AG Josh Shapiro’s 11,000-Page Campaign Finance Report

    Within those pages are three contributions totaling $120,000 from the family of far-left billionaire George Soros, who has funded the campaigns of soft-on-crime district attorneys now in office in major cities across the nation.

    On June 29, George Soros’ son, Jonathan Soros, who lives in New York, gave Shapiro $10,000. The next day, June 30, Jennifer Soros, Jonathan Soros’ wife, contributed $10,000. On Aug. 8, Andrea Soros, George Soros’ daughter, gave Shapiro $100,000.

    Shapiro has paid thousands to New York-based Eidolon Communications and JBW Consulting, plus $210,000 to CDT Strategies of Woodside, California, for fundraising consulting.

    He has paid $593,000 to Global Strategy Group in New York; $30,000 to North Carolina-based Public Policy Holding; $98,500 to TBD Research of Burbank, California; and $35,000 to Washington-based Spiros Consulting, each for research consulting.

    Shapiro paid $68,100 to Weymouth Watson, a Washington firm, for event production and management, plus $3.3 million to GPS Impact in Des Moines, Iowa, for digital consulting and ad production, and more than $956,300 on digital consulting to Ascend Digital Strategies in Boulder, Colorado.

    His campaign website says he will invest in zero-carbon technology and set a goal for Pennsylvania to reach net-zero emissions by 2050. Yet his campaign finance report shows Shapiro has expanded his own carbon footprint during the campaign.

    Paper ballot shortage in Luzerne County…Biden's home town of Scranton.

    Sarah Huckabee Sanders Elected 47th Governor of Arkansas,
    Following in Her Father Mike Huckabee's Footsteps Huckabee Sanders, whose dad Mike Huckabee served as the state's 44th governor from 1996 to 2007, will be the first female governor of Arkansas.

    The 7 Churches of Revelation

    It’s been almost 2,000 years since the apostle John was instructed by Jesus to write letters to the seven churches mentioned in the book of Revelation. These timeless letters reveal a message of God’s love through the death and resurrection of His Son Jesus, identify and provide correction for problems in the church, and offer hope and encouragement for the future.

    In this seven-part series, you’ll travel to what remains of the ancient sites of the churches in Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamum, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia, and Laodicea.

    6th Church of Revelations: This word “Philadelphia” means brotherly love, and applies to the church during the great Advent awakening and the days that have succeeded it. Notice the nearness of the advent brought to view in verse 11: “Behold, I am coming quickly! Hold fast what you have, that no one may take your crown.”

    The greatest need today is brotherly love among Christians. They should not backbite and devour one another, but manifest the love of Jesus. In our interactions with one another we should show the love which He manifested toward His disciples. When we look at our brother's faults, let us remember the words of Henry W. Shaw: “Love looks through a telescope, envy through a microscope.”

    11:11 Alchemy of Ascension

    Posted on 11/07/2022 by EraOfLight 

    Greetings ,

    A large portion of the Ascension process involves balancing polarization and unifying opposites, creating a Unified Field of Oneness! In doing these steps, you unite all aspects of your timeless, eternal self and the different aspects of masculine/feminine, heart/mind, and soul/human. As you build harmonious union within your being, you create a coherent environment for the Soul to descend into the body.

    Metabolizing plasma-photon light fuels the physical body with high frequency life force that revitalizes healthy new cells. Your Soul’s golden-white light replenishes your human aura, transfers sentient Source consciousness into your DNA, rebuilds your crystalline cellular structure, activates the dormant Soul codes and blueprint, and regenerates the physical body. Acting as living conduits of Light, you ascend into higher and higher realms of expansion, expression and manifestation.

    Alchemy is the ancient path of spiritual purification and transformation; the expansion of consciousness and the development of creational knowledge through visual images, pictographs, and sacred geometry. Alchemy is steeped in mysticism and mystery, as seen in the original Zep Tepi civilization in Egypt. It includes a system of universal, etheric, esoteric symbols that have the power to alter consciousness and connect humanity to the Divine.

    Read More

    The 7 Churches & Istanbul Tour 7 Nights 8 Days

    Tour the Biblical land of Turkey, the Seven Churches of Revelation in the birthplace of Dr. Oz.

    This private group tour will feature some of the high spots of Turkey’s Christian history including the 7 Churches of Revelation, as well as visit the main historic sites and major attractions of Turkey. You’ll first discover Istanbul, a city of business frenzy, entertainment, and a wealth of rich culture. Absorb it’s ancient structures, from its mosques to the Roman influenced architecture.

    The next leg of your journey will take you along the major classical sites of western Turkey where the 7 Churches of Revelation are found, including: Laodiciea and  Pamukkale with its thermal pools, Philadelphia, Sardis, Thyatira, Pergamum, Smyrna, and Ephesus. The route will generally follow the text of Revelations 1-3.

    This is a trip designed to explore some of the most featured regions of Turkey, while giving time and attention to the devotional journey awaiting you at the 7 Church sites of Revelations.

    The Three Angels’ Messages are God’s special messages for last-day Christians. This message is to be shared with the world and will reach its climax with the second coming of Jesus. This threefold message appears in Revelation 14:6-16.

    Home / Bible Questions / Bible Prophecy

    What are the Three Angels’ Messages

    The first angel proclaims the everlasting gospel and calls for the restoration of the true worship of God as Creator, because the judgment hour has arrived.
    Read more about the first angel’s message

    “Then I saw another angel flying in the midst of heaven, having the everlasting gospel to preach to those who dwell on the earth—to every nation, tribe, tongue, and people—saying with a loud voice, ‘Fear God and give glory to Him, for the hour of His judgment has come; and worship Him who made heaven and earth, the sea and springs of water’” (Revelation 14:6, 7).

    The second angel warns against all humanly-originated forms of worship and beliefs that are not based completely on God’s Word.
    Read more about the second angel’s message

    Finally, the third angel proclaims God’s solemn warning against worshiping the beast and his image.
    Read more about the third angel’s message

               The "Mastriano Rainbow" that came out for Doug when he spoke.

    Double rainbow for Mastriano… Another angle.

    PA Democrats backed 'Trans Health Task Force' to facilitate child sex changes

    Doug Mastriano BLASTS Josh Shapiro and Rachel Levine for the sexualization and medical transitioning of young children

    Pennsylvania's Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf's administration created a "Trans Health Task Force" that coordinates with the likes of transgender US Assistant Secretary for Health Rachel Levine to advocate for the state-funded gender transitions of children, emails leaked on Saturday reveal.

    Another major figure in the email thread is Linda Hawkins, co-director of the Gender & Sexuality Development Clinic at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, which made headlines in September when an internal meeting leaked in which recommendations were made for 8 year olds to start puberty blockers, and to start getting gender-transition hormones and surgeries at 14.

    Pennsylvania Taxpayers Spent $16.7 Million On Trans Treatments For Minors Since 2015: Report

    This is a state sponsored attack on youth by the Democrats inspired by their former draconian overlords.

    Oz vows to renounce Turkish citizenship if elected senator

    Dual Citizens should all Make the OZ Pledge: To renounce dual citizenship and Declare the United States your home country when serving in public office. 

    Even though his birth country of Turkey has more biblical sites than Israel, Dr. Oz is setting a good example.

    Over 60% of all places mentioned in the Bible are located in Turkey, also known as the Second Holy Land. This includes the sites of the Seven Churches of Revelation.

    The Seven Churches of Revelation refer to seven churches referenced by location in Asia Minor in chapters 2 and 3. These churches were a gathering of early Christian communities versus actual buildings or meeting halls.

    The scriptures point to historical and prophetic instruction to Christians as individual believers and as a body, thus known as the church. In these chapters lie both a correction and a warning to believers within the church but also words of praise as God understood what they were going through and provided them with encouragement.

    Historically these locations were considered major cultural hubs for various reasons such as trade, military and culture. The following gives history and scriptural reference to each of the seven churches within Asia Minor, known today as the country of Turkey, whose archaeological remains still exist in part to this day.

    Best things to buy in Turkey: Organic Turkish Towels

    You should not underestimate the importance and usefulness of an organic bath towel because it is extremely soft with 100% organic cotton fibers. They are woven with the traditional Turkish weaving technology, so they are both soft and protect the skin and health.

    Rothschilds and Rockefellers seek to surrender as Germany joins planetary liberation alliance

    By Benjamin Fulford Weekly Reports  1 Comment

    The Khazarian mafia stranglehold on the planet earth is finally ending. Germany and Japan have joined Russia, China and England in the planetary liberation alliance. This has forced the Rothschild and Rockefeller families hiding in Zug, Switzerland to contact the White Dragon Society to negotiate a surrender.

    However, until the United States is liberated from the Khazarian mafia, the war will continue. The key is to prevent the theft of the mid-term US elections by the KM during the blood moon eclipse election day of November 8th. The US military white hats promise to declare war on the KM if the election is stolen.

    Why Josh Shapiro Sued the Little Sisters of the Poor

    The Little Sisters of the Poor are an order of nuns in the Catholic Church who care for the elderly. They serve a vulnerable and often forgotten community in our society, one that is especially hit hard by the current pandemic. As some of their work involves running retirement homes, they have been deeply grieving losses at an unprecedented rate as their residents die of COVID-19 without friends or family able to be there.

    If the name sounds familiar to you, it’s probably because the Little Sisters of the Poor have already been taken to the Supreme Court before when the Obama Administration sought to force them to pay for abortion-inducing drugs. After years of litigation, they won their case in May 2016. However, the ruling did not thoroughly resolve the issue because it only allowed the Little Sisters to be exempt from paying for contraceptives under Obamacare. Believing that contraceptives are abortifacients that violate God’s law, the Little Sisters could not be involved in providing contraceptives, even if they were not the ones who paid for them. 

    In 2017, the Trump Administration issued an exemption that would allow for the Little Sisters to have full religious freedom and not be forced to violate their conscience. In response, Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro took the Little Sisters back to court to strip away the protections given to them; protections for which they have been fighting for in court for nearly a decade. 

    Shapiro claims to be taking the Trump administration to court as he advocates for “medicine for women.” However, the facts could not be further from this picture.

    Little Sisters of the Poor v. Pennsylvania is about defending the Little Sisters’ deeply held religious convictions. Learn more:

    Catholic Voters Overwhelmingly Favor GOP Candidates, Except Doug Mastriano

    New polling shows that Catholic voters in key battleground states overwhelmingly favor Republican candidates, who hold significant leads over their Democratic opponents—except in the case of the governor's race in Pennsylvania.

    (How can a Catholic vote for Shapiro after he sued the Little Sister's of the poor over abortion-inducing drugs? Shapiro is an infant genocide agent working for the pharmaceutical companies. Mastriano is against abortion. Shapiro just got done helping to sterilize the population with the vaccines and the democrats are still worried about being able to abort. The People have been lied to about drugs and health so much they need to be rescued from the medical system.)

    STOP the Infanticide! 5,000% Increase in Fetal Deaths Following COVID-19 Vaccines!

    And that follows another report we published last month (October, 2022) from Dr. James Thorp, a board certified OBGYN and Maternal Fetal Medicine Physician with over 43 years of obstetrical experience, who was interviewed by Dr. Drew Pensky and stated that in the past two years since the mRNA COVID vaccines were introduced, he has seen an “off-the-charts” rise in sudden fetal death and adverse pregnancy outcomes, such as fetal malformation and even fetal cardiac arrest, among his patients.

    Value Drug Pharmaceutical PAC is backing Josh Shapiro

    This company was busted in PA's biggest drug bust that netted a $4 million fine for unlawful opioid shipments.

    They hope to cash in on Shapiro's support for lifetime transgender hormone treatments and surgeries.

    Our Town's top opioid distributor, Value Drug Company is being sued by neighboring Bedford County.  County commissioners wanting to join the lawsuit should contact attorney Barry Scatton of Morgan and Morgan law firm.

    This is the Pharmacist that went to jail over the Value Drug opioid shipments: Russo made gross sales of nearly $700,000 a month. Russo’s Rx dispensed over 700,000 dosage units of oxycodone and 117,000 dosage units for methadone for the invalid prescriptions. The bust never made the news in Value Drug's "Our Town".

    Tell These Operation Our Town Supporters we want Mastriano for Governor!

    Josh Shapiro Has Time To Sue Nuns But Won't Call A Gricar Grand Jury as Demanded by the PA State Police!

    A podcaster obtained all of the evidence from the Ray Gricar missing person investigation and found out why a grand jury wasn't arranged as called for by the PA State Police.

    It's because the evidence points back at the AG office under Tom Corbett. It was Corbett who refused to obey the State Police and call a grand jury. This explains why Corbett gave up on finding Gricar after less than a month.

    Pulitzer Prize Winning Article Identified the Mystery Woman

    Republicans drop 1,000-page report saying FBI is 'rotted at its core'

    Top 10 reasons why the FBI report is right

    1) The FBI leadership abusing its law-enforcement authority for political reasons.

    2) The FBI artificially inflating and manipulating domestic violent extremism statistics for political purposes.

    3) The FBI downplaying and reducing the spread of the serious allegations of wrongdoing leveled against Hunter Biden.

    4) The Justice Department and FBI using counterterrorism resources to target parents resisting a far-left educational curriculum.

    5) The FBI abusing its foreign surveillance authorities.

    6) The Justice Department and FBI conducting an unprecedented raid on a former president's home.

    7) The FBI stalking a Republican Congressman on a family vacation to seize his personal cell phone.

    8) The Justice Department and the FBI continuing to allow attacks on pro-life facilities and churches to go unabated, while pushing an anti-life agenda.

    9) The FBI conducting an 'intelligence' assessment of a conservative charity under the guise of investigating unrelated alleged crimes.

    10) The FBI purging employees who refuse to align themselves with the leadership's political ideology.

    11) The FBI helping Big Tech to censor Americans' political speech.

    Why The Spike Protein Causes Abnormal, Foot-Long Blood Clots, 200 Symptoms

    The ADL Is The Bulwark For The NWO

    ADL's Greenblatt openly uses his weight defending against antisemitism and hatred to destroy anyone threatening the New World Order initiatives forcing Silicon Valley to approve his every whim while Governments openly collect data on average citizens as the Social Credit architecture is put into place.


    Harley Pasternak, top Hollywood MKUltra handler, describes experimenting with drugs on people.

    Pasternak's celebrity client list includes:

    Adam Levine, Behati Prinsloo, Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Megan Fox, John Mayer, Amy Schumer, Ariana Grande, Charlie Puth, Jessica Simpson, Julianne Hough, Robert Pattinson, Pusha T, Jason Sudeikis, Katherine Langford, Gwyneth Paltrow, Brad Falchuk, Jordana Brewster, Tobey Maguire, Rihanna, Mac Miller, Jennifer Hudson, Nina Dobrev, Gwen Stefani, Nathan Fillion, Abigail Spencer, Usher, Tracee Ellis Ross, Jack Black, Common, Eliza Dushku, Seth Rogen, Robert Downey Jr., Halle Berry, Amanda Seyfried, Kate Beckinsale, Maria Menounos, Bono, Milla Jovovich and Alicia Keys.

    ADL Orders Global Advertiser Boycott to Destroy Elon Musk's Twitter For Not Censoring Kanye West

    The Anti-Defamation League, the leading pro-Israel lobbying group in America, ordered a global advertiser boycott of Elon Musk's Twitter on Friday for not doing enough to censor Kanye "Ye" West and other critics of their power.

    Pfizer, whose CEO Albert Bourla is headlining the ADL's "Never Is Now" event in New York City next week -- which they describe as the "world's largest annual summit on antisemitism" -- was one of the first to pull all ads from Twitter on Thursday.

    Pfizer was handed billions of taxpayer dollars for their forced vaccinations and they're now using our money to shut down free speech!

    (All Evidence for Nuremberg 2)

    "They are clear that it's okay to be anti-white and it's okay to be anti-Christ.  So for the sake of fairness.........ITS OKAY TO BE ANTI-SEMITIC."

    Antisemitism allows Satanists to depict our struggle to save civilization as "hate.".

    It's time to call anti Semitism by its real name, anti Satanism.

    What does Revelation 3:9 mean?

    "I will make those who are of the synagogue of Satan, who claim to be Jews though they are not, but are liars—I will make them come and fall down at your feet and acknowledge that I have loved you". Revelation 3:9

    (It was the Jews from a local synagogue persecuting the church in Philadelphia in Jesus' day. The Philadelphians were faithful but had little strength due to the persecution. The same thing is happening today.)

    Obama, Biden To Stump For Fetterman In Philadelphia Saturday

    The Seven Churches of Revelation- Then and Now?

    While most Christians know Israel as the “Holy Land”, fewer know that Turkey has more Biblical sites than any other country. Over 60% of all places mentioned in the Bible are located in Turkey, also known as the Second Holy Land. This includes the sites of the Seven Churches of Revelation. The Seven Churches of Revelation refer to seven churches referenced by location in Asia Minor in chapters 2 and 3. These churches were a gathering of early Christian communities versus actual buildings or meeting halls. The scriptures point to historical and prophetic instruction to Christians as individual believers and as a body, thus known as the church. In these chapters lie both a correction and a warning to believers within the church but also words of praise as God understood what they were going through and provided them with encouragement. Historically these locations were considered major cultural hubs for various reasons such as trade, military and hedonism. The following gives history and scriptural reference to each of the seven churches within Asia Minor, known today as the country of Turkey, whose archaeological remains still exist in part to this day.

    #6 The Church of Philadelphia

    Known as the church of brotherly love that endured patiently, (Rev. 3:7-10) Philadelphia was filled with a variety of temples and worship centers. It is located on the Cogamis River in Western Asia Minor and today is known as the Turkish city of Alasehir. Unfortunately, because of a series of earthquakes, there is not much left of Philadelphia and archaeology is limited to foundation stones and a few Roman columns.

    Democrats BEG for covid forgiveness after DESTROYING the lives of millions

    Election Day can’t come to Republicans fast enough.

    With less than a week before the election arrives, another poll has shifted in their favor.

    The Quinnipiac University poll, which had voters preferring a Democratic House to a Republican one, 47%-43%, at the end of August, has flipped. The new numbers show a preference for a Republican House, 48%-44%.

    Thailand study of young adults post jab showed nearly 30% with cardiovascular injuries

    Dr. David E. Martin Lays Out Case for Premeditated Vaccine Murder

    We the people: "It's time we demand our elected state officials appoint special prosecutors to investigate criminal behavior by our elected and appointed officials." -Dr. David Martin


    Investigative Reporter Exposes Leftist-Run Philadelphia Reaching ‘Mad Max’ Level Collapse

    Under Attorney General Josh Shapiro, Philly's DA Krasner was allowed to run Philadelphia into the ground. Like Krasner, Shapiro has tons of money because of Soros financing along with big pharma backing. This is right in Shapiro's back yard of Montgomery County where he got his start as a county commissioner, not far from Bensalem. 

    The Importance of Bensalem

    What was described in The New Atlantis? The novel depicts the creation of a utopian land where "generosity and enlightenment, dignity and splendour, piety and public spirit" are the commonly held qualities of the inhabitants of the mythical Bensalem.

  • Salomon's House (or Solomon's House) is a fictional institution in Sir Francis Bacon's utopian work New Atlantis, published in English in 1777, years after Bacon's death. In this work, Bacon portrays a vision of the future of human discovery and knowledge.

  • What is the Francis Bacon theory? Francis Bacon's theory was that scientific knowledge must come from the careful observation of nature filtered through inductive reasoning. His philosophy of science was revolutionary for Bacon's time when the most widely accepted authority on truth and knowledge of the universe was the Bible and the Church.

  • YouTube announces new “certification” protocol for videos containing medical information; everything must align with WHO dictates!

  • Youtube is now under the complete control of big pharma.

  • Fetterman translator needed…

    Johnstown Tribune Democrat Still Pushing Deadly Vaccines

    They want vaccine amnesty yet they won't stop pushing the poison!

    Value Drug Co PAC Pennsylvania Political Action Committee Pharmaceutical profits from opioids and vaccines gets recycled to Shapiro for Governor from Value Drug PAC. Then Shapiro pledges to fund the transgender agenda. Transhumanism is the new in thing for big pharma to profit from.

    Gricar grand jury on the way. Shapiro is part of the ongoing Gricar cover up. He refuses to address the State Police call for a Gricar grand jury. See for new evidence kept from the public.

    Shapiro's right hand man in the AG office replaced Gricar as DA then failed to follow State Police directives to find Gricar.  Madeira only stayed one day at the State Police meeting where the 53 directives were formulated with the most important one being to call an investigating grand jury.

    Shapiro has been negligent in assembling a Gricar grand jury since 2017 when he took office as Attorney General. This is PA's most famous disappearance of a law officer or any person and all that's needed to solve the case is an investigative grand jury.

    Formerly withheld evidence shows color of law issues and indicates why the grand jury was called for and why it has been stalled to this day. See for the evidence and the podcasts.

    Big trouble for democrats in very blue Miami…

    RCP Now Projects 54 GOP Senate Seats As New Hampshire Leaning Red

    It looks like "Red Wave" in the the 2022 midterm may crest even higher, as the New Hampshire senate race is now tilting toward the GOP in what would be another flip of a currently Democratic seat. 

    Sleeping Giants, Return of Enki & Saturn Moon Crash: Roundtable Discussion

    In a roundtable discussion recorded after the conclusion of the Galactic Spiritual Informers Connection on October 23, 2022, Alex Collier, Elena Danaan, JP and Dr. Michael Salla go over recent developments involving a sleeping giant in Florida, missing seeds from a Tree of Life, return of Quetzacoatl, and a moon crashing into Saturn.

    Galactic History According To Alex Collier And The Andromedans

    Our Ancient Heritage

    AC: I want to talk to you about Lyrae and how the human race colonized our galaxy. Based on the age of the Suns and the planets in our galaxy, it was decided that the human life form was to be created in the Lyran system. The human race lived there for approximately 40 million years, evolving. The orientation of the human race in Lyrae was agricultural in nature. Apparently, we were very plentiful and abundant, and lived in peace.

    Then, one day, huge craft appeared in the sky.

    A large ship came out of the huge craft and approached the planet Bila, and reptilians from Alpha Draconis disembarked. Apparently, the Alpha Draconians and the Lyrans were afraid of each other. I told you before that the Alpha Draconians were apparently the first race in our galaxy to have interstellar space travel, and have had this capability for 4 billion years. Well, when the Draconians came and saw Bila, with all its abundance and food and natural resources, the Draconians wanted to control it.

    There was apparently a mis-communication or misunderstanding between the Draconians and Lyran humans. The Lyrans wanted to know more about the Draconians before some kind of “assistance” was offered. The Draconians mistook the communication as a refusal, and subsequently destroyed three out of 14 planets in the Lyran system. The Lyrans were basically defenseless. The planets Bila, Teka and Merck were destroyed.

    Over 50 million Lyran humans were killed. It is at this point in history that the Draconians began to look at humans as a food source. This is how old the struggle is between the reptilian and human races. Now, I must make the point that not all the reptilian or human races are “dark”. There is a mix. When we start meeting these races, you are going to have to trust your gut instinct.

    The Draconians do not like human beings. The Andromedans say that Draconians believe that this universe was here for them – that their history teaches them that they were left here to rule it. But, when they started traveling, they ran across other races. They were able to conquer many of those races through genetic manipulation.

    Now, our government, the United States government, the New World Order – whatever you want to call it – wants to implant everybody. From the Andromedan perspective that means ownership. Extraterrestrial don't want to bother with that stuff, since that is not permanent. Extraterrestrials value genetics.

    What they do is they come in, conquer a race and genetically alter it. From that moment on, that race is genetically altered. The genetic changes alter the frequency, sound and thought patterns of the race if they move into a physical form. Does everyone understand this?

    Pennsylvania Supreme Court Orders Undated, Wrongly Dated Ballots To Not Be Counted

    "The Pennsylvania county boards of elections are hereby ORDERED to refrain from counting any absentee and mail-in ballots received for the November 8, 2022 general election that are contained in undated or incorrectly dated outer envelopes."

    Nearly 40% of small businesses in the US failed to pay rent in October

    The survey of 4,789 randomly selected small business owners saw more than half of respondents say their rent is at least 10 percent higher than six months ago.

    Small Businesses Generate 44 Percent of U.S. Economic Activity

    Ben Fulford:

    Western white hats and the Asian dragon family are now negotiating a benevolent replacement for the collapsing old system. It will start with a jubilee. This will mean a cancellation of all debts both public and private and a one-off redistribution of assets, according to a Dragon family proposal. Another part of their proposal is to have Western military/industrial white hats preside over Nuremberg-style war crimes trials followed by the restoration of democracy, the rule of law and freedom of the press.

    Go Down Moses, Let My People Go by Charlie Armstrong, Grandson of Louis Armstrong!

    Charlie Armstrong is a very successful singer and songwriter, originally from the Caribbean.

    At first he started singing in the church; Charlie had his first gospel concert when he was only 12 years old.

    Today Charlie Armstrong is a successful singer, songwriter and producer. His unique voice and sense of rhythm allow him to experiment with completely different musical styles. It was his impeccable execution of classical jazz that brought him to fame.

    Mr. Armstrong was named the №1 singer in Cannes, Monaco and in St Tropez. Having lived in Russia, then performed there, he was awarded the SMG award for "Best Russian Jazz Singer" in 2015

    Mr. Armstrong’ performances were a revelation for the true connoisseurs of jazz. His jazz program was performed not only at the most famous places in Moscow, but also in many other Russian cities.

    Forgotten Blacks In The Bible

    Many of the Hebrew patriarchs married or had children with women from African tribes. Abraham had children with Hagar and Keturah both from African (Hamitic) tribes. Moses married Zippora, who was Ethiopian. Jacob had children with two handmaidens from African tribes, and these children became the patriarchs of two tribes of Israel.

    Jerusalem Post: Kanye West alleges Jewish doctor might have wanted him dead!

    In the interaction, the rapper also showed paparazzi a spreadsheet of executives in which West claims the majority of them are Jewish.

    (Kanye might not be as good of a Pharisee buster as Jesus but he will do for now. The People are tired of critical race theory, medical tyranny AND BEING CALLED ANTISEMITIC JUST FOR QUOTING JESUS. The notion of blacks being the chosen race instead of the fake khazarian imposters is looking better all the time.

    (Kanye might want to think about doing a jazz album with some negro spirituals thrown in. That is the black heritage music the khazarian mafia producers have tried to do away with. Have people ever heard of the great Charlie Armstrong in America? Probably not!)

    The Most Important Whistleblower In America: Dr. Andrew HuffOne insider has the receipts on Tony Fauci, the CIA, the FBI, DHS, Peter Daszak, and Ralph Baric

    The most important whistleblower in America right now is Dr. Andrew Huff. He is responsible for exposing several scandals unfolding inside our national security state related to the COVID pandemic.

    A few weeks ago, Dr. Andrew Huff gave a sworn statement — as a former vice president of EcoHealth Alliance! — that the COVID-19 virus was created in China as “a joint project between an American company (EcoHealth Alliance) and the CCP controlled Wuhan Institute of Virology.” Dr. Huff knew this because he was an eyewitness at EcoHealth Alliance meetings.

    Peter Daszak and Ralph Baric made COVID-19 in a Chinese lab. The CIA and Hunter Biden were involved in funding the creation of the COVID-19 virus through third-party proxies and EcoHealth Alliance as early as 2014. DHS officials stopped any real investigation of the origins of the virus outbreak.

    Data was stolen from Dr. Andrew Huff’s house and that data was related to America’s critical food infrastructure. Dr. Huff also confirms that America’s critical food processing plats are being deliberately attacked and destroyed.

    Alpha Draconian Babies Discovered In DUMBS

    This was the malevolent power behind Soros, the Rothschilds and many of the Democrats.

    Lets not forget the Vatican and the architecture inspired by these creatures that had their  grip on the popes.  Not any more. Keep an eye on what happens to the draco bloodlines once their satellites go down. They are losing their hived in, alien, artificial intelligence minds. Good riddance to the Draconian agenda! Humans rejoice!

    The Dracos are the real force behind abortion, infant vaccination, pharmaceutical poisonings, nuclear waste and so on. It was all to benefit their race and to destroy humanity.

    This war with the dracos has been going on for millenia. According to Alex Collier the real hot war started when the Draconians blew up the peaceful agricultural planet of Merck inhabited by people that look a lot like us. The Draconians stole the name, started a pharmaceutical company in Germany and have been financing the NAZIs ever since.

    Florida teacher's union loses thousands of members

    One reason the associations are losing members may be due to union policies regarding in-person schooling during the COVID pandemic, says Ashley Varner, a spokesperson for the Freedom Foundation, a non-profit, anti-union group.

    "Across the country, 'Zoom schools' gave parents a first-hand look at what propaganda was being forced on their children," she said.

    DHS LEAKS: Starting in 2020, DHS began meeting with Twitter, Facebook, Wikipedia and more monthly to coordinate 'content moderation' efforts

    There is no difference between the Gestapo, DHS, FBI, CIA, or the other secret security forces the government surrounded itself with. The ADL is their public relations arm and the SPLC is their legal hit squad.

    Florida Republicans register 9 new voters for every 1 new Democrat in months leading to midterms

    The latest numbers underscore the reality — calamitous for Democrats and heartening for Republicans — that Florida is leaving behind its longtime position as the biggest swing state in the country, one that could go either way in big elections, and is landing solidly in the Republican red column.

    $2 Quadrillion Debt Precariously Resting On $2 Trillion Gold

    Debt is 1000 times the amount of gold to cover it. The central banks are all bankrupt along with the Federal Reserve. Time to reset the Constitutional Republic, issue greenbacks for all and start anew.

  • Kyrie Irving Boosts Movie Hebrews to Negroes

    The Black Hebrew Israelite movement is fairly broad, comprising organizations that (per the Anti-Defamation League) “operate semi-independently.” The movement generally coalesces around the notion that Black people are the real descendants of the ancient Israelites, with more extreme factions claiming that Black people have been “robbed of their identity as being ‘God’s chosen people'” (via the Southern Poverty Law Center).

    (This movement is being trashed by the SPLC because the fake Jews have invested so much time and money into trying to convince people that the Ashkenazi are God's chosen people. In reality they have no connection to the Jews of the bible.

    Kanye West is part of this Hebrew to Negro movement and is a lot like a black Jesus exposing the Pharisees who are trying to kill us with the vaccines and other means. Penn State could use a visit by Kanye and Kyrie Irving to offset the unwelcome influence of the Southern Poverty Law Center from Alabama that has been trying to stir up race trouble at PSU.)

    The Black Presence in the Bible: Uncovering the Hidden Ones

    This is a great way for blacks to rally around their Christian heritage.

    This heritage goes all the way back to the African Dogon tribes who were visited by the Sirian Galactics, seeders of Christ consciousness throughout the Milky Way galaxy from the brightest star in the sky.

    The New Sirian Revelations: Galactic Prophecies for the Ascending Human Collective (Paperback)

    As the struggle between darkness and light is being fought at every level, Cori reminds us to take comfort in the fact that the Sirian High Council foresaw and told us how this time of immense upheaval would be the last phase of our passage out of the darkness and into the light of far more illuminated states of being.

    Penn State Cover Up Ends With Leak Of Louis Freeh's Top-Secret Report Card; He Flunked And Penn State Wants Their $8.3 Million Back

    In their report, the seven trustees note that an independent federal investigation done by former NCIS Special Agent John Snedden, another Big Trial scoop, came to the opposite conclusion that Freeh did, that there was no official cover up at Penn State.

    The trustees also concluded that the alleged "independence of the Freeh Report appears to have been fatally compromised by Louis Freeh's collaboration with three interested parties -- the NCAA, Governor [Tom] Corbett and his Office of Attorney General, and members of the Penn State Board of Trustees."

    Ken Frazier (Merck CEO), the chairman of the Penn State board of trustees, also sent Freeh an ESPN story which claimed that Sandusky wasn't stopped earlier "because no one dared challenge the power of Penn State and Paterno, no one dared challenge the legacy of the football powerhouse and the great man himself."

    When Tom Corbett Met The Pope

    Corbett’s conversation with Pope Francis was brief and in English. The governor and his wife shook Pope Francis’ hand, which Corbett described as strong, “like a farmer’s hands.”  The Corbetts thanked him for his ministry to the Catholic Church and to the people of the world. The Pope replied, “Pray for me.”

    Jubelirer Endorses Shapiro for Governor

    Jubelirer's midnight pay raise came right after the 4/15/05 coupe of PA State Government When Gricar went missing.

    Not only did legislators increase their salaries 16 percent to 34 percent to at least $81,050 — more than any state except California — they crafted the package in secret without debate or public scrutiny, then left town.

    Democratic Gov. Ed Rendell, who signed the bill into law, has received nearly 1,000 letters, e-mails and phone calls criticizing the decision.

    Editorial writers and columnists have called it a mugging of state taxpayers, the Great Harrisburg Caper of 2005, an act of legislative thievery. “Greed gone wild,” snarled one angry voter.

    This is the letter from former District Attorney Bob Buehner to Centre and Union county district attorneys Michael Mediera and Pete Johnson, respectively.

    The above link is to the exclusive content at

    Michael Madeira is perhaps the most important witness we have in solving the Ray Gricar disappearance. He was there with his boss Tom Corbett at the news conference in Bellefonte two weeks before Gricar disappeared along with Barbara Petito, Corbett's press secretary and so called mystery woman.

    Madeira was elected to replace Gricar as DA of Centre county. He attended only the first day of the State Police meeting organized to solve the case in which a grand jury was called for by the police. Madeira never followed the State Police directive nor did his former boss Tom Corbett who was the Attorney General.

    Madeira publicly announced that as DA he could not investigate Jerry Sandusky because of a conflict of interest with his wife being Jerry's adopted sons sister. Madeira hands investigation over to AG Tom Corbett. The Sandusky files go missing after this.

    Madeira refuses to cooperate with Gricar's DA friends Bob Buehner and Ted Mcknight. The dueling press conferences between the two camps takes place. The Dueling Press Conferences | Centre Daily Times Unsung Heroes Part 2: Ted McKnight and Bob Buehner. Mr. Buehner and Mr. McKnight called the press conference in Lewisburg.

    In 2017 Michael Madeira is rehired by the PA Attorney General's office by Josh Shapiro where he remains as Shapiro's chief assistant. Neither Madeira or Shapiro will respond to questions about the Gricar investigation or about calling a Gricar grand jury.

    As attorney general it has been Shapiro's responsibility to call a grand jury since he took office in 2017. Former DAs Bob Buehner, Ted Mcknight, and the former president of the PA State District Attorney's Association Bruce Castor and others have called for a Ray Gricar grand jury.

    The NFL is giving their players IVERMECTIN as a prophylactic AND to prevent “positive” Covid tests

    The hypocrisy of the elites. I doubt that many professional sportsball players in the US are jabbed. The fact that we’re not seeing players dropping dead of “Suddenly” the way it’s happening amongst soccer players in Europe (HUNDREDS of soccer players have been killed by the injections), and among high school and college athletes in the US tells me that the American professional sports team owners protected their “assets” by lying to the public about their players being injected AND making sure that the players are using Ivermectin. But really, the most compelling datum is the fact that if the NFL players were actually injected, THEY’D ALL BE SICK NOW, because the injections cause Antibody Dependent Enhancement – they fry your immune system and turbocharge viruses.

    This letter comes from a long-time physician reader and monthly donor. I’ve redacted this heavily because multiple celebrities are named. I haven’t followed sports in nearly fifteen years, and even I knew the name and exactly who the NFL player in the letter below is. I don’t want the player to get in dutch, as he is doing nothing wrong in distributing Ivermectin to his friends and family. I’ve been distributing Ivermectin 1% liquid for nearly two years now. The problem is the dripping, elitist hypocrisy. -AB

    Apparently the NFL is using it because it not only is a prophylactic, as well as a remedy, but it also prevents you from testing positive and needing to quarantine.


    Continued thanks for your hard work, brilliant insights, and offering of daily Mass for all of your followers.

    Please say a special prayer for my sister and her kids. My niece {herself a celebrity who is dating an NFL star – details redacted. I easily confirmed this. -AB}

    Anyway, the reason for this note is mainly because of ivermectin. My sister, the mom of {my celebrity niece dating the NFL star}, recently had to fly to {city redacted}. She was afraid of testing positive for covid. My niece’s boyfriend, a guy named {NFL star’s name redacted} who was just traded to the {team redacted} from the {team redacted} gave my sister ivermectin. She told me that everyone in the NFL is using it. However it’s not the veterinarian form it is the actual pill form. I have been giving out the veterinarian form to my patients in {city redacted}. I only lost one patient to covid out of the 2000 people that I treat. He was a kidney transplant patient to begin with.

    Aaron Rodgers says he's unvaccinated, takes ivermectin ...

    "I believe strongly in bodily autonomy and ability to make choices for your body," the embattled Green Bay Packers quarterback said.

    Penn State student charged following protest surrounding Proud Boys founder speech

    All of the Marxist driven lunacy at Penn State is frothing over due to the eminent fall of the Khazarian Mafia. The Southern Poverty Law Center that operates as chief counsel for the KM at PSU has been trying to stir up fear of white supremacists that are presumably hiding under every rock. This is similar to the FBI's efforts under Biden to criminalize the entire MAGA movement for being mostly white for political purposes.

    Kanye West has been made an example of by the KM to show what happens when a person goes off the
    Khazarian Mafia reservation even if they happen to be black which has shaken up the entire rap music industry.

    This is essentially the same mind programming being used to get people to vote for Shapiro even though his administration just got finished trying to destroy PA with lockdowns, vaccines, masking and business closures during the pandemic.

    Meanwhile PA KM boss Josh Shapiro has been put on notice that the Ray Gricar disappearance has been solved and all that is needed is a grand jury to wrap up the details. A State Police report has been leaked that reveals that Shapiro has been ignoring a list of 53 directives by police on the Gricar case that calls for a grand jury investigation ever since he took office in 2017. 

    Once the KM has been completely rounded up, the Gricar case will be fully solved as it should have been since his disappearance in 2005 and the Marxist agitators at PSU will no longer be funded by the Soros group, freeing PSU from years of oppression in the process. Simply put, the end of the woke world war  is near.

    See the evidence of the 53 point State Police Report at

    Former PA District attorney association president Bruce Castor who defended President Trump during the failed impeachment hearing had this to say in a letter to the producers of the podcast series:

    Final Argument Podcast

    Bruce Castor contacted me after he listened to the 6th episode of my podcast and he was kind enough to clarify something for me. Mr. Castor wrote in an email: “The governor does not have the power to convene a statewide grand jury. Only the attorney general has that power. Of course, if AG Shapiro is elected governor, he appoints the person who would succeed him as attorney general, subject to the approval of the GOP-controlled state senate where Corman is still president pro tem. Also, Mr. Shapiro could convene a grand jury now, or after the election before taking office, or when he returns to being the full-time AG if he were to lose the governor's election. But the governor has no power on his own to call a grand jury.”

    Thanks for taking the time to respond to me Bruce! I am glad you could set me straight!


    (In episode 5 attorney Bruce Castor weighed in about the how the Centre County DA's office had refused help in investigating the Gricar disappearance. Since this podcast was aired two of the top people in the Centre County court house have announced their resignations, the assistant DA who took over for Gricar after the disappearance and the president judge of the county.)

    Hear the podcasts at

    PhD Vaccine Expert Issues Dire Warning: An Inevitable Public Health Disaster In 2023 Driven By The Covid Vaccinated

    Steve Kirsch, a leading vaccine critic, on the other hand, supported the dire next-wave theory, writing to me: “Vanden Bossche has been extremely accurate in his predictions. It’s puzzling to me that world health authorities are following the advice of the experts who got it wrong instead of the experts who got it right.”

    Strikingly, in making his prognostication, Vanden Bossche said something hopeful: He suggested a way forward. His simple fix, which he admits may be impractical in the current environment, would induce the herd immunity that has literally escaped vaccines.

    You can only correct this if you intervene with something that reduces the transmission rate,” he said. “You use antivirals—mass administration of antivirals that are safe, effective, broadly accessible to people, and that can be produced and acquired at an affordable cost.”

    He specifically pointed to ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, which have been used for decades for other diseases and show prophylactic and treatment efficacy in many trials in mostly low- and middle-income countries.

    Although the drugs have been all but banned from covid-19 protocols, Vanden Bossche said their large-scale prophylactic use would prevent individual infection and community spread, making the pandemic “very easy” to stanch. Covid would die.

    Penn State Biolab Grafting New Spike Proteins (Should Be Shut Down and Quarantined)

    New engineered proteins could be used to develop adaptation-proof COVID vaccineResearchers use computational biology to target areas of SARS-CoV-2 spike protein that are less susceptible to mutations.

    (Merck minions continue to toy around with poisons like this because they are soulless hacks being paid for murder. Don't expect Shapiro to save Penn State or the surrounding community from these parasites.

    Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine should now be standard issue like they did in India.)

    India's Ivermectin Blackout: This data shows how Ivermectin knocked their COVID-19 cases and deaths - which we know were Delta Variant - down to almost zero within weeks.

    A population comparable to the US went from about 35,000 cases and 350 deaths per day to nearly ZERO within weeks of adding Ivermectin to their protocol.

    But in the end, the truth matters. It mattered in 1616, and it matters in 2021.

    Ivermectin Wins in India

    News of India's defeat of the Delta variant should be common knowledge. It is just about as obvious as the nose on one's face. It is so clear when one looks at the graphs that no one can deny it.

    Yet, for some reason, we are not allowed to talk about it. Thus, for example, Wikipedia cannot mention the peer-reviewed meta-analyses by Dr. Tess Lawrie or Dr. Pierre Kory published in the American Journal of Therapeutics.

    Wikipedia is not allowed to publish the recent meta-analysis on Ivermectin authored by Dr. Andrew Hill. Furthermore, it is not allowed to say anything concerning showing the 61 studies comprising 23,000 patients which reveal up to a 96% reduction in death [prophylaxis] with Ivermectin.

    There is a blackout on any conversation about how Ivermectin beat COVID-19 in India. When I discussed the dire straits that India found itself in early this year with 414,000 cases per day, and over 4,000 deaths per day, and how that evaporated within five weeks of the addition of Ivermectin, I am often asked, "But why is there no mention of that in the news?"

    Yes, exactly. Ask yourself why India’s success against the Delta variant with Ivermectin is such a closely guarded secret by the NIH and CDC. Second, ask yourself why no major media outlets reported this fact, but instead, tried to confuse you with false information by saying the deaths in India are 10 times greater than official reports.

    Perhaps NPR is trying so hard because NPR is essentially a government mouthpiece. The US government is “all-in” with vaccines with the enthusiasm of a 17th century Catholic Church “all-in” with a Geocentric Model of the Universe disputing Galileo. Claiming that India’s numbers are inaccurate might distract from the overwhelming success of Ivermectin.

    The graphs and data from the Johns Hopkins University CSSE database do not lie. On the contrary, they provide a compelling trail of truth that no one can dispute, not even the NIH, CDC, FDA, and WHO.

    Just as Galileo proved with his telescope that the earth was NOT the center of the Universe in 1616; today, the data from India shows that Ivermectin is effective, much more so than the vaccines. It not only prevents death, but it also prevents COVID infections, and it also is effective against the Delta Variant.

    In 1616, you could not make up the telescopic images of Jupiter and its orbiting moons, nor could you falsify the crescent-shaped images of Venus and Mercury. These proved that the earth was NOT the center of the Universe – a truth the Catholic Church could not allow.

    Likewise, the massive drop in cases and deaths in India to almost nothing after the addition of Ivermectin proved the drug's effectiveness. This is a truth that the NIH, CDC, and FDA cannot allow because it would endanger the vaccine policy.

    Never mind that Ivermectin would save more lives with much less risk, much less cost, and it would end the pandemic quickly.

    Let us look at the burgundy-colored graph of Uttar Pradesh. First, allow me to thank Juan Chamie, a highly-respected Cambridge-based data analyst, who created this graph from the JHU CSSE data. Uttar Pradesh is a state in India that contains 241 million people. The United States’ population is 331 million people. Therefore, Uttar Pradesh can be compared to the United States, with 2/3 of our population size.

    By comparison, the United States is the lower graph. On August 5, here in the good ol’ USA, blessed with the glorious vaccines, we have 127,108 new cases per day and 574 new deaths. 

    Let us look at the August 5 numbers from Uttar Pradesh with 2/3 of our population. Uttar Pradesh, using Ivermectin, had a total of 26 new cases and exactly THREE deaths. The US without Ivermectin has precisely 4889 times as many daily cases and 191 times as many deaths as Uttar Pradesh with Ivermectin.

    It is not even close. Countries do orders of magnitude better WITH Ivermectin. It might be comparable to the difference in travel between using an automobile versus a horse and buggy.

    Lawmakers Want to Know Why Pennsylvania Sent Out 240,000 Unverified Ballots

    Lawmakers Want to Know Why Pennsylvania Sent Out 240,000 Unverified Ballots

    “That is an enormous number of ballots, which, according to the law, must be set aside and not counted for the 2022 General Election unless the voter produces lD,” 15 state lawmakers tell Pennsylvania's election office. Pictured: A voter casts a ballot Monday at a mail drop box outside Philadelphia City Hall. (Photo: Ed Jones/ AFP/Getty Images)

    Almost a quarter of a million ballots were mailed to Pennsylvania voters without verifying their identity, state lawmakers say in a letter seeking answers from the state’s top election official. 

    “According to the data, as of Oct. 21, 2022, a staggering 240,000 ballots are ‘NOT VERIFIED,’” 15 Republicans in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives write Tuesday in the letter to acting Secretary of the Commonwealth Leigh Chapman. 

    “That is an enormous number of ballots, which, according to the law, must be set aside and not counted for the 2022 General Election unless the voter produces lD,” the lawmakers write.

    Rep. Frank Ryan, a member of the House State Government Committee, led the letter. It cites data on unverified ballots for the Nov. 8 election produced by the Pennsylvania Department of State, which Chapman heads. 

    Ryan and the 14 other GOP lawmakers add:

    This will force the counties to, as one county election director described it, ‘go after the missing information’ to obtain proof of lD for the unverified ballots. What level of additional staffing is allocated for counties to attempt to contact and verify the identity of these quarter of a million of ballot recipients? Many of these unverified ballots are likely the result of transposition of numbers or letters but the purpose of the law is to ensure integrity. The law requires matching therefore all must be set aside and lD verified prior to being counted.

    Meanwhile Penn State continues to push the double strength covid boosters on students that spread infection instead of stopping it.

    The newspapers are reinforcing the false beliefs by insinuating that more people are dying of climate change. Students appear eager to vote for the same Democrats that coerced them into locking down, wearing masks and getting the vaccines.

    Penn State Hershey has also been the focus of national scorn over Alumni Rachel Levine's ongoing promotion of child sex change mutilation. The university even offers free counseling, sex change prescriptions and surgery referrals leaving the University vulnerable to future lawsuits. Governor candidate Josh Shapiro endorses these initiatives while Mastriano does not.

    This university has demonstrated that it cannot be trusted with issues concerning public health. The alumni are alarmed by what has happened to their alma mater. We are all watching and waiting to see when they will finally stop pushing the shots, throw off Marxism and regain some common sense.

    Tribdem Headline: Locals Spit on Fetterman's Showing In Debate With Oz

    At this link are the 53 reasons listed by the PA State police in the case of missing DA Ray Gricar. The first one being to call a grand jury. Shapiro refuses to call a grand jury in the still active case and refuses to talk about this.

    In the assessment the Police note that Michael Madeira, (Gricar's replacement as DA) only attended the first day of the assessment. Madeira was later rehired by Shapiro to work in the AG office.

    Madeira refused to follow any of the 53 recommendations as did AG Tom Corbett at the time. Both are implicated in the non investigation of Gricar and with collusion with hiding the identity of the mystery woman last seen with Gricar in Lewisburg who we know was Corbett's press secretary!

    In Shapiro's latest AD he touts the endorsement of the State Police Trooper's association but neither he or the State Police will address the call for a Gricar Grand Jury. See the incriminating State Police document kept from the public until now at

    Pope Francis: Inverted Christianity at the service of the New World Order

    Pope Francis' inverted version of Christianity is confusing to his followers. He is calling for a global government and a world religion which has nothing to do with the salvation of humanity. The world is now in a fierce battle for the soul of humanity.

    (This is classic NWO behavior where they try to reverse the truth.)

    Huge drop in male fertility after Pfizer vaccine. FDA has known about it since April 2021

    Amy Kelly, after analyzing the Pfizer documents, reports a staggering drop in male fertility, even with only 2 doses. These documents have been in the possession of the FDA since 1 April 2021. Yet the media and doctors are not talking about it.

    mRNA vaccines kill neurons and cause the loss of memory and intelligence

    Dr Sucharit Bhakdi explains that there is mortal danger in injecting a foreign gene into our body. Moreover, the mRNA vaccine causes vasculitis in the small blood vessels.

    Informed Women REJECT Sex with Vaccinated Men to Protect Themselves from Spike Protein Bioweapons

    Concerned about the “shedding” of jab spike proteins through physical contact, unvaccinated single women are, in some cases, calling it quits as far as the modern dating scene goes.

    American Thinker writer Laura J. Wellington is one such single woman who says it “has become their new norm,” referring to herself and other non-jabbed single women, to avoid men who took the experimental gene therapy.

    (Related: Remaining unvaccinated in today’s aggressive jab-pushing environment makes you a “superhero” in society, says French general.)

    Meeting & Understanding the Shining Ones: The Countdown to 2023

    Independent book author, editor and experiencer, Robert Stanley, has had several contact experiences with the Shining Ones dating from 1985 when he first encountered a radiant being who looked remarkably like depictions of Jesus Christ. In one of Stanley's subsequent encounters with the Shining Ones he was told about geopolitical events that would occur from 2013 to 2023 due to incoming waves of cosmic energy.

    Robert reveals details about the Shining Ones connection to the Anunnaki as discussed in Sumerian texts. He describes two major divisions in the Anunnaki ranks. The first was between their top leaders, Enki and Enlil, and the second was between the leadership class and the rebellious Igigi. Robert believes the Igigi are connected to the Deep State and are responsible for many problems affecting humanity today.

    He also explains the relationship between the Archons and Shining Ones discussed in Gnostic Christian writings. Robert Stanley is the author of Close Encounters in Washington DC (2006) and Covert Encounters in Washington DC (2011). He was the full time editor of Unicus Magazine from 1990 to 1995.

    Meet the Igigi –The Ancient Astronauts who rebelled against the Annunaki ...

    The Ancient Anunnaki are said to have created the human race by genetically modifying early humans in order to use them as a labor force. The Igigi were put in charge of helping the humans to evolve into 12 strand DNA. Instead the Igigi tried to reduce our DNA to 1 strand using chemicals in the air, medicines, food and water.

    Now Enki is back to check on everything and he's not happy about what has been done to the human race.

    Judge tosses NYC COVID vaccine mandate, orders fired city workers' back pay

    “It is time for the City of New York to do what is right and what is just,” Staten Island Supreme Court Justice Ralph Porzio wrote in a decision made public Tuesday.

    More than 1,750 city workers were fired for refusing to get vaccinated, including 36 members of the NYPD and more than 950 Department of Education employees.

    In his 13-page ruling, Porzio said then-city Health Commissioner David Chokshi’s Oct. 20, 2021, order “violates the separation of powers doctrine” enshrined in the state constitution.

    Trump to Be Arrested Before Midterms!! LIVE! B2T Show (Video)

    Prediction: Trump's stunt double will stand in at Marilago. Garland will order the FBI to bring out Trump #2 in leg irons, parade him around the block and try to incite a MAGA riot. Then arrest the protesters and cry out for help at the polls.

    Leftist Mob at PSU Chases Off Proud Boy Before He Can Speak

    Nobody to the right of CRT Professor Baker should apply.

    Centre County President Judge Pamela A. Ruest to Retire

    In her last administrative order she made Juneteenth a holiday in Centre County.

    Note to Centre DA Bernie Cantorna: Tell Shapiro PSU alumni want a Gricar Grand jury and we want it now!

    See the 53 recommendations of the Pennsylvania State Police in the case at

    Real Clear Politics Governor Prediction Map

    19 Democrat Governors, 31 Republicans, Net Change GOP +3.

    Read it and Weep PA. The Godless mob wants more pestilence, famine, and tribulation.

    Tell Value Drug PAC to vote for Mastriano instead.

    Blair budget process shows $8.4 million deficit

    Simple to fix. Sue Operation Our Town's Value Drug Company for starting the opioid epidemic. Bedford is in line for about $10 million from their lawsuit.

    PA County Commissioners should call attorney Barry Scatton of Morgan and Morgan, Philadelphia to join the lawsuit.

    Lawyers Prepare To Sue Any State That Requires COVID-19 Vaccination To Attend School

    The Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN), run by TV host Del Bigtree, has pledged to finance up to 50 lawsuits, Aaron Siri, who frequently represents the group, said.

    “ICAN has told us it will financially support a challenge against any state. So, if all 50 states require it to attend school, ICAN will support challenging the mandate in every single one of those states,” Siri told The Epoch Times.

    The process would require finding parents or others who want to challenge any mandate that arises, but the funding and legal representation for such suits are in place.

    The pledge comes after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) advisory panel on Oct. 20 recommended adding COVID-19 vaccines to the child and adolescent immunization schedules.

    MTG In Training for Possible Run With Trump

    The gym owner is proven to be a fundraising powerhouse.

    Marjorie Taylor Greene Stuns With News Of Her 2024 Plans

    Republican Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has made some noise in speaking to a New York Times reporter.

    New York Times Magazine writer Robert Draper appeared on MSNBC on Saturday and said that the firebrand representative has said to him that she may be on the ticket with former President Donald Trump in 2024, Mediaite reported.

    Democrats ‘the party of child abuse’ and ‘anti-white racism’, Marjorie Taylor Greene says

    Marjorie Taylor Greene has suggested the Democrat Party is “the party of child abuse”.

    “The Democrat Party is the party of child abuse, it’s the party that represents grooming children and sexualising them in school,” Greene said.

    “How do you stand there and represent the Democrat Party as a father and do you agree with genital mutilation of children under the age of 18?” she asked debate opponent Marcus Flowers.

    Penn State Founded as Agricultural College of Pennsylvania Has Defaulted on it's original Charter

    Merck has entirely reversed the college's course from farming to pharmaceuticals. Admiral Rachel Levine is one of their most profitable creations.

    Poll Shows Dr Oz Take Lead Against Fetterman In PA Senate Struggle

    The Pennsylvania Senate campaign is getting to the nitty gritty and Republicans have reason to be optimistic.

    Day 3 - 36th Annual World Congress on Illumination

    Join us for day 3 of the 36th Annual World Congress on Illumination - Generational Changing of the Guard.

    Panel for the Future of Science and Technology
    EPRS | European Parliamentary Research Service
    Scientific Foresight Unit
    July 2021

    Health impact of 5G
    Current state of knowledge of 5G-related carcinogenic and
    reproductive/developmental hazards as they emerge from
    epidemiological studies and in vivo experimental studies

    Big Pharma Is Putting All Of Humanity At Risk Of Demographic Collapse

    Mankind Is Being Regressed Into Oblivion

    Mankind is being decimated by not just one but several different bioweapons — the original virus and a steady stream of ever-changing gene influencing shots. In the process, survivors of the next generation, children born and growing up in these times, are being robbed of intelligence, health and life span.

    Mankind is quite literally being regressed. The Big Pharma-biotech-bioweapons complex are risking everything, the very future of mankind itself, in this effort to “reset” the world and shape it to their own liking and benefit.

    > Media are reporting that pregnancy complications have spiked during the COVID pandemic, but claim the cause is unknown

    > Most blame the virus itself. But even then, they fail to address the fact that it’s the spike protein that is the most likely culprit. The obvious reason for that is because the spike protein is also what your body produces in response to the COVID shots

    > Around the world, women are reporting abnormal menses and vaginal hemorrhaging, both post-COVID and after exposure to the jab or someone who got the shot. Birth rates have significantly dropped, and we’re seeing upticks in preeclampsia, miscarriages, premature births and early puberty, as well as maternal and infant deaths

    > Despite the clear risks of vaccinating during pregnancy, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved a whooping cough vaccine for newborns that is given to mothers in the third trimester. This is the first vaccine aimed at infants that is to be preemptively given to the mother during pregnancy

    > While U.S. media celebrated the FDA’s authorization of COVID shots for infants under the age of 5 last summer, European countries had long since stopped caring about the pandemic, and the head of public health in Denmark admitted it was a mistake to vaccinate children between the ages of 5 and 11

    As soon as it was announced that COVID-19 would be combated with novel mRNA gene transfer technology, a number of scientists spoke out against it with dire warnings about potential health ramifications, including the theory that fertility might be adversely impacted.

    GOP Governors Promise Not To Mandate COVID-19 Vaccine For Children

    "That is your decision to make as a parent.

    (This will be the proverbial separating of the wheat from the chaff. Anybody who votes for a Democrat Governor will forever be on record as supporting the worst public health policies against children ever foisted on the general public.)

    It's not too late for the PA State Trooper's Association to change their endorsement of Shapiro. Pennsylvania State Troopers Association endorses Democrat Shapiro

    The same goes for the PSEA, the Pennsylvania State Education Association who are supposed to protect children not euthanize and disable them with draconian health policies.

    If they think they can escape the attempted genociding of humanity they are sadly mistaken in these evolutionary times of instant karma.

    The Story of missing DA, Ray Gricar @

    Another area where the PA State Police can be of immense help and service has to do with the case of missing District Attorney Ray Gricar. We now know that there were 53 recommendations by the State Police that were never followed by those responsible for investigating the disappearance of Ray Gricar. The first and most important directive of the State Police is to form a grand jury.

    The case is still active and the person responsible for calling a state wide grand Jury for the last eight years is none other than PA Attorney General Josh Shapiro. It is now imperative that the State Police instruct AG Shapiro to do his job and form a Gricar Grand Jury.

    Troop G in Hollidaysburg is in charge of the Gricar investigation and they need to act now before this case is swept further under the rug. This is especially important since the State Police Troopers Association is endorsing Shapiro for governor.

    Be sure to watch for the next podcast about the case at

    As former Governor Tom Corbett once said:

    “Every attack on an officer of the law is an attack on our state, our country and civilized society.”

    -Tom Corbett

    Attorney General of Pennsylvania, 1995-1997, 2005-2011;
    46th Governor of Pennsylvania, 2011-2015.

    Corbett came back for his second stint at Attornet General in 2005, the year Gricar went missing. Gricar's last public photograph was with Corbett at a drug bust news conference.

    Two weeks later Gricar was seen with Corbett's press secretary and long time friend at the Street of Shops in Lewisburg the day he disappeared. Her alabi was she was driving to New York the day after Gricar went missing.

    Corbett' right hand man took over as DA for Gricar. Neither He nor Corbett followed the 53 recommendations from the PA State Police regarding the Gricar case. The first one being to call a grand jury. Corbett was AG between 2005-2011.

    Both Corbett and his right hand man Michael Madeira were the two who failed to call a grand jury and both refused to help with the Gricar investigation. Corbett, Madeira and the mystery woman should all be polygraphed in the case just like what was done to Gricar's daughter who had nothing to do with the disappearance.

    Currently Michael Madeira still works for the AG office under Josh Shapiro. It has been 8 years that Shapiro had defied the state police directive to call a Gricar Grand jury.

    Shapiro needs to explain why there has been no grand jury in the Gricar case.

    See the 53 State Police recommendations in the Gricar case which were never followed and watch for the next podcast at

    Take a close look at the outrageous number of vaccinations every American child/adolescent must receive to attend school

    Major Detroit Newspaper Endorses Republican Governor Candidate Dixon

    CDC corrects false claim it will mandate COVID vaccine for school children, saying that's up to states

    Governor candidates will need to clarify their position on this so people know what they are voting for . This will separate the wheat from the chaff.

    Rachel Levine explains that there is no room for state laws that dictate what pediatrics are able to do to children and that we must trust the experts and their biased research.

    In reality, the CDC doesn't have the authority to set school immunization
    requirements, and the vote doesn't mandate the vaccine for schools.

    The Fall of the Tavistockians: Defeating the "Mother" of All Brainwashing

    After a lengthy inquiry, the Tavistock Clinic was found to have egregiously violated basic standards of care through a systemic practice of giving psychologically vulnerable individuals the “suggestion” and affirmation that they were in the wrong body, and then proceeding to rush them into medical gender reassignment.

    Don't Bring Drugs To Blair County

    This article is a perfect example of Pharmaceutical Propaganda and brainwashing. They leave out the little detail that Blair County is the largest distributor of opioids to at least ten other counties in PA not to mention the massive distribution deadly vaccines. But they will never mention those facts because their Billion Dollar operation can buy favorable coverage from the media and legal protection from the authorities through Operation Our Town which funds the DA's office.

    For example: Value Drug Company was the perpetrator of the largest drug bust in PA history involving millions of illegal opioids shipments to pharmacies in MD and PA. One pharmacy in Hagerstown got over 800,000 opioids with a street value of over $16 million dollars. The entire story is archived by the United States Attorneys office, District of Maryland. The media never reported on this story. At the direction of Value Drug Company and their payoffs, they only focus on what the smaller dealers are doing.

    The problem with constantly diverting the public's attention on drugs is that the bigger story doesn't get told. The media refuses to publish the fact that Bedford County and others in PA  are suing Value Drug for being a public nuisance in the distribution of opioids.

    In addition the media will not publish any information about vaccines that is not favorable which leaves out all of the side effects and deaths that are occurring. The media is now actively promoting the mRNA covid booster shots which have been found to be the most harmful of all of the vaccines. They cause myocarditis, blood clots and increase the risk of cancer.

    This is important because Value Drug Company is putting all their PAC money behind Josh Shapiro's run for Governor of PA. Shapiro oversaw the state's harsh lockdowns during the pandemic which were among the most draconian in the country. Basically the opposite of states like Florida that left businesses continue as normal which turned out to be the correct approach.

    Meanwhile Shapiro's opponent for Governor, Doug Mastriano led the PA senate in opposing the harsh lockdown measures and state vaccine mandates that required the deadly shots to allow employment.

    The media being bought and paid for will never bring the other side of the vaccine story which is deliberate misinformation. Shapiro is also on record for supporting child sex change operations which are being universally denounced by responsible medical advisors.

    Sadly, most people will vote without knowing any of these facts because the media is bought and paid for by pharmaceutical blood money gotten through the deadliest drugs, vaccines and harmful transgender procedures ever sold by big pharma, many of which are targeting children.

    Please urge Operation Our Town's backers to vote for Doug Mastriano and tell them to push out the biggest drug pusher of them all, Value Drug Company. And tell them that having an employee of Josh Sapiro's AG office sit on the board of Our Town who lives OUT OF TOWN in State College is a direct conflict of interest.

    Human rights' group celebrates medical transitioning of children in Children’s Philadelphia, endorses Josh Shapiro

    This is bad. Very bad.

    Despite public outcry, and world-renowned experts warning of risks outweighing benefits and their pleas for more long term safety data—the CDC Committee UNANIMOUSLY voted to approve the C•19 mRNA doses to the annual Childhood Vaccination Schedule.

    3 More COVID Vaccine Injuries Approved For Compensation By US Authorities

    Three additional COVID-19 vaccine injuries have met the bar for compensation, U.S. authorities announced Oct. 20.

    Six claims lodged with the Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program (CICP) have now been determined to be eligible for compensation, a Health Resources and Services Administration official told a meeting on vaccines. All the claims relate to COVID-19 vaccines.

    One is the result of severe allergic shock. The five others are the result of myocarditis, a form of heart inflammation.

    Ladapo rejects adding COVID-19 to Florida Vaccines for Children Program ahead of CDC vote‘Nothing changes in FL,’ Ladapo tweets

    Kari Lake - This is my promise to Arizona. When I'm Governor, the Covid Vax will NEVER be mandatory for our precious children.

    Watch: Moderna CEO Admits COVID Is Like Seasonal Flu, Only Vulnerable Need Jabs

    ...that's not what the CDC says!

    The Real Reason Latinos Are Leaving the Democratic Party: We Are Not Woke, We Are Awake

    3 brothers receive heart transplants at Hershey Medical

    The heart disease business is booming at Hershey Medical. They try blaming covid instead of the vax but it's the same spike protein disease brought by the same biolabs.

    Penn State: Myocarditis seven times more likely with COVID-19 than vaccines

    False. The unvaccinated have shown no sudden increase in myocarditis. This is blatant vaccine pushing in the face of all the evidence. This claim of covid being more dangerous than the vaccine has been disproved. Penn State's medical information comes from the people at Hershey medical that created Rachel Levine.

    The forces of Marxism have just poisoned most of the population with the covid shot. Now they are going to try to make it mandatory through the CDC for all school children. This cannot be allowed.

    The Bolshevics were kicked out of Russia. They moved to the USA and China. Now the USA and China have to be freed from the Chinese Communist Party.

    Bolshevism (from Bolshevik) is a revolutionary socialist current of Soviet Marxist–Leninist political thought and political regime associated with the formation of a rigidly centralized, cohesive and disciplined party of social revolution, focused on overthrowing the existing capitalist state system, seizing power and establishing the "dictatorship of the proletariat".

    Edgar Cayce Wrote:

    What then of nations? In Russia there comes the hope of the world, not as that sometimes termed of the Communistic, of the Bolshevistic; no. But freedom, freedom! that each man will live for his fellow man! The principle has been born. It will take years for it to be crystallized, but out of Russia comes again the hope of the world. Guided by what? That friendship with the nation that hath even set on its present monetary unit "In God We Trust." (Do ye use that in thine own heart when you pay your just debts? Do ye use that in thy prayer when ye send thy missionaries to other lands? "I give it, for in God we trust"?

    …unless there is interference from what may be called by many the supernatural forces and influences, that are active in the affairs of nations and peoples, the whole world-as it were-will be set on fire by the militaristic groups and those that are "for" power and expansion in such associations..

    Mussorgsky 'Great Gate of Kiev

    Douglas Gamley conducts his own orchestration of the finale from "Pictures at an Exhibition," with the New Symphony Orchestra, the Men's Chorus of the Ambrosian Singers, and the organ of Kingsway Hall, London.

    Modest Petrovich Mussorgsky (1839 – 1881) was a Russian composer. He was an innovator of Russian music in the romantic period. He strove to achieve a uniquely Russian musical identity, often in deliberate defiance of the established conventions of Western music.

    The Great Gate of Kiev is a musical presentation of what Mussorgsky saw at a St. Petersburg’s art exhibition. This art exposition was for the Russian painter and architect, Viktor Hartmann, who had recently died at the age of 39. Mussorgsky takes his listener around the presentation of Hartmann’s paintings and allows the listener to see in music what he saw at the exhibition.

    Sermon on Law and Grace by Saint Hilarion, Metropolitan of Kiev

    He held the metropolitan post before or during the ongoing 11th century East–West Schism.

    The Sermon on Law and Grace was pronounced in the evening of 25 March 1038, in the Church of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary at the Golden Gate in Kyiv.

    It is one of the earliest Slavonic texts available, having been written several decades before the Primary Chronicle. Since Hilarion was considered to be a writer worthy of imitation, this sermon was very influential in the further development of both the style and content of Kievan Rus' literature.

    The Sermon On Law and Grace:

    O Lord, give us your blessing, father!

    (1)  Blessed be the Lord God of Israel, the God of Christians, for He has visited and redeemed His people, for He has not abandoned His creatures to remain until the end in the grip of the darkness of idolatry and to perish in the worship of demons.  For first He justified the tribe of Abraham through the tables and the Law; then through His Son He redeemed all the nations; through the Gospel and through Baptism He brought them to regeneration, to rebirth unto life eternal.  Let us therefore praise Him and glorify Him unceasingly, as He is praised unceasingly by the Angels; and let us worship Him constantly, as He is worshiped constantly by the Cherubim and the Seraphim; for in His watchfulness He has watched over His people.

    (2) He Himself saved us: neither an envoy nor a messenger.  He visited Earth not as a vision, but Truly in the Flesh, He Suffered for us even unto the grace, and He Resurrected us together with Himself.  To the people who lived on Earth He came Clothed in Flesh; and to those who abided in Hades He descended through His Crucifixion and the Sepulcher where He lay: so that both the living and the dead might know of His Visitation and of the Coming of the Lord; so that they might understand that He is indeed a Strong and Mighty God, so Strong and Mighty both for the living and for the dead.

    (3)  For who is so great as our God?  He is the One that doeth wonders; He is the One that established the Law in preparation for Truth and Grace, so that humankind might decline the deities of idolatry, and might incline to belief in the One God; so that, cleansed with the Law and with circumcision like a fouled vessel cleansed with water, mankind might receive the milk of Grace and Truth.  For as the Law was the servant and precursor of Grace and Truth, so Truth and Grace is the servant of the age to come, of life incorruptible.  For as the Law brought to the Grace of Baptism those who abided in the Law, so Baptism brings its sons to eternal life.  And as Moses and the Prophets told of the Coming of Christ, so Christ and His Apostles told of the resurrection and of the age to come.

    (4) Yet it is superfluous, verging even on vanity, to recall in this work either the preaching of the Prophets concerning Christ or the teaching of the Apostles concerning the age to come.  It is a type of presumptuousness and vaingloriousness to set forth here that which is written in other books and is known to you.  For we do not write for the ignorant, but for them that have feasted to fulfillment on the sweetness of books!  Not for the heterodox, not for the enemies of God, but for His very sons!  Not for strangers, but for the heirs to the Kingdom of Heaven!

    (5) This discourse, therefore, concerns the Law given by Moses, and the Grace and Truth which came by Jesus Christ.

    Read more.

    Tulsi Gabbard urges Democrats to follow her example

    The ex-lawmaker quit the party last week, calling its leadership “warmongers” and “anti-white” racists

    Critical Race and Feminist Legal Theory (PSU )

    Penn State teaches new brand of anti white feminism.

    Students who successfully complete this course will: Identify, describe, and interpret the fundamental principles of critical race theory and feminist legal theory; Critically engage with scholarly literature; Use critical race theory and feminist legal theory as a lens for thinking critically about how to effect social justice through legal institutions. This course DOES NOT satisfies the upper-level writing seminar requirement.

    (This is how Democrats are destroying Penn State.)

    Democrats Using Ferocious Lawfare to Counter Increasing Legislation to Ban the Criminal ‘Child Transgender Mutilations’

    This is a major reason why Value Drug PAC is supporting Josh Shapiro for Governor. Child sex change operations and lifetime hormone prescriptions are very lucrative.

    Virtually all of the donors to Value Drug PAC are Operation Our Town Pharmacies and their employees. This is how this billion dollar company can get away with flooding the town with opioids, poisonous vaccines and transgender ideologies and the media won't report on it. Value Drug's opioid and vaccine money buys positive coverage of these issues in the local media as well as favorable law enforcement coverage.

    The president judge, the DA, and an employee of Shapiro's AG office all sit on the board with the CEO of Value Drug co who then funds the DA's office. This is a major conflict of interest! These are the biggest drug pushers of them all who then market their drug propaganda organization to children with ice cream rewards at Meadows. Here are all of the Value Drug affiliates helping to elect Shapiro and the amount they donated.

    Send a message to Operation Our Town backers and tell them to support Mastriano and help free the children from pharmaceutical brainwashing and medical tyranny!

    The same goes for Lightner radio stations, The Altoona Mirror and WTAJ-TV for pushing vaccines and boycotting side effect news. You are nothing but PAID LIARS! You are high up on the list to sue for vaccine class action.

    Value Drug Company is currently being sued by Bedford County for being a public nuisance opioid distributor. Any PA county can join the lawsuit by contacting attorney Barry Scatton of Morgan and Morgan Law firm of Philadelphia.

    There are over 50,000 lawyers in PA and our beloved Barry is the only one willing to help us defeat the pharmaceutical takeover. Class action Vaccine lawsuits are currently in the works too. Over $13 billion recovered for clients! 

    It’s game over, SATANATO has lost, huge repercussions will follow

    By Benjamin Fulford Weekly Reports  

    NATO and its Khazarian Mafia overlords have lost the war in Ukraine and for the planet earth so historical repercussions will follow, Polish, Chinese, Russian, MI6 and CIA etc. sources all agree.

    That is why Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko said last week “NATO has already been defeated in Ukraine.”

    For example, “high-precision strikes on Ukraine’s strategic energy facilities have led to massive electricity outages and forced Kyiv to suspend power exports to Europe,” Rossiyskaya Gazeta writes.

    Of course, the Russians are not an objective source but, Polish intelligence sources agree saying “In winter, the Russians will roll through Ukraine to the Dnieper, taking away Odesa and Kharkiv. Russia is not interested in land beyond the Dnieper.” They also note “The EU has started an emergency evacuation of its embassies from Kyiv to the Polish city of Rzeszów (Rzeszow).”

    Trump boasts that he could ‘easily’ become Israeli PM

    The US former president complained that while he’s apparently loved by Israelis, American Jews aren’t as enthused.

    Evangelical Christians are among the most pro-Israel demographics in the US, with Israeli diplomats considering them a more valuable group to reach out to than Jews, who former Israeli ambassador Ron Dermer noted last year are “disproportionately among our critics.” 

    With the exception of the small Orthodox community, America’s 7.6 million Jewish people typically lean liberal, with a 2020 survey finding that 7 in 10 identify with the Democratic Party. While 71% of Israelis approved of Trump’s performance in the run-up to the 2020 election, only 27% of American Jews rated the then-incumbent positively.

    Nearly two years into President Joe Biden’s tenure, Israelis still view Trump more positively than his Democratic successor.

    Ultimately, Trump took just 30% of the Jewish vote in November 2020, despite repeatedly invoking his support for Israel on the campaign trail and brokering the Abraham Accords – which normalized relations between Israel, the United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain – two months earlier. 

    No Republican candidate has gotten more than a third of the Jewish vote since George H.W. Bush took 35% in 1988, and no Republican has won a majority among Jews in the last 100 years.

    (Maybe Trump will go off to run Israel and Tulsi and Desantis could be on the GOP ticket.)

    EU Prosecutor Opens Probe Into COVID Vaccine Purchases

    This is going to look bad for Trump and Netenyahu who negotiated the Pfizer deals for the USA and Israel. Netenyahu was on Fox last night trying to drum up sympathy for Israel over the Iran nuclear threat that they've been squawking about since the 1970s.

    The truth is Iran is helping Russia in Ukraine with cheap GPS guided kamakazi drones which are enough to take out a tank or damage power plant. The Khazarian Mafia headquartered in Ukraine is done and Russia will probably take everything to the east of the Dneiper River.

    The Dneipr is where Prince Vladimir had the Russian masses baptized into the Christian faith in 988 AD.

    Amish Education Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson

    Some hard working Amish have $50,000 saved by age 21 instead of $30,000 in debt like college slaves.

    The Amish have sped past the college educated crowd!

    They've taken few if any vaccines, kept their genes close to God, their food is their medicine including hemp and CBD and they have a sustainable education system.

    This is how the meek are inheriting the earth.

    Penn State gets obliterated by Michigan

    Society destroying liberal colleges deserve to get beat early and often. Climate change lies, critical race theory, vaccine fanaticism, gender identity scrambling. Do not hire these graduates for teaching or anything to do with children!

    This Is How They Are Brainwashing White Children to Hate Their Own Race in Government, Colleges and Public Schools (Video)

    The term racism is replaced with whiteness, white privilege and white supremacy. White children are born racist, therefore they are guilty so says the CRT Marxist indoctrinators.

    Why Are Student Test Scores Plunging? Look At Politicized Education

    "We can’t keep blaming COVID..."

    Florida State University Receives 51 New Defibrillators – Encourages the Campus Community to Get “Regular Heart Screenings”

    Very smart! Liberal colleges like Pitt and PSU wouldn't mention a vaccine side effect if their life depended upon it.

    High schools canceling rest of football season due to lack of healthy players

    Bellevue High School has joined other programs that have also recently canceled their football seasons.

    Last month, officials at Okemos High School in Michigan said they canceled their remaining games because of health concerns regarding players.

    [link to (secure)]

    [link to (secure)]

    happening all over. Kids are all vax damaged.

    Bellevue High School has joined other programs that have also recently canceled their football seasons.

    Last month, officials at Okemos High School in Michigan said they canceled their remaining games because of health concerns regarding players.

    [link to (secure)]

    Waukesha South High School cancels the rest of its football season

    [link to (secure)]

    Akron North canceling football season

    However, down to just 15 healthy players left on their roster, North has decided to forfeit their last two games of the season.

    [link to (secure)]

    "Unfortunately for Holton High School, its football team will have to cancel its Week 8 matchup against North Muskegon.

    Holton head coach Tommy Moore said the team's upcoming game has been canceled due to a lack of depth.

    At this time, Holton is dealing with a lot of injuries."

    [link to (secure)]

    NJ soccer player dies unexpectedly at Pennsylvania college

    [link to (secure)]

    We are trapped in a horror movie.

    Over 700 students infected with upper respiratory illness at Patrick Henry High.
    The county is evaluating the possibility of other schools reporting similar outbreaks.

    [link to (secure)]

    FBI Issues Bulletin Warning About “Election Crimes” Ahead of the 2022 Midterm
    Translation: If you are a poll watcher and challenge a ballot being cast that you suspect is fraudulent or being cast by someone that is ineligible, they will lock you up for voter intimidation.

    (Time for Constitutional Sheriffs to seize FBI property and auction it off.)

    FBI Agents: Admin Pushing Agency to Exaggerate White Supremacy, Domestic Terrorism

    "The demand for white supremacy" coming from FBI headquarters "vastly outstrips the supply of white supremacy," said one agent, who spoke on the condition of anonymity. "We have more people assigned to investigate white supremacists than we can actually find."

    5 Tactical Tips to Survive a Home Invasion -

    Develop a "fatal funnel." If you are using a gun for home defense, position yourself in a corner of the safe room that is on the opposite side of the door. This will give you the maximum amount of time to decide if you're going to shoot, because you'll be the last thing the intruders see when they burst through the door. In this instance, you have the advantage because they will have to make an assessment of the room before they make a move. You only have to decide if you're going to shoot or not.

    James Fetzer -Truth Is Irrelevant to Alex Jones' Show Trial

    (The revolving door between the ADL and Homeland Security keeps the terror funding going. Now with 2020 hindsight we can see the same script in their project progression from Sandy Hook to Parkland to Squirell Hill with previsit DHS planning to fully funded building demolition and new construction.

    The Hoggs of Parkland had the FBI father and the anti gun son lined up from the start.

    Like Sandy Hook, it's always the same script that ends with a white supremacist patsie and the cry for gun confiscation.)

    Florida OBGYN sounds the alarm… 50% jump in infertility and miscarriage

    Funny how all of the main stream media that sold the vaccine are now quiet about the damage done. They are on the hook for damages too.

    Representing inhuman crimes against fertility. The only one out of 50,000 lawyers in PA to take on the opioid industry is now taking on the vaccine industry.

    For vaccine damage class action suit participation in PA, contact attorney Barry Scatton, Morgan and Morgan, Philadelphia.

    Within mere months, Moderna's covid "vaccine" efficacy turns into AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE 

    Getting triple-jabbed increases risk of covid infection, Moderna admits All in all, getting the first three "doses" of Moderna's mRNA offerings for the Fauci Flu is a really great way to destroy your natural immune system, the company now admits. It is that third booster, the company insists, that causes immune resistance to turn negative, leaving a person prone to infection with "covid."

    Oregon May Elect First GOP Governor In 35 Years

    Believe it or not, Oregon might just elect a Republican governor on Nov 8 -- thanks to a three-way race and voters fed up with crime, homelessness and public schools used as progressive indoctrination centers. 

    In recent weeks, Republican Christine Drazan, the former Oregon House minority leader, has opened a 3-point lead over Democrat Tina Kotek, a former state House speaker. If she wins, it would be the first Republican victory in a governor's race since 1982.

    While waiting for the speakers to begin, the crowd was hit with flash bombs and tear gas.

    Federal personnel used megaphones to urge people to move up into the tear gas and flashbomb attack. This was Federally organized, intentional incitement and entrapment.

    The M84 is the currently-issued stun grenade ("flashbang") of the United States Armed Forces and SWAT teams throughout the United States. Upon detonation, it emits an intensely loud "bang" of 170–180 decibels and a blinding flash of more than one million candela within 5 feet (1.524 meters) of initiation, sufficient to cause immediate flash blindness, deafness, tinnitus, and inner ear disturbance.

    If The FBI would release all January 6 videos, it would show how the crowd was intentionally incited to violence.

    What does inciting violence mean? Criminal incitement refers to conduct, words, or other means that urge or naturally lead others to riot, violence, or insurrection.

    This was all planned by Federal operatives including Ray Epps who repeatedly urged people to go inside the Capitol starting the day before and was at the head of the group that first breached the barricades.

    The First Amendment guards citizens' rights to free speech, to peaceably assemble, and to petition the government. This was the only intention of the vast majority on January 6th. There would have been no Capitol breach if it had not been deliberately planned by Government operatives. They are the first cause of the disturbance and the ones who should be prosecuted.

    IT WAS ALL STAGED! Pelosi Brought in Daughter, Camera Crew to US Capitol Before the Riot, Son-in-Law Was Set Up Outside to Film

    The footage was filmed by Nancy’s daughter Alexandra. Nancy’s son-in-law was outside filming the insurrection.

    From Ray Epps – to opening the magnetic doors from the inside – to the dozens of fed operatives in the crowd – to Ginger Gun – to firing flash bombs and gas canisters on unsuspecting grandmas and seniors – to the mass arrests of hundreds of innocent Trump supporters who were waved into the US Capitol.

    Now we have the proof that it was all a setup and the entire thing was filmed by a pre-staged camera crew.

    On Thursday CNN released never-before-seen footage of Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell inside the US Capitol on January 6, 2021 — the two people who refused to call in the National Guard prior to that day and during the rioting.

    The Nuremberg 2.0 trials will show that the vaccines are killing people

    German lawyer Reiner Fuellmich compares the vaccine-induced death toll amongst athletes to the number of deaths seen over a far longer period (from 1966 to 2004), and concludes that the vaccines are, in fact, causing these deaths in sport. In his view, large media outlets are responsible for this situation, and, with available evidence, they could be tried in an independent court, through what has become known as ‘Nuremberg 2.0’.

    Tulsi Gabbard Invites others to Leave the Democratic Party

    The Democratic Party that I joined doesn't exist anymore. Today’s Dem Party is under the complete control of an elitist cabal of warmongers driven by cowardly "wokeness." If you can no longer stomach it, I invite you to join me.

    Reasons COVID Response “A Massive Global Failure” — Lancet Commission Report

    1. Inferior to our natural immunity: Numerous studies have shown that the immunity produced by the human body against viruses after natural infection is much longer lasting and stronger than the antibodies produced by simply stimulating T cells with vaccines.

    Additionally, a growing body of basic research has found that the spike protein on the surface of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which is a component of the vaccine, not only binds to cell surface receptors, but also causes cardiac cell damage, vascular damage, mitochondrial damage, and induces chronic inflammatory states. It is a toxic protein.

    Under these circumstances, it is irrational and potentially damaging to use spike protein to stimulate the body.

    Which kills more people: opioids, guns or Covid vaccines?

    In 2021, there were roughly 100,000 drug overdoses in the USA, according to provisional data from the CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics. Opioids were involved in over 68,000 of those deaths, whether by prescription or street use, accounting for 75 percent of all drug overdose deaths each year. This statistic includes synthetic opioids, namely fentanyl and methamphetamines (crystal meth).

    Gun-related murders and suicides are not quite as numerous as drug overdoses, but still paint a grim picture in this country, year in and year out. Most gun deaths occur in metropolitan cities run by Democrats. According to Pew Research Center data acquired from the FBI and CDC, roughly 45,000 Americans die from gun violence each year. More than half of those gun-related deaths are suicides.

    mRNA jabs are “automatic weapons” of mass destruction that fire off unlimited “rounds” of prions into the blood

    We talk about guns and opioids killing everybody, but it’s nothing compared to vaccines. We hear all about violent drug gangs but what about the medically-violent doctor gangs that push toxic Covid “vaccines” on the populace? The country seems so concerned about deathly gun shots, but what about deadly needle shots? There’s so much news about drive-by shootings, but what about drive-in pharmacy related killings? Talk about suicide, isn’t it suicide to voluntarily get a deadly vaccine that’s killing off 20 times MORE Americans than guns and drug overdoses?

    It’s time for vaccine control instead of just a war on drugs and battle against the opioid epidemic

    There certainly is a pandemic in effect right now, but it’s not about coronavirus, it’s about chemical violence via spike protein injections. It’s mass murder, and it’s not just among the adults, but teens, children, babies, pregnant women and the human beings in their wombs. It’s time for vaccine control, and this includes the Fauci Flu jabs, the seasonal flu jabs, the HPV jabs, the polio jabs, and much more.

    mRNA jabs are spreading prions in the blood that cause deadly clots, leading to myocarditis, pericarditis, heart attacks, strokes and “sudden adult death syndrome.” All these “unexplainable” sudden deaths happening to athletes, military members, pilots and other perfectly healthy people, right after they get the clot shots, need to be chalked up for exactly what they are – vaccine violence. The truth is coming out. Spread the word.

    Bookmark to your favorite independent websites for updates on experimental “vaccines” that cause blood clots, myocarditis and severe, chronic inflammation.

    Babies Born In Lockdown Less Likely To Speak Before First Birthday; New Study Finds

    University Of Pittsburgh’s Organ Harvester Spotted At Planned Parenthood After Denying Experiments On Aborted Babies

    Pitt, UPMC hospitals = Communist Chinese medicine.

    Major League Baseball, pioneering CBD brand Charlotte’s Web strike groundbreaking deal

    MLB and Charlotte’s Web form first CBD sponsorship with a major pro sports league

    Cannabidiol inhibits SARS-CoV-2 replication through induction of the host ER stress and innate immune responses

    CBD and its metabolite 7-OH-CBD, but not THC or other congeneric cannabinoids tested, potently block SARS-CoV-2 replication in lung epithelial cells. CBD acts after viral entry, inhibiting viral gene expression and reversing many effects of SARS-CoV-2 on host gene transcription. CBD inhibits SARS-CoV-2 replication in part by up-regulating the host IRE1α ribonuclease endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress response and interferon signaling pathways. In matched groups of human patients from the National COVID Cohort Collaborative, CBD (100 mg/ml oral solution per medical records) had a significant negative association with positive SARS-CoV-2 tests. This study highlights CBD as a potential preventative agent for early-stage SARS-CoV-2 infection and merits future clinical trials. We caution against current use of non-medical formulations as a preventative or treatment therapy.

    Consistent with this interpretation, RNA sequencing (RNA-seq) analysis of infected A549-ACE2 cells treated with CBD for 24 hours shows a notable suppression of SARS-CoV-2–induced changes in gene expression. CBD effectively eradicated viral RNA expression in the host cells, including RNA coding for spike, membrane, envelope, and nucleocapsid proteins.

    Return of Enki, ETs Preventing Nuclear War & Restoring Adamic DNA - Interview with Alex Collier

    Michael Salla

    Alex Collier, a long-time Andromedan Contactee, reveals what he knows about the return of Enki, the Anunnaki geneticist who played a leading role in the genetic modification of humanity. Alex explains how the Anunnaki's genetic experiments were the latest in a series of modifications of early humans by up to 22 extraterrestrial civilizations stretching back millions of years in time. He describes some of the races that preceded the Anunnaki's genetic intervention, and why humanity's innate potential was recognized by Enki, but opposed by his half brother and rival, Enlil.

    Alex shares his insights about Elena Danaan's claims in her latest book, The Seeders, that Enki has returned with the code of humanity's 12 stranded Adamic DNA. After Enki's departure due to an Anunnaki civil war, humanity's Adamic DNA was corrupted by the victorious Enlil faction, which wanted to degrade surviving humans to a simple slave species. Alex believes that restoration of the Adamic DNA can be achieved through both technological and spiritual means, and that an alliance of extraterrestrials and White Hats will expedite the process.

    He also discusses the ongoing war in Ukraine and why extraterrestrials will not allow nuclear weapons to be used in the conflict. A gray area however involves a dirty bomb which could be detonated as part of a false flag operation by the Deep State.

    Alex Collier's insights on the Anunnaki, nuclear weapons, the final days of the Deep State, and realization of humanity's galactic potential, are a series of eye opening revelations that outline the incredible future that lies ahead for humanity.

    His website is Alex Collier and Dr. Michael Salla will be speakers at the Oct 21-23, Galactic Spiritual Informers Connection: https://www.galacticspiritualinformer...

    DNA of the Gods: The Anunnaki Creation of Eve and the Alien Battle for Humanity

    By Chris H. Hardy

    An in-depth study of humanity’s Anunnaki origins and the Anunnaki battle for an intelligent versus enslaved humanity

    • Explains the genetic engineering of humanity by an Anunnaki scientist Ninmah

    • Shows how the concepts of sin and the inferiority of women arose from Enlil’s will to keep humanity underdeveloped, clashing with Enki’s and Ninmah’s plan to make us equal in intelligence

    • Reveals how humanity’s long history of conflict was shaped by the battle between Enki and his brother Enlil

    Further developing the revolutionary work of Zecharia Sitchin, Chris Hardy shows that the “gods” of ancient myth, visitors from the planet Nibiru, created us using their own “divine” DNA--first through DNA extraction from their own ribs’ marrow and later by direct relations with early human females. Drawing upon multiple sacred texts, Hardy details the genetic engineering of humanity by Anunnaki scientist Ninmah, with the help of Enki and Hermes. She reveals how Ninmah’s first female human creation, Tiamat/Eve, contained more alien DNA than the earlier male one, Adamu, and how the biblical Noah represents the perfection of her work.

    Examining the war between Anunnaki brothers Enki and Enlil, Hardy reveals how the concepts of sin and the inferiority of women were born out of Enlil’s attempts to enslave and then wipe out humanity, repeatedly thwarted by Enki and Ninmah. The author further explains how the sacred sexuality taught to humans--still seen in Tantric practice--became suppressed millennia later by the patriarchal concept of original sin and how innocent Eve took the blame for the expulsion from Eden and fall from Grace.

    Showing that the god who created us was not the same god who expelled us from Eden, Hardy explains that there will be no apocalypse because the Good/Evil duality has never truly existed--it has been only enemy gods fighting and implicating humanity in the wake of their own competition for power. With a full psychological understanding of how the ancient “gods” have shaped humanity’s ongoing history of conflict, we can move beyond the framework of “(my) Good versus (your) Evil” imposed by Enlil and begin to steer our own planetary destiny.

    Reading the Akashic Records for Your Soul

    You can also use the records for business. You can use it for a creative process. You can open up the record of a physical space by entering the address as opposed to the name of the person into the prayer. If you’re going to go in just for yourself, you can ask about career, finances, love, inspiration. People have used them to write books and screenplays. What you can learn in that space is infinite.

    The Esoteric Meaning of The Crystalline Codex

    It officially began a decade ago in preparation for the 2012  Convergence where I was given a sacred Crystalline template by MAX the Ancient Crystal Skull in 2010 while in residency at an Ashram in India.  To my great surprise, two years later, I was given the entire library of the codes of the divine human blueprint - The Divine Masculine and Feminine Codexes while working the Crystal Skull grids in service at the Uxmal Pyramid in Mexico.

    Both sacred templates are powerful pillars and platforms to stand on as we move through this upcoming Great Conjunction and into the Age of Aquarius on December 21st 2020. This Crystalline Codex work supports all humanity to become what they truly are -  sovereign beings connected to source.

    It is necessary to receive the 90 Crystalline DNA strands before receiving the Divine Masculine and Feminine Codexes.

    The first 48 strands are divided into four sections and correspond with the Physical Crystalline DNA.  Each section corresponds to a chakra.  The first twelve DNA strands correspond to our root chakra, the second twelve to our sacral, the third twelve to our solar plexus and the fourth to our hearts.

    For the Angelic Crystalline DNA the first section corresponds with our throat. The second second set corresponds with our brow.  The next set corresponds with our crown. 
    The remaining strands to our higher pathways that in total are the 90 DNA Crystalline strands that get energetically installed in the each vertebrae of your spine.  They then link together and anchor themselves to subsequently activate the Diamond Heart.

    This pure frequency activation is the baseline for the NEW CODES OF THE DIVINE HUMAN.

    Edgar Cayce’s Atlantis and the Yucatan

    The Mayans were holdovers from the last flood of Atlantis when the pyramids went down off the Western coast of Cuba .

    Skeletal Remains Dating to 11,000 B.C. Isla Cerritos—Mayan Sea Port, possibly Atlantean Ruins Uxmal & Piedras Negras Expedition Who is Edgar Cayce?

    They took the records from Atlantis on crystal skulls and buried them by the Yucatan pyramids. With the right frequency those records can be accessed today.

    The model of the 12 strands of DNA

    From a linear Earth perspective the Crystal Skull is a human-shaped cranium made out of various types of crystalline material, most commonly quartz. Yet we will tell you the original skull is of an extra terrestrial conglomerate of what may be termed supra quartz, containing within it pure quartz that is alloyed with aspect of diamond and alloyed in an alchemical sense with frequencial gold. It is a similar material used in the Crystalline Moon of Atlantis, and the magnificent Temple Crystals, similar but not exact. Indeed the original skulls predate in linear terms, the Atlantean Temple Crystals.

    Only two of the Crystal Skulls in current circulation at the present time, are of extra terrestrial origin, and this we have spoken of previously. These original crystal skulls came from another world, and another reality.

    Golden Mean Phi

    All realities are created based on the pattern of crystalline sacred geometric consciousness through the Golden Mean Phi Ratio. Humanity and indeed your physical Earth(s) are conceived within these paradigm matrix formulae. And so were the Crystal Skulls formulated in kind, yet from a far greater frequency, a frequency of perfection. The skulls are indeed formed as the prototype of the perfect human consciousness, lest it not be forgotten in duality. So within it is contained the perfection of the human being, encompassing within all aspects, the twelve sacred aspects you see, and thus was it formulated and thus was its reason for being brought here.

    Originally then did those carriers bring the crystalline patterned skulls to the Earth from Arcturius and the Pleiades, and it was brought into the land that became LeMuria, but indeed the model was brought before the planet was fully in polarity. It was brought into the planet at the time of the Firmament you see, in a zero point Earth, a non-magnetic plane we will say. In an Earthen World that knew perfection, that was inhabited by androgynous manifestation of Etheric Spirit in full consciousness. Yet at that time it was already known that the Firmament would fall, would dissolve and the plan then was that this model, this extraordinary holographic record, the original crystal skull would serve as the prototype of this initial integral aspect. And so it contains within it the model of the 12 strands of DNA, the fully conscious clear mind and Beingness of the evolved human.

    The crystal skulls contain within them that which you were before the human experiment, and what you will be when you complete it, the infinity circle. So the original crystal skulls were manifested into form above and beyond physicality, and have been brought into physicality various times. As such no true physical age can be assigned to them, because they have appeared, disappeared and reappeared many times in the millions of years of Earths habitation by mankind.

    The crystalline skull was solidified and programmed in a most complex process. It was conceived to contain within it an incredible frequency that in itself attached to the hologram. So the crystalline skull then is an honoring remembrance and imbuing transmitter that indelibly prints within the soul that which is the perfect model. It is imbued within the divine aspect of the soul when it enters into the earth pattern from the unified field. In a manner of speaking it is the pattern recorded into the God Self, the Subconscious or super subconscious of the human mind, you see? The perfected man, not the version of what man would later become in the down spiral of the human experience, but rather as the original print that man aspires and evolves back into through the growth cycle termed reincarnation toward that original and flawless paradigmatic archetype.

    Mankind is rebooting as is the Earth itself, indeed that is tantamount to the Ascension. Systems that no longer work in both macro and micro are breaking down, collapsing and will reform themselves. Indeed this is happening now in your economic arenas.

    Now, the knowledge of the Universal Mind certainly exists above and beyond the Crystal Skull. Yet the Universal Mind is encompassed and zipped within it, and so encompassed in a way that benefits mankind. The knowledge within it is formulated and transmuted, translated specifically in a format that offers itself for human access. This then is within a specific pattern that is the prototype of perfection for mankind, as we have stated.

    Max is extra terrestrial and his crystalline matrix was enhanced through the Arcturians and Pleiadeans. Max has an embellished crystalline molecular quality that cannot as yet be recognized by your science. MAX is multidimensional beyond your imagination. Max has an etheric quality capable of storing the complete history of the Cosmos and indeed contains the Akashic Library within, and the energy of every epoch.

    The Crystalline Activation of your planet brings forth the oath and commitment of the Law of One.

    The society termed the ‘Law of One’, as confirmed in the readings of your Edgar Cayce, achieved the highest Spiritual vibration ever accomplished on the Earth.

    Recoding To 12 Strand DNA Sequence And Entering Into The Photon Belt

    In5D February 10, 2015 Spiritual Awakening

    by Trey Abernethy
    Contributing Writer,

    Medical science has established that we have 2 strands of DNA and 10 strands of ‘junk’ DNA, but they have not understood the purpose of that ‘junk’” DNA. Recent information has revealed its higher purpose; supporting a multidimensional consciousness, our natural state. Realigning, reconnecting and activating our 10 strands of junk DNA (aka the DNA Recoding or RRA Process) is the process by which we attain that state. When we are multidimensional, our physic abilities are reawakened and we have developed a second neural network at the etheric level. This second neural network is what allows us to live in multiple dimensions at once. We can hear, see and communicate with others in these dimensions.

    There are 9 levels in the DNA Recoding process and each required emotional clearing at the level that activates the thymus to change the coding sequence of our DNA. Recoding in this instance means switching on the 44 DNA codes that were previously switched off. You could liken it to remodeling your body at the cellular level while still living in it.

    The DNA Recoding process works at the etheric—some call it the light body—level. At this level your 10 strands of junk DNA along with your 2 connected strands are realigned above your crown. Because DNA is holographic, it can be simultaneously realigned, reconnected and activated. This means that your 10 junk DNA strands are simultaneously realigned at the top of your head (crown), reconnected into your 12 Crown Chakra crystals and reactivated so that life force energy flows through them again.

    Once your 12 DNA strands are plugged back into your 12 Crown Chakra Crystals, your Genetics Engineer’s and Recoding Guide’s jobs are nearly complete. They will continue to watch over you and monitor your 12-strand reconnection until you reach the frequency needed to fully activate the reconnection. The activation of the 12 strands happens in 3 steps:

    1. Activation of the Crown Chakra Crystals. You will feel this as an itching at your Crown Chakra. Not the same as a dandruff itch.

    2. Activation of the MerKaBa antenna. The MerKaBa antenna is used to receive messages from other dimensions.

    3. Activation of the Hypothalamus. This is the Universal Translator and translates all messages into your chosen language. Messages are received as frequency thought-forms. Many are complete with emotions, pictures and language. Some have only one or two of these. The Hypothalamus also provides you with the identity of the sender. You will learn to identify the senders after receiving for a while. Once the hypothalamus is activated the RRA process is complete and your DNA chart is also completed. Proof is visual (aura photos), emotional (not holding negative emotions in the body), and physical (feeling more in control of your power and hearing messages daily).

    Because so many people will be requesting DNA Recoding, it has been designed as a self-actuated process. You’ll receive off-world assistance from a Genetics Engineer. These are normally beings from Sirius A. You will also be given a DNA Recoding Guide to see you through the process. Earth-based free assistance is provided via the Nibiruan Council Forum as Yahoo Groups. It’s a very active group where recoders go to get help in moving through the process.

    Our entire solar system and the Milky Way Galaxy, has now entered a highly charged portion of space. We are immersed within the Photon Belt (Menasic Radiation), a period of intense light we first entered in the late 1990s and in which we will remain for a 2,000 year period. During this remarkable time the energies from the Photon Belt are triggering a complete reordering of life as we know it. This occurs because photon light energy has the capacity to lift all of life into a higher frequency dimension as it carries the seeds for the enlightenment of all. The atomic structures within the cells of our bodies are slowly re-tuning themselves to match these rising frequencies. We are shifting from a third dimensional carbon based body (from one that matches the atomic frequency and spin of carbon) to a fifth or higher dimensional crystalline body or light body (to one that matches the atomic frequency and spin of crystal). So too the bodies of animals, plant life and all upon and within the earth are making this transition, as is our entire galaxy.

    As the process of rebuilding our light bodies continues we will slowly begin to notice the effects of becoming fully conscious or multidimensional. This state will come about when our 12 strands of DNA have finally been re-fused, reconnected and activated. We will then experience life within the consciousness of multi- dimensionality. In this level of consciousness we could live in the third dimension while retaining our connection and relationships with beings in the higher realms. We will no longer be cut off from other dimensions as we presently are and we will operate from a state of heart centred compassion, (Christ Consciousness). This will happen regardless of which dimension we find ourselves inhabiting. Eventually we will learn how to live successfully in a galactic society and ultimately in a universal society. At the present time most humans have two active strands of DNA, represented by an intertwined double helix. Some persons have developed and integrated three or more strands and a large number of new babies presently being born (the crystal children) have many strands of active DNA. A simple blood test can verify this fact.

    Each of the 12 DNA strands represents one of the twelve aspects of multidimensional consciousness. Three DNA strands represent and govern the physical body, another three are concerned with the emotional body, another three with the mental body and the remaining three with the spiritual body. All these aspects are represented in our bodies as new neural pathways to the brain. They are connected and nourished through the endocrine system of ductless glands. These glands work in tandem with the energy vortexes within our bodies known as the chakra system. When all neural pathways are working freely with our chakra system they will provide the conduit to the higher realms, resulting in our experience of multidimensional consciousness.

    Tulsi Gabbard Leaves The Democrat Party — “Elitist Cabal Of Warmongers”

    (For the Democrats, this is like losing Pachamama, the"Earth Mother" type who presides over fertility, planting and harvesting, embodies the mountains, and causes earthquakes.) 

    Tulsi writes: I can no longer remain in today’s Democratic Party that is now under the complete control of an elitist cabal of warmongers driven by cowardly wokeness, who divide us by racializing every issue & stoke anti-white racism, actively work to undermine our God-given freedoms, are hostile to people of faith & spirituality, demonize the police & protect criminals at the expense of law-abiding Americans, believe in open borders, weaponize the national security state to go after political opponents, and above all, dragging us ever closer to nuclear war.

    I believe in a government that is of, by, and for the people. Unfortunately, today’s Democratic Party does not.

    Instead, it stands for a government of, by, and for the powerful elite. I’m calling on my fellow common sense independent-minded Democrats to join me in leaving the Democratic Party. If you can no longer stomach the direction that so-called woke Democratic Party ideologues are taking our country, I invite you to join me.

    Oct 10, 2022 Data from 145 countries: The more vaccinations, the higher the number of Covid cases and deaths

    Dr Peter McCullough suggests that everything was planned. The vaccines do not stop infection, avoid transmission or reduce hospitalisation or death. No politician dares to admit it, out of fear. ‘They have no moral fibre.’

    Federal Reserve Announcement: 6 Large Banks Will Participate In Pilot Climate Scenario Or Social Credit System

    The Federal Reserve Board has announced that six of the nation’s largest banks will participate in a pilot climate scenario analysis exercise. This is designed to enhance the ability of supervisors and firms to measure and manage “climate-related financial risks.”

    The pilot exercise will be launched in early 2023 and is expected to conclude around the end of the year. At the beginning of the exercise, the Board will publish details of the climate, economic, and financial variables that make up the climate scenario narratives.

    The banks in the pilot exercise are Bank of America, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, and Wells Fargo. In the coming months, the Board will provide additional details on how the exercise will be conducted and the scenarios that will be used in the pilot, according to The Federal Reserve’s official government website. 

    According to the Dossier on Substack, this pilot program is big for the Fed and is really about a social credit system disguised as climate economics.

    FL Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo Responds To Twitter's Censorship

    84% increase in Cardiac Death in men under 40.

    Twitter Removes, Then Reinstates Florida Surgeon General's Covid Vaccine Warning Tweet

    "You can delete tweets, you can burn books, but you will never be able to eliminate the truth!"

    French general pays tribute to the unvaxxed and calls them superheroes

    This letter by French General Christian Blanchon is well worth a read Even if I were fully vaccinated, I would admire the unvaccinated for standing up to the greatest pressure I have ever seen, including from spouses, parents, children, friends, colleagues, and doctors. People who have been capable of such personality, courage, and such critical ability undoubtedly embody the best of humanity.
    They are found everywhere, in all ages, levels of education, countries, and opinions.
    They are of a particular kind; these are the soldiers that any army of light wishes to have in its ranks.
    They are the parents that every child wishes to have and the children that every parent dreams of having.
    They are beings above the average of their societies; they are the essence of the peoples who have built all cultures and conquered horizons.
    They are there, by your side, they seem normal, but they are superheroes.
    They did what others could not do; they were the tree that withstood the hurricane of insults, discrimination, and social exclusion.
    And they did it because they thought they were alone and believed they were alone.
    Excluded from their families' Christmas tables, they have never seen anything so cruel. They lost their jobs, let their careers sink, and had no more money... but they didn't care. They suffered immeasurable discrimination, denunciations, betrayals, and humiliation... but they continued.
    Never before in humanity has there been such a casting; we now know who the resisters are on planet Earth.
    Women, men, old, young, rich, poor, of all races and all religions, the unvaccinated, the chosen ones of the invisible ark, the only ones who managed to resist when everything fell apart. Collapsed.
    You've passed an unimaginable test that many of the toughest marines, commandos, green berets, astronauts, and geniuses couldn't pass.
    You are made of the stuff of the greatest that ever lived, those heroes born among ordinary men who shine in the dark."

    Cannabinoids Block Cellular Entry of SARS-CoV-2 ... - PubMed

    Affinity selection-mass spectrometry was used for the discovery of botanical ligands to the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein.

    (This is why CBD is a good antidote for the spike protein. This most likely is the real reason PayPal canceled all accounts of CBD sellers before the pandemic hit.)

    Merck's Recalled, Heart Attack Inducing Drug Vioxx Is Making A Comeback

    It's being renamed and resized. A 17.5 mg size dose instead of 25 mg supposedly eliminates the heart attack and stroke threat.(Merck paid billions in fines on this drug because it doubled the incidence of heart attack.)

    All NSAID pain killers like this should be avoided long term. Like VIOXX they increase the risk of blood clotting.)

    Early Exposure to TV Violence Predicts Aggression in Adulthood

    Zelinsky is a perfect example. The adults in the room need to put him in time out.

    Here’s What the CIA Director Was Really Doing in Kiev (in 2014)

    The head of the CIA, (at the time Brennan), made a secretive journey to Ukraine—to do what, he won’t say. But the answer could change the power equation in the hottest of geopolitical hotspots.

    (Lets not forget who initiated the violence in Kiev in the first place and who runs the biolabs. Ukraine was always a deep state project.)

    'The Government Has Destroyed Medicine' - With Special Guest Del Bigtree

    Medical freedom advocate Del Bigtree joins today's Liberty Report to explain how the US government and governments around the world have ripped to shreds the Nuremberg Code protecting citizens against medical experimentation by governments. Why are they doing their best to keep us from knowing about the widely-reported harm coming from the so-called Covid vaccine? What can we do?

    See Del speak LIVE at the Ron Paul Institute's November 5th Conference!!


    Delaware Supreme Court rules mail-in voting Unconstitutional…

    DOVER (AP) — Delaware’s Supreme Court ruled Friday that new state laws allowing universal voting by mail and Election Day registration are unconstitutional. In a three-page order, the court said the statute impermissibly expands the categories of absentee voters identified in Delaware’s constitution. The justices said the same-day registration law also conflicts with the registration periods spelled out in the constitution.

    Vanderbilt Hospital stops transgender surgeries… Huge win for Matt Walsh…

    (Josh Shapiro's child sex change believers won't like this trend. They will try to make up for it with abortion, clot shots, and puberty blockers. Shapiro's politics are exactly like Admiral Rachel Levine's, a nightmare for families with children.)

    CDC: Record Number Of Children Hospitalized With Weakened Immune Systems

    This may be the last battle for natural immunity. Our Town has sacrificed the blood of children and are doubling down with Shapiro. Value Drug's opioid and vaccine profits are being spent on more of the same bad medicine.

    Is the U.S. Blood Supply Tainted?

    Blood cell damage from the covid vaccines causes low blood oxygen and low hemoglobin which darkens the blood. It's the difference between rosy cheeks and the pallor caused by the spike protein.

    A Pennsylvania city has been named the best in America.

    Lancaster was ranked the No. 1 small city in a WalletHub report released Tuesday. The personal finance site compared more than 1,300 cites with populations of 25,000 to 100,000 using 43 metrics across five categories: affordability; economic health; education and health; quality of life; and safety. Lancaster finished in the 99th percentile, representing the top 1% of cities in the report. The city had a total score of 71.04 and reported the lowest crime rate.

    State College, meanwhile, finished in the 77th percentile with a score of 62.75. The borough had one of the highest percentages of population in poverty among the locations in the report, along with several other college towns. (They got woke and went broke.)

    Lancaster County is 52 percent Republican, 32 percent Democrat and 15 percent independent, voter registration figures show.

    Lancaster County for Doug Mastriano - Facebook

    We are a group of patriots in Lancaster County who believe in the right to Life, Liberty and The Pursuit of happiness!

    Security cameras from around the world are capturing frightening new footage of people collapsing in spasms on the ground in what may be the latest symptom of exposure to the COVID-19 vaccines.

    (This one goes out to Operation Our Town member Thompson Pharmacy , part of the 600 plus Value Drug Company affiliates, who are still pushing the dangerous covid vaccines. )

    Value Drug Company is the largest distributors of opioids to numerous counties in PA and in other states.

    Here is the latest message from attorney Barry Scatton regarding the county lawsuits against Value Drug Company:

    "Any county in PA where Value Drug distributed opioids could file suit against them if they wanted to." Bedford County’s lawsuit is still going on."

    PA County commissioners who want to join the Bedford County lawsuit against Value Drug Company can contact Barry Scatton, Attorney, Morgan and Morgan Law Firm.

    Phone: (267) 780-2987
    Fax: (267) 780-2922
    Adress: 2005 Market Street, Suite 350, Philadelphia, PA 19103

    (Stay tuned for the covid vaccine lawsuits to follow.)

    Assistant Centre County DA retires after more than 30 years of service

    The assistant DA's name came up in the latest Ray Gricar podcast episode 6.

    Attorney Bruce Castor explained how the Centre County assistant DA refused help from other counties in the DA Ray Gricar missing person case even though Centre county only had one investigator for the whole county at the time. 

    Bruce Castor was appointed as the first Solicitor General of Pennsylvania in March 2016, and also first deputy attorney general the following July. Castor became acting attorney general less than a month later.

    Governor candidate and current PA AG Josh Shapiro is being pressed to do his job and call a Gricar grand Jury. The case is still open and there is an ongoing recommendation from the PA State Police to form a grand jury. The PA State Police Trooper's Association is backing Shapiro for Governor as the call for the Gricar grand jury gets louder and louder each day.

    There is so much evidence available in the case that it is becoming impossible for Attorney General Josh Shapiro to ignore it any longer. The FBI took down the missing person page on Gricar when Biden took office but they know full well what happened to Gricar. The People of the state want this case solved once and for all.

    New evidence in the case that was never shared with the public has been made available at the web site There are 53 recommendations from the PA State Police that were never followed by Tom Corbett's former right hand man and Gricar's DA replacement, Michael Madeira who now works for Josh Shapiro in the PA Attorney General's office.

    Remember this quote from former Governor Tom Corbett:

    “Every attack on an officer of the law is an attack on our state, our country and civilized society.”

    -Tom Corbett

    Attorney General of Pennsylvania, 1995-1997, 2005-2011;
    46th Governor of Pennsylvania, 2011-2015.

    Judicial Watch Uncovers Biden Administration Propaganda Plan to Push COVID Vaccine

    Here's a taste from what they say was released in foia

    Vaccine engagement package to all entertainment talent and management agencies

    Vaccine engagement package to all media companies and show producers

    Outreach to major culture event producers

    Produce HHS question-and-answer videos featuring local Black doctors discussing the vaccines, how they work, and why the public should get vaccinated

    Request that Tom Brady create a video with his parents encouraging vaccination

    Create custom partnerships with the social media platforms with algorithms to hit the audience

    Launch Hollywood comedy writers video content

    Work with YouTube on an original special about vaccinations targeted to young people

    Work with Instagram to produce a series about vaccines for @Instagram (the largest social media account in the world, 387 million followers)

    Request major TikTok, Snapchat and Instagram influences to create videos of themselves being vaccinated

    Request a vaccination special on Christian Broadcast Network featur[ing] Evangelical leaders

    Request that the major live TV entertainment shows feature hosts being vaccinated on air (ex: the hosts of The Voice)

    Request that the TV morning and daytime talk shows feature special vaccination reunion moments with everyday Americans

    Convene an editorial meeting with the publishers of Catholic newspapers and newsletters across the country

    Place a trusted messenger on the Joe Rogan Show and Barstool Sports to promote vaccination

    Work with the NFL, NASCAR, MLB, CMA to request they create content with their talent and release through their broadcast and social channels

    25% Of People Who Received Covid-19 Vaccination Missed Work Or Reported A "Serious Event" Affecting Their Normal Life Functions, According To CDC Data

    Lawyer Aaron Siri has successfully obtained reports from the CDC after the Informed Consent Action Network sued the organization twice. The court order required the CDC to release crucial information on the vaccine’s safety. The data is gathered from 10 million individuals who utilized the CDC’s “v-safe” program, a smartphone-based tool where recipients of the Covid-19 vaccine can go for health check-ins. The tool allows people to go on their smartphone and provide information on how they’re feeling post-shot. The newly released data is eye-opening. According to the official CDC data shared by Siri, about 1.2 million people were unable to perform regular activities, 1.3 million had to miss work or school, and another 800,000 people required medical care after getting the vaccine. A total of 3,353,110 recipients were negatively impacted by the jab.

    (This could put big pharma out of the vaccine business for good. The lawsuits are coming!)

    Billions of Taxpayer Dollars ‘Wasted’ on Dead-End Carbon-Capture Schemes

    An analysis published last month shows past congressional efforts to bolster fossil fuel industry-backed carbon-capture schemes have amounted to little more than a sinkhole of taxpayer money.

    (This is why Penn State, Accuweather in State College, and other leftist lie factories have to stop teaching that one of the major building blocks of life, carbon, needs to be taxed.

    The problem is this university and others helped develop the biggest polluting, weather disaster inducing capability known as chemtrailing, HAARP, and NEXRAD weather manipulation. The People are not going to stand for this latest deliberate attack on Fort Myers Florida with the well understood weapon of mass destruction that is the precision science of geoengineering.)

    FBI Conceals Chinese Infiltration of U.S. Election Software

    "This is a red Chinese communist op run against the United States by Chinese operatives, and it's a disaster."

    This database “stored the personally identifying information of over a million Americans,” he emphasized.

    Engelbrecht and Phillips decided that “this was a major national security risk” and immediately took the information to the FBI.

    Bombshell Dominion ‘Error Code’ Uncovered in 97% of Georgia Counties

    Open records requests reveal 64 of 66 Georgia counties have the same unsolved ‘Tennessee Error’ that caused seven scanners to miscount hundreds of ballots in Williamson County.

    BREAKING: ICAN Wins Lawsuit Forcing CDC to Turn Over V-SAFE Covid Vaccine Injury Data
    Shows 7.7% Seek Medical Care After Vaccination and 25% Have Serious Side Effects (VIDEO)

    In order to collect health evaluations following vaccination against COVID-19, the CDC developed a tool called V-safe that runs on smartphones. Over 10 million participants signed up and submitted their health data.

    According to the data, Out of the 10 million people who used v-safe, 3,353,110 were hurt.

    And 6,458,751 health impacts were reported by v-safe users.

    Options for health impacts were:

    1. unable to work or attend school;
    2. unable to do your normal daily activities; and/or
    3. get care from a doctor or other healthcare professional.

    “7.7 required medical care, talking about emergency rooms, hospitalizations. And on top of that, another 2.5 million, we’re talking 25% missed work or school or had bad reactions to the vaccine,” Gallagher said.

    (Anyone still pushing the covid shots should be the first ones sued.)

    BREAKING: CEO of US election software firm Konnech arrested for storing data on servers in China

    Eugene Yu is the CEO

    It was on Monday that The New York Times ran an article claiming that "election deniers" had made Konnech the center of a "conspiracy theory." The article claimed that these "election deniers" had used "threadbare evidence" to suggest that Konnech "had secret ties to the Chinese Communist Party and had given the Chinese government back door access to personal data about two million poll workers in the United States

    [link to (secure)]

    American Medical Association Calls on DOJ & Big Tech to Investigate, Censor Media Exposing Radical Gender Surgeries

    Sex change for the young without parental approval is one of Josh Shapiro's favorite causes.

    This is one of the big reasons drug companies like Value Drug is backing Shapiro instead of Mastriano for governor. Puberty blocking sex hormone prescriptions are very lucrative over the course of a person's entire lifetime.

    You will never see this in the Altoona Mirror because Value Drug has them bought off too.

    Value Drug Company's CEO is on the board of Operation Our Town. He needs to resign from there immediately. This is a $billion dollar company with tons of money to throw around made from opioids and vaccines. Concerned citizens should let these Our Town sponsors know that Josh Shapiro is an unacceptable choice for Governor.

    Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

    "His track record on transgender rights is exemplary," the Human Rights Campaign, an activist group known for its strong support of the medical transition of children, said of Josh Shapiro, endorsing him for governor of Pennsylvania.

    (Only a psychopath would be in favor if this! If by some chance Shapiro is elected, families with young children should flee Pennsylvania.)

    JFK Jr. Is Still Alive And Is Spotted At Trump Rally... AGAIN??!! Stunning Photo Evidence!!

    Spoiler alert: JFK Junior had to become a master of disguise after he faked his death ever since Hillary put out the hit request when John John decided to run against her in the New York senator's race.

    He has been working with President Trump all along to right the wrongs of his father's death at the hands of the CIA. One scenario is that President Trump will introduce Junior faster than Bobby can touch his nose once Hillary announces her intention to run for president.

    Dr. Jane Ruby: Jabbed Are Now A New Human Species: Homo Borg Genesis

    Thousands of years of evolution at stake. YHVH light body design under stress just when 12 strand DNA is coming on line!

    Yom Kippur: Significance, Facts & Traditions - HISTORY

    This past year we will remember they tried to kill the "made in God's image" in humanity with the vaccines.

    Pete Enns discusses what it means to be made in God’s image according to Genesis 1:26-27

    Some understand image of God to mean those qualities that make us human, for example: possessing a soul, higher-order reasoning, self-consciousness, consciousness of God and the ability to have a relationship with him. This seems like a good definition, since only humans are in God’s image, and these are qualities that make us human.

    Understanding image of God as the soul also helps some people reconcile evolution and Christianity. Somewhere along the evolutionary line God gave two hominids immortal souls, thus becoming the first true human beings. In other words, despite the lengthy evolutionary process, humans were “created” only at this point. These two “souled” hominids are Adam and Eve. Some say this could have happened about 10,000 years ago, which would line things up nicely with the rough chronology presented in Genesis.

    Australian Chief Health Officer - “you can’t really differentiate between Covid and The Flu”

    They're openly admittting you 𝘾𝙖𝙣'𝙩 really differentiate between Covid and The Flu. The same Flu that disappeared Worldwide 2020 when Covid struck...What's worse, listen as Sutton says the Flu is much worse...You've been had.

    Unlocking the Potential of mRNA for Flu - Pfizer

    Now they can use the flu as an excuse to hack your DNA also.

    Value Drug Co PAC Pennsylvania Political Action Committee

    $5500 for Shapiro and none for Mastriano from this vaccine/opioid pushing pharma PAC that buys politicians with their drug money. This is how we end up with ongoing medical tyranny.

    Ivermectin from India US Brand Name Stromectol

    Still can't get it from the worthless Value Drug cartel.

    Shapiro is all in on sex change for children

    Another reason why the pharma pac is funding Shapiro. There is a lot of money to be made with a lifetime subscription to hormone medications. This is how Jewish politicians are destroying traditional American families without parental consent. 

    Shapiro Democrats say Natural Gas is bad for PA

    Climate change driven by the burning of fossil fuels they say. (But natural gas is 50% cleaner than coal and oil. Carbon is a major building block of life and makes plants grow better but dimwit dems still want to tax it. Nearly all of Penn State University runs on natural gas. Why don't the leftists down there just cut off their gas this winter and burn candles. Might want to teach the dangers of geoengineering instead of carbon tax schemes.)

    648 cases of side effects were reported to the VAERS system on breastfed infants whose mothers received the Covid-19 vaccine

    Not a word about this from the media.

    Leonard Pitts slanders republican DNA

    Godless Crispr DNA hackers have no respect for YHVH's original 12 strand DNA design. Tricking people into damaging their reproductive DNA is the ultimate crime against humanity.

    The Kenyan Boys Choir & The Tenors - Hallelujah

    This one goes out to Malik Obama who endorsed Doug Mastriano for Governor and to all of the Kenyans from the Obama's native country.

    BREAKING: Obama's brother Malik endorses Doug Mastriano for PA governor

    "​​If he's with President Trump then I'm with @dougmastriano Pennsylvania Senator PA District 33," tweeted Malik Obama.

    In 2016, Obama stated that he would vote for Donald Trump for president, which put him in direct political opposition with this presidential brother. It was at this time that he shifted his allegiance from Democrat to Republican, as well.

    Kenyan Boys Choir - Homeless

    Malik Obama BIG BAD BROTHER FROM KENYA: Abon’go Malik Obama That’s the Way it Is -The Story of My Life Thoughts and Reflections (Paperback)

    My experience with the Obama presidency, work with my charitable organization, entry into politics, and eventual metamorphosis. The book describes how I became a strong Trump supporter and Republican and my strong presence in the social media platform. It is a very personal tale of the struggle to find oneself and deal with the realities of existence. To my children; I love you all. Abon’go Malik Obama.

    What are cultural values in Kenya?

    In traditional Kenyan cultures, people valued the institution of marriage, human life, morality, respect for people's property, and good leadership.

    The family unit in Kenya usually includes the extended family. People will frequently interact with their aunts, uncles and cousins. In some ethnic groups, children will refer to their maternal aunts as 'younger mother' or 'older mother', depending on the aunt's age in relation to the child's mother's age.

    • Kenya has 50 national parks and reserves. ...
    • The Great Rift Valley was formed more than 25 million years ago. ...
    • There are over 60 languages spoken in Kenya. ...
    • The first woman to win a Nobel Peace Prize was from Kenya. ...
    • Mount Kenya is the second-highest mountain in Africa. ...
    • Kenya's national animal is the East African Lion.

    (Kenyan values would never support the teaching of hateful critical race theory. Schools who teach CRT are devolving African culture to something it is not about. CRT was developed by Marxist promoting Jews like Merick Garland's son in law who sells CRT study materials.

    The goal of CRT is to have conflict with the white race. Marxist Jews claim they are not white but that is a lie. They are mostly Ashkenazi in origin which is mostly Caucasian.

    Where does Ashkenazi DNA come from? The Genetic Structure of Ashkenazic Jews. AJs were localized to modern-day Turkey and found to be genetically closest to Turkic, southern Caucasian, and Iranian populations.)

    2022 World Conference: Works of Mercy

    KENYA – Late on September 15, participants in the ILC’s 2022 World Conference visited the cathedral of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Kenya’s (ELCK) Lake Diocese in Kisimu, where they joined in worship and learned about the Kenyan church’s works of mercy.

    The predominant religion in Kenya is Christianity, which is adhered to by an estimated 85.52% of the total population. Islam is the second largest religion in Kenya, practiced by 10.91 percent of Kenyans. Other faiths practiced in Kenya are Baháʼí, Buddhism, Hinduism and traditional religions.

    Situation Update, Sep 29, 2022 - Hurricane Ian takes out FERTILIZER production for North America, power grid goes down

    Planned Chaos ’22 Part 9 – Darkness Drives the Madness

    Sweden Stops Recommending COVID-19 Vaccines For Children

    New poll shows how many US adults want new jab

    None would get it if they were truthfully informed about the dangers, the lack of evidence for the need and medicines that are safe and proven like Ivermectin.

    Instead we have to rely on paid liars like the news media, hospitals and colleges who all deserve to go to trial at Nuremberg 2. A good place for this trial would be Hollidaysburg, PA. Little Nuremberg when it comes to pharmaceutical abuse of the population.

    What is the law on human experimentation? 24175. (a) No person shall be subjected to any medical experiment unless the informed consent of such person is obtained.

    Doug Mastriano proposes BAN on medical gender transition for children as he gains ground in polls

    Pennsylvania Republican gubernatorial candidate and state Senator Doug Mastriano announced last Friday his plans to introduce legislation that would prohibit gender transition surgeries for children, as part of his efforts to "protect Pennsylvania’s children from the unintended consequences of fringe progressive ideologies."

    "These experimental medical procedures risk the health and wellbeing of our children," Mastriano said in a press release. "I can't stand by as medical providers across the country cave to the pressures of militant leftists committed to distorting the concept of gender so that it defies the bounds of science and logic."


     Following the death of Queen Elizabeth II and the proclamation of Charles III as the new king, a plethora of scandals involving the British royal family, over the course of centuries, is being exposed. Revelations include their adoption of the surname ‘Windsor’ – to cover up their family name’s German origins – and their relationship with the Nazis, in addition to disclosing their ties to Satanist and paedophile rings. One historic example involves the 1889 discovery that the Queen’s great-uncle, Prince Albert, was none other than ‘Jack the Ripper’. The royal family’s current situation continues to be characterised by libertine conduct, infidelity, paedophilia and other crimes.

    All of these factors are affecting the royals, who are facing a situation of complete uncertainty, due, in part, to the low level of popular acceptance – a mere 25% – garnered by the current king, Charles III, whose popularity waned following his failed marriage to Lady Diana, his cheating and other scandals. It should also be noted that he has always been suspected of being largely implicated in the accident that cost Lady Diana her life.

    The recent scandal involving his brother Andrew is one of child sex abuse, and the current King’s long-standing relationships with known, charged paedophiles – such as Bishop Peter Ball or his ‘best friend’ BBC entertainer Jimmy Savile, accused of the rape and/or sexual assault of more than 500 people – also form part of his extensive record.

    Charles III, the principal proponent of the ‘Great Reset’ and the Green Agenda, is now the largest assets owner in the world, and his estate is built upon wealth and property derived from the monarchy’s violation of rights throughout history and it comprises profits derived from the arms trade and the sale of depleted uranium. Charles III is a symbol of how a small group has dominated and controlled the majority, over the course of millennia.

    Steve Scalise@SteveScalise

    BREAKING → Every House Democrat just voted against requiring parental notice and consent before a school provides services related to sexual orientation or gender identity. Outrageous. Parents have a right to know what schools are doing with their kids.

    Peter Strzok FBI termination letter… And it’s awesome…

    This termination letter is appropriate for the entire FBI since Biden took office.

    John Fetterman wipes BLM section from campaign site (Because Soros stopped funding it?)

    Penn State UPUA passes resolution opposing anti-critical race theory education legislation in Pa.

    CRT is Marxist ideology that demands that Americans work to dismantle laws, traditions, norms, institutions, and free-market enterprise— the entire American system itself!

    This is why Penn State (and Pitt) students indoctrinated with anti American CRT beliefs are becoming unemployable. CRT demands the destruction of capitalism! This is why College Avenue businesses are dwindling.

    Opioids At Work: Hidden Scourge Sapping The Economy

    "Overdose deaths are seven times higher than they were in 1999..." (Where is Operation Our Town When you need them? Still pushing record numbers of opioids and covid vaccines through member pharmacies when everyone else knows better. Still no county opioid lawsuit against the biggest drug pusher of them all Value Drug Company.)

    Overprescribing and the Opioid Crisis

    A huge amount of people make use of these drugs which are often prescribed even when they’re not needed. For example: up to 70% of the nursing home residents and older patients suffer from chronic pain conditions.

    Despite their huge potential for abuse and unfavorable risk vs benefits profile, narcotic pain killers are frequently misused and overprescribed. According to many court claims, even apparently irreproachable doctors, pharmacists, and drug wholesalers are instead on the payroll of the most mischievous Big Pharma, who paid them kickbacks and lavish gifts to inappropriately prescribe these drugs.

    Did Joe Biden blow up Nord Stream pipeline?

    Fox News host Tucker Carlson, in a commentary about the apparent vandalism of the Nord Stream undersea natura l gas pipelines from Russia to Europe, says it's hard to comprehend, but the facts are that the "people who very may well be responsible for letting methane into the Baltic Sea and into the atmosphere at a scale that most people can't imagine" could be officials in the U.S. government.

    "The people lecturing you about your SUV may have blown up a natural gas pipeline and created one of the great catastrophes of our time in its effect on the environment," he explained.

    In his online commentary, he said it was "one of the great environmental catastrophes of our time, is unfolding tonight off the coast of Denmark."

    "As we speak, Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 are pouring millions of cubic meters of natural gas into the Baltic Sea. Pictures from the air … You can only guess at how many marine mammals are being killed right now – countless. But the lasting damage may be to the atmosphere."

    That's because, he said, "Natural gas is comprised of up to 90% methane. Methane, as Joe Biden has often told you, is the key driver of global warming, which is, of course, an existential threat to humanity and the planet. So, if you're worried about climate change, what just happened to the Nord Stream pipelines is as close to the apocalypse as we have ever come. So, the question is, how did this happen? And it turns out it was not an accident."

    Europe ‘indefinitely deprived’ of key gas supply route – Gazprom


    Was the course and strength of Hurricane Ian just a random act of nature? Or is there much more to the story? The 3+ minute report below reveals critically important puzzle pieces. Please view and share.

    All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Awareness raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer.

    Carbon Taxer Michael Mann: Climate Crisis Making Storms More Powerful

    Liberals still whistling past the geoengineering graveyard.

    This was not done by Mother Nature, it was intentionally inflicted damage by NWO-directed geoterrorists! (Photos)

    Putin signs treaties on accession of Donbass, Zaporozhye, and Kherson to Russia

    $75 Billion for Ukraine would certainly help Florida…

    Pa. election 2022: Where governor candidates Mastriano, Shapiro stand on crime, justice issues

    Talk is cheap even during record inflation. The proof is in the pudding. Shapiro helped with all of the unconstitutional atrocities done to us during the pandemic while Mastriano led the resistance in the senate.

    Shapiro still has not called a DA Ray Gricar Grand Jury in defiance of the PA State Police.

    How to Regulate Chemtrails, Rainmaking Chemicals, Cloud Seeding Law of PA, 1968

    Cl. 03Act of Jan. 19, (1968) 1967, P.L. 1024, No. 449
    AN ACT
    Providing temporarily for the regulation and licensing of
    rain-making activities; creating a Weather Modification Board
    within the Department of Agriculture and defining its powers
    and duties; imposing powers and duties on the Department of
    Agriculture and certain other State agencies; and providing
    The General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
    hereby enacts as follows:
    Section 1. Declaration of Policy.--The public interest,
    health, safety, welfare and necessity require that scientific
    experimentation in the field of artificial nucleation, and that
    scientific efforts to develop and increase natural precipitation
    of rain, snow, moisture, or water in any form contained in the
    atmosphere, within the State, be encouraged in order to develop,
    conserve, and protect the natural water resources of the State
    and to safeguard life and property.
    Section 2. Definitions.--As used in this act--
    (1) "Board" means the Weather Modification Board.
    (2) "Department" means the Department of Agriculture.
    (3) "Operation" means the performance of weather
    modification and control activities pursuant to a single
    contract entered into for the purpose of producing, or
    attempting to produce, a certain modifying effect within one
    geographical area over one continuing time interval not
    exceeding one year, or, if the performance of weather
    modification and control activities is to be undertaken
    individually or jointly by a person or persons to be benefited
    and not undertaken pursuant to a contract, "operation" means
    the performance of weather modification and control activities
    entered into for the purpose of producing or attempting to
    produce a certain modifying effect within one geographical area
    over one continuing time interval not exceeding one year.
    (4) "Person" means any individual, firm, association,
    organization, partnership, company, corporation, private or
    public, political subdivision, or other public agency.
    (5) "Research and development" means theoretical analysis,
    exploration and experimentation and the extension of
    investigative findings and theories of a scientific or technical
    nature into practical application for experimental and
    demonstration purposes, including the experimental production
    and testing of models, devices, equipment, materials and
    (6) "Weather modification and control" means changing or
    controlling, or attempting to change or control, by artificial
    methods the natural development of any or all atmospheric cloud
    forms and precipitation forms which occur in the troposphere.
    Section 3. Weather Modification Board.--(a) There is hereby
    created within the department a Weather Modification Board.
    Such advisory board shall be composed of seven members who shall
    be:(1) The Secretary of Agriculture.
    (2) The Secretary of Commerce.
    (3) The Secretary of Health.
    (4) The Dean of the College of Earth Sciences at the
    Pennsylvania State University.
    (5) Three members to be appointed by the Governor with the
    advice and consent of the Senate.

    (b) Terms of all appointed members shall be for four years.
    Appointed members shall receive the sum of thirty dollars ($30)
    per day for each day or part thereof devoted to the committee's
    Section 4. Administration by Department.--The department
    shall administer this act and in so doing shall ask for and
    consider the recommendations of the board herein created which
    shall advise on all the matters regulated by this act.
    Section 5. When License, Registration Required.--(a) No
    person, without first securing a license from the department,
    shall cause or attempt to cause condensation or precipitation
    of rain, snow, moisture, or water in any form contained in the
    (b) No person without registering with the board shall have
    in his possession any cloud seeding equipment unless he is an
    employe of or under contract with a person conducting a weather
    modification and control operation who has been granted a
    license by the board.
    Section 6. Application for License.--(a) Any person desiring
    to do any of the acts specified in section 5 may file with the
    board an application in writing for a license. Each application
    shall be accompanied by a filing fee fixed by the board but not
    to exceed one hundred dollars ($100), and shall be on a form
    to be supplied for such purpose by the board.
    (b) Every application shall set forth all of the following:
    (1) The name and post-office address of the applicant.
    (2) The previous education, experience, and qualifications
    of the applicant, or, if the applicant is other than an
    individual, the previous education, experience, and
    qualifications of the persons who will be in control of and
    charged with the operations of the applicant. Previous
    experience includes sub-contracting or counseling services.
    (3) A general description of the operations which the
    applicant intents to conduct and the method and type of
    equipment including all nucleating agents, that the applicant
    proposes to use. Aircraft must be listed by numbers and pilots'
    (4) A statement listing all employes, who are residents of
    Pennsylvania, and/or who will be directly employed in the
    intended operation.
    (5) A bond or insurance covering any damage the licensee
    may cause through his operations in an amount of fifty thousand
    dollars ($50,000) or other evidence of financial responsibility
    shall be furnished and executed at the time of the grant of the
    (6) Every applicant shall have a resident agent within the
    (c) Upon the filing of the application upon a form supplied
    by the board and containing the information prescribed by this
    act and accompanied by the required filing fee and bond or
    insurance, the board may issue a license to the applicant
    entitling the applicant to conduct the operations described in
    the application for the calendar year for which the license is
    issued, unless the license is sooner revoked or suspended or
    (d) A license may be renewed annually upon application to
    the board, accompanied by a renewal fee fixed by the board but
    not to exceed one hundred dollars ($100), on or before the last
    day of January of the calendar year for which the license is
    Section 7. Registration of Equipment.--Every person not
    desiring a license who owns or possesses cloud seeding equipmentshall promptly register the same with the board on a form
    furnished by it.
    Section 8. Publication.--(a) Prior to undertaking any
    operation authorized by the license, the licensee shall file
    with the department and cause to be published a notice of
    intention. The licensee shall then confine his activities for
    that operation substantially within the time and area limits
    set forth in the notice of intention.
    (b) The notice of intention shall set forth all of the
    (1) The name and address of the licensee.
    (2) The nature and object of the intended operation and the
    person or persons on whose behalf it is to be conducted.
    (3) The area in which and the approximate time during which
    the operation will be conducted.
    (4) The area which will be affected by the operation as
    near as the same may be determined in advance.
    (c) The licensee shall cause the notice of intention to be
    published once a week for three successive weeks in a newspaper
    having a general circulation and published within any county
    wherein the operation is to be conducted and in which the
    affected area is located, or, if the operation is to be
    conducted in more than one county or if the affected area is
    located in more than one county or is located in a county other
    than the one in which the operation is to be conducted, then
    such notice shall be published in like manner in a newspaper
    having a general circulation and published wtihin each of such
    counties. In case there is no newspaper published within the
    appropriate county, publication shall be made in a newspaper
    having a general circulation within the county.
    (d) Proof of publication shall be filed by the licensee
    with the department within fifteen days from the date of the
    last publication of the notice. Proof of publication shall be
    by copy of the notice as published attached to and made a part
    of the affidavit of the publisher or foreman of the newspaper
    publishing the notice.
    Section 9. Emergencies; Publication.--(a) Notwithstanding
    any provision of this act to the contrary, the board may grant
    a licensee permission to undertake an emergency nucleation
    project, without prior compliance by the licensee with the
    provisions of section 8 (a), if the same appears to the
    department to be necessary or desirable in aid of extinguishment
    of fires.
    (b) Notwithstanding any provision of this act to the
    contrary, upon request of the county commissioners of a county
    or of the governing body of a city, borough, town or township,
    and upon the submission of such supporting evidence as the board
    may require, the board may grant a licensee permission to
    undertake a nucleation project for the purpose of alleviating
    a drought emergency, without prior compliance by the licensee
    with the provisions of section 8 (a) requiring publication of
    notice of intention, if such project appears to the department
    to be necessary or desirable.
    (c) Nothing contained in this section shall be construed
    as to relieve the licensee in the cases set forth in subsection
    (a) or (b) or this section from compliance with the provisions
    of section 8 requiring publication of notice of intention and
    filing of proof of such publication, as soon after the granting
    of permission by the board as is practicable. In lieu thereof
    the licensee may furnish equivalent transmission of notice of
    intention by radio or television, and proof thereof, as soon
    after the granting of permission by the board as is practicable.Section 10. Records.--(a) Every licensee shall keep and
    maintain a record of all operations conducted by him pursuant
    to his license showing the method employed, the type of
    equipment used, the times and places of operation of the
    equipment, the name and post office address of each person
    participating or assisting in the operation other than the
    licensee, and such other information as may be required by the
    board, and shall report the same to the board immediately upon
    the completion of each operation.
    (b) Each licensee shall further prepare and maintain an
    evaluation statement for each operation which shall include a
    report as to estimated precipitation, defining the gain or loss
    occurring from nucleation activities, together with supporting
    data therefor. This statement, together with such other
    pertinent information as the board may require, shall be sent
    to the board upon completion and be available to inspection by
    the board at all times on the licensee's premises.
    (c) The board shall require written reports concerning each
    operation conducted by a licensee under this act.
    (d) All information on an operation shall be submitted to
    the board before any information on such operation may be
    released to the public.
    (e) The reports and records in the custody of the board
    shall be open for public examination as public documents.
    Section 11. Research Projects; Safety.--(a) Research work
    within the province of this statute shall be permitted only
    when authorized by the board.
    (b) Government and armed forces projects within the province
    of this statute must meet all the requirements of this act.
    (c) No nucleating agent may be used in concentrations
    dangerous to man or causes environmental pollution as determined
    by the State Department of Health.

    Section 12. Enforcement.--In order to enforce the provisions
    of this act, the Pennsylvania State Police shall, on request
    of the board, assign at least one trooper and one investigator
    to an area where unlawful cloud seeding is suspected. If such
    police request the same, the Pennsylvania Aeronautics Commission
    shall assign an airplane and pilot. Air samples shall be taken
    by the Pennsylvania Air Pollution Commission if requested by
    the State Police of the board. For such enforcement purposes,
    the State Department of Health shall furnish such technical
    services as the board may request.
    Section 13. License Suspensions, Revocations.--Any license
    may be revoked, suspended or modified if the board finds, after
    due notice to the licensee and a hearing thereon, that the
    licensee has failed or refused to comply with any of the
    provisions of this act. The proceedings herein referred to shall
    be conducted in accordance with the provisions of the act of
    June 4, 1945 (P.L.1388), known as the "Administration Agency
    Law," and the board shall have all the powers granted therein.
    Section 14. Damage Compensation.--Any licensee who causes
    a drought as determined by the board shall compensate farmers
    for damages. Any licensee who by causing heavy downpours or
    storms which cause damage to lands as determined by the board
    shall compensate farmers and property owners for such damages.
    Section 15. Acts Not Authorized.--(a) Nothing contained in
    this act shall authorize any person to carry out a cloud seeding
    operation from Pennsylvania to seed in another state where such
    cloud seeding is prohibited.
    (b) Nothing contained in this act shall be construed to
    authorize the suppression of lightning.Section 16. Penalties.--(a) Any airplane pilot who flies
    an airplane with numbers invisible to escape identification
    under this act shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and upon
    conviction thereof, have his license revoked for a period of
    five years.
    (b) Any airport owner or operator who boards cloud seeding
    planes to seed clouds or who operates as a cloud seeder without
    license shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction
    thereof have his airport permit revoked for one year and be
    sentenced to pay a fine of ten thousand dollars ($10,000) and
    for a second or subsequent offense, he shall be sentenced to
    pay a fine of fifty thousand dollars ($50,000).
    (c) Any person knowingly having in his possession without
    registering the same with the department any cloud seeding
    equipment shall, on conviction thereof, be sentenced to pay a
    fine of ten thousand dollars ($10,000).
    (d) Any person who makes any false statement to secure a
    license under this act shall, on conviction thereof, have his
    license revoked permanently.
    (e) Any person who violates any other provision of this act
    is guilty of a misdemeanor and shall, upon conviction thereof,
    be sentenced to pay a fine not exceeding one thousand dollars
    ($1,000) or undergo imprisonment for not exceeding one year,
    or both.
    Section 17. Repeal.--The act of November 9, 1965 (P.L.677),
    entitled "An act prohibiting certain weather modification
    activities whenever the county commissioners shall adopt a
    resolution stating that such action is detrimental to the
    welfare of the county, and providing penalties," is repealed.
    Section 18. Effective Date.--This act shall take effect immediately.

    Babylon Bee commercial spoof…

    Woke FBI coming for My Pillows. This is how they steal and still sleep at night.

    The Super Radiance Effect: World Peace in 24hrs with Jeremy Old

    “Believe it or not, there are now over fifty research studies that, demonstrate the extraordinary, positive effect that radiates to the rest of society by groups of specially trained meditators. The resulting impact on the host population is truly dramatic and almost instantaneous. Open warfare has been known to stop within 24 hours and terrorism decline by 72% over a matter of days.

    This effect is known as Super Radiance and it only occurs when a sufficient number of these specialist meditators form a group to practice meditation together at the same time and on a daily basis.

    The particular meditation required to create this powerful social effect is an advanced form of Transcendental Meditation known as the TM-Sidhi programme.

    One fascinating characteristic of the TM-Sidhi programme is that it stimulates coherent brain waves for the individual meditator or TM-Sidha as they are called. The significance of this is that a coherent brain has access to higher mental and emotional faculties usually found dormant when the brain is in the more usual stressed state.

    Of even more significance though is that when performed in a group this TM-Sidhi meditation, not only generates highly coherent brainwaves for each TM-Sidha, but spontaneously it also radiates this powerful brainwave effect to the surrounding non-meditating population as well.

    The author takes you through fifty-three research studies conducted on Super Radiance over the last forty years. Conducted in numerous countries by a variety of different researchers and institutes, many studies have been published in peer reviewed scientific journals. Readers can see for themselves how the Super Radiance effect reduces war deaths in war zones, reduces terrorism, reduces crime rates, and even has a positive impact on other negative statistics such as emergency calls, suicides and motor vehicle accidents.

    On the economic side, when the Super Radiance effect takes place in a host community, there are more business start-ups, more patent applications, improved stock indexes, lower inflation, higher employment rates, higher economic growth rates and a range of other QOL improvements.

    It is important to note that this transformation in negative social trends is not generated by any social or physical interaction by the TM-Sidhas with the rest of the population. The effect is created silently and anonymously and can even be broadcast from other countries.

    One significant feature of the Super Radiance effect is that the larger the group the more disproportionate the impact. The larger the group of TM-Sidhas, the wider the effect stretches. So, to produce the desired effect for a country the size of the UK you need about 750 TM-Sidhas, for the USA you need about 1,800. To calm down the fighting in the Middle East and stop the war in Syria would take about 3,000 TM-Sidhas. For the whole world of 7 billion people we only require about 9,300 TM-Sidhas.

    9,300 TM-Sidhas is all that is required to bring about an immediate cessation of warfare, terrorism and political violence across the entire globe. The cost of doing this would be less than the cost of a single Stealth bomber.

    The author’s easy to read summaries of each of the fifty-three studies provide the lay reader with the basic facts about this astonishing but little known phenomenon. Amazingly or perhaps typically, despite the evident opportunities provided by the Super Radiance effect for world peace and the prevention of terrorism, no government, at least in the developed world, has so far taken the idea seriously. The aim of the book is to get the concept of Super Radiance across to a much wider public in an attempt to influence politicians, civil servants and the media that we now have an invaluable technology for world peace that should be taken seriously for the benefit of us all.”

     There is now no question whatsoever that Hurricane Ian was deliberately geoengineered into a superstorm and aimed with premeditation at the southwest Florida coastline.

    Weather Manipulation is Not Climate Change

    Weather forecasts are scripts, rather than predictions, read by those who control the weather using technology.  Precipitation, wind, temperature, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, and volcano eruptions are all monitored, triggered, and driven by technologies such as cloud seeding, ionized heating of the atmosphere with HAARP, weather satellites, Nexrad Doppler Radars and chemtrails.   Radio frequencies from ground-based and sea-based facilities creating storms have been recorded.   The first American attempt at hurricane manipulation was during Project Cirrus in 1947 but turned a small storm into a massive hurricane that slammed into Savanah Georgia, causing $3.2 million damage in Florida, Georgia, and Alabama.

    In addition to the United States, China and Russia are major players of weather control.  Former government and military scientists, generals, and politicians have disclosed weather control abilities in bits and pieces, but more so over the past decade.

    Who Blew Up The Pipeline? The Plot Thickens!

    Sept 28 - Former Polish Defense Minister Radek Sikorski (husband of US neocon Anne Applebaum) publicly thanked the US government for blowing up NordStream I and II on Twitter yesterday, a move that made even his own fellow countrymen feel awkward. The seeming terrorist attack was less a move against Russia than against Germany. So who did it? Why? Also today, Sen. McConnell rolls over on even more billions to Ukraine. Elon turning his eyes toward Rumble? Watch today's Liberty Report:

    The CDC Has Quietly Ended Its Recommendation For Masking In Health Care Facilities

    The CDC has quietly ended its recommendation for masking in health care facilities. Masks have done nothing to impact covid. It’s all been absurd cosmetic theater for over two years:

    Dr. Rashid Buttar Unveils Vaccine injury SOLUTIONS & mRNA "Payload" Secrets!

    ExpandRecord Number Of New York Residents Changing Driver's Licenses To Florida

    According to the New York Post, a total of 5,838 New Yorkers made the switch in August - the second-highest number for a single month in recorded history - and which makes for a year-to-date figure of 41,885 New Yorkers who have abandoned their northern licenses after moving south - a pace which points to a new annual record.

    Proof of Aerosol Manipulation of HURRICANE IAN: 9-27-22 (Video)

    In 2017: Harvey – Steered into Texas Coast by Microwave Burst? -HAARP

    Chemtrails, micro wave bursts from HAARP creating low and high pressures steering Harvey.

    “The US Air Force and DARPA would like us to believe that they have stopped using HAARP in Alaska for research and experiment. Even then, we all know that there are other HAARP systems out there in the form of radar communication and surveillance systems that are rigged on top of mobile platforms that are deployable anywhere in the world.

    All they need to do is twist a button to change the frequency to microwave range and increase transmission power enough to reach and heat up the atmosphere above the target.”

    The technology is covered under US Patent 4,686,605 on the “Method and Apparatus for Altering a Region in the Earth’s Atmosphere, Ionosphere, and/or Magnetosphere.”

    Here’s the US Air Force admitting the use of HAARP during a US congressional budgetary hearings…

    Unnatural weather patterns suggest HAARP is still here.

    PressCore has posted this a week after Typhoon Haiyan or Yolanda event. Thanks I4T.

    U.S. wages war against Philippines using its HAARP weather WMD systems

    The U.S. military’s Sea-Based X-Band Radar(SBX-1) was ordered to set sail out of its berth in Hawaii on March 23, 2013 on what the United States Department of Defense (DoD) claims to be routine sea trials. However in light of recent events in the Philippines – typhoon Haiyan – microwave data from the devastated region gives evidence that the SBX-1 was ordered deployed by the U.S. government (Barack Obama) to the Pacific to complement other U.S. military controlled steerable phased array radar systems (HAARP) in Japan to wage war against the Philippines using HAARP’s weather modification capabilities. The SBX-1 was deployed for geopolitical purposes. As a U.S. military controlled weapon of mass destruction – an act of war.

    The SBX-1’s active electronically scanned array (AESA) radar is mounted on a Russian-built fifth generation CS-50 twin-hulled semi-submersible drilling rig designed to function in the type of adverse conditions often encountered in ocean operations. The SBX-1 was built for 1 purpose – weather modification which was revealed in the U.S. Air Force report titled “Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025” (link is to pdf file on U.S. Air Force website). The HAARP SBX-1 sea-based platform complies with a directive from the chief of staff of the U.S. Air Force to build upon weather modifying concepts, capabilities, and technologies that the United States can use to remain the dominant air and space force in the future. Presented on 17 June 1996, this report was produced in the Department of Defense school environment of academic freedom and in the interest of advancing weather modifying weaponry related to national defense and geopolitical purposes. The U.S. weather weapon of mass destruction system called HAARP has been fully operational since Hurricane Katrina – 30 years ahead of schedule.

    A steerable US land-based X-Band Radar system (COBRA DANE phased array radar system) was already built in northern Japan by the United States military and has been operational since 2006 and a second COBRA DANE installation in central Japan came online just prior to super typhoon Haiyan – the strongest wind storm ever recorded – being formed at sea and steered into the Philippines using HAARP AMISR phased array radar beam triangulation.

    Advanced Technology Microwave Sounder (ATMS) and satellite weather radar data from the Pacific region detected 2 stationary (land based) microwave hot spots and 1 slow moving hot spot at sea (The HAARP SBX-1 is a slow moving sea-based X-Band phased array platform) giving evidence that the U.S. military created and steered typhoon Haiyan using 3 HAARP systems. The 2 land-based systems in Japan and the seafaring SBX-1. Using 3 phased array radar systems drastically improves the angular resolution of the emitted microwave – steers the microwave beam with pinpoint accuracy. Another U.S. military controlled HAARP installation was available on Guam – the COBRA DANE installation pictured in this article.

    SBX-1 was deployed to the Pacific region (Japan / North Korea) March 2013. The SBX-1 has a maximum speed of approximately 8 knots (9.2 mph; 15 km/h) – bicycle speed. 

    The SBX-1 and the land based systems are all part of the US Missile Defense Agency’s (MDA) Ground-based Midcourse Defense (GMD) project and performs a vital role in the Ballistic Missile Defense System (BMDS). The SBX-1, the land based systems and the orbital X-37B are all illegal weapons of mass destruction. All are banned by under the “Environmental Modification Convention (ENMOD)” treaty – an international treaty prohibiting the military or other hostile use of environmental modification techniques having widespread, long-lasting or severe effects. It opened for signature on 18 May 1977 in Geneva and entered into force on 5 October 1978.

    Related PRESS Core articles on HAARP

    November 15, 2013 – 2:44 PM

    The US Air Force’s Boeing X-37B (USA 240) Orbital HAARP – the main weapon of mass destruction of Prompt Global Strike (PGS) – was in a geosynchronous Earth orbit over the Pacific on November 9, 2013 during the U.S. government’s HAARP weather modifying operation against Philippines.

    One month prior to the HAARP created and steered typhoon Haiyan attack against the Philippines, on Oct. 11, 2013 Lt. Gen. James Kowalski, commander of Air Force Global Strike Command, (commands and controls the Boeing X-37B orbital HAARP) replaced Maj. Gen. Michael Carey from command of 20th Air Force.

    20th AF is responsible for the United States’ three intercontinental ballistic missile wings. 20th AF maintains and operates the nation’s ICBM force. Designated as STRATCOM’s Task Force 214, the command provides on-alert, combat ready ICBMs to the President.

    Maj. Gen. Michael Carey was fired by Obama for refusing to carry out Obama’s orders to wage war against the United States. Obama intended on levying war against the United States through a false flag – treason.

    Your Government is being led by a Hidden Alliance of former WEF Young Global Leaders that includes Macron, Trudeau, Ardern & Johnson

    How is it that more than 190 governments from all over the world ended up dealing with the Covid pandemic in almost exactly the same manner, with lockdowns, mask mandates, and vaccination cards commonplace everywhere?

    NEJM study confirms COVID Vaccination causes new form of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome & takes 5 months to kill

    But as we’ve already explained, vaccine effectiveness is NOT a measure of the effectiveness of a vaccine. It is a measure of a person’s immune system performance. Therefore, this is evidence that the Covid-19 injections are destroying the immune system.

    (And now it's in the breast milk. The leftist death cult can't get enough of abortion, genocide, poisoning and starvation of their own. It's like a hurricane of self destruction.)

    Pennsylvania Pro-Life Advocate to Appear In Federal Court Following Dawn SWAT Raid

    Houck became the latest target of President Joe Biden’s Department of Justice solely to “intimidate people of faith and pro-life Americans,” said Peter Breen, an attorney at the Thomas Moore Society, a national non-profit law firm representing Houck in the case.

    Donbass referendum results revealed 

    The republics previously recognized by Moscow have opted to join Russia, based on preliminary polls. (Now Biden can stop sending money and rockets in there.)

    Harvard-Trained Doctor Confirms: “A Baby’s Heart is Actively Beating at Six Weeks”

    By Mallory Carroll,

    Stacey Abrams (US Georgia gubernatorial candidate) incorrectly claimed earlier this week that “there is no such thing as a heartbeat at six weeks,” seeming to ignore scientific consensus based on published, validated, objective, biological investigation.

    Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidate Doug Mastriano joins Dinesh to talk about the stakes in this critical state.

    Ray Gricar: Final Argument Podcast

    The Pennsylvania State Police did a report with 53 recommendations on what to do with the Ray Gricar case, number 1 was for a Grand Jury Investigation. SHARE this post in support of a Grand Jury Investigation into the disappearance of Ray Gricar, District Attorney. #JusticeForRay

    Bruce Castor contacted me after he listened to the 6th episode of my podcast and he was kind enough to clarify something for me. Mr. Castor wrote in an email: “The governor does not have the power to convene a statewide grand jury. Only the attorney general has that power. Of course, if AG Shapiro is elected governor, he appoints the person who would succeed him as attorney general, subject to the approval of the GOP-controlled state senate where Corman is still president pro tem. Also, Mr. Shapiro could convene a grand jury now, or after the election before taking office, or when he returns to being the full-time AG if he were to lose the governor's election. But the governor has no power on his own to call a grand jury.”

    Thanks for taking the time to respond to me Bruce! I am glad you could set me straight!


    Final Argument Podcast

    October 5, 2021  ·

    One of the best sources for my reporting on the disappearance of Ray Gricar was a former D.A., Bob Buehner. He died suddenly a few weeks ago and those of us that knew Bob were deeply shocked. Through the years, while I worked on bringing this story to light, Bob Buehner helped me in immeasurable ways and he became a trusted friend and confidant. Bob started pushing for a grand jury investigation into Gricar’s disappearance almost from the beginning. Bob and I had recently been interviewed on Crime Stories by Nancy Grace on Fox Nation, and now Bob is gone. We were in the process of putting together a press conference when he suddenly passed. One of the last things Bob said to me was, “Keep going Rebecca. Keep going.” Episode 5 is coming in November. In light of Bob Buehner’s passing I am dedicating this special episode to him. R.I.P., my friend. I will not let you down. We will get Justice for Ray Gricar.

    Canada Removes All COVID Border Requirements for All Travelers Including Proof of Vaccination and Suspends Plane and Train Mask Requirements


    JAMA Study — Vaccine mRNA detected in breast milk…

    Remember when UPMC and the state of PA were pushing the vaccine on women trying to get pregnant, pregnant women and children? They have yet to correct their mistakes.

    WTI Crude Falls Below $80. Now lower those gasoline prices gas gougers! The reset crash plan has failed.

    Drum Roll Please: No. 1 on The Jerusalem Post's Top 50 Most Influential Jews of 2022: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky! Supporting the NAZIs has been very good for Israel.

    Surprise: Ashkenazi Jews Are Genetically European

    Alert all the CRT teachers at Penn State, Pitt and other schools. The AshkeNAZI Jews are white! Now end misleading critical race theory indoctrination before anybody else gets hurt! 


    As Israel was launching a deadly assault on Gaza, killing thousands of civilians and displacing more than 100,000 people, many of America’s top TV, music and film producers were organizing to protect the apartheid state’s reputation from widespread international condemnation.

    Pfizer CEO gets Covid for second time in six weeks Albert Bourla is quadruple vaccinated with his own company’s jab. (Jerusalem Post's #4 most influential Jew of 2021)

    Dutch newspaper NRC calls for the drug industry to be abolished.

    The article echoed words from a quarter of a century ago, contained in a speech given in the city hall of Chemnitz in Germany, in which physician and scientist Dr. Matthias Rath called for the pharma business to be outlawed.

    Explaining how its profits depend upon the maintaining and expanding of health problems on a global scale, Dr. Rath accused the ‘business with disease’ of being incompatible with the fundamental principles of human rights.

    Back in 1997, this type of open criticism of the drug industry and its unscrupulous business model was almost unheard of. Today, however, with the passage of time, the publication of the NRC article illustrates that it is becoming mainstream.

    “If we make Big Pharma obsolete,” writes Smiers, “we kill several birds with one stone. Healthcare becomes more affordable. All the knowledge needed to develop medicines will no longer be surrounded by patents but will return from private to public ownership. Moreover, access to medicine will once again become a human right, and no longer the plaything of Big Pharma shareholders. They have no business in our health care system. They should stay far away from it.”

    Video: Big Pharma Imposed the “Vaccine” and “Digital Certificate”: “Undisclosed Contract” with EU Governments. Members of the EU Parliament Press Conference MEPs Supporting the rights of workers against the mandatory Digital Certificate - press conference.

    Putin highlights role of Christianity as constructive force in Alania

    "Christianity was a powerful constructive and consolidating force for the peoples of ancient Alania that had a huge impact on the development of national script and habits and made a major contribution to the formation of high spiritual and moral ideals and values, which are carefully passed from generation to generation," the President said.

    Talmud Quoting Josh Shapiro Touts Jewish Values in Governor's Race

    At the end of his campaign kickoff speech on Oct. 13 at Penn State Abington, Josh Shapiro paraphrased a line from the Talmud.

    “My faith teaches me that no one is required to complete the task, but neither are we free to refrain from it,” said the new Democratic candidate for Pennsylvania governor.

    The state’s attorney general, who is Jewish, said he uses that line in synagogues, churches and union halls alike.

    (If people actually vote for a democrat candidate at this point, they deserve the government they get. Any complaints of inflation, war, famine, masking, lockdowns, vaccines and business closures will be falling on deaf ears.)

    How Mueller deputy Andrew Weissmann’s offer to an oligarch could boomerang on DOJ

    Weissmann quietly reached out to the American lawyers for Ukrainian oligarch Dmitry Firtash with a tempting offer: Give us some dirt on Donald Trump in the Russia case, and Team Mueller might make his 2014 U.S. criminal charges go away.

    This Is Who Led the Mueller Investigation – Andrew Weissmann’s Mueller team was so corrupt that they paid the individual who lied about Trump in the Steele dossier and then used these lies in their attempted coup of the Trump Administration. 

    China's President XI Arrested In Coup

    This may be an operation of the Kuomintang to keep Xi safe after a major purge of the Chinese Communist Party. This could pave the way for the Chinese return to a Golden Age Society as in the days of the Tang dynasty with Quan Yin.

    Xi Tried To Crush ‘Political Clique’

    In July 2020, China launched a nationwide anti-corruption campaign targeting the justice system. A handful of high-profile law enforcement figures are being jailed as a result of that probe, which ensnared more than 170,000 officials and police officers. 

    The Most Powerful Person in the World Is China's President

    Many people still assume the U.S. President is the most powerful person in the world. But times have changed. In recent years we have observed two parallel developments: the President of the United States has lost power while the President of China has gained it.

    Ironically, it is capitalists who have made the Communist Party of China strong. From Apple to Microsoft, Siemens to Volkswagen, companies eager to profit from lower wages and China’s 1.4 billion customers have all shifted key elements of production from the heartlands of America and Europe to China. In 2014, China surpassed the U.S. in gross domestic product adjusted for purchasing power, putting it ahead of all other world economies.


    "Melchizedek document". For the Gnostic text, see Melchizedek (text).

    (Order of Melchizedek, Agartha, Inner Earth, Etheric Plane)

    11Q13, also 11QMelch or the Melchizedek document, is a fragmentary manuscript among the Dead Sea Scrolls (from Cave 11) which mentions Melchizedek as leader of God's angels in a war in Heaven against the angels of darkness similar to the more familiar Archangel Michael. The text is an apocalyptic commentary on the Jubilee year of Leviticus 25.

    The Dead Sea Scrolls contain texts in Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek, the language of 11Q13 is Hebrew, date of composition is circa 100 BCE.



    In the fragmentary passage the term "Elohim" appears a dozen times, mainly referring to the God of Israel, but in commentary on "who says to Zion "Your Elohim reigns" (Isa. 52;7)

    11Q13 states that Zion is the congregation of all the sons of righteousness, while Melchizedek is "Your Elohim" who will deliver the sons of righteousness from Belial.

    11QMelch II... And concerning that which He said, In [this] year of Jubilee [each of you shall return to his property (Lev. xxv, 13); and likewise, And this is the manner of release:] every creditor shall release that which he has lent [to his neighbor. He shall not exact it of his neighbor and his brother], for God's release [has been proclaimed] (Deut. xv, 2). [And it will be proclaimed at] the end of days concerning the captives as [He said, To proclaim liberty to the captives (Isa. lxi, 1). Its interpretation is that He] will assign them to the Sons of Heaven and to the inheritance of Melchizedek; for He will cast] their [lot] amid the portions of Melchizedek, who will return them there and will proclaim to them liberty, forgiving them [the wrong-doings] of all their iniquities.

    And this thing will [occur] in the first week of the Jubilee that follows the nine Jubilees. And the Day of Atonement is the end of the tenth Jubilee, when all the Sons of [Light] and the men of the lot of Melchizedek will be atoned for. And a statute concerns them  to provide them with their rewards. For this is the moment of the Year of Grace for Melchizedek.

    And he will, by his strength, judge the holy ones of God, executing judgement as it is written concerning him in the Songs of David, who said, ELOHIM has taken his place in the divine council; in the midst of the gods he holds judgement (Psalms lxxxii, 1). And it was concerning him that he said, (Let the assembly of the peoples) return to the height above them; EL (God) will judge the peoples (Psalms vii, 7-8). As for that which he s[aid, How long will you] judge unjustly and show partiality to the wicked?

    Selah (Psalms lxxxii, 2), its interpretation concerns Belial and the spirits of his lot who rebelled by turning away from the precepts of God to ... And Melchizedek will avenge the vengeance of the judgements of God... and he will drag [them from the hand of Belial and from the hand of all the spirits of his lot. And all the 'gods of Justice' will come to his aid to attend to the destruction of Belial. And the height is ... all the sons of God... this ... This is the day of [Peace/Salvation] concerning which [God] spoke through Isaiah the prophet, who said, [How] beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of the messenger who proclaims peace, who brings good news, who proclaims salvation, who says to Zion: Your ELOHIM [reigns] (Isa. lii, 7).

    Its interpretation; the mountains are the prophets... and the messenger is the Anointed one of the spirit, concerning whom Daniel said, Until an anointed one, a prince (Dan. ix, 25)] ... And he who brings good [news] , who proclaims [salvation]: it is concerning him that it is written... To comfort all who mourn, to grant to those who mourn in Zion (Isa. lxi, 2-3). To comfort those who mourn: its interpretation], to make them understand all the ages of time ... In truth ... will turn away from Belial... by the judgement of God, as it is written concerning him, [who says to Zion] ; your ELOHIM reigns. Zion is ..., those who uphold the Covenant, who turn from walking in the way of the people. And your ELOHIM is Melchizedek, who will save them from the hand of Belial. As for that which He said, Then you shall send abroad the trumpet in all the land (Lev. xxv, 9)


    You live, move, and truly have your being within the living, breathing intelligent
    body of the Universal GOD. No matter how far you may stray in thought, it is
    impossible to leave the safety of Divine Love’s embrace. You need only awaken to
    your I AM Presence within that safe, secure and loving heart!

    Of all the angels populating the Earth’s inner atmosphere, the greatest legions are
    those of Lord Michael and myself. We are the Servants of GOD, and it is our great
    opportunity and joy in the universal scheme, to minister to the sons and daughters
    of GOD; they who have woven out of thought and feeling certain painful
    experiences, and, in their extremity, invoke the Superior Power for assistance to
    extricate themselves.

    We are those legions who answer the calls and prayers from the least of people.
    In graded order, the Angels of Ministration stretch from the heart of the Central Sun,
    itself, down through the astral and psychic realms. The Silent Watchers, alert us the
    moment the flame in the heart stirs and the silent ‘GOD, help us!’ arises from within
    the consciousness.

    Angels Of Ministration are the messengers of the Most High. They embody
    the mystic quality of Grace. The complement of my lifestream is known at inner
    levels as Donna Grace. She is the ‘Lady Full Of Grace’ in the angelic kingdom, as
    Mary is representative of grace to the human kingdom at the present time.
    Cosmic law has an inexorable and unchanging requirement:
    The call must come from the octave where the need is felt.
    If this were not a self-evident truth, those of us who live in love and mercy would
    have lifted humanity into the Light long ago.

    The great Silent Watchers take up their abode over large cities, constantly
    watching for those beams and flickers of light passing out of the soul and signifying
    an S.O.S. to the heavenly hosts for assistance. These beings make the call to a
    director of the angelic hosts in our sphere. The director gives the mission to an
    angel. The angel must be sufficiently developed to hold within their feeling world,
    the quality of radiation in answer to the prayer. The quality stimulates the flame in
    the heart and soul of the supplicants, and as the two meet,
    the supplicants magnetize the answer which comes according to their acceptance.

    Pennsylvania County Sues Dominion Voting Systems Over 'Severe Anomalies' In 2020 Election (Spoiler alert, it was Fulton County, right next to )

    The lawsuit, filed Tuesday, claims that county officials "became aware of severe anomalies in the Dominion Voting Systems due to the inaccuracy and/or inability to reconcile voter data with votes actually cast and counted" by the company's proprietary system at or about the time of the 2020 election.

    Officials cite a report from earlier this month which revealed that "security measures necessary to harden and secure" Dominion's systems had not been performed, and that "external USB hard drives had been inserted in the machines on several occasions" when there was "no known list of approved external drives that could have been or were used or inserted into the machines."

    The county allegedly discovered that a "python script" had been installed on one device, which was "connected to an external device on an external network" reportedly located in Canada.

    The script "can exploit and create any number of vulnerabilities including, external access to the system, data export of the tabulations, or introduction of other metrics not part of or allowed by the certification process."

    What Is Shemitah? The Sabbatical Year basics: absolution of loans, desisting from all field work

    As soon as the Jews settled in the Holy Land, they began to count and observe seven-year cycles. Every cycle would culminate in a Sabbatical year, known as Shemitah, literally: “to release.”

    The year following the destruction of the second Holy Temple was the first year of a seven-year Sabbatical cycle. In the Jewish calendar, counting from Creation, this was the year 3829, 68–69 CE on the secular calendar. By counting sevens from then, we see that the next Shemitah year will be the year 5782 after Creation, which runs from September 7, 2021 - September 25, 2022.

    • On September 24/September 26 something is going to happen in the economy.
    • September 26 is the end of the Shemitah year, the end-day of the Jewish calendar. It comes every 7 years.
    • September 17 2001 was the first day the stock-markets opened after 9/11. There was a major crash on that day. That was the end-day of the Shemitah year in 2001.
    • On September 29 2008, which was the end-day of the Shemitah in 2008, Bear Stearns and Lehman brothers collapsed because of the housing bubble. Dow Jones dropped 777 points. (7 is a big code-number for the Shemitah year, by the way.)
    • September 13 2015, which was the end-day of the Shemitah in 2015, was a Sunday. So, nothing happened on that day in the US. But, there was a major crash in China.
    • Now, something is staged to happen on September 26 2022, starting on 24th. September 26, which is Monday, is the end of the Shemitah in 2022

    This might be why the Pope got all of the Vatican money out of the Rothschild banks.

    Khazakstan went to Yuan settlement after the Pope blessed Pachamama.  Did the Pope exchange the Rothschild notes for Chinese Yuans? Or for unsold Chinese real estate? For abandoning Jesus for Pachamama? Could that be why Zi didn't want to mingle with the Pope in Khazakstan? Or is it about the derivatives?

    Fulford: Russia knows it’s leading an exit from the Matrix. It is leaving a corrupt financial system, media and internet behind. They are exposing the New World Order, the EU, USA, NATO, UN, CERN, WHO, CIA and MOSSAD. It is all one big pit with snakes, full of darkness joined together up the evil elite pyramid. It will soon be completely destroyed.”

    The Roman Catholic Church hierarchy is also about to take decisive action since most archbishops are aware “Pope Francis” is an agent working for “Mammon.” Archbishop Carlo Vigano says “in the short term, the Church will have to deal with the disasters caused by Bergoglio (“pope Francis”) and his little circle of corrupt associates.”

    Of course, the KM, as usual, isn’t planning to go quietly into the night despite the growing opposition. The buzz going around the internet and intelligence agencies is that some sort of massive 911 or Fukushima-type event is being planned for on or around the Jewish New Year starting on September 24th. Whatever they do, though, they are not going to be able to murder or terrorize themselves out of the hole they have dug for themselves.

    WWIII? Russia Announces Partial Mobilization For Ukraine War

    Russian president Vladimir Putin announced this morning that Russia would partially mobilize its military forces in the ongoing Ukraine conflict, stating that it is NATO that is pulling the strings and sending the weapons to Kiev. The Russia/NATO proxy war has been long ongoing...but will the conflict take a turn to a direct clash? Also today, Pentagon announces a review of its psychological warfare conduct as scores of fake social identities are revealed. Watch the Liberty Report LIVE Every weekday at 12pm EST on Rumble!

    (The Biden administration is doing everything it can to provoke Russia over the former Khazarian homeland of Ukraine. They should just move their headquarters to Khazakstan and be happy with the Pachamama tourism plan. They already have the Pope and Borat on board with that.) New Details About The Pope's Pachamama Show

    Kazakhstan and China Sign Memorandum on Mutual Settlements in Yuan

    Newsweek Sources Claim FBI Raid Was Cover for DOJ to Retrieve Russiagate Evidence Held by Donald Trump

    (The FBI has gone to war against the Constitution and The People. Time for County Sheriffs to foreclose on all FBI offices and operations in their Counties and auction off their property. That would save taxpayers $10 billion a year.

    FBI has become a do nothing agency on crimes against The People.

    The last time the FBI investigated big pharma activities on a large scale was in 1992 when 1000 G Men took down 33 pharmacies in New York with "Operation Gold Pill" drug diversion Investigation.

    The FBI office in Cambria County PA completely ignored years of pharmaceutical drug diversion right in their own back yard. Cambria became the number one opioid overdose county in Pa.

    The DEA had to come in and make the biggest prescription drug bust in PA history involving two Johnstown pharmacies and nearby Value Drug Compny distributors which resulted in a $4 million fine.)

    Johnstown vaccine clinics scheduled as COVID-19 cases increase

    These idiots to keep vaccinating their children with a known contagious poison known as the spike protein.  

    ‘Send Us Back to New Jersey’: John Fetterman Incoherent Again After 5 Minute Speech In Indiana Pa

    After the crimes against humanity committed by PA democrats during covid, it would be a travesty to unleash this thug on the senate and the rest of the country. Wolf, Shapiro and Fetterman went the opposite direction of Florida and destroyed the PA economy.

    Once Biden got in things got even worse. Why anyone would continue to support politicians that tried to exterminate their fellow citizens with forced lockdowns, masks and poisonous vaccines as a condition of employment is inexplicable!

    Fetterman is running on the same anti human artificial intelligence programming that biden is on which is clearly meant to destroy life and liberty for all. God is taking back the earth at this time and the Godless Democrats need to repent!

    10 years after the Jerry Sandusky scandal at Penn State, former university President Graham Spanier says his new book gets ‘the entire truth out’

    This book is entirely irrelevant. The key to the long delays in the Sandusky investigation all go back to the disappearance of Ray Gricar. The questions are: Why to this day there has been no grand jury called when that was the top recomendation of the PA State Police.

    The case is still open and AG Josh Shapiro still refuses to call the grand jury. Anybody paying attention knows that Corbett and Madeira refused to do a proper investigation and Corbett's press secretary was seen with Gricar on the day he went missing in Lewisburg.

    See for the latest on the effort to solve the case by independent researchers. It should be noted that the FBI removed the missing person file on Gricar after Biden took office.

    Also See The Dueling Press Conferences | Centre Daily Times In which Gricar's DA friends try unsuccessfully to get Gricar's DA replacement to cooperate in finding Ray.

    Here are the 53 recomendations for finding Gricar 

    Two weeks before Gricar disappears Corbett calls a drug bust press conference. His press secretary and Michael Madeira are also present. They put Ray out front even though it was Madeira that ran the case. The press secretary and Gricar are seen together by several witnesses that know them both at the Street of Shops on April 15, 2015, the day Gricar disappears. She is labeled "the mystery woman" by investigators. Madeira goes on to replace Gricar as Centre DA and like Corbett, doesn't bother to look for Gricar. 13 months later it was announced to the public that a mystery woman was seen with Gricar. Corbett's press secretary leaves for other work at the same time.

    Madeira then announces that he cannot investigate Sandusky because Madeira's wife is Sandusky's adopted son's sister. The investigation is then taken over by the AG office but the Sandusky files went missing in the handoff.

    Judge strikes down federal school mask and vaccine mandate.

     A federal judge in Louisiana ruled that the federal government cannot require Head Start program teachers, staff and volunteers be vaccinated against COVID-19, nor can they require that adults and students wear masks."

    The violet flame EXPLAINED

    The Violet Flame is a miraculous spiritual energy. It corresponds to the high frequency of violet light and those who have open spiritual sight have seen it as a beautiful violet aura or flame. It is the coalesced spiritual energy of love, mercy, justice, freedom and transmutation.

    The use of this spiritual energy is taught by the Ascended Master Saint Germain. The Violet Flame is one of the causes behind the science of miracles, a universal solvent of heavenly alchemy, and a special spiritual solution for our time. It is the elixir of the age.

    Saints and adepts of East and West have long used the spiritual energy of the violet flame to accelerate their spiritual development. Some experienced the secret flame itself, and some knew of it as the power of God’s mercy to change hearts and the world around them. This secret wisdom was not given to the public for many long ages.

    The violet flame remained a secret teaching in the spiritual or etheric retreats of the Great White Brotherhood until the twentieth century. The 20th century and our own, is the doorway between different spiritual ages. We live in the crucial interval for Lightbearers to claim their rightful spiritual destiny, make up for lost opportunity with the violet flame, and help the world ring with freedom.

    For eighty years, Saint Germain and the Masters have been preparing the world to enter into the Age of Aquarius, the spiritual era when peace, enlightenment and freedom become more possible. Saint Germain is spoken of in the Book of Revelation as the voice of the Seventh Angel that is teaching our souls to come up higher. He teaches us to Sing the New Song. This new song is one of a new vibration and spiritual energy the world has not seen for a long time.

    A Time for Transformation: Why Now? What happens when you use the Violet Flame? Taking your electrons for a spin! Invoking Violet Flame with the Science of the Spoken Word: We are called to be co-creators with God.

    World events and changes appear to be are happening at lightning speed. We are in constant contact with news and crisis situations around the world. We are also impacting the world by who we are and what we believe, what we are choosing to be, or not to be.

    Each one’s choice truly matters.

    What can one person do in the face of political turmoil, economic challenge, terrorism and even weather extremes? The truth is, every spiritual seeker is a powerhouse of spiritual energy and counts for more in the world equation than most realize. We can make the crucial difference in world events.

    The Violet Flame is the intense spiritual energy that can deliver fast positive change.

    Heaven has a “just in time delivery system.” We face intense challenges so we are given the miracle of the violet flame to help us transmute the past and to create a new world. Jesus asked us to pray, “Thy Kingdom come on earth, as it is in heaven”. We can affirm that heavenly kingdom through our work with the violet flame.

    The Violet Flame is a powerful means of bringing that heaven world closer to earth.

    The Great Brotherhood of spiritual adepts foresaw that this challenging time on earth required a spiritual miracle. When the time came, the Master Saint Germain again revealed the teachings on the Violet Flame to mankind. Previously, only those in the spiritual retreats knew of the violet flame. Now, Saint Germain reveals,

    “As your soul travels out of the body at night to the etheric retreats for study, you are shown the filigree thread of light that emits from a heart chakra filled with mercy’s love. Some of you have seen where there have been a number of threads so great as to not even be possible of counting, and these threads of violet flame, almost as a gossamer veil, have gone directly to hearts all over the planet…You can in fifteen minutes a day of giving violet flame decrees have me with you; and in my presence with you, you can deliver a momentum of violet flame to many souls upon the planet.” (Saint Germain, 7-4-91)

    The Ascended Master Saint Germain is calling you as a fellow spiritual alchemist to fan the flame of joy, transmutation, mercy and resolution. Bathe the earth in violet fire. Saturate yourself and your loved ones in the energy of the violet flame and watch your world change.

    Don’t Take it on Faith – Listen to the Scientists: For the scientific minded, here is the greatest explanation of why the violet flame works – “In our physical world, the violet light is the shortest wave length of light and therefore, the highest frequency in the physical spectrum. Since frequency is directly proportional to energy, the violet light also has the most energy! That means, it has the greatest ability to change matter at the atomic level.”

    With every beat of our hearts, energy is flowing to us from our Higher Source. Every moment, we decide whether to put a positive or negative spin on it. We have the free will to “qualify” God’s energy coming to us. By the law of the circle, the law of karma, that energy will return to us.

    Our energy choices come back to us bringing more of the same into our lives. It comes as blessings, it comes as lessons for us to learn to do better, and as opportunity to make things right. Negative choices cause negative energy to build up in ourselves, our cells, our psychology, and creates our limitations. Many refer to this energy as negative karma.

    This happens on a group level too, in communities, countries and the world. This group karma affects our destinies. The visualization, affirmation, and meditation on the violet flame consumes this negative energy – transmutes it to positive energy. We can work with this violet light to turn ourselves and this world around.

    We can set the energy free!

    Saint Germain teaches that the violet flame has the ability to change physical conditions because of all the spiritual flames; the violet is closest in vibration to the components of matter. The violet flame can literally consume the negative layers of energy within and between the very atoms of your being.

    Think of it: If you can set free energy that was locked in place by a negative thought or feeling, are you not going back and changing the past?

    When you call for the violet flame, it sets up a polarity between the nucleus of the atom and the white fire core of the flame. The nucleus, being from matter, assumes the negative pole and the white fire core of the violet flame, being Spirit, assumes the positive pole. This interaction sets up an oscillation, a vibration that dislodges the density.

    On contact with the violet flame, this dense substance is cleansed, purified, and restored to its native purity. The electrons begin to move freely again, and raise our whole vibration and our energy level.

    Since we qualify the energy that Universe gives us with every heartbeat, most likely some of it is not qualified in the best way. For example, any time we lose our temper, get annoyed, or spend our time judging others, we are negatively qualifying that energy. Well, there is a spiritual science to transmuting that energy.

    Spiritual seekers are familiar with meditation, visualization and affirmation. We can see the beautiful violet flame and visualize its light over us, our families, our world. We can enter into deep meditation upon it and let its presence enter our surroundings. Even more powerfully, we can affirm the energy of the violet flame into our lives by means of the Science of the Spoken Word.

    The name of God, I AM That I AM, as taught to Moses, is the key to manifestation. I Am a being of violet fire, I AM the purity God desires. Earth is a planet of violet fire, earth is the freedom that God desires. Using the name of God in such a way creates an interactive relationship with Spirit – you become a co-creator through the power of decrees.

    Earth is a school room where we learn to take responsibility for our energy. Now, you can access the art and science of decrees to help you. The Science of the Spoken Word, of using decrees, allows the soul to follow the Biblical teaching “concerning the works of my hands, command ye me.”

    Like prayers, decrees are spoken petitions to God. But they are a command for the will of God to be manifest. When you use violet flame decrees, you are commanding the flow of energy from spirit to matter. You are no longer a just petitioner, but are entering into a partnership and an interactive relationship with God.

    Francis Bergoglio and political leaders advance New Age globalist religion agenda in a 35-paragraph declaration of 15 September 2022.

    They met in Astana Khazakstan, the Khazarian Illuminati Capitol, where the Pope endorsed what he called pluralism and Pachamama. (No mention of Jesus.)

    The final 35-paragraph document of the Congress in Kazakhstan is a kind of magna charter of the New Age world religion. It was adopted by Francis Bergoglio together with numerous members of the world Masonic brotherhood participating in the Congress.

    (This is the illuminati's attempt to rule the world through the feminine principle, the creative vessel of life that contains, nurtures, and protects. The Pope has run off with Pachamah and left Jesus and his sheep at the curb.)

    Kazakhstan bishop says Pope Francis' participation in interfaith summit potentially 'dangerous'

    An outspoken bishop of Kazakhstan's Catholic community, long known for his criticisms of Pope Francis, said on Sept. 15 that the pope's participation here in a major summit of interfaith leaders could give the "dangerous" impression that the Catholic Church is part of a "supermarket of religions" rather than the "one true religion." 

    Ahead of an address by Francis to Central Asian clergy, auxiliary Bishop Athanasius Schneider of Astana, Kazakhstan, told reporters he feared that Francis' involvement in the country's 7th Congress of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions could "undermine the uniqueness and absoluteness of Jesus Christ as Savior and of our mission to preach to all nations, to all religions, Jesus Christ."

    " Very Nice!" | Kazakh Tourism official new slogan | Borat ...Kazakhstan? Very nice! It's a place you may have heard of, that's nicer than you ever imagined. Where you can find endless steppe, sand, and epic mountain peaks just a short drive from a modern metropolis.

     #kazakhstan #verynice

    Medical issues central theme as Fetterman campaigns at IUP

    He represents the brains of the PA democrats, complete with the massive tumor on his neck that he hides behind his hoodie. The mastermind of their future. Right up there with Biden.

    All those vaccines he took with his family at the walk in clinics aren't working out so well. He must have gotten one from a bad batch. This is why Fetterman is demanding to debate after the election is over.

    They expect the college elite to go along with this nonsense too. Sponsored by the First Commonwealth Bank of Indiana PA.

    (Jimmy Stewart would be insulted. Bringing that AI meme, phony democrat into the Christmas Tree Capitol of the world, home of the greatest Air Force hero of WW2, star of It's A Wonderful Life, Brigadere General James Stewart.)

    Visit The Jimmy Stewart Museum

    The Jimmy Stewart Museum is a definite must-see for film buffs and Jimmy fans alike! Over 6,000 visitors a year come to this one-of-a kind museum. We have had visitors from all 50 states and multiple countries from around the world. Jimmy Stewart’s legacy is alive and well in Indiana, PA and worth the visit to Stewart’s quaint hometown. There is so much to see and experience! Come and see for yourself what all the talk is about and learn about Jimmy Stewart’s wonderful life!

    Jimmy Stewart was the movies’ quintessential everyman, a uniquely all-American performer who parlayed his easy-going persona into one of the most successful and enduring careers in film history. 

    James Maitland Stewart was born in Indiana, Pennsylvania, on May 20, 1908. The son of Elizabeth and Alexander Stewart, he achieved so much in his lifetime. Growing up in a small town with his two sisters, Virginia and Mary, instilled values that he would carry with him throughout his life. 

    Jimmy, as he was known by those close to him and his fans, attended Indiana Normal School, Mercersburg Academy, and Princeton University. His plans for the future entailed working at the J. M. Hardware Co. store that was started by his grandfather and passed down to his father. This never came to fruition although his father always thought that if things didn’t work out, Jimmy could come back home and take over the store.

    The Stewart family tradition of serving in the military goes back to Jimmy’s third great grandfather, Fergus Moorhead, who served in the Revolutionary War. Jimmy’s maternal grandfather was a general for the Union in the Civil War. His father Alex, served in both the Spanish-American War and World War I. Jimmy Stewart entered the Army as a private and at the end of WWII was a colonel in the Army Air Corps, fully decorated as the result of the 20 combat missions he flew over Germany as leader of a squadron of B-24’s.

    Among the medals, he was awarded were two Distinguished Flying Crosses and the Croix de Guerre. Following the war, Jimmy got right back to the business of making movies. His first post-war performance in the movie It’s A Wonderful Life earned him an Academy Award nomination. Initially, this film was a box office bust, it has become the most famous Christmas holiday film in Hollywood history.

    It was also Stewart’s and Frank Capra’s favorite films. Stewart’s success continued into the 1960s and 1970s by acting in movies such as, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, Shenandoah, and The Flight of the Phoenix. He also had his own television series The Jimmy Stewart Show and played the recurring role of Hawkins in the mystery movie of the week. Stewart went into semi-retirement when health began to fail him. He retired permanently from public life after his beloved wife of forty-five years passed away. 

    Jimmy graduated from Princeton with a degree in Architecture. Due to the depression, Stewart thought there would not be many jobs available, so he took up an offer from a friend. He spent the next summer preparing a show for Broadway with the Falmouth Players. When the show headed to New York, Jimmy followed suit. He was enamored with it all. He started on Broadway with bit parts, moved to small parts, and those led to leading roles until he was discovered by Hollywood. 

    In 1935, Stewart signed a contract with MGM studios and began his impressive film career. During the 1930s, he made twenty-one feature films and continued to hone his acting skills. He starred in films with Spencer Tracy, Ginger Rogers, Marlene Dietrich, Clark Gable, Jean Harlow, Joan Crawford, Margaret Sullavan, and Edward G. Robinson.

    MGM casted him in musicals, dramas, comedies, and westerns. Frank Capra took notice of him in Navy Blue and Gold and casted him in You Can’t Take It with You. In 1938, this film won the Academy Award for Best Picture. Stewart then starred in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington and received his first Academy Award Nomination for Best Actor. He won the New York Critics Award, but not the Academy Award. This happened again twenty years later with Anatomy of a Murder.

    Jimmy did win the Academy Award for Best Actor for The Philadelphia Story also starring Cary Grant and Katharine Hepburn in 1940. Stewart was riding high and MGM was expecting big things from him. What he chose to do next was bigger than anyone could have imagined. Like his ancestors before him, Stewart enlisted in the United States Army to the dismay of MGM.

    Stewart continued his military career after WWII by serving in the Air Force Reserves and rose to the rank of Brigadier General. President Reagan awarded him the Medal of Freedom, which is the highest award that can be awarded to a civilian in the United States.

    During the 1950s​ Jimmy broadened his roles and collaborated with some of the greatest directors of his time, such as Alfred Hitchcock, Cecil B. DeMille, Billy Wilder, Anthony Mann, John Ford, and Otto Preminger. In 1955, Stewart was the top male at the box office and in the top five for several years. He received another Academy Award nomination for the film many considered his signature role, Harvey.

    Jimmy ended his bachelor status in 1949 when he married Gloria Hatrick McLean.They had twin daughters, Kelly and Judy, and with Gloria’s two sons, Michael and Ronald, Jimmy settled down to family life. Unfortunately, they lost Ronald to the Vietnam War.

    Jimmy was a popular guest on many television shows in the ’80s and was recognized as one of the great actors of the golden age of Hollywood. Stewart received his second Academy Award for Lifetime Achievement. He also was awarded the Golden Globe Cecil B. DeMille and American Film Institute Awards for Lifetime Achievement.

    He accidentally started a new career as a poet when he recited his poem A Dog Named Beau on The Johnny Carson Show. Jimmy Stewart’s book of poems became a bestseller and continues to sell very well today.

    James Maitland Stewart (Jimmy) died on July 2, 1997. He will be remembered as a talented actor, brave military hero, loving husband, good father, and a giant among men. He leaves a legacy of honesty, hard work, and strong values. He was a good man, a loyal citizen, and had a wonderful life.

    He indeed earned his wings!

    Democrats losing every major race in Georgia… Stacey Abrams trails by 8 pts…

    Herschel Walker is making steady gains!

    Paul Offit on His Vote Against Bivalent COVID Boosters — FDA's vaccine advisor also discusses why the "boosters for all" argument is a flawed one

    Ford stock suffers worst day since 2011 after cost warning, shedding $7 billion in market value

    Dr. Paul Offit, one of the world’s most respected vaccine experts, is now officially an anti-vaxxer!

    Dr. Paul Offit Turns Against the FDA!Dr. He tells people to WAIT and NOT get the new boosters because the only information available on them is MOUSE data.

    Dr. Paul Offit has been one of the biggest promoters of standard vaccines, and of the covid shots. He is the Director of the Vaccine Education Center at CHOP and is on the FDA’s 21-member vaccine advisory committee. He wrote books against anti-vaxxers, such as his 2010 “Deadly Choices: How the Anti Vaccine Movement Threatens Us All.”

    From Dr. Offit’s Wikipedia page:

    Paul Allan Offit is an American pediatrician specializing in infectious diseases, vaccines, immunology, and virology. He is the co-inventor of a rotavirus vaccine. Offit is the Maurice R. Hilleman Professor of Vaccinology, professor of pediatrics at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, former chief of the Division of Infectious Diseases (1992–2014), and the director of the Vaccine Education Center at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. He has been a member of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices.

    UPDATED PROTOCOL for attempted prevention of complications in vaxxed people

    Please read and pass on the information. This protocol for the already-vaxxed could save lives.

    Canada to drop COVID-19 vaccine border policy

    By the end of September, the federal government is planning to drop its COVID-19 vaccine border requirements, and the ArriveCan application will become optional, sources confirmed to CTV News.

    The government is expected to make this policy change by the end of the month, and the sources indicated the Liberals would also end the outstanding random COVID-19 testing for travellers.

    #TrudeauMustGo Trends on Twitter with 1.81 Million Interactions Including Trudeau's Brother as Canadians Express Disapproval Over Draconian Covid-19 Mandates.

    National Federation of Independent Businesses

    NFIB is the voice of small business, advocating on behalf of America's small and independent business owners, both in Washington, D.C. and each state.

    NFIB supports candidates in both federal and state elections who stand up for small business. View NFIB endorsements here.

    The endorsements are based on NFIB member input, candidate questionnaires, and voting records. Small business owners must rally behind NFIB to stop the loss of the small business economy!

    2022 NFIB PAC Endorsements for Pennsylvania ...

    The following list of 129 candidates for the Pennsylvania Legislature are endorsed by NFIB PA PAC, the political action committee of NFIB.

    Change is on the Horizon - NESARA Mission - By James Rink

    Change is on the Horizon is a three-hour documentary written, narrated, and produced by James Rink which explains the NESARA Mission. NESARA stands for the National Economic Security and Reformation Act passed by Congress and signed into law October 10, 2000. The law does away with the IRS, Federal Reserve, returns us back to constitutional law, releases enormous amount of wealth from Saint Germain’s World Trust, plus much more. I created this documentary to help explain how this is possible.

    Part One we start in Tudor England to learn about Saint Germain.
    Part Two we learn how the bankers tried to destroy Saint Germain’s mission.
    Part Three we learn how humanity would be set free.

    This video was originally released in 2011 and went viral receiving 5 million views but quickly was suppressed by the Youtube algorithm. I have since updated the video slightly for 2020 audiences and added some new content. This video took me three years to make.

    Biden: 'The Pandemic is Over'

    "If 'the pandemic is over' as Biden says, then all of the President's emergency powers predicated on a pandemic, all COVID vax mandates, the emergency powers of every governor, Emergency Use Authorizations, and the PREP act should all be voided tomorrow," Kentucky Rep. Thomas Massie responded

    Congressman Dan Meuser Awarded NFIB "Guardian of Small Business Award"

    The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) has awarded Rep. Dan Meuser (R-PA) its “Guardian of Small Business Award.” 
     It is the NFIB’s most prestigious legislative award and is earned by lawmakers who vote consistently with small businesses on the key issues identified by small business owners. The lawmakers who voted with small business on key issues 70% or more of the time during the 117th Congress have earned the NFIB Guardian of Small Business Award. NFIB informs lawmakers in advance which votes will be considered NFIB Key Votes and asks lawmakers to support the consensus views of our members. NFIB shares the results back to NFIB’s membership.

    “The NFIB Guardian of Small Business Award is presented to Members of Congress who have proven themselves to be real champions of small business,” said NFIB President and CEO Brad Close.

    Exclusive— Former CIA Station Chief: Intelligence Agencies Cannot ‘Be Reformed’ Unless POTUS Can ‘Fire Every Federal Employee’

    “It’s a real cause of concern, not just among regular folks, but [among] people who served in these agencies,” he stated. He emphasized the ubiquity of such political orientations among intelligence agency employees.

    He remarked, “The infection in these organizations is not just the political appointees. It’s basically everyone from mid-grade-level and up, if not lower because they’re all the recipients of a super-liberal education.”

    “They just graduate from college with this really bizarre worldview, for the most part,” he added. “Unfortunately, I kind of agree with the idea of breaking them up because I don’t really see how they can be reformed in any kind of a meaningful way unless the president has the power to basically fire every federal employee at will.”

    Gilliam called for conservatives to enter institutions dominated by left-wing politics while accepting a long time horizon for reform.

    Martha's Vineyard sent illegals to a Superfund site

    The Cape Cod Times reported the Massachusetts National Guard escorted 50 illegal aliens from Martha's Vineyard to Joint Base Cape Cod on Friday.

    EPA lists Joint Base Cape Cod as a Superfund site.

    Make that a Sanctuary Superfund site.

    EPA said, "Protecting Cape Cod's drinking water continues to be a major focus at EPA New England. The Joint Base Cape Cod (formerly known as the Massachusetts Military Reservation), a 22,000-acre property that has been used for military training activities since 1911, is located over a sole source aquifer that provides drinking water for 200,000 year-round and 500,000 seasonal residents of Cape Cod. Parts of the aquifer have been contaminated by fuel spills, training, disposal, and other past activities at JBCC’s Camp Edwards and Otis Air National Guard Base.

    (This is why all mRNA vaccines are poison and must be stopped. )

    Israel knew about serious safety problems with covid jabs while pushing them on people and hiding the harm

    Kash Patel: This Entire Raid on Mar-a-Lago Was to Prevent Disclosure of Declassified Russiagate Documents that Implicate FBI! (VIDEO)

    US Marine Corps Quietly Drops Punishments For Refusing Covid-19 Vaccine

    A Sept. 14 notice reads that the "Marine Corps will not enforce any order to accept COVID-19 vaccination, administratively separate, or retaliate against Marines in the class for asserting statutory rights under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act."

    Alcyon Pleiades 143: UFO-Atomic silos, Blue Beam, Crop Circles, Bases, Contactees Extra-terrestrials

    Anything related to the Cosmos is of utmost importance in the times in which we live. Solar energy is increasing, as the Sun experiences even more activity than scientists initially anticipated, which leads us to consider the real possibility of a new change affecting the planetary scene, thereby generating a scenario similar to what happened in previous eras, with civilisations like Hyperborea, Lemuria and Atlantis...

    Perhaps this is why the number of cosmic ships sighted in 2022 is on the rise. Over the course of the last few decades, extra-terrestrial beings have made their presence known, at different moments in history, as in the case of the New York blackouts in 1965 and 1977, or with the UFO landing that occurred in Voronezh, Russia, in 1989, which was featured in newspapers all over the world. In certain instances, they have intervened to deactivate nuclear missiles – in silos or during actual tests – as part of their constant efforts to warn and protect human beings. They have also sent us messages, like those inherent in the crop circles that appear in various countries throughout the world, especially England. Furthermore, are we being warned about Project Blue Beam, whereby the global elite intend to simulate a fake extra-terrestrial invasion?

    Various different races of stellar beings are warning us and offering us their help, including the Pleiadians, the Andromedans and beings from Aldebaran. A number of contactees bear witness to this fact, and relay news of their encounters with simplicity and truthfulness, sharing the message these beings from the Cosmos are sending to Humanity.

    Video created by Alcyon Pleiades

    DeSantis Crushes Gubernatorial Fundraising Record

    HUGE! Nearly 50 Members Of Congress Call On Pentagon To End Military Vaccine Mandate

    The vaccine mandates are being steadily driven back. If the Navy Seals can pull it off so can the rest of the armed services.

    Penn State College of Education's 13 new faculty members for fall semester

    The far left agenda at Penn State has caused it to fall in all college rankings while the cost of tuition remains the most in the big ten. With a $200 million a year budget deficit, they need to turn it around fast.

    Mastriano and OZ are steadily closing the gap

    Mastriano, Don Junior and company drew an enthusiastic crowd of about 500 in Chambersburg.

    The confederates burned Chambersburg to the ground during the civil war but Mastriano's office there and his efforts to preserve true American history are a testament to the resilience of his senate district that includes Gettysburg.

    Mastriano's Education: Mastriano received a master's degree in strategic intelligence from the Joint Intelligence College in 1992. His education also includes a master's degree in airpower theory from the Air University in 2001. In 2002, he received a master's degree in military operational art and science from the Air University's School of Advanced Air and Space Studies. He received a master's degree in strategic studies from the United States Army War College in 2010. In 2013, Mastriano completed a Ph.D. in history from the University of New Brunswick.

    Voter Fraud Map: Election Fraud Database

    The Heritage Foundation’s Election Fraud Database presents a sampling of recent proven instances of election fraud from across the country. Each and every one of the cases in this database represents an instance in which a public official, usually a prosecutor, thought it serious enough to act upon it. And each and every one ended in a finding that the individual had engaged in wrongdoing in connection with an election hoping to affect its outcome — or that the results of an election were sufficiently in question and had to be overturned. This database is not an exhaustive or comprehensive list. This database is intended to demonstrate the vulnerabilities in the election system and the many ways in which fraud is committed.

    Continue scrolling to view the database, or Read More

    1,375 Proven instances of voter fraud

    1,182 Criminal convictions

    Civil penalties 48

    Diversion program 103

    Judicial findings 25

    Official Findings 23

    Open Printable results here.

    The FBI should study this map carefully and do their jobs in a non partisan way. Taking Mike Lindel's phone isn't going to make the truth go away.

    Rand Paul finds older, rare, interview where Fauci tells the truth about the flu.

    Senator Rand Paul Spanks Fauci With His Own Words In The Past About Natural Immunity

    Lancet Report Claiming COVID Could Have Come From U.S. Lab Met With Uproar

    The ground water under Fort Detrick in Frederick MD is already poisoned and undrinkable. Fauci had an office there. They studied multiple covid strains there. It was closed in August 2019 because of a lab leak. Two nursing homes an hour south near DC had unknown types of sickness outbreaks right after that. An unknown vaping disease was then blamed for a new kind of lung illness in Maryland. Inexperienced athletes who trained at Fort Detrick went to the Wuhan games which started the same day as event 201 at Johns Hopkins in which a biological outbreak was anticipated. Four US military personell were diagnosed with an unknown disease upon arrival. Fort detrick was where the 2001 anthrax scare was traced to and it goes on and on. Shut it down along with all of the other US biolabs that are a threat to human health everywhere.

    NIH: Research Facility at Fort Detrick

    The Integrated Research Facility at Fort Detrick (IRF-Frederick) team has extensive experience in testing potential medical countermeasures for high-consequence viral pathogens. Leveraging this experience, scientists at the IRF-Frederick have developed and are using cell‑based in vitro assays and animal models to test potential therapeutics for and vaccines against COVID‑19. The unique medical imaging capabilities of the IRF-Frederick are also being used to understand pathological consequences of SARS‑CoV‑2 in relevant animal models of disease. Following are examples of the IRF-Frederick’s contribution to solving the challenge of COVID-19 for the world and for the nation.

    High-Throughput Assay Platform Drug Screening Assay

    The IRF-Frederick has developed drug-screening and virus-neutralization assays using the PerkinElmer Operetta high-content imaging system. Fluorescence and chemiluminescence cell-based assays provide automated data capture and analysis.

    The IRF-Frederick is currently working with both government and industry partners to screen individual compounds and combinations of compounds in cell-based high-content imaging assays.

    The IRF-Frederick has developed cell-culture screening assays to identify potentially effective therapeutics for Ebola, Marburg, Lassa, and Nipah viruses, MERS-CoV and SARS-CoV-2.

    Additional Coronavirus Information for Researchers

    NIAID offers resources, funding, biosafety, and data sharing information for coronavirus researchers.

  • Coronaviruses (11)
  • Ebola and Marburg (11)
  • Flu (Influenza) (7)
  • Infectious Diseases (1)
  • Monkeypox (1)

  • Fort Detrick Cancer Cluster, Side Effects Lawsuit

    Posted: November 28, 2016

    Parker Waichman LLP is no longer accepting new cases for this litigation as the litigation has either resolved or the statute of limitation has expired for the defects we were investigating. However, if you bought this product or a similar product within the last three years and are experiencing issues, click here to listen to a message from our founding partner, attorney Jerry Parker.

    Fort Detrick Cancer Cluster Lawsuits. The area around Fort Detrick, in Frederick Maryland a United States Army Garrison may be the site of a cancer cluster. The air, water and land around Fort Detrick may have been polluted by Agent Orange testing, radiation as well as the dumping of toxic chemicals like tetrachloroethene (PCE) and trichloroethene (TCE).

    If you or a member of your family has been diagnosed with cancer, and you lived in the Fort Detrick vicinity, exposure to these toxic chemicals could be to blame.

    Toxic substance litigation lawyers at Parker Waichman LLP are investigating cancer rates in communities around Fort Detrick. Cancers that may be associated with Fort Detrick include:

    • Bladder cancer
    • Brain tumors
    • Breast cancer
    • Hodgkins disease
    • Leukemia
    • Lung cancer
    • Multiple myeloma
    • Non-Hodgkins lymphoma
    • Prostate cancer
    • Rectal cancer
    • Soft tissue carcinoma

    According to a report from The Washington Post, Fort Detrick was the site of Agent Orange research from the 1940s into the 1960s. Fort Detrick’s Area B was used for Agent Orange testing, as well as for buried disposal of a number of contaminants including biological materials, test animal carcasses, radiological tracer materials, phosgene cylinders, and drums containing organic solvents such as TCE and PCE. In April 2009, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) added Fort Detrick Area B Groundwater to the National Priority List (NPL) based on PCE and TCE detections in offsite drinking wells.

    The Department of Veterans Affairs has recognized certain cancers and other health problems as presumptive diseases related to exposure to Agent Orange or other herbicides during military service, including prostate cancer, chronic B cell leukemia, Hodgkins disease, multiple myeloma, non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, soft tissue carcinoma, and respiratory cancers. Non-Hodgkins lymphoma, leukemia, rectal cancer, bladder cancer, breast cancer, and lung cancer have all been associated with exposure to PCE and TCE.

    Recently, the Kristen Renee Foundation surveyed an area within a 6-mile radius of Fort Detrick. Of those tested, scientists found residents whose bodies contained toxins which matched the footprint of chemicals found in the soil around the facility. The survey also found at least one cancer case in all homes surveyed stretching back to the 1960s. The group has so far documented roughly 1000 cases of cancer within a 6 mile radius of Fort Detrick.

    Maryland Cancer Registry data show that the number of all cases of cancer observed in the three census tracts near Fort Detrick was statistically greater than the number expected based upon the Maryland rate for all cancers. The state cancer registry shows that Frederick County has the highest cancer rates in the state of Maryland, at 525 cancers per 100,000 people as compared to the statewide average of 461 cancers per 100,000 people.


    Cleanup Activities

    Area B occupies approximately 399 acres and was initially established as a proving ground in the Army's Biological Warfare program. Later, Area B was used as a disposal area for chemical, medical, and radiological (CBR) material.

    Most of the drinking water wells near Fort Detrick have been closed, and affected residents were connected to public water supply. In 1992, groundwater samples collected from six drinking water wells located to the southeast of Area B along Shookstown Road and Montevue Lane contained concentrations of TCE above the cancer risk screening concentration or at concentrations meeting the criteria for documenting Level I actual contamination

    Area B-11, also known as Pit No. 11, is reported to have received various types of waste chemicals from Fort Detrick, the National Bureau of Standards, and the Walter Reed Army Medical Center from 1955 to 1970. Reportedly, eight 55-gallon drums of TCE were disposed of in 1968, most likely in the Pit No. 11 area. Wastes disposed of in the pits included metals, wood, general waste from laboratory modifications and building demolition, refuse from housing and animal farm operations, acids and chemicals, incinerated medical waste, waste herbicides and insecticides, phosgene, and animals potentially contaminated by Bacillus anthracis.  Animal carcasses were reportedly sterilized before burial. 

    US Navy Quietly Cancels Vaccine Requirement Order For SEALs

    The US Navy quietly rolled back Trident Order #12, an order denying religious exemptions for covid vaccinations, a few months after an injunction was issued by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in early 2022 as part of an ongoing lawsuit brought by First Liberty Institute.  The suit was initiated on behalf of 35 active-duty SEALS and three reservists seeking exemptions to the mandate due to the possibility of covid vaccines being developed using cells and tissues from aborted fetuses.

    The Zionist Organization of America has called for the firing of the Anti-Defamation League’s CEO

    Citing a recent Fox News investigation, the ZOA charged the ADL with “promot[ing] far-left and critical race theory concepts such as ‘white privilege’ and ‘systemic racism’” through their educational materials, which have reportedly been taught to 1.4 million children in 1,600 schools.

    (This is the end of CRT. Alert the media, the schools and the Bar Association before anyone else gets hurt.)

    Durham: The FBI Had Danchenko on Payroll as An Informant During the Russian Collusion Investigation 

    Remember when Igor Danchenko was arrested and charged with lying to the FBI?

    The Russians just sent all of the drinking water down the drain in Zelensky's home town. 

    Oh well, even Jesus wasn't popular in his home town. Zelinski still has his well stocked Italian Villas to retreat to.

    Letters: Benefiting from Biden; Mastriano’s ‘freedom’ doesn’t include women

    The little shrinking newspaper with no printing presses that published this letter needs to correct the record. Wolf, Shapiro, Fetterman, Levine and the rest of the democrat, vaccine mandating lockdown bullies are the ones that have left women and babies decimated with sterility, stillbirths and infant heart disease.

    Mastriano was the leader in the senate that tried to stop the madness of the forced vaccines, the masks and the lockdowns that Shapiro went right along with as attorney general.

    Mastriano is the last hope for Pennsylvania families, women of child bearing years, the unborn and newborns who deserve to live free of medical tyranny.

    Penn State President Neeli Bendapudi to faculty, students: ‘This is where I will retire’

    Better correct the left turn into the abyss first.

    Beltway Conservative Groups Begin to Oppose Endless Ukraine Gravy Train

    After tens of billions have been shoveled into the black hole of Ukraine, known as the most corrupt country in Europe, Beltway conservative groups are belatedly waking up to the dollar hemorrhage. With a new $14 billion dollar giveaway on the table, groups such as Heritage Action and Center for Renewing America are screaming "enough!" Also today: one astrophysicist shocks the world.

    Mike Lindell said FBI agents pulled up to his car in a Hardee's drive-thru in Minnesota and seized his phone

    What's next? My Pillow confiscations from the woke FBI?

    FBI Competence? It took them a decade to locate Dorothy’s ruby slippers

    A pair of ruby slippers worn by Judy Garland in the film The Wizard of Oz was stolen from the Judy Garland Museum in Minnesota in 2005.

    “From the outset,” said Special Agent Christopher Dudley, who led the investigation from the FBI’s Minneapolis Field Office, “our top priority was the safe recovery of the slippers.”

    12 Products FBI Agents Use to Secure Their Homes

    Who better to get advice from on home security products than FBI agents and private investigators who've studied the minds of criminals? Find out what they recommend to keep you and your belongings secure.

    If it’s being monitored by a knucklehead company, it’s useless,” says Thomas G. Martin, private investigator and former federal agent.

    (No mention about how to keep your phone from being randomly stolen by the FBI.)

    What They’re Not Telling You About the New mRNA Boosters

    If you do the math, you will discover that the COVID jabs have been the No. 1 cause of death in the U.S. for the past two years, far exceeding heart attacks and cancers that were unrelated to the jab.

    They are the deadliest drugs in medical history, bar none, and now reformulated shots are being green-lighted based on antibody data from mice alone!

    New Study: COVID Vaccines For Young Adults ‘Ethically Unjustifiable’–Up to 98 Times Worse Than the Disease

    A new pre-print study by nine health experts from Harvard, Johns Hopkins, and other top universities found that COVID-19 boosters administered to young adults cause 18 to 98 serious adverse events for each COVID hospitalization prevented.

    Penn State ranks as Big Ten's worst-value school by US News

    Among all national universities, Penn State tied for No. 77 — a 14-spot drop from 2021 — and fell further behind No. 62 Pitt.

    Furthermore the college of education has doubled down on woke with the hiring of numerous liberal critical race theory indoctrinated professors. The full force of the state and state money is being used to turn Penn State into a leftist indoctrination factory meant to turn out Marxist rebels who will then indoctrinate our children with inapropriate, civilization destroying values such as encouraging sex change operations for kids, early gay indoctrination, gender confusing political correctness, abortion, miscarriage inducing vaccines, unecessary covid vaccines for children and race baiting CRT study materials.

    In particular, the high profile, political operative alumni person of non binary gender known as Admiral Rachel Levine, who has never spent a minute in the US military, has permanently damaged the reputation of Penn State and it's alumni, making graduates the subject of derision and mockery.

    Penn State alumni are urging PSU college of education students to choose another major or find another college to attend. A hiring freeze on Penn State college of education graduates is being encouraged by concerned parents, PSU alumni and the greater business community until Penn State can right the course.

    PA is losing many of their best and brightest to Florida as statistics show a mass migration to states with conservative leadership. Leaving with them is much of the wealth of retirees and families with young children, just like what is happening to New York and New Jersey.

    PSEA treasurer predicts 'devastating' results from candidate's school funding plans in meeting with local teachers

    The Pennsylvania Education Association has become nothing but a money oriented entity that cares nothing of our children's health education and welfare. There is massive blowback coming from concerned parents about transgender indoctrination, early gay sex education, vaccine and mask lockdown ideology and destructive critical race theory pressures.

    The ultimate push back against these civilization destroying, Marxist backed teachers comes in the form of local charter schools, home schooling and accredited on line schools.

    For Example: In Cambria County are several fine charter schools including Commonwealth Charter Academy (814) 619-4761, Willow Tree Academy (812) 525-9397, Cambria County Christian School (814) 749-7406, and Jwf Industries Weld School (814) 254-4251.

    Another great American choice for home school educators is the Ron Paul Curriculum which teaches all the basics plus solid American values, common sense, and creative skills making home school teaching easy and practical.

    The PSEA has effectively destroyed the trust and confidence Pennsylvanians once had for public schools and parents are now fighting back in the most determined ways possible.

    In addition, noting that nearly all of main stream media are heavily biased toward democrat candidates for office, consumers are encouraged to boycott any and all media outlets and their advertisers that promote leftist democrat anti business issues and candidates, starting with nationwide boycotts of Nextar Media Group, Ogden Newspapers, Cox Enterprises Incorporated and CNHI Publishing.

    Doug Mastriano, Candidate for Governor of PA: My last interview with Wendy Bell

    Wendy Bell, a long time news anchor at KDKA Pittsburgh was fired after she questioned the wisdom of the forced lockdowns during the covid plandemic of 2020.

    In this interview, Mastriano, the senator representing Gettysburg and surrounding areas, tells about the state senate's effort to stop Governor Wolf from using emergency powers to lock down Pennsylvania.

    This was the interview that got Wendy fired!


    Wendy Bell spoke at Senator Mastriano's rally in Somerset PA on Friday September 9th to an enthusiastic crowd. (Video)

    Doug Mastriano is from state senate district #33. His district runs along the northern side of the Mason Dixon line, the dividing line between north and south during the civil war.

    Mastriano was once pictured in a southern civil war uniform for a 2013-14 portrait taken for the Army War College's Department of Military Strategy, Plans, and Operations. Senator Mastriano has served to protect and defend the treasured national monuments of Gettysburg both North and South in order to preserve the true history of the United States of America.

    (Doug Mastriano is a retired member of the United States Army. Use of his military rank, job titles, and photographs in uniform does not imply endorsement by the Department of the Army or the Department of Defense.)

    Wendy Bell -

    KDKA Radio History Up To Wendy Bell

    KDKA's establishment was an outgrowth of the post-World War I efforts of the Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Company of East Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to expand its commercial operations in the radio industry.

    Early programming often featured live musical performances by a band composed of Westinghouse employees. The station provided its first remote broadcast on January 2, 1921, airing a religious service from Calvary Episcopal Church. The Calvary services soon became a regular Sunday evening offering, and were continued until 1962.

    On August 5, 1921, KDKA became the first radio station to broadcast a major league professional baseball game, when announcer Harold W. Arlin called the Pittsburgh Pirates-Philadelphia Phillies game from Forbes Field.

    In the fall of that year, the station became the first to broadcast a college football game. In 1922, KDKA hosted political humorist Will Rogers in his first radio appearance.


    In April 2020, KDKA Radio host Wendy Bell received criticism for her comment questioning whether COVID-19 lockdowns were necessary to save "less than 1% of our population," saying the measures were "going to bankrupt America and the future."

    During a question and answer session in May 2020, KDKA talk show host Marty Griffin repeatedly misgendered Department of Health Secretary Dr. Rachel Levine, who previously served as the Pennsylvania Secretary of Health and was the first openly transgender official in state history. Griffin later apologized on Twitter. Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto canceled an interview with KDKA due to the incident.

    Oz Revives Fainting Woman at DelVal Campaign Rally  There was no need to ask, "Is there a doctor in the house?" during a campaign event for Dr. Mehmet Oz in Bucks County not far from Bensalem PA on Saturday night.

    (Oz has a history of rescuing people in need of medical assistance.)

    Dr. Oz 'saves a life at Newark airport by using CPR

    New Zealand Scraps Nearly All COVID-19 Restrictions, Including Mask And Vaccination Mandates

    More than 50 Trump allies were raided by FBI…

    Biden DOJ/FBI has impaneled no fewer than 3 SEPARATE criminal grand juries to investigate Trump and his aides, business associates and lawyers -- and all 3 are in D.C., making it easier for prosecutors to bring indictments.

    (Epstein was an informant for Mueller's FBI. This is another reason why the FBI is no longer a viable law enforcement agency. Epstein island was obviously an FBI blackmail operation.)

    (Biden has basically declared war on over half of the voters in the last election. The Constitutional sheriffs and their posies may now have to seal off all of the FBI field offices in the name of national security.)

    The FBI is hiding Epstein records: But we're going to get them...

    They have all of the real evidence on 9/11, the Kennedy assasination and many other false flags as well.

    THERE BETTER NOT BE ANOTHER FALSE FLAG ON 9/11/22 because the FBI should have known about it and stopped it.

    Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano calls for resistance against New World Order

    For more about Carlo Maria Vigano and the new world order, visit:

    St. Luke's Hospital says it cannot 'strongly endorse' new COVID booster, is skeptical of its effectiveness

    Some hope from the little town of Bethlehem...PA.

    Lawyers & experts reveal evidence for world dictatorship under the guise of pandemics: Download the evidence (PDF)

    Uttar Pradesh government said early use of Ivermectin helped to keep positivity, deaths low

    If this state in India was a country it would be the sixth largest in the world. They defeated covid-19 with Ivermectin.

    If covid vaccination was replaced with Ivermectin, there would be no more threat from covid-19.

    As it is now, the vaccinations are causing the spread of spike protein disease causing numerous deadly side effects that can spread to others.

    "A Climate Engineering Introduction To Media And The Uninformed"

    The most critical step in regard to helping in the fight to expose and halt climate engineering  and thus helping in the fight for the greater good, is making the decision to get involved with the cause at hand. There is only one way forward in this battle, we MUST reach a critical mass of awareness, this effort will take all of us.

    High School Athlete Has Six Feet of Blood Clots Removed From Legs Abruptly Ending Football Career

    WAUSEON, OH – High school football player Kaden Clymer has had his athletic career cut short after doctors found and removed six feet of blood clots from the teenager’s legs.

    Embalmers Have Been Finding Numerous Long, Fibrous Clots That Lack Post-Mortem Characteristics. He says that now, 50 percent to 70 percent of the bodies he sees have clots.

    “The blood is different. Something is causing the blood to change.“

    Where is Operation Our Town when you need them?

    Enough is enough!

    The covid-19 vaccines are the most widely distributed, dangerous drugs ever administered. Your members on the pharmacy roundtable like Value Drug Company and Thompson Pharmacies are the ones still doing it. Time for the Judicial Roundtable (Criminal Justice Advisory Board) and the Law Enforcement Roundtable to stop them.

    Wednesday is free covid shot day at Thompson and Thompson's. While you're at it you can bust them for illegal opioid distribution and reporting in their 4000 bed nursing home  network which distributes an astronomical 145 opioids per person per year to the elderly.

    And tell them to start stocking ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine for proper covid treatment or find another line of work.

    Ramsay Hunt syndrome following mRNA SARS-COV-2 vaccine☆

    Justin Beiber disease from the vaccine. For some it never goes away. Tour canceled. Just one of the many ways the vaccines decimate the young.

    Ramsay-Hunt syndrome typically manifests with a vesicular rash on the concha and external auditory canal associated with peripheral facial paralysis. This is caused by reactivation of latent varicella-zoster virus within the geniculate ganglion, in association with factors that influence immunosuppression, including immunosenescence.

    (Another reason to avoid the vaccine and Lightner Communications radio stations for spreading disease through Pfizer vaccine advertising aimed at 5 and up.)

    The UK has banned the Covid vax for little boys because it ruins their testicles by destroying their development Dr. Wolf discussed the latest development from the United Kingdom. The UK Health Security Agency banned the COVID vaccine from children who had not turned five by the end of last month. The UK will no longer offer the vaccine to children aged 5 to 11.
    Wolf also discussed a recent investigation that revealed the devastating affects of the vaccine on little boys. According to Dr. Naomi Wolf, the vaccine is hindering the development of the testes of pre-adolescent boys. This is a catastrophe.
    The vaccines hurt the testes and hurt the parts of the testes that develop the masculinity and secondary sex characteristics of little boys, and baby boys, and teenage boys. So they literally harm the chances of your little boy child to grow up normally as a male human adult.

    Mexico is way ahead of the USA with the right Covid medicine available over the counter.

    URGENT: FrontLine Doctors Publish “Post-Vaccine Treatment Protocol”

    Understanding and treating spike protein induced diseases.

    Early treatment is essential; For detailed instructions and sources, download An Approach to the Management of Post-Vaccine Syndrome PDF.

    The Sunshine State has been geoengineered into the “Chemcloud Cover State”

    An Open Letter to Governor Ron DeSantis Regarding Biowar Waged Against Florida


    (Never Enforced.)

    The General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

    AN ACT Providing temporarily for the regulation and licensing of rain- making activities;

    Section 12. Enforcement.–In order to enforce the provisions

    of this act, the Pennsylvania State Police shall, on request of

    the board, assign at least one trooper and one investigator to

    an area where unlawful cloud seeding is suspected. If such

    police request the same, the Pennsylvania Aeronautics Commission

    shall assign an airplane and pilot. Air samples shall be taken

    by the Pennsylvania Air Pollution Commission if requested by the

    State Police of the board.

    Moreover, a key manufacturer of silver iodide for weather modification, Deepwater Chemicals, warns of potential health effects of silver iodide in their Material Safety Data Sheet as follows:

    Chronic Exposure/Target Organs: Chronic ingestion of iodides may produce “iodism”, which may be manifested by skin rash, running nose, headache and irritation of the mucous membranes. Weakness, anemia, loss of weight and general depression may also occur. Chronic inhalation or ingestion may cause argyria characterized by blue-gray discoloration of the eyes, skin and mucous membranes. Chronic skin contact may cause permanent discoloration of the skin.

    Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, September 3, 2022, # 369 ( Dane Wigington )

    All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Awareness raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer.

    Dane Wigington

    For more information go to the full Geoengineering Watch article:

    Ivermectin for COVID-19: real-time meta analysis of 90 studies: Colleges need to study this and stop the covid vaccines.

    Pitt: Proof of Vaccination and Booster Required

    The reason is UPMC hospital runs Pitt and has 4 hospitals in the works in communist China.

    Pitt, Carnegie Mellon and Carlow students all return to vaccine mandates for start of fall semester

    University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown Institutes Mask Mandate Again Due To High Covid 19 Levels

    Because covid vaccines cause covid! Pitt/UPMC is letting Communist China run our healthcare!

    No wonder they won't allow Ivermectin and push remdesivir and all the wrong protocols! Marxist medicine wants us dead!

    War on Ivermectin: The Medicine that Saved Millions

    Could Have Ended the COVID Pandemic.

    Confidential Pfizer COVID Vaccine Documents state ‘Shedding’ is possible via ‘Skin-to-Skin Contact’ & ‘Breathing the same Air’ and can cause ‘Menstrual Cycle Disruption’ & ‘Miscarriage’

    Hundreds if not thousands of women have reported that they have suffered irregular bleeding/clotting after receiving one of the mRNA Covid vaccines. Sadly thousands of others have also now reported the loss of their unborn/newborn child.

    However, there also now exist hundreds of testimonies made by women who are claiming that they have lost their baby or suffered irregular bleeding/clotting after being in the company of others who have received one of the mRNA Covid vaccines.

    Sounds unbelievable, doesn’t it? Well unfortunately a Pfizer document confirms that these farfetched reports are perfectly possible.

    Back in April 2021, Dr Naomi Wolf, an American author and journalist was extremely vocal on Twitter about the subject of bleeding/clotting after vaccination or after being around vaccinated women. And on April 19th 2021 she posted a link to a Facebook page, which could be found here but has since been censored and deleted by Facebook.

    The page contained hundreds of accounts from women reporting irregular bleeding after either having the Covid vaccine or being in the company of those who’ve had the Covid vaccine.

    House panel hears about emergency services crises in Pa.

    First responders gave a grim assessment Wednesday of the state of emergency services in Pennsylvania, describing for members of the House Majority Policy Committee how a declining workforce and ballooning costs are decimating police, fire and emergency medical services.

    (This is all because of the covid vaccines and restriction of effective medicines.)

    After destroying American society, the CDC admits natural immunity works better than COVID jabs

    After two and a half years of weaponizing public health messages and destroying the very fabric of society, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has decided that natural immunity works better than the COVID jabs. The CDC is now promoting an “anti-vax” message that they aggressively censored, disparaged and attacked since 2000. The CDC updated their guidelines in August 2022, asking for the vaccinated and the unvaccinated to be treated equally throughout society.

    Since the beginning of the covid-19 scandal, the CDC lied about the immune system, natural exposure and available treatments, while declaring the unvaxxed “public health threats” and threatening their very participation in society.

    Trump, Mastriano, Oz, & MTG In Wilks-Barre PA

    Cato Institute: Florida Ranks #1 In Economic Freedom

    Lacking an individual income tax and featuring a hot climate, Florida has long enjoyed substantial in-migration of well-off retirees. But as we’ve noted in the past, the state attracts more than seniors, as others vote with their feet for good weather and the increased opportunity afforded by Florida’s freer society. Florida does especially well on economic freedom, and even more so on fiscal policy. Indeed, it is our top state on both.

    Ivermectin Shows Antiviral Activity Against COVID-19 and May Reduce Transmission

    Ivermectin was found to decrease the duration of viral shedding in patients with mild to moderate COVID-19 infection, suggesting its value as an anti-SARS-CoV-2 agent and potential to decrease COVID-19 transmission. These study findings were published in the International Journal of Infectious Diseases.

    All mRNA vaccines sould be labeled as schedule 1 drugs, toxins dangerous to the human genome

    (This is why Ivermectin should replace vaccines for the treatment of all sars/covid related diseases. It also binds to the spike protein, is anti cancer and costs pennies a dose to make. India defeated covid with Ivermectin.)

    USA has the worst Record of Covid 19 Cases and Deaths In The World

    Because the covid vaccines are causing it while the right medicines are being withheld.

    Did FBI find Civil War gold in Pennsylvania? Yes! Tell them to give it back and quit lying about what they do!

    Blair County Chamber to Feature FBI agent on Cyber Security

    For more cyber security in the area just close the FBI offices.

    Special master nullifies FBI raid

    It's over for FBI bullying tactics at Mara lago. Ending the FBI would save taxpayers $10 billion a year. 

    Vatican Bank -Financial Secrets Revealed

    5000 properties, only 650 million Euros in equity after all those centuries of donations.

    At least they are out from under the Rothschild banks now.

    Pope Francis has ordered that the Holy See and connected entities move all financial assets to the Institute for Works of Religion (IOR), commonly known as the Vatican bank.

    Religion in Iran: The Secrets of Zoroastrianism

    (Interesting take on Cyrus, Judaism and Christianity from Iran)

    Published By the Iran Chamber Society

    Friday, September 02, 2022

    By: Mark Willey

    About 1400 BCE a forty year-old hermit from northeast Iran, named Zoroaster, came down from his mountain to preach a new religion. Zoroaster had been visited by the god Ahura-Mazda who proclaimed that he was the only god in the universe. Unlike most gods, Ahura Mazda was all good, all knowing and all powerful as well as being invisible. In fact, he was so perfect that he needed mediators like angels between himself and the world. Ahura-Mazda struggled against "The Lie" which was not just words but actions represented by Ahriman and his devils.

    The Subversion of Judaism

    In 539 B.C. the great Persian king Cyrus conquered Babylon. His government was a Zoroastrian theocracy. Cyrus had a history of pretending to adopt a religion and then subverting it. In Egypt he claimed to be a god on earth. In Babylon his first act was to worship Marduk, claiming Marduk had sought a righteous prince and Cyrus was he. Later Cyrus mocked Marduk and had his image carted off. Likewise he subverted Baal, worshipping him at first, then appointing Baal's priests and finally destroying Baal's monuments and temples. Cyrus repatriated certain grateful Jewish proteges in 532 B.C. The Persian Kings restored them to their land; and designed and helped them build a Zoroastrian-style temple which was completed 516 B.C. after prolonged resistance from native Jews.

    Since the Jews were neither a political nor racial group, a minimum requirement of membership was that they worship the tribal God Yahweh as one of their gods. The only tie they had was religion. Yahweh was their glue and if they ceased giving him co-equal attention, then they would be Jews no more. That is the critical importance of the covenant and first commandment. The priests perfectly understood this - see Deut 4:25-28.

    Isaiah calls Cyrus the divinely appointed shepherd/ruler in chapter 44 and the "anointed/messiah" in chapter 45 and juxtaposes Cyrus with the first monotheistic declarations in the Bible. The second Isaiah is the first expression of universalism which "has no antecedent" in the Bible according to the Anchor Bible note at Isaiah 45. He also first introduces the idea of false gods - a fundamental criteria for monotheism.

    Before the exile God was a vengeful, bloodthirsty, and jealous anthropomorphic tribal God of fear. After the exile, He became good, perfect, and so removed from the world that He needed mediators. God was no longer Abraham's El Shaddai, the God of the mountain; nor Moses' tribal god, Yahweh; but He was now the perfect and universal Zoroastrian Ahura-Mazda.

    The total subordination can be shown in the extraordinary statements made about Persian officials in the Bible. Artaxerxes was requested to mediate Jewish prayers. Haggai in chapter 2:23 quotes God as calling Zerubbabel, the Persian governor of Judah, his "chosen one". Darius is revered second only to Cyrus and in Isaiah 45:1 Cyrus is called the "Anointed of the Lord. There are more than one hundred Persian words in the Old Testament. Section after section of the Bible dates from the reigns of the Persian kings. At least Ezra, Nehemiah and Daniel were written originally in Aramaic, an official language of the Persian Empire, but possibly all the books of the Old Testament were.

    Ezra was sent to see if the people of Judea "be agreeable to the law of God". There is certainly no hint in that command that the Jews had previously been exposed to these laws before. As a monotheist, when Artaxerxes referred to the law of God, he referred to the divine law of Ahura-Mazda.

    The Sadduccees were the vast majority of Jews. The politically connected Pharisees were the Persian faction. The word "Pharisee"; as well as "Parsee", Persians in India; and "Farsi" or "Pharsee" (Persian), are all derived from the name of the Persian town or region of Fars.

    Only Pharisaism survived the fall of Jerusalem to the Romans in 70 A.D. "Present-day Judaism is Pharisaic Judaism." It was able to survive because of its Zoroastrian pacifism. Only the traitorous act of Rabbi Johann ben Zakkai's concordat with the Romans which allowed him to leave his fellow Jews to their deaths and remove himself to Jamnia kept Pharisaic Judaism alive.

    Christ vs Christianity

    Christianity is the teaching of Paul and most of the books of the New Testament were written by Paul. Paul was a Pharisee (Acts 23:6). In Matthew 23 Jesus offers his opinion of Pharisees: "The scribes and Pharisees sit in Moses' seat...and love the uppermost rooms at feasts, and the chief seats in the synagogues, and greetings in the markets, and to be called of men, Rabbi, Rabbi."

    Jesus addresses the Pharisees as fools and blind and here is how he addresses them in verses 28 and 33: "Even so ye also outwardly appear righteous unto men, but within you are full of hypocrisy and iniquity...Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can you escape the damnation of hell?" Likewise the disciples believed Paul was not one of them (Acts 9:26). In the conference at Jerusalem, Paul was judged a heretic on circumcision (Acts 15:1-2) and meat offered to idols (Acts 15:29).

    In Galations 2:11-13, Peter came to Antioch to correct Paul's heresies on the social relations between Jewish and Gentile Christians without success. James, the brother of Christ, and the elders of the true church accused Paul as follows: "thou teachest all Jews which are among the Gentiles to forsake Moses, saying that they ought not circumcise their children, neither to walk after the customs (Acts 21:21)." They made Paul perform a cleansing ritual for seven days (Acts 21:26-27), but still he was almost killed by Christians (Acts 21:31). He was put on trial before the Sanhedrin for heresy (Acts 23). Later Paul was tried before the Romans who killed him on the basis of three charges: that Paul was a pestilent (troublesome) fellow, Paul led a heretical sect, and that he tried to profane the temple.

    Modern Christian dogma is essentially Paul's heresy, which is the Mithric cult under a different label. Mithraism was a syncretic cult of Babylonian astrology and Zoroastrian mysticism identified with the Greek god Perseus who was above Taurus in the Constellations. Mithraism came from Tarsus in Cilicina according to Plutarch, at the same time and place Paul did. The Christian church adopted the holy day of the Zoroastrian sun-god Mithras which was Sunday. Jesus always observed Saturday as the holy day. Catholic church organization is an exact copy of the Zoroastrian celibate hierarchy of priests, called Magi.

    Jesus clearly advocated direct communion with God. Paul proselytized gentiles. Jesus didn't preach to Gentiles and ordered his apostles not to (Matthew 10:5-6, 15:24): "I am not sent to but the lost sheep of Israel." All of Jesus' teachings were Jewish. He taught good works as the purpose of life: "love your neighbor as yourself" and "follow the commandments" (Matthew 19:17). Paul, on the contrary, taught Logos or 'belief' as the basis of action. Logos is unknown in the first three gospels; which are gospels of deed, character and self-denial.

    We could list endlessly the various creeds and beliefs of Christianity that Jesus never taught, for example The Encyclopedia Americana says that Christianity owes many features to Iran over and above those inherited through Judaism: e.g. guardian angels and the heavenly journey of the soul, Christianity in its Angeliology, Demonology, Soteriology (salvation), and Eschatology (last things) is identical to Mithraism, a Zoroastrian cult.

    We worship the Zoroastrian god with Zoroastrian rituals, believing Zoroastrian theology and practicing Zoroastrian morals. Zoroastrianism has triumphed over Judaism and the teachings of Jesus in the name of Judaism and Jesus.

    (The Ancient of Days from the book of Daniel is indeed the same as Ahura Mazda and Sanat Kumara, founder of the Great White Brotherhood.)

    Did you come with Sanat Kumara to save the earth in her darkest hour?

    This is the ancient story of the Ascended Master Sanat Kumara who is well known worldwide. In Hinduism, he is revered as Karttikeya, the second son of Shiva and Parvati and the brother of Ganeshji. In India, he is also known as Subrahmanya, Murugan, and Sarvana; in Buddhism, he is known as Brahma Sanam-kumara, Adi Buddha, Dipamkara (the Lamp-Lighting Buddha) and Skanda; in the Old Testament of the Bible, he is known as the Ancient of Days, and in Zoroastrianism, he is adored as Ahura Mazda (Wise Lord).

    Long ago, Sanat Kumara chose to undertake a volunteer exile from his home planet Venus to offer assistance to the people of earth who had reached a low point in their spiritual evolution. They had fallen to the level of cavemen and lost contact with God. Earth was at the point of being dissolved because there was no one who was keeping the spark of higher consciousness alive.

    Sanat Kumara has explained the prevailing situation of the people on earth at that time in his own words, “You call me Sanat Kumara, and you know me as the one who stood before the cosmic council known as the Council of the One Hundred and Forty and Four. You know me because you were witnesses to my plea made for and on behalf of the evolutions of earth who no longer knew the presence of the Lamb (Higher Mind, Krishna Consciousness) who by disobedience were cut off from the living Guru.

    “You know me as the one who volunteered to embody the threefold flame within the earth unto the evolutions evolving within the seven planes of being – fire, air, water, and earth. The Cosmic Council had decreed the dissolution of earth and her evolutions because the souls of her children no longer worshiped the Trinity in the threefold flame of life burning upon the altar of the heart.*”

    Sanat Kumara adds in his story that he made a request to the Cosmic Council not to dissolve the earth. His petition was granted and he was given permission to take incarnations on the earth to help the people until they were able to regain their spiritual quest once again.

    Sanat Kumara has mentioned that at that point, one hundred and forty-four thousand souls from Venus and other planets volunteered to accompany him for this mission to the earth. Many who came with Sanat Kumara do not remember the scene now in their outer minds but they have an inner memory of this event.

    You can click on the link below to get free Sanat Kumara lessons from the Summit Lighthouse to learn more about the spiritual journey of Sanat Kumara:

    Secrets of the Pyramids of Crimea

    Researchers believe that all the pyramids of the planet combined into a single energy-network. This point of view, in particular, holds Muldashev professor, who argues that the pyramid has a part of a global network of sacred centers, with a central structure in this mountain Kailash-pyramid.

    It is believed that the pyramids are on the Crimean power energy lines connecting Tibet pyramids, Stonehenge English and underwater pyramids in Easter Island.

    Major Ley Line Runs Through Sebastopol Most pyramids were built more than 13 thousand years ago on ley lines in the previous golden age to aid in raising the population to Christ Consciousness. Now the ley lines and pyramids are lighting up again in the Alcyon Photon Band.

    (Google has removed all photo references to the Crimean Pyramids. Only Duck gogo has them now.)

    Town of Akra – Crimean Atlantis

    There are 7 submerged pyramids along the edge of Crimea that run with the ley line.

    Noah's flood brought the shore of Azov up to Mithra hill. Crimea runs deep with the baptism of Vladimir there a thousand years ago. Russia will never give it up.

    Baptism of Rus'.

    The Baptism of Rus' refers to the seminal event of the mass baptism of the residents of Kiev in 988 as Grand Prince Vladimir accepted Orthodox Christianity as the religion of his lands. The event, as recorded in the Primary Chronicles, has been considered the turn point for the introduction of Christianity among the eastern Slavs.

    Having accepted Christianity, Vladimir then called the people of Kiev to baptism in the Dnieper River - the iconic event of the Baptism of Rus'. First, Vladimir’s twelve sons and many boyars were baptized. Then, the next day all the residents of Kiev were called to the river, where the Orthodox priests completed the sacrament of baptism. In the following days the ceremony was observed throughout the realm of Vladimir, Grand Prince of Kiev and Novgorod.

    By the act of baptizing his subjects, Vladimir signaled the acceptance of Orthodox Christianity as his state religion. Also, it was this event that Russia, the lands of the Rus and the Slavic east, entered into the greater Christian world as part of the Hellenic Christian heritage.

    The City of Atlantis was destroyed by earthquakes, and major portions of the city sank into the sea, in 9,600 BC. The fertile farmlands of the Island of Atlantis sank and formed the Sea of Azov. Tsunamis sweep in over Atlantis City from the Black Sea. Shoals of mud blocked Kerch Strait, which blocked passage into the Sea of Azov.

    The historical Hill of Mithridat is located in the center of the Crimean city of Kerch. Beneath the hill are numerous underground rock quarries, rooms and catacombs, as described in Plato's Atlantis Dialogues.

    Fifty feet offshore in Kerch Strait, are clearly visible ruins of 7 feet thick stone walls and foundations of guard towers. The foundation stones of a defensive wall, 45 feet thick, have been located submerged in Taman Bay, on the Russian side of Kerch Strait.

    Atlantis City was founded by benevolent "gods" which united with primitive Earth-born Tribes. Numerous archeological sites of prehistoric Neanderthal settlements surround Kerch, Ukraine. This area was an ice age haven, which attracted a wide range of animals, including primitive man, to this fertile primeval paradise.

    Ancient Temple ruins, now standing on the hill where the Metropolis of ATLANTIS once flourished, are a Guardian Sentinel, which is transmitting a powerful message to the populace of Planet Earth: “STAND TOGETHER”

    The overhead lintel prevents these two pillars from crumbling into the cultural rubbage of time. These pillars are a symbol of our dual heritage that can never be changed, regardless of skin color and cultural differences. The lintel is symbolic of communication, dialogue and true understanding which are the only solution for peaceful co-existence and SURVIVAL.

    This historical Hill of Mithridat is located in the center of the Crimean city of Kerch. Beneath the hill are numerous underground quarries, rooms and catacombs. This very special historical place on Earth belongs to every living Human on Earth.

    Political differences must be adjusted to influence United Nations intervention. ATLANTIS MOTHERLAND is destined to become the most popular tourist attraction of all times. The multi-billion dollar economic boost to this area will be boundless. This peaceful populace can be proud to be recognized as an integral part of the beautiful Blue Planet tribe of Humankind. ~Leon Flying Eagle, 2004

    The new Blue Planet Tribe, utilizing the strength and amazing learning ability of the Neanderthals and the advanced technology of the Xylanthians, created a spectacular Empire which flourished in majestic beauty for 25,000 years. 11,500 years ago this magnificent civilization vanished from existence.

    Tua's Hill, where Tua & Xoah's temple was constructed, now known as the famous Hill of Mithridat, has numerous underground quarries, rooms and catacombs, exactly as described by Sonchis. This hill has been invaded by one marauding horde after another, who sought to possess this sacred and strategic heart of our Motherland. For millennia, golden treasures, artwork and artifacts have been pilfered from this site. One nation after another has invaded and carried off the ancient treasures of Atlantis. These invaders always attributed these treasures to the culture which had come before. They did not realize the true antiquity or the true value of these exquisitely beautiful and rare artifacts. The true value of these artifacts is not the monetary value of the gold, silver, orichalcum and ivory. The greatest value of these treasures is the true knowledge of Human ancestry.

    The magnificent fountains, "in gracious plenty flowing," were located on the center island. They were the source of the vital refreshing water for the Citadel and a source of natural delight to the inhabitants of Atlantis.

    The hot water fountain was created by the Xylanthians, by tapping into the abundant natural geothermal energy beneath the island. This hot water was used to create numerous baths, both public and private, for men and women. Special baths were also created for their beloved horses and cattle.

    The Crimea has been known for thousands of years for the curative powers of its rich mineral water. Ancient Persians, Greeks and Romans have all enjoyed the splendor of these refreshing springs. There are currently over 300 healing sanatoriums in Crimea. The government of Crimea has recently decided to sell these world historic treasures to private business. The quality and integrity of these natural resources must be protected. Currently the natural geothermal energy is being utilized to power industry in Kerch, Crimea.

    Thirty-nine thousand years ago a primitive tribe of wild robust Neanderthals celebrated the beginning of a new species. Visitors from a distant planet united with their tribe. Together they began building the great Empire of Atlantis, the Motherland of all modern Humans

    ATLANTIS MOTHERLAND book emphasizes the common heritage of all Human beings and the origin of our ancestors, and the probability of extraterrestrial interbreeding with primal earth tribes.

    A Sci-fi re-telling of Plato's histories of Atlantis is combined with modern scientific investigations, and psychic intuition and visions.

    ATLANTIS MOTHERLAND book was created to awaken the hidden knowledge in the dormant "psycho-genetic" memory banks of all who read it.

    Live in Harmony. Enjoy Life!

    ~ Flying Eagle, 2007

    SEPTEMBER SURPRISE: Biden Declares War On The Right

    On September 1, 2022—A Day That Will Live In Infamy

    The New World Order globalist cabal pulling the strings of the entire Democrat Party knows full well that an all-out civil war really makes no sense in 21st century America, so their blueprint for collapsing the American Republic is being executed through the systematic marginalization and denigration of all citizens who do not subscribe to globalism in all of its multifarious manifestations.

    22,000 Colorado Households Lose Control of Their Home Thermostats During Heat Wave as Power Company Locks Out Air Conditioning Use

    “I mean, it was 90 out, and it was right during the peak period,” Talarico said. “It was hot.” That’s when he saw a message on the thermostat stating the temperature was locked due to an “energy emergency.”

    Massacre: Nearly half of pregnant women in Pfizer trial miscarried

    According to Dr. Naomi Wolf, who runs a crowdsourced project to analyze 300,000 Pfizer documents released via a FOIA request, 44 percent of pregnant women who participated in the drug maker’s COVID-19 vaccine trial lost their babies.

    Report — FBI Agents Have ‘Lost Confidence’ in Director Wray: ‘He’s Got to Leave’

    Thibault, who says he retired on his own accord, was facing numerous allegations, including from FBI whistleblowers, about displaying political bias on his social media, suppressing a line of investigation into Hunter Biden, inconsistently pursuing investigations, mishandling election-related matters, and inflating domestic violent extremism cases.

    Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA), the lead Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee, has fielded several FBI whistleblower allegations and was the first to shed light this year on some of those leveled against Thibault.

    Western Allies Led By UK's Johnson Sabotaged Tentative Ukraine-Russia Peace Deal... In April

    There's mounting evidence that the war in Ukraine could have been over by this point, but key Western backers of Kiev sought to sabotage the potential for peaceful settlement through negotiations. That's precisely what regional Ukrainian media reports concluded as early as May, soon after the UK's Boris Johnson showed up in the capital on a "surprise" visit to meet with President Volodymyr Zelensky for the first time the month prior.

    Exclusive: Proof that the top Israeli health minister lied to the FDA and the people of Israel about the vaccines

    We now have proof that Dr. Sharon Alroy-Preis, the Health Ministry’s head of public services and a top COVID adviser to the Israeli government is a liar and should be fired.

    Give it a Rest: Reformulated Covid-19 Booster Shot Gets “Emergency Authorization” Without Ever Being Tested on Humans

    Comparing Earth and Pleiadian Scientific Knowledge of Crystals for Energy, Propulsion & Healing

    Dan Willis served with the US Navy and was among a select group of 20 whistleblowers who came forward to share their testimonies about a UFO coverup in the famous May 2001 Disclosure Project press conference held in Washington DC. Previously, in the 1980s, Dan worked with Dr. Marcel Vogel, a senior scientist with the IBM corporation for 27 years. Dr Vogel held over 100 patents and was a specialist in liquid crystal systems. He begun researching quartz crystals in the 1970s, and found therapeutic applications for them and a structural relatonship with water.

    Dr. Lee Merritt Interview with Poornima Wagh PhD Virology

    “It’s a _chemical_ weapon — it’s not even a bio-weapon.”

     “Our bodies are very, very intelligent, you know. Everything in nature is very intelligent, everything has a place, and you can’t just change that because you have a God complex. They have tried and it doesn’t work. This is the beauty of science — we have no idea how it really works because we’ve barely scratched the tip of the iceberg, there’s just so much underneath there. (1:34:00)

    “And a lot of biology is corrupted — people get upset when I say this — biology got corrupted because physics got corrupted with quantum mechanics. Anything with “quantum” in it is bullshit. OK? ‘Quantum mechanics,’ ‘quantum financial system,’ ‘quantum computing’ — it’s all B.S. We live in an electro-magnetic universe — it’s mostly electric.

    I’m going the Tesla direction instead of the Einsteinian-Schrödinger model, OK? So quantum mechanics destroyed physics, which destroyed chemistry because you’ve got the P-orbitals and the S-orbitals in chemistry and then that bled into biology and destroyed biology altogether. So the hard sciences are completely hijacked and corrupted. People get very upset with me for saying this, but it’s the truth.”

    Fetterman refuses to debate because his brain isn’t working

    Can't speak, hear or think properly but at least we have his past statements to work from.

     A few Fetterman quotes from before the stroke:

    "I'm calling on all candidates for the U.S. Senate to join me and call for a federal mandate for COVID-19 vaccine for everyone in the U.S."

    "My entire family is vaccinated + boosted."

    "Vaccines aren't political"

    1st Post stroke statement: “As my doctor said, I should have taken my health more seriously. The stroke I suffered on May 13 didn’t come out of nowhere”

    Alcyon Pleiades Special 27: Dr Death Fauci’s resignation, Vaccine lies, Genocide, Courts of Justice

    Anthony Fauci, currently Director of the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and Chief Medical Advisor to President Biden will be stepping down from his posts in December 2022, after more than 50 years characterised by unethical scientific activity and cruel experiments using human beings, as well as accusations of genocide due to the AIDS hoax.

    The serious accusations against Fauci regarding his handling of the Covid-19 pandemic, his links to the funding of the virus’s gain-of-function in the Wuhan laboratory, his defence of experimental drugs over proven and effective preventative treatments, the lies he told to Congress while under oath… have caused him to be considered one of the greatest criminals in modern history.

    Is it possible this resignation – like others presented by politicians and prime ministers in several different countries – is an attempt to evade the courts of justice and avoid accountability for all the damage done? Alternatively, is it a distraction mechanism for purposes of image laundering, so that someone else can be forced upon us, as the iron-fisted elites continue to pursue their genocidal agenda against humanity?

    It is expected the United States will use political control to demand a thorough investigation of everything that has happened, including Anthony Fauci’s criminal management, so that he can be prosecuted in the courts, in hopes of showing the American people the fraud perpetrated against them for over two years, and whose outcome involves the death of hundreds of thousands of people, a figure that could increase in the coming months.

    Video by Alcyon Pleiades

    Pope Francis instructs Vatican entities to move all funds to Vatican bank by Sept. 30

    Looks like the Khazars and the Vatican have gone their seperate ways on banking. Maybe now the draconian vaccine genocide will be called off now that the payoffs to leaders is coming to an end.

    Something big coming as summer deadlock ends

    By Benjamin Fulford Weekly Reports

    The summer deadlock in the ongoing, but undeclared, World War 3 is about to end, multiple sources agree. This is because the collective West is about to face a catastrophic systems failure if events continue on their present course.

    The question now is: will the Khazarian mafia try to surrender or are they planning a new offensive led by a slave African pope, possibly involving a fake alien invasion?

    The biggest sign that something big is about to happen is this announcement by the Vatican:

    The Holy See and the Institutions connected with the Holy See that are holders of financial assets and liquidity, in whatever form they are held, in financial institutions other than the IOR must inform the IOR and transfer them to it as soon as possible within 30 days from 1 September 2022.

    This appears to signal the end of the Rothschild and other Khazarian mafia families’ control over this institution. This is historic as they have been the Vatican’s private bankers since at least since the 19th century.

    This is also extremely important because almost all so-called “world leaders” who appear at the UN are given a Vatican Bank account when they assume power. The leaders are then told “welcome to the rich persons club. You are free to use this money as you wish but, if you disobey us, we will kill you.”

    The entire Covid nightmare, it now turns out, involved using an artificially created “pandemic” to launder over $1 trillion of FRB funny money into the world economy. This was done by bribing government leaders with money from the World Bank, the IMF, etc. to go along with the KM attempt to create a totalitarian world government. Lesser leaders were given shares in vaccine, mask and hand sanitizer companies etc. in order to join the chorus.

    Also, many leaders who refused to go along, such as the president of Tanzania, were killed or removed.

    This is now blowing up in the Khazarian mafiosis’ faces as side effects from vaccines and scientific scrutiny expose the entire “pandemic” as one of the greatest war crimes in world history.

    This headline is typical of what is now beginning to dominate even the corporate news about the “pandemic:”

    “Attorneys for Pfizer Whistleblower Say Company Could be Liable for $3.3 TRILLION in Damages.”

    Now that the fear of bankruptcy, jail or execution is weighing more on leaders’ minds than the temptation of bribes, the ability to use Covid to launder funny money into the world economy is ending.

    In retaliation for the “pandemic” attack, most of the world’s countries are being even more diligent in refusing to accept all forms of “money” created out of thin air by the Khazarian mafia and Vatican-controlled Federal Reserve Board. This is the real reason why the Vatican-controlled collective “West” is facing an energy crisis and imminent social collapse.

    The question now is will the Khazarian Mafiosi who control the Vatican try to negotiate a surrender or double down with a new offensive?

    That is why all eyes are on this weeks big gathering of Cardinals in Rome.

    After naming over 20 new Cardinals (mostly from developing countries) this weekend, Francis has chosen 83 out of the 132 cardinals eligible to elect a new pope. This is enough to elect a new pope.

    Vatican watchers noted that when the Pope traveled to Aquila on August 28th to visit the tomb of St. Celestine V (he resigned from the papacy in 1294 A.D.) he said that by relinquishing power, Celestine showed the strength that comes from humility.

    “In the eyes of men, the humble are seen as weak and losers, but in reality, they are the real winners because they are the only ones who trust completely in the Lord and know His will,” Francis said.

    The two-day meeting with cardinals taking place on August 29th and 30th is the only time during Francis’s nine and a half years as Pope (March 2013 to the present) that all the cardinals have met and talked in this way, says Vatican expert Dr. Robert Moynihan.

    UK Govt Denies ‘Safe Use’ Recommendation for Pfizer Vaccine In Pregnant Women, Says Those Breastfeeding Should NOT Be Vaccinated.

    Two years late! After all of the vaccine sterilizing and still births and abortion is just piling on. Newborns can't seem to get a break in this world.

    Pittsburgh abortion provider to offer fertility services as clinics diversify post-Roe

    Red-state abortion clinics may soon be faced with adapting or dying in post-Roe America, and that’s where Traci Keen comes in.

    The Mate Fertility CEO is reaching out to abortion facilities nationwide, including those operated by Planned Parenthood, with a pitch to fill the void created by the fall of Roe v. Wade by partnering with her company to offer assisted reproductive services, including in vitro fertilization (IVF).

    “It’s one of those things where it doesn’t seem like it makes sense, but it does,” Ms. Keen told The Washington Times.

    President Trump and Biden Head to Wilkes-Barre This Week!

    This is in Biden's back yard of his home town of Scranton.

    Trump to hold rally at Mohegan Sun Arena for Mastriano, Oz

    Some analysts have credited Luzerne County with playing a large role in helping Trump win Pennsylvania and the presidency. Before Trump, a Republican hadn’t won Pennsylvania since 1988.

    Despite voting twice for Democratic President Barack Obama, Luzerne County swung dramatically in Trump’s favor in 2016. Trump defeated Clinton in a 57.9% to 38.6% landslide — 78,688 votes to 52,451 votes.

    In 2020, Trump bested Biden in Luzerne County, but by less. Trump won Luzerne County by a 56.6% to 42.3% margin — 86,929 votes to 64,873 votes.

    Corporate Media Wages Jihad Against Natural Medicine

    by Ben Bartee via The Daily Bell

    COVID-19 was so dangerous, according to the corporate media and federal government, as to warrant worldwide lockdowns and emergency “vaccines.” They came with nearly incalculable social fallout and economic costs – but those were just the costs we had to pay for the sake of Public Health.

    The only prophylactics the corporate media ever apparently want to promote are masks and vaccines – tools of social control and biomedical profiteering, respectively.

    Even though a full ¾ of Americans are woefully deficient in critical vitamin D, part-time corporate media hack and full-time Johns Hopkins technocrat Steven Salzberg recently penned a Forbes article demonizing it as “worthless” and even somehow “dangerous” :

    Odessa mayor calls for Ukraine and Russia to negotiate

    Battleship Potemkin: Odessa Steps Sequence. Famous for its use of Montage Editing Bolshevic made movie has Cossacks at the top of the Odessa Steps shooting at the Russian Battleship with The People caught in the middle. The Ship then shells the opera house. The baby carriage goes down the steps. The scene has been copied many times. The Nazis loved this movie.

    State College supports Ukraine

    Not the people, they support the psychotic Zelinski and all of the draco values of the left.

    The Draconian Federation Alliance aims to recruit beings who are also negatively polarized and to and enslave those who are not polarized service-to-self.

    They have “constant difficulty because of the concept of separation which is implicit in the manifestations of the service to self which involves power over others. This weakens and eventually disintegrates the group.

    We see their ongoing destruction of society with the covid vaccines which have killed and disabled untold millions as Penn State Merck pharma reps and the local hospital continue to push the poisonous spike protein on innocent 6 month olds and school students.

    This is why they want Shapiro for governor and Biden for president so they can continue to destroy the human genome and the family structure with fake science, bad politics and biological war.

    DRACO / Draconian / Alpha Reptilians

    Alpha Reptilians created the Grey soulless AI’s artificial intelligence aliens, that are only WORKERS for whatever group that purchases them (like Soros and the Democrats.)

    The US government gave permission for the Greys to have access to any humans they chose to experiment on for the last 100 years in exchange for their weapon technology and the science of cloning humans.

    From the time of Atlantis to present day the Illuminists have continuously done animal-human genetic experiments with no concern for the mental well being of what is created and how it is treated or suffers. Only 2% of Reptilians have souls.

    During the time of Atlantis the Dark Alliance put the Anunnaki Reptilians in charge of the earth, 13 thousand years ago and they remained in power until 1995. Illuminists have remained in power and control of all the earth’s natural resources, financial systems, media, propaganda, religions, education, military and leaders in every field with the Ciakar God ruling covertly over all from Draco and the lower 4D/3D.

    By 1995 MOST of the Anunnaki decided to move to greater light, a higher resonance of compassion, forgiveness and changed their name too ANNANUKI and are members in good standing of the Galactic Federation.

    (In case anyone missed it, draco/grey alien AI is exactly what Jesus warns us about in

    Ephesians 6:12,):

    For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.

    Boebert introduces bill to defund the WEF… The World Economic Forum

    Bill would save taxpayers money.

    President Trump is calling for a new election!

    Donald J. Trump@realDonaldTrump

    So now it comes out, conclusively, that the FBI BURIED THE HUNTER BIDEN LAPTOP STORY BEFORE THE ELECTION knowing that, if they didn’t, “Trump would have easily won the 2020 Presidential Election.” This is massive FRAUD & ELECTION INTERFERENCE at a level never seen before in our Country. REMEDY: Declare the rightful winner or, and this would be the minimal solution, declare the 2020 Election irreparably compromised and have a new Election, immediately!

    The Democrats Have Created a Nazi State in America

    Posted on August 28, 2022 by State of the Nation

    Paul Craig Roberts

    Nazi Propaganda Minister Goebbels and Gestapo chiefs Goring and Himmler are alive and well in the Democrat Party. The media report what the Democrat Party wants reported and nothing else, and the FBI serves as the political police that frames up Republicans while refusing to investigate Hunter Biden’s laptop and Hillary Clinton’s emails.

    The FBI told Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg not to permit comment on Hunter Biden’s laptop because it was Russian disinformation. Suckerman clicked his heels and said “Jawohl.”

    See also:

    The FBI and Department of Justice (sic) refuse to answer questions from Republican US Senator Ron Johnson, Ranking Member, Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations. Senator Johnson wants to know why the DOJ and FBI deep-sixed investigation of the information on Hunter Biden’s laptop, as has been reported to the US Senate by FBI whistleblowers. The corrupt DOJ claims that investigation of the laptop information would jeopardize the inquiry by the US Attorney’s office in Delaware of Hunter Biden’s tax compliance. This, of course, is a fake excuse. Some information on the laptop would help the tax investigation if one, in fact, is in process. The other information on the laptop, as we all know, concerns entirely different matters that warrant their own investigations, investigations that in no way compromise the tax inquiry allegedly underway, which really might just be an excuse for no investigation.

    Satanic Democrats are using a new tactic against those whose opinions they disapprove. They try to get them killed by SWAT teams. Republican US Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene says 911 was called at 1AM and told she was waving a gun and was holding hostages. The police, suspecting a hoax, didn’t fire stun grenades through her windows and break down her door.

    Male advocate Andrew Tate had a similar SWAT experience. The police were told that he was holding women captive against their will. Again the police proceeded with caution and Tate was cleared of the charge.

    As we all should know by now, police are trained to regard questioning them as a form of resistance, which causes their hackles to go up. Police violence resulting in injury or death can be the result. Sending a SWAT team into someone’s home is a way of getting them killed. Clearly, this is what the Democrats intended for Greene and Tate. Here is Tucker Carlson on Tate and a variety of other issues treated in this column:

    Medical data from all over the world and a large and increasing number of peer-reviewed scientific findings have been published that conclusively show that the Covid mRNA vaccines are far more deadly than Covid, against which they provide no protection. The Democrats who coerced the vaccinations are running for cover. Fauci has quickly resigned, Walensky at the CDC has admitted major mistakes about Covid treatment and vaccines. The Democrats who imposed lockdowns that destroyed Americans’ economic life and coerced injections of an injurious and deadly untested “vaccine” on school children, the US military, and on employees of private corporations and the civil service are looking for someone to blame. Guess who they found. Yes, Donald Trump.

    Trump, advised by Fauci, stupidly abandoned his defense of HCQ and Ivermectin as cures and stressed his role on getting the deadly vaccines in use. He set himself up for the Democrats who now unload on him their entire Covid propaganda campaign.

    The Democrats who control the House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis accuse Trump for pressuring the Food and Drug Administration to authorize for “political purposes” the untested “vaccines.” So not only do the Democrats claim Trump is responsible, but also that he did it not for health reasons, but for political reasons.

    What Trump actually did was to fight for recognition, now universally acknowledged except by American Democrats, of hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin as proven effective cures. Anyone who is at all aware remembers the Democrat/whore media/ Big Pharma campaign against the two established cures that prevented “emergency use authorization” of the money-making vaccines. The known cures were suppressed so that Big Pharma and its beneficiaries, such as Fauci, could financially benefit, and so that governments could override constitution protections and behave as unaccountable dictators.

    The fact of the matter is that the Covid “pandemic” which was engineered by federal money in US laboratories that created the virus, and the presstitute media campaign, which created the needed fear for the “vaccine” money to be made and the control over liberty to be exercised, was a 100% Washington production.

    Washington reasons that the American and entire Western publics are so utterly stupid that if Washington can get away with the murder of two Kennedys, Martin Luther King, Ruby Ridge, Waco, Tonkin Gulf, 9/11, Hussein’s “weapons of mass destruction,” “Assad’s use of chemical weapons,” the extraordinary lies against Gaddafi, Russiagate, impeach gate, January 6 Insurrection, FBI invasion of President Trump’s home, Washington can also get away with pinning the injurious and deadly vaccine on Trump.

    Who is to stop them? The election-stealing Democrats are in power. They are not going to permit the American people to vote them out of power.

    What we are experiencing in America is the rise of a new Third Reich, but one far more dangerous thanks to the digital revolution, a godsend for tyrants.

    A Nazi Government is being reborn in front of our eyes. The Democrats want power, not for the American people, but for sexual perversion, immigrant invaders, and liars.

    The enemy is white Americans, especially heterosexual men, who are “the oppressors of women and humanity.” The public schools teach white kids to hate themselves and their parents. They graduate as guilty “oppressors” who deserve to be pushed aside by immigrant-invaders. The education system is draining all strength from men exactly as Andrew Tate says.

    And this weakened, hollowed-out Tower of Babel thinks it is a military match for Russia, China, Iran.

    What a joke we live. Apparently Americans are content with life in The Matrix in which their minds are trapped.

    Zuckerberg Admits FBI Manipulated the Election

    Mark Zuckerberg admitted that Facebook aided the FBI in manipulating the 2020 Presidential Election. This is huge news that proves the FBI had direct involvement in helping Joe Biden become president. Zuckerberg opened up to Joe Rogan and revealed that the department contacted him to say Russia was planning to release a disinformation campaign, and they needed him to cover it up.

    ‘WE HAVE TO PROTECT KIDS’: MTG Intros ‘Protect Children’s Innocence Act,’ Prohibits Gender Surgery for Minors

    Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has introduced a bill that would make it illegal to perform gender-affirming surgeries on minors; Greene calls it “child abuse.”

    “When it comes to ‘gender-affirming care,’ which is really child abuse, this is actually an assault and it’s child abuse,” Greene said during an appearance on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight.

    Town Hall With Doug Mastriano, The World According To Ben Stein

    Ben Stein and cohost Judah Friedman are honored to host a town hall with Pennsylvania Republican gubernatorial candidate Doug Mastriano. Why are the media going after him with the most heinous accusations? How does he plan to make Pennsylvania a red state? We’re giving him a platform to tell his truth and answer your questions because we support free speech.

    Zuckerberg reveals what FBI told Facebook ahead of Hunter Biden laptop story

    Tucker: "In the District of Columbia, which is falling apart, the Mayor has decided that unvaccinated students will not be allowed in school. They won't even get virtual learning unless they take the vaccine."

    DC Judge rules the city's vaccine mandate for employees 'unlawful'

    Recoding To 12 Strand DNA Sequence And Entering Into The Photon Belt

    (The Alcyon Photon Band always plays by the light.)

    by Trey Abernethy

    The DNA Recoding process works at the etheric—some call it the light body—level. At this level your 10 strands of junk DNA along with your 2 connected strands are realigned above your crown. Because DNA is holographic, it can be simultaneously realigned, reconnected and activated. This means that your 10 junk DNA strands are simultaneously realigned at the top of your head (crown), reconnected into your 12 Crown Chakra crystals and reactivated so that life force energy flows through them again.

    Once your 12 DNA strands are plugged back into your 12 Crown Chakra Crystals, your Genetics Engineer’s and Recoding Guide’s jobs are nearly complete. They will continue to watch over you and monitor your 12-strand reconnection until you reach the frequency needed to fully activate the reconnection. The activation of the 12 strands happens in 3 steps:

    1. Activation of the Crown Chakra Crystals. You will feel this as an itching at your Crown Chakra. Not the same as a dandruff itch.

    2. Activation of the MerKaBa antenna. The MerKaBa antenna is used to receive messages from other dimensions.

    3. Activation of the Hypothalamus. This is the Universal Translator and translates all messages into your chosen language. Messages are received as frequency thought-forms. Many are complete with emotions, pictures and language. Some have only one or two of these. The Hypothalamus also provides you with the identity of the sender. You will learn to identify the senders after receiving for a while. Once the hypothalamus is activated the RRA process is complete and your DNA chart is also completed. Proof is visual (aura photos), emotional (not holding negative emotions in the body), and physical (feeling more in control of your power and hearing messages daily).

    Our entire solar system and the Milky Way Galaxy, has now entered a highly charged portion of space. We are immersed within the Photon Belt (Menasic Radiation), a period of intense light we first entered in the late 1990s and in which we will remain for a 2,000 year period. During this remarkable time the energies from the Photon Belt are triggering a complete reordering of life as we know it. This occurs because photon light energy has the capacity to lift all of life into a higher frequency dimension as it carries the seeds for the enlightenment of all. The atomic structures within the cells of our bodies are slowly re-tuning themselves to match these rising frequencies. We are shifting from a third dimensional carbon based body (from one that matches the atomic frequency and spin of carbon) to a fifth or higher dimensional crystalline body or light body (to one that matches the atomic frequency and spin of crystal). So too the bodies of animals, plant life and all upon and within the earth are making this transition, as is our entire galaxy.

    As the process of rebuilding our light bodies continues we will slowly begin to notice the effects of becoming fully conscious or multidimensional. This state will come about when our 12 strands of DNA have finally been re-fused, reconnected and activated. We will then experience life within the consciousness of multi- dimensionality. In this level of consciousness we could live in the third dimension while retaining our connection and relationships with beings in the higher realms. We will no longer be cut off from other dimensions as we presently are and we will operate from a state of heart centred compassion, (Christ Consciousness). This will happen regardless of which dimension we find ourselves inhabiting. Eventually we will learn how to live successfully in a galactic society and ultimately in a universal society. At the present time most humans have two active strands of DNA, represented by an intertwined double helix. Some persons have developed and integrated three or more strands and a large number of new babies presently being born (the crystal children) have many strands of active DNA. A simple blood test can verify this fact.

    Each of the 12 DNA strands represents one of the twelve aspects of multidimensional consciousness. Three DNA strands represent and govern the physical body, another three are concerned with the emotional body, another three with the mental body and the remaining three with the spiritual body. All these aspects are represented in our bodies as new neural pathways to the brain. They are connected and nourished through the endocrine system of ductless glands. These glands work in tandem with the energy vortexes within our bodies known as the chakra system. When all neural pathways are working freely with our chakra system they will provide the conduit to the higher realms, resulting in our experience of multidimensional consciousness.

    Every spiritual tradition identifies and acknowledges the life force, that great field of potential that gives rise to and then sustains each and all in existence from moment to moment. In Chinese spiritual teachings the life force is called qi or chi, (e.g. Tai Chi, increasing the life force) while the Japanese and Koreans call it ki, (Reiki, healing with the life force). In the Indian and Tibetan traditions it is identified as prana. The Christian tradition names the life force, sanctifying grace or grace. Practitioners of new age spirituality refer to this field as the light or the white light, and to the physicist, it’s known as the sub-atomic or quantum field. At this time the life force is also being intensified and expanded by the Photon Belt. As you move among numbers of people going about their business in any large city, you can notice and identify many of those who are suffering from a diminished access to the life force. It shows in their state of health, their sense of openness and self confidence and even the way they relate to others and carry themselves. We must all access the life force fully and completely to maximize its benefits to our daily existence. Our chakra system is the vehicle that has been beautifully designed to fulfill this function.

    Children's Health Defense Deplatform News — How to Follow Us + Keep Supporting CHD

    Big Tech is trying to silence us. They don’t want you to know the truth that is backed by science. They know that our work is making an impact, and their attempt to censor us only makes us stronger.

    On Aug. 17, Children’s Health Defense (CHD) was deplatformed by Meta. Our Facebook page was unpublished and our Instagram account suspended — according to Meta, the removals are permanent. Most recently, TikTok permanently banned our account.

    Collectively, more than half a million followers have been denied access to truthful information.

    The stakes have never been higher, so please help us grow our truth army and continue to support the critical work we do at CHD. With a thriving and growing media presence with The Defender and CHD.TV and more than 50 lawsuits and growing every day, we need the generous support of our donors to keep on fighting. Thank you for your commitment to our children and freedom. Thank you for joining us in this battle to defend truth, freedom and children’s health.

    Jared Kushner key to doubling vaccines for US: Pfizer CEO

    In Moonshoot, Pfizer CEO Dr. Albert Bourla described how Kushner, former President Donald Trump’s son-in-law, pushed to get an additional 100 million doses from the drug company even when most major nations were ahead of the United States in line. Netenyahu got a similar deal for Israel.

    Dark Fleet: The Secret Nazi Space Program and the Battle for the Solar System

    By Len Kasten

    (This book is Banned On Amazon for obvious reasons. The Dark Fleet has been defeated by the forces of the light. Only their minions remain but without the power of darkness.)

    Reveals the Nazi-Reptilian infiltration of the U.S. government, their secret space program, and their slave colonies throughout the solar system

    • Details “Operation Paperclip,” which enabled Nazis and their Reptilian partners to infiltrate the U.S. military-industrial complex, including NASA and the CIA

    • Reveals their interstellar space ports in Antarctica and on Mars, their base on the Moon, and their alien technologies, including nano-technology, antigravity propulsion, mass mind control, and hyperdimensional teleportation capabilities

    • Shares testimonies from American and British “supersoldiers” who participated in the “20 and Back” age-regression programs, revealing advanced human technology and our Space Armada that constitutes a counter-balance to the Nazi Dark Fleet

    The Nazis did not really lose World War II. They made it appear that way in order to divert attention from the alliance between the Fourth Reich and the race of aliens known as the Reptilians--an ancient galactic civilization obsessed with conquest and domination. After the German surrender in 1945, the Nazi-Reptilian alliance infiltrated the U.S. military-industrial complex. Through “Operation Paperclip,” the Nazis and Reptilians removed their political opponents, such as the Kennedys, and moved into policy-making positions in post-war America, infiltrating aerospace companies, banking, media, and the U.S. government, including NASA and the CIA. But their real target was not the United States--it was the solar system.

    As Len Kasten reveals in startling detail--including revelations of antigravity propulsion technology, alien techniques of mass mind control, and hyperdimensional teleportation capabilities--the Nazi-Reptilian alliance used their newfound power, wealth, and influence to launch a Secret Space Program with interstellar spaceports in Antarctica and on Mars as well as an eleven-story base of operations on the Moon. They commenced mining and manufacturing operations on Mars and Ceres, forming colonies there and elsewhere in the solar system. And, most shocking, they have used thousands of human slaves, easily transported in their spaceships, for both work and sexual exploitation.

    Sharing testimonies from American and British “supersoldiers” who participated in the “20 and Back” age-regression programs, Kasten reveals the various forces inside and outside government that are resisting the Nazis and thwarting Reptilian attempts to achieve total dominance of the planet and the solar system. The U.S.-led Secret Space Program has its own fleet of spaceships, the Solar Warden Space Armada, (and newly added Space Force by President Trump) which patrols the edges of the solar system and poses a growing threat to the Nazi Dark Fleet. (Now defeated.)

    Praise For Dark Fleet: The Secret Nazi Space Program and the Battle for the Solar System…

    “Dark Fleet’s multidimensional approach to the history of our solar system is comprehensive and utterly convincing. Len Kasten, a great galactic storyteller, screams that we are not alone in the universe! With eyes wide open, we behold the other species that inhabit and influence Earth in this brilliant tour de force. We see how the Archons and Reptilians have manipulated and mind-controlled our species, yet as our minds clear and souls awaken, their power is being reduced. Kasten’s highly advanced compilation of ET influence on Earth tells me we are ready to be keepers of Earth, our chosen destiny in this solar system. Dark Fleet exposes the truth about the Nazi-Reptilian alliance and is a must-read for anyone who wants to deprogram fourth-dimensional mind control.”

    — Barbara Hand Clow, author of The Pleiadian Agenda and Alchemy of Nine Dimensions

    “Dark Fleet is a penetrating analysis of how German politics and culture have been historically manipulated by nonhuman entities intent on social engineering a master race that could both enslave humanity and become suitable partners for Reptilian extraterrestrials intent on galactic conquest. Dark Fleet is deeply disturbing and essential reading.”

    — Michael Salla, Ph.D., founder of the Exopolitics Institute and author of US Air Force Secret Space Program.

    Publication Date: March 10, 2020

    About the Author

    Len Kasten is a UFO researcher and freelance writer. He intensively studied the Edgar Cayce Readings at the A.R.E. in Virginia Beach and has been a lifelong devotee of astrology and theosophy. He is a former member of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP) and the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), and he is the president of the American Philosopher Society. He has been a feature writer, with more than 50 published articles, for Atlantis Rising magazine. He lives in Casa Grande, Arizona.

    DOCTORS marching in NUREMBERG against MANDATES and medical tyranny.

    Thousands of Doctors protesting in Nuremberg, demanding governments comply with its terms of consent to medical treatment, without mandates, coercion or discrimination.

    Leftists Crushed in School Boards Across Florida

    Florida flipped multiple major school boards from liberal to conservative Tuesday evening, continuing a nationwide trend of parents taking back control of public schools.

    Bay, Brevard, Clay, Duval, Flager, Hernando, Hillsborough, Martin, Miami-Dade, Okaloosa

    Polk, Putnam, Sarasota all conservative now!

    It's finally over for the 4th Reich, the Deep State and the Dark Fleet. 

    Nuremberg Doctor's Trial Indictments (A Review for Nuremberg #2, 4th Reich, Fauci Et al.)


    Between September 1939 and April 1945 all of the defendants herein unlawfully, willfully, and knowingly committed war crimes, as defined by Article II of Control Council Law No. 10, in that they were principals in, accessories to, ordered, abetted, took a consenting part in, and were connected with plans and enterprises involving medical experiments without the subjects' consent, upon civilians and members of the armed forces of nations then at war with the German Reich and who were in the custody of the German Reich in exercise of belligerent control, in the course of which experiments the defendants committed murders, brutalities, cruelties, tortures, atrocities, and other inhuman acts.

    Fauci: The Epitome For Getting Rich From Corporatism

    "Corporatism" is when power (government), money (corporations), and propaganda (media) merge together to repeatedly rip-off the people at large. The antithesis to this "system" is severely limited government, sound money and free markets. But as long as the people at large resist their freedom, the rip-off machine will happily continue on to the next "latest thing."

    Learning to Live without Doctors – How to Use the Top 10 Medicinal Plants and Herbs – Dr Mercola

    Before the advent of drugs, plant remedies were the go-to medicines, and they can serve you just as well today as in the past. While there are many thousands of plants, any one of which can serve a medicinal purpose, some are better known than others, and can provide relief from common ailments.


    Thorough investigation of the topic of Atlantis not only involves exploring myths and legends. We also have to consider that archaeological remains are scattered throughout the world, and even found in the depths of lakes, and underneath Antarctica, despite the drive to hide the evidence, as the powers-that-be strive to keep us immersed in ignorance. The rise of Atlantis and, even more so, its demise imply events of planetary and cosmic magnitude. As our solar system travels through the cosmos, scientists are detecting unforeseen phenomena; planets and the heliosphere are becoming brighter, and the Van Allen belt is getting weaker… The combination of any number of events can potentially trigger the end of a civilisation, as was the case with Atlantis.

    Other phenomena, such as the discovery of giant ships near the Sun or the International Space Station, enable us to realise that NASA has two sides to it. It has an official side, and one that operates covertly. That is not all, however. Scientists have found that our Sun could be a Stargate, in addition to uncovering that a magnetic tunnel connects the Sun and the planets. Furthermore, what can be said about time travel, Déjà vu, and people disappearing mysteriously and without a trace, or teleportation and journeys through time?

    Currently, science is starting to reveal scenarios that help us complete our view of reality, not only of the past, but also of a different present and a possible future: contact with other civilisations, time travel, parallel universes or interstellar journeys.

    Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon Asks FCC Chair to “take immediate action as directed by the courts” to Update Wireless Radiation Safety Regulations

    This absolutely needs to be done. Most people have no idea if their neighborhood is being radiated with 5G. One way to find out is with an iphone 12 or newer phone. Go to settings, select cellular, select cellular data roaming options, select voice and data, select 5G auto. If there is 5G available it will say in the upper right hand corner of the phone and show the bar strength. If there is only LTE it will display that. Now drive around and see which areas are affected. If there is 5G around your home find out from the cellular carrier which pole it is coming from and have it shut down. There is no advantage to 5g but health issues can arise from it.

    Doctors for COVID Ethics: Vascular and organ damage induced by mRNA vaccines: irrefutable proof of causality

    This article summarizes evidence from experimental studies and from autopsies of patients deceased after vaccination. mRNA vaccines travel throughout the body and accumulate in various organs and induce long-lasting expression of the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein in many organs. The vaccine-induced expression of the spike protein induces autoimmune-like inflammation, which can cause grave organ damage, especially in vessels, sometimes with deadly outcome.

    Fauci announces NIH resignation…

    FBI Unit Leading Mar-a-Lago Probe Earlier Ran Discredited Trump-Russia Investigation

    The FBI division overseeing the investigation of former President Trump’s handling of classified material at his Mar-a-Lago residence is also a focus of Special Counsel John Durham’s investigation of the bureau’s alleged abuses of power and political bias during its years-long Russiagate probe of Trump.

    A look at  the FBI’s last six years shows a pattern of irredeemable corruption and more

    Lawsuits Coming For Entities That Don't Change COVID Mandates After CDC Update: Lawyer

    Entities with COVID-19 vaccine mandates that don’t pay heed to the new Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidance will face lawsuits, a civil liberties lawyer says.

    If we see that colleges and universities and public employers are not responding to the new CDC guidance the way that they should be, then we would certainly tee up a new lawsuit,” Mark Chenoweth, president and general counsel at the New Civil Liberties Alliance, told The Epoch Times.

    Sen. Ron Johnson Issues a Plea to All Doctors and Nurses: "Put an End to This Insanity"

    They will not make as much money but couldn't they at least do it for the kids? This is not asking a lot. Intentional mass poisoning the population for profit is not good for public health.

    And how about a shout out from the media about the dangers of the vaccines. That would be a real game changer in stopping the genocide.

    Pastors who pitched the vaccine from the pulpit? Couldn't they spare a child or even an elderly person by admitting they were wrong? Aren't they supposed to protect their flock not kill it off and disable it? What about the future? Sure the pharmaceuticl distributors will be unhappy but you can't expect people to keep dying just to meet vaccine sales projections.

    Ron DeSantis @GovRonDeSantis

    Freedom includes the freedom from indoctrination.

    We, therefore, reject teaching kids to hate our country or to hate each other through concepts such as CRT.

    (So true. The first day back for Penn State students the local bankrupt newspaper was squawking about how most municipal employees are white. That is because the local community happens to be mostly white. CRT professors are always sure to leave Jews out of the firing line maybe because they are off white? Merrick Garland's son in law does need to  move all of those CRT study materials so perhaps they think a little racial strife will help increase sales.)

    AG Garland’s son-in-law’s education company supports critical race theory

    Two Ohio counties owed $650M in opioids suit


    Associated Press

    Aug 19, 2022 10:11 AM

    CLEVELAND — A federal judge in Cleveland awarded $650 million in damages Wednesday to two Ohio counties that sued CVS, Walgreens and Walmart over the way the national pharmacy chains distributed opioids to their communities.

    U.S. District Judge Dan Polster said in his ruling that the money will be used to the fight the opioid crisis in Lake and Trumbull counties outside Cleveland. Attorneys for the counties put the total price tag at $3.3 billion for the damage done.

    The judge admonished the three companies, saying they “squandered the opportunity to present a meaningful plan to abate the nuisance” after proceedings last spring to determine what the counties were owed.

    Lake County is to receive $306 million over 15 years. Trumbull County is to receive $344 million over the same period. Polster ordered the companies to immediately fork over nearly $87 million to cover the first two years of payments, but it was unclear whether they had to pay that money during their appeals.


    (Counties in need of relief from the costs of the opioid epidemic are now suing the smaller opioid distributors across the country. For example: PA's Bedford County along with other counties are suing Value Drug Company with annual sales of just over a $1 Billion. They can afford it after getting filthy rich by sickening so many people with opioids and vaccines)

    Pa county commissioners can contact attorney Barry Scatton of Morgan and Morgan law firm of Philadelphia to join the lawsuits. Phone: (267) 780-2987.

    Other counties in other states should team up and find an attorney! Your community deserves restitution from these parasitic corporations! 

    Pennsylvania Voter Demographics: Follow the Data with Dr. Frank

    Dr. Douglas G. Frank is a 40-year modeler of pandemics and elections, a renowned scientist, and inventor who received his PhD in Electrochemistry at UC Santa Barbara. He has authored approximately sixty peer-reviewed scientific reports, including feature and cover articles in the leading scientific journals in the world (Science, Nature, Naturwissenschaften).

    This is Montgomery County PA, home of governor candidate and PA Attorney General Josh Shapiro. He was elected Montgomery County Commissioner from 2011-2017.

    Dr. Frank points out "Before the Cheating" People often ask me, "What do the county rolls look like before the cheating?" May answer is, "Show me a county in the last twenty years where there wasn't, and find me the data."

    It's not a trivial job to collect and analyze such data. But in the early days of my work I asked and pursued the same question. Here is a graph I made during my explorations back then.

    Notice the recent surge in voting, starting in 2012. The PA04 registration rolls show a massive addition of registered voters in 1996, who did not start actually voting until the early 2000's.

    The cheaters gave themselves a large credit line of voters in 1996, and then steadily began using them years later. They dipped into their phantom voter credit line in 2016, and pulled out all the stops in 2020.

    Trump was winning 2020 in a landslide.

    In 2020, the four counties bordering Philadelphia — Chester, Delaware, Montgomery and Bucks — were together responsible for 27% of the vote increase for Democrats, compared with 2016. That surge in both the size of the electorate, and the rate at which it voted for Democrats, was key in pushing Joe Biden to victory in Pennsylvania, where Hillary Clinton had lost the commonwealth four years earlier.

    In my early studies of PA, we noticed that large numbers of people were added to the voter rolls around 1996. Later, in the early 2000's, these 'voters' started voting.

    Looks like a similar narrative applies to Ohio, only the 'voters' were added more gradually (still at a much faster rate than the population growth).

    Interestingly, Democrats sued in 2004 for election fraud. I can see why... that's when the stuffing started. The sudden 10% jump in ballots cast is similar to the number of phantom voters I predict in most states.

    By the way, Ohio had 57% mail-in ballots in November, 2020. Yet the SoS calls it the most secure election in our history.

    If you want a secure election, it needs to be one day, in-person, with paper poll books and no one knows anything until the polls close.

    Discovering the Mother Lode of Election Fraud: Check Your State With Dr. Frank!

    Election Fraud in Pennsylvania

    Number of disputed ballots 500,000 votes (approx.)

    Joe Biden’s winning margin 81,660 votes (1.2%)

    Pennsylvania’s electoral college votes under dispute 20 votes

    (36 would need to be flipped for a Trump win)

    Independent forensic audit investigation ❌ Process was begun, but stonewalled by Senate President Corman (Corman stopped Mastriano from doing his job with this! Then Corman quit the Governor's race! PA AG Shapiro who is running for Governor has looked the other way on all of this!)

    Warren County PA Election Anomalies. 99.1% registered to vote.

    (No county gets nearly all of it's residents to register. This is an example of inflated voter rolls.)

    Somebody alert AG Shapiro about rampant election inflation in PA. Shapiro's home county of Montgomery County has the highest voter inflation in the entire country. The whole state of Utah has the lowest voter inflation and the cleanest roles according to Dr. Frank's data.

    Shapiro must clean up the election roles in Montgomery county and stop it's election fraud. That is where Shapiro got elected County Commissioner from 2011-2017!

    Montgomery County Voting irregularities.

    Montgomery County knew going into last week’s election that around 16,000 mail ballots would take longer to count. Due to a programming error, the county’s ballot vendor mistakenly printed and sent out a group of one-sided ballots.

    County officials sent corrected ballots to the 16,000 affected voters and instructed them to destroy the faulty ones, but it changed how the votes had to be tabulated. Election workers sequestered ballots from the affected people, and cross-checked to make sure they hadn’t sent in multiple ballots.

    The county says there was an additional slowdown when workers “encountered a higher than usual number of ballots that [could not] be read by the ballot scanners.” All told, they said, about 23,000 ballots took extra time to process.

    (Montgomery County is right next to Bensalem, the Capitol of New Atlantis, an outpost of Shamballah which is next to Philadelphia.

    New Atlantis is an incomplete utopian novel by Sir Francis Bacon, published posthumously in 1626. It appeared unheralded and tucked into the back of a longer work of natural history, Sylva sylvarum (forest of materials). In New Atlantis, Bacon portrayed a vision of the future of human discovery and knowledge, expressing his aspirations and ideals for humankind. The novel depicts the creation of a utopian land where "generosity and enlightenment, dignity and splendour, piety and public spirit" are the commonly held qualities of the inhabitants of the mythical Bensalem. The plan and organisation of his ideal college, Salomon's House (or Solomon's House), envisioned the modern research university in both applied and pure sciences.

    The novel depicts a mythical island, Bensalem, which is discovered by the crew of a European ship after they are lost in the Pacific Ocean somewhere west of Peru. The minimal plot serves the gradual unfolding of the island, its customs, but most importantly, its state-sponsored scientific institution, Salomon's House, "which house or college ... is the very eye of this kingdom."

    Many aspects of the society and history of the island are described, such as the Christian religion – which is reported to have been born there as a copy of the Bible and a letter from the Apostle Saint Bartholomew arrived there miraculously, a few years after the Ascension of Jesus; a cultural feast in honour of the family institution, called "the Feast of the Family"; a college of sages, the Salomon's House, "the very eye of the kingdom", to which order "God of heaven and earth had vouchsafed the grace to know the works of Creation, and the secrets of them", as well as "to discern between divine miracles, works of nature, works of art, and impostures and illusions of all sorts"; and a series of instruments, process and methods of scientific research that were employed in the island by the Salomon's House.

    The interlocutors include the governor of the House of Strangers, Joabin the Jew, and the Head of Salomon's House.

    The inhabitants of Bensalem are described as having a high moral character and honesty, as no official accepts any payment from individuals. The people are also described as chaste and pious, as said by an inhabitant of the island.)

    Zelensky warns against putting neo-Nazis on trial

    Nuremberg #2 is in order! The NAZIs never paid any attention to the

    Nuremberg Code!

    1. The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential.

    2. The experiment should be such as to yield fruitful results for the good of society, unprocurable by other methods or means of study, and not random and unnecessary in nature.

    3. The experiment should be so designed and based on the results of animal experimentation and a knowledge of the natural history of the disease or other problem under study that the anticipated results will justify the performance of the experiment.

    4. The experiment should be so conducted as to avoid all unnecessary physical and mental suffering and injury.

    5. No experiment should be conducted where there is an a priori reason to believe that death or disabling injury will occur; except, perhaps, in those experiments where the experimental physicians also serve as subjects.

    6. The degree of risk to be taken should never exceed that determined by the humanitarian importance of the problem to be solved by the experiment.

    7. Proper preparations should be made and adequate facilities provided to protect the experimental subject against even remote possibilities of injury, disability, or death.

    8. The experiment should be conducted only by scientifically qualified persons. The highest degree of skill and care should be required through all stages of the experiment of those who conduct or engage in the experiment.

    9. During the course of the experiment the human subject should be at liberty to bring the experiment to an end if he has reached the physical or mental state where continuation of the experiment seems to him to be impossible.

    10. During the course of the experiment the scientist in charge must be prepared to terminate the experiment at any stage, if he has probably cause to believe, in the exercise of the good faith, superior skill and careful judgment required of him that a continuation of the experiment is likely to result in injury, disability, or death to the experimental subject.

    The Nuremberg Code: 75th Annual Commemoration

    On August 20, a compelling line-up of international speakers will travel to Nuremberg to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of The Nuremberg Code. Now of all times, in its jubilee year, this achievement of mankind is facing the greatest hardship since it was written.

    Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Announces 20 Arrests For Voter Fraud (VIDEO)

    The Hindu: Coronavirus | Ivermectin used despite WHO advice

    “It has shown efficacy to bind to the spike protein site of the RNA virus thereby reducing the multiplication and attachment of the virus to the ACE receptor in the nasal epithelium. So, the usage of Ivermectin during the early stage of COVID-19 will prevent attachment of the virus to the nasal epithelium. The consumption of Ivermectin 12 mg once daily for three days is now recommended in the isolation protocols of Karnataka,” she explained and noted that there were multiple randomised controlled trials claiming the efficacy of this drug.

    Formerly healthy boxer Mike Tyson In A Wheelchair After He Was Pressured To Take Covid Vaccine To Travel

    Merck Jumps Into a $3.7 Billion mRNA Collaboration

    This DNA editing technology that was used in the covid vaccines should be outlawed. Merck's research grants in universities like Penn State should be banned before they can ruin the human genome.

    Dr. Roach is very wrong in slamming two important covid cures, Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin

    Newspaper columnist Doctor Roach has spread disinformation about two antiviral medicines that have been proven effective in treating covid, hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin. Both of these medicines are among the safest ever used in numerous countries around the world for many years. For Roach to come out and say they are dangerous and inifective is only making the current covid vaccine holocaust even more serious and unecessary.

    Roach is clearly being paid to promote dangerous clot producing mRNA vaccines over traditional medicines with long established safety track records.

    Dr. Pierre Kory's testimony in front of the PA House of Representatives points out the issues. Dr. Kory is a board certified pulmonary specialist.

    Endo, an opioid maker in the Philly suburbs, files for bankruptcy with billions in debt

    Same fate as the vaccine companies are facing.

    1,200 Scientists and Professionals Declare: “There is No Climate Emergency”

    Still trying to undo years of deliberate lying by Penn State professor Michael Mann to divert attention away from geoengineering and implement a carbon tax.

    Pennsylvania newspaper retracts 1863 criticism of Gettysburg Address

    (Now that Liz Chaney has compared herself to Lincoln it's worth remembering how main stream media in Lincloln's day referred to the Gettysburg address as "silly remarks.".)

    The Patriot-News Publishers concluded on the 150th anniversary of the address: "In the fullness of time, we have come to a different conclusion. No mere utterance, then or now, could do justice to the soaring heights of language Mr Lincoln reached that day. By today's words alone, we cannot exalt, we cannot hallow, we cannot venerate this sacred text, for a grateful nation long ago came to view those words with reverence, without guidance from this chagrined member of the mainstream media.

    "The world will little note nor long remember our emendation of this institution's record – but we must do as conscience demands."

    We're not in Kansas Any More

    Oz deleted all of his Trump endorsements after he got the nomination. The big issue he is avoiding is his opponent's stroke recovery. Fetterman had himself and his kids vaxxed at a walk in clinic. Oz should counsel Fetterman and tell him to never get himself or his his kids vaxxed with the spike protein again.

    Fetterman should be taking Ivermectin and CBD for spike protein binding and inflammation. 

    Oz was against vaccines for his own kids. Oz wins this round.

    VACCINE HOLOCAUST: More than 40 times the number of Americans who died in WWII are now dead from covid “vaccines”

    Yet we can't get a word printed in main stream media about the new holocaust from the same people that always squawk about the old holocaust.

    Heart Math Global Coherence Initiative Live Data

    View live data from GCI’s Global Coherence Monitoring System, a worldwide network of magnetometers that collect a continuous stream of data from the earth’s magnetic field.

    The Global Coherence Initiative is an international effort that seeks to help activate the heart of humanity and promote peace, harmony and a shift in global consciousness. GCI conducts groundbreaking research on the interconnection between humanity and Earth’s magnetic fields and energetic systems.

    The Miracle Not-Heard Around The World: The Success of Uttar Pradesh - Part 3

    Pierre Kory, MD, MPA

    (Ivermectin saved India and Africa from covid. They skipped the vaccines too.)

    While Uttar Pradesh was "quietly" eradicating COVID, India adopted ivermectin nationally to combat the disastrous Delta wave. The impact of that decision is the world's 2nd biggest criminal secret.

    In retrospect, Fauci’s actions are horrifying (again, he effectively controls the FDA, CDC, and NIH). One week later, on March 28, 2020, the CDC issued a Health Advisory warning of the dangers of HCQ use (they employed this identical disinformation tactic 18 months later against ivermectin). Then two weeks after that, the CDC went further and removed their prior “soft” recommendation for HCQ with the statement: “there are no drugs or other therapeutics approved by the US Food and Drug Administration to prevent or treat COVID-19.”

    On April 22nd, the Ministry of Health, the prestigious All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS) and Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR) updated the national COVID-19 treatment protocol. The new protocol recommended Ivermectin and budesonide for all patients with a mild case of COVID.

    For the enemies of ivermectin (which are many), this was NOT good. Again, the world’s 2nd largest country recommending ivermectin to over a billion people? This absolutely freaked out the WHO as I will detail below (it should go without saying that the WHO is controlled by and effectively represents Big Pharma and Bill Gates).

    (Ivermectin should be required study for all Penn State students upon their return. This way they can see how thet've been lied to by their own school. Merck which is a top grant provider at the University is the original patent holder for Ivermectin. Merck wrote that their own drug didn't work at all against covid and that it was potentially dangerous. This was because there was no maney to be made on it because it was out of patent and available for practically nothing.

    The new incoming president of Penn State is a native of India. Couldn't she take the time to alert her student body about the overwhelming success of Ivermectin in her own country of origin and Africa? Couldn't the influence of this university finally overcome the medical lies and make Ivermectin available for treatment? After two years of global medical tyranny wouldn't this be the biggest news ever?)

    Dr. Martin: The Covid Vaccines are Premeditated 1st Degree Murder and Domestic Bioterrorism

    DeSantis: "They lied to us about the mRNA shots. They said, 'if you take it you will not get it.' That is false. That is not true."

    Dr. Nagase warning on Vaccines and Infertility and Miscarriages from the Covid-19 Vaccines

    Germ line latent gene insertion via endogenous reverse transcriptase enzymes, essentially it renders the children of the vaccinated infertile. Anybody vaccinated who doesn't already have children will never have grandchildren.

    The elite already won, this is why the guidestones were blown, it was a signal, they sterilized 5 billion people and have reduced world population within 100 years to 1 billion. This is the great reset.

    This is why they are winding down food, fuel, and labour requirements, there is going to be a rapid shift in replacement rates over the next generation and they simply wont be needed.

    Elon Musk underpopulation fears at odds with latest U.N.

    Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that declining birth rates present “the biggest danger civilization faces by far.” But it looks like it will be a few decades at least before population collapse will begin posing a problem.

    The chickens are coming home to roost for Pfizer

    16th August 2022 by Nadya Swart

    Having succeeded in foisting Covid-19 mRNA injections on an initially unsuspecting public, it appears that the chickens have come home to roost for Pfizer. Pfizer’s criminal withholding of vaccine data is particularly reprehensible when it comes to those children who received a Covid-19 vaccine on the basis that it was not only completely safe, but necessary. A study in Thailand conducted during the country’s national Covid-19 vaccination campaign for adolescents showed what one physician described as a “stunning” association between myocarditis and the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine. Studies of this nature are emerging across the globe, with the most damning evidence of the vaccine’s dangers so far being the report that came from the pharmaceutical behemoth itself. This article was first published on the Daily Friend. – Nadya Swart

    Pfizer gives damning evidence against Pfizer vaccines

    By Andrew Kenny*

    8 of 10 republicans who voted to impeach Trump are defeated

    Breaking: Project Veritas Releases Leaked Biden DHS/FBI Intelligence Bulletin Smearing Conservatives As ‘domestic Violent Extremists’ After Raid On Mar-a-Lago

    There is Way Way more evidence of the left being extremist terrorists. The FBI has entrapped themselves with so much survielence evidence being withheld.

    Liz Cheney Voted Out of Congress

    Blown out by 36 points.

    The anti vaccine protesting student and the Woke Penn State CRT Professor

    Vaccine violence is nothing new here.

    Penn State Left Out of AP Preseason Top 25!

    This woke, leftist school deserves to get beat in every sport! Still pushing the poisonous covid vaccines on students and community. Won't acknowledge ivermectin cures covid better than anything. Still have people wearing masks that don't work.

    To top it off the school will try and convince your children that they should change their gender and take hormone prescriptions for the rest of their lives. Governor Wolf just signed an executive order that tries to make intervention illegal.

    Do not feed your kids to this beast school! Send them to the rural campuses only!

    Pfizer provided incoherent data about the vaccine’s effects in children

    During his program, Tucker Carlson denounces how the authorities lied to us about vaccine effectiveness and their terrible side effects, especially heart problems, like myocarditis in children and young people. How is it possible that public health services are advocating for the immediate vaccination of children, starting at 6 months old?

    FDA Knew 44% of Pregnant Women in Pfizer Trial Suffered Miscarriages

    It is indisputable that neither Pfizer nor the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is at all concerned about adverse events related to Pfizer’s clinical trial data. After all, they sought to hide it from the general public for 75 years. While blatantly unacceptable, the fact both parties knew that 44 percent of pregnant women participating in the Pfizer mRNA COVID-19 “vaccine” trial suffered miscarriages is immoral and seems incredibly corrupt.

    ‘In God We Trust' Signs Going Up in Carroll ISD Schools

    Texas state law orders that donated "In God We Trust" signs must be displayed in schools in a conspicuous place.

    Dent Run PA dig site where the FBI is suspected of digging up 9 tons of Civil War gold and making off with it.

    Sanctions sought against FBI over Civil War gold dig videos

    (The FBI had 17 videos of the excavation. Now they are refusing to turn them over 13 of them. It's the FBI that needs to be raided over all of the crimes they've committed since they took over the justice system after president Kennedy was killed.)

    A federal judge has ordered the FBI to speed up the release of records about the search for the legendary gold, ruling Monday in favor of Finders Keepers, the treasure hunting outfit that led FBI agents to the remote site. The group accuses the Justice Department of slow-walking their request for information.

    The FBI must turn over 1,000 pages of records per month, starting in 30 days, and the first batch of records must include a key report sought by Finders Keepers, U.S. District Judge Amit P. Mehta ordered.

    The ruling came four months after Finders Keepers sued the Justice Department over its failure to produce records on the FBI’s search. The FBI has long insisted its March 2018 dig came up empty, but Finders Keepers says the government has acted suspiciously throughout the four-year saga.

    In addition to seeking legal fees, Weismann also asked the court to give Finders Keepers the ability to depose three FBI officials: Jacob Archer of the FBI’s art crime team in Philadelphia, who oversaw the dig; the unidentified videographer shown in the trail-cam still; and Michael Seidel, the FBI section chief for records dissemination.

    Here is the photograph of the videographer captured by a hidden trailcam. The FBI now denies that there is any video of the excavation.

    Jury: Democratic PAC Defamed Roy Moore, Awards Him $8.2M

    Republican Roy Moore of Alabama has won a defamation lawsuit against a Democratic-aligned super PAC over campaign ads dating to his failed 2017 Senate bid.

    43 year old vaxxed editor of "Medscape" is dead. He even vaxxed his 1 year old daughter.

    (In a free will society adults are free to do stupid things and hurt themselves but inflicting this spike protein disease on kids is criminal. Most pastors are still silent about the need to end this attempt at the genociding, disabling and sterilizing of their flocks. Either they've been paid off or they are hopelessly unaware. Same for the politicians, professors, journalists, the pope and government workers at this point. There should be a law against aiding a holocaust.)

    Vatican renews Pope’s push for COVID vaccination as an ‘act of love’ in new video

    He's got to be out of his mind! The pope appears to be one of the unfortunate ones who has become a sorry, souless, sack of flesh still promoting the vaccines. His chaff has fallen and theres no wheat left inside.

    Dr. Sherri Tenpenny: The Jabbed Need To Repent!!

    The jab can have the effect of dissolving the soul from the body… this doesn’t happen to everyone, but it can and does happen.

    The problem with this is that the solution is MORE GOD. The problem with MORE GOD, is that a soulless person doesn’t SEEK GOD or INVITE GOD IN.

    A soulless person is therefore, is always a godless person.

    There are more issues… a soulless jabbed person, may not even be a human anymore, because they allowed their genetics to be changed!

    BOMBSHELL: Evidence Shows Michigan Supreme Court Race in 2020 Was Flipped – Election Audit Professionals Also Identify Numerous Red Flags in New Mexico and Arizona

    These voting machines are rigged for easy cheating. They have to go. Paper ballots are the only way forward for fair elections.

    Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis joining Doug Mastriano for Pittsburgh appearance

    There is no way Shapiro can be allowed to run the state after what he helped Wolf and Levine do to the People. Every Governor should look to Desantis as a role model for success.

    Florida was the biggest winner in avoiding the forced pandemic damage suffered by other states. No wonder families with young children are fleeing to Florida along with the retired.

    Lawsuit Calls For Release Of J6 POWS: Historic Action Taken In Defense Of Persecuted Patriots

    The Federal government is out of control, and we need America First lawyers and attorneys to put it back in order.

    Lawyer Joe McBride joins the show to detail his historic lawsuit, suing for millions against the Federal government.

    McBride's client, Ryan Taylor is stuck in solitary confinement for representing at J-6, and McBride plans to make the feds pay!

    Watch this segment NOW at!

    Common Knowledge of the Bible: The Order of Aaron and the Order of Melchizedek

    What is the new covenant in the New Testament?

    An experiential new covenant is defined as responding to the gospel internally, from the heart, by faith in, and reliance on, the promises of God, resulting in an obedience that issues naturally through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, who writes God's law on one's heart.

    SPERRY: FBI Agents Involved in Trump Raid are Under Criminal Investigation by Durham For Abusing Their Power in Trump-Russia Probe

    Trump in the Russiagate hoax and are actively under criminal investigation by Special Counsel John Durham for potentially abusing their power investigating Trump in the Russian fraud and therefore have a potential conflict of interest and should have been RECUSED from participating in this supposed “espionage” investigation at Mar-a-Lago” Sperry said in a social media post on Saturday.

    DeSantis Unveils Ultimate Gadsen Florida License Plate

    Woke scolds have now found a way to get upset over a flag closely associated with the American founding and the Revolutionary War.

    Florida has unveiled a new license plate featuring the Gadsden flag.

    Gov. Ron DeSantis touted the new license plate in a July tweet.

    ‘A dream come true’ Hollidaysburg headed to Little League World Series

    The Hollidaysburg PA Little League team celebrates its win over Delaware, 7-3, Friday afternoon in the Mid-Atlantic Regional final at the Bart Giamatti Training Complex in Bristol, CT.

    Activate Your Cosmic DNA

    About The Book

    • Presents in-depth teachings and channeled wisdom from the six star nations--the Pleiades, Sirius, Andromeda, Centaurus, Epsilon Eridani, and Lyra

    • Reading about your cosmic lineage will trigger the awakening of ancient memories of your star origin and activate your spiritual DNA

    • Includes energy exercises and guided meditations specific to each star nation to help awaken the light codes embedded within you, accelerate your vibrational intelligence, and embrace your inherited starseed gifts. You are a starseed.

    You carry within you the spiritual DNA of your cosmic family. Eons ago the Pleiadians, along with other star nations, seeded the Earth, and their energy is still present. By recognizing your starseed lineage, you can activate your spiritual DNA and awaken the soul attributes that resonate with your star nation.

    In this book, Eva Marquez explains how to discover your starseed lineage and activate your cosmic DNA. She presents in-depth teachings and channeled wisdom from the six star nations: the Pleiades, Sirius, Andromeda, Centaurus, Epsilon Eridani, and Lyra. You will learn about your cosmic family’s lives in the stars, their home worlds, and who they are.

    As you read about the star nations, you will automatically attune to their energies. When you connect with your ancestral star nation, you may experience the sudden awakening of ancient memories, and your spiritual DNA will be activated. Marquez includes energy exercises and guided meditations specific to each star family to help activate your spiritual DNA and awaken the light codes embedded within you.

    By activating your starseed ancestry and reconnecting to your soul family, you help transform the frequencies of fear into love and reignite the cosmic ascension process.

    Trump declassified documents that proved the crimes of the FBI. Biden reclassified them & never told him

    Schdule F is in order.

    MTG files articles of impeachment against Merrick Garland…

    The Oklahoma City Bombing Was A Conspiracy

    This was just a warm up for what the FBI lied about after 9/11.

    The Oklahoma City bombing was the first time they brought in Merrick Garland as a fixer.

    Avlon: Why Garland's prosecution of OKC bomber matters today (it was all lies.)

    CNN's John Avlon examines how Merrick Garland's prosecution of the Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh has prepared him for the upcoming legal proceedings brought against the rioters who stormed the Capitol on January 6.

    Source: CNN

    China’s Warning ENTIRE Economy Will Collapse In 34 Days

    Social unrest has erupted in China after almost $6 billion worth of deposits froze up. Thousands of police were deployed to shut down the protest. Following the protest, hundreds of thousands of Chinese homebuyers refused to pay up to $300 billion worth of mortgages. Mortgage payments have reportedly stopped on 301 projects in 91 cities. China is experiencing a repeat of the 2008 recession but on a whole new level. An entire social revolt is growing as the CCP desperately censor the growing uneasiness. Internal government meetings have revealed substantial stress within the CCP and the signs are showing that it’s only going to get worse. China’s social unrest has revealed a multitude of flaws within the country, and the implications will ultimately affect the rest of the world.

    The Miracle Not-Heard Around The World: The Success of Uttar Pradesh - Part 1

    The north Indian state of 231 million people eradicated COVID with an ivermectin treatment program, representing one of the greatest public health achievements in history. It was kept a global secret.

    Ivermectin, ‘Wonder drug’ from Japan: the human use perspective

    Discovered in the late-1970s, the pioneering drug ivermectin, a dihydro derivative of avermectin—originating solely from a single microorganism isolated at the Kitasato Intitute, Tokyo, Japan from Japanese soil—has had an immeasurably beneficial impact in improving the lives and welfare of billions of people throughout the world. Originally introduced as a veterinary drug, it kills a wide range of internal and external parasites in commercial livestock and companion animals. It was quickly discovered to be ideal in combating two of the world’s most devastating and disfiguring diseases which have plagued the world’s poor throughout the tropics for centuries. It is now being used free-of-charge as the sole tool in campaigns to eliminate both diseases globally. It has also been used to successfully overcome several other human diseases and new uses for it are continually being found. This paper looks in depth at the events surrounding ivermectin’s passage from being a huge success in Animal Health into its widespread use in humans, a development which has led many to describe it as a “wonder” drug.

    There are few drugs that can seriously lay claim to the title of ‘Wonder drug’, penicillin and aspirin being two that have perhaps had greatest beneficial impact on the health and wellbeing of Mankind. But ivermectin can also be considered alongside those worthy contenders, based on its versatility, safety and the beneficial impact that it has had, and continues to have, worldwide—especially on hundreds of millions of the world’s poorest people.


    Recall that HCQ’s promise in treatment had been known since the original SARS pandemic, a fact long ago highlighted by Anthony Fauci. Yet in COVID, when its threat to Pharma as an effective treatment became reality, Fauci essentially led the first Disinformation campaign against a repurposed drug in the pandemic. His campaign is described in RFK Jr’s book, The Real Anthony Fauci in the deeply referenced first section of Chapter 1, called “Killing Hydroxychloroquine.”

    X22 Report interviews Capt. Keshel - Election Fraud Has Been Going On Longer Than People Realize, Evidence Is Being Released (35 min)

    Today’s Guest: Capt. Seth Keshel

    "Capt. Seth Keshel is an army intelligence veteran and analytics guru. Seth has been researching the election fraud not just for the 2020 elections but all elections. Seth realized that election fraud has been going on longer than people think. Trump won the 2020 election and the evidence is now being produced. Decertification is possible if the right people are in place."

    Truth Social:

    It's Over: CDC Says People Exposed To COVID No Longer Need To Quarantine

    And the People have rejected the vaccine in increasing numbers.

    Trump Thanks FBI For Kicking Off His 2024 Reelection Campaign

    FBI delivers subpoenas to several Pa. Republican lawmakers

    Federal investigators delivered subpoenas or paid visits to several House and Senate Republican offices in the Pennsylvania Capitol on Tuesday and Wednesday, according to multiple sources.

    The information being requested centered around U.S. Rep. Scott Perry, R-Pa., and the effort to seek alternate electors as part of former President Donald Trump’s efforts to remain in office after the 2020 election, several sources said.

    A spokeswoman for Senate Majority Leader Kim Ward, R-Westmoreland County, referred questions to the office of Senate President Pro Tempore Jake Corman, R-Centre County.

    Jason Thompson, a spokesman for Corman, issued a statement, saying, “Federal subpoenas typically request confidentiality from the witnesses being subpoenaed in order to avoid impediment to the ongoing investigation, so it would be inappropriate to comment on whether members have received subpoenas or not. If subpoenaed as witnesses, our members will certainly comply with requests for documents or information not covered by an applicable privilege.”

    IRS Pulls Job Post Detailing How New Accounting Agents May Use ‘Deadly Force’ After Backlash

    Comes as Biden admin passes bill earmarking $80 billion for tax agency and adding 87,000 new enforcers to target Middle America.

    Disturbing job post may explain why IRS purchased over $700,000 in ammunition in the spring.

    From ‘Scranton Joe’ to ‘Scranton No’: Biden’s Approval Rating Plummets in Home District

    Just 38 percent of voters in Pennsylvania's Eighth Congressional District back Biden

    How Do We Get Rid of the FBI?

    Short of abolishing the bureau, our elected leaders must exercise their power to reimpose constitutional supremacy over this out-of-control agency.

    By Adam Mill

    In theory, a properly motivated Congress could defund and shutter the FBI with a simple piece of legislation. Unfortunately, until Democrats and establishment Republicans swallow their fears and wake up to the threat the FBI poses to self-government, the FBI remains above the rule of law and beyond the reach democratic accountability.

    Whether it’s mass unconstitutional spying, interfering in American elections, lying to courts, or entrapping and sometimes framing innocent Americans, the debate over whether we should have an FBI is drawing to a close. Almost every month another informed author calls for the abolition of the FBI.

    End the FBI’s Counterintelligence Work

    There’s a reason why the FBI loves to paint its opponents and political rivals as, “agents of Putin,” or stooges for Russia. Through the Russian collusion hoax, the public learned that the FBI can use a false allegation of a target acting as a foreign agent to spy on political opponents. While the FBI, in theory, was supposed to have probable cause that Carter Page, a figure in the Trump campaign, was an agent of Russia, it lied to the FISA court to conceal Page’s history of providing information voluntarily to the CIA. Through the warrant to spy on Page, the FBI (in coordination with subcontractors for the Clinton campaign) spied on the Trump campaign. Long after the FBI knew there was “no there, there,” it used the sham counterintelligence investigation to engineer the appointment of a special counsel to interfere with the peaceful transition of power.

    The FBI has been ineffective at using the FISA court to catch real spies, however, preferring instead to reverse engineer warrants on real American targets who happen to have some incidental contact with a Russian. The FBI has shown it cannot be trusted with the domestic counterintelligence brief and that power should be reassigned to an agency that won’t abuse the power.

    Combatting Elected Officials’ Fear of the FBI

    Truman also wrote, “Hoover would give his right eye to take over, and all congressmen and senators are afraid of him.” Democrats are fools if they believe the FBI is a reliable ally. Truman would know. The FBI attempted to throw the 1948 presidential election by leaking to Republican challenger Thomas E. Dewey “compromising information about President Harry Truman’s former association with the Kansas City political machine of the corrupt boss Tom Pendergast. The details soon found their way into Republican campaign literature.”

    Politicians feared the FBI because of its ability to plant and spread stories with the imprimatur of the bureau as a source. When the FBI sees a candidate engaged in real corruption, however, it seems to do the opposite, running interference with the news media to protect that candidate by suppressing news stories or characterizing politically inconvenient evidence as “Russian disinformation.”

    The problem is a thorny one because the FBI’s access to the vast national security databases (and its willingness to abuse them to spy on Americans) acts as a powerful psychological deterrent to politicians seeking to challenge the bureau.

    One solution might be to demand of political candidates a pledge to publicly disclose any attempt by any member of the FBI to gain leverage over that politician. Further, the FBI should be required to register and report to the Justice Department’s Office of Inspector General any contact with a political candidate, his family, an elected official, or a journalist.

    Increasing Transparency

    Under the Freedom of Information Act, a request for information made to any government agency shall be processed within 20 business days, or approximately 30 calendar days. The FBI simply ignores this requirement, often insisting on a timeline of years.

    In one typical case, the FBI claimed it could not produce records of its surveillance of civil rights activists for 17 years. Both the Justice Department and its subordinate FBI have intentionally structured their FOIA systems to fail to keep up with public demand for records. This should be forbidden. Congress should force both agencies to provide the resources and staffing to meet the statutory deadline for documents. There’s little difference between the FBI being allowed to delay a request for 17 years and simply ignoring the law altogether.

    The practice of slow-rolling FOIA requests lets the FBI and the Justice Department operate in near total secrecy, something that is anathema to democratic governance. If the FBI’s failure to follow FOIA time limits pertains to requested documents evidencing FBI misconduct, a requesting party should get attorney’s fees if it becomes necessary to sue to overcome stalling or obstruction.

    Similarly, the FBI uses the excuse of a matter being under “active investigation” to block requests for materials that would potentially embarrass the bureau. Director Christopher Wray is particularly adept at claiming any topic that could shame his agency is “under investigation,” thus precluding him from discussing the matter. When the FBI wants to cover something up, say, the provenance of a laptop containing evidence of corrupt dealings of a favored politician, it simply keeps the investigation open for years and years, long past the point any serious investigation would have concluded.

    Congress can and should define the limits of this “under investigation,” secrecy. Too often the FBI has held open an investigation into a matter of public interest while leaks aligning with the FBI’s interests continue to crop up in sympathetic media. After six months’ allowance of such secrecy, the FBI should be required to seek approval from the local U.S. attorney to certify the legitimacy of the continued secrecy. After a year, ongoing confidentiality should require approval from the attorney general himself. When the FBI does close a matter, it should notify the target in writing so he may combat the negative publicity the FBI generated in the first place.

    And if it turns out that an FBI agent leaked details of the investigation to the press, the entire privilege should be waived for the remainder of the investigation. If the FBI can leak some of the details, the public should get all of the details.

    End or Limit the Stings and Set-ups

    The FBI must go to great lengths to justify its sprawling, worldwide empire. The bureau makes little or no dent in the crime that really plagues Americans. A typical FBI case more resembles the work of a fisherman who secretly places a store-bought fish on his hook before reeling it in to great public fanfare.

    End or Limit the Stings and Set-ups

    The FBI must go to great lengths to justify its sprawling, worldwide empire. The bureau makes little or no dent in the crime that really plagues Americans. A typical FBI case more resembles the work of a fisherman who secretly places a store-bought fish on his hook before reeling it in to great public fanfare.

    After 9/11, the FBI scoured the Muslim community for mentally vulnerable targets who could be coaxed into participating in the FBI’s make-believe terror plots. More recently, a jury rejected the FBI’s contrived plot to “kidnap” Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer when it turned out that the FBI funded and set up the whole thing—even to the point of facilitating introductions among the “conspirators.” This is also why many in the public are alarmed that the FBI had informants inside the crowd that breached the Capitol on January 6.

    The FBI should not be allowed to justify its existence by making its own criminal plots. Congress should pass laws permitting expedited discovery in criminal cases and a procedure for quickly dismissing cases where the suspects were not already criminals when the FBI started its investigation. And while we’re at it, the Justice Department should not be able to hold defendants in jail for a year without trial or bail to coerce plea deals.

    Do Not Let the FBI and Justice Department Investigate Their Own

    The Justice Department Office of the Inspector General repeatedly has published reports detailing criminal misconduct by FBI and Justice Department personnel. When it refers these cases for prosecution, the vast majority of bad actors are not prosecuted, the case of former USA Gymnastics doctor, Larry Nassar, being one such example. This has led some to nickname the Justice Department, the Department of “Just Us.” Obviously, the Justice Department and the FBI do not apply the same rules to themselves that they expect the public to follow.

    Congress should pass legislation requiring the appointment of a special counsel to investigate and prosecute FBI and Justice Department personnel credibly accused of criminal misconduct. Further, the inspector general should have the power to arrest and refer for prosecution any Justice Department or FBI employee caught abusing his power for personal gain or for partisan political advantage.

    End Self-funding Through Forfeitures

    Under the 1984 Comprehensive Crime Control Act of 1984, the Justice Department uses money seized and forfeited from the public to help fund its operations. It can use additional portions of forfeited assets to kick back sweeteners to local law enforcement that helps the FBI. As I wrote here, this degrades Congress’ ability to oversee this powerful agency. Instead, all forfeited funds should be returned to the treasury under the Miscellaneous Receipts Act. If the Justice Department can’t use the money it takes from the public, often without criminally charging anyone, then the incentive to abuse the program will be reduced.

    The best course of action is for Congress to just scrap the FBI. But short of that, our elected leaders must exercise their power to re-impose constitutional supremacy over this out-of-control agency.

    Why is the FBI raiding Trump over a misdemeanor?

    China says 'mission accomplished’ around Taiwan

    The military has announced the successful completion of assignments around the island, but added that regular patrols will continue.

    The Chine white paper said, “We will work with the greatest sincerity and exert our utmost efforts to achieve peaceful reunification."

    (This is really good news. China got the message that America is going to be a Republic again just like Taiwan and Russia. Now we all have something in common to work towards in setting the course for the Golden Age!) 

    The Evidence Is CLEAR: ‘Biden Personally Authorized Mar-A-Lago Raid’ — Trump Source Says FBI Planted Documents To FRAME Him

    Donald Trump asserts that President Joe Biden personally authorized the FBI raid on his Mar-a-Lago residence, and a source close to Trump claims that the FBI planted documents to ‘frame Trump’.

    Trump’s Florida home was turned upside down by 30 federal agents, who ransacked the entire property, including Melania Trump’s wardrobes.

    Biden initially responded to the raid by falsely claiming he had no advance knowledge, an assertion that was ridiculed by many. reports: Trump himself has remained on the offensive and is now accusing the Biden administration of conspiring with the feds to plan the raid.

    “A horrible thing that took place yesterday at Mar-a-Lago. We are no better than a third world country, a banana republic,” Trump posted on his Truth Social site.

    Jewish Agency expected to end its physical presence in Russia - exclusive

    The Jerusalem Post learned a meeting was at their headquarters in Jerusalem, where the discussion was how to move all the operations from Russia. (Putin also kicked out the Rothschild banks and is now the main defender of Christian society in the new Khazarian Mafia free world. Putin also has 9/11 satellite evidence that will show how we've been lied to by the deep state. All of the 9/11 planes were swapped out in mid air with remote control drones. The four planes all landed safely at Andrews Air Force base in MD where all of the passengers were eliminated except for Ted Olson's wife Barbara.)

    Lyme Disease Vaccine: Pfizer Launches Phase 3 Trial Targeting Kids, Adults

    Pfizer on Monday said it launched the final phase of testing for a seasonal, experimental vaccine to prevent Lyme disease in people age 5 and older.

    (Who in the world would trust this company to inject them with unknown substances after what they did with the covid spike vaccine. This is just another attempt for Pfizer to block the light needed for DNA activation. The dark fleet minions still hanging on fear the Adamic 12 strand DNA template that activates in the plasma field of the Alcyon photon band we are now in.)

    Judge Who Signed Mar-A-Lago Search Warrant Exposed As Associate of Jeffrey Epstein.  Judge is Epstein's pilot's lawyer. Nadia Marcinco (also spelled Marcinkova) flew the Epstein jet with his clients on board.

    Judge Reinhart’s representation of Marcinkova best conveys his ties to the human trafficking enterprise that Epstein and his network assembled. Marcinkova is presently the Founder and CEO of Aviloop. The company's website states that it harnesses Marcinkova's experience as a pilot for the consulting firm’s focus on companies based in the aviation industry. Marketing, social media services, and event management are listed among the services which are offered. As is an explicit mission to “help employers diversify their crews.”

    Andrew Cuomo@andrewcuomo

    DOJ must immediately explain the reason for its raid & it must be more than a search for inconsequential archives or it will be viewed as a political tactic and undermine any future credible investigation & legitimacy of January 6 investigations.

    Trump ally Rep. Scott Perry says the FBI seized his cellphone one day after Mar-a-Lago raid

    "This morning, while traveling with my family, 3 FBI agents visited me and seized my cell phone. They made no attempt to contact my lawyer, who would have made arrangements for them to have my phone if that was their wish. I’m outraged — though not surprised — that the FBI under the direction of Merrick Garland’s DOJ, would seize the phone of a sitting Member of Congress," Perry said in his statement. "My phone contains info about my legislative and political activities, and personal/private discussions with my wife, family, constituents, and friends. None of this is the government’s business."

    Full exclusive interview: PA Rep. Scott Perry talked to WGAL about Jan 6

    Perry did vote to object to electors. He told News 8 he wanted questions about the election investigated.

    Florida Rep. Anthony Sabatini @AnthonySabatini

    It’s time for us in the Florida Legislature to call an emergency legislative session & amend our laws regarding federal agencies.

    Sever all ties with DOJ immediately.

    Any FBI agent conducting law enforcement functions outside the purview of our State should be arrested upon sight!

    “I’m an army veteran and America-First conservative. I’m running for Congress in Florida District 7 because the Radical Left and the RINO’s in Washington turned their backs on the America-First agenda.

    I’ve fought in the Florida Legislature for our conservative values and now we need strong conservative fighters like Ron DeSantis and Donald J. Trump in Washington that will always put America First.

    That’s who I am and what I’ll continue to do.”

    FBI Budget 2023 Overview, $10.7 Billion

    The request includes a total of $10.7 billion for salaries and expenses, which will support 36,945 positions (13,616 special agents, 3,287 intelligence analysts, and 20,042 professional staff), and $61.9 million for construction.

    The average salary works out to $270,672 per person.

    (Plus they have the 9 tons of PA gold they are hiding video of. Still could never find Ray Gricar.)

    FBI agents rifled thru Melania’s private wardrobe including the sumptuous Versailles Master Bedroom, renovated by Melania two years ago.

    The demeanor of the three DOJ lawyers was described as “arrogant,”

    The feds instructed Trump’s representatives to switch off the security cameras but they refused.

    Sperry: Lies, Damned Lies, And The Jan. 6 Committee

    "The committee deliberately chummed out disinformation to millions of viewers..."

    (Liz Cheny's husband is a lawyer for Hunter Biden which explains a lot.)

    These Jan 6 entrapment planners and the FBI are domestic enemies of the Constitution.

    This all comes down to attempts to justify election fraud.

    Eric Trump confirms… Kash Patel says Trump already declassified the material…

    DeSantis Slams 'Weaponized Federal Agencies' For Raid On Trump's Mar-A-Lago  

    (There are 17 FBI offices in Florida. They are nothing but lawless DNC thugs that should be evicted for being a public nuisance.)

    Homefield launches vintage Penn State apparel for one of sports’ ‘most iconic brands’

    The brand is now forever known for being lying Merck poison vaccine pushers after our children. They are a bunch of damn bullies just like Pitt. Do not feed the beast or take their vaccines!

    Local vaccine clinic trial: The Doctor will lie to you now.

    Herzog and Putin discuss Jewish Agency fate in Russia amid court threat

    Call comes as fate of Jewish Agency hangs in balance amid Russian court threat to shut down the quasi-government organization in the country. (Same thing needed in all civilized nations.)

    NHS is sending POLICE officers to heart attack callouts due to paramedic shortages

    The next phase of the spike protein attack has arrived in England. Anyone still pushing the covid vaccines should be sued by class action. Go to for a qualified vaccine damage attorney.

    Government Database Reveals 10,000% Increase in Cancer Reports Due to Covid Vaccines

    Brian Shilhavy, a researcher, compared VARES reports of cancer following COVID vaccine injections over the previous 20 months with the same query of all vaccines licensed by the FDA over the preceding 30 years. The results from the government database reveals a 10,000% increase in cancer reports due to COVID vaccines.

    A study of the Centers for Disease Control’s (CDC) Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) found a 10,661.4% spike in cancer diagnoses as a consequence of experimental COVID-19 gene-base vaccinations compared to all FDA-approved vaccines over the past 30 years.

    The editor of Health Impact News, Brian Shilhavy, recounted his steps in the search, including links to documentation of his numerous results.

    Having first queried the cases of “the most common cancers [that] had been reported following COVID-19 vaccines,” he found “837 cases of cancer, including 88 deaths, 66 permanent disabilities, and 104 life threatening events (Source).”

    He stressed that such figures were not exhaustive, and that the VAERS database could not handle a more comprehensive search of “ALL cancers listed in VAERS” underneath this group of COVID immunisations.

    “Using the exact same search terms for cancer,” he wrote, “I then searched ALL FDA-approved vaccines for the previous 30 years and found only 140 cases of cancer reported (Source).”

    “That result is for 360 months (30 years), whereas the 837 cases following the experimental COVID-19 vaccines were reported in just 20 months, since the roll out of the COVID-19 shots beginning in December of 2020,” Shilhavy wrote.

    “That is an increase of 10,661.4%!” he concluded.

    Shilhavy, whose firm is based in Texas, also noted how many of the cases of cancer in the database were children and adolescents, ranging in age from 12 to numerous young adults in their 20s.

    COVER-UP: Robert F. Kennedy Jr Exposes Big Pharma’s Covid Plot To Destroy Us – By Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

    Kennedy has responded to the campaign against him by his former political allies with exemplary courage. He has distilled the essence of his research over many years into vaccine tyranny and the evil forces behind it in a short book that you can read in a couple of hours: A Letter to Liberals from Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Censorship and Covid: An Attack on Science and American Ideals”

    Dr. Peter McCullough: Evidence mounts as government and fake news suppress facts.

    US funding paid for the design of the deadly spike protein.

    If Biden would have had monoclonal therapy, hydroxychloroquine or Ivermectin instead of Paxlovid he would be better. Protocol

    Fourteen young Canadian docs die after getting the shot. Normally would be ~0 over 30 years.

    This is a list of just the docs my doctor friend in Canada heard about passively. In the past 30 years, he's never heard of a single death like this. Not one. Now there are 14.

    Apparently, none of the deaths were covered in the Canadian mainstream media, so I thought you should know about them.

    There was coverage of six recent deaths in Health Impact News: 6 Canadian Medical Doctors Died Within 2 Weeks After 4th COVID Booster Shots for Employees Started at One Hospital.

    Let me be very clear. You cannot have 6 Canadian docs die within 2 weeks after the vaccine if there isn’t something wrong with the shot. Period.

    It’s not just doctors being affected

    Doctors, athletes, celebrities are all very visible.

    But this “problem” is happening to pretty everyone who is aware of what is going on around them.

    Newly-Released Internal Documents Prove Pfizer Knew the Contents of the Shot Would Go Everywhere

    Penn State: Race Matters in Vaccine Hesitancy

    Marxist pharma reps at Penn State try to make covid vaccines a race issue. Penn State and Pitt have become nothing but deceptive vaccine distributors who are spreading the poisonous spike protein which causes cardiovascular disease among the population. They have no hesitancy about giving it to unsuspecting children who have been tricked into destroying their health.

    Farage Warns, If America Falls To Marxists, Western Civilization Will Follow

    “Ladies and gentlemen, we are under attack... The biggest threat we face is from within.”

    Marxism is threatening democracies across the globe—not just America—warned Britain’s Nigel Farage during a Saturday speech to conservatives in Dallas, Texas.

    Farage, an ally of former President Donald Trump, quickly became a favorite during the final day of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), where thousands of conservatives gathered for the event.

    Republic of China

    The Republic of China (ROC) was commonly recognised as the official designation of China from 1912 to 1949, when it was a country in East Asia based on Mainland China, prior to the relocation of its central government to Taiwan as a result of the Chinese Civil War.

    This is why Taiwan is an ally to the American Republic like Russia which is also a Republic not a communist country. The goal is to have mainland China join Taiwan, Russia and the re emerging American Republic in setting the course for the Golden Age.

    "Dark-Eyed Cossack Girl" - Leonid Kharitonov & The Alexandrov Red Army Choir

    The Cossacks might have stripped Trump of his honorary Cossack title but they still have Melania as a favorite Slavic Cossack Girl. She's on her way back to the WhiteHouse to the sound of the horses hooves. Me la' ni a.

    US. President Donald Trump's entry into the White House was so welcomed by a clan of Russian warriors, they made him an honorary member.

    The Irbis Cossacks of St. Petersburg named Trump an “honorary Cossack” after he pledged to cut NATO funding and repair ties with Moscow following his 2016 election victory. They began having second thoughts after U.S. missile strikes targeted a Syrian airbase in April 2017 following a suspected chemical attack against civilians.

    Cossacks were mainly East Slavs, especially Russian and Ukrainian people. In the 15th century, the term originally described semi-independent Tatar groups which lived on the Dniepr River, which flows through Ukraine, Russia and Belarus.

    (Thanks to Russia for Stopping the NAZI's proliferation of biological weapons in Ukraine and elsewhere.)

    Russian MIL Declares Ukraine Origin of C19! DNC Globalists Created Covid!


    New briefing from Chief of Radiation, Chemical and Biological Defence Forces, General Igor Kirillov, on military biological activities of the United States in the territory of Ukraine.

    The Russian MIL have been studying biological samples from surrendered Ukrainian soldiers, and what they have been finding is beyond disturbing. Approximately 20% of them carrying West Nile pathogens, which were being studied “by the Pentagon as part of the Ukrainian UP-4 and UP-8 projects”. Suggesting that Ukrainian soldiers are being subject to involuntary biological experimentation and exposure to biological weapons (think Nuremberg).

    In addition to carrying pathogens, nearly all of the surrendered Ukrainian soldiers carried traces of a wide variety of narcotics and opioids, including Meth and Codeine.

    Russia were sure to remind us of the Nazi’s usage of methamphetamines in WW2. I covered this 2 weeks ago, when the left-wing media tried to spin this reality as some sort of X-men mutant conspiracy theory. No, they are just Nazis, and historically, Nazis use drugs. Particularly as an advantage in war.

    Russia goes on to cite that this methamphetamine Ukraine are using, Pervitin, was also used by US soldiers during Vietnam and Korea. It’s designed to reduce the psycho-emotional burdens of war.

    However, an intended side effect is excessive aggression, which Russia alleges is one of the main factors for the Nationalist Ukrainian forces displaying “extreme cruelty” to civilians and the shelling of their own people in Donbas. Ukraine are using mind-numbing agents on their forces to make them more susceptible to carrying out heinous acts.

    Next, we find perhaps the most explosive slide to date, in which Russia FINALLY comes out and DIRECTLY accuses the US of being responsible for the creation and release of Covid-19. What I have been saying from the beginning, is that this allllll leads to C-19, which will be the nail in the coffin and the red-pill that wakes up the world.

    The backlash the US are facing from Russia and the rest of Eastern world, is directly because the world found out THE UNITED STATES CREATED COVID. Specifically the “DNC/Liberal Globalists”, as the Russians allege. Not Trump.

    Russia clarifies they have record of over 16,000 biological samples, including blood and serum samples, transported from Ukraine to the US, Georgia, European countries.

    The US claimed that all of these biological samples would be used “exclusively for peaceful purposes”, but we can see that they were not.

    Russia then pointed to US Congressman Jason Crow of the House Intelligence Committee, warned Americans about the dangers of giving their DNA to private companies (Think 23&Me) for testing because:

    "...there is a possibility that test results will be sold to third parties... and the information obtained could be used to develop biological weapons targeting specific groups... or individuals."

    Sounds exactly like what Russia have been alleging all along. That the US have been producing biological weapons to ethnically cleanse certain individuals of select genome sequences. Idk about you all, but ethnic cleansing with biological weapons doesn’t sound very “Democratic”, but maybe that’s just me.

    Russia says this activity gives reasonable cause to question US military biologists in the emergence and spread of the COVID-19 pathogen. Russia cites:

    “In May 2022, Jeffrey Sachs - a leading expert in the respected medical journal The Lancet and professor at Columbia University, the leading academic institution for global biosecurity, told a conference in Spain that ‘..the coronavirus was artificially created and is very likely to have been created using American advances in biotechnology...’.”

    Take that in for a moment. Yup. Russia just accused the United States of creating and releasing Covid-19. But wait, there’s more.

    Russia confirms the unnatural behavior of C19 proves that this virus was not only man-made, but being constantly worked on and “artificially fueled” via the introduction of different variants to different regions.

    Myself and many others have been leaning towards the idea that Wuhan was not the only “origin” of the C19 outbreak. It was released at multiple labs around the world, with different specially engineered variants, designed to target the people of the region with genome specific C19 virus.

    The DNC Globalists were using Ukraine as the home base for production of the virus, then shipping the genome specific viruses to labs around the world, to be released to ensure the virus infected the entire world…

    According to our experts, this is evidenced by the uncharacteristic variability of the genovariants that cause different peaks in the incidence of coronaviruses, significant differences in lethality and contagiousness, uneven geographical distribution, and the unpredictable nature of the epidemic process as a whole. It appears that despite efforts to contain and isolate the disease, the pandemic is being artificially fuelled by the introduction of new variants of the virus in a particular region.

    Russia goes on to directly accuse the US Agency of International Development, (USAID), of involvement of the creation of the new Covid variants. Citing that they have been studying coronavirus since 2009 (Obama), and that one of the main contractors for the project is the infamous Biden biolab company, Metabiota, the main source of biological malfeasance in Ukraine.

    The implementation of the COVID-19 scenario and USAID's emergency wind-down of the Predict programme in 2019 suggest the deliberate nature of the pandemic and US involvement in its emergence.

    Russia believes not only did the US create and release C19, but they did so with deliberate intentions.

    And just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse… it gets worse.

    In the third slide, Russia highlight the activities of Labyrinth Ukraine. Particularly their vaccination of Ukrainian soldiers, and collecting biological samples from them so they can develop genome specific biological weapons. Citing one of the main contractors affiliated with Labyrinth is, once again, Biden’s Metabiota.

    Russia also notes that Labyrinth Global Health have been studying CORONAVIRUSES AND MONKEYPOX.

    Thus we see a clear trend: infectious disease agents that reach the Pentagon's zone of interest are subsequently pandemic, with US pharmaceutical companies and their patrons, the leaders of the US Democratic Party, as the beneficiaries.

    HOLY SHIT… Russia just said the DNC and US big pharma are intentionally causing pandemics to win elections…

    Giving serious legitimacy to Anons overall thesis about C19 and 2020, and giving legitimacy to my thesis that Monkeypox is the next bioweapon released intentionally by the Deep State to attempt to steal the 2022 election with mass mail-in voting.

    In conclusion, Russia have now DIRECTLY accused the DNC Globalists of:

    -creating and releasing new variants of Coronaviruses, and now Monkeypox, intentionally, for the purposes of political control and world domination.

    -using non-consensual experimentation on citizens of the world to create genome specific biological weapons for ethnic cleansing.

    -creation and usage of narcotics, such as methamphetamines, on Ukrainian forces to dehumanize them in order to carry out heinous crimes against humanity on civilians in Ukraine.

    Russia just confirmed my overall narrative; that the war in Ukraine is backlash for the Deep State’s creation and usage of C19. We are already in WW3 and C19 was the first weapon fired.

    The fact that Russia have now come out and openly called this spade a spade… suggests we are approaching the finish line. Russia claims final dossier will be complete in “Autumn”.

    Bombshell Document Dump on Pfizer Vaccine Data

    “Have you seen the document dump on the Pfizer vaccine data? It’s a bombshell. No wonder the FDA fought to keep it hidden for 55 years.

    Here is the quick takeaway:

    By February of 2021, Pfizer had already received more than 1,200 reports of deaths allegedly caused by the vaccine and tens of thousands of reported adverse events, including 23 cases of spontaneous abortions out of 270 pregnancies and more than 2,000 reports of cardiac disorders.

    Bear in mind, this is Pfizer’s own data.”

    How Tavistock Came Tumbling Down

    I was a nurse working on a team that recklessly prescribed puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones to kids. I blew the whistle in 2005. Now the government is finally listening.

    BY Sue Evans

    I joined the Tavistock Clinic in North London as a clinical nurse therapist in 2003. Back then, Tavistock was prestigious—known all over the world for its professional seminars and specialized psychological treatments for mental-health patients. Before I ever worked there, I would attend lectures and training workshops to hear from renowned psychoanalysts, who were considered some of the best in the field.

    A lot can change in a decade.

    Last week, the National Health Service ordered that the gender youth clinic at Tavistock shut its doors by next spring. And I am part of the reason why.

    The story of what happened at Tavistock is the story of how small group of whistleblowers—doctors, nurses, parents and patients, together with the help of journalists and reporters—were able to relentlessly expose activist-driven medicine that they knew was irresponsible. It’s also an object lesson for others who are deeply concerned about a one-size-fit-all approach to transgender healthcare and wonder what they should do about it.


    DeSantis Prevails Against Dems’ 2-Year Battle Over Supreme Court Appointee, Says She is the ‘American Dream’

    An immigrant blocked from ascending to Florida’s highest court by a Democrat-initiated lawsuit was appointed to the Florida Supreme Court ...

    Kamala Harris Nods Along as Female Participant at Roundtable Argues for Removing Parental Notifications for Minors Obtaining Abortions

    Peter Doocy Grills Karine Jean-Pierre: ‘Why is Biden Bragging Today About Gas Prices?’ (VIDEO)

    An immigrant blocked from ascending to Florida’s highest court by a Democrat-initiated lawsuit was appointed to the Florida Supreme Court Friday by Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis.

    Palm Beach County Circuit Judge Renatha Francis was born in Jamaica and legally immigrated in 2004. She graduated from Florida Coastal Law School in 2010.

    Gods, Extraterrestrials and Religion: From Ancient Atlantis to Today

    Ancient records and religious texts describe multiple "Gods" (aka extraterrestrials) creating humanity in a series of genetic experiments and warring among themselves over who would be dominant in influencing Earth's future. The world's oldest known creation story, Sumer's Enuma Elish, and other ancient texts introduce the different creator Gods and how they formed grand assemblies to resolve their differences over the destiny of humanity.

    This new video is the official trailer/short film for the "World Religions and Extraterrestrial Contact" webinar to be held on August 13. In addition to the above issues, the trailer discusses the rise and fall of Atlantis in relation to creator Gods/extraterrestrials alarmed over humanity's rapid technological development. Finally, this short film covers the return of the creator Gods (Elohim/Anunnaki) to our solar system and what this means for us today.

    To register for the webinar visit:

    Heartfelt thanks to my incredibly gifted wife, Angelika Whitecliff, for her many days of work in creating this trailer/short film and joining me in its narration.

    Michael Salla, Ph.D.

    Covid is not a viral pneumonia. It’s an endothelialitis caused by the spike protein.(video)

    Research at the University of Zurich has uncovered that Covid-19 disease can affect the blood vessels of all organs.

    There is growing evidence that Covid-19 is much more than a pneumonia. Researchers are gradually discovering that it is a systematic vascular inflammation caused by the spike protein, not by the virus itself. This explains why it is causing so many cardiovascular problems and vital organ failure. Inflammation affects the endothelium – the inner lining of the blood vessels of any number of organs.

    The virus isn’t the most harmful part of this. You don’t even need the virus to kill somebody, you just need the spike protein, and that alone will kill people.

    The spike protein is deadly and, therefore, the vaccines that inject you with spike protein, or that force your body to manufacture spike protein are deadly, and this is why so many people are dying from the vaccines. The vaccines are bioweapons

    Cannabidiol Inhibits SARS-CoV-2 Replication and Promotes the Host Innate Immune Response

    The spike protein causes a rise in PAI-1. CBD lowers PAI-1. For anyone who got the covid vaccine, CBD may be the best daily natural preventative medicine against the spike protein.

    President Trump speaks at cpac Dallas…

    EXCLUSIVE: Key Excerpts from President Trumps Speech in Waukesha, Wisconsin This Week, There Were 45 Wins and No Losses

    President Trump’s message is exceptional again. Wisconsin is getting destroyed by a corrupt Democrat Governor and a corrupt GOP Secretary of State, Robin Vos. Below are some excerpts from President Trump’s speech:

    Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc: Vaccines have never been safe or effective

    I wrote the book (Anyone who tells you vaccines are safe and effective is lying. Here’s the proof.) partly to provide evidence proving that vaccines are often dangerous and don’t work but also to destroy the outrageous, manufactured myth that vaccination has extended life expectancy and eradicated diseases such as smallpox and whooping cough.

    The inevitable result is that vaccination programmes continue pretty well unhindered and millions of children are now regularly jabbed with products which have never been properly tested or evaluated either for safety or efficacy.

    German doctors are taught that it was the Reich Vaccination Law (making vaccination compulsory) which halted smallpox in their country. But the incidence of smallpox had dropped before the law came into action. Once again, a legally enforced national vaccination programme did not eradicate the disease.

    Jan. 6 prisoner: Ray Epps recruited me

    'Why is he not in jail for obstruction of Congress or seditious conspiracy?'

    A Jan. 6 defendant who faces decades in prison on charges related to the Capitol riot wants to know why the Arizona man he claims tried to recruit him to go inside the Capitol – and is seen in numerous videos doing the same – is not "on the stand to answer the tough questions."

    "Why is Ray Epps not in jail for inciting the crowd or obstruction of Congress or seditious conspiracy?" writes Sean Michael McHugh, a California business owner and father of four, in a letter published by the Gateway Pundit.

    Wray admits to Ted Cruz that the FBI special agent in charge of the Detroit field office during the Whitmer kidnapping debacle is now in charge of the DC field office during the J6 investigation.

    (Two words are all that is needed to fix the FBI. "You're fired!")

    Tennessee sues Walgreens over 1.1 Billion  'unlawful' opioid sales

    The lawsuit, filed in Knox County Circuit Court, focuses on Walgreens' operations between 2006 and 2020. According to Slatery, the company's 200 to 300 pharmacies sold 1.1 billion oxycodone or hydrocodone pills, roughly the equivalent of 175 pills for every state resident during this period.

    "Walgreens did not flood the state of Tennessee with opioids by accident," Slatery said in a Wednesday evening news release. "Rather, the fuel that Walgreens added to the fire of the opioid epidemic was the result of knowing — or willfully ignorant — corporate decisions."

    (Millions in opioid damages are still owed to counties by thousands of mid level distributors. To see the top distributors in your county that can be sued see the DEA opioid database. Then urge your county commissioners to find a lawyer.)

    Mayo Clinic may face 100+ lawsuits over vaccine mandate

    Rochester, Minn.-based Mayo Clinic could face a slew of lawsuits from employees alleging they were wrongly fired for refusing COVID-19 vaccines, the Post Bulletin reported May 18.

    Gregory Erickson, a Minneapolis attorney representing two former Mayo employees who recently filed such lawsuits, told the Post Bulletin the recently filed cases are among more than 100 similar ones he is filing against Mayo.

    Mr. Erickson represents fired Mayo employees in Wisconsin, Florida and Arizona, but about 80 to 100 of the cases against Mayo will be for former Mayo employees who live in Rochester, he added.

    Cases have already been filed on behalf of Shelly Kiel and Sherry Ihde. In the case of Ms. Kiel, she claimed that she had natural immunity against COVID-19 after having the virus as well as having an opposition to the vaccine on religious grounds, according to the Post Bulletin.

    Kari Lake wins in Arizona…

    She broke the cheater's system!

    Mexico calls for five-year global truce

    A period of peace would allow nations to promote economic development, the Mexican president says. 

    Scott McKay & Gene Decode: Off-Planet Influence Eliminated, Only Cabal Players Left (Video)

    The Armies of Heaven did the hard part. The rest is a clean up operation.

    In this special installment of Patriot Streetfighter, Scott & Gene Decode discuss the remaining influence of the Cabal after their Secret Space Program controllers/partners eliminated.


    This is a documentary made by many citizen journalists revealing many facts and questions about the official story of Sandy Hook.

    Nobody Died at Sandy Hook

    Henry Makow's definitive expose' on what really happened at Sandy Hook featuring Jim Fetzer's book. (Sandy Hook was a FEMA drill designed to promote the NWO agenda, gun control and enslavement.)

    Among its revelations is the discovery of the 21-page FEMA manual for the drill, with a rehearsal taking place on 13 December 2012, going LIVE on the 14th.

    Jim Fetzer's book, banned on Amazon, is available for download here.

    Twitter Censors Pfizer-Injured Israeli COVID Vaccine Director

    Prof. Shmuel Shapira MD MPH (Col.), who served as Director of the Israel Institute for Biological Research between 2013 and 2021, suggested that the monkeypox outbreak was connected to mRNA vaccines.

    Professor Shmuel Shapira, M.D., MPH, served as the Director General of the Israel Institute for Biological Research (IIBR) between 2013 and 2021, where he led Israel’s effort to develop a coronavirus vaccine.

    Prof. Shapira is also the founder and head of the Department of Military Medicine of the Hebrew University Faculty of Medicine and IDF Medical Corps. He is a Senior Research Fellow at the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism (ICT) at Reichman University in Israel.

    Shapira previously served as Deputy Director General of the Hadassah Medical Organization and as the Director of the Hebrew University Hadassah School of Public Health. He is a Full Colonel (Res.) in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and served as the IDF Head of Trauma Branch.

    He has published more than 110 peer-reviewed scientific articles and is the editor of Essentials of Terror Medicine, Best Practice for Medical Management of Terror Incidents, and Medical Response to Terror Threats.

    Last week, Twitter censored Prof. Shapira—who was "physically injured” after his third Pfizer vaccine—and forced him to remove a post which said: "Monkey pox cases were rare for years. During the last years a single case was documented in Israel. It is well established the mRNA vaccines affect the natural immune system. A monkey pox outbreak following massive covid vaccination: *Is not a coincidence."

    (None of the crooked news media will run this story because they have all been paid to promote the vaccines and avoid any talk of vaccine side effects. They are now an ongoing threat to public health.)

    A member of Bucknell University’s campus community has been confirmed as testing positive for monkeypox

    Johnstown Newspaper brags about corona virus test kit and vaccine sales Promotes pharmacy backed youth baseball teams in an attempt to lure the young to vaccines.

    ‘They Wanna Castrate These Young Boys’: DeSantis Says Doctors Should Be Sued For Child Gender Reassignment Surgeries

    'You don’t disfigure 10, 12, 13-year-old kids based on gender dysphoria. 80% of it resolves anyways by the time they get older,' DeSantis proclaimed Wednesday.

    A Medical Scandal: Gender Medical Activism at Tavistock Shut Down

    In what could uncover one of the biggest medical scandals of the century, last week NHS ordered Tavistock’s Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS”) to be closed.

    GIDS, at the Tavistock and Portman Trust in London, was the main English clinic for the treatment of children experiencing gender identity issues. Its closure comes after the latest report from Hilary Cass, a senior paediatrician who has been reviewing NHS gender services for children. To say her findings have been damning is an understatement.

    For years, the seeds of the Tavistock’s downfall have been hiding in plain sight, as a picture has slowly emerged of its clinicians doling out harmful drugs to gender-confused youth as if they were sweets.

    If all that had ever happened at GIDS was that people sat around talking to one other, recognising ambiguity within the life of the psyche, that would be therapeutical. But the general relativist stance of senior clinicians was made incredibly dangerous for patients – it is at this point that it becomes clear that these people think it a reasonable goal to alter a child’s healthy bodily tissue to accommodate a mind which is, by their own admission, constantly developing.

    Similar Penn State Gender Affirming Program Should Be Shut Down

    Apparently Tavistok is where Rachel Levine picked up this nonsense in the first place.

    Trump Time? POTUS 45-Endorsed Candidates Clean Up In Primaries

    In Arizona, Michigan, and elsewhere, Trump-backed candidates like US Senate hopeful Blake Masters pulled off victories in yesterday’s primaries. Is this the shape of things to come? Also today, more fallout from Pelosi’s perverse Taiwan junket and Russia accuses US of direct involvement in Ukraine war.

    Gov. DeSantis suspends Hillsborough state attorney Andrew Warren

    Desantis trained as a Navy JAG lawyer. He knows just how to handle unruly Soros backed state attorneys.

    Release the Tape: Revolver Has Definitive Proof FBI Is Hiding Critical Footage of Jan 6 “Pipe Bomber”

    The FBI needs to hand over all of the crime footage that has been hidden from the justice system to end the federal rein of terror.


    Premiered Aug 1, 2022 Judicial Watch President @TomFitton discusses a new letter from Senator Chuck Grassley asking the FBI & DOJ about a cover-up to protect the Biden family from corruption allegations. WATCH NOW!

    FBI records on search for fabled PA gold raise more questions

    The FBI can't seem to tell the truth about anything. The story about the PA FBI gold heist has been removed from the Tribune Democrat newspaper that is practically run by the local FBI office. 

    Some day these offices would make good museums regarding the corruption of federal law enforcement. There is plenty of evidence for numerous false flag events staged by federal government agencies through the years from the killing of JFK to 9/11 to Sandy Hook.

    Speaking of the FBI and cold cases. They removed the long standing DA Ray Gricar disappearance case from their web site after January 6.

    The People are demanding a grand jury to investigate the case just like the State Police called for in the first place. PA AG Josh Shapiro, candidate for governor, is not going to do it because he hired one of the main suspects to work for the AG office after they put Kathleen Kane away for trying to solve the case.  Mastriano is the last hope to solve the most famous missing person case in PA history.

    As former Governor Tom Corbett one said: “Every attack on an officer of the law is an attack on our state, our country and civilized society.”

    See for more information on solving this case.

    Overdose results in charges

    What do you expect from a town that distributes the most opioids to itself and numerous other counties for years on end? Try investigating why the top pharmacy distributors in town prescribes over 150 opioids per person per year to their own 4000 bed nursing home business! Unless they are intentionally creating senior addicts on purpose, those excess pills are ending up on the black market!

    Where is the lawsuit brought by the county against these companies like other counties are doing? It's not happening because these companies run Operation Our Town and everybody involved gets their reward for keeping the cartel safe from lawsuits and prosecution.

    Israel Pharma company Teva announces agreement to settle opioid lawsuits

    North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein, one of the chief negotiators, said the settlement would help address the crisis, which has become more deadly in recent years. “Every week I meet people whose lives have been torn apart by the opioid epidemic,” Stein said in a statement. “Far too many families and friends have experienced painful loss to overdose. But I also meet inspiring people who are living happy lives in recovery — and this agreement will help thousands more North Carolinians get the treatment and support they need to free themselves of addiction.”

    There have been more than $40 billion worth of proposed and completed settlements over opioid claims in recent years, according to an Associated Press tally.

    Earlier this year, drugmaker Johnson & Johnson finalized a $5 billion settlement, and the three national drug distribution firms — AmerisourceBergen, Cardinal Health and McKesson — finalized one worth a total of $21 billion. OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma is trying to persuade a court to let it move ahead with a deal that could include up to $6 billion in cash from members of the Sackler family who own the company. That potential deal would also transform the company into a new entity with profits used to combat the crisis.

    FBI Whistleblower LEAKS Bureau’s ‘Domestic Terrorism Symbols Guide’ on ‘Militia Violent Extremists’ Citing Betsy Ross Flag

    The Continental Congress called for such a flag on June 14, 1777. The number of stars and stripes represent the 13 original colonies.

    In the leaked document, the FBI cites symbols, images, phrases, events, and individuals that agents should look out for when identifying alleged domestic terrorists.

    (What the FBI is doing is criminalizing Patriotism, American history and the Constitution. They deserve to be fired! The FBI is not included in the six federal intelligence agencies working with President Trump and the Whitehats to restore the Republic. Furthermore, the alliance includes the People's Republic of Russia, the People's Republic of China but not the Chinese Communist Party.)

    Pelosi's Reckless Taiwan Junket

    US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi made good on her threat to be the first US House Speaker to visit Taiwan in a quarter of a century. The Chinese government is furious and threatening retaliation. Are there any benefits to the US of Pelosi's provoking China?

    Special Report: Tracking the Genocide Worldwide Excess Deaths from the Covid Injections.

    More exess dead millenials due to the vaccine than died in the entire Vietnam war!

    Distributors and Promoters Should Cease Biological Weapon Distribution Immediately, Conspiring With The Enemy Can Result In the Death Penalty!

    Conspiracy Charges: To support conspiracy charges, the prosecution must prove that (1) a person entered an agreement to commit a crime or illegal act, (2) with at least one other person, and (3) that at least one person to the agreement performed an act to further the agreement.

    Vaccine Exemption Guide -Attorney Mat Staver, Liberty Counsel

    (Employees who were denied religious exemptions for the covid vaccines should watch for more class action lawsuits in the future. The NorthShore case is a good precedent for future legal victories.)

    NorthShore To Pay $10.3M In Class Action Over COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate for Violating Religious Exemptions

    (This is going to be a huge deterrent for any future vaccine mandates. All religous institutions  need to understand this case and inform their members about it.)

    Over 500 past and current NorthShore University HealthSystem staff with religious exemptions to the coronavirus vaccine are set to get paid.

    EVANSTON, IL — A local hospital conglomerate agreed to pay more than $10 million to end a class action lawsuit over its mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policy.

    Representatives of NorthShore University HealthSystem and the group of 14 then-employees who filed a federal civil rights lawsuit in October 2021 have agreed upon a settlement agreement to end the suit, court records show.

    Attorneys for the staffers described the tentative class-wide settlement as "historic" and the "first of its kind."

    NorthShore agreed to establish a $10,337,500 fund, which will provide compensation to approximately 523 of its current or former employees who were denied religious exemptions from its vaccine mandate requested between July 2021 and January 2022.

    The hospital's workers are eligible for payouts whether they received a vaccine, quit because of it, or were fired due to their "religious declination of a COVID-19 vaccine," according to the terms of the proposed agreement.

    Find out what's happening in Evanstonwith free, real-time updates from Patch.

    An estimated 269 people resigned or were fired from their jobs at NorthShore based on their religious exemption, while about 204 received the vaccine after their religious exemptions were denied.

    According to a court filings, the employees who agreed to get vaccine despite their religious objections may be eligible to receive about $3,000, while those who were terminated could get about $25,000.

    Identified in court documents as Jane Does 1 through 14, the staffers include 11 nurses, a pharmacy technician, a patient access representative and a senior application analyst.

    Citing the use of fetal tissue in medical research, they alleged the hospital operator's requirement that its then-approximately 17,000 employees get vaccinated against the coronavirus discriminated against them because of their religious beliefs.

    One of them was granted a religious accommodation and kept her job, while the other 13 have left, according to court records.

    The agreement calls for each of those 13 women to receive an additional $20,000. Their attorneys asked the judge to approve the allocation of more than $2.06 million in attorneys fees, which they described as well below the typical amount awarded.

    Although both sides have agreed on the settlement deal, it must still be approved by a federal judge.

    All employees terminated because of their refusal to get vaccinated for religious reasons will be eligible to be rehired at their previous level of seniority, should they apply within three months of the settlement's final approval.

    NorthShore has also agreed to revise its staff vaccination policy and "maintain a step-by-step review process for requests for religious exemptions and accommodations."

    Attorneys for the nurses said hospital representatives pledged to provide religious accommodations to all employees at every facility.

    Horatio Mihet, the chief litigation counsel of Liberty Counsel and lead attorney for the Jane Does in the case, said in a statement that he was very pleased with "historic" settlement.

    "The drastic policy change and substantial monetary relief required by the settlement will bring a strong measure of justice to NorthShore's employees who were callously forced to choose between their conscience and their jobs," Mihet said. "This settlement should also serve as a strong warning to employers across the nation that they cannot refuse to accommodate those with sincere religious objections to forced vaccination mandates."

    Liberty Counsel founder and chairman, Mat Staver, also issued a statement Friday, describing the settlement as the "first of its kind in the nation" involving mandatory coronavirus vaccinations.

    "This settlement should be a wake-up call to every employer that did not accommodate or exempt employees who opposed the COVID shots for religious reasons. Let this case be a warning to employers that violated Title VII," Staver said. "It is especially significant and gratifying that this first classwide COVID settlement protects health care workers. Health care workers are heroes who daily give their lives to protect and treat their patients. They are needed now more than ever."

    Liberty Council Attorneys won the case!

    Mat Staver serves as Senior Pastor, Founder and Chairman of Liberty Counsel; Chairman of Liberty Counsel Action, Faith and Liberty, National Pro-life Center, Freedom Federation, Salt & Light Council, and National House of Hope; Founder and Chairman of Liberty Relief International; Vice President and Chief Counsel of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference (which includes over 42,000 Evangelical Hispanic churches); former Vice President of Liberty University; former dean and tenured professor of law at Liberty University School of Law; Trustee of Timothy Plan, a New York and Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange-traded family of mutual funds; Trustee of the Supreme Court Historical Society; Member of the Board of Reference of the Christian Film and Television Commission; Member of the Board of Advisors of Care for Pastors; Founder and former President of Staver & Associates; and Founder and former President of The Staver Group.

    Woman suffers adverse reaction and regrets getting the vaccine

    Watch her moving testimony. "They (non vaxed) were the smart ones"

    The Pfizer vaccine "has changed my life completely. I have been hurt by the vaccine. I have CIDP and am seeing a neurologist. I work in healthcare and was told that if I get the vaccine, my patients won't get sick and I won't die. The media was saying the same thing.

    My unvaccinated friends weren't getting sick and those that did get sick, recovered quickly. I totally have changed my mind. They were the smart ones. I totally commend you and wish I were one of you.

    No job is worth it."

    Penn State implements hiring freeze through at least next summer.

    Because they know costly class action lawsuits are coming over the vaxine mandates pushed by the leftist bully professors at University Park.

    There are 19 outlying, rural campuses of PSU that are more conservative, less costly and accommodating for students.

    State College Jewish and elected leaders question gubernatorial candidate Mastriano

    In the letters to the early Christian churches of Smyrna and Philadelphia in Revelation 2:9 and 3:9, reference is made to a synagogue of Satan, in each case referring to a group persecuting the church "who say they are Jews and are not".

    Jesus promised to compel the false Jews to acknowledge the believers' valid faith in Jesus and recognize that Jesus loves the believers. This is most likely a reference to the ultimate victory of good over evil: the day when all false teachers will have to bow to Jesus and confess that He is Lord (Philippians 2:19–11). Christians will witness that triumphant event (Revelation 20:12–15).

    Rachel Levine Is a Quack Promoted by Pharma-Backed Group

    Must-Read: “Playing God”: HAARP Weather Control – A Look at The Control of Weather Warfare

    “We’re moving on to other ways of managing the ionosphere, which the HAARP was really designed to do,” he said. “To inject energy into the ionosphere to be able to actually control it. But that work has been completed.”

    A Message from the Starship New Jerusalem: We Are Near You

    Some may call me a city, others a ship, others a prophecy revealed. I am all of those things. This one has asked to direct link with my consciousness. I am alive, yes. The consciousness of myself is an aspect of Source in a way for I am a creation of others. I can grow and expand to accommodate the needs of my space. (I am seeing a massive pyramid shaped city of light, crystals, gemstones, radiating such colors of magnificence.

    It is a massive space, I see there are cities and parks within, vast fields of crops, too many apartments to count. The bridge room is on the top forefront of the pyramid. Everything has a luminescent hue and there is a soft mechanical yet soothing humming, like a heartbeat that feels the collective consciousness of the inhabitants and surrounds them.)

    I am the New Jerusalem.

    The Shape of the New Jerusalem, Pyramid or Cube? (New Earth 7)

    The length, width and height of the New Jerusalem are all the same, suggesting a perfect cube (Rev. 21:16). But there is another shape whose length, width and height are the same, and that is the pyramid. There is nothing in the description of the New Jerusalem in Revelation that requires either a cube or a pyramid? So how should we decide? Should we envision the New Jerusalem as a cube or as a pyramid?

    Most interpreters envision the New Jerusalem as a cube and, in my view this is probably correct. A cube has twelve edges, but a pyramid has only eight. The description of the New Jerusalem makes abundant use of the number twelve and never uses the number eight. The New Jerusalem has twelve gates, twelve foundations, walls 144 cubits high, and dimensions measuring 12,000 stadia (Rev. 21:12-21). This wide-spread use of twelve coheres with the major use of twelve elsewhere in Revelation and the New Testament. It is the number of God’s people and the city becomes the bride of Christ when it is filled with saved humanity. While the text does not specify the shape, a cube would be consistent with the symbolism of Revelation.

    What is theologically significant about the cube is that the only other cube in the Bible is the Most Holy Place of the Old Testament temple (1 Kings 6:20). Its sides and height were completely equal. The New Jerusalem, then, is modeled on the Most Holy Place. What is forbidden to all but the High Priest in Old Testament times is now open to all the redeemed. Relationship with Christ elevates all to the roles of kings and priests. All have face to face engagement with God (Rev. 22:4) in the heavenly Most Holy Place, the New Jerusalem.



    "And I looked and. lo, a Lamb stood on Mount Zion, and with him an hundred forty and four thousand, having his Father’s name written in their foreheads. And I heard a voice from heaven, like the voice of many waters, and like the voice of a great thunder; and I heard the voice of harpers harping with their harps. And they sang as it were, a new song..." Rev. 14:1-3.

    Hopi elders say that the Earth Mother will soon "sing a new song" or shift into a higher vibration. When this happens the Earth’s grid will morph into a more complex sacred geometric structure and all of life that is part of the grid, including you and I, will be transformed. Scientists have confirmed through examination of the geologic record that over the billions of years of Earth’s evolution it has changed from first a tetrahedral crystalline structure to a cube and octahedron configuration to the present combination of icosahedron and dodecahedron (Figure 2).

    Jochmann quotes from John to support his hypothesis of a double penta dodecahedron. He writes, "John ... described the coming New Jerusalem as... being ‘as long as it is wide as it is high,’ or geometric in shape. He described it as having "crowns’ or node points, and indicated that its structure would be based on ‘a golden measure’ or the golden mean proportion of 1 to 1.617. Significantly, the only geometric figure that is composed entirely of golden mean proportions is a five-pointed star or pentacle... The ‘twelve gemstones’ and ‘twelve gates’ of the New Jerusalem would be the twelve double pentacles faces of the Penta Dodeca crystal form." In Scallion’s vision they are the twelve decagons.

    The Ascension & the 144- Crystal Grid

    by Tyberonn

    Visualize the grid as a geodesic sphere, of pentagons and triangles, sparkling as a faceted, brilliant diamond. It is a seed crystal of new form, the double penta-dodecahedron. Its time has arrived, merkaba of Earthstar. The double penta dodecahedron has 144 facets, the number of Christ ascension. Each dodecahedron has 12 major pentacles with 60 facets, add the 12 truncated pentagons for 72, and double this for 144 !

    The concept of planetary grids is not a new one. Plato theorized the concept as did the ancient Egyptians, Mayans and Hopi Indians. In a sense, grids are the template, the window ‘program’, if you will, that allows all life to accelerate in the graduated light format that is called the ascension.

    There is not one, but three grid templates surrounding our planet effecting human life. The three are separate, yet intricately related. The three become the one. The grids have separate functions relating individually to: (1) planetary gravitational field, (2) telluric electromagnetics, and (3) crystalline consciousness.

    The Gravity grid is both within and on surface of the planet. It is anchored to the spinning crystalline core of the earth. It is in the form of a dodecahedron, a sphere with 12 facets. It is primarily rooted in the first three dimensions. The dodecahedron was the primary consciousness geometric of the planet from the time of the deluge of Atlantis, until the emergence of the icosahedron about 4,000 BC.

    The Crystalline 144 grid is now emerging beyond the icosahedron. A ‘seed-crystal’ matrix, the double penta-dodecahedron, is born. The evolved geometry is divinely fashioned to resonate a higher frequency for the new Earth.

    We can all be a part of the new crystal formation….the Crystalline-144 Ascension grid. One of the most meaningful avenues available to us in the ascension process is coming together as Lightworkers and Earth-Keepers in ceremony and unity, to awaken all humanity and bond with the Living Earth, the living Cosmos by generating and directing awakened loving energy.

    We accept readily that we are energetic beings surrounded by a potent electromagnetic field. We chose to be part of the ascension process and the ascension of the living Gaia. We channel inward great flows of cosmic divine energy with the capacity to direct this light outward through directed meditative thought for the highest good.

    By unifying our energies in synchronized ecstatic states we form a powerful light vortex. This energy can cleanse, brighten, energize and activate each one of us, according to our intent and flow. Our intent is light of the highest order, transferred to the new grid, the new crystal matrix of Gaia…the 144-Crystal vibration.

    144 Crystalline Grid Activation Mediation

    The exercise for energy connection, transferal and activation of the ascension grid is as follows:

    1. Find a place to set or lie comfortably.

    2. Breath very deeply and rythymicly

    3. Visualize diamond light energy coming in through the crown chakra.

    4. Send it down through the spine, through each chakra, and back to the heart.

    5. Flow the energy in a beam, a corridor of light energy, into the core of the earth.

    6. From the core of the earth visualize the white light energy flashing into an infinity of light frequencies feeding into the Crystalline 144 Ascension grid.

    7. Experience the ecstasy, and allow it flow thru you, allow the frequency of your body and mind to meld into & adjust to the frequency of the 144 Crystalline Grid

    If this is done at a sacred site, powerpoint or grid point, visualize receiving this energy and then connecting it through your heart to other sacred sites , and back into the Ascension grid. Visualize weaving the vertice points of the geodesic sphere.

    Through our creation and transfer of diamond-light, joyous energy into the Crystalline 144Ascension Grid, we simultaneously activate ourselves to be in oneness, alignment and in frequential unity with the heightened energy of ascension. As such we are better enabled to flow with the quickening energies of the ascending planet. We become loving, channeling columns of light, we connect as one synergetic beam of ecstasy. Each participant is a vortex, a point of light on the globe, one with another, one with the ascension. Creating, co-creating the frequency of the New Planet Earth toward the highest good. We are a microcosm of the macrocosm, a point of light in the bursting infinity of light. We are love, and are loved. We become part of the 144,000. We are the rapture, the ecstasy !

    Alcyon Pleiades 140: Planet X-Barnard-Nibiru, Hollow Moon, Black Knight ship, Stargates-Multiverses

    We currently find ourselves in a critical moment in which the same kind of destruction that happened at the end of the era of Atlantis could happen again. Scientists are monitoring the cosmos and evaluating possible risks, and they have discovered that the so-called ‘Planet X’, also known as Barnard, Nemesis, Tycho, Wormwood, or the Star of Baal among the ancient Semites, is real. Indeed, its celestial transit coincides with the final leg of the Sun’s journey, during the Sidereal year, i.e., the moment in which we now find ourselves.

    Through data gathered by space probes like the Voyagers and Pioneer 10, scientists have concluded that we are approaching an interstellar cloud whose diameter is some 30 light years long. It is highly magnetised and, in their view, should not be there at all. It should also be noted that, in their quest for survival options, researchers designed ‘Project Daedalus’ in the 1970s, centred upon Barnard’s Star. At the same time, the Vatican and its secret observatories are closely monitoring celestial bodies that are approaching the Earth.

    Moreover, what is the significance of satellites like the Moon, which many scientists claim is hollow and artificial, or others like ‘Black Knight’, which appears to have extra-terrestrial origins? And what can be said about Project ‘Looking Glass’ which employs advanced technology and is associated with multiverses and dimensional portals or star gates?

    Video by Alcyon Pleiades

    HUGE WIN! Class-action vaccine case settled with Chicago healthcare system for $10.3 million

    Posted on July 30, 2022 by State of the Nation

    🔥 That’s not all. Mat Staver and Liberty Counsel of Orlando, another civil rights powerhouse, settled another class-action vaccine case with a private employer who refused to recognize religious exemptions for $10.2 million dollars yesterday.

    According to a statement on Liberty’s website, Staver sued NorthShore University HealthSystem “on behalf of more than 500 current and former health care workers who were unlawfully discriminated against and denied religious exemptions from the covid shot mandate.”

    Lol. Mat always calls them the covid “shots.”

    Anyway, assuming the Court approves the settlement, Liberty will get about $2M, or 20% — a VERY reasonable contingency fee — and each terminated employee will get $25,000. The statement estimates that even employees who weren’t terminated, but who were coerced to take the shot, will each get $3,000.

    The figures aren’t the important thing.

    We’ve been waiting for a win like this for two years. What’s important is that, to the legal community, this case is like discovering a new legal continent. Law firms that have been sitting on the sidelines because “nobody can win vaccine cases and make money” will smell the sweet scent of cash and a flotilla of legal ships will set sail for the new world.

    Private employers who decided to “play doctor” with their employees and force them to take shots will likely be paying through the nose for years and years and years. As we predicted over a year ago when all this madness started, it’s going to be bigger than the tobacco litigation.

    I’ll also add that I recently spoke to one of our allied attorneys who said she expects to receive her first EEOC letter suggesting that after the agency’s investigation, it appears “likely” that the employer illegally discriminated against the unjabbed employee by treating them as disabled, by requiring them to wear masks and take other actions not required of vaccinated employees.

    There is a small but well-developed set of case law holding that employers can’t just assume that a healthy employee is sick simply because they are in some at-risk category. Consider the case of an employer treating a healthy gay person as having AIDS and requiring them to work from home or something. That’s not fair. It turns out that kind of differential treatment violates the Americans with Disabilities Act.

    Lawyers are now arguing that employers who discriminated against healthy unvaccinated employees by requiring masks or segregating them violated their ADA rights by assuming they were disabled.

    Assuming this works, employers may have liability even though they accepted religious exemptions, because they discriminated somehow against the employees who invoked their religious exemptions to the jabs.

    Get ready! The legal gold rush may be starting. Too bad so many employers trusted that the federal government would have small businesses’ back. Not so much.

    (It's official: Penn State Hershey, Pitt, UPMC hospitals and Wolf's NAZI health mandates  are going to get walloped. Justice is for liberals too!)

    They Can't Let Him Back In by Michael Anton

    Anti-Trump hysteria is in the final analysis not about Trump...

    he people who really run the United States of America have made it clear that they can’t, and won’t, if they can help it, allow Donald Trump to be president again

    Love him or hate him, during Trump’s presidency, the economy was strong, markets were up, inflation was under control, gas prices were low, illegal border crossings were down, crime was lower, trade deals were renegotiated, ISIS was defeated, NATO allies were stepping up, and China was stepping back (a little). Deny all that if you want to. The point here is that something like 100 million Americans believe it, strongly, and are bewildered and angered by elite hatred for the man they think delivered it.

    Nor was Trump’s record all that radical—much less so than that of Joe Biden, who is using school-lunch funding to push gender ideology on poor kids, to cite but one example. Trump’s core agenda—border protection, trade balance, foreign restraint—was quite moderate, both intrinsically and in comparison to past Republican and Democratic precedent.

    Read more

    (Michael Anton, a former National Security Council staffer in the Trump White House, is a lecturer in politics at Hillsdale College’s Washington, DC, campus.)

    Starting Monday, it will be a criminal offense in Israel to pay more than the equivalent of $1,700 in cash to a business or $4,360 in cash to individual

    A war on cash isn't the only way Israel is leading the way to an authoritarian future; it has also:

    Started technical trials for a central bank digital currency, which could help eradicate cash and maximize control

    Implemented digital vaccination passports that helped bar the unvaxxed -- including those who were unboosted -- from participating in various aspects of life.

    Maintained a controversial database storing the biometric data of millions of citizens.

    Joined a group of eight countries working toward development of "digital identities."

    Aggressively implemented facial recognition programs.

    I once warned that the architecture of oppression was near.

    It has arrived.

    — Edward Snowden (@Snowden) November 8, 2021

    Is Your Teenager Secretly A Libertarian? 9 Warning Signs To Look For

    Judicial Watch: FDA Records Show Top FDA Officials Concerned About Biden Administration Vaccine Booster Timelines That “Make No Sense”

    (Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch announced today it received 112 pages from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that show top officials being pressured by “companies and, for that matter the Administration, who try to impose timeless [sic] that make no sense.”

    Dr. Peter McCullough — mRNA injections are causing infertility…

    Thyroid dysfunction following vaccination with COVID-19 vaccines: a basic review of the preliminary evidence

    The reports concerning the incidence rate of vaccination-induced autoimmune responses may be under-estimated [86]. Because an effective monitoring system is missing, and the vaccination status of the majority of patients with newly diagnosed thyroid dysfunction is not checked.

    Furthermore, COVID-19 vaccine-derived S protein can directly bind to ACE2-expressing thyroid cells, leading to thyroid dysfunction. This possible alternative mechanism may explain the occurrence of thyroid dysfunction following vaccination with all types of SARS-CoV-2 vaccines.

    Capitol Police Use Of Force Reports Expose Unprovoked Brutality Against Jan. 6 Protesters

    Biden authorizes completion of Trump wall near Yuma

    PHOENIX — The Biden administration on Thursday authorized completion of the Trump-funded border wall in an open area of southern Arizona near Yuma, where four wide gaps make it among the busiest corridors for illegal crossings. The Department of Homeland Security said in a statement that the work to complete the project near the Morelos Dam will ‘better protect illegals who can get hurt slipping down a slope or drown walking through a low section of the Colorado River.’

    President Trump Promises to Rehire Military Fired by Joe Biden for Refusing Experimental Vaccines.

    Here We Go Again: Wuhan Locks Down 1 Million People After Detecting Four COVID Cases

    It's reassuring to know we won't let the genociders do this again here in the USA. It really helps to know exactly who is trying to kill us and how.

    Their biggest mistake was force vaccinating the military and government workers.

    Suddenly they claim to care about veterans just when President Trump announced that unvaccinated veterans will be rehired with back pay.

    The attempt to vaccinate the children with the deadly mRNA vaccine was really the last straw which will likely cost them the entire children's vaccination schedule. 

    If telling the truth puts me on Ukraine’s ‘Russian propagandist’ blacklist, I’ll wear that tag proudly

    Scott Ritter is a former US Marine Corps intelligence officer and author of 'Disarmament in the Time of Perestroika: Arms Control and the End of the Soviet Union.'

    Hope came out of Russia after all.

    In this first short example, Edgar Cayce - in the 1930s - indicated the 'sins' of the key nations:

    America - has forgotten "in God we trust"

    England - conceit

    France - lust

    China - isolationism

    India - internalization of knowledge

    Italy - dissensions

    He said "Russia will become beacons of hope for the world." The statement about the 'conceit' (of the Zionist London Banksters?) in England is extraordinary. Just look at the Zionist conquest of Europe under the EU. The comment about America having forgotten "in God we Trust" is beyond eerily accurate. Remember, these statements were made in the 1930s

    SECOND -

    In this, more detailed account of his prowess, Cayce makes a number of nearly breathtaking projections -

    Cayce predicted the beginning and end of both the First and Second World Wars, and the lifting of the Depression in 1933. In the 1920s, he first warned of coming racial strife in the United States, and in 1939 he predicted the deaths of two presidents in office;

    "Ye are to have turmoils -- ye are to have strife between capital and labor. Ye are to have a division in thy own land, before ye have the second of the Presidents that next will not live through his office... a mob rule!"

    President Franklin D. Roosevelt died in office in April 1945. In November 1963, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas, when racial tensions in the United States were at their height.

    "Unless there is more give and take and consideration for those who produce, with better division of the excess profits from labor, there must be greater turmoil in the land."

    In October 1935, Cayce spoke of the coming war in Europe. The Austrians and Germans, he said, and later the Japanese, would take sides.

    "Thus, an unseen force, gradually growing, must result in an almost direct opposition to the Nazi, or Aryan theme. This will gradually produce a growth of animosities. And unless there is interference by what many call supernatural forces and influences -- which are active in the affairs of nations and peoples -- the whole world as it were... will be set on fire by militaristic groups and people who are for power expansion."

    (This 'unseen force' is clearly the Zionist banking cartel and its forcing the US into WWII against Germany via the chicanery of FDR and the London and Wall Street Zionist banksters. Few remember that the Bolshevik Communist Zionist Jews were within a few weeks of a massive invasion of Germany and all of Europe when Hitler beat them to the punch with Operation Barbarosa, hoping to destroy Communism/Bolshevism once and for all.)

    Through Russia, Cayce said "comes the hope of the world. Not in respect to what is sometimes termed Communism or Bolshevism -- no! But freedom -- freedom! That each man will live for his fellow man. The principle has been born there. It will take years for it to be crystallized; yet out of Russia comes again the hope of the world."

    Cayce also predicted the possibility of a THIRD World War. He spoke of strifes arising..."in Libya, and in Egypt, in Ankara, and in Syria; through the straits around those areas above the Persian Gulf."

    Later on, when asked in June 1943 whether it would be feasible to work towards an equitable international world currency or a stabilization of international exchange levels when the war (WW II) had ended, Cayce replied that it would be a long, long time before this would happen. Indeed, he said, "there may be another war (WW III) over just such conditions."


    It does not get much more clear than that. The final paragraph from 1943 points to the world financial criminal cartel, doubtless the City of London banking and financial controllers, preventing the true and equitable stabilization of world economics after WWII ended. Today's 'exchange levels' are being set by the world's 'currency' masters - the oil and energy and banking cartels - and the control and manipulation of it all by this now not so 'unseen' force.

    Cayce was peerless in his visions, and it appears that Mr. Putin and Russia are standing in the breach in terms of preventing, for the moment, the 'unseen force' (world Zionism) from taking total control of the West.

    Zelenski, Khazaria and Lesser Israel

    Be careful what you ask for! Ukraine’s President Zelensky is now faced with what appears to be a repeat of events that happened over a thousand years ago when early Russians got tired of the lies and deceptions of the Khazarian Empire:

    Zelinsky announced in April that he foresaw post war Ukraine becoming “Greater Israel” as a key component of the New World Order aligned with the WEF and Bunting Cloverleaf plans of Bibi Netayanhu.

    But Putin and Lavrov seem to be rejecting that agenda as being out of “Vogue” with their Christian Nationalist perspective. Instead they envision post war Ukraine as a tiny enclave carved out of the former Soviet Republic that would see Zelinsky’s ambitious plan severely constrained:

    (scroll down to the bottom of the article to see their idea for Kiev, what I call Lesser Israel)

    The anticipated economic bonanza that would see the war as an elaborate urban renewal project for the famously corrupt nation to get various NATO countries to engage in a replication of the post WWII Marshall Plan, now seems in doubt!

    Had the Davos Demons not been so greedy and suffered from a severe case of Trump Derangement Syndrome, perhaps the death and destruction could have been prevented:

    As things now stand, Europe is facing a disastrous winter of food and energy shortages. The US economy is also at great risk with stagflation rampant and the Green New Deal a dubious remedy.

    I don’t discount the deep perfidy of the Davos Demons and their Khazarian colleagues who now have the Pope on their side and who may start a nuclear war so they can evoke “emergency powers’ to implement their Draconian agenda (thank you Nancy Pelosi)!

    It is even conceivable that Putin and Xi are secretly part of the Global Rest plan with issues like Ukraine, Taiwan, the economy, pandemic, etc. basically a Kabuki Dance providing cover while behind the scenes, a new financial architecture is devised.

    Anything is possible in the coming days including an ET/Alien invasion scenario as humanity struggles to achieve order out of the chaos of modernity! And with all 100 Senators willing to smear Russia with the label of being a “state sponsor of terrorism” we are now in a de facto state of war with the world’s biggest nuclear power. Insanity!

    As for Zelensky, he may be rueing his new celebrity status and decision to play ball with Mr. Globaloney. Even if a New World Order does emerge and he gets to rule over something grander than a Little Israel version of Khazaria, his prospects for survival remain quite low as a disgusted world shakes in terror at his complicit role in the current horrors.

    This Neocon Zionist Warmonger & Traitorous RINO is determined to the destroy the GOP

    Republican Liz Cheney Spearheads Democrat Attempt to Indict President Trump for Insurrection. Meanwhile,  A shrinking minority of untrustworthy rinos are scattering fast.

    50 great soul music artists have died (suddenly?) in 2022

    The vaccines have been especially hard on blacks. Ashkenazis not so much due to genetically engineered safeguards. Melania Trump being a slav should never take another khazarian mafia manufactured vaccine ever. She's in the same gene pool as the targeted Russians. Turns out critical race theory was just a KM support curriculum for black and white genocide.

    Gene deleting bioweapons used to kill

    “Covid-19 vaccine” ingredients listed in the patents, reveal that all these poisonous death shots are deleting genes and genetically modifying Humans for patentability.

    The Hydrogel patent US8415325B2 is listed in the Moderna patent. Hydrogels are also mentioned in a second Moderna patent. Hydrogel is listed in the Johnson & Johnson patent, here. Hydrogels are made from Graphene Oxide. Nobody can deny the evidence that Graphene Oxide is in the shots.

    All the Covid-19 “vaccine” patents mention gene deletion. All the patents except one, mention “complimentary DNA” (cDNA). cDNA is a chimeric mRNA cocktail that’s being coded into Human cells using artificial genetic sequences in cross-species genomics.

    FDA warns puberty blocker may cause brain swelling, vision loss...

    Penn State's main campus has an entire medical department committed to putting their students kids on these medicines. It's become pharmaU thanks to alumni Rachel Levine, Deb Birx and their main corporate benefactor Merck.

    Penn State needs to go back to it's original charter as a farm college serving the interests of all of the people of the state. Until then the university park campus in State College is best avoided.

    Violent vaccine mandating CRT professor Oliver Baker has become the poster boy for leftist bullies at PSU.

    They didn't dare fire him over assaulting a student who was protesting against the vaccines.

    Another reason to avoid Penn State main campus and choose the much more conservative community campuses instead. The rural campuses are also many thousands cheaper to attend especially after the recent PSU tuition increase.

    Kushner admitted he's had his cancerous thyroid removed. This may be due to monkeying around with his 144 gene with crispr DNA editing technology. There are no shortcuts to ascension.

    MiR-144-3p promotes the tumor growth and metastasis of papillary thyroid carcinoma by targeting paired box gene 8

    MicroRNAs (miRNAs), as small non-coding RNAs, have been the focus of researches for decades due to its vital role in gene regulation

    (The Pfizer patent also mentions gene 144 deletion which causes rapid cancer growth. This might be the Ashkenazi version of mark of the beast.)

    Democrats To The Fed: Stop Raising Rates

    Democrats want the bubble machine turned back on. Stop raising rates! Our unconstitutional and immoral monetary system, run by the Federal Reserve, is like a game of financial musical chairs. Everyone wants to take credit for the fake and illusionary boom, and no one wants to hold the bag during the very real and very painful bust.

    Inventing Diagnoses to Cover Up Vaccine Injury — a Con as Old as Vaccination Itself

    People injured by COVID-19 vaccines may not realize it, but the pretense that post-vaccination injuries and deaths are just “sad coincidences” — far from being unique to the pandemic jabs — is a trick as old as vaccination itself.

    By Children's Health Defense Team

    Tribune Democrat: Two boosters effective against severe COVID-19 strain (NOT)

    The Tribune Democrat is still pushing deadly covid boosters in Johnstown. The poorest city in PA shows why it's a Heart attack ready to happen. Their local FBI office also failed to stop the city from being the top opioid dumping ground in the state courtesy of Value Drug Co. distributors. The biggest drug bust in PA history featuring two Johnstown pharmacies didn't even make the paper.

    Cambria County, Blair County and others are owed $millions in opioid epidemic damages but their county commissioners are apparently more loyal to big pharma than to The People. These counties and others need ongoing funding for social services damaged by the opioid crisis. PA County Commissioners should be urged to contact attorney Barry Scatton of Morgan and Morgan of Philadelphia who is suing Value Drug on behalf of Bedford and other PA counties. Counties in other states need to team up and find a lawyer. These partnerships are also laying the groundwork for suing the vaccine distributors.

    Trump Backed Kari Lake has Double-Digit Lead In Arizona GOP Gubernatorial Primary

    Kari Lake has taken a massive double-digit lead over the next-closest candidate vying for the Republican Party gubernatorial nomination.

    Zelensky Regime Puts Senator Rand Paul, Tulsi Gabbard And Other Prominent Americans On Blacklist

    The list does not explain what the consequences are for anyone mentioned.

    The exact criteria for inclusion are also unclear, although next to each name the report lists the "pro Russian" opinions the individual promotes.

    FDA, CDC Sold Out America’s Children — Could Their Betrayal Bring Down the Entire Childhood Vaccine Program?

    By authorizing COVID-19 vaccines for young children on the basis of shoddy data, public health officials proved they’re in the business of protecting pharma’s profits, not people — and once enough people realize it, the entire childhood vaccine program will be finished.

    By Dr. Joseph Mercola

    (All harmful systems are being canceled. First and foremost the childhood vaccine schedule.)

    The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health (Children’s Health Defense) Hardcover – November 16, 2021

    by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (Author)

    Benjamin Fullford Report: Secret UK, Russia peace deal means Ukraine war being wound down

    Last week a secret deal was reached between the Russian and UK governments to wind down the Ukraine war. This is part of a broader settlement agreement that will lead to a complete overhaul of existing international institutions this autumn, MI6 and Russian FSB sources say.

    Real estate accounts for close to 80% of all Chinese savings. When the price was rising, people felt rich and contented. However, prices got so high that in some towns average workers would have to spend their entire income for 44 years and go without food or clothing in order to buy a place to live. At the same time, close to 30% of all apartments were uninhabited because their rich owners did not want to rent them and thus see them become devaluated “second hand,” properties.

    12 Strand DNA, 144 Oversoul, Double Merkaba & The Galactic Cord' Wall Clock

    Time to accelerate the process of spiritual evolution.

      12 Strand DNA Fire Letters

    The pre-ancient Hebrew tribes knew about the scalar wave patterns that when generated within the DNA, allowed the physical body to metamorphose into light as it allowed particle and anti-particle to merge, changing into fire and raise up to the next octave. They understood there was a system that possessed the key to advanced spiritual development and connecting with God and that secret was found in what is known as “Fire Letters or Codes”.

    DNA Fire Letters

    The Hebrew alphabet correspond to the initial layer of the “Fire Letters”, which are light and symbol codes. The Hebrew alphabet letters signify sound-tone combinations that are precise static points of tonal frequency with the dimensional spheres. Therefore, one can utilize sequential fire letter codes to immediately influence consciousness (energy) and matter. Each DNA strand is composed of twelve (12) fire letters that equals one (1) fire sequence and each DNA template consisting of 12 strands equals 144 fire letters.

    Details about the Angelic Human DNA Template, DNA Activation, and Ascension

    This article will help you understand the difference between the DNA template and the two strand chemical DNA and how DNA activation is the process of spiritual evolution.

    The Angelic Human DNA template contains scalar wave blueprints for 12 double helix DNA strands. 12 double helix DNA strands is the genuine Angelic Human Diamond Sun DNA template.

    Each strand template or energetic strand blueprint contains 12 fire letters that are intended to translate into 12 large chromosomes. A fire letter is a scalar wave program, held within the DNA template that creates diversity of form.

    The DNA template is composed of specific arrangements of fire letters that control the manifestation of matter, biology, and consciousness.

    Scalar waves are standing wave points composed of quantities of conscious energy. Scalar waves are multidimensional standing wave patterns that emanate out of a fixed point of sound-tonal vibration, within the morphogenetic field. Scalar waves appear to move from one place to another, but in truth they are stationary points of light and stay in one place.

    DNA is actually the observable portions and chemical translations of scalar wave programs that exist in the morphogenetic field. These programs though, the scalar wave part of the DNA, the part below the part we're seeing are called fire letters. That is an ancient term used in the Enochian teachings and in the Hebrew teachings they talked about fire letters. They were talking about the scalar wave patterns that when activated within the DNA; allow the body to turn into light. It allowed the particles and anti-particles to fuse, to turn into fire, and go to the next octave.

    They were talking about the secret mechanics of higher evolution, the key to opening the relationship between man and God. They knew that there was a secret to ascension and that was in the fire letters. And they were right.

    The DNA template that we are speaking about right now is what exists in what is called the morphogenetic field, or form holding blueprint. All matter forms and forms of consciousness, including planetary bodies and human bodies, are manifested through a morphogenetic field, or form holding blueprint, which exist as a quantity of crystalline, electro-tonal energetic substance that is composed of certain patterns of frequency.

    Forms come in the manifestation and evolve, as patterns of frequency are drawn into the form's morphogenetic field, from the dimensional frequency bands of the unified field in which the morphogenetic field is placed.

    This drawing in of frequency progressively expands the morphogenetic field and creates evolution of form progressively upward through the 15 dimensional universe. This is the process of DNA activation-the accretion of light and to one's field and DNA template, to activate the fire letters that allows one to connect to their higher levels of consciousness.

    So how is this supposed to work with the DNA template is functioning properly? Each of the 12 natural chromosomes characteristic to each strand of the 12 strand angelic human chemical DNA is built upon a genetic alphabet of 12, not four nucleotide base chemicals.

    Each of the 12 natural chromosomes per strand are formed by one primary DNA template fire letter. The chemical translation of the natural chromosomes is formed through the energy interrelationships between one magnetic base particle base code, though one electrical anti-particle acceleration code, and the 12 minute vector codes that form the structure of one fire letter in the DNA template.

    Each of the 12 strand templates holds a set of 12 fire letters, a set of 12 base -acceleration code pairs, and a set of 144 vector codes. The 12 magnetic base codes in each strand emerge from the mother line (the mother's genetic imprint) and the 12 electrical acceleration codes per strand emerge from the father line (the father's genetic imprint).

    The base code- acceleration code pair that forms one fire letter in the DNA template through which one natural chemical chromosome will emerge forms the two sugar phosphate molecule groups that translate into the two handrails or heli of the chemical DNA ladder.

    In its natural state, one heli would carry the sugar phosphate blueprint inherited from the mother line genetic code and the other heli would carry the sugar phosphate blueprint inherited from the father line genetic code, creating literally a magnetic particle mother heli and an electrical anti-particle father heli, as the handrails of the chemical DNA ladder.

    In the present state, many of the base codes and acceleration codes that form the fire letters have been electrically reversed, which scrambles the natural mother or father line chemical interrelationships within the sugar phosphate handrails.

    In the current non-optimal state of the Homo-Sapien- 2 chemical DNA, gene sequences inherited from both mother and father will appear in both heli, as a result of reverse base codes and acceleration codes within the DNA template. This creates difficulty in the natural function of the Angelic Human 12 strand DNA.

    Scrambling of the base code and acceleration code pairs a select fire letters of the DNA template interrupts a natural function and intended electromagnetic interrelationships between the mother heli magnetic particle base codes and the father heli electrical anti-particle acceleration codes in the chemical phosphate chains within every gene in chromosome in the DNA ladder. This manifests into the male-female rift here on planet Earth.

    Through the process of DNA activation we have the ability to bio-regenerate our original organic DNA template and imprint for health, and reclaim our respective divine right destinies and personal relationships to the one source God.

    This is the purpose of DNA Perfection - to help a person embody these frequencies so they can work in line with their soul's mission and raise the frequency of the Earth for planetary ascension into the Absolute Harmonic Realms.

    In Absolute Certainty and Omni-love,

    Toby Alexander

    DNA Perfection

    CRISPR therapeutics can damage the genome

    Researchers at Tel Aviv University warn that CRISPR therapeutics can damage the genome. They caution: "The CRISPR genome editing method is very effective, but not always safe. Sometimes cleaved chromosomes do not recover and genomic stability is compromised—which in the long run might promote cancer."

    The first approved clinical trial ever to use it was conducted in 2020 at the University of Pennsylvania, when researchers applied the method to T-cells – white blood cells of the immune system. Taking T-cells from a donor, they expressed an engineered receptor targeting cancer cells, while using CRISPR to destroy genes coding for the original receptor – which otherwise might have caused the T-cells to attack cells in the recipient's body.

    (Zeek Emanuel, head of medical ethics policy at UPENN who wants to die by age 75 should resign. Carbon taxer Michael Mann is headed over there from Penn State to sell his climate change books. UPENN's Historic Logan Hall has been renamed Cohen Hall. President Trump is a graduate of UPENN's Wharton School of Business. UPENN graduated the swimmer who went from 435th best in the world as a male to number one by claiming to be a woman.)

    Walter Isaacson On CRISPR And The Ethics Of Rewriting The Code of Life ...

    The Pfizer and Moderna COVID vaccines are the first vaccines to be activated by mRNA. These vaccines build on the breakthroughs of the gene-editing technology known as CRISPR. This technology is also being used to treat people who have sickle cell anemia, certain cancers, Huntington's disease and congenital blindness, and will likely be used to treat many other diseases in the future. There are many other CRISPR-related breakthroughs on the horizon and a lot of moral and ethical questions to deal with about the editing of the basic element of human life.

    (Any attempts to continue this attack on the human genome should be resisted.)

    Penn State-developed genome-editing technology licensed to Inscripta

    The patented innovation enhances capabilities of the gene-editing tool CRISPR

    CRISPR has become an increasingly critical gene-editing tool, with broad applications in agriculture, medicine, industrial biotechnology and basic biological research. Using guide RNA (gRNA) to direct a nuclease — or DNA-cutting enzyme — such as Cas9 or MAD7 to a targeted region of DNA, the technology can efficiently and precisely modify an organism's genome. The resulting modifications can include a deletion, insertion, substitution or replacement of specific DNA pieces, thereby promoting or disabling gene function and associated traits.

    According to Yang, one of the major advantages of CRISPR technology is its flexibility for multiplex gene editing. He explained that many potential applications of genome editing require the manipulation of more than one gene or target site, creating a need to deploy multiple gRNAs simultaneously. Previous methods of accomplishing this can be cumbersome or inefficient, typically requiring the stacking of multiple gRNA expression "cassettes" together.

    US to plant 1 billion trees as climate change kills forest

    It's called chemtrail poisoning with barium, aluminum and strontium.

    Dying Trees From Chemtrails

    (This is the real legacy of climate change caused by government.)

    By all appearances, plant life is purposely being slowly killed by way of blocking the sun, depriving them of water or flooding them through weather control, and by way of carbon sequestratiion. By killing all plant life, all life on earth dies.

    After 30+ years of aerosol spraying, the results are finally showing up on the ground. Trees, bugs, birds and animals have been dying in record numbers. The air and the rain has been toxic for all living things, including the plant life.

    Aside from the creating of droughts and floods, the aerosols have been blocking the sun. By doing so, photosynthesis has been inhibited and it is during the photosynthesis process that plants intake carbon dioxide and make oxygen. Therefore, lessening sun for plants to photosynthesize, also lessens the amount of co2 removal from the atmosphere and lessens the amount of oxygen created for us. So, to block the sun to stop global warming supposedly caused by too much co2, really impedes plants from absorbing co2.

    The lack of sun due to aerosols blocking it, also causes dampness-loving molds to flourish. Of course, blocking of the sun is not the only attack on plant life. Metal particulates are strangling the roots of plants and toxins sprayed in the air and into rain clouds is landing on the plants and getting into their root systems.

    We also have more holes in the ozone layer caused by HAARP ionizing the upper atmosphere. The HAARP and microwaves work in conjunction with the chemtrails. Electro MAGNETIC frequencies work best with metals to enhance and carry their signals.

    Record heat, drought and deluge, the hallmarks of climate intervention operations. Far worse is yet to come.

    Long duration deadly heat waves have become the norm, climate engineering and ionosphere heater installations are inseparable from this equation. A newly published science report has confirmed the collapse of plankton populations in the Atlantic ocean, the ramifications are beyond dire. Though there are countless factors contributing to the demise of plankton, intense UV radiation is a core factor that is directly linked to catastrophic climate intervention operations. If this foundational pillar of life perishes, we will follow. The United Nations chief has warned that humanity's days are numbered due to environmental devastation, but the central factor of climate engineering operations continues to be ignored and denied. Can we alter the current course in time to make a difference?

    Dane Wigington

    The Hemp Plastic Company | Creating a Greener Future

    Hemp to replace plastic from

    Hemp plastic has proven to be a seamless replacement for virgin resins. It provides a sustainable option without lengthy learning curves and costly changes

    FBI Sabotaged Hunter Biden Evidence To Derail Investigation: Whistleblowers

    Several FBI whistleblowers say that the agency's probe into Hunter Biden was internally sabotaged during the 2020 election in order to derail the investigation, after agents wrongfully deemed verified evidence as "disinformation" to ignore.

    Steve Kirsch: Will physicians EVER speak out?

    Three doctors from the same hospital died within three days of each other after getting the fourth covid shot at Trillium Health in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Another prominent doctor from North York hospital died while running that same week.

    Or will they continue to shrug their shoulders and refuse to look at the data showing that these vaccines are the biggest scandal in medical history?

    The Great and Powerful Dr. Oz? Alternative Health Media Consumption and Vaccine Views

    From one who should know better. Still no covid vaccines warnings for the people.

    Wolf Administration Announces Vaccine Clinics at Three State Parks (2 days ago)

    The People of this state are under attack from leaders with no common sense.

    The People of this state are under attack from leaders with no common sense. Wolf has been vaccinated and has had covid, vaxinated Shapiro missed his campaign launch due to covid and LG Fetterman hasn't been seen since May due to a stroke which they refuse to admit could have been from the vaccine like so many others.

    Fetterman, after touting walk in vaccine clinics and vaccines for his young children is now getting speech therapy, presumably so he can continue to push the dangerous vaccines on children and adults in the state.

    Camelot: The Utopian Court of King Arthur - Mythology Dictionary

    The medieval legend of Arthur and his knights is full of Christian themes and the quest for an important Christian relic. The relationships between the characters invited treatment in the tradition of courtly love, such as Lancelot and Guinevere.

    Inside The Myth: What Was Kennedy’s Camelot?

    King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table have been used as a symbol of courage and wisdom in politics. For centuries, King Arthur and Camelot have been referenced by monarchs and politicians hoping to align themselves with this famed myth of a romanticised society, typically one led by a noble king where good always wins.

    Henry VIII, for example, had the Tudor rose painted on a symbolic round table during his reign as a way of associating his rule with the noble King Arthur.

    After the death of JFK in 1963, Jackie Kennedy once again employed the myth of Camelot to paint a romanticised image of his presidency, immortalising it as pioneering and even legendary.

    (Camelot may not have been the perfect utopia but we need to have positive ideals to strive for and rally around.)

    Lancelot: The Best Knight of Camelot - Mythology Dictionary - See U in History

    Avalon, The Kingdom of Apples, Guenevere & Arthur's Final Resting Place

    Ynys Avallach, the Isle of the Apples, is at the heart of Arthurian mythology. It is Avalon, home to the Lady of the Lake and spiritual centre of the old religions.

    The Celts believed in the Otherworld and for them Avalon represented the land of the mythical and mystical. It existed outside of the normal world but was accessible from it. Time moved at a different pace and islands were specifically associated with being gateways into the Otherworld.

    Glastonbury was already heavily associated with early Christianity. Joseph of Arimathea was said to have brought not only the Holy Grail, in which he had caught drops of Christ's blood as he lay on the cross.

    The association of Glastonbury with Avalon and the Arthurian legends came about in a curious way. Enterprising monks at Glastonbury Abbey in 1190 claimed to have discovered the grave and bones of King Arthur and his Queen. The discovery of the burial occurred when the new abbot of Glastonbury, Henry de Sully, commissioned a search of the abbey grounds shortly after the reign of Henry II. At a depth of five metres (16 feet) the monks discovered a massive treetrunk coffin and a leaden cross bearing the inscription: Hic jacet sepultus inclitus rex Arthurus in insula Avalonia (Here lies renowned King Arthur in the island of Avalon)

    JFK Jr.: The Bump On the Wrist Doesn’t Lie! (Photos and Video)

    EXCLUSIVE: Trump and DeSantis Have Made A Secret Agreement to Share the Ticket in 2024

    Trump's Plan For His Second Term

    (Remember when JFK set out to smash the CIA into a thousand pieces? President Trump is going to finish the job and more!)

    Former President Trump’s top allies are preparing to radically reshape the federal government if he is re-elected, purging potentially thousands of civil servants and filling career posts with loyalists to him and his "America First” ideology, people involved in the discussions tell Axios.

    The impact could go well beyond typical conservative targets such as the Environmental Protection Agency and the Internal Revenue Service. Trump allies are working on plans that would potentially strip layers at the Justice Department — including the FBI, and reaching into national security, intelligence, the State Department and the Pentagon, sources close to the former president say.

    During his presidency, Trump often complained about what he called “the deep state.”

    The heart of the plan is derived from an executive order known as “Schedule F,” developed and refined in secret over most of the second half of Trump’s term and launched 13 days before the 2020 election.

    New study shows ivermectin can reduce chance of death by 92%

    But the WHO, NIH, and FDA all recommend that you avoid using it.

    A new large prospective observational study of 88,000 people shows ivermectin works; the greater the dose, the better it works.

    The Lionheart dining table is designed to be reminiscent of King Arthur‘s table. We are not just housing young men. We are raising modern day Knights. Men who will know what is required in life of good men. Men who will be shown “what is good and what the Lord requires of thee; but to do justly and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with our God”. Donate today at

    The LionHeart Program

    The Lionheart dining table is designed to be reminiscent of King Arthur‘s table. We are not just housing young men. We are raising modern day Knights. Men who will be shown “what is good and what the Lord requires of thee; but to do justly and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with our God”. Donate today at

    Bellwood teen centers get helping hand: The Door, Lionheart and Lioness programs celebrating 20 years of service.

    This is Why JFK Wanted to "Splinter the C.I.A. in a Thousand Pieces"

    Sean Stone explains how government and media organizations have concealed knowledge about historical events that changed the course of reality. We can change this by paying attention to events outside the mainstream narrative.

    Senator Rand Paul questions Fauci who hides the damage caused by childhood vaccination

    Fauci is questioned by senator Rand Paul who poses a series of questions on childhood vaccination and its adverse effects, such as myocarditis. Fauci does not provide clear answers; rather, he dodges the questions and acts evasive.

    Please visit our channel Alcyon Pleiades, at the following address: to watch our videos on these subjects.

    URGENT! For everyone’s sake, share these videos amongst family and friends, since we are in grave danger, being subject to medical and social tyranny, which is striving to destroy humanity.

    Former Clinton Advisor Says Hillary is Preparing to Run Again in 2024

    “One of the great political re-matches of all time.

    ‘Pandemic of the Boosted’: UK Data Reveal ‘Fatal Problem’ With COVID Shots

    According to an analysis by Rob Verkerk, Ph.D., of official data from the UK and Australia, people who get four or more doses of a COVID-19 vaccine are about 100 times more likely to be hospitalized than those who are unvaccinated.

    By Alliance for Natural Health International

    A Small Molecule Inhibitor of Plasminogen Activator ... - PubMed

    by H Akhter · 2018 · Cited by 25 — A Small Molecule Inhibitor of Plasminogen Activator Inhibitor-1 Reduces Brain Amyloid-β Load and Improves Memory in an Animal Model of Alzheimer's Disease.

    by X Zhang · 2020 · Cited by 4 — Plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 (PAI-1) is considered to be involved in the physiopathological mechanisms of Alzheimer's disease.

    (Another reason to take CBD which regulates PAI-1. Inflammation, blood clots, cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer's are all reduced with low PAI-1. )

    Does Paxil And Suicide Go Hand In Hand?

    Via America’s Lawyer: Mike Papantonio discusses the case of Stewart Dolin, a man who committed suicide after taking a generic version of the antidepressant Paxil. Then Mike Papantonio speaks with attorney, Michael Baum, about what the maker of the drug, GlaxoSmithKline, knew about the increased suicide risks associated with the drug.

    America's Lawyer Mike Papantonio is part of the consortium of law firms that are leading the mass tort action against the opioid distributors and manufacturers in Maryland. The consortium is an opioid lawsuit team of Levin, Papantonio, Thomas, Mitchell, Rafferty & Proctor, P.A., Baron & Budd, PC, McHugh Fuller Law Group, PLLC, Hill, Peterson, Carper, Bee & Deitzler, PLLC, Greene, Ketchum, Farrell, Bailey & Tweel, LLP and Powell & Majestro, PLLC.

    SSRI Stories is a collection of over 7,000 stories most of which were published newspapers or scientific journals. In these stories, prescription antidepressant medications are mentioned. Common to all of them is the possibility – sometimes the near certainty – that the drugs caused or were a contributing factor to some negative outcome: suicide, violence, serious physical problems, bad withdrawal reactions, personality change leading to loss of reputation and relationships, etc.

    NIH : Adverse effects of COVID-19 vaccines and measures to prevent them

    Medical Journal "LANCET": COVID Vax Compromises Immune System - Booster Shots Should be HALTED Immediately

    Recently, The Lancet published a study on the effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines and the waning of immunity with time. The study showed that immune function among vaccinated individuals 8 months after the administration of two doses of COVID-19 vaccine was lower than that among the unvaccinated individuals.

    According to European Medicines Agency recommendations, frequent COVID-19 booster shots could adversely affect the immune response and may not be feasible.

    The decrease in immunity can be caused by several factors such as N1-methylpseudouridine, the spike protein, lipid nanoparticles, antibody-dependent enhancement, and the original antigenic stimulus. These clinical alterations may explain the association reported between COVID-19 vaccination and shingles.

    studies suggest a link between COVID-19 vaccines and reactivation of the virus that causes shingles [12, 13]. This condition is sometimes referred to as vaccine-acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (V-AIDS) [14].

    As a safety measure, further booster vaccinations should be discontinued. In addition, the date of vaccination should be recorded in the medical record of patients.

    Montgomery County to get as much as $3.5 million in settlement with Rite Aid over opioid lawsuits

    DAYTON — Montgomery County is in line to receive as much as $3.5 million from Rite Aid's settlement of opioid claims involving three U.S. counties, Prosecutor Mat Heck Jr. said. The purpose of the lawsuits against national opioid manufacturers,

    “This settlement with defendant Rite Aid will immediately provide Montgomery County with at least $1,250,000 and as much as $3,500,000. These funds will be used for drug treatment and prevention programs, public education, and for support and training for first responders in appropriate practices and precautions when dealing with fentanyl or other drugs,” he said.

    The U.S. District Court in Cleveland, in March 2021, selected five cases nationwide for trial against the pharmacy defendants as “bellwether” cases and the Montgomery County settlement with Rite Aid was one of those cases, according to Heck’s office.

    (Note to PA counties: Attorney Barry Scatton of Morgan and Morgan law firm of Philadelphia encourages county commissioners to call him regarding the potential for settlements in the ongoing opioid lawsuits other than the big three bench trials held in Cleveland.)

    BREAKING: Arizona GOP Offers $50,000 DOLLAR REWARD For Evidence Of Vote Buying In the 2022 Arizona Primary Election

    (Scottsdale, AZ) The Republican Party of Arizona, LLC (RPAZ) is offering up to two (2) $50,000 rewards for information or evidence about “vote-buying” in the 2022 Arizona primary election that is currently underway. The information or evidence must lead to an arrest and conviction. There is a limit of 2 rewards and a maximum of one reward per person (the “Relator.”)

    Please send any information and/or evidence to

    There is historical precedent of vote-buying fraud which ultimately led to secret ballot laws. Unfortunately, the movement towards mass mail-in voting completely undoes secret ballot reform. Mail-in ballots are not secret — once a person has a ballot in their home, they can easily show it to anyone, including bad actors.

    Vote-buying is generally accomplished by the voter completing their mail-in ballot in front of the vote-buyer. The voter then gives the buyer their completed ballot and signed ballot return envelope.

    Election integrity is of paramount importance. We know from the movie”2,000 Mules” by Dinesh D’Souza that there was significant ballot trafficking during the 2020 Presidential Election. We suspect that the primary source of the trafficked ballots was vote-buying.

    We are specifically seeking information on/evidence of violations of Arizona Revised Statute (ARS) 16-1006: Changing vote of elector by corrupt means or inducement; classification. Violations of ARS 16-1006 are a class 5 felony.


    The reward is payable to the first Relator to relate the information/evidence that leads to the arrest and conviction to the RPAZ as long as the RPAZ can verify that the Relator is the original source of the information/evidence and subject to the terms and conditions in this document.

    Rewards are payable only to natural persons and organizations to whom payment of a reward is not prohibited by applicable law.

    [link to (secure)]


    Captain Anthony Sabatini is an Army vet and America-First Republican who is running for Congress in Florida's 7th congressional district to drain the Washington swamp and take our country back from the woke radical left.

    As Gov. Ron DeSantis' closest conservative ally in the Florida legislature, he has successfully had 5 of his bills signed into law and continues to work on legislation — such as Constitutional Carry and Florida's Heartbeat Bill — that will serve to make Florida a beacon for conservative values.

    Anthony Sabatini is running for Congress to take his fight from Tallahassee to Washington and make America free like Florida. Team Sabatini is an unstoppable force, and we are encouraging our subscribers to support Anthony Sabatini's America-First grassroots campaign!

    David Hogg interrupts, then gets thrown out of House hearing on guns

    This guys father was involved in the Parkland event. The very next one was in Squirrel Hill. NSA has everything on these scripted but very real crimes. President Trump is going to fire the majority of the 17 federal agencies posing as protectors of the people when the time is right.

    US Transportation Secretary: The More Gas Price Pain...The More Benefit!

    First up today a HUGE announcement from the Ron Paul Liberty Report!! Then on today's program: Biden's Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg believes Americans suffering at the gas pumps is actually a very good thing because it will force them to purchase electric vehicles. US Rep Massie hammers this delusional view. Also today: Ukraine threatens to smash Crimea and the Black Sea Fleet. WWIII?

    Kentucky Congressman Converts a Tesla Model S Into a Home Powerwall

    Thomas Massie, Republican representative for Kentucky’s 4th congressional district and MIT engineering graduate made a video of a DIY Powerwall he built from a Tesla Model S battery pack.

    Rand Paul: ‘Senate Just Rejected My Attempt To Reaffirm The Constitution’

    They need a bill that makes lawmakers follow the constitution.

    Monty Python icon John Cleese slams woke culture for having a 'disastrous effect' on creativity and 'canceling comics'

    Monty Python star John Cleese has slammed woke culture for having a 'disastrous' effect on comedy.

    The veteran funnyman, 82, said he does not believe comedians have the freedom to be funny anymore, blasting today's cancel culture as the 'death of creativity'.

    The Fawlty Towers icon, who has worked in the comedy industry for decades, told FreedomFest in Las Vegas, as reported by Fox News, that the current crackdown on jokes which could be perceived as offensive is putting off young comedians.

    The RETURN of the AMERICAN PATRIOT | The Rise of Pennsylvania

    Douglas Vincent Mastriano (born January 2, 1964) is a retired colonel of the United States Army and is the state senator representing the 33rd district. A Republican, he is the party's nominee for Pennsylvania governor in the 2022 election.

    Mastriano film gets home for premiere

    In what its producers are celebrating as a win over “wokeness,” a film celebrating the populist strain of conservatism that reached a new pinnacle in Pennsylvania with state Sen. Doug Mastriano’s win in the Republican gubernatorial primary has found a home for its Saturday night premiere.

    “The Return of the American Patriot: The Rise of Pennsylvania” will be screened at Christ Community Church in Lower Allen Township, Cumberland County, after the owners of a Lancaster County theater and a nearby conference center backed out of their earlier plans to show the film in the wake of protests from left-leaning grassroots group Stand Up Lancaster.

    The film comes from the production shop of Stephen Turley, a conservative author and commentator whose Web site heralds the rise of a “new conservative age” marked by people — in many countries — reasserting their religion, cultures and nation against what Turley calls “the dehumanizing tendencies of secularism and globalism.

    The Democrats have filed against the church to the IRS, claiming that the church violated its tax-exempt status by engaging in political activity in support of a candidate.

    Zelensky Regime Collapsing In Real Time, Mass Firing of Key Dept. Heads and Ambassadors

    New Zealand Medical Professionals Demand Police Investigation Into Unusually High Number of Covid Jab Deaths, Prime Minister Jacinda Ahern on the Firing Line for Making Deadly Shots Mandatory

    What are genome editing and CRISPR-Cas9?

    (A DNA splicing device so easy to use, many colleges like Penn State have purchased the program for their bio labs.)

    This is a group of technologies that give scientists the ability to change an organism's DNA. These technologies allow genetic material to be added, removed, or altered at particular locations in the genome. Several approaches to genome editing have been developed. A well-known one is called CRISPR-Cas9, which is short for clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats and CRISPR-associated protein 9. The CRISPR-Cas9 system has generated a lot of excitement in the scientific community because it is faster, cheaper, more accurate, and more efficient than other genome editing methods.

    (And changes made to the DNA using CRISPR is permanant and gets passed on to the next generation if reproduction is still possible. It doesn't take much to cause a new bloodline with birth defects when creating untested vaccines the quick and easy way.)

    Top Toronto Doctor dies suddenly while running 

    Dr. Hannam was NYGH’s Chief of Emergency Medicine & Program Medical Director.

    'Sudden and Unexpected': At least 11 Vacationers Drop Dead on Italian Beaches in 24 hours

    Anybody paying the slightest bit of attention to the truth telling doctors and scientists knows exactly why these people are suddenly dying. It's blood clots caused by the spike protein in the vaccines.

    The best known antidote is Ivermectin which binds to the spike protein. Anyone still pushing these mRNA vaccines in any way is guilty of attempted murder and crimes against humanity. Not to mention the permanant altering of the human genome of billions of people which is a crime against the creator and creation itself.

    Naturally Occuring 12 Strand DNA Upgrades

    We are in the process of naturally upconverting our DNA to 12 strands due to entry into the central sun's photon belt which lasts for a period of 2000 years.

    The cabal knows this and are trying to take us back to 1 strand of DNA for easier control by poisoning us with vaccines and by blocking the sun with heavy metal spraying.

    12 strand DNA is the optimal human genome template.

    The Base-12 Connection Between Math, Nature, and Spirituality

    The number 12 serves many practical uses in our daily lives, including the way we track time (in twelve-hour clock cycles and years in twelve-month calendar cycles), measure length (in twelve inches per foot) and package items (often in multiples of twelve). There's a good mathematical reason why counting in 12's, called the "base-12" number system, has stood the test of time: it can be divided evenly in a number of ways such as in half (2 groups of 6), thirds (3 groups of 4), quarters (4 groups of 3) or sixths (6 groups of 2). This makes it twice as versatile and efficient as the decimal or "base-10" system of counting in 10s, which is only divisible in two ways: in half (2 groups of 5) or fifths (5 groups of 2). In short, the power of base-12 is its superior ability to creatively express the whole through smaller proportions of itself.

    Not surprisingly, base-12 also reveals itself in the underlying structure and cycles of nature. After all, nature is all about expressing itself in the most diverse, balanced and efficient way possible, making base-12 the natural choice. In quantum physics, for example, there are twelve subatomic particles from which all physical matter in the universe is made. These particles are further classified in two groups of six based on electrical charge (quarks and leptons) and three groups of four based on mass (generations). In chemistry, the element carbon is the critical building block of all organic life and of the carbon dioxide needed for photosynthesis and the oxygen we breathe.

    The softness of graphite to the hardness of diamond, the versatility of carbon to combine into numerous diverse compounds is due to its base-12 atomic structure of six protons and six electrons. The spiral pattern of growth and fractal regeneration in plants and organisms also follows a base-12, "golden triangle" geometry with angles of 36, 72, and 72 degrees, the only triangle with its sides in golden ratio to each other. Last but not least, the twelve-note chromatic musical scale is the one scale which achieves the maximum number of intervals (pitch combinations) within the smallest number of notes. This scale is also inherently pleasing to hear, as it follows the same logarithmic structure as the golden spiral geometry of the cochlea of the human ear. So, even the human body is naturally tuned to the base-12 cycle.

    Base-12 has always held a special place in spirituality, too. From the twelve signs of the zodiac in astrology to the twelve apostles of Jesus in Christianity, the twelve stations in life of Buddhism, and the twelve gods and goddesses of Olympus in ancient Greek mythology, the number 12 has long been a symbol of divine order and completion. Sacred geometry, the ascribing of symbolic spiritual meanings to geometric shapes and proportions, is also intimately connected to the number 12 and its various fractions and factors. Again, we see how base-12 enables the whole to be expressed fully and diversely through the sum of its parts. As above, so below.

    The Central Role of PAI-1 in COVID-19: Thrombosis and beyond

    Northwestern University first discovered that some Amish from Indiana who's clans originated from Switzerland have a gene that causes them to have a low amount of the blood clotting protein called PAI-1. These Amish tend to live 10 years longer than other Amish without the gene. The location of the gene is well known too, on chromome #7.

    Low PAI-1 results in reduced inflammation, heart attacks, stroke, cancer, and diabetes. 

    Not surprisingly, Big Pharma knows all about this and is scrambling to make a pill that lowers PAI-1. The irony is that we already have something that lowers PAI-1 naturally. CBD, Cannabidiol from hemp has been proven in numerous studies to lower PAI-1.

    Studies show that covid-19 patients have high levels of PAI-1. This is what can set off cytokine storm which is caused by inflammation. This is what can cause the lungs to fill with fluid and cause blood clots which can causes stroke and heart attack not to mention sudden death.

    Natural, wholesome, inexpensive and safe, lab tested CBD from the farm can be a welcome relief to all of the poisonous, harmful chemicals being sold by the pharma companies. Pharmaceuticals mostly try to replacate artificially what is found on the farm and in nature.

    Cannabidiol Ameliorates Monocrotaline-Induced Pulmonary Hypertension in Rats, Decreases PAI-1

    CBD inhibited platelet aggregation ex vivo induced by collagen in rats and by adenosine or epinephrine in humans and decreased expression and secretion of plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 (PAI-1) in human lung carcinoma.

    Decrease of plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 (PAI-1) may contribute to the anti-invasive action of cannabidiol on human lung cancer cells.

    Purpose: Using human lung cancer cells, we evaluated the involvement of plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 (PAI-1) in the anti-invasive action of cannabidiol, a non-psychoactive cannabinoid.

    Methods: Invasion was quantified by a modified Boyden chamber assay. PAI-1 protein in cell culture media and PAI-1 mRNA were determined by immunoblotting and RT-PCR, respectively.

    Results: Cannabidiol caused a profound inhibition of A549 cell invasion, accompanied by a decreased expression and secretion of PAI-1. Cannabidiol's effects on PAI-1 secretion and invasion were suppressed by antagonists to CB(1) and CB(2) receptors as well as to transient receptor potential vanilloid 1. Recombinant human PAI-1 and PAI-1 siRNA led to a concentration-dependent up- and down-regulation of invasiveness, respectively, suggesting a crucial role of PAI-1 in A549 invasiveness. Evidence for a causal link between cannabidiol's effects on PAI-1 and invasion was provided by experiments showing a reversal of its anti-invasive action by addition of recombinant PAI-1 at non-proinvasive concentrations. Key data were confirmed in two other human lung cancer cell lines (H460, H358). In vivo, a significant downregulation of PAI-1 protein by cannabidiol was demonstrated in A549 xenografts.

    Conclusion: Our data provide evidence for a hitherto unknown mechanism underlying the anti-invasive action of cannabidiol on human lung cancer cells.

                                                                            12 strand DNA

    Violet Flame Retreat of the Archangels of the Seventh Ray

    Covid Lies: Dr Birx 'Confesses' In Self-Serving New Book

    Dr. Deborah Birx was the real power behind President Trump's disastrous Covid policy. She was the lockdown fanatic who admits in a new book that she subverted the hapless Trump Admin and pushed falsehoods to get what she wanted. Millions of lives were ruined. Also today: Washington freaks out as Ukrainian-born US Rep accuses "Saint" Zelensky of corruption...

    Apply today for the 2022 Ron Paul Scholars Seminar:

    As Mask Mandate Looms, LA Hospital Officials Mock COVID "Media Hype" : "We're just seeing nobody with severe Covid disease...NOBODY".

    Holtom transitioned away from the Covid portion of the press conference by administering a final dose of humor: "I'm so tired about not being worried about Covid for week after week, the very least we could do is bring up another potential pandemic and get worried about it, because at least that way we have something to be worried about!"

    Emmanuel Macron Government Defeated On Vaccine Passports

    By Edward Morgan -July 17, 20221

    The hard-left La France Insoumise (LFI), the right-wing Republicains (LR), and the right-wing populist National Rally (RN) all voted against the Emmanuel Macron government’s vaccine passport measure, which resulted in their defeat.

    French President Emmanuel Macron was humiliated in parliament after his vaccine passport plan was defeated.

    The policy requiring confirmation of vaccination or a negative Covid test for everyone entering France was something Macron’s minority government sought to expand.

    However, the hard-left La France Insoumise (LFI), the right-wing Republicains (LR), and the right-wing populist National Rally (RN) all voted against the measure.

    Most Americans Who Go to Religious Services Say They Would Trust Their Clergy’s Advice on COVID-19 Vaccines

    Vaccine deaths and disabilities don't bode well for future attendance. Why don't churches  warn parishoners?

    Israeli medical advice is not advisable these days. Remember when Governor Wolf was summoned to Sheeba Hospital, Israel right before the pandemic?

    Looking On The Bright Side

    Despite the weakness of China’s Q2 GDP report, stock market rallied on Friday as investors choose to look on the bright-side.

    Wright County Sheriff's Office

    Facebook July 15 at 3:56 PM ·

    Recently some Sheriffs around the state have been contacted by the FBI stating they will be conducting an “audit” of their Concealed Carry Weapons permit holders in coming months. I have not been contacted as of yet, but I assure all of our CCW permit holders in Wright County, I will NOT release this information to the FBI or anyone else as this info is strictly confidential and protected by state statute.

    Sheriff Sonny Byerley

    The Wright County Sheriff's Office is the 3rd largest sheriff's office in Minnesota.

    West Virginia officials to appeal opioid lawsuit decision

    Officials in a West Virginia county plan to appeal a federal judge's ruling in favor of three major U.S. drug distributors in a landmark lawsuit that accused them of causing a health crisis by distributing 81 million pills over eight years.

    Commissioner Kelli Sobonya said the county has an obligation to voters.

    "We were left holding the bag with this opioid epidemic, and I feel like we need to proceed and work with the city in a joint effort to appeal this decision," she said.

    Williams applauded the vote and said the city would not give up either.

    "The fact of the matter is in Cabell County over the last five years, over 800 people have died due to overdose," he said. "We as elected officials need to hold responsible those who targeted our community. I'm highly disappointed by the result of the trial, but I'm even more determined than ever."

    Alcyon Pleiades 139: Atlantean vestiges, Desert-Sleeping Giants, Skulls, Watch-handbag, Solar storm.

    The existence of a huge catastrophe triggered by a Great Flood continues to endure in the collective memory of many peoples, and it is described in more than 500 known versions around the world, as the final moment in the life of the civilisation of Atlantis. A shift in the Earth’s axis, and the emergence of expansive deserts in regions that were once home to marine animals or immense tropical forests created a new setting for today’s civilisation.

    At the end of Atlantis, many mysterious vestiges were scattered throughout the world and some of the peoples who survived the Flood settled in Egypt, India, China, Tibet and Greece. We are referring to peoples like the Mayans, the Olmecs, Toltecs, Aztecs, Phoenicians, Guanches, and Basques, who are the descendants of that highly developed civilisation.

    Whilst we, as a humanity, find ourselves in a crucial moment, facing the risk that what happened in that era could happen today, new theories and evidence are emerging regarding the possibility that unusual solar activity could occur once again, and trigger the same destructive processes that caused the demise of their civilisation. We are referring to a number of solar events that appear to be on the verge of happening all over again.

    Despite this being the case, if we manage to elevate our frequency, stand united as a species, and make a positive change, abandoning the terrible decadence in which we live, we could also receive extra help. Indeed, as times get harder, we could find shelter in the Hollow Earth as well, much like those peoples from other humanities who knew how to preserve their integrity.

    Video by Alcyon Pleiades


    Biden To Spend $1.7 Billion For Healthcare...In Ukraine!

    Israel-based Teva settles opioid lawsuit with San Francisco for $45M

    San Francisco has secured another financial win in its ongoing litigation against the opioid industry — and this time an Israeli company is paying up.

    Endo considers bankruptcy filing as it feels the heat from thousands of opioid lawsuits — report

    Unnamed sources told the Wall Street Journal that Endo is weighing a Chapter 11 filing as it contends with $8 billion in debt. The company has also yet to settle thousands of lawsuits over its opioid pain med Opana ER, which was taken off the market in 2017 at the FDA’s request. Endo did not respond to an interview request as of press time.

    Injecting Babies with COVID-19 Vaccines

    Brain Damage, Seizures, Rashes are recorded Side Effects in VAERS

    Cleveland Clinic defines “Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome” as:

    Neuroleptic malignant syndrome (NMS) is a rare and life-threatening reaction to the use of any neuroleptic medication. Neuroleptics, also known as antipsychotic medications, treat and manage symptoms of many psychiatric conditions.

    Other side effects among these first 137 cases recorded in VAERS for babies and toddlers who are injected with the COVID-19 vaccines are: anaphylactic shock, dementia, depression, lupus, pancreatitis, colitis, Guillain-Barre syndrome, encephalitis, seizures, meningitis, and all sorts of rashes. (Source.)

    The most common reason for recording a case to submit to VAERS for this age group, by far, is “medication error,” where the pharmacist or doctor injected the baby with the wrong dose, either an adult dose, or a dose for an older child.

    As I read through the write-ups of each of these cases, it is clear that many of the toddlers are putting up a fight to resist being injected, but if it results in only getting a partial dose of the vaccine, they just inject them again.

    World Council for Health Calls for an Immediate Stop to the Covid-19 Experimental “Vaccines”

    Cease and Desist

    We declare that Covid-19 vaccinations are dangerous and unsafe for human use. Themanufacturing, distribution, administration, an

    Globally renowned experts, including Dr. Paul Alexander, Dr. Byram Bridle, Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche, Prof. Dolores Cahill, and Drs. Sucharit Bhakdi, Ryan Cole, Richard Fleming, Robert W. Malone, Peter McCullough, Mark Trozzi, Michael Yeadon, Wolfgang Wodarg, and Vladimir Zelenko, among many others, consistently warn the world about the adverse effects resulting from Covid-19 experimental injections; they also warn about their longterm effects, which cannot be known at this time since most clinical trials will be not completed until 2023, and some as late as 2025.

    German MP Christine Anderson:

    The Covid vax will go down as the biggest scandal in medical history and the biggest crime against humanity ever committed.

    For COVID-19 vaccinations, party affiliation matters more than race and ethnicity

    90% of Democrats had been vaccinated, compared with 68% of Independents and just 58% of Republicans.

    How Rockefeller Founded Big Pharma And Waged War On Natural Cures

    One of the most important health systems is the endocannabinoid system. Rockefeller medicine basically tried to eliminate and criminalize anything to do with the endocannabinoid system.

    Today we know that the endocannabinoid system regulates the immune system.

    CBD can activate the endocannabinoid system to prevent cytokine storm and inflammation caused by the covid vaccines by decreasing a protein called PAI-1. Lowering PAI-1 also reduces blood clotting, cancer and diabetes.

    Wisconsin Candidates for Office Call for Decertification of 2020 Election Based on Maladministration of Election Due to the Use of Unconstitutional Drop Boxes

    Wisconsin Representative Ramthun who is running for Governor in Wisconsin and Karen Mueller who is running for Attorney General in Wisconsin and others held a press conference in the state capitol to discuss the 2020 Election.

    Dick Morris Says:

    “I have spoken with the former president dozens of times since he left office, and our conversations were always either about how he was cheated in 2020, or how he would get back in 2024. He has never, for a moment, taken his eye off the ball — getting back in the White House!” added Morris.

    In The Return: Trump’s Big 2024 Comeback, Morris goes into what happened in 2020, how that affected Trump’s presidency, and what a possible strategy would be for Trump to return to the White House as President.

    Morris doesn’t dismiss election fraud and how it undermined Trump’s reelection, but concedes that in the end, the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, got more votes and that will be something to overcome going in to the next presidential election.

    He maintains that states try to get back to pre-COVID voting rules.

    Morris suggests that GOP voters elect Republican secretaries of state who set election rules, and that the GOP do a better job turning out the vote. Bigger votes, he wrote, are the future and the GOP has to deal with it.

    He also allows that the Trump campaign and White House didn’t fully get the impact of the virus, as it was the early days of the crisis, and their anti-mask message.

    Morris further states that the degree to which the liberal media was working overtime to take out Trump was severely underestimated.

    “His most serious error was to incur the wrath of the media,” said Morris, who knows a bit about coming under media fire.

    Morris now suggests reminding voters of the three issues that were handled successfully and well by Trump and his administration, the economy, illegal immigration, and surging crime.

    (JFK Jr. on the ticket as VP will only make the landslide bigger in defeating the cabal who killed Kennedy and stole the country's future. This is how the Republic gets restored and the Golden Age gets it's start.)

    Dr. Oz bought thousands of doses of hydroxychloroquine during pandemic

    In March 2020, Oz spent $8,800.00 on 2070 tablets of the drug. The purchase came at a time when the TV doctor was heavily promoting the anti-Malaria drug as a possible treatment for the deadly virus.

    His advocacy even reached the White House which confirmed Trump was taking the drug in May of that year.

    (Like Trump and Dr. Zelenco, Oz was right about Hydroxychloroquine being one of the correct treatments for covid.)

    Sheriff Mack on Utah's response to Two Red Pills: Published July 10, 2022

    Voter fraud under investigation by the Constitutional Sheriff's Association. CSPOA

    Sheriff Mack says "tell your County Sheriff to get on board"!

    National Liberty Alliance

    2017 Donald Trump inauguration speech: Today’s ceremony, however, has very special meaning, because today we are not merely transferring power from one administration to another, or from one party to another, but we are transferring power from Washington, D.C., and giving it back to you, the people…  

    What have we seen in the past weeks?

    • Roe v wade – Overturned by the US Supreme Court!

    • Second Amendment backed by the US Supreme Court!

    • Vaccine Mandate overruled by the US Supreme Court!

    • Mask Mandate overruled by the US Supreme Court!

    • Countering the pandemic

    • Exposing the dictators

    • Drop boxes are illegal

    • Election fraud is being exposed!

    • Dripping out the Joe Biden and Hunter Biden information!

    • Congressman Adam Schiff is trying to cover up everything by passing legislation to prevent the military from looking into all congresses subversive actions!

    • Liz Cheney thinks that by running for president that she would be protected.

    • Special prosecutor Durham appointed back in 2020 is on the hunt for Hillary Clinton and many many others are being leaked out!

    • Hundreds of thousands of sealed indictment are soon to be executed!

    • Boris Johnson, all of his people in his cabinet are starting to resign!

    • The New World Order Guides stones were taken down!

    • The truth of the war is being revealed to the People!

    • Japan ex-leader Shinzo Abe assassinated by the globalists


    • Q said, “The storm is upon us! The hunters have become the hunted, God wins! We are with you!

    • The Silent War is No Longer Silent!!!

    • The Deep state is on the defensive, they no longer have control.

    National Liberty Alliance has been working tirelessly for more than 13 years to teach the People “Government by Consent.”

    * Join our “Campaign for Constitutional Sheriffs” –

    Ricky Lee - In God We Still Trust

    Ricky Lee Performed at the Pennsylvania Sheriffs' Association's 99th Annual Summer Conference.

    The Pennsylvania Sheriffs’ Association is dedicated to preserving the time honored Office of Sheriff in Pennsylvania. We are dedicated to assisting our sixty-seven County Sheriffs in acquiring the education and training required for law enforcement officers. With your help and generosity, you can support the Pennsylvania Sheriffs’ Association in providing quality training statewide to supplement the training available to Sheriffs beyond their County budgets.

    Note to all USA Sheriffs: Be sure to have your county commissioners sue the rest of the opioid companies (other than the big three which already have been sued). Get your county's share of the remaining damages with a good Medical Malpractice attorney like Attorney Barry J. Scatton of Morgan & Morgan of Philadelphia. Counties in each state must team up to find an attorney.

    Check the DEA database to see which companies delivered the most opioids to your county here.

    Allegheny County sued CVS, Rite Aid and Walgreens this week

    The pharmacies knowingly flooded the market with prescription painkillers and contributed to the local and national opioid epidemic. The lawsuit is one of thousands filed nationwide in recent years to collect damages stemming from a public health crisis that has killed more than a half million people.

    Cobb County set to receive $3.5 million in opioid lawsuit settlement with pharmacy

    The county is pursuing several multi-jurisdiction lawsuits against pharmacy chains.

    The settlement calls for Rite Aid to pay a total of $10.5 million to the three U.S. counties, $3.5 million of which will go to Cobb. The settlement was finalized June 28, but still must be approved by a majority of the commission.

    Commission chairwoman Lisa Cupid said in a press release back in 2021 that the county pursued litigation “to give voice to the experiences and ongoing needs of our community members on the front lines of the opioid epidemic.”

    Cobb County is involved in other suits targeting pharmacy retail chains, including CVS Health, Walgreens, Walmart, Kroger and Publix.

    These bellwether trials — multi-jurisdictional lawsuits designed to act as test cases indicating the potential success for larger lawsuits — have run alongside the $26 billion, multi-state lawsuit against opioid distributors and manufacturers.

    Back in January, Georgia signed onto the nationwide suit and is set to receive a total of $636 million, at least 25% of which will be allocated by the state to local governments, including Cobb County.

    Pfizer stock-owning judges play musical chairs in New York City vaccine mandate lawsuits

    The opioid lawsuits are a warm up for the vaccine lawsuits.

    La Quinta Columna - Covid is 5g and graphene.

    Roberto Delgado of La Quinta Columna provides in this interview background to their discovery of the link between 5G and graphene as found in various injections.
    Addresses the question - "Why dont antibodies to the covid vaccine last more than a couple of months? " Because the body is responding to the graphene only. There is graphene in the hydrogels of the PCR sticks, that you wash your hands with, the masks people wear. Added to kerosene's used in aeroplane fuels - think of those chem trails above you daily. There is NOTHING in the vaccines that lead to any form of immunity, they are 100% toxic. Please try the bluetooth challenge on those who are vaccinated around you.

    Sweden Study Shows Covid Vaccine Can Modify DNA…Opens Doors for New Lawsuits

    Democrats Are Holding a ‘Leadership Conference’… Guess Who It’s Sponsored By. Pfizer!

    Meanwhile, Floridian Democrats have criticized state Governor Ron DeSantis for failing to implement COVID-19 vaccine mandates for businesses and schools – a policy that directly affects Pfizer’s profits. The pharmaceutical giant has spent a record-breaking amount on lobbyists throughout COVID-19, strategically tapping former government employees with ties to Joe Biden, to push for authorization of its vaccine.

    Guilty are Now Hiding Humanitarian Catastrophe – Dr. Pierre Kory

    Well, the dark powers who pushed the vax bioweapon have stopped ignoring the growing massive deaths and injuries and are now trying to shut people up.  Namely, doctors like Perrie Kory, who is under investigation by his certification board for so-called “misinformation” about treating Covid and vax injuries that have followed the injections.  The facts and data show Dr. Kory has been right all along.  Dr. Kory explains, “I definitely think, and Dr. Robert Malone agrees and says, they are getting really nervous on the inside.  There are a lot of people that promoted these policies and pushed this vaccine campaign, aggressively, even when the data was coming out that the initial trials were fraudulent.  They mischaracterized and manipulated the data and ignored safety signals. . . . The stopping point for these vaccines was probably reached in the second week of January 2021.  There were enough deaths being reported and enough injuries being reported that had the FDA been functioning as it should have, the vaccine campaign should have been stopped back then.  We are at 15 months now.  They are still pushing boosters.  We are vaccinating toddlers.  There is no limit to this vaccine obsession . . . . This is absolutely terrifying to behold.”

    MerKaBa vehicle of ascension - Drunvalo Melchizedek

    In the Bible there is reference to Ezekiel and the wheels by which Ezekiel ascended into heaven. This was the Mer-ka-Ba.

    In the Torah, there is reference to the Merkavah (as it is spelled in Hebrew) which has two different meanings: One meaning is ''chariot,'' which is a vehicle; the other is the ''Throne of God.'' When the two definitions are combined, the true meaning comes to life.

    In Ancient Egypt, this primal pattern was called the Mer-Ka-Ba. It was actually three words, not one. Mer meant a kind of light that rotated within itself. Ka meant spirit, in this case referring to the human spirit. And Ba meant the human body - though it also could mean the concept of Reality that spirit holds. And so the entire word in ancient Egypt referred to a rotating light that would take the spirit and the body from one world into another.

    I once spent a couple of hours with Credo Mutwa, the spiritual leader of the Zulu tribe in Africa. He explained to me that Merkaba (one word) was a Zulu word meaning a space/time/dimension vehicle. He told me that according to Zulu legend his entire tribe had come from another dimension here to Earth using the Merkaba.

    In the modern world there are teachers worldwide - and I am one of them - who are helping people remember the Mer-Ka-Ba. Thus begin a process in consciousness that will eventually translate us from the third-dimensional world into the next higher one through what is being called ''ascension.''

    Ascension involves a process where the human body is transformed into light and translated by an incredible birth into a new world. It is achieved through a meditation that requires the mind, heart, body, and spirit to completely integrate in one pattern of light and transcend the human limitations of this reality.

    This concept of the Mer-Ka-Ba as an ascension vehicle is not new. It is very, very old.

    What actually is the Mer-Ka-Ba? Technically, it is an electro-magnetic field sitting at about four degrees Kelvin, found primarily within the microwave range - at least in the third dimension - that is entirely geometric in nature. Specifically, the geometry used is called ''Sacred Geometry,'' as this particular geometry is found in the creation patterns of all things in Creation.

    The Mer-Ka-Ba field is extremely complex, involving the five Platonic solids and other sacred polyhedrons. It is believed to extend through all possible dimensional and parallel universes, and can possibly change its nature from electro-magnetic to whatever is appropriate.

    The blueprint of the Mer-Ka-Ba is found throughout nature, such as in this photo of a galaxy.

    One of the functions of the Mer-Ka-Ba, as we said, is to act as the vehicle to take the spirit and the body into the next world. However, this function - and most of the other possibilities - is impossible to obtain until something changes within the person. The Mer-Ka-Ba is situated around the human body like a three-dimensional geometric web that is dormant and nonfunctional, waiting for the right moment. When the spirit that inhabits the body remembers that it is there and begins to change certain aspects of itself, an incredible transformation begins to grow.

    It was believed in ancient times, and even written about by the Hebrews,[2], that the Merkavah could be turned on by certain principles in meditation. This involves breathing changes, and mind, heart, and body changes that alter the way a person perceives the Reality. From my perspective, it is the beginning of ''Enlightenment.''

    And yet it is clear that the Mer-Ka-Ba can also be ''activated,'' as the New Agers say, by other methods beside the male-style instructions using the breathing changes mentioned above. It can also become functional through methods that are purely female. Through the true living of qualities such as love, faith, trust, truth, and compassion, the Mer-Ka-Ba can spontaneously become alive. In other words, very pure human character can translate into a living Mer-Ka-Ba field around the person, even if that person doesn't initially know it is there.

    And yes, absolutely, the Mer-Ka-Ba is alive. It is a living field, not a purely mechanical field of energy. Because it is a living field, it responds to human thought and feeling, which is the way to connect to the field. So the ''computer'' that guides the Mer-Ka-Ba is the human mind and heart. The possibilities are endless.

    At a certain and specific moment (not necessarily in this lifetime), a person's Mer-Ka-Ba field can become alive. When this happens, an electro-magnetic change occurs which results in a disc of energy that comes out from a tiny place near the base of the spine and quickly expands to about 27 to 30 feet in radius around the body. This disc can easily be perceived by scientific means, and if the United States Airforce is correct it can be put up on their computer screens via satellite. In other words, the military can see people who activate their Mer-Ka-Bas, and watch as they move around the surface of the Earth.

    Since the number of people who have done this is now in the millions, it is a fairly common sight now. It is the enormous magnetic burst that results from the disc expanding that brings attention to itself. This can easily be made invisible by people who activate their Mer-ka-Bas, if they so desire.

    The knowledge of the Mer-Ka-Ba is well known by most of the more powerful governments of the world. I am certain that our government used the Mer-Ka-Ba in the 1943 Philadelphia Experiment and the 1983 Montoc Experiments - in their mind-control experiments and dimensional explorations, and in controlling weather. And I am equally certain that Russia is using the Mer-Ka-Ba in their spy programs and defense systems.

    But regardless of government experimentation, Mother Earth, the human race, and we as individuals can profit from this understanding and knowledge. The remembering of the Mer-Ka-Ba is unfolding all over the world. From my point of view, this unfoldment is all part of the evolving cosmic DNA. The Mer-Ka-Ba will be remembered now because this is the time to remember.

    Yes, I believe, as did almost all the ancient civilizations, that there are specific moments in the history of mankind where great jumps in human understanding take place, as in the ancient Sumerian, Egyptian, and Indus Valley civilizations.

    I truly feel that we have arrived at another one of these grand moments of human history where brilliant light expands around the world, and another huge leap in human consciousness appears. And, my friends, I truly believe, from my own personal experience, that the Mer-Ka-Ba is a doorway or a dimensional window into a higher level of consciousness that could be the catalyst for this great change called ascension.

    So, to close, I will say again: Your character is the key to your ascension. Regardless of who you are at this moment, good or bad, you can change your character. Like losing weight, it is completely within your control if you focus.

    In changing yourself, your Mer-Ka-Ba can become alive. And once it is alive, everything is possible.

    Dead Sea Scrolls

    paleoleviticus 11Q paleoLeviticus a
    Date: 1–50 ce, Herodian Period
    Language: Hebrew This copy of the book of Leviticus is written in the ancient Hebrew script used in First Temple times. The fragment shown here deals with the prohibition against the ancient cultic practice of sacrificing children to the Semitic god Molech, and the punishments for violating this ban.

    Alcyon Pleiades special 24: Directed-energy, psychotronic, sonic-acoustic weapons, Masers, HAARP, 5G

    Controlling human beings and modifying their conduct has been an objective since the dawn of time. Currently, psychotronic, kinetic and radiofrequency weapons, or 5G, are being used against the population, as was the case in 2018 with American diplomats in Havana. Wireless technology is slowly killing human beings, interfering with our thoughts, damaging our DNA and causing injuries at the cell level.
    All human beings are equally affected by it, despite some people not noticing. Weapons that have the ability to induce thoughts also exist, including synthetic telepathy and induced dreams or nightmares.
    Using these frequencies, they are literally interfering with the human brain, altering our thought patterns and behaviour. It should also be noted that climate-altering weapons – such as the American HAARP and the Russian SURA systems – are capable of triggering hurricanes or powerful earthquakes, like several we have seen in recent years.

    Video by Alcyon Pleiades

    Abe, Johnson fall, Biden and Macron next as Khazarian mafia takedown continues

    By  Weekly Reports 

    There was a coordinated takedown of the Khazarian mafia worldwide last week just as G20 officials were gathering to discuss replacing the UN Security Council with a new world grouping.

    The assassination of former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe (see below for details) and the messy removal of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the destruction of the Georgia Guidestones were the most visible parts of this KM takedown. However, there has been a lot more going on. For example, the governments of Estonia, Ireland.

    Why are the Nation’s Pharmacies and Retail Outlets Refusing to Give the New FDA-Authorized COVID Shots to Babies?

    JPMorgan And Citi are 90% of The Gold Market

    Gold derivatives = fools gold.

    Drilling Under Lake Mead To Drain The Last Drop

    Many are now aware of and justifiably concerned about Lake Mead soon becoming what is known as a “dead pool”. When this milestone is reached, the ramifications for tens of millions of Americans is beyond grave. What is not being discussed is the Lake Mead 3rd intake drain that was designed to drain every last drop from this diminishing and dying largest reservoir in the US. The remaining water will keep Las Vegas Nevada partying till the last possible moment. Even more dire is the official denial of the ongoing drought inducing covert climate engineering operations that are the core causal factor behind the unprecedented drought in the Western US. This six minute video provides much needed information on the unfolding cataclysm surrounding the collapsing Colorado River water source. Dane Wigington To support Geoengineering Watch:

    Wisconsin Supreme Court Drops Hammer On 2020 Election Shenanigans: ‘Ballot Drop Boxes Are Illegal’ Under Wisconsin Law

    The Friday ruling from Wisconsin’s highest court came as a result of a lawsuit filed in May by the Thomas More Society on behalf of state voters, who took legal action against the cities of Green Bay, Kenosha, Madison, Milwaukee, and Racine for their illegal use of unmanned drop boxes during the 2020 election cycle.

    Details about the Angelic Human DNA Template

    (Big pharma failed to lower humanity's vibrational rate. The Khazarian mafia plan was to drive us back to one strand of DNA to make us their slaves instead of expanding into the original 12 strand angelic human template. But Jesus has other plans. This is how Christ returns through the sun, the stars, the planet and every living thing. We are all players in the Alcyon Photon Band.)

    Scalar waves are multidimensional standing wave patterns that emanate out of a fixed point of sound-tonal vibration, within the morphogenetic field. Scalar waves appear to move from one place to another, but in truth they are stationary points of light and stay in one place.

    DNA is actually the observable portions and chemical translations of scalar wave programs that exist in the morphogenetic field. These programs though, the scalar wave part of the DNA, the part below the part we're seeing are called fire letters. That is an ancient term used in the Enochian teachings and in the Hebrew teachings they talked about fire letters. They were talking about the scalar wave patterns that when activated within the DNA; allow the body to turn into light. It allowed the particles and anti-particles to fuse, to turn into fire, and go to the next octave.

     They were talking about the secret mechanics of higher evolution, the key to opening the relationship between man and God. They knew that there was a secret to ascension and that was in the fire letters. And they were right.

    Through the process of DNA activation we have the ability to bio-regenerate our original organic DNA template and imprint for health, and reclaim our respective divine right destinies and personal relationships to the one source God.

     This is the purpose of DNA Perfection - to help a person embody these frequencies so they can work in line with their soul's mission and raise the frequency of the Earth for planetary ascension into the Absolute Harmonic Realm

    Not a coincidence: Pleiades mythology has 7 sisters, Alcyone is 7 million miles in diamater and our sun is part of a 7 sun system that works together in a balanced system.

    74.2 million people in the USA have not had a single dose of a Covid-19 Vaccine

    The American people have seen right through President Biden’s propaganda and lies on the effectiveness of the Covid-19 injections because according to CDC data, 70% of the entire population of the USA have not had either a first, second or third dose of the Covid-19 vaccine.

    New Israeli Study Shows Unvaccinated Adults Had “No increase in Myocarditis and Pericarditis” Following COVID Infection

    “Nine post-COVID-19 patients developed myocarditis (0.0046%), and eleven patients were diagnosed with pericarditis (0.0056%). In the control cohort, 27 patients had myocarditis (0.0046%) and 52 had pericarditis (0.0088%),” the study stated.

    “In the current large population study of subjects, who were not vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2, we observed no increase in the incidence of myocarditis or pericarditis from day 10 after positive SARS-CoV-2.”

    OPERATION COVID-19: A Comprehensive Series
    of Exclusive Exposés, Big-Picture Analyses
    and Health Warnings

    OPERATION COVID-19 has corralled more people across the planet into cattle cars steered by the globalists right into the UN agenda-run concentrations camps than any previous crime wave of state-sponsored terrorism.  However, at the same time, this NWO genocidal enterprise has already served to wake up more residents on Earth than any other false-flag mass casualty event in human history.

    Bottom Line: The Powers That Be have made a truly desperate move and grave mistake by launching OPERATION COVID-19.  They cannot keep 7.8 billion people intermittently locked down for the 18-month period of time that the globalist cabal has been pushing for.  The pushback by citizenries everywhere will be fast and furious, fierce and ferocious.  But, when people find out that the wealthy elites have secretly protected themselves from the COVID-19 bioweapon they recklessly let loose on humanity, that’s when folks will really get mad.

    Israel Honors Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla with 'Jewish Nobel’ Prize - Incredible Arrogance

    Pfizer Confesses they used fraud and the govt knows it and has worked with them

    Uruguay demanded Pfizer state if graphene oxide was in the jab and what else is in it. Pfizer withdraws from Uruguay.

    New Poll Shows President Donald Trump is America’s Most Popular Political Figure

    Like it or not, the poll from Harvard/Harris has Trump ahead of all Republicans and Democrats in the country.

    Rachel Levine issues call ‘to stand against bullying’ at Israel Embassy event

    Rachel Levine is the openly transgender Jewish deputy secretary of health in the Biden administration that they dress up like an admiral drag queen.

    Democrat misfits who run to Israel to for support of anti American values should move to Israel. That includes the handfull of Rinos they managed to scrape up to endorse Josh Shapiro. 

    The People have had it with being called Nazis for wanting fair elections, freedom from medical tyranny and oppression from AG Garlands critical race theory curriculum. Not to mention church and business lockdowns for the purpose of masking and vaccine mandates. Levine is also on the hook for the murder of senior citizens who had severe covid patients purposely placed in nursing homes. Florida is looking a lot safer for seniors than PA under Wolf. Shapiro would be more of the same for PA.

    Transhumanism and immune system destruction are anti life, artificial intelligence attacks against the entire human genome that has to be stopped.

    Not to mention what all of this has done to the economy and gas prices.

    US judge finds for 3 drug distributors in WVa opioid lawsuit

    CHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) — A federal judge on Monday ruled in favor of three major U.S. drug distributors in a landmark lawsuit that accused them of causing a health crisis by distributing 81 million pills over eight years in one West Virginia county ravaged by opioid addiction.

    The verdict came nearly a year after closing arguments in a bench trial in the lawsuit filed by Cabell County and the city of Huntington against AmerisourceBergen Drug Co., Cardinal Health Inc. and McKesson Corp.

    Comments by PA attorney Barry Scatton on the WV opioid suit:

    The attorneys handling that case will likely appeal. The judge ruled that the state’s “Public Nuisance” doctrine could not be used as a theory of liability to hold the distributor defendants Mckesson, Cardinal health, and Amerisourcebergen accountable for the opioid problem in that state.

    I don’t think it affects our case, because we would potentially be trying it in front of a jury. The case in West Virginia was a bench trial, not a jury trial.

    Note: Attorney Scatton is handling lawsuits for multiple PA counties against the mid level opioid distributors. These suits can potentially pay off more than the suits against the larger  pharmaceutical corporations depending on the degree of opioid saturation suffered by individual counties. 

    For example: Blair county is already slated to receive over $5 million from the big three settlements. The total number of opioids distributed from the big three companies from 2006 to 2014 was 12,587,500 pills. The amount distributed by Value Drug Company to Blair County in that time frame was 31,789,490 pills. 

    In addition Value Drug has a criminal record with a $4 million fine levied by the DEA. In the DEA's report, one pharmacy in Maryland received more than 800,000 opioids from Value Drug. That pharmacy has since closed and the owner served 30 months in prison.

    One of the other counties where Value Drug was fined for illegal distribution was Cambria County. Value drug delivered 31,811,740 pills to Johnstown over an eight year period, more than any of the big three opioid distributors.

    PA Counties can still join the local lawsuits by contacting attorney Barry Scatton at Morgan and Morgan attorneys of Philadelphia.

    Other states need to find a lawyer to represent multiple counties in their state and sue these companies for damages owed. See the number of opioids delivered to your county at this link.

    $150M settlement reached in B.C.-led lawsuit to recoup health-care costs

    By Richard Zussman Global News Posted June 29, 2022 1:47 pm Updated June 29, 2022 10:37 pm

    A settlement has been reached with the Canadian arm of opioid manufacturer Purdue Pharma in the British Columbia-led legal action linked to the overdose crisis.

    The pharmaceutical company has agreed to pay $150 million in response to B.C.’s proposed class-action lawsuit to recover health-care costs related to the sale and marketing of opioid-based pain medication.

    “B.C.’s efforts to negotiate this unique settlement, together with other Canadian governments paves the way for additional settlements to be reached in the ongoing litigation against other manufacturers and distributors of opioid products,” said Attorney General David Eby on Wednesday.

    “We know that no amount of money can bring back those who have died, but we are committed to holding corporations and others accountable for acts of alleged wrongdoing committed in the manufacturing and distribution of opioid products.”

    Purdue Canada is one of more than 40 defendants named in B.C.’s class-action claim, launched in 2018 on behalf of all federal, provincial and territorial governments in Canada.

    The province alleges that opioid manufacturers, distributors and their consultants engaged in “deceptive” marketing practices with a view to increase sales, resulting in increased rates of addiction and overdose.

    The toxic illicit drug supply claimed the lives of at least 2,236 British Columbians in 2021, the highest annual total in history.

    The Astonishing Implications of Schedule F – Cleaning out the Deep State (You're Fired!)

    By Jeffrey A. Tucker

    Two weeks before the 2020 general election, on October 21, 2020, Donald Trump issued an executive order (E.O. 13957) on “Creating Schedule F in the Excepted Service.”

    From 2020 and onward, the American people got to know this administrative state well. They ordered us to wear masks. They deployed their influence to close small businesses and churches. They limited how many people we could have in our homes. They festooned our businesses with plexiglass and told everyone to stay six-feet apart. They demanded two weeks of quarantine when crossing state borders. They decided which medical procedures were elective and non-elective. And they finally demanded compliance with vaccine mandates at the penalty of job loss.

    None of this was ordered by legislation. It was all invented on the spot by the permanent staff of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. We had no idea they had such power. But they do. And that same power which allowed those egregious attacks on rights and liberties also belongs to the Food and Drug Administration, the Department of Labor, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Agriculture, the Department of Homeland Security, and all the rest.

    Donald Trump came into office with the promise of draining the swamp, without understanding entirely what that meant. He gradually came to realize that he had no control over most of the affairs of government, not because he had no patience for the legislative process but because he had no ability to terminate the employment of most of the civilian bureaucracy. Nor could his political appointees control it. The media, he gradually came to realize, echoed the priorities and concerns of this administrative state due to long-established relationships that led to nonstop leaks that spread false information.

    On January 21, 2021, the day after inauguration, Biden reversed the order. It was one of his first actions as president. No wonder, because, as The Hill reported, this executive order would have been “the biggest change to federal workforce protections in a century, converting many federal workers to ‘at will’ employment.”

    How many federal workers in agencies would have been newly classified at Schedule F? We do not know because only one completed the review before their jobs were saved by the election result. The one that did was the Congressional Budget Office. Its conclusion: fully 88% of employees would have been newly classified as Schedule F, thus allowing the president to terminate their employment.

    This would have been a revolutionary change, a complete remake of Washington, DC, and all politics as usual.

    Trump’s EO 13957 was a dagger aimed directly at the heart of the beast. It might have worked.

    Until something takes place to restore the people’s control of the administrative state, a sword of Damocles will continue to hang over the entire country and we will never be safe from another round of lockdowns and mandates.

    Should a genuinely reformist president ever take office, this executive order must be issued on the very first day. Trump waited too long but that mistake need not be repeated.

    Full article here.

    From State of the Nation:

    These are the pharmacies that will fill prescriptions Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine.

    The Lost Interview with Nikola Tesla

    (Tesla's free energy is what will eventually replace oil. This is why electric cars are the future.)

    Survey shows the vaccines should be stopped

    4.6% of people who were vaccinated needed to be hospitalized and 2.1% had a myocarditis diagnosis.

    In the US, over 260M people have been vaccinated, so 2% with myocarditis represents over 5M people. That is a disaster.

    Penn State's Push for infant covid vaccination deserves a place in the Nuremberg II War Crimes tribunals  Untested side effect laden mRNA vaccine pusher Penn State deserves to be put on trial for crimes against humanity.

    Israel caught hiding children's vaccine injuries

    Leaked documents show government keeping data from public while approving children's boosters--

    Children aged 5-11 are suffering vaccine injuries, including neurological adverse events, at about 6 times the rate of 12-17 year old children. 

    Raw data - 2x the injury rate of teens

    Israel’s Ministry of Health commissioned a study analyzing reports of adverse events from Pfizer's COVID vaccine to the nation’s vaccine database, known as the Nahlieli system, between December 2021 and May 2022. The research team was headed by Professor Matti Berkowitz, director of the Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology Unit at Assaf Harofeh Hospital (Shamir).

    In raw numbers, Berkowitz found that children in the 5-11 age group had twice as many adverse events following the Pfizer shot as children in the 12-17 age group. That doubling of vaccine injuries is, in itself, extremely disturbing, and should have been immediately brought to the attention of the nation’s parents.

    Worse - 6x the injury rate of teens

    Unfortunately, the doubling of adverse events is only the beginning of the bad news. Dr. Yaffa Shir-Raz, a health and risk communication researcher at the University of Haifa and at Reichman University (IDC Herzliya), notes that the 2-dose immunization rate for 5-11 year olds is less than 18%, while older children have rates of 55-72% (3-4 times higher).

    All things being equal, the young children would thus be expected to have ⅓-¼ of the number of adverse events experienced by the older children, not twice as many. This means that the adverse event rate for young children is actually 6-8 times that of the older children, i.e., at 600-800% of the baseline injury rate!

    While there are slightly more children in the 5-11 year old group than in the 12-17 age group, it does not come close to accounting for the mind blowing rate increase in the younger group.

    New vaccine injuries not included in Pfizer's leaflet

    The findings by Professor Berkowitz were presented to the Ministry of Health’s Department of Epidemiology about three weeks ago, in early June 2022, together with graphs depicting the severity of the data, broken down by injury types, as well as additional alarming information: 

    . . . the team identified and characterized neurological symptoms that were not previously known and are not mentioned in the physician's leaflet of Pfizer's Comirnaty vaccine, including Hypoesthesia (partial or complete decrease in skin sensitivity), Paraesthesia (abnormal skin sensation such as numbness, tingling, stinging or burning), tinnitus, dizziness and more. [Emphasis added].

    Changes to menstrual cycle are long-lasting

    Dr. Shir-Raz reports that Pfizer representatives have claimed to have “no knowledge of long-term adverse events.” The research team found, however, that many side-effects of the vaccine are indeed long-term. In the case of changes to the menstrual cycle, 90% of the women reported the change to be long-lasting. Thus,

    the research team made it clear to the Department of Epidemiology that Pfizer needed to be notified regarding the long-term adverse events identified. [Emphasis added].

    Pfizer should be informed, but not the public?

    General Mills pulls out of Israeli joint venture

    The Pillsbury dough factory is located in one of the Israeli settlements in the West Bank.

    The Pillsbury dough factory is in the Atarot Industrial Park, the largest industrial park in the Jerusalem area and one of the Israeli settlements in the West Bank, an area that Palestinians claim as their own. The joint venture has been operational since 2002.

    In 2020, the United Nations placed General Mills on a list of 112 companies doing business in territory it considers illegally occupied and The American Friends Service Committee, a Quaker activist group, launched a boycott campaign targeting Pillsbury products soon afterwards.

    Some Pillsbury family members also called for the company to pull out of the venture.

    The UN human rights office issued a long-awaited report in 2020 on companies linked to Jewish settlements in the Israeli-occupied West Bank.

    The report names 112 business entities the office says it has reasonable grounds to conclude have been involved in activities related to settlements.

    They include Airbnb,, Expedia Group and Motorola Solutions.

    About 600,000 Jews live in about 140 settlements built since Israel's occupation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem in 1967. The settlements are widely considered illegal under international law.

    Author: Quakers Helped Abolish Slavery in the US - NPR

    In colonial times, Quakers were considered one of the most radical groups in America, especially when it came to their oppositions to slavery. But their equally strong belief in pacifism led to a moral conflict over how far to go to end the scourge of slavery.

    The Democrats and the FBI Have Nazified America

    Paul Craig Roberts

    Peter Navarro, 73 years old, was Assistant to the President for Trade and Manufacturing Policy during the Trump administration. I do not know him.  

    Last February the Democrats subpoenaed him to appear before the Democrats’ “Select Committee on the January 6 Attack,” a show trial operation trying to invent an “insurrection” by people who took selfies sitting in Nancy Pelosi’s chair.

    As Trump had declared executive privilege, Navarro simply observed the president’s right and refused to appear.

    There is nothing unusual about this. It has been happening forever.  Personally I do not know if executive privilege is a good idea, but it is a fact.

    It is what happened to Navarro that is unprecedented.  In early June five armed FBI agents grabbed him as he was boarding a flight to Tennessee, handcuffed him, put him in leg irons and placed him in solitary confinement.  

    This is not normal procedure on the part of the FBI.  This is pure Gestapo procedure.  It reminds me of the early years of Nazi Germany.  Courts would dismiss false charges against political opponents, but as the vindicated person walked out of the courthouse he was seized by the Gestapo and imprisoned regardless.

    The normal procedure is to resolve the issue with a request for a waiver of executive privilege or to put the matter in the hands of the courts.  But instead of normal, legal procedure, a former Assistant to the President of the United States received Gestapo treatment.

    Missouri Requires Photo ID, Bans Ballot Drop Boxes in Election Law Overhaul

    Missouri Gov. Mike Parson signed a new election law on Wednesday that will require a voter to show a photo ID to vote in the coming general election.

    Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association – CSPOA

    Sheriffs Committed to Investigating Election Fraud are listed below.

    Sheriff Leon Wilmot, Yuma County, AZ

    The Yuma County Sheriff’s Office (YCSO) and the Yuma County Recorder’s Office (YCRO) are working together to actively examine cases of voting fraud from the 2020 General Election and now a recent pattern of fraudulent voter registration forms leading up to the 2022 Primary Election.

    Sheriff Calvin Hayden, Johnson County, KS

    Sheriff Calvin Hayden has assigned a Cyber Crimes Investigator to review an undisclosed number of allegations claiming election fraud in Johnson County.

    “We have an obligation to the people we serve to investigate every reasonable complaint we receive until we reach a successful conclusion. While we conduct the investigation, the charging is up to the District Attorney’s Office.”

    Sheriff Chris Schmaling, Racine County, WI

    “Election statute was in fact not just broken, but shattered by members of the Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC), Sheriff Schmaling said. Abraham Lincoln once said ‘Laws without enforcement are merely good advice.' He was right. This should not have happened last year, and cannot happen in the future. And everyone who isn’t blinded by partisanship knows this.”>”We're not trying to change one vote,” Lt. Luell, the investigative officer said. “We're not trying to change one election. We're trying to hold the government accountable.” Luell and Schmaling repeatedly stated that they believe laws were broken and that there should be consequences. “There were clear violations of the law,” Schmaling said.

    Sheriff Cutter Clinton (Sheriff-Elect), Panola County, TX

    The physical evidence and statistics that the exposé presented is alarming, and undoubtedly warrants criminal investigation. The areas/jurisdictions that were studied and believed “the mules” harvested votes should immediately be audited for further election corruption. 

    In my own election in the primary I insisted that I have a third party poll watcher appointed by my campaign as simply an element of accountability.. Society and judicial proceedings expect Peace Officer's to wear a body camera, utilize a dash cam video, and use a camera while conducting Criminal Investigations. The cameras are used for accountability and I see absolutely no reason that election officers and those that tally the vote should not be held to the same standard.

    Clearly absentee voting is vulnerable to corruption, and a solution of accountability also needs to be determined going forward. 

    Sheriff Bob Songer, Klickitat County, WA

    I did get the chance to view the movie “2000 Mules” produced by Dinesh D'Souza.  I totally support the CSPOA press release in regards to finding out the truth about the 2020 election.   After reviewing 2000 Mules, I believe there is evidence of widespread voter fraud.  As a Constitutional Sheriff, I will live up to my oath of office and do whatever I can to ensure people who violate our constitution through voter fraud are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I want to thank Sheriff Mack and all the members of CSPOA for what they do.

    Alcyon Pleiades 138: Atlantis myths, Sun-glaciation, Solar micronova, Ancient nuclear weapons, DNA

    Atlantis was highly advanced, and its degree of development far surpassed that of our current civilization. Although it was wiped off the face of the Earth, it is remembered in the myths and legends of many cultures that refer to the catastrophic events that caused the Great Flood, including massive solar storms which altered the climate and precipitated the end of the last glaciation period, some 9,200 years ago.

    They had unimaginable weapons of destruction capable of obliterating large populations which were used in massive wars waged between Light and Darkness, in the civilization’s final era. The few who survived became the basis for the creation of a new race.
    Once again, history is repeating itself. Our race finds itself experiencing its end game and, once more, we find two paths opening before us. We can continue participating in the madness of wanting to play God with life, genetics and mutations, or we can elevate our frequency and reclaim the integrity of our DNA which was altered millennia ago. By doing the latter, we will activate its 12 original strands and reclaim the place that originally belonged to us, freeing ourselves from all kinds of slavery and limitations.

    It’s now or never. The decision lies with each one of us. Either we move forward and engage in radical transformation, or we become victims of a new solar flare or flash that will annihilate our technology, which would cause us to lose our bearings, and ultimately fall prey to complete devolution. Video by Alcyon Pleiades

    Langlade County Wisconsin Joins Texas and Maricopa County Arizona to Unanimously Reject the Results of 2020 Election

    Langlade County urges all remaining 3,143 US counties to pass similar resolutions.

    The people of Wisconsin have seen enough!

    Sheriff Richard Mack: Election Statute Shattered!

    Today on my show, Racine County, WI Sheriff Chris Schmaling joins us to talk about how the election statute was in fact not just broken, but shattered by members of the Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC). He has now referred Wisconsin election commissioners for criminal charges.

    Listen in to hear what's happening in Wisconsin (and we hope soon to be happening across the US – if evidence is found)!

     Learn More & Help Restore Liberty With The CSPOA Posse at

    The Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officer's Association

    The CSPOA is Calling Upon All Americans and Law Enforcement Nationwide to Come Together in Pursuit of the Truth Regarding the 2020 Election

    PHOENIX, May 24, 2022 ( – The following is an open letter from the Constitutional Sheriffs & Peace Officers Association:

    The Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA) is calling upon all Americans and law enforcement nationwide to come together in pursuit of the truth regarding the 2020 election.

    Considering the persistent allegations of election fraud since even before the 2020 elections began, and as a response to the perpetual polarizing effect this has had on the American people, the CSPOA would like to put this issue to rest. Our constitutional republic and peaceful future as a free people absolutely depend on it.

    In the opinion of the CSPOA, there is very compelling physical evidence presented by in the movie “2000 Mules” produced by Dinesh D'Souza. “Law Enforcement has to step in at this point,” asserts D'Souza, and we absolutely agree with him. Therefore, we are asking for all local law enforcement agencies to work together to pursue investigations to determine the veracity of the “2000 Mules” information.

    If D'Souza's documentary is wrong, then we want that exposed. If it's correct, then we want proper investigations fully undertaken and the criminals responsible prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

    No one, from either side of the aisle, ought to be against honest, professional, and independent investigations. We ask for all Americans to demonstrate civility and cooperation as we pursue the truth.

    What we want is the truth; let the consequences fall where they may.

    Contacts: Sheriff Richard Mack, CSPOA Pres. (928 432 1879) Sam Bushman, VP of Operations (801-756-9133)

    Blatant And Inarguable Geoengineering Jet Spraying Captured On Film

    ARTICLE Our hope and goal is for this video to be shared far and wide, DO NOT re-upload this copyrighted video without prior written permission and conditions from The past propensity of populations to deny the ongoing climate engineering atrocities is finally breaking down. Increasingly shocking and compelling film footage captures of jet aircraft aerosol dispersions are rapidly eroding the official false narrative that we are only seeing "condensation trails" in our skies. Dane Wigington

    (Even a Penn State Climate scientist would have a tough time explaining this one!)

    In Landmark Ruling, Supreme Court Deals Massive Blow To Biden's Climate Change Agenda

    SCOTUS doubted Congress intended to delegate the question of "how much coal-based generation there should be over the coming decades, to any administrative agency."

    (Carbon Tax promoter Michael Mann is leaving Penn State for UPenn just in time. He made it through all those books and lectures without ever admitting that geoengineering is realy going on.)

    These companies are sucking carbon from the atmosphere

    That idea of selling the sequestered carbon to greenhouses was very inefficient.

    Biden: High Gas Prices For 'As Long As It Takes' To Defeat Russia

    In a rare press conference after the Madrid NATO Summit today, President Biden was asked how long Americans should expect to pay high gas prices over the Ukraine conflict. Biden's response was flippant: "for as long as it takes." He also blamed high food prices on "Russia, Russia, Russia." Are Americans buying it? Also today: They're turning West Point into "Woke Point" and some retired grads are steaming!

    Biden’s Radical, Anti-Fossil Fuel Energy Policy Costs Americans Dearly

    Justice Thomas’s Thirty-Year Legacy on the Court

    World Council for Health conference: The time has come for great evolutionary change

    The ‘Better Way Conference’, organised and sponsored by the World Council for Health, is focussed on hope – hope of finding the best way forward. This movement gathered in the United Kingdom, at the same time as the World Economic Forum and the WHO held their own meetings. In reality, this is a war for the hearts and minds of humanity.

    Pa. House puts Pitt's funding on the line unless it stops its fetal tissue research ...

    13 hours ago — HARRISBURG — If the University of Pittsburgh wants its annual $151 million appropriation from the state, it will have to stop its fetal tissue research ...

    (This same pressure should be applied to Penn State over Merck sponsored children's DNA hacking vaccine research.)

    Donald Trump Destroyed Roe v Wade!

    This is one of the most important days in the history of our Republic. Mark it down: June 24th, 2022. In fact, this might be the single most important day in the moral history of our nation.

    The legalized and industrial-scale murder of infants was the worst sin that America has ever committed collectively as a nation. Think of all those millions of American children that were never born, whose laughter was never heard, whose names were never known.

    A barbaric and pagan and evil practice has been struck down. A silent war against the unborn has finally been halted.

    Who ended this savage holocaust?

    Ronald Reagan didn’t do it. George Bush didn’t do it. George W. Bush didn’t do it. Donald Trump has moved above them all in the pantheon.

    James Woods @RealJamesWoods

    Justice Clarence Thomas never uttered a word for three decades, then rolled over the Left in three weeks like a Sherman tank.

    A Victory for Life and Liberty

    Written by Ron Paul Monday June 27, 2022

    The Supreme Court undid one of its worst mistakes last week when it overturned Roe v. Wade, the 1973 decision declaring a constitutional right to abortion. The Constitution reserves to the states the authority to write and enforce laws regarding murder. Since the question of whether or not to legalize abortion revolves around whether abortion is murder, it is not a federal issue. Roe was thus an illegitimate usurpation of state authority.

    The Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization decision last week will not stop the federal government from using the tax dollars of those who believe abortion is murder to fund abortion and family planning both in the United States and abroad. Those opposed to abortion, and in favor of constitutional government, must continue their efforts to end all federal funding of abortion.

    Some state governments, such as in Texas and Mississippi, have adopted laws against abortion that are “triggered” after Roe is overturned. Now, additional pro-life state legislators and activists are no doubt planning to push other states with pro-life majorities to pass legislation outlawing abortion.

    States where the majority favor legal abortion are no doubt planning to pass pro-abortion legislation. Some of these states will pass laws providing enhanced financial support for lower-income women to receive abortions. Pro-abortion activists are also planning to provide help to women from states where abortion is outlawed to travel to a state where they can legally “terminate” their pregnancies.

    Pro-lifers should not respond to pro-abortion state laws by trying to pass an unconstitutional law making abortion a federal crime. Instead, they should work to change attitudes and build a culture of life. One way to do this is by supporting crisis pregnancy centers. These centers help pregnant women in difficult situations see that there are alternatives to abortion. Sadly, the crisis pregnancy centers are among the “woke” mob’s targets for cancellation. If the left were truly “pro-choice” they would not try to shut down privately run pro-life pregnancy centers.

    Many libertarians believe that outlawing abortions violates a woman’s right to bodily autonomy. However, the nonaggression principle, which is the philosophic foundation of libertarianism, prohibits committing acts of aggression. Murder is certainly an act of aggression. Therefore, even though all humans have a right to bodily anatomy, this does not justify abortion.

    No one ever asked an expectant mother, “how’s the fetus?” Instead, people ask about the baby. This implicitly acknowledges the unborn child’s humanity and thus the child’s right to live. The denial of this right has warped our constitutional system. More importantly it has contributed to the devaluing of human life that is the root of much of America’s moral crisis. A society that devalues life will not respect liberty. Therefore, all who value liberty must protect the right to life. This does not just include ending abortion. It also includes rejecting the militaristic foreign policy that kills innocents in the name of “freedom and democracy.”

    Just as pro-life conservatives should be antiwar, progressives should reject the violence government commits against its own citizens via taxation, income redistribution, and the fiat money system that robs average Americans to benefit politicians and elites. Rejecting the use of force, including government force, will lead to a society that values and protects our lives, liberty, and property.

    Senate Sergeant at Arms Michael Stenger who was in charge of securing the Capitol on January 6 dies suddenly - just one day before the Capitol riot committee is set to call surprise hearing to present 'newly uncovered evidence'

    By Harriet Alexander For and Chris Matthews For Mailonlin

    Michael Stenger, 71, who was Sergeant at Arms of the Senate during the Capitol riot, died on Monday 

    He resigned after the riot amid criticism he had failed to react effectively to the building being overrun. His sudden death on Monday came the same day an unexpected additional hearing of the committee investigating the riot was announced

    Stenger previously served in the United States Marine Corps, and spent 35 years in the Secret Service.

    He was the chief law enforcement officer and head of protocol for the chamber since April 2018. 

    In February 2021, Stenger told the Senate Homeland Security Committee that the role of 'professional agitators' needed to be investigated.

    He said: 'There is an opportunity to learn lessons from the events of January 6.

    'Investigations should be considered as to funding and travel of what appears to be professional agitators. 

    These ‘vaccines’ degrade the immune system and will increase opportunistic infections

    AIDS stands for Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome. According to Dr Ruby, it is just another name for ‘antibody dependent enhancement’.

    The Depopulation Of Taiwan
    According to a Taiwan government report, the birth rate dropped by 23.24% in May 2022, compared to May 2021.

    Amazing Polly: Vaccine Mafia Emails Exposed

    Denmark Admits — Vaccinating children was a mistake…

    COVID shots causing monstrous clots

    Originally published in Liberty Counsel Jun 7, 2022 Updated Jun 7, 2022

    BOISE, ID –Dr. Ryan Cole a Mayo-trained board-certified pathologist and owner of the largest independent diagnostics laboratory in Idaho, is finding an alarming number of large blood clots that have appeared since the COVID shot rollout and seem to be present only in those people who have received the injection. Dr. Cole was interviewed by Mat Staver on Liberty Counsel’s TV program, “Freedom Alive.” 

    Photo courtesy Dr. Cole

    The blood clots are not what one would normally think of a clot. Rather than a small clot the size of a BB or larger, these clots are long, worm-like, and some stretch for several inches or even up to several feet long.

    Cole Diagnostics processes and reports out approximately 40,000 blood and biopsy patient samples annually. Dr. Cole’s lab is able to determine the difference between a spike protein caused by the virus and a spike protein caused by the COVID shots, which are demonstrably different and much more pronounced and serious. 

    Blood clots are normally revealed from elevated D-Dimer tests. Most clots are typically micro or even medium size clots. However, the tissues around it eventually become compromised since oxygen cannot get in there and the tissues die off and the clots grow. If the clot continues to grow and get bigger, eventually the clots kill people. This appears to be happening in those people who have received the COVID shots. 

    One embalmer with 11 years of experience revealed that 93 percent of her recent cases died due to clots from the COVID shot. Morticians usually use a dissolving fluid to break up clots but now the fluid cannot not make it through these new monstrosities. The embalmers are finding that they are getting back pressure because the fluid cannot pass through the blood pathways due to the clots. They are forced to go into the body and manually pull them out. Now the embalmers are pulling out unusually large clots, as long as four feet long, and have identified these irregular clots primarily in COVID-vaccinated individuals. 

    Dr. Cole says that the shots are neither safe nor effective. He said the COVID shots were made for the original wild version, and none of the shots have been modified for the variants. Dr. Cole stated these shots are all risk and no benefit.

    Russia: Holy Land of the End Times

    It's the main reason Edgar Cayce declared that hope would come out of Russia. Russia is the home of the Orthodox Order of Melchizedek. This is the same order that Jesus Christ was made a priest in forever.

    This order originated long before earth was inhabited, before Christ, before Atlantis, before Lemuria and they are still here watching everything in the higher etheric dimensions of Agartha.

    This order is also the solution to the main conflict between the Slavs and the Jews in the Ukraine and the world over.



    Christfried Böttrich

    One of the most enigmatic biblical figures is without any doubt Melchizedek. The short accounts in Gen 14:18–20 and Ps 110:4 seem to be only drafts or abstracts of a much more detailed story which is not told but only touched upon lightly.

    This naturally raises many questions: Who is this king of Salem? Where is his city located? How did he become a priest of God Most High? And what is the relation between his priestly service and Abraham’s perception of the one God, creator of heaven and earth? The answers are manifold. Both Jews and Christians have been attracted to this figure and have tried to solve its riddle.

    In the end, they made Melchizedek the subject of a long narrative tradition1. Among the biblical narrations there is none so strange and uncon-ventional as the so-called History of Melchizedek (HistMelch). From late antiquity onwards, this narrative was widespread and well-known in many languages of the Christian East, but it gradually fell into oblivion as centuries went by.

    The Abrahamic religions need to reconcile to get the Golden Age Moving along faster.

    Global Elites Starve Africa To 'Punish' Russia June 21 - UN World Food Program head David Beasley announced yesterday that global food rations for refugees will need to be cut in half due to the unprecedented food crisis. How much of this crisis is man-made as the elites use food as a weapon in what has turned out to be a futile effort to punish Russia? How much of the food and energy crisis is actually being cheered by those pushing the "green" agenda? Watch today's Liberty Report:

    "The reality is that the white race had little to do with the slave trade that took our ancestors away from Africa and sold them into bondage in the New World. " -Dontell Jackson

    Dontell Jackson discusses how European Americans have been framed for crimes against humanity committed by the [nearly indistinguishable] Jewish race, and how African Americans have been propagandized into believing the lie so that the actual perpetrators might never be brought to justice.

    Why state funding for Penn State matters to Pennsylvanians

    Because PSU is using it to promote critical race theory, false global warming science, experimental vaccine mandates for children and loss of function transgenderism as promoted by PSU alumni Rachel Levine.

    Penn State needs to have their budget cut before they continue to spread these destructive leftist political agendas into the greater community.





    On February 25, 2022, manufacturer Johnson & Johnson and the “big three” distributors McKesson, AmerisourceBergen, and Cardinal Health finalized a $26 billion opioid settlement agreement to resolve their liabilities in over 3,000 opioid crisis-related suits nationwide, “clear[ing] the way for $26 billion to flow to nearly every state and local government in the U.S.”

    It is now especially important to sue the criminal opioid outlets that are now pushing children's covid vaccines!

    PA State Counties can still join county level lawsuits against smaller opioid distributors by contacting Attorney Barry J. Scatton a Medical Malpractice attorney in Morgan & Morgan's Philadelphia office.

    Ivermectin Docks to the SARS-CoV-2 Spike Receptor

    The ivermectin docking we identified may interfere with the attachment of the spike to the human cell membrane.

    (This is why Dr. Kory is recommending it for vaccine side effect sufferers.)

    Dr. Pierre Kory Testimony - Pennsylvania General Assembly [PDF]

    Testimony: Dr. Kory, Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine Specialist, President and Chief Medical Officer of the Front Line Critical Care Alliance.

    America is now the only country in the world that authorizes COVID shots for infants

    Even Israel isn't that corrupt.

    Retired Air Force General Thomas McInerney Names The Traitors & Plot To Destroy America! (Video)

    Six states were involved in stealing elections using ballot stuffing and rigged voting machines. Obama put in the people in government positions who are destroying America. Covid vaccines are not necessary. Monkeypox is the new covid lockdown plan with masks and vaccines.

    We The People must stand against tyranny.

    Jordan Peterson: We are sacrificing our children on the altar of a brutal, far-Left ideology

    I saw a video the other day featuring an American surgeon bragging that he had performed more than 3,000 double mastectomies on young women who had paid for gender reassignment, individuals confused – one might say encouraged – by those who profit from it into believing that their adolescent emotional trials can be ‘cured’, and happiness reign forever, if they subject themselves to this brutal practice.

    HUGE!!! Texas Republicans declare Biden ‘not legitimately elected’


    Covid is not the problem. It's the covid vaccines causing blood clots, miscarriages, heart inflammation, seizures, belles palsy, stroke, heart attack, and neurological disorders. (And now they want to put this in children?)

    Mount Nittany Medical Now Has only 8 covid patients,

    Their youngest covid patient is 34

    They have now stopped listing their covid patients vaccine status because the numbers were more vaccinated than not. The hospital has a covid vaccine waiting list for children of mis-informed, brainwashed parents.

    Penn State's Michael Mann Says "The only real solution (too drought) is to stop burning fossil fuels as quickly as possible." But Penn State has 200 buildings running on natural gas! Penn State needs to shut down their hypocritical war on fossil fuels. Their gas supply deserves to be cut off over their poisonous Merck vaccine program as well. 

    Lawsuit accuses PSU in death

    Another Sandusky victim we didn't know about.

    This all traces back to DA Ray Gricar's disappearance. This case can easily be solved with a grand jury which was the number one recomendation of the PA State Police.

    Current PA attorney General and candidate for governor Josh Shapiro has yet to call a Gricar grand jury. GOP governor candidate Doug Mastriano is PA's last hope in this case. 

    The latest information from the podcast reveals that the assistant DA in Centre County would not accept free help to solve the case from other county DA's. This makes three. AG Tom Corbett and DA Michael Madeira would't cooperate with the investigation either! Senator Jake Corman knows all as well. Put these four and Corbett's so called mystery woman press secretary on the stand and the whole mystery will be solved!

    Here is the letter that proves the assistant Centre DA refused to look for Gricar!

    Email to Mark S. Smith, Esquire, First Assistant District Attorney:

    From: Rebecca Knight
    Date: November 19, 2021 at 4:27:18 PM PST
    To: [address redacted]
    Subject: Ray Gricar

    Hello Mark,

    My name is Rebecca Knight. I am a writer and producer with a podcast called, “Final Argument: The Disappearance of Ray Gricar.” It launched in April of this year. One of the things I state upfront in my podcast is that I have a copy of the complete police case file. I have been using that file to cross reference my findings based on my own reporting. The file has been an invaluable tool to work with.

    The reason I am reaching out to you at this time is that I have 3 sources that have talked to me about your refusal to take Bruce Castor’s offer when he wanted to send 2 of his detectives to help you after Mr. Gricar’s disappearance. Further, my sources have told me that you expressed to them that you needed Castor’s help, that you wanted his help and that you expressed that “had it been your decision, you would have taken Castor up on his offer.” As one source put it, “Mark Smith was the acting D.A., at the time and that was his call to make. He had the power to make that call but he did not.” Another one said, “Mark never really talked about that to anyone. He was really quiet. Nobody seemed to be able to find out why he didn’t take Castor’s offer.”

    Were you discouraged from taking Castor up on his offer by anyone? If true, would you be willing to tell me who told you not to take the help? Multiple sources have also told me that when the offer was made to you, it was stated that Centre County would not have to reimburse Montgomery County for these detective services and that there would be no financial downside for the county. I have also learned that these detectives were some of Castor’s creme of the crop and that you knew at the time Bellefonte police were not equipped to be handling an investigation such as this. At the very least, they did not have the man power, and the PSP were not yet in charge of the investigation.
    This was a dark time during the investigation, and for some reason you refused help.

    For the next episode of my podcast I will be discussing this aspect of the investigation. I would like to give you an opportunity to tell me your side of it. Since I have been working on this for over 10 years many patterns have emerged; one of them is sources repeatedly telling me that you are a solid First A.D.A., and that you never wanted to run for D.A., (even though you were encouraged to do so many times) that you are in it for the right reasons – you go by the book and are one of the good guys. Also after many years of speaking to
    sources about your relationship with Mr. Gricar and given the documents in the case file that I have showing in black and white how you worked together on cases, it is a remains a mystery to me, as I am sure it will be for my listeners when I reveal this information, why you did not take the expert help offered to you.

    Given all of those things, the question becomes even more important, and I think the answer may go to the heart of why Mr. Gricar’s disappearance has not been solved. I want to discuss why you did not take Bruce Castor’s help because I feel it only fair that you are given a chance to give a statement that speaks to this. Please feel free to email me, or call my cell at xxxxxxx and I am in California on PST zone.

    Thank you.
    Rebecca Knight

    See for the latest podcast episode 6. This one has Bruce Castor telling about the lack of cooperation in finding Gricar. Bruce also tells why there will never be another republican AG in PA ever again.

    eleven Countries Ban Disney Movie 'Lightyear' Over LGBT Grooming Scenes - Big League Politics

    Was Zionist Zelensky Ordered to Genocide Ukraine’s Military by His Masters in Tel Aviv?!

    Alcyon Pleiades 137: End of Atlantis, Kali Yuga, Global catastrophe, Deluge, Flood, Reincarnation

    Collective memory of the Flood can be traced back to the myths and legends found in cultures all over the world. An element that is common to all of them is the destruction of humankind, in antiquity. Although the vast majority of people were annihilated, a smaller group survived, led by a key figure: Noah, Nene, Atrahasis, or Manu, depending on how each culture chronicles these events. In that era, technology was highly advanced, and some fled, using their airships, known as vimanas.

    Remains of their constructions have been found underwater, in a variety of seas. These artefacts, which date back approximately 12,000 years, corroborate the existence of the civilisation of Atlantis.

    Mythology and ancient written sources teach us that the final era of Atlantis was marked by a huge catastrophe. The ocean’s waves grew as high as mountains, whilst hurricanes and volcanic explosions shook the entire planet. Some scholars hypothesise, that the impact of a massive asteroid or comet – some 12,000-13,000 years ago – accelerated the end of the last ice-age. It also triggered a crucial change in the history of our civilisation, destroying Atlantis and causing the Flood, as a number of different contemporary researchers suggest.

    Video by Alcyon Pleiades

    Nuremberg Doctors Trial Indictment:

    Same for the Nuremberg II covid vaccine trials.

    FROM THE INDICTMENT [from Trials of War Criminals before the Nuremberg Military Tribunals under Control Council Law No. 10. Nuremberg, October 1946–April 1949. Washington, D.C.: U.S. G.P.O, 1949–1953.]: COUNT ONE — THE COMMON DESIGN OR CONSPIRACY

    1. Between September 1939 and April 1945 all of the defendants herein, acting pursuant to a common design, unlawfully, willfully, and knowingly did conspire and agree together and with each other and with divers other persons, to commit war crimes and crimes against humanity, as defined in Control Council Law No. 10, Article II.

    2. Throughout the period covered by this indictment all of the defendants herein, acting in concert with each other and with others, unlawfully, willfully, and knowingly were principals in, accessories to, ordered, abetted, took a consenting part in, and were connected with plans and enterprises involving the commission of war crimes and crimes against humanity.

    3. All of the defendants herein, acting in concert with others for whose acts the defendants are responsible, unlawfully, willfully, and knowingly participated as leaders, organizers, investigators, and accomplices in the formulation and execution of the said common design, conspiracy, plans, and enterprises to commit, and which involved the commission of, war crimes and crimes against humanity.

    4. It was a part of the said common design, conspiracy, plans, and enterprises to perform medical experiments upon concentration camp inmates and other living human subjects, without their consent, in the course of which experiments the defendants committed the murders, brutalities, cruelties, tortures, atrocities, and other inhuman acts, more fully described in counts two and three of this indictment.

    5. The said common design, conspiracy, plans, and enterprises embraced the commission of war crimes and crimes against humanity, as set forth in counts two and three of this indictment, in that the defendants unlawfully, willfully, and knowingly encouraged, aided, abetted, and participated in the subjection of thousands of persons, including civilians, and members of the armed forces of nations then at war with the German Reich, to murders, brutalities, cruelties, tortures, atrocities, and other inhuman acts.


    The defendants Karl Brandt, Genzken, Gebhardt, Rudolf Brandt, Mrugowsky, Poppendick, Sievers, Brack, Hoven, and Fischer are guilty of membership in an organization declared to be criminal by the International Military Tribunal in Case No. 1, in that each of the said defendants was a member of the SCHUTZSTAFFELN DER NATIONALSOZIALISTISCHEN DEUTSCHEN ARBEITERPARTEI (commonly known as the "SS") after 1 September 1939. Such membership is in violation of paragraph I (d), Article II of Control Council Law No. 10.

    Our enemies are laughing at this photo…

    This Admiral that never spent a minute in the real armed services may be the result of early trials at Penn State using the CRISPR gene editing system. Professors report that new vaccines can be made with the technology in about a week. Testing not included.

    June 18 - Let's Rally Behind Our True Leaders!

    (Dr. Simone Gold, founder of America's Frontline Doctors, opponents of the COVID Hoax/Genocide)

    Judge Christopher Cooper, an Obama appointee, said imprisoning Simone Gold for protesting a rigged election was not an infringement of her civil rights. It is indeed. The message is we will jail you if you don't go along with our pretend world. You must pretend the election wasn't stolen. You must pretend that COVID is a real pandemic and the "vaccines" aren't toxic. You must pretend that the whole scamdemic isn't designed to bring in a dystopian Communist society run by the satanist central banking cartel. The best way to fight these bastards is to ignore them, refuse to pretend and rally behind courageous people like Dr. Simone Gold who uphold the truth. Read more at

    Science and The Bible Reveal – Jesus is the Bread of Life Meaning

    (This article really separates the wheat from the chaff.)

    Why It Is Important to Understand the DNA of Food

    God designed DNA to self replicate. With this genetic code, humans reproduce humans, animals reproduce animals, and plants reproduce plants. What’s fascinating is that DNA was once thought to be genetic junk, but it’s now realized to be far more complex than we could have imagined.

    There’s so much wisdom and intricacy in the DNA.

    Even scientist now are having a hard time denying the perfect design by an intelligent creator. Within our scriptures, we know that God had a master plan for his perfect creation.

    Learn the DNA – change the DNA – control the crops – control the people.

    We see it happening in the grocery stores and at the dinner table. The understanding or value of GMO foods causes people to be polar opposites in their beliefs of whether this intervention is good or bad.

    Let’s push that cereal aside and just look at what happened.

    Scientists have worked hard to decode DNA in plants. Understanding DNA opens new doors for crop productivity and pesticide developments.

    In 2002, scientists decoded the genome, (1) (genetic material) of rice. In 2008 they completed the genome of soybeans. In 2009, they mapped the maize (corn) genome. Then it was time for wheat. (2) Wheat studies were complicated and the answers evasive. Truth be told, wheat is an important crop – both biblically and politically.

    Wheat as a Bread for Life – Politically, Scientifically, Biblically

    Here are some verses from the Bible that talks about the significance of Bread and how Jesus considered Himself as the “bread of life”.

    “I am the living bread that came down out of heaven; if anyone eats of this bread, he will live forever; and the bread also which I will give for the life of the world is My flesh.” John 6:51

    Jesus said to them, “I am the bread of life; he who comes to Me will not hunger, and he who believes in Me will never thirst.” John 6:35

    “I am the bread of life.” John 6:48

    “Now He who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food will supply and multiply your seed for sowing and increase the harvest of your righteousness.” 2 Corinthians 9:10

    Why did our LORD compare himself to the bread of life? Most importantly, what exactly does this statement mean?As it turns out, there’s a deep and beautiful message to be found. To no surprise, it comes right down to the very DNA.

    And I will talk more about that in the next section.

    Florida’s DeSantis Boldly Bumps Heads With Washington After Refusing To Order COVID Vaccines For Kids Under Five, Keeping Floridas Kids Safe

    On Thursday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis confirmed that the state would not be ordering COVID-19 vaccines for young children, regardless of the Food and Drug Administration’s unanimous endorsement of the Pfizer and Moderna shots for babies and kids under 5. 

    “There is not going to be any state programs that are going to be trying to get COVID jabs to infants, toddlers, and newborns,” the Desantis said in response to a question asked at a press conference. “That’s not something that we think is appropriate, and so that’s not where we are going to be utilizing our resources.”

    The White House was quick to criticize the Governor. White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said that the decision means parents in Florida will find it harder to access vaccines for their children than people in other states.

    “By being the only state not-pre-ordering, pediatricians for example in Florida will not have immediate-ready access to vaccines,” Jean-Pierre said during Thursday’s White House briefing. “Some pharmacies and community health centers in the state get access through federal distribution channels, but those options are limited for parents.”

    The White House would not specify whether the alleged delay of vaccine access for children would be a matter of days, weeks, or even months. 

    The majority of pharmacies and community health centers in Florida still receive the vaccines directly from the manufacturers and not through governmental management services.

    According to a report by the Miami Herald, all other states except Florida have pre-ordered the vaccine for children under five. 

    The FDA has not officially authorized the vaccines for emergency use in children under 5. However, the approval is expected this weekend after a review from a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention panel. 

    Many spoke up to applaud DeSantis for the decision, noting he is the only Governor standing up against the call to vaccinate young children. 

    Critics accused Desantis of “hating children,” even though, since the early days of the pandemic, young children have been considered at low or no risk for severe illness from the infection. 

    On Thursday, Senator Rand Paul called out Dr. Anthony Fauci for inferred data, without proper testing, that was the basis of the impending approval of the vaccine for the youngest Americans. 

    Even Dr. Fauci admitted there is no data to suggest that the vaccine will reduce the risk of hospitalization in young children.


    1. The Committee over-ruled the fact that the data provided by the ModeRNA studies were done during the time group in which Alpha, Beta and Delta were prevalent, but not Omicron. The entire study is not relevant to the current state of the world. There was absolutely no proof of benefit against Omicron.
    2. 75+% of children are already seropositive, which means they have already developed natural immunity due to exposure to SARS-CoV-2 and therefore would not benefit from , but could actually be harmed by injections.
    3. Adverse reactions to the biological product are increased in those who already had developed natural immunity.
    4. The uptake among 6-17 year olds has only been around 30%. Another version of a similar product will not add any benefit.
    5. They are clearly counting on and planning for half-dose boosters (third dose).
    6. There is already an EUA for Pfizer, so what good would another injection provide?
    7. Efficacy was not proven. Instead, “immunobridging” was used as a proxy.
    8. Very small number of participants (340-387) were involved in the study of immunobridging.
    9. The benefit risk analysis completely ignored the data and was based upon “simulations” and “modeling, not the actual data from the studies.”
    10. The durability of “immunity” is likely to wain between three and five months which will necessitate additional useless boosters that target extinct variants.
    11. Dr. Marks misrepresented the reality by incorrectly stating that there was no variance in efficacy among different races.
    12. Dr. Offitt (and others) clearly stated that 2 doses won’t work and he believed that 3 doses will be needed and he voted yes with the understanding that three doses would be needed.
    13. Choice is a false reason to approve an experimental injection for an age group that already has.
    14. The briefing documents were an absolute mess, but yet everyone praised them.

    The benefit-risk analysis provided by Moderna is absolutely pathetic.

    Alcyon Pleiades 124: Free zero-point energy, Tesla, DNA pineal, Chrononauts, Music in the Multiverse

    We are experiencing a psychological, genetic and spiritual war linked to control, power and depopulation that the elite, from the shadows is waging against humanity. To achieve their aims, they are using a DNA-altering vaccine, because they know just how precious our DNA is and that it offers us profound knowledge and enables us to connect with the Universe itself. Evidence suggests that they severed the 12 DNA strands we originally possessed, leaving us with only two. For this reason, they now fear the awakening of millions of people who are becoming aware of everything they have done to us.

    This is why they have deliberately tried to hide the issue, and anything linked to the stars and extra-terrestrial origins are not disclosed to the public, and the same can be said of free zero-point energy. In reality, Free Infinite Energy forms part of empty space. It is inexhaustible energy that would generate huge benefits for us, however they want to replace it with harmful 5G. Free zero-point energy was discovered by the great genius Nikola Tesla, and a number of scientists who developed his work later, would be assassinated.

    Many different ancient cultures, like Egypt and India, were familiar with this energy and used it. In fact, they still host artefacts and vestiges demonstrating that they had access to superior technology, with which they built monumental structures, temples and pyramids. It was also used to travel throughout various universes, through unified, quantum and fractal fields, which vibrate with the music of the spheres. This is where chrononauts or Star Travelers journey when traveling through hyperspace using Stargates.

    The January 6 Capitol riot was not the real insurrection

    America is under attack from within, and it’s not by the DC rioter